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  1. muskyman

    WTB Shimano BBM VR 2 speed baitcasting reel

    muskyman submitted a new listing: WTB Shimano BBM VR 2 speed baitcasting reel - WTB Shimano BBM VR 2 speed baitcasting reel Learn more about this listing...
  2. muskyman

    I wish all the stolen fishing gear reports turned out like this case

    Dude, that was insane. Getting your stuff back is incredible.
  3. muskyman

    12/6/21 SARL 30 years later !

    I use to work there 30 yrs ago, Irvine , SARL, Anaheim and Corona. Those were the days. Made some good friends back then, see some crazy stuff that's for sure. Countless hours spent in the gate house tryin to stay warm, lol. I miss the customers, the regulars, some of them were like family. Lost...
  4. muskyman

    WTB spare spool Shimano Baitrunner 4500B

    still need one
  5. muskyman

    Dale Hollow Lake TN KY

    ah my pb brown was outta lake michigan just a smidge over 21lbs on a crankbait fishing for smallies. Those were the days. Its good to see you guys 6 above the ground! lol
  6. muskyman

    WTB spare spool Shimano Baitrunner 4500B

    muskyman submitted a new listing: WTB spare spool Shimano Baitrunner 4500B - WTB spare spool Shimano Baitrunner 4500B Learn more about this listing...
  7. muskyman

    Southern California WTB spare spool Shimano Baitrunner 4500B

    Let me know if you have one or two
  8. muskyman

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    The ads are coming at me like tweekers at A.M. P.M - Dude this giant screen ad floating down and blocking all the content. It's more work dodging the ads than to look at the forums. I get it though, the revenue generated makes it all possible. But dude, this is nuts.
  9. muskyman

    Lake Powell, Arizona this fall

    Pop-R's, rattle traps, Pencil Poppers, Crankbaits in shad patterns both deep divers and 8-10 footers. Perfect time of year man. I envy you. Good luck dude.
  10. muskyman

    Dale Hollow Lake TN KY

    walleye in the pan
  11. muskyman

    Dale Hollow Lake TN KY

    more pics
  12. muskyman

    Dale Hollow Lake TN KY

    We got into a good troll bite on rapala scatter raps in shad patterns in the #7 size for the week. They pretty much caught everything that swims. We caught largemouth, smallmouth, kentucky spotted bass, rainbow & brown trout, walleye, gar, drum. The weather was great and the lake fishes really...
  13. muskyman

    Heads up scam

    When will they ever get better game ? I mean, every one of them starts out - kindly. Who the fuck except sleepy joe starts out saying kindly ?
  14. muskyman

    Gulp best deals

    Use to be , they are like berkley or something but lately they have been wiped out.
  15. muskyman

    Vaccine, easier than I thought...

    got my 2nd shot of maderna yesterday morning ; left me groggy last night. At around noon today I woke up in an ambulance with some chick asking me who's the president. I was like, WTF is going on. My wife says I was walking to the bathroom and fell like Tyson hit me. I get to the hospital and I...
  16. muskyman

    Downrigger repair

    of course mine has up and down buttons only. My luck.
  17. muskyman

    Downrigger repair

    I have a cannon marlin series that needs repair as well. Goes up and down when it wants. I would really like to find someone I can ship it to, as when it works, its really nice.
  18. muskyman

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    I shoulda never read this thread the other day. I spun a hub the next day coming home. Trashed my spindle and now I need a new axle. I keep up on my maintenance too, go figure. How long is the lifespan on the seals on hubs on a single axle ? Based off mileage, or years ? No saltwater too. I am...
  19. muskyman

    Daiwa SS 1600 modification

    whats funny is the newer versions of the SS series do not make the noise, or at least the 1300 don't. One thing is for sure, I am not one to mess with reels as I am not mechanically inclined.
  20. muskyman

    Daiwa SS 1600 modification

    Anyway to do this with keeping anti-reverse ?
  21. muskyman

    Daiwa SS 1600 modification

    I have an old brand new SS 1600 that makes the clicking noise that spinning reels made back in the 70's & 80"s. It makes the noise when the handle is turned. Dude, can this be " turned " off ? It is such an awesome reel minus the noise.
  22. muskyman

    Late season WY bull

    Dude, that's awesome ! Incredible man. I hope to have the chance one day to do an elk hunt. Nice job man
  23. muskyman

    Trailer axle?

    championtrailers dude. Prices are good and the quality is there. The axle will come completely assembled, hub and all, packed too. They sell the spindle through the axle design, really nice for long term use.
  24. muskyman

    Offshore Great way to end 2020

    Dude, I am not worthy. That is awesome. As a fellow tin owner, rock on man
  25. muskyman

    Aerial footage of Calico Bass and Barracuda eating the jig

    Thank you for the memories dude, awesome video man
  26. muskyman

    A little patience

    Dude, your the man, hard work and homework pays off.
  27. muskyman

    Boat Thief in Newport Anyone know this guy?

    Dude, can a go fund him to pushing daisies account be set up ? I mean, you help out everyone this way. The more pics of him that float around, the better the chances he will be caught. I like the idea of baiting him. Just like coyote hunting. Bait him in, and take him out to sea and let him...
  28. muskyman

    Last day luck!

    Awesome ! That rack looks like witches fingers !
  29. muskyman

    Wyoming Elk 2020

    that's the kind of trip I dream of. Thank you
  30. muskyman

    Offshore Bass fishing Irvine

    I had some good times working there.
  31. muskyman

    [email protected] POP-UPS....

    Dude, constant pop ups for healthcare and mail order asian girls............. I just can't decide which one to click on ? :oops:
  32. muskyman

    KR Spinnerbaits from the 70's

    Dude, Vail brings back the memories. Monster crappie and bass on the blades and topwater.
  33. muskyman

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    Throw some 28 days later and 28 weeks later to fit the bill too
  34. muskyman

    Xd100 oil

    Dude, that's a good price. Thanks man
  35. muskyman

    Re powering with an Etec

    I have a 2012 150 e-tec, mine is also xd 100, runs great on it. engine just plain runs. I put the 4 blade on mine ; I like the way the 4 blade works for powering between the sets, better throttle response.
  36. muskyman

    Offshore War Heroes

    Since I moved here I have donated myself and my boat to taking the vets out every year at this event. This was last weekend. This is an awesome event for those who gave us the freedom to do the everyday things we take for granted...
  37. muskyman

    Irvine Lake..........

    We stocked a good load of sturgeon or two back in the 90"s when I worked there. Only a handful were ever landed and those were released. Those things have so much food given the size of that lake. That and landing one that does not go ape on you is hard on most people and the fight is usually...
  38. muskyman

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    This is buddha
  39. muskyman

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Dude, I want the white one. How much semen or bone marrow would I have to sell in order to get it ? What if I mix them together, are they worth more ? Kidneys are worth something too, right ? Maybe a tijuana transfer ? Seriously though, I wish I could get one. My 06 has seen better days
  40. muskyman

    2 weeks in Wyoming

    nice cow man, I hope to do it one day. Seems so expensive or hard to draw in some states.
  41. muskyman

    Heading to Wyoming

    Go get em ! I wish you guys the best of luck ! Persistence pays off. I hope to go elk hunting one day before I push dirt.
  42. muskyman

    Have new resident on my property

    Dude, how much for the owl boxes ? I need bats in my neck of the woods too, bring on hordes of them.
  43. muskyman

    NauticPro Prop S.S. 15x17

    I am open to offers / trades, bass tackle, 7 1/2-8 ft rods
  44. muskyman

    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    I prefer the wire myself........
  45. muskyman

    Makaira 10ii, Daiwa Tackle Backpack

    I hope you beat the cancer dude, my mom in fullerton just kicked its ass, you will too
  46. muskyman

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    BOTD made my day each and every day. I was always worried that I.T. would bust me at work for the amount of time it was left running on my computer
  47. muskyman

    Offshore A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    That stripper is someones daughter
  48. muskyman

    Alcohol into Canada

    We got held up as well as we had people in our group grossly over the amount of hard liquor per person and one guy was over by 8 cases of beer. It all got " confiscated" and the border agents had a good time that night.
  49. muskyman

    Shimano I need a 3rd party repair for shimano

    I talked to Alan, and ya, your right dude, I am not buying any more shimano stuff. I told all my relatives too.
  50. muskyman

    Shimano I need a 3rd party repair for shimano

    Thank you. Man I love this place !
  51. muskyman

    Shimano I need a 3rd party repair for shimano

    I mailed my stradic and my curado to shimano, they mailed them back to me and said they were to old. They are about 6-7 yrs old. I have 5 stradics in which the infinite anti reverse is out, and a curado that grinds big time when you turn the handle. At this point, I am so frustrated with them...
  52. muskyman

    Boat tax due soon!

    I forgot what exactly this tax money is for or why I was charged it when I lived there ? I am so glad I left
  53. muskyman


    I have had my 150 e-tec since 2012 and man it just plain runs. Quiet, fuel efficent, best investment I have ever made.
  54. muskyman

    Best Fishing for Walleye/Pike/Smallmouth in Canada under $2000 for 7 nights?

    LOTW as well, we stay at Obabikon Amasons, its a bit more remote, less people and really good fishing. We have been going there for 10 yrs now. I leave in 1 month a 4 days, not that I am counting.
  55. muskyman

    NauticPro Prop S.S. 15x17

    This has been my back up prop, never had to use it. It was painted black when I got it, in excellent condition. $ 250 shipped
  56. muskyman

    Shimano Can you repair / service my shimano's ?

    I mailed two reels to shimano, a stradic and a curado, they are not all that old. But I got them mailed back with a letter saying that they do not service them anymore. So they are basically paper weights now. So my question is this, do you guys know of anyone reputable to service / repair...
  57. muskyman

    Bait tank recommendations

    Mainly gizzard shad and skipjacks, live bait, bluegill too. Anything a striper or a catfish will inhale
  58. muskyman

    Bait tank recommendations

    I need a tank in my boat , like 20-30 gallon. What brands do you recommend and oval vs round and the ones that are blue in the interior vs clear, ect ect. Just gimme the lowdown. It will be sitting in the center of my boat in the pic
  59. muskyman

    Chasing Giants with Tennessee River Monsters

    that is a nice fish dude, I love livin here in TN. Just wish we had del taco
  60. muskyman

    (Fishing is not a crime) Keep local fishing open in Temecula!!!

    Man I am so glad I left So Calif. I hope you get it over-turned dude. I friggin love it out here.
  61. muskyman

    Firearm recoil

    Try using a Harrington & Richardson, H & R. I have it in the ultra slug hunter and it has very little recoil. Trust me, I am not a big guy. I use to run slugs in my 870 and that was like mike tyson tapping me out. The H&R has a heavy barrel to absorb the recoil and it works well. I have had...
  62. muskyman

    I'm sure You can relate

    its gold and looks really hahahahahahah
  63. muskyman

    Iowa Flathead Catfish

    Dude that is a nice flathead
  64. muskyman

    sheena was a man!!

    dude, that's a shim
  65. muskyman

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    tit for tat, get some rear end damage done on her.........just a thought
  66. muskyman

    Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies?

    thin mints in the freezer, oh man are they good !
  67. muskyman

    Diamond Valley Striped Bass on Light Line ( Video )

    I left calif and moved here to TN, no ramp fees, no inspections, and miles upon miles of water with little to no pressure. And these too
  68. muskyman

    Fishing Canadian waters

    Just go up to Point Roberts. I use to work in the marina up there. U.S land surrounded by Canadian waters. Good fishing too
  69. muskyman

    Arizona elk success

    Dude nice job guys, I have never had the chance to fill a tag. I envy you big time
  70. muskyman

    Elk Hunt at Grizzly Island, Sept. 2017

    thanks for the awesome report ; I too felt like I was there
  71. muskyman

    Irvine Lake..........

    I feel for you guys. I had good memories working / fishing there. Where I live now, there are no " hours" or closures ever possible, thank god.
  72. Resized_to 92K

    Resized_to 92K

    39 lb striper caught while drop shotting for bass on Tellico Lake TN It hit when I was on the grind to make another cast. Talk about blistering runs.
  73. muskyman


    remember those crappie..........yellow & white jigs.......
  74. muskyman

    1987 Ranger 360V project

    awesome boat dude. I have rode in many of those back in the day, great riding boat and totally worth rehabing in my opinion. I just got rid of that 150 VRO and got an etec dude. There is a dealer in wisconsin who sells em for 9899, new. Anyways nice work man.
  75. muskyman

    Be careful out there, 2 fisherpeople dead

    I use to work in the marina in Point Roberts. The stuff I would see especially when the openings happen....insane. Bodies look pretty nasty when they have been in the ocean a while. People need to pick and choose their trips, or it can be your last.
  76. muskyman

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    This is buddha. Although he sounds more like arnold from green acres. We shoulda named him arnold. Anyways he is way cool and he is 5 yrs old now.
  77. muskyman

    E etc owners

    BiggestT is so right in my opinion. I have a 2012 150 E-Tec. I have trailered my boat all over the states. That engine just plain runs. I love it. I run the 100 oil in it, and its expensive but it does not burn through oil like my previous outboards. Quiet, fuel efficient and no fumes.
  78. muskyman

    OMG... Insane collection!

    This is the guy that you want as your neighbor.
  79. muskyman

    What's your oldest reel.

    Slater, dude that reel brings back the memories. I had the 2 speed version of that, the BBM VR, that was the shiznit
  80. muskyman

    Diamond Valley Lake Striper

  81. muskyman

    Odessey battery question?

    I have two of them, one for my starter on my 150 e-tec, the other Odyssey is 19 yrs old, back then they were known as Hawker trolling thunders, my friends and family still cannot believe that battery works.
  82. muskyman

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Man that sounded like a nerve testing hunt. Testing the elements and your nerves. Dude can you send me the info on the outfitter ? My dad is in fullerton and him and I are looking into a hunt like this in the next year or two.
  83. muskyman

    Mud Pond

    did you grab any farmer boys next door ? that will usually make up for the fishing at times
  84. muskyman

    Remember When You Could Use Waterdogs for Bait?

    waterdogs and memories of lake perris and giant spotties those were the days.
  85. IMGP0182


    64 lb blue catfish Irvine Lake. Released
  86. IMG_3658


    Braidwood Lake Catfish
  87. 1827


    My new E-Tec
  88. 20130108_220133


    Harrington 12g slug gun
  89. braidwood catfish 1

    braidwood catfish 1

    Braidwood Lake nuclear power plant fishing at its finest !
  90. Deer 1

    Deer 1

  91. muskyman

    Comment by 'muskyman' in album 'Profile Pictures'

    Harrington ultra slug hunter 12g 114 yds hornady sst
  92. 2014-11-23 21.47.13

    2014-11-23 21.47.13

  93. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  94. muskyman

    Yoho banned from B.D

    What exactly is entailed in a " man massage " ? I forgot
  95. muskyman

    2/1 Who fuckin needs stocker trout...

    Fuckin A man, fuckin A. I hear Otay is going off too. I sure could use some crappie right about now.
  96. muskyman


    I think I must be a total sell out being that I am on both boards. Or should I say just about every fishing website in existence !
  97. muskyman

    Without drinking try this

    Ok, now the boss just walked by while watching me trying to do this. Now I have to go piss in a cup tomorrow. I hope both of you guys are happy now. :pee:
  98. muskyman

    Looks like Banging Bob is Banging Out

    Great, all as we need is more homo's over here. Doug pretty much takes up the broke back around here as it is :rofl:
  99. muskyman


    Sweet, I will have to show kevin this. So this is where the banished " Chinoted " can be found. How does it feel to be kicked off the island ted ? LOL ! :eyepoppin :jo:
  100. muskyman

    My next ex-wife........

    oh , the bruises. I remember when I use to be with this one asian chick ; dude, she had no fat on her ass and the bruises that I had on my legs were brutal. I was always telling her to gain some weight in order to get some cushion for the pushin. Man, never, ever again. Now I have the goods with...
  101. muskyman

    WTF was up at SARL today?

    when I worked there, we played a nice joke on some of the mongers that fish there. The pumper truck pulled through the gates ( the pumper truck is the truck that pumps the shitters out ) and headed on down the main road. I yelled out to a bunch of the mongers that fish there - " there goes the...
  102. muskyman

    Boat Parking

    Find out where they live and we will advertise a " house party " with flyers posted everywhere, SDU and everywhere inbetween. Dude, I had that happen before , I did that, and never got a complaint about my boat again. They were so pissed off too. Payback is a bitch. I love it. :rofl:
  103. muskyman

    Dumb ass burglar.

    fuckin tweekers, go figure.fumore
  104. muskyman

    Aye Carumba

    The chick in the dash must be that new " bachelor feature ". Just open the dash and insert your unit. Guaranteed hours of enjoyment. The dealer recommends you remove the teeth from your " extra " feature however. Much safer for you passenger using this " feature " while driving. So does she "...
  105. muskyman

    BD sighting on the 55fwy last night

    Two guys in an old suburban pulling a boat. Gave them the international driving symbol but they were too engrossed in their conversation as they were heading south on the 55fwy, launching at the dunes I bet. How was fishing guys ?
  106. muskyman

    This is what happens while fishing in Canada

    Sometimes we get a bit bored on the houseboat. And the last thing you wanna do is get caught sleeping.
  107. muskyman

    Late Lower Ownes Short Report 1/14

    ok, now I forgot what I was gonna say. Saluki's pic left me in a transe :eyepoppin
  108. muskyman

    SUA's new ink...1-17-06

    Is someone schmoking his baloney pony ? Looks like a tackle shop too. Must be some kind of new " service " that they offer while they spool up your reels !!!
  109. muskyman

    Is this real?

    Nice. Seeing the rigs brings back memories. I use to work the rigs offshore and inland. Ya, ask me if I miss it. NOT !!!!!
  110. muskyman

    NPH lil ceez style

    How does one get the man massage while still in the waders and in the tube ? Please explain.
  111. muskyman

    vallet service with a smile

    Hey in some countries that's legal though.
  112. muskyman

    Retard drivers

    This happened about 6 years ago. I get this call from this chick I work with that she has a house she is sitting and beer and a pool and no one to share it with. So I was off like a condom on a pregnant chick. I was driving in fullerton down chapman ave, some prick fuck in the left hand turn...
  113. muskyman

    Retard drivers

    The fucking on ramp is what it is ; it is for getting on the fucking freeway. So fucking speed up you fucks. I am tired of the fucktards that don't speed up, use an ill attempt to merge, break and use their turn signals all at once !!!! What the fuck !!!!!! Oh, and you prick fucks that are in...
  114. muskyman

    My Lunch

    ZZZZZ - is that watermelon in your avatar seedless ?
  115. muskyman

    The Bears will win the Superbowl!

    I told you guys, I have been saying it all along - da bears !!!!!!! Wahoooooooo :cheers:
  116. muskyman

    One BIG shark

    Oh shit, I just pissed in my dockers ! :eyepoppin On a side note, after I changed my pants, did you guys notice the three holes on the side of the fish on the left hand side ? What do you think they were a result of ? Bad gaff job ! LOL !
  117. muskyman

    BD sighting irvine lake 1/7/06

    I wish that was me !!! I guess my buddy kevin looks pretty good when he takes his shirt off. He does have MB's ; so to each his own !!!!! We nailed the bass that day and killed off a few trout too. Where were you dude ?
  118. muskyman

    BD sighting irvine lake 1/7/06

    I was there that day and I was parked with my truck and my boat trailer next to that shitter. I did not see the picklemeister. Where can I get one of these stickers ?
  119. muskyman

    Drove by SARL yesterday

    Ha ha, Rob, you crack me up !!! I guess some people like fishing in the toilet. Hey Rob, I sold you some rods and reels a while back, remember me ? How is it going ? I wanna flathead like the pic of the one you have on your wall dude.
  120. muskyman

    BD just got BLOODIER

    Hmmmm, does Saluki have small hands or large ones ? I just wanna know so when he performs his man massage I will be ready.
  121. muskyman

    just a piece of humble pie @ LNL 12-28-05!!

    If only people would save just a bit of money and go fishing in Canada for one week. They would be so sold on it. No hatchery trucks, no people, no gates, no hours of operation, no trash. Just miles upon miles of water and shitloads of fish to catch. Do it. You only live once.
  122. muskyman

    52lb WSB on 8#

    Dude, you are the man. No two ways around that. Shiat, I would be happy for a 50 lber, but you get one and on 8lb test. I am not worthy. I hope to see you get the line class record. Freakin cool looking plaques dude. :notworthy
  123. muskyman

    steelhead fishing this weekend.

    Dude you are so lucky. Remember to swing on everything man. Get snagged and you will start catching em. Good luck man
  124. muskyman

    What's the weirdest/coolest thing you've ever seen offshore?

    I working in the marina at Pt. Roberts up in Washington. It was in the evening and we were closing up the fuel dock when all these freakin coho ( silver salmon ) start jumping and moving through the marina !!! I freak out, grab a rod with a small iron and start slammin em. Took a few minutes and...
  125. muskyman

    DVL 12/17...skunkville!

    DVL is tough right now dude. I got my fish on the downrigger at 55, 60 and 85 feet deep. And even at that, my clip was all fucked up on my downrigger and I was dragging trout around like striper bait. My clip was not tripping and I was taking the trout for a tour of the lake !!! Anyways, we need...
  126. muskyman

    Twas the night before Tookie's execution ...

    fuckin awesome dude. I read it aloud here at work and I think I pissed alot of people off !!!! ha ha fuck em !!!
  127. muskyman

    irvine 12/11 slow

    I wanna selective breed with Vida if it's ok with you guys. As for the top of the tail, it gets whatever the bottom half gets. These are not wild trout and the genetics of them is not the best. Shit, those 20lb fish are like 3-4 years old. I asked Phil Mackey from Mt.Lassen when I picked him...
  128. muskyman

    irvine 12/11 slow

    Jezuz freaking christ guys - the fucking tails are not cut. Some of the hatcheries in Calif have cement raceways. The fish are kept in them and they swim back and forth and that is the main reason why the tails get all worn down. Alpers and that dude that raises the fish in Utah - they have...
  129. muskyman

    Crazy asian fishermen

    Holy shit dude, seeing those dudes wind in those coffee grinders and get anhilated while on the grind, OMG !!!!! Jeez, that one dude got hooked up right when he put the reel in gear and he got rode like there was no tomorrow !!!! That was pretty epic for spinning reels. Damn, I like how calm...
  130. muskyman

    Heading to Illinois...

    Awesome dude, that is good to hear. Nice to see the sense of humor in him too. People back there have alot going for them ; to make it through each winter is enough in itself. I know, I am from Elgin, we have a farm back there. And the bears are gonna go to the super bowl this year !!!! LOL ...
  131. muskyman

    12/11 Irvine whos going

    Hey, since I missed out on the 12/3 Irvine spoonage ; I wanna know how it went ? Who played catcher and who was pitching ? Man massage ? Please explain :jo:
  132. muskyman

    $$$$ Super Bowl Odds $$$$

    ok, I will take the bears. Hey, is it worth betting on them in vegas now ? I know nothing of the whole gambling thing. I like the 35/1 longshot odds. Tell me more.
  133. muskyman

    I'm in love

    Hey Doug, i will hit whatever folds you leave behind. I think there is enough there for all of us. How do you say ? All you can eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cow: on a side note - why does this say last edited by quietman ? my post ? ?
  134. muskyman

    Check out my new boat

    Dude that thing looks immaculate man. Did the other guy ever use it ? It looks really well taken care of. That thing should scream, big time.
  135. muskyman

    Irvine Lake 12/3-12/4 Who's in?

    whatever, trout only for the jackpot ? What are you guys ? Pussies ? Or is that what you eat ? Lets have some serious fish that pull, lets include carp and catfish. Something that will have some serious weight to it. Something with brains. :jo:
  136. muskyman

    11/23 late Irvine Lake Family Fishing report

    Way cool man, you know those kids are gonna remember all those fishing trips for the rest of their life. I know I did. And look what a sick person my dad turned me into. I think he had no idea just exactly what fishing did to me.
  137. muskyman

    looks like musky man is a traitor !!!

    Ha, ha ; I seen this fag in white silverado pull up along side me and I was , " do I have to get midevil on this guy " ? !! :jo: . Man, it was like attack of the clones out there. I got mass fish, but nothing to weigh in really. All 1-2 lb fish, rats. I could not get a kicker fish at all. West...
  138. muskyman

    11/25/05 IRVINE

    Hey guys, I think I will be there sunday as well. I am leaving tonight to go get in line for tomorrow too. I will fish there both days. I have a bass tracker deep v with a 90hp Tohatsu. Say hi if your in the area. Come by and poach my spots too, just bring the beer dude.
  139. muskyman

    Does my Fish Finder suck?

    I think it may also depend on how close you mount your transducer to engine. You want it far enought away to get away from that turbulence. I think ? I have also found out that the more money you spend on a graph, the better. Get one with more power, more pixels and one that can work at high speeds.
  140. muskyman

    MV Lake on Turkey Day

    Hey Curtis ; did everything come out ok ? :jo:
  141. muskyman

    a must trip for the serious angler !!!!

    I have hit both powell and mead on a regular basis, up until this year due to money and logistics. I agree, powell is sick dude. Totally insane at times. Mead is good too, but I will take powell for the species variation and the size of the stripers on the average was bigger. Plus the night...
  142. muskyman

    Santa's Little Helper Avatar

    thank you. You and fishnfu really made my day. I think I am gonna go paint the ceiling now :jo:
  143. muskyman

    Florida teacher accused of sex with 14-year-old student

    Do ya think she held the after school detention class ? Probably all the boys in the school got it. Tied up and done one by one !! :jo:
  144. muskyman

    11-17-05 SARL a Bang! Bang! 28lb. Lloyd day/pics

    Nice, very nice. This has got to be the funniest thread I have ever seen !!!
  145. muskyman

    Irvine Lake Map

    that map is ok, not bad. Too bad the lake doesn't have a copy of that ! Have you seen the one on the wall of the baitshop ? :rofl:
  146. muskyman

    Heading to Thailand

    Duran ; what is with that stuff ? My ex use to eat that like it was going outta style !!! And a mean fruit at that. That stuff will jack you up. And the smell, oh god, it smelled like ass. But it sure did turn her on. As long as she had some duran and that beef jerky from china town = instant...
  147. muskyman

    Fishing Girls Video DVD

    Hey, that's not fair, I wanted the brown one. And I don't want sloppy seconds !
  148. muskyman

    Bothered by something!

    I hit an owl on hwy 395 in the middle of the night heading up to Crowley. And I don't know what happened to it, but it sure scared the heebeejeebees outta me !!! Those things are alot bigger than they seem !
  149. muskyman

    Redneck Hunting Dogs

    Git er done ! ya, I do too, Shabbona has some nice crappie fishing, and you cannot beat the perch on lakeshore dr. But it is just a matter of time before I go back.
  150. muskyman

    Happy Birthday Greeper

    Hey dude, happy b-day man. Now go have another kid !!!! ha ha :food-smil
  151. muskyman

    Lake mead

    I hear the fish are deep dude, real deep. If you can, make the run to overton arm. It will be well worth it. Fish are not hit as hard over there and the smallies are good to go also.
  152. muskyman

    camping @ the vine

    ok, you can have those weak ass trout dude ; I will be chasing those cats. Can your generator charge my trolling motor batteries ? Count my ass in dude. So I guess I should bring my tent ?
  153. muskyman

    4-Stroke vs. 2-Stroke?

    Dude, do what I did, get a Tohatsu 90hp TLDI. It is a two stroke with the benefits of being CARB compliant and it only weighs 315 lbs. It is direct injected and is a two star rating ; which means it is just about as clean as some of the 4-strokes. I have owned mine for 3 years now, I run the...
  154. muskyman

    camping @ the vine

    Hey, I am down. Which weekend ? Can I bring my boat too ? Who has an RV ? Tent camping ?
  155. muskyman

    Catfish Photos

    I got them at Irvine a few weeks back. Some years it's on and this is one of them. I was there saturday too ; it is on ; too bad there is no more night fishing. They have some fish in there that will give the ones at San V a run for their money.
  156. muskyman

    Catfish Photos

    those are two seperate fish ; one is 47lbs and the other is 75.5 lbs.
  157. muskyman

    Heading to Thailand

    dude, I have a buddy who sits next to me here at work and he tells me you cannot tell the difference between those chicks with dicks, and those without, so be careful man, check out the goods before you buy. Otherwise, take me with you dude, then we got each other to watch our back. Plus, I...
  158. muskyman

    Catfish Photos

    I hope these come across, I hate this computer photo posting crap, I can never get it down. And feel free to airbrush what I know someone will, no sweat off my balls.
  159. muskyman

    My girlfriend just got her car stolen

    One thing anyone hates more than thieves ; that's easy - tweekers We just got it back, and ya, she parked it in the wrong spot for 1/2 hr, her own neighbors spot, and they towed it. :Pillow_Fi , so this is gonna be interesting, cause they park in her spot all the time, and we have never...
  160. muskyman

    My girlfriend just got her car stolen

    Ok, so my woman just got her car stolen like 20 min ago from her apartment complex in tustin / santa ana. She goes to file a police report and they told her to call them back later. WTF ! ? I guess they were " busy " , so what does one do besides contact your local insurance agent ? If the cops...
  161. muskyman

    just curious

    Me, well I have been here a bit, but now I get on when I'm at work cause I hate my job. So if I get 86'ed for being on this site ; oh well, no sweat off my balls. Cause this place is defintlely way cool to be on while at work. And very entertaining at that. I know one thing fo sho ; if my tackle...
  162. muskyman

    Whats in your boat?

    Dude, doughnut, you have the baddest ass avatar dude, that scene in that movie was epic. Of course I am too young to ever find out, but damn, that was intense man. I have the spare prop and two first aid kits and all the other BS that everyone else has, and plenty of duct tape, electrical...
  163. muskyman

    Looking for a fishing buddy

    How would you expect her to take a long walk ? LOL !!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  164. muskyman

    How Do You Feel About Deadheads???

    I don't deadhead cause I am not all that on the up and up with the saltwater fish. Shit, I'd probably miss someones fish when it comes to stickin it. But this much I have noticed. I think guys get way too cheap when it comes to winnin jackpot. I never keep the jackpot money. I always give it...
  165. muskyman

    Fiberglass repair

    I took my last Panga to Orange County Boat Repair in Stanton. Frickin sweet work and very reasonably priced. They do alot of work for boat manufacters and you get to see what they have done. I would defintley recommend them for any fiberglass / gelcoat repair.
  166. muskyman

    I NEED DRUGS !!!

    ha ha, I will be on the water this weekend hunting big kitties and slaying the crappie. Those stupid ass trout will be in there next week ; and with that will come all the power bait mongers and all the winners in Orange County. Man, I wish I knew what the infatuation was with trout. They have...
  167. muskyman

    Can anyone spare me some Bonita ?

    I need some bonita real bad , need bait for catfish fishing. I am located in Newport / Costa Mesa area. If ya get any, hit me up and I will pick it up, thanks guys.
  168. muskyman


    Doug, since your the moderator at the gay porn site, I figure you would know it best :jo: :jo: :FU: LOL !!!!!
  169. muskyman


    ok, ok, I will be here, if you say so doug. When H.R. calls me into their office I will tell them you said it's ok. LOL !!!! I just gotta get some of these pics off my memory card onto disc so I can post them. The cats have been good to me this year.
  170. muskyman


    That was too fuckin funny, I wish I could get on this site during the day at work, while working ( although I use the word " work " loosely ). Too bad. Shit, this weekend was so fuckin wide open at irvine it was sick dude. It was colder than a witches titty, but the cats and crappie are so wide...
  171. muskyman

    Irvine Lake Cat fish

    I work two jobs now, one full time and one part time. I am in the hole big time. I am probably gonna end up selling alot of tackle soon too. Fuckin sucks but I am broke. :zelfmoord
  172. muskyman


    Cool, now I know where to get a cold one. See you out there dude.
  173. muskyman

    Irvine Lake Cat fish

    I use mackeral and anchor up and sit up all night watching DVD's. It gets real technical when you fish with me. The cats seem to like Apocolypse Now and Hamburger Hill. Although I did get a fatty while watching Napoleon Dynamite.
  174. muskyman

    Is it cool to access this site at work now ?

    You know before I knew it was not safe to access the site at work and all ; but now what do you think ? It sure beats the hell out of alot of the other sites. And I guess I am due for a new job anyways, but what do you think ?
  175. muskyman

    I need a bimini top

    Ok, so any of you know anyone reputable to build a bimini top for under 200-300 bones ? In O.C. preferably but I will do L.A. provided my boat will not get jacked. Any ideas ? I have a 17 foot Tracker and I just about fried my girlfriend today at Diamond Valley. She is on the couch all delerious...
  176. muskyman

    trailer bearings..

    I built my last trailer for my boat and I learned alot from that experience. Bearing buddies suck dick dude. You could not pay me to tow a boat behind my truck with bearing buddies. There is no where for the excess grease to go. Honestly, check this out dude, since you have that problem with...
  177. muskyman

    Can I borrow a handheld GPS unit ?

    I need to borrow a handheld GPS unit for my trip to Canada next week. I need one that accepts the navonics chips, like a lowrance ifinder or something. The unit on my boat is mounted at my helm and is not portable. I will not be towing the boat up there this year. I will be back July 4th and...
  178. muskyman

    Lake Mead?

    I would make him some really good topwater rods, at the very least 6"6 and I would rather myself have like 7"6 rods, better casting distance. That and some drop shot rods for those unfortunate days. Longer rods in my opinion, but that is what works for me there. Oh and a really nice good crankin...
  179. muskyman

    DVL Virgin No More!! Report w/pics!!!

    Next time you guys fish with me and it will be alot cheaper in my boat dude.
  180. muskyman

    lake mead bass

    Where did you guys launch out of ? Did the water come up quite a bit ? And did you have to pay to get into the park at that one gate ? I know I have gone through their late at night and the gate is closed and you drive around and get in free, is this still true ?
  181. muskyman

    Diamond Valley

    Just let me know dude, I can take anyone out in my boat. Including me, 3 at most, 4 if they are small kids. The giant bluegill bite is so amazing dude, and easy too. Do alot of running till you find em, that is the key. It is such a big lake. I hope those smallies take a foothold on that place...
  182. muskyman

    Diamond Valley

    one big split shot, ya deep 20-30-40, and move alot too.They taste so fuckin good !!!!!!!!!
  183. muskyman

    Anyone have any navy style anchors they do not need ?

    The anchor I need is like the women I like. Hookers. I need a 13-20 lber and the ones I priced at West Marine were like 80 bucks a piece brand new. My boat is 18 feet long. I live in the Newport / Costa Mesa area.
  184. muskyman

    Diamond Valley

    the fishing is so sick there that if you can't catch fish there ; you need to take up golf. We caught mass amounts of plate sized bluegill, and trout all you want. Dang trout even got in the way of the bluegill bite at times. Mealworms,waxworms,nightcrawlers,redworms - you name it, they will eat...
  185. muskyman

    Anyone have any navy style anchors they do not need ?

    I lost both of mine, I am totally hosed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  186. muskyman

    Have you ever caught a record or near record fish?

    I got real fuckin lucky back in 1995 while fishing at Irvine one night. It was originally intended to be a crappie trip, but I brought a bass rod along for catfish. I got a 44lb channel catfish on 12lb test. We took the fish up, had it weighed on a certified scale and the guy in the boat with me...
  187. muskyman

    Irvine Lake Spaz Clinic 4/19 w/pics

    If you want a big cat dude, I will get you into one, and we will get some killer pics of us letting it go, not dead and rotting on the beach. Late fall dude, fucking huge cats and big platter sized crappie, all you want.
  188. muskyman

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    Ok guys, i will up at crowley with albert in his RV. I am bringing my boat, I have a tracker with tohatsu on it ; so if you see me, don't wave, just flip me off, that way I know what site your from ! Oh, I think I got this camera crap down, I am gonna post a pic of my muskie, I hope.
  189. muskyman

    Fishing Lake San Antonio

    I hear the stripers at san antone are fuckin insane. It is a big ass lake if my memory serves me correct. The stripers actually hit on the troll there too. It is pretty good trolling too; and I would do that so you can narrow your search down. The smallmouth and largemouth action is pretty sick...
  190. muskyman

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    Hey doug, this fuckin site rocks, these guys are so much cooler than that of the other deal. I just got my muskie in the mail on monday. The mount that is. Now if I could only figure out this digital camera bullshit. The muskie is 57 1/2 inches long, you guys gotta come over for some beers and...
  191. muskyman

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    You guys are all a bunch of fucking panzies. Cold weather my ass. Snow my ass. I am from Chicago, now that is some real cold ass weather. California has made pussies out of you guys. I hope it fuckin snows and rains on the opener so all of the panzies will stay at home and leave Crowley to me.
  192. muskyman

    Dvl 4-2-05

    Me, I wanna see it get real fuckin hot so all those trout will be down around the 40-50 foot level and it will be easy pickings like last summer. This cold water shit has them all spread out and I actually gotta work for em. But what do I know, my ass has not caught shit lately.
  193. muskyman

    WELCOME to our new Freshwater members!!

    Man, this site is way fucking cool, I just wish I could get on at work during the day.
  194. muskyman

    Irvine 3/26

    We started out bass fishing, but could not keep the trout off our lures. We got some bass on spinnerbaits,jigs,drop shot and the same for the trout, they hit everything we threw for bass. Hopefully the water temp comes up some more to make the bass more active. They were good to go, but nothing...