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  1. TsTime

    8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it

    In my storage with 5 minutes of me, let me know when you can pick up
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    BOLA 07-07 and 07-08

    Great write up and I'll hitch hike thread, same trip but no BS thru Tecate 7/5-7/9, we commented on best road condition ever. We fished with Igor, son Isaac and Mario out of Daggets for 3 days . NO Bait, we did make 10'' yellowtail under sargrassa in main channel day 3. My crew targeted grouper...
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    1st Canning Success

    Doing a new batch tomorrow morning, going to add some marinated carrots with jalapenos from our local Mex Deli. Standing by
  4. TsTime

    Best Month Redfish Venice

    Thanks Tom for your help
  5. TsTime

    8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it

    I can hold it until then, pm your cell number Blufingrin
  6. TsTime

    Best Month Redfish Venice

    Thanks for reply, considering May due to schedule, any thoughts
  7. TsTime

    Best Month Redfish Venice

    Seeking opinions for best Month to visit Venice. 3 days redfish and 1 day offshore, of course being greedy with quality and quality on the redfish, planning stages for 2023. Lets here it! Thanks
  8. TsTime


    X2 on Discover Baja, just insured new vehicle and 2 licences for the year, quick and easy
  9. TsTime

    Offshore tuna fishing on Pac Voyager

    I'll bet loosing a few to "Rigs to close" was a shit show
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    8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it

    TsTime submitted a new listing: 8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it - 8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California 8'3" 6"PVC Come and Get it

    Was going to use for truck rod holder but did not work out Pick up in Imperial Beach, pm if interested, free
  12. TsTime

    Gonzaga and Bahia De Los Angeles 1st week of May

    No words needed in your report!
  13. TsTime

    Pesca Panama April 24 to 29

    Yes we have met , good to see your still on board.
  14. TsTime

    Pesca Panama April 24 to 29

    Cass gts it done, oics when possible, here ar a few from a few years back!
  15. TsTime

    Family 6 Pack Boat Recommendations SD

    exotic charters San diego
  16. TsTime

    Anchor and Dock power cable

    PM sent I'll tak anchor & chain
  17. TsTime

    Give a call please after 8AM 619-517-4755, interested

    Give a call please after 8AM 619-517-4755, interested
  18. TsTime

    Marine Radio NIB

    Price reduced to $150
  19. TsTime

    Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer

    Bump, Still Searching
  20. Marine Radio NIB

    Southern California Marine Radio NIB

    Bought, opened box, never installed and changed my mind. Will ship if you pay for shipping $200.00 PM or text 619-517-4755
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    Marine Radio NIB

    TsTime submitted a new listing: Marine Radio NIB - Marine Radio NIB Learn more about this listing...
  22. TsTime

    Tucanare Lodge Columbia

    Heading to Columbia soon and wondering if any BDR'S have fished with this outfit. Any gotta haves on the trip?? Thanks
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    Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer

    TsTime submitted a new listing: Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer - Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer

    Looking for a 43 Mikelson 2003 or newer. Email me if you or somebody you know is interested. Tough market right now but you may know that person ready to sell! PM or [email protected] If owner may consider downsizing I have the ride for them! Thanks all
  25. TsTime

    1st Canning Success

    Merry Christmas All! I did majority with YFT and 4 of BFT, I prefer the YFT myself. Also in each jar I added a piece of belly meat, not sure if it made a difference but will continue the practice!
  26. TsTime

    1st Canning Success

    As Jerdog said, and I was lucky 100% vacuum sealed and stored with no ring attached, here is recipe
  27. TsTime

    1st Canning Success

    Upon returning from a 4 day in October one of the regulars gave me a jar of his 2020 trip tuna, he always raves about it and it had been several years since I had some and Holy Sh*t I now knew what he was so proud of.! Thanks Reno! After reading all 4 pages of the Sticky thread "Canning 101" I...
  28. TsTime

    Henriques 28 Express - Repowered Single Cummins QSB

    Bad Ass fish catching machine there
  29. TsTime

    Been 9years Surf doc and we still miss you

    Only guy that could fall asleep standing up
  30. TsTime

    2day limited load charter with 3 spots open

    Still available? Thinking
  31. TsTime

    SQ Report 8/26-8/29

    Thanks All, Ed and I have enjoyed SQ for over 35 years, back to the Ernesto days, getting stuck on the mub bars and turned around in False Bay. We took a break from SQ for the warmer areas on the Cortez, have to say the paved road, hiring a guide and AC in the room are a bit of a game changer.
  32. TsTime

    SQ Report 8/26-8/29

    In yesterday from a trip with friends, stayed at he Mill, had not been for probably 6 years and was really happy with the improvements made. Still the same feel but with added comfort. With C-Bass catches the past week that was our focus for the 2 days with Oscar on the '23 Parker from KM...
  33. TsTime

    Halibut fishing south island

    Thanks for all the info, it takes a boatload of patience with the right crew to fish the Butt's!
  34. TsTime

    Rotomolded 165qt cooler

    pm sent
  35. TsTime

    SK jigs

    pm sent
  36. TsTime

    Need 2 Spots for 1.5

    Thanks all, O95 may be an option. Looked on line at all SD landings. Hoping for an ultra light load charter
  37. TsTime

    Need 2 Spots for 1.5

    Bro coming in from Wisconsin for 50th reunion and wants to fish. If you have 2 openings on your charter 8/15-16 or 17 for overnight or 1.5 day out of San Diego, we're easy going, I have gear and we will not be Those Guys. PM please, on site every AM. Thanks
  38. TsTime

    Zooboys Unfinished Business at the Bay

    Thanks for the report, good times had
  39. TsTime

    Bahia de Los Angeles 6/23-6/27

    La Guardia, they were killing it in all the usual places north, south and east
  40. TsTime

    Bahia de Los Angeles 6/23-6/27

    Annual down and dirty trip with Matt (Ib1) and 14 yr old son stared with FMM stop in Tecate at 0700. Traveling with our friends in separate vehicles proved helpful. Stopped at Rumarosa toll booth for a break and WTF, starter solenoid would not engage, crossed over and Pablo the toll road mobile...
  41. TsTime

    BOLA stick bait question

    Rapala Floating Magnum 7" fire tiger and silver mackeral gets it done, 9-11 ft running, have a variety box of baits I'll try this week
  42. TsTime

    BOLA June 12 - 18, 2021

    Great to read , 2 wake ups and heading south
  43. TsTime

    Enrique daggett.Daggett's sport fishing

    Is the Grill at Guillermos? We'll be there Weds, thanks for info
  44. TsTime

    Offshore Memorial Day on the Pac Voyager 2021

    Great read, I've been lucky enough to fish with this crew and always have had a great trip! Congrats,
  45. TsTime

    Where to go in Mexico

    Not on Mainland but Rancho Leanero in Baja is pretty sweet or if you need more activity Palmas de Cortez. Late October would be my choice!
  46. TsTime

    Missing Person in Bola

    Thats fucked up
  47. TsTime

    BOLA Fishing 3/8-3/11

    never disappoints thanks for the video
  48. TsTime

    Inshore 3/13 DP 3/14 lajolla

    Congrats on the new ride, make those trips fun for your wife and daughter, I fish the bay with grandkids when conditions are less than desirable. As long as their cation, it's all good.
  49. TsTime

    Bay / Harbor Big bay 3/13

    taking grand kids tomorrow, what was working?
  50. TsTime

    BOLA and highway 5

    We've been crossing at Tecate 0700 and taking the toll road to the 5, the FMM guy is the same each year and has gotten very pissy about not turnig in FMM upon return. Does any one turn in upon return? To original post, I live close to San Ysidro entry but will always go the 5 now unless of...
  51. TsTime

    Calico fishing near Ensenada. Panga/Guide?

    I've read good things about Vonnys over the years, not sure what Louie on this site "It's 4 Reels charges but always good reports!
  52. TsTime

    Lee Outriggers

    My next boat!
  53. TsTime

    Travel rods for panga fishing in Baja

    very happy with Okuma product, El Salto to Panama with no problems
  54. TsTime

    ProKat 2660 2005

    What is bait system (gallons) and location. Also if possible pics of walkway to bow and bow. Friend is looking.Thanks
  55. TsTime

    What reel should I put on a seeker 665h for trolling?

    Very happy with FTH60LD2
  56. TsTime

    Diesel Paddy Stop

    Bait tank is a Blue Water 80 gal It took several boats over the years to get it right, I am calling this my next to last boat! Only negative is lack of windows in cabin, not worth the effort to retro fit and add.
  57. TsTime

    Diesel Paddy Stop

    I also was ready for a more comfy ride and made a move to a 27'Alblemarle with twin Yanmar 170's, upgraded the hell out of it but found it to be impossible to get on a foamer quick enough and to the bow to cast. Started looking around for a comfy center console and found the Strike 37WA to be...
  58. TsTime

    Bolt Cutters to keep onboard

    All responses appreciated, thanks all. Looking at a 14 or 18" pair, oi well and vacuum pack along with a few more things in the med kit!
  59. TsTime

    Bolt Cutters to keep onboard

    Hoping I would not need but... looking for suggestions for a bolt cutter just in case I need to extract a hook while offshore. Size brand etc, Thanks
  60. TsTime

    Free Local Pick Up Shop Manuals

    Volvo manuals gone
  61. TsTime

    Free Local Pick Up Shop Manuals

    No longer need, in South San Diego, PM
  62. TsTime

    Canvass & Upholstery SD

    I've also had Lowell do work on my last three rigs along with covers for outdoor kitchen and bar, great work fair pricing
  63. TsTime

    Considering 24 skipjack

    Enjoyed my '86 for about 3 years. As stated a couple of thousand per year. frequent service, fluid changes etc. your good to go. Solo launching and retrieving no problem, fished SD bay, offshore and a few stay over nights. Handling most all conditions is very good.
  64. TsTime

    Garmin 4' Array $100

    Will text today
  65. TsTime

    My 10 yr old son made a catch and cook video

    No Tartar Sauce?? Way to teach him all aspects of the sport!
  66. TsTime

    Garmin 4' Array $100

    Pulled from boat when new electronics package went in, prior to pull an Error 6 on display was noted. I did not check out because new radar was going in. Google Garmin Radar Error 6 to satisfy self. San Diego pick up only. PM if interested.
  67. TsTime

    1990 26' Shamrock Mackinaw

    I know that boat, it's a fish catcher
  68. TsTime

    La bocana baja california sur 22, 23 nov 2020

    The Bahia's A Team invades La Bocana!
  69. TsTime

    Garmin 5212 pair $1200

    Sold and picked up by fellow BD member
  70. TsTime

    Garmin 5212 pair $1200

    Price drop $950
  71. TsTime

    Garmin 5212 pair $1200

    A pair of Garmin 5212 just came out for electronics upgrade. radar is GDR 404 and prior to removal an error code 6 appeared, never looked into. MFD's worked flawless but with new to me vessel I chose to upgrade all systems. new maps installed in May '20. Flush mount and no brackets. PM or text...
  72. TsTime

    Looking for a boat shipper

    New Jersey to San Diego, had to pull props, rudders and radar for height, I was very happy with process Mark Winston Trucking <[email protected]>
  73. TsTime

    Loreto; Mag Bay; East Cape

    You did it right and with some of the best in the region!
  74. TsTime

    San Quintin ready

    Easy transaction with quick delivery, got mine for BOLA trip!
  75. TsTime

    BOLA 9/18-9/21

    Think safety in your little ol reliable boat, if the wind starts up head to the beach. it can get pretty nasty quick. No mention of engine HP but wind and current will not be your friend. Leaving in an hour and down for a week, staying at Guillermos with group of 12.
  76. TsTime

    Crossing the Border to Fish BOLA

    Hitch Hiking the thread, when crossing at Otay, where is immigration for 7 day FMM?
  77. TsTime

    Offshore Pacific Voyager first timer 5 day!

    no wifi, no sattelite TV as stated rotation of movies and when Jeff was on board as chef music concerts
  78. TsTime

    BOLA 9/18-9/21

    Family affair, nothing better!
  79. TsTime

    Offshore Pacific Voyager first timer 5 day!

    Take the table at starboard forward for some belly room, of course a friend told me. Bow bunks rule if weather permits. I'm on a 4 day in 2 weeks with 12, be prepared for a great crew and skipper!
  80. TsTime

    BOLA video

    15 wake ups and heading that way, thanks for the vid
  81. TsTime

    Bring down for aid and giving

    Karma and always well received
  82. TsTime

    Stainless Steel 15 Rod Holder Brand New!

    when measured please share
  83. TsTime

    SOLD Pompenette Pedastal Rocket Launcher

    $1400 Take a look, will ship on your dime PM or text 619-517-4755 Gary
  84. TsTime

    Offshore 4th of July Weekend Pacific Voyager 2 Day Charter

    Time on the water... You had the A Team crew
  85. TsTime

    Offshore Filming a documentary fishing in mexico tomorrow...

    Just brought a boat in from New Jersey, same thing. We got south of the 425 and to the south was nothing but gray. Our work around, we had put GPS #'s for a few destinations south and expanded the are on screen and waypoint symbols were there in the gray. Got back and updated software version...
  86. TsTime

    Offshore 52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Let me be the 1st to say, Hell Ya! Congrats!
  87. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    Time to fish, Just Add Bait! Reduced for BD family before she goes to Broker Now $61,000
  88. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    Ready to Fish, soon we hope
  89. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    Yes staying at CAB, eye candy to enjoyable in the summer to move. Will have to move docks though. Stop by when I am at the boat.. Tough time to be a seller
  90. TsTime

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    New boat in next Tuesday, take a look at my Alblemarle. now for sale. TurnKey
  91. TsTime

    BOLA 3.13-15 with Joel Prieto Jr...Awesome!

    Thanks for posting!
  92. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    Bump Took her for a spin around the bay, ran to 25 mph WOT , running great just in time for the BFT, new boat arrives in a week
  93. TsTime

    Point Loma 8Mar2020

    Whats the new boat, congrats
  94. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    Yes the spray rails were recommended by the builder and have made a big difference. The boat is a very dry rive thanks to it's 24 degree deadrise at transom. I moved from a 24 Skipjack FB to the express with tower.
  95. TsTime

    97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    April Reduction$67,000 Moving up and time to let another angler enjoy the upgrades and fish a bility of this ride. Twin Yanmar 4LTH 170HP 3K hours Cruise 15-18 WOT 25 Fuel burn 1NM to the gallon All fluids filters changed at 2938 hours FireBoy engine compartment system 2 Fire Extinguishers 1...
  96. TsTime

    Garmin GPSMap 5208 8" Chartplotter

    still available, do you have flush mount kit and length of power and nmea cord
  97. TsTime

    Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Captain Recommendations

    Great to read, we're flying out of TJ and staying an extra day. Looking forward to the trip. Ed and I enjoy the inshore stuff and hopefully the conditions are right for a chance at a few roosterfish. If in I am hoping to pop the Saifish cherry!
  98. TsTime

    Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Captain Recommendations

    Bosco are you on the Cass trip? If so see you then
  99. TsTime

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Flying out today to survey an upleg from my 28 Alblemarle. I know it is on the low end of your list but you may want to check it out. In a 30 slip in Harbor Island. Removed cockpit bait tank and had transom tank and storage built.
  100. TsTime

    Shipping from New Jersey to SD

    Thanks for the heads up, working with broker in exploring also and will contact Smitty's,
  101. TsTime

    Shipping from New Jersey to SD

    Yes it would be, have yet to find on in the gulf or west coast
  102. TsTime

    Shipping from New Jersey to SD

    Looking at a 37 power boat, no tower that I will have trucked to SD if all goes well. Any referrals other than USHIP?? 39 LOA 13 Beam 12 height 19,000 weight Thanks all
  103. TsTime

    Zihuatanejo fishing going off

    Great to read, be there in February, thanks for report
  104. TsTime

    Furuno TZtouch2 12” NIB

    Still available?
  105. TsTime

    Going to Todos Santos

    What Elskel said but I don't live there. I am sure he will give the details but for me a 9'spinning rod with 55# braid and 20#mono works well, my favorite is Ranger lures cast past the surfline and skipping them in. Lot's of fun. Great offer Elskel!
  106. TsTime

    Zihuat Questions

    Thanks for responses, Shimano Penn, trolling is not a bad thing we just like to mix it up.
  107. TsTime

    Zihuat Questions

    Heading to Ixtapa February 2020 and will be able to fish 3 days. I enjoy throwing poppers for inshore for roosters and jacks and will bring travel spinning setup, ranger lures pencil poppers etc. I will fish one day offshore for sailfish, tuna and dorado but really don't want to troll, troll...
  108. TsTime

    1995 Blackfin 29 SF 45,000

    Thats alot of boat for a 29, GLWS
  109. TsTime

    Mag Bay Update

    Mag Bat Adventures Speak with Bob, he is a member here
  110. TsTime

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    On the Alblemarle 28 I minimized the snap roll with the factory recommended spray rails. They work will to reduce the roll. FYI
  111. TsTime

    Need Custom Transum Built in Bait Tank

    Had it done in San Diego, what a difference it made on the 28 Alblemarle
  112. TsTime

    2010 37' Strike w/ Outboards

    Year and hours on Suzuki??
  113. TsTime

    2010 37' Strike w/ Outboards

    I love this concept for our west coast run and gun, ability to get to bow and cast. Express style helm and enough comfort below for an overnighter. I have been looking at the Strike and L&H and find them intriguging and wonder why we do not see many in the So Cal area. I have never fished a...
  114. TsTime

    2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    Thanks for reply, yes digital throttle. I viewed an '08 345 and like the layout. Broker indicated the 315 is a very nice layout with minimal difference in layout. I like the fuel burn on the with the twin 350's vs the triple 250's on the 345 viewed. Not a buyer yet but doing a bit of research.
  115. TsTime

    2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    Nice ride Had you ever priced putting tower with controls, is there a bow thruster, electronic controls and lastly A/C Thanks GLWS
  116. TsTime

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    Reel T'S, in the real estate buisness, company owned and last name starts with a T, last boat T'S Time, before that Lil T's
  117. TsTime

    Need 2 for Tomorrow. 7/9

    if in need of 2 week of 22nd Brother in town and my boat is down. Gary 619-517-4755
  118. TsTime

    Pedasi 6/3-6/7

    a few pics
  119. TsTime

    Pedasi 6/3-6/7

    Short Report: Fished with a group of friends out of Villa Marina on Playa Venao. LAX rod tube 79" no problem, no charge. My carry on included a Okuma Nomad Travel rod case and brief case no problem. PTY return same on rod tube and was questioned with Okuma case but got through. One in group...
  120. TsTime

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Great to read, safe trips and reports on return or during!
  121. TsTime

    Tony Reyes for 2019??

    Tony Reyes Trip: Different expierence for sure. Last one I was on was a group trip and limited the group to 18, 2 per panga. 2 per room, made it great. As said above fish as much or little as you like. A bit of a cluster fuck when you get in, unload and the fish cleaning takes place but add some...
  122. TsTime

    Custom starboard

    nice work .
  123. TsTime

    Regulations for children Coronado islands

    Passport or card Mexican Fishing License FMM If at Islands Bioshpere Passport (Bracelett)
  124. TsTime

    Pesca Panama 04/07 - 04/12 Report

    thanks for the timely report
  125. TsTime

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    great info as I will be flying in 1st class, Thanks
  126. TsTime

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Not planning on bring fish back but will convey to group. I think it is worldwide when traveling.
  127. TsTime

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    xclnt response, we are going in June and had never been an issue in past. New traveler in group threw up a caution and I needed other "been there" verification. Thanks
  128. TsTime

    2 Used Gaffs

    all right call when back for fiberglass
  129. TsTime

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Thank You Sean, Anyone travel with rod case 8'
  130. TsTime

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Not getting a straight or consistent answer from Copa Does anyone know if a 96" rod tube is allowed and at what cost LAX to PTY round trip?? If it matters flying buisness class. thanks
  131. TsTime

    2 Used Gaffs

    Ill take fiberglass if available, friend lives in temecula and can connect Gary 619-517-4755 text or call
  132. TsTime

    Show your boat name-logo

    Since I'm a Realtor and last name starts with a T
  133. TsTime

    Slobs & Slabs! Surf/Fish Combo Trip

    Ah Stan aka Surfdoc, I remember Kelly when you told us "I've never seen a guy sleeping standing up with a beer in hand". RIP Stan
  134. TsTime

    Slobs & Slabs! Surf/Fish Combo Trip

    [ Good to see you back Kelly!
  135. TsTime

    Logistics of getting to Mag bay for fishing

    good to know re Fishermans Fleet, FYI, watched the BOLA Refugio cabilla fest on LK last night. Is that the yacht anchored up outside of Guillermos?? Great episode
  136. TsTime

    Logistics of getting to Mag bay for fishing

    What Juan and TravisT said. We did this a few years back with MagBAyOutfitters, Bob handled all the details for transfers, accomadations, meals, boats and we barged to the island with cook to top it off, a must do. Yes Loreto, about a 2 hour drive to Lopez if I recall
  137. TsTime

    Whistler Bonito

    Great to read the parts are ordered, go get em
  138. TsTime

    Offshore YFT 10/9 (ain't to proud to beg)

    Weather looks pretty crappy in the background! Congrats
  139. TsTime

    SoCal Trolling Reel

    Currently feel trolling set up for private boat to heavy and want to get a little smaller reels for San Diego offshore, islands trolling. Currently 2 TLD 50's with 80 and 2 Intl's with 80. Lever vs star and reel size & line (braid and mono) recomendations, Thanks
  140. TsTime

    Offshore California Steigercraft 31

    Did Tony do the tower seat, that looks comfortable and efficient
  141. TsTime

    New yetti 110

    pm sent
  142. TsTime

    28 Albemarle or 28 Carolina Classic - Questions

    1997 Alblemarle SFX (express) with twin Yanmar 4LH DTE owner for a year now in slip. Moved up from 24 Skipjack Flybridge on trailer. I decided on a used in slip over a new 2510 w/a Parker on trailer as I could cash out on used and sell if needed without to big of a loss. Pros: I love the...
  143. TsTime

    Bait tank oval 38 to 50 gal fiberglass

    Paddyman has 1st shot update later today
  144. TsTime

    Bait tank oval 38 to 50 gal fiberglass

    I think this is a 65, interested at ^600
  145. TsTime

    Blackman 20

    Don't worry Matt it will fit in your driveway, buy it!
  146. TsTime

    Taxi or Car Rental

    I'd rent, we use Cactus, take the ride to east cape along the coast, stop into Cabo Pulmo for lunch,
  147. TsTime

    Buying advice - 30-36ft boat, +/- flybridge, single or twin screw

    Although not in your size I went from a flybridge to an express and could not be happier. Now, being only a 28' it lacks the amenities down below. For me that did not matter as it is seldom that we would be overnighting. I have stayed on the boat at the slip and wish I had more down below...
  148. TsTime

    Filling screw holes on transom

    concure with all "PM Mark"
  149. TsTime

    75' Houseboat at Lake Powell $6500. SOLD

    Thanks for the info, did not know those plans existed.
  150. TsTime

    75' Houseboat at Lake Powell $6500. SOLD

    What are the annual expenses, other cost, seems like a smoking deal!
  151. TsTime

    The TIP tap dance,

    That is correct, I read about in the Log Newspaper, it was an in person only event and it was specifically for cancellation purposes. The Coast Guard inspection after sale proved the vessel had returned from Mexico and the officials were glad I had it. I attempted to get help from Fito who is...
  152. TsTime

    The TIP tap dance,

    Just back from Sacramento with cancellation completed. The only hiccups were address to consulate office was off by a few numbers and I only had originals, of course they wanted copies other that the permit which was surrendered. The coast guard inspection after buying the boat worked for...
  153. TsTime

    The TIP tap dance,

    Flying to Sacramento this morning with what I hope are all documents as Mex officials are hosting a TIP cancellation event in various cities, missed LA and have miles with Southwest so I'll give it a go. I have same circumstance as BlownCar, purchased with active TIP Originals for all. TIP...
  154. TsTime

    Surf Doc 5 years passing

    Thanks you for the post. Only guy I know that could pass out and still stay standing!
  155. TsTime

    Cedros Report and Advise

    Thank you Andy, yes light but efficient is the plan
  156. TsTime

    Cedros Report and Advise

    Me and a group of 12 are heading to Cedros first week of August, it apprears reports are limited but have gone through the archived threads for tackle suggestions. Always looking for suggestions. We are not with COA or CA but Baja Fishing Convoys. Wagon masters choice so we go with the flow...
  157. TsTime

    38' luhrs ( who owns this boat?)

    It is at Fiddlers, would recommend a visit with note to owner left at office or tape on vessel if your able. I have never seen activity on vessel but I think it has moved a few slips over.
  158. TsTime

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    All great information and none is bullshit. We were hauling a 15 Glastron trihull down in the late 70's and found all mentioned true. We finally asked this young fella Alberto (Tiburon) to start going with us as we were tired of getting off the boat and pushing off the flats or ending up in...
  159. TsTime

    Anyone Using the Furuno Dff-3d Side Scan

    OK, thanks for responses I am just learning the TZT2. Last vessel had the Simrad Nss12 that I was just getting dialed in, love the learning curves.
  160. TsTime

    Sirius radio options

    call and cancel your subscription, then they will start wheeling and dealing. At that point tell them if the include boat for a new 6 month period , repeat every 6 months
  161. TsTime

    Anyone Using the Furuno Dff-3d Side Scan

    Considering this upgrade to add on to Furuno TZT2 new to me system, any thoughts?
  162. TsTime

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Good luck with the run, looking to do same later in year out of San Diego
  163. TsTime

    Looking for a realtor.

    PM if you are still looking, 32 years in Biz, free boat parking in my lot till we find your place. Gary T BRE#00886268
  164. TsTime

    Sold, Thanks BD and Members Price Reduction for Clean 1986 Skipjack 24 FlyBridge

    Good times for sure, thanks for the bump. Love the picture of Kane
  165. TsTime

    Sold, Thanks BD and Members Price Reduction for Clean 1986 Skipjack 24 FlyBridge

    Sold, thanks BD and Members Reason for sale is moving up in size: Priced Reduce to $15,000 2003 5.7L Indmar Vortec with 1986 Volvo 290 Out Drive 1986 24 Skipjack FlyBridge available just in time for the 2017 season. Since my purchase in 2012 the following updates have been completed with all...
  166. TsTime

    Fiberglass work

    Mark at Monsoon yachts, pescaloco on this site has done work on my skippy. fair price, quality work
  167. TsTime

    Juan San Quintin

    Happy for all, congrats
  168. TsTime

    Bucket list trip

    Agree with Aquachico, Our trips when we were young included hauling a boat or cartopping and aluminum. Makes for great stories later in life. 1st times in San Q, gounding multiple times out and in, puckering up coming into the bay with a swell, and ending up in False Bay. Aluminum flying off the...
  169. TsTime

    Bucket list trip

    All great advise, slow down, no night driving. I have enjoyed road trips to all listed and had the opportunity to meet and fish with all listed, you cannot go wrong. If not noted Bob Hoyt is in Lopez Mateo, he has accomadations there to, you will catch 20+ species in the bay. I would consider...
  170. TsTime

    WTB Crystaliner/Bertram/Blackfin

    OK, good luck with purchase
  171. TsTime

    WTB Crystaliner/Bertram/Blackfin

    Have you looked at the 33 Crystaliner in Newport, just curious as I have been watching it, I've read good and bad about the power in this boat. I see price has dropped to 79K,
  172. TsTime

    Panga trips out of Todos Santos

    Cant give you to much but just got back yesterday, chose not to fish as the catch was smallish dodo's. We stayed in a VRBO just north of town and the host wanted to connect us with a pangero named Jose. Never went to Punta Lobos to check out his boat but cost was $200 for the day. When I was...
  173. TsTime

    SURFDOC Remembered

    Thanks for remembering Stan, RIP from IB
  174. TsTime

    2510 Walkaround

    I had the chance to check out Sherms ride and I can say this design and ride and rigging was perfect for our so cal waters. Enjoy the ride!
  175. TsTime

    Mazatlan in February

    Thanks Manny, will do!
  176. TsTime

    Mazatlan in February

    I'll be in Mazatlan after an El Salto trip in Feb 2017, any recommendations for an inshore rooster/jack charter/panguero would be appreciated. Thanks, GT
  177. TsTime

    1/2 Charter on the Daily Double - Saturday 8/6

    talking to grandson (11) today, what is load and time for meet up? Gary 619-517-4755
  178. TsTime

    Tony Reyes 7/10 to 7/15/ 2016

    Thanks for the report, I am Looking forward to my 1st TR in the Midrift in late September, a few years back I did their 1 and only at Mag Bay, great time, fair fishing. We had Tony Jr as our skipper which was a great bonus for may reasons.
  179. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay was fun!

    looks like a great time, always have gone to Alfonsinas but Papa's may be our next location.
  180. TsTime

    24' Skipjack FB Steering Help

    thanks David,PM sent
  181. TsTime

    24' Skipjack FB Steering Help

    thanks David,PM sent
  182. TsTime

    Led Spreader lights

    Agree with coastal night lights
  183. TsTime

    24' Skipjack FB Steering Help

    Thanks for replies, I'll be keeping the boat for awhile and feel the investment will be worth going to hydraulic and AP. Fishbones thanks for Surge info, is he a mechanic/rigger? I tried Surge4130, wrong member, will try other today, thanks
  184. TsTime

    Boat Detailing Service San Diego

  185. TsTime

    24' Skipjack FB Steering Help

    Current steering system cable to power assist has froze up again. I have freed up in past (2 times) with heat gun, kept greased etc but this time it's time for a change. Need SD shop for cable replacement or upgrading to hydraulic. At same time adding in Simrad AP 24 Auto Pilot. No time for DIY...
  186. TsTime

    Oldman outside on the 240

    Livin the dream OldMan, is that Joe Martin from Don Eddies, if so say hello from GT in IB
  187. TsTime


    Still working my NSS12 out,
  188. TsTime

    24 Skipjack fuel tank replacment?

    What Pescaloco said, he did mine, tank made at American Tank in San Diego. Deck cut out, tank removed area cleaned up tank installed and deck replaced as Pescaloco indicated. All good
  189. TsTime

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    Thanks Mario, system is not evo2 but found the most recent for NSS and BSM 2 should be able to update later today and may have to test on Monday if all works out. Yes I will post all results.
  190. TsTime

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    Thanks Mario, Most recent software update on Simrad site is July 2014 and BSM August 2014 I'll troll the web for more recent. Yes will test and report back, taking a week or 2 hiatus and doing a few repairs, chat soon
  191. TsTime

    Offshore Fished the MAW

    Great way to support a great cause, congrats
  192. TsTime

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    Thanks for opening and sharing your knowledge. My system is a NSS12 Simrad with 2 thru hull transducers Airmar B175L and B175H through a Simrad BSM2Module with CHIRP. Seeking help for offshore settings in our local waters off So Cal I set a custom depth from 10' - 250', a blue palette, Auto...
  193. TsTime

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Stoked for you, congrats
  194. TsTime

    Skipjack 24 galley/interior improvements and modifications

    My Skippy is an '86 24FB, 100% fishing. Removed head and utilizing space for life jackets and spare parts. Piss over the side and crap in a bucket if desired. Going to pull the refer out for a tackle system by Boat Outfitters some...
  195. TsTime

    Skipjack 262 Gas burn numbers?

    1986 24' flybridge 5.7 with 290 outdrive last Friday average 1.56 MPG, 8 hours on the water, 3 hours at 3200rpm or 22MPH and 5 hours trolling from 6-9MPH 2 persons 45 gallon bait tank and started with 115 gal fuel.
  196. TsTime

    Offshore Pacific Voyager JRI Custom Lure trip to SCI

    from our 4 day 2014, we had no choices but we were ok with that
  197. TsTime

    5-10 BIG BUT

    Hell yes!
  198. TsTime


    bump to help out
  199. TsTime

    Bahia de los Muertos - 05/02-05/05

    Nice pics, thanks, did you stay in Suenos I mean Muertos Bay? We have a trip renting house at Muertos in October!
  200. TsTime

    Gonzaga trip report

  201. TsTime

    Skipjack windows

    I soaked with CLR working it slowly but with force, even us a small rubber hammer to pop a few times(do not recommend) gently of course. Worked from inside and outside and finally freed up. I found the gasket had swollen and that was part of problem. I closed and latched and just open and close...
  202. TsTime

    March Madness Yellowtails

    Nice work Alex, hope to see you on Friday
  203. TsTime

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Got down to the RP about 8:30 with a nice tank of dines and macs from EB. Slow go, ran down a few miles for no life, back up to the RP and the birds started flying. Drop down with an iron, game on. Buddy flylined a mac and a double going. Buddy lost his I landed a 12lb'r. Ran up to another set...
  204. TsTime

    Finally yellow limits!

    Nice catch Alex, hi to family. Gary
  205. TsTime

    Make My Boat Like New, How Much $?

    your location in the "state of confusion"? if san diego, mark on this site "pescaloco"
  206. TsTime

    Pesca Panama: Feb 21-27

    Thanks for reporting Doc, it was great to meet you and appreciate the daily blister repair. As Gary was saying it was slow, being my first trip it was hard to have a bar to compare with, our boat did accomplish several personal best including 300# Blue / 200# / Blue twin 90# YFT / 70# Cubera...
  207. TsTime

    Looking for a boat detailer

    Pescaloco x 2
  208. TsTime

    Opinions and comparison on 24' skipjack FB and 25' FB?

    When I was looking I found a nice 25' and was surprised how nice the cabin area was, thankfully my friend reminded me we were fishing the boat and the cockpit space was smaller. Opted to go with the 24 FB with larger cockpit and less cabin space. I have to say a cockpit steering and throttle...
  209. TsTime

    San Quintin 2014 year end trip summary

    Thanks, felt like I was there
  210. TsTime

    Pesca Panama in February

    Thanks again, will post report on return
  211. TsTime

    Pesca Panama in February

    Looking at the crystal minnow, should I get the floating, suspended , sinking or deep diver for inshore. Site says change rings and hooks for offshore poppers, needed? And knee pads, really? Merry Christmas to all!
  212. TsTime

    Flush mount or on bracket on dash?

    Because I have a hard top I chose to mount high just(not shown) to left of radar mount backing I could see unit from cockpit, great when bottom fishing, challenging when underway to make changes on unit (Simrad NSS 12)
  213. TsTime

    1984 18' BW Outrage

    Is this the one that was in Imperial Beach for awhile?
  214. TsTime

    Pesca Panama in February

    Just what I was looking for, thanks Bosco, PCH,TAP and MMA. MMA, we are on the barge I believe the 21st of Feb may be on same trip!
  215. TsTime

    Pesca Panama in February

    Any tips, reports etc for upcoming trip. Hope to do more inshore than offshore. Must haves for time on barge. Any tips appreciated..
  216. TsTime

    San Diego fuel tank builder

    picked up new 115 gal from vince last week, great quality price with new sender $1050
  217. TsTime

    Pre-Thanksgiving yellows!

    Nice looking Yellows Alex! Tia Lucy says hello and take me fishing! Best to familia. Gary:appl:
  218. TsTime

    Skipjack 262 Towing truck recommendation? or similar sized boat

    24 skippy FB towed by 2006 Chevy 2500 gas no problem
  219. TsTime

    Rancho Leonero - Do I need to bring gear?

    x 4 last trip only brought travel rod (Okuma nomad) for surf, did not need anything else
  220. TsTime

    25 skipjack sportcruiser- icebox and stove question

    My refer switch is located forward on cabinet wall behind fold up extension. Agree with Pura Vida on stove. I will eventually remove refer and add in storage system, I just use deck cooler. In process of having head removed for more storage, orange bucket w/ toilet lid never used in 2 years.
  221. TsTime

    Offshore Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    glad I'm leaving on a 4 day this afternoon, well done!
  222. TsTime

    Skipjack 262 fuel tank replacement

    Thanks ShadBurke, picked one up at Oreilys and have been filling up the cars, truck and jerry cans and a couple of 20 gal barrells
  223. TsTime

    Skipjack 262 fuel tank replacement

    Looks like it might be my turn on a 1986 24FB, topped off last night for a run offshore today and an hour later started to load my gear and fumes were strong, popped the engine hatch and about a 1/4 cup in bilge, source seems to be starboard aft corner of tank, cancelled run. Wiped out dry last...
  224. TsTime


    I'm in for a hundred Aaron, come on those that remember Stan!
  225. TsTime

    IB Kids Fishing Derby Needs Help

    Sat 8/23 8:30AM we need help in IB, my regular fishing friends are all out fishing tomorrow and we are short on volunteers to help the kids tying, baiting and advising on fishing off the pier. When Saturday 8/23 8:30-11AM Where Imperial Beach Pier 91932 It's free to the kids Just go to...
  226. TsTime

    Kids Fishing Derby Needs Helpers

    Sat 8/23 8:30AM we need help in IB, my regular fishing friends are all out fishing tomorrow and we are short on volunteers to help the kids tying, baiting and advising on fishing off the pier. When Saturday 8/23 8:30-11AM Where Imperial Beach Pier 91932 It's free to the kids Just go to...
  227. TsTime

    Pesca Panama Sold

    Signed on earlier in the year for Feb 2015 based on reviews from recent past, hopefully as good or as Bosco stated a notch up.
  228. TsTime

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    3/0 J Hooks for the Dorado fly lined, lost 3 on circle hooks. line size did not matter but the bait was so small 15-30# would be best.
  229. TsTime

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    As he said>>>>>
  230. TsTime

    Vessel Assist Short Coming

    Great stuff here. Breaking out the policy now and will call for San Diego dock location,
  231. TsTime

    need a good boat electrician in San Diego

    Alan "aka Dr Electron" 858-752-3198 very happy with his work, was referred by Ali and Jason here
  232. TsTime

    Bahia de Los Angeles, circa 1960

    greatly appreciated, simple times
  233. TsTime

    Rancho Leonero's first 10 of 2014

    Great trip to "The Ranch" 27th thru the 1st of June. Ladies had a great time relaxing, snorkeling and happy hour on the porch. Only negative was the early AM noise as we were in #13 & 14. Many families, all was good. Our concentration was on Roosterfish and Pargo but we did manage a dozen or so...
  234. TsTime

    The real yellowfin tuna showed up...finally

    7 sleeps and counting
  235. TsTime

    where to stay before going into Tecate border crossing

    x2 I would slip into Tecate for the night
  236. TsTime

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    Nice pics, casting from the beach is a fun way to go!
  237. TsTime

    Which autopilot for skipjack 25 w/ hydraulic steering?

    The vessel is an inboard with power assist steering. With this said, is there a need or benefit to upgrade to hydraulic steering and is the virtual rudder feedback beneficial? Thanks
  238. TsTime

    Which autopilot for skipjack 25 w/ hydraulic steering?

    I am looking into adding AP to 24 Skipjack FB and was suggested to upgrade from power assist steering to hydraulic due to the transition from AP to manual steering requires a "shake" of the wheel to disengage clutch. I will go with Simrad as MFD is Nss12 and will have the AP display as a stand...
  239. TsTime

    What a difference a year makes. South 9

    Nice work, got to see it at the weigh in. Happy for you. This was a 180 turn from last years event, Fried fish and good times!
  240. TsTime

    Happy Birthday Surfdoc... where ever you are!!

    Tipping a cold one in IB for ya Stan!
  241. TsTime

    Registering Zodiac w/o title question

    A 3rd party registration company can get the job done. In SD I bypass DMV for Bryants Registration for any matters extra charge of $25 is worth it
  242. TsTime


    Great work Dave, enjoyed the seminar. Give a call
  243. TsTime

    Grand Mayan Resort - 1 week - Choice of 4 Locations

    How do I find date availibility. Other fees not mentioned Is there an All Inclusive Option
  244. TsTime

    Need recommendations for a Boat Cover and EISENGLASS (ISINGLASS) for my 20 grady!

    When I had the boat I had Lowell come out. What I wanted was to technical for him. I had the guys from Baja Canvas at Quivera Basin give a bid it was reasonable. I wanted a 3 piece cover and an eisenglass enclosure at the time. I have been trying to get Memo from Memo's canvas (Chula Vista) to...
  245. TsTime

    Grady 209

    Sueno, Glad you like her, it was fun putting it together!
  246. TsTime

    Punta Bufeo on the Baja Pontoon

    I would have never thought! Nice trip
  247. TsTime

    9 Mile Bank 1-28-14

    Can't go wrong with those conditions!
  248. TsTime

    24' Skipjack bait tank plumbing???

    Same as Fishnuts on my 86 24 FB. Pump is on starboard stringer in engine well with pick up at thru hull port bilge and exhaust as fishnut mentioned. Mine is Offshore 45
  249. TsTime

    Islands 1/20

    Glad to hear the fishing was good for you. I have yet to FMM and my question is, cost, is it $23 per angler the way you did it. (I paid for 5 people under my name). Curious? Thanks
  250. TsTime

    Castro's Fish Camp

    Take Lance with you!
  251. TsTime

    Win Tickets to the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show - Jan 23-26, 2014

    "Thumbs up it's not to late to call Scott Sherman"
  252. TsTime

    Venice on a budget

    Thanks for the invite and will save for the future. Looks like Baja in early summer at Rancho Leonero has won out and then Bay of LA in July this year. Best of luck this year
  253. TsTime

    Venice on a budget

    Very interested in getting a few of my buddies to expeiance your fishery, we are fairly cheap, we fish Baja Mexico alot and are used to their prices $400 per day for the boat and $60 per day for a room. So our split cost is fairly reasonable. Now I know we would be in the good ol USA so cost...
  254. TsTime

    Reel Match for Travel Rod

    Heading to Rancho Leonero in May and will fish off the beach and kayak. I am getting the NTi-S-703ML-M and would like to match with reel. I will also use this set up in other areas and in San Diego, primarily saltwater. Would like to keep budget for reel at $200. Thinking baitrunner also. Any...
  255. TsTime

    Pt. Loma 12-29-13

    Fish tacos and a Charger victory, oh ya
  256. TsTime

    Steering froze on Skippy

    thanks again, trailor work for a week then back on steering.
  257. TsTime

    Steering froze on Skippy

    Rich what is PB Blaster? Thanks
  258. TsTime

    Steering froze on Skippy

    Thanks All, I'll report back after discovery is complete
  259. TsTime

    Steering froze on Skippy

    I think it is the cable running to steering cylinder. Steering locked up, hydrulic fluid is good, belt is fine. I removed the link rod connected to the steering cable and the wheel does not turn. Sprayed penetrate oil sat for 24 hours still no movement. Does this confirm bad cable? Your help...
  260. TsTime

    Aros vs FE for Repair/Maintenance

    Do appreciate, thanks all
  261. TsTime

    Aros vs FE for Repair/Maintenance

    Need general repair, fender, paint, rebuild bearings, etc. Not a DYI'r. Who's your pick?
  262. TsTime

    Fishing with "Chico the Man" at Lopez Mateos

    thanks for the report, the bay and mangroves are a magical place!
  263. TsTime

    MAG BAY SLAM - September 24

    Not to hijack the report. Art I went down and fished out of Lopez with MagBay Outfitters and had a great time. Bill was out the same day and shot a couple of pics of us on the bank. It is a must do trip, I would recommend hiring a captain for the 1st few times, the boca was very interesting.
  264. TsTime

    Open Spots Pacific Voyager October 4 day Limited Load

    12 peeps on that boat, count me in, pM sent
  265. TsTime

    Getting Discouraged

    Time on the water, trying to go only when it's wide open is usually to late. Congrats on the bigger boat
  266. TsTime

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 9/4

    Thanks Chris, fishing offshore out of Ensenada on Saturday!
  267. TsTime

    BOCANA Cabin rentals

    Great looking accomadations and staff
  268. TsTime

    Mag Bay fishing picks up

    If you have ever wanted to go, I recommend Bob's outfit. Great service, excellant time. Pics from our trip a few years back
  269. TsTime

    '86 SKipjack 24 FB Cleat Locaion

    Thanks Chad, easy solutions are what I like.
  270. TsTime

    '86 SKipjack 24 FB Cleat Locaion

  271. TsTime

    Bait Pump Installed

    Great responses, thanks. Yes, sprayed with corrosin inhibitor and will add in the flow valve if needed. thanks all
  272. TsTime

    Urgent Message!

    The whole thing really sucks, glad all is ok with no harm other than stolen gear, could hav been alot worse. Hang in there Damon
  273. TsTime

    Bait Pump Installed

    FYI, After reading prior post on bait pump installs, I thought I should share that I am Very happy with the Jabsco Cyclone 12V low pressure pump just installed. 3year warranty, very quiet and was a perfect fit with no plumbing or electrical mods needed. Purchased at SD Marine Hardware...
  274. TsTime

    '86 SKipjack 24 FB Cleat Locaion

    I am looking to add a cleats on port and starboard just forward of helm. Inside the cabin there is fiberglass headliner with seperaton 4" or so to deck. Has anyone done this before? The only cleats now are aft and I would like a pair forward. Should I cut out headliner enough to access and...
  275. TsTime

    Ensenada for Bluefin

    Also Louie, Its4Reel also on this site It's 4 Reels Ensenada Sportfishing Charters
  276. TsTime

    Secure Hotel Ensenada Needed

    We'll be fishing out of Ensenada soon. Parking Friday night in the pay parking and staying on the boat until departure. Looking for a hotel with secure parking (all gear in vehicle) to stay Saturday night close or in to town that is reasonable. Any recomendations?
  277. TsTime

    ensenada 6 pack question for tuna

    You gain a trip to Anthony's! Just a short stumble for the marina!
  278. TsTime

    Ensenada - 1/2 Day

    Louie on Its For Reel, I have never fished with him but he is a contributor here and has a resteraunt and bar in Ensenada
  279. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay...Rancho grande ?guarded gates

    As I understand with the new highway came new oppotunities for the thieves, many homes not occupied were getting broken into. I am sure CJorion will have the most accurate reply.
  280. TsTime

    Offshore Chief 2-1/2 day trip 7-20-13

    Great to read about the discount, checking it out
  281. TsTime


    Getting it started, thanks for te report Juan
  282. TsTime

    New Lo-An 2Day Aug 16-18th, WAIT LIST

    I am ready, let me know of cancellation 619-517-4755 or [email protected] I am not THAT GUY Gary
  283. TsTime

    Boat Maintenance

    As all stated, start fresh and get to know the boat
  284. TsTime

    Need recommendations for a Boat Cover and EISENGLASS (ISINGLASS) for my 20 grady!

    Great chatting with the other day Doug, I hope she works out for you.
  285. TsTime


    Stellar report Mark, those were some pigs this year!
  286. TsTime

    BOLA Fishing Trip..June 21,22,23

    Glad you got some!
  287. TsTime


    can't wait x2+
  288. TsTime

    BOLA Boat Question

    Great news, again we will be there in the same time as you mark. We are fishing 18,19,20th. Please leave a few for us! We are staying at Guillermos again, so will be looking out for you.
  289. TsTime

    BOLA Boat Question

    We have 2 boats from Joel Prieto and 2 with Congrejos for an upcoming trip. We were not clear on boat size with either, we had fished with Igor and Marteen in the past and know they're boats well. We will fish 3 per boat, anys pics or input would be helpful thanks.
  290. TsTime


    We'll be down 17-21 see you there
  291. TsTime

    30 SW Strike button

    Thanks Bill, yes I will head your warning!
  292. TsTime

    30 SW Strike button

    Looking at a used 30SW and the strike button is depressed, reel is otherwise in excellant shape. It does not apprear to be corroded stuck so should I drip a drop of reel lube to see if it springs back up or is this a shop service repair? Thanks for the advise...
  293. TsTime

    Outrigger question!?!?

    ( in the spread, wow, I have trouble with 4.
  294. TsTime

    Need Trailer Work - Any suggestions??

    I have heard good things about FE Trailer I think in Santee/Lakeside area.
  295. TsTime

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    It is a sickening story, It can be tough to walk from that "perfect deal" without having your due diligence completed because the seller is'nt allowing or other buyer standing by. I have also fallin in that trap before. Learn as we go, that shiny is'nt always better
  296. TsTime

    (2) Shimano TLD 30's

    Just off the phone with Jim sale pending
  297. TsTime

    Cheap Trailer Storage?

    Look for that neighbor with a big lot and trade space for restraunt gift cards or fresh catch, works well for me.
  298. TsTime

    popotla vermillion fix 5/21/13

    Love that cove, will save info for a short trip south! Thanks for sharing
  299. TsTime

    Penn International II 30SW in Good Shape

    Looking to match one I have for trolling spread 7+ cosmetic and 10+ working order, trade office copier/fax/scan or cash. Thanks Gary
  300. TsTime

    New Penn International Rods with Reels

    Will you sell the reels only? Price for pair, PM please or [email protected]
  301. TsTime

    BOLA 5/15-5/18 Wind Wind and more Wind...

    I see no problem with that trip! Looks like a fun time
  302. TsTime

    New Boat / First Trip

    It's a constant repair of those little things, not bad when you like doing it, Glad you picked one of my favorite boats, Nice trial catch too.
  303. TsTime

    Pretty much WFO if you know the backside well at Nados

    Nice same day report (Weds) pos inboard? Piece of Shit?
  304. TsTime

    Shimano Triton Trolling Series TLD 50

    Thanks Sean, emailed seller
  305. TsTime

    Shimano Triton Trolling Series TLD 50

    Looking to match an existing reel, if you got one in great shape and want to sell let me know, pm fine, this thread ok.
  306. TsTime


    Enjoyed the report and pic's, great work Capitan
  307. TsTime

    Trailer Maintenance time.....

    You did the right thing, even though the Baja Highway is better than ever, It still takes a toll on your gear. Looks like you have thr right tools and area to do the job.
  308. TsTime

    skipjack 25 sportcriser- TM or D260 users

    Had a pair of B175 20* tilted H/L put into 24 Flybridge just aft of bulkhead for fuel tank. I'll shoot a pic of install. Very satisfied with results connected to Simrad NSS 12 with BSM 2 Sounder.
  309. TsTime

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    Congrats, that and the Blackfin have always been on my radar!
  310. TsTime

    Gauges Gremlin

    Dropped in the bay today, all working fine. No fluctuating at all. Bottomline, went through all ground connections secured, cleaned etc. As Art said, always start at the Ground! Thanks all
  311. TsTime

    Volvo Outdrive Mechanic in San Diego or socal

    Thanks RJOE, I called and it is Sailors Marine 1160 Pioneer Way El Cajon.
  312. TsTime

    Volvo Outdrive Mechanic in San Diego or socal

    Bump as I would like to know
  313. TsTime

    Transiting the Canal and Fishing Hannibal on the Chiron - Pic Heavy

    I need new friends, thanks for reporting
  314. TsTime

    Gauges Gremlin

    Sorry no report, should have went but...... Trying this Thursday
  315. TsTime


    What pump did you go with. I am replacing my soon to retire pump and ws thinking a Rule 1000 for my offshore 45, thoughts
  316. TsTime

    Gauges Gremlin

    Have no idea what I did other than clean electrical surfaces, insured solid connections in dash, engine areas but at this moment all is good and holding steady. True test this Thursday
  317. TsTime

    Gauges Gremlin

    Thanks, will check out and report back of finds
  318. TsTime

    Gauges Gremlin

    All new gauges fine for 1st 10 hours, at idle while fishing temp goes over 200, battery shows less than 10v and oil if fluctuating. Checked engine compartment while at idle no excessive heat running like a top. Put into forward and immediate to 165 dgree, 14 v, oil pressure normal. Same thing...
  319. TsTime

    1986 Skipjack 24

    Nope just bought the boat,
  320. TsTime

    1986 Skipjack 24

    OBTW, 1.7mpg at 20kts
  321. TsTime

    1986 Skipjack 24

    Funny Shit here! Killing time this AM and thought I would look around and started reading the post and thought wow that sounds just like my boat, it is, I bought it last year. SInce have upgraded the electronics. Typical shit I feel the ownwer was a little lite on sharing but she's been a good ride.
  322. TsTime

    any good stores in S.D. for marine electronics

    My upgrade was done at Shelter Island Marine Electronics. They matched on line quotes. Simrad NSS 12 with Structure Scan, Sonic Hub and Chirp BSM 2 Ducers
  323. TsTime

    Return trip from San Jose Del Cabo to San Diego

    I am not a vet of your type of venture but would look into a pre paid card and TelCel phone. I think it would be the best. Or email the editors of Lattitude 38 (sailing mag). Each year they host the Baja Ha Ha with a couple of hundred boats that go from SD to La Paz, they would be very helpful.
  324. TsTime

    San Jose Del Cabo vs. Cabo SL vs. La Paz with Kids?

    Just back from La Paz, part of group had a 2&6 yr old. After a few days it got old for them. We stayed on the Malecon which is the center of activity in the late afternoon into the night. For me great. You can fish out of the bay to Cerralvo or van to Las Arenas for great fishing. It is a family...
  325. TsTime


    That is one nice report, congrats Capitan and Angler!
  326. TsTime

    Mercruiser 5.0 fuel consumption

    Skipjack 24 flybridge with 115 gal fuel, 45 gl bait tank, 3 200 lb'rs with GM 5.7 (350) avg 1.7 mpg yesterday at 20 knts
  327. TsTime

    Pt. Loma 3-24-13

    Nice cooler there
  328. TsTime

    Dollars to pesos

    I agree w Art, but will add the $1.50 dog combo
  329. TsTime

    Dollars to pesos

    Costco Chula Vista, last Friday 12.45 to the dollar
  330. TsTime


    Smokin deal there! My 24 FB has a 45 offshore oval forward of engine well by 3' and works outstanding,
  331. TsTime

    Torium 14

    Good Morning, I'll take it if you include the line all for $115. Gary 619-517-4755 or [email protected] thanks
  332. TsTime

    Torium 14

    PM sent
  333. TsTime


    Nice work Juan
  334. TsTime

    I/O Service San Diego

    Thanks all, I am giving Ryan at Nautical Star Marine in IB a shot. He is mobile and may fit well for the service I need. He is a few blocks away from my house. I'll post review. Good or Bad
  335. TsTime

    I/O Service San Diego

  336. TsTime

    I/O Service San Diego

    Looking for a reliable, no BS shop. Need 100 hr service on the new to me Skippy 24 that would include lube, belts, thermostat, etc on 2003 Indmar 5.7 gas and lower unit lube, impeller etc on 1989 Volvo 290 outdrive Would like to stay as close to South San Diego as possible but can drag it...
  337. TsTime

    Pioneer Sat Ready AM/FM & Gauges

    Case of Pacifico's, pick up only Just upgraded sound system and gauges, sorry no speakers Gauges, RPM, Fuel, Voltage, Temp, Oil, hours :hali_olutta:
  338. TsTime

    Or Sale Furuno 600 w/ ducer

    SOLD Just upgraded electronics and have a 100% functioning Furuno 600L with P66 transom mount transducer and power cord. Sale or trade: Sale $150.00 Trade Shimano Baitrunner 4000 or similar or clean like new torium 30 loaded with braid PM with offer
  339. TsTime

    OR Sale Garmin 182c with antenna

    Just upgraded electronics and have a 100% functioning Garmin 182c with antenna and power cord. Sale or trade: Sale $150.00 Trade Shimano Baitrunner 4000 or similar or clean like new torium 30 loaded with braid PM with offer
  340. TsTime

    Catalina Mooring and Hotel

    I was thinking of doing the same. Tow up from SD and launch from Dana or should I go up to Long Beach.
  341. TsTime

    Bilge prep for LSS-2

    Good choice Art
  342. TsTime

    Bilge prep for LSS-2

    I'll be doing the same hear on the Skippy Art, thanks for the thread. It appears there is a small gap between fairing block and hull, if so whar will your filler be? Maybe a good time to meet up and I can check out the install?
  343. TsTime

    Surfdoc's New Year's Wreath

    x 2 to all, especially Art
  344. TsTime

    san quintin

    Listen to lorenzo,
  345. TsTime

    50% Off on Volaris

    Sweet deal, La Paz in March
  346. TsTime

    San Quintin Low Down

    Pfish x2 or leave the boat behind and fish with Kelly, Juan or Tiburon. Happy hour with out the cleaning and refueling and great service
  347. TsTime

    Engine Gauges and Ladder

    All Gauges just upgraded all of these work, Pick up only in IB (San Diego) All for $40 or $10 each Stainless Ladder $50 PM or call 619-517-4755 Gary
  348. TsTime

    Looking to have a half tower/ hard top built

    Chingon built this at a fair price in San Diego
  349. TsTime

    East Cape Christmas with a Mag Bay road trip

    I love Mag Bay! Where did you launch?
  350. TsTime

    Christmas Day with Surfdoc!

    Very nice Asuncion! IB misses Stan!
  351. TsTime

    Boat Parking on Street Law

    Look around your neighborhood for a house that has a deep drivway, area next to house or any opportunity area to park your boat. Once located, knock on the door and offer a small rental or barter. I did this and give them restraunt gift cards monthly and they love it. Or look for homes for rent...
  352. TsTime


    Listen to Bill
  353. TsTime

    looking for a partner

    Sweet ride, good luck
  354. TsTime

    Marine Electrical Review

    Took the advise of BD'rs and had Alan aka Dr Elektron correct a few electrical bugs and install new gauges in the dash. Very happy with his promptness, cleanliness and knowledge. Alan 858-752-3198
  355. TsTime

    Getting on plane faster!!!

    When I had my Grady 20' I replaced the 3 blade aluminum to 4 blade stainless and added the permatrim. Jumped out of the hole, no loss of speed and improved MPG. Worth every penny
  356. TsTime

    1998 Evinrude FICHT 150's

    I took a chance on my previous boat that had a 2001 225 FICHT with 600 hrs at purchase. At pre inspection they noted upgrades were made to oil injection system. They indicated DO NOT USE any oil other than Erude oil and always index the spark plugs. I had zero problems and got avg 3 MPG. It was...
  357. TsTime

    Chirp Sonar

    Hello All, I'll be upgrading my MFD to a Simrad NSS 12 and want to get the input about CHIRP Sonar. I am out of San Diego, grandkids in the bay, offshore during the season and butts off of IB, finger bank, lower 9 etc for the bottom critters. Currently I have no confidence in the antiquated...
  358. TsTime

    Rpt-Wed.-11-28-12 Lingcod, Reds and a Yellowtail!

    Corey, thanks for sharing. Looks like the weather was fantastic.
  359. TsTime

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Nothin better than that super stoked feeling congrats!
  360. TsTime

    HDS Sidescan shots from past summer

    Got it, sounds like the same that I will be doing. It sounds like a jack plate for the SS Ducer? Thanks
  361. TsTime

    Pedasi Fishing Yesterday

    Love that place, hope to fish it again
  362. TsTime

    HDS sidescan question

    I am considering the Touch 12 over the Simrad NSS 12 for the built in reasons stated.
  363. TsTime

    HDS sidescan question

    Ali is right on. I am investigating the same and it looks like 2 options. Transom Mount or thru hulls yes 2 one for each side of the keel. Check to see if the Gen 1 unit has the structure scan sounder built in, if not you'll need the sounder box connected to the system.
  364. TsTime

    HDS Sidescan shots from past summer

    Steve is your SS ducer transom mount or 2 thru hull? If TM where is it mounted. I will be adding to my Skipjack soon. Thanks
  365. TsTime

    24 Skippy FB Trailer wemch

    Hi Jim, thanks. Don't know if you remember but I fished with you out of OSide several years back when I was a Ho, Your vessel was great I remember well! Do you think 25' of cable is adequate, not sure if there is a "rule of thumb".
  366. TsTime

    24 Skippy FB Trailer wemch

    Looking to replace my current trailer wench. Best I can tell is the weight w/full fuel is appx 5,000 lbs. Any recomendations on size, type, cable or strap would be appreciated. Thanks
  367. TsTime


    Thanks Juan, love the surf fishing down there!
  368. TsTime

    BOLA Oct. 21-25

    Those yellows are tough SOB's, nice pics
  369. TsTime

    Fishing Along the Way...

    He'll have a great platform to fish from. Congrats on the new ride ! One of the best riding vessels in the size catagory. The Blackfin was a consideration but decided I was not ready for a slip boat yet. Many years of enjoyment for you and the family!
  370. TsTime

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Just heard at the beach and wanted to post my condolences to all who knew him. Stan was loved by many, he turned me on to BD in it's infancy and we fished together a few times. Always was around to help when help was needed. He found his place in Asuncion, happiest he had been in a long while...
  371. TsTime

    skipjack 24 anchor roller

    I have the same roller with no windlass but have considered. In your pic Dan it appears chain and road drop straight down to locker. Is that the old fitting (shute) on the deck?
  372. TsTime

    Learning to fish the WARM waters in San Quintin

    Way to go, another epic catch for your boat
  373. TsTime

    Bay Watch comes to Asuncion!

    Now that makes me happy Stan, Way to go IB! Sue never quits smiling, Adam is the new grizzly !
  374. TsTime

    Offshore hidden bank 10/6

    Nice chatting with ya out there, we ended up with 3 dorado and about 15 yellows, gas gauge told me to start heading north shy of the lower hidden. Glad ya hooked up
  375. TsTime

    Eclipse 1.5 departs 9/30- $250!!!

    Whats the load, was out with you last Sunday with 22 an it was perfect.
  376. TsTime

    1986 24FB Skipjack drain

    Unerstood, the helm is a pain to dry out after wash. The step down that has the drain hole is my biggest mystery.
  377. TsTime

    24'Skipjack Dasboard

    Here is my current config I will be replacing the 2 displays on right and upgrading to a Simrad NSE Or NSS 8 or 12, not sure where to mount. Unit on left is RM C70 for radar and back up GPS. Got pics of your dash? It is a hard top
  378. TsTime

    1986 24FB Skipjack drain

    I am stumped. On my new to me 1986 24' Skippy Flybridge I am trying to determine if there is a drain hole on the bridge, in the cabin and where does it drain from the step down at the cabin door. In the cabin at entry there appears to be a sealed hole, was it possibly the cabin drain? In the...
  379. TsTime

    San Quintin 9/16-9/17

    Hey Art we used to do the same thing. Now I enjoy riding with Kelly's outfit, Juan or Tiburon. Now, if I were to fish for more than 2 days it is worth it to haul your own. But for the quick weekend hit, too much work involved. Happy hour at the Mill instead of refueling and prepping. Guess it's...
  380. TsTime

    Huge Seabass, Tuna & Clowns.......K&M

    The circus was in town! Pedro is a good young man!
  381. TsTime

    Offshore 1010

    Great goin Sarge, curious what is your MPG and tank size. I feel the zone is slightly a strech for me.
  382. TsTime

    Upgrade to SIMRAD NSS8

    Thanks all, beak out anot 4G's for the upgrade however the NSS12 may be a good option for the older eyes!
  383. TsTime

    Offshore Frustrated

    Been there done that
  384. TsTime

    Upgrade to SIMRAD NSS8

    Thank you Gil, I respect your opinion and advise. I will read up more on the recomendations.
  385. TsTime


    looks like it's on!
  386. TsTime

    Upgrade to SIMRAD NSS8

    OK, narrowed down to the NSS8 Simrad MFD. So the helm will utilize existing Raymarine C70 with radar and GPS, Adding to the bridge a Simrad NSS8 for sonar, fuel management and Sirius radio, trim tab display and back up GPS. The vessel is a 1986 Skipjack FB, Vortek 350 Volvo 290PT outdrive...
  387. TsTime

    New to me 24 skipjack fb

    My 86 has a 350 Indymar vortk 5.7 with volvo 290 PT outdrive. Plenty of power and torque.
  388. TsTime

    San Francisquito pangas?

    Not sure, you might also try Baja Nomads forum
  389. TsTime

    San Quintin 9-1 to 9-3: Time to pay the Piper....

    Good to see the family fun, when we were drifting the bay and your boy looked to be hooked up I saw Shrimpy grab his rod, the boy was pissed! or at least had the look of come on ma! I can reel it in. Good times had
  390. TsTime

    Heading to San Quintin

  391. TsTime

    Slam Quintin - Its ON!!!

    Oh hell ya
  392. TsTime


    And your still wearing your jacket Juan ! great pics as always
  393. TsTime

    SQ 9/1-9/5

    Thank you Juan, it was great to fish with you.
  394. TsTime

    Clean the Playa and get a Fishing rod!

    :notworthyAtta Boy Stan, doing good for the area
  395. TsTime

    SQ 9/1-9/5

    Got pics Juan?
  396. TsTime

    What is happening in SQ

    Rich is right on the money, but fun still to be had.
  397. TsTime

    San Quintin 9/1-2 good times, small tunas

    For us, mid Agust until end of September is always nice, depends on the species. We stay at the Old Mill now, but we would love to see Don Eddies suceed. As for guides, we have been friends with Alberto (Tiburon) for 35 years and if a panga is your style, you can't go wrong. Now that we are...
  398. TsTime

    SQ 9/1-9/5

    Just in last night, so short report. Met up with our group Saturday. 9 of us at the Old Mill. Govenors Cup in full swing, I have never seen SQ like this before, fun, families and FIESTA. Waking up at 0500, the band was still playing WTF on the deck but shut down at 0530! Met up with Capt...
  399. TsTime

    Looking for a Good fishing guide in BOLA

    Igor, Joels, Congrego just a few
  400. TsTime

    Whats the scoop on the Governor's Cup Tourney in San Quintin this weekend?

    Oh Sheet, I get to meet Art and Rich. We'll be at the Mill Saturday afternoon with a part of our group there on Friday. We will fish with Juan, Kelly and Jaimie on Sunday and Kelly's 2 and Juan on Monday. Where are you staying amigos, can't wait
  401. TsTime

    Whats the scoop on the Governor's Cup Tourney in San Quintin this weekend?

    Rich, we'll be at the Mill Sat - Tues, group of 9, stop in for a beverage
  402. TsTime

    Offshore MAW @ The Tuna Pens

    Nice work from the aluminum!
  403. TsTime

    K&M EPIC Croaker Fishing !!! Capt George

    Please save a few for next weekend!
  404. TsTime

    Magbay Wahoo Day 2

    Good Stuff Bob,
  405. TsTime

    Built in Tackle Box

    I like what I see there Andrew. I'll be pulling the refer soon and will have exact spects. It looks like the right door would accomadate a double leader holder too. Love the looks of your products!
  406. TsTime

    Built in Tackle Box

    I searched the site and wanted your recommendation of best fit pre fabbed, my refer opening is 20"h x 19"w x 21"deep. Let me know, thanks
  407. TsTime

    Built in Tackle Box

    Thanks Andrew, I may hijack the box shown if dimensions match up for my space after refer removal with the knife/plier option. What is the cost?
  408. TsTime

    ........SEABASS IN SQ.......

    See you on the 2nd Juan, Oh ya
  409. TsTime

    Built in Tackle Box

    Just stepped up on my project list!
  410. TsTime

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Here is new to me 1986 powered by 1 2006 Indymar 350 Vortec with original Volvo 290PT outdrive. The last one is something I just put together, I think the original owner did camp trips in the Delta, not sure what I would use it for!
  411. TsTime

    Built in Tackle Box

    After reading Jasons post on boat outfitters awhile ago I see no reason not to follow his lead along with having Mark from Monsoon finish it off. I am going to do the same on my Skipjack 24 FB, remove refer and toilet for additional storage. I see no need for either on the vessel but storage and...
  412. TsTime

    Mexican Insurance experience

    Great to read, I too had an incident in the same area with a truck and our trailer but ours was luckily mended with a few 2x4's and inginuity. I just began annual service with DB and have been very satisfied also.
  413. TsTime

    San Quintin 240 Slugs still chewin!

    See you on the 2nd of Septiembre, good luck in the tournament!
  414. TsTime

    Any openings for 4 8/13 - 8/15 1.5 days

    Bro and nephews in from TN 8/12 - 8/16 and we are looking to fill your charter on a 1.5 trip out of SD, anyone? Need 3 or 4 spots. PM or call 619-517-4755, thx
  415. TsTime

    Tragedy and Triumph in Baja

    Kudos to you guys for your roadside assistance knowledge. Looks like a great trip
  416. TsTime

    Yellowtail bite ON in Asuncion

    Good on ya Stan
  417. TsTime

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Good luck over the weekend. Family obligations will have me for the next 2 weeks, will chat soon.
  418. TsTime

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Yes I agree, on the Grady sold recently I had the Lowrance HDS 10 with broadband radar and the Garmin Fuel monotering and the Sonic Hub. I should have pulled all for the Skipjack, ergh. Mow I have the Raymarine C70 unit with GPS and Radar, a Garmin c162 (I think) stand alone GPS and the older in...
  419. TsTime

    CHIRP Sonar?

    So as I am understanding: I am ready for an upgrade for my sonar, currently a older 90's Furuno on a transom ducer. For the cats meow I will get the Chirp box, and the M265 ducer and connect to what display would be best in the 7-8" range as a stand alone that I would add fuel monitoring...
  420. TsTime

    Pt. Loma 7-22-12

    Nice work Steve, tacos on the menu!
  421. TsTime

    Trim Tabs for skipjack FB

    The new to me 24 FB came with a set of manual tabs, I must say I often feel stupid when adjusting. I am at least going to upgrade to the Electronic Indicator Control so I can see WTF is going on.
  422. TsTime

    The MPG is in on the 90 ETec

    That is great! When I had my 20' GW that was my choice for repower in the 175HP range.
  423. TsTime

    Yet another ground up Skipjack FB24 rebuild

  424. TsTime

    New member old question

    x2 thefishkiller reply
  425. TsTime

    Keeping a boat in SQ OR BAHIA. Suggestions please.

    and don't forget a quality bullit proof cover and tie down straps for the harsh elements re enforced at every corner and touch point
  426. TsTime

    San Quintin High Spots Y Isla 7-14

    Nice to see to seas so tame! nice feesh
  427. TsTime

    24' Skipjack Flybridge shade options? Other advice needed also

    Now thats one sweet job! Here is my new to me skippy I would def use Towerfab if he sales, in San Diego I used Chingon by Nassco and was satisfied on a previous ride. The refer switch in mine is foward of the sink cabinet.
  428. TsTime

    Offshore Rpt-Aztec 1.5 day trip-07-07-12

    Can't wait for the book to come out!
  429. TsTime

    BOLA rookie; PB Yellow...55lbs]I got the opportunity to head down to Bahia De L.A. T.

    You have been spoiled, We were there 2 weeks ago, freezer is full. YT bite going off right now locally but I'm choosing to fish the bass in the bay because I Too Am Spoiled!
  430. TsTime

    Loose Crew in BOLA!

    Congrats to the Crew!
  431. TsTime

    Local Yellows in Asuncion.

    And you call me out with no pics, WTF Stan!
  432. TsTime

    BOLA Report; Yes, Another...(June 23-28)

    Looks like a fun time, We just let before you and also enjoyed Guillermo's
  433. TsTime

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Thanks Matt, geez the weather was shitty.
  434. TsTime

    Yet another skipjack question

    I just got my 1986 24'FB about 4 months ago. Yes trim tabs are a must. In mine is a 2006 Vortec 350 and original (I believe) Volvo 290PT out drive. Original fuel cell in good condition appears to be the 115 gallon, Offshore 45 bait tank will be just fine but if it came with a 65 I would have...
  435. TsTime

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Sorry no pics Smooth ride down, TJ 0600 BOLA 1650 DAy 1, Guide Alberto, we chose to fish against the big island no bait, light tackle for asst cabrilla, grouper, triggers and yellows to 15lb worked the Curado 300 hard,weather perfect DAy 2, Guide Alfredo, bait easy, fished the reef south...
  436. TsTime


    Great pictures and story, leaving manana for un semana! Gracias Juan
  437. TsTime

    NEED Boat detailed in SD, RECOMMENDATIONS?

    Just had Dave the Detailer take care of the Skipjack and am very pleased. Either Mark or Dave as others have said will take care of it!
  438. TsTime

    SEI after market lower unit outdrives

    I purchased for my 2001 225 Evi and had shop install, 3 year warranty if I recall. All was good
  439. TsTime

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    Livin the life, whats next head high south swell off the point! see ya soon
  440. TsTime

    Bloody Decks Convention in BOLA ....

    See ya there, come on Stan
  441. TsTime

    BOLA 6-7,8

    They pull hard, thx for the report, 5 days and counting
  442. TsTime

    Anyone gonna be in BOLA 6/16-6/24?

    Leaving SD early 16th for a week, we'll be the large group at Guillermo's fishing 17,18,19,20th with Igor. Just packed the iron and plastics, so ready. Gary
  443. TsTime

    Airmar Bracket recall for Tm260,Tm258,Tm270w,Tm265

    Gil, what is best way to talk with you. PM, email or phone. I have a few ?'s
  444. TsTime

    Skipjack 24FB Transducer ?

    Looking to upgrade FF and install thru hull transducer on my newly aquired 1986 24FB gas. Any suggestions welcome, appears no mods have been made below deck. Thanks
  445. TsTime

    Tony Reyes 5/27 - 6/1

    Fished with Tony on the innaguaral Mag Bay trip and could not agree with you more! LA Bay 13 days
  446. TsTime

    Cell Phone Coverage

    Verizon Sucks in areas other than major cities due to no agreement with TelCel tower sharing. They say you have coverage, what they don't say is it is spotty at best. If you are at Palmas, get a phone card and us the pay phone or buy a cheap phone at the TelCel shack and prepay for minutes. I am...
  447. TsTime

    BOLA Report May 18-21

    Oh the many stories of Baja road trips. The fishing at times are secondary! I'll be with IB1 on that tip in about 2.5 weeks!
  448. TsTime

    Ensenada 5-27-12-Boiling & Biting Yellowtail

    nice report, why did the port cap close the harbor?
  449. TsTime

    Don Eddie's Landing - San Quintin

    Bev is the Queen of Ling down there! Best wishes for the operation!
  450. TsTime

    K&M SCORE!!!

    Looks Sweet
  451. TsTime

    Punta Bufeo May 12-13 Yellows Sierras and Cabrillas

    Thats a fatty, looks like a perfect day
  452. TsTime

    SD I/O Service

    Thanks Rich,
  453. TsTime

    SD I/O Service

    Thanks Mark, any others??
  454. TsTime

    SD I/O Service

    Any referrals for reputable shop and mechanic in San Diego for 1986 24 Skipjack FB powered by 2006 Vortek 5.7 350 connected to Volvo 290PT outdrive. Boat is new to me in in good condition just ready to get on a maintenance schedule and of course for those unexpected times. Thx
  455. TsTime

    SWYC bottomfishing tournament...Capt. Diamond Dave Hansen is THE MAN!

    Also had the oportuniy to fish the SWYC tourney, great time and thanks Jihad for providing all the fish for the dinner! Congrats, our consolation was winning 10% of the killer raffle items! No wonde Jer was on the red bull at dinner
  456. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Bassterbaiter, tower from Chingon over by Nassco in San Diego, $5K. Will be at Shelter Island ramp for 2 appointments this Sunday, check it out.
  457. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay quick trip 4-24 & 25

    Thanks for the read Brett, warm glassy look
  458. TsTime

    Who's in the SWYC bottom derby

    Team IB is in, looking forward to a fun event with a great cause. Anyone else?
  459. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Yes in Imperial Beach with a very sound 2 axle trailer.
  460. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    New price and more pics
  461. TsTime

    L.A. BAY JUNE?

    We will be there also, a group of 29 based out of Guillermos (full) and Diaz, fishing for that week. We were there the same last year and it was good.
  462. TsTime

    Alcohol stove replacement

    Curt, great idea. I will be removing the alchohal stove on my newly aquired 1986 24' Flybridge. Where did you mount the inverter. Is there a thread on how and wiring. I was going to just get a camp stove by understand propane is a bad idea.
  463. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    What's it gonna take?
  464. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Bump for new price, Yes the motor has all the factory upgrades with print outs to show ZERO problems. New boat is in and need to make room!!
  465. TsTime

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    Wings, Beer and bass had to be the chumline! Might try that stategy looks like it worked well
  466. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Eric, Skipjack 24 Flybridge before the Bertram 38. Matt and Art, thx, she's been a good one to upgrade!
  467. TsTime

    WtB Lets talk
  468. TsTime


    Sure ya can't go a 20' with all that?
  469. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    I use 2 MPG as my average with 80 gallon tank less 20% reserve = 128 range conservatively. Hope the pics are big enough now.
  470. TsTime

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    SOLD TO BD"R thanks ALL! 1989 Grady White 208 Overnighter Walk Around asking $13,000 or $9500 without electronics 2001 225 Evinrude 800 Hours (Have all reciepts of upgrades and engine print outs)Never a problem! Stepping up to larger boat, my move is your gain. This boat is Turn Key...
  471. TsTime

    Skipjack Advice PreBuy

    Survey set, great advise. Thanks
  472. TsTime

    Skipjack Advice PreBuy

    Thanks as always BD'rs. Actually found it to be an 86 not 89. My typo, sea trial Saturday and dry inspection tomorrow Weds to tap around, check outdrive etc. Keep it coming, thanks
  473. TsTime

    Skipjack Advice PreBuy

    Looks like I could be moving up to a 1989 24FB that has a 5.7Vortec 350 with 300hrs and VP 290 outdrive, looks original, owner not sure. It's in great condition and sea trial will be this week. I am not planning on a survey as my friend and I can poke and prod and check most all systems...
  474. TsTime

    San Quentin Calico Poll

    Sweet, thanks all. Just getting itchy for a spring trip in late April, we'll be calling Kelly
  475. TsTime

    San Quentin Calico Poll

    OK BD'rs, what's your best month to fish the calicos out of San Q. Please chime in Kelly, Lorenzo and Capt Juan!
  476. TsTime

    fishing/surfing were good this last week!

    Great score Kelly, is April a good time for Calico's. Want to break in a new reel
  477. TsTime

    Maybe it does taste like lobster?

    Stan, heard ya had a new girl, good on ya
  478. TsTime

    No Butts for Us 3/15

    I'm sure we fished on the mex side of the pipe if it is in MLPA! Just kiddin Carl, no we were outside of the forbidden zone. Know what ya meen Joe, we'll get em next time out
  479. TsTime

    No Butts for Us 3/15

    Despite the wind predictions we ran south with a 1/2 scoop of med sized dine's. Lost quite a few, first time in a while. Tried a few spots for bottom dwellers for nada, the pipe for nada and then set up for several drifts in 30-50' areas from south of the pier to the strand. 1 sand bass,period...
  480. TsTime

    San Diego Bay Fishin'

    Also fished the bay yesterday closer to the bridge for a steady spotty bite from 1-4PM. Coming home I was wondering the same about the power plant, wondering how the enviro's let this happen with the turtle population and all!
  481. TsTime

    K&M Lincolns B-Day 3 day special !!!

    Smokin deal Kelly!
  482. TsTime

    Green Shikari Bass Rod

    I'll text today
  483. TsTime

    Canvas & Eisenglass referral

    Thanks Tony and Dave
  484. TsTime

    Why Sodablast bottom paint?

    Bump for current number
  485. TsTime

    Canvas & Eisenglass referral

    Just got a nice check and want to stay dry this season and cover the Grady when on trailer. Looking for three or so proven canvas- enclosure referrals that have fair pricing, quality workmanship, no bullshit and can get the job done in the San Diego area. There are some technical cuts due to...
  486. TsTime

    ..........LA BOCANA,Y,BOLA...........

    Great Report and fine pictures!
  487. TsTime

    Perfect finish to a great month! Jan is in the books!

    Ahh hamachi and a Charger victory! Oops forgot it was the SuperBowl,, Good on ya Stan
  488. TsTime


    Hey Gary, been putting in the time with no love yet. Funny story though. After draggin for a few hours for nada, pulled up the gear to call it a day and dropped a gulp down, put rod in holder and as I am putting bounce gear away rod with gulp goes off and moments later a nice 28" over the rail...
  489. TsTime

    back from the pond (BOLA)

    If your not fixin shit it aint a Baja trip. Good catch.
  490. TsTime

    Surf fishing and bait

    Ranger Lure's for Roosters and Jack and crocodiles for everything
  491. TsTime

    INDIAN rough day on the ocean 1/18

    Thanks fo the report, I was on the fence until Tueday when the trip sold out. It would have nice to share the rail with the all star talent assembled. It was windy and cold in the bay from 1-5pm when I was out! Get em next trip, time on the water, good and bad.
  492. TsTime


    Bout an hour and a half south unless you stop at the Palomar Bar in ST.
  493. TsTime

    Fishing SD Bay with my girls

    Gotta love the smiles, here's Grandson
  494. TsTime

    off to BOLA again

    Safe travels and enjoy!
  495. TsTime

    Tubing san diego

    5AM ! no wonder the water felt warm. great work from the tube,
  496. TsTime

    Island girls in Asuncion...and some yellowtail!

    Stan take the one on the left. Congrats to your daughter and upcoming hubby
  497. TsTime

    1990 20ft. Grady White

    Sorry ya gotta sell, good luck
  498. TsTime

    12-23 off Mission Bay

    Got the Grady out yesterday leaving Dana Landing at 0730 with squid and shrimp and headed about 5 miles out N/W in nice seas. It was cold all day and got to test the drift sock out with the increasing north wind at noon. Slow but steady pick in about 250-270' for 3 limits of rockfish all on the...
  499. TsTime

    bahia asuncion

    Nice grade of fish, 2nd pic says it all
  500. TsTime

    Limit of Tails in an hour.

    :ashamed::ashamed: just another day for ya Stan!
  501. TsTime

    The 1/2 off deal

    Nice local reds, Dana Point or Dana Landing?
  502. TsTime

    Fishing in Asuncion 11/30

    Too cool, great work skipper and stan
  503. TsTime

    Tails Tail Tails Tails

    atta boy stan
  504. TsTime

    INDIAN WON 2 day trip report 11/19/2011

    Great skip and crew, got me thinkin
  505. TsTime

    oldman & gang day5

    Great reports and pics Old Man, fish gods were with you.
  506. TsTime


    Now your pissing me off Stan!
  507. TsTime

    OLDMAN &GANG day2

    Good on ya OldMan, now get Stan out there!
  508. TsTime

    OLDMAN & GANG in Asecion

    Luuks reely funking fon, sey hllo 2 staanley four ush.
  509. TsTime


    Those big shrimp what were they 10-12 and lobster for me. Or some bluefin, yellowfin for a seared appetizer. Traveling to my daughters in Bishop and she is stoked when I bring it up.
  510. TsTime

    Ha! Tommys on TV!

    Cleaning the "poop shoot" was classic
  511. TsTime

    Gonzaga Report

    Cool spot for sure, water temp was 83 and vis about 15, 4x4 not needed, thought it would be clearer. We came upon the same shark while yaking, pretty fun to try to chase down. One in our group was quick to the water and swam for a bit. Bert that is a piece o heaven, star gazers delight! Just...
  512. TsTime

    Gonzaga Report

    Left IB Thursday Oct 20 and met up with our group at the Acorn casino for breakfast and on the road to Mexicali at 10AM. Into Mexicali the Immigation bldg is on the left maybe a hundred yards from crossing. Smooth ride down to San Felipe, right at Puertocitos the new road begins, we opted to...
  513. TsTime

    Volunteers Needed for IB Derby Nov 5

    Date: Nov 5,2011 Time: 8:30 - 11AM Place: Imperial Beach Pier 91932 Our Kiwanis Clubs annual fishing derby for kids up to 13 years old is 11/5. Need some anglers to assist in stringing up the rods, tying on terminal tackle, chum, baiting and assisting the kids on the pier. If you can help...
  514. TsTime

    Asuncion fish Report

    Stan is the Chamber of Commerce!
  515. TsTime

    life changes

    Oscar best to you, had a good time chatting it up with you!
  516. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay

    Right on Brett, that looks like an are we may drive over to and paddle the Yaks from. Will keep an eye out. As Matt said, happy hour at the hotel! Gary
  517. TsTime

    Bahia de Los Angeles 10/9/11 - 10/16/11

    Great times there!
  518. TsTime

    BOLA Yellowtail

    I'm no expert but June was good both bait and Salas 6x scram egg
  519. TsTime

    Fifty Something! An East Cape report

    Actually a very well done 1st post, welcome and thanks for the review and report.
  520. TsTime

    Another early morning wahoo limit

    Good to see ya killing em
  521. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay

    Thanks Bert was hoping you'd chime in. Frozen squid it is!
  522. TsTime

    Killer Deal at Sycuan Resort

    No it's the one I paid for along with a few other destinations, just looking to hook a brother up
  523. TsTime

    Gonzaga Bay

    Going to GB on the 20th for a few days, a recon mission for a large group next year. Thowing in a Yak a rod/reel with fresh P-Line 17 and a bunch of crocs, any other recomendations? 1st trip down and looking forward to it! Will report on return:hali_olutta:
  524. TsTime

    BOLA Oct 2-5

    Thanks for bringing me back, your right we go for long boat rides for nada and you can hop in the car for 10 hrs, be warm, good times and hook fish!
  525. TsTime

    Killer Deal at Sycuan Resort This is my ad and it's legit
  526. TsTime

    La Playa Yellowtail in Asuncion!!!

    Nice Stan, wish Mark and the boyz would have hung out more. Eddie, Stan was an ICON in IB!
  527. TsTime

    Water in Lower Unit

    Jimmy, out of the prop shaft with motor in down position there was a trail of oil. It was dis colored, I knew I had a problem so I pulled the filler screw and sure as shit creamy colored oil. No fishing line, had this problem before, had mobile mechanic pull lower unit, re seal impeller etc...
  528. TsTime

    Water in Lower Unit

    Problem Solved FIX THE MTHER F%CKER, thanks for the response all!
  529. TsTime

    Water in Lower Unit

    After replacing prop to 4 blade on 225 evinrude I noticed gear lube seeping from prop shaft, less than 1/2 oz. Proceeded to pull fill screw and captured about an oz of emulsified lube, damn it water has intruded. Lower unit serviced by mobile marine mechanic maybe 15 hrs of use ago. Question is...
  530. TsTime

    Fishing only gets better in Asuncion

    DRY and they bailed, WTF STan, I gotta get down there and and show ya we can get the job done
  531. TsTime

    San Quintin Yellows

    Fun Stuff there
  532. TsTime

    Fishing only gets better in Asuncion

    Watch out when the IB brigade arrives to corrupt Mr Stan!
  533. TsTime

    20' Canvas cover $50 no shpping

    SOLD Come and get it, hardtop installed does not fit. $50 to clean garage.It was on 20' Grady Overnighter :2gunsfiring_v1: Call 619-517-4755 between 9-7
  534. TsTime

    Prop Test

    sweet Jerry, Double Z i'll note the typo and post up new #'s. Overall this was the best $ spent
  535. TsTime

    Fishing only gets better in Asuncion

    Watch out Stan, the boyz are heading your way.
  536. TsTime

    Offshore Condor 1.5 day 9/21/11

    Sounds like all my trips on sporties this year, but we would have less count. Time on the pond will pay off, hang in there
  537. TsTime

    San Quintin 9/16 - 9/17

    Nice, looks like you pulled your rig down. Was the brunch at the old mill rest. We had em cook our fish 3 ways and it was great!
  538. TsTime

    Need a couple more for tonight - Cortez Bank on the RTA

    Will the nugget in the avatar be serving up breakfast?
  539. TsTime

    great day of bass fishing!

    Did you stay overnight at the hotel? back home thru TJ or Otay,
  540. TsTime

    Prop Test

    These are the results from a recent comparison of propellers. The boat is a 1989 Grady White 208 Overnighter with hardtop, 2 persons, 30 gallon bait tank full of water and 60 QT cooler full of water,ice and beer and appx 60 gallons of fuel. The motor is a 2001 Evinrude FICHT 225 HP. The prop...
  541. TsTime

    South Bay

    Welcome home, kids look happy!
  542. TsTime

    K&M San Quintin...WSB!

    Great work down there. We were very happy with the Ling bite we were put on and the service and generosity of your operation. Once you go with K&M, it's hard to go back to the others. Of course nuthin wrong with them either!
  543. TsTime

    K&Ms Capt Oscar...Tuna/Yellows!!!

    Good Job Oscar
  544. TsTime

    K&M WINS Gov,s Cup TUNA,Do-Do,Yellows

    Good Job Kelly and crew, congrats!
  545. TsTime

    BOLA - Best place to stay / Best Guide?

    Igor and Guillermos
  546. TsTime

    2004 parker 2320 pilot house

    What is the fuel burn rate MPG?
  547. TsTime

    K&M inshore paddys!!!

    Way to get on em Kelly, Any BD specials for the week of 9/5??
  548. TsTime

    1984 26' Blackman Billfisher Fish Machine $46,000

    Thanks for the reply, one day I'll be able to step up!
  549. TsTime

    1984 26' Blackman Billfisher Fish Machine $46,000

    Are you up for a trade, my 20' Gardy, 10K cash and carry a 20K note for 2 years? Dialed in 20' Grady might be what you need for Cor d alene lake, Lake lowell or American Falls Resivoir. Got pics and specs if need, best to you
  550. TsTime

    Kayak fisher loads up on yellowtail in Asuncion

    Stan, let me get the popcorn going and the beer chilled before you report,
  551. TsTime

    Catalina report 8/21-8/22

    Good on ya Dad
  552. TsTime

    Offshore 371 area report...

    Thanks for the scouting, wind was on it early on the beach with white caps at 10AM. We too are looking for some fall season tunas!
  553. TsTime

    San Quintin/K&M yellowtail on paddys

    Good things to come!
  554. TsTime

    Wahoo show up early outside Mag Bay

    Bill you are the private boat Wahoo killer out there!
  555. TsTime

    Offshore Indian 8/16-17th

    Hopped on the BD deal by Captain Chris, thanks for the deal. Got out a little late as they were getting in from an overnight charter. The Capt and crew were so great, I would have been one grumpy crew if I were going back to back to back. These guys worked their asses off all day and night...
  556. TsTime

    Offshore Fishing Aug 16-17 about 110 miles south

    I feel your pain we were on the Indian and scratched out a few in some snotty conditions.
  557. TsTime

    Grady 208 Thru Hulls

    Thanks Art, I started there and they are slow to respond, unlike BD. I could not find the thread you speak of but remember it well. Thanks for the response and hopefully will get some feesh close to home!
  558. TsTime

    Grady 208 Thru Hulls

    Anyone change out plastic to bronze or SS on a Grady 208 Overnighter? Looks like an impossible feat at the helm thru hulls. If you have any tips would be helpful, thx
  559. TsTime

    Lower Unit to exhaust seal

    Had Mobile mechanic service Evinrude 225 recently. yesterday connected water hose for flush, before starting engine we noted water leaking at lower unit to exhaust column (middle portion of engine) seal. Should it be??
  560. TsTime

    INDIAN 1-1/2 TRIP SPECIAL 8/17-18/2011

    Were in spoke to da skipper direct!
  561. TsTime

    INDIAN 1-1/2 TRIP SPECIAL 8/17-18/2011

    So how do I get the deal on line. Do I reserve 2 and 3 show up, that could be messed up.
  562. TsTime

    tortuga to isla de cedros

    That had to have been an adventure!
  563. TsTime

    40-50# B/U troller

    Stan, I've got a Newell that I'll trade you for a Ballena and Reposada. PM or Call
  564. TsTime

    BloodyDecks in Asuncion

    Ah the life you have found, good to see!:hali_olutta:
  565. TsTime

    Miracle in Asuncion...Surfdoc's maiden voyage!

    Settling in real good there Stan, Props from IB
  566. TsTime

    Paddy Fishing

    Trayschool x2, if a boat is on one try hailing them and ask if it's OK to join in. Check the wind, current and swell to determine you drift before you drift the nugget.
  567. TsTime

    20' Boat Cover

    Canvas cover off of 20' Grady Overnighter, reason for trade, added hardtop. I need a Calico set up trigger stick/level wind fo trade. PM me Boat it came off of
  568. TsTime

    Pt. Loma July 7th

    We were out also off the tanks for about the same. Had a couple of cudas also and saw a couple of firecrackers. Off the water at noon, thanks for the ride on Slayride Matt.
  569. TsTime

    BOLA 6/30 and 7/1

    Fun Stuff there, great report
  570. TsTime

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Great read and awesome pics, your right on about the Pez Fuerte, one mean SOB! Viva Baja
  571. TsTime

    Pt. Loma Rockfishing 6-26-11

    Fish Taco's again for you, looks like a good fry! Mola photo looks cool.
  572. TsTime

    Hydraulic Steering Fluid

    Thanks all, 8 oz bought, will check level and add only if needed.
  573. TsTime

    Hydraulic Steering Fluid

    Servicing boat and question is hydraulic steering. At helm there is a fill cap. Cannot ID brand of steering. Question is. Do I just top off fluid at helm and does fluid brand matter? Steering is working fine, just have not had hy steering before. Thanks
  574. TsTime

    Early Fathers Day Gift

    The boy's got a great smile! Keep him fishing!
  575. TsTime

    Tournament Baja Ha-ha Hotel Buena Vista

    What is the affliation with the Baja Ha Ha, I thought it was a sailing event in October?? Just curious, Thanks for the pics and report. Looks like a happy crew
  576. TsTime

    LA Bay

    Got back 6/13 from a wide open bite that was north, south and east. Easy bait in front of the town ramps, some wind early no wind after 10, my report link here
  577. TsTime

    I.B. Halibut trip (Not)

    Time on the water
  578. TsTime

    Cabo 6-4 to 6-11, air - land - surf

    Love the Baja, sounds fun
  579. TsTime

    Shuttle from U.S. to Mexico This will work also, but ditto above post
  580. TsTime

    BOLA 6-9-2011 JC Classic

    Short Report: Day 1:Wide Open WSB to 28# Two Handfuls of Yellows to 39# 22 miles North Day 2:Almost Wide Open Yellows to 25# & A Few Grouper South La Guardia Day 3:Wide Open Yellowtail to 25# Left them biting at 9:30 22 miles south Bottom Line: Go Now, this is our count for 4 on 1 panga...
  581. TsTime

    BOLA trip report

    :hali_olutta: Oh my, leaving in 2.5 hrs! Great report doing about the same but with Igor as guide and Guillermos for myself and 18 other friends! Yeehah
  582. TsTime


    Looks like a great time had by all! Gotta do this one year!
  583. TsTime

    BoLA Reports??

    Thanks for the report, leaving the 8th! dropper loop or surface on the bait? Thanks for the heads up!
  584. TsTime

    Rpt-Wed.-05-25-11 Rockpile, at least no skunk!

    Thanks Cory, we were in the 0 category. while setting the anchor my partners reels goes off and frayed line returned. We too had the ride home from hell, we did get wet. We hung in there till 5PM. Lil Ts out
  585. TsTime

    Loreto 4/20, BOLA 4/23 traumatic experience.

    Where do I start... That dream trip of warm waters, big fish and frosty margaritas turned out like many Baja trips any of us who have dared in the past have experianced. But we just keep on going back. A large group of friends are going to BOLA in June and I thought, "I think I'll tow the...
  586. TsTime


    Stan BOLA June 9-13, if you collect all those empty tecate cans you may have enough denaro for some pemex. IB, out
  587. TsTime

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    The scene of the crime was Jardines after some serious happy hour time (10AM-7PM) from Camalu to Cielito Lindo. Ugggly
  588. TsTime

    Ensenada 5-17-11-Yellow on the mirro lure

    Nice to see a fresh one!
  589. TsTime

    Offshore 41st Annual SWYC Bottom Fishing Tournament 5.7.2011

    Our first entry and we had a great time. Club's staff was unreel. Very generous fish fry and the cause, 'nough said.:hali_olutta:
  590. TsTime

    Hydrofoils question

    X2 just installed on 20' Grady w/225 Evinrude I have permatrim and love it. I can stay on plain a few mph slower, get up quicker and only use my trim tabs to level the boat out. Buy it, it will save you money and is a quality product.
  591. TsTime

    Headed to LA BAY may 25th-June 1st

    Reports please when you all return, heading down June 8th!
  592. TsTime

    Happy Birthday Surf Doc

    Stan, The IB crew wishes you the best. Now pull yourself off the ground!
  593. TsTime

    AV Plate 2002 Evin 225HP

    Thanks Bones, manufacturer emailed and said yes it is that way and bolt to flat area forward to the bevel only and dont worry about the 1/8th inch gap at aft portion of AV Plate. What does your son have Grady wise??
  594. TsTime

    AV Plate 2002 Evin 225HP

    Better Pic
  595. TsTime

    AV Plate 2002 Evin 225HP

    Just got my Permatrim in and as I was sizing up the install things did'nt seem to match up. I bought the boat and engine in Sept 2010, checked out, runs fine. Come to find out misc work has been done and I am not sure if the gear case was replaced with someting other than OEM case. 2002 FICHT...
  596. TsTime

    Check out these teeth!

    Good choice on the beer!
  597. TsTime

    lets check out your invader

    Let's get some blood on the deck!
  598. TsTime

    Sunday fishing with the kid.

    Before ya know it the boy will be backin the boat off the trailer. Enjoy it! Time flies fast.
  599. TsTime

    Garmin vs Lowrance multifunction systems

    Ditto from me on Lowrance HDS. I installed the HDS 10 with Broadband Radar, Sonic Hub, Navionics Platinum charts and the Garmin fuel flow sensor. Took awhile to dial in the data overlay on the different pages, but now as I am runing I can see where I am going, know how far, what course to steer...
  600. TsTime

    Bait Tank Cheap

    I'll call you tonight if the call doesnt come thru Will
  601. TsTime

    Bait Tank Cheap

    Derby, If caller last night does not come through I'll consider
  602. TsTime

    Bait Tank Cheap

    Just got better, add 3 S/S rail rod holders
  603. TsTime

    Bait Tank Cheap

    Sold to BD'r 50 bucks take it along with 2 sets of rod holders, Tank is probably 40 gal, no pump all hose and S/S deck brakets, all in good shape, no leaks.Just added Offshore to the boat and not needed anymore 619-517-4755
  604. TsTime


    We'll be sure to stop in on our visits south, good wishes and fortune for the shop
  605. TsTime

    South 9 on 2-9-11

    Looks like a beauty of a day!
  606. TsTime

    Kamikaze Sandbass!

    Nice looking trip, and Tequila y pescado are a great combo!
  607. TsTime

    Feb 6 South Nine

    Traveled through the fog from Glorrietta at 0700 to the S9, vis not bad on the way out but was happy with the Lowrance BB 24 radar to at least know what happening around us. Got to the 9 in foggy conditions with a breeze and scratched out a few rockfish and sand dabs. With the knowledge given by...
  608. TsTime

    South 9 Mile Feb 6

    I would say we probably saw ya Howie but it was probably on the radar. It was a lil crappy out yesterday but we too had a good time , scratched a few smaller model asst rockfish and some Dabs.
  609. TsTime

    south nine rock coding/getting jiggy with it

    Looks a little dif from our day on the nine Sunday, we were on the south end in 360-450' with 1/8th mile vis till 11:30 with a steady 5+ n/W the hole time forcing a 20oz lead to stay in contact with the bottom. Glad you got em, we scratched with squid on the dropper. Good work!
  610. TsTime

    question about grouper tackle for Tony Reyes trip

    We had the opportunity in 09 to fish with Tony Reyes (he guided us) on their one and only MagBay trip. On the Thetis it was slow for pelagigs so after trolling up a few Skip Jack Tony asked if we wanted to try for a Grouper, we sure why not. Took our biggest outfit a TLD ?? loaded with 80 mono...
  611. TsTime

    Sunday South 9

    As always BD'rs come through! Thanks all for the schooling, now I'll get back out and report back.
  612. TsTime

    Sunday South 9

    Thanks for the heads up on the dabs! My time bottom fishing has been San Quentin or Camalu. Have yet to get the hard vs soft on the sonar down yet. Learning curve right now, any suggestions welcome on what to look for.
  613. TsTime

    Sunday South 9

    got to the mex 9 about 7:30, mixed swell, face into the wind from pt loma, 1st drift nice salmon grouper, a couple of small starries and sand dabs. Next drift sand dabs and more sand dabs. Went a little deeper for another salmon grouper and smaller rockfish and then more sand dabs. Then it was...
  614. TsTime

    South 9 Mile Bank 1-27-11

    Is that John B in the 1st picture??
  615. TsTime

    LED spreader/ deck lights Just installed one on hardtop, small & powerful with nominal power usage.
  616. TsTime

    K&M San Quintin "Rockcod/Yellwtail trips"

    LOve the iron! Way to go guys
  617. TsTime

    Hotel Circle Question

    Go to the 7Seas Lodge at 411 Hotel Circle South. Great open parking, very secure and very fisherman friendly. Hit the bar up and if Zak is tending bar let him know Gary T sent ya, you'll be crawling to your room!
  618. TsTime

    El Patron hits Asuncion !

    Love the set up Stan, the flowers add a special touch!
  619. TsTime

    30-40 Gal Bait Tank $75 or trade

    Bump with new price on it
  620. TsTime

    Cell phone coverage in Baja

    Verizon sucks in Baja! Glad to see your back on the cheap!
  621. TsTime

    Sadness at Don Eddie's in San Quintin

    Condolences to all who knew and loved him
  622. TsTime

    30-40 Gal Bait Tank $75 or trade

    I'll call you today Bulangiul
  623. TsTime

    30-40 Gal Bait Tank $75 or trade

    Price reduced and more swag! New price $65 and 2 S/S rail rod holders added! trade for Torium 16 (only) in good shape. Round tank, no leaks, ss deck brackets and hoses, rod holder also. You pick up only Email, PM or call 619-517-4755
  624. TsTime


    OK then, with 10 or twelve of us and 1 bringing a boat down. Las Hamacas or Guillermos? Looks like both have restraunts, AC, but need a kitch