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    Accurate Giveaway!

    Accurate is giving away some reels and other products from AO Coolers information and entry at: Good Luck!
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    Haggard Pirate Seeker Jigstick 25-50

    gettingbentwithbo submitted a new listing: Haggard Pirate Seeker Jigstick 25-50 - Haggard Pirate Seeker Jigstick 25-50 Learn more about this listing...
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    How to adjust the TERN2 cast control mechanism

    All that is needed is a T6 torx screwdriver to add or remove the cast control weights in the all new Tern2. See the video below.
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    Accurate is giving away a Tern2???

    Accurate is giving away a brand new Tern2 on their website at
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    Winter Yellows?

    Anyone actively on the hunt for wintertime yellows? Would love to join you if you have room.
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    Giant 18' Bluefin Tuna Spotted 1mile deep

    Don't have much information about this but saw this video of a reported 18' Bluefin tuna spotted off an oil rig camera 1mile deep off the Gulf of Mexico.
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    Anyone need a lobster buddy?

    Looking to get in on some lobster fishing this season. Anyone out there usually go solo that would enjoy an extra set of arms? Or have room for a +1? Drop me a message if so I usually fish in the Long Beach/OC area, but willing to go wherever you are in Southern California.
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    Is it just me or...?

    Are the used boat prices ridiculous right now? I am seeing boats that would go for $7500 a couple of years ago asking price is $22k. WTF OVER?
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    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    La Paz has always been a destination that I have wanted to go. Chances are it's not going to happen any time soon unless the family can go with me. Is this a place that I could feel comfortable taking my wife and young boys?
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    Will it get bit?

    I went to pick up a Nomad slidekick and all they had was the banana color. Naturally, I bought it even though we don't have anything in our waters that resembles this color and after a few beers, I got creative. How did I do? Do you think it will get bit? Stock Slidekick: After a few beers...
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    Any trips with availability this weekend?

    Anyone have any charters or open spots this weekend 8.14/8.15?
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    Best wood for smoking tuna?

    I want to try smoking some bluefin, whats the goto for smoking fish tuna specifically?
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    Jigging Contest

    Just wanted to share Accurate is having a big giveaway on their site with Johnny Jigs. Slow pitch reels, jigs, apparel.. more info is on their website
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    Shimano Torium 20hg - $200

    gettingbentwithbo submitted a new listing: Shimano Torium 20hg - $200 - Shimano Torium 20hg - $200 Learn more about this listing...
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    Opsin flouro?

    Anyone tried out Opsin flouro yet? Was wondering what you think about it? I came across them on Instagram and they had a discount code on their website so I figured I would give it a shot. Looks solid, I like how their spools have a magnet in them that keeps your spools together nice feature...
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    Best bait for spotties

    Hey guys, taking my 2 sons (4 and 7) out in the harbor (newport) fishing this weekend and I want them to get hooked. Whats a good bait that spotties can't resist? They will be using little kids rods/reels and I am thinking some sort of bait and wait as they don't have the casting and...
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    Fishing Reels For Sale

    gettingbentwithbo submitted a new listing: Fishing Reels For Sale - Fishing Reels For Sale Learn more about this listing...
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    Avet SX MC with white Jerry Brown braid

    I have a used but in good condition Avet SX with MC for sale. Everything you see in the pictures is included. Has 40 or 50lb braid on it, can't remember. Asking $175 willing to trade for an Accurate Tern 500 (non-narrow).
  19. gettingbentwithbo

    Any chance for Sheepshead deep drop rockfishing?

    Heading out on a trip this weekend targeting rockfish. Was wondering if it would be worth bringing some clam to try to add a goat to the bag? I have been seeing that most boats are taking advantage of the new depths allowed for rockfish. My question is do sheepshead hang out down deep with...
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    Avet SX MC for Accurate (any)

    I have an avet sx with mc loaded with 40lb braid. I am looking to trade it for an accurate reel. Please let me know what you have.
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    Simrad and Lowrance the same company?

    I was just doing some research on electronics and I noticed that Simrad and Lowrance have identical website navigations. Does one own the other? Or are they both owned by a conglomerate?
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    Short Shaft Tiller 9-25hp

    The title says it all, looking for a great condition tiller steer short shaft motor between 9-25hp. Let me know what you have and how much you are looking to get. I am in Riverside. Budget around $1000
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    San Diego Going into the Purple Tier Saturday?

    I heard a report that San Diego is heading for another shutdown this Saturday. Any validity to this? Sure hope it's not going to affect the sportfishing was planning on heading out on an overnight next weekend.
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    Which one of you was the good samaritan
  25. gettingbentwithbo

    Estimating depth while fishing

    I have no problem catching fish on the surface, but unless I am fishing on the bottom I have a hard time getting my bait in the zone. Especially for tuna, Captain will say I am marking fish at about 100' how do you guys get your bait/lure in the zone? I have thought about using sharpie on my...
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    Arima Sea Chaser 19 Yellowtail Edition

    Anyone have one of these or fished one? What do you think about it? Looks like a really nice little boat! Wondering if this is a boat you would feel comfortable taking to any of the local islands.
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    Top Gun 80 9.4-9.7

    Anyone else going to be on the TG80 leaving Friday night?
  28. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    Hey guys, going out on a limb here I know the norm is find your own spots, but I only have a 14' aluminum bass boat and I would love to catch some sculpin to take home. I am not asking for numbers (but ill take them) but can anyone point me in the right direction anywhere in LA/OC that I could...
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    Marine Motor Financing?

    Is it possible to finance a small hp boat engine? I don't have a few thousand dollars to throw down at once, and would like to re-power my skiff. I would prefer not to use a credit card because of the high interest.
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    Offshore SCI 07-12-2020

    I am not really good at these report type of things but I will give it a go anyway. Loaded up the truck Friday evening and headed to Newport Beach with my buddy Justin to hop on the Thunderbird for an overnight trip heading to San Clemente Island. Boarded the vessel just after 9pm and we were...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Beaches, Bars, and Dining Rooms are ordered to close down for the next 3 weeks. Anyone word if the Sport Fishing industry is going to be affected again?
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    [WTT]Avet SX for torium 20

    Looking to trade a good condition Avet SX w/ MC for a torium 20 (newer model). Let me know what you have. I have the box and clamp, would like the same with the torium.
  33. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    My kids have been asking me to take them fishing which is hard with our work schedules but the stars aligned yesterday (Fathers Day). I woke up early and picked up a couple fishing rod/reel combos and some raw shrimp from Walmart and we took my father-in-laws boat out to Newport harbor. Headed...
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    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Found these reef #s and was wondering if any of these would be fishable from my 16' aluminum starcraft. Also anyone that has ever fished out here what kinds of species would I be able to find here? I don't have a livewell setup yet so I would be limited to frozen squid and jigs. Huntington...
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    Weird issue with old merc

    I have a 1979 Mercury 200 (20hp) tiller motor that is giving me issues. When the motor is in forward gear at wide open it doesn't want to go much faster than 5mph. But every once in a while it will kick in and want to go wide open for just long enough to scare the shit out of me and then go...
  36. gettingbentwithbo

    Waterproof Hand Held Radio Suggestions

    I am looking for suggestions on a handheld marine radio for my skiff. Budget +/- $100. What do you guys suggest? I am seeing these units in my price range. Uniden MHS75 Standard Horizon HX210 Standard Horizon HX40 Cobra MR HH350 FLT
  37. gettingbentwithbo

    Shore Fishing Oahu - March 2020 - What to use?

    Heading to Oahu next month, was planning on throwing my travel rod in my suitcase. What type of artificial lures or baits work well shore fishing in hawaii? Do the reef fish over there like the gulp products like our surf fish do?
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    H&M Landing giving away a multi-day fishing trip

    H&M Landing is giving away a fishing trip to celebrate their 85th year. More details or enter:
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    How to target (find) sculpin?

    What type of bottom am I looking for if I want to target sculpin? I know when I have fished for them on party boats I ended up losing gear from time to time, so there is some sort of structure down there, but should I look for structure? Do I want the edges of structure?
  40. gettingbentwithbo

    What lb thrust trolling motor 14' aluminum?

    What lb thrust trolling motor (transom mount) would I want for a 14' aluminum skiff for use in Saltwater?
  41. gettingbentwithbo

    Who's crafty work was this?

    Saw this Grady for sale on Facebook Marketplace and was impressed with the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into building the t-top LOL
  42. gettingbentwithbo

    Talica 8ii for working Outboard(9.9-30hp)

    Just testing the waters here.. I am sick of looking at my skiff in my garage and really would like to get an outboard on her and get it wet. I have a great condition Talica 8ii spooled with 50lb braid. Does anyone have an outboard they would like to get rid of in exchange for an awesome reel...
  43. gettingbentwithbo

    Cheap Short Shaft Tiller Outboard

    I am looking for something CHEAP to get me in the harbor fishing. 30hp or less short shaft tiller steer, preferably something that is running or just needs a little TLC to get running. Just looking for something to get me out in the harbor until I can get a brand new motor. Let me know what...
  44. gettingbentwithbo

    New Shimano DC Reels

    Anyone else totally think that these were going to be a brand new Trini DC? I thought for sure how they were teasing it that this is what it was going to be. I was really disappointed when they turned out to be a bait caster.
  45. gettingbentwithbo

    Leopard sharks in OC?

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to fish if I am specifically targeting Leopard sharks in or around Orange County? Haven't had any luck the couple of times I have tried.
  46. gettingbentwithbo

    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    If I got a garmin unit that had the bluechart g2 coastal maps, but the g3 maps were available. Is it possible to upgrade your unit to the newer maps? I would imagine it's probably not free, but is it possible?
  47. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Interested in seeing / hearing about how you guys with smaller boats rigged up your live wells. I just got a 14gal round tank and looking for plumbing options. Any photos or videos you have please share!
  48. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    How can I go about registering a boat I got for free? I do not have a title, but I do have a bill of sale. The boat looks like it was last registered in 2013, and the trailer in 2015. Trailer has an AZ license plate on it. I can not get a hold of the seller. The boat is a 14' aluminum...
  49. gettingbentwithbo

    WTT Talica 8ii

    I don't use this thing.. like ever! It is in great condition, loaded with 50lb braid. I would like to get a larger talica, like a 12 or a or 16. Would be willing to trade for one w/o line, or one with line and some boat rash, or one in great condition + $. Let me know what you have. Will...
  50. gettingbentwithbo

    Just acquired a boat/trailer, how do I register them?

    I just got a boat for free and all I have is a bill of sale, which is basically a piece of paper with the signature of the person who it was acquired from. From what I can tell the boat was last registered in Arizona in 2015, and the trailer (same state) which I am not certain it looks like it...
  51. gettingbentwithbo

    Trip Finder?

    What is the website that you can go on and find all open party fishing trips from one site? I am trying to find a boat to go on next Saturday Night (Fishing Sunday). But having trouble finding a trip.
  52. gettingbentwithbo

    Outboard for 14' Aluminum

    Looking for a working outboard for a 14' aluminum skiff. Anyone have anything? Let me know what you have I am in Riverside. Reply or PM for quick response.
  53. gettingbentwithbo

    Kicking Tires - Talica 8ii + Talica 10ii

    I have a Talica 8ii, and a Talica 10ii that I am considering trading for AVET reels. The talica's are in excellent condition, used a few times never pulled on big fish. I just got an AVET reel and I really like it so I want to see what the trade value would be for my two Talica's. Both retail...
  54. gettingbentwithbo

    Need to get a Phenix rod replaced

    Where can I get my phenix rod replaced under warranty? I live in Riverside, and I can't get to their HQ during the week to do the replacement.
  55. gettingbentwithbo

    Crab Snares?

    I have seen a few videos on youtube of people up North using crab snares to catch Dungenous and rock crab from the beach / rocks. I was wondering if anyone has tried this down south? And also was wondering if there was a season for harvesting crab?
  56. gettingbentwithbo

    Dog hunting riverside?

    Is there any public land in Riverside, that I can hunt dogs on? I live off La Sierra, and I can hear them going ape shit every evening and it has me itchin to take some dogs! Any help with locations is apprecated, and if anyone wants to party up let me know would love to link up, we have a...
  57. gettingbentwithbo

    I don't want my Lexa 300 Power Handle

    If anyone in Riverside area has a lexa 300 with the paddle handle and wants a Power Handle and know hows to swap them out HMU ill trade you my power handle for a paddle handle. It's a 300HS-P model. *Sorry if this should have gone in classifieds but I didn't think it was applicable as I am not...
  58. gettingbentwithbo

    Native Salt Clams? Newport 1/14

    Has anyone ever tried Native Salt Clams? I got a pack of them and gave them a shot. I was able to pick off a NICE sized perch in Newport first cast and my buddy got one shortly after but then the bite turned off and I switched bait to the berkley gulp sand worms. All in all a good day...
  59. gettingbentwithbo

    DSLR + many extras $600 OBO

    For sale is my Canon 550D (t2i) with too many extras! This is the perfect travel kit as it comes with everything you need to capture stunning photos on the go. Kit includes: - Canon 550D - 18-135mm EF-S Image Stabilizing - 50mm fixed f1.8 lens - 18-55mm kit lens - 70-300mm telephoto lens -...
  60. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing / Marine Companies (Inland Empire)

    Does anyone know of any fishing or marine corporations in the Inland Empire? I am looking for a new job, and would love to get my foot into the industry! Thanks for your help.
  61. gettingbentwithbo

    Any YouTubers?

    Wanted to see if anyone here posts their fishing videos to youtube? If so comment a link to your channel below so we can all check out your videos and subscribe to our fellow BD family!
  62. gettingbentwithbo

    Trout Fishing in Riverside

    Hey guys, I am looking for somewhere in Riverside to take my boy Trout fishing. Anyone have any dope on a spot I can take him and have success? Also I know it's asking alot, but what should I use for bait / lures to get him bit?
  63. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Skiff

    This might be a long shot, but I have a budget of $1k and am looking for something with a trailer that I can use to put around and fish the harbor. Anyone have anything they are looking to sell? Needs to be ready to fish.
  64. gettingbentwithbo

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    Was wondering what 100# setups there are out there, that wont cost you $1000+ when you are all said and done. Are there any "cheaper" setups that are half decent and will get the job done and last you if taken care of?
  65. gettingbentwithbo

    Broken Phenix Rods

    I have 2 broken Phenix rods, I know they cover partial warranty. But I am unable to get to their facility during the week. How can I go about getting them replaced? They were both purchased at Fred Hall the same year. One is a PSX-909, and the other is an PSW-809XHJ
  66. gettingbentwithbo

    Buying a boat without a title

    What is there to know? Any red flags? I found a hull & trailer I am interested in, but the owner does not have the title but said he can write up a bill of sale.
  67. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for a pellet gun / air rifle

    I am looking for suggestions for an air rifle / pellet gun that packs a punch but is quiet enough to shoot in my back yard without the neighbors knowing. No budget really, but I don't want to spend more than $200 really.. I haven't owned pellet guns since I was a kid so I am completely out of...
  68. gettingbentwithbo

    Would this be a fair trade?

    A Lexa 400HSP + a Shimano Teramar combo for a Shimano Trnanx TRX500HG or is either end getting low balled?
  69. gettingbentwithbo

    Offshore Almost skunked at the rockpile [9/28]

    My buddy and I took the boat out for it's maiden voyage last night after sitting for 5 years. My buddy the owner had some back issues in which made it hard for him to use the boat, and after sitting for so long. We replaced a bunch of shit to get her up to speed.. brand new exhaust, new trim...
  70. gettingbentwithbo

    [report] Seal Beach South of Pier

    Did a little evening trip last night to the beach (7/20) to see if I could find any life south of the SB pier, and there were birds working out a little over 100ft from the water line, so I did my best to walk down the rocks without killing myself. When I got to where I could cast to where the...
  71. gettingbentwithbo

    Salty looking for freshwater advice (big bear)

    Hey guys, no shame in my game here.. all I fish is salt and my son really wants to fish this memorial day weekend, we will be up at our big bear house and I was wondering the easiest way / method to catch my 3 year old fish. He doesn't care the size if I can get him into wide open anything ill...
  72. gettingbentwithbo

    Prowler 5.20 Anyone else going?

    I will be heading out on the Prowler Saturday night fishing Sunday was wondering if anyone else will be on that trip. Weather looks like it's going to be great!
  73. gettingbentwithbo

    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

    I currently have a Lexa 400, Trinidad 16a, and a Talica 10ii. But I want to go chase these big local tuna, and was wondering if any of my gear would work (probably not right?). What would be a reel that would hold enough line and have enough drag to bring one of those local trophys boat side...
  74. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for a Perch spot near Huntington

    I know not many people want to give up their honey holes, but I want to get my kid on some perch and get that fire for fishing going in him! Anyone have any spots near Huntington Beach, that produces a lot of Perch?
  75. gettingbentwithbo

    Putting together a setup for my son

    I am putting together a spinning setup for my son to use when we fish in the harbors. I just purchased a Shimano Sienna 4000 (and upgraded the drag washers to carbon) and were going to run 20# braid on it and whatever top shot of flouro. Main uses will be surf fishing and in the harbor, for...
  76. gettingbentwithbo

    Stand up reel for 80-100# tuna

    I currently have a trinidad 16a and a talica 10ii, was wondering what you guys would suggest I add to the arsenal to handle those larger grade tuna. Would you suggest another trinidad or a talica? If so which model?
  77. gettingbentwithbo

    Tribute 4/9

    Hey guys, I am going on an overnight on the tribute chasing after those local blue fin and yellowtail, and was wondering what type of tackle they have been catching them on? I just had my second kid so these trips dont come nearly as close together as they used to, have to make sure I am...
  78. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Lexa 400

    I am looking for a Lexa 400. Anyone have one for sale please get ahold of me! 71four 3four3 8503
  79. gettingbentwithbo

    Is the surf producing? [OC]

    Anyone have any reports from the beaches in Orange County? Hows it been? Whats biting this time of year?
  80. gettingbentwithbo

    Sell your fishing gear

    I wanted to share with everyone a website I made I am very excited about this. It's a classifieds website exclusively for fishing & boating gear. List your for sale items for free! Let me know what you think about the site and the ease of use. It's another channel to sell your gear FAST...
  81. gettingbentwithbo

    Need a picture for a project I am doing

    Anyone have a garage full of more tackle than they care to talk about? I need a high res picture for a project I am doing. Please reply to this thread or send me a PM I appreciate it so much!
  82. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing Tackle Photo

    Hey guys, I am working on a project and I am looking for a photo of someones garage that has more fishing tackle than they know what to do with. Anyones garage look like this? Help a brother out!
  83. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking to buy a Tundra

    Is there anyone on here that gets, or can get a good deal on a brand new '13 or '14 toyota tundra? I am in the market, and looking for a good deal!
  84. gettingbentwithbo

    Need a setup for the wife (first timer)

    Wife is showing interest in going out on trips with me, but I don't want her to use my conventional reels because I know how it will pan out. Do you guys suggest just renting a boat rod, or is there a spinning setup you could suggest that I could purchase for my wife & first timers I take out...
  85. gettingbentwithbo

    What rod would you pair with a LEXA400PWR-P

    I am going to pick one of these up to use for vertical jigging and surface iron. Which rod would you use for each application (jigg/iron)?
  86. gettingbentwithbo

    Can you fish the docks in long beach by joes crab shack?

    Wanted to know if you can fish the docks by the Joes Crab Shack in long beach. Dont have a boat and was interested in targeting some spottys from dry land. If the answer is no does anyone have any suggestions where I can go?
  87. gettingbentwithbo

    Shimano Best 20/30# Reel

    Hey I am looking to add a new 20/30# rig for live bait to my arsenal. Was wondering what you all suggest... I was thinking a TN12, TN14, or TAC8ii. They are all pretty much in the same price range.
  88. gettingbentwithbo

    Outer Limits 2day

    Going to be on the outer limits for a 2 day trip. Was wondering if anyone has ran with them before and how their experience was.
  89. gettingbentwithbo

    Southside HB Pier report

    Just wanted to let everyone know that this past saturday (8/31) My wife and I were having lunch at Rubies on the pier and on our way back I was looking at the water because I was amazed how clear it was and look what I saw. Remember I was on the pier so probably about 15-20' above the water...
  90. gettingbentwithbo

    What's up with the forums?

    None of the forums posts are loading??? Every link I click goes to a blank white page. What's up?
  91. gettingbentwithbo

    WTT:Shimano Trinidad 16DC

    I have a Shimano Trinidad 16DC with a little boat rash but all in all 10/10 mechanically! Interested in trading.. What reels do you have that you would be willing to trade for? I prefer Shimano.. Thanks! Here is a link that has all the details and a stock photo of the reel...
  92. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing in October

    Missing most of the prime time due to my wife being pregnant. Was wondering if I will have a good chance at Tuna/dodo mid october? I plan on going on a 1.5 - 2day trip for my birthday. Thoughts?
  93. gettingbentwithbo

    Shimano Coltsniper Lures

    Has anyone tried this from the surf? Wandering what species will take these things, and which size would be the ticket. They come in 1.48/2.11/2.82/3.52 ounces. The white one and the blue/pink look like they would work well around so cal. Input much appreciated.
  94. gettingbentwithbo

    How to Cook Sheepshead?

    I got one on an overnight trip I went on and I brought it home gutted, wanted to know how everyone cooks them?
  95. gettingbentwithbo

    13 year old gets a billfish grand slam

    Saw this on one of my news sites. Way to go kid! 13-year-old boy completes rare billfish grand slam
  96. gettingbentwithbo

    Shimano & Seeker $100 sale

    Rods For Sale: Shimano Teramar Inshore TMC80MH (15-30lb) - $100 SOLD Seeker American A270-7 (12-30lb) - $100 Reels For Sale: Shimano Torium 16 - $100 SOLD Shimano Torium 20 - $100 SOLD I live in Westminster, CA and shipping is not an option.
  97. gettingbentwithbo

    I made a website

    I made an image hosting website for fishing specifically. If you ever want to share a fishing photo and need a shareable link to your photo use < - Share your fishing memories! works great for the forums here there are no watermarks on images or any of that crap. Check it out and...
  98. gettingbentwithbo

    Lets fish this weekend $275 pp Max 4

    Hey guys.. I am running with Captain Jamie this weekend (Saturday) aboard Seasons Sportfishing out of Mission Bay, SD. We still have 3 spots open if anyone would like to hop on board hit up or call the captain directly at 714 206 6146. Yellows and cbass are biting lets...
  99. gettingbentwithbo

    Open Party Trip 3 spots available Saturday 6.15

    Hey guys.. Just booked my spot with Seasons Sportfishing this weekend! There are still 3 spots open fishing with Captain Duane! I have fished a few times now with them and have never went home unsatisfied! Looking forward to another great trip! This one will be from 6am-6pm out of Mission...
  100. gettingbentwithbo

    Huntington Beach Surf Report

    Hit up the surf after work yesterday @ low tide, and sand crabs were THICK! I did one pass through my crab catcher and literally had about 100 dime sized crabs and a few monster ones. Seems like surf fishing is heating up! Could see a lot of life in the shadows.. a monster croaker swam right...
  101. gettingbentwithbo

    Who runs the BD facebook page?

    Who runs the facebook page for BD? I wanna make you guys some facebook apps no cost!
  102. gettingbentwithbo

    lexa 300 questions

    What is the biggest fish you have taken with a Lexa 300? What kind of a rod do you have it paired with? And what lb braid are you using? I just got a lexa 300 and a PSW760M-XF today to pair it with.. I have heard some big talk about the 300 and wondered if anyone can confirm?
  103. gettingbentwithbo

    PSW760M-XF-ISA 15-40lb 7'6

    Title says it all. Anyone have one please PM me. Thanks!
  104. gettingbentwithbo

    My Wedding Fishing Trip 3/25

    Was lucky enough to get out on the water and put some time in. We went with Maggie Joe Sportfishing in Kewalo Basin Marina on a 3/4 day trip and Captain Matt of the ruckus got us on the fish! Started off hot as we pulled in our biggest Mahi of the day 28# followed up by a couple 12-15# then...
  105. gettingbentwithbo

    Who should I fish with in Waikiki?

    Going to be in Waikiki next weekend for a week and we want to get out on the water and do some fishing. We have 7 people that want to go.. I know most of the boats out there are 6pack boats. What do we do in this situation? Draw straws and have someone stay back at the resort with the ladies...
  106. gettingbentwithbo

    Torium 20

    Looking for a Torium 20. Anyone have one they are looking to get rid of? I live in Orange County. Private Message me or reply to this thread! Looking for one in great condition. Thanks!
  107. gettingbentwithbo

    Seasons Sportfishing Open Party April 6

    I booked a spot on an open party trip April 6 with Duane at Fred Hall. Depending on conditions and reports leading up to the date we will either be targeting Yellowtail or WSB. This trip will be out of Mission Bay, SD. I know this will be a fun trip and Seasons always does a good job of...
  108. gettingbentwithbo

    River Monster in New Jersey

    Anyone else see this? I am not sure what it is, as I have never seen anything like it! As if New Jersey isn't bad enough :rofl:
  109. gettingbentwithbo

    or Trade Phenix Abyss PSX-908

    Please delete this thread.
  110. gettingbentwithbo

    5.0V8 vs 3.7V6 Ecoboost

    I have been looking around at trucks and I am pretty sure I am going to go with Ford, but I anticipate getting a boat in the future and I was wondering how much power the 3.5 v6 w/ eco boost is compared to the 5.0 V8 and it seems like they are both in around the 8k towing range. And I would...
  111. gettingbentwithbo

    Pimp my reel

    Do any of you guys upgrade your reels? If so what have you done? I am interested in seeing what you guys have done?
  112. gettingbentwithbo

    Seasons Sportfishing Saturday 2/2/13

    2 open spots for a Mex cod trip out of San Diego this Saturday Feb 2nd. Contact the Capt directly. 6am to 4pm trip cost is $150 and includes your Mex fishing permit. To reserve your spot click the following link...
  113. gettingbentwithbo

    Wahoo end of march?

    I am getting Married end of march in hawaii and all the guys in our families are going fishing and I was wondering if the wahoo are biting around that time? If not what type of fish can I expect to find around that time? Thanks guys!
  114. gettingbentwithbo

    Best 2spd Reel for your $$$

    Like the title says.. What do you think the best 2spd reel is dollar for dollar?
  115. gettingbentwithbo

    Torium 14 or Jigmaster for Rock fishing

    So I am going on a rock cod trip.. which reel is the better choice for reeling in the tacos? Torium 14 or Jigmaster (they are my only options) Thanks!
  116. gettingbentwithbo

    Which truck do you prefer?

    Looking at getting a truck. Wondered what you guys have and like. From purely aesthetics alone I dig the tundra's and the sierra 2500's. I definitely want something that will be able to haul a boat / toy hauler / etc. Let me know what you guys suggest.
  117. gettingbentwithbo

    What kind of crab is this?

    Just saw this on 976.. What kind of crab is this?
  118. gettingbentwithbo

    WTF: Blobfish?

    Anyone ever seen one of these? Is this real?
  119. gettingbentwithbo

    Top water halibut

    Anyone else ever seen this pic? I saw it on facebook today posted by Okuma and it didnt really have any information about it. I just thought it was interesting.
  120. gettingbentwithbo

    My first cuda

    Went out on the Enterprise out of Long Beach the other day, awesome captain, helpful crew.. Boat was only half full. Was lucky enough to land this on a iron. (see attached)
  121. gettingbentwithbo

    Turner's Californian Rods

    Anyone have one of these? Thinking about getting one for a bass stick? Turners has them on sale right now. What are your thoughts? I cant afford top of the line, but I dont want a complete pile of :shithappens:
  122. gettingbentwithbo

    Daiwa LD Reels

    Anyone use them? Love them? Hate them? What are your opinions.. I was looking at the LD saltist 2 speed online.
  123. gettingbentwithbo

    Anyone seen this video?

    It's a shark! It's a shark! :rofl: I think they are fishing freshwater so I can understand their surprise :) <object width="560" height="315"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  124. gettingbentwithbo

    Clear Jelly Fish Looking BS???

    Anyone go out this weekend? I was having a difficult time dealing with this clear jellyfish looking slime every cast my weight and bait would be covered in it. I am unsure if it was some sort of jelly fish or if it was from the grunion run possibly? Anyone have the same problem or know what...
  125. gettingbentwithbo

    Surf fishing HB

    My buddies and I were fishing HB, and there was a lot of activity mostly perch, but we were able to hook up on a nice croaker.
  126. gettingbentwithbo

    6 dead 3 injured in Seal Beach

    Has everyone heard about the shooting in seal beach at the hair salon just off of pch? Insane!
  127. gettingbentwithbo

    Fred Hall Photos

    Did anyone take, or does anyone have any high res pictures from the fred hall show? I am looking for some as I am looking to use them for a project I am doing. If anyone has any please hit me up, and let me know if I can get my hands on them. Bo (Team Doin' Work)