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    Cleaning out the garage.

    blownbudget submitted a new listing: Cleaning out the garage. - Cleaning out the garage. Learn more about this listing...
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    Offshore Marlin report

    My sons first local marlin. Got it slow trolling a sardine around BFT foamer. Water was 69.5 and clean green.
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    2007 FLEETWOOD GEARBOX 375wfsg TOY HAULER - $27,500 Hard to find wide body. Rear ramp opening is 96” clear. Fits most long travel buggies without having to change out paddles. There is 21’-2” of cargo space with 18’-3” clear from rear door to the first cabinet. Tows great. I am the...
  4. blownbudget

    Pacific Boat Trailer 25 foot

    Free trailer. Needs TLC and a tire. I just took delivery of my new trailer so this one needs to go. Currently set up for a Parker 2520. Located in Chula Vista. Message me if you are interested.
  5. blownbudget

    Wanted: Inflatable RIB

    I’m looking for a 10-12 foot inflatable RIB in good condition. Not looking for a project boat. Must have a 4 stroke and a console. Message me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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    Shimano Tranx 500hg and Phenix 909xh

    I’m looking for a Tranx 500hg in new or very good condition. I’m also looking for a Phenix 909xh with reel seat. Not interested in the deckhand model. I’m in San Diego and would prefer to meet locally.
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    1998 24ft pontoon

    Selling for a good friend. 1998 24ft pontoon, great family boat, stereo system, Brand new Evinrude E-tec 115 outboard (less than 50 hrs on motor), new oil tank, [email protected] cables, new wire harness, new remote system, new fuel tank,anti syphen system, and fuel hose, new battery box for oil tank, new...
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    G-Loomis Bass Rod

    Near perfect condition G-Loomis GL3 bass rod. Pistol Grip with cork handle. CR722 6'-0" Medium Fast Action Rated 8-14 lb Asking $100 OBO or willing to trade for old american silver coins. 1964 or older. Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, Peace Dollars or Morgan Dollars. Email if...
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    Penn International 965

    Used Penn International 965 good condition. Normal wear. SOLD
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    SKIP FRYE Surfboard

    VERY RARE Skip Frye Surfboard. Very good condition. 7'6". Skip Frye wings logo on top and Skip Frye wings in pencil on the bottom. Written in pencil on the stringer it says "P B.E 221" and up the the stringer it says "Kevin". I was told this board was shaped by Skip in the 1980's for a local San...
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    G-Loomis CR722

    Rod is in near mint condition. Pistol grip with cork handles. G-Loomis CR722 6'-0" fast action 8-14 lb line 1\4 - 5\8 oz Link to more info: $100 OR TRADE...
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    Dobyns Swimbait Rod

    I'm looking for a Dobyns swimbait rod. I really want the 807. Let me know if you have one or more you want to sell or trade.
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    Need Shark I.D.

    This was caught last month in SD Bay south of the bridge. Description: 4 feet long large wide head large teeth black spots NO dorsal fin I do know that it's NOT a: Wahoo CoVina CorBina WSB or a juvenile WSB I'm stumped. What is it??
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    G-Loomis CR722 8-14lb 6'-0" Medium GL3 in mint condition. Retails for $200 Asking $100 For more info on this rod: Classic Casting PM if interested.
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    Any Ford 6.4L Diesel Owners???

    I am thinking about purchasing a F350 with the 6.4L diesel engine. Not sure if it's a good motor. I had a 7.3L and loved it but I wouldn't mind having more HP and torque the 6.4 offers. If you own a 6.4L please post your opinion on the motor. How many MPG are you getting? Any info good or...
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    2000-2003 Ford F-350 DIESEL

    My truck was stolen last month so I am trying to get it replaced. This is what I am looking for. 2000-2003 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Long or shortbed (prefer the shortbed) 7.3L Diesel ONLY I do not want a 6.0 Needs to be in good condition inside and out. Not looking for a fixer. Shoot me a...
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    G-Loomis CR722

    G-Loomis CR722 8-14lb 6'-0" Medium GL3 in mint condition. Retails for $200 Asking $100 PM if interested.
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    Ford Salesman?? Need a new truck.

    Any hookups on new Ford trucks? Looking for a 2011 F-350. Shoot me a pm.
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    Older Satellite Phone or SSB??

    So I have had my parker for many years and it has a phone on board that I have never really given much attention to. Not really sure what type of phone it is. thought it might be SSB or satellite. Its Audiovox brand but I don't see a model number anywhere on it. It's hard wired/permanently...
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    G-Loomis GL3 mint

    G-Loomis CR722 8-14lb 6'-0" Medium GL3 in mint condition. Retails for $200 Asking $125. Reduced $100 firm
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    Trailer Jack. What Size?

    Need to replacE tthe jack on my trailer. The one on the i have on the trailer is a Fulton 7000lb max capacity. The boat/trailer has a tongue weight of about 900 pounds. Do I really need a 7000 lb jack? Can I get away with a 1500 lb jack? What size jack is on you trailer?
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    AVET MXL 6/4 2-SPEED

    Used Avet MXL 6/4 with box. Filled with 65lb spectra. Has normal wear in good condition. Only a couple trips since last service. Had a new reel seat & clamp installed at last service. Service done by Avet. $250 obo
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    iPod Touch

    iPod Touch (silver) 8gig 3rd gen. In great condition. Got an iPhone so I don't need the iPod anymore. Only used for 2 months. $140 TRADES? PM me if interested.
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    Maui Jim Sunglasses Polarized

    Brand new in the box Maui Jim Sunglasses Model H202. Black frames with grey lenses. These are some of the best polarized glasses you can get. Retail for $209. Asking $145 Comes with case and cleaning cloth seen below. Click on link below for more info on these glasses. Maui Jim Sunglasses -...
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    Volvo DuoProps A3's and A4's

    I have a used set Volvo A3 duoprops in excellent condition for sale. Only on the boat for a couple short trips. No pits, cracks, or bends. Retail for $650+ Asking $500 obo . reduced $450 Shoot me a PM or email me at [email protected] __________________
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    Custom Tide Calanders

    Have you orderd one these? I just got done ordering my personalized 2010 tide calander. I did mine with a bunch of fishing photos of my son and fishing buddies. I made each photo coincide with the type of fishing we do for that month. Really cool. These things are really bitchen and the website...
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    Planning a trip down to East Cape (Palmas) in late July. I have fished there several times earlier in the year. My question is have you ever fish East Cape late July and if so, how was the fishing and how hot was it? Any other info you think I might need would be greatly appreciated.
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    Which design do you like better?

    I am having some custom jackets emroidered. Here are a couple of sketches I did. These are just rough sketches. The embroidery shop with make them look clean. Which design do you like better? Any suggestions? OPTION #1 OPTION #2 They will be in full color to match the boat. Here are...
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    Here's the question. On a trailerable boat, what is that max overall height you want your tower while towing? How tall is your boat when it's on the trailer? I have my boat down at Pacific Yacht Towers getting some work done. It looks like my new tower is going to put the boat at 13'-10" at...
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    Offshore Constitution Colonet Trip 11/21

    Took my son Trevor on his first ever cattle boat trip. We jumped on the Constitution out of H&M Landing for a day and a half trip to Colonet. Long story short... the weather was shitty. Woke up to 3+ foot mixed swell with 15 knots of wind at grey light and only it got worse as the day went. By...
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    BADASS Dune Buggy For Sale!!! Lots of Pics!

    2008 Sandco Performance 4 seater 410 hp LS1 Mendeola 2D tranny Heated seats KILLER sound system Too much to list VERY FAST! The suspension is incredible. Soaks up just about anything you can throw at it. Have over 70k invested asking 55k obo REDUCED $45,000 obo [email protected]
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    11/14 buggin with my boy

    It was a long day. Started out the morning fishing the SD Anglers Bay Bass Tournament (club only tournament) from 6am -3pm. The tournament was fun. I didn't place but my son Trevor took 1st place in the Jr division. Not ready to call it a day we go back down to the boat and get the hoop nets...
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    GULP! SHRIMP 3" & 4"

    New packages of GULP! New Penny 3" New Penny 4" Nuclear Chicken 3" Nuclear Chicken 4" Molting 3" Molting 4" Natural 3" Natural 4" Pearl White 3" (these are killer for halibut) RETAIL FOR $6.99 PER PACK $4.50 each or 10 packs for $40 PM or e-mail [email protected]
  34. blownbudget

    DuoProp A3 Set

    I have a like new set Volvo A3 duoprops for sale. Only on the boat for two short trips. In perfect condition. No pits, cracks, or bends. Retail for $650+ Asking $500 obo reduced $450 Shoot me a PM or email me at [email protected]
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    GULP! SHRIMP 3" & 4"

    New packages of GULP! 5 packs of New Penny 3" 5 packs of New Penny 4" 5 packs of Nuclear Chicken 3" 5 packs of Nuclear Chicken 4" 5 packs of Molting 3" 5 packs of Molting 4" 5 packs of Natural 3" 5 packs of Natural 4" 5 pack of Pearl White 3" (these are killer for halibut) $4.50...
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    Offshore Light Line YFT @ 302

    Fished with my 9 year old son Trevor today about 6 miles short of the 302 for all the YFT you could want. We wanted to have a little fun so we broke out the bass rods with 6lb and 8lb line. What a blast on the light line. The last fish of the day took me almost an hour to get in the boat. Had to...
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    Misc rods and reels

    RODS: Shimano Talora w/ gimbal TML-70MC LENGTH 7'-0" LINE 12-27lb used but in good condition $40 $30 _________________________________________ Seeker American Series A196-7 LENGTH 7'-0" LINE 10-25lb Brand new. Never fished. Still has the tags stapled to it. Killer bait stick SOLD...
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    Shimano 20/40 and a Seeker 196-7

    Rod and reel combo brand new. Never used. Still has the tags on them. My son won it in a tournament last weekend. He wants to sell it and buy a bass reel. Rod: SEEKER AMERICAN SERIES A 196-7 Rated 10 (15) 25lbs Reel: Model: TLD Star 20/40 Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 Line capacity: 360yds/20lb...
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    Making Macks Out Of Point Loma

    Anyone had any luck lately making macks out of Point Loma? Where? Making a run south and then offshore. Want to take a tank macks with me. Thanks!
  40. blownbudget

    45 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank

    SOLD! OS45-O bait tank in good shape. Has a couple minor dings in gelcoat (see pics below) but in perfect working condition. Comes with carpeted lid. Just upgraded to an OS65-OD so this one has to go. $250 Shoot me a PM or E-mail. [email protected]
  41. blownbudget

    Rampage Sportfishing???? Pro vs. Cons

    Anyone know anything about Rampage Sportfishing? I booked the JoanIII and the La Patrona out of East Cape next month. If you know anthing about these boats (good or bad) or the charter company, please post it here. If you ever fished either of these boats and have pictures of your trip...
  42. blownbudget


    Anyone have a 25' Parker with the AD41B 200hp Volvo diesel motor in it? If so, what props are you running? What is your top speed? What RPM do you get at WOT? How many gallons per hour are you burning at say 18-20 knots? If you have a boost gauge, how much boost are you getting at WOT? I have...
  43. blownbudget

    Lubricating Throttle Cables

    I have read several post in the past with guys having problems with sticky throttle cables. I also have the same problem so I took a look around the web and found a product that should solve the problem. It's called Cable Life. It comes with a can of lube and a special clamp that's designed to...
  44. blownbudget

    Volvo Diesel Problem... HELP!

    I have been having issues with my motor (200hp AD41B) and can't figure out what the problem is. If you are a diesel guy, please let me know what you think the problem might be. Symptoms 1. Loss of power. No low end. Takes a while to get up on plane. 2. Only getting about 1 MPG. 3. When I...
  45. blownbudget

    Glamis Trip

    Heading out to Glamis this weekend. We will be at pad 5. If you are going out, stop by and say hi. Look for a White F-350 with big BD sticker on the back window hooked to a 40' Gearbox 5th wheel. Also look for these cars.
  46. blownbudget

    Bait Tank Lights Needed.

    I am getting ready to install an OS65-OD Offshore Marine bait tank on my boat. The tank has two lights installed in the bottom of the tank but there is no wiring harness or light bulbs. Does anyone know where I can get two wiring harnesses and bulbs. I tried getting them from Bill at Offshore...
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    Buy a visor get a free fishing trip???

    Just saw this on Craigslist. WTF?? Day Fishing Charter - Private Yacht Free
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    Poway Kids Fishing Derby 2009 Report 2/7

    My son Trevor (and I) fished the Lake Poway Youth Trout Derby again this year. We got to the lake at about 3:30 am to make sure we had a good chance at getting a boat. We had high hopes when we were one of the first guys on the lake but found really tough fishing. Didn't get a bite until about...
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    Looking For a Flatbed Trailer

    Anyony have a hookup on flatbed trailers? I need one 18-20 feet long with a 8 1/2 foot wide bed. Using it to pull my buggy that is 94 inches wide at the tires. Here is a picture of what I am looking for. Shoot me a pm if you have a hookup or have one for sale. Thanks!
  50. blownbudget

    Any Firewood Hookups?

    Looking for some good dry firewood split and ready to burn. I prefer PINON. Don't want anything recently cut. If you have a hookup in the SD area, please let me know. Looking for 1/4 to 1/2 cord. Thanks!
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    Where Can I Buy Chicken Feed In San Diego/Chula Vista Area?

    Kind of a weird question but... anyone know where I can buy chicken feed in SD? Was hoping some of you Ease County guys would know. Looking for laying mash.
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    Offshore Fish Magnet Report for Chuck Byron Tourney

    Had another fun trip with my boy Trevor fishing the Chuck Byron Tournament. We started the day leaving MB jetty at about 4am heading for the 43 in perfect weather. We were just below the 182 at grey light. The area was loaded with birds, whales, kelp, and small pods of porps. Fished the area...
  53. blownbudget

    Chuck Byron Tournament 9/13

    Anyone else fishing the Chuck Byron Tournament? I will be fishing it with my 8 year old.
  54. blownbudget

    Who's Fishing Offshore 9/6?

    Will be on the water tomorrow Sat 9/6. Give us a shout on CH.72
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    Offshore Stomach Contents of YT on the 425

    Fished Saturday and caught a bunch of dodo and YT of the kelps. While filleting them I was checking the stomach contents to see what they are eating and this is what I found. Kinda weird. First time I have ever seen this this. Anyone else finding this? Eggs that were laid in a kelp paddy...
  56. blownbudget

    Any Generator Hookups?

    Anyone have a hookup on generators? Looking for a Honda 3000i.
  57. blownbudget

    Slips Available in MB

    Found this on Craigs List and thought I would pass it on. MARINA SLIPS AVAILABLE AT MISSION BAY
  58. blownbudget

    Heading down to the Coral 12th & 13th

    Anyone else heading down to the Coral on the 12th? Right now I have 2 boats heading down on the 12th and returning the 13th. Let me know.
  59. blownbudget

    Crossong the border w/ Aux Diesel Tank

    I just got of the phone with the CBP at the San Ysidro border crossing. I was told that they are no longer allowing trucks with auxiliary fuel tanks in the bed of their trucksto cross back into the US. They told me that they are now enforcing EPA laws and that if you try to come back with a aux...
  60. blownbudget

    Dragging for T's 5/17

    Going hunting for T's tomorrow morning. Fishing the LJ area. Anyone else going? I'll be on ch72...
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    Magic Finger

  62. blownbudget

    Glamis Trip

    Leaving in 5 minutes for Glamis. We should be at Gecko Loops. If you are going, stop by and say hi. Look for the the white F350 with the big BD stickers on the back window. See Ya...
  63. blownbudget

    Wanted: Honda 70 ATC & Suzuki LT80

    I am looking for a Honda 70 ATC and a Suzuki LT80 in good shape. I do not want one registered with a red sticker. Green only please. If you have one or know someone that has one, please let me know. Thanks!
  64. blownbudget

    Tweeker's Strike Again!!!

    Came out this moring to find both my vehicles broke into. They got my CD's, my wallet, and ALL MY TROUT GEAR! BASTARDS!!!!! I called the cops to report it. The first cop on scene tells me that they caught a couple of guys in the middle of the night with a ton of stolen stuff. Looks like...
  65. blownbudget

    Poway Kids Fishing Derby

    Took my boy Trevor to fish the Lake Poway Kids Fishing Derby. This was his third year. The first year, he was on the board until the last couple fish were weighed. He got bumped off by a few ounces. Man was he bummed. I told him there was always next year. The second year he only caught...
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    Any Flatbed Trailer Hookups?

    I'm looking for a flatbed trailer in the 18'x8.5' range. New or used. Anyone have a hookup?
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    Funny Pics

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    Worlds Shortest Fairy Tale

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    Fishing Video of Trevor

    This is a fishing video I made of my son Trevor. It's 4 years worth of photos. It starts out when he just turned 4 years old and ends with a trip we made last month. It's crazy to see how fast they grow and mature.
  70. blownbudget

    New Toy Under Construction

    IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hali_olutta: Yep... The buggy is done. Turned out even better than I thought it would. Darren at Sandco builds one hell of a car. Can't wait to get it in the sand. Ohhh... and my god does the LS1 sound good! Should be in Glamis for Easter. So if any of you are planning...
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    What I want for Xmas

    Yes PLEASE! - hot brunette in tini tank top strips/ an 3v1ld34d voted prime babe
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    Another Bad Xmas Video

    For all you Full Metal Jacket Fans Full Metal Christmas glumbert - Full Metal Christmas
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    Xmas Song

    Enjoy... glumbert - Cold Blooded Christmas
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    Offshore 371 Corroded with Marlin 9/15

    I wanted to pass on some info for the guys going out tomorrow. The 371 area was corroded with marlin today. Singles and double jumpers everywhere. I saw more marlin today than I have on any of my EastCape or Cabo trips. Radio talk was that most boats were having the same experience. One guy...
  75. blownbudget

    Working South Monday 20th

    Taking the day off from work and taking the boy fishing. We are going to change it up a little and take a look down the beach for the exotics. Plan is to hit 425 area and depending on what we find either work west or keep running south. If you are in the area, give us a shout. 72, 68, and 65.
  76. blownbudget

    MB Rescue then Coronado report

    Late Sunday morning my son and I decide to make a run to the Coronados to see whats going on. Hit MB barge for a scoop and start heading out like we have done a hundered times. This time as we are turning the corner to start heading out the channel and I see a small sailboat with an older couple...
  77. blownbudget

    Fishing Tattoo's in SD?

    I am looking for a tattoo artist in the San Diego area that really knows their saltwater fish. I have seen the work done by Charles at "Tattoos by Charles" but he is just too far to travel. If you know of anyone in the SD area, I would appreciate the info.
  78. blownbudget

    Offshore Trevors First Albie...

    Well after months of my son begging to go fishing (he has only been out once since last season) I finally had the time to get him back on the water. He has caught many YT's and a few Dorado but he has never caught an albie before so I was determined to make it happen. Since the bite was so close...
  79. blownbudget

    Offshore Sunday 24th at the 43 Father/Son trip

    Decided to get in another father/son trip again before the fat lady sings so I took my boy (Trevor) out to try and get him his first YFT and dorado. Left the MB channel at 8am in beautiful conditions. Stopped on the first paddy about 15 miles east of the 43. The paddy was loaded with small...
  80. blownbudget

    Catalina Report pics / video

    Picture of Trevor and his yellowtail. Fished the last week (8/27-9/3)in Catalina for all you wanted on the bonita with a splash of calicos and yellowtail. Fished the marlin a little for one hookup on the troll that came off. We did see two sleepers, a tailer, and a jumper that put on a...
  81. blownbudget

    Name this fish...

    Found this floating near the 302 today. Looks like it was shark bit. It had very sharp teeth with a second row about two inches inside the first row. The scales were different than any other fish I have seen. Each scale had very sharp spikes coming out of it. We estimated that it would have been...
  82. blownbudget

    AB Biller 60 Special Shaft??

    Lost the shaft off my AB Biller 60 Special yesterday. Don't know what happened. I shot a nice dodo and it took off with my shaft. Had it rigged up with the bouy system. When I started to pull it in, the line went slack and all I got back was the slide spring. What went wrong and are there any...
  83. blownbudget

    Need GPS #'s for San Martin

    Need GPS #'s for San Martin Island. Anyone have them?
  84. blownbudget

    PB surf fishing 7/1

    Was planning on getting down to the beach around 7am but didn't step onto the beach until 9:30. By 9:50 i had a nice corb on. (Picture taken by my 6 year old son.) Hooked another around 11:00 and handed it off to my son. A wave crashed into his back and while trying to stay on his feet, it...
  85. blownbudget

    SS Bloodydecks

    She needs a little work...
  86. blownbudget

    Saw a lot of corbina today

    Made a trip to PB today to try my luck at those pesky corbina. Was not my day. Worked the entire beach from Crystal pier north. I counted 17 corbina between 2:30 and 6:00. I tried sandcrabs, clams from the beach, fresh mussel, and camo sand worms on 6lb. Not a single bite. It was killing me to...
  87. blownbudget

    Offshore 5 year old sons first YT pics and vid

    What can I say, I am a very proud poppa. After MANY trips out on the boat and countless hours at the house teaching my boy (Trevor) the ropes, he finally got his first yellowtail. Check out the between the legs technique. :) He ended the day with two yellows at about 8 and 10 pounds. Not bad for...
  88. blownbudget

    Offshore Limitless 6/6

    Looks like the Limitless did well today. 4 guys on a 3/4 day run got 4 BFT, 7 Albies, and 30 Yellows. Not bad!
  89. blownbudget

    Panga Rod - Which Blank??

    I am having a 4 foot panga rod made for my son and am unsure which blank(s) work out the best. I had one built from a Calstar 600xl (cut 24 inches off the butt) that didn't work. When the rod was loaded up, the line would rub real bad on the grip. I would like to stay with the Calstar Graphiter...
  90. blownbudget

    2/16 T shark report

    Met Tim (Gameday) at Dana Landing at 5:30. Get the boat ready and off we go in search of another pig. Tim fishes with me a lot and was 0-3 on the thresher so I was determined to get him one. Stopped off at La Jolla kelp to make a few macks but could only get a half dozen spanish and one green...
  91. blownbudget

    5/16 Tuesday Thresher Hunting

    Will be out again tomorrow looking for the BIG thresher off La Jolla. Anyone else going to be out? I'll be on 72.
  92. blownbudget

    Shimano Service

    What happened to the bitchin Shimano service? I just got the invoice for the three reels sent in for service. $97.50. Ouch! And $5 for shipping. I guess the days when they did it for free is over. I was told that at least I wasn't charged the trinidad upgrade they did at the show. WTFuck...:finger:
  93. blownbudget

    Info Needed on Boston area in August

    I am going to be in Middleboro (south of Boston between New Bedford, MA and Plymouth, MA) for a week in August. I have never been there and would like to get a couple of days on the water. I'm looking for any good fishing info for that area. Do you know a good charter company either open party...
  94. blownbudget

    Any San Felipe guys out there?

    Looks like I might be making a run to San Felipe with a buddy in the next few weeks. Where can I find current info (fish reports/weather) for San Felipe? Also, are there any boats to charter for the day or is shore fishing about it? Where is the best/worst places to eat. Any info you have would...
  95. blownbudget

    Who does Inflatable Repairs?

    Does anyone know where I can get and Inflatable repaired in San Diego? The bottom came apart at the seam in a couple places. Thanks!
  96. blownbudget

    IGFA Records?????

    Where can I get current information on IGFA records?
  97. blownbudget

    M&M Rods Shop Hours?????

    Got it!
  98. blownbudget

    One fast RC boat...

    120.7 mph!
  99. blownbudget

    Now where did I put my tights?

    Shit I think I am going to take ballet class...
  100. blownbudget

    Gas Mileage on your Ford 7.3L

    Okay here's the deal. I have a '03 4x4 F350 with the 7.3L. I have 53k miles on it and am getting about 9 miles to the gallon. I was getting 15 - 17 before I put a 4" lift with 35" BFG AT's. The truck drives like dream so I don't think I have any mechanical problems. I did not have the computer...
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    Good throw!

    More dumb ass kids.
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    Rick - Please check your PM's...
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    I swallow...

    Anyone need a new avatar?
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  106. blownbudget

    just funny
  107. blownbudget

    why you shouldn't drink too much

    Drink up! Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3 Reason #4...
  108. blownbudget

    HELP! Which Bait Pump?

    I have been having bait pump problems. I am now on my third pump in just over a year. I have been using the GROCO CP-20. The first two sounded like the bearings went out and they would get screaming hot. I just installed the third one and it worked great for 5 minutes. Now it sounds like the...
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    This guy is AWESOME! This is worth watching all the way through.
  110. blownbudget

    DFG phone# and/or address in SD

    I need the phone number or even better the address to the DFG office in San Diego where I can pick up a multiday permit for this weekend. I called the number in the phone book but it only has a recording. Thanks!
  111. blownbudget

    Lake Hemet 2/12

    Took the family to Lake Hemet on 2/12. This was our first time to this lake. We went to the lake to scope it out for future camping trips. It's a very nice lake with a lot of great camping areas right on the water. We got there around 10:00 am and the winds were blowing HARD. We took a look...
  112. blownbudget

    trasher fishin... 2/11

    Left MB at 6:30. Stopped and made some macks. Fished from La Jolla north to just shy of Oceanside and back. No love for us. :( Talked to a couple of other boats that scored. The Del Mar area looked reel fishy. Tons of birds, bait, and porpose. We are going to give it a couple more weeks and do...
  113. blownbudget

    Looking for lakeside camping

    I'm looking for a lake within a few hours drive of San Diego that offers overnight lakeside camping. I don't want a mudhole. Just looking for something that myself and a few friends can relax, drink some cold beer and watch our kids fish. And at night roast some mellows over a fire. So if you...
  114. blownbudget

    Reflection Lake RV Park in San Jacinto

    Anyone ever been to this lake? There is an add for it on page 8 of this weeks W.O.N. Looks like a good place to take the kids camping and maybe even catch a few fish. Any info you might have on this lake would be greatly appreciated.
  115. blownbudget

    trasher fishin... 2/11

    Going out tomorrow to fish for some T. We plan on covering a lot of water. Gunna start off La Jolla and work north. If you are in the area doing some of the same, give us a shout. CH. 72
  116. blownbudget


    Hey Mark how you doing buddy. How's my old boat treating you? Good I hope. The last time I talked to you, you and your brother were on your way back from Ensanada. Remember you called me and said you were stuck in Ensanada because you couldn't get the boat to start. Thank god you were joking...