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  1. FloMar

    Long Beach Report 12/21/19

    Were you able to make Smelt and/or any Spanish mackerel Matthew?
  2. FloMar

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    Great job Billy, and congratulations on a great night of hooping lobsters!!
  3. FloMar

    One Pole, One Jig and Three Gallons

    I'd say your test was successful from a fish/fishing perspective, mmmmmmmmmm beer batter tacos, nice job Tim.
  4. FloMar

    Skunked twice

    Nice job double-R, HH, and I'd say you were successful! John.
  5. FloMar

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    That color was ORANGE Billy, and it might look like RED with blood shot eyes? I don't need any attention Billy, nor am I angry and I'm certainly not very angry. I take exception with you saying it's a braggers board. How can a newbie brag? I help 9 out of 10 people that ask for help and you...
  6. FloMar

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    3 is so many times? I don't believe you Billy! When you don't post every trip you fell into your own categorization you stated in another post just below. I disagree Billy! Skunked or non-double/triple/quadruple limits is all the same to a bragger. There's plenty of give and take on Bloody...
  7. FloMar

    Skunked twice

    Most of the lobsters, at least the ones I talk to, are out in deeper water for the moment. It's also time for most lobsters to spawn/reproduce. This is one reason lobsters head to deeper water. Another reason is snotty weather, where the lobsters say "F this!" and head deeper instead of being...
  8. FloMar

    RPT-Thur.-12-19-19 Chilly WFO Winter Bass'n!

    Cory, you look like you're waiting for it to snow! Nice looking/size Calicos! Great pictures! You need some fresh BBQ'd Penguin from the Rotisserie above, that will set you straight. Are you always ONLY fishing with the KMan special? Thank you for your report!
  9. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    Thank You Vic! Thank You Vince! Thank You John!
  10. FloMar

    One guy, Two Rods

    And I thought that cut out might be used for pulling hoopnets, it might work better than you think.
  11. FloMar

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    It just occurred to me Billy . . . I don't recall seeing reports for these 3 trips, unless I missed them? Please advise, thank you.
  12. FloMar

    Skunked twice

    I have your solution, call me!! I sent it to you. John.
  13. FloMar

    Found hoopnet

    If I had lost Annette, but haven't, I was going to say it's mine as it drifted downhill from Santa Monica Bay into San Diego Bay.
  14. FloMar

    One guy, Two Rods

    That title thing had me a little worried also. Was going to say "that poor one guy" and quickly realized he's enjoying those 2 rods. The videos themselves, goooood stuff!
  15. FloMar

    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    How many gallons is your bait tank? Yes I'm trying to compute the average size of the 28 legal lobster. :rofl: Too much time on my hands? It's ticking away with my sanity I've got too much time on my hands It's hard to believe such a calamity I've got too much time on my hands And it's ticking...
  16. FloMar

    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    The devil is in the details Chris! I know what you said about hooping 20-45 feet, and I love that, but didn't know how the other boat fit-in, was trying to flush it out, so thank you for the added details which certainly closes the loop for me. Was trying to figure out every detail based on text...
  17. FloMar

    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Nice haul/mess of lobsters Chris! With all the green rope hanging there, 8 foot diameter, 20-25 loops, you guys must be good 160-200 feet. I can't imagine all the rope on the boat if all 10 nets are dropped this deep. No stainless on the gunnels, ahhh Ace line hauler or tag-teams. Any way I look...
  18. FloMar

    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Completely agree Mike! The moon was never full on the 13th, only 99%, it didn't rise until 625 PM, annnnnd the FN clouds were covering it most of the night. John.
  19. FloMar

    12/16 - Butts on the Bay

    Great job on the Halibut guys! Did you end the day with 2 or 3 legal Halibut? Loved the pictures! Suggestion: drop a hoopnet at the base of the rock, see green arrow.
  20. FloMar

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    That was a lengthy read on my iPhone, but well worth it, thank you for the article.
  21. FloMar

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    I'm glad I didn't miss this in your original report Mike. If I had, I'd be beating myself up accordingly. Your feedback above I bolded, you just can't put a price on it. Someone will remember this down the road and spare themselves an FN ticket. You've laid out the rules per what you were told...
  22. FloMar

    Saturday in the bay

    Weather looks beautiful, water color looks good too, throw in enough fish to keep you busy and it sounds quite relaxing Steve, thank you.
  23. FloMar

    Lobster bait question

    Heads? Skin? Please tell me more Rick?
  24. FloMar

    D P 12.14.19; poor conditions, had rEEL fun though

    Wouldn’t touch that Eel, fooey. Water looked pretty good from a color perspective, agree BSB taking your tackle, nice job, thank you for your report.
  25. FloMar

    Pleanty of life, Nothing wanting to cooperate_12/14/20

    Thank you for your report! All information is good information IMO.
  26. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    I have to agree, been a great year fishing and hooping, thank you Mike.
  27. FloMar

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Robert, with the extra details you just shared, l have to say the following: 1) I believe I now understand your fishing/hooping requirements, and why; 2) had the extra details been included initially I believe I’d have kept my pie hole shut and/or my fingers in my pocket; 3) I have more respect...
  28. FloMar

    Temporary duty in SoCal - Looking to hitchhike

    Thank you for serving Vince!
  29. FloMar

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    I don’t see anyone being obnoxious, people are just giving their open and honest opinions. You seem to feel pretty strong about this. Why don’t YOU step out of your comfort zone and drive up to Newport and hop-on and support Robert? It’s obvious to me why Robert states his friends flake, and I’m...
  30. FloMar

    12/13 Lack of local yellowtail

    Once the swell and wind lay down the Yellowtail will be crashing the little speed/fin bait! Look for it on the 2nd smooth day! Thank you for taking the time to post your report!
  31. FloMar

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    Love the details, love the pictures, quality Bonito and Lobster fishing, thank you for taking the time to put it together and post your report!!!!!
  32. FloMar

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    Nice job Chad! There’s nothing wrong with 4 legal lobsters by 745, not a thing! Now that FN Seal, someone needs to take the knot head down the alley and make him an offer he won’t refuse, pesky critter. John.
  33. FloMar

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    I'm out also, a little rigid for me, yep got my own boat to do what ever I/We (me and my fishing partner Bryan want to do). It doesn't have to be illegal to have/be fun! I agree, nice offer.
  34. FloMar

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    Runnin' and gunnin' brings back the memories! Great job, quality Yellowtails, great PICS, thank you!!!! Please send the fish NORTH!
  35. FloMar

    12-12-19 A.M. half day

    Those are some BRUTES! Very nice Yellowtail with little or no fat on them means the belly meat is on POINT and they're mean at the end of your line!!
  36. FloMar

    Buggin out

    WOW, 6 nice ones, congratulations!!!
  37. FloMar

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    I think there's trial and error in all aspects of life Derrick, my opinion of course, and hooping for Lobster is no different. I like to say good things come to those that wait, and as long as you've put in the effort for whatever good things will land on your doorstep, once again my opinion...
  38. FloMar

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    I guard MY LOG like it's GOLD also, and it is! :rofl:
  39. FloMar

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    Sick SUNSET last night, fully agree! What goes around comes around, good juju aka karma! Nice job, I'd take 5 legals any night.
  40. FloMar

    12-10-19 A.M. half day

    Nice Halibut!
  41. FloMar

    Hooped LB tonight with my Og

    Good stuff indeed, 3 beats nuthin'! Kudos for gettin' your buddy back out there!
  42. FloMar

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Great job Billy! Yep I'm hungry now!
  43. FloMar

    The Crawl Goes On...

    It absolutely is, was hoping they pull by hand. Saw 2 guys a month ago using an auto puller in 28 feet, are you FN kidding me!? Fucking pussies! Even I can pull nets with a broken back!
  44. FloMar

    local bugging 12/7

    The wheels are turning in my head now! Hmmmmmmmmmm. Well, wherever it was congrats and keep it rolling!
  45. FloMar

    local bugging 12/7

    Did you hoop the same area I saw in the VID? Great job Vince! John.
  46. FloMar

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    Years ago did some testing of the concept. Nothing was conclusive good or bad, there were benefits and issues. As many have stated lobster will find the bait by smell/scent and other means. You have to put your nets in the correct spot each night, which is a bigger nut you need to crack first...
  47. FloMar

    Rpt-12-08-19 Quality Winter Bass'n!

    Those are some nice sized Winter Bass Cory/Lal. What depth were the bass suspended at? How did you get your own SPEED LIMIT sign? John.
  48. FloMar

    Recent bug trips and more

    Good Luck with school!
  49. FloMar

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    Thank you for sharing that!
  50. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Great job, great video, great collection of lobsters, SHIT happens!!!!
  51. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Years ago I was fishing on the original Del Mar with captain Porter, we were on the hook fishing Sculpin, limits, pulled the anchor and up came a toilet from a reef of toilets ahhhh but in the toilet was a 20 pound Octopus. MMMMM! The toilet looked brand new! Over the years I’ve learned shopping...
  52. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Many years ago straight out in front of mdr breakwater they stacked old cadillacs and it’s still called Cadillac Rock. Some train boxcars out in front Torrance Beach is called Boxcars. There’s 100s of them and I’ll stop there. John.
  53. FloMar

    Recent bug trips and more

    Shame you can’t post your reports more timely Aren. Nice yellowtail! Fat Lincod! Looks like you have the Lobster routine dialed-in! What’s your major In school? Thanks you for posting!
  54. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    Thank You Rusty, I appreciate your feedback! John.
  55. FloMar

    New lobster record

    Great job Rob, how many pounds was the largest lobster?
  56. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Joe, I use everything available! John.
  57. FloMar

    Salmon heads?

    Sounds like a great deal to me.
  58. FloMar

    Good night on the OB pier

    Nice job Nick! Love the battle scars on the top of your right hand!
  59. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    You have to understand how all of the following can impact you and/or the lobsters each night: Tide (high/low & SLACK & incoming/outgoing & height), Sunset/Sunrise yes sunrise, moon phase & moon rises & moon sets, wind speed, barometer, hooping location both general and exact, water clarity, red...
  60. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    Never saw Seals at the ramp, never saw Seals on any docks, never saw Seals on the jetties or the outside MDR breakwater, and never encountered Seals while fishing or hooping. That alone made the night a success! It was like someone came into town and took them away aka cleaned them up. Good FN...
  61. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    The WIND blew just enough so you could feel that chill goes up your back. The CURRENT was uphill all-day where we fished and hooped. The WATER CLARITY was clean green when fishing Topanga, everywhere else it was dirty brownish. The dirty water seem to disappear at 445 PM yesterday, same time of...
  62. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    You must be fucking kidding me right!?
  63. FloMar

    Salmon heads?

    I used Salmon Heads one-time, didn't work for me, didn't like using them, still won't use them, I know a place where you can get them free if you time it right. John.
  64. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    All I can say is "I got the itch!", and when you get the itch you need it scratched. I also saw what I felt was a good weather window . . . Bryan and I grabbed the boat from storage early Thursday AM, 6ish. We got the boat home, loaded the hoop nets onto the boat, and the rest of the gear and...
  65. FloMar

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Keep at it! Out tonight we have 10 legals so far in 2 hours of pulling our hoop nets. We now have 11 legals, changed spots dropped 5 nets with hope of 3 more, we’ll see? We got 2 more legals so we ended with 13 legals, not for lack of effort, full report tomorrow.
  66. FloMar

    Yup, a clear day on Lake Pacifica

    Nice job Brad! Incoming!
  67. FloMar

    Yup, a clear day on Lake Pacifica

    Not sure I'd pick up that burlap bag either, FN house would come out of the sky.
  68. FloMar

    2019 20th After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Results

    It takes a whole lotta time to put together a report like yours. You have to love it when sponsors step-up, and boy did you have a nice list of'em! Quality Halibut caught too, and great photos that personally give me full perspective. And whole buncha sweet rides! Congratulations on putting on a...
  69. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I’m sure you didn’t have to solicit help to clean-up that mess of lobsters, impressive indeed. Was this haul of lobsters recent, last couple years?
  70. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Well it took a few days Dave, and I just got the feedback after I'd sent the picture to forensics. If this is truly your bait tank, forensics told me they counted 49 individual lobsters. I don't believe them because of the the fact they used scientific testing and/or techniques and applied them...
  71. FloMar

    Sewage spill

    LA Times reported 4 million gallons the day before, and now it's only 1.5 million? FN politics!
  72. FloMar

    Fun halibut fishing 11/30

    Yep, always iced-down overnight, agree with everything you say Steve/Cody. I also slit the the throat so the fish can bleed out before icing, and what I've found is IF, and I say IF, there's any worms in the meat they ALWAYS follow the blood so they end up in the stomach, works like a charm...
  73. FloMar

    Fun halibut fishing 11/30

    Absolutely SICK! Right place, right time, right bait, right size bait, right size Halibut (smaller legal Halibut best for Sashimi IMO), right tide, right amount of Halibut (shorts mixed in tells me an event just took place or is about to take place, and I'd not stop fishing them until I'd...
  74. FloMar

    Lobster on11/23

    Great job Dennis, and thank you for bringing back your results!!
  75. FloMar

    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    No two ways about that, and I'm sure OUR fishing stories barely scratch the surface if we tried to share the stories of trying to increase the longevity of our parents. Going through the process gave my wife and I satisfaction because we swore we'd never push them into a corner (put them in a...
  76. FloMar

    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    I feel thankful and blessed to be alive after a car accident in the rain 2/28/2014 that should have killed me or at least paralyzed me. I feel thankful and blessed for still being around with my wife of 43 years when she stood side-by-side with me during the 20 toughest months of my life, and...
  77. FloMar

    Nov 16 - 17 Cat East End

    I couldn't figure out why nobody responded to your report. I read it and thought it was pretty cool to post your report after what sounded like a few long days . . and BOOM here's the pictures. LOVE the ice-slurry mix keeping the COD really fresh, annnnnd bagging the the sardines is smart along...
  78. FloMar

    Nov 16 - 17 Cat East End

    Sounds like a good trip loading up on the Rockfish, and thank you for posting your report.
  79. FloMar

    Loving the time change

    Tough times when one's relegated to eating FEAR FACTOR dinner. LOL
  80. FloMar

    Frickin' La Jolla

    Guessing that Sheephead will go 12-15 pounds, very nice!
  81. FloMar

    Lobster Report Gail Force - Triton

    Robert/Ryan, nooooooooooooooooo worries, absolutely none! Please remember I split hairs for a living!
  82. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    How did you find the Lobster cave I drop my nets in front of Dave?
  83. FloMar

    Hooping SD bay, Sat, 11/22

    My goodness that's a monster Lobster, congratulations! I can only imagine what that felt like pulling it up!? Heaven forbid she just laid there, dead weight.
  84. FloMar

    Lobster Report Gail Force - Triton

    It's been 8 weeks and 3 days, details Ryan details. Nice job!
  85. FloMar

    PB halibut from the surf

    Damn Mike, very very nice Halibut, great job, congratulations!!!
  86. FloMar

    Loving the time change

    Absolutely SWEET! Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!
  87. FloMar

    dana point 14 mile bank 11-16 11-17

    I have an old Sabre from the late 1960's which I bought at REDS Bait and Tackle in Redondo Beach, was in the corner of the old MOHAWK gas station. Where has the time gone?! I can't even remember the model of my 8' Sabre either so don't feel bad. I've had it wrapped so many times I've lost count...
  88. FloMar

    dana point 14 mile bank 11-16 11-17

    How was trying to pump the Bluefin on what appears to be an all-purpose (jigs, iron, top water, bottom) 8 foot stick? Mind sharing the make/model of the 8 foot stick? Just don't tell me it's 8'6" or 9 feet. Great job!
  89. FloMar

    Broadbills Exist

    Outstanding job!
  90. FloMar

    11-19–19 A.M. half day

    The sunrise picture is awesome!
  91. FloMar

    yellow-tail in November

    Sounds about right to me.
  92. FloMar

    SD BAY deep drop Lobster 11/17

    Very nice, very nice indeed!
  93. FloMar

    Found Tackle Bag Marina Del Rey

    Great job looking-for the owner!
  94. FloMar

    Bugs at cat

    Great job, glad you nailed the Lobsters!!
  95. FloMar

    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    Strategic, Seduced, Strike, Solo Stick, Sick Stuff Swordfish Stud!!!!!
  96. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Arrived at 11, cages full and in the nets by 12, nets down by 12:42, on hook snagging bait by 1, beautiful out, light breeze, fog in the distance maybe 12 mile visibility now just before 2pm. 1st 10 nets pulled 4 legals. 2nd 10 nets pulled 2 legals. 3rd 10 nets pulled NO legals, reality check...
  97. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    What's your ratio of lobsters at 200 feet versus other stuff in your nets such as: Crabs, Eels, Periwinkles, Starfish, Silver Dollars, Sculpin, Cod, Empty?
  98. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Not sure, my GOAT harbor example was years before the current MLPA/MPA structure.
  99. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Man did you just get my attention, for what that's worth. Were these really small juvenile lobsters Jim? Legals mixed in? The lobster might have been having a flashback dating back to when it last saw it's Mom and Dad in a conical net. Was this the same depth as above 1 to 3 feet, or deeper...
  100. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    If we're talking only Catalina I think it's a current issue more than a tidal issue, my opinion of course. Every spot mainland or island is different IMO. EX: One of my favorite hooping spots historically was Red Bluff . . . I'd drop the nets on the 10 fathom curve, good tidal movement and no...
  101. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Hey Chad, what's the weight of the Lead Discs, give or take a few? Do you make sinkers, like 8 ounce torpedos?
  102. FloMar

    Invite from the Bug Rider

    1st ~ From one to another, great job John . . . . and Bug Rider!! Informational I took the first photo and enhanced the color. With the tree-pattern off the left-side of your head, along with all the lights off the right-side of your head, I know where you took the picture. I'll leave it at...
  103. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Not sure Joe, but I know the fog has an affect on me! Not my style to brag, let the results speak for itself.
  104. FloMar

    yellow-tail in November

    Brian, what if your 2nd post of these 3, was your only post this time around, and it only had read as follows: Just post when you want. I agree with Jeff you need thicker skin. Good Luck!
  105. FloMar

    Newport bugs

    I've never had any luck hooping in Newport, ever, the same with Oceanside. I've learned while striking out in these 2 spots that all lobster DO NOT reside on the bottom there, kind of like Dana Point and the Federal Breakwater. Kayaks and small aluminum boats do work well in these places, I...
  106. FloMar

    Offshore One stop limits 11/11

    That says it all, absolutely SICK!
  107. FloMar

    yellow-tail in November

    Nice job Steve!
  108. FloMar

    yellow-tail in November

    I believe the Red Cup Navy had something to do with it!
  109. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    I can only take you at your WORD Robert! Kudos to you, I'm glad the FULL MOON works for you. I've never had a successful night with a close to FULL MOON, or FULL MOON, never!? I've hooped from San Diego to Santa Barbara, including San Clemente, Catalina, SBI, Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands they...
  110. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    I agree Ron, hoping though will be done by then.
  111. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    I'd just sent the following info to another person, and I got to thinking I should be able to give this to everyone without compromising myself and/or others. My take is, I hate the MOON when it comes to Lobster. That said, I plan on hooping this Saturday 16th in the location I hoop. Yes the...
  112. FloMar

    Long Beach Bassing 11/9. More of the same.

    Looks as flat as 2 bee-bees on a bread board. Ever think about catching more than 2 at a time Kurt?
  113. FloMar

    Newport 11/9

    They look like really good quality for local fish, congrats!
  114. FloMar

    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    Fresh mashed sardines you say, nice job!
  115. FloMar

    Dana Point 11-10-19

    Nice job on the Halibut John, both of them!
  116. FloMar

    Getting the kids involved

    I'd take 5 any day, throw in the girls, and it's all GOOD!
  117. FloMar

    11/10 report - Horseshoe and Pt Fermin

    Do not sell your report short Matt! 99% of reports have something in them benefiting someone/some/most/all. Great job getting your kids out/involved! Thank You!
  118. FloMar

    Cat 11-10

    Thank You for your report. What was the cost of a scoop and 1/2-scoop of SQUID these days?
  119. FloMar

    Found hoop net in San Diego bay.

    15 isn't bad, hate the FOG.
  120. FloMar

    Dana Point halibut 11-10-19

    Great job, congratulation!
  121. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Thank You for sharing George, all good stuff IMO!
  122. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Great stuff Dan, thank you for sharing, and the PIC!!! John.
  123. FloMar

    Bug rider at it again

    You are on fire Chad!
  124. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Can you manufacture a PIC embo?
  125. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Agree fully, thank you HOOPS!
  126. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Whether here, or offline, would love to see them Vince! It's not that they're not hungry, rather they're resting after gorging so they can make the walk back from whence they came. Loved all your feedback Vince, thank you!
  127. FloMar

    Quick rock fishing trip to La Jolla!

    Like putting 50 cents in a vending machine, cha-ching, and out comes the CODS, very nice guys.
  128. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    That's what I'm talking about Ryan. My cages are also wrapped in smaller squared wire. There's a few other bells and whistles to further get the point across that it's not worth looking for a meal in any of my cages. When Seals/Sea-Lions are looking to invade nets for food it's usually because...
  129. FloMar

    Coronado islands

    Very nice looking REDS indeed!
  130. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I've been thinking about something for 5 weeks now, since the lobster opener. Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages. I use cages, always have, and it's likely I always will. Why? Cages give lobster a more accessible opportunity to get a meal. Lobster eat once a week, yes it's a fact. How do I...
  131. FloMar

    Bug rider at it again

    Bump! I think Bug Rider needs a shower!
  132. FloMar

    11/4/19 palos verdes

    It sucks when you encounter boat issues, you figured it out though and moved forward, accomplished your GoPro goal with video action, caught a few fish, nothing better than being off the mainland on the water.
  133. FloMar

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    What's the one common thing you see around every Lobster in the SICK PIC, Vic? The WITCH aka MY wife says I need to stop whispering to the lobster. They're in a state of suspended animation! Added Like an Orca flipping a GWS on it's back to only eat the LIVER. They were spiked! Answer to the...
  134. FloMar

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Great attention to details Jeff!
  135. FloMar

    Loving the time change

    I agree, you can't beat that!
  136. FloMar

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    Sent you feedback Joseph.
  137. FloMar

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    No worries Brad. This coming weekend the moon and tides DO NOT line-up for me, but I see see a small window of opportunity on Saturday 11/16, although the moon is FUGLY this night also. We might fish for Halibut on 11/9, maybe cod, maybe Yellowtail, still weighing all my/our options. GOOD LUCK...
  138. FloMar

    Easy Trigger - DP 11.02.19

    Triggerfish hands down, nice job guys.
  139. FloMar

    Double rigs an Sandbass Junction 11/2/2019

    Very nice Halibut! Think I'd have my hand in it gills though, versus holding it with that paper clip. Always have 1 or more gaffs ready to say hello to a fish!
  140. FloMar

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    Nice job Kurt, gotta love the 3-way swivel!
  141. FloMar

    Lobster...u tell me..

    When in doubt throw it out!
  142. FloMar

    Bug rider at it again

    Great job again Chad! I agree, go gettum, they are still there!
  143. FloMar

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    Epic weather, Epic sunset, Epic fishing, Epic catching, Epic dinner. Dropped our 10 nets at 2ish with sardines in the cages. Started pulling at 640, and the 14th legal lobster was on the boat by 740. Depth 23-24 feet, 8 short lobster, a few other misc=species released also. Decent quality, 2...
  144. FloMar

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Agree 1 million %!
  145. FloMar

    Lobster on the crawl , SD Bay 10/26...

    Nice job, looks a bit chilly out there.
  146. FloMar

    1st Thresher

    If it's meant to be, and it was, it will happen. Better to be lucky versus good. Just be glad the wire leader held out long enough to get the T, and you didn't have to painfully watch it sink out dead. Greats job Dad and Son!
  147. FloMar

    Solo mission tonight

    Gotta love it when you put the screws to them . . . . BOTH of them!! I have no tolerance for other fisherman that flake out, it’s all or nothing. Great job!
  148. FloMar

    Dana Pt to 14 Mile 10.26.19

    Truly appreciate the report, thank you!!!
  149. FloMar

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    Great job guys/Tom!
  150. FloMar

    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    Agree, most excellent Lingcod bait!:fighting0061::Dynamite:
  151. FloMar

    Bug rider

    Looking thru the pictures again . . I see the quality of your bugs based in the 2 smallest legals on the north end of the last picture, and the true size of Bug Rider versus the hood ornament picture, good stuff IMO.
  152. FloMar

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    So that’s the $#!+ that keeps coming up on my snag line.
  153. FloMar

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    Can't tell if it's feet or fathoms . . . 50 feet WSB, 50 fathoms BFT.
  154. FloMar

    How rare is this

    NAVY lobster, radioactive!
  155. FloMar

    Offshore SCI 9/28 - PB BFT x2

    SICK Glendon, just sick, great job!!!
  156. FloMar

    Lobster Limits - 10-19

    Fresh Sardines you say, pulling at 645 you say, limits for 2, great weather, man that all sounds so familiar, but I just can't place it. There's nothing like leaving the crap on the mainland on the mainland! Like I said to Bryan "when it comes together it makes all the BS worth it". Glad you and...
  157. FloMar

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    I heard you did good also last night Glendon, timing, location, timing, location, good to see you and your Dad, the new ride looks quite nice, smooth and fast too, appreciate the analytical assist on the weather, kind of got me over the hump and we know how everything turned out, just love it...
  158. FloMar

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    Last night we were not hooping around Long Beach or San Pedro.
  159. FloMar

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    Hey Steve, I've dropped my nets as early is 11AM before. There's never been an issue with the bait being gone at dark either. The tide thang, EXACTLY! It's all a matter of which side of a jetty, rock pile, breakwater, kelp bed, and/or clam bed you drop your hoop nets on. Let the tide suck the...
  160. FloMar

    Personal Best thresher today

    Yeah there was room for it in the bait tank, LOL! Great job, and lots of great eating steaks there.
  161. FloMar

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    Dropped our 10 nets at 145 PM. Fresh frozen Sardines for bait. Depth was 25-27 feet. Weather turned out to be beautiful, mostly flat, no wind. A couple more boats in the general area. Sun going down we ate some sushi, listened to music, and got geared-up. We started pulling about 645 PM, and it...
  162. FloMar

    Coastal Hooping Trip

    Great job guys, congratulations!
  163. FloMar

    Limits of bugs a derelict and an abandoned net

    Heard all they did was open the valve until they had enough room for another 14.5 million gallons, repeat. John.
  164. FloMar

    10-15-19 A.M. + P.M. half day

    What?! No love, damn, with that Avatar you should be getting it each and every time, so in the spirit of RandyV HooWa or in this case pahO, nice pictures Nick.
  165. FloMar

    Tuna 7 Miles Out of SD bay

    Please keep up the RECON work, we all want to know the latest. TIP: Next time take those bullet Tuna and/or Skipjack, the gills of each stinks for days oozing blood particles, Lobster are dialed in to blood, gills only in your cages is WINNER WINNER Lobster dinner, take my WORD. John. Added One...
  166. FloMar

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Great job Lal! Also a 45 minute trip in the harbor is mandatory when it's pea-soup thick FOG, slow and steady even with a radar. Another one bites the dust . . . Added WTF was I thinking, thank you Cory for the report!
  167. FloMar

    Bugs still crawling in long Beach. 10/16

    Attaboy Ted, no deeper than 25 feet, freekin' love it! NOTE: in the past I've used the same bait over and over again, maybe 4 trips, but sooner or later you just have to get fresh. I love using sardines, not too many other fish as oily, but for this coming Saturday I'm dumping the bait in the...
  168. FloMar

    DP 10.11.19

    Loved the read, old skiff picture took me back, love it when Spanish Mackerel are in the bait tank, and always hated losing a family member and in your case Biscuit, my sincere condolences!!!!!
  169. FloMar

    Coronados 10/14

    Not too bad when you can play the Phenomenal Rock fishing CARD!
  170. FloMar

    Pescador at Nic

    I'd expect a bigger grade of fish there now, but they're likely still at SBI, Yellowtail that is. What was the cost of the trip? Any cod fishing done? It's a wonder them thieves haven't been found in a chum bucket by now, and I hate those fucking tweekers!! Thank You for your report!
  171. FloMar

    Lobster Hooping - 10/13/2019

    Saturday has been locked-in since we rested last weekend. I know we'll be out early, just not sure how early. Friday night? LOL! Who knows at this point.
  172. FloMar

    One and DONE

    That picture really does put the 240 into perspective! Thank You for adding the picture Kevin!
  173. FloMar

    One and DONE

    The picture does not do the 240 pound t-shark any justice, and guessing you've caught plenty of 240's before, great job!
  174. FloMar

    Fish ID

    As stated above Lizardfish, good Lingcod and Halibut bait when kept alive and fishing in specific area for either one.
  175. FloMar

    Lobster Hooping - 10/13/2019

    It never gets old Glendon! My granddaughter just turned 3 and pretty freekin' soon I'll be trying to put her on her first legal Halibut, of course I have bigger plans nobody knows about yet. Great job Dad! On a side-note, Bryan and I will be back at this hooping-thang this coming weekend and...
  176. FloMar

    Cat report

    Nice job, go get'em!!
  177. FloMar

    9yr old VS lobster report

    Awesome job, and if he's not hooked yet he is now, great job Dad!!
  178. FloMar

    Bug rider

    It doesn't get any better that this/that, great job!
  179. FloMar

    Local Bassin to TUNA

    Now that's sweet mileage indeed! Agree not going to CAT in fog without radar, good call IMO.
  180. FloMar

    Catalina 10/8 Fog Delay and a PB Toad

    Great tip, great pictures, great report, very nice Yellowtail indeed, great job!!!!!
  181. FloMar

    Short lobster season this year

    IMO it depends on the area/location, and sometimes the good period starts closer to March, if at all, there can be a few down years, and last March was absolutely SICK in my fishbowl.
  182. FloMar

    Catalina/Mackerel Bank 10/5

    Great job on the Yellowtail and Bonito!
  183. FloMar

    Late report-LB 10/4 lobster

    Nice job, welcome back!!
  184. FloMar

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    Wind and Swell can march your nets into the rocks, jetty, breakwater, kelp, and/or close to shore if you don't pay close attention to them.
  185. FloMar

    10/2 LB hooping - lost gaff

    I actually took the gaff off the boat figuring you’d take it. Okay, no worries then. John
  186. FloMar

    Stinks at 14 mile and 267

    Always nice to know where the fish are not concentrated, and thank you for your report.
  187. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Inbox. My fishing partner Bryan has given himself the name Lobster Picasso.
  188. FloMar

    Catalina combo trip 10-2 to 10-4

    Great combo trip indeed, yellowtail & lobster & lingcod oh my, great job, love the pictures. John.
  189. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Here you go Butch, the current rigging of my hoop nets, and full of nice lobster, enjoy. John.
  190. FloMar

    Lost hoop net Santa Monica bay

    Feel free to PM me your GO-ID Dave and I'll see if it matches a handful of nets I found this week. Additionally, where I've been hooping there's still numerous floats and lines attached to the various rocks/jetties/breakwaters from the opening 3 nights. John.
  191. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Speaking with a number of the local commercial crab/lobster/sheepshead fisherman/boats at the launch ramp various days this week everything seems to be in order from a size, sustainability, male-female balance for all 3 species I just mentioned. Enjoy! John.
  192. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Tonights report, Friday, 10/4/2019. Sick fishing again, sardines, 27 feet, stellar weather, 2 other boats in the neighborhood, handed off sardines to 1 of the 2 boats, managed triple limits for 3 people, along with an equal amount of shorts (21). Started fishing at 704 and ended at 830. Enjoy...
  193. FloMar

    Mission Bay Lobster Sunday

    Nice job and glad wifey is happy.
  194. FloMar

    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    Great job! Never had any luck in Newport, your report gives me hope.
  195. FloMar

    Lobster limits

    Sweet, great job!
  196. FloMar

    10/2 LB hooping - lost gaff

    More than happy to give you a nice gaff have too many on the boat now. Just contact me we’ll get it done.
  197. FloMar

    Lb hooping 10/2

    2 legals is better versus none, keep at it.
  198. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    The wind was blowing 15 knots where I hooped opening night. The coast guard helicopter was out shining a spotlight on boater who was close to going on the rocks. All the gear I found I'm trying to return to the rightful owner by posting the GO-ID here. I don't fish with wannabe hoop nets, and...
  199. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Years ago Mike I'd get guys together and we'd chat about technique, rigging, locations, depth, bait, cages, bridle rigging, driving the boat, etc., but these days I really don't have the time and more than that there's a number of entities that continue to exploit people and the resource, all...
  200. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Tonights report, Thursday, 10/3/2019. Sick fishing, sardines, 27 feet, beautiful weather, 2 other boats in the neighborhood, had 9 legals in first 5 nets, finished in 23 minutes, 14 legals and 18 shorts, back at it one last time tomorrow night. Enjoy, and be safe out there, good luck everyone.
  201. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    The wind is crazy out there, we stuck with it though. 31 feet, sardines in the cages, and managed our limits in 55 minutes. 5 males and 9 females, good quality, and done by 820 last night. Enjoy, and be safe out there, good luck everyone.
  202. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Are you fucking kidding me!? You hijack my report with 8 fucking self serving posts. Stay the fuck away from me!
  203. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    I've never posted 1 video on youtube, never. The extra 10 nets were donated to the Boy Scouts over 15 years ago long before a GO-ID, along with a donated boat. You're a waste of my time and energy, go drag someone/something else down.
  204. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    We were not as lucky tonight, mother nature handed us our asses, we ended 2 sets of 10 pulls with 3 huge legals and 38 shorts, just snotty all PM and into the evening, also switched spots on a hunch but wrong hunch, oh well can't clobber them every night, although we did get a big thank you from...
  205. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    The night I had 20 nets on my boat I'd found 10 nets at Catalina the morning after the opener, was checked by DFG the same morning and they understood which 10 nets were mine and which 10 were not mine, and they also understood I removed them for safety reasons. When I hoop where I normally hoop...
  206. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Agree whole-heartedly, yesterday on the water chatted with Lifeguard boat, harbor patrol boat, and waved at the sheriff, leaving nets in the water with 100 foot ropes attached is a safety issue, most people use common sense when it comes to this, seaya in a bit.
  207. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    I've had 20 hoop nets on the boat before, what do you think about that!? You need to get out more! Good Luck!
  208. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    You know where I mainly fish and hoop Vic, we'll be back at it tonight. Seaya. John.
  209. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Night-1, 7-males and 7 females, liked the balance. Night-2, 8 males and 6 females, liked the balance even more.
  210. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Like clock-work, that's all I can say. Bait is sardines, depth 30 feet, location is ocean, DANIELSON HOOPNETS, my partner and I limited opening night in 12 nets 30 minutes, 1.98 pound average for the 14 lobsters. Limits night 2 which was last night in 12 nets 34 minutes, 1.54 pound average for...
  211. FloMar

    1/4 day Islands trip July 12 WFO Yellowtail

    Love your FN avatar Anthony! Looks like you were showered in blood.
  212. FloMar

    7/6-7/11 Inshore and Catalina Bass, Cuda, and Yellowtail

    . . . shame I can't get out there, know exactly where the fish are, appreciate the heads-up though.
  213. FloMar

    Coronados 7/11

    Sooner or later they need to eat, nice job!
  214. FloMar

    1/4 day Islands trip July 12 WFO Yellowtail

    Great job on the Yellowtail Doug! Even better job bleeding and icing them down! And a superlative job slamming this report up for those weekend warriors! John.
  215. FloMar

    Catalina Report for July 7th

    . . . . bet you made lot's of new friends with that picture.
  216. FloMar

    Cat 7/10 quick report

    You'll get'em next time! Thank You.
  217. FloMar

    7/6-7/11 Inshore and Catalina Bass, Cuda, and Yellowtail

    When was West Cove renamed? Thank You.
  218. FloMar

    Private Boat to Catalina, Need Suggestions or Words of Advice

    Personally, I'd be headed to the little island . . . has all that stuff in your avatar and more at the moment. Good Luck!
  219. FloMar

    West end yellows

    How much did you pay for your scoop of Squid? Nice Yellowtail, congratulations!
  220. FloMar

    Yellowtail at mother in laws

    Try using a different browser, maybe Chrome . . .
  221. FloMar

    Inshore mako

    Enjoy it Philip!
  222. FloMar

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    My Son has Bees also, he's in Texas and their second year of doing it produced 609 bottles at $6- a bottle, filling up all the 5 gallon water bottles with sugar water is a PITA though . . . he has chickens also. My brother in Idaho kills and eats just about everything on 4 legs (Elk (love that...
  223. FloMar

    Pescador Charter 7-3-19

    Nice load of Yellowtail!
  224. FloMar

    Inshore mako

    X2 lock it!
  225. FloMar

    Yellowtail at mother in laws

    Splat goes my Frapp on my laptop, LMAO! WTG Chris!
  226. FloMar

    catalina monday-wed 7/1-7/3

    Truly appreciate all the information Doug. I hear there's good quality and volume of Yellows at SBI & SCI & SRI.
  227. FloMar

    Yellowtail at mother in laws

    If you only knew the kinds of fish people release inside HH, there's easily 10+ pound Calicos. Should take Yellowtail and point him at Chris' kayak and as hot as that fish is he'd have rammed the YAK and knocked his ass over. LMAO! Loved the video!
  228. FloMar

    Inshore mako

    I don't care what they are Chris, good luck.
  229. FloMar

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    I personally, didn't find your report too long Ed. I've been reading through system core-dumps for 35 years, now that's a long read. Reports like this define who you are Ed, please don't change now. On another note, how big was the buck you're skinning/gutting in your avatar?
  230. FloMar

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    Way to go Cory, please take care of yourself!
  231. FloMar

    Inshore mako

    These 2 sharks are not Makos or Tigers or Bulls or White Tips or Black Tips or even a Hammerhead. Kinda like a guy riding his motorcycle at excessive speeds doing stunts going up 395 years back, and an hour later as my wife and I passed Little Lake north of Mojave we found he'd pushed his limit...
  232. FloMar

    Inshore mako

    There's a very fine line between brave and stupid!
  233. FloMar

    Inshore mako

    Zipties? You're FN kidding right!!!!!? You're playing with something you won't recover from! It will be quick and extremely painful, I sure hope not though. Please take all precautions to prevent what others have stated above COULD happen.
  234. FloMar

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    I wholeheartedly agree with that! Sure hope those fish were iced-down? I hate seeing fish on the deck looking hard on the outside and mush inside. *speculation*
  235. FloMar

    Reds, Bass and Ospreys

    . . . should be $90- of fish fillets for $40- scoop of squid IMO, tip optional depending on the pass of squid. You should look into making your own squid, generator and crowder will pay for itself in one season. Nice load of REDS!
  236. FloMar

    7-2-19 A.M. half day

    Beats being on the mainland!
  237. FloMar

    Big Catalina Yellows - 6/28

    SLUG Yellowtail indeed, great pictures too! Thank You for saving some for the rest of us. That's some good karma, your next trip should be even better.
  238. FloMar

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    Yep, that's what she said alright.
  239. FloMar

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    Ice-cube brains? Tashtego has the eyes of a mastermind at work! Man that was a long report, the old adage be careful what you/I ask for. Beside tightening the drags makes sure the reels have new line on'em. Thank You Ed!
  240. FloMar

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    Kids looked stoked and it's validated by end-of-day kaboom CRASH out like a light. Great job putting them on Cudas and Yellows, and capping it off with a great looking Yellowtail sashimi for dinner, and I bet it was even better tasting by the quality looking meat on the plate, great job and...
  241. FloMar

    Pacific Islander 7/1-Mixed Bag

    Very nice report and pictures, thank you.
  242. FloMar

    Dana Point South -- 6/30/19 mediocre

    . . .appreciate you posting your report, details are details, good or bad or in-between, thank you.
  243. FloMar

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    Why can't you just copy and paste the report!?!
  244. FloMar

    Local wsb June 28th

    Great job, congratulations!
  245. FloMar

    My sad report - Catalina Sunday 06/30

    Water is warming rapidly, fish are moving, you gave it go.
  246. FloMar

    Native Son 6/27

    Nothing ventured nothing gained! 36 on that boat is plenty of room IMO. I fished it when it was the Happy Man @ Marina Del Rey Sportfishing, poker games in parlor/galley always meant more deck room for me = more Halibut before everyone would get on deck post poker, loved that.
  247. FloMar

    A LOT OF FISH only a couple biters

    Hat Trick, great job! Tuna look bigger than 20 pounds, how big was the Bluefin?
  248. FloMar

    Nados 6/27/19

    Crazy temp at South Island, it's 66 degrees in front of Redondo Harbor. Thank you for the nugget details!
  249. FloMar

    Kids first Yellow!!! Tough Sweet Day @ Cat

    It just doesn't get any better than that, like eating out of your own garden. Lead, follow, or get the F outta the way, dislike followers. Great job Justin!
  250. FloMar

    Kids first halibut and seabass.

    Are you kidding me, FN sweet! Your Son just did something very few ever accomplish, man-O-man. Great job Dad/Art and Son/?.
  251. FloMar

    DP Sportcoats

    Water looks like the green I like, nice job Jason, bet the boys had a great time, nice job.
  252. FloMar

    YTSO Report-Ballast Point Fishing Team

    That's a whole lotta checks and $$$$$ for one-team, great job guys!
  253. FloMar

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    That RED is really red! You never skipped a beat Cory, and right back on the water like you were never gone. Gotta love the support systems we have. Kudos to Lal for getting you back out there! Until the next report . . . John.
  254. FloMar

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Great job, persistence pays off Paul, congratulations!
  255. FloMar

    05/12/19 halibut report

    As it relates to Grandpa, those are not wrinkles those are wisdom lines, heard Grandpa say checkmate all the way down here in SoCal! Pretty damn good trip if'n you ask me.
  256. FloMar

    Pacific halibut Eureka

    FN sick Halibut fishing and pictures! Thud! Clank. Thud! Clank. Thud! Clank . . and a cooler full of DC's.
  257. FloMar

    SF BAY HALIBUT 5-21-19

    WTF am I doing down here when it seems all the Halibut are UP THERE, great job!
  258. FloMar

    6/24/19 South Bay Butts, Greyson’s 1st!

    Great job, those are my favorite eating size for Halibut sashimi!! He's hooked now, and Grayson has the right perspective! “man if we go home now this would still be an awesome day!”
  259. FloMar

    Balloons and Butts Oh My

    Sweet, congratulations!
  260. FloMar

    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    Awesome guys, and Pink Floyd in the background, now I'm Comfortably Numb!
  261. FloMar

    Coronado Islands half day trip June 25, 2019

    Man the other thread is a lonnnnng thread! Man your boat has more TITS hanging off it then a strip-club! Glad I don't have a horn or I'd be blowing it at all the ass hats I see when I'm out, especially diaper hangers. Love the LED stern light and the fact you moved your radar forward, that can...
  262. FloMar

    2310 Parker O my!

    Man is your boat tricked out Doug, great job!
  263. FloMar

    Coronado Islands half day trip June 25, 2019

    . . . . was going say those look like the perfect size Calico's for Tacos. Love the rubber deck! . . . always need a bucket on the deck too . . cutout for the motor the only way to go IMO . . looks like a mount for a downrigger also, love to see more PICS of the rest of your boat if you have the...
  264. FloMar

    Local SoCal banks?

    Depending on how much gas you're willing to burn . . . . I'd hit the 181, nothing then move to the 182, nothing head north to SCI Pyramid Head Cove for 5 different species hitting at the moment (WSB, Halibut, Yellows, Sheepshead and Calicos). I'd eventually end up at SCI even finding fish on the...
  265. FloMar

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Loved ALL the pictures, excellent recap, absolutely a phenomenal report!
  266. FloMar

    shoe laces

    I too can vouch for Ernie @ Ryan Boats, a real good guy, took care of my Evinrude 88 SPL for a number of years, and he also figured out issues nobody else could figure out.
  267. FloMar

    102 at the Shoe!

    That's a whole bunch of fish guys, nice day indeed.
  268. FloMar

    Catalina Island - Ful Day - 06/22/19

    I didn't know the 5 second rule applied to bait flopping on the deck. Kudos to the kid for his Yellow!
  269. FloMar

    Catalina Trigger Fish

    Pay no attention to the CRAB man behind the curtain!
  270. FloMar

    Coronados Friday - YT

    Damn that fish looks yummy, great job on the 4 quality Yellowtails!
  271. FloMar

    Halibut fishing for White Sea Bass, SMB, 6/22/2019.

    I appreciate the kind words! There's 5-10 guys who are out there every single day, not me, and they know every square inch of SMB.
  272. FloMar

    Catalina Trigger Fish

    Thank You for he comeback Ben, and I suppose you just found those ghost shrimp in your front pocket right, LOL! Again, stellar job!
  273. FloMar

    Catalina Trigger Fish

    What pound test line did you use on the ultralight gear? Bait? Those are good eats, enjoy!
  274. FloMar

    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    I've only had 1 time in all the years Nacho's been scooping bait in the LA Harbor complex where the Sardines were only decent, and he squared that away with me the same day. You might need to tap the resource differently. When there's not so many boats waiting in line there could be an...
  275. FloMar

    6-23-19 A.M. half day

    It's always good to be out on the OCEAN, THE REST IS A BONUS.
  276. FloMar

    Halibut fishing for White Sea Bass, SMB, 6/22/2019.

    Hey Glendon, and Hey Wally (I'd like to think so also, kind words, thank you). Now why did I get bait at Redondo when I could have saved time and picked up bait at MDR sport-fishing? Here's all the answers to the questions on the test. I knew Redondo had some Spanish Mackerel mixed in with their...
  277. FloMar

    Took my daughter on a half day. 6/22

    That's really really really good stuff Dad, A+ job!
  278. FloMar

    Halibut fishing for White Sea Bass, SMB, 6/22/2019.

    Bait from Redondo Bait, sardines and some Spanish Mackerel, Fished Hermosa for 2 drifts and one 14 inch San Bass released. Shot across the bay, took 40 minutes, dropped the rigs in 65 feet. Managed a legal Calico Bass and another legal Sand Bass, it got quiet. Bait came through, and 3 sticks go...
  279. FloMar

    Catalina 19-20

    Absolutely SWEEEEEEET, Father and Son!
  280. FloMar

    Quiet on the 9 mile Wed

    Good detail Joe, keep at it you'll get them soon, surprised you didn't see a Marlin.
  281. FloMar

    Cat 6/19 not much

    Fish that have moved can be found versus fished that have moved-on are likely at another island and/or inshore and that will take more effort to locate them. Sounds like you made he most of your day, thank you for the details.
  282. FloMar

    Great Bait and Good Bite in the Bay

    Fish bigger than the net? Unless you're using a fish tank net . . . If there's a next time . . . get a gaff, and that won't happen again.
  283. FloMar

    6/15/2019 CISCOS TR

    MMMMM, Cowcod tacos! I sure wish the mismanaging CADFG would open-up the Cowcod species partially, with a few restrictions of course. Nice job getting the Scouts out there.
  284. FloMar

    Late run outta Dana

    Great job Dad!
  285. FloMar

    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    Hey Danny, . .. been a while now . . . hope you're doing good? It'd sure be nice if the fisherman in-the-know would educate the other fisherman who might not know, instead of always pissing in their corn flakes, and only then go shoot their fucking ducks. John.
  286. FloMar

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Love the picture of your Son hosing off the gear! Wait until your Son hangs the right kind on hat little stick and reel, then it's time to upgrade him, keck I'd upgrade him now, easy for me to spend your money. Nice job on the Yellowtail! Not sure I'd keep any fish in my splash well, bad juju!
  287. FloMar

    Fathers Day Rock Cod

    What a MESS-O-COD, everyone was involved, nice pictures too.
  288. FloMar

    Cat. June 14-16

    Nice grip of Yellowtail, congratulations to all! "my boat partner's new wife" uhoh, enjoy it now!
  289. FloMar

    6/16/19 Catalina, no YT :(

    Keep at it, you'll get the target species next time!
  290. FloMar

    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    It just doesn't get any better than this, great trip guys.
  291. FloMar

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Congratulations to both of you, great job!
  292. FloMar

    Coronados 6/12

    Nothing like the taste of fresh Yellowtail, nice trip.
  293. FloMar

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Sick fucking trip! You don't need anyone else Vic!
  294. FloMar

    Coronado Islands video report 6/8/2019

    absolutely stellar video and if your fish were part of the meal just FN sweet.
  295. FloMar

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    Well that's great news Tom, let's hope there's still plenty to go around.
  296. FloMar

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    Let's pray they make it thru all the net boats below the border.
  297. FloMar

    Gail Force, Great Yellowtail Fishing Cat 6/9/19

    I appreciate your feedback Ryan, good to know, thank you.
  298. FloMar

    Gail Force, Great Yellowtail Fishing Cat 6/9/19

    Shame there's not a slush or some refrigeration of some kind on the boat to keep those quality fish fresher versus sitting in a sack in the Sun all-day. Anyway, yes a nice haul of fish indeed . . especially that brown 2 eyes on one side fish.
  299. FloMar

    It this legal?

    Exactly, and if you can't find the right bait grab the FN bait net and find one!
  300. FloMar

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    3-way swivel, drifting .7 knots, perfect speed IMO. Yes. The fish inhaled the bait, single hook inside mouth lower-jaw and treble in the gills.
  301. FloMar

    San Clemente Island Report 06/07

    Nice White Sea Bass, congratulations! That mylar crap has to go, does damage to fish and mammals and tired of reading about it, damn cruise ships!!!
  302. FloMar

    I found the right one this time, SMB, 6/7/2019.

    Thank You for the heads-up John! John.
  303. FloMar

    La Jolla-June 8th

    Short, and loaded with info, nice, it's all in one's perspective. LJ Water is cleaner. 64 degrees. Fished rock fish did well on dead squid lures. Glassy early fairly bumpy in the afternoon.
  304. FloMar

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    Hey Rich, your report gave me what I needed to finally dial this in Friday 6/7, albeit it took me to almost noon . . . . . . THANK . . . YOU . . . AGAIN!
  305. FloMar

    Catalina report and PB

    How appropriate, that is a PIG!
  306. FloMar

    Catalina 6/6-7 Report

    VERY NICE INDEED, great job!
  307. FloMar

    I found the right one this time, SMB, 6/7/2019.

    Launched @ Marina Del Rey, and WE headed down south to pick up some nice Sardines @ Redondo Bait. Fished the corner for 2 quick drifts for nothing, and then headed across the bay 18 miles. Finally managed the right kind at 11:45 AM, a 33 pound Halibut. Been trying to add the PIC, but it keeps...
  308. FloMar

    It this legal?

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about! YEP, that an FN bullseye!
  309. FloMar

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    Agree, the conditions UP THERE look great and once the water hits 64 look-out, my opinion of course. Thank You for the information/report!
  310. FloMar

    San Clemente 5-31-19 to 6-1-1

    The RED CUP Navy is alive and well! Great job on the 5 Yellows!
  311. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    LOL! You pushed a button with that! LOL! A+! I'll take the 2 cups we have and leave it at that. My first reaction was WTF is up with that?! Good memory! John.
  312. FloMar

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    Congratulations, very nice indeed!
  313. FloMar

    Juvenile Great White

    Hopefully that little GWS will grow-up quickly and start dining on some of the excess Seals and Sea Lions along our CA-coast.
  314. FloMar

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Best of luck moving forward Cory, I'm sure you do feel blessed! You shouldn't have to feel like you need to seek forgiveness for posting your report here, and I'm sure there's many others who feel the same. We all turn to those we fully trust in a time of need, and I think it's very cool you...
  315. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    It's certainly what it's come down to if you have-fished, do-fish, and/or plan-to-fish SMB. It's always been the opposite until last Saturday for me, oh well, not good not bad, just a sign of the times where I prefer to launch my boat 50% of the time.
  316. FloMar

    South 9-Mile 5/24

    Your blessed alright, my Mom lasted 4 months after her brain surgery. Every day your Mom is alive is a special day! Thank You for sharing THAT, and thank you to all veterans indeed, THANK YOU!!!
  317. FloMar

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    Excellent job indeed! Losing that treble like that, not sure I buy that lure again, just me?
  318. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    today Here's the other details Chris. I couldn't have caught the fish without my fishing partner Bryan!!! Fish hits and it's and it's chaos immediately! Fish is tangled in the other 3 sticks fishing lines annnnd the drift-sock, yes the wind was up early. We carefully untangle the line from the...
  319. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    It's been awhile George, and I hope you're doing well, thank you.
  320. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    I was fishing outside of King Harbor, yet close enough to run in and have the fish weighed. Normally the scale is at the Redondo Sportfishing office, but it happened to be at the Redondo bait receiver. There were 2 other boats in the same area I fished to catch the WSB. Look for the porpoise...
  321. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    Set out for Halibut, not a scratch, called it quits at 115 PM. Did manage this slug that weighed 69.1 pounds at the Redondo Bait receiver. 3-way swivel with sardine 3 feet from 8 ounce torpedo. 60-65 feet, around 8AM this morning.
  322. FloMar

    The Wall - 3/17

    Nice job guys! Make any Calico tacos last night?
  323. FloMar

    Catalina last trip March 14 & 15 Bugging and fishing

    Nice job guys, way to maximize the output w/a 2-dayer.
  324. FloMar

    End of season Lobster report, SAT 3/16.

    3 things: 1) You can call me John; 2) there's a fine line between brave and stupid; and 3) You're right Halibut suck. I've had the pleasure of hand feeding a tank full of 40 pound breeder Halibut before and they almost sucked down my arm each and every time I waved a dead Sardine at them under...
  325. FloMar

    End of season Lobster report, SAT 3/16.

    Normally I'd not even entertain the thought of responding Steve, but you own the same model Parker that I do, one of the Parker Boats benefits. If you don't want it to be a female then it wasn't, and if you do want it to be a male then it was. John.
  326. FloMar

    End of season Lobster report, SAT 3/16.

    Not as big as my partner originally though, turned out to be 7.4 pounds.
  327. FloMar

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    FN sweet, congratulations Joe!
  328. FloMar

    End of season Lobster report, SAT 3/16.

    Well it was easy Jason. I knew there was a small window due to the moon coming up early. It was overhead before it was dark. I knew I had fresh sardines in my back pocket. We also ran into CRITTERS (commercial Lobster guy). I knew by what they were unloading how the quality would be...
  329. FloMar

    End of season Lobster report, SAT 3/16.

    Headed off with my partner Bryan, hadn't hooped since 2nd week last November. Went to the recommended spot, which was conveyed on opening night this season, last October. Bait = barely dead sardines, all we needed. Depth 30 feet. Sometimes I get summoned by the KING Lobster, and it happened...
  330. FloMar

    Late 11/3 Lobster report.

    The following morning they seemed to be somewhat lethargic, just told'em to stay put and they stayed put.
  331. FloMar

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    Quality fishing and catching man. That's a lot of great information you shared, good on'ya. Great pictures, thank you for sharing. John.
  332. FloMar

    11/2 Redondo - Bonito Boils

    Nice pics, nice vids, nice Bonito, nice job!
  333. FloMar

    DP 10.04.18 Lot’s O Bugs

    Heard the story many times about measuring practices, and seen it a few years ago. It's just not worth the headache IMO, no matter how much the other side of you says "ahh come on, do it"! I too agree the Lobster card could be misleading about the sustainability of the species. First thing I'd...
  334. FloMar

    Late 11/3 Lobster report.

    MY fishing partner and I had dropped the Lobster for month while we enjoyed our chasing Halibut and Bonito, both trips very productive. I'm usually sleeping with the Lobster the day before, kind of a intro to taking up residence in one side or another of my 80 gallon split bait tank. This day...
  335. FloMar

    Fun in the fog aboard the Fury

    There's absolutely nothing when it comes to the FOG that is fun, nothing! If you enjoyed your trip that's all that matters, congrats on the 2! Fuck the FOG!
  336. FloMar

    Gail Force - Triton Cat Lobster Report

    Thank You for the feedback Ryan, it's appreciated!
  337. FloMar

    Gail Force - Triton Cat Lobster Report

    How does it work when 20 people on the boat, you can have only 10 nets per boat, and let's say the boat catches 70 legal Lobster in one night, 10 people get their limit and the other 10 are screwed?
  338. FloMar

    Gail Force - Triton Cat Lobster Report

    How many people on the boat split the 24 legal Lobsters? Nice job BTW!
  339. FloMar

    Hooping LA harbor 10/4 late post

    With a camera we have seen Lobsters scurry from the net as seals come in to check bait cages and/or tubes for food, easy meal. The Seal is after the bait not the Lobsters, but a biproduct of the Seal tugging on a bait cage or bait tube is the Lobsters FLEE.
  340. FloMar

    9 Mile bank and patty fish 10-8

    Personally, I have no knowledge of the bigger Yellowtail and where they're hiding on which paddies, but I can tell you . . . Skipjack blood along with their gills is like Nectar of the Gods to Lobster, and yes I've seen people spike and/or slit the throat and capture the blood only to be used at...
  341. FloMar

    Hooping LA harbor 10/4 late post

    If I'd been waiting 6-1/2 months for a dedicated cafeteria each night I'd be full speed in the beginning also (at dark) . . . then slower after I got my fill of food/your-favorite-bait. I believe on the 4th the tide also played a roll, my opinion of course. Nice job!
  342. FloMar

    Late Report LJ 9/30

    Absolutely . . positively . . loved every second of it! Great video! Great sounds! Great words! AND the gaff around the drink in the front of the YAK, you just couldn't plan it any better, freekin' stellar job! You just hit the bullseye!
  343. FloMar

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    Very nice job, congratulations!
  344. FloMar

    My baby brother comes from Ireland...homeguard LJ YT

    Good stuff, quality fish, doesn't get any better than this, memories!
  345. FloMar

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Stick to your guns, for the most part, refine as you go, good luck, discretion.
  346. FloMar

    Lobster no problem 10/4, Mother Nature quite the PITA!

    Yep, great hooping' all week Brad. Even on the opener all 15 boats played nice together, worked with each other. There was this one diver who was dropped off right in the middle of 60 nets. Hopefully, you didn't hear me where you were at. LOL
  347. FloMar

    Lobster no problem 10/4, Mother Nature quite the PITA!

    Hopefully many are paying attention. Until the first wicked storm comes thru with waves big enough to pry'em Lobster loose they'll remain shallow in most areas. JMO of course.
  348. FloMar

    Sea trial/fishing trip with 3 WSB. 3 reds, Ling and bunch of mixed rock cods

    Great job Billy, especially ice on'em fish, quality fish and fishing, congratulations on your new ride! My Saturday is up in the air also due to Mother Nature, she can be quite the . . . . .
  349. FloMar

    Lobster no problem 10/4, Mother Nature quite the PITA!

    Got to the spot mid-PM, dropped the nets, yep 31 feet, sardines for bait. Then Mother Nature said FU John! We dropped the hook, and then became yo-yos for the next 3 hours, up and down and up and down, absolutely sucked bobbing up and down. Nobody else around until 6, then a group showed up...
  350. FloMar

    10/1 Lobster Limits for Three Long Nite Catalina

    Nice job, you gott'em Shad! Sitting on the hook this PM absolutely sucked! Took us an hour for double limits tonite. John.
  351. FloMar

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    Absolutely SICK fishing tonight, SICK quality, you know the routine by now, sardines for bait, 31 feet, started at 710 tonight done by 815, SICK weather on the ocean, nobody around us tonight, what a shame, LOL!! Let me find some PICs, also my partner was whacking' 4 Leopard Sharks . . . nice 20...
  352. FloMar

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    Took 1 hour 25 minutes tonight, 720~845, 14 legals and 37 shorts, lots of clickers, 80% sardines and 20% Mackerel for bait, amazing quality out of the gate, had 10 legals after first 10 nets pulled, 31 feet deep. Handed a guy some bait who was just heading out, karma, pretty good feeling. Have...
  353. FloMar

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    Just leave me a message on the cell Glendon, and I call you with some info, phone is turned off for the day, too many gimme gimme calls, headed back out tonight with Bryan. These spots are producing #1, #632C, #AT1, and of course #TC69Z. Hope you and the family are doing well! John.
  354. FloMar

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    I believe it's true Mike, but there's a line of DFG code somewhere that has to do with spoilage, and I think this could come in to play in a court of law, hypothetical case of course.
  355. FloMar

    Lobster Opener. Limits for three by 9:20pm

    Limits, nice job Shad, whackin' and stackin'! Looks like a healthy celebration feast too. Can't read the girls! John.
  356. FloMar

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    Great job adding those 12 legal Lobster to the nice Halibut!
  357. FloMar

    How bad did u do? Lobster opener...

    2 of us managed 12 nice legals.
  358. FloMar

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    Saturday night we (2 of us) fished an area with 14 other boaters, managed 12 legals and 27 shorts, shut it down at 9PM, sardines for bait, 31 feet deep, you'll have to figure out the rest. Wasn't fooled by Mother Nature or those idiot weather forecasters, Sunday night it was beautiful out there...
  359. FloMar

    Surf fishing Crystal cove area

    I'd rather have sea punks versus being greeted by a few tweekers. Just bring a few traps and place them in the sand, that shit will cease real fast. Enjoy.
  360. FloMar

    I'm gonna need therapy

    Even if you don't get to fish, you still might catch something.
  361. FloMar

    I'm gonna need therapy

    I leave fish to find fish periodically myself, do not beat yourself up over it! The only way I go where the fish are is by finding them myself, and even when I do find them . . . if I think and believe they should be in another area based on my own RECON then I pull the trigger quickly and...
  362. FloMar

    Revenge is Short and Sweet: Catalina 9/9

    Don't get mad, get even, nice job on the Bones and Yellows!
  363. FloMar

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    Exceptional trip for the kids and others, very nice job, and nice PICs also, thank you.
  364. FloMar

    Bittersweet Yellow

    You worked so hard for that Yellowtail your pants fell down, nice job!
  365. FloMar

    Coronado Islands 9/9

    Nice job on the quality Yellowtail!
  366. FloMar

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    The only seafood I buy regularly is high-end Bluefin Tuna, yep, love gorging on it until I get to THAT SPOT. Not a Sun spot, not your dog Spot, not a Liver spot, not the G-Spot, rather THAT SPOT that puts me in THAT STATE of MIND. Definitely, one of my bigger vices!
  367. FloMar

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    The purpose of tagging Halibut is to follow their movement and establish growth metrics, and I've been tagging under the guidance of John Bourget for around 15-20 years, I believe the sponsor is Natural History Museum in L.A., I've never opened a can of worms I can't deal with . . . whether...
  368. FloMar

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    Managed to get out again with my fishing partner Bryan. FN fog was fairly thick, so we took it easy heading to Redondo for bait. Met Mike just before 6AM, and we were plugged with week old 6-7 inch sardines. Handed Mike some Monster drinks and various 4-packs of Starbucks Frappacinos. Headed...
  369. FloMar

    Father/Son Bloody Decks and Catalina Yellows 9/6/18

    :appl: Nice report and pictures, and I agree on the Bonito Sashimi, good stuff if you take care of it properly. Congrats to you and your Dad!
  370. FloMar

    Wednesday 9/5 La Jolla and out and in and back...

    Weatherman suck! Hell I can predict the weather like these schmucks on TV, even if they're certified. As it relates to Mother Nature I try to tread fairly lightly with/on her, but even she can piss me off, and I'll badmouth her if I already have fish on ice.
  371. FloMar

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Sorry Glendon, being I can/could never gamble I always have to keep the Ace of Spades in my pocket, I hope you and your family are doing well. John.
  372. FloMar

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Flyline baits mostly? Nope. Anything on the troll? Nope. I could see fish pushing the bait on the meter, no idea what kind of fish was chasing it. We started a drift next to the paddy 5 different times. Drift 1 legal Halibut, drift 2 short Halibut, drift 3 legal Halibut, drift 4 legal Halibut...
  373. FloMar

    Found some tackle

    You sure pushed 2 of my buttons, fucking tweekers, and thank you for noticing/acting-on-it/calling-it-out with the hope the owner might see this. I'd have replaced the tackle/hardware in the bushes with a tweeker or two, no sir officer I have no idea what they're doing in there, oh the blood . ...
  374. FloMar

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Sizzler waiting list. LOL! Drain plug in ice-chest. LOL! People Suck. You just figured that out!? LOL! After all, GOD helps those who help themselves, it’s written in the bible, isn’t it? Here Here. amen! No GPS. LMFACO! How many personalities do you have, yeah I'm curious like that? Shout out...
  375. FloMar

    Redondo Lanunch....nope. MDR up to the Bu

    If I fished every single day, and could pick only one time each day to have the best chance finding someone at the Redondo bait barge, I'd pick 6AM. Next time you get bait in Redondo ask Mike, yes Mike, if there's a better way to find out when to be there, everything will fall into place, take...
  376. FloMar

    What are those damned tuna feeding on?!?!

    I call it speed bait, little anchovies, could be little sardines, 2-3 inchers, and red crabs, always carry a handful of LIVE Squid.
  377. FloMar

    Good day at the box with my old man

    I'll guess you're stoked to still be able to fish with your Dad, and that he can still get around to fish with you. Lost my Dad in January @ 90, it ain't about the fish at this point, nice brief write-up, it says everything!
  378. FloMar

    Rpt. 09-03-18 Cat/SCI The beat goes on!

    Cory, over time you've done just fine, take a deep breath, things will fall into place for you, you just can't have carnage every single trip. John.
  379. FloMar

    Rpt. 09-03-18 Cat/SCI The beat goes on!

    Some are built for comfort and some are built for speed, applicable to both boats and chicks, I suggest you get a moustache ride from the same girl.
  380. FloMar

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    A free floating paddy with a Mackerel and 7 to 8 inch Sardine mix as far as you could see around it and under it halfway to the bottom, I guess the key would be a depth ehhhh, when I shut it down the meter said 86.3 feet deep, bottom contour nuthin' but hard hard sand, yes the 2 words go...
  381. FloMar

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Fished from 6-11 for a Sand Bass and a few rake marks. At 11AM found this Paddy, and from 11 until 1225 we put the screws to'em, and left'em biting and called it day, we had enough to go around. 4 legals from 25 inches to 27-1/2 pounds with the 2 middle fish 10 and 11 pounds. Enjoy, and please...
  382. FloMar

    Offshore Big bull dorado

    Great persistence, very nice Dorado indeed, nice report too!!!
  383. FloMar

    Offshore 8-2-17 offshore 1 stop shopping!

    Great job, and ice on the fish, bravo!
  384. FloMar

    Catalina tail

    As other have stated, great job Dad, nice report.
  385. FloMar

    Dana Point 7/30

    I never snag bait in MOST harbors, always outside the harbor. The only exception is inside LA Harbor as it's pretty beeeeeg. You can only snag Anchovies when they're around, and only around a small portion of each year these days. My best/successful times snagging bait are when I meter for bait...
  386. FloMar

    LA Harbor - 7/29/17

    Great job Glendon! John.
  387. FloMar

    Limits by 7:30 am

    Nice ride and accommodations, nice load of fish too, almost a buzzkill to get limits that quick, but nevertheless great job guys!!!
  388. FloMar

    Dana Point 7/30

    Tight little boat! As for 35 dollars a scoop, F that! It's truly Principle! Become self-sufficient and make your own bait, it's absolutely a piece of cake, and it's like eating out of your own garden, and when you put fish on the deck using the bait you caught it's even sweeter.
  389. FloMar

    Cat 7/20-7/23

    Appreciate your report, nice Yellowtail.
  390. FloMar

    30lb yellow at church rock

    Nice job, nice fish!! Are you taking that nice Yellowtail for a walk? I ask because I made the mistake one time hanging a fish over a boat only to have a seal try to take the fish and rope. (suggestion)
  391. FloMar

    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    With society changing every split second, how well do you think you know society? The other day the city I live in put up a sign in a neighborhood across the BLVD. Because the city was targeting a certain individual who was parking no less than 10+ vehicles at his house, the neighbors were not...
  392. FloMar

    Offshore Jumbo BFT 75 West

    Congrats, sweet!
  393. FloMar

    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    First off, take a deep breath, . . . . When I had a few trips earlier this year, was not happy with the catching, I did what I always do. I headed to the little island (SBI) for a freezer cod trip. It's 39.9 miles from the entrance of MDR breakwater. Add the motoring around once we get there...
  394. FloMar

    CIH is a ghost town:

    Don't stop now Jim, those fuckers!!
  395. FloMar

    taco meat at the nado's 7-23

    All those fish need is some ice, very nice haul indeed, eat hearty!!!
  396. FloMar

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    I'd hate to be the guy with a badge making the call, but I'm sure they'd error on the side of "generated revenue" = big or small ticket them all. Nice read!
  397. FloMar

    CIH is a ghost town:

    Hey tiny, what's up?! Keep on RANTing! John.
  398. FloMar

    Offshore We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    With all the talk of "fuckery" and "fucked" and "I can't get it up" where's the T&A!? Frustration gets us all, with whatever, at some point! Keep at it, as others have suggested. BTW, great laughs in the reading so you've provided many of us the lighter side of life which brought down my overall...
  399. FloMar


    Those 2 fish look like a couple missiles!
  400. FloMar

    Offshore 2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    Absolutely SICK report, great job guys, does not get any better than this!!!
  401. FloMar

    Coronados 7/15

    Absolute good stuff, me too would snag some big MACs (suggestion), would not be bouncing fish on deck with trebles of any kind in mush (suggestion), quality fishin', and thoroughly enjoyed the VID!!!
  402. FloMar

    LA Harbor - 7/16/17 - On the Water Report

    You owe me nuthin' Glendon, but I'll take what ever you're handing out. You've been nuthin' but a class-act since I met you! I was glad to do it back then and I'd be happy to do it again, don't change!!! John.
  403. FloMar

    Coronado Yellowtail Surface Fishing

    Your meal looks delicious! This also means great PICS!
  404. FloMar

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Whenever I see you next I'll tell you why I've been away so long. Was that you trolling the bottom lets say 7-8 AM same area I was drifting, and kicking' in-n-out (not about double-doubles) of gear? We did manage the 715 fish there, and lots of rake marks. Do not keep the radio on Jeffrey...
  405. FloMar

    LA Harbor - 7/16/17 - On the Water Report

    Nice job Glendon, just awesome! John.
  406. FloMar

    Catalina Boiler Rock Checkerboards 7.13

    Looks like a whole lot of fun!
  407. FloMar

    7/15 Izors, pipe, 150

    It's always nice to get on the water, everything runs great, and you caught fish, nuthin' better IMO. Thank you for posting your report!
  408. FloMar

    7-15-17. La Jolla Exotics!

    Nice, congratulations!
  409. FloMar

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    You just made my day Jack, thank you!
  410. FloMar

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Never lost the touch, just out of touch with SMB, that's as much as you get Asher. I worked my ASS off over the last 3 trips to find these fish! Now that I have the fish on my radar . . . I'm taking them with me, good luck!! John.
  411. FloMar

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    It's been awhile Joe, hope you are doing well these days.
  412. FloMar

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Told my partner after catching' a few legals early AM last week that we'd be lucky to get any outside of noon to 3 PM today. Partner nails 15 pound fish at 7:15, all gravy at this point. We Sardined around until noon for 4 shorts between us, and me losing count of all my raked baits. Went to...
  413. FloMar

    Newport halibut

    Congratulations on your personal best, nice Halibut indeed!
  414. FloMar

    Island Tuna-and I dont mean Coranados!

    Love the picture of the Calico in the kill bag! :appl: Also surprised the Bass fisherman didn't get their drawers bunched up over that. LOL Calico eats up good raw also, if taken care of properly, and you seem to have slices in all the right places on each fish. Iced down like that I'm afraid...
  415. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    I'm guessing that Sheephead you're holding is 30+ plus pounds, mind if I ask how big it was?
  416. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    Is there a law against cooking Cowcod, or BSB for that matter? I think it's a possession factor, 99%, and I get that. I guess the real question you would ask is how does one obtain these fish legally? Where is that CLUB a Seal video? I need to find it . . . that'll keepya busy for awhile!!
  417. FloMar

    Island Tuna-and I dont mean Coranados!

    LMFACO! Although, as stated, Bonito is awesome sashimi, no two ways about that, and spear fisherman that have their technique filed-down and sharp can stick a 5 inch sardine. Forgot to say, was at SBI on 7/1 and saw very similar conditions as described.
  418. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    Beer battered and deep fried . . . Cowcod makes an excellent Taco base, home made Pico, some slaw/cabbage, a lime, and your drink of choice, times X Tacos and X drinks. Funny thing everyone thinks I'm kidding about this, well kills 2 fish with one ganglion, whatcha gunna do!? Come to think of it...
  419. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    Well good luck this weekend Glendon, and good luck to your Son also. John.
  420. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    I didn't find many Asher, but when I did they were all hooked, netted, and tagged, well except for these 2 little ladies that were kept, and sure glad nobody else was around on a weekday at 730 in the morning. John.
  421. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    The BSB you're holding is the perfect size for the BBQ! MMMMMMMMM tasty! Generally, I use garlic cloves strategically placed in a BSB steak, basted with olive-oil and pepper, topped-off with Artichoke and Asparagus and big squid tentacles all grilled and lathered with butter and garlic...
  422. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    That's exactly how I hook all my fish. LOL! Had a few days and went Halibut fishing. Absolutely great bait (sardines) from Marina Del Rey Sportfishing both mornings, had decent slime on'em too. Yesterday at 7:30 AM, 60 feet, 27 inches and 8 pounds. Today at 7:45 AM, 78 feet, 28.5 inches and 10...
  423. FloMar

    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    What kind of hook(s). At 120 feet that 4 ounce EGG is going to create some issues, how did you keep it down?
  424. FloMar

    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    Stellar, just plain Stellar! Great write-up too Yutaka!
  425. FloMar

    Rrt-Tues-01-17-17 Winter Bass and a Butt!

    FN sweet, a Halibut got in your way of Bass fishin', :appl:nice job Lal! Always nice to read your write-ups Cory. :)
  426. FloMar

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Not stepping in the middle of this, although I just did chat with you, good to hear your voice, you sounded clear to me, for what that's worth, and glad you're doing good, wherever you are *wink*. Yeah U taught me stuff too and hopefully I taught U some too. Not much in life stays the same...
  427. FloMar

    Left U a phone message, what the F R U doing in Kansas?!

    Left U a phone message, what the F R U doing in Kansas?!
  428. FloMar

    Dana Point 3 day weekend halibut fishing 1-14 to 1-16-17

    Great short read and report Mike! Anyone catching 5+ legal Halibut in a weekend is no rookie. I'd shed that tag and give yourself credit. Quality fishing, and even better details! You put the kid on his first Halibut and a nice one at that, and letting your son know who the Captain is without...
  429. FloMar

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    Such a simple concept, and yet some struggle to attain this level of humanity. I hear you Johnson!
  430. FloMar

    1-14-17 - No Halibut, New Boat Report

    Pictures look just fine, welcome back Glendon! Where's my hat!?:) Let me know if you'd like to potentially pre-schedule for next season Lobster Opener with your Son? I'm going to assume he's not gone yet, so if you'd like a boat for you and he to ride on lemme know, already have 1 night laid...
  431. FloMar

    VERY Late Report and Lost Net

    Damn Yutaka, you're a fish catching maniac! I'd better never take you Halibut fishing with me again, can't have that happen. Nice job on the MAMA Ling lettin' her go. NOTE to self: Trip was on 11/19.
  432. FloMar

    Looks like a lot of fun

    For those who do not like Sand Dabs and Sand Dab fishing . . . Catch 10 or so, keep them alive in the bait tank, and let them get their whatever back after being reeled up for hundreds of feet. Then . . If you drop a LIVE one down on your favorite Lingcod spot they will FN hammer them!
  433. FloMar

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    Can't argue that, well stated.
  434. FloMar

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    Absolutely SWEET, thank you for the come back, another great job!
  435. FloMar

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    What's the biggest Pacific Halibut you've nailed with that there Copper pipe thang?
  436. FloMar

    Dana Point halibut 1-7-17

    Congratulations to the both of you, as it's your job to find the fish and put everyone on the boat on'em, and everyone on the boats job to put them on deck. I bet Dad's glad he brought some talent this day, ehhhh.
  437. FloMar

    The days you expect the least...Pt. Loma, 1/6

    Beautiful fish, and a PIG at that, great job on the picture while she still had her colors. Hold that fish up would'ya. SWEET! DO NOT forget the cheeks, on that girl man they'll be the size of Ab steaks. Sure hate to see that go to waste, probably 60 dollars worth of Sashimi there.
  438. FloMar

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Nice SLUG Yellowtail, great job!!
  439. FloMar

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    Nice job, congratulations, don't you just love it when your plan comes together!!!
  440. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    Good $#!+ Nate, just got a chance to view it . . . Laughed pretty FN hard, at least Pink Gummy had the solution. Needed that at the end of the week, thank you.
  441. FloMar

    All Coast Website???

    Pretty funny coming from one GRUMP to another.
  442. FloMar

    Hooped the coast last night 1/4/16. More sealions then bugs

    Last night you could have called me, and damned if I didn't leave my cell phone at home today. GRRRRR! Never call between midnight and 5AM, as this is when I get my best work done, and never call me on a full moon. It's been hectic for me which is why we haven't taken Logan yet, and had to get...
  443. FloMar

    Hooped the coast last night 1/4/16. More sealions then bugs

    Nothing wrong with 3 legals Chris, nothing, do not be so hard on yourself. Have an idea where you were, will call you after work today. Great job!
  444. FloMar

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    Only place I can think of would be the main channel where BEEEEEG BOATS come and go, aware of a few spots that hold Halibut inside the Bay, PM me and I'll unload'em spots forya.
  445. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    Welllllllllllllllllllllllll, it's January, I have a memory like a bear trap Mike, when are we leaving?! Happy New Year!
  446. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    Here's some more Nate. Those zip-ties you see are holding wire mesh on the inside of the open-door end. The other end has the same except on the outside. I also leave a little sharp tip on the end. If you do not handle my cages right you could get cut, yes cut, so imagine when a Seal or Sea Lion...
  447. FloMar

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    That Halibut looks like it died from a headache. LOL! Nice job!
  448. FloMar

    1/1/17 Marina del Rey. Short trip with a few Triggers, and lost big fish

    As someone mentioned Chris the Triggerfish is great table fare, might want to put a governor on it ~suggestion~. My guess would be Angel Shark, fights just like a big female Halibut right up until the time you finally see it and yell...
  449. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    For those that swear tubes are the way to go I say . . . The bait in these cages has been used the last 2 nights. I never had to refill any of the 10 cages the last 2 nights! Still sitting in the nets, in the boat, hooked to the 454, ready to go, when the next weather window presents itself...
  450. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    Last night we started in 23 feet. I hope you're doing' well Brian. Been working some areas that have a lot of Eel grass. Especially locations where it's up to 2 feet tall as they hide very well when it's that long. Yes 28 feet!
  451. FloMar

    Late La Jolla Surface Report

    Note sure why 2 weeks late, but if I knew the fish were there and it was bird chasing then I'd have waited 3 weeks. LOL! We all know what happens when it's run and gun with 200 other boats. Fish go down. Great job!
  452. FloMar

    Finger Bankin - Epic Goldfishing

    Seeing that piece of iron hang from that Chucklehead tells me everything, absolutely awesome quality fishing.
  453. FloMar

    Rockfishing SBI with epic weather!

    That one Whitefish look like a small Yellowtail, never can find enough Reds there (SBI) seems they're always moving from pinnacle to pinnacle, and yes the weather was truly spectacular, yes indeed an EPIC trip.
  454. FloMar

    Making Squid

  455. FloMar

    Rpt.-Wed.-12-28-16 Last chance Rockfish at SCI in 2016!

    Love eating those Chuckleheads Cory. Usually find WHITEFISH shallower also, where I fish'em at SBI. Nice job!
  456. FloMar

    SMB - Evan & The Sheep w/ Side Of Ling

    Nice job all the way around guys.
  457. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    Had a small window to take my Son Lobster fishing for the first time. He and his wife are here from Texas. My hooping partner and I set a goal to get him 4 so he could have a dinner with his wife parents before they head back Friday. We did better than that as he pulled a limit and we shut it...
  458. FloMar

    12-21 Rockfish Report

    XXX indeed, absolutely SWEET!
  459. FloMar

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Great pictures and report Chris, quality Sheepshead.
  460. FloMar

    Hooping Mission Bay - 12/18/16

    Keeping GF happy is half the battle, and looks like you succeeded there. Looks to be great weather at sunset also, damn wind.
  461. FloMar

    Catalina lobsters before the storm 12/20

    Nice job, nice report, congrats!
  462. FloMar


    Very nice information Gabe, very nice indeed.
  463. FloMar

    SD bay bugs 12-9-16

    I sure hope you had rubber gloves on. Some smells you just do not get off of you quickly depending on the oils in them. Lots of fish oils out there, and they can be used with different kinds of meat. Great job on the legals! And I agree, those extra degrees making a night trip more enjoyable...
  464. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    I was just discussing with my partner what it takes me, or him, or both of us, to be motivated to go. It's not like you put 75 cents in a vending machine, pull the handle, and viola everything is magically ready to go. So much that has to happen just to get ready to go, let alone get there in...
  465. FloMar

    SMB and LBC Bass Etc.

    The boys smile says it all, nice job all the way around!
  466. FloMar

    2nd yellowtail

    Nice job and write-up, congratulations!
  467. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    The 'Ol 90/10 rule at work again, what a clue Mike. Most don't believe you/me until they see it, and we know you can't save the world one hoopnetter at a time. An A+ for stirring the pot! :fighting0061:
  468. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    ~~~~~ 'Ats why I'm happy in 31 feet!
  469. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    LMFACO! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Now, back to business. Years back received 'Fair Warning' and made a drive to fill-up a 110 qt ice chest with YFT scraps post 10-12 day trip. Best pieces were the gills, and the carcass itself minus the head. That Tuna your standing with made me share...
  470. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    You did your homework I'm impressed, so did I. Spiny lobster, San Benito Islands, Panulirus interruptus, San Benito Islands (Islas San Benito) Quite a library of pictures there, very impressed. :appl:
  471. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    I found your spot! And it's right next to my Spot!
  472. FloMar

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    The 2 sentences I bolded speak volumes about where I was going with my question Nathan, good enough for me, thank you for that. and why are fish there one day and not the next, we may never know. WTF!?!? I'm not going to say this all came from cruise ships, sure wish those that dump their beer...
  473. FloMar

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Now that I've had time to read the whole thread, view all the videos, and put everyone's feedback into perspective, this must be really/very gratifying for you to see your efforts, however long this took to get to this point, rewarded with all this positive feedback, just a guess. Question...
  474. FloMar

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    I'd be protective also, no two ways about that. When one has a spot like this, at the depths you stated, it can be somewhat challenging to park the dinner wagon in the same parking spot each trip. To gett'em that quick can be somewhat of a buzzkill, my opinion, cuz basically that's dialed-in...
  475. FloMar

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Better than TV, great job, an absolute enlightening perspective!!!
  476. FloMar

    Black Friday LBC lobster fishing

    Geramie, please call me John, no need 2B formal. Added bait cage pics above.
  477. FloMar

    Black Friday LBC lobster fishing

    If others can't figure out which of 20+ jetties you're referring to . . . LOL! Best location description I've seen in 7 weeks (this season). . . . . . tells me YOU GET IT! How old is your son? QUOTE="geramiecg, post: 4234557, member: 150498"]...they trashed six of my bait cages that I now...
  478. FloMar

    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    It does not get any better than that, with your bother and Dad, quality fishing indeed. Nice job!
  479. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    Very few things stop me from talking, you should know that by now Randy. Was talking with Jason the other day and apparently neither of us know where Kevin is or how he is doing these days. Lot's of rumors but I can not qualify any of them, and will not. I only hope he's doing well. As for you...
  480. FloMar

    Homeguard yellowtail

    Sashimi Yellowtail sounds really good about now. Man the belly meat on a fish with <5% body fat is amazing.
  481. FloMar

    Hooping Catalina 11/19/16

    Nice report, nothing like eating from your own garden, you got some, nice job.
  482. FloMar

    6 hoop nets lost at Catalina

    It's happened to me also at Arrow Point and the 2 hoopnets were found floating in 60 feet just before Stoney Point. If you spend/spent the night you can roll down the front of the island and they're everywhere, a bi-product of hooping deeper. Those look like a couple of nice Lobsters! Have not...
  483. FloMar

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Remember discussing this the other day? I think the line for the commercial guys is the tip of Point Loma to the tip of Zuniga Jetty. On the right inside of that.
  484. FloMar

    SD Hooping 11/19

    I sure hope the new spot you tried is not on the right as you exit the harbor, please do not be there.:imdumb: The only thing I'd have done different Matt is move the other 9 where you got the one legal, there's always more than one I've found.
  485. FloMar

    11/18 Catalina Lobster Quick Limits for Two at 175ft

    When I have newbies on I always go over the fishfinder, gps, vhf, radar, compass, turning on and off motor, protocol for every possible scenario. Shit happens! Safety first! Good Luck!
  486. FloMar

    11/19 Dana Point halibut

    Excellent job! Yes for all . . . . for Halibut for boats and for fisherman.
  487. FloMar

    11/19 Dana Point halibut

    I completely agree with you.
  488. FloMar

    Found a hoop net Catalina

    Regulations state any net left for more than 2 hours is considered abandoned. And I believe it also uses the term "unlawful". 29.80. GEAR RESTRICTIONS. (a) General Provisions: (1) Saltwater crustaceans may be taken by hand. (2) Nets, traps or other appliances may not be used except as provided...
  489. FloMar

    Found a hoop net Catalina

    Great of you to do this. What blows my mind is how many guys have lost'em hoop nets. My Danielsons are the originals, look like crap, but still catch pretty good, going on season 13. Don't get me wrong had many sink out but because of the big floats attached they eventually came up in shallower...
  490. FloMar

    11/13 catalina on the freelance

    As long as the Captain and crew give 100% that's all you can do. People will be people, it's their nature.
  491. FloMar

    Rpt.-Wed.-11-16-16 Bass and Buitt.

    Nice job Cory/Lal.
  492. FloMar

    Hooping SD Bay 11/16

    First off congratulations on the 3 legal lobsters Matt! I thought for sure when I saw this post/semi~offer you'd have the keys to Neptunes city. Did you get the help you need? You good to go? Good Luck!
  493. FloMar

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Now I know where I got my White Knuckles, attaboy Mike. . . . think that calls for a fourth dart on the board! Nice checkmate!
  494. FloMar

    11/13 catalina on the freelance

    I could not agree more Jim! Years back when my boat was in the shop, I broke down and rode one of those big wooden platforms, loaded with live squid, and they kept telling me "we're not using the live-stuff until we find fish", well we never found fish! And as I hopped off at the end of the day...
  495. FloMar

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Breathe deep brother, it's okay. :nopity:La la la la la . . . don't you become a Gilmore girl too! Plan the FN trip to the island would you, and let's go pillage, it's time for A true bang fest!
  496. FloMar

    Be Safe Out There

    Body of missing Huntington Beach scuba diver found off El Segundo Rescue divers search Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, for missing scuba diver near El Segundo Beach. The search continued Monday, Nov. 14. Courtesy of Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division By Larry Altman, Daily Breeze...
  497. FloMar

    WFO Lobster all you wanted.......

    I just looked at that grill PIC Shad, not sure how I missed it, holy shit! Absolutely sweet!
  498. FloMar

    11/12-11/13 Dana Point halibut weekend

    Nice job by your son! :appl: Hope you traded the runt of the 2 for the YFT? Appreciate all the info, nice job indeed!!
  499. FloMar

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    I personally would have left picture #5 out of your report. Got ICE? Yeah you clobbered'em alright, seen this before just can't place it at the moment. Nice trip!
  500. FloMar

    11-12 Long Beach Harbor lobster report

    These are my opinions. There's plenty of Lobsters, all I'm going to say. What the coast needs is that first wicked/SNOTTY storm for a few days. This will dislodge the Lobsters that are either molting and/or hunkered down. The flood-gates will then open! For those of you that know some divers...
  501. FloMar

    Where do you guys get your salmon heads

    If your timing is good you can get'em down at the fish distributors in San Pedro. I walk up with an ice-chest and get what I need for nuthin' out of the dumpsters on the loading dock. I'm usually there grabbing some blocks or packages of squid (eaters) also. It's just down the street from 22nd...
  502. FloMar

    11/11 long beach

    Nice to have been on the water versus working. Nice job indeed!
  503. FloMar

    Santa Barbara Island Rockfish and Yellowtail Report

    Nothing like an overnighter to the little island!
  504. FloMar

    Be Safe Out There

    A reality check indeed, what a shame, always hate to see one of your own go down. You better be nice to Mother Nature. :imdumb: LMACO! :rofl:
  505. FloMar

    11-9-16 209-181

    Your options are: Take your boat to your local Church and have it blessed by a Priest with Holy Water. Go fish for something simple that's always around, like "Trash" fish. Check electrical system to make sure you’re not repelling fish. Take newbies and rookies fishing, they’re bound to...
  506. FloMar

    SCI on the Tribute 9/10 overniter

    The only thing better than 3 Yellowfin is 3 Bluefin, my opinion of course. How can you beat good weather and catching, you can't! Congrats!
  507. FloMar

    11/10/16 Cat Bugs not good for me.

    Breathe deep Chris . . . sometimes this stuff happens. More then happy to help you and your son get some lobsters, lemme know.
  508. FloMar

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    Something to think about . . . Save all your Mackerel. When you get back to the ramp give them to someone hoop netting for their fresh bait. Besides the good-karma you just might find someone whom you can give you something you need to start your day off with a BANG. Suggestion. Nice report!
  509. FloMar

    Hoop netting Long Beach harbor 11-4-16

    Big waves, no problem, know the limitations for yourself and your boat. Wind, unless it's down right SNOTTY, know the limitations for yourself and your boat. Cold weather, no problem, dress warm. Cold weather and rain, keep your Grundens on all-day, and ears covered! FOG, hate it, 'bout...
  510. FloMar

    Hoop netting Long Beach harbor 11-4-16

    OUCH! Glad you and your son made it in safely! Must have been a painful, anxiety-filled, stressful, draining 3 hour tour.
  511. FloMar

    Catalina 11-6

    Most any report is better than none, nice job, good info!!!
  512. FloMar

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    It's not always the current, and yes it depends on the location. Nice job on the 8 legals, and the brown/red rock crabs. Years back I was approached by a boat while hooping. I had no idea what was about to happen until it was almost too late. Had a gut feeling about the other boat as I'd never...
  513. FloMar

    Long Beach report

    Nothing like being amped-up to fish, and then the unexpected detours kick-in. :2gunsfiring_v1: Sounds like you made the most of it!
  514. FloMar

    BUGS WFO CAT IN 180FT 11-3-16

    Nice job, and it's always great when your plan comes together!!
  515. FloMar

    10/29 LJ Better Luck than Good

    Nice Yellowtail!
  516. FloMar

    Lobster Report - SD Bay 11/3

    Keep at it and it will happen. Ever head out from Mission Bay and turn right? Rocks are everywhere, you just have to locate them.
  517. FloMar

    Fishing the SI Pier of SD Bay 11/2

    Very good read indeed!
  518. FloMar

    LA harbor lobster report

    When you're on top of the mountain there's only one way to go. You're only as good as your last trip. He's living rent-free in your head! I'd have left the ACE in my pocket, for something more crucial/critical, had it been me.
  519. FloMar


    Congratulations, beautiful Halibut!
  520. FloMar

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Let me know if I can be of some help Matt.
  521. FloMar

    Santa Barbara Island Rockfish and Yellowtail Report

    Nice of you to post that 1st PIC with the drop off, just glad it wasn't in tighter as that's the best Whitefish spot on the island IMO. A beautiful Red if I do say so myself. Thankfully, not everyone possesses fish sense. Locks-in 4 me the normal spot of the yellows off the anchorage. Quality...
  522. FloMar

    LA harbor lobster report

    That's the idea of the forum for people to read what others feedback is. Remains to be seen. Like the optimism, but that remains to be seen. You have missed some exceptional fishing years. I'll never forget 1965-1967! . . . . seen it good and not so good myself. Unfortunately, and do to...
  523. FloMar

    LA harbor lobster report

    Look for Rock Crabs from end of December thru February, they're around.
  524. FloMar

    She smells a little fishy.

    IMO, for what that's worth, women that enjoy fishing are a dime a dozen. Buuuuut, women that can catch'em and put'em on the deck when the captain finds'em are worth their weight in gold. And she appears to like loud and abrasive music based on her shirt, you must be in Heaven. :rockin...
  525. FloMar

    10/27 Afternoon Delight. Tuna Grounds with Dad and Personal Bests

    Stellar report and pictures, congratulations on a great trip!
  526. FloMar

    Pt Loma 10/25: Rockfish Limits for 3 in Two Hours

    Completely agree. Pictures are great, I'm hungry now, great report!!!
  527. FloMar

    LA harbor lobster report

    I too lacked a desire to fish for a number of years, for a number of reasons, man your candor is A+. I LOVE IT when people call a spade a spade!
  528. FloMar

    Lobster report for Friday 10/21/2016.

    Thank You! 2 other boats next to me were complaining their cages had been emptied out and physically thrashed and trashed by the Seals, while I did feed'em my cages were untouched, so from that perspective you're right . . . BRILLIANT!
  529. FloMar

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    An absolutely sweet looking ride! Is there a slammer (fish hold) on the boat?
  530. FloMar

    Lobster report for Friday 10/21/2016.

    Thank You mullet, Reel hip, 909MARIO, & Phat Boat for the feedback. I think I can easily modify my routine and dump the bait elsewhere. BTW, I enjoy listening to Louis Black. Perfect routine for this post. Thank You. John.
  531. FloMar

    LA harbor lobster report

    You have the right outlook IMO.
  532. FloMar

    Hooping Catalina 2 day permit 10/21-10/22 too easy

    I just noticed your avatar Tim, love to hear THAT story sometime, just sick! :lux::appl::lux::appl:
  533. FloMar

    Lobster report for Friday 10/21/2016.

    Why am I posting this report? Because I have to take the bad with good IMO, and vice versa. Headed to the Freeway at 6PM, and arrived at our destination at 7PM. Headed to spot 1369 and dropped 10 nets anticipating a bang fest. Minutes after the 10th net went down I realized there were divers in...
  534. FloMar

    10/20 Catalina Full Speed Lobster

    Saaaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Your daughter is looking at the Lobster saying WT? is this, nice job Shad.
  535. FloMar

    10.8.16 lings, reds & sheeps

    Nice report, and even nicer fish, appreciate the PICS closing the loop.
  536. FloMar

    10-15-Lobstering so easy a 3,6,and 8 year old can do it!Also,found net.

    Great report, and great lookin' kids and food! What time is dinner?!
  537. FloMar

    Lack of lobster reports

    Funny I find myself standing by your side on this one Brian, but I couldn't agree more. Something to be said about people that blatantly take the design of another product, make it their own, and pretend like nothing happened. Makes me sick!
  538. FloMar

    Lobsters charging the boat at Catalina 10/12 and 10/13

    Very nice indeed, sweet mess O-Bugs!
  539. FloMar

    SMB - It's That Time

    Nice job, if you didn't get wet it just wouldn't be fishing IMO. A big storm with big waves, if we ever get one, is going to open the flood gates. Then you better get'em B4 they go deep(er). Thank You for your report.
  540. FloMar

    Rocky Point finally blessed the Avon

    Great report, nice Yellow!!
  541. FloMar

    Lobster/Lost Boat Report - 10/12

    All I can say is I'm glad everyone is okay, a boat can be replaced, not a life. John.
  542. FloMar

    Hooped San Diego Bay last night.

    Yes zipped to the bottom of the net, 1 thru the gills and 1 around the tail. Hooped 5 nights this week saw 1 seal in 5 days. The 1 we did see we gave him a fat 2 pound Mac and never saw it again. LOL! Location, location, location!!!
  543. FloMar

    Good night of hooping

    Sunset, success, family, kids, ahhha bugs too, absolutely awesome!
  544. FloMar

    Last nights Lobster for 10/6 trip.

    I hope you saved the gills from that yellow for your cages, nothing better, and the belly meat for me. :cheers: That's a pig! pig: Are the boys ever getting together on the water anymore for another CAMPOPARTYFISHORAMA? Take care Joey! John.
  545. FloMar

    Last nights Lobster for 10/6 trip.

    Hey Glendon hope all is well with you, yes been awhile. Never touched the bait once finished Thursday night used the same stuff again and it must have been like candy to them, call me if you need something. John.
  546. FloMar

    Hooped San Diego Bay last night.

    How can you go wrong with a nice Halibut before even starting hooping, sweet! After filleting a Halibut years ago, and taking the cheek meat also, I zip-tied the carcass into a hoop net, then smashed 10 sardines on top and drove to my local hooping state, dropped it down and that bad boy...
  547. FloMar

    Last nights Lobster for 10/6 trip.

    Used mushy Mackerel, smushed in a bucket and spooned it over each PM on the hook until we had what we needed each night, so now the bucket goes back in the freezer full of Macs as we're done at 755 tonight, just sick bug fishing tonight, awesome weather too Take care!.
  548. FloMar

    Last nights Lobster for 10/6 trip.

    Hooped the same general area as on the opener, in-addition to Tues/Weds/Thurs. 30 feet of water with only fresh caught Mackerel in the cages, forced-into/smashed-in not cut in half. Started at 715 for only 1 legal in first 10 pulls so had to put thinking cap on as boats were starting to show for...
  549. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    Vic, I'm glad I could help you along the way, these days people are much different. That's not good or bad, not getting stuck out on that tree branch again. I'm sure you know where I'm coming from, and thank you for the nice words. More tidbits from last nights success. Started again at 715 and...
  550. FloMar

    Lobster and lost gear

    There's the written rules and regs and the unwritten rules and regs. If this happened to me guess we have some fingers for bait! WTF is it with people these day?!?!?!?!?! :Death_To_Above::indabutt: Keep that up and you'll need a new table, LOL! Great stack O bugs!
  551. FloMar

    Lack of lobster reports

    I'm already locked and loaded for tonight Shad, heading out at 11 this morning. Thank You for the invite though! Seems you've changed neighborhoods these days, good for you. What happened to your rocket ship, or am I just reading the wrong book these days? Sorry for the highjack Darrin!
  552. FloMar

    Lack of lobster reports

    Great job with those kids!
  553. FloMar

    Lack of lobster reports

    You were at Catalina Sunday Night? It was a ripping' wind if I recall.
  554. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    If I can find'em I'll stick a tag in'em Glen.
  555. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    Sorry Mike, it's the addict in me, done at 9 tonight 30% better quality.
  556. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    If I can find'em, you bet Mike.
  557. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    Hooped last night, started pulling at 715 and done by 830, me and my partner Bryan. Had not hooped in 3 seasons, but seems I can still catch a few. Sardines and Mackerel for bait. The rest is all but gone now, the ocean calls. Happy birthday Tommy Holmes, rest in peace!
  558. FloMar

    Lost Reliable Kill Bags

    New alibi ~ How about they were full of fish and sank out.
  559. FloMar

    Rats everywhere

    Gotta love'em fishin' msg boards these days. The more it changes the more it stays the same! Might have to keep a couple 2 pounders to flyline for RAT eaters. Sure don't miss this crap Brad! John.
  560. FloMar

    Killed the BUGS

    Damn! Got me fired up! Glad the season is over. I have not been on the water in 3 years and that's about to change, only 2 spots like that left over there, brings back awesome memories, and F the haters, helluva job boys, helluva job!!
  561. FloMar

    Lobster Report 11-7-15

    Well 3 is greater than zero. John.
  562. FloMar

    12-6-15 Big But

    Love it, congratulations!
  563. FloMar

    Looking for Yamaha mechanic Mike Clark.

    Anyone know if Mike Clark is working somewhere as a Yamaha mechanic after Johns Custom Marine in Stanton closed? Any information and/or feedback appreciated, thank you. John.
  564. FloMar

    Offshore Fun day close to home

    Not a damn thing wrong with that, congratulations!
  565. FloMar

    Offshore Great day out there 7-30-14.

    Absolutely EPIC IMO! ~
  566. FloMar

    Heading out in the am 7/30

    If you meant you would be buying bait at MDR Bait, did the prices go up? John.
  567. FloMar

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    If you truly believe in Banana Voodoo, as do I, then why would you yourself be carrying them?
  568. FloMar


    Be glad the bilge did not work . . Kaboom! Nice perseverance!
  569. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  570. FloMar


    I have not read one response, and I'm sure some have said why kill it? If this was caught and killed for research as stated in one article I read then that's flat out BS. You want to research it then tag it, and track it's habbits, don't FN kill it. . . . sure would like to tag some...
  571. FloMar

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    Capitalizing on need is okay, but if it's done unethically, with no scruples, with no conscience, using back-handed techniques, you step on people, and hijack other peoples/companies work and/or product design then that's flat out BULLSHIT and should not be tolerated on any level. Faulting...
  572. FloMar

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    Remember it's a 2-way street, someone has to be kneeling and someone has to be standing, and I'll lay odds they took turns standing and kneeling.
  573. FloMar

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    AMEN! Went out last Saturday with one of my regulars, my boat, had the game plan all laid out based on recon and connections with THE LOCAL BOYS. At the ramp someone shows up with a last minute tip, so slightly altered but same area. I questioned, but rolled with it, rest is history we'll...
  574. FloMar

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    Well I am talking about them. So now what!?
  575. FloMar

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    FN Lame Clueless Brain-damaged Self-righteous Deceitful Ignorant Twinkie Troll Loser Asshole Regurgitant Lower life form Commercial advertiser Intellectual hemorrhoid, all of them! On a much more possitive note ~ we were done by 8:30 Saturday.
  576. FloMar

    Quality Reds on Split Decision

    Nice job Grant, tell your Dad I said Hi.
  577. FloMar


    It does not get any better than that, congratulations!
  578. FloMar

    Lobster advisory committe has been announced. Thought you should know.

    You are a Conflict Of Interest on any committee, let alone a Lobster committe.
  579. FloMar

    Mexican Visa For Fishing - IS THIS TRUE

    You're right it's not my country, but that won't stop me from commenting on and/or providing feedback on what I want to comment on and/or provide feedback on. Thanks for offering, I don't go both ways. Relax? It's the relaxed mode that put California into the various fishing Clusterfucks...
  580. FloMar

    If you get seasick don't bother.

    If you love the Ocean . .
  581. FloMar

    Mexican Visa For Fishing - IS THIS TRUE

    I would hope they're part of the fishing industry. We saw what millions of dollars just bought us, the FN MLPA rammed up our butts. There's a few tracks I race on and I still do not have the inside track. You say complain, I say feedback. Very noble of you. Back to business. When...
  582. FloMar

    Ensenada 12-18 to 12-20-2011-Sand Bass, Rockfish & Lings

    I hope you and yours are doing well Louie. It appears the fishing is booming for you down south. John.
  583. FloMar

    Mexican Visa For Fishing - IS THIS TRUE

    For me and mine, those are Christmas colors. If that's what they mean to you, that's fine, no worries here. Have a great Holiday!
  584. FloMar

    Mexican Visa For Fishing - IS THIS TRUE

    Who are THE PEOPLE?! Nobody has my interest at heart like me! US? Must be you and the mouse in your pocket. Thank You! Process still in negotiations? BS! Rumor. Best interest at heart? BS! Rumor. Mexico is working with us? BS! Rumor. Lots of good and knowledgeable people on this...
  585. FloMar


    Okay. If it comes easy then your not trying. Sardines do not slide thru holes, fish and other critters (crabs) along with those FN Seals suck them out. Plug the holes, or cover with a smaller square by square measurement material of your choice other than panty hose. This gets good...
  586. FloMar

    the ocean provides in so many ways

    Not the Clams I had in mind, :rofl: but those are good eatin'. Happy Holidays!
  587. FloMar

    HALF PRICE! 1/2 day Friday 12/16/2011

    How are the plants growing Jim? :rofl: Plumeria(s).
  588. FloMar

    Fishing The Tides

    This is what I use Matt. I dial in the tides for where I'll be fishin', for the number of days I need, and I print out 2 copies before I leave on the trip. Enjoy!
  589. FloMar

    Izors Reef from a divers view 12/20/11

    I certainly can vouch for your diving ability as it relates to finding stuff on the ocean floor. Still have the SD8 Roger? Happy Holidays!
  590. FloMar

    Buggin with Bailey

    Beautiful dog indeed, and a fine mess of Lobster in that there milk crate. Nice job!
  591. FloMar

    Servers upgraded sorry for the closed time

    Okay, I'm sure my radar will pick you up Danny. I'd just hate to run into you out there. Probably be like the old station wagon hitting an Elk. Take care.
  592. FloMar

    Servers upgraded sorry for the closed time

    Do you have radar on your boat?
  593. FloMar

    Dana point to Barn kelp

    Seen way too many of these canisters over the years. Went to pick one up years back, and out of the blue some BEEEEG rubber boats full of NAVY PEEPS showed up telling me not to touch it. Damn machine gun on the front of the boat scared the F outta me! See them always off Pendleton in-shore...
  594. FloMar

    12/20 Catalina Keeps Producing Big Time

    No limit to how many on the BBQ at any given time either. :rofl: Looks like cookie cutter 2 pound tails too me, stellar job Shad! And to answer your question from last time, yeah I'm up for a week night trip . . . . just have to find the time and the right week night.
  595. FloMar

    Dp SOLE Brother

    I love eatin' those Chuckleheads, good stuff!
  596. FloMar

    Double limits + out of Dana Point

    Glad to hear you had your ducks in a row!
  597. FloMar

    Double limits + out of Dana Point

    Excellent job indeed, congratulations on another fine evening of hooping! Suggestion: Make sure you don't get rolled-up-upon with this hypothetical SITCH = double limits + for 2 guys. CADFG will hang you high for all to see = ticket time! Seen boats dump a net, rolled-up-upon, count all the...
  598. FloMar

    Servers upgraded sorry for the closed time

    Ain't got no email, tomorrow's another day guess I'll check then.
  599. FloMar

    150 area 12/18/11

    GO to 150 feet! Click the link, move your mouse and grab the numbers you want, drill in or out, Merry Christmas...
  600. FloMar

    Servers upgraded sorry for the closed time

    As long as we're asking I'll take a sweatshirt, with hoodie, pullover, a somewhat raised graphic design, fleece inside, hand warmer in pockets, and a sock full of quarters.
  601. FloMar

    Mission Accomplished #39 & #40

    Beautiful quality Halibut, nice job!:appl:
  602. FloMar

    Tips for services

    A long time ago when I rode these (whatever you wanna call'em boats) people were tipped on their service, courtesy, politeness, thoroughness, attitude (good or bad depending on the SITCH at that exact moment), and their honesty. I remember a trip on the (boat shall remain nameless) and they...
  603. FloMar

    Southern California Halibut Hunting (VIDEO)

    I found that to be . . . quite an interesting video Ben. Hi. The effort put forth to create and share it, good stuff indeed! As a fisherman and no longer diving much, if at all, I'm jealous somewhat. At this point in life I'd wanted to stay above the water line to catch my fish. I've viewed...
  604. FloMar

    Catalina MLPA Closures?

    That last part is funny. It might have began here for you, but in the big picture unhuhh. Breathe deep! Ever hear the story about Adam and Eve catching the first Trout? :rofl: San Nicholas Island will be the place to be in 2012, even at 65 miles from where I launch.
  605. FloMar

    mlpa closures

    Someone should write this [email protected]&()[email protected]#&() a ticket! I can't even get my boat into get bait at the In-Seine Bait dock! Just another case of money talking, can't even offload the damn squid. My thoughts on this below.
  606. FloMar

    The 1/2 off deal

    For what it's worth Dave, you keep that attitude, and you will continue to be successful whether the boat is loaded with fish at the end of the day or not. Best of luck in 2012, and it will be challenging with all the new closures . . for all of us!
  607. FloMar

    mlpa closures
  608. FloMar

    Blazing fast limits ever

    Another part of the the hooping cycle is knowing when they shut down = stop walking. I've stopped counting how many nights with 13 legals and 2 guys because I shut it down immediately based on events or lack of events. Ya gotta know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em, works in poker too
  609. FloMar

    Blazing fast limits ever

    Agreed, and all I'm saying is you do 3 trips at Catalina in that ripping uphill current at 75 - 90 feet and after that it will come naturally for 3 sets on your next trip. IMO. After 3 sets it's time to tag someone else in at that depth! As the season moves on make sure you know where the...
  610. FloMar

    Blazing fast limits ever

    Pulling at 80-90 feet is not big deal for 10 nets. The minute you have to pull multiple sets at that depth, BY HAND, I agree completely. Please tell me you did not have a machine doing the work for you? Congratulations, great job!
  611. FloMar

    Great nite hoopin

    Different boat, have to keep everyone guessing.
  612. FloMar

    Great nite hoopin

    Think I saw you out there, nice job!
  613. FloMar

    Tailwalker Winter 2011 Update - Report

    In picture 19, HEY! That's my shirt! Hope next year and the remainder of this year have your deck littered with fish, go get'em!
  614. FloMar

    NADA DE TO Noache

    What a shame bro. If my Son was not arriving from Texas that night I might hijack your boat, I mean volunteer my services for the night. Just before high tide, slack tide, and the outgoing tide is MY favorite time to score legal Lobsters. Others like 180 degrees opposite, and that works for...
  615. FloMar

    DP Butts

  616. FloMar

    Rpt-Wed-12-07-11 SCI Lings and Reds.

    Cory, W-in-TF were you doin' on top of the cabin? It's the the wind blown look you're sportin'. :rofl: Nice job on the fish, wouldn't expect anything else/less from you.
  617. FloMar

    catalina island produces limits!!!!

    What else was served with dinner . . . sashimi, etc. and? Nice job/trip!
  618. FloMar

    Little Help

    Check the 20 and 40 fathom curves.
  619. FloMar

    Dana Point Bug Control

    Nice eyes too Kelly.
  620. FloMar

    Dana Point Bug Control

    Been awhile for a Lobster recap like this from Dana Point. It's always nice when someone steps out of the dark with a report like this. Congratulations! Glad to see YOU are paying attention to the details too!:appl:
  621. FloMar


    Great report IMO, and the extra pictures are really nice also!!
  622. FloMar

    I can't believe how good Long Beach has been for us this year!

    I'd say you've been paying attention to the subtle changes = details, you deserve it, more good quality.
  623. FloMar

    hooping it up

    Sure hope you ate those legs and antenna knuckles at the base of the head? That there's some good eatin' meat, and off that slug even better!
  624. FloMar

    Lobster 11/27

    Damn I hate waiting that long in-between sets. :argue: I'd say very good quality and ratio of Rock Crabs way down . . great sign IMO and nice weather . . . . What more could one ask for?
  625. FloMar

    British T-bags.

    If you can't connect 2 dots put down your crayons! Good stuff TEAL, thank you.
  626. FloMar

    Explosion Sinks Boat, Leaves 8 Injured

    Well at least you called me bro. :rofl: When did you become so sensitive Stan? Why must you be so personal when I just generalized, as another categorized. It . . . . . was . . . . . a . . . . . joke! LAUGH! It's good for your soul!
  627. FloMar

    Explosion Sinks Boat, Leaves 8 Injured

    Soft sides says sure glad everyone is okay. Hard side says nice fishing report, meth lab onboard.
  628. FloMar

    donkey boaters...

    Regardless of the type of boat common sense is not common enough, along with courtesy, tact, presentation, !#@(^#!*(@^ I could go on forever. BUMMER for the boy, he'll keep that event with him for awhile and hopefully he'll be able to shed it from his memory one-day.
  629. FloMar

    Lobster report 11/23

    R U A 'round next weekend, can you get Friday PM off? Let's take this offline.
  630. FloMar

    Lobster report 11/23

    I'd heard you were kinda slow when it comes to figurin' this stuff out. :nopity: Timing is everything, man I love it when a plan comes together though, gettin' lucky! Everythings been crawlin' in my backyard BTW. Sardines MIA for 2 weeks, FN squid! I bought stock in Lost Coast.
  631. FloMar


    I think you have Sand Bass stains on the deck of that boat. Nice job guys!
  632. FloMar

    Lobster report 11/23

    Great job! And just the right amount of information. If people can't figure it out with that then no need goin' out IMO.
  633. FloMar

    Got 5 Keepers and 3 Hoopnets 11/21

    Found as many as 5 nets before at night, plus my own 10 (2 or more people onboard). Everything found goes on top of the cabin strapped down. If I get called out on them, and I have been, the F&L/DFL has had no issue as I tell them I was mitigating a safety issue with them floating wildly around...
  634. FloMar

    All Swag is now 25% off!

    I raise you, how'bout 50%?
  635. FloMar

    Kayak Halibut fishing

    OUTFREEKINSTANDING Greg, on all levels!
  636. FloMar

    Another BUTT finish

    Very nice Halibut guys, congratulations! :appl:
  637. FloMar

    Warning MDR parking ramp

    As others stated, learn from your mistake(s) and don't let it happen again. I can think of 3 ways to get in without paying. To me it's kinda like reading the DFG REGS each year, and keepin' up with the changes handed down. Wanna know what the real crime here is? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl...
  638. FloMar


    Nice job once again!