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  1. tamezjos

    San Diego to Puertecitos travel time?

    Any idea on the travel time with a rig using the new paved road??? Thanks...
  2. tamezjos

    on the Foruno 1731

    I'm trying to get some reference on a Furuno 1731 Mark III Radar Display and 24" Radome, anyone of you with any experience on this unit? Thanks Josh Sorry for the misspelled Furuno on the title....
  3. tamezjos

    Quality Radar for reasonable price

    Hello Guys, I would really appreciate if you can help me decide what to do, your opinions count... I'm just finishing my boat and would love to put up a radar on it, I would have to buy the display too as I have a 900 series huminbird now (that's another story). Anyway I wanted a Foruno Navnet...
  4. tamezjos

    24-26ft flybridge owners who have kicker's...

    I was wondering what size kicker would you guys have on your 24-26ft flybridges as that is a similar boat to mine.... what do you guys recommend? Thanks, Josh
  5. tamezjos

    Where in SoCal - Alum Gas Tank

    I'm looking for an alum-gas-tank builder that wont rip me off for a 70 gal tank.... any ideas? Thanks, Josh
  6. tamezjos


    Hello Guys, I plan on installing a 70-90 gallon aluminum gas tank, I'm in San Diego, does anybody have one around picking dust that I may pick up? Or do you know of a place where I can get used tanks for a decent price??? Thanks, Josh
  7. tamezjos

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Hey guys, I've been working on my boat for the last 16 months... I've been so busy that i have put off starting my thread for the longest time. I will update the thread as fast as I can so I can bring it up to where I am currently. I have thousands of photos, I'll try to post the most relevant...