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  1. Grady226

    Saltwater Lake Pacific and a Goat on a Boat!

    8/14 we got the chance to make another Tuna run on Ms. Eliza. The weather was awesome and the fish cooperated as much as John! I know it's been a while since I have posted here but Westport has been great this summer. John gave a fishing trip away at the PSA Sno-King on Wednesday night and...
  2. Grady226

    Saltwater It's Been A Long Time! Epic Saturday!

    Ran Miss Eliza with Goatram and crew out to 46.53 X 125.30 ish. Cedar plugs started the madness. One of the best days I have had on the Tuna grounds. Put 48 quality fish on board with questionable bait. Water was great and crew worked awesome together. Pulled a few hooks and had a few shark...
  3. Grady226

    Yamaha OX-66 Work

    I have been out of the game for a month due to an ugly looking spark plug that showed the possibility of a bad head gasket.....I pulled the heads off and got Big Dave at Cascade Marine to take a look. He pointed out the burnt gasket area in cylinder #1 (the O2 sensor cylinder). Here are a few...
  4. Grady226

    Bait and Switch P/S Tribes Please read this whole story....I will clip an excerpt below. After five of the six weeks normally devoted to carefully viewing alternative...
  5. Grady226

    Oregon wants to ban Derby events

    Bill Would Ban Wildlife Derbies Eight Democrats at the request of the Humane Society of the United States have introduced a bill that would ban all contest related to the take of wildlife. The bill currently defines wildlife to exclude fish, but this is the first step to ban all fishing...
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    More Illegal Fishing Charters I heard about this last week and finally looked it up
  7. Grady226

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    Just curious how many in the brotherhood got woke up at 3AM????
  8. Grady226

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 October 25, 2016 Anglers limited to 1 chinook per day in marine areas 8-1, 8-2, 9, and 10 Action: The daily limit for hatchery chinook salmon inmarine areas...
  9. Grady226

    '78 Silverline Nantucket 22'

    For sale....Silverline Nantucket OMC I/O with a 302ci engine. This boat has not run in 20 years but has been stored inside the whole time. Sitting on a painted Calkins 2 axle roller trailer. This is a project boat with a solid hull. A couple soft spots in cuddy floor. The engine does turn over...
  10. Grady226

    Just in From WDFW Rule Change Tulalip Bubble

    FISHING RULE CHANGE WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 September 14, 2016 Hatchery coho can be retained in Tulalip Bubble fishery Action: Hatchery coho can be kept as part of the daily limit in the Tulalip Bubble fishery. Effective...
  11. Grady226

    Just in From WDFW

    Good luck getting a license any time soon! WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Washington State Office of Cyber Security August 24, 2016 WDFW contact...
  12. Grady226

    Estate Sale 1978 Silver line I/O

    Cleaning out the in-laws garage. 22 ft Silverline I/O. 302 OMC. Boat has been garaged for 20 years. Sitting on Caulking painted trailer. PM or call 425-422-3281 Boat is on Whidbey Island This is a project boat. As is best offer!
  13. Grady226


    Mrs, Grady has been cleaning out another of her parents residences and came across this gem from 1984. It sure hits home with the state of our fisheries at this time! Att. Nelly, you should recognize that Olson guy! Here are some scan’s of the paperwork from …..I-456 THE BOLDT REVOLT
  14. Grady226

    Fuel Tank Rebuild @ RBW *picture heavy*

    The Grady White had a bad fuel smell in the bilge early last fall. After multiple inspections it was determined that corrosion had pitted through the top of the tank in 13 different places! The first thing I did was pump all the fuel out of the 90 gallon tank. I also temp patched to...
  15. Grady226

    Open seats. Tuna Westport

    Due to a couple cancelations the Miss Eliza has 2 open seats for Saturday and 2 for Sunday. I will be heading to Westport shortly. Pm or call 425-422-Three - Two- Eight- One...looking for some experience! Thanks. Gary
  16. Grady226

    Saltwater Neah Results..

    I met up with 2 Tap Pat, No Secret Blamouther and Wid Bill.. Havin a great time with a ton of fish hooked landed kept n released The rest of the story is to fun to put on BD! Get out here and get some! Only area 3 open now!
  17. Grady226

    Check This Out! Hey TT where in the water are ya????
  18. Grady226

    Saltwater New Years Eve Fun

    While Dragonballs was inviting everyone to his house for new years my dad and I were freezing our butts of in MA7. 8 for 8 was the verdict. A couple borderline fish, 3 natives and 3 keepers! All in all it was a great day with my Dad. Here is a vid of some Salmon Action!
  19. Grady226

    Saltwater WTG Digits! Bayside Blackmouth Derby Champion!

    Another Bloody Decker wins a local Derby! 14+ lbs. is a great Blackmouth for this time of year. Congrats to you and your crew! 200 plus participants. Over 80 fish weighed in. Nice weather...on Saturday anyway!
  20. Grady226

    Saltwater Mrs. Grady wacks some 'Butts

    Thursday and today I took Mrs. Grady for a little boat ride to the MA6 Hali grounds. Thursday started out great hitting 2 butt's in the 25# class before 9AM. The bite slowed and the sunburn came on! What a nice day on the water! Later in the day fishing a new spot Mrs. Grady has a great...
  21. Grady226

    OMC Kicker Bracket Parts

    Has anyone found replacement parts for this bracket? It seems as though the shock absorber in the lift has lost all fluid and crashes to the bottom. Also, it is harder than hell to bring to the upper position. Any help would be great. Thanks, Gary
  22. Grady226

    Saltwater Physical Therapy or Priorities! MA9

    I told the boss last Monday that I needed the rest of the week off to fish for Chinook. The next day he was talking smack in the crew meeting about PRIORITIES. So I proceeded to send fish porn so the guy's at work could show him some priorities!:rofl: So with Jermz and the Grady in tow we head...
  23. Grady226

    Boat Launch at Lapush

    I just got off the phone with BV and he said the sink hole at the end of the launch has washed out completely. Billy has filled some of it in with heavy crush rock but its not fixed yet. They have painted lines on the dock and if you back your trailer past this line you may be SOL! Also...
  24. Grady226

    Just Say No to Crack? What do you think???:rofl:
  25. Grady226

    Would you buy a boat from the east coast now??

    Here is some video of the hurricane damage on the east coast. Try and get your insurance to cover this!!!:finger: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  26. Grady226

    Saltwater Bayside Blackmouth Derby

    I fished the Bayside derby for about the 10th year. I had Jermz and my coworker Shawn B on Saturday and just Jermz and I on Sunday. We had a master plan that included fishing open exposed to the south wind areas. The weather kicked up and forced us to abort our starting spot. We moved to spot...
  27. Grady226

    Saltwater Got Tuna Smacked Down!

    Goatram and I and his son Jamie and friend fished the Tuna Smackdown. We had a few issues in morning with bait pump and radar not working. We fished hard barfbut no love for us. My first no fish Tuna trip:shithappens: I'm sure someone killed um.
  28. Grady226

    Saltwater MA 9 Here & There

    Fished 9 on Monday, Friday and Sunday. Fishing was pretty good and the company was great! I had a bunch of dedicated fish killers on board every day! The hot setup changed from day to day for us but the bite came on consistently! I sure like those Q-Cove flashers! Thanks to Jeremy, Pat...
  29. Grady226

    Skagit Reg. Change

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 July 2, 2012 Gear restrictions implemented on the Skagit River Action: Selective gear rules, with a maximum hook gap of ½ inch required. Species...
  30. Grady226

    Tribes at it again!!!!

    Western Washington tribes say tribal fishing rights at risk Hope everyone reads this!!!!:finger:
  31. Grady226

    Saltwater Fishin' with Ted, Travis, Pat & Chris

    Took off early from work on Friday and loaded up the truck. Stopped and picked up Travis (Blackmouther). Hit the ferry at Edmonds perfect and on to Lapush! Ted, Pat, Chris and BBA Brian all went on Wednesday. We landed in Lapush mid evening and got settled in for the night. Ted cooked some...
  32. Grady226

    Saltwater Fishin with Ted,Woody & Jermz!

    Here is a quick run down of my weekend adventure! My brother-in-law and I left work 2 hrs early on Friday to hit the Edmonds ferry. Made it on the 3:15 boat and ended up in Lapush at 7 after a stop at Swain's in PA. Shawn fished with Flasher Ken. We also had Joe Pineapple JR. on board. His...
  33. Grady226

    Saltwater Anacortes Derby Report

    First off it was 3 great days on the water with 2 other die hard fishermen...Blackvelvet (we used his fishin machine) and Blackmouther (we used his knowledge of the area)! I hooked up with Ted Friday morning and we went straight to the sling launch at Cape Sante. Travis was already there and...
  34. Grady226

    Thieves SUCK

    Just noticed the T8 long shaft electric start, tilt,trim Yamaha kicker missing off my boat when I got home from work today it had a key feature under the hood. All cables and the fuel line cut clean at the primer bulb. no debris left behind. Keep your eyes open please! Thanks:finger:
  35. Grady226

    Saltwater Coho X 4

    Yesterday after work I met a coworker at the marina and off we went in search of the evening bite. As soon as we killed the big motor we saw 1 fish landed with high 5's on the little NorthRiver. We saw a few fish jumping and the porpose working bait. Trolled south for a while and nailed 2...
  36. Grady226

    Saltwater Derby for the Blind

    Even though the weather did not cooperate, another great derby for the blind is in the books. The winning Coho weighed in at a staggering 17lbs. for the 20year old fisherman on his birthday! I hope someone can post a pick of that HOG! There were a lot of PSA and BloodyDecks members that...
  37. Grady226

    Saltwater MA 7 Was FUN!!!

    Headed up to Washington park to launch this morning in hopes of catching at least 1 nice Chinook this summer. My brother in law John66 and Jeremy Jermzs were on board. Ted Blackvelvet and Vance Draggonballs followed along. We ran way north to the Sucia area to find some great Frazier fish. With...
  38. Grady226

    What is the best knot Tuna Cord to Big River

    I'm working on the Hali gear for the Lapush trip and just realized I'm not sure what knot to use for tuna cord to 10/0-12/0 big river hooks. The cord goes through the eye nicely once but the salmon leader bumper knot is not gonna work for this app. What options?
  39. Grady226

    Bloody Decks Swag for Christmas!

    If your wife was cool and hooked you up lets see it!:rofl: Merry Christmas :finger:
  40. Grady226

    Saltwater Everett Coho Derby

    I did manage to boat 1 fish on Sunday. It was a very tough weekend for most. It looks like about 225 fish weighed for approx. 1500 tickets sold. I must of had some salt spray on the lens of the camera so its a little blurry but it was the 144th place fish!
  41. Grady226

    Saltwater Lion's Club Blind Derby

    My dad and I volunteer to take a blind person fishing. This year is the 60th+ annual Derby for the Blind. Our guest again this year is Haley. Compared to last years slayfest the Coho where knowwhere near as cooperative. We did scratch out 1 fish on a Brad's Cutplug and that earned Haley 3rd...
  42. Grady226

    Saltwater My Trip With Goatram

    My trip with Goatram. Wednesday evening I get a text from John that reads Westport Salmon Saturday, Tuna Sunday. A quick check with my wife and I was in.:D John new I didn’t have any experience at Tuna but I was getting the offer because others had turned him down because of work or family...
  43. Grady226

    Saltwater Some Fish From Possession 8-6-10

    My boat is having a few nicks repaired by my neighbor who does gelcoat repair. This gave me the opportunity to fish with a good buddy of mine today. We hit Possession Bar at about 5:45 this morning too a stiff south ,southwest wind that had things lumped up pretty good. The west side was a...
  44. Grady226

    Saltwater Possession Bar 8-1-10

    Sunday morning my neighbor Steve, my son Jacob and I went to Possession Bar for a little Chinook fishing. We started at the green can at Scatchet Head and worked over that area pretty hard with plugs and spoons. We saw very few fish caught in the area. We worked our way down the bar and finally...
  45. Grady226

    Saltwater Late MA 9 report 7-24

    Friday evening I made the call to try MA 9 for Chinook again. I called my buddy Rod and invited him and his youngest son Nick (11) to fish with me and my son Jacob (13). We met at the POE boat launch at 4:30 a.m. and got the boat ready to go. We headed for Possession Bar and stopped just off...
  46. Grady226

    Saltwater Late report from Mid Channel

    This weekend sure didn't go as planned but we did manage to kill a couple of hatchery fish! Friday at 2:30 am up and loading the boat and truck for the weekend stay at the brother-in-law's in Coupville. We met at the launch along with a whole lot of others at 5am. It was a 45 min. wait to get...
  47. Grady226

    Saltwater Last Call Marine Area 6 'Butts 5-30

    Ok, here is the report for yesterday 5-30. I finally got my trailer back on the road on Friday and on Saturday got my boat from my buddy's at Shelter Bay. We did a quick preassure wash job on the hull scum and off to Coupville I went. Sunday morning we headed out to a spot near...
  48. Grady226

    Saltwater Good Day in MA6 5-22

    Picked up my boat and the dock space provider at Shelter Bay and headed for Coronet Bay to pick up my brother in law. We headed out to Eastern Bank to fish 'Butts. It was a really lumpy ride on the way out. 3' to 5' wind waves. We started fishin on the east side of Eastern Bank but after the...
  49. Grady226

    Saltwater MA 7 for 5/6

    My buddy Rod and I headed to meet Travis (blackmouther) in Laconner were my boat is currently.When we exited the freeway at Conway the diesel started to sputter and died at the gas station. I called Travis and he turned around and got us. So now 1 dead truck and time to kill some fish. We ran...
  50. Grady226

    Saltwater Another Trip North

    My buddy Ted called me last night and wanted to take his boat to the Canadian side for Halibut. He has a 21' Willie Raptor (ouch my back!). We left Coronet Bay at 6am and headed for Victoria. We arrived at about 7:30am and made a couple drifts without a nibble. We decided to head southwest to...
  51. Grady226

    Trailer Brakes

    Have you converted your drum brake trailer to disk brakes? What brand did you use and was it worth the $$$$$ and effort. This applies to a tandem axle Shorelander trailer for my Grady White. With trailer and boat it weighs about 6,000# Six Robbless has Tie Down (not good looking) and...
  52. Grady226

    Saltwater In the right area!

    The wind did not howl out there today. I took 1hr 15 min. to run from Deception Pass to Coyote Bank and about the same on the way back. My Dad and brother (the pucker) joined me today. When we arrived at Coyote bank we saw this big boat with tuna stickers all over it:frehya2: It was the...
  53. Grady226

    Saltwater Canadian Halibut

    2 buddies and I ran over to the Canadian side of the straits with 1 day fishing permits. I got a 20lb. halibut and we had 2 others on that came off. Ted caught anice Copper rockfish that we turned back. It was close to 5lb. The rigs we were using was B-2 squid with a herring, plain herring and...
  54. Grady226

    Saltwater Dec. 26 MA 8-1

    I took my dad and my brother-in-law Blackmouth fishing yesterday. It was a nice sunny day with the temp. starting out at 25 degrees when we left Marysville. After clearing the ice off the windows and canvas we headed to Clinton dock to pick up my brother-in-law (John). We headed north up...
  55. Grady226

    Saltwater Derby for the Blind

    My brother and I took out a participant in the Everett Lions Club derby for the blind. This is the 5th year that Hayley has fished with us. This was also the most productive year that we have had. She did not win for the biggest fish but she reeled in 3 limits of Coho and 1 Chinook that we...
  56. Grady226

    Biggest fish this year?

    Outdoor Briefs: Angler Lands &#145;Catch of a Lifetime' : Outdoors : Kitsap Sun Check out this picture and story. I checked the length for weight chart and this fish should have weighed 276.5lbs. I wonder if the scale at the general store is that far off. Neah Bay here we come!
  57. Grady226

    If you want blood

    On 5/1 and 5/2 we launched out of Keystone and fished the banks.My buddy Ted beat me to Partridge Bank friday and he was rewarded with a 37 lb. 'but. No fish for us friday after 12 hrs. on the salt. This morning my dad and brother met me at the launch and we headed for Partridge again. Made 4...
  58. Grady226

    Halibut 4/23 and 4/24

    We fished area's 9 and 6 with 1 But each day 21lbs. on Thursday in Admiralty Bay and a 24 lber at Partridge Bank on Friday. We saw several nice fish caught including Chris' 64lber Friday. Here is link to a video we shot (first ever attempt). YouTube - Puget Sound Halibut 2009 I'm the...