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  1. MYNomad

    New Shotguns

    It has been a few years since I have had occasion to buy a new shotgun, and normally I shop heavily and read lots of reviews before making any significant purchase, but with supply chain shortages, etc., I stumbled upon an opportunity and got two shotguns that I really think will be great: The...
  2. MYNomad

    Gun Safe Shopping

    I need a good gun safe for my northern Wisconsin place, but it is surprisingly difficult to find the variety available in southern Cal (and very expensive to move). I haven't bought a gun safe in years, but the one I have in Cal has an S&G combo lock, which can be user re-set. Now, most safes...
  3. MYNomad

    Prayers after tragedy

    Every time there is a tragedy, various people post about praying. Oddly though, a large percentage of those say their prayers are "TO" the family. Don't they know they are praying TO God, and FOR the family? It happens far to commonly for it to be just a typo. I just can't figure out the...
  4. MYNomad

    Pizza Ovens

    I think I want a wood-fired pizza oven. Free standing unit (ie, not built in and not table top). Any recommendations? I am strongly considering the Fontana Magniafuoco.
  5. MYNomad

    Electronics Supply Chain Delays

    Last November, I went shopping for a few fresh water boats -- a bass boat, a pontoon boat and a jon boat, and was discouraged to learn that boats were in such short supply getting these in time for the 2022 season would not be easy. Moreover, dealers were marking up prices like crazy. After...
  6. MYNomad

    School Me on FF's

    I am going to start freshwater fishing (not giving up saltwater, just expanding my range), on a northern Wisconsin lake. Target species will be predominantly walleye, but also pike, bass and perhaps muskies (and of course pan fish). I have ordered a boat (actually 2, a Tracker 195 and a 22'...
  7. MYNomad

    Northern Wisconsin Fishing

    Well, its official -- we closed on an Eagle River lake house about a month ago, and ordered a fishing boat (Tracker 195 TE, with a 150 hp Merc), and a pontoon boat (Suntracker 22 xpr, 200hp Merc, party barge, but fishable), for delivery in the spring. Anxious to catch some walleye and northerns...
  8. MYNomad

    New Boat Advice Needed

    Maybe BD is the wrong place for this, since I can't find any forums focused on freshwater fishing. But, I need a new boat for lake fishing. If I needed a boat for saltwater use, I think I completely understand all the pros and cons of various hull sizes and styles, as well as power options...
  9. MYNomad

    Hiring Crew

    I am giving very serious consideration to retiring, and the biggest concern I have is what I will do with my spare time. My answer to that is to use my boat much more, but to make that really work, I think I need to hire a full time captain and possibly mate. My goal is to have someone in whom...
  10. MYNomad

    Rod Repair Needed For 30 to 50 rods

    I have a bunch of 10 year old custom rods many of which need some degree of help, ranging from needing new tips, to new guides to a new coat of epoxy to make them shine again. Anyone interested in taking this on? I can wait until post-covid. Thanks, Rick
  11. MYNomad

    110v Electrical Help Needed

    I need to replace my 110v bait tank pump. The existing pump has a high-low switch and is pre-wired with a cord that plugs into a standard receptacle. The replacement pump is not pre-wired and does not have a switch. The wiring part I understand -- I will have a regular 3-prong plug wired to a...
  12. MYNomad

    Performance improvement plan

    Long story short -- my fishing results generally suck and I probably don't have the right gear, or I am not using it in the right combination, for starters. So, I come here asking for advice. My first question, inspired by another thread I just read, is this: I have two virgin Lexa 400H reels...
  13. MYNomad

    Police Reality TV

    I was very bummed to learn that police reality shows have become so not PC that they have all been cancelled, despite huge viewership. I really used to love watching the cops deal with the bad guys, especially when the bad guys try to lie or run away. But, apparently, these shows reinforce...
  14. MYNomad

    2 Meter Radio Recommendations

    Anyone thinking about installing a 2-meter radio (which I am) may be interested to know that ICOM is about to release a really great 2-meter radio -- Icom 705. This covid thing has slowed down the release, but it sounds like it will be available by the end of July. Not sure of the price, but I...
  15. MYNomad

    Offshore Red Tide - MdR

    Probably not the best forum, so I apologize in advance, but since it is good news I wanted to share somewhere: Red tide in MdR is over. Water color isn't perfect, but there is no more smell and only a faint red/orange color.
  16. MYNomad

    Private Boating Challenges

    This thread might be a good place to share information about difficulties, and not, of private boating in the current circumstances. Well, here is my info. Just as I was giving thought to heading off to Catalina to hang on my mooring there for a few days, I get word from the Catalina Island...
  17. MYNomad

    Diesel Prices

    With the price of crude dropping to amazing lows, and storage capacities almost to their limits, it won't be long before fuel dock prices also plummet. The problem is, it is hard to get a quote over the phone. So, does anyone have any recent price info, especially for San Pedro / Long Beach...
  18. MYNomad

    Conception Exempt From Safety Requirements?

    "The diving boat that caught fire on Labor Day off Southern California, killing 34 people, was among hundreds of small vessels exempted by the U.S. Coast Guard from stricter safety rules designed to make it easier for passengers to escape, according to a newspaper report Monday."...
  19. MYNomad

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    Heard it on the radio -- a fisherman, described as male between 35 and 45, aboard a local party boat went unconscious while fighting a fish. Vessel was performing CPR, and got a pulse back and breathing, but then no breathing. USCG just confirmed the patient died. Very sad day.
  20. MYNomad

    Baja's New Tourist Tax

    I wonder if this will apply to boaters.
  21. MYNomad

    How do you measure MOA?

    Its been a while since I have done any target shooting, and I have a couple of rifles that are (I believe) sub-MOA, but I don't think I ever knew (and couldn't quickly find) an answer to my question. I know that a minute of angle is just over 1" (1.047" rings a bell) at 100 yards, and that the...
  22. MYNomad

    Metal Fabricator Needed

    From time to time I come up with an idea and need to have something fabricated out of metal. My favorite machine shop has closed so I am trying to find a good replacement. The projects vary, but most don't require more than basic machine shop tools (no CNC), and high tolerances are not...
  23. MYNomad

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    I don't, but maybe I should? A buddy mentioned that he plans to install one and asked for my thoughts. My answer was that 1) unlike VHF, which has a limited number of channels, 2-meter radios don't use "channels" per se, but instead users can choose from a huge number of possible frequencies...
  24. MYNomad

    Boat Capsize

    Two Men Hospitalized After 24-Foot Boat Overturns Near Huntington Beach Pier Doesn't look good. And hard to imagine how this happens in what appear to be calm conditions.
  25. MYNomad

    AIS Functionality -- Class A vs. Class B

    I read, from a questionable source, that Class B transmitters cannot transmit unless there is a Class A receiver in the area to control traffic? Anyone know if that is true? I have never heard that before, but if true it would certainly be a reason to consider Class A.
  26. MYNomad

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Kayaker Killed in Collision With Boat in Marina del Rey In my opinion, neither paddle boarders nor kayakers mix well with boats, but if there is anything else to be learned from this tragedy, I am all ears.
  27. MYNomad

    new pc

    I just received the best computer ever-- a surface book. amazing in every respect. .
  28. MYNomad

    What to fish for in SMB this weekend

    I didn't want to hijack another thread, but I have a couple different thoughts in mind, so, as you will see, I hijack my own thread. First topic: Conventional wisdom is that the Thresher sharks show up in LJ and gradually make their way north, but I have caught a thresher in Santa Monica Bay...
  29. MYNomad

    Cowling Needs Paint Job

    The cowling on my dinghy's Yamaha 60 needs a paint job. Something as close to factory (colorwise -- the dark blue metal flake) as possible. It would be nice to get the various decals, but I can deal with that separately. I was thinking of taking it to an auto body shop, but does anyone have...
  30. MYNomad

    Stainless Fabrication

    From time to time, I need to get something fabricated out of stainless, but don't have a go-to guy. Right now, I need to have a BBQ grate made. It is about 20" x 30", made mostly of 1" angle, A sketch is below (and I have all of the dimensions, so no one needs to do any designing, just...
  31. MYNomad

    Pics of Avalon Disaster

    A few years ago, Avalon was hit by a bad storm, several boats sank and at least one guy died. This morning, while using Google Earth to look at Avalon, I was surprised to see two boats on the beach, several sunken boats, no dinghy docs off the main pier, and a bunch of damaged boats tied...
  32. MYNomad

    Glock 19 gen3 or gen4

    On impulse, I purchased a Glock 19. I have never owned a Glock before as the lack of a safety has always concerned me. But, most of my guns are hunting guns and in that context, I think a safety is mandatory (although my bolt is usually open anyway). Anyway, I purchased the Glock...
  33. MYNomad

    Guadalupe Permits

    Does anyone know the current process / availability of permits to fish Guadalupe? Last time (several years ago), I hired a Mexican lawyer who took care of everything, but his contact info bounces back. Any info (cost, timing, restrictions, procedures, etc.) and suggestions appreciated.
  34. MYNomad

    Lead Ban Reversed

    Obama's parting gift of a federal ban on lead fishing tackle was reveresed by Trump's new Interior Secretary on his first day in office. Announced today...
  35. MYNomad

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    To celebrate / commemorate a special occasion, my wife suggested that I purchase my favorite gun in the world. This came up as we were watching Rifleman and she knows I have always wanted a 44-40 like Lucas uses. But being pragmatic, I have never purchased one (though I did find a place that...
  36. MYNomad

    Chamber Vacuum Packer

    Made by Vacmaster -- same company as makes the VP215. This is the predecessor unit, an SPV 15. I have had it about 10 years (purchased new) and have vac packed most of my fish with it. (Since I am not a very good fisherman, that isn't a lot of fish.) The VP215 is definitely a better unit...
  37. MYNomad

    Closed Thread

    My question as to BD policy of naming advertiser's names was not answered, but my thread was closed. I guess that is the answer. Anyone need details, feel free to PM me. Rick Out.
  38. MYNomad

    Policy Question Re: BD Advertisers

    I am in the middle of a bad experience with an electronics vendor who may be a BD advertiser. I don't want to name names or provide details yet, as it may still work out. If it doesn't work out, I think everyone should be warned (I wish I had been), but don't want to run afoul of BD's posting...
  39. MYNomad

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    I have come up with a novel idea to help keep bait alive. At this point I will only divulge the following: 1) it relies heavily on technology, 2) the parts alone cost several hundred dollars, 3) I have yet to test it, but preliminarily I believe it will noticeably increase both the quantity of...
  40. MYNomad

    New Electronics Package Needed

    For a friend's boat that is used primarily for offshore fishing in Mexican waters. Although I have Furuno (the only networked system available 6 years ago that would support, for a ridiculous price, redundant electronics at my 6 stations), my buddy's needs are not as complex, which gives him...
  41. MYNomad

    20% Discount -- Good deal?

    I just got a 20% off (of the current price -- even if on sale or otherwise discounted) "action pass" (not sure if it is OK to post the name of the retailer, but it is a national sports equipment chain that carries good stuff) good for a discount on any single item (there is some fine print, but...
  42. MYNomad

    New Car Advice Needed

    It is time to buy a new car but the one I want is no longer made. My last three cars have been 4WD 2500 Suburbans with the big engine, and I had planned to buy a 4th to replace the current one. Now I learn that they don't make a Suburban with a "big" engine -- in fact, only one engine is...
  43. MYNomad

    Tackle Shows PCS & Fred Hall

    I really enjoy the Fred Hall show and would go 2 - 3 or more times a year if possible. But that isn't possible, and most boat shows really are not worth while. (I am not in the market for a boat, but if I were, it would be a 36' CC, which you never see at any of the local shows.) If I had the...
  44. MYNomad

    Leaving Tonight at 3:00 am

    Is anyone concerned about the possibility of a tsunami hitting so cal as a result of the Chile earthquake? If there is more than a 10% chance, I am taking my boat offshore later tonight. Room for a two if anyone wants to help. Once we get a few miles off shore, we will see what we can catch...
  45. MYNomad

    Tsunami Warning

    Is anyone worried about the possibility of a tsunami hitting so cal as a result of the Chile earthquake? If there is more than a 10% chance, I am taking my boat offshore later tonight. Room for a two if anyone wants to help. Maybe I should put this in trip planning?
  46. MYNomad

    Where do I find . . .

    a gizmo that I don't now what it is called, but here is what it does: It is a trigger that screws on the end of an air horn bottle and gets tied somehow to a trolling rod. The idea is that when the rod gets knocked down, the horn sounds. I need a few of these so I can troll when just my wife...
  47. MYNomad

    Any Advice?

    Departing MdR Thursday to arrive wherever Friday at grey light. Wherever can be a wide area. Basically Cortez, Butterfly, etc., and anywhere between here and there. Part of a "wolf-pack" trip (4 or 5 boats from my club), but some of those guys seem to plan inshore waters off...
  48. MYNomad

    On-water Diesel Price

    Filled up yesterday for $2.62/gallon, tax included, at Jancovich. According to the very helpful attendant, this is the lowest its been in over 5 years. Crude is back under $50/gallon, and may well drop another 20% or more. Meanwhile, diesel was $3.85 at Coral a few weeks ago. Since I still...
  49. MYNomad

    Possible Opportunity

    If I had the time, I would spend at least 20 hours a week doing projects on my boat. Everything from waxing to cleaning bilges to making sure all my tackle was organized and complete, to "supervising" vendors installing new stuff and helping when I could. Heck, I would even go on more fishing...
  50. MYNomad

    Network Expert

    Needed to help me configure ubiquity bullet to provide wireless connectivity to my boat's network. Please PM contact info. Thanks, Rick
  51. MYNomad

    2 Meter Radio

    Who has one? Is a ham (or other) license necessary? Is range any better than VHF? How many 2-meter channels are there? What is a good radio to buy? Handheld or fixed? Are they DSC capable? Do they work with repeaters? Is there a way to link from a repeater to a land line? If you have a SSB...
  52. MYNomad

    Better Technique Needed

    A buddy just got back from a two day 350nm trip. Only 2 yt to show for the effort. Same experience as others -- nothing (trolling, yo-yo, live bait, surface iron) worked; saw fish but couldn't get them to go. (The two yt were caught on live bait on separate paddies, quickly after hitting the...
  53. MYNomad

    Thinking About Furuno Chirp

    Now that a couple years have gone by since Furuno released its version of chirp, I am hoping someone with actual experience can tell me whether it is worth installing, especially for a guy who already has the Furuno DFF3 with R309 transducer, and CH250 scanning sonar. Lastly, what transducer is...
  54. MYNomad

    Fabrication -- Stainless Steel

    Who do you guys recommend for custom stainless projects -- small stuff, not a tower or anything big? I would like to provide a drawing with some fairly wide tolerances (ie, 30" +/- 1/2" wide), but still have everything symmetrical. All pretty basic stuff.
  55. MYNomad

    1 or 2 needed

    Anyone interested in helping me move my boat a couple hundred miles in a couple weeks, please PM me. 1 or 2 spots open. As this is a delivery trip, all expenses are on me. Passport is necessary. As are US and Mexican licenses. I lost my list of people to call, so if we have talked before please...
  56. MYNomad

    1 or 2 spots

    Anyone interested in helping me move my boat a couple hundred miles in a couple weeks, please PM me. 1 or 2 spots open. As this is a delivery trip, all expenses are on me. Passport is necessary. As are US and Mexican licenses. I lost my list of people to call, so if we have talked before please...
  57. MYNomad

    1 or 2 needed for offshore adventure

    Anyone interested in helping me move my boat a couple hundred miles in a couple weeks, please PM me. 1 or 2 spots open. As this is a delivery trip, all expenses are on me. Passport is necessary. As are US and Mexican licenses. I lost my list of people to call, so if we have talked before please...
  58. MYNomad

    1 or 2 needed

    Anyone interested in helping me move my boat a couple hundred miles in a couple weeks, please PM me. 1 or 2 spots open. As this is a delivery trip, all expenses are on me. Passport is necessary. As are US and Mexican licenses. I lost my list of people to call, so if we have talked before...
  59. MYNomad

    Reel Service Near MdR

    I have a bunch of reels (various brands) that need service. Can anyone recommend someone that is good, reasonably priced and close to MdR? With Purfields gone there isn't much left in my area.
  60. MYNomad

    Any Advice re Putting Boat in SF Bay?

    In the fall, I will have two daughters going to school in the bay area and am thinking it would be fun to have the boat there for a few months. Sequoia Yacht Club and Westport Harbor would be convenient. Anything I should know before making the trip?
  61. MYNomad

    Anyone Try Sous Vide?

    That's where you vacuum pack something (meat, fish, foul) then throw it in a hot water bath at a controlled temp equal to desired finish temp. No risk of overcooking. Most stuff, especially beef, and chicken, needs to have some high-temp applied quickly to the outside, but since its already...
  62. MYNomad

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    Every time I am in Baja I reflect on what a great place it is, and what a shame it is that more Americans are not enjoying the opportunities there. I don't want to get into an argument about whether it is safe or not -- I go, but my family won't; Instead, I want to focus on what might entice...
  63. MYNomad

    Latest FMM info

    I was in Ensenada over the weekend updating my TIP and asked about the need for an FMM. The "official" answer I was given is that no FMM is necessary fishing Mexican waters unless you go "some distance" south of Ensenada (but of course fishing licenses are required). It is unclear whether a...
  64. MYNomad

    Wrong Thread But ...

    I don't know which forum is the correct/best choice for my question, which is: Anyone want to buddy boat on an adventure in January or February? Tough time of year, but still thinking of a Plan A (weather permitting) and a Plan B (go almost no matter what). Ideally, plan A would be Guadalupe...
  65. MYNomad

    Bunch of Rods Need Help

    I have a bunch of rods with all sorts of injuries. No local tackle shops (MdR), so am hoping that there is someone who can make the good rods look like new and the other rods functional, all for a reasonable price and in not too much time. Please pm any references or interest. I have the same...
  66. MYNomad

    Offshore (Almost) No Love Front Side of Cat 9-21

    Short story, 117nm, nothing but 1 rat YT and some bonitos. I haven't purchased fuel since 2012, so first stop Saturday morning was Mikes for a quick 600 gallons, then off toward the east end. Actually, first stop was bait in MdR. Sure miss Larry and Mike, but went to the other side for a...
  67. MYNomad

    Estimating Wave Height

    On another forum, mostly east coasters, there is a heated debate about the height of the waves in this video: I am wondering how west-coasters would describe the wave heights in this video. In order not to prejudice anyone's opinion, I won't give mine and won't report what others have...
  68. MYNomad

    Lightning Safety

    Is anyone concerned about lightning safety, given the lightning strikes yesterday off Venice beach yesterday? My attitude had been that as long as I didn't go out in thunder storm, I would have nothing to worry about. But yesterday's strikes could not have been anticipated. Nothing about the...
  69. MYNomad

    Backup Deckhands/Ho's wanted

    I just looked at the Ho List, but the last post was a couple years old. If there is a better place for this, please let me know. That said, I am looking for a backup deckhand/ho or two, primarily for multi-day offshore fishing, but a few get-acquainted day trips would be good. Looking for...
  70. MYNomad


    Trying the bay tomorrow. Report t follow.
  71. MYNomad

    Who Does Website Design

    Looking for something professional. Hosting would be a bonus. Anyone? Please PM any interest.
  72. MYNomad

    Underwater Camera

    Just ordered an underwater camera, HD, with live feed (no waiting until I get home to review gopro to see what I missed), in a ROV housing, with a 100 meter depth capability. OpenROV. Surprised I hadn't heard of it, but there is lots of web coverage. (try Lots of U-Tube videos...
  73. MYNomad

    Towing Waverunner

    I have two Yamaha Waverunner 110 Deluxes that I want to tow behind my boat to Catalina at about 8.5 knots (certainly less than 10 knots). The manual says not to tow over 5 mph (which, with the mph-knots conversion, is about half the speed I intend to tow) as the boat may take on water and sink...
  74. MYNomad

    Is Anyone Fishing Offshore

    It sounds like most private boaters are focused on the pens. Is anyone fishing offshore -- like butterfly, 60 mile, mushroom, etc.? I have not done a trip yet this year, but unless others have tried without success, I think I am going to give it a shot. I would much rather travel a little...
  75. MYNomad

    One More Reason to Hate Seals

    Pandemic swine flu virus found in seals Pandemic swine flu virus found in seals - Science
  76. MYNomad

    Boat Moving (on water)

    Position now filled.
  77. MYNomad

    Deckhand Needed This weekend

    Starting Friday AM in MdR, returning to MdR Sunday. Last minute opening. Very limited fishing on this trip, but it is a paid opportunity. May lead to future fishing opportunities. Please pm if interested. ps -- I couldn't find the Ride Sharing forum (I think its gone?) or one more...
  78. MYNomad

    "Shouldering" a military rifle

    In recent years, every picture I see of soldiers pointing their rifles shows the butt of the stock above the shoulder, not firmly against it. Can anyone explain why? Even if not necessary to control/absorb recoil, I would think that aim and control would be better if the stock was firmly...
  79. MYNomad

    Thinking about a new boat.

    So I went to the LA boat show. Major disappointment. I want a big center console, and since I have never had a center console before, and since I want one with three or four big outboards strapped to the back, I was hoping to see what's available and to get a little education. The largest on...
  80. MYNomad

    Multi-Day Limits

    I was on a private boat, multi-day trip in Mexican waters (nothing new so far), and we caught multi-day limits, with multi-day dorado limits thrown in (this has not happened for a long time). My question is whether Mexico has the equivalent of multi-day limits -- it seems like they must, or...
  81. MYNomad

    New to Jig Casting

    Recently it came to me that I should be throwing iron. Previously, that was a skill to which I only aspired, with the ultimate goal of saltwater fly fishing. At least in my mind (if not reality), fly fishing is the apex of freshwater fishing, and surface jigs in salt water a just a step below...
  82. MYNomad

    Help Wanted

    I hope this is the most relevant forum. I need a few people from time to time to help with my boat, which is in Marina del Rey. First, I have longer trips covered, but need help running the boat on day trips -- someone to drive the boat around on Saturdays while I sit back in the cockpit and...
  83. MYNomad

    Group MMSI number

    Anyone that has used the DSC function of their MMSI-equipped VHF knows how convenient that can be. Is there a BD MMSI number? If not, we should have it. I suspect many of us (myself included) would be much more inclined to answer DSC calls (rather than random hails) from other BD'ers and to...
  84. MYNomad

    Trip Advice Needed

    I am planning a fall trip down the Baja coast. If I can get away long enough, it will be Mag Bay, but it is looking like I will be limited to 7 days. So, any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I have plenty of range, just want to catch fish -- tuna, dorado, yellows. Don't really care...
  85. MYNomad

    Resin Acrylic Large Quantities

    I have 50+ 55 gallon drums (yep, almost 3,000 gallons) of acrylic resin. I don't know what its worth, or even what the shelf life is (manufacturing date is 14 months ago). Buy one or all. $500 per drum, but if that isn't a great price (I figure that retail is at least $40 per gallon, so 75%...
  86. MYNomad

    Opening Day Plans (Rockfish)

    Trying to figure out the best plan for a 2-day trip. The current plan is for San Nic, but we need a backup in case the Navy closes that island. Looks like SCI (Pyramid) will be closed. I haven't figured out the MPLA restrictions at SBI, but it looks like the only anchorage may be off limits...
  87. MYNomad

    Sound System Issue

    The pair of speakers in my tower is not as loud as I need them to be. How would I go about running the speaker inputs (which are currently amplified) into an new amplifier? I am thinking that I need to convert the current speaker inputs to line level, but I don't know what that device is...
  88. MYNomad

    MDR Bait

    Probably not the best place for this, but I am planning to take a few days off later this week to head to Cat. Wanted to bring bait, but there is an oversized boat taking all of the dock space in front of Larry's operation. The boat overhangs about 20' -- I don't think I can even back in...
  89. MYNomad

    Furuno Personal Bathymetric

    Anyone have MaxSea software and use the personal bathymetric capability? The software is pricey, but it would be nice to build up a 3D underwater view. Can the data be shared? Recommendations?
  90. MYNomad

    Streaming Netflix

    We cancelled Netflix after their price increase, but decided to try the streaming only. I wanted to watch a classic movie with my family, but that doesn't seem to be a category, and they didn't have any that I searched for by name. I was going to cancel (again) altogether, but my kids still...
  91. MYNomad

    Problem Solved

    A few months ago, I posted about a problem I had with trespassers hanging on my boat, pretending to be the owners. I received some good suggestions for a security system, and finally have the installation complete. I can't make too many details public, but if anything goes on I will have an...
  92. MYNomad

    DSC -- Group MMSI

    DSC is pretty handy for calling another vessel -- way better than trying to hail on 9/16. I have been using that basic feature (as well as position polling) for a while and really like it. I just learned that it can also work in groups, by having everyone in the group use a common MMSI number...
  93. MYNomad

    Boat Donation

    Background Info: About 12 years ago, I bought my "dream boat", Alamos, a 55' Ocean Super Sport. It was in rough shape when I bought it, but in the course of about 8 years I rebuilt the engines, put in new gears, complete electronics (mostly Furuno, including scanning sonar, 96 mi radar, etc)...
  94. MYNomad


    I have moved my boat to a new Marina, in Southern California, where last week a "couple" was hanging out on the back of my boat, fishing and having cocktails, and talking with passers by as if they owned the boat. Although the boat has video surveillance, it wasn't active at the time. I have...
  95. MYNomad

    Captain Needed

    I am moving my boat to MdR for the summer. Arrives next week. My wife wants to do some harbor cruise parties, so I am looking for someone to run the boat. Big boat experience necessary, as I would like to relax. Ideal would be couple (so someone can serve drinks and my wife can also relax)...
  96. MYNomad

    Deckhand Needed for San Quintin / San Martin

    Weather permitting, we leave from San Diego this Friday, March 18th, and return Monday the 21st, and would like to find someone with local knowledge. Before I call the charter guys, does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, Rick
  97. MYNomad

    Tourist Card Requirements

    Can a boat that has properly entered Mexico (say it is normally kept at the Coral) fish San Martin or Cedros, or further south, without getting tourist cards for those on board -- assuming no one goes ashore? Does it matter if the boat leaves from San Diego (after checking out of Ensenada)...
  98. MYNomad


    About 15 years ago, I purchased two Winchester model 70's, one in .270 the other .300 mag, both with BOSS. From what I recall, BOSS was new at the time, and the concept (of improving accuracy by harmonically balancing the barrel) was not yet proven. I use my guns for hunting, not precission...
  99. MYNomad

    Pre-Departure Safety Talks

    In the past, at least before departing on an overnight trip, I would give a lengthy safety speech. Some people appreciated it, some thought it dragged on too much. Over the years, my speeches have become less frequent and less detailed. Mostly because I fish with the same people, but also...
  100. MYNomad

    Blowing a Turkey Call

    Should this go in the hunting forum?
  101. MYNomad

    Dumb Question About Weight

    In other threads, the comment is often made that one reel is heavier than another and that holding a heavy reel all day is tedious. Is that a consideration on a private boat where it is easy to park a rod in a holder? Should I be holding my rod all day? Can't I pay enough attention to the...
  102. MYNomad

    Yamaha Outboard

    I have a 4 cycle Yamaha 60 outboard, about 6 years old. Very low hours (maybe 60). I changed the oil (which I do every year, upper and lower), and ran the boat around the harbor -- everything fine. Took the boat out of water, connected a hose to the water flush port, turned on the hose (not...
  103. MYNomad

    Guadalupe in 2 Weeks

    At this point, it looks like only weather can stop us, and right now that still looks good. If that becomes an issue we head down to Cedros. Buddy boats are still welcome (and I can carry lots of extra fuel for anyone who needs a little extra). We have 1 confirmed and one tentative. Please...
  104. MYNomad

    Deckhand Needed for Guadalupe Trip

    We are planning to leave late October for an 8-day trip, and need a deckhand. Our plan B is to head to Cedros (or maybe further south, but we are trying to minimize travel time). We need someone that enjoys helping with everything -- driving the boat, galley duty, cleaning the boat, dealing...
  105. MYNomad

    Want to Buddy Boat to Guadalupe?

    Actually a 3-5 boat flotilla would be even better. Please PM if interested. I am flexible with schedule, at least until late September / early October. Will depart from Ensenada, on a 5 to 9 day trip. We can provide limited support.
  106. MYNomad

    Want to plan a buddy boat trip to Guadalupe?

    Moved to Offshore Trip Planning
  107. MYNomad

    Tower Safety

    I just read an article by Tred Barta suggesting that towers are dangerous and could be made safer. That has probably occurred to everyone who has considered the consequences of a slip and fall from a tower. One day while in Home Depot, I noticed that the forklift drivers have a tether with a...
  108. MYNomad

    Multi-Room Household Music

    For years, I have been seeking the perfect multi-room music system, and as technology has evolved I have upgraded. I think I finally found the missing link to the perfect system and wanted to share. My criteria. First, I wanted to be able to change the source (and volume) from anywhere, but...
  109. MYNomad

    New to PV

    I moved my boat from La Paz to PV about 2 months ago, but have not really had the opportunity to fish PV yet (I didn't expect the tuna that were available until recently. I did a family trip about 1 month ago, and that was fun, but no real opportunity to fish. Now I have my first fishing...
  110. MYNomad

    How to setup for PV

    I will be moving my boat to PV in early January (unfortunately, I can't get there sooner), and want to get it properly equipped but am not sure what I need. The boat has the stuff you would find on a pretty well equipped southern California sportfisher (ie, outriggers, bait tank, rods and...
  111. MYNomad

    Advice Needed: La Paz or PV?

    Well, I moved my boat to La Paz without doing enough homework first. Turns out that only Alaska flys non-stop to LP, and only 3 days a week. Plus, it seems that for the next several months the fishing opportunities in LP are down hill from here. So, I am thinking of relocating to PV. Biggest...
  112. MYNomad

    Single Side Band Operation

    We plan to be outside cell and vhf marine telephone range for several days, and therefore unable to communicate with our families during that time. Before buying (or renting) a sat phone, I am trying to figure out how feasible it is to plan to use SSB marine telephone to keep in touch. I know...
  113. MYNomad

    Sirius Weather

    Anyone else have it? It seems to me that the SST's are way off. Yesterday, Sirius showed 70 degree temps and rising, but we found 68 dropping to 65. If it was consistently high or low, at least the breaks would be correct, but covering about 75nm, we found no correlation between Sirius's...
  114. MYNomad

    Mag Bay and Beyond

    Anyone else going -- want to buddy boat? We leave last week of the month.
  115. MYNomad

    Licensed Captain Needed

    Please excuse me if this is not the proper board, but I need to find a licensed (not necessarily USCG) captain to run my boat on an occasional daily basis for the next couple months (not charters, just me, my family and friends). The boat is on Vancouver Island (east side), so someone already...
  116. MYNomad

    Elevator Service

    Anyone recommend a good elevator person? Please pm me with any advice. Thanks, Rick
  117. MYNomad

    Where Would You Go, What Would You Do?

    I am planning a 3 to 5 day fishing trip for a group of about 5 of us for some time next month (July). The boat (a 64' sportfisher) is currently in Puget Sound, but I want to leave it in Vancouver (slip is set up). I know the boat is far from ideal for this, but we would like to catch some...
  118. MYNomad

    Captain and Crew Delivered

    From a BD post, I got a referral to Jeff and Nick (thanks Saluki) who left MdR last Sunday with a full tank of fuel headed for the Pacific Northwest. The weather window turned out to be just about perfect, and they made all the way, without stops, in about an hour short of 5 days, arriving...
  119. MYNomad

    Going North

    Thanks to the resources of Bloody Decks (and especially to Saluki), I found a last minute delivery captain and crew who, less than 5 hours ago left with my boat from Marina del Rey headed north to Anacortes, Washington. In response to a post I left on the Washington forum seeking referals for...
  120. MYNomad

    Delivery Captain and Crew Needed

    I am looking for a licensed captain with Washington knowledge/experience to deliver my boat from California to Washington asap. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  121. MYNomad

    Slip/Marina advice needed

    We plan to bring our boat to the Pacific Northwest next month, and leave it there until late September. So, we are looking for a place to keep the boat -- not necessarily a destination marina but one that is convenient to the airport (SeaTac), safe and secure. Our thought is that we will come...
  122. MYNomad

    Baja Fish Video

    Deleted, sorry (duplicate)
  123. MYNomad

    Display selection and configuration

    I am installing a NavNet3D system (network) in a boat that will have a total of 11 displays (4 in the pilothouse, 4 on the flybridge, 1 in the tower, 1 in the cockpit and 1 in the salon -- the cockpit and the salon are mirrored displays -- no control). These displays will each also be used to...
  124. MYNomad

    I also need a licensed deckhand

    Kind of like the other guy, I am in the market for a deckhand. Mine is a paid position, but I expect that the pay will be reduced to reflect the fishing fringe benefits. I don't really expect to find the right deckhand through this post, but would appreciate anyone's suggestions about what a...
  125. MYNomad

    Furuno NavNet 3???

    My new boat is under construction and should be delivered next summer. I am getting close to the point of having to finalize my electronics specifications. My challenge is to feed a total of 10 displays (4 in the house, 4 on the bridge, 1 in the cockpit and 1 in the tower) with blackbox...