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  1. TsTime

    Best Month Redfish Venice

    Seeking opinions for best Month to visit Venice. 3 days redfish and 1 day offshore, of course being greedy with quality and quality on the redfish, planning stages for 2023. Lets here it! Thanks
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    8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it

    TsTime submitted a new listing: 8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it - 8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it Learn more about this listing...
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    Marine Radio NIB

    TsTime submitted a new listing: Marine Radio NIB - Marine Radio NIB Learn more about this listing...
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    Tucanare Lodge Columbia

    Heading to Columbia soon and wondering if any BDR'S have fished with this outfit. Any gotta haves on the trip?? Thanks
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    Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer

    TsTime submitted a new listing: Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer - Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer Learn more about this listing...
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    1st Canning Success

    Upon returning from a 4 day in October one of the regulars gave me a jar of his 2020 trip tuna, he always raves about it and it had been several years since I had some and Holy Sh*t I now knew what he was so proud of.! Thanks Reno! After reading all 4 pages of the Sticky thread "Canning 101" I...
  7. TsTime

    SQ Report 8/26-8/29

    In yesterday from a trip with friends, stayed at he Mill, had not been for probably 6 years and was really happy with the improvements made. Still the same feel but with added comfort. With C-Bass catches the past week that was our focus for the 2 days with Oscar on the '23 Parker from KM...
  8. TsTime

    Need 2 Spots for 1.5

    Bro coming in from Wisconsin for 50th reunion and wants to fish. If you have 2 openings on your charter 8/15-16 or 17 for overnight or 1.5 day out of San Diego, we're easy going, I have gear and we will not be Those Guys. PM please, on site every AM. Thanks
  9. TsTime

    Bahia de Los Angeles 6/23-6/27

    Annual down and dirty trip with Matt (Ib1) and 14 yr old son stared with FMM stop in Tecate at 0700. Traveling with our friends in separate vehicles proved helpful. Stopped at Rumarosa toll booth for a break and WTF, starter solenoid would not engage, crossed over and Pablo the toll road mobile...
  10. TsTime

    Bolt Cutters to keep onboard

    Hoping I would not need but... looking for suggestions for a bolt cutter just in case I need to extract a hook while offshore. Size brand etc, Thanks
  11. TsTime

    Free Local Pick Up Shop Manuals

    No longer need, in South San Diego, PM
  12. TsTime

    Garmin 4' Array $100

    Pulled from boat when new electronics package went in, prior to pull an Error 6 on display was noted. I did not check out because new radar was going in. Google Garmin Radar Error 6 to satisfy self. San Diego pick up only. PM if interested.
  13. TsTime

    Garmin 5212 pair $1200

    A pair of Garmin 5212 just came out for electronics upgrade. radar is GDR 404 and prior to removal an error code 6 appeared, never looked into. MFD's worked flawless but with new to me vessel I chose to upgrade all systems. new maps installed in May '20. Flush mount and no brackets. PM or text...
  14. TsTime

    SOLD Pompenette Pedastal Rocket Launcher

    $1400 Take a look, will ship on your dime PM or text 619-517-4755 Gary
  15. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    April Reduction$67,000 Moving up and time to let another angler enjoy the upgrades and fish a bility of this ride. Twin Yanmar 4LTH 170HP 3K hours Cruise 15-18 WOT 25 Fuel burn 1NM to the gallon All fluids filters changed at 2938 hours FireBoy engine compartment system 2 Fire Extinguishers 1...
  16. TsTime

    Shipping from New Jersey to SD

    Looking at a 37 power boat, no tower that I will have trucked to SD if all goes well. Any referrals other than USHIP?? 39 LOA 13 Beam 12 height 19,000 weight Thanks all
  17. TsTime

    Zihuat Questions

    Heading to Ixtapa February 2020 and will be able to fish 3 days. I enjoy throwing poppers for inshore for roosters and jacks and will bring travel spinning setup, ranger lures pencil poppers etc. I will fish one day offshore for sailfish, tuna and dorado but really don't want to troll, troll...
  18. TsTime

    Pedasi 6/3-6/7

    Short Report: Fished with a group of friends out of Villa Marina on Playa Venao. LAX rod tube 79" no problem, no charge. My carry on included a Okuma Nomad Travel rod case and brief case no problem. PTY return same on rod tube and was questioned with Okuma case but got through. One in group...
  19. TsTime

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Not getting a straight or consistent answer from Copa Does anyone know if a 96" rod tube is allowed and at what cost LAX to PTY round trip?? If it matters flying buisness class. thanks
  20. TsTime

    SoCal Trolling Reel

    Currently feel trolling set up for private boat to heavy and want to get a little smaller reels for San Diego offshore, islands trolling. Currently 2 TLD 50's with 80 and 2 Intl's with 80. Lever vs star and reel size & line (braid and mono) recomendations, Thanks
  21. TsTime

    Cedros Report and Advise

    Me and a group of 12 are heading to Cedros first week of August, it apprears reports are limited but have gone through the archived threads for tackle suggestions. Always looking for suggestions. We are not with COA or CA but Baja Fishing Convoys. Wagon masters choice so we go with the flow...
  22. TsTime

    Anyone Using the Furuno Dff-3d Side Scan

    Considering this upgrade to add on to Furuno TZT2 new to me system, any thoughts?
  23. TsTime

    Sold, Thanks BD and Members Price Reduction for Clean 1986 Skipjack 24 FlyBridge

    Sold, thanks BD and Members Reason for sale is moving up in size: Priced Reduce to $15,000 2003 5.7L Indmar Vortec with 1986 Volvo 290 Out Drive 1986 24 Skipjack FlyBridge available just in time for the 2017 season. Since my purchase in 2012 the following updates have been completed with all...
  24. TsTime

    Mazatlan in February

    I'll be in Mazatlan after an El Salto trip in Feb 2017, any recommendations for an inshore rooster/jack charter/panguero would be appreciated. Thanks, GT
  25. TsTime

    24' Skipjack FB Steering Help

    Current steering system cable to power assist has froze up again. I have freed up in past (2 times) with heat gun, kept greased etc but this time it's time for a change. Need SD shop for cable replacement or upgrading to hydraulic. At same time adding in Simrad AP 24 Auto Pilot. No time for DIY...
  26. TsTime

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    Thanks for opening and sharing your knowledge. My system is a NSS12 Simrad with 2 thru hull transducers Airmar B175L and B175H through a Simrad BSM2Module with CHIRP. Seeking help for offshore settings in our local waters off So Cal I set a custom depth from 10' - 250', a blue palette, Auto...
  27. TsTime

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Got down to the RP about 8:30 with a nice tank of dines and macs from EB. Slow go, ran down a few miles for no life, back up to the RP and the birds started flying. Drop down with an iron, game on. Buddy flylined a mac and a double going. Buddy lost his I landed a 12lb'r. Ran up to another set...
  28. TsTime

    Pesca Panama in February

    Any tips, reports etc for upcoming trip. Hope to do more inshore than offshore. Must haves for time on barge. Any tips appreciated..
  29. TsTime

    IB Kids Fishing Derby Needs Help

    Sat 8/23 8:30AM we need help in IB, my regular fishing friends are all out fishing tomorrow and we are short on volunteers to help the kids tying, baiting and advising on fishing off the pier. When Saturday 8/23 8:30-11AM Where Imperial Beach Pier 91932 It's free to the kids Just go to...
  30. TsTime

    Kids Fishing Derby Needs Helpers

    Sat 8/23 8:30AM we need help in IB, my regular fishing friends are all out fishing tomorrow and we are short on volunteers to help the kids tying, baiting and advising on fishing off the pier. When Saturday 8/23 8:30-11AM Where Imperial Beach Pier 91932 It's free to the kids Just go to...
  31. TsTime

    Venice on a budget

    Very interested in getting a few of my buddies to expeiance your fishery, we are fairly cheap, we fish Baja Mexico alot and are used to their prices $400 per day for the boat and $60 per day for a room. So our split cost is fairly reasonable. Now I know we would be in the good ol USA so cost...
  32. TsTime

    Reel Match for Travel Rod

    Heading to Rancho Leonero in May and will fish off the beach and kayak. I am getting the NTi-S-703ML-M and would like to match with reel. I will also use this set up in other areas and in San Diego, primarily saltwater. Would like to keep budget for reel at $200. Thinking baitrunner also. Any...
  33. TsTime

    Steering froze on Skippy

    I think it is the cable running to steering cylinder. Steering locked up, hydrulic fluid is good, belt is fine. I removed the link rod connected to the steering cable and the wheel does not turn. Sprayed penetrate oil sat for 24 hours still no movement. Does this confirm bad cable? Your help...
  34. TsTime

    Aros vs FE for Repair/Maintenance

    Need general repair, fender, paint, rebuild bearings, etc. Not a DYI'r. Who's your pick?
  35. TsTime

    Bait Pump Installed

    FYI, After reading prior post on bait pump installs, I thought I should share that I am Very happy with the Jabsco Cyclone 12V low pressure pump just installed. 3year warranty, very quiet and was a perfect fit with no plumbing or electrical mods needed. Purchased at SD Marine Hardware...
  36. TsTime

    '86 SKipjack 24 FB Cleat Locaion

    I am looking to add a cleats on port and starboard just forward of helm. Inside the cabin there is fiberglass headliner with seperaton 4" or so to deck. Has anyone done this before? The only cleats now are aft and I would like a pair forward. Should I cut out headliner enough to access and...
  37. TsTime

    Secure Hotel Ensenada Needed

    We'll be fishing out of Ensenada soon. Parking Friday night in the pay parking and staying on the boat until departure. Looking for a hotel with secure parking (all gear in vehicle) to stay Saturday night close or in to town that is reasonable. Any recomendations?
  38. TsTime

    BOLA Boat Question

    We have 2 boats from Joel Prieto and 2 with Congrejos for an upcoming trip. We were not clear on boat size with either, we had fished with Igor and Marteen in the past and know they're boats well. We will fish 3 per boat, anys pics or input would be helpful thanks.
  39. TsTime

    30 SW Strike button

    Looking at a used 30SW and the strike button is depressed, reel is otherwise in excellant shape. It does not apprear to be corroded stuck so should I drip a drop of reel lube to see if it springs back up or is this a shop service repair? Thanks for the advise...
  40. TsTime

    Penn International II 30SW in Good Shape

    Looking to match one I have for trolling spread 7+ cosmetic and 10+ working order, trade office copier/fax/scan or cash. Thanks Gary
  41. TsTime

    Shimano Triton Trolling Series TLD 50

    Looking to match an existing reel, if you got one in great shape and want to sell let me know, pm fine, this thread ok.
  42. TsTime

    Gauges Gremlin

    All new gauges fine for 1st 10 hours, at idle while fishing temp goes over 200, battery shows less than 10v and oil if fluctuating. Checked engine compartment while at idle no excessive heat running like a top. Put into forward and immediate to 165 dgree, 14 v, oil pressure normal. Same thing...
  43. TsTime

    I/O Service San Diego

    Looking for a reliable, no BS shop. Need 100 hr service on the new to me Skippy 24 that would include lube, belts, thermostat, etc on 2003 Indmar 5.7 gas and lower unit lube, impeller etc on 1989 Volvo 290 outdrive Would like to stay as close to South San Diego as possible but can drag it...
  44. TsTime

    Pioneer Sat Ready AM/FM & Gauges

    Case of Pacifico's, pick up only Just upgraded sound system and gauges, sorry no speakers Gauges, RPM, Fuel, Voltage, Temp, Oil, hours :hali_olutta:
  45. TsTime

    Or Sale Furuno 600 w/ ducer

    SOLD Just upgraded electronics and have a 100% functioning Furuno 600L with P66 transom mount transducer and power cord. Sale or trade: Sale $150.00 Trade Shimano Baitrunner 4000 or similar or clean like new torium 30 loaded with braid PM with offer
  46. TsTime

    OR Sale Garmin 182c with antenna

    Just upgraded electronics and have a 100% functioning Garmin 182c with antenna and power cord. Sale or trade: Sale $150.00 Trade Shimano Baitrunner 4000 or similar or clean like new torium 30 loaded with braid PM with offer
  47. TsTime

    Engine Gauges and Ladder

    All Gauges just upgraded all of these work, Pick up only in IB (San Diego) All for $40 or $10 each Stainless Ladder $50 PM or call 619-517-4755 Gary
  48. TsTime

    Marine Electrical Review

    Took the advise of BD'rs and had Alan aka Dr Elektron correct a few electrical bugs and install new gauges in the dash. Very happy with his promptness, cleanliness and knowledge. Alan 858-752-3198
  49. TsTime

    Chirp Sonar

    Hello All, I'll be upgrading my MFD to a Simrad NSS 12 and want to get the input about CHIRP Sonar. I am out of San Diego, grandkids in the bay, offshore during the season and butts off of IB, finger bank, lower 9 etc for the bottom critters. Currently I have no confidence in the antiquated...
  50. TsTime

    24 Skippy FB Trailer wemch

    Looking to replace my current trailer wench. Best I can tell is the weight w/full fuel is appx 5,000 lbs. Any recomendations on size, type, cable or strap would be appreciated. Thanks
  51. TsTime

    24'Skipjack Dasboard

    Here is my current config I will be replacing the 2 displays on right and upgrading to a Simrad NSE Or NSS 8 or 12, not sure where to mount. Unit on left is RM C70 for radar and back up GPS. Got pics of your dash? It is a hard top
  52. TsTime

    1986 24FB Skipjack drain

    I am stumped. On my new to me 1986 24' Skippy Flybridge I am trying to determine if there is a drain hole on the bridge, in the cabin and where does it drain from the step down at the cabin door. In the cabin at entry there appears to be a sealed hole, was it possibly the cabin drain? In the...
  53. TsTime

    Upgrade to SIMRAD NSS8

    OK, narrowed down to the NSS8 Simrad MFD. So the helm will utilize existing Raymarine C70 with radar and GPS, Adding to the bridge a Simrad NSS8 for sonar, fuel management and Sirius radio, trim tab display and back up GPS. The vessel is a 1986 Skipjack FB, Vortek 350 Volvo 290PT outdrive...
  54. TsTime

    SQ 9/1-9/5

    Just in last night, so short report. Met up with our group Saturday. 9 of us at the Old Mill. Govenors Cup in full swing, I have never seen SQ like this before, fun, families and FIESTA. Waking up at 0500, the band was still playing WTF on the deck but shut down at 0530! Met up with Capt...
  55. TsTime

    Any openings for 4 8/13 - 8/15 1.5 days

    Bro and nephews in from TN 8/12 - 8/16 and we are looking to fill your charter on a 1.5 trip out of SD, anyone? Need 3 or 4 spots. PM or call 619-517-4755, thx
  56. TsTime

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Sorry no pics Smooth ride down, TJ 0600 BOLA 1650 DAy 1, Guide Alberto, we chose to fish against the big island no bait, light tackle for asst cabrilla, grouper, triggers and yellows to 15lb worked the Curado 300 hard,weather perfect DAy 2, Guide Alfredo, bait easy, fished the reef south...
  57. TsTime

    Skipjack 24FB Transducer ?

    Looking to upgrade FF and install thru hull transducer on my newly aquired 1986 24FB gas. Any suggestions welcome, appears no mods have been made below deck. Thanks
  58. TsTime

    SD I/O Service

    Any referrals for reputable shop and mechanic in San Diego for 1986 24 Skipjack FB powered by 2006 Vortek 5.7 350 connected to Volvo 290PT outdrive. Boat is new to me in in good condition just ready to get on a maintenance schedule and of course for those unexpected times. Thx
  59. TsTime

    Who's in the SWYC bottom derby

    Team IB is in, looking forward to a fun event with a great cause. Anyone else?
  60. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    SOLD TO BD"R thanks ALL! 1989 Grady White 208 Overnighter Walk Around asking $13,000 or $9500 without electronics 2001 225 Evinrude 800 Hours (Have all reciepts of upgrades and engine print outs)Never a problem! Stepping up to larger boat, my move is your gain. This boat is Turn Key...
  61. TsTime

    Skipjack Advice PreBuy

    Looks like I could be moving up to a 1989 24FB that has a 5.7Vortec 350 with 300hrs and VP 290 outdrive, looks original, owner not sure. It's in great condition and sea trial will be this week. I am not planning on a survey as my friend and I can poke and prod and check most all systems...
  62. TsTime

    San Quentin Calico Poll

    OK BD'rs, what's your best month to fish the calicos out of San Q. Please chime in Kelly, Lorenzo and Capt Juan!
  63. TsTime

    No Butts for Us 3/15

    Despite the wind predictions we ran south with a 1/2 scoop of med sized dine's. Lost quite a few, first time in a while. Tried a few spots for bottom dwellers for nada, the pipe for nada and then set up for several drifts in 30-50' areas from south of the pier to the strand. 1 sand bass,period...
  64. TsTime

    Canvas & Eisenglass referral

    Just got a nice check and want to stay dry this season and cover the Grady when on trailer. Looking for three or so proven canvas- enclosure referrals that have fair pricing, quality workmanship, no bullshit and can get the job done in the San Diego area. There are some technical cuts due to...
  65. TsTime

    12-23 off Mission Bay

    Got the Grady out yesterday leaving Dana Landing at 0730 with squid and shrimp and headed about 5 miles out N/W in nice seas. It was cold all day and got to test the drift sock out with the increasing north wind at noon. Slow but steady pick in about 250-270' for 3 limits of rockfish all on the...
  66. TsTime

    Gonzaga Report

    Left IB Thursday Oct 20 and met up with our group at the Acorn casino for breakfast and on the road to Mexicali at 10AM. Into Mexicali the Immigation bldg is on the left maybe a hundred yards from crossing. Smooth ride down to San Felipe, right at Puertocitos the new road begins, we opted to...
  67. TsTime

    Volunteers Needed for IB Derby Nov 5

    Date: Nov 5,2011 Time: 8:30 - 11AM Place: Imperial Beach Pier 91932 Our Kiwanis Clubs annual fishing derby for kids up to 13 years old is 11/5. Need some anglers to assist in stringing up the rods, tying on terminal tackle, chum, baiting and assisting the kids on the pier. If you can help...
  68. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay

    Going to GB on the 20th for a few days, a recon mission for a large group next year. Thowing in a Yak a rod/reel with fresh P-Line 17 and a bunch of crocs, any other recomendations? 1st trip down and looking forward to it! Will report on return:hali_olutta:
  69. TsTime

    Killer Deal at Sycuan Resort This is my ad and it's legit
  70. TsTime

    Water in Lower Unit

    After replacing prop to 4 blade on 225 evinrude I noticed gear lube seeping from prop shaft, less than 1/2 oz. Proceeded to pull fill screw and captured about an oz of emulsified lube, damn it water has intruded. Lower unit serviced by mobile marine mechanic maybe 15 hrs of use ago. Question is...
  71. TsTime

    20' Canvas cover $50 no shpping

    SOLD Come and get it, hardtop installed does not fit. $50 to clean garage.It was on 20' Grady Overnighter :2gunsfiring_v1: Call 619-517-4755 between 9-7
  72. TsTime

    Prop Test

    These are the results from a recent comparison of propellers. The boat is a 1989 Grady White 208 Overnighter with hardtop, 2 persons, 30 gallon bait tank full of water and 60 QT cooler full of water,ice and beer and appx 60 gallons of fuel. The motor is a 2001 Evinrude FICHT 225 HP. The prop...
  73. TsTime

    Offshore Indian 8/16-17th

    Hopped on the BD deal by Captain Chris, thanks for the deal. Got out a little late as they were getting in from an overnight charter. The Capt and crew were so great, I would have been one grumpy crew if I were going back to back to back. These guys worked their asses off all day and night...
  74. TsTime

    Grady 208 Thru Hulls

    Anyone change out plastic to bronze or SS on a Grady 208 Overnighter? Looks like an impossible feat at the helm thru hulls. If you have any tips would be helpful, thx
  75. TsTime

    Lower Unit to exhaust seal

    Had Mobile mechanic service Evinrude 225 recently. yesterday connected water hose for flush, before starting engine we noted water leaking at lower unit to exhaust column (middle portion of engine) seal. Should it be??
  76. TsTime

    20' Boat Cover

    Canvas cover off of 20' Grady Overnighter, reason for trade, added hardtop. I need a Calico set up trigger stick/level wind fo trade. PM me Boat it came off of
  77. TsTime

    Hydraulic Steering Fluid

    Servicing boat and question is hydraulic steering. At helm there is a fill cap. Cannot ID brand of steering. Question is. Do I just top off fluid at helm and does fluid brand matter? Steering is working fine, just have not had hy steering before. Thanks
  78. TsTime

    BOLA 6-9-2011 JC Classic

    Short Report: Day 1:Wide Open WSB to 28# Two Handfuls of Yellows to 39# 22 miles North Day 2:Almost Wide Open Yellows to 25# & A Few Grouper South La Guardia Day 3:Wide Open Yellowtail to 25# Left them biting at 9:30 22 miles south Bottom Line: Go Now, this is our count for 4 on 1 panga...
  79. TsTime

    AV Plate 2002 Evin 225HP

    Just got my Permatrim in and as I was sizing up the install things did'nt seem to match up. I bought the boat and engine in Sept 2010, checked out, runs fine. Come to find out misc work has been done and I am not sure if the gear case was replaced with someting other than OEM case. 2002 FICHT...
  80. TsTime

    Bait Tank Cheap

    Sold to BD'r 50 bucks take it along with 2 sets of rod holders, Tank is probably 40 gal, no pump all hose and S/S deck brakets, all in good shape, no leaks.Just added Offshore to the boat and not needed anymore 619-517-4755
  81. TsTime

    Feb 6 South Nine

    Traveled through the fog from Glorrietta at 0700 to the S9, vis not bad on the way out but was happy with the Lowrance BB 24 radar to at least know what happening around us. Got to the 9 in foggy conditions with a breeze and scratched out a few rockfish and sand dabs. With the knowledge given by...
  82. TsTime

    Sunday South 9

    got to the mex 9 about 7:30, mixed swell, face into the wind from pt loma, 1st drift nice salmon grouper, a couple of small starries and sand dabs. Next drift sand dabs and more sand dabs. Went a little deeper for another salmon grouper and smaller rockfish and then more sand dabs. Then it was...
  83. TsTime

    30-40 Gal Bait Tank $75 or trade

    Price reduced and more swag! New price $65 and 2 S/S rail rod holders added! trade for Torium 16 (only) in good shape. Round tank, no leaks, ss deck brackets and hoses, rod holder also. You pick up only Email, PM or call 619-517-4755
  84. TsTime


    Hello All, we'll be making a trip in June to BOLA for our 2nd JC Memorial get together that will include fishing and partying with the boys. Last year we did it in San Q and at the table we decided every year a different location that our fallen friend has BOLA here we come. in June...
  85. TsTime

    CA License Usage

    Due to the totally screwed up way our state issues licenses, me and my bud Ed decided to squeeze every last penny from our annual CA fishing tariff on the last day of the year. Good drifts throught the bay produced steady action on sand bass. happy New Year to all. Conditions were good!
  86. TsTime

    Canvas Cover

    Blue Cover for 20' in good condition $100. It was on a Grady White Overnighter. No tears, Reinforced areas need restiched. Could use a wash. Just had Hardtop installed and getting new cover to fit. 21ft x 9ft, has outboard cover and side tabs for bungee and drawstring rope. PM, for more info if...
  87. TsTime

    Offshore 30-O

    Want to buy an Offshore 30 oval tank in good to excellent condition. Let me know 619-517-4755 thx Gary
  88. TsTime

    Yes Another MagBay 10/10-10/17

    Fished with Bob Hoyt's Mag Bay Outfitters the past week, Great operation in a remote location. Friendly community of Lopez Mateos and awesome service from Bob's group of helpers, friends and guides! Day 1:Arrived at Loreto Airport and our driver for the week Bartolo was there waiting with a...
  89. TsTime

    9/29 IB Kelp/Zuniga

    Ran to IB Kelp with a 1/2 scoop of huge dines no chovies. Fished the area for an hour, nothing happening, ran to the pipe nothing, back to IB closer in for nothing, back to the point east side of Zuniga for nothing. Inside the bay for 5 sandies 1 short halibut . Glassy all day, big swell...
  90. TsTime

    17'Whaler ***SOLD***

    Reduced to $4000:beerbang: 1984 17' Whaler Super Sport 1984 Johnson 75HP 1984 Galvi Trailer with Spare 2005 RT 80 RipTide Trolling Motor The good: Hull is in Great Condition Carbs Just Rebuilt Same for Water pump 18 Gal Fiberglass Fuel FishFinder Bow and Stern Seats Good Rubber on...
  91. TsTime

    Mag Bay Outfitters

    Going with Bob Hoyt's Mag Bay Outfitters Oct 10-17 fishing mangrroves 4 days and offshore 2 days. Any help to prepare appreciated especially if you've fished with the Outfitters before. Trying to keep tackle to minimal due to flying down. Thanks
  92. TsTime

    Tough Day Whistler/IB 6-17

    First ocean day for Lil T's was in near perfect conditions most of the day. Launched at SI O630 with 18 gals of gas in tank and 10 back up. No bait tank so it was a run & gun jig and troll plan. Found the terns pickin west of SD1 with tons of bait for acres, no breezers or puddlers so we troll...
  93. TsTime

    15-25 Gallon Bait Tank

    In San Diego, small tank needed for my Whaler. Something like Kodiak PF17. Let me lnow if ya got one.
  94. TsTime

    Old Mill

    Are they in operation still??
  95. TsTime

    License Needed if?

    Friend is going camping in BCS soon and asked if I knew if he needed a license to fish from: Shore, kayak or spearfishing. I just buy an annual every year and couldn't answer, your knowledge por favor. Gary T
  96. TsTime

    Mag Bay November

    Going on T Reyes mother ship trip mid November. Bringing: Avet w/25# Torium w/30# Newell w/40# and International w/80#. Question is do I need a 50-60# two speed??? If so suggestions please Not sure of tuna size and don't want to to be pinned to a panga rail all day. Thanks for the info
  97. TsTime

    Tony Reyes Mag Bay Nov 09

    Anybody been on this trip? Looks like the tackle reco's are for Sea Cortez, any tips info appreciated. We will be straglers on a charter with a few open spots.. Thanks
  98. TsTime

    Playa Grande Area

    Leaving Tuesday and will wing it for a skiff while in the area. Taking 1 7' 20lb outfit for the surf or rocks and poppers from the skiff and 30lb conventional for inshore. Poppers, croc's,rapalas and some hooks is what I was thinking. Should I use mono backing to spectra with floura leader for...
  99. TsTime

    Playa Grande Area

    Please help, it looks like our date to visit Playa Grande will be the 18th thru the 24th of Feb. It's a family trip, adult children and we plan on surfing, fishing and a round of golf. Of course venture into the area and take it in. A few are frequent visitors but they don't fish and have no...
  100. TsTime

    Sierra Trip

    Hello All, Sitting in our Mammoth vacation rental after enjoying 5 days in the hills. Day 1 fished Crowley with Sierra Drifters guide Phil, fair fishing nymphing I believe it was. Partner got a nice 21" Rainbow and me 19" cutthroat. Our other group was with Tom and they had a hot afternoon...
  101. TsTime

    Good Reason to call me Ho Tues 8/5-Friday

    Supposed to be in Hawaii this week, stepsons fiance calls the wedding off! I am ready to take it out on some fish,,could be good therapy for the boy. GOT room for 1 or 2. Ready to go and no I wont knock your fish off at the gaff. Call or PM 619-517-4755 Gary
  102. TsTime

    Need 1 day North Shore

    Any recommendations for 1 day charter, soon to be son in law getting married 8/7 thinking fishing 8/6 staying at Sunset Beach>> Thanks Gary
  103. TsTime

    Camalu 7/17-7/20 Report

    Fished w/ Lee Morenos fleet Friday & Saturday, stayed at La Cueva. Friday with Eddie had a good day fishing variety of spots 75-125' for the usual reds, lings and white fish. Lost one good ling. Bring the squid, shrimp and baby octopus. Saturday fished with Reymundo, more of a follower, no GPS...
  104. TsTime

    Camalu 4/25-27

    Had to get a few bottom dwellers and our friend needed to pay his lot lease so off we go to Camalu 9:30AM with a stop for baby octopus bait in National City. Traffic light we didn't hear of the gun battle until return. Felt ccomfortable and made a few stops in Ensenada before the rest of the...
  105. TsTime

    Orange Beach in March 08

    Want to take the Grandson out to score a few table fares for great grannie to cook up. Inshore bottom fish charter or ? Easy & cheap as airfare and accomadations are killing me! Any ideas? Gary
  106. TsTime

    Alfonsinas Contact needed

    If you have a number for Joaquin or other who can help with hotel, please PM or reply. Thanks Gary T
  107. TsTime

    Offshore 8/6 with Surf Doc

    Great to ride with Stan. ?, Stan should I buy some beer?:imdumb:Answer, only if you want to go! Started at the S9, baited a small Mako on bare mono for a quick realease. Fished Pukey, nada. Slow trolled to S South Island, nada. Not even a dog! Get the call from Wildcat and off we go to that...
  108. TsTime

    Pedasi Panama in 17 days!

    Any reports from the area? Got all the tools for the trip, need pencils paper and candies for the kids. Rain gear suggestions? Thanks, GT
  109. TsTime

    Pedasi in June

    Joining a twelve friend tour to Pedasi Panama in June this year. What do I have to look forward to. We are panga fishing and staying at the Hotel Residentcial. They say 3 rods, 1-30, 1-40 and 1-60. Should I also have a 30lb spinning outfit foor the top water plugs? I will be 100% mono, with...
  110. TsTime

    Ensenada 8/19

    Left IB 12:15AM for the run to Ensenada. On the Azteca at 2Am, parked in $10 lot and 5 of us boarded the Azteca with Alex as skipper and Eduardo as deckie. Plan was offshore YFT, dorado and YT. Get great bait and to the bunks we go, only four bunks one on floor. Travel to grey light, bust out my...
  111. TsTime

    Offshore 425 6/23

    Quick post no pics: E Bros 8AM, off to 425, trolled for nada. Birds picking on Bonito crashing, headed south 32.10 117.117 two patties 7 yellows 8-10 lbs. Heading north stopped on crashing bonies, get 2 Mako's to 60lb. Kelp scarce, water green 68.7 in at 3PM. Lot's of chatter from trench with...