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  1. GuyRat

    MAG Bay / Ridge Questions.

    Looking for some Help on a little adventure Im planning with some friends. We got our hands on an a 23' Mako and are looking at trailering it down to MAG bay for some inshore and offshore fishing. Ive heard the Ridge would be our best chance at some big game Tuna, and inshore would yield...
  2. GuyRat

    Cow Tuna on the Iron?

    Hey Guys, Currently working offshore and Cow Tuna Dreaming. Hurricane Phillipe is kicking our ass but I still got internet. :2gunsfiring_v1: Read an article a little while back (which I cant find now) About guys getting bit on YoYo's with big single hook's. Any truth or experiences with...
  3. GuyRat

    Is this all I need?

    I got on the RR3 Nov 25th - Dec 9th 14 day trip. Im flying home from work the night of thanksgiving, So im trying to get all things straighten out before I get home. Tiagra 50 Spectra (135#) Seeker 2x4 Tiagra 30W Seeker All Roller 6' Stand up Set Up. (100#) TLD 30 80# Cal star 30-80 6.5'...
  4. GuyRat


    Looking for a 2pc Popping Rod, 60-100# or around that. (spinning) OTI Black Hole Ocean Revolution Looking to spend $250-300 SO CAL :hali_olutta:
  5. GuyRat

    Newell 440 P series

    Ive posted before looking for the same reel. Not interested is S series, only P In orange county please I got cash
  6. GuyRat

    Need a Cow Tuna Reel

    Going out on my first 13 day trip come late fall on the RR3 I'm looking for a new Rod and Reel setup seeing how my Tiagra 30w may be a little under gunned!? What do you think about the Avet 50 TRX Quad Price $649? Does it have the same Avet Grind? I think I got the Rod picked out. Looking...
  7. GuyRat

    Accurate Twin Spin 30

    Looking for a ACCURATE TWIN SPIN 30 for a Popping Setup. I have cash and ready to buy. Also Looking for: OTI TUNA SNIPER 60-80# (2pc)
  8. GuyRat

    Avet T-RX 50 (topless)

    Looking for an Avet t-Rx 50 (narrow, topless) I dont mind boat rash, but would like it in good mechanical condition. I dont care much about color and must be a RH retrieve. In or around the So Cal area Thanks
  9. GuyRat

    Newell 440 F

    Looking for a Newell 440 f. Must be in good mechanical condition. Boat rash is alright. Something in or around the So Cal Area New Or Used
  10. GuyRat

    Newell 440..........Want to Buy

    Does anyone have a Newell 440 p series or s? I havent seen one in a while and Im looking to buy I have CASH!
  11. GuyRat

    Shimano Tyrnos 12 (single speed) $100 BNIB

    Recently got this reel and have no need for it. Its brand new in the box never been spooled or even put on a reel clamp. This reel is $175 at Cabelas.
  12. GuyRat

    Avet JX 2 Speed, Avet HX 2 Speed

    Looking to buy some reels! Boat Rash- Oh k Mechanical problems/Bad Drags- Not Ok w/o line - Ok
  13. GuyRat

    New Surfboards, Want to trade for Avet's & Accurate's

    I have been shaping for some time now. No Major luck on getting them in Shops. Shaped in Huntington Beach and Glassed By Jack Sykes. You wont be disappointed. Woven Surfboards. PM for dimensions. Im at work and dont have the boards in front of me. Looking for AVET JX, HXJ, HX, 30w 50w T-rx...