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    We have been throwing plastics and bucktails with this pair for a month now. Really like the lightness of the reel and micro guides of the rod.
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    Inshore Lake Pacific 7/24

    Just a real good time of the year to be a fisher no matter where you live.
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    Inshore LJ 7/10 PB Sheephead

    Saturday morning we put in at dawn and was out on the water fishing as the sun came up. First stop produced a new waypoint and several 12-14 inch sand bass slow pitching a flat fall jig. Second stop produced a limit of rock fish including whitefish and sheephead. The bite shut off at 9:00. Back...
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    Some more Okuma Gear in Action

    Today we caught these fish on the okuma: HELIOS TCS baitcast reel model HTC-281V on a SERRANO rod model SRN-731MH HELIOS SX spinning reel model HXS-30 on a GUIDE SELECT PRO rod model GSP-S-761M
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    Inshore LJ 5/15 Calico Bass

    We put in at 6ish. Paddled along the beach and out to 30 feet for a good bass bite with the largest fish going 18 inches caught on a 8 inch soft body swimbait. Ended up in 50 feet where we invited a handful of whitefish back to the casa for cena. Hauled out and back on the road by noon.
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    There is a vast amount of design talk here in this forum, to that we would like to add some recent on the water video of these two rods in action. In this morning of fishing video report we have circled back to a spinning rod for throwing stick baits far and accurately also they are affective...
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    Inshore 4/2 LJ

    Put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch around 6AM, back on the sand by 11AM. (12) Calico Bass A sandbass, whitefish and sheephead
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    Inshore 3/1 LJ

    Depth finder issues kept us out of the canyon and on the reef. 45 Degrees. The place was a ghost town, love fishing weekdays. Put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at 6AM, back on the sand by 11AM. (2) legal Calico Bass (5) Sheephead A brown rockfish (6) jumbo Dabs
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    10/17 LJ

    This is more of a day out on the water without electronics than catching fish but we did manage (1) legal and (6) short Calico bass taken on the plastic. Put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at 6AM, back on the sand by 9AM.
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    9/19 LJ

    The surf is up. The inshore water blue for the first time this summer. Also made the three B’s for the first time year. To quote Capt. Dave Hansen “You have to have a plan and following the other fishermen around is NOT a PLAN!” Last weekend fin bait was hard to make at the pier but we did...
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    8/29 LJ

    We put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at pre grey light, back on the sand by 11AM for (2) legal Calico Bass to 20 inches and a legal Sand Bass. Throughout the morning session we left packs of biting 13 inch calico to look for bigger ones. All fish were caught on plastics. Today the fish...
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    7/25 LJ

    We put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at pre grey light…back on the sand by noon for (6) Calico Bass to 20 inches, a Sand Bass and (5) Reds in as many drops. All caught on plastic. Today the fish activity predictor was right on the money. We made the bass during the morning predicted...
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    7/3 San Diego CA

    Today we put in at 5:30 AM. Trolled in 120 foot out to the NW corner, making (6) sand bass on a tube jig along the way. On the corner we made (3) rockfish with the plastic. Two red and one brown. On the way back we trolled over the tops of the bent over kelps for (2) short calico bass. Back on...
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    San Diego CA 6/27

    We put in this morning at 5 and was back on the sand by 9. Caught 6 calico bass to make 3 legals. Also caught a limit of rockfish including whitefish, brown fish, Reds and sheephead.
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    Coronados 6/20

    On June 20th we motored from San Diego Harbor to the Coronado Islands of Mexico for a morning of Yellowtail and Calico Bass fishing. We would end the session with two yellowtails and many bass, in fact we left the bass biting. We also lost four yellows to the rocks. Our fish today came on...
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    6/6 Long Beach

    We (my friend Robert and I) caught a dozen bass off the Long Beach Wall. Two big lessons learned for me: The first one, you can’t fish too close to the wall. The difference between throwing up into the rocks and five feet away from them is like night and day. The second is that, while rear...
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    RED TIDE San Diego 5/9/2020

    We put in at 5:30, back on the beach by 10:30. For three calico bass, one legal. Because of the corona pandemic the parking lot is still closed and everyone on the beach is wearing a mask but there is no shortage of street parking. We paddled and fished weadless swimbaits all the way to the NW...
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    LJ Last Saturday

    This is from last weekend as the San Diego Beaches are all closed today because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. At the time it was just another day on the water but looking back, it was a pretty good time and we hope to get back out there very soon. Everybody stay safe !!!
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    LJ 3/7/2020

    Put in at 6. Caught a couple of Calico Bass, Brown rockfish, Red rockfish, White rockfish, Sand Dabs. Dr Seuss would be proud. Back on the beach by 11.
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    1st Cast 1st Fish Curse

    Disproved but it took several hours to pick off the next bass.
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    Blue Water Sculpin

    While inshore bass fishing this week we caught a sculpin. Over the years I've caught untold numbers of these sea rattlers in the San Diego Harbor. Those fish are grey and dingy looking when compared to the few we have caught out here in the blue water. Its colors, so brilliant, are matched only...
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    Offshore 9/7 Bluefin on the Troll

    Today we, the brothers Robert & Rick left Shelter Island at 3:30 AM for the Southern Zone. Made a 100 mile plus, 12 hour loop back for one very nice 45 pound Bluefin Tuna.
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    Coronado Islands 7/20

    · 13 yellow tail · 6 barracuda · 1 calico bass · 64-60 degree water · Nice ride over but a little bumpy on the way back
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    4/27 LJ

    Easy launch. 63 degree water temp. Great paddling. (2) Calico full of tuna crab. (2) Tree Fish. (2) White fish. (1) Sculpin. Home by noon.
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    LJ 10/10 Veterans Fish

    We put in at 7AM. Caught (5) Bonita between the buoy line and the hotel bump. Back on the sand by 9. When our vet comes to town there are two things they always want. The first is a California burrito and the second is a paddle out past the brakers.
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    LJ 10/27

    6AM and the fog is so thick at the put-in I had to use my compass to find my out of the reserve. Paddled west but then I heard a breaking wave to port and changed screens to find I was in only 20 feet of water. The ripping downhill current was pushing me into the cliff. In another minute or two...
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    LJ 10/20

    We fished Saturday morning for a pair of Bonito and a ½ a dozen assorted rockfish. There was a real fast moving downhill current that had the kelp bent over. Back on the sand by noon. An all-around beautiful morning.
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    LJ 10/6

    We launched at grey to catch a limit of Ocean Whitefish & (4) California Sheephead. Back on the sand by noon. Plan A was abandoned when we could not make live bait. Plan B was to locate structure using lobster trap buoys and then meter them for fish. I took about five tries before we found the...
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    Last Saturday @ the Coronado’s and Beyond

    We launched from Chula Vista CA, love that boat launch, ramp and convenient trailer parking. On our way out of the harbor we picked up a good healthy scoop of anchovies & made mackerel at the bait docks too. We were the 1st private boat at the tuna pins. Made a limit of yellowtail by 8:26 AM...
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    MDO camping/hiking/fishing

    A couple weeks ago we did our 3rd annual camping and coastal kayak fishing trip up in Montaña de Oro State Park. From the coastal hiking to the shallow water rock fishing, I can’t say enough good things about that place. We caught all the gophers & black & yellows we needed for camp meat and...
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    LJ 4/14

    Fished LJ from Grey till afternoon for one Red. Water temp was 62-63. Air temp in the morning was 52…stayed comfortably cool, all day, while out on the water. Lost a big one that came on fin bait…but getting on film and sharing the replay with friends makes the loss less painful.
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    LJ 4/7 Do Conditions Matter

    The water temperature was 62. Bluebird skies. Tons of baitfish everywhere. Caught (1) 5 pound’ish Calico Bass but it made the trip totally worth it!
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    Mission Bay San Diego 3/3

    This is a video kayak fishing report for Mission Bay, San Diego. Made bait, caught a few shorts. Proving once again that even when the weather is too rough to launch out through the surf there is always fun bay fishing to fall back on.
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    LJ 2/3 Whale Watching

    We launched out to near zero surf for a slow pick on small calico bass etc…as a private boater commented after a whale passed between us “It’s a better day for whale watching than fishing”.
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    12/26 San Diego Bay n Beyond

    Because the Shelter Island boat ramp is closed until May, we launched out of Glorietta Bay. Making it out to the whistler just before sunrise. As the sun rose we caught calico bass and sculpin while throwing swimbaits. We made a move out into the kelp beds for more calico bass but found the lack...
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    Potholing Lake La Jolla 12/9

    Today we caught calico bass along the coastline & out in the kelps while throwing swimbaits. Later we caught them in deeper structure using whole squid.
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    KOMODO SS 250 Size Reel?

    I still fish the KOMODO 250, grey in color, not the SS version and it performs well but for this kind of inshore fishing a smaller size saltwater version would be nice.
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    LJ 9/16

    We Fished La Jolla Saturday morning for a better grade of Bonita. What they lacked in numbers they more than made up for in size & heart.
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    LJ 8/26

    The surface temperature was 71.4 degrees. We caught (10) Bonito on a Crystal Minnow hard bait and (2) Calico Bass.
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    North Beach 8/12

    Last week we fished North Beach out of Leo Carrillo State Park for a slow pick on short butts & calico bass.
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    Coronados 7/15

    I turned 60 this week, as much as that sucks it was made easier by my good friend Robert who took me out for a good day of fishin. The big take away for today: when the bait at the receiver is less than perfect try supplementing it with some fresh caught mackerel. And because ours was on the...
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    LJ 7/8 Plenty of Bait & Sharks

    Today and this fishing report is nothing special except as much as everyday out on-the-water and all of Your timely fishing reports are Special. Released one shark and kept a limit of whitefish.
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    MDO 7/2/17

    We had our annual camping trip at the Montaña de Oro State Park where we caught Cabezon, Lingcod and assorted Rock Fish from Kayaks. It was more winding than in past years. Still a beautiful & wild place with lots of quality nearshore fishing.
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    DP 3/19 Rock & Bass

    We left the Dana Point Harbor just before light and motored out to Box Canyon where we rock fished in 200-300 foot of water. From there we ran back in to the San Onofre kelp. There we set the anchor and chummed in Calico, Sand & Black Sea Bass. On the way back we trolled the Capistrano Bight for...
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    10/29 LJ Better Luck than Good

    We fished 64-67 degree water for (4) white fish, (1) sheephead, (1) bonito and (1) 25-pound YT caught on a flylined mini mack in 90 feet of water at the ¾. Our fish today were caught using the Komodo & Metaloid Reels on Shadow Stalker & SCT Inshore Rods.
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    SD 10/1

    Saturday, around midday, out on the NW Corner we caught a 25 pound halibut in 127 feet of 69 degree water on a butt hooked lizard fish. The bottom fish were biting for us on the edge of the structure, easily identified by the lobster pot buoys. Today we were fishing the Komodo Lowprofile...
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    San Diego 9/17

    The water temperate this Saturday was 64-65 degrees. Conditions were flat calm. We caught a mixed limit of Rock & White Fish, Sheephead, Calico & Johnny Bass. We caught our fish today on the KOMODO Lowprofile Baitcast Reel KDR-273V. 20-poud braid with a 10-pound mono leader.
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    San Diego 9/10/16

    At around 9AM the water surface temp was 71 degrees. We caught (2) rock fish in 80-feet of water and left them biting to catch (2) 15-pound class yellowtails in 60-feet of water. We left them biting because that was all the fish I had room for on the deck of my kayak. Caught all my fish on the...
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    Offshore SCI 9/2

    We did not catch any tuna but the bass, bonito and YT were stupid wide open. Caught all my fish on the okuma ANDROS A-5NS Reel on a Heavy 8’ MAKAIRA rod with 50 lb braid to 20 lb floro leader & ANDROS 2-SPEED Reel on a SCT ALBACORE ROD with 65 lb braid to 40 lb floro leader.
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    7/4/16 Montaña de Oro State Park

    We were invited to a 4th of July camp and fish in the Montaña de Oro State Park by our good friend Louis Ciminieri. This was our 1st time rock fishing Central California and really did not know what to expect. But we caught fish from shore out to 1 mile. Many of the local kayak fisherman do not...
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    San Diego 6/4

    Launched at the Shores this weekend where the marine layer was palatable….kind a nice! Made bait trolling a saiki crankbait combo as the fish are all up feeding on micro fin baits. They are 1” long and everywhere. But mostly along the 65.5-66.5 degree temperature brake. Trolled a fly lined...
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    8/22 San Diego

    We launched the Bre Clancy out of Shelter Island @ 4AM. The line at the bait barge felt like it was barely moving until they opened up both sides and then things took off. We received the best scoop and a half of sardines ever! Towards the end of the session we had to kill live pieces just to...
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    8/15/15 San Diego

    We launched well before sunrise and paddled over to the Scrips pier to make bait but when the pier lights are turned off the greenbacks can be hit or miss. Paddled across a very quiet canyon and over to the kelps for all you want brown bait. Sometimes I troll a shallow running hard bait in...
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    Offshore Mackerel Bank 8/8

    The Bre Clancy left Danna @ 3:30 for the Mackerel Bank. At first light my ole fishin buddy Robert and I broke two off and landed one. After that we left the fleet to troll feathers. We saw a few spots of tuna up and foamin but none would bite. At the 2 minute warning we slid into the 14 Mile...
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    San Diego ¾ day 7/27

    Today the sport boat fleet was anchored up off the IB kelp line so you could have expected the same results from any of the party boats. But I always fished the Malihini with my father back when they fished the islands. Even now I felt his present there with me and my daughter. There was 51...
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    San Diego 6.27.15

    The water was 71.2 degrees. Lots of tuna crabs. The greenback Johnny made and used for bait was a jumbo. He was trolling parallel the kelps in 90 feet. My son was content fishing calico and rock fish with me up until my friend Robert took him to the Coronado’s for some yellowtail. Now that’s...
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    San Diego 4.11.15

    Saturday morning we fished from grey till 11 but did most of our catching from 8-10. Six of the twelve calico bass we caught weighed 2.5 pounds on the digital scale; they were chunks and if we had not been packing a scale they would have been solid 3 ½, depending on the camera angle, maybe even...
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    Coronado Island 4.4.2015

    Saturday, after the total eclipse of the moon, we made the run from Pt Loma to the Coronado Island. There we put my son on his first and second yellowtail. We found the 15 pound class fish under birds. They are moving fast, very fast. Find the birds and find the fish. His gear is an Azores...
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    Rockin San Diego

    Today was my 1st shot at the 2015 rockfish season. And it was my son’s first time fishing rocks from the kayak. No wind or swell made for perfect spot and stalk conditions out on the canyon. We paddled along the 100-200 foot mark where the canyon walls are shear. Here I showed my son how to...
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    SD Harbor

    Each winter about this time we transition from inshore to harbor fishing where we fish from the jetty all the way into the south bay. This year the harbor seems to be healthier than ever. Not as many fishermen either. Last time out we caught 10 species including a legal halibut. All of the old...
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    San Diego October 4th

    The long summer is not over yet as good numbers of perch and sharks continue to show for our local fishermen.
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    San Diego 9.20.14

    Got an early morning session in for (6) perch and (2) leopard sharks to 30-pounds. I used the same outfit to catch the perch as the sharks. 15-pound mainline to 8-pound leader for the perch and then spliced on a 40-pound mono leader for the sharks. Simple but fun!
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    Offshore San Diego August 2nd

    (3) Mexican limits of yellowfin tuna & (4) yellowtail. Every time I tell myself this is as good as it gets the next trip is better than the last. On the fist paddy stop the yellowtail ate the 50 pound mono off my meat stick the okuma Nomad Rod and Cedros Reel but the tuna were shy (line and...
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    Offshore San Diego July 18th

    (8) YFT (2) on the troll (6) on bait. We left the harbor just before sunrise, back by noon. After rounding Point Loma we headed straight west until reaching the canyon and trolled south. We had two troll stops catching tuna on bait each stop. My bait fish was caught on the Okuma Andros single...
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    Offshore San Diego 5th of July

    15 YT, 1 Spanish Jack & 1 YFT My bait fish were caught with the Okuma Andros reel model A-5NS on a Shadow Stalker Rod. My iron fish came on an Okuma Cedros reel model CD10S on a Nomad Rod. It has been a long and sometimes choppy ride but today Robert & Brian are the men and this is the gear...
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    San Diego Memorial Day Weekend

    We put in at the Shores along with the Kayak Nation. While on the way to my corner, stopped to throw a pointer in front of a line of speed bait for the 1st barracuda of the season. Its official, summer is here. On the outside, fishing with the fleet, the sporties would come, meter around and...
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    San Diego May 25th

    We fished thru grey, down below the golf course this morning for wide open perch. No slabs and no beans but fun none the less. Had the place all to our selves' right up until nine when we left for breakfast. Wishing all of the fishermen here a fishy Memorial Day. Today we were fishing an...
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    Long Beach

    He wanted to run out to Catalina Island but the afternoon forecast was for gale force winds so we stayed local. My ole fishin buddy Robert is a second generation Long Beach fisherman with more local spots than Carter's got pills. Local was good to us today. We caught everything from keeper...
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    San Diego 2.2.2014

    We fished through grey for 10, what appeared to be, male barred surf perch to 10- inches. Love the solitude of surf fishing in the winter and we always fish the Super Bowl because there is never anyone else on the sand. Well that is except for the sand pipers, fish the pipers and never be...
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    San Diego Fishing Report 9.14.2013
  71. slayrider

    KAYAK FISH san diego 9.7.2013 I've not been so happy to see a football season begin since I played high school ball myself. Last Saturday the yaks and boats were too numerous to count and today it is locals only. The water is still warming but summer's crowd is gone. This is the best time of the...
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    Carlsbad Report

    We did our annual family vacation at the resort where I was able to steal away for several short sessions. The lagoon looked promising, fished it through the entire morning high tide. Still have yet to unlock her secrets though. Got one morning session with my fishing friend Eddy of the Gulf...
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    San Diego 8.17.2013

    <o:p></o:p> Robert, Brian, Lewis and myself launched from Shelter Island at 3:30 AM. No waiting at the bait barge where the sardines were extra large and well cured. We ran straight down 62 miles south, southwest of Pt Loma. The water temp at the Islands was 68 degrees but it got progressively...
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    San Diego 8\2\13

    <o:p></o:p> Robert, Brian & myself launched from Shelter Island at 4 AM. We stopped for bait before running south. Shortly after crossing the border we made our first paddy stop. It held a big Mola, jellyfish and a ton of bait so we topped off the tank with mini-macks. Two more paddy stops...
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    Dawn Patrol San Diego 6.29.13 Fished from grey until 9AM for (5)Yellowfin & (12) Perch. We made the croaker first. All of them came from the same hole. After that flurry we caught the perch while fan casting and side stepping other likely looking stretches. The perch weren't piled up in any...
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    Catalina Report

    0030_Shut off alarm, inhale a bowl of cereal & load the truck. 0100_Leave San Diego for Long Beach. There are moments when as far as I can see in both directions, mine are the only headlights on HWY-5. 0300_ Meet up with my longtime fishin friend Robert and his friend Fred. We launch the...
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    KAYAK FISH San Diego April 13th

    Spring fishing is as unpredictable as a woman. A week ago when the weather was much better we weighed our smallest bag of 2013. And seven days later the largest bag; an estimated10+pounds. . Most of the bass were in the 12 1/2 thru 13 1/2 range but there was a pair of 15's and a pair of18's...
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    Kayak Fish San Diego

    Yesterday I took my father (75) out coastal kayak fishing for the first time. Together we pot holed the kelps for limits of reds, spots,stars and sheepshead. Even though we fished shallow for rock fish it was still much deeper than he typically fishes. So to compensate I hooked him up with a...
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    San Diego Surf Report

    I'm always challenged when fishing the bottom half of the tide. The one exception would be when it coincides with grey light. If I can find the holes - those crescent shaped depressions where bait fish hide before the rising sun lights them up, then there is hope. This morning we found the...
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    Trio and RTX Spinning Reels the Grand Finally

    After salt bathing the new technology long strand carbonfiber construction prototypes locally for more than a year with great results we were ready to wrap things up when an invitation to come along on a river trip with outdoors writer Paul Lebowitz and paddle shop owner /outfitter / SUP...
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    KAYAK FISH San Diego

    On Saturday we launched through the smallest surf I can ever remember in my lifetime. Out to the squid bed where the parked flotilla were anchored up and pulling on a few squid but nothing else. Out past the bump in the gap we found a few willing sand bass. On the way back in there are...
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    Super Size Me

    Our first impression of the dark knight is that he seems to settle in there quite nicely. Right in between my standard go-to reels, the blue Cedros round & low profile saltwater baitcasters. The Cedros round reel was perfect for throwing the light jig and big hard & soft baits up on the rocks...
  83. slayrider

    San Diego 1/2 Day Report

    We hopped aboard the New Seaforth this morning for a one-gallon sized bag of rockfish fillets for the freezer. On the way out of the harbor the captain announced that we'd be fishing in waters from 250-300. So I had to go up to the bridge and ask why? Normally I never go any deeper than the...
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    Coastal Kayak Fishing San Diego

    Surf launchin was easy today. And the paddlin too. Followed the south canyon out a few miles and then we worked the western edge of the kelp south a few more. The ocean is nearly a ghost town this time of the year filled with nothing but memories of big fish and friends from summers past. I'm...
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    San Diego Surf Report 11.10.2012

    At dawn we fished Blacks from the glider port to Flat Rock throwing hard baits and then back with gulp for (10) perch to 11 inches. No slabs today but a good grade all around. The perch were scattered not stacked. I don't think we caught two in any one spot. A male was milking so maybe it's...
  86. slayrider

    Coastal Kayak Fishing San Diego 11.3.2012

    In the grey we threw swimbaits at the beach for Calico. With the sunrise we followed the reef out into 25 feet of water for a plunker bite with crawly baits. Having noticed that the 1/2 day boats continue put up good numbers of Calicos we followed the reef out into their world. As we...
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    Do you remember your first time?

    Yesterday while field testing a pair of prototype spinners out on La Jolla's reefs we made 3-pounders. All of the pre and grey light bass came on large profile swimbaits tied straight to 50-pound string. At first light we switched over to 10-pound mono and flipped boilers with a light little...
  88. slayrider

    Offshore Boarder Run out of San Diego 8.25.12

    Saturday morning three of us ran down to the 302 for (22) yellowtail and (1) dorado. At 4:00 Robert Yakemonis, Brian Sanner and I motored the Bree Clancy, a 22' Defiance, out of the San Diego harbor. We'd just left the bait barge with a mix of sardines & anchovies. With the radar on...
  89. slayrider

    San Diego Kayak Fishing Report 7.28.12

    We launched through 1 to 3 foot surf. The blackness ahead adorn only by a fleet of private boaters small red green & white lights. Out on the rocks the bass, to 3-pounds, bit sardine pattern sick baits with absolute rage. After grey we transitioned into the squid grounds. Staying well...
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    Light Tackle Surf Fishing San Diego on the 4th

    We fished through grey with sand crabs and 3" plastics for twenty palm sized perch and a pair of beans caught on Helios graphite spinning reels and Cedros Surfrods. We began the session with a minus tide. Fan casting and side stepping we worked our way along a mile or more of fishless surf...
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    San Diego 6.10.2012

    Yesterday we started out fishing the bass for a quick tournament limit of 1 1/2 pound fish plus a 3-4 pound kicker fish. They were feeding on small shad in 20-30 feet of water. Just look for the birds. Seems you could wind anything through them and get bit as long as it was moving FAST. All...
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    Coastal Kayakfishing San Diego 6.2.2012

    Let the timeline show that we caught our 1st Cuda of 2012 today. They are always a welcome by-catch and mark the true beginning of summer. Last year's first was caught out in the blue water slow trolling macks under diving turns. By contrast this year's was caught up in 6-feet of water busting...
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    Dana Point 5.19.12

    We got a morning session in with team LK LURES who are coming off a Salt Water Bass Anglers top-10 finish in Long Beach. Pre-fishing with these two is a great experience! As is typical we fished the beach for the light sensitive calico first. Then out into deeper waters for sand bass. It was...
  94. slayrider

    Coastal Kayak Fishing 5.5.2012

    We fished from 5:AM thru grey light for a tournament limit of (3) 16-inch bass toppped with a pair of 4.5 & 5.5 big fish. This morning with the grunion running and calicos in prespawn feeding mode we stayed in the surf zone -waters from 10' and shallower along a sandy beach. Mostly we were...
  95. slayrider

    South San Diego Bay Report

    We fished the south bay on Saturday morning for bass. The place was blanketed with a thick cover of fog for most of the session, finally lifting as we hauled out. We found the schools spread out and concentrated just above the grass. The first school we located was in the eelgrass bed just...
  96. slayrider

    Dana Point 3.10.12

    Late winter bass are where you find them. We motored the BreeClancy out of the harbor at grey with ½ of SWBA team #67 at the helm. Fished the beach first and hardest as this is where we enjoy catching calicos the most. Worked the rocks all the way up to Edison Reef. Not much in the way of bass...
  97. slayrider


    The 1st Saturday of the new year brought with it high surf so we left the fishing gear back in the trucks and practice touch and goes in the impact zone. It's on days like this that perfect practice makes for perfect kayak fishing. On the 2nd Saturday in January we fished the Dana Point...
  98. slayrider

    San Diego November-December

    If you come and take from the reports you occasionally have to contribute yourself or at least that's how we see it. It's been typically beautiful clear winter mornings out at the squid spawning grounds with only few anglers left on the water. The YT we've seen landed have been few but...
  99. slayrider

    Dana Point October 1st

    It's finally Saturday - we launched Robert's boat, a Defiance Admiral 220 named The Bre Clancy and motor out of Dana Harbor. The weather is better than good, the sea calm. With Lobster trap buoys signaling the way to the best structure we set out on a morning of running-n-gunning. Watching...
  100. slayrider

    Fishing the Super Moon

    It has been my experience that southern California surf fishing is at its best when the day's high tide is washing up onto dry sand, as all manner of small foods are washed back into the surf, a feeding frenzy is triggered. So you know there was no way we would miss the high tide caused by the...
  101. slayrider

    Kayak Fishing from Aliso Beach to Dana Harbor

    On February 12th 2011 we the people of the Kayak Nation came together for our third and final Laguna Beach P-F-A. There were representative from most of the coastal kayak fishing tribes. Kurt & I from the La Jolla tribe would later comment on how different our paddling brothers from up north...
  102. slayrider

    Kayak Fishing the Coronados

    This year Canoe & Kayak magazine, a well established/old, internationally distributed publication with a worldwide audience, chose Mexico's Coronado Islands as the location for their annual new kayak review. 2011's latest and greatest sporting kayaks are the Ocean Kayak's Trident Ultra, Cobra...
  103. slayrider

    Offshore Laboring on the Rooster

    Tails Up <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</SPAN></o:p> Our good friend Robert Yakemonis recommend this boat to us as he has been doing the Labor Day trip for several years now. His good karma and even better fishing skills earned him second place in the jackpot -...
  104. slayrider

    San Diego 7.10.2010

    This morning when we drove our trucks out onto the wet sand there was hundreds if not one-thousand boat lights out on the buoy line - it was laughable. So we side stepped that mess and took full advantage of a thick marine layer, non-existent surf and low tide to fish reefs that are normally out...
  105. slayrider

    Okuma Cedros Coastal Inshore Rods

    These past few days we have been beach fishing for bass during the predawn and early morning hours for a good bite on calico with some trophies in the mix. For gear we have been using okuma's new Cedros Coastal rod model number CC-C-761M & newly redesigned Alumina low profile reel - no model...
  106. slayrider

    The Plastic Navy Mounts an Amphibious Assault of San Clemente Island

    On the 28th thru the 30th the sport boat ISLANDER out of Fisherman's Landing in Point Loma, CA was transformed into a mobile landing platform for the purpose of supporting twelve of the Kayak Nation's most capable assets in their effort to seizing command and control of the waters along the...
  107. slayrider

    The New Okuma Trio Spinning Reel

    Hey folks, for those of you who use spinning reels, I have some personal thoughts & observation about the new reel to share with you. The Trio is the latest in a long line of successful okuma spinners. Personally I learned to fish with a spinner - a Michell 300 to be exact. Holding the rod in my...
  108. slayrider

    Trio-30 @ Barrett Lake

    Last Saturday three of us saltwater bass tournament kayak fishermen went to Barrett with outdoor writer and columnist Paul Lebowitz. Paul was there doing research for a story on this year’s newest fishing kayaks. My favorite motorized kayak tested was the Ocean Kayak Torque with its fixed...
  109. slayrider

    San Diego Recap for February

    Some of you may know me, I'm a longtime SoCal fisherman and product tester for okuma. This is an exciting time as they have several new products coming on line this year and next. If you allow, I will introduce you to a few via an occasional fishing report. We strongly believe that to become a...
  110. slayrider

    West Coast Salt Water Bass Fishing

    <SPAN style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'; FONT-SIZE: 12pt"><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comToday, in between storms, we fished the San Diego Harbor. Where for three-hours the Sand, Calico & Spotted Bay bass all bit well. Hauled out around 9:00...