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  1. Wandering Blues

    Processing costs for a 7 day

    Definitely get the 5mil bags, particularly if you’re going to be transporting a significant distance. You really have to knock a bag senseless to have it get frost/freezer burn. And on a recent 4.5 day, I weighed in 352 lbs x $1.60 per pound for $563.00. Survived the 12 hour trip home still...
  2. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The epic 1.5 day that wasn't - Aztec 9/30-10/2

    The fat lady was too busy cranking on a bluefin to sing.
  3. Wandering Blues

    UFO UAP seen during San Diego Long Range fishing trip

    There’s a few on here who look forward to the anal probe.
  4. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pegasus 2.5 Day Trip Report

    That wind has been crazy! Looks like you guys made it a great trip, though!
  5. Wandering Blues

    Mark Pisano and Paul Strasser meet girl they rescued 30+years ago

    Such a great, great reunion.
  6. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The Big Al III

    I Man, it was a blast having you. Trip would not have been nearly as fun.
  7. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The Big Al III

    One and the same! I told him I still use his sour cream potato salad with dill and bacon recipe.
  8. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The Big Al III

    Miss Becca is engaged to a supremely lucky guy. Not only is she a serious angler, but she also happens to be one of the sweetest, kindest, fun ladies I’ve ever met. Seriously the best of the best. And, on a boat with 19 guys, she can hold her own and spit game.😏
  9. Wandering Blues

    SoA 9/18-26

    We were behind you at the offload at the dock. Someone had a sweet 60+ pound grouper. And some really nice YT slugs.
  10. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The Big Al III

    Just completed our 3rd Annual Big Al, 4.5 day trip aboard the Sea Adventure 80. We had Mike at the helm, Chad, Bobby and Tony on deck, and Tommy in the galley. Because of the trip length, we were able to access bait the LR boats usually get and it showed. They were healthy race horses. With...
  11. Wandering Blues

    Do you have your first reel?

    I don’t have it, but I remember it- an old Zebco 404 combo for my 5th birthday. It was my first “real” fishing rod/reel. Up to that point it had always been a cane pole. That was in 1971.
  12. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Cortez 1.5 Day 9/14-16

    HBD, man! 🍺 Here’s to another trip around the sun.
  13. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 181/182 report + MEGAMOUTH SHARK

    What an honor! I geek out about stuff like that.
  14. Wandering Blues

    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All...

    Right up there with electric mountain bikes. Nothing I’m interested in.
  15. Wandering Blues

    Lion Head Ring? - Opinions!

    I was given a non-public tour at the Museum of Tolerance before it opened. One of the artifacts in their restricted collection was a lampshade made with human skin that included a numbered tattoo on one of the panels. To come on a fishing website and ask about buying a Nazi item? Fucking pathetic.
  16. Wandering Blues

    Gallagher/Excel 10 day Celebration of life and Report 8-30-22 thru 9-9-22, PART 1

    We should all aspire to live a life so well lived to be honored in such a way. You are top shelf and it’s a pleasure to read the exploits.
  17. Wandering Blues

    SPF shirts

    Simms for me. The solar radiation when fishing g at 9-10,000’ altitude is crazy insane. Simms has never done me wrong.
  18. Wandering Blues

    This is new

    Haven’t seen that many pop-ups since I ‘accidentally’ ended up on a porn site. 😂
  19. Wandering Blues

    The Best Laid Plans of Fishermen and Hurricanes

    I can make room next week for you if you want to slum… 😉
  20. Wandering Blues

    Beef Jerky recommendation Hal’s

    Love good jerky. Having retired to NM, the style out here is just nasty. Super thin cut and dried enough that it could cut bread. Seriously… Fold it and use it as a meat airplane.
  21. Wandering Blues

    Inshore Houston we have a problem…

    Maybe he’ll go pescatarian. That’s our home. Not too say I don’t love a good steak, but filling out the credit app and getting a high enough limit to afford one is problematic.
  22. Wandering Blues

    What jigs to buy?

    Everything that @Deadlift500 said is spot on. And make sure you upgrade your hooks. Pretty much any assist hook that comes stock isn’t adequate.
  23. Wandering Blues

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 Day September 26th

    It was my charter last year when we lost the engine and steering and limped in from Tanner. The McDaniels made it right, offering face value cash, or vouchers with an extra day, to everyone and coordinated with 5 Star to pick up on our unscheduled early return. Soon as I was back at the...
  24. Wandering Blues

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 Day September 26th

    Feeling good about the fishing. I can guarantee that the camaraderie will be excellent! We’ll see ya soon, Tony.
  25. Wandering Blues

    South Florida Exotics August 2022

    Nice job, and welcome to the dark side, Rob. Hope all’s well on the resettling and new job.
  26. Wandering Blues

    Anyone know of the boat Strictly Business? 26 Outerbanks Blackman

    Solid bro move to offer it. If it doesn’t come back, at least your karma bank is full.
  27. Wandering Blues

    Dentist in Tijuana

  28. Wandering Blues

    Dentist in Tijuana

    I’ve been thinking about heading down to Juarez for the same as it’s only about 3.5 hours south. I lost a crown and chipped off a bit of the tooth in the process. With a pay cash “discount,” it was $1700 to replace. No reach around included.. The insurance companies make it cost prohibitive for...
  29. Wandering Blues

    Vagabond Redemption 8/25-28th

    Man, you weave a tale like an ol cowboy around a campfire. Thanks for taking us along.
  30. Wandering Blues

    Reel service lost receipt

    The officers will say it’s a civil problem, if they show at all. The OP would probably be referred to make an online report, which will only generate an incident number showing he made a report. And police in California generally don’t appear in civil matters, particularly small claims matters...
  31. Wandering Blues

    Refi to shorter term but higher interest rate?

    Don’t give up your interest rate as they’re heading up right now. Check to with your lender to see what you need to pay down in order to drop your PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). If your $200k covers that, you’ll not only have paid your mortgage down, but you’ll lose the cost of PMI, and PMI...
  32. Wandering Blues

    Owner Assist hook differences

    9/0 is not too big for the 500g version of the Mustad Staggerbod/Wingman/RipRoller. I’m using a single Jobu or Mustad Hoodlum 5X on the bottom in the 10-12/0 range, depending on the profile of the jig.
  33. Wandering Blues

    Vegan Fish Tacos in San Diego....No,No and No

    I slung up some mighty fine yellowtail tacos today for the group of veterans I volunteer guided. Even living in New Mexico now, it’s worth driving back to San Diego to get offshore. And these guys appreciated it. There would have been shots fired if that shit was vegan.
  34. Wandering Blues

    Any recent comments on fishing with older Okuma Andros/Metaloid reels?

    I have several Metaloids- 2 x 12ii, 12Nii, 5ii. They’re bombproof, still freespool all day long, and lockdown with smooth drag. Absolutely zero complaints, other than I wish they’d made a 16.
  35. Wandering Blues

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 Day September 26th

    I’m chartermaster on the 4.5 coming in the morning you leave. Mike McDaniels will be running the boat, along with Ricky (from the Ranger 85). Conner & Chad should be working the deck. If past years are any indication, it should be prime time for cow hunting. Our game plan, if the fish are...
  36. Wandering Blues

    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    Oh. No. You. Didn’t….. 😂😂😂😂
  37. Wandering Blues

    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    It’s the “the captain was just driving around” reports that are going to get trashed. Next time someone feels that way, ask if you can glass for a while on the bridge. Then you can watch the sonar, look for birds and paddy’s, and understand the urgency the captain feels trying to get his...
  38. Wandering Blues

    Islands Bad trip in a sea of great ones

    OP didn’t throw the boat name under the bus, making it more of a rhetorical bitching. Gotta respect that. And to the OP. It sucks. But if he’s burning fuel, he’s hunting.
  39. Wandering Blues

    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    I think it had as much to do with the circus that follows a bad review. There’s a reason why someone always posts a popcorn meme..
  40. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    You’re good to go, Tony!
  41. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    I usually book the next years dates as I’m getting off the boat from the trip. Then I’ll put the word out by March- once they’ve established pricing for the upcoming year. I’ll keep you on file. It’s a fun group that like to fish.
  42. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    Bump for a late cancellation due to a promotion at work..
  43. Wandering Blues

    Knew this was coming.

    We generally stay down on the Gulf of Mexico in winter months. I’ve watched shark fishermen use a drone to carry chunk out to the shelf (upwards of 4-500 yds in places). Those guys use EX50’s and 6’ roller tip rods and fight friggin hammerheads while standing on the shore. Craziest shit Ive ever...
  44. Wandering Blues

    Melton Tackle Big No No

    I still have a pallet of toilet paper that I’m selling at $10 a roll from the early days of Covid… Buy 2, get one free! (That was a sarcastic joke, btw). Madmacs will be next years toilet paper..
  45. Wandering Blues

    Warranties That Aren't Worth Sh*t

    You must have ignored the calls you’ve been getting about your car warranty expiring because I’m sure they cover batteries, too… 😂😂😂
  46. Wandering Blues

    I’m evacuated. May need to give up my spot on SOA 8 day leaving Wednesday.

    We used to get evacuated often, living in the San Bernardino Mountains. So, foremost, I hope it all works out and you and yours are safe with a home to come back to. Best wishes.
  47. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Dreams? Into the Future. The next generation.

    Hooking a monster brown trout on the fly down in Patagonia or New Zealand.
  48. Wandering Blues

    Super dumb ridiculous question, why bring light gear on a sportboat instead of just using lighter top shots on heavy gear?

    I actually used to golf with a guy who carried a 3 wood, 7 iron, and a putter. He could open the face of that 7 iron and flop a shot like he was swinging a wedge.
  49. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Islander 2.5 day

    Way to represent the 505.
  50. Wandering Blues

    I’m just letting everyone know that if you Win any rods or reels, on A raffle or Sponsored Trips

    Sounds like a First World problem to me, and one I wouldn’t mind having…
  51. Wandering Blues

    Update on my wife

    Wishing you and your wife the very best outcome.
  52. Wandering Blues

    Update on my wife

    Wishing you and your wife the very best outcome.
  53. Wandering Blues

    Braid to flouro problem

    I like the RP knot. Knot is bulkier than the FG, but I’m usually fishing short enough leader where it’s not going through the eyes anyway. FG is awesome as well, I just have more muscle memory tying the RP.
  54. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    Bull, looking forward to meeting, brother!
  55. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    Maybe next year. Enjoy that time in MT and Idaho!
  56. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    Absolutely! Big Al was a native Hawaiian islander. We always kick off last day of fishing with our finest apparel. It brings the fish up… 🍺
  57. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    ••••Filled! Thanks everyone! Have a great season.•••• I’ve got a 4.5 day charter I’ve been running the last few years. One of the regulars had to back out, so I need to fill a spot on a limited load of 20 (possible plus 1 means free trip mechanics shirts for everyone) DETAILS: Leave 9/21...
  58. Wandering Blues

    Gas Prices vs. Beer Update

    I filled up at $3.69 this week. Not drinking cheap beers…🍺
  59. Wandering Blues

    Offshore New Lo-An 3 Day Charter 7/12 - 7/15

    Nice report! And I always appreciate someone who’s willing to break out a DSLR or nicer compact to chronicle a trip. The image quality shows.
  60. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3 another veiw

    Always up for a meet up of the Pussies From New Mexico Support Group..
  61. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3 another veiw

    Glad it’s not THIS guy from New Mexico.. And the other two I know from out here are cool AF. 😂
  62. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Report-1.75 on the Legend-and a question

    Back in the day, on a multi-day on the OC95, there was a seriously drunk “that guy.” Turns out he was an alcohol thief as well. When you’re too drunk realize the tequila bottle you’re swiping and swigging from is filled with more piss than tequila, maybe it’s time to quit. I can neither...
  63. Wandering Blues

    Yellowtail-2 parter

    For me, 8/9 with only wild caught salmon topping them. Just had some yesterday. Marinate filets in Greek or Italian dressing, sprinkle with seasoning of choice, and drizzle with fresh lime. Grill to taste with mesquite charcoal or mesquite chips. Throw lime halves on the grill while cooking...
  64. Wandering Blues

    El Capitan

    I just watched the first 2 for the season. Food didn’t look bad and I was surprised at how active Alan was on the deck. For you kids, that’s what work ethic looks like.
  65. Wandering Blues

    El Capitan

    Thanks for the heads up. Living out in New Mexico now, YouTube videos are the only thing that gets me through the offshore season til my annual trip. That, and the occasional skirmish on Bloody Decks.
  66. Wandering Blues

    El Capitan

    Cranky ol bastard… 😂😂😂
  67. Wandering Blues

    El Capitan

    Smaller boat, rides a bit rougher in swells. Alan Fey, the Captain, is a classic old school legend who’s still fishy AF. I’ve had some fun trips with them. Food’s always been a notch better than average. With 18 on a 2.5 day, just hope everyone knows the program as it’ll be tight. But, Alan will...
  68. Wandering Blues

    Whoa... some never cease to amaze me

    There was a video several years ago of a tourist putting his kid atop of a bear that wandered in their campground at Yosemite. Minor injuries to the child, parent got bit. Fucktardery…
  69. Wandering Blues

    Favorite Online Store

    Charkbait has always been good for me.
  70. Wandering Blues

    A little walk to Gem lake.

    I’ve got much nicer fish since leaving California, but I have to say, there’s something completely special about the Eastern Sierra. The beauty there is just unparalleled. And great job on the father/son adventure.
  71. Wandering Blues

    Getting my boy bent.

    When my son first started out, I always always gave him the “king for a day” treatment. Sure, I caught some fish, but really, it was all about him. And the best part- the deckhands and other passengers generally were the same way. It was almost like they were welcoming a new member to the...
  72. Wandering Blues

    Best Florocarbon?…. Go!

    That depends. If you are normally connecting braid to fluoro, you’ll definitely appreciate that little extra stretch. It’s not as good as having a long mono top shot for absorption, but I have started using 7-15’ sections and losing the mono altogether. The sweet spot seems to be for flylining...
  73. Wandering Blues

    Best Florocarbon?…. Go!

    I’ve been using the Soft Steel Fluoro Stretch. 100% fluoro, but with just a some stretch. They say it holds knots better, but I like it for the shock absorber quality.
  74. Wandering Blues

    U.S. Customs says one intervention involved 31 people on one recreational boat.

    Sounds like a trip when the bluefin are first in range of the overnight fleet…
  75. Wandering Blues

    Monsoon Season

    The old 486.
  76. Wandering Blues

    Monsoon Season

    That there is an Epic glass blank out of Utah. It’s a full parabolic blank. You could touch the tip to the reel if you wanted and it would come right back. Bad ass rod.
  77. Wandering Blues

    Monsoon Season

    Monsoon season has arrived in northern NM/southern Colorado. For me, until they hit, I wait because waters get warm quick with diminishing snow pack. I’ve got too much respect for trout to target them when the water warms. But…….. When the monsoon comes, the air temps at altitude can drop into...
  78. Wandering Blues

    Seeker 3 day 7/7-7/10 Searcher trip

    I’ve got a 4.5 in September that I haven’t been feeling the usual excitement for. Your report pushed the meter in that direction. Nice work.
  79. Wandering Blues

    Cops at advanced marine services 7/13

    Officers are trained to “neutralize the threat.” That basically means shoot to kill for all intents as no one trains to wing a threat. The reality is departmental training is generally not enough for any officer to be a skilled operator in an OIS, unless they happen to be assigned to a SWAT...
  80. Wandering Blues

    Best summer month for bluefin tuna

    Depends on whether you’re looking for limits of schoolies, or whether you’re bringing out the kite, balloons, and the heavy gear and going cow hunting.
  81. Wandering Blues

    Help Me Locate a Spot - Madison River Valley

    From the backdrop, clearly it’s the LA River where the 710 and 91 meet.
  82. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3

    Hunter’s a grown ass man (and a fishy Captain to boot). She wasn’t doing him any favors.
  83. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3

    Just waiting for Keith’s wife, Nicole, to come on the thread to start screaming and carrying on. 😂😂😂
  84. Wandering Blues

    3 day Pacific Queen July 8 opening

    Sorry to hear it, man.
  85. Wandering Blues

    Good day in the backcountry.

    Beautiful trout. Love that hike up there.
  86. Wandering Blues

    Damn! Some threads don't have a chance.....

    😂😂 Better switch your setting to “safe search” first!
  87. Wandering Blues

    Boat neglect drives me nuts, this one takes the cake cake!

    I’ve always told my son “take care of your stuff so if you had to sell it tomorrow, you’d get top dollar.” That’s a sad boat.
  88. Wandering Blues

    Damn! Some threads don't have a chance.....

    There’s a few on here, from both sides of the aisle, that can’t help themselves. BD outta do a spin-off site for guys who mostly just want to argue political shit and occasionally talk fishing. Maybe call it Bloody Dicks.
  89. Wandering Blues

    That Guy from Liberty Mutual

    I’m a retired SoCal cop living in New Mexico and my adventuring cash comes from film gigs. I walked off a set a week before the Rust shooting due to prop gun handling. Most productions take it serious, but a few low budget productions, like Rust, think they can cheap their way out. Now, the...
  90. Wandering Blues

    Faith in mankind restored today

    I’ve always been driven by the idea “you get back what you put out in this world.” Well done.
  91. Wandering Blues

    Wyoming on the Fly... WOW!!!!

    It’s a fact! Lol. I camp higher up that drainage and it’s epic.
  92. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    Most of the fishable water lies within USFS, and it’s shut down indefinitely. Parts of the Rio are open as they lie within BLM or other entities. San Juan is open. But, basically all high country is closed. Worse still, quite a few drainages got burnt out. Fortunately, DFG went in with crews to...
  93. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    I live on the Rio, just above Corrales. The Sportsman is still there, and if you get a wild hair, there’s room at the house.
  94. Wandering Blues

    $8.00 beers

    Even at $2, I wouldn’t drink a Modelo..
  95. Wandering Blues

    Independence 8 day fishing report. Outstanding fishing!

    One day I hope to have the honor of sharing a rail with you. Well done.
  96. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    I love fishing carp. We get them active in the Rio ditches and aquacias in the winter.
  97. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    I was thinking of you when I was picking a deep run. I had on about 12’ of fluoro below the sighter and it reminded me of fishing Crowley with you.
  98. Wandering Blues

    Stop freaking out

    Someone should go back to dropping an old Tady or Salas, hook up and post pics, and give the little guys some lure du jour exposure.
  99. Wandering Blues


    Smartwool all the way!
  100. Wandering Blues

    Fuel pump pic’s - who has me beat?

    When I come out in September, I was seriously considering filling a couple of jerry cans before I hit California just so I don’t have to pay the prices out there. Diesel here right now is about $4.49 a gallon.
  101. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    That’s bad assed right there!
  102. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    The San Juan River is known as one of the great tail waters in the US. It’s a place where you have a legitimate shot at a personal best with every drift. It’s also known for educated fish and ridiculously small flies. Or, is it? I’ve been dabbling in the dark art of Euro lately, though I still...
  103. Wandering Blues

    Eastern Sierras Recommendations for Late Summer/Early Fall

    I was gonna offer up some stuff, but end of August this year may be downright bleak for fishable waters unless it’s stillwater. Hit me up if you need info. 95% of my fishing is tossing flies in the high country.
  104. Wandering Blues

    @Beer-Jig-Repeat no. And I checked with the deckhands. Just typical thief BS.

    @Beer-Jig-Repeat no. And I checked with the deckhands. Just typical thief BS.
  105. Wandering Blues

    Palomino Rainbows

    Man made abomination. Genetically created to look cool.
  106. Wandering Blues

    Recapping your pissed off moments….

    Finding flatfalls and knife jigs cut off of my rods while in the rack..
  107. Wandering Blues

    Tough Day Yesterday...

    Damn. That’s the bravest, hardest, kindest thing I’ve heard of. There’s, literally, no words in our language to be spoken that can ease your pain. If there were, I’d gladly say them to you till I was out of breath. So, all I can do is wish you peace. You’ve earned it.
  108. Wandering Blues

    best eating rock fish???

    Sheepshead and Whitefish.
  109. Wandering Blues

    All around west coast reel.

    If Mak’s, VISX, or Talica’s are the benchmark, I’d trade down and get 2 Penn Fathom II’s in 25 and 40. Then you’re actually closer to achieving an all-around west coast set up.
  110. Wandering Blues

    Sanity Check...

    Attorneys gonna do what attorneys gonna do. The egregious issue to me is the way the law is written that protects and shields the business, thus forcing the attorney to file suit in such a ridiculous manner against the jeep owner. In any event, it’ll settle long before it goes to court with...
  111. Wandering Blues

    You beat me to the punch! 😂

    You beat me to the punch! 😂
  112. Wandering Blues

    Added some new grips

    First thing I do with a new rod is put X wrap on it. Love that stuff.
  113. Wandering Blues

    Taco Tuesday🤙

    Well played.
  114. Wandering Blues

    San Diego fleet deck hands, a Motley Crue!

    I can think of a few amazing hands that were felled by their addictions- guys who really gave a shit but they needed something extra to get through the season and it kicked their ass. And too many that, after a half season, thought they had invented sport fishing ( @Let em eat 74 knows one I’m...
  115. Wandering Blues

    Times are coming? Hell, they’re here! I can read newsprint a 100 yds a way, but can’t see a damn...

    Times are coming? Hell, they’re here! I can read newsprint a 100 yds a way, but can’t see a damn thing in front of my face. I consider reading glasses a must have on any fishing trip- as important as anything else in the bag. And then there’s that whole balance of enjoying just enough beer to...
  116. Wandering Blues

    "Listing closed"

    Not enough posts to do a classified.
  117. Wandering Blues

    Graftech feedback

    I’ve got the GJS 80H 30-40# and it fishes well as a 40#. I actually like it better as a jig rod vs bait. It loads up real nice, but biggest I’ve managed on it has been in the 40lb bluefin range. The rod handled it with plenty left. But, an 80# would not make you many friends on the trip if...
  118. Wandering Blues

    OptiVisor For The Hobbyist! From Tying Flies to Reading!

    You know you’re getting old when….
  119. Wandering Blues

    Our Airstream dealer offered us $8k over what we pod for our trailer to buy it back- and we’ve...

    Our Airstream dealer offered us $8k over what we pod for our trailer to buy it back- and we’ve had it 2 years now. Crazy times.
  120. Wandering Blues

    Only In California

    Bob lives across the street from us when he’s in Albuquerque. Several cast members stay at the house as well. Pretty decent people. None of that Hollywood attitude.
  121. Wandering Blues

    Bass Pro shops opening a store in Irvine

    Friends don’t let friends Bass Pro…
  122. Wandering Blues

    Worst Conditions You Ever Fished?

    Halibut fishing out of Newport, OR. 50’ boat with waves breaking over the bow and washing across the deck. Had to time the swells just to clear the bar to get back into the harbor.
  123. Wandering Blues

    Are flat falls a thing of the past??

    End of the day, it doesn’t matter if it’s a FF, knife jig, or a Salas 68, if you get it in the zone properly and your opportunities will increase.
  124. Wandering Blues

    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    Blue tooth jigs with fish/depth finder capability that transmit to your phone to get you down in the zone.
  125. Wandering Blues

    Charkbait customer service

    Mark and Sergey are top notch. It doesn’t matter whether your “just shopping” or buying a Mak 50 fully spooled, they spend the time to make sure you’re getting what you need to be successful. Even though I’ve moved out of state, I still shop with them.
  126. Wandering Blues

    Most excellent!

    Most excellent!
  127. Wandering Blues

    crimped my own leaders…

    Nice work! My only question at all would be the use of 200lb. I was schooled to go much heavier because, although 200 can more than adequately handle the load, it’s way more susceptible to being chewed off (and that can’t be tested with a strength test.) Not a statement at all on your effort...
  128. Wandering Blues

    Have you ever been spooled?

    Spooled down at San Martin Island on a BSB. I was fishing an Avet MXL w/50lb spectra (back when spectra was still a thing feared by sport boats) and 40lb top shot on a 9’ jig rod. We were throwing iron at breezer yellowtail. It started to come in, woke up, and it was like hooking your iron to...
  129. Wandering Blues

    What do you guys eat on the boat?

    My go to as well. Nothing quite so perfect.
  130. Wandering Blues

    Jackpot rules.

    The 50# wins. And I’m another who doesn’t mess with jackpots anymore. Too many shenanigans.
  131. Wandering Blues


    The biggest assholes on BD, in person, are the first to offer you the best bait, a good spot on the stern, or a cold beer. Bottom line, if you can hang solid here, it’s understood..
  132. Wandering Blues

    Islands Slug yellows are here!

    That slug eats yellowtail the size that some sport boats are keeping..😂
  133. Wandering Blues

    The San Diego Boat Announces Extensive Retrofit -- Bunks and 1.5 to 3.5 day Trips

    They’ll be targeting albacore and salmon from here on out.
  134. Wandering Blues


    I hope Bruce is throwing flies to willing trout. He’s earned it.
  135. Wandering Blues

    Knocking the Rust Off

    Hit me up when you’re heading to the Juan. I live about 90 mins away. If I’m around, and you want some company, I’ll join you. I fish it regularly.
  136. Wandering Blues

    Hot Creek

    Nice to see HC a coming along. There was a couple of years there where it was iffy as to whether it could retain a fishery. And to think they want to put in a gold extraction operation near it…
  137. Wandering Blues

    What do you call...

    What do you call the generic versions of Viagra? Mycoxaphlopin & Mydixaphilin
  138. Wandering Blues

    3.5 day trip on Sea Adventure 80 out of San Diego

    The pop corn went stale before the end of last season. Even the damn beer got warm.
  139. Wandering Blues

    Tips on camping in Yosemite -Mammoth-Sequoia’s?

    Brown’s Owens River campground is cool. If you can boondock, Glass Rd is nice, Big Springs is good, and some of the hot tubs towards Crowley are awesome. Also, McGee has dispersed sites as well. There’s a shit-ton of opportunities.
  140. Wandering Blues

    @Let em eat 74 probably one of the users who Ali kicked off logging on from his mom’s computer...

    @Let em eat 74 probably one of the users who Ali kicked off logging on from his mom’s computer with a new name.
  141. Wandering Blues

    I just checked with Lisa and she said when you find out, let her know so she knows who to write...

    I just checked with Lisa and she said when you find out, let her know so she knows who to write the paycheck to… 😂
  142. Wandering Blues

    Who are you hearing signed on?

    Who are you hearing signed on?
  143. Wandering Blues

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    I guided some special folks today, volunteering with AWOL Angler to get veterans out on the water flyfishing. Been a long minute since I guided, and doing so for a great cause made for a perfect day. Got my guy into his first trout, and first fish ever on the fly. As you can see from his smile...
  144. Wandering Blues

    Reel Suggestions for Phenix Axis 720 X2H (40-100)

    I agonized over the same decision. After using one of @Let em eat 74 ’s Fathoms and picking his brain, I was convinced. I have the 720 X2H and the 780 X2H, both paired with Fathom 40’s. Bullet proof set ups that can fill a lot of needs. Great free spool and a super smooth drag. For the price on...
  145. Wandering Blues

    Has THIS ever happened to you fishing in Winter? Ouch!!

    It was 22 degrees and a 8-10mph wind on the river today. Fortunately, the Captain chose to invert rather than freeze…
  146. Wandering Blues

    U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds

    The ethanol industry has propped up corn crop agriculture since it was introduced. It always fascinating to watch the macro-economics interplay between industries.
  147. Wandering Blues

    Affirmative. My “local” water now.

    Affirmative. My “local” water now.
  148. Wandering Blues

    That’s where I came from. But, there’s always that one damn scale that gets way under there...

    That’s where I came from. But, there’s always that one damn scale that gets way under there, making it hurt….. I tried using the edge of the bottle cap when I got my first nice custom rod about 20 years ago. Been working ever since.
  149. Wandering Blues

    Cleaning dried scales off xrap handle

    For years, I’ve used the plastic cap from a water bottle on both X Wrap and the blanks. Works like a charm with no scratching.
  150. Wandering Blues

    Boat comes off trailer, kills 1 in san diego

    I pulled alongside a guy without his boat strapped after I could see the bow actually lifting up 8-10” to flag him down. He yelled he knew and didn’t have much further to go. Called highway patrol right after.
  151. Wandering Blues

    Truth. We got a $105 rate in October when we went. Not as close as the Vagabond, but closer to...

    Truth. We got a $105 rate in October when we went. Not as close as the Vagabond, but closer to Better Buzz Coffee, so that’s a win.
  152. Wandering Blues

    "minor incursion"

    The difference between a shart and a shit is a minor incursion. Or so I’ve been told..
  153. Wandering Blues

    "minor incursion"

    “This post was ultimately deemed to be a ‘minor incursion’ of the BD policy on political discussion, and was subsequently locked…”
  154. Wandering Blues

    Help Bloodydecks get rid of scammers!

    @sealskinner a few forums I’m on block access to sale/buy sections until you hit a certain number of posts. Maybe BD can do that?
  155. Wandering Blues

    2022 predictions

    I’ll spend a $hi+ ton of money right before my annual offshore trip on yet another new set up and a bunch of pre-rigged flat falls, all of which will never get used because the bluefin will be hitting the kite or flylined baits…..
  156. Wandering Blues

    Game changing deals...

    When Sports Chalet went under, I ended up with a couple of pairs of Salomon Gortex hiking boots at $29 each, and two TFO BVK fly rods for $39 each. Each were well over $200 retail. I used the boots until they died. Donated one rod to Project Healing Waters and eventually gave the other to a...
  157. Wandering Blues

    My dad was stationed at RAF Woodbridge and I went to high school there. Any excuse to go to...

    My dad was stationed at RAF Woodbridge and I went to high school there. Any excuse to go to London was always a welcome one, but The Wall was such an omnipresent, seminal album in the UK.
  158. Wandering Blues

    Your first or favorite concert?

    Technically, the first was the original Lynyrd Skynyrd at the University of Alabama. My folks were volunteering at a first aid booth and took me along. I was maybe 6 years old and they had just released “Sweet Home Alabama.” My paid to go to first was Pink Floyd’s The Wall Tour at the...
  159. Wandering Blues

    For the win.

    For the win.
  160. Wandering Blues

    Nice!! Used to run down to OC and catch Black Flag, Agent Orange, Social Distortion, TSOL...

    Nice!! Used to run down to OC and catch Black Flag, Agent Orange, Social Distortion, TSOL. Missed the Cookoo’s Nest by about 2 years..
  161. Wandering Blues

    I wish all the stolen fishing gear reports turned out like this case

    Laws must be different there because that’s a dead to rights felony. You don’t cut paper and serve a warrant on what they ultimately made a civil problem. That grown ass man should have been arrested.
  162. Wandering Blues

    The 2022 Account is Open..

    Hey now!!!!!! 😏😂 They used to do gigs with my brother’s band, so I’ve been a fan for probably 25 years- close to when they started. The funny thing is they’re probably the most mellow on that particular play list. I like a little punk and ska with my coffee in the morning.
  163. Wandering Blues

    The 2022 Account is Open..

    A series of winter storms kept me off the water here in the Land of Enchantment in 2022 for a long, long 11 days…😂 Fortunately, the winds came down and the temps came up just enough to justify a quick road trip.. Thankfully, the sun was shining this morning, though it didn’t offer any shred of...
  164. Wandering Blues

    Healing Waters Fly Fishing

    I volunteer locally for Project Healing Waters. One of my favorite organizations.
  165. Wandering Blues

    Which restaurant has the best fried chicken?

    I’m going with Mrs Knott’s Fried Chicken. If you’re close to a Cracker Barrrel, their Sunday fried chicken is pretty good as well.
  166. Wandering Blues

    Want to buy a new truck

    If I can weigh in as a retired Cali cop who did the same, and saw folks receive that very citation from CHP… A camper shell alone does not qualify. It needs to have a carpet kit in the bed, or something meaningful (like a permanent cot) in order to show it is not being used for commercial...
  167. Wandering Blues

    Would you hit this?

    From the title, I was expecting to see someone’s bad decision after getting beer goggles.
  168. Wandering Blues

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    The wife’s 59th birthday. She wanted to backcountry hike (I married well). Found a stand of petrified wood- she’s sitting on an intact 20’ section, and some nice petroglyphs. Never saw another soul.
  169. Wandering Blues

    BD Outdoors traffic took a big dive on December

    We should all throw up one worthless post in order to drive more traffic. Oh. Wait… Too late.
  170. Wandering Blues

    RIP.. Darrell

    Man. We all can share that pain, but also in that beautiful memory. My sincerest best to you.
  171. Wandering Blues

    Ain’t it the truth.

    Ain’t it the truth.
  172. Wandering Blues

    Lower Owens - New Years Dec 31-Jan 2

    Excellent reportage! And particularly for winter time fishing, dredging the bottom is the ticket (actually any time of the year). If you’re not already, start using jig style nymphs. You’ll find a huge reduction in getting hung up. And, IMHO, the further away from the campground, the better the...
  173. Wandering Blues

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    The major headliners of Fred Hall probably have the financial resource to absorb all the increased costs associated with Fred Hall. But, all the lesser players have some tough decisions to make. One of my buddies who owns an outfitter isn’t going this year. Between vendor space fees, increased...
  174. Wandering Blues

    Where did the politics board go?

    Cancelling yourself? Classic.
  175. Wandering Blues

    A Fish Story

    Thank you all. This one hit pretty hard. At least it was over and done with rather than a drawn out battle in a hospital. Mr Holberg and his son, Clay, at the Kiddie Pool last year. We’d fish all day and sip on fine whiskey through the evening. Can’t really get much better.
  176. Wandering Blues

    Yep. My local water.

    Yep. My local water.
  177. Wandering Blues

    She’s the one who pointed out he may have had a hand in all that. We’re sipping a whiskey he...

    She’s the one who pointed out he may have had a hand in all that. We’re sipping a whiskey he gave me for Christmas as I write. She’s sad as well. She knew him to be a classic southern gentleman.
  178. Wandering Blues

    Truth. Love the Gunnison. When you’re wanting to warm up, head south a few hours and I’ll head...

    Truth. Love the Gunnison. When you’re wanting to warm up, head south a few hours and I’ll head north a few, and we’ll enjoy some San Juan quality waters. It’s supposed to stay low CFS through winter.
  179. Wandering Blues

    A Fish Story

    I’m gonna tell you a fish story. On Monday, I had the chance to squeeze in one last day on the water for the year. I shouldn’t have gone, what with a pending shoulder surgery coming up. But I felt almost compelled to. My wife didn’t want me going because she worried about me injuring said...
  180. Wandering Blues

    The “Old Guy” thread!

    Staring at another shoulder surgery soon, but it (and my wife) didn’t stop me from netting a slab in 24 degree weather yesterday. Of course, today I’m lounging on the couch watching bowl games all day…
  181. Wandering Blues

    Consider This . . .

    My son made me this for Fathers Day back in 1999 in pre school. I use it a couple of times a week, and almost everyday when he deployed.
  182. Wandering Blues

    I’ve heard of the 3- knee/hip/shoulder, it’s the quickest recovery.

    I’ve heard of the 3- knee/hip/shoulder, it’s the quickest recovery.
  183. Wandering Blues

    One of my fraternity brothers is one of the owners of BR.

    One of my fraternity brothers is one of the owners of BR.
  184. Wandering Blues

    Daily sippers

    I have to be in the right frame of mind for an expresso. My daily, though, is usually a Kenyan AA, ground for pour over.
  185. Wandering Blues

    It’s the left. And I could go lefty (I’m actually left handed) and fish my fly gear left handed...

    It’s the left. And I could go lefty (I’m actually left handed) and fish my fly gear left handed, but my conventional as a righty.
  186. Wandering Blues

    Little tweeker chick. 22 with a couple of DUI convictions already. Think she plead out to 8 years.

    Little tweeker chick. 22 with a couple of DUI convictions already. Think she plead out to 8 years.
  187. Wandering Blues

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a day filled with cheer.

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a day filled with cheer.
  188. Wandering Blues

    Xmas scammers😜

    We were out Christmas shopping today and my wife couldn’t find me so she called on her cell phone. I told her “remember the jewelry store that had that beautiful vintage ring you loved so much, but we were scraping by at the time?” I could hear her kinda pause an choke back a little cry. “Well...
  189. Wandering Blues

    Duck Pond Rainbows?! Thoughts?

    Roll em in corn meal and fly them up. Hit ‘em with some lemon and they’ll be fine. And save some reds and specks for me! We usually spend a month down in Aransas every winter and I try to get out often.
  190. Wandering Blues

    Duck Pond Rainbows?! Thoughts?

    Stocked trout should be fine. Meat will be bland, but that’s put and take trout. On the corn, it could have been a carp. They’ll grab corn and run like crazy. Get some salmon eggs if you are throwing bait. Stock trout will usually whack that pretty well. And, for a stocker, it’s a pretty nice...
  191. Wandering Blues

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Making the REAL Schweddy Balls for the holidays.. Pronghorn/Javelina/Pork sausage balls with our own roasted green chile, feta, xtra sharp cheddar, smoked garlic from the garden, and red chile flakes. And a splash of Santa Fe brewing’s Xmas offering to bind the breadcrumbs, and for the cook…...
  192. Wandering Blues

    Rain/cold weather fishing jacket recommendation?

    Get a spray jacket for kayaking. They’re pullovers. I use them for wintertime surf fishing, in conjunction with my waders, and stay warm and dry. From $50 and up.
  193. Wandering Blues

    The perfect Xmas gift

    It pairs well with Schwetty Balls.
  194. Wandering Blues

    That Guy Strikes Again

    Speaking of, have you sipped on that rum yet?
  195. Wandering Blues

    I do. Wish it was a brewery instead. Lol.

    I do. Wish it was a brewery instead. Lol.
  196. Wandering Blues

    Any scotch or whiskey drinkers on BD?

    Hibiki Harmony, neat.
  197. Wandering Blues

    Pillows and blankets on LR trips?

    If you’re staying at the same motel before you fly home, see if they’ll let you borrow a pillow and blanket.
  198. Wandering Blues

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from the Land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico.
  199. Wandering Blues

    Non MC Avet Raptor Reels

    I’ve got an SX, MXJ, a couple of MXL’s, and an LX. Solid and dependable for most SoCal fishing, excluding the big BFT of course.
  200. Wandering Blues

    Guess What the Most Popular Late Night Show Is…

    Late night? Hell, I can’t hardly stay awake past 9-930… Time to Hulu it.
  201. Wandering Blues

    2021 Year in Review

    Damn, Mak, next time I’m in Florida, I’m taking you along.
  202. Wandering Blues

    That’s gonna be my 2022 for a minute.

    That’s gonna be my 2022 for a minute.
  203. Wandering Blues

    2021 Year in Review

    Hope everyone had a good 2021 on the water, from the ocean to the mountains. Post up your top 10 photos. I need some fish porn to look at ahead of surgery. 1- Kicked off 2021 in 16 degree weather on the San Juan- my home water Made a move south for a month down on the Texas Gulf. 3- Then on...
  204. Wandering Blues

    Dave is awesome. His family owns Clark Fork Outfitters, one of the finest guide services on the...

    Dave is awesome. His family owns Clark Fork Outfitters, one of the finest guide services on the planet.
  205. Wandering Blues

    SoCal Pargo

    That’s pretty cool. Never know that’s tugging on your line.
  206. Wandering Blues

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    Had Covid real bad with some long hauler stuff. The shots gave me headaches and fatigue for an afternoon, but the booster wasn’t even noticeable. My, wife, who had Covid worse than me had the same on the shots, except the booster kicked her ass and she lost her taste again for about 3 days...
  207. Wandering Blues

    Professional Fishing Captain Needed

    Beautiful sled.
  208. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Tanner Bank - New Lo-An - Friday/Saturday Dec 10 & 11

    That was awesome reportage. And in December!
  209. Wandering Blues

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    Sounds like we could damn near have enough to do a Shoulder Surgery multi day charter… 😂
  210. Wandering Blues

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Cooked up some yellowtail and grilled lime on the chiminea with mesquite. Then we watched the wild horses behind our place kicking up their heels.
  211. Wandering Blues


  212. Wandering Blues

    Jack in the Box buys the competition

    It’s amazing the impact SoCal, and in particular the Inland Empire has had on the history of fast food. Carol Baker, the wife of Neal Baker (Bakers Drive Thru) came in one time where I had some fly fishing related art for sale. She bought one of my trout woodcut prints for a grandson and we...
  213. Wandering Blues

    One and only! Hope all’s well, Bob!

    One and only! Hope all’s well, Bob!
  214. Wandering Blues

    My neighbor offered that up. I’ll have to take him up on it.

    My neighbor offered that up. I’ll have to take him up on it.
  215. Wandering Blues

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    How do you think I got most of mine?😂🍺
  216. Wandering Blues

    Much obliged, Nick. You home or working? If you’re around, let’s grab a beer.

    Much obliged, Nick. You home or working? If you’re around, let’s grab a beer.
  217. Wandering Blues

    We still have them here in New Mexico!

    We still have them here in New Mexico!
  218. Wandering Blues

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    Thanks for the replies! It’s good to know others have been through it and returned to off shore.
  219. Wandering Blues

    My last meal as a single guy was a 4x4 and fries animal style. The good ol days.

    My last meal as a single guy was a 4x4 and fries animal style. The good ol days.
  220. Wandering Blues

    Jack in the Box buys the competition

    Fuck all that. Bring back Naugles, and not just that stupid pop-up they’ve been doing.
  221. Wandering Blues

    Best wishes! That was the same surgery I had originally 8 years ago. Doc said then there was no...

    Best wishes! That was the same surgery I had originally 8 years ago. Doc said then there was no material left for a second time and replacement would likely occur.
  222. Wandering Blues

    People always talk about how well their surgery went but they never credit PT for keeping the...

    People always talk about how well their surgery went but they never credit PT for keeping the scar tissue to a minimum and range of motion to a maximum. PT’s are the unsung hero’s in a surgery.
  223. Wandering Blues

    My wife is a fish widow of 31 years. 😂

    My wife is a fish widow of 31 years. 😂
  224. Wandering Blues

    Thanks man. PT is always the difference. My problem is doing too much too early.

    Thanks man. PT is always the difference. My problem is doing too much too early.
  225. Wandering Blues

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    I had a slap repair of the labrum and they had to re-attach the bicep, blah blah blah. Surgeon said then it would degenerate and result in a replacement eventually. Well, the tax man is collecting. Just hope I’m good by October to fish with my buddies. @Let em eat 74 doesnt chase small tuna…
  226. Wandering Blues

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    Wellllll, shit. It’s looking like a possible shoulder surgery (replacement). Anyone gone through it to keep tugging on fish? And what was your recovery time before you were on the rail. An aside- thanks to the drunk chick that crashed into me, stopped my career short, and final straw, may...
  227. Wandering Blues

    American Pie - Who knows all the words?

    I actually did a paper on it my senior year in high school showing the implied meanings and symbolism of the lyrics.
  228. Wandering Blues

    Boat dog

    Buddy and Muggs are bad ass!
  229. Wandering Blues

    I crimp mine down and use a small metal file just to be sure. Hopefully that particular DFG...

    I crimp mine down and use a small metal file just to be sure. Hopefully that particular DFG officer has grown up a bit, or moved on.
  230. Wandering Blues

    Lower Owens Thanksgiving Weekend

    An important thing to note when you’re booking a guide- make sure you let the shop know upfront what your skill level is, what your goals and expectations are, and what your fitness is. That way they can pair you with someone who’s most equipped to insure you have a great day on the water...
  231. Wandering Blues

    Lower Owens Thanksgiving Weekend

    Welcome to the addiction. You were smart to grab a guide to help you learn some basics. Depending on where you live, look for a fly fishing club for more help. And watch YouTube videos on specifics you want to learn about.
  232. Wandering Blues

    When I’m euro nymphing, I’ve been known to go through runs after my buddies have flogged the...

    When I’m euro nymphing, I’ve been known to go through runs after my buddies have flogged the water and come away with plenty of quality fish. It’s ugly, but effective.
  233. Wandering Blues

    I fish an 11’ 3wt euro nymph rod, so the tip is definitely softer. But, I’ve also had equal...

    I fish an 11’ 3wt euro nymph rod, so the tip is definitely softer. But, I’ve also had equal success using a 9’ Sage One 3wt (notoriously stiff). I’ve found that when getting hit on the lift, it’s more effective to do a swing hook set to the left or right, as opposed to lifting up. Thinking...
  234. Wandering Blues

    Lower Owens

    When you’re drifting nymphs, let them swing thru the drift completely so that the flies imitate emerges coming up. Even when you’re prepping to cast, gently let them come up to surface. I can’t tell you how many fish I’ve seen lost because anglers didn’t understand and appreciate that last few...
  235. Wandering Blues

    Happy Veterans Day fellow fishing Vets!

    To my bestest fishing buddy, my son. And to all who served, 🍺
  236. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Feast! 11-08-21

    I’d hop in my old truck and make the drive from New Mexico just to lick the plates after you’re done. That. Looks. Awesome.
  237. Wandering Blues

    seasickness while fishing

    Whatever your choice is, bring along some antacid chewables as well, or some ginger. The increased production of stomach acid while getting sea sick effects your hurling at the rail.
  238. Wandering Blues

    Where was this pic taken?

    That’s best post I’ve seen in a long while!
  239. Wandering Blues

    Enjoy! We’ll have a beer when you get back and you can tell me how it feels to tug on big fish...

    Enjoy! We’ll have a beer when you get back and you can tell me how it feels to tug on big fish in 2021…
  240. Wandering Blues

    Bring your own bedding?

    Big Agnes ultra lite bag and an REI camp pillow, even before Covid restrictions. At my age, I like having comfort I’m familiar with.
  241. Wandering Blues

    That’s where we park and stay.

    That’s where we park and stay.
  242. Wandering Blues

    Catching Bull Redfish off the Galveston Jetties in Texas

    Love throwing flies to bulls in the winter. Seeing the eat is a blast.
  243. Wandering Blues

    For those who’ve had both: spiny or Maine lobster

    Maine because I’m a sucker for claw meat. But, a spiny grilled Baja style over mesquite with a little garlic butter and lime is a thing of perfect beauty.
  244. Wandering Blues

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    At least a Zebco next time and make it challenging.
  245. Wandering Blues

    If I may… Contact Lisa with your feedback. Scott, at one point, was 27 straight days on the...

    If I may… Contact Lisa with your feedback. Scott, at one point, was 27 straight days on the water. I gave her some honest feedback regarding the last trip and we had a good conversation about it. And if you didn’t like Lawrence’s cooking, you would have hated the lady we had (she replaced him...
  246. Wandering Blues

    Question and equipment

    Check out the Simms Fly Weights in the Vibram sole. I’m comfortable in them all day, in and out of the water.
  247. Wandering Blues

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    I don’t know about all the left/right bullshit, but I’ll tell you this- when @kimbo puts something up for sale, jump on it.. Good prices, great condition.
  248. Wandering Blues

    Giant 18' Bluefin Tuna Spotted 1mile deep

    I’ve fished yellowfin out of Louisiana that make the Guadalupe fish look pedestrian. I’ve no doubt there are some beast Atlantic bluefin growing massive in those warm feeding waters.
  249. Wandering Blues

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    Supply and demand. I had an Airstream dealer offer me $8k more for my trailer than what I paid for it in 2020. It’ll cool down.
  250. Wandering Blues

    What Happened To The BFT Bite at Tanner/Cortez?

    There’s a light breeze at the banks.
  251. Wandering Blues

    Fly blank help

    @marlyn thanks for the heads up. A 2-3wt is a good small stream option for wild trout and I’d definitely go for a 4 piece. For blanks, check Echo, TFO, and Redington in that price point. For lake fishing, particularly involving bass, you’re looking at a 5-6wt, and not just to be able to play...
  252. Wandering Blues

    Need Advice/Help - flying in for a long range trip

    We drive in from Santa Fe with all our gear. Then we load all the fish from 5 Star into coolers and it’s still frozen solid when we get back.
  253. Wandering Blues

    I miss those days. Nothing like a wide open football bite.

    I miss those days. Nothing like a wide open football bite.
  254. Wandering Blues

    Tuna: rank 'em for catching and for cooking

    What’s an albacore? 😏😂🍺
  255. Wandering Blues

    Thanks Nick!

    Thanks Nick!
  256. Wandering Blues

    Flatfalls/Knife Jigs Q?

    If we’re stopped at night and the boat is marking fish, then I’m jigging. I can sleep when I’m dead..😏
  257. Wandering Blues

    Is Costa going full Garcia/Mitchell?

    It’s tough across the board. I’ll still stand by them. Best damn glasses, period.
  258. Wandering Blues

    @nicodemus or the barley wine from Santa Fe Brewing… See ya Thursday for that pint.

    @nicodemus or the barley wine from Santa Fe Brewing… See ya Thursday for that pint.
  259. Wandering Blues

    Crimping Heavy Monofilament with Nicopress (Initial Results)

    This is all fascinating. But it tells me I need to stop doing my crimping while enjoying a pint (or two). Now I’m trying to figure out which rigs were done while sober…🍺
  260. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Fish id please bft yft albacore??

    Nothing like watching the self righteous come after a guy, not knowing the full story. Ya’ll been punked…
  261. Wandering Blues

    Sea Adventure 80

    For those who’ve asked, I’ve said there are fishier boats in the fleet (NLA under Markus, PQ), but I always manage to put fish on the deck on the 80 and have a good time doing it. Scott is running my charter, along with the night driver from the R85- I can’t remember his name. Scott’s back at...
  262. Wandering Blues

    @Chicago Pete Scott had 50 BFT on the deck yesterday by noon in that 30/40 range with a few in...

    @Chicago Pete Scott had 50 BFT on the deck yesterday by noon in that 30/40 range with a few in the 70’s. That was just the morning bite. I’d bring a 30, 40, and 60# live bait set up, an 80 sinker rig, and a 100 for jigging at night. Fluoro from 20-80, hooks from size 4 to 3/0, and some Katy...
  263. Wandering Blues

    The Annual “Hall Pass” Trip

    While I get in plenty of days on rivers and streams, once a year my wife gives me a hall pass to load up the trailer with a buddy to basically fish and drink beer for a week. This year we targeted a ‘new to us’ area of Colorado. The water ranged from classic meadow and valley conditions to...
  264. Wandering Blues

    Sea Adventure 80

    I’m chartermaster on the 4.5 that’s coming in before you.
  265. Wandering Blues

    @Let em eat 74 don’t hate the playah, hate the game… See ya soon, buddy.

    @Let em eat 74 don’t hate the playah, hate the game… See ya soon, buddy.
  266. Wandering Blues

    Affliction: My Response

    I’d respect the explanation more of it wasn’t fluffed out. How about—- “It was the end of the trip, I was out of bait and chum, and like has been seen in old videos, I cruised in close to take advantage of the sport boats chum line. I dropped a jig and hooked up. It felt different, not quite...
  267. Wandering Blues


    A 200lb fish, actually any fish, ain’t worth your integrity.
  268. Wandering Blues

    I’m just happy you’re still with us. Damn.

    I’m just happy you’re still with us. Damn.
  269. Wandering Blues


    Breathable chest waders for sure. Just use your wading belt as it’s meant to be used- tightly cinched. Little to no water will enter if properly done. Avoid waders with boots and go for neoprene stocking feet. And buy some good flats boots. I’d also second in getting a good jacket. I’m a Simms...
  270. Wandering Blues

    Hell, Nick, we may have to do a lil road trip…..

    Hell, Nick, we may have to do a lil road trip…..
  271. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Constitution or Grande 1.75 / 1.5 Day

    My go to boat is the same. I lost a few hundred yards of braid a couple of trips ago. I was gonna slap the set up in the holder and call it good. They took me up top and spoiled on fresh 80. No charge. Tip reflected that love.
  272. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Constitution or Grande 1.75 / 1.5 Day

    Constitution will give you a higher limit. Just bring extra cash. Gill and gut that other boats automatically do free of charge is gonna cost you extra on that boat. Enough people make arrangements for processing and they don’t get their filet money, you’ll see a charge of $20 for “fish...
  273. Wandering Blues

    Any of the Taft boats, for that matter..

    Any of the Taft boats, for that matter..
  274. Wandering Blues

    The crew…

    My first big blue fin…. I’d worked the rail damn near 22 hours before getting picked up on a flat fall at about 4 in the morning with only 2 guys up, and the crew sleeping. Captain Mike McDaniels comes down and watches me intently as I start to gas out. He leans in real quiet and says “Dude...
  275. Wandering Blues

    Does any one know ?

    Is Eppig Brewing still slinging beers? Having one of their barley wines dockside has become a tradition.
  276. Wandering Blues

    The crew…

    What happens on the rail stays on the rail. The heat of battle should never be taken personally. That being said, sometimes deckhands, like passengers, need to be tuned up.
  277. Wandering Blues

    UC GP80 Predator $420

    Man, that’s bad ass.
  278. Wandering Blues

    If you find your spot, I’ll probably see you! We spend probably 3-5 weeks in SW Colorado every...

    If you find your spot, I’ll probably see you! We spend probably 3-5 weeks in SW Colorado every year. Back up as I type right now, though for the Ska Brewing Anniversary Party.
  279. Wandering Blues

    Agreed. I found them to be easier to split, with no memory. Haven’t hung a big fish on them yet...

    Agreed. I found them to be easier to split, with no memory. Haven’t hung a big fish on them yet, but they survived a 150# dead pull with no issues.
  280. Wandering Blues

    A Quick Trip to SoCo

    That is a Mountain White Fish. They’re native to that particular drainage and I’m always happy to see them. They indicate the water source is clean- kind of a canary in a coal mine.
  281. Wandering Blues

    A Quick Trip to SoCo

    It’s been a long, hot summer here in New Mexico. But, with the hoards of people traveling, we had been staying home. That is until last week. We couldn’t take it anymore, loaded up the trailer, and pointed it north. We arrived late, set up, and crashed out. By sunrise, though, I was ready to...
  282. Wandering Blues

    tell me about phenix rods

    I have two Axis 40-100 sticks. Impressed with the finish and component quality. Soft tips, solid backbone with helix construction. I like the knurled grip and added a layer of cold shrink for extra protection on the rail. Didn’t bottom out pulling 18lbs up. My shoulder couldn’t handle much...
  283. Wandering Blues

    Offshore WAtch out !

    Since you’re brand new on BD and might not know how to navigate the site, here’s the link for the Boats for Sale in the classifieds. I look forward to reading all your future reports on the water as your own captain...
  284. Wandering Blues

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    DFG should never have confiscated paying customer’s catch over an administrative oversight by the boat. The idea of applying the law is to gain future compliance by an offending party and the anglers did nothing wrong.
  285. Wandering Blues

    sea adventure 80

    I like them and always felt good about my trips- enough to where we charter it for a 4.5 day.
  286. Wandering Blues

    sea adventure 80

    I saw the pinhead slinging, and Mike and Robert getting after it. I also know both those guys hand off to anyone nearby who needs some extra attention. Another point, both of them (Captains) are in the thick of it, gaffing, gilling, and tagging, coaching. They’re not in the wheel house waiting...
  287. Wandering Blues

    Okuma pch 741xxxh

    Kimbo gets 2 thumbs up. His gear is as advertised.
  288. Wandering Blues

    3.5 day trip on Sea Adventure 80 out of San Diego

    Anytime someone joins a forum for the sole purpose of flaming an operation, it’s suspect. Clearly, he didn’t have the experience he desired, and that happens. But, at this point, his reasons and motives say more about his character than of the boats. Jez sayin…
  289. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Rice Bowl 4 day

    Only thing better than a good trip report is when someone has solid camera skills. More than good enough for publication.
  290. Wandering Blues

    WTF, everyone knows that’s a trout rig..

    WTF, everyone knows that’s a trout rig..
  291. Wandering Blues

    3.5 day trip on Sea Adventure 80 out of San Diego

    So, the OP says he was solo. But, now my old Police Officer instincts are going “hmmmm” because he made references to elk hunting and guiding. Interestingly, on another site where posts were made, 2 other people on the trip supporting the version of events are serious, out-of area elk...
  292. Wandering Blues

    3.5 day trip on Sea Adventure 80 out of San Diego

    Pretty much every boat has a “no jig” policy on the stern for customers as they don’t know your skill level. And if your sensibilities were offended because Mike cussed out a boat in the chum line, then here’s a list of boats you may wanna avoid- the Captain’s might be too salty for you. Any...
  293. Wandering Blues


    Shit, you should peek into the pack of a fly fisher…
  294. Wandering Blues

    We’ll have to invite you on our 4.5 day charter next year. A bunch of red and blue, active and...

    We’ll have to invite you on our 4.5 day charter next year. A bunch of red and blue, active and retired.
  295. Wandering Blues

    Royal Polaris - OC Tuna 4 day trip report (part 1)

    @Let em eat 74 was telling me the story over the phone about your freight train fish. But reading it, man….. I wish you could have at least glimpsed it.
  296. Wandering Blues

    Moving to Florida

    I’m just waiting for you to “go native” and sell all your conventional gear so you can get a bunch of coffee grinders. You have my number… 😂😂😂
  297. Wandering Blues

    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    Boots until I’ve showered and the drinking light is lit. I’ll wear them until bedtime (unless the bite starts again). Get up, repeat.
  298. Wandering Blues

    Moving to Florida

    @SouthBayKiller just made the jump to FL. If he’s close, you should meet up. He’s one excellent dude. And, I think he’ll be boat shopping at some point.. 😏
  299. Wandering Blues

    "HOO Nation" INDEPENDENCE 7 Day July 10-17

    They may have to convert a stateroom into an exercise room and put a treadmill in there. Those meals and snacks would kill me as there’s no way I could turn them down!
  300. Wandering Blues

    Offshore San Diego Full Day 7/20/21 Hamachi!

    Bluefin for fighting, but yellowtail for eating! Always the first thing I run out of in the freezer.
  301. Wandering Blues

    Savage Gear Squish

    When Squishy’s first came out several years ago, I dropped one while on the move to clear some line. Damn thing got whacked. I ended up with 4 YFT trolling that thing when the traditional trolling lures were not getting bit. Love those lures.
  302. Wandering Blues

    Is it over????

    I’ve been watching on the Marine Traffic app. Pretty much everyone with anything that floats, seaworthy or not, is looking for fish. My guess is they’ve had enough and are staying down and being wary.
  303. Wandering Blues

    San Diego Tackle Traders

    San Diego Tackle Traders
  304. Wandering Blues

    Penn Fathom

    I’ve been waiting for a 40N from Charkbait for almost a month with no end in sight.
  305. Wandering Blues

    strategies for dealing with wrist/hand arthritis

    Get a 3 speed from Avet. That low gear is something else.
  306. Wandering Blues

    Beware of member Pinoy_Fresh1 waste of time

    Whatever happened to “your word is your bond?” I could see it happening on Craigslist, but not on a fishing site with a community that talks to each other. At least with a Mak, it’ll sell.
  307. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 July 8-18

    Very nice! I noticed Mike took the boat towards Catalina on the Marine Traffic app. Aside from the albacore, did you get into any yellowtail?
  308. Wandering Blues

    Charter getting fuel after the trip with customers on board?

    Ohhhhhhh, wait, I get it. You’re that guy.
  309. Wandering Blues

    Charter getting fuel after the trip with customers on board?

    So, you’d take money away from some hard working deckhands because a Captain made a call?
  310. Wandering Blues

    Charter getting fuel after the trip with customers on board?

    I’m sure if the boat had spent an extra 40 minutes on a school, we’d be hearing nothing but love.
  311. Wandering Blues

    Odd color in BF belly meat

    Looks like bruising, Nick. Sometimes happens when the fish hits the deck hard or gets moved around hard while it’s still alive.
  312. Wandering Blues

    1/2 day family fun

    Before I retired, I founded an at-risk youth rugby club. I remember taking the kids to the beach one day after a game down in Orange County. 3/4 of them had never seen the ocean. And they only lived an hour inland. I tip my hat to you and anyone who takes a kid fishing.
  313. Wandering Blues

    Slow pitch jigs

    My trips in October and I’ve been stocking up already, wondering if it’ll all be moot by then. It’s a sickness, I tell ya!
  314. Wandering Blues

    Fishing 1.75 on the Legend Tuesday 7/13, 7/14, 7/15

    Glad I swapped to 400# rings. That’s insane. And, well done man!
  315. Wandering Blues

    On the Alan Hawk website, he advises it’s a scam site. Buy local.
  316. Wandering Blues

    A family affair....... 3 days on the Royal Star Part 2

    Putting together some great memories is what it’s all about. That trip is priceless.
  317. Wandering Blues

    eBay Jigs and Amazon Swivels

    ^^^^^^^ I have them. The circumference is larger than the Owner Ultimate rings of similar size, but the profile is flatter. They use a more elongated and flatter wire to achieve it. Pics below. Unscientifically, the Owners “feel” more difficult to pry open with split pliers when it comes to...
  318. Wandering Blues

    Poke ingredients popup bullshit

    I had to check and make sure my pop-up blocker was activated. It was. Sneaky bastards.
  319. Wandering Blues

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Yeah, but you’re David Fuckin Choate. That’d be like stealing from Bono, or Springsteen, or Tom Brady, or Kobe, or Garth, or, well, you get it… Neptune himself would rise from the waters in your name.😂😂
  320. Wandering Blues

    Either SPRO or Owner. Depends on what’s available.

    Either SPRO or Owner. Depends on what’s available.
  321. Wandering Blues

    I do! Chafing springs, crimps, 400# split rings, 400# swivel, 200# mono. Might be overkill, but...

    I do! Chafing springs, crimps, 400# split rings, 400# swivel, 200# mono. Might be overkill, but then again, it might not…
  322. Wandering Blues

    eBay Jigs and Amazon Swivels

    I use this style in a 400# rating. No failures yet, knock on wood. And I garage test everything to 120# dead weight.
  323. Wandering Blues

    Why did you join bloody decks?

    I googled Bukkake and BD came up.
  324. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Oceanside 95 7/2-7/4/21 1.5 day

    You had the right tool for the job! We’ll done. And, being an old wood framed boat, the OC95 sure rides nice.
  325. Wandering Blues

    Offshore My best season in 65 years

    I was just thinking I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while. Right on!
  326. Wandering Blues


    Yellowfin will be in the mix soon enough, so trolling will be in the mix again. But, yeah, generally a captain on the hunt for a school of biting bluefin won’t want to waste much time on a solo fish and will have you wind in if he’s marking a school.
  327. Wandering Blues

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    We’d all like to think we share some kinship or brotherhood with our fellow anglers on a trip. But, the reality is just because you buy a ticket for a ride, and fish, doesn’t automatically give someone a pass. A thief’s a thief. And when it’s a fellow angler, it’s just an extra middle finger.
  328. Wandering Blues

    Offshore July 1 Tribute Overnight

    I saw a video of the crew working that fish on the Newell and old rod. It shows that new technology has made average anglers better, and there’s no replacement for skill and experience line those deckhands displayed.
  329. Wandering Blues

    RCJB84XXH vs hax780x2h

    If you’re thinking about the Axis, jump on it. They just became available after a 6 week dry spell. I ordered mine on Friday.
  330. Wandering Blues

    Epic dry fly action on Hot Creek

    Been a very long time since I threw flies there. I’ll have to re-visit one of these days.
  331. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Tuna trip aboard the pride. (6/27)

    For a young guy, you’re wise beyond your years. Thanks for some great info, and for showing the resource some love.
  332. Wandering Blues

    Man Up or spend money, what would you do?

    I wish I had your problems. Well, maybe not the fitness part. But definitely the equipment. I was thinking of pairing and HXW with a Centaur.
  333. Wandering Blues


  334. Wandering Blues

    Which one of you is this part 2

    Or there’s a thief on the boat..
  335. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    I got my pro-deal drop shipment from Mustad. I’m excited now!!
  336. Wandering Blues

    Offshore My first rail rod fight on the Poseidon 1.75 day

    Nice job! My first large bluefin was tail wrapped. Fortunately it was on the flat fall with 200# leader. But, man, it was brutal. I feel your pain.
  337. Wandering Blues

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    And this is why I’ve stayed with 5 Star from Sarah to the new owners. Way to reach out, Marco.
  338. Wandering Blues

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    Been there, done that, and I enjoyed it. But there’s those of us who’ve moved on from Cali and don’t have the ability to process our catch anymore. I’ll gladly pay the processors when I’m only paying $2.89 a gallon for gas to fill the truck in New Mexico.
  339. Wandering Blues


    Jeezuz…. I’d pack on an easy 7-10lbs on that trip. The meals look next level.
  340. Wandering Blues

    UC GP 76predator

    What guides were used?
  341. Wandering Blues

    East county bait and tackle bad business.

    Granted, this is one side of the story, but… I used to tell my trainees that every problem was a chance to deliver outstanding customer service. Distributors and manufacturers have processes to credit retailers for defective product. Why not take care of your customer up front and get some...
  342. Wandering Blues

    CHARTER MASTERS????????????????????

    I pay the same as everyone else on my charter. And in return, I get an ultra-limited load of 20 guys on an 80’ boat who know the drill, on and off the rail. The trip is in Oct, but filled in March (with a wait list) and no one has dropped. No schwag or sponsors, just a very nice negotiated price...
  343. Wandering Blues

    Rod and Reel Rentals for BFT

    It’s that lack of air up in Colorado… Come down to the Land of Enchantment and I’ll get you some green chile and show you how we travel- PS- not a bad business idea!
  344. Wandering Blues

    Navagante boarded by fish and game today

    They should place the onus on the sport boat to insure all on the manifest have licenses. I’ve been on one boat where they ask to see the license before departing, and they’ve sent passengers back to the landing to get them before go time. As for the DFG guys, they were just carrying out a...
  345. Wandering Blues

    Penn Senator 4/0 113H w 100# Braid For The Big Boys?

    I watched a guy on an 4/0 with braid get picked up. The reel blew up. Fortunately the crew hand lined it while the captain cut and spliced it onto an appropriate set up. They landed it and it was a 170# plus fish.
  346. Wandering Blues

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    Only to find out it was a Mola……. 😂
  347. Wandering Blues

    Classified adds

    Slow night in Yucca Valley tonight? 😂 I agree, though. There should be a separate section for those looking to buy.
  348. Wandering Blues

    Screwed by Fishermans Landing

    Always call first. Then, you can follow up with an email for record stating “per my phone conversation with “Joe,” on 00/00/2021, I’m following up with an email..” None of the landings are in the business of screwing people over.
  349. Wandering Blues

    WTB rowing machine

    I started hitting one hard 2 mos ago for the same reason. Bonus- it replicates muscles used in tugging on big fish. Good luck!
  350. Wandering Blues

    Save the Sea Lions

    That’s how it feels when you have a big fish at color and just one shows up.
  351. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Overnight on Old Glory 6/18-6/19

    Great first report! And I never thought to use some painters tape to secure the jig leaders.
  352. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 6/18/2021 New-low-Ann Father’s Day weekend

    That looks like a hard chargin fish crew! Congrats on the trip.
  353. Wandering Blues

    Jigs for Bluefin

    I’ve seen them fished both ways. I generally tie on the end with the eye decals.
  354. Wandering Blues

    Rigging knife jigs

    For the 250g, I use a single Owner assist up top, and a 10/0 Mustad 5X on the bottom with a 400lb Owner Ultimate split ring. It drops quickly, but if you palm the spool on the way down, it’ll pause and flutter.
  355. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Plunker bite 6/18

    Nice work, especially on a live bait!
  356. Wandering Blues

    Cutting Crimps

    Question- wouldn’t line heavy enough to be crimped not be stealthy anyway? I just started crimping last season and am still learning the finer points. And I’ve wondered about painting the crimps in a matte deep red as it refracts the least underwater (or so I’ve read).
  357. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Aztec 1.5 Day 6/17/21

    What is the treble hook you used? I was thinking about rigging a couple of jigs that way. And, did the fish swallow it, or was the hook set in the mouth? Nice job, BTW?
  358. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 5 Miles SE of the 371 6/18 Bluefin

    Bet the kids loved it! Congrats on some quality fish on the light line.
  359. Wandering Blues

    Cluster of boats - Parking Lot on AIS

    I’d say confidence is never an issue for a sport boat captain.
  360. Wandering Blues

    THIS is what Fishing is ALL ABOUT

    Nothing better than putting the next generation on the fish.
  361. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Rod Too Stiff

    It depends. It might not be a great live bait stick. For the weights you’re talking about, maybe a 50-100 or 60-130 gets you that crossover you’re seeking.
  362. Wandering Blues

    Flat falls for BFT suggestions

    Get yourself some Katy Perry & glow variations in 300-500g to get down in current/wind. Some 250-300g knife jigs as well. And Colt Snipers.
  363. Wandering Blues

    Pacific Queen...what's the skinny?

    I have some of the Mustad Daggerman lures in a Katie Perry variation that are 320g.
  364. Wandering Blues

    Makes a huge difference in your recovery as well. Best wishes!

    Makes a huge difference in your recovery as well. Best wishes!
  365. Wandering Blues

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    I’m retired but still have plenty of years before I hit the 70’s. That being said, I actually joined a gym to get into better shape to handle those long hours on the rail dropping flat falls. Between the rowing machine, curls, bent rows, and the like, my back is feeling better than it has in...
  366. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pacific Queen Barn Burner 6-14-2021

    Simply amazing. I just got a fat delivery of pretty much ever jig you just described. Can’t wait.
  367. Wandering Blues


    Mine arrived. Only took 3 days!
  368. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Mustang 6/4

    Putting bluefin on the deck never sucks.
  369. Wandering Blues


    I just placed a massive order with them. Hope they don’t screw it up..
  370. Wandering Blues

    Offshore “Over the Rail and into the Pail” as Dave Marciano would say!

    My first big BFT, I was on the rail for close to 22 hours. If you’re not fishing, you’re sure as hell not catching.
  371. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    Damn. Glad it all ended well. And I’m glad some EMT level guys were on the boat to assess.
  372. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pacifica Overnight 6/6-6/7

    Great write up! Thanks for all the good detailed info.
  373. Wandering Blues

    I thought I’d lost my Pinhead

    I usually get those epiphanies in the middle of the night, where I have to get up to check my gear. Glad you “found” it!
  374. Wandering Blues

    Offshore El Capitan 1.5 day 6/4

    Nice trip! And props to your mom for kicking his ass out of the house. That’s a sure sign of a couple who’ve been married a long time.
  375. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 06/05/21 - Outside Ensenada

    Sucks about the knots, but you came away positive with a learning experience you shared. I agree with you, the Albright isn’t a great knot for heavy line.
  376. Wandering Blues

    Preparing and running the mind game....BFT

    My 4.5 day isn’t until October. In the past week I’ve X-wrapped some grips, built a few heavy flatfall leaders, and ordered more jigs. Week before, I tore down the reels for maintenance. Next week, I’ll be respooling braid onto a few casualties from last year. And I’m typing this at 433AM...
  377. Wandering Blues

    Bachelor party time!

    “What do you get when all the dock bunnies go on a boat together? A full set of teeth…”
  378. Wandering Blues

    What makes it a "rail" rod?

    Phenix sells rail rods in the Axis. My guess is the hypalon extends a bit more, and the blank is built up a bit at point of contact. That being said, the 3X should be just fine.
  379. Wandering Blues

    Specifically, Oct 3-8, on my trip…

    Specifically, Oct 3-8, on my trip…
  380. Wandering Blues

    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    What’ll happen is boats will be sold to big entertainment based corporations who can afford to meet the standards. Can you imagine going down to Disney Landing to hop on the Little Mermaid for a 1.5 day? The crew, dressed in neatly pressed khakis and polo shirts greets you to the relentless...
  381. Wandering Blues

    Preventing theft on party boat

    Use a dremel to etch your initials on the reel foot. Should you sell the reel later, replacing the foot is inexpensive. And, if you didn’t beat some a$$, I commend you.
  382. Wandering Blues

    Avet 30/2

    Best wishes for a safe deployment.
  383. Wandering Blues

    Offshore PB Trophy Fish with Seaforth Tribute Thursday night

    Way to get it done. You did the most important part- putting in the hard work. That’s how you get bit.
  384. Wandering Blues

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    I remember when this post first came out, thinking it was some of the best horror writing I’d ever seen. It’s awesome to see it still living and breathing.
  385. Wandering Blues

    Hx for bluefin

    And HXR would do it. But, the HX might not have enough drag to slow down the fish being caught.
  386. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 Day Trip Report BFT May 23-25

    Congrats and thanks for some really excellent info. I love reading about the technique and tactics while working the rail.
  387. Wandering Blues

    I may have a problem.

    Only 3 trays? Dude..
  388. Wandering Blues

    Downvoters exposed

    If I ever get a boat, I’ll name her “Down-Voted.”
  389. Wandering Blues


    ^^Maybe, but I’ve seen what meds can do in a manic phase. I wouldn’t walk a mile in his shoes.
  390. Wandering Blues

    Two years ago...

    Other than side bets amongst buddies (and those usually involve beer or breakfast at the landing), I just don’t bother with JP’s. Too many shenanigans. Plus, I can take a nap instead of anxiously awaiting the results.
  391. Wandering Blues

    Islands Pursuit 5/24

    I miss those quick runs on the Pursuit out to the island. Thanks for the report.
  392. Wandering Blues


    Larry, you NEVER have to apologize for that. You’re a warrior.
  393. Wandering Blues


    Trying to achieve the godly status of a top poster on BD?
  394. Wandering Blues

    Islands Fishing SD 5/23

    Good info! Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
  395. Wandering Blues

    Rod line rating

    I usually ask on BD if someone has experience with a particular rod to see where it really fishes at, how it handles, etc. The ratings across companies, and even across models, are guidelines at best.
  396. Wandering Blues

    How Long is Braided Line Good For?

    Spectra, PE, and Dyneema are used in tactical vests for law enforcement and military. My department issued vests always had expiration dates of 5 years, and the vests weren’t exposed to sunlight, salt etc.. If you really need to watch your $$, flip the line and use the fresher section for...
  397. Wandering Blues

    Gomexus 50 & 80

    I have a friend who bought the 50W. Out of the box, smooth drag, nice free spool. He used it as a trolling reel on party boats and as a flatfall set up. It landed a couple of fish. It lasted 2 trips before salt intrusion froze it up. The bearings were shot. IMHO, there are places you can save...
  398. Wandering Blues

    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    Messing with your buddies on a trip is practically as important as bringing a rod and reel. He sounds like a great friend!
  399. Wandering Blues

    Red wing boots on the party boats

    Well, it’ll make someone chuckle. Seriously, though, bloody decks can fu€k up some stuff.
  400. Wandering Blues

    Boat Burgers

    You can always tell when the boat has switched over to making fresh water as the coffee has that slight brininess to it. I’ve had coffees in our coastal travels from well water that tastes the same. Takes me right back to the rail, just as you said.
  401. Wandering Blues

    Boat Burgers

    The Pacific Star used to do a pineapple/bacon burger that made a bad trip good, and a good trip great.
  402. Wandering Blues

    Mustad Jigs

    I was just looking at the Mustad site as I get a pro-deal on them. May have to pull the trigger.
  403. Wandering Blues

    Fishing with a bad back

    Yup. And the wife really can’t say no to some quality father/son time....
  404. Wandering Blues

    recommended tackle shop for packing braid

    I just got a reel from Charkbait. Mark packed that thing solid.
  405. Wandering Blues

    Help me choose a 80-100# reel - questions as well

    And then there’s the HX/HXW 3 speed. The low is just about 1:1. I watched a guy keep is rod on the rail and he cranked away on a 150lb class BFT as soon as he started struggling in 2nd. That fish never had a chance. Reminded me of granny gearing a mountain bike up a steep trail.
  406. Wandering Blues


    Not gonna lie; I choked up when she told them who she was. And that they had her family out for a long overdue memorial.. Damn.
  407. Wandering Blues

    Fishing with a bad back

    I just pay for my son to join me.. He’s 25 and can tug on those big BFT if I hook up. 😂
  408. Wandering Blues


    Whenever I see something I’m interested in, I look at the profile and see how long they’ve been on, how many posts, what they have posted. As far as I’m concerned, anyone coming on BD just looking to sell, whether they’re actual scammers or not, can suck it.
  409. Wandering Blues

    Gearing up for a 2 day- outfit and jigs

    Call Seaforth and see what their rental line up looks like. I know Fisherman’s uses Fathoms on Calstars, while HM uses Avets on PCH’s. For a 2 day, it may be worth it to rent. As to the jigs, swap out for better hooks. Most shops offer prerigged lures, complete with chafing springs, crimped...
  410. Wandering Blues

    New BD Dating Function

    Is “Kevinnn” Kevina’s alter ego?
  411. Wandering Blues

    Have the tides turned on coffee grinders?

    My son’s first off shore experience was on spinning gear. He was 11. He already knew how to huck a lure a mile with that style of gear. He nosed hooked live bait, threw them out well beyond most of the boat, and ended up with a jackpot fish. Fish whatever you think will make for the best day...
  412. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Game Changer 5/14-17

    It was like a long, pleasant, Bloody Decks haiku.
  413. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    Last year, Mike hailed a private boat on a school who said they were throwing jigs because they were out of bait. He pulled alongside and gave them 3 fat passes from the tank and refused any payment. The boat owner and him tussled back and forth on that before he finally relented and directed...
  414. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Excel 2.5 day 5/13-5/16

    While I love a good BFT trophy pic, those food pics put it right over the top. Damn.
  415. Wandering Blues

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    Love Scott McDaniels, and his son, Mike, has become a helluva captain. They’re giving her a refresh at the moment. Can’t wait for my 4.5 day charter in October.
  416. Wandering Blues

    Update to everyone please read

    Best wishes. I just rolled through Vegas on my way to the Eastern Sierra. I should have looked you up.
  417. Wandering Blues

    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    I’ve used 5 Star for about a decade, and occasionally Fisherman’s. Before that, I used to bring home sacks of filets and whole fish to process myself. While there was a certain satisfaction in doing it myself, I don’t miss it. Yeah, it’s a bit costly on the front side. But, when you get back...
  418. Wandering Blues

    Man’s best friend, it’s been a long 10 years..

    He’s gonna be a great buddy! What’s his name?
  419. Wandering Blues

    Enjoy the time you changes in a second...

    No words can make sense right now. Just wishing you and his family and friends peace.
  420. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 1.5 Day On the Polaris Supreme 4/5 - the “Unicorn” Trip

    Appreciate your really getting into the tactics side of the trip.
  421. Wandering Blues

    Sardine sinker rig for larger BFT?

    I give you a tip of the hat for thinking outside the box. Similar to some salmon rigs I’ve seen.
  422. Wandering Blues

    Scam website? Well, well, well.... Guess who made the list?
  423. Wandering Blues

    Fuck I hate thieves!

    I’m retired now in New Mexico and work occasionally at a Trek Bike shop. For anyone shopping for a lock, my standard response is it works only to keep normal people honest. A determined bike thief will have your bike in the time it takes me to write this response. I’ve heard of soooo many...
  424. Wandering Blues

    A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That.

    We hopped in our trailer beginning of Feb. Me and the Missus both survived a nasty bout with Covid and figured we might as well take advantage of a little immunity. We started down in Texas and got caught up in that miserable deep freeze they had. Before it hit, though, I put my paddle board to...
  425. Wandering Blues


    Right on! Putting out good in the universe.
  426. Wandering Blues


    Exactly. Though I’m worried about the pets in your household... 😂
  427. Wandering Blues

    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    I didn’t say fill them to bursting capacity. 😂😂😂
  428. Wandering Blues

    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    Fill up a few balloons with paint and huck em. If he’s close enough to take a hit, he’s way too close to your boat.
  429. Wandering Blues

    Used avet HXW 3 speed raptor

    If I was close, I’d be all over that.
  430. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    I use the New Mexico version of that magic trick. I leave a cooler with tuna filets at my neighbors and it magically returns as elk tenderloin. And thanks for keeping the house clean!
  431. Wandering Blues

    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    I haven’t spent any money on fishing........ In as far as my wife is aware... 😂
  432. Wandering Blues

    Catalina fisherman vs male karen

    Respect the resource. Signed, Karen
  433. Wandering Blues

    Deckhand models vs Standard reel seat

    You could go with a cork puppy to distribute out the weight a bit more.
  434. Wandering Blues

    I wasn’t slamming the LX, but pointing out the the PCH XXH is a very solid stick. I’ve got 8...

    I wasn’t slamming the LX, but pointing out the the PCH XXH is a very solid stick. I’ve got 8 Avets from SX to HX and am adding an HXW Raptor soon.
  435. Wandering Blues

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    I’d be more worried about the LX being able to handle 100lb fish than the XXH.
  436. Wandering Blues

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    Right? But, those filets..... The best!
  437. Wandering Blues

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    Last week, down in the Gulf of Mexico, we got flagged down by a game warden. My buddy had caught his first legal Tripletail of the season, and it was in the live well. The warden decides he wants to measure it and proceeds to try to get ahold of it. These fish are big, prehistoric, and you can’t...
  438. Wandering Blues

    Get paid to catch Brown Trout

    They will hit on canned corn all day long. Just cut one open and you’ll see....
  439. Wandering Blues

    Is 73 rods to much?

  440. Wandering Blues

    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    I did a Halibut trip up in Oregon using an 8lb cannonball in 700’ of water. It was brutal...
  441. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Swing and a miss deep drop.... and some weird shit happened need explanation

    I’d say your buddy was in a lightning charged area and was lucky it wasn’t worse. Me and my son were flyfishing the Owens River about 10 years back and clouds started building off the White Mountains. As we started walking back to the truck, all hairs stood on end and began to tingle. I looked...
  442. Wandering Blues

    Differences in Styles

  443. Wandering Blues

    Differences in Styles

    I remember getting my spools filled with spectra in Massachusetts before it became a thing in Cali. I went out on a boat in SD with it and the Captain refused to let me fish it unless I had at least 100’ mono top-shot. He didn’t want deck hands losing fingers.... Times change. Lol.
  444. Wandering Blues

    Differences in Styles

    We’ve been traveling in the trailer and have spent the last two months in various states along the Gulf of Mexico. It’s interesting to see what equipment, tackle, and techniques rule around here, as opposed to SoCal. I found one shop with Pink/Blue and Glow Flatfalls in 300 & 350g in a...
  445. Wandering Blues

    3.5 day boat choice

    Ranger 85. Its not a sport boat specific platform and rides hard in a swell, but it’s had a seriously fishy crew for a long, long time. If catching is your top priority, I’d lean towards them.
  446. Wandering Blues

    Steal fishing gear

    We had a bottle thief on the OC95 years ago that was known to the crew, so much so that they locked up the beer fridge at night. The cook even told me I could stash my bottle and keep it secure because ‘that guy’ would find it. For the 3.5 day run, that guy was a serious douche to the...
  447. Wandering Blues

    Please school me on SD full day sportboat scene

    Fish the San Diego. No better full day boat in the fleet, IMHO.
  448. Wandering Blues

    Classifieds- Am I missing something?

    No worries. And I’m sure dealing with various mobile platforms only adds to it. As I mentioned, I went into my BD settings and dropped the font size to small and it allowed the various sub-forums to come into view. Thanks for all your hard work.
  449. Wandering Blues

    Classifieds- Am I missing something?

    Addendum- I went into the settings on BD and changed the font to the small size and I can see it now.
  450. Wandering Blues

    Classifieds- Am I missing something?

    I hit a wall with hunting and misc shit. No fishing category. I think it’s hidden above the hunting category, but I can’t get it to show.
  451. Wandering Blues

    Classifieds- Am I missing something?

    Are the new classifieds just slow to populate, or am I missing something? I’m limited to an iPhone, being on the road, and it doesn’t show me a rod and reel section, just 5 pages of misc.
  452. Wandering Blues

    Good bye is never easy... From a former Cali fisherman to a new Florida fisherman.

    Where in FL? We’re camped by Port St Joe for the next month.
  453. Wandering Blues


    Thanks for that! I was at a loss. It’s one of the more civilized places to lurk.
  454. Wandering Blues


    I appreciate it. The Terez I used a couple of years ago (a 2015 edition) seemed solid, but definitely strained when the tuna were deep under the boat. Straight up and down, they didn’t fold, but I never quite had full confidence it wouldn’t.
  455. Wandering Blues


    Any real word experience with the Terez/Tallus/Trevala in the 80-200# rating? I’ve used a 65-200# on bluefin in the 70-99lb class and did decent. Wondering how the 6’6” model might do for flatfalling and those larger San Clemente fish? And, as always, thanks.
  456. Wandering Blues


    It’ll be back and stronger than ever.
  457. Wandering Blues

    Braid color???

    If you want to know who “that guy” on a tuna trip is, look for the dark green or black spectra. He won’t follow his line cuz he can’t see it, and the deckhands will hate his ass trying to deal with the tangles..
  458. Wandering Blues

    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    Watch out! Larmo will put out a commercial for a class action lawsuit against the fleet for bedbugs..
  459. Wandering Blues

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    A couple of days ago down on the Texas Gulf.
  460. Wandering Blues

    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    Yellowtail because 1)it’s my favorite eating fish, and 2)because yellowtail are smart and make you counter punch.
  461. Wandering Blues

    Rescued a dog...

    There’s nothing quite as noble as rescuing a dog, especially when they’re not pups anymore. My buddy, Pete, was 2 when we brought him home. It took probably another 18 months, and a surgery before he settled in. He’s 10 now and has been my constant pal since. Sometimes I wonder who rescued who?
  462. Wandering Blues

    Bought a Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer yesterday

    We use a space heater when we’re plugged in, otherwise the furnace is a super efficient way to go. We just survived that cluster fuck winter storm down on the Texas Gulf and when the power went down, we ran the furnace in 12-25 degree weather for 4 days and didn’t come close to going thru a...
  463. Wandering Blues

    Royal Star Albacore

    It’s a unicorn tuna..
  464. Wandering Blues

    Booked the first special Trip. TOPGUN80 3.5

    I’m not misty eyed. It’s allergies, I tell you. My condolences and what a deeply genuine and beautiful way to honor her memory.
  465. Wandering Blues

    So, I Bought an iSUP.

    We decided to hang out in the Texas coast for a month. I bought an iSUP to check out some of the marshes and estuaries where we are camping. It’s been a blast chasing small reds and flounder. Still getting the hang of it, but I like it. Of course, I did the obligatory walk of shame when the...
  466. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Ensenada 2- 18

    That was a dose of goodness.
  467. Wandering Blues

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    He was active on it til they banned discussion of politics.
  468. Wandering Blues

    Big YellowTails in LJ Biting - 35 lbs

    Big old slug mossback. It doesn’t get much better.
  469. Wandering Blues

    Fly fishing creeks vs ponds

    You’re in the Boston area? There’s opportunity for trout in both moving and still water. What I’ve experienced back there is that trout streams and rivers are pretty impacted and heavily used. And I don’t know about “more effective,” but more entertaining for sure.
  470. Wandering Blues

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    In 12+ years on the forum, I never even knew there was an ‘ignore’ feature. Then I wandered into a political thread.... No on politics. Nothing good comes of it.
  471. Wandering Blues

    A closer look at Strike Detection when Indicator Fly Fishing

    Although I rarely use an indicator any more, having transitioned to euro nymphing when fishing sub-surface, I do like these- On the Umpqua Insta-set, the two posts will naturally sit at a 12 o’clock position. If the posts are leaning forward, the fly is drifting behind the indicator, and just...
  472. Wandering Blues

    Penn Visx 16 Seeker Combo

    I’ll be in FL for a month in March. But, I may get divorced if I went for it.... Beautiful set up.
  473. Wandering Blues

    Children's Book

    Have her put on something sexy and read it to you before bed time. You’re welcome.....
  474. Wandering Blues

    There’s always “That Guy...”

    It’s funny because it was a memorial trip for a fishing buddy who’s native Hawaiian. And I thought the same thing when we donned them. Pretty sad they have co-opted the Hawaiian shirt.
  475. Wandering Blues

    Blue spectra doesn’t work as well white

    You need more whiskey...
  476. Wandering Blues


    There’s extremist’s on both sides. Antifa are domestic terrorists, and so are the “Patriots” who stormed the Capitol. They can all suck a bag of dicks with their bullshit views of what an America should look like.
  477. Wandering Blues

    Fred Hall 2021

    I was coordinating with the owner of a boat for a 4.5 day charter and told him I was surprised he was already working his schedule. Usually they wait til Fred Hall to release. He said there wasn't going to be one this year so they were getting a head start on filling things up.
  478. Wandering Blues

    Lost a 4 leg fishing campanion

    My condolences. That’s a very, very hard day.
  479. Wandering Blues


    Bump for the fur kid. Best wishes, man.
  480. Wandering Blues

    Trips being canceled

    Hell, I’ve shared some good times at the rail with guys I’ve battled with on BD. It’a a great, if somewhat dysfunctional, family.:p
  481. Wandering Blues

    Trips being canceled

    How about you not putting words in my mouth? At no point have I been “afraid” to leave our home. I hunted, fished, and camped plenty during that month, around 20 days worth. What we’ve tried to do is minimize any unnecessary contact, hence the not going out to eat, going inside grocery store...
  482. Wandering Blues

    Trips being canceled

    I did a trip in October where, truth be told, no one including the crew was masked. Pretty much as soon as the sun was up and got warm, my buff was around my neck. It was just too damn stuffy. Didn’t catch Covid. A month later, after social distancing and mask wearing, not going out, getting...
  483. Wandering Blues

    Feeler: OC Rods 940 hale

    I just had all 4 of my OC rods redone. Whatever happened to Tony? Last time I swung by his place, his wife was dealing with some serious health issues. Good people.
  484. Wandering Blues

    Takinng suggestions recipe for trout

    Put them in a skillet with a little butter, salt, pepper. Cook til the skin is crisp. Then...... Scrape it in the garbage and use the yellowfin/YFT/BFT/Dorado/Sheephead/Rockfish/Lingcod/Halibut in your freezer. You’re welcome.
  485. Wandering Blues


    So I’m considering getting into SUP fishing. The only real requirement I have is for the rig to be an inflatable. We travel quite a bit in our trailer, so the ability to pack it down is a must. I’m primarily a flyfisher so I’d imagine using it on lakes for trout, bass, etc. We also spend 4-6...
  486. Wandering Blues

    RP 10 day report - charter

    Where’s the beer pics? WTF? And it looked like an awesome time out there.
  487. Wandering Blues

    Tooling Around SoCo

    The San Juan can certainly kick out some amazing fish. But, there’s something about catching a small, wild trout on a high Sierra stream that stays with you. If you decide to roll out, let me know and I’ll bring you up to the Juan for a day.
  488. Wandering Blues

    Garage Chest Freezer - Looking for Recommendations

    I’ve not ever noticed. All the fish in the freezer comes processed courtesy of the fine folks at Five Star, in the 5mil bags. And my mule deer, antelope, elk, etc never last long enough for a burn.. ;)
  489. Wandering Blues

    Garage Chest Freezer - Looking for Recommendations

    I definitely would go with an upright unit. Kinda nice to be able to see and sort your game.
  490. Wandering Blues

    Rod information American Spirit

    They were a main stay for Turners back in the day. I have a 7’ 20-40lb stick and it’s worn well and is excellent for fly lining a bait.
  491. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    That is a stand up offer. The Old Glory is fortunate to have you on crew.
  492. Wandering Blues

    La Paz to Loreto

    That was pretty damn awesome. We’ve been thinking about rolling the trailer down there for the winter.
  493. Wandering Blues

    POS gear thief is out on bail

    He needed to pay for fentanyl and Russian hookers...
  494. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    It was, but must have been a different trip. I didn’t even pay attention to her until she sawed me at color on a big BFT. Then one of the guys told me how faded she was. After that, I watched and she was FUBAR. Pissed on herself, stumbled around. Rest of the boat tried to avoid her. Must be...
  495. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    We had his female version on my last trip, only we didn’t figure it out until we were at the Banks.
  496. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sea adventure 80 Oct 13 1.5 day

    They had 2 kites out pretty much at all times. And Let Them Eat 74 was running a balloon off the bow.
  497. Wandering Blues

    300 Gram SK Zebra Glow Jig - Rigging

    I’d jump up on the leader to 3 or 400#. They take a lot of abuse. I tail wrapped one and had 400 on. Judging from the rash on the line, I don’t know if 200 would have held. And the Jobu for sure. Nothing gonna bend that.
  498. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Cow Tipping - Aztec 3 Day 11/1/20-11/4/20

    The BFT shots were amazing! Then you close it out with food porn? Well played, sir, well played.
  499. Wandering Blues

    3 day trips.... Do you fish on day 1?

    If you’re leaving at 11-ish, and they haven’t loaded bait, figure you won’t clear the breakwater til closer to 1pm. So you may anchor up on the banks late night and get in some drops. You’ll probably stay around til just past grey before the captain starts looking around.
  500. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Tribute 10/29-10/31 - Big BFT

    Congrats! Look at the fat on that belly!
  501. Wandering Blues

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Local whiskey, local craft beer, some of the wife’s peach/green chile jam, piñon coffee, and local green chile sauce.. I’m waiting for elk from my neighbor, who just happens to love tuna...😏
  502. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Your re-telling of the swells almost immediately put me back on my trip last week out on the banks, including getting sick... Even then, what a great report!
  503. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The Big Al

    A long time fishing buddy crossed over this past winter. Alan was larger than life, literally, at 6’2” and a svelte 350 lbs. A native Hawaiian, he spent most of his life in SoCal, and served in the USMC. He was a fellow LEO as well, and we worked together for 25 years til it was time to call it...
  504. Wandering Blues

    Braid cutting thumb

    Mono top shot for as long as you can huck it, plus some. And tape. Nothing worse that an infected braid cut. Nasty shit.
  505. Wandering Blues

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Nice. Weather has been perfect.. Have a safe trip. Hope you bag a bull and enjoy some green chile.
  506. Wandering Blues

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Where you headed to? Some big bulls in the Jemez Mountains right now.
  507. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sea adventure 80 Oct 13 1.5 day

    Scott was running it? And Mike Bullard from the old Pac Star? That tells me there were a lot of laughs had and Neil Diamond was blaring on the speaker at some point.
  508. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Looking to Learn and Ride Share - Orange County

    Thanks for your service, both as a Marine, and as an LEO. Curtis Colton PD, Ret.
  509. Wandering Blues

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Before we retired out of state, my gear was always at the ready and it was no big deal to hop on a boat to chase fish and come home with something for the freezer. But now..... Living in New Mexico, I’ve had my gear spread out in the garage for a couple of weeks. I’ve opened up all the reels...
  510. Wandering Blues

    Jigs In Fish

    Good eye! I’ve got 4 I’ve had about 10 years. Just got that one back from a re-wrap, which is harder to do now that we live in New Mexico. Tony sure made some sweet sticks.
  511. Wandering Blues

    Jigs In Fish

    When you go to look for your new jig stick and realize your kid has already been busy hucking it. On an old Sumo 6.
  512. Wandering Blues

    Tooling Around SoCo

    My fly fishing journey was born and bred in the Eastern Sierra of California. So, I was disappointed that between Covid, fires, smoke, record heat, and forest closures, that I couldn’t “go home” to fish those waters, and visit with friends of whom I’ve shared waters over the last couple of...
  513. Wandering Blues

    Shogun - Police

    I thought the same. So, here’s another opinion from the cheap seats. I’d be surprised if this were anything other than some crew members doing a bump finding out the hard way that fentanyl is some serious stuff. That being said, they should be fired. Best case, they’ve cost the Shogun a 3 day...
  514. Wandering Blues

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    They’ll be okay. Shogun can’t fire them quick enough.
  515. Wandering Blues

    No New Reports

    I need to live vicariously since moving to NM. Counting down the time to my 3 day.
  516. Wandering Blues

    Crew fishing on party boats

    I only care about it if I’m having a shitty day... :rofl:
  517. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 3Day RP Fins N Feathers Trip Video

    Nice videography! It looks like a solid group to share a rail with.
  518. Wandering Blues

    Land of Entroutment

    When people think of New Mexico, it’s usually of dry, barren landscape. Or Breaking Bad. Or, maybe the San Juan. I dropped into a giant chasm in the high desert of northern New Mexico for a look around. Went with a couple of my buddies. Epic non-stop day on 12-14” browns. But, what made it...
  519. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Baja fish tacos.

    Nice. Tell me about your batter recipe.
  520. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    Yep. That boat doesn’t exist anymore. It’s been reborn with a new owner.
  521. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    When Ive taken jackpots, Ive given it to the crew. I figured it was good karma. A few times the head deckhand or who ever was collecting tab/cleaning money at the end would tell me not to worry about the balance. My choice and I was happy to do it. But, I started seeing more and more...
  522. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Limits again mahi mahi and yellowtails.

    Good on you for giving those folks a break. My wife is working a Covid unit here in NM and it’s difficult.
  523. Wandering Blues

    Is Tacglue safe for spectra? (Marking depth)

    My j-braid has a white section every 15’ that stands out pretty well. My only issue is trying to multiply by 15 every time I see the section pass...
  524. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Truline Tanner Bank 8-23-2020

    Great report. How do you like that Proteus? Im looking at that or the Okuma PCH 801H.
  525. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 Day 8/21/2020

    Happy Birthday, man. Glad you got some.
  526. Wandering Blues

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Soda, I’ve never met you but I’ve sure read your amazing accounts of LR fishing since I first stepped foot on an offshore boat years ago. I sincerely wish you the best and I look forward to a LR tale when you’re ready to hit the water again.
  527. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Spirit of Adventure 3 Day Report

    You’d almost have to communicate via cell phone to talk to the next guy..
  528. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Ranger 85 /Seeker trip

    Super fishy boat with a long history of good crews. She’s not a purpose built sportie and rides high, and the stern is only 22’ as I recall, but that becomes a non-issue when they have on you on the fish. Good luck and have a safe drive down.
  529. Wandering Blues

    New okuma pch railrods

    I was thinking of the 2X mated to one of my Metaloid 12ii’s for a 50# rig. Wondering how it would compare to the Terez 70H as far as action? Cost is similar.
  530. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Condor 8-12 to 14 Good Bluefin Bite

    Nice job! They were hitting the flat fall through the day? What size and color were working?
  531. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Yellow Day 8-13-20

    The “First Post” game is strong in this one.... Thanks for allowing us to ride along on a very cool family adventure.
  532. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    My wife came out of retirement in public health to supervise a Covid contact tracing program out here in NM. Interestingly, she’s doing what I did for years- good old fashioned police work. Between interviews, cross referencing contacts and cases, and (this feels “big brother”) cell phone data...
  533. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    I love that boat. Caught my first triple digit bluefin with Mike coaching me. My legs felt like ham hocks and the adrenaline had my mouth feeling like cotton. He came over and gave me the best advice ever- “Man, at some point you really need to breathe....”
  534. Wandering Blues

    Speedmaster 25 2 speed

    No worries! Great reel and price.
  535. Wandering Blues

    Speedmaster 25 2 speed

    Trades for fly gear?
  536. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I’ve got a couple of gaiters that have added an additional membrane in the facial area for that very reason. Our local fly shop had them.
  537. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I’ve known about a dozen folks who have gotten Covid, ranging from asymptomatic to a deputy I attended some LEO trainings with in Riverside who passed. I have no doubt the sport boats are doing everything they can to keep things as safe as possible. They can’t afford another shut down. That...
  538. Wandering Blues

    Out of State Buyers Flocking to Montana

    We settled on New Mexico for cost of living. Gas as of today is $1.73 mid grade. We have a beautiful home on a 1/2 acre in a gated community about 150 feet from the Rio Grande that cost less than a small condo in San Diego or OC. And our backyard is an old Spanish Land Grant with sunsets to die...
  539. Wandering Blues

    Offshore One Dead, more Missing off San Clemente Island: 7/31/20

    Wishing peace to those who are suffering. And my undying gratitude, tempered with deep sadness, for those of whom we have lost. Semper Fi.
  540. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    Mike is just an all around decent guy and it transmits into how he runs his boat. And nice job on the BFT!
  541. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Best day ever triple limits

    You had a great day, and you put some funds in the karma bank giving some BFT to others. I’d say that’s a win/win.
  542. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Actually, if you put the work in and read the thread, rather than someone giving you free shit, you’ll find the name. There’s no welfare on BD...LOL
  543. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Any captain wants all his passengers to bring home fish. It makes for better numbers and more ‘word of mouth’ reputation. That being said, I’d have told the passengers to get bait in the water, and directed the crew to keep the energy high. And it would have been FULL rotation on the kite.
  544. Wandering Blues

    Small Streamin, New Mexico Style

    It is. Seen some amazing varietals here. The brew scene is one of the reasons we settled in here. Pretty outstanding options.
  545. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    That’s a new one and very uncool.
  546. Wandering Blues


    Beautiful set up. If it was closer to my trip, I’d be all over it.
  547. Wandering Blues

    OC Rod HALE710HF Calico rod $75

    I have 2- Tony makes an awesome rod.
  548. Wandering Blues

    Small Streamin, New Mexico Style

    About halfway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Bought a place down on the Rio Grande.
  549. Wandering Blues

    Small Streamin, New Mexico Style

    It’s funny you say that because it completely reminds me of DC, except the rocks are red and it’s Mr. Brown’s territory. We lived all of 10 minutes from the house to Splinter’s Cabin and I was on a first name basis with damn near every trout there. Some of my best moments were below Devil’s Hole...
  550. Wandering Blues

    Small Streamin, New Mexico Style

    Having retired to New Mexico in 2016, it’s ironic I haven’t fished it’s waters all that much. Usually, we load up our trailer in April and don’t see home til October or later. But Covid has us grounded. Good thing because I’ve been exploring. Within 90 minutes of the casa, I’ve found several...
  551. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    It’s a well known fact that captains hate finding fish. They love keeping their decks clean, and like to screw over their deckhands by depriving them of tips and filet money. And nothing is more cool than having your deadhead buddies out for a boat ride because those guys hate catching fish...
  552. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Poseiden 2 day leaves tonight !! Light load.

    If I was within a days drive.. I was sad when the Pac Star went down, but it seems like Hunter has really done well in creating a solid operation. Good luck!
  553. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 6/30 Bluefin Biters

    Nice bruisers! And I figured it out; bluefin see my ugly ass and sink out, whereas you guys look like a GQ ad for offshore fishing... 8-)
  554. Wandering Blues

    Offshore PB BFT - A REAL ONE

    Well, we have 2 things in common; traveling and fly fishing. A cow is still on the bucket list. A super cow is a wet dream! Congrats!
  555. Wandering Blues

    Renting a BFT Rig

    Last couple of years I’ve been able to borrow a buddy’s 30W and Seeker rail rod to late night flat fall for some larger BFT models. This year, he’s going on a trip with me. Anyone know how much H&M charges for a set up in the 80-100# range? I emailed and haven’t heard back and I don’t want to...
  556. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Shogun 8 dayer 6/19-6/27 Great BFT And wahoo

    Not gonna lie- the food shots are always my favorite. I know what a nice BFT or YT looks like, but seeing what the guys in the galley can do always leaves me amazed. And awesome trip, man!
  557. Wandering Blues

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    BPS sucks, even in good times. While they create an amazing space to shop, you’re paying through the nose for the “experience.” And, generally speaking, the staff’s knowledge is marginal at best as they might offer a tidbit overheard from a customer who actually knows what’s up. Give me a local...
  558. Wandering Blues

    HEADS UP sale - OKUMA–Metaloid M-12II Two-Speed Lever Drag

    Thanks for that! I’m putting together a trip with some buddies and passed it along to them. They’ve already jumped on it. I have the reel and it’s a work horse.
  559. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sport Boats

    Good to see BD returning to normal.. :p
  560. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

    Beautiful fish. And with one arm! Plus, if you were not a natural lefty and adapted to accommodate your injury, you get bragging rights for the year.
  561. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    First and foremost, congrats on getting the big ones! Second, really nice write up regarding your gear, rigging, etc. A good read.
  562. Wandering Blues

    What happened to the offshore fishing report moderator ?

    Hopefully he’s out tugging on tuna.
  563. Wandering Blues

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    Tons of trips out, but it happened the 2nd trip where BFT was the target. And to be fair, the first was 3.5 days and I tagged a few up to about 40#. Also, I John Wayne’d my first triple digit with a tail wrap on a #200 leader with a 500g flat fall. Pure suckage...
  564. Wandering Blues

    I-405 Blue Fin Freeway Catch

    “I wasn’t cheating on you. I swear I was fishing and caught a bluefin! Look for yourself....”
  565. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Well, albacore will overrule Covid19 to anyone who might have been on the fence..
  566. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Because they operate in a very litigious state where lawsuits are filed with no expectation of winning, but an open hand for some “go away” money.
  567. Wandering Blues

    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    I feel horrible for the fleet. Any business owner knows you pour your heart and soul into building up a successful operation. If you’re fortunate, bills get paid, food is on the table, and a few bucks get set aside for a rainy day. But the sport boat owners... It’s a rare case where someone...
  568. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 5-3 9 mile report

    Only here can you say it and mean it— Big Boner, bro!
  569. Wandering Blues

    Charkbait store....

    I’ll have to check it out next time I’m fly fishing up in the Rio del Norte. And, my favorite burrito here is at the Santa Ana Pueblo gas station. Their carnitas with beans, rice, cheese, and pico is a baby in a blanket. And it cost a whopping $3.30... Land of Entrapment...
  570. Wandering Blues

    Charkbait store....

    I can recommend Longfin as well. Really solid shop. Either business knows the fishing game inside and out. Just don’t waste your $$ at Basspro/Cabelas. They’re right up there with gas station sushi.... at a gas station in New Mexico.... in the summer...
  571. Wandering Blues

    Charkbait store....

    Charkbait is very legit. Shopped them for years.
  572. Wandering Blues

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You can’t post reasonable arguments arguments here. It could cause irreparable harm to those who know everything.
  573. Wandering Blues

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Ya gotta give DCtalk523 some credit. Instead of focusing on Covid, the economy, making rent, civil rights, scoring TP, worrying about the kids, etc, you’re releasing all that pent up shit on one dude who claims he has a badge. Public service at its finest...
  574. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    I had taken my son on some rockfish island trips on the Sport King with Capt Bruce when he was little. Those were classic, old school, and Bruce was amazing with the boy. But, yeah, it’s been San Diego fleet exclusive, and typically 3 days or longer as I retired out of state. The SD fleet has a...
  575. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    Out of desperation, I went on a 3/4 out of LA Harbor that had assigned spots. I actually got yelled at by a couple of passengers for invading their space while hauling up a yellowtail. This was in 2016. Never again .
  576. Wandering Blues

    Our Constitutional Rights

    Problem is when you relocate, they’ll brand you as one of “those Californians driving up property prices” and you’ll find out what you think is conservative is actually liberal politics to them. Get your license plates changed as soon as you can and get some fishing buddies out there to ease the...
  577. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    The fleet may relocate south of the border to escape the regulations that may be implemented. Free shuttle with a complimentary Corona(virus).
  578. Wandering Blues

    Our Constitutional Rights

    I dont believe China intentionally released the virus. They definitely could have fucked up and accidentally released it. Their actions once it was out there are criminal. I’ll tell you this, though- every enemy of the USA has watched our pandemic response closely and they will be planning...
  579. Wandering Blues

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    I thought about some worst case scenario things. Ultra light loads with proof your’e not sick. Only prepackaged foods in the galley. BYOB on blankets and pillows. A rotation of a 1/2 dozen on the rail at any given time. Hope not, but... Bright side- no fuel charges as fuel is cheap..
  580. Wandering Blues

    Our Constitutional Rights

    Honestly, I agree with you and I’m scratching my head over the boating closure because it seems so arbitrary. But, any decision made as to what opens or closes is arbitrary. My main point is once a closure is in effect, it should be adhered to until a) it sunsets, or b) it gets changed...
  581. Wandering Blues

    Our Constitutional Rights

    Reminds me of a ticket I wrote once. I clocked a driver and cited him for unsafe speed and reckless driving for doing 120+ heading south on Hwy 395. In court, he gave an excellent presentation, showing his credentials as a professional race car driver, including his training, his experience...
  582. Wandering Blues

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    On the bright side, if there can be one at all, fuel costs will be lower than they have been. I also wonder about landing owners south of the border making improvements at their facilities and putting together attractive packages for the fleet to make a move, even if it’s just a short term...
  583. Wandering Blues

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    A couple of things that could happen. And, I’m not saying I’m in favor of or against, just thinking about what could occur. Limited loads only. Higher prices to make up (some of) the difference. A deckhand who’s sole purpose is the “wipe down” guy. Rotations on the rail- 1-5 get a 1/2hour, 6-10...
  584. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    Do turd necklaces fend off coronavirus? Asking for a friend... And, based on my career as an LEO, first responders include auxiliary positions such as volunteers, citizen patrol, chaplain Corp, etc. Getting paid is irrelevant. If you answer the call in the middle of the night, or when shit is...
  585. Wandering Blues

    Hercules Braid

    I’ve used 60 and 80 8 strand for a couple of years in the depth marking multi-color. It casts well and has stayed supple. It’s easy on the fingers and doesn’t bite in when you throw it into gear on a big fish. It’s faded a bit, but not enough to complain about. I’ve used it for fly lining as...
  586. Wandering Blues

    Endless Summer for Trout Bum - NZ Style

    Larmo, going to NZ and not getting a guide for a few days is akin to taking a 15 day cow trip and not bothering to spool fresh line on your gear; it’s such a minuscule cost against the overall money and effort to be there, and it reduces your chance of success. You’ll be sight fishing to mostly...
  587. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Super Cow 11/1/9

    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat....”
  588. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Dont know where this belongs....

    The fine print probably absolves the boat of liability. But we’re not a “fine print” community out on the water, are we? The right and proper thing would have been to offer up a couple of trips on the house and maybe to waive any galley/bar tab for the trip he was on. Doing a solid gets passed...
  589. Wandering Blues

    RR3 trip #21 report

    My condolences to you and your family. I can’t think of a better way to honor him than what you did. I’d like to think his spirit was feeling that tug on the rod when you were hooked up.
  590. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    The greatest tragedy is your mom didn’t opt for an abortion.
  591. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    I usually wrap an orange or dayglo piece of tape around my burrito so it doesn’t get confused with someone else’s burrito. Oh, wait, that’s my rods..
  592. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Way way offshore 09.07 to 09.20

    I’ve managed a few bulls in my travels, usually incidental to other targeted species. One of my old fraternity brothers lives on the Kootenai and I get out on his sled and drift it a couple a times a season.
  593. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Way way offshore 09.07 to 09.20

    The kunja looks like a bull trout, or other members of the char family. That said, damn!!!! A bucket list trip, for sure. I may have to re-evaluate my desire to visit Patagonia and hit Russia instead.
  594. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Big Girls 9/13

    Well worth the wait. You’ll be telling the great grandkids about that day someday.
  595. Wandering Blues


    I remember I was just finishing up a graveyard shift and walked into patrol briefing. The TV was on, which was unusual. One of the buildings was burning as the newsman described an airplane hitting it. There was the usual speculation and gallows humor from the guys (it’s how cops deal with the...
  596. Wandering Blues

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    I’m with you. The fighting days have passed, unless it involves a fish. Take care, man!
  597. Wandering Blues

    Fishing is not a crime is it....I may need help

    Because it’s a misdemeanor crime, and done under a private persons arrest, the DA will first contact the water agency to determine if they, as an entity and victim, still desire prosecution. The water employee is only a witness to the incident. There’s a real good chance they won’t even file...
  598. Wandering Blues

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    Taking care of That Guy by being That Guy? Don’t get me wrong, the plier guy is in the wrong and should make it right. But, your gonna risk confrontation at the docks and on the boat? How about the other uninvolved paying customers looking for a chill day of slaying some tuna? Or if there’s kids...
  599. Wandering Blues

    What would you change about fishing charters?

    Fortunately, 6 packs don’t suffer the same issues that larger boats do. That being said.. Your deckhands are the point of the spear. How they present is critical to YOUR business. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Communication is everything. Guys remember it’s called “fishing” and not...
  600. Wandering Blues

    Costello 6-day Long Range Trip on Polaris Supreme

    $433 a day for basically 6 over nite trips? Yeah, I’d be livid as well.
  601. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    You typically get hot and heavy on the keyboard any time there’s a tragedy at sea. From what I’ve read of your posts over the years, coupled with my experiences in a long career in public safety, you’d be amongst the last I would pin my hopes of rescue on. Stay in your lane, second guessing...
  602. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Looking at the photos of the burn down to the water line is just heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine the suffering. My condolences to the family and friends.
  603. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    Bruce isn’t fishy? Well, that’s a new one.
  604. Wandering Blues

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I call BS. Then we’ll complain that we have nothing to complain about. This is our obligation under the Bloodydecks Rules and Regs, section 2.1(a). PS- How’s it going? Still in the high desert?
  605. Wandering Blues

    Jackpot nightmare.

    Not gonna lie- by the time weigh in comes on a multi-day, I’m usually crashed out in my bunk sawing logs.
  606. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pacific Queen 3 day 8-16-19

    And that’s why I’ve always wanted to do a trip on the PQ.
  607. Wandering Blues

    Question? About US Navy in Mexico's waters

    The US Navy isn’t “patrolling” in Mexican waters. They may have passed through after notifications, etc were done. And it wouldn’t have any effect on the Mexican Navy conducting inspections in their own territorial waters.
  608. Wandering Blues

    Offshore PB BFT Sunday August 4

    You’re still enjoying time on the water with your dad. That makes that fish weight whatever the two of you tell it. Well done.
  609. Wandering Blues

    Good Luck Rituals

    Before we leave the dock, I break out a selection of New Mexico craft beers for everyone to enjoy. And I give the crew a few bags of homemade jerky, and since I’m usually out close to Halloween, several of those big bags of M&M’s, etc. I figure it’s putting into the karma bank and breaking the...
  610. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    It ain’t the size of the dawg in a fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dawg. And you and that tuna have have it! Congrats.
  611. Wandering Blues

    6" Deck Boots

    I have the 6” XtraTuffs AND the Simms. The XtraTuffs are comfortable, breathe well, and for fat calved people like me, don’t chafe. I added gel inserts and it makes standing on the rail for hours doable. The Simms will work, but they are not designed for deck use at all. They are for wading...
  612. Wandering Blues

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    However it shakes out, my guess is after the insurance company investigation, they will either cancel the policy or increase rates that will be prohibitively high. And I doubt any other policy writer would touch the operation with a 10’ gaff right now.
  613. Wandering Blues

    Daiwa LD 20 2 speed, Daiwa LD40 2 speed and Accurate 400

    The “That Guy” of the classifieds forum.
  614. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Real Sea Adventure 80

    Is it because they’re passing on credit card processing fees? Out here in NM, our local grocery chain dropped Visa because of it.
  615. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Real Sea Adventure 80

    Did a 4.5 day with them last Fall. Roomy layout, really good crew. Plenty of food and then some. Scott was onboard with some old buddies and the shenanigans had my sides hurting from laughing so hard. There were other boats around who posted better numbers, but I managed a 100# BFT and enough...
  616. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Bluefins R US...AZTEC 1.5 Day 6.12 to 6.14

    I called you out on the El Cap post. Far as I’m concerned, this post puts you even, especially taking JP and making sure the crew was taken care of. Those big bruisers are a team effort and it’s great you showed them some love.
  617. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 2.5 day trip advice

    PoTayTo, PoTahTo. Both have good points.
  618. Wandering Blues

    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    The last few years of BFT hunting, I’ve been on trips where the Captain rolled the dice and crapped out. Been on trips where it paid off, but I couldn’t managed to pull my head outta my ass. And last year, after no BFT for the season, I stayed on the rail 22 hours straight (the exception being...
  619. Wandering Blues

    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    You have 3 posts, two of which are in this thread, and one in which you bitch about the OC95 and throw down the El Cap, all in one fell swoop. If we’re lucky, you’ll wait another 3 years before posting again.
  620. Wandering Blues


    And to think I drop in on the LR forum because it’s more civil... Sadly, online forums have been in decline for a while, regardless of the sport or interest. Personally, I love a good report and some quality pics. And I appreciate and enjoy that someone has taken the time to post it up because...
  621. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    What really happens when private boaters and sporties get tight on a paddy.
  622. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Damn. Gonna too last year, which was already legendary.
  623. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    No..... Fu€kin..... Way...... Best story of this young season and one you’ll tell for the rest of your life.:rockin:
  624. Wandering Blues

    Intel on the El capitan

    Alan is old school, spirited, and fishy. The boat is small and bobs a bit in a swell, so if you’re prone to losing your lunch, medicate early and often. The couple of times I rode it, the crew was good. And because of the small loads, you get more personal service. All in all, a good operation.
  625. Wandering Blues

    innocent passage...

    Mexico is its own country with it own laws (and nuances) and you shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s some kind of suburb of SoCal. You want to avoid issues, hedge your bets and pay for the appropriate licenses and passages. You want to debate “innocent passage,” just know that Mexico...
  626. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Sport King becomes a 6-Pack for a day

    Sweet! And here’s to Bruce having a full recovery.
  627. Wandering Blues

    Bucket List Fishing Trips

    Patagonia. And for you Venice boys, I’ll be heading down with my fly rod next week for a few days on a buddy’s skiff.
  628. Wandering Blues

    2speed question

    Awesome to have on a big bluefin. And I did a trip out of Newport, Oregon, fishing for halibut in 6-700’ of water. Hauling up a barn door, plus an 8# weight was a hella better with the low gear.
  629. Wandering Blues

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    If I’m buying it, I’m using it.
  630. Wandering Blues

    Aug big bluefin hunt, will the Legend go after em

    I did a 3 day and limited. But, I wasn’t all that impressed with Chuck, or the deckhands. I’d heard he could be an ass to passengers and crew, and he didn’t disappoint. Plenty of casualties, probably from overbooking by 5. But, any boat can have bad energy on a trip. There’s guys that swear by...
  631. Wandering Blues

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    As I think of it, the platters I’ve enjoyed are not caught and served on the spot. I recall a YT day where the next day we were on BFT and enjoyed a nice hamachi platter, so the chef may have recognized the need. But, I still stand by enjoying fish on the boat is as good as it gets. And I’ve...
  632. Wandering Blues

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    BTW, your card got declined on my porn cam site. Can you send cash or a voucher for the Intrepid?
  633. Wandering Blues

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    That’s been my marinade base for fish & chicken as well. I also add a cup of heavy pulp OJ. As to eating fish on the boat, I can’t imagine anything more right and proper than when a sushi & sashimi platter get