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  1. stormwater

    Who is this Billy K guy?

    At least he was nice enough to buy a black boat so everyone who can’t catch fish can find him and fish next to him, which I have been guilty of more than once. Other than that, hard to talk shit on someone just cause he outfishes just about everyone on here and cashed in while of us just sat...
  2. stormwater

    Offshore Nice One on the Popper - 7/7

    Crazy to see that quality with Catalina BEHIND you. Nice work. Sounds like last year but a notch bigger
  3. stormwater

    Offshore 1.5 on the Independence, 5/3-5/22

    Excellent report Jose. Glad you got the skunk off for the season.
  4. stormwater

    Bay / Harbor 2021/22 Lobster Season Recap

    Just a tip for taking the kids at night. I zip tie a couple of glow sticks to the life jacket just in case of anything.
  5. stormwater

    Offshore Lots of non biting local tuna

    The guys up north might want to give Morita a call if those fish stick around. That broom handle looks a bit iffy
  6. stormwater

    BOLA report, 7/22-8/1, eight days fishing

    Awesome report Jóse!! That was such a good read and what an amazing trip!
  7. stormwater

    Offshore bluefin bonanza sat 7/31

    Yea the volume is insane
  8. stormwater

    Hahahah. Now I got it

    Hahahah. Now I got it
  9. stormwater

    Offshore Easter Day North 9

    Serious question. Why the fuck does everyone say back at the house or dock by noon? Don’t you assholes like to fish
  10. stormwater

    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    hahah. You’re the man. Was just playing around. Glad you didn’t take it too seriously. Tight lines amigo
  11. stormwater

    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    I wasn’t talking about the cook 😂
  12. stormwater

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Everingham Bait company should receive an award and letter of appreciation from every angler. What a god damn amazing service they provide. Scoops of live bait 24/7. Without them offshore fishing is gone. Gladly pay for whatever they see fit with a smile on my face and tip money for the poor...
  13. stormwater

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Been stung twice by sculpin, both times working the deck. Depends on how much venom you get but hurts like a motherfucker. Got it on my right hand (I’m right handed) and had to filet twenty limits of rockfish on the way back. Hand was like a balloon. Tried duct taping the knife to my hand cause...
  14. stormwater

    If you have a minute to waste D P 01.17.21

    I didn’t know Ozzie Osborne was a bass fisherman
  15. stormwater

    La Paz to Loreto

    That was sick. Thanks for sharing. Rad adventure
  16. stormwater

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Just looking out man. Otherwise my hats off to you guys. That type of trip is rad and that level dedication is rare. Good stuff
  17. stormwater

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Epic story and that’s great you guys caught a fish but bro.... I can see open flames about three feet from two gas cans. Come on man...
  18. stormwater

    Offshore Tha girls

    So far I only feel bad for some of you and that josh in sd is a fuckin liar hahah
  19. stormwater

    Made lemonade out of lemons

    You need to up your prescription for your glasses bra. Definitely a calico
  20. stormwater

    5-11 first time coronados

    Was anyone checking id for same household at the docks?
  21. stormwater

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    I dread the day the albacore return and the bluefin bail. Might slide into a depression and take up golf. Who wants to catch 20 pound light line tuna when we have super cows right out front. From what I understand the last cycle of big bluefin 100 or so years ago ended in a big resurgence of...
  22. stormwater

    Offshore SCI Night stay

    Of course Catalina gives you that nice warm fuzzy feeling that might be worth the 25 miles or so to get to
  23. stormwater

    Offshore SCI Night stay

    Honestly it depends a lot on the weather as well. There is always an anchorage available at SCI. Not always pyramid which is generally the nicest, but the navy usually allows somewhere on the island to be open for overnights. If not pyramid then white rock or purse seine rock. Or even along the...
  24. stormwater

    PQ got 2 BFT

    Jesus, get a room you two hahaha
  25. stormwater

    Offshore BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    The US quota still has all 356mt to fill, with 0 being reported so far (no surprise in feb). Down from last year but will add some pressure to the early stuff once it’s more concentrated. Last year they did not fill their quota and was still a great year for sportfishing
  26. stormwater

    Offshore I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Wow Ali, that is so rad. Congrats dude. Fish of a lifetime
  27. stormwater

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Hah. That’s what I was wondering.
  28. stormwater

    Offshore Finally found some dodos

    Here is an article regarding what they are, although there is no mention of the applications other than tracking whales. The pic at the beginning shows what they look like underneath.
  29. stormwater

    Offshore Finally found some dodos

    Those surfboards are remote listening devices originally used for whales now used for defense. It was created and tested by a guy on the big island and now being deployed all over as part of a purchase by the military. In Hawaii if you find them they are holding bait and dorado. Cool new toys
  30. stormwater

    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Here is video from the pacific queen I posted last year
  31. stormwater

    Offshore Marlin hook up???

    Man how cool was that. We saw that fish do those two full circles around that boat before they took off and chased after it. Not sure if they landed it but we reset our drift and saw them about 1 mile still slowing following the fish about 30 min later. Pretty rad. Was the third marlin we had...
  32. stormwater

    Not a fish report-Are Cast Nets Legal

    Thanks for the comment and I apologize if I offended you but I’m super frustrated with the way sportfishing is limited under the guise of resource protection and commercial fishing is allowed to essentially cash in. Was fishing Rosa this year, Bechers to be specific, and there was no less than...
  33. stormwater

    Not a fish report-Are Cast Nets Legal

    Cast nets illegal. Huge drift gill nets and purse seining totally fine. Makes sense to me. Wouldn’t want to damage the resources out there.....
  34. stormwater

    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    Delete ASAP if I was you guys. Questionable location why risk it. Especially with background pics like those.
  35. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fail #2 6/12

    Awesome report. Thanks for all the intel. Gonna sit this week out or maybe take the kiddo to Catalina for some fun style fishing instead.
  36. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Haha, yea man totally. Already itching to get back out there.
  37. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Thanks, sorry to hear about it but I’ve seen your posts, you guys kill em. Makes me feel a little better we weren’t the only ones. Thanks for the comment
  38. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Thanks, that’s good to know. I’ll have to stock up. Thanks for the info!
  39. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Twin engines, a bit too offshore to be running one...
  40. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Hahahaha.... without the pump it won’t flush, macerator pump inline
  41. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Hah, no photo, definitely the c and r...
  42. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Let me give you guys some perspective on how bluefin fishing really is. Now before you dive in and tear me to shreds, just realize that I have fished these things for years, consider myself an ok fisherman but by no means an expert on the subject: Departed Thursday night from Oxnard. Go to pick...
  43. stormwater

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    Hahaaaaaa no shit..... that’s funny..... yea he got the attention of the crowd. How’d you guys do?
  44. stormwater

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    No just that one spot between quintin and Ensenada. About a twenty min delay. Not bad at all
  45. stormwater

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    Thanks! It was a long drive but we certainly made the most of that day. Cheers
  46. stormwater

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    Went down to Bahía with some buddies for a day of fishing. Arrived Friday afternoon after a solid 15 hour drive. Roads were all good except for a short delay in santo Tomas for the road work at the top of the hill. Not bad, maybe a twenty minute delay. Got down to town, checked into the hotel...
  47. stormwater

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    100%.... those cattle boats don’t give a shit about stealing fish away from private boats, poaching patties, or anything else. Funny that people riding the cattle boats claim about finding your own fish sitting there with their pole in their hand waiting for the boat to slow down. Now that’s...
  48. stormwater

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    I’m pretty sure you can’t not notice a shark that just inhaled your GoPro. I believe the op and I’m sure there are sharks everywhere you go but that video is suspect as that shark seems to have taken a sample bite of whatever was in the original footage
  49. stormwater

    Becher's report

    That’s fucking horrible. And yea yea I know it’s their livelihood but I don’t care. That bay is fucked with all those nets in there. Saw them last week. And then dfw bitches about sportfishing. Give me a break. What a joke
  50. stormwater

    Offshore Tuesday 4/23 BFT

    Faces of meth, bft style. Did it try smoking the ice in the cooler?
  51. stormwater

    Two tickets for hooping tomorrow free (I know wrong forum)

    Quick update, landing just called and said it’s a no go due to weather?? Is it really blowing that hard offshore down there? Anyway, sorry to anyone who replied....
  52. stormwater

    Two tickets for hooping tomorrow free (I know wrong forum)

    Got two tickets for hooping on the jig strike tomorrow (New Years eve) and I’m not gonna make it. Completely free just don’t want them to go to waste. Pm me and I’ll give you the name on the reservation. First one who asks gets em. And yes I know this is the wrong forum but wanted the most eyes...
  53. stormwater

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    Cool use of data. Thanks for doing that
  54. stormwater

    Inner Harbor Bugs - 11/9

    He’s in his driveway for Christ sake give him a fuckin break.
  55. stormwater

    Dana Point very good

    How were the tournaments this year for you guys? Super slow for us, live biting the whole time for the Los Cabos, the Offshore, and the Black and Blue with a few biters but nothing stuck on the boat “Sneak Attack.” Did the fishing turn on afterwards? I bailed.
  56. stormwater

    Offshore Flyers

    Saw a bunch at cat on the front side while lobster hooping last weekend. Not sure if that will help
  57. stormwater

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    You know honestly I’m not the type to file a claim but a serious injury at sea is no joke. Thought about it but haven’t decided on it yet. Just figured I would give the heads up. Had one actually hit us or the boat perhaps it would be different
  58. stormwater

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Here is captain Gavin throwing jigs at us last Saturday. This was after he almost crashed into us (stopped about fifteen feet from my bow and then ran down to the tank to throw bait)when we were on a spot of yellowfin. Could of reached out and touched the anchor with my rod tip. After we drifted...
  59. stormwater

    Offshore Condom bank or bust!

    Thanks for the report
  60. stormwater

    Offshore SCI on the water report: 9/22/18 3:40p.m.

    Awesome, sorry to hear about the slow conditions but right on for the report. Very rad to get that type of info so timely.
  61. stormwater

    Offshore Did not expect this

    I’m sure you have and I meant no disrespect. But this recent bout of wind has been on the charts for a while before it occurred and so perhaps your outlet for forecasts needs to be adjusted. Safe travels.
  62. stormwater

    Offshore Did not expect this

    Not to sound like a smart ass but you really should be checking the weather more carefully. That wind and associated sea state were not only forecasted but actually occurring at the time of your trip. You should always refer to some of the popular apps (sail flow, windy, etc.) and in my opinion...
  63. stormwater

    Offshore Tuna Redemption continued- 8/27

    Not to blow up his spot but you can see in the video he got some from the same south Florida company that has been supplying lots of local bait shops recently. You can order from them direct online as well. That being said that may be back up bait and they caught some fresh ones but check out...
  64. stormwater

    Offshore 358 miles of skunk

    I would like to preface this report by saying F*ck. Now that’s out of the way here is the short of it. left Dana point early Friday. Headed to sci. Stopped on a few kelps about thirty miles toward the island. Saw a few dorado. Couldn’t get them to go. Oh well. Head to the backside and put the...
  65. stormwater

    Offshore Emergency small craft missing

    Heard that Pon Pon come over the radio last night on our way back to Dana from butterfly. It was really rough. They are very lucky they weren’t there. My buddy and I couldn’t help but fear the worst as it was really sloppy and the description of the vessel and time of night had us pretty bummed...
  66. stormwater

    Offshore Expensive Tuna

    Yea just about. Maybe slightly less but we filled her up (179 gal) and came back under a quarter tank so in the ballpark
  67. stormwater

    Offshore Expensive Tuna

    Left Wednesday, 7/11 around 2am. Flat calm seas, got to the 43 around 445. The fleet was there just about two miles south of the high spot. Metered around but didn’t see much. Didn’t see any of the sporties with fish hanging. Moved south west about two miles and as the sun came up got the gyros...
  68. stormwater

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    I already made my peace with OP, you dudes are right. I’ll post more. I appreciate all the posts on here including yours, it adds to my days off the water and I’ll post more often to contribute. Was just rustling some feathers that’s all. Be safe out there and good luck.
  69. stormwater

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    Hahahahaha. Ok ok. You win. It’s all fun and games here anyways. Those are some solid perch. You win. I have never seen sardines eat anchovies but I haven’t seen a lot of things so fair enough. You say sardine let’s go with sardine.
  70. stormwater

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    If I ever nail a world record skate I’ll be sure to make a post I promise
  71. stormwater

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    Brother read your own article before you post it like that. Sardines are filter feeders, as stated in the article in your response. 12” sardines hammering anchovies are called mackerel. Starting to understand your “bad luck” streak a little better now. Hope you have a great opaleye season at...
  72. stormwater

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    12” sardine eating anchovies :drunk
  73. stormwater

    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    That looks like the most funnest way to fish tuna for sure.....
  74. stormwater

    Offshore Short Report 6/30, 7/4 and Good Popper Bite Video

    Nice video but damn dude those fish are sunburnt to shit. That sucks.... cat food
  75. stormwater

    Offshore Fathers day on the Freedom

    Maybe it’s cause you say like to much. Fish hate that
  76. stormwater

    Yellows at the Islands

    went out last Sunday 5/13. Left the harbor at 2pm. Water warmed up to 61.9 at the spot. Tons of red crab around and huge bird piles picking away at them. Metered around for about twenty minutes and found a big school of mixed yellows and barracuda. Went five for six on the yellows and released...
  77. stormwater

    I am Back......

    Hey Dave, will the site be updated periodically to have more information as the seasons progress? Five bucks is well worth supporting a local legend but I was just curious as to the long term plan for the site. Thanks
  78. stormwater

    Offshore Reds for Christmas!

    And by reds you mean a red and a salmon grouper
  79. stormwater

    Offshore New Lo An 11/18: Bluefin Tuna Trip of a Lifetime. GO NOW!!!!!!

    Sweet baby Jesus praise the lord. I heard the bluegill bite is going off in flagstaff. Coulda stayed and got a hot local bite. Oh well.
  80. stormwater

    Offshore Tuna on a dinghy

    It's funny to see someone brag about using a dinghy. Sunburned tuna and the ability to fish five days a year doesn't seem too rad. I guess the upside is that we won't see you the other 300 days out there. Keep it up and one day you will figure out why a little respect for the ocean goes a long...
  81. stormwater

    Hoop netting SCI

    Definitely no expert but last time I was out there, about a week ago, the commercial guys were setting their traps way closer than 300 yds. I think as long as your obeying the zone closures you can hoop wherever despite the technical 300 yd rule
  82. stormwater

    Offshore Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    Heard you on the radio reporting the big bonito. Super slow out there this weekend. Better luck next time
  83. stormwater

    Offshore Top Gun 80 Aug 12-16 Weather

    Weather looks really really good for that window
  84. stormwater

    WFO cbass

    Santa Rosa, front side, brockaway point. Cookie cutters and a ton of squid. Don't waste your time with photo shop
  85. stormwater

    Cow fishing this Saturday on our 52' Hatteras, few spots available

    Are you guys still running this weekend? If so I would be very stoked to join. Thanks, -Dave
  86. stormwater

    Channel Islands Saturday March 19

    Fished the islands Saturday for easy limits. Took the twenty one footer across at 630am Saturday morning. Started in about 60ft of water. Wide open sheephead up to 20lbs. Ended up with our limit of goats early and released another 10 at least up to 15lbs. Got our bag limit of mixed rockfish and...
  87. stormwater

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    I don't mean to be a hater cause that was a great achievement but saying 2.5 miles out is way WAY overdoing it. I know where you were and that spot was half mile (and that's generous) from the beach....
  88. stormwater

    Seabass Tomorrow 6/16? I'll pay Gas

    Well since that's a no go how about the 18th?
  89. stormwater

    Seabass Tomorrow 6/16? I'll pay Gas

    Anyone have a boat and want to fish tomorrow leaving from Oxnard/ventura early. I'll pay gas, clean fish, help out. Was a deckhand at one point. Want to get into some of this bite. 32yrs old and know how to fish. Let me know. Thanks
  90. stormwater

    Venice Canals fishing

    There are actually a lot of fish in those canals. Not the nicest or cleanest spot to fish but I have seen a lot of people fish them and seen them catch spotted bay bass to 14", sand bass, and occasionally halibut, even a couple of legal size ones. The canals closest to the ocean/marina seem to...
  91. stormwater

    3 Halibut for the Pot of Gold gopro 2 cams

    Right on, thanks. Nice fish!
  92. stormwater

    Garden Variety Bug?

    go back to fire fightin hansen
  93. stormwater

    over limit rockfish?

    Hah, yea, over limit for sure by twenty fish.... oops
  94. stormwater

    Offshore Surprise Surprise... Limits of YT and YFT aboard the CONDOR!!! 10/15

    Thanks to the Condor crew, you guys are the best in the business, not a single thing spared on any effort, just all out for the anglers. Thanks again, great time, great fishing, great boat. If you havent been out in a week or two now is the time, fish on. thanks, Spyder
  95. stormwater

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    Go get em, was on the friday through sunday trip and that was insane....anything you could get in the water was insto yt and yf fishing in years, freezers are FULLLLL
  96. stormwater


    Word is there is a hot bite in 1.5 range. The producer is lined up to go tonight but they dont have enough reso's so call and get on the trip so we can go get em, thanks
  97. stormwater

    One looking to fish sat night/sun tuna grounds

    Hello, Party boats are all filled up and I have an overnight pass from the wifey to do some fishing. Fished all my life (all 29 years) and would be more than willing to split costs (fuel, food, bait) and do the fish cleaning and boat work. Let me know, thanks David:hali_olutta:
  98. stormwater

    Halibut Drifting SB Coast

    Hey, going to go drift some live bait for Halibut around the SB harbor area (goleta, naples, or south to sharks cove or cemetary area) and was wondering if anyone has some numbers for a good drift(s) in the area. Much appreciated for any help, thanks in advance:hali_olutta:
  99. stormwater

    Anacapa with Brother Felix!!!

    hahah, nice, good eye, might want to crop the photo a tad
  100. stormwater

    yakin malibu?

    Malibu sucks dont go there, white sharks everywhere, and you WILL get flat tires in the parking lot
  101. stormwater

    Yellowtail report

    what up Spiegel
  102. stormwater

    Bug hunting anyone?

    Hey Brant, My name is Dave and I live in SB. I am 28 and own my own company so I can usually swing a day off during the week. I love to surf and fish and spearfish/bug dive anytime that I can and would gladly throw in for my share of gas seeing as how I dont have a boat. Let me know or...
  103. stormwater

    Want to go Tuna Fishing this weekend, will throw down for gas

    Whats up everyone. I am looking to go fish this weekend for Tuna leaving from anywhere in Southern California this weekend, hopefully saturday, that needs an extra hand. I have fished my whole life, worked on a few sport boats and fished the bisbee's, black and blue, etc. marlin tournaments...
  104. stormwater

    Looking for Tuna Report Channel Islands area

    We are heading out Friday night from CIH and trying to get some numbers or reports on any luck with Tuna or Yellows, wondering if anyone made it out despite the winds this last weekend that could help us out. Otherwise we are going to be SOL and end up rockfishing ...zzzzzz.... thanks