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  1. Kenny B.

    Ken and Miles Fall Classic Home

    Another one in the books , year 13 for Miles and Kens Fall Classic on the the Intrepid. We left Friday the 24th and headed south. First stop was upper end of the ridge, we would be arriving on Sunday. On the way down on Saturday we stopped on some dorado that wanted to play for a bit. Sunday...
  2. Kenny B.

    Penn 15xnld2 NIB $300

    Kenny B. submitted a new listing: Penn 15xnld2 NIB $300 - Penn 15xnld2 NIB $300 Learn more about this listing...
  3. Kenny B.

    Penn FTH 15LD2 (SOLD)& Okuma Andros 12S2a

    Penn FTH 15ld2 , bought new in 2019, went on 2 8day trips. Fished 30 lb test on school grade tuna. Has box , paper work and tool. A few scratches, and full of 50lb test Jbraid if I remember correctly. $175.00 shipped. Andros 12S2a, bought in 2017, serviced by okuma, used mostly for wahoo bombs...
  4. Kenny B.

    Arts and crafts for the long range tackle box

    Always stoked on all the creative things I see on BD, thought I would give this a try, I hadn’t seen it before. I wrapped a few screwdrivers to give as gifts to some friends. I wrapped 3 of them with paracord and one with a poly rope, dipped 4 times into spar varnish with 1.5 hrs dry time...
  5. Kenny B.

    Miles And Kens Fall Classic Returns

    Friday 9/25 Intrepid Sportfishing Boarding was smooth and easy, and we were off to grab bait, after putting on some really healthy looking 5-7” sardines we were on on way at about 12pm. Captain Sam let us know the plan and we would start on the beach and be getting to our destination late...
  6. Kenny B.

    Lexa 400 HS-P WN clamp grinding issues

    Does the tiburon Lexa Clamp fit this model. Mine is Grinding on the edge of the spool. Anyone else have or seen this issue? Wondering if I should toss and order a Duran clamp. Thanks in advance for any info. Best, Kenny
  7. Kenny B.

    NIB Andros 5n& 5 2speeds. Price Drop

    Bought new and never used. Both as they were delivered. I did open the box but that was it. Andros 5nIIa225.00(SOLD) Andros 5IIa 250.00(SOLD) Price includes Shipping. PPFF PP FF please. Price Includes ground UPS shipping
  8. Kenny B.

    Avet HX 5/2 w/box,papers and spectra.

    Thinning out some gear. Used Avet HX 5/2. Comes with box and papers. Reel was serviced in July of last year 2019 at Ken’s . Taken on a fall 8 day but not fished after service. I took good care of her and always had it serviced at Ken’s every other year. Reel has normal scratches and scuff marks...
  9. Kenny B.

    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    Well she turned out great, I can’t even begin to thank Dwight(Newell Nut) on enough for his advise and experience and generosity. As I sat here in Northern California with this (new to me, thanks Jim)used 533 4.6 with big plans of new 5 stack drags and narrow frames and zero...
  10. Kenny B.

    Ken & Miles Fall classic home

    Got picked up at the airport by Mike Morris (Big Fish Transport). Off to the hotel and some rest. Load in was painless, got situated in our rooms and headed off to the bait receivers. We are underway at 12:30pm , Captain Sam gives us the plan. We will head down to the ridge, we are the first...
  11. Kenny B.

    Roll call.Ken & Miles Fall Classic, Intrepid 9/26-10/4/2019

    My favorite 8days of the year. I shipped rods and tackle box and a few new toys down to Mike Morris(big fish transport) . Couldn’t be more stoked for Mike and that he is doing well. If you are flying in from out of town, I can’t recommend his services enough. Makes life so easy. Looking forward...
  12. Kenny B.

    AA lures

    As we all are excited about getting our very own JRI Hooker Intruder. I stumbled on AA lures last summer and thought I’ll give one a try. Just wanted to share a story of great customer service. Over a year ago I ordered a lure from Greg before my fall 8 day, I was excited to put it to use. Greg...
  13. Kenny B.

    Makaira 15ll SEA

    Just received back from General Service from Okuma (6/20/19). Reel is 9/10 cosmetically. 10/10 mechanically. Comes with box, tool and oil. Can’t find where I put manual. Reel is registered with Okuma, 350$ ups shipping included . PayPal FF
  14. Kenny B.

    Avet SX mc

    Clean Avet SX, MC. Freshly Spooled 40# pp. went one boat ride in 2018. It’s in great shape with just a few light scratches. No box. $150 includes UPS shipping. PayPal FF
  15. Kenny B.

    Avet SXmc

    Clean Avet SX, MC. Freshly Spooled 40# pp. went one boat ride in 2018. It’s in great shape with just a few light scratches. No box. $150 includes UPS shipping. PayPal FF
  16. Kenny B.

    Miles and Kens fall classic Home.

    With the boat already loaded with bait (very nice 5-7 dines)we pointed her south and got a good jump on the other six boats leaving with us on Sunday the 23rd. After putting our gear away we had time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. After we all got settled for a bit Captain...
  17. Kenny B.

    A Few More Days To Go.

    With a few more days to go till we get underway on the Intrepid for 8 days of pure magic. I wish everyone who is out lots of success and for those of us getting ready to head out on trips to have a great time, stay safe, healthy and remember how truly lucky and privileged we are to enjoy this...
  18. Kenny B.

    Accurate 870N , 665H narrow, calstar 90j custom, whopper Stopper 7465M

    Calstar 90j custom 175$ rod is in great shape except rod tip guide has lost it weld. See picture. Calstar 7465m whopper stopper All roller guides (aftco) Aftco reel seat 16 3/4 forward grip 13” rear grip Rod is in good shape , very little pitting on some of the outside of guides. Accurate...
  19. Kenny B.

    Advice on what to buy

    As luck would have it my business credit card gives me points for gift cards, got 1200$ to Bass Pro/ Cabelas. So I got a Penn 16 visx, Mak 16 not available.(I have mak10 and 15 and love them) Got it and it looks amazing. Can’t wait to fish it. I’m pretty set on 8day gear( only trips I do)...
  20. Kenny B.

    Roll Call Tuna Chasers 8day 9/23-10/1

    As my favorite 8 days of the year approach, I’m so thankful that I found this charter 9 years ago. Ken and Miles are such great guys and a blast to fish with. All the regulars who are so easy going and so much fun to share the rail with. We don’t take ourselves to seriously and have a great time...
  21. Kenny B.

    Will Fish tackle, Stoked

    My pops bought me this TLD 30 over 10 years ago, Thanks for the gift pops and a huge thanks to,Will Fish tackle in Auburn CA for doing such nice work. Frame looks great, 50 drag plate, and free spools forever.Can't wait to try it out.
  22. Kenny B.

    Ken Bush Fall Classic Home

    It all started on Saturday 9/23. Landed in San Diego after a quick flight from the Bay Area , I was greeted by Mike Morris of Big Fish Transport. I had shipped him my gear earlier in the week. Everything was safe and sound in his truck and what a great person. Can't say enough good things about...
  23. Kenny B.

    Ken Bush Fall Classic Home

    It all started on Saturday 9/23. Landed in San Diego after a quick flight from the Bay Area , I was greeted by Mike Morris of Big Fish Transport. I had shipped him my gear earlier in the week. Everything was safe and sound in his truck and what a great person. Can't say enough good things about...
  24. Kenny B.

    Ken and Miles Tuna Chasers around the corner

    Looking Forward to 8 great days with great people. Such a amazing group to fish with. Gear all packed shipping down to Mike Morris.Ill be flying in Saturday 9/23, if anyone is around and down for dinner or a drink lets make a plan. Other wise see you at the landing on Sunday.
  25. Kenny B.

    Maxima line colors

    I switched to maxima on my Salmon gear and really liked it, any thoughts on maxima line colors for long range gear 40/50 set ups? Does anyone fish the ultra green or crystal ivory? Best Kenny
  26. Kenny B.

    Ken Bush 8 Day Back

    Well what a trip, What a Group. 120+ Big Wahoo, 50 YT all over 25# and Limits of YFT. Ken and Miles put together another great trip. The best group of guys and gal to fish with. Sam at the helm did a outstanding job putting us on fish. Every choice he made was the right one. The crew was...
  27. Kenny B.

    Two Weeks and a day its Bushman time on the Intrepid.

    Everything is setting up for a great trip, Gear is packed The Bushman himself has built me a new UC Predator 7'6 that I cant wait to see in person. Looking forward to seeing you all, I'll be driving down from SF on Saturday if anyone wants to plan dinner for Saturday night I'm down.
  28. Kenny B.

    Ken Bush 8 day

    First and most important I would Like to thank Ken and Miles for putting together a great trip, The raffles were over the top. Also the company on the boat was epic. It was great to meet some new friends and see some old ones. We left the bait receiver with a nice load of sardines and mackerel...
  29. Kenny B.

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    Last minute gear arriving everyday. Just opened up the most beautiful wahoo bombs from Capt Jimmy. Went on this trip 5 years ago and met the best group of folks. It's taken 5 years of putting a few business together but now we finally have time. Going solo again and can't wait to see some...
  30. Kenny B.

    Mak 15 SEa

    My lovely bride just surprised me with one. I'm curious if i Should keep it or swap for a 10? Getting Ready for the Ken Bush 8day at the end of September/first of October. My 40 outfit right now is baja special and a 665N. Also hx 2speed and 2 penn 16s 2 speed that visited Cal. Also a 870n and...
  31. Kenny B.

    Very Late Report 10/28 Dharma And A boys first Tuna

    Was down in Sayulita with the family and wanted to get on the water to let my 4year old get his first tuna. Fished with Daniel and Soleen on their panga(Sayulita) and fishing was tough but they made sure Oliver got his fish.! Bonita it was and he got 2. And they let him run the boat for a...
  32. Kenny B.

    Sayulita 10-24-10-29

    Can anyone recommend a captain/ boat to fish with. Our first time there. Thanks in advance. Best, Kenny
  33. Kenny B.

    Intrepid Ken Bush 7day

    What a trip. Ken And Miles put on one hell of a trip. Thank you both for all the effort you put in to it. The crew was great, The food and boat I can't say enough. The fishing was up and down but we got our share. I always say being out there with new and old friends and enjoying the water is...
  34. Kenny B.

    Wahoo Gear

    Final touches for Oct 7day. I don't have much/any Wahoo tackle. So about to order: 4bombs,2sea strike 33,2yozuri 260mm in black ninja/tony tiger and 60,90,250 wire and sleeves. Will I need some/all of this? Thanks for your help, just want to be ready for what ever happens. BEST, Kenny
  35. Kenny B.

    Do I need to fuel the economy?

    Leaving On the Intrepid in 23 days(7day). But who's counting. Here's the list: 700MH w/ Accurate 870N(40lb) 700H w/ Accurate 665(50lb) 700xh w/ Penn 16s (went to Cals for Service)(60lb) 6465 w/ penn16s (went to Cals for Service)(60lb) 6470XXH w/ TLD 30 (NIB, WANT TO SELL AND REPLACE)(80lb)...
  36. Kenny B.

    Looking for a Tib Frame for Penn 30

    Can't seem to find one for sale. Anyone know of who has these? Sent a email to Tiburon, waiting for a reply. Picked up an old 30 that has got a two speed conversion and want to beef it up a bit. Thanks for the help. Best, Kenny
  37. Kenny B.

    Penn 50VSX or Accurate BX2 50

    6460XXH needs a friend, Looking at both of these. Any thoughts? I was looking at the BX2 30n in classifieds. Thought that would be light?10 day trips are my limit right know till the kids get older. Thanks for your thoughts.
  38. Kenny B.

    Name removal

    Its not a big deal, But is there a easy way to remove a name from a rod? Thanks in advance.
  39. Kenny B.

    To upgrade or not to upgrade?

    Just putting everything together for my trips this year.(one 7 & 8 Day).I have a NIB TLD 30 that I got as a gift. Should I go with a willfish/Tib frame or sell it and go with something else. I was going to put it on a Calstar 6460 XXH just because that is my heaviest rod. I have two penn 16s...
  40. Kenny B.

    Anyway to tell what kind of blank this is?

    Boat broker friend of mine got a set of matching rods from a client . He sent this one my way. It's 5'6 with seven guides. Thanks in advance. Best, Kenny
  41. Kenny B.

    Need Some Rods

    Putting it all together for the Ken Bush 7day in October on the Intrepid. I need Rods for Accurate 665N,Penn 16s (x2) that have been upgraded by Cal, Newell 322 and Newell 338P and last a YTS. Let me know if anyone has somthing they want to get rid of.Kind of stuck on Calstar but i'm open. I'm...
  42. Kenny B.

    Not as I planned

    Got my Calender worked out and Called Carol at the Intrepid office today to book the Newell/Seaguar 8 day _ _ _ _ SOLD OUT! Got on stand-by. What do you think of the two 6 and one 7 day's that follow that trip(they all have room). I was hoping for the eight. Carol said it's a tight group and...
  43. Kenny B.

    Never Crossed my Mind?

    Just got my new GF700MH that Bill from Saltydawg wrapped for me(came out great). Only problem is that the new 870N that I was going to put on it won't fit the reel seat. The reel clamp bolts are to narrow. Am I missing something? It won't fit most of my rods, custom or factory wrapped. Thanks...
  44. Kenny B.

    What need's Spectra

    I tried to search for this but could not find what I was looking for. Thinking of taking a 8day in early June or mid July. Would you put Spectra on the following: Newell 338 X 2 YTS Avet SX mc Avex LX Accurate 870N (new has not been spooled yet) I have always fished mono to Fluorocarbon, but I...
  45. Kenny B.

    Calstar 875H

    I was thinking of pairing the still homeless 870N on the 875H. Any thoughts on this rod?
  46. Kenny B.


    Was lucky to get in on the great deal that Charkbait was having. Picked up a 870N now the question is what rod to pair it with. I was thinking of the 700MH? Any thoughts?
  47. Kenny B.

    Will Fish Frame?

    Can't seem to find where to get a Will Fish topless frame for my TLD 30. Got the reel as a gift from "POPS", So I want to keep it just want it to be stronger. I know thier better 2speeds out there, But Dad did not buy one of those.... Best, Kenny
  48. Kenny B.

    Best rod for YTS.

    What do you think the best Calstar is for a YTS (penn 4/0 with Tib narrow kit, yoke and gears)? Doing a five day in August, the boats have opinions, whats yours.