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    Baja Info for Travel

    Where is Turtle Bay???
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    Rafa Cuevas one of the best. He's in Facebook.
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    Need 2 pangas BOLA

    Try Rafa's fishing pangas, he's on Face Book.
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    Zooboys Family Trip 06.6-13

    First time I heard of the Rumurosa entry gate, good report will try it next time.
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    Anyone w la bay report

    Will be in BOLA on June 9. Yellows are getting are hot!! Save some for us!! Is Gas and diesel available? How much a gallon (diesel).
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    Excellent! planing a trip to Asuncion. Any good pangero recommendations?

    Excellent! planing a trip to Asuncion. Any good pangero recommendations?
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    Please report on the fishing action, it seems that the Yellows are coming in early, its a good...

    Please report on the fishing action, it seems that the Yellows are coming in early, its a good sign. Enjoy your trip, it's always beautiful in BOLA.
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    Try Rafa Cuevas or his son Juan, excellent Captains. You'll have fun bring lots of beer and sun...

    Try Rafa Cuevas or his son Juan, excellent Captains. You'll have fun bring lots of beer and sun block, highly recommended.
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    Good report, Loreto Mission is the oldest in the Americas and is beautiful. Glad you got some...

    Good report, Loreto Mission is the oldest in the Americas and is beautiful. Glad you got some Dorado.
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    Guillermos is a dump!!

    Guillermos is a dump!!
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    Valid Drv. Lisc, Valid Passaport, Insr for boat and trailer registration papers for both, Fish'n...

    Valid Drv. Lisc, Valid Passaport, Insr for boat and trailer registration papers for both, Fish'n lisc for everyone using the boat even if you'r not fishing, FMM-tourist permits, TIP- temporary import permit, and don't use Tecate, cops are usually pray on people with boats, use San Isidro or...
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    Hi tail man, are the tires still available? What size are the tires? Thanx for posting.

    Hi tail man, are the tires still available? What size are the tires? Thanx for posting.
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    To eat, how many #'s are missing? To sell need to put a stop to it. Go back and catch some more.

    To eat, how many #'s are missing? To sell need to put a stop to it. Go back and catch some more.
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    Islands 4/5 Nados report

    Thanx for the report. We are also thinking of going to the Coronados, what is the distance from Shelter Island? any idea? Thanx again.
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    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    There are a hotels on the main drag that have secured boat parking. The Villa Vita is a good one and it also has a pool, restaurant and fair prices. Stay away from Gillermos, rooms and beds need lots of repairs and they are very pricy. ( gouchers) As for the Guide I recommend Rafa Cuevas, old...
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    Colt Sniper Leaders

    Can you post a picture, your method seems to be a good one. Thanx
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    Hey I read your post and for your info I have a brand new RCBS Rock Chucker press for sale...

    Hey I read your post and for your info I have a brand new RCBS Rock Chucker press for sale. Never been used. I can also give some tips on reloading. I'm a long range shooter, been loading since 1971 and I'd never had accident or missfired round. Here is my N0. 323 816 1551 cel. Marco S/F
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    15-rod rack. Custom Fab but universal

    Sir you are a Master Craftsman.
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    Crazy nice weather still looking for big carp

    LHC, where is this place? Nice catch!
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    .270 or 7mm Mag?

    .270 with Barns 140 grn works like striking bolt every time. When back home use 130's you'll never go wrong. Easy to shoot. My 2c good luck in your hunt.
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    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    Thank You, I will try them next time.
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    Re-upholstered exterior upholstery

    Excellent work!! master craftsman. Who did the work?
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    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    Thanx for the report. I have never stayed at Cangrejos, are the rooms economical? I'm tired of dealing with Gillermos expensive rooms and bad service. Where abouts is Cangrejos? I would like to try them next. Do they have a place to park a boat? Do you have a phone number? Good road on HWY 3 and...
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    Competition makes better products for all of us, and keeps them affordable. Also new materials make better product.
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    Killer in BoLA Killed

    I had wonder since the time of the murders what was being done to bring the criminals to justice, got my answer. Waste of lives and lots of pain for their families. RIP.
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    Recommendation: Bola Charter November 1-5

    Rafa or his son, can get them in Facebook. They know the good spots. Fished with them since '84
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    Hey Mark if the tires and rims still for sale I can pick them up today. Pls tex me 323 816 1551...

    Hey Mark if the tires and rims still for sale I can pick them up today. Pls tex me 323 816 1551. Thanks Marco...S/F
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    tires and wheels

    Are your tires and rims still for sale? I'm in the LA area and can pick them up with no problem. Thank you Marco...S/F
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    Guia en Bahia de los angeles

    Reporta situacion de camino, revisos de caminos, costo de gasolina y condision de pesca. Gracias y suerte.
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    Guia en Bahia de los angeles

    Rafa Cuevas, quizas el mejor guia en la bahia. Lo pudes encontar en facebook. Rasonalble y competente. Mensioname, Suerte Marco Rojas
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    Need BOLA info, SHARKS?

    I have been fishing in BOLA since 1984 and have not encounter Great Whites, I have hooked Makos and released but I have seen Hammer heads right up to my boat I estimated to be 8-10', they were trailing the scent of fish blood, ( bleeding yellow tail) they stuck around may be a couple of minutes...
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    BOLA June 28,29,30

    Rafa Cuevas most economical.
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    Bahia De LA July 10-13

    Rafael Cuevas, best in the business, try them in face book. HOTEL Las Hamacas, clean with air Cond.
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    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    Good report. How far is the 5 paved? is the road good for a boat? Thanx
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    Towing a boat to la bay

    Mexico and the USA agreed to open the border July 21st. and also for vacationers including boats to go fishing. Should wait and see. Our fishing trip has been postponed 2 times but plan to go on Aug 14th with our boat to BOLA. Dorado should be running by then we should see.
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    Bait tank troubleshooting

    Thanks I need that info. Have the same problem will try your suggestions.
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    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    try Louisa Barros.
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    Where to find an aluminum plate?

    You can look up McMaster Carr, they carry just about anything you need. Maybe even cut to size. They will ship.
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    Scabbler jig?

    This was the very first jig I used in salt water. Mine was white and red. I caught a 2lb Bonito off the San Pedro jetty and I was hooked on fishing. I don't see them around any more, they were good then.
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    headed to bola tomorrow

    Have a good trip. I fished in November on Thanksgiving of '84. We fished in the bay to the south (la mona) and caught lots of Sierra mackerel and some cabrilla, yellows were scarse but they are there. have a good trip eat well and of course have a Pacifico beer.
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    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    .270 with 130 grn. or 140grn. for deer, 150 for pigs and Elk. Effective range to 450yds, less recoil and ammo is available everywhere. .308 good choice with 165 grn for deer, 180 for pigs and elk. The 270 shoots flatter and less recoil. My 2c
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    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    Here you go you fucking hater, some of us gave blood for this country, I'm proud to be an American by choice unlike those like you resting in your hate and bigotry that will never will leave your entrails and will pass it on to your offspring, you must be very proud of your vile past and future...
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    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    I don't know why are you still going there since you hate it so much, stay home and enjoy your Bud, leave Mexico to those of us who really enjoy it.
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    Bay of LA fishing report for Nov?

    bonita? how about bonito.
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    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    A bit of history, in 1984 I counted 4 gas stations from BOLA to Ensenada, last year I counted 33, and every single one had gasoline and diesel and yes all diesel is low sulfur since is imported from the good old USA. To be safe and trouble free leave your cans home you can find fuel all along...
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    My condolences to Fernando at daggetts sportfishing

    Mi primera parada siempre fue a los tacos de pescado con La China y siempre los mas sabrosos. La bamos a extranar. Mis sinceros pesames. Our first stop was always the fish taco stand with China and always delicious. We will miss her. My sincere condolonces. Lo siento Fernado...
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    Gonzaga bay

    Oh ok, Bahia Gozaga, Thanx.
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    Gonzaga bay

    Gonzaga bay in northen Ca.?
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Enjoy the magical place, and have a great timme.
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    First trip BOLA

    Great first trip. Rafa was the first guide that took me fishing in BOLA way back in '84. He was just starting his guide service, he borrowed an aluminum boat to take me and my family out and like they say the rest is history. Been going back every year since then. Thanx for the report.
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    Mexican fishing license

    From where did you file?
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    Road Trip to BOLA

    Bola is a magical place and you are so close to it. Try driving from the LA area (from 1AM to 3PM). But I keep going back every year, just love that place and their people. Go Back next month and catch some rooster fish (pez gallo), you'll love it. Thanx for the report.
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    BOLA 8-8-19 to 8-11-19 Chili Pads for All! (many photos)

    Excellent report and good fishing. How much for the panga and whats the gas price per gallon. very good Video miss this place, health issues but maybe next year.
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    Deformed BFT

    Nuclear Powered
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    Deformed BFT

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    Custom starboard

    Sir, you are a master craftsman!!
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    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Excellent report, and I think you ment (quesadillas) instead of casa dias, anyway I know what you ment. Good fishing!!!
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    Mexican money

    Beating an ollllld horse to death. One peso means not much now days. Pay with dollars and get the best rate period, move on and lets talk fishing.......
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    Mexican money

    your bank
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    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Thanks for the update. Be there in late June.
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    DIY hardtop build

    very nice work. Are you going to seal the mold before you lay the cloth? Never done this kind of work and is fascinating to see your progress. Well done
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    I need help on LA Bay aka Bahia De Los Angeles Panga Captains/Pangaeros/Skippers

    Rafa Cuevas----011 52 200 124 9112 one of the best.
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    can you get away with straight mono

    I like mono when casting, it glides much easier no use for fluoro.
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    BOLA beginning of June

    Don't forget to report back on road conditions,gasoline (gas and diesel) availability and prices and of course the fishing action with pic's. Thanx Marco-S/F
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    BOLA beginning of June

    Call Casa Diaz about 6:00 PM and tell them you are looking for Rafa or Juan Cuevas tell them you will call back at 6:30 and they will get him the message. Call them back and he will be there waiting- he's very punctual. Speaks Ingles and very good guide if he's booked than make reservations...
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Bonito is usually good when cooked seviche style (white meat only), or cook it machaca style. I keep Bonito in the boat to feed seals away from the hooked fish, it works so far, otherwise I keep Bonito if there is no other game in town.
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Are you talking about Jack Crevalle? Correct me if I'm wrong I don't think we have amberkjack is Baja waters. As for the Jack Crevalle (aka toro) not very good to eat, very strong flavor and dark meat. Trigger fish is very good! As for the ice cubes mentioned above don't know about throwing...
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    Social fish the carp.
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    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    Hunted rabbits,coyotes,javalina,deer elk and pigs, never lost one. 270 Win. is the ticket.
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    Bahia de Los Angeles Captian

    When you get there you can go around and ask for Rafael Cuevas (aka Rafa), been fishing with him since '84 and been satisfied with his services, he lives in the last house on the hill back of the cemetery. Every one knows him, and he's one of the best and economical. Call casa Dias in the AM...
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    Bahia de Los Angeles Road (Northbound)

    Will be there June 13th thru 23rd. My boat name is Pajaro, call at chan 16.
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    Bahia de Los Angeles Road (Northbound)

    Very good! still affordable, thanx for the report can't hardly wait for Bola in June.
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    Bahia de Los Angeles Road (Northbound)

    Excellent report on the road conditions. Any reports on fuel prices? Thank You S/F--Marco
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    Ever broke you femur?

    Eight to ten weeks you will be normal and back to work. I had a shattered left femur by an AK47, spent eight months in body cast, twelve months in hospital, and good to go. Get better S/F
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    Looking for BOLA report

    Rafa Cuevas, one of the best. Been fishing with him since '84 never dissapointed. good luck and enjoy. Lets us know how much is the gasoline and diesel per gallon. Thanx, Marco S/F
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    Bahia de los Angeles 06.04-06.12

    FNG's...teach them the ropes and have a great time...
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    Murder in Bay of LA

    how about Totuaba!!
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    If you don't believe him, do your own testing to verify the results and please share. Marco...S/F
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    Increased crime in Baja?

    Don't forget even if you have an empty casing in your car, they assumed that you have a weapon, just saying.
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    MCRD Boat ramp reopens

    How do you get access to it, and do you know the requirements. Thanx for the info.
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    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    She will have a blast.
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    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    Local shooting range. Join a junior shooting club, they normally provide shooting instructors, rifles, shooting coats and safety programs. He will meet other shooters of same age group. He will become a better shooter. Marco...S/F
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    stolen 2015 Boston Whaler Montauk

    Like I said ignorant people without facts. Don't start with your BS. I'm a member of an Elite Unit USMC class of 66-67 and will stay firm on the believe of being right when needed.
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    stolen 2015 Boston Whaler Montauk

    Yup the illegals did it! like everything else that happens in Ca. Bunch of ignorant people without no facts.
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    Merry Merry Christmas! To all of you. Tight lines and release the little ones.
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    How to breakdown a tuna

    Best video for cleaning tuna, excelente amigo! Thank you for sharing...
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    Game pics

    excellent choice...
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    Game pics

    What caliber did you used?
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    what's normal to expect in BOLA for the week of thanksgiving?

    I bit windy. Just have fun and make the most of it. S/F
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    hunting urban coyotes

    The Dept of fish and game will provide you with traps. Wash them very good as their keen smell will sense trouble. A challenge to trap them if you do consider your self a mountain man... Good luck S/F
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    Just back from BOLA

    Good report. It seems that they are putting some effort on this part of the road. This will bring more travel to BOLA. Will be there in June. We will see then.
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    Bola or Santo Tomas help

    Bola is the place. Costa del sol Hotel, clean and economical. Big boat ramp. A couple of restaurants and plenty of gas and diesel. Get your self a guide the first time to take you out on your boat. (Rafa Cuevas ) one of the best, he knows where the fish are. Use 60# line or heavier. Drive slow...
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    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    Why wait until the 12th, do it now like I have. No nfl for me. Semper Fidelis
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    Relocating to Texas?

    Family, first.
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    Now that the Chargers have moved. Are you hate watching?

    College football, if they go the NFL route, out they go!!
  96. F


    I watched college football the other day and I like it. Goodby NfL...
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    Where is turtle bay or is it Bahia Tortugas?? Any gps points?
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    Tuna abnormality? Anyone ever see something like this?

    I will never eat raw fish!!! Not very appetizing.
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    By watching it you support it!!!
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    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    Your opportunity to do something worthwhile and you throw it away, What a Country....
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    Road to Bola pass Catavina?

    Thanx for the response. If I venture down south I will report. Thanks
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    Road to Bola pass Catavina?

    Any reports on the road to Bola? Is the road fixed from Catavina to cruzero? How's the fishing and fuel supplies? Any info will be appreciated brother BD's. How about Asuncion? is it worth the trip? Thank You Fish Sniper
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    Ensenada 6/27

    Make sure you do a ten second stop on all stop signs do not go fast and do not bribe the police on motorcycles they are bad, always looking for the smallest infractions otherwise the crossing is faster.
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    NEW reels coming out

    How about getting a second job, more rewarding and no jail time...
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    Current BOLA Bite

    The last time I bought diesel in late June was $17.6 pesos per liter you can figure it from here? Plenty of worries No more Gillermos for us...
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    Documentation checklist for Baja trip...

    Amodium D, just in case...
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    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Crab Cooker in Balboa peninsula So Cal, best clamp chowder ever and scallops...
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    bola - memorial weekend

    Good report, when you mention the island you talking about Smith island or Angel de La Guarda.... Thank You, be there late June...
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    Ai guey!!
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    How about CHAPALA!!
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    Bola roll call for this summer

    Hey Dereck, good choice of dates. I've been trying to get a hold of Igor without any success do you mind giving me his phone number. I'm planning to be in BOLA late in June. Thanx in advance brother BDecker... Marco Rojas...S/F
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    Moving from Newport OR to Eureka, Ca.....What to expect?

    Sorry to tell you, expect high taxes on everything!!!
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    WTB, Boat hand rails (1" dia) x 36"lg

    Looking to see if anyone has some hand rails for a boat, stainless stl. 1" dia and 30" to 36" long, 4"high. I'm in a short budget this year but need to have them. The rails will make it safer to hang on rough weather.
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    Try Dans propellers...
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    Baja Trailer Trip Tips

    Stay thirsty my friend...
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    Baja Trailer Trip Tips

    Day one is driving and kicking back drinking Pacifico beer and eating a good dinner at los Jardines restaurant and taking the sunset. Fish hard on Sat and repeat the Pacificos... get-up early and head for the border...done it many many 2 cents....
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    Baja Trailer Trip Tips

    Fish lic, passports, TIP docs,insr and FMM docs. Make sure your trailer is in good shape and of course your boat. Leave early on Frid and fish Sat. Head for San Quintin, roads are in good shape but drive slow (55/60) max. Brand new wide boat launch ramp. Stay at los Jardines Hotel and eat at...
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    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    Be careful what you eat, Garibaldi is the Ca. State Fish. Just saying...
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    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    Four pound Bonito from the San Pedro jetty with a jig... Yellow Tail down south in Bola... Yellow Tail in fish tacos Ensenada style... Oysters (Blue Point) on the half shell....
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    Yellowtail for Christmas in Bahia Asuncion

    How big were the Bonito? I like them in ceviche...
  121. F

    X-Ray at the TJ border

    Aduna= customs, chilangos= people from Mexico city...
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    headed to bola in June

    Get Insr, FMM, Fish Lisc. Tip and passports, no exceptions. They are checking for lisc and fish limits. Thay are also charging a fee to use the boat ramp. Battery booster with small compressor, take extra key for truck and boat, extra marine radio hand held if you have one. extra boat plug...
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    Bola question

    Rafael Cuevas (Rafa) home grown guide knows the area better then most. Enjoy!!
  124. F


    Happy BD devil and for ever. Once I walked among Kings (my VN jarheads)...oorah
  125. F

    Spotting scope wanted

    95% of long range shooters use the Kowa spotting scope. Check on them, a bit expensive but worth it...
  126. F


    I think they should sink them including the American boats that brake the Mexican laws, what do you think??
  127. F

    Turtle Bay Fuel

    where is turtle bay??? can't find it in the map.
  128. F

    The New Avet G2 Series

    BOLA Special
  129. F


    Hey Jimmy excellent catch, was the green fish a parrot fish? Good report!! Gracias amigo!! Salud, Amor y pesetas y tiempo para disfrutarlo.... Old Spanish proverb... Health, Love and money and time to enjoy them...Amen..
  130. F


    Excellente!! Juan I don't see your side kick (Rosarito Jim) used him for bait?...LOL
  131. F

    Is towing an 18' aluminum to LA bay on 13" wheels a bad idea?

    Two spare tires, bearings and seals and of course plenty of grease. Don't get over confident on the road keep it slow and safe, 55 to 60 max. Extra careful after Catavina...Buena Suerte amigo!! and report back...
  132. F

    San Diego to LA Bay with a stop off in SQ

    Very good report...and yes the road south of Catavina is as bad as it gets, slow down to 50mph and you will be ok. Enjoy BOLA is not going to last like this for ever. Great report!!
  133. F

    AR 15 build

    White Oak, competition shooters most reliable source. they will backup their product.
  134. F


    Plenty of bait by the lighthouse, bring Sabikies...
  135. F

    Japanese in the Sea of Cortez?

    Boy you really hurt me, I'm packing up and moving to Canada...naaah
  136. F

    Japanese in the Sea of Cortez?

    You are sooo right, I can't tell between bigots and racist even when they are drunk...
  137. F

    Bola diesel

    Top It off in San Isidro, you can make it to San Quinting with no Problem. I counted 32 Pemex gas stations on the way. In 1984 there were only 3 from Ensenada to Bola. No worries for Gas now. Bola has plenty, but gas up as soon as you get there. Enjoy your trip and take some small gifts for your...
  138. F


    Gracias Juan for your report and as always to the point and refreshing. Great catch and variety. How is the road? We will be there on June 21 for a week. We met you and Rosarito Jim at los Jardines hotel and we had a beer togheter. See ya Marco
  139. F

    Ensenada Yellowtail

    I like to try this in Ensenada. Where did you get the bait? I never been able to get some... Good fishing
  140. F

    What chum, if any, for attracting mackerel for bait?

    I was in BOLA last year and used a flat (oval) can of sardines. Made holes with screw driver (1/4-5/16) on one half of the can, squeeze and wade the can, this will keep them around...never tried rice but it should work.
  141. F

    Moble Etec Mechanic Needed

    I have an oldie and would like to see how is done. Can you please take some pics an a write a few tips...Thanx
  142. F

    10 year olds 1st YT

    Best time of your life enjoy...
  143. F

    Friendly Trailer Reminder

    I'm so glad you are fine and not hurt. Imagined this happening going to BOLA. How did it fail, you said you had just greased them the day before...uhm something else you forgot, maybe over torqued...just saying, glad you are ok...
  144. F

    Where would you have your outboard painted?

    I think you sound motivated enough to do a very good job... would like to see you do it and post the process with pics. Good project for off season...Good luck!!
  145. F

    Beautiful 60-pound amberjack on PENN Clash 6000

    Terrific, phenomenal, outstanding!!!
  146. F

    Deer gun suggestion

    Listen to the old man 270Win Amen!!!!
  147. F

    Atoll de la Surprise, New Caledonia December 2015

    Great pic's....Thanx for the report..
  148. F

    Xmas Boat

    We can all dream a little....
  149. F

    Xmas Boat

    We can all dream a little....
  150. F

    New Ethanol Rules could be a real problem for Boaters!

    OK I get it vote **********... I am....
  151. F

    New Ethanol Rules could be a real problem for Boaters!

    What's going to happen in 11/2016?? Are all the outboard engines going to diesel?? Time to buy new engines???
  152. F

    Montana Elk-2015

    excellent choice!!!
  153. F

    Montana Elk-2015

    What caliber did you use??? Nice elk. Got my elk with a .270 and 130 grn hand load.
  154. F

    How Should I Fish Krocs?

    They called it Black Syphilis in Viet Nam. you catch it you were done....period.
  155. F

    Cast Aluminum vs Machined Aluminum Frames

    One advantage of machined alum is that is not porus and ca be treated with various chemicals to minimize corrosion and surface scratches, as cast alum, there is two types one is a sand cast and the other in a die cast. Both need machining after. The die cast will give you a better finish but not...
  156. F

    Cast Aluminum vs Machined Aluminum Frames

    One advantage of machined alum is that is not porus and ca be treated with various chemicals to minimize corrosion and surface scratches, as cast alum, there is two types one is a sand cast and the other in a die cast. Both need machining after. The die cast will give you a better finish but not...
  157. F

    Offshore .............Don't be a Dick....

    Major League fishing boat!!!! Thanx for the report....
  158. F

    boat cover wanted..

    Hey Tony can you post picture of boat with cover? would like to see it. Thanx
  159. F

    boat cover wanted..

    Hey Tony can you post picture of boat with cover? would like to see it. Thanx
  160. F

    WTB Long Rods

    I have a Calstar 10 ft . Used once and put away, interested. Pm me, I'm going on a trip today will get back on Mon.
  161. F

    Road from Gonzaga

    Thanx for the report. How far into meeting with Hwy 1 is going to be? Is it good enough to take boats down, can you see in they are making berms for safety? Any Gas Stations on the way? This would be good to take and explore new fishing holes. Good report Thanx.... Marco...Fish Sniper....S/F
  162. F

    HOWE HIGH IS THE WATER JIMMy,its 5 foot high and rising,SQ.

    Hi Rosarito Jim and Cap. Juan, met you guys on Frid evening at Los Jardines (nice place to stay) it was a pleasure to meet you both. Had a great time fishing in SQ not as good as you guys but still great. We scored with a 26# and 3 other not as big, and of course a variety of other fish. Did not...
  163. F

    Roofing Contractor?

    What ever happened to fish reports??? really???
  164. F


    What a great place to visit. We will try our luck this weekend. Thanx for the report. See you in he water.... Marco....S/F...
  165. F

    3rd BOLA trip in 2015. Day 1 of Catching!

    Thanx, will try that next time in BOLA....
  166. F

    3rd BOLA trip in 2015. Day 1 of Catching!

    Glad you made it home safe and happy. I have fished Bola Many times but do not know exactly where the 7 mile bank is, do you have GPS numbers? once again glad your safe and home, Thanx for the report.... Marco....S/F...
  167. F

    Hey Avo, this Marco from the Boat Pajaro (paharo) going out of DP tomorrow, keep in touch in...

    Hey Avo, this Marco from the Boat Pajaro (paharo) going out of DP tomorrow, keep in touch in what channel?
  168. F

    A few different items

    Daniel, I will take the starter, can I pick it up today?? Thanx... Marco...S/F..
  169. F

    A few different items

    I'm interested in the starter, where are you located?? Marco...S/f..
  170. F

    Engine starter rebuilt?

    Shop recommendation?? Thanx Marco...S/f..
  171. F

    Engine starter rebuilt?

    Evinrued?Johnson 225, easy access to starter, can be done in sea. Ok I will have it rebuilt if its reasonable. Thanx for feedback. Marco...S/F...
  172. F

    Engine starter rebuilt?

    Need some expert advice. Have just replaced a new starter for my boat motor. I was thinking of rebuilding the old one or sent to be rebuilt. Do you think is worth it? New ones go for about $120 to $240. Is it hard to do? and how much experience is needed for this task, any videos available, any...
  173. F

    5.56 ammo question

    Other than reloading, the Black Hills ammo is the best. This ammo is shot at the Camp Perry Nationals and I don't think is $1 each. Check it out. Marco....S/F...
  174. F

    ...what the heck just happened...???

    Well Victor had a blast on your dime, however this is the way I work my Baja fishing trips: I tell my group this, each of us puts $ 200.00 or $300.00 in a kitty. The kitty (manage by one person, usually the older statesman) is used for all the expenses including minor repairs in the trailer...
  175. F

    It's been a while... Bocana anyone?

    Thanx Dereck and Matt, will try it soon as I get the starter replaced will see Thanx again. Marco....S/F..
  176. F

    It's been a while... Bocana anyone?

    I been thinking of going there, do they have a boat ramp, say for a 24'? is it safe to launch there? Hotels restaurants and fuel availability? Any info would be great. Thanx in advance and have a great trip. Marco....S/F..
  177. F

    Amazon Adventure- Vampire Fish and River Monsters

    Phenomenal !!!!! Great report, pics are outstanding, living the dream....
  178. F

    Do you still have the unit available, I will buy it and can pick it up, no mailing necessary. E...

    Do you still have the unit available, I will buy it and can pick it up, no mailing necessary. E mail me at this address [email protected] Thank you Marco....S/F.....
  179. F

    Is the radar base still available? I can pick it today, e mail me at this [email protected]

    Is the radar base still available? I can pick it today, e mail me at this [email protected]
  180. F


    fun to catch, try the ceviche recipe posted on this forum you will like it, just use the white meat.
  181. F

    Bay of LA July 20 & 21 w/Sammy Diaz Panga

    Good choice of pangas, I prefer Rafael Cuevas and his son Juan. Been fishing with them since '84 and always delivered. Thanx for the report. Marco....S/F
  182. F

    Sambit Island, Indonesia July 2015 ( Dogtooth Tuna )

    What brand of camera, or these pics are worked from photo shop. Would like to learn the technique. Awsome pictures and great fishing adventure. Thanx for the report!!!
  183. F

    9' Jig Stick wanted

    sorry don't know any good wrapers.
  184. F

    9' Jig Stick wanted

    Check on Turners, the new California stick, blank made by Phoenix. Good stick for your money.
  185. F

    Turners Californian rods...opinions

    We used them in BOLA, performed very good best rod for your hard earned $$$$.
  186. F

    Mexican Navy boards the Ella Mae 7/8

    Is anyone listening out there, have all your paper work and documents in order, be polite and have a good day fishing. Amen.... Thanx for the report. S/F...
  187. F


    Baya con Dios (Go with God), sorry to hear about your Mom remember the good memories she gave you. Stay strong my friend.....S/F
  188. F

    Mexican visa rumors vs fact

    Once a dick always a DICK!!!
  189. F

    Fucking Dirtbag

    Looks like an alien, check the local farms you can probably find him there. Glad your mom was not hurt.
  190. F

    Mexican visa rumors vs fact

    Stay thirsty my friend and fishless!!
  191. F

    La Paz vs San Quintin

    La Paz, more things to do in your idle time, and more places to eat, great fishing from May thru Sept. Have fun.
  192. F

    It's a small World after all

    Happened to me about seven months ago, the company I worked for replaced me with a masters degree in mechanical Ing. Needles to say the new Ing did not know what a 1/4-20 unc meant. I was in charge of training 2 of them and instead took vacation for a month and decided to retire thereafter. The...
  193. F

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Hey Mark, got my order in yesterday and they are truly a work of art. I will be trying them in Bola in a couple of weekends, I will report on the action. Thanx for a speedy order. Marco....S/F
  194. F

    More bay of la

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Going there the 13th of June for a week. will report when I get back. Radio handle Pajaro (Paharo) channel 16. Staying at Daggets. See ya Marco....S/F
  195. F

    More bay of la

    Is there a new boat ramp? where is it? I would like to use it. Thanx Marco....S/F..
  196. F

    Utah hitting Credit Cards

    Congrats, where are you going to hunt? I was lucky to draw tags for the last two years in the southern area. After hunting for 7 days we only saw one small spike. We put in about 460 miles just on the mountains alone. We did not put in for tags this year. We talked to the local ranchers and...
  197. F

    memorial day

    I sure thank you for remembering our fallen Soldiers on far way shores. But it saddens me that right here in well to do neighborhood no one and I mean no one other than me has display the American flag in honor of our fallen, sad, sad, sad. But I guess they have the right, and that's why we...
  198. F

    Mexico Customs Destroys Fishing Reel

    Yup, stay home please don't go to Mexico and fish, is dangerous there!! The cattle boats are having a great season. Good luck
  199. F

    coyote problem, need some advice

    The rabbit call will work very well. Add a stake of about 18" and tie a white feather or rabbit fur so as to sway with the wind. Take a stand about 30-40 yds in a hide preferably como. Do this early AM in the dark sit and wait,blow the rabbit call for about 10 sec. do not move and have lots of...
  200. F

    Joel's Sportfishing BoLA

    Do you have GPS numbers for the reef south of Isla Angel de la Guarda? Be there mid June. Good report and thanx Marco...S/F
  201. F

    BoLA 5/10-16...Who's Gonna be There?

    Bob,have a great and safe trip. When you get back let us know and give us and up-date in fish'n conditions, gas prices, weather, rod conditions or closures and overall things of importance for a safe trip. We will be there in June 13 thru 19. Thanx. Marco....S/F
  202. F

    Hi Everyone...looking for some BOLA advice

    Make sure you have reservations on hotels, when you get there ask if the air conditioners are working. Go into town and ask for Rafael Cuevas or Juan Cuevas. Probably the best guides in town (my opinion), plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water and beer (2 beers one water ratio). Bring...
  203. F

    Looking For Job

    Turmers Chino.
  204. F

    Nados Sunday, smaller yellas. wind and mex navy

    Hey Corolla thanx for the info, however your post say for VHF and the article is for UHF? are these one of the same?
  205. F

    Rosie the Riveter RIP

    Kardasians (spl)
  206. F

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    Thanx Andy, see you on the water!! Marco....S/F
  207. F

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    How much for the 3 mo. FMM and can you post the link for it . Thanx, good report. Marco....S/F
  208. F

    Road to LA Bay 04.03.2015

    Dan, where abouts? do you have a handle? I can call you if I'm in the area to give you a fishing report or other useful information, like bait, wind conditions, size of fish, fuel etc. etc.. etc.... We are going to head out one of the days to Roca San Bernabe, about 25 miles south (aka Barnaby...
  209. F

    Road to LA Bay 04.03.2015

    Thanx for the report, my son, grandson and friends will be going to BOLA in June. My boat's name is PAJARO. Stop by and say hello. How's the fuel supply? how much for diesel or premium gas?
  210. F

    Road to LA Bay 04.03.2015

    Thanx for the report, my son, grandson and friends will be going to BOLA in June. My boat's name is PAJARO. Stop by and say hello. How's the fuel supply? how much for diesel or premium gas?
  211. F

    Road to LA Bay 04.03.2015

    Thanx for the report, my son, grandson and friends will be going to BOLA in June. My boat's name is PAJARO. Stop by and say hello. How's the fuel supply? how much for diesel or premium gas?
  212. F

    Jesus and a drunk blonde.........

    You are really a piece of work.....
  213. F

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    I wonder in you took the grand kids with you so you could teach them about the outdoors? I'm staying in Ca. nothing better out there. Just saying....
  214. F


    You are right and stand corrected. Jumped the gun on this one...Sorrrryyy......
  215. F

    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    Lots of good suggestions here, but no matter what you guys come up with, star drag will steal the show.
  216. F

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    Excellent catch. What is a floating-dropper loop??? Never heard that term.
  217. F


    Typical stupid comments!! now their laws are crap. Stay home and thirsty.
  218. F

    $25 - Frigidaire Upright Freezer - Works Great!

    Thank you for helpings Americas finest.
  219. F

    Barnes Copper Bullet FAIL

    Overgun for pigs. The 270 has never fail for jacks,deer, elk and including pigs for over 90 years with 130 grn , try it you like it.
  220. F

    Time Lapsed Canoe Building

    Great job brown trout, is this the canoe from Popular Mechanics circa late 60's? the one I remember also had a small platform on the back for mounting a small motor. The building plans also had optional lengths 13',15' and 17'. I wanted to build one but did not then and now have the equipment...
  221. F

    Melting lead

    1st, make sure you this outside away from any flammable items; like brush, old gas cans etc. Wear heavy gloves, a face shield ( in case of and explosion), wear boots not tennis shoes, and apron will help a bunch. Make sure the lead is fully melted, if its not you will have problems in pouring...
  222. F

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Please don't spread the word about great fishing in Baja. Just tell everyone to stay home and go fishing in a cattle boat. Enough said... you know where I'm going????
  223. F

    Stop raining!!!!

    Can't have it your way all the time, this is only temporary. We, you and I need the water. All in good time....
  224. F

    Heavy Duty Sabiki

    Any pictures? I would like to make my own. Thanx
  225. F

    Learn from my mistake - check your wheel bearings -it's probably been longer than you think

    Just imagine happening in Mejico, Just made it across the US border and a bearing blew-up. I just had time to get to the nearest shopping center parking lot. I made a promise to never again put myself and my family in danger because of a bad bearing. Lesson well learned. Keep the line wet...
  226. F

    Go to San Quinin now!!

    Thank You!
  227. F

    Go to San Quinin now!!

    Great fishing! and excellent report, Thank you!! Hey how much is the diesel fuel now day?
  228. F

    6MM Remington Brass

    Try Bruno's supply in Phoenix, a bit pricey but he's got it.
  229. F

    I tried eating Jack Crevalle....

    While in BOLA last year we caught 6 of them. Gave them away to a Cambodian family and they are asking for more? Maybe they know something we don't. Great fighting fish. All in the 35-40 lb. fight harder then YT.
  230. F

    Getting a new barrel, but which caliber?

    World champions shoot 308 Win, so does National Champs and Marine Snipers. If is good for a 1000 yards it good enough for 200,300 and 600 yards. Ammo is available in all kinds of brands and Mfg's, stay with proven calibers my 2 cents. Marco...S/F
  231. F

    Chum for bait fish in BOLA

    Now that I have the formula how do you apply it? do you crush the dry dog food? how about the wet cat food. Do you open the cans and chum with it or just make holes in the can and suspended in the water? Thanx to all for the tips.
  232. F

    Chum for bait fish in BOLA

    Is the big island Angel de La Guarda, it's a long ways from Bola, water look great. How far is it to the fishing place? Thanx for the tip.
  233. F

    Chum for bait fish in BOLA

    Thanx Ali, will follow suggestion.
  234. F

    Chum for bait fish in BOLA

    Thanx guys, I will try it next time.
  235. F

    Chum for bait fish in BOLA

    Hi All and Merry Xmas to all and of course a fishing New Year. My question is, has anyone chum for bait fish in Bola? and if you have, was it successful and what kind of chum? I saw a fishing program where a capt was using that method here in So. Ca. Any input on this. Thanx. Marco....S/F
  236. F

    Homecoming Halibut

    While in VN I don't remember killing anything for fun, otherwise you will be tried for murder. I take offence to this idiotic remark measure your words buddy.
  237. F

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    Can you please Stay thirsty my friend!!
  238. F

    Best advice you ever got?

    Go forward never look back!!! Attack..,attack.... S/F
  239. F

    Need Boat Trailer

    Pacific trailers in Chino Ca. they have used ones and make to order.
  240. F

    Thankful for Baja

    What a refreshing report from down south, most of the time I hear negatives, bashings or other nonsense stories. I'm sure that the positive always outweighs the negative, as for my self and my family been going to BOLA since 1984 and love and respect their people and their traditions thank you...
  241. F

    Turtule bay fuel

    Got it.
  242. F

    Turtule bay fuel

    Some Pic's would be helpful and have a safe trip.
  243. F

    What ever happend to the top category (whats new)

    I seemed to lost the (what's new category) on top of my selection bar, anyone knows if it was removed? I use to buy stuff from the BD members now I don't know where to find the category, any input?
  244. F

    Turtule bay fuel

    How far rom the border is it, I would like to try taking my boat there. Can you launch there?
  245. F

    Turtule bay fuel

    where is turtule bay, Or is it Tortuga?
  246. F

    Newell Adding drag pressure to Newells

    A little pic will help, I'm interested. Semper Fi....Marine
  247. F

    lobster potting the SMB

    Be respectful and friendly and help them do their job. Remember they will always catch the bad guys and in return you will have more bugs for you.
  248. F

    The End of an Era...

    Sorry to hear about your dad, I know you'll miss him like I miss mine. My sincere condolences.
  249. F

    Portable Air Conditioner

    Excellent you got the name of the devil winds, Santana is correct definition not Santa Ana like most people think.
  250. F

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Once again an idiot without brains.
  251. F

    BOLA Update

    From one BD'r to another thank you for helping these good people, these people are survivers unlike the ones from tv. Once again thanx.
  252. F

    Hey Jim my personal e mail. [email protected]

    Hey Jim my personal e mail. [email protected]
  253. F

    The Picture Becomes Clearer...

    When ever you are in this part of the woods I will take you to my local range and show you the fine methods for 1000 yard shot with a 308 match gun, iron sights and sling.
  254. F

    trade a avet jx

    Have a P229F in great shape, some boat rash. Includes clamp and mounting screws. Call me if interested. 323 816 1551 cell
  255. F

    The Picture Becomes Clearer...

    It's even better with four teachers. Remember, target acquisition, stare at front sight or reticle, breath control and squeeze trigger, do not jerk. ooorah, Semper Fi......
  256. F

    The Picture Becomes Clearer...

    If a Marine showed you how to sight your rifle you are in good hands, ooorahh.
  257. F

    Stainless tubing

    Try McMaster Carr or Tube Sales.
  258. F

    Pacific Bluefin Tuna closure in U.S. waters.............

    Like always bad mouthing Mexico your fishing host, incredible!!!
  259. F

    Fuckin theives!

    Not a very good feeling to get rip-off, a say illegal scum bags from California did it? or maybe the local boys, not a good deal anyway.