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  1. Tesoro

    Raymarine S100 remote + rf base

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: Raymarine S100 remote + rf base - Raymarine S100 remote + rf base Learn more about this listing...
  2. Tesoro

    brass fuel selector quality

    I need to change out a 4 way and 3 way selector valve on my boat. Anyone have any knowledge of which are true marine grade non-chicom versions with non-potmetal handles that fall apart after a year or two? Like real made is USA ones. If they still exist. I dont live where can check them out in...
  3. Tesoro

    I want a drone. Can’t resist anymore!

    Was looking at a guy’s recent albacore fishing action drone footage and felt swelling in my groin area. I can’t separate real drone reviews from paid reviews. Anyone here know anything about them or use them? Obviously would want latest resolution and ability to follow me at fixed distance...
  4. Tesoro

    Assault knives or ones just used for hunting?
  5. Tesoro

    Sacrilege to the Parker gods

    There are some things in life are just flat out not fair. I know this guy. he ordered the boat last year fully loaded to the hilt with furuno in and out. Delivery this spring. Thrusters, F300's + trolling kicker. He cannot run any electronics other than pull up chart and follow his snail trails...
  6. Tesoro

    Anyone watch ' Running with the Devil' on netflix?

    Excellent production on the asshole, finally. I hope he is really dead so this is the last of the saga. He had my fishing/spearfishing bud killed in Belize. I also knew mcafee very well.
  7. Tesoro

    I need 3 x 8in Madmacs!!

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: I need 3 x 8in Madmacs!! - I need 3 x 8in Madmacs!! Learn more about this listing...
  8. Tesoro

    Sometimes you just wonder.....

    Shit, I couldnt get my camera out in time. So yesterday I was leaving our launch area and a guy was driving back to ramps by me singlehanded in a brand new 23 or 25 footer. A tourist/weekender visitor. He was using the cockpit steering station and I noticed that he was hunched over in a U while...
  9. Tesoro

    Rolex Submariner

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: Rolex Submariner - Rolex Submariner Learn more about this listing...
  10. Tesoro

    Playaction Snap on belt

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: Playaction Snap on belt - Playaction Snap on belt Learn more about this listing...
  11. Tesoro

    Too bad its all the way over there!
  12. Tesoro

    Whooper Stopper mini?

    A yard sale down the road from me has 2 brand new ones for 100 bucks each. H models. I was tempted as they look very well built and be fun with halibut but the butts are so short that would be killer on forearm. Why not make em with a longer butt so could put in arm pit or reel when in normal...
  13. Tesoro

    Head Scratcher!

    I have Yam F150/T8 remote combo. I serviced my motors and when I took it out afteewards the T8 t/t switch on the control and motor are reversed. No I did not reverse polarity on batteries and have run the engine on 2 outings since this issue. I did light wash the T8 powerhead down with fresh...
  14. Tesoro

    Quality dip net?

    Anyone know of anyone who makes a proper handmade dipnet out of dacron twine instead of these glorified nylon aquarium nets one sees everywhere? Want one to pick out live baitfish from my tank like I used to have. Thx
  15. Tesoro

    Deep fry fish batter winner!

    I tried something last night that beat all the fried fish batters I have eaten over the last 40 years. I had fresh fed sourdough starter and used that just cut down with water to a heavy pancake batter consistency. It came out thinn and crispy with no added flavor.
  16. Tesoro

    Explain this:

    A dad takes his son on his first deer hunting trip in the mountains. While driving on a narrow logging road they come around a sharp turn and meet a log truck head on. To avoid the collision the dad veers too far off the road and slides off the edge rolling his pickup down the hillside 4...
  17. Tesoro

    Stupid ass boat names

    I saw a doozey today at my ramp. but his boat did look better than the GF
  18. Tesoro

    19ft Arima Ranger

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: 19ft Arima Ranger - 19ft Arima Ranger Learn more about this listing...
  19. Tesoro

    Made in China

    I needed a couple of albie troll reels and was offered a smokin deal on 2 new penn fathom 25 2 speeds. looked good in pics. didnt really need 2 speed but whatever. When I opened the box what a POS! the bearing set for the handle is so narrow that the handle has severe side to side wobble...
  20. Tesoro

    G. Loomis SAMR1094C

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: G. Loomis SAMR1094C - G. Loomis SAMR1094C Learn more about this listing...
  21. Tesoro

    NEW Garmin Sapphire titanium

    Tesoro submitted a new listing: NEW Garmin Sapphire titanium - NEW Garmin Sapphire titanium Learn more about this listing...
  22. Tesoro

    Good news for you guys down there..

    "I dont always read CNN, but when I do it's for shit like this" Interesting that this fine judge was born In Havana, Cuba!!!
  23. Tesoro

    Too many people and too many droughts

    WE ARE FUCKED IN THE PNW. With all this free time getting paid to not work, our reefs are getting hammered by the pukers and sports boats alike. We are killing 3-25 year old rock fish like never before and we slaughtered the male lings this nesting season in our area. 'Oh' release the big female...
  24. Tesoro

    Tired of having to whitelist with your ad blocker?

    Tired of not being able to read certain news sites cause you are forced to whitelist which defeats the purpose ? There is an open source browser that fixes this called ‘brave’. It is super fast and strips out all tracking logging ads etc. most sites dont pick it up as an ad blocker. Easy to...
  25. Tesoro

    The best friggin fish cakes you can ever eat and make yourself

    Works great for fish or crab as long as you have sea shrimp for the mousse. Been doing this for a year now. I got some 3in pvc pipe and cut into inch slices for the mold. You cookin guys should try this and will find another great way to make seafood cakes and seafood burgers. This is my fav...
  26. Tesoro

    I scored!

    A friend sold me 1000 tuna cans with lids for 100 bucks! I have an old ives-way can sealer and do my albacore and salmon in cans. Plus alot of other stuff. I have cans of chili, stew, canned beef you name it stashed in my truck and boat. Never go hungry! all need is saltines.
  27. Tesoro

    I was born too late!

    I was suckin on mamas tit when this pic was taken. pretty neat thinking we had Jags in the SW high country back then.
  28. Tesoro

    Tip of Baja makes the top of the list?!

    I had no idea until I was listening to an Ed Calderon interview. Pretty worrisome shit sharing a semi protected border with a failed state being controlled by cartels. he said the big war is gonna start before too long because the new cartel, which is full of well equipped ex military, is...
  29. Tesoro

    Makin' Bacon

    This stuff is too good. peppered apple smoked pork side with the skin on so you get the rind on each slice. Thick cut is the best. If your wife bitches at you about heart attacks then make 'bacon fish' for healthier alternative.
  30. Tesoro

    Cannon ball dimples

    I made up a bunch of 15# rigger balls today and always have the same prob where ! get a dimple or an air pocket hole on one side. I tried cool, hot, hotter molds and kept the lead at 650-700 deg. I poured slow and got ridges in the tail and poured fast and got bubble holes. I wound up filling...
  31. Tesoro

    Fishing deep with down riggers. Cable choice

    Not gonna get into cable vs braid debate. I just wanted to let people know that I got some new cannon 400ft coated wire for my riggers and miked it at .023 in. I had been told that Cannon makes better wire but I always put scotty wire on before cause it was avail locally. The scotty wire miked...
  32. Tesoro

    AHI 600 Pro Series 10ft

    I opened up the bucket today and took it out on my boat just to realize that its too heavy for me to cast easy over my side rails. Went in the drink once taco style, then washed and up for sale! my loss your gain. $100 bucks shipped in a large usps white box...
  33. Tesoro

    Downrigger repair

    Anyone know of a good one in So Cal? I saw mention of L&D but out of business/retired? Thx
  34. Tesoro

    The San Fransiscan

    The day finally arrived for Jonathan's Knob Hill estate inheritance to clear probate. The next day he bought a pickup truck and headed north out to the high desert of Eastern Oregon. His dream had always been to buy a cattle ranch and become a rancher. Not having any contacts he arrives in a...
  35. Tesoro

    Cast net brands

    I havent used a cast net in 12 years. I need to get an 8 footer but times have changed and I am not sure who makes good nets anymore. Anyone? thx
  36. Tesoro

    Yamaha 2010 MFD gauges

    Came off my f150. Work fine guaranteed. $225 shipped usps. Paypal f&f
  37. Tesoro

    Black Mouths Matter

    Opening day Chinook season in Southern Oregon. Nice sized fish early in the year. Lots of bait lots of fish. ( ps: fyi thats what we call chinook salmon for you So Cal boys)
  38. Tesoro

    2 AVET 2 SPEED MXL 6/4'S

    $400 for the pair shipped usps priority. paypal ok.
  39. Tesoro

    AVET MXL 6/4 2 speed Blue

    Blue very little use super clean - no line. 200 bucks shipped usps priority. payal f&f
  40. Tesoro

    AVET MXL 6/4-MC magenta

    Just used a few times. Not a scratch. $250 shipped priority mail. paypal f&f
  41. Tesoro

    F150 owners

    I am not sure about the new ones but this relates to the 4 I have owned in the 2006-2009 model years. On the front of the motor (see pic) is a spin on water separator bowl that has a small filter in it. The bowl is plastic and the housing metal with fine threads. Even practiced mechanics have a...
  42. Tesoro

    Tuna rods G Loomis

    Got em with a boat I bought. 6ft 40-60# fast action. Seems like be good for those Yellow fins down there. We only have dinky Albacores in oregon. These rods arent new but look like used maybe a time or two at most. No Scratches or green. Nice rods. Model PSR 72-50c TR $200 each shipped.
  43. Tesoro

    F150 Harmonic balancer

    This is for all owners of pre-2013 +/- Yamaha F150's. there are alot out there. If you havent swapped out your balancer it is best to do it before you could ruin your powerhead due to oil starvation. Or partially clog your oil screen and have to remove powerhead to clean and then still have to...
  44. Tesoro

    24 Osprey diesel big cabin

    Posting for a friend up here in so Oregon coast. I know this boat from orig owner n my bud just bought it last winter but has to move away to a place where his boat wont work. I would consider this to be a smokin deal due to overall condition. Can contact Larry. Price is price n he is retired...
  45. Tesoro

    Sharing a deal on a 21ft Arima

    Details in the classified section
  46. Tesoro

    21 Arima for sale

    Just a fyi: I have no skin in this..just passing along. This would be a great fish boat for the warmer climes of Cali. I have the hard top version and its the first of 30 some 20ft name brand boats I have owned over the years that I will not consider selling to upgrade or downgrade. They are...
  47. Tesoro

    Whats this little Grady worth in So Cal? Ballpark?

    I have an old dude friend who is doing a trade deal with me. He has an 89 204 Grady with 06 Honda 150 with 350 hrs or so. Boat is real clean for the age. Mainly lake boat and stored inside. 10k 15k or 20k? thx!!
  48. Tesoro

    Here's one for you So. Cal boys
  49. Tesoro

    Airmar p66 w/paddle wheel

    Just took this off my boat. Been on for a year. clean and no cuts etc in the cable. Blue 7 pin connector. mount shim manual etc included. $65 shipped usps white box. Paypal f&f or usps money order. I'm in Oregon.
  50. Tesoro

    A Heads Up For STD HZN HX-870/890 Users

    I fish in freezin ass waters of Oregon, so a MOB or other emergency rescue involving immersion is counted down in minutes not hours like you So. Cal guys!. The most immediate and direct response you are going to get out of any emergency signaling device in nearshore waters ( other than launching...
  51. Tesoro

    Standard Horizon HX870 $125

  52. Tesoro

    Used F150

    Let me know what ya got
  53. Tesoro

    My Keeper

    Se was a dive instructor in the Caribbean for ever and then when we moved back to Oregon converted her to cold water fishing which didnt take long. If the salmon are biting she has breakfast cooking at 4 am! We just got a new boat - an Arima 21ft - and season starts in a few weeks!
  54. Tesoro

    Custom built suspension seat?

    I want to fab a pedestal suspension seat out of a pair of small shocks. I have the concept sketched out but not sure on the shock size and travel. Wondering if anyone out there has ever seen some made up that were functional. Wondering if there is some physics constraint behind this concept that...
  55. Tesoro

    Image stab bino question

    Im in the market for a set but dont live in a place where I can try out before ordering on line. I pretty much have to wear sunglasses most of the time and just wondering if the nikon/fuji line, which seems to be the logical choice for a grand budget, are usable while wearing shades without...
  56. Tesoro

    5 blade?

    I have bought a used Arima 21 and will be picking it up in a few weeks. The previous owner used a 5 blade prop on the Yam 150 for tuna fishin. I have tried many props over the years but never a 5 blade. Just wondering if anyone has any comments from personal experience. The owner says that he...
  57. Tesoro

    Arima 19 or 21

    Late 90’s to 2010 or so. Prefer non hardtop seachaser. Cash buyer. [email protected]
  58. Tesoro

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    I moved to the so oregon coast and the ramp is 3 min from my house. I have a larger shop but its only 22.3ft deep. I want to be able to fit the 'biggest 17.5 to 18ft cc garage boat in there. I have a 18ft x 8ft Alum North river transom mount and it fits in a 22 ft deep garage with folding...
  59. Tesoro

    Grady 228G

    Cash buyer older model late 90's to mid 2000 ideally with ox66 or hpdi. Needs trailer. Location anywhere. [email protected]
  60. Tesoro

    North River Seahawk 21ft 2007

    Sellin my baby. This boat is ready to go needs nothin but your tackle. Location Grants Pass, Oregon, $40,000 Details on my ad: