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  1. ZMAN

    Swordfish Tips

    Good stuff Ali. 👍
  2. ZMAN

    Offshore Inflatable sword

    You got some big Balls brother.
  3. ZMAN

    Talica 50w - 200lb spectra

    Really no need to go heavier than #100 lb for kite set up. As that wind starts to die. Every ounce of weight makes a difference.
  4. ZMAN

    Offshore Epic trip 8-19 to 8-21

    All on the troll ?
  5. ZMAN

    Offshore 6th time is a charm LB to 499

    Awesome. Happy for you
  6. ZMAN

    Offshore First Blue Fin, also DIY butterfly jig case

    Great pic of your BFT and those little rascals. All smiles here. 👍
  7. ZMAN

    Offshore 6/2-6/3 Overnight on Pacifica Birthday limits

    Awesome report. Question, why isn‘t wire being used more ? Seems like there would be a lot less chew offs.
  8. ZMAN

    Offshore Overnight on the DP 5/21

    Hang in there. Took me 5 trips to catch my first Albacore back in the 70’s. Only a matter of time. 😎
  9. ZMAN

    Volvo Penta AD41 heat exchanger issue?

    I was going to say head gasket after your finding of no leak in heat exchanger. Call Grant at Sea & Ski in Costa Mesa. He will know.
  10. ZMAN

    Southern California Thanks BD

    Please remove. Thank you
  11. ZMAN

    Taiyo TD-l 1550a or Regency Polaris NC-7200

    ZMAN submitted a new listing: Taiyo TD-l 1550a or Regency Polaris NC-7200 - Taiyo TD-l 1550a or Regency Polaris NC-7200 Learn more about this listing...
  12. ZMAN

    Recommendations for a bluefin arsenal

    Rent all gear. It will give you a chance to see what you like and dislike.
  13. ZMAN


    I am very sorry to hear of Kevin’s passing. RIP Kevin. You will be missed.
  14. ZMAN

    Bait tank light

    Yeah, mast head light while running or at anchor if it hits the tank is plenty
  15. ZMAN

    Reaching out to old timers. boat Fugitive

    Thanks for the responses. Miss those days chasing Albacore. Was really hopin someone had an old pic of her.
  16. ZMAN

    Reaching out to old timers. boat Fugitive

    Looking for any info or pictures of the San Diego sport boat FUGITIVE. Think it went down in the mid 70’s. Any info or pics would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ZMAN
  17. ZMAN

    Penn 30visx silver

  18. ZMAN

    Southern California Penn 30visx silver

    Looking for 30visx silver. Let me know if your selling. Also, I have a Tac 25ii loaded with #100 power pro for trade if interested. Moving over to Penn on my smaller two speeds. thanks, Zman
  19. ZMAN

    Penn 30visx silver

    ZMAN submitted a new listing: Penn 30visx silver - Penn 30visx silver Learn more about this listing...
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    Helium tank mounting.

    Same. Works perfect
  21. ZMAN


    Thank you flytie. Very much appreciated 👍
  22. ZMAN

    Has anyone ordered parts from PartsVu?

    Twice. All good
  23. ZMAN

    Who Saved the Whale??

    I’ve been there. Will never forget that experience. Awesome Brother. zman
  24. ZMAN

    Shimano Tac 25 drag setting

    Thanks for all the responses. Appreciate it. Zman
  25. ZMAN

    Shimano Tac 25 drag setting

    Mike, when you say 1/3. What are you referring to ?
  26. ZMAN

    Shimano Tac 25 drag setting

    Wondering what other Anglers are setting there Tac 25 drag at using #100 Lb Braid with #130 Lb leader With 2X4. I’ve been at #20 Lb of drag And Haven’t had a whole lot of problem with Cows to #230 Lb this year. Just concerned that I’m going to hook a Super and won’t have enough time to Get on...
  27. ZMAN

    Flushing Volvo ap41

    You need to change out that thru hull valve. I would not put that boat in the water with a valve that can’t be shut. Also, that will take care of your flushing problem. Zman
  28. ZMAN

    Bluewater Bait Tank Cracks

    Same. Bummer, but No big deal.
  29. ZMAN

    Offshore Old Glory 07.26 WFO YT Sh&t show

    How‘d the Poodle do ? Hope he or she was fishing the heavy string. Sorry, couldn’t help my self. Lol
  30. ZMAN

    Tinting pilot house windows

    Thanks for the responses. Still not clear if tint film will stand up to the salt water environment. I’m not replacing glass.
  31. ZMAN

    Tinting pilot house windows

    HI Gary. Long time buddy. I think a little to high tech for my application. But thanks for looking. Hope to see you offshore at some point this season.
  32. ZMAN

    Tinting pilot house windows

    Appreciate all the responses. I had tinted glass on my other pilot house. That for sure is the bullet proof way to go. Unfortunately, I would have to use the tinted film on my current boat. Just not sure it would hold up to the environment. I think your not even supposed to use windex on the...
  33. ZMAN

    Tinting pilot house windows

    Anyone have any luck with tinting windows. Not sure tinting would hold up to the harsh saltwater environment. Hopefully I’m wrong as the glare is getting old Thanks in advance, Zman
  34. ZMAN

    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    I’ll second that.
  35. ZMAN

    Mint fishing reel AVET 5.3:1

    Still available. Local pickup only
  36. ZMAN

    SOLD!! Tiara 33 Flybridge w/ Cummins QSB 380's Go Time

    Two words. Tony Athens. Best in the business.
  37. ZMAN

    Mint fishing reel AVET 5.3:1

    Reel is still available. Bump
  38. ZMAN

    Offshore Great way to end 2020

    Just awesome. What a way to end the year
  39. ZMAN

    Simrad Evo 3 GPS fix issues

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been procrastinating updating to new version. Talked to tech support yesterday and they said I needed to update. Going to load the new 20.1 today. Thanks again,
  40. ZMAN

    Simrad Evo 3 GPS fix issues

    I have two evo 3’s on my boat. I have noticed at times I loose the gps fix. This happens on both units at the same time. These units have internal antennas and are located inside a pilot house boat. Should I consider an external antenna installed on top of pilothouse ? If anyone has had this...
  41. ZMAN

    Boat cover fabricator in OC

    Any recommendations for a canvas guy in the OC. Need a cover fabricated for my boat. Thanks in advance, ZMAN
  42. ZMAN

    Offshore 5/28 BFT Biters

    Awesome guys.
  43. ZMAN

    Offshore Fishing Mexican Water Offshore Question

    Fished offshore yesterday. On my way in just pass N Island. Mex Gun boat stopped us. Handed over our passports and mex fishing license. Looks like they wrote down info and then handed them back. Very professional and courteous. Took maybe 10 minutes. Thank you Mexico for allowing us to fish in...
  44. ZMAN

    Where can I buy Mexican fishing license

    Wasn’t able to get one on SAC website yesterday for some reason. But today was able to. Thx anyway. Zman
  45. ZMAN

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    Turd Circus, lol
  46. ZMAN

    Ken's Custom Reels is closed. WTF

    Go easy. Ken’s a good dude. Give him a call
  47. ZMAN

    Offshore a little birdie told me......

    Caught one on a cedar plug back in the day while trolling by a paddy. Just saying
  48. ZMAN

    Kite fishing question

  49. ZMAN

    Reel Cranky

    I need a Reel Cranky for a 50SW. If you have one or know where I can find one, please PM me. Thank you, Zman
  50. ZMAN

    Parker 2520 XLD

    Appreciate all the responses. Makes sense.
  51. ZMAN

    Parker 2520 XLD

    I’m not seeing or reading a whole lot of difference with fuel burn. Only difference it seems is more speed with the dual 200hp
  52. ZMAN

    Parker 2520 XLD

    Parker 2520 XLD with a single Yamaha 300. Is this enough power for this beast ? Parker performance website shows reasonable speed and mpg with the single 300 Yamaha application. Anyone have some real numbers for me. Thanks in advance, Stickandstay
  53. ZMAN

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    That’s a tough one. I’m very sorry. RIP
  54. ZMAN

    Penn 20visx or Tac 25ii

    Need to modify my arsenal. 20visx or 25ii. Which one should I go with ? Thanks in advance, Stickandstay
  55. ZMAN

    KAD 43 alternator

    Leece nivelle 105 amp.
  56. ZMAN

    Parker 2320

    Tom, you have a PM
  57. ZMAN

    Parker 2320

    Im pretty specific with what I’m looking for. Thanks for the info though.
  58. ZMAN

    Parker 2320

    Thx. I’m on it. Haven’t found one with a 300 and west coast rails. It will come up. Just waiting
  59. ZMAN

    The Blob is Going Away

  60. ZMAN

    Parker 2320

  61. ZMAN

    25’ Farallon Whaleback

    Thanks for that. The only concern I have with this boat is the fuel capacity. Maybe 1.5 to 1.8 mpg. Could be even less with straight shaft. Maybe there’s a few farallon owners out there that could chime in. Stickandstay
  62. ZMAN

    Offshore PB BFT Sunday August 4

    It’s a good one.
  63. ZMAN

    25’ Farallon Whaleback

    In the Market for a 25’ Farallon Whaleback. Please pm if your selling. Thx
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  65. ZMAN

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    Tough as hell. You won’t regret it
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  67. ZMAN


    Reduced to $100
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  69. ZMAN


    Thx for looking
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  71. ZMAN


  72. ZMAN

    Cannon Uni-troll Downriggers

    Selling two Cannon uni-troll down riggers. Comes with 5# and 10# weights Riggers are in excellent condition. Located in San Clemente $525 OBO
  73. ZMAN

    1000 Watt Halide Bait Light

    You want to make flying fish fast. This is what you want. Built a couple of these lights several years ago. Have a new unused one for sale. Comes with rod holder mount and 15’ of electrical cord. $225 OBO
  74. ZMAN

    Yamaha offshore Spare parts,fluids and filters

    10-4 on the boat US. Figured a couple fuel water separator filters with filter wrench and some yamalube. Thanks for the comebacks
  75. ZMAN

    Yamaha offshore Spare parts,fluids and filters

    First time with an outboard. What are you guys carrying on your offshore trips for engine problem Thanks in advance
  76. ZMAN

    Mint fishing reel AVET 5.3:1

    Sold Zman
  77. ZMAN

    Offshore Vagabond 1.5 Day

    One of the best in the business
  78. ZMAN

    Thru hull cooling - yay or nay?

    Yes, No cons if you have the room for intake and sea strainer
  79. ZMAN

    Makaira 20II SEa

    Took one boat ride. Excellent condition. Loaded with 100lb power pro. $450 obo Thanks for looking. Zman
  80. ZMAN

    Dbl Trouble Rig

    What about before double trouble. Tie spectra straight to DT or heavy mono wind on ? SS
  81. ZMAN

    Thunderbird vs Freedom

    Both are 1st class operations.
  82. ZMAN


    Very cool. Thx Dave
  83. ZMAN

    Shogun Three Day

    You sound like you need a hug. Take a deep breath brother. It’s early April
  84. ZMAN

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Cummins with a V-drive on that size skiff. You’ll thank me later Zman
  85. ZMAN

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    Been towing for 20+ years with a 3/4 ton diesel. Wouldn’t do it with anything smaller. I’m at a stage in my life where I’m about over it. Towing that is. My daily driver is my Tow vehicle. The boat is in a slip now and I am not towing so much anymore. Am thinking of downgrading to a 4x4 Tacoma...
  86. ZMAN

    Bait Tank and Storage for Pacifica

    Right on Mark. I’m on E Dock. Walk by you 23 all the time. Hope all is well
  87. ZMAN

    Bait Tank and Storage for Pacifica

    Removing C-fab deck units ? Unheard of. Rest In Peace Stevo, Zman
  88. ZMAN

    Simrad ap44 compass mount location

    Thanks to both of you. Was thinking the same thing Much appreciated
  89. ZMAN

    Simrad ap44 compass mount location

    where are you guys mounting your auto pilots compass in a 2320 Thanks in advance.
  90. ZMAN

    Foldin Cockpit Bench seat

    Bench is 4’ long and 28” tall. Mounting holes are 24” from deck. Mounts to inside cap rail and deck Stickandstay
  91. ZMAN

    Foldin Cockpit Bench seat

    Removed from a 2016 Parker 2320. Will fit 23,25 and 28 Parker. In very good condition. Asking $500 Thanks for looking
  92. ZMAN

    The H&M 85?

    Also the Solado 85
  93. ZMAN

    Seeker osp 60# to 120# rail rod

    Please PM if your selling Thanks. JW
  94. ZMAN

    Boat insurance recommendation

    Who’s happy with there boat insurance. Need to make a decision soon Thanks in advance, stickandstay
  95. ZMAN

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    What about a Toyota Tacoma with a v6 ?
  96. ZMAN

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    How much truck do I need to tow a Parker 2320. Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
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  98. ZMAN


    Reduced to $300 obo
  99. ZMAN

    Boat transport with shrink wrap

    For those of you that have had boats transported out from the East Coast. Shrink wrap or no shrink wrap. Did it make a big difference. Having a hard time finding a vendor in the Tampa area Thx in advance. Stickandstay
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  101. ZMAN


  102. ZMAN


  103. ZMAN

    Penn 30sw two speed

    Reduced $300 obo
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  105. ZMAN


    Weekend bump
  106. ZMAN

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

    Did they total the Prowler or is it under repair ? Thx. Stickandstay
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  108. ZMAN


  109. ZMAN

    Bluefin 2019???

    They better. It’s all I care about anymore. Lol
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    Weekend bump
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  113. ZMAN


  114. ZMAN


  115. ZMAN

    Boat Windows/Mark Plastics

    First class. Highly recommend him.
  116. ZMAN

    Penn 30sw two speed

    Selling a Penn 30sw loaded with 100# power pro and 300# wind on leader. Some cosmetic scratches, serviced by Kens custom reels last year. $325 OBO. PM please. Thanks for looking
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  118. ZMAN


  119. ZMAN


    That’s a nice rig
  120. ZMAN


  121. ZMAN


  122. ZMAN


  123. ZMAN


  124. ZMAN


  125. ZMAN


  126. ZMAN


  127. ZMAN


  128. ZMAN

    canning BFT?

    Yes. I only add a jalapeño. Killer
  129. ZMAN

    25 fb Skippy alternator ?

    Upgrade to a 105 amp Leece Neville. Problem solved. Easy.
  130. ZMAN

    Offshore SCI 10/18

    Now that my friends is a great comeback. Good one buddy
  131. ZMAN

    22 Davis Cortez Diesel possible unknown hours, need advice

    41’s are still the best of the Volvo marine diesels
  132. ZMAN

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    . Here’s my girl
  133. ZMAN

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Romme, still a sic looking rig. Miss her. Hope all is well Zman
  134. ZMAN

    New F300 - Making Oil

    Would be a good idea to print and copy this thread for your records.
  135. ZMAN

    Miles and Kens fall classic Home.

    Well done. Thank you
  136. ZMAN

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Cummins. All day long
  137. ZMAN

    Offshore SCI on the water report: 9/22/18 3:40p.m.

    And there’s your moon cycle. Early and late
  138. ZMAN

    Amazing Pacific Blue Marlin bite.

    Bitchen !
  139. ZMAN

    Offshore Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    Always a good read Cory. Thanks
  140. ZMAN

    Rare 2520 with twin I/O considering diesel conversion

    Go single. You won’t regret it. Much easier all around. Zman
  141. ZMAN

    YFT Real close

    Put a smile on my face. Thanks
  142. ZMAN

    Royal Star Cancels Mazatlan Trips

    Safety first Stickandstay
  143. ZMAN

    Ceramic ring sizing

    Didn’t use them last year. None issue.
  144. ZMAN

    Need new V-both cushions Dana Point

    Need a good upholstery guy to fabricate new cushions with vinal covers. Any help would be appreciated. Boats located in Dana Point Thanks in advance Zman
  145. ZMAN

    Seakeeper 2

    What kind of generator do you have to run the seekeeper properly. It seems tha amp draw would wipe out your house batteries pronto with the engine off. Zman
  146. ZMAN

    Furuno 588 with b260 problems

    What mode do you have your Furuno in at higher speeds ?
  147. ZMAN

    Penn international 30SW two speed/calstar 770xxh

    What kind of guides on the rod ?
  148. ZMAN

    Seakeeper 2 Hits The Under 30′ Boat Mark

    Oh well. Maybe they’ll come up with a solar one one of these days. Lol
  149. ZMAN

    Seakeeper 2 Hits The Under 30′ Boat Mark

    These smaller units sound awesome for the skiff fisherman. Only question I have is, what’s tha amp draw on these DC units and how many more batteries will I have to add. My trips are normally multi day. Sitting on the pick overnight without a motor charging the batteries would be a concern...
  150. ZMAN

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    You Sir are fucking clueless
  151. ZMAN

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    These types of post are getting kind of old. Just saying. Why don’t you just give us a 4 month old fish report or try to sell something. This sights becoming lame.
  152. ZMAN

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Don’t forget about fuel economy. Your going to get your ass kicked with twin OB’s on a boat like that.
  153. ZMAN

    simrad nns evo3 wont talk to a AP11 Autopilot

    Call simrad tech support. They help customers with equipment issues 5 days a week 8 hrs a day Stickandstay
  154. ZMAN

    Shimano 2018 Talica Dream Quiver

    I like your optimism for next season. Keep your fingers crossed. Stickandstay
  155. ZMAN

    Bloodydecks is now eBay???

    This sight has turned into mostly classified adds, how to and mainly week to two week old fish reports. People are moving onto social media sights. Not talking and sharing as much. To many people and to much pressure on our resource. BD used to be a great sight back in the day. No fault of...
  156. ZMAN

    WTB Swimstep

  157. ZMAN

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Well said Robert, I’ve owned all three. Your observation is spot on Zman
  158. ZMAN

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    love all this bickering. Reminds me of Elementery school. Lol Stickandstay
  159. ZMAN

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    eBay, Craigslist or BD for 30 to 50 size two speed shimano or penn reel. Cal star or Seeker for rod. 6 to 700 buck. Put fresh braid on and topshot. You’ll be under a thousand for sure Good luck. Stickandstay
  160. ZMAN

    2320 fuel range

    What kind of fuel range would I expect with a 2320 loaded for offshore fishing ? Hearing the 300 Yamaha is the way to go with this size Parker. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  161. ZMAN

    2120 bench seat replaced with pedestals

    Very nice install. I would rethink the lag bolt though.
  162. ZMAN

    Propeller service

    I have an inboard diesel with a bronze propeller that needs to be tuned up. Any recommendations in the Orange County, San Diego area Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  163. ZMAN

    6 Immigrants lose life but still end up in San Diego

    I ran over one of those ropes years ago. Snapped my outdrive shaft. Good times. Stay clear of those pens is a understatement. Nice report ZMAN
  164. ZMAN

    The "San Diego" 11/6. YELLAS !

    Great write up. 100+ on the Yellows in November . Priceless !
  165. ZMAN

    I bought a 25 Parker twin 150 Yahama whats the best depth recorder for this boat, I like to fish the

    Bert, you can do a search here on the info your looking for. There’s all sorts of examples of what guys are using for there meters and transducers. Regardless of the fishfinder. Spend the money on the transducer. Minimum 1k power and through hull. Good luck. Stickandstay
  166. ZMAN

    Offshore Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    Please tell me we have one more year of this ?
  167. ZMAN

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Lol. Like the sarcasm.
  168. ZMAN

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Lol. Your giving the JackAss in Chief way to much credit. The Doners that got him elected are pulling all the strings. There the ones making the decisions. The only thing this narssasist cares about is his popularity. He could care less about the American people. Stickandstay
  169. ZMAN

    Solo Swordfish

    Thats one hell of an accomplishment. Congratulations !
  170. ZMAN

    Laguna Swordfish 10/23

    Just a beautiful pic. That 50 fathom curve holds for sure Zman
  171. ZMAN

    WTB 24-26 Diesel Pilothouse

    No sh#t, I’ve owned a Billfisher and Outerbanks. Fished Morro Bay to Colnet. Great boats. Enough of the down hill crap with these boats. Slow down, use your tabs and pay attention. I don’t care what boat you have. Running around at thirty knots is not a good idea. Sorry for the rant. ZMAN
  172. ZMAN

    Offshore Full moon.......notta problem!

    Yeah. Single speeds is no bueno on these fish. Got caught with my pants down a few years ago. 41/2 hours of torture. Great report
  173. ZMAN

    Where to buy electronics

  174. ZMAN

    So we're is all the big bluefin?

  175. ZMAN

    marijuana on a private boat

    Yeah, no shit
  176. ZMAN


    Give Rosen some protection and you have the next Brady. That's going to be one looooooooong flight back to Texas Go Bruins. Stickandstay
  177. ZMAN

    Kite flying regulations

    Check out SCI closure website. Navy posted in RED. Kite flying regulations, policies and permit requirements. For the love of god ! Stickandstay
  178. ZMAN

    Offshore Fish Report 08-10-2017 & 08-11- 2017

    Nice effort and thanks for the report Stickandstay
  179. ZMAN

    Offshore SCI- Elusive BFT Attempt #2 08/04

    Patience brother. It's time of day on that fish. Stickandstay
  180. ZMAN

    Offshore Going Big, or Going Home

    Hang in there Mike. Sounds like you did everything right. Time on the water Zman
  181. ZMAN

    what adhesive to use for Pacific Edge bait tank installation ?

    5200 on the mounts. I would not caulk around the tank. Build a square damb out of 3/4" starboard around deck plumbing hole to keep the small amount of water from entering from the outside. If you caulk around your tank and have a plumbing failure. That water is going to end up poring down...
  182. ZMAN

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Eric, you should have put your response in bold caps. Anyone who is angree with the commercials will need to read this. In a nutshell, FOLLOW THE MONEY. Stickandstay
  183. ZMAN

    1.5 day leaving Sunday prep help

    According previous reports. A good set of fork and knife. I'd ad a spare set just in case. Lol Stickandstay
  184. ZMAN

    "Sold" Please delete Blackman Outerbanks

    Wow ! Pride of ownership Zman
  185. ZMAN

    Offshore Tribute Sportfishing - 1.5 Trip Report

    Lol. Jason, The Tributes a top notch operation for sure. Just think it's funny that most reports these days go into so much detail over the food that's served on these boats. Give me a greasy burger and a coke and the hell with the rest. You'll get I'm next time Tight lines. Stickandstay
  186. ZMAN

    Offshore 7/3. 9 mile bank 182

    That's what you call "high and dry". Nice job Zman
  187. ZMAN

    Excel 3 day Poole Memorial Trip report.

    Thanks for the food report Stickandstay
  188. ZMAN

    WTB Parker 2510 Bow Rail

    Call Kevin at west coast Parker an order one Zman
  189. ZMAN

    Limit style kelp paddy yellowtail fishing

    Notice the San Diego boats are getting limits of kelp paddy yellowtail on most of the offshore trips. This sounds very exciting. Was curios why I haven't seen any picks of these yellowtail. Confused Stickandstay
  190. ZMAN

    Fuel problem I think???

    You have a fuel restriction issue. Check the fuel pick up in your reserve tank. Should have a screen on the end of the pic up tube. Most likely there is debris restricting flow. Good call on draining tank. Zman
  191. ZMAN

    Boat window weather stripping replacement

    Appreciate the input. Really trying to find someone who can do it for me. Would hate to take on this projects just to have them leak when finished Stickandstay
  192. ZMAN

    Boat window weather stripping replacement

    The windows I have are fixed with no frames. rubber weather stripping attaches to pilothouse and window. Similar to the rear window of a car.
  193. ZMAN

    Boat window weather stripping replacement

    I have leaky windows. Original weather stripping on 30 year old boat. They are all fixed windows. Anyone have an idea who can remove glass, replace weather stripping and re install the glass. Was thinking an auto glass comp could do it Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  194. ZMAN


    There's know one better than Steve. Best fabricator on both coasts period. Zman
  195. ZMAN

    Fiberglass repair needed

    Need some fiberglass work done on my boat in South Orange County. Any recommendations would be appreciated Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  196. ZMAN

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Thanks for the comeback Mark. I guess that third chine increases the boats width and at the same time decreases the amount of hull in the water while underway. Correct me if I'm wrong
  197. ZMAN

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Curious to no the performance and stability of the triple chine hulls compared to the newer radon hulls. Stick and stay
  198. ZMAN

    26' Triple Chine Radon Hull

    Curious to know the difference between the triple chine hulls and the ones Don is building today. Stability, performance etc.... Stickandstay
  199. ZMAN

    Blackman questions

    It all comes down to how the guy at the helm operates the boat. Cruising down hill in any Deep V boat can be touchy. Tabs all the way up and slow down unless you want a shit show in the cabin. I've owned both Billfisher and Outerbanks. Fished extensively on a 26 skipjack and 43 Cabo. Same...
  200. ZMAN

    Feedback Volvo Penta KAD 300 285 HP motor

    Other than HP, what would be the better motor. KAD 44 or KAD 300 ?
  201. ZMAN

    Offshore Ethics In Fish Count Reporting

    Tough deal. Sorry it didn't work out Stickandstay
  202. ZMAN

    need anchor recomendation for Parker 2320

    Minimum 50' of chain. Chains more important than weight of anchor. 22# Bruce
  203. ZMAN

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    That's a sic rig. What power plants does he have in her ? I have never seen that paint color on a diesel.
  204. ZMAN

    Offshore WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    The cake flying in the air. Classic. That'll teach you to never leave the little guy at the dock again. Lol Nice report
  205. ZMAN

    Offshore Rpt.-10-13-16 SCI Bluefin Tuna or Bust!

    Another great report. Thanks Corey
  206. ZMAN

    Stanford is going down

    Impressive win there Huskies. Wish my UCLA Bruins would have played all 60 minutes.
  207. ZMAN

    Offshore WFO Yellowfin on the Condor

    Majority are 7 to 10 lbs. God help us
  208. ZMAN

    Avalon Billfish Challenge 2016 UPDATES!!

    Lol. The whole boats loaded with "highered Guns". Not really surprising.
  209. ZMAN

    Volvo outdive test question

    15 psi. Max
  210. ZMAN

    PEI 2016 Video

    Sportfishing ?
  211. ZMAN

    Saltwater Epic Ilwaco weekend culminates with a Bluefin!

    Now that's a canning operation. Damn I miss Albacore ! Hopefully next year in the SoCal Stickandsty
  212. ZMAN

    Offshore First String Pacific Dawn tandem BFT KILL

    Talk about a heads up play. Nice work men Stickandstay
  213. ZMAN

    Feedback Volvo Penta KAD 300 285 HP motor

    Briggs. So I imagine you've installed a switch to shut off your supercharger while running at those rpms ?
  214. ZMAN

    Feedback Volvo Penta KAD 300 285 HP motor

    not sure what you mean by. 1450-2800 is worthless
  215. ZMAN

    Feedback Volvo Penta KAD 300 285 HP motor

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Volvo 290 dp is bolted to it Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  216. ZMAN

    Is the wind ever gonna stop or lighten up?

    Been a tough one for sure
  217. ZMAN

    1990 26 RADON... Cummins with Konrad Drive 75k... call Mike for questions 8053905857

    In the market for a boat. More pics and details would be helpful. According to your Craigslist ad. Your not interested in talking about your boat. Catch 22 brother Stickandstay
  218. ZMAN

    Offshore Big Waves, Little YFT

    Great report. Now Get back down there and make America great again
  219. ZMAN

    Volvo dp290 hard shift

    Will. Thanks for the comeback. Yes, harsh engagement. So I will have to adjust at the single lever control not the drive. Correct ? Thanks in advance
  220. ZMAN

    2003 Blackman Outerbanks for sale

    Shoot. Really wish your boat was a direct drive. In the market for another Blackman. Good luck with the sale Stickandstay
  221. ZMAN

    2003 Blackman Outerbanks for sale

    Looking for an Outerbanks with direct drive
  222. ZMAN

    Volvo dp290 hard shift

    i just had a rebuilt Volvo 290 drive installed and notice that it hard shifts at idle. This only happens while shifting in forward. Reverse is smooth. Just ran the boat on my trailer and shifting is smooth forward and reverse. Any cone clutch experts out there. Hard shift only happens in the...
  223. ZMAN

    Offshore School and Football Season

    Nice report. Thanks
  224. ZMAN

    Looks like Billy's at it again!

    Billy. We're killing spearfish now ? Really
  225. ZMAN

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    We as human beings have completely failed at managing anything. Live for the moment my friends Stick and stay
  226. ZMAN

    Offshore 6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    Bart, all of us have been caught up in the moment like you were. To respond like you have on a public board shows what a class act you are. We have all learned something from your response and are better for it Thank you. Stickandstay
  227. ZMAN

    Offshore 6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    Calling in spear fisherman to finish off a fish that's been fighting for its life for hours. Great display of sportsmanship. Oh and that would be illegal in California Stickandstay
  228. ZMAN

    Saltwater The report

    God I miss Albie fishing. Another year of warm water for the SoCal Stickandstay
  229. ZMAN

    Offshore Rpt.-Sat.- 1.5 day trip on the Relentless.

    Thanks Corey. Another great report Stickandstay
  230. ZMAN

    2016 summer fishing..predictions?

    BULLSEYE !!!!!!!
  231. ZMAN

    Offshore Fish movin out!!

    ALBACORE !!!!!!!
  232. ZMAN

    Stabilized Binos - Give me the skinny

    Fraser Mariners. Period
  233. ZMAN

    Fishing Apps iOS

    Herd good things about Code Group.
  234. ZMAN


    Whats the over under on how many 5 lb yellows die this year. Can't believe what I'm reading and seeing. What a joke ! Enough is enough Stickandstay
  235. ZMAN

    Dana Point Harbor 5/13

    You mean a soon to be "Dead" short White Sea bass
  236. ZMAN

    In need of a couple hardcore fisherman for the 2016 season

    You kill billfish. I'm Out
  237. ZMAN

    Offshore Bluefin Fever

    Billy. What tow vehicle do you use to tow your 23 ? Nice report Stickandstay
  238. ZMAN

    New Custom pilot house

    Nice write up buddy
  239. ZMAN

    Two speed reels

    I'm in the market for an inexpensive two speed reel. I've had shimano tld 20 and 30 two speeds. Still have the 20 and would like to add to my arsenal. I looked at the penn fathom 40n two speed. Looks good and is a bit smaller. Trying to make a decision on which way to go. Shimano tld 20ii or...
  240. ZMAN

    Best overall trolling set up for SoCal

    upgrading my trolling gear and was wondering what everyone thinks. I fish on my own skiff. Fished tld two speeds for years and at this point, just not that enjoyable anymore. Thinking of going to streight talicas. What do you say Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  241. ZMAN


  242. ZMAN


  243. ZMAN


  244. ZMAN


  245. ZMAN


  246. ZMAN

    Anchor Choice

    I 2nd that.
  247. ZMAN


  248. ZMAN


  249. ZMAN


  250. ZMAN


  251. ZMAN

    PSL Hoist...Bluefin Tuna

    Gary, that's a sic pre April fools joke. Zman
  252. ZMAN


  253. ZMAN


  254. ZMAN


  255. ZMAN


  256. ZMAN


  257. ZMAN


  258. ZMAN


  259. ZMAN


  260. ZMAN

    Our new parker 2501 build up, and rigging!

    I was going to say. Don't let anybody touch that boat other than Steve. ZMAN
  261. ZMAN


  262. ZMAN

    Radovich 34 restoration

    That would be a true statement.
  263. ZMAN

    Radovich 34 restoration

  264. ZMAN

    165 quart igloo cooler

  265. ZMAN

    Parker Boats & West Coast Marine

    LOL. Yep. Thought so. Nothing worse than a commercial fisherman that brags. Cheers, CAL TIP
  266. ZMAN

    Parker Boats & West Coast Marine

    I sure hope your not commercial fishing in Mexican waters. Sure looks like it
  267. ZMAN

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    mike. Your right. My bad Happy holidays. Stickandstay
  268. ZMAN

    Furuno FF and transducer suggestions please

    2x on the 587 and ss270 wide.
  269. ZMAN

    2016 El Nino prediction LOOKS GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!

    Hey Debbie downer, thanks for that
  270. ZMAN

    The Dream Becomes Reality. #BajaSQ BlueMarlin

    Great report until the dead Marlin pics. Much easier to unhook and let it swim home. Try it sometime CPR
  271. ZMAN

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Pacific Voyeger Captain and crew. This incident is totally unexceptable. Anybody out there that has the know how and ability should send this video to local news stations. Please do. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves
  272. ZMAN

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    And the reason it wasn't released ?
  273. ZMAN

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    It just doesn't look fast enough. Lol
  274. ZMAN

    10/4 on the Freedom

    Thanks for the info
  275. ZMAN

    10/4 on the Freedom

    Were you guys trolling, drifting on marks, anchored up, or ?
  276. ZMAN

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Forced to be environmentally sensitive ? I wouldn't say it's forced. Most people on this board understand that the ocean Doesnt have an endless supply of its resources. The days of catching a fish to weigh and taking a picture is becoming unexceptable. Incredible catch. Just wish it was still...
  277. ZMAN

    Offshore 3.5 Day on Top Gun 80 9.24-9.28

    Prepare for 3.5 days of rats.
  278. ZMAN

    Mirage whacked them today

    I was out there Monday. 8 to 15 lb fish
  279. ZMAN

    Offshore Killed it out of Dana

    Let's see some pics of the 20 to 30 pounders.
  280. ZMAN

    alternator issue

    Thanks for the comeback. Need to upgrade from 6awg to 4awg. 105 amp with 8' cable run Stickandstay
  281. ZMAN

    alternator issue

    Question. What size battery cable should be connected to alternator ? Thanks in advance. Stickandstay
  282. ZMAN

    Engine noise

    Is your sounder grounded ?
  283. ZMAN

    Must See!!!

    I'm sure that wasn't intended but that's the part of fishing that's sucks. Fish swimming away with jigs in there mouths, birds and seals getting hung up in gear. Takes the wind out of a guy seeing stuff like that. I guess I'm getting soft as I age. Stickandstay
  284. ZMAN

    Radovich 34 restoration

    If Steve's involved. That boat will be the sickest Radovich on the west coast. I mean world. Steve Degroote is the best in the business zman
  285. ZMAN

    Offshore Old Glory 8/25 overnight

    I was on the same trip. Uncomfortable in the bunk room. As we were getting off the boat. I noticed an AC tech waiting to get on the boat. Everyone needs to settle down. Life is challenging sometimes
  286. ZMAN

    Offshore Fishing Offshore Tuna 8/22/2015. We Got Spanked!

    Nice job guys. Maybe larger hooks next time
  287. ZMAN

    Offshore Headed to the Osborn

    And you wonder why we have a seal problem. Just saying !
  288. ZMAN

    Anyone have info on this? (fishing "accident")

    It happened on the Marauder out of Avila. The other incident was on a long range boat on there way in to Cabo from the islands. I fished with that couple on the princess out of Morro bay. Not sure the kids name but he worked on the PQ when little Eddie was running it. He was a trust fund kid out...
  289. ZMAN

    Offshore 8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Gave me a smile. Thanks
  290. ZMAN

    outdrive bellows

    Lower bellow has small hole on the bottom. This allows excessive water to drain after flush
  291. ZMAN

    Offshore Quick 8/7 Friday report.......yft's

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing
  292. ZMAN

    Offshore Anybody know whos boat this is?

    We saw that boat in Dana point last week in a guest slip. The salt weapon is the right name. Maybe call the DP guest slip line. They probably have a record with name
  293. ZMAN

    Offshore 182 and more... What happened to the bite!?!

    This red crab has to dry up. I think that's are issue on this inconsistent bite. The crabs float on the moon
  294. ZMAN

    First Fishing Report

    Thanks for the report. You got to have bait when you go offshore. They don't always bit the jigs.
  295. ZMAN

    Punta Pescadero area any recommendations for a Super Panga or Cruiser

    Ask Octavio you want to fish with Ishmael. Very fishy captain.
  296. ZMAN

    Offshore Murder and Mayhem on the Santiago-Yellowfin off O'Side near the 209

    Nice report, but. 6 fish in two hours is mayhem ?
  297. ZMAN

    Seeing a pattern...

    I agree with you. There is a tremendous amount of fish in our waters.
  298. ZMAN

    Seeing a pattern...

    Ask all the sport boats tied up in San Diego how epic this seasons been so far. Those scores you have had our nice little trips. But Epic ?
  299. ZMAN

    Seeing a pattern...

    Epic season ?
  300. ZMAN


    Cattle boat madness. Lol Nice job Stickandstay
  301. ZMAN

    Makes me sick !

    First time in decades if not a lifetime that we've seen these Bluefin in our local waters like this. I've been at it for 40+ years and have never seen this grade of fish inside the Catalina channel. So now the Fucking Sieners are on them. I can't believe in this day and age we allow this shit to...
  302. ZMAN

    Offshore Blind squirrel bluefin report 6/14

    Jesus. Someone get him a working wash down hose. Lol Stickandstay
  303. ZMAN

    Offshore 6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    You got the shot. That first pic says it all. Right fish, right gear. Epic
  304. ZMAN

    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    That's it. Hit the nail on the Head
  305. ZMAN

    Taking Bluefin To Mexico in RSW

  306. ZMAN

    Offshore Busted a really nice one off at Deep Color

    Yes. Circle hook. Busted at knott Zman
  307. ZMAN

    Offshore Busted a really nice one off at Deep Color

    Geno. Keep your chin up. I busted one off last night on the 289 at 9:30 pm after a 4 hour fight on 40 lb with the new torium 30. One more circle and we woud have stuck it. 5' from the boat. This fish absolutely destroyed me For anybody that's thinking about fishing for these BFT. Fish nothing...
  308. ZMAN

    El Cardonal Tournament- East Cape

    Way to go Vicente !!!! Zman
  309. ZMAN

    New low ann

    Much wider than the rest of the fleet ?
  310. ZMAN

    Calstar and seeker stock

    Thanks for the recommendations
  311. ZMAN

    Calstar and seeker stock

    hope this is the right form. Need to check out and pull on some of these rods to confirm what I need. Any idea in LA county, valley where I can see an assortment for sale. Not sure which tackle shop would be the best place to start. Would travel down from TO. Thanks Stickandstay
  312. ZMAN

    Easy Yellowtail limits

    18 lb whitefish? Jesus. Around the boat a few times on the heavy gear. Lol
  313. ZMAN

    RP fish hold capacity ?

    Thanks for the comeback Andre. "Cat even hates it". That killed me. Very good points you made.
  314. ZMAN

    RP fish hold capacity ?

    That brings up some very good question. What in the world are anglers doing with a 1000 lb +/- fish when they hit the dock ? Why are these boats trying to plug all holds and brag about it along the way ? Seems like the fill good answer is or the answer most hide behind is "Donating most of...
  315. ZMAN

    RP fish hold capacity ?

    Rough calc puts hold capacities at around 20 ton. Does that sound about right?
  316. ZMAN

    RP fish hold capacity ?

    Ok. How many ton capacity. Thanks
  317. ZMAN

    RP fish hold capacity ?

    anybody know ?
  318. ZMAN

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Just like in the US of A. It's all about attitude Stickandstay
  319. ZMAN

    Can I Compete with Sport Boats Sonar?

    Not on the side scan. Up and down yes.
  320. ZMAN

    Give No Fucks

    Lol. Very nice
  321. ZMAN

    Give No Fucks

    Fuck long range boat rides
  322. ZMAN

    Big Bluefin in Okinawa

    Got away ? With a mile of monofilament and and lure in its mouth. Not likely alive at this point
  323. ZMAN

    Winter project.......... Time to dial it in

    Bob, Thanks for the info on the carpet removal. My parker has some real thick mastic. Removal is going to be a real pain. Never thought that the new glue potentially would stick to the old. Did the same electronics upgrade last year as Bob. Your going to love the speed and clarity of those...
  324. ZMAN

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Thanks for all the info Much appreciated. Zman
  325. ZMAN

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Looking for some advice on the best trailer tires to buy. Any info would be appreciated Thanks in advance. Zman
  326. ZMAN

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    Sounds like you are more concerned with censorship than buying a boat. The lack of responses from Davidson boats on this subject clears it up for me. The boat building business is dead and ain't coming back. I would spend my time looking/waiting for a Davis to come on the market Stickandstay
  327. ZMAN

    Parker wheelhouse window frames pitting

    I have the same problem with my 2000 2520 windows. Not sure what the deal is. I'm replacing my windows this off season with new ones from Marks plastics. I would suggest pulling your windows and powder coating them. Pain in the ass but the right way to handle it Good luck. Zman
  328. ZMAN


    Re-read my post and concluded that it was to negative. Size of fish in a report is a good thing to add.
  329. ZMAN


  330. ZMAN

    Shimano Tyrnos 10ii

    Let me know if you want to meet half way. Say Agoura. Off the 101
  331. ZMAN

    Offshore My summer

    Very nice
  332. ZMAN

    Shimano Tyrnos 10ii

    Rod and reel still available.
  333. ZMAN

    Shimano Tyrnos 10ii

    Shimano Tyrnos 10ii with 65 lb power pro backing. Used once. $225 Pick up in Ventura County only. 805 302 3330
  334. ZMAN

    Offshore "That Guy"

    Classic Dude !
  335. ZMAN

    Offshore Quick morning to Eureka!!!!

    Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Don't let these clowns get to you. Most of these guys toys were stolen from them when they were children. There obviously still dealing with there loses lol
  336. ZMAN

    Offshore BS fish count reports

    its really tough to make heads or tails of the fish counts from the Diego landings these days. Have you noticed the multi-day boats daily totals are counted each day and then there total for the trip is counted in the dock totals. Misleading in my book
  337. ZMAN

    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    Thanks Gabe. You had my wife and I in tears. Yeah. Heading out to my boat to give it a kiss Stickandstay
  338. ZMAN

    $7 fish cleaning?!!?!?

    Fish cleaning costs haven't gone up that much. Back in the late 70s early 80's it was $3 bucks a fish. On occasion, we would fuel prior to dropping off passengers. It all depended when the fuel dock could fit you in Stickandstay
  339. ZMAN

    Offshore Thunderbird Overnight 9/17

    Nice report. Thanks
  340. ZMAN

    Heading to East Cape Monday 9/22 - 9/27

    Airport reopenes today. It's amazing how fast the locals get things cleaned up. I would wait to reschedule. Rancho Leonardo has boats fishing by tomorrow according to website. Give it another day before you make your decision Stickandstay
  341. ZMAN

    Offshore No footballs here Freedom 9/9

    Nice report. Fishing 20 lb in moccasins. Classic
  342. ZMAN

    they're here....

    Boy did you hit that one out of the park. So easy. Lol
  343. ZMAN

    Offshore Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    Lol. You guys are killing me. Let the poor little 8 lb fish go. Lol Stickandstay
  344. ZMAN

    How big are the yellowfin w/in 30 miles?

    10 to maybe 20 lb average
  345. ZMAN

    Offshore The new boat works….

    Nice job. After listening to that music for a few minutes. I found myself looking for my bong collection. Lol Stickandstay
  346. ZMAN

    Baby Yellowfin

    Mid season. Boats are running non stop. Fish are close. All this equals no sleep and burn out. Shouldn't be an excuse but it happens with these types of seasons. As far as size of fish. Beggars can't be choosers. You got a piece of it. Sit back and wait. Maybe some larger models will show...
  347. ZMAN

    WTB Calstar 270

    Could you post a pic. Where are you located?
  348. ZMAN

    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    Smile once in a while dude. Jeez
  349. ZMAN

    WTB Calstar 270

    Let me know. Thanks. Stick and stay
  350. ZMAN

    WTB Calstar 270

    Let me know. Thanks. Stick and stay
  351. ZMAN

    Offshore Rail traffic, googins, and open party trips

    Rail traffic. Lol. I learned how to fish on open party boats. The more traffic the better the challenge. Full combat. Never bothered me. Never used it as an excuse. If I didn't catch at least 10% of the catch. I messed up. It's an attitude. Stop worrying about everybody else, take the blinders...
  352. ZMAN

    Offshore Fortune 07/29 report

    Bruce is the man. Thanks for the report
  353. ZMAN

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Glad to here it was just your filter. I use a k&m filter on my 41p. Not a chance that thing collapses FYI. Becs Pacific in Whittier for turbo rebuild or new. Paid $800 and change for new turbo. Nice guys Zman
  354. ZMAN

    Offshore San Diego July 18th

    Nice Job and video.
  355. ZMAN

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Sounds like you lost your turbo. Pull your air filter and see if the turbin inside of turbo spins. Also Make sure part of the air filer didn't get sucked into the turbo Zman
  356. ZMAN

    sportboat name changes

    What about the Happy Kanaky ? zman
  357. ZMAN

    blue Marlin & Wahoo Tuna Jigs

    7- Zuker 5.5 Marlin jigs. Rigged with #400 lb Hi-seas mono and double #7691 Mustad razor sharp hooks 2- Large Marauder jigs fully rigged with heavy stainless cable Caught many Blues,Tuna and Wahoo on these jigs $225 for everything. Don't want to sale separately Thanks for looking...
  358. ZMAN


    Will do. Thanks
  359. ZMAN


    I have a pulsing sound coming from my ICOM 412 vhf radio. Not sure where it's coming from. This happens whether I have all other electronics on or off. The noise is still present even with boat on trailer and just the batteries on. I'm stumped. Please help. Thanks in advance, zman
  360. ZMAN

    Xantrex Truecharge 2 Battery Charger SOLD

    Winch sold. Onboard battery charger is still for sale.
  361. ZMAN

    Xantrex Truecharge 2 Battery Charger SOLD

    Winch is approx 10 years old. You can find Powerwinch 300 manual pdf file and additional info on line. zman
  362. ZMAN

    Xantrex Truecharge 2 Battery Charger SOLD

    Xantrex Truecharge 2. 20amp onboard battery charger. Never used. Ended up buying an inverter/charger so must sale this one. $175 OBO Thanks for looking, zman
  363. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    Good stuff Eric. Thanks
  364. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    I'm sure there are positives and negatives that on both systems if I look hard enough. I guess being a Furuno guy forever. Change will be difficult. Really trying to find a compelling reason to buy Simrad over Furuno.
  365. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    Same here on the Furuno equipment including Simrad autopilots. Never had an issue. Not so sure about the Simrad Chart/Radar equipment. Reading about equipment issues and tech support issues. Leaning toward the Furuno MFD8 OR 12
  366. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    Thanks for the replies. My feeling at this point is that there are a few companies like Simrad that have caught up to or surpassed Furuno with the Chart/Radar modes. Speed, graphics and ease of use which we have been waiting seems to be here. I will never give up my Furuno fish finder as I...
  367. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    Thanks for the input guys. Only problem with touch screen is that my hands are always wet or damp. It seems I would always be cleaning the screen. unless there is a new antiglare film product. Worried that the screen would be ruined in short order.
  368. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    I am in the process of deciding on a Radar/Chartplotter upgrade. Narrowed my search to a Furuno Navnet 3D or VX-2 10" or the Simrad NSE 12 3G or 4G. Not interested in touch screens. I've been a Furuno guy forever. My stand alone Furuno 582 Fishfinder and Airman SS270W is staying put. Hope...
  369. ZMAN

    Furuno or Simrad

    I am in the process of deciding on a Radar/Chartplotter upgrade. Narrowed my search to a Furuno Navnet 3D or VX-2 10" or the Simrad NSE 12 3G or 4G. Not interested in touch screens. I've been a Furuno guy forever. My stand alone Furuno 582 Fishfinder and Airman SS270W is staying put. Hope...
  370. ZMAN

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Good on you Spike. We've been spoiled for years with the Dines. Fishing Chovies separates the men from the boys. It will make better bait fisherman out of you for sure. Be patient. Stick and Stay
  371. ZMAN

    Which Alaskan Fishing Lodge

    Thanks for your reply. We have one shot at this and want the real deal. I'm not looking for a bargain. Just looking for the right experience.
  372. ZMAN

    Which Alaskan Fishing Lodge

    My Wife and I are ready to see what real fishing is like. If you had an unlimited budget or not. What lodge would be best for the experiences of Alaska and it's incredible fishing. Thanks in advance, ZMAN
  373. ZMAN

    Towing a 25ft Cabin Cruiser....the dilemma.....

    You need at the very least a 3/4 ton. When that boat is loaded, It will be pushing 10k. You will tear transmissions to pieces with the lighter trucks. Lot's of used 3/4 tons out there for under 10K. If you can find a 4 wheel drive, it would be a plus. ZMAN
  374. ZMAN

    Any good EL Nino fish stories?

    Worked on the Bold Contender with Bobby Allen back in the early 80's. Albacore on the anchor at the middle grounds. 25 fish stop on the Albacore one mile North of North Island. Massive amounts of YFT, Skipjack and Albacore. Leaving the boat lines in the baskets because of the Big eye ripping...
  375. ZMAN

    Old Picture Albacore

    You tell um Mike, And that's when it was pretty much straight one day fishing. The big three landings were a circus back then with passengers all trying to get a look at the sportboat scores posted on the chalk board behind the ticket counters. Standing room only. 6/0's, Squidders and...
  376. ZMAN

    Old Picture Albacore

    Man, That brings back memories. I was 13 back in 75. The Vagabond was the first boat I worked on under Mike. I lasted one day. Mike, you scared the hell out of me. LOL. I'm sure it was my age more than Mike. Those were surely the good old days back in San diego. Hope all is well...
  377. ZMAN

    Crappy Workmanship

    I get why you had the tech do the work. But I would be Fing lived over that shit storm. I cannot let anyone touch my boat ever. I don't care how much heart ache it takes to figure something out. Never ever. These clowns that work on boats just don't Fing get it. Scratches on the gelcoat...
  378. ZMAN


    We had early season Albies and bones on the 43 in the early 90's. Hope this is legit report. ZMAN
  379. ZMAN


    No, It needs to be out here on an open forum. Matt's a nice guy, a good stick and knows his shit. He has commercial interests and sells his fish. I am really not sure why he continually seeks all this attention. Matt, if your listening. Your not making the local boys happy. Please...
  380. ZMAN

    blue water gun

    Great price. Good luck with the sale.
  381. ZMAN

    YFTs are jumping in the Boat at PSFL

    Awesome. Wish I was there. Stick&Stay
  382. ZMAN

    Just what we needed...

  383. ZMAN

    nados closed by navy?

    Closing the nado's will probably be in the future. Enjoy why you can.
  384. ZMAN

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    Jimbo, Don't fucking except that. That, is chicken shit. Those guys know how to do it right. They need to beef it way up. Check out Tim's reply. ZMAN
  385. ZMAN

    JRC 24 mile radar for sale

    Still for sale. 805-302-3330
  386. ZMAN

    QUESTION: VOLVO AD41 Turbo Mechanic Needed

    Brad, SM is right except for the cost of a new turbo. Just had the same issue on my 41p. Sent it over to Becs in Whittier CA. Was not cost effective to rebuild. Around $1,100 bucks new at Becs + shipping. If there is any deterioration on the riser, buy a new one on Ebay. Around $250. One...
  387. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Thanks for the offer but no thanks, Zack
  388. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Thanks for the kind words Chris. Zack
  389. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    4th of July weekend bump.
  390. ZMAN


    Unit II in Saticoy. These guys don't mess around. 659-4610
  391. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Trailer included in the asking price. ZMAN
  392. ZMAN


    It's been a tough couple of years on the offshore grounds for the sportboat fleet. They as well as the rest of us private boaters have been hit with poor fishing conditions, bad economic conditions and high fuel prices. It's tough enough operating one of these boats when the fish are biting...
  393. ZMAN

    Hardtop Fabricators??

    C-fab in Costa mesa. These guys do the best work on the West Coast. Talk to Steve 949-646-2616
  394. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    I took the bottom paint of her on the sides of the hull and transom down to the chine. I had a custom pacific #12,000 lb galvanized trailer made for her in June of last year that is included in the sale.
  395. ZMAN

    Furuno 1830 Radar for sale

    Upgrading to a Furuno Navnet system so this one has to go. I have had the boat for five years and the 1830 has not blinked ever. It's a 24 mile with a 24 inch radome comes complete and works perfect. $600 OBO
  396. ZMAN

    Engine box Sound Proofing

    My engine box sound proofing I think is original. Most likely installed on the my boat 20 years ago. I would like to replace it prior to this upcoming season. Curios to know what is being used know. Thanks in advance, Zack
  397. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Thanks Brian, Spent many hours dialing her in. Zack
  398. ZMAN

    Furuno polarization screen fix

    John, I checked on ebay and there are several companies that make it. Could you let us know the exact make and color. thanks, Zack
  399. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Thanks Gregg, For a trailerable boat, she covers all the bases. ZMAN
  400. ZMAN

    Shimano Tyrnos 10II

    I have a Shimano Tyrnos 10II for sale. Won it in a raffle and used it one time. It's filled with 65# spectra with Izor 25# top shot. $175.00 OBO
  401. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Yes, It has the one ton fishhold but no refregeration.
  402. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Romme, Thanks for the kind words. Never moved up as I needed to have one on a trailer. The Billfisher is the next best thing for a flybridge. How's the Midori running? Cheers, Zack
  403. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Thanks for the nice comments. I've had a lot of fun with the face lift on this one. Zack
  404. ZMAN

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    26’ Blackman Billfisher SOLD
  405. ZMAN

    Offshore They got "LOCKJAW"

    Chris, Fished with you several times back in the early 90s for BFT on Cortez bank. I have all ways like your positive outlook and enthusiasm. I'm with you. It's setting up to be an epic late summer, early fall deal. ZMAN
  406. ZMAN

    kona grander

    Yea, I know most of these big fish stroke out and die. It just seems like there is less and less of these big girls. Just take a look at whats going on down off of Cabo. It's to bad. Nice to hear you guys are eating them though. Catch and release if you can Brada. Zman
  407. ZMAN

    kona grander

    What are the chances that you guy's can release these very rare fish now and then. Especially a breeder. ZMAN
  408. ZMAN

    Offshore very early El Nino report

    Yeh, There are negatives. 1983,84 The bait situation got a little iffy. The skippies rained on the boats. But the spread of fish was incredible. Marlin off Morro, Albies inside the channel, Yellowfin off Santa Barbara, Yellows off the rocks. Wow! Bring it, Zman Pez Espada
  409. ZMAN

    Offshore very early El Nino report

    Yeh, I remember those years. I was fortunate to be working on the Bold Contender out of fisherman's landing during that event. The Yellowfin and Albacore one day scores were ridiculous. Some days the 3 San Diego landings had 10,000 fish dock totals. And those were the day's when the dock...
  410. ZMAN

    Offshore Albies in the fog 10-17-09

    Robert, Way to get the job done. Zman
  411. ZMAN

    Offshore Butterfly Albacore

    Thanks for all the nice comp. We were lucky enough to get a little dope on that area and feel very fortunate.
  412. ZMAN

    Offshore Butterfly Albacore

    Buddy boated with Craig on the Holekie out of Dana Point. Made the decision to leave from there due to the horrible bait report from San Deigo. Boy, did that turn out to be the right call as we both got choice Sardines from the reciever in Dana. Our plan was to run to SCI for the evening and...
  413. ZMAN

    Offshore santa barbara albies, blue fin

    Nice Chad, Leaving this afternoon for the highspot with Moorefish. Numbers would be much appreciated. Zack 26' Blackman Pez Espada 805-302-3330
  414. ZMAN

    Holed Up in Dana Point Harbor 6.20.09

    Did you catch that needle fish yesterday in Dana Point. If so, I can't remember a needle fish in the counts ever in Southern California. Get ready, El Nino is coming. zman
  415. ZMAN

    Holed Up in Dana Point Harbor 6.20.09

    Did you catch that needle fish yesterday in Dana Point. If so, I can't remember a needle fish in the counts ever in Southern California. Get ready, El Nino is coming. zman
  416. ZMAN

    My 74 year old friend,

    John, I couldn't agree more. I had my Sabre 196-7 made by Donny over at the "Bent Rod" in Tustin back in the 80's. Hands down my favorite rod to fish. I lost count of all the Albacore I have caught with that rod. I had a day back in the early 90's at Clarion on the "Q" that stands out...
  417. ZMAN

    Hooping in LB Harbor 1/20/09

    I bet you guys feel reel proud of yourselfs. BULLIES ! ZMAN
  418. ZMAN

    I need a Tuna Tower

    C-FAB in Costa mesa. They build the best towers hands down. ZMAN
  419. ZMAN


    All I can say is thank god Steve is outfitting your boat for you. That is one boat you don't want to mess up. The one thing about Steve at C-FAB is he will not settle unless the work is perfect. ZMAN
  420. ZMAN

    Hot Water Heater

    I need a hotwater heater for my boat. I have the room and have an inverter for 110. If anyone has any experience in these, what would be the best kind, or whether I use a tankless or regular water heater I sure would appreciate the info. Thanks in advance, ZMAN:jig:
  421. ZMAN

    New 80 foot Charter Boat at H&M

    James, I use to fish on the old Maurader out of Avila Beach for albacore. I always thought that name was perfect for a sport boat. Good luck with the name, Zach
  422. ZMAN

    Offshore Bft and Albies at 52 Miles

    Fished Morro Bay on Wednesday. Made a critical decision 4 miles from the hot zone. Decided to go find some life and tacked downed to some numbers 12 miles to the South East for all the Bonita you wanted. Made it back to the zone just in time for two jigstrikes. We went 3 for 6 on fish to 32...
  423. ZMAN

    454 w/ 280 outdrive for sale

    1994 Marine power 454 with a 280 outdrive for sale. package runs perfect has 475 hours and comes with wiring harness, gauges,. Is in boat and can be demode. I live in Ventura and can be reached at 805-302-3330. 4000.00 or best offer