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  1. John_Doe

    Offshore Liberty 7-21 Awesome Crew!

    Went on the Liberty on Thursday. The crew on that boat are awesome!!!! I've been on about 30 trips from 1 to 1.5 day and I was worried there would be a lot of tangles, beginners, screwing things up. The boys, Mitch, Nano (sure I'm getting his name wrong) and the others were about as good as...
  2. John_Doe

    Offshore Has She Sang?

    Has she sang? Is it over?
  3. John_Doe

    Offshore Pacific Queen on 11-1

    Good times on the Pacific Queen. Booked this trip in May, I think. Crazy you have to book that far out but when you’re good, you’re good! Great boat, great crew, great captain. When we boarded John looked at my gear & convincingly sent me back to the tackle shop to rent a 80# rig. My buddy...
  4. John_Doe

    Offshore Long Run For Nada + Combat Fishing

    I'm from Nor Cal so I get to make a few trips outta SD a couple times a year. Went out Monday on a buddy's 24' CC, we went to the 302, then everywhere between there and back to MB for basically nada. We went over 100 miles searching, searching & searching. Hit several paddys for nada. I felt...
  5. John_Doe

    Penn Senator 4/0 113H w 100# Braid For The Big Boys?

    Tell me, is this stupid, will I get laughed off the boat? I have an old, but serviced, Penn Senator 4/0 113H that I can load 100# braid on, then run some 60 mono or whatever for the big Bluefin being caught right now off SoCal. Is this a dumb idea. My buddy that knows his stuff says no, not...
  6. John_Doe

    Offshore Condor 1.5 10-7-20

    Great trip on the Condor. Left at 8 pm. Great talk by Greg & Scott. I really feel that the tone set by the crew & the instructions & explanations are worth their weight in gold for everyone on board. We went south, south, & further south somewhere. Hit the first paddy at about 8:30 & it was...
  7. John_Doe

    Offshore Condor 8-12 to 14 Good Bluefin Bite

    Went out on the Condor as per my buddy's persistence. Great boat, great crew. A little bit of attitude with some of them (joking, don't rip me apart for that!). We killed it. The boys on the boat worked long & hard and were EXTREMELY helpful. Hey when you're good you can have attitude...
  8. John_Doe

    Offshore My Contribution 8-28 & 29 Tribute & SD

    Fished 2 days. One on the Tribute one on the San Diego. To get straight to the point, what worked for the bluefin was the 100 gram sardine flatfall. I had too many hookups on good bluefin, as did a few others, for it to be pure coincidence. At least that's IMHO.:) First fish was about 50#...
  9. John_Doe

    Mercury Levels in Yellowfin

    You would have to be living under a rock to not know about the awesome Yellowfin bite we've had for months on end. My question is how much of it is safe to eat??? I'm sure this has been debated. I did some research and found that, unfortunately, Yellowfin is on the higher side of the mercury...
  10. John_Doe

    Offshore Resurrection of The Lost on The Tribute 10-10-18

    I'll try to be brief. Left on the Tribute Tuesday night. What a great boat & what a great day fishing. Counts had been up & down, friends told me to do the day boats, I decided I would rather fish with 20 than 50. I dropped the extra bucks & was super glad I did. Everything was typical...
  11. John_Doe

    Offshore Aztec & Mustang, 2 Brothers, 8-14 & 8-16

    Been going down to SD to fish bluefin, yellowfin & yellowtail for years. I've more than paid my dues with multiple expensive strikeouts & long boat rides that were filled with no fish. I finally hit it right!!!! Day 1: Went on an overnight outta Seaforth on the Aztec. Boat was great...
  12. John_Doe

    Offshore 8-10 On The San Diego

    Epic day, huge thanks to Ryan, Shon, Fisher & the Pinheads. What a day. The crew on the SD are the best!!!!!! Limits!!!
  13. John_Doe

    Offshore Foamers Vid, Report 6-13

    Went on the good ole' San Diego. Can't really say anything much beyond...we threw everything we had at them. Good fisherman, decky's throwing jigs, bait. We got a few but largely was an excersise in frustration. Shot this cool video though:
  14. John_Doe

    Fudged Counts

    Anybody care. I seem to be a day late & a dollar short sometimes, then I check the count on the boat the day I went on & WOW fish were caught that I didn't even see!!! Latest incident took place over the weekend on a boat fishing Anacapa. Said we had 18 big yellows. We really only had 2...
  15. John_Doe

    Online Mex License Legit?

    Online Mex License Legit from this site Any info on that? Is it ok to buy it, print it out & be done? Thx
  16. John_Doe

    What Boat Should I Get?

    I have a budget of about 10K more or less. Looking for a boat to fish the channel, Catalina, etc. I've been in the ocean my whole life, fished PB's, charter's etc. A member just sold a sweet little 2004 May-craft 1900 which looked like a good buy. That leaves my looking for something else...