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  1. GOFAST88

    Looking to fabricate ALUM - do you weld?

    I'm located in Murrieta. I have a Miller Sycrowave Tig I do side work with.
  2. GOFAST88

    The Aluminum boat photo album

    Love the tin cans. Re-Built an 18' 1981 bay runner. Finished early 2018. One of these days I'll post the full build on here. A fabricator's project.
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    I did not... Frustrated man. Going to try and call lowrance one of these days when I have the...

    I did not... Frustrated man. Going to try and call lowrance one of these days when I have the time to wait on hold. Possibly send it to them & get credit toward new unit before the 5 year mark. My unit is 4 1/2 years old. This is what i was told by local shop. I'll update you soon.
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    HDS7 Gen3 Sonar not working- Lowrance repair locally?

    Worked fine with this transducer for 2 years, Unit is about 4 years old. Everything else works, GPS, Transducer reads temp. Just 3 dotted lines for depth. Thought it was the transducer so I bought a new one, standard 83/200 skimmer & same result. Tried Hard reset multiple times. Selected the...
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    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    We tried packin macs with meth once... They stopped eating for sure but when we tried to leave, our lower unit was 1/2 taken apart...
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    Boccaccio limit

    LOL Bocrapio
  7. GOFAST88

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Buuuuuuut the sales guy at the Parker dealership said "You can do what ever the fuck you want in this boat"
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    I asked, said 16k for CC, bare
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    A guy in Newport got his first CAT, battle ship grey CC. The dude has amazing skills for sure. I enjoy seeing his updates on IG.
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    How to prepare sashimi

    The yellowtail you get at the sushi bars are farm raised in a big pen. Fattened up & Its definitely more tender. I think well taken care of local fish can be just as good. I like to take my fish whole from the boat. Like Done_deal said, you need to take proper care of the fish to have sushi...
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    reaming will chew up the hypalon in my experience, Like Robert said above, check out youtube how to videos. Another great method is using compressed air
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    Offshore GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    Thanks for the report!! Well done! Ive recently converted some colt snipers to jigging style, with the assist hooks from the top... Extremely good success on the deep structure bass. How were you working the knife jig? Speed jig N wind or straight retrieve?
  13. GOFAST88

    El Niño officially announced

    :rofl: Hell yea! My old 15' Gregor was named " Man bear pig"
  14. GOFAST88

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    Thought it was the same boat, I know the guy.. good dude, He is very happy with it
  15. GOFAST88

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    Was this boat taken back to defiance, rebuilt, repowered and sold again?
  16. GOFAST88

    Outboard Deals Expected at Fred Hall?

    I was in the market for a Yamaha last year. I asked around Fred hall and it seemed that there were no stand out deals at all, just the standard cash back or extended warranty from manufacture. I left my phone # with a few guys, told them I had cash... Got a call that next Monday from Ken at...
  17. GOFAST88

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    LOL post went a lil sideways... yes I have an 800 mph on the way and already have a ball valve inline. My tank fills in 5-6 min. keeps bait perfect. Yes this is for tournament purposes. The bass we are catching do not have inflated air bladders. Mostly bay fishing.
  18. GOFAST88

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    ? for the saltwater bass tournament guys. Most of the fish that get put in my 14 gallon bait tank roll on their bellies after 20-30 min. ( Tank keeps a 1/2 scoop of dines all day 500 GPH pump) They stay alive but takes a while for them to revive and swim off at the end of the day. anyone use the...
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    Farallon 25 rebuild

    :eek: wow.... Nice work!
  20. GOFAST88

    How To?

    I dunno If others would agree but my old skiff i drilled 3/16" holes near the stern where water would collect. Randomly, next to hull, center and top. Once I saw wood, I stopped. I then pushed a spike into ( sharpened screw driver ) into drilled holes. Nothing was soft, I filled holes with 5200.
  21. GOFAST88

    Colt sniper questions

    Hooks are decent... I have recently tried the deep water fast jigging technique... switch the split ring from bottom to top, loop a section of 65-100lb spectra to the spit ring, off each tag of loop, tie a 7/0 sidewash/ or J hook... my first drop produced a 4lb sandy
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    OC fishing clubs

    Dana Wharf rod and reel club or Oceanside anglers club
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    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Man! congrats on the new project... I wanted this thing bad!! I think I was the first to contact him too, but with a 2nd kid on route and just finished building a bayrunner, it was just bad timing. A skipjack 20' pilot house will more than likely be my next project. A guy on here built one...
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    Anyone have the time to fish SD bay tomorrow?

    I wish rusty! Good luck!
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    2007 Yamaha 115 Lifespan?

    A TON of pangas run that motor in baja... they're lucky to see a flush a few times a year. If Maintained correctly, some say 8000 to 10000 hours. Yamaha dealer told me the motors last the longest when a majority of the hours on the motor are spent at operating RPMs ( not at idle ). They are...
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    My new gregor hoopster

    cool rig!... cutest lil bruce anchor I've ever seen haaah
  27. GOFAST88

    Fishing while hoopnetting

    Its tough at the islands in the low light conditions. Full moon or in the harbors under lights, the bait is attracted to it. My best guess is the fish need to see at well, lobster not so much. One night in LB hooping, we went wide open on Calico, Sand bass, spotties, and Sargo but the hooping...
  28. GOFAST88

    San Diego Shops - Quick Ring Brazing Turnaround

    I know its far but I can Tig weld rings for a reasonable price... Located in Murrieta
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    Offshore 9/12 - Raging Rapids

    How was the micro dodo caught?? fly? lil bugger will be eater size by next year
  30. GOFAST88

    California Delta Video

    I can relate to the passion.... keeps my sanity in check, well done
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    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    Meter mark!! GET READY!! The whole spreads about to go off! zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ!!
  32. GOFAST88

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    Very cool! I would love to build A skipjack pilot house and do the same thing. Any pics of how you patched the out drive unit? What Bracket manufacture?
  33. GOFAST88

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    Shelter island 2015, 15 miles off the point I noticed I did not have my wallet on the boat... I remembered grabbing it but somehow dropped it on the ground next to the truck... I think we had a decent day but it was all I could think about. 80-100ish in cash, credit & debit cards, passport...
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    Costa Rica options

    Been to the papagayo area 3 times... amazing place. Plenty of great options. Last trip was 2015 for our honeymoon, stayed at all inclusive Dreams resort in Guanacaste ( new airport in Liberia made travel to the NW of the country much easier) resort is nice, Food was really good, Fishing was...
  35. GOFAST88

    What light jigs do you use

    My go to surface jig is the 7x jr. mint and white. I found that the bass and rock fish eat the flashy jigs on the drop. YT like the chase. For what your asking, my go to is the colt sniper 32 g
  36. GOFAST88

    Pt Loma Yellows, Bass, Barricuda and Bonefish!

    Well thats some crazy stuff!.... the Corvina population seems to be on the rise as well... maybe strong spawns due to warm water years?? who knows... Curios if they start to become a common surf fishing catch.
  37. GOFAST88

    Blackman Albacore Special23

    Cool boat GLWS...perfect platform for pilot house conversion.
  38. GOFAST88

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    My Dad bought that thing!.. Thank you!! I have filleted a tonnage of fish on it! perfect set up
  39. GOFAST88

    Size outboard for 18ft aluminum?

    I have a yamaha F50 on my 18' bayrunner. 23mph fully loaded, 2 guys, 20 gallons of fuel, 60-80 lbs of ice, 15 gallon bait tank Edit- Flat calm conditions
  40. GOFAST88

    Best 20-30 star drag for local 8-15 lb YT/ Dodo ?

    I love my Diawa Saltist 20H, on a Calstar 270- 8'.... full of 50lb braid.. my favorite 15-20lb bait combo.
  41. GOFAST88

    Offshore Emergency small craft missing

    70+ miles south in a buddies boat a few years back, motor made a sputter and clank noise, dies and slowly bubbles up smoke while trolling.... Well that was noon.... we cleared SI @ 4am with a tow from vessel assist/ Boat US. I was In la la land tired... But I believe Coast Guard and a few...
  42. GOFAST88

    Baja advice

    Pink and white/ sliver/chrome seams to be the color for poppers for rooster. Others may have some input on that. I would bring what you want for the beach and your favorite live bait sticks for 30 & 50lb-60lb. Other than that the boats should have it covered. I would consider taking some of...
  43. GOFAST88

    Still Frothing For A 16 Bayrunner, Someone Kick Me A Deal So I'll Stop Pestering!

    I tried to buy that thing! Someone beat me to it :mad: right price, that 45 would work perfect
  44. GOFAST88

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    salt and pepper, get the grill very hot and hit each side 20-30 sec Smoked tuna spread & melts is one of my favorites. Simple salt & brown sugar brine, smoke fish. Chill. Mix tuna up with mayo or greek yogurt green onion, salt, pepper, garlic. Sometimes I add diced jalapeño. Eat on a cracker or...
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    Binocular Choices

    Link.... B & H is probably stoked that this was plugged on BD... They sold a bunch. Highly recommended Get em while they still have some in stock
  46. GOFAST88

    Binocular Choices

    A few weeks back, received the pair I bought for my Dad's new boat... Great deal! they work very well.
  47. GOFAST88

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Bluefin crashing and jumping....not full foamer status but eating. They are very boat shy... you kill the motors and slide into the direction the birds and fish are headed... 30 sec later, from the tower you see some shiners next to the boat, then the boiling fish surround you all directions...
  48. GOFAST88

    Underway in the dark off Point Loma

    WOW..... Blows my mind things like this can happen! But something every boater should read. One humbling experience will change your outlook on everything...... not sharp enough to be humbled?? = :skullbone or better described as the darwin affect
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    San Diego Shark chases Seal

    I thought big mako
  50. GOFAST88

    Turned over ?

    dirty/ green/ cold
  51. GOFAST88

    Island yellows 5/13

    Nice! Someone needs to take a tank of those down south!!
  52. GOFAST88

    2013 Yamaha 20HP outboard electric start

    SOLD Tagged 2013/ New in 2015. Short shaft. Very low hours 40-60 max. Aluminum tiller extension, whale tail, 3 Gallon tank, new costco batt. under warranty until Sept. 2700$ 949- 748-0021 Tyler. In Murrieta. The old 15' gregor is also for sale, Its been rebuilt and some patches welded on. Will...
  53. GOFAST88

    Small Aluminum Skiff - Gregor, Lowe, Klamath, etc.

    I have an older 15' gregor, A 2013/ new in 2015 yamaha 20Hp electric start tiller with less than 40 hours. The boat has seen better days, I originally bought it for the 18' Galv. trailer it was on but rebuilt it and have a tig welder that I patched the holes with. Not a looker but fishes just...
  54. GOFAST88

    Best deal on New F50 Hp Yamaha Outboard?

    After a ton of quotes....looks like I will be able to get a cash price for a yamaha 2018 F50 for a better price than the Honda unless thats with tax included.. I contacted Shad Burke in hopes he knew of a used outboard. His information shared was spot on.
  55. GOFAST88

    Best deal on New F50 Hp Yamaha Outboard?

    Looking to buy New or very low hour F50 possibly 60 with controls and tac. I have received pricing from, Trade wind, H & H, Inland boat center and a few others. prices are all over... Also found some New in box but 2012 and 2015 Manufacture date motors. Should I be concerned about...
  56. GOFAST88

    18.5 Center Console 115 suzuki 4 stroke, 6500k obo

    Trout, Lobster, Bluefin... little boat can do it all. Also fits inside my garage. Open to reasonable offers
  57. GOFAST88

    3870 Bayliner Cockpit Motor Yacht Free to Good Home

    Try donating it?? Captian Rollo's Kid at Sea/ Friends of Rollo and see if they are interested
  58. GOFAST88

    Yo yo rod.....

    I use a cal star 670 w/ a Trinidad 30. 40lb mono
  59. GOFAST88

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    One hell of a trip! Thanks for posting! Epic report
  60. GOFAST88

    Offshore Yummy Bites 7/22

    Love it! Nice job!!
  61. GOFAST88

    Need Cash $$ thanks

    Need Cash $$ thanks
  62. GOFAST88

    2009 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 13K

  63. GOFAST88

    Yea possibly, send me some pics. I may be able to help you out

    Yea possibly, send me some pics. I may be able to help you out
  64. GOFAST88


    Shimano FLAT FALLS. very user friendly. Tell the crew your friends are newbs. Tell your friends to just listen to the crew.
  65. GOFAST88

    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    From the back of the boat in Slip/ docks... It was a few years back... maybe 3lb+ Very dark in color.
  66. GOFAST88

    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    Caught some HOGS in Coral Marina...
  67. GOFAST88

    Halibut Happiness

    RAD dude! Last year I had a 10" spot on a 3" swim bait in about 10' of water across from shelter island, 3' below the boat we watched a VERY large Halibut inhale the Spottie.... the fight lasted at least a few min. before it spit it back out! :(
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  69. GOFAST88

    40lb spinning setup

    Shimano bait runner 12000 D, Shimano Tallus 20-40lb rod. Versatile, strong, affordable.
  70. GOFAST88

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    I would take a 1lb red over a 3lb Boccrap anyday
  71. GOFAST88

    Starting to Build Saltwater Tackle Box

    Flat fall, Colt sniper, Tady 6x jr & 7x yoyo. I picked up some of the new colt sniper stick and Jerk baits at the Long beach show... they look deadly. Great deals on leader and hooks.
  72. GOFAST88

    Need a trailer fab welder

    I drive through Hemet most days for work. If you are able to cut and prep the steel to the point where I can weld everything would be your best bet. I buy most my steel from Talley metals in Hemet. Any large C channel will be difficult with a chop saw, I do have a horizontal band saw. Would you...
  73. GOFAST88

    Need a trailer fab welder

    cool! Easy deal if you just need it welded. I have a miller syncrowave 250. welds nice! 949-748-0021
  74. GOFAST88

    Yea, send me a few picture of what you have in mind and I will let you know if I can help you...

    Yea, send me a few picture of what you have in mind and I will let you know if I can help you out. 949 -748-0021
  75. GOFAST88

    Need a trailer fab welder

    I can help you out. Aluminum, steel, any custom fabrication. My side gig at my house. PM, for contact. I'm located in Murrieta.
  76. GOFAST88

    How much does this weigh?

    I have seen you towing many times! haha towing with a single cab Tacoma... I would guess not a lot.
  77. GOFAST88

    How would you fish 1 lb or bigger macs in SoCal inshore

    3/0 to 6/0, 30-60lb fly line behind the boat and put just in gear, "SLOW TROLL" is the name of the game... meter fish or troll edges of structure and Kelp.... yellowtail, White sea bass, Thresher, Mako, BSB... even those 8+lb bonito will try it. Keep the reel in free spool with your thumb on the...
  78. GOFAST88


    Also I found that your clip should be 25-30' below the kite, so the bag can never get wrapped up with the line you're fishing with.
  79. GOFAST88


    To get the Kite up I just throw that sock over and let it drag the 10' behind the boat. The line gets all twisted going to the sock but it has never affected it flying, as long as the top 2 lines are not twisted. Larger flybridge style boats have like a vortex of wind in the cockpit... making it...
  80. GOFAST88

    Keeper Bass?

    I used to throw all bass back. Now I will keep a random Calico or Sand bass 14" +(My wife asks for bass or halibut everytime we go out... even if we are tuna fishing haha) We have a basic rule... If you have to measure it, it's to small. If its a 4+lb breeder... then back they go. We never keep...
  81. GOFAST88

    8/21 temp heart break at the Nados

    I am going tomorrow... green nasty water or what? meter any fish? thanks for the report
  82. GOFAST88

    August 19, 2016 Coronado Islands

    Love Anglers wear! I have 4 pairs of the shorts and a few t's. I dig the heavy duty style fishing/board shorts w/ the belt loops! great buy for sure. Thanks for the report
  83. GOFAST88

    1st 18' to 20' CC Aluminum Boat Build.......

    I have been thinking and slowly planning on this project for a couple of years... I was a metal fabricator offload/ commercial for 8 year before going into another trade. Aluminum/ Stainless sheet metal/ Tig welding is my game... I enjoy Fabrication much more now as a hobby and I finally have...
  84. GOFAST88

    Needed: Experienced Aluminum Welder in Orange County

    Hey if you want to tow it to Murrieta I can fix you up... send me a PM and I can give you my contact. I have a miller syncrowave 250 tig.... both side of the crack should be thoroughly cleaned and welded.
  85. GOFAST88

    Coronado Yellowtail & 30 miles/hour

    Very nice man! I was at the islands as well. I remember seeing the blue cutting board as we headed south from N island. We had our limit of 8 to 20lb fish by 10:30am epic fishing for sure!
  86. GOFAST88

    Spinning rod

    I really like the Shimano Tallus series, good for the $. I also just bought a 12-20 Okuma Shadow stalker. light but great action for inshore & artificial baits
  87. GOFAST88

    Van Staal VM275 Spinning Reel???

    What rod did he have it paired with?
  88. GOFAST88

    Van Staal VM275 Spinning Reel???

    wow RAD! First time i've seen these! 66lbs of drag in a 7000 spinner
  89. GOFAST88

    Beer, Fishing and doing the right thing.

    Better yet..Make em cheese and bacon flavor!
  90. GOFAST88

    Stuffed YT belly w/ spicy basil Cilantro Chimichurri

    Very Good recipe for chimichurri! Great on all kinds of fish baked or BBQ. 1/2 cup Cilantro 1/4 cup mexican spicy basil 1/2 white onion or full shallot 2 tablespoons garlic tablespoon Lemon juice tablespoon extra virgin olive oil ground back pepper Red pepper sea salt cumin you can add...
  91. GOFAST88

    Video - Topwater Frenzy in New Caledonia

    WOW love the topwater action!
  92. GOFAST88

    Massachusetts to San Diego

    Dwaine diego/ pinacle sportfishing, Saurerfish charters, Seasons sportfishing, Dana landing and the Black Jack. 750 to 1500$ish 4 pack.. depending on what you want. Lots of options & and lots of fish :D
  93. GOFAST88

    PB Corbina @ MB dog beach

    I had 0 expectations of catching anything there.... people were throwing dog toys all around me haha right place right time! Thanks for the FB plug!! I'm even rocking the Fishdope hat! Yea I thought the same thing, it came up very fast behind the lure, followed for a second like it was going...
  94. GOFAST88

    Salmon off Dana point??

    Check this out! My Dad and I 22 years ago out of Dana point.
  95. GOFAST88

    PB Corbina @ MB dog beach

    Negative Ocean Beach San diego. just south of mission bay( the south side of the break water ). its the San Diego river inlet I believe.
  96. GOFAST88

    PB Corbina @ MB dog beach

    The wife, the Dog and I got a group-on deal for the ocean villa inn, dog friendly hotel for the week end. Pretty cool simple little spot, right on the dog beach. I can't go anywhere without a fishin rod she says. Glad I always do. 10:30am on the incoming tide I saw a red crab roll by... so I...
  97. GOFAST88

    Shimano Talica 16II speed backing.

    My Tac16-11 has approx. 400yd of 80lb powerpro... and I use a 20'- 60' top shot of flouro or mono. 40-80lb
  98. GOFAST88

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    holy mother of Elvis! Epic catch man
  99. GOFAST88

    Linguado at Cedros Island... tackle Amazing! I have heard rumors about the halibut... Jeff is a good friend of our family! Really great dude! Any ?'s he would be happy to answer! An amazing fishery...and a majority is untapped... yes..... Very BIG...
  100. GOFAST88

    1989 Bayrunner 22 transom rebuild

    RAD!!! loved reading through this post! I am fabricator as well, currently working a deal for a syncrowave 250. I love Aluminum boats! My dream is to eventually build a 19' from the ground up. Nice work man!
  101. GOFAST88

    Avet MX 7' or 8' rod

    calstar 270- 8'
  102. GOFAST88

    Line set up

    spectra- 50lb, use RP knot for a short leader of desired line strength 20-40lb mono or fluorocarbon. Or just fill it with 20 to 30lb mono. Good to go for most local applications. Maybe think about buying lighter rod for that reel.
  103. GOFAST88

    Canning tuna??

    I have been looking into canning as well. I am going to try it on the last of my tuna This looked like good info. let me know how it goes
  104. GOFAST88

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    Damn that sounds fun! Isn't there a new launch ramp down that way? If you wanted to trailer down
  105. GOFAST88


    Dude thats amazing! Is that in SMB? My hooping down south has sucked this year!
  106. GOFAST88

    saw your post today. I work construction and have a 19' CC, should have a bit of time off this...

    saw your post today. I work construction and have a 19' CC, should have a bit of time off this year... Seen you fishing Pt. Loma and the bay many times. Would love to plan a baja trip or chase yellows any day I can. 949-748-0021 Tyler
  107. GOFAST88

    FMM website CHANGED?!?!?

    I will be at the islands tomorrow. Good luck! Slug Brothers on ch. 65.
  108. GOFAST88

    What blank for short yo yo/ jigging 30 to 50lb?

    Awesome Thanks for the Help! Looks like Chark bait carries most these blanks. I need to make my way over there and pull on a few.
  109. GOFAST88

    What blank for short yo yo/ jigging 30 to 50lb?

    I would like to build a pair of yo yo/ jigging rods. One spinner and one acid conv. I am looking for a parabolic 5' to 6' strong bend with out spending 200$+ a blank? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  110. GOFAST88

    What's on your phone?

    1st of all i'm proud of you! It's taken 2 years for my mom to upload pics to facebook via Iphone (she would email herself the photos, to download from her computer). Fishdope app, terrafin app. cost $ but well worth it. Fishweather app. NOAA App. all kinds of surf apps. I like fishcounts its a...
  111. GOFAST88

    Offshore GROW little yellowtail GROW!! video

    Rad video! I think its safe to say that the yellowtail have had a few good years of recruitment and spawns. Looking forward to lots of fresh hamchi for many years. I'm convinced they taste better when they are feeding in the deep water cod spots.
  112. GOFAST88

    Moby dick mash up... OMG WTF jayy!

    hahaha if you have seen the original, this video is a must watch!
  113. GOFAST88

    Offshore December 6th Dorado

    Amazing year!! when will it end... nice bull too jeez! How was the weather?
  114. GOFAST88

    Right on! Always good to have a good network of fishing info! I fish... A lot! shoot me a...

    Right on! Always good to have a good network of fishing info! I fish... A lot! shoot me a message next time your headed out. We will buddy boat some time. I will be fishin SD bay with the wife on Sunday. My buddy killed em today 36 over 38 on the dolphin.
  115. GOFAST88

    Rapala's not staying down

    I run outrigger clips on a short bungie on each corner. I feel I can run rapalas faster with the line lower to the water. Single treble off the back works.
  116. GOFAST88

    Offshore Mission Bay out of bait.

    They want the CHOVE! Sat. morning I pulled up to the bait dock MB... dude grabbed my wet bow cleat.... slllliiiiipppp... his heal caught the edge of the pen and he went head first backwards into the pen of chovies!!! I could barely hold in my laughter... but the dude was all shaken up so I...
  117. GOFAST88

    Offshore Wow The San Diego has over 80 yft 15-40lbs already

    Saw it up last night... said Tuna offshore US water.... and I thought to myself... jeez they need to update it back to Islands/ Local...
  118. GOFAST88

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    Not my trip...Definitely on my bucket list tho. look at the original poster's other fish reports. Sami G... Dude has fished at ALL the hot spot around the world.
  119. GOFAST88

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    French Polynesia!! check this out!...
  120. GOFAST88

    Offshore OC Wahoo on a bass setup!

    I'm 0/4 on the hoo trips!! :mad: and this dude gets one on bass gear and a mini colt sniper..... haha way to get it done..
  121. GOFAST88

    San Diego Bay / Mission Bay mackerel spots?

    Orrr you can head out toward the whistler buoy and troll little... 1.5 to 2" feathers 3/0 to 5/0 hook. Small rapalas may work too. Bullet Tuna/ black skippy are getting thick. birds will give them away. Bonita and a few skipjack in the mix as well. Killer lobster bait. Fun on 8-10lb and 30g colt...
  122. GOFAST88

    How to fish Guadalupe island check that out! I know this has been in the pipeline for sometime.. I wish I could swing going this year...
  123. GOFAST88

    Today sucked

    Shitty day X10... saw a large marlin jumper 178.
  124. GOFAST88

    Coffee grinder suggestions?

    x15 on the bait runner
  125. GOFAST88

    trouble on fish dope

    log out and log in again for forum to open. Same for me
  126. GOFAST88

    Swordfish caught off Newport OR

    California still has a big fleet of commercial swordfish plank boats. spotter planes go up and find the breezing fish, call the boat in and stick em! A few get caught on hook and line every year in socal. they will eat a live mackerel. With yellowtail and opah up your way and an actual decent...
  127. GOFAST88

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    hahaha beat me too it! could be lookin like that opah quick!
  128. GOFAST88

    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    AMAZING Mike! I can't tell you how many times i've dreamed what you just accomplished... well done sir
  129. GOFAST88

    Offshore Rodeo time!

    Quote from my Dad... "One of those F-er's jumps in the boat or you bring it onboard with its head on.... will be like a cage match with a bengal tiger."
  130. GOFAST88

    Wahoo trolling.....PB vs Sportboat.....

    How far you want to go? :D. I would say the ridge down to the 150 would be the closest Buuuut.. (dreaming) If I had your boat... and the $ for diesel... I would roll south around the corner, set out the jigs. marauders in the corners, maybe an wired Xrap down the center. 2 big bonito or dark...
  131. GOFAST88

    Temecula fishing

    sandia creek.- bass, carp, red ear, bluegill. Vail lake... not sure if shore fishing is still avail. Pond park, off Murr. Hotsprings. bass, bluegill, catfish Temecula duck pond, rancho & ynez... bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, carp Tucolata springs RV and camping. out by Anza/temecula...
  132. GOFAST88

    NEED HELP WITH 2003 Suzuki 115 4stroke!!

    Thanks everyone for all the help! Lots of great advice! After 2 months of headache.... I finally GOT IT!! plus I went through the motor with a fine comb and She's back in action runnin strong. I went to Temecula Speed and Marine and talked with Pete. Great dude! He hooked me up with a HD7 gen3...
  133. GOFAST88

    ? on my new HDS7 gen3

    Just installed a HD7 with B60 through hull & side scan. This thing is RAD! My first outing with it yesterday. 3 YF 2 skips for a few hours :D. But 0 to 20' always had some interference. somewhat straight lines across the screen. What was weird is when I actually metered tuna the interference...
  134. GOFAST88

    Offshore Carly's First Tuna!

    Awesome!! Memories that last a life time!
  135. GOFAST88

    Oceanside bait this Saturday

    bait is the least of your worries.... getting a parking spot by 6 may be tough... Don't know if the holiday will make it worse or better..
  136. GOFAST88

    One month til bug season

    Hell yea! I can't wait... I have a bunch of skippies in the freezer... Im goin for the socal super mega grand slam this year :D. YT, YFT, BET, Skippy, dodo, bugs... hell lets throw in a marlin or a spearfish too!
  137. GOFAST88

    Meanwhile Under Inshore (Video)

    BOTH! I'm really curios as well! Thanks for the amazing videos man keep em coming!.... I was just yelling at my computer screen... "JUST EAT IT ALREADY!" haha
  138. GOFAST88

    Financing a boat??

    looks like a good deal.... But that boat has break out another thousand written all over it. That engine and outdrive will burn a bit of fuel. I would say an older 18 to 21' alum. with a 40-60hp outboard would be a good option. Low maintenance cost, great fuel mileage and versatile.
  139. GOFAST88

    Wahoo reportedly caught north of Santa Barbara island

    RAD!! Knew it was just a matter of time. I was fishin today... Put about 40 miles on a wired Marauder.
  140. GOFAST88

    Commander Reporting 3 Big Eye

    They have pics up now. long ass fins looks legit?... little guys... Where the hell are the GRANDES that rip rails off the back of boats!?!
  141. GOFAST88

    Gonna be in San Diego next week...

    I heard stone supports the MLPA... Saw a few posts a while back.. Not 100% but I haven't bought stone beer Point loma seafood. Check out fisherman's landing and all the sport boats. Cool area. lots of good eats
  142. GOFAST88

    1998 WORLD CAT 266SC, HONDA 130 4 STROKES, UNDER 700 HRS., $35K

    WOW! Thats a great looking rig! should go quick. Good luck with sale
  143. GOFAST88

    Am I Too Close To This Paddy?

    But in the end it doesn't really matter...Sorry haha I had to. Oside 95?
  144. GOFAST88

    Offshore 26 August out of PL

    Murr. town boys always catch fish! way to make the day
  145. GOFAST88

    Having money doesn't dictate someone knows how to fish

    Sorry dude...they won't get a friggin clue... they think they own the ocean. This year has been a mad house. This fishing is AMAZING though!! and everything that floats is on the water.... I'm actually looking forward to the coming years where all the dorks go back to their golf and Avalon week...
  146. GOFAST88

    NEED HELP WITH 2003 Suzuki 115 4stroke!!

    Interesting! Thanks man!... going to do that now.
  147. GOFAST88

    NEED HELP WITH 2003 Suzuki 115 4stroke!!

    I put a brand new factory thermostat in after the first time it went into safe mode.
  148. GOFAST88

    NEED HELP WITH 2003 Suzuki 115 4stroke!!

    I recently purchased and rebuilt a 19' skiff. It has a 2003 Suzuki 115 with 254 hours on it. I know the boat sat for a little before I purchased it. (1 year) So I did all the maintenance I felt necessary... Impeller, anodes, thermostat, plugs, oil, All filters, except the high pressure, flushed...
  149. GOFAST88

    Reel Suggestions

    Sooooo many options man! price range? 2 speed? star drag or lever? Shimano talica 8... the best of the best. Ive owned plenty of Avets... great for the $... but you really can't beat Shimano IMO
  150. GOFAST88

    Offshore the slide and 277 - 8-24-15

    It would be insane having a tank full of those things... especially for these upcoming marlin tourneys!
  151. GOFAST88

    Offshore Oside 8-25 bait report and kelp fish lost.

    Any info on the contamination?? ... chunkin em anyways
  152. GOFAST88

    Here come the Skipjack tuna

    The skippies are thick inside the 425 to the islands. They were making it difficult to find the YF. lots of small schools spread out with 3-4 tirns dipping on each. I Gotta bring some little feathers next time and load up on bug bait!
  153. GOFAST88

    BOLA: Yellow Tail personal best 50#er

    Holy cow thats a toad!!! Very smooth on the drag adjustment too!!... I watched my Dad try and do that on a big yellow this year.... The fish ran and he ended up burning all the skin off his thumb lol... he was not happy.
  154. GOFAST88

    Oceanside Chart

    Download google earth. Its easy to use. The Topo chart is decent. you will see the high spots. Bottom right you will see the lat. and lon. #'s where ever the cursor is. I couldn't find it but somewhere online you can download a google earth attachment that labels like 50 different offshore...
  155. GOFAST88

    found fishing gear Shelter Island 8/19/15

    X2 So rad! "May karma reward you with a 50 ton school of foamers off your stern"
  156. GOFAST88

    O'side bait dock hours?

    Yea they are now open at 4am
  157. GOFAST88

    What do you use to cut a tuna's head off

    The game saw in the center
  158. GOFAST88

    What Channel on the radio????

    :rofl: Much to learn about ch.72 aaand BD!
  159. GOFAST88

    What Channel on the radio????

    CEDAR PLUG!!! EHAW EEHAW EEEHAW <-(donkey noises), Hey skip could you repeat those wide open tuna #'s for the seventh Fing time!! Slow the F down googan!!..... no need to listen... this is all you will hear... lol.. ch.72... what a mess
  160. GOFAST88

    Wahoo at Cedros?

    Holy mother of god! is that really Cedros?!.... I will be there in 3 weeks!!!
  161. GOFAST88

    where are the BIG tunas?

    Osborne maybe?... go check it out for us :D
  162. GOFAST88

    Offshore Fished the Oceanside anglers tournament HAD A BLAST!

    I can't believe we won!! Team sticky on a roll! :D. Great fishing! Tons of fun! The first 4 fish of the day were our largest. We got lucky and picked up a few of the better models. I had a buddy fish Sat. evening and caught a 50lber.... I thought for sure someone would knock us off!! Thanks...
  163. GOFAST88

    Offshore 8-16 YFT near 209

    Nice job!! thanks for the report. We found an big octopus in a Dorado a couple weeks ago too! it was like 16"....weird. I wonder where they are eating them?? My best guess would be they are in the kelp when it brakes off and floats to sea, then gets picked off the patty.
  164. GOFAST88

    Sling Shots Refined

    It looks like a pea shooter on steroids!
  165. GOFAST88

    Best place to buy swim baits online?

    Going to Cedros in a few weeks!:D I need to buy 50-75 5" to 9" tails and some 1 to 2oz weedless heads. Is anglers choice the best price for MC's?
  166. GOFAST88

    Offshore Oside report 8/6 and tuna ID needed

    Dog Tooth 150# at least :food-smil
  167. GOFAST88

    E-Bay Spectra/Dyeema - good or junk?

    X2... I bought some 20 & 40lb for the bay rods.... its okay. Everything I have over 50lb is PP
  168. GOFAST88

    Boat Handline

    My grandfather had a 65' grand-banks style troller... So many stories!! ....anyway they monitored/ the transpac race to Hawaii and trolled 8 knts the whole way... 500lb paracord, bungie... My Dad said they even had a blow horn rigged when they got bit. I would love to see a pic of how you rig...
  169. GOFAST88

    Sinking Popper.....?

    Yeaup rip that thing fast... They have great action... You just can't pause... like the reeling and popping motion all at once.. The tuna like the pause though. It's El Nino man... fling that thing out there
  170. GOFAST88

    114 lb opah and 13 albacore out of Eureka on 30 lb test

    HEY! Socal called! They want their fish back!! lol amazing catch man!
  171. GOFAST88

    It official... I've seen it all... pontoon boat tuna fishin

    2 miles NW of the N9 hahaha The dude was fishin solo on the party barge!
  172. GOFAST88

    Offshore 7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!! What an adventure!!! Thanks for the report! Toro looks insane
  173. GOFAST88

    Calstar 670- old sabre and fenwick

    Fishermans landing Calstar 670- Condition 8/10- 150$ Old Sabre rock cod ( broom stick ). 10$ or free with purchase of Calstar Old Fenglass like 15 to 20lb- has a great bend! but there are a few half A** repairs done to the guides. - 15$ May have a couple other sticks for sale.... 8'...
  174. GOFAST88

    YellowFin/Dorodo report Monday August 2nd

    Good job! May need more duck tape on the gaff for that 100lber lol
  175. GOFAST88

    Wanted: Two young studs

    now wer thinkin :D
  176. GOFAST88

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    I have the same pair of goggles.... I find the ninja turtle ones are very effective as well
  177. GOFAST88

    Wanted: Two young studs

    I am the windlass.... have been since i grew meat on my bones... sounds really fun o_O But 2000' feet of rope by hand...after pulling on monsters!? sorry can't tell if your messing around or serious?!... Although this same idea has crossed my mind... I would definitely fear the words... "we need...
  178. GOFAST88

    Trolling for tuna advice

    CEDAR PLUG!! 7-8mph
  179. GOFAST88

    Tuna/YT fishing this wknd... lures? Spoons?

    2-3 mega baits, 2 surface irons, 2-3 smaller yoyo style jigs, anything that is chrome. You don't need all that stuff IMO. Bring the jigs you are confident fishing... I find when you bring a ton of jigs and the fishing is slow.... you start second guessing your jig selection... before you know...
  180. GOFAST88

    No Fish in Oside

    Well Done!! Good talking with you guys today! - The guys with less fish and extra ice :D
  181. GOFAST88

    Offshore Fish ID?

    Learn every time you go out! OP- Molas are like the big dumb carp of the sea. Definitely should know what your gaffing before you kill something, My Dad told me they caught an opah while shark fishing when he was young... his buddy said naww thats a Mola mola let it go!... they did haha... Mola...
  182. GOFAST88

    Offshore Fish ID?

    Really!? Damn mola... next time throw a crome iron and crank slow= loose 10$
  183. GOFAST88

    BFT Ocean Side

    Looks like 1 BF and 1 YF to me... either way.. bitchen!
  184. GOFAST88

    Offshore Rpt.-Thur.-07-30-15 Do Do's and kick ass Tuna fishing!

    Always a great read! thanks for the reports
  185. GOFAST88

    Best combo Unit for skiff, Under 1,200$?

    Reeeally? how old is it? Condition?
  186. GOFAST88

    Best combo Unit for skiff, Under 1,200$?

    wow yea that thing is BAD! I think Furuno and Simrad would be a little out of my price range, I need the whole package..
  187. GOFAST88

    Best combo Unit for skiff, Under 1,200$?

    Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated! I don't have a lot of knowledge on electronics... And there are so many options. I am familiar with Garmens. I need something that will do it all .. We also do a lot of hoopin, It seems like that side scan unit could be a game changer?
  188. GOFAST88

    Using a popping setup for surface iron?

    Definitely doesn't work! LOL
  189. GOFAST88

    Identify this turtle

    Pretty sure thats Michelangelo.... or maybe its Raphael.... hard to tell... Slow trolling pizza works every time
  190. GOFAST88

    Question, Bottom Fishing the 9 Upper or Lower

    :imdumb:The North 9 is too deep Dude. Take a look at the regs.!! we have a lot of rules... Depth restriction for ground fish is 360'. Download google earth, look at the structure.... Shhhh don't tell anyone but it gives you the exact coordinates and estimated depth too.
  191. GOFAST88

    Yellowtail now in Canada!

    "Ohhhh yeaa thats a nice yellowtail ehhhh"
  192. GOFAST88

    Offshore 7/25-26 DP to the Domes (NO JOY) for me.

    Bummer... Thanks for the report. Tough fishing the last few days. I don't like very many people... the population of dirtbags is rising... and one of these days the " Donkey " on the radio.... will get whats coming to him.
  193. GOFAST88

    Offshore 182 and more... What happened to the bite!?!

    Spot on. The one day we did get out on the week day, we had 9BF 2YF before 9:30 am. Unfortunately most days I am forced to fish the week ends... and still have done very well this year. The goal was YF, YT, Dorado... Wanted to get my buddy on some kelp action... turns out we should have stayed...
  194. GOFAST88

    Offshore 182 and more... What happened to the bite!?!

    Quick one... not worth long report or taking pics...90ish miles..hit about 30 kelps today. Pretty much by ourselves the whole day. 5:30 MB short line for great bait... 75% 4-5" mini mac / sardine. south to N9, saw Jumpers +birds for nada. 182 Kelps south of ridge for 1 10lb dodo. Trolled north...
  195. GOFAST88

    Offshore Yellowtail Dorado and yellowfin tuna

    sounds like you had a much better day than most!.... including me :(
  196. GOFAST88

    Offshore Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    WOW!!! thanks for the new screen saver! :D those shots are some of the best i've seen! thanks for the report
  197. GOFAST88

    O'side bait?

    Got yourself a keeper!
  198. GOFAST88

    Renewing Passport ?

    Socal born and raised... I'm pretty sure I have my Original... I thought for renewing, you did not have to provide your birth cert.?? I'm going to CVS to take pic today. Thanks for all the info. much appreciated!
  199. GOFAST88

    Offshore Is Dana Point the New Cabo?

    thanks for the detailed report. That kid is Awesome!! Great job!
  200. GOFAST88

    Wahoo ....coming soon !

    whattttt!?!? crazy!
  201. GOFAST88

    Offshore 7-21 just west of north 9

    well done sir! epic catch for the young ones! You water temp may be a smidge off... hopefully i'm wrong :D...
  202. GOFAST88

    Renewing Passport ?

    Thanks for the info!... Unfortunately with my work schedule I can't make down to SD very often on the week days... I may try this friday. I found this service for 99$ and about a 3 week turn around. anyone use these guys?
  203. GOFAST88

    Renewing Passport ?

    There are so many services available to get a passport quick... Can anyone recommend a service they have used? I have a trip planned to Cedros in mid. Sept. I know I should of sent it in earlier this year.... The fishing has been too good to not have it on hand...
  204. GOFAST88

    Need help for Catalina island trip please!
  205. GOFAST88

    Offshore Reel Adventure II Does it again.....Gets Lucky.....

    Way to end the day! wow water looks amazing! what happened to the crazy south swell??
  206. GOFAST88

    Offshore Friday 7/17 w/60 Other Boats NFIO

    Charger fans catch more fish... its fact
  207. GOFAST88

    Going out of Dana tomorrow and have a couple questions

    If you have a 30' tiara... I would be happy to show you while we fish on your boat :D. Trip planning or chit chat would be a good spot for your ?. 2/0 for 30#. & 4/0 to 6/0 on heavy stuff. depending on size of macs. Don't use the trollers man unless they have decent action. use a rod that's...
  208. GOFAST88

    Offshore Winner winner on the spinner! A day for the die hards

    at 4:30 It was 1st place/ 5pm tournament closed
  209. GOFAST88

    Offshore Ride The Lightning 07-18-15

    Thats one way to get the skunk off the boat! Congrats man! hell of a fish
  210. GOFAST88

    Offshore Winner winner on the spinner! A day for the die hards

    Fished the Oceanside anglers yellowtail tournament yesterday. Lots of Fun Thank you OAC for putting on this event! My Dad and I are new members. The few members I have met are really nice guys. Looking forward to participating more with the club. ( Team Slug Brothers ) We weighed in about...
  211. GOFAST88

    Who's heading out tomorrow?

    It was GNARLY today! Flat seas but I watched my spectra float 3' off the water... We put all rods on the deck and antenna down for a little. Then got dumped on!..... We did catch fish
  212. GOFAST88

    Offshore It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    I wished my Dad a happy birthday yesterday.... boy was he happy! We don't have the opportunity to fish the week days.... ever. So it was awesome to get out there with my best and longest fishing buddy/ Mentor.... My Dad! Great fishing! Not only did my Dad caught his first BF...but his 2nd and...
  213. GOFAST88

    Offshore WENT TO THE 181

    Sorry bro... we messed them up today... I could see cars on the 5... But trust me Ive had my share of right time wrong place/ right place wrong time this year
  214. GOFAST88

    Offshore Rpt.-Wed.-07-15-15 Offshore Slam on the Kolo.

    EPIC FISHING!! The slam! Your reports are always a great read! keep em coming! I think we saw you out there today. Although there was a ton of boats! looks like the same clean skippy. Does anyone work anymore??lol... yea the fishing was GOOD The Banana makes me cringe.... I was raised different...
  215. GOFAST88

    Offshore Ten Hrs later...

    Holy hell man!!! What a battle! I can't even imagine what it felt like to sink the gaff into that fish.... well done sir... well done!
  216. GOFAST88

    san diego tuna

    cedar plug.... cedar plug... rapala... halco... Everingham bro's is the bait( 5$ tip min.!! trust me those guys work hard) Stay in Norcal man! we have enough fools fishing down here!!.....Bahaha JK good luck to ya
  217. GOFAST88

    Offshore Monday July 20th...errr 13th out of Dana

    Yea I have found this happens only on the week days! haha way to get it done! Your reports are excellent thank you!
  218. GOFAST88

    8 miles off Dolly

    RAD! thanks for the report... so what did that pig YF weigh?
  219. GOFAST88

    Offshore My BFT said they didn't feel good...

    Thanks for the Report man! My dad and I are playing hooky tomorrow! :D. Sticky biz 3 is the name, Bluefin is the game. Appreciate the intel.
  220. GOFAST88

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey 7/10-12/15 Limits STYLE!! PIC HEAVY+VIDEOS

    AWESOME!! Epic catching! Thanks for taking the time to put this very detailed report together! Killer videos I love the music on the first video.... I need the name of that track... put that shit on when I engage the beast mode :D
  221. GOFAST88

    Gutting tuna

    Yes! We started doing the bucket bleed a few years back...Game changer.... especially if you eat it raw. Every fish I kill and plan on eating gets the gills cut and plopped into some water for about 5 min to 10 min. We gut on the ocean and I like to leave fish in COLD slush for 24 hr. then I...
  222. GOFAST88

    Offshore Sat. out of Dana

    I watched 6 to 12lb dorado chase my iron to the boat on Sat. Never got one to go... I really wanted a local early july Dorado! Nice job
  223. GOFAST88

    WTB 28' precision flybridge with diesels.

    "WTB 28' precision flybridge with diesels." Me too! I envy you sir... My dream boat... one day!
  224. GOFAST88

    Offshore Went catching 7/12/15

    So damn cool! epic local trip man... what will we have 30 to 60 days from now!?!?
  225. GOFAST88

    Offshore Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Me to mang... me too! Ive had my share of WFO bites... but BF has never been one... way to get it done!
  226. GOFAST88

    Offshore YF on the nine

    Yea I was tripping out on the eye... it does look a little stubby. But I can't really see how long the fin is on this pic....I have never seen a big eye in person though :(.. Maybe this is the year... anyone else?
  227. GOFAST88

    Offshore Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    I like the fact they felt the need to put a tag on that fish! haha ohhhh noo... who's big ass BF is this?? Killer catch... Kid will look back on this pic with a big grin for the rest of his life.
  228. GOFAST88

    Flat Falls on spinning tackle

    Nope works great! The more that thing sinks by itself( with out thumbing like on a conventional ) The more flutter it gets on the sink. At least thats what I hear... yo yo or jigging back up. I love the spinner
  229. GOFAST88

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    Thanks! they bit the 20# to 30# really well.... one of the bigger models on the liitle spinner (baitrunner 6000. Bought it for my wife a month ago and I've caught a ton of fish on it haha 40# pink braid 20# Red label.) I could feel the fish rubbing on the rocks... and got it in! . flouro was...
  230. GOFAST88

    Where can I purchase a commercial Lobster license?

    I've checked into it...lots of $$... very few for sale. most permits have been held onto it seems. But if you need a mate to fill in, I would be down :D.
  231. GOFAST88

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    The quote of the day was- " This is 2 fish 1 beer good"
  232. GOFAST88

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    South Island. limits by 9:30 am. messed around for a few hours playing catch and release. ended up with 30ish yellows. 5 to 27lb. A lot of rats. A lot in the 14-18# . Kept a limit of 14 to 27lb fish. They bit it all. and Shallow water! Almost Cedros good! Crazy surface iron fishing! Saw one on...
  233. GOFAST88

    Offshore Oseanside 7/3

    Nice! thanks for Report! ... BLUEFIN!!!! o_O
  234. GOFAST88

    Colt Sniper Jigs

    42g Green/silver little guy.... pink spectra is key...
  235. GOFAST88

    Offshore Today part 2

    Way better than my day today! Nice work
  236. GOFAST88

    Offshore I have a helmet on my head.

    Good talking with you on the water today( Tyler on my Dad's boat sticky biz 3) ! Welcome back. Rough day for us as well... consistently right place wrong time. Almost put on the helmet as well.... but slow trolled for a 25# YT off Int. nat. reef on the way in. 115ish miles & 35 to 45 troll...
  237. GOFAST88

    Offshore 7/2 @ the 9

    Nice thanks for intel! BLUUUUUEFINNNN o_O
  238. GOFAST88

    Fishing Tomorrow SD

    Taking my wife and a couple offshore newbs on my pops boat tomorrow. Half the fun for me is putting others on the fish. Such a cool Dad to let me use his boat :D. My plan now is the 226 area. Could change by tomorrow... Do you think SI is going to be a cluster at 6am? Trying to decide where to...
  239. GOFAST88

    worms in tuna

    Damn... yea what he said
  240. GOFAST88

    worms in tuna

    The brown slime look a lil gnarly dude... My .02- I only do the basics..... But I have had multiple people tell me my fresh fish is the best raw fish they have ever had. I hope it was bagged up after being cut and put back into ice. Never let fresh water touch exposed meat. Cut all gills dip...
  241. GOFAST88

    40 ft Modutec Aguila heads to Mag Bay

    Whats up Darren!! I was also a Sea scout on this boat for about 4-5 years. Lots of great memories. So cool to see this boat again. I feel sorry for the guy who took the old bait tank off... it was a beast. Thing had an additional 20 gallons of resin and 20lb of glass we slapped in it. Bullet...
  242. GOFAST88

    newport bay halibut drift tips?

    My best way to get bites- look up tide chart. 1ish hour before and after tide swing. the good bites are when water moves. 4" to 6" dean with trap style 2/0 j or circle hook in nose, 1/0 to #2 J hok in butt behind anal fin. 20lb flouro. reverse dropper loop 3 to 4' leader with 3 to 6oz torpedo...
  243. GOFAST88

    Offshore Tough conditions

    Thanks for the report! Interesting the hammerheads are moving in already...
  244. GOFAST88

    Offshore Bluefin & yellows 6-27 4ish miles Firstsss

    (In Gloucester Mass. accent) " Uhhh yea Tyler we'll be able to get ya about 25$ a pound for this fish" HAHA! Sorry just had to put up a pic of my spread last night.... Its one of the many reasons I love fishing so much... the reward is delicious
  245. GOFAST88

    Offshore Bluefin & yellows 6-27 4ish miles Firstsss

    Eating some tonight thats for sure! Saw a 3-400lb mako off la jolla. Tried baiting it. He wasn't into it
  246. GOFAST88

    Offshore Bluefin & yellows 6-27 4ish miles Firstsss

    First Trip out in my new to me 19' skiff. Decided to launch in Oside in fear of shit show in SD. Turns out we should of launched from mission bay.... But got MY 1ST BLUEFIN EVER!! Up there with the biggest tuna I've caught in US water. Ive caught tons of YF and ALB. but the BF has evaded us. We...
  247. GOFAST88

    Offshore I'm doing something right

    Bout Damn time we see a report like this! Great job man!
  248. GOFAST88

    Offshore Report 6/22 Monday

    Ive never caught a tuna over 30# in US water.... Things are looking good!:D
  249. GOFAST88

    Offshore 312 to 181 6-20

    Very few kelps outside of 5 miles. First kelp we stopped on we went 3 for 4 on quality yellows. 1ish miles inside of the 312. Headed to 181, lots of kelps close to high spot. One was holding but these fish would chase surface iron and short bite the baits. Saw a monster follow the iron pushed...
  250. GOFAST88

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    hah! awesome
  251. GOFAST88

    I need help! (Really sorry not a report)

    I would Stay away from that mess. head North 3 to 5 miles off the beach, look for birds or kelps. or hit the 9.
  252. GOFAST88

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  253. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    Boat looks Amazing! Runs perfect too. We went and did a test run at beautiful lake Elsinore lol ... Ran perfect! Got it up to about 40mph haha. Sure enough a little adjustment on the outboard fin and the boat tracks perfect. HUGE difference with the weight of the bait tank towards the bow. Few...
  254. GOFAST88

    Some free floating kelp questions . . . I know, I'm high maintenance!!

    We went out of Dana on Sat. Got one 25# off the domes on a trash can lid size kelp. We hit probably 12 kelps with just bait on them. We set up 100' up current and drifted past. First cast on the little 42g colt sniper from the top deck of the boat haha. Watch the birds too. terns are the best...
  255. GOFAST88

    Offshore 6/8/15

    Great haul! thanks for report
  256. GOFAST88

    First report....trip of my life

    ANOTHER are you shittin me!? Epic dude
  257. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    Pushing to get this thing on the water. Seeing all these reports are amp'n me up to say the least. Rubber reel/ Jig guard on console. Turned out great! scored some Roofing walkway scrap material from a job I was working. I also put this over the rear hatches. looks killer.
  258. GOFAST88

    New guy These yellowtail have a little more shoulder than the snapper... fun stuff! pound per pound one of the hardest fighting fish for sure.
  259. GOFAST88

    Offshore Tuna Time

    BAHaha! Your videos never fail to entertain man! Great info too
  260. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    I have a lot of hours in this console! We rolled on the first coat of primer this morning. Really happy with how its looking.
  261. GOFAST88

    30# spinner reel

    I bought it for a trip I went on. So right now its with the 30 to 60lb Okuma nomad 3 piece... Its a broom stick. holds 400yd of 80lb Power pro. Use anywhere from 25 to 60lb flouro, depending on what I'm doing. I'm looking to buy a good jigging/popping rod for it. I'm going to throw that popper...
  262. GOFAST88

    Good ending

    Made the trip right there! pinche Mola Mola* I can't believe you fought it for over an hour without a Dog munching that thing!!!
  263. GOFAST88

    30# spinner reel

    I bought the Spheros 20000.about 200$ For the $ I really like it! 41lb of drag. but I should have bought the 10000... Thing is a beast
  264. GOFAST88

    late report from 5/14 SD Bay

    Very nice! Chovies in the back bay?
  265. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    Sanding and fiberglass is not my favorite part of the build...but its coming together.
  266. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    Its okay... It would not be my first choice for a hull, but cool little boat. When my Dad owned this thing we took it 20 miles offshore and never had a problem. Theres a dude that fishes SWBA and has the same boat... They fish San Clemente Island sometimes (60+ miles) Crazy. Just depends what...
  267. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    first layer of glass goes on tonight
  268. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    Thanks for the input. My Alum. boat had it in the font of the console and never we had a problem... I have not ran the boat yet but I am shooting for this time next month. I remember the steering wheel would pull to one side when going fast, like a car out of alignment. I know its a big motor...
  269. GOFAST88

    Andaman Sea, India April 2015

    Amazing!! Your Reports are epic man. You need a fishing show! Every time you post a report my bucket list gets a lil longer...
  270. GOFAST88

    My Costa Rica Honeymoon! Pura Vida

    It cost 500$ for the full day and 350$ for half day. I looked everywhere for the paper that had the phone # on it but I could not find it. Just go into coco beach and ask around. His name was Antonio...There are plenty of good pangas around. Fishing the shore North of the four seasons was the...
  271. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    The bait tank will go in front of console for now... see how it goes. It is more in the center of the boat, than the front. If anything I will build a leaning post/ tank combo.
  272. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    Thanks for the info! Yes I know how time consuming it will be but worth it. Unfortunately the way this boat rides with that 115, I need more weight in the front. thats why the bait tank is going forward.
  273. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    So My buddy Derrick and I split our first boat a 17' Western a year ago. Served us very well over the last year! Actually sold it to another fishing buddy of mine ( On the same date we bought it on a year ago...trippy ) Glad to see it go to a good home. A few years ago my friend Tito bought my...
  274. GOFAST88

    Whusssup bloody dicks!

    I had a bloody decks sticker on my bumper a while back... My buddy scratched out the E and wrote an I... it was there for like 6 months before I noticed
  275. GOFAST88

    My Costa Rica Honeymoon! Pura Vida

    Sure do!... Wax wing was HOT for the jacks! We went a few points up from Papagayo and it was every other cast on 8 to 12lb jacks. SAW LOTS of Roosters, but live bait is almost a must right now. Lots of Bonito( I think they call them white tuna) right now and you want to troll smaller Rapalas or...
  276. GOFAST88

    My Costa Rica Honeymoon! Pura Vida

    Spent 12 Days in Guanacaste area with my wonderful new wife! Memories I will never forget! Squeezed in a lil fishin too!! BIG Amberjack & Rooster. Epic. Enjoy the pics!
  277. GOFAST88

    Second Time Out . . . getting better!!! Good time to get into fishin! Going to be another good year. DFG has been out in full force this year... there are no Closures between Dana and Oside.
  278. GOFAST88


    SWBA, SBS, Local fishing/anglers clubs. I THINK BD SHOULD put on some more tournaments throughout the year! SD bay, Halibut, offshore. SD bay and do all kinds of give a-ways for weird shit like biggest lizard fish or shark or what about a bonefish tourney (Do they do well in a live well?) It...
  279. GOFAST88

    SD Bay....Halibut ate my SSB!

    Excellent day on the water yesterday! Chovies + 6lb = Wide open. Lost track on how many bass we caught.... Ive seen some crazy shit in my day but this I will never forget! We were fishing in about 10' and I hook a SSB about 8 to 10" (1lb) as I real it up about 3' under the boat I see a large...
  280. GOFAST88

    Panga Papagayo Costa Rica?

    Any recommendations for a panga in the Guanacaste/ Papagayo area? Looking to fish 2 or 3 days the first 2 weeks of April. This seems like the best option so far.
  281. GOFAST88

    Guadalupe Permits

    WHAT!?! How did they pull that off?? Looks like I will be booking a Shogun trip....
  282. GOFAST88

    Gooch Juice-Fred Hall Show wasn't aware that lobsters liked juice that comes from in between you balls and asshole.... but hey learn somethin new everyday All those people in that factory making gooch juice..... poor bastards
  283. GOFAST88

    lake isabella

    was up there this last week end... water is at like 20% was told that DFW is not stocking much and the crappy should start biting anytime. We fished kern river it sucked
  284. GOFAST88

    Fishing info Costa Rica Guanacaste April 1st to 12th

    Going to North pacific side of Costa Rica on my honeymoon April 1 to 12th. We are staying at Dreams for 5 days and then Occidental Grand for remainder. I am looking for a good Panga. Wife will be fishing so CC bathroom is a +. We plan to fish 3 days. Also anyone know what kind of fishing is...
  285. GOFAST88

    Fish Dope ?

    Cool thanks! I will renew at fred hall... weather looks shitty anyway
  286. GOFAST88

    Fish Dope ?

    I'm going to renew my subscription. Whats the deal at Fred Hall Show? Is it worth waiting I'm fishing this week end
  287. GOFAST88

    Tuna Crabs & Tea Leafs

    Spot on. I'm 25 and last summer was the most insane fishing of my life... growing up hearing stories from my Dad about 83' 84' and thinking it will never be that good again.... and now it is. Bring on 2015
  288. GOFAST88

    2/14 la jolla "loop" for no yt

    We were out there with you in my alum. boat... same exact story. Water was clean purple blue on the 270. The NS was runnin and chasing schools all over. They got the fish like 2 miles North of the 32 spot area. We saw them go bendo as we worked our way up to the top of the la Jolla MPA.... We...
  289. GOFAST88

    Long day for a mixed bag at Catalina 2-11-15

    Very cool nice report! My buddy and I are planning the same trip at the end of the month.
  290. GOFAST88

    1983 Mariner 40HP ?'s

    Does anyone know of a website that has information on these motors? I have it on the back of my Alum. boat and the thing runs great! bought the boat last year and have put about 80 hours on it this season and each time we go out now I'm double checking I have my BoatsUS card... haven't done a...
  291. GOFAST88

    So I eft some squid in my freezer

    HAHAH funny! When I was a kid I left a full 5 gal bucket of humbolts on the deck... it was hot and we came back 4 weeks later... the squid had rotted and bubbled into the gnarleyest shit ever and i'm pretty sure a lil of that smell is still branded in my nose... I got 2 drops on my pants while...
  292. GOFAST88

    Organizing your fishing stuff

    This makes me feel a lot better about my fishing addiction.. LMAO
  293. GOFAST88

    Building A Custom 28' Aluminum Boat

    I would love to build this someday.... 28'ish with a i/o diesel. I would love to find someone that will give me the CAD files to work on... even just the hull.
  294. GOFAST88

    braided to Flourocarbon

    X50 John Collins/RP.
  295. GOFAST88


    Hawks- 31 Pats- 24
  296. GOFAST88

    Shimano SP10000SW or 20000 Salwater Spheros?

    Yea I got the Nomad & I bought the Spheros 20000 =]
  297. GOFAST88

    Shimano SP10000SW or 20000 Salwater Spheros?

    Well .. I just spent the last hour reading shit about spinning reels... Hah!!GREAT Info on this site! Thank you
  298. GOFAST88

    Shimano SP10000SW or 20000 Salwater Spheros?

    Anyone own this thing? How do you like it? Didn't really want to fork out the 250$ for the Saragosa... Although I have used it and it is sweet! Looking for a heavy spinner that will hold up or the Penn battle 2?
  299. GOFAST88

    270 Slug

    Somebody's gotta catch fish with it!:rofl:jk hahah... I was just making sure it was working well before your trip next week....
  300. GOFAST88

    270 Slug

    Mission bay bait barge was closed??.... sabiki'd 2 spanish macs and went for it. Yo Yo'd our ass off all morning chasing meter marks. Fish are at 200' to 250' in 280 to 300' depth. Saw a couple fish get picked. decided to drift away from the spot. I looked at the dropper loop rod and no weight...
  301. GOFAST88

    Dana Point no fish report 1-8

    They were in the kelp last weekend Pt. Loma... water was 60!
  302. GOFAST88

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    Initiation for Itty Bitty Titty Committee
  303. GOFAST88

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Anywhere..... Galapagos =]
  304. GOFAST88

    Seal Beach Naval Station Fishing

    I am working on a job site inside the base right now. I don't think they will let me go down and fish though =(... I believe the office is open 7am to 4pm or 5.
  305. GOFAST88

    Yellowfin Tips Needed

    9-17-14 fished the east end Cat. slide we caught a bunch quality YF and Dorado on a big patty.... We were 4 miles from Avalon.... Now there is a slim chance at 60 miles south of SD but you never know... hopefully next year epic too!
  306. GOFAST88

    October Sleigh Ride

    RAD! Looks fun makes me want to go buy a kayak!
  307. GOFAST88


    I heard Obama is funding this....BAHAHA
  308. GOFAST88

    Bait wells?
  309. GOFAST88

    Offshore 10/25 limits of Mahi and lost and found Iphone 5

    Very cool! Last year I lost my wallet at SI it fell out when I got out of the truck. A Guy wrote a note with his phone# and put it on the window. Called him up after a day of fishing. He lived a few miles down the road. Dude was filleting halibut in his backyard. He handed back my wallet $ CC...
  310. GOFAST88

    kick his ass seabass 10/24/14

    wow epic!... Fishin out and about that way tomorrow. Hope we can have the same luck!
  311. GOFAST88

    Baja trip planning w/ 17ft. Alum. CC

    Dam I would love too! but I have plans for the lady's B day that week end. I was meaning to get back to you. I was trying to figure out a good time for me to get away from work. Looking like late Nov. maybe. May have to wait until Jan. though. Lots of great info from everyone! I really...
  312. GOFAST88

    YF TUNA Recipes?

    Hell yea! thanks! My list of things to try is getting pretty long now... Country fried tuna sounds bomb too! jalapeño cream gravy.... sheesh
  313. GOFAST88

    YF TUNA Recipes?

    So I had to buy a chest freezer this year... and its plugged... We've made poke, seared, sushi, tuna salad, smoked tuna and more.. Looking for some new recipes to try. One of my favorites is poke w/ Ken's steak house sesame, soy, ginger dressing. With some green onions. And sushi done rite of...
  314. GOFAST88

    what is your choice of Lobster bait???

    15+ trips of saved tuna, YT, Dorado blood line
  315. GOFAST88

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    Canyons, structure, pinnacles and a good sonar. My buddy and I plan to try some deep water stuff this winter. Pretty much all the spots you want to fish are within the 12 mile of mexico and Coronado Isl. so unfortunately you will need to get the FMM permit. Paying 25$ on top of all other...
  316. GOFAST88

    Rockfish at 500ft +
  317. GOFAST88

    Baja trip planning w/ 17ft. Alum. CC

    Didnt get your PM. I am in for planning a trip! Do you know.. or does anyone know if there is a halfway decent road to camp to fish Geronimo Island?
  318. GOFAST88

    First time boat builder.

    WOW! My grandfather and I spent the summer together when I was 13 and built this identical boat! Exactly the same build. It's in a barn at my Dad's house. Next time I'm over there I will take some pics.
  319. GOFAST88

    Chargers vs Chefs...

  320. GOFAST88

    Big Guns....

  321. GOFAST88

    Baja trip planning w/ 17ft. Alum. CC

    Purchased my 17' western CC last year. Great lil boat. Trailer has beach launch pivot. I've driven Baja many times for the SCORE races. I am looking for recommendations and people who want to plan a trip. I would love to rally for the tin boat gonzoga bay trip next year. Fished San Quintin once...
  322. GOFAST88

    MB 10/17 Lobster

    last week SD bay. got 3 legals and 2 shorts and lost one amush...... The legal lobster to lost net ratio is not lookin good here!!!!
  323. GOFAST88

    Long Beach – Yellows, Rockfish, Lobsters

    DOOOOD! SLUGGIN N' BUGGIN done rite!
  324. GOFAST88

    Chargers vs Raiders...

    It was a yellowfin year ( Blue and yellow fish marched their way up the line and crushed everything that moved ) Clear correlation to the chargers upcoming season this year...Black and silver fish are like 2000 ft. deep and stay in the depths out of the way of bigger and stronger fish.... This...
  325. GOFAST88

    3 miles outside of SDB

    Fuckin seals... you should have thrown out a few of those bonita while you were fightin that thing
  326. GOFAST88

    Offshore ISWAC Pacific Dawn – October 4-5, 2014 – Third Annual Blood Bath!

    Epic! that bait rap looks rad! I'll have to get some of those
  327. GOFAST88

    Offshore Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    That fat lady started hummin.... SO I GAGGED THAT HO!!! and we went North of the 226 and wacked em today!! I bought you guys a lil more time get out there!
  328. GOFAST88

    Offshore Lots of life offshore and solid fishing! 10-5

    The fog was crazy today!! Nice work we did pretty dam good too! felt like we were on a lake! by far best day of weather for us this year.....except for the fog
  329. GOFAST88

    Where are the sport boats fishing?

    If every experienced fisherman posted all their #'s and info on this website.... then a majority of the cheap dumb asses would be crashing holding patty's and running over your trollers. Especially on an el nino year, where everybody and their mother is fishing. Its not difficult to do the...
  330. GOFAST88

    Where are the sport boats fishing?

    sporty's are another 40+ miles south of 425
  331. GOFAST88

    Coronados yellows 10/3

    Nice! were you guys fishin the islands or the rock pile?
  332. GOFAST88

    Eating what you catch on the water... lobster for example...

    don't forget your butter =]
  333. GOFAST88

    What Is needed to fish in Mexican waters?

    mexican licenses + passports+ All passengers need this IF YOUR 12 miles from mexican shores. 23$ and change. kinda a bitch the first go around. GL
  334. GOFAST88

    Rock pile

  335. GOFAST88


    NIce Fish! How the hell did that thing not spray blood all over the dam boat??
  336. GOFAST88

    Offshore 277 fishin & Triple hook up marlin??? west of the south 9??

    Went out today to the 277. Found a fat patty early... good fishin from 630 to 9am. 10 to 15lb YF and some 20 to 25+YF and some nice Dorado. Then the shit show began... but i guess cool to see 8+ boats all catching fish. Wish it was to ourselves. I have fished mexico all summer, I wonder how many...
  337. GOFAST88

    18' Westcoaster Bayrunner project

    how much did it go for???
  338. GOFAST88

    Offshore Big Blue Marlin hooked

    I HAVE A FLYING GAFF!!! I'M ON MY WAY!!LOL .....Good luck can't wait to see pics!
  339. GOFAST88

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    DUDE ITS THE TITS! brine with teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, garlic salt, dab of chili sauce and a lil water to thin out. brine for 2 to 4 hr. I like to smoke at 180 for 3 hr, with apple or cherry chips. comes out BOMB.
  340. GOFAST88

    Just curious...

    Lobster bait... chunk... dog food... or give it to your neighbor who nags you for YF all the time...
  341. GOFAST88

    Lobster opening night!

    Negative I used that cage for the flat style hoops. Lobster crawl up and feed from the side. Eclipse style hoops, no spikes. Although they live in the rocks and have a thick shell...
  342. GOFAST88

    Lobster opening night!

    I will be out there... But I'm going to make an effort to be by myself (not in the bay).... I have a shit ton of YT and YF blood line and heads. When you have the right bait cage the seals leave you alone. Watched a seal surface next to the boat, snorting and shaking its head... HAHA poked his...
  343. GOFAST88

    Offshore YFT until Paddy Crashers 8/30

    WELCOME TO THE SHIT SHOW!! Black, White, Asian, Puerto rican, hood rats hookin marlin.... Every dumb bastard is out trying to catch fish right now. Im not rasist... I just hate everybody!:hali_ruahahaha:
  344. GOFAST88

    Any better grade yf or bft out there?

    Got a 35# at the 230 on Sat. But most school size, 12 to 18lb
  345. GOFAST88

    Offshore 230

    Nice work! We fished the same area today... limits for 3... lots of life in that area... Those fish are on the hammer heads and eating everything.
  346. GOFAST88

    Offshore 8/20 302 Short Version

    RAD! short and sweet. nice work
  347. GOFAST88

    8/14/14 delayed report

    Those are corvina... Very good to eat(poor mans lobster) no size limit i Believe. The pic is a WSB
  348. GOFAST88

    show off your cooking skills

    Lets keep this post rollin!! I have ALOT of fish to cook My favorites- Food process Wasabi almonds, then mix 50/50 panko. add garlic salt and pepper. bread any white fish. Flour, egg, then almond panko. Seared Spicy yellowtail tempura- chop up yellowtail fine and mix saracha, mayo, and a...
  349. GOFAST88

    Knot questions

    So I clamped a bolt into my vise and tied line to smooth part of shank, then tied other end to center of 1/2" bar stock about 12" long, held with both hands and pulled back at a slow constant pressure.
  350. GOFAST88

    Knot questions

    Yes, I tied 65lb braid to 30lb with RP and the mono would break. I guess I just expected the 40lb line to give first. I have never done knot tests before...I have been tying the same knots for many years. I had some free time today and put a bunch to the test... pretty cool, confidence is...
  351. GOFAST88

    Knot questions

    ? for ya..So I tried tying the RP knot, the uni to uni, and tony pena knot. 65lb Power pro to 40lb mono.... This tony pena knot held stronger then both for sure, but on the RP knot and Tony Pena knot the 65lb braid would break at the connection before the 40lb mono??? I tried it like 10 times...
  352. GOFAST88

    Knot questions

    So I was just sittin on the couch watchin the video and my chick looks at me and asks " Are you watching porn? " I said yes... its knot porn and theres way too much going on here for my taste... I use the RP knot... Stupid simple... hasn't failed me yet
  353. GOFAST88

    Who's Going Tomorrow.....8.10.2014

    Gary... sticky Biz 3... went out today, went to 371 rounded down to 425 and back into SW 9 area... CHOVIES only! Yellows will chew them all day. Got tuna on mega baits only! 2:30Pm heading home 28 over 22 big school of yellowfin close to home! Tuna all over all day in between 425 and 371...
  354. GOFAST88

    Heading to Costa Rica and would appreciate any advice

    I have been to Guanacaste twice and we are going back in march for our honeymoon. The last time I really wish I would have brought more.... Big sabikis, the largest you can get. Catching those 1 to 2 lb green jacks are bomb rooster bait.. got a 50lber and a nice jack last time but making bait...
  355. GOFAST88

    Offshore big patty

    HAHA!! Very cool! Hope to see ya out there again! headin out sat. we are going south. hit me up if your out there sticky biz 3.
  356. GOFAST88

    Offshore big patty

    I believe it... I think last summer we called this dude onto a patty at the 302. It was LOADED with lock jaw dorado. We see this dude from way back and try calling him on the radio...Nothin... gets a lil closer annnnnd Its a dude on a CAMO jet ski, wet suit, 3 or 4 gas cans strapped to the...
  357. GOFAST88

    Offshore "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    WOW!!! I have caught fish like that at the 9 too!.... Then I wake up... CATCH OF A LIFETIME.
  358. GOFAST88

    Caught my first tuna, how do I eat it?

    Costco has a roasted sesame, Garlic, Ginger seasoning... its like 10$. Sprinkle that stuff on there. heat pan super hot with Avocado oil ( Also at Costco ) sear like 10 seconds each side. = BOMB.COM
  359. GOFAST88

    Guy in aluminum Catches tuna out side north island.

    Props! Got a 17' western alum. Going to put the first Tuna in that thing any day now!!
  360. GOFAST88

    Is Fish Dope worth it????

    I have a membership and check it almost everyday. Definitely worth every dime if your into the offshore scene and all the island / inshore numbers are probably worth 169$ just to subscribe and keep in your arsenal. I trust the info on fish dope more than the post on BD. I also use a couple...
  361. GOFAST88

    Who's fishing South Tomorrow.. Sunday 07/13/2014

    Me and my Dad will be on the water tomorrow also. Sticky Business 3. Heading to 425ish Good Luck guys!
  362. GOFAST88

    Offshore 181 & 182 Sunday 7-6-2014 SUCKED!!!!

    C'MON POP!!!... GOLF!?... cool You go golf & I'll take boat out... haha one of "those days" wrong place wrong time... perfect weather... tons of kelps & Bait on the ridge of 182. Everything looked great out there just NO FISH.
  363. GOFAST88

    Offshore 7/2/14 - Fished 371/425/Hidden'ish

    Nice Catch!! Whens that dude getting the plane in the air?
  364. GOFAST88

    Offshore West End Catalina

    Hub sea-world research Newport Harbor YELLOWFIN TUNA IN THE BAY!!!.....Its.....happening.
  365. GOFAST88

    Offshore Mako fishing with my Son on Fathers day

    Always A great day on water with my Dad! Epic pic, Happy Fathers day!
  366. GOFAST88

    WORST CA TURKEY OPENER EVER!!! nothin but SH** tons of bad luck

    haha whaaaaaat you have totally tripped me out man...
  367. GOFAST88

    WORST CA TURKEY OPENER EVER!!! nothin but SH** tons of bad luck

    WOW^^^^ watch who I am accusing???haha ORRRR WHAT?? yea we definitely are still learning obviously... not saying you did it at all... your just the only truck who stopped and saw us before it got dark...there was a TON of people running around out there. but ALSO talked to someone else who filed...
  368. GOFAST88

    WORST CA TURKEY OPENER EVER!!! nothin but SH** tons of bad luck

    Well we started off scouting the last couple months found some nice spots but at the same time have a pig tag as well...just in case the opportunity presents itself. We go out our spot in CNF friday night. My buddy and I. More experienced than I. We set up our tent and blind but leave our...
  369. GOFAST88

    Amazing/Crazy Santa Monica Bay trip 3/9 w-pics

    NICE haul o fish ! ...HAAAAH! thats seal is crazy!! but im with these guys^ cute n cool now but soon enough will be a 500lb yellowtail/seabass stealing SLOB!!
  370. GOFAST88


    6.41.360"N 140.48.285W BEST SEA BASS SPOT EVER!!! get on the water... AND FISH! 169.00$ per year is your best bet....
  371. GOFAST88

    Halibut are biting..

    WOW impressive!!! huge props to a great catch!! love how you blurred the background on your spot haha! gota try n get that squid
  372. GOFAST88

    End of season Lobster hooping ?

    RAD! for some reason I thought I read it ends at the end of the month... looked at DFG it is the 19th... I have a season license. hope we produce! Thanks for the info Bluepabst
  373. GOFAST88

    End of season Lobster hooping ?

    I am new to hoop netting. I am planning a trip at the end of this month. I would like to hoop net the last night of the lobster season, but plan on staying at the islands for the next 2 nights. I will have the hoops on board the whole time... plus it may be cool to try and send them down for...
  374. 7808478938 e62df901cf c

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  375. fish


  376. GOFAST88


    Never fished cod there... wanted to give it a go... definitely a better bite than the pipe.
  377. GOFAST88


    Sat. out of SD harbor. went up to la jolla shelf. quick limits of 2lb to 4lb baccacio. couple reds. bunch of small stars sent back down. + few more groupers sent back. hit the bay for a couple short butts. Sunday. hit the pipe for more baccacio 200ft. short ling. then to the whistler. for couple...
  378. GOFAST88

    Offshore RAT INFESTATION!!!

    Me and a buddy head out SD early thurs 9-19 hit the bait dock about 545... Damn horse deans... our game plan- cruze through 425 head south toward hidden bank look for Tuna. Alot of boat around the 425. as we head out we see a few boats on patties close to the island.. but we keep goin. About 2...
  379. GOFAST88

    Need advice on fishing Vail lake

    drop shot works well. find some structure around shore. Night crawlers would be good for the kids. Chuck a big piece of liver or cut mac.. even stink bait right as the sun goes down.. pull ya in a big cat.