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  1. reel loco

    2001 Harley Soft tail heritage classic

    reel loco submitted a new listing: 2001 Harley Soft tail heritage classic - 2001 Harley Soft tail heritage classic Learn more about this listing...
  2. 2001 Harley Soft tail heritage classic

    Southern California 2001 Harley Soft tail heritage classic

    2001 Harley for sale. Clean bike, runs great. 20k miles. New cam tensioners and clutch cable.
  3. reel loco

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga 40

    you still looking?
  4. reel loco

    26' Livesay cuddy.

    reel loco submitted a new listing: 26' Livesay cuddy. - 26' Livesay cuddy. Learn more about this listing...
  5. 26' Livesay cuddy.

    Southern California 26' Livesay cuddy.

    1978 Livesay 26' cuddy. Im the second owner, purchased from original owner who used it for commercial fishing. Has 1 ton fish hold. Has 4 scoop bait tank. New 180 gal. aluminum gas tank. Getting deck redone now. Has furuno gps, sounder, and radar. Older models but function well. Has radar arch...
  6. reel loco

    My Saltiga collection for sale, moving sale

    reel loco submitted a new listing: My Saltiga collection for sale, moving sale - My Saltiga collection for sale, moving sale Learn more about this listing...
  7. My Saltiga collection for sale, moving sale

    Southern California My Saltiga collection for sale, moving sale

    I have 15, 20, 30T, 40, and 50 2 speed. Silver with blue, all same series. Work well and some have been serviced by daiwa. Can be purchased with or without rods. 15-30 on teramar rods, 40 on saltiga rod and 50 on custom cal star rod. Make offers. I have other salt water gear for sale as well...
  8. reel loco

    1967 Seaway

    Still available?
  9. reel loco

    Can i see some outside pics if you dont mind.

    Can i see some outside pics if you dont mind.
  10. reel loco

    Offshore Fish id please bft yft albacore??

    irob2..iwas just gonna say let me see your boat but i just noticed your avatar. nice rig!!
  11. reel loco

    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    I was out in that area, was beautiful, flat would have been awesome to see the foamers like that out there.
  12. reel loco

    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    Great job!! What time did you get out to the slide? I was out looking around yesterday and nothing in that area. I think we were too early. We found foamers about 2pm below 267 area, no biters though.
  13. reel loco

    Offshore Biting fish

    Nice job , even managed a YFT
  14. reel loco

    Offshore bluefin bonanza sat 7/31

    Im getting deck redone, SMH
  15. reel loco

    Last time I got into pesky skippys or Bonito I killed the bait before tossing it out and they...

    Last time I got into pesky skippys or Bonito I killed the bait before tossing it out and they would pass it up but the tuna would not, guess they saw leftovers sneaking through the little guys and jumped on it. Was working pretty good and the people not listening were still getting picked up...
  16. reel loco

    26 Livesay

    I own a 26' cuddy. Rear mounted 454. It is definately a tank. Hit me up if you want. 562-453-8346
  17. reel loco

    West fly

    IM trying to fish Wednesday. Weather looks good all week so go get em. I need to get on somebodies boat mines out of commission right now.
  18. reel loco

    Is this a record Seabass on Pole and Line ?

    Yesterday was reading fish dope about the hot bite up there and was wondering about you and scroll down to see your happy ass holding up that pig. Let me know when you wanna cruise up there again or maybe later head south and give these tuna a try
  19. reel loco


    i saw them out at clemente yesterday. believe me you did not want to be there. pretty sure the weather was the same at the island for the day you were out.
  20. reel loco

    Offshore Pacific Queen, 8/9

    so the other guy kindly edited his post and your dumbass left them up. Ha Ha!
  21. reel loco

    Anyone Fishing Friday, Sat, Or Sunday?

    planning on heading out tomorrow.
  22. reel loco

    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    yeah theres the ?? launch from dana point and hit those or launch out of shelter isalnd and fish south and possibly come back up to scratch out the day if south fails.
  23. reel loco

    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    So looking to launch out of shelter island tonight/tomorrow am..was thinking the 302,371, 425 and maybe come back up to the corner and 43. But noe looks like the 43 temps moved up a little now considering dana point and hitting 277,209, 289 triangle and so on. what do you all think?
  24. reel loco

    Wasted money.....

    so without even scrolling down i said to sound like a bitch!! then blackfish beat me to it
  25. reel loco

    Offshore 302 - 425 6/13/16

    yft good to hear that being in the report!!!
  26. reel loco

    Offshore Ever pull on the same fish twice?

    i lost a dropper loop rig out on the 150...set my drift up again over the same structure and pulled my rig back up. that was crazy
  27. reel loco

    Cat night fish 6/3

    good luck!! cant get out this weekend taking my chp motorcycle class both sat and sun mornings. hoping to skip work during the looking forward to your report...then the next big or islands??
  28. reel loco

    Freedom 5/13/16

    Good luck! im heading out for some much needed therapy. Not sure if im running across yet. looks good
  29. reel loco

    Offshore I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Welcome back Biily. I was wondering what happend to you and the Spectra. Seen it around a couple times at the dock. Nice new sled and way to get into those big pigs. I cant wait to get out there. Its killin me right now!!
  30. reel loco

    Any local furuno repair shop?

    I have a sounder that the screen takes awhile to light up to full brightness. Looking to have repaired.
  31. reel loco

    Offshore 10/8 DP to 14 mile

    yeah i think im running out of hh tomorrow.
  32. reel loco

    10/1 Slow Long Beach Report

    Nice report. Thanks for the info. I think im gonna just drag stuff behind me for awhile tomorrow and look for marlin or wahoo. If i launch from H.H. i might end up around the 105. Gonna be on 72 Joe?
  33. reel loco

    9-30-2015 I have open spots. DP docks

    Yeah this operation is definately not cheap. And im fortunate to do any repairs myself. Couldnt imagine if i had to actually pay for repairs!!
  34. reel loco

    Offshore No Gaff Wahoo last trip had wide open yft and dodo with small yt..and my 8' gaff not there!!!! netting these things hoping it wouldnt fold over in my hand. yeah i need to leave that thing in there. think my boy pulled it off when we put the rods away
  35. reel loco

    Offshore Full Speed Yellowfin With My Old Fishing Buddy - 9/19

    We had the same experience as you. It was an awesome day . Finished up and called out the numbers and and headed home by 12.
  36. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    thats a good idea @disD1
  37. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Yeah it is but looks like possibly bad weld? it is about 1/2 tube about 10" down then downsizes to maybe 3/8. maybe at the joint is an issue..not sure but that is where i placed a plastic fuel line right snug down into the 3/8 portion. it was tight i couldnt even pull it back out and the engine...
  38. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Update on project. Tank is in and on first run had issue with cutting out. wasnt sure if it was electrical or fuel. Family vacation was the week after. Filled her up and off to cat. Boat ran fine on the trip over. On the way home 5 days later it started cutting out. wtf!! boat gave me issues...
  39. reel loco

    Anyone fishing out of Dana tomorrow?

    doing after repairs shakedown. leaving from somewhere else but meet you out there..reel loco on 72
  40. reel loco

    I Can Die Happy Now..

    Nice!! love fishing with my kids. A few weeks back i pulled my iron from the depths to find a red crab stuck on one of the hooks. Rigged up another rod and sent that thing back down.
  41. reel loco

    Saturday skunk, a lesson learned, and fish id (new image)

    Bait lines suck these days. gotta get out early or start later. Way to hang in there..dont give up!! nothing can be learned by staying home..get out there and try different things. Had many dry runs and the epic boat filling ones just remind you of all the time and experience you have got from it.
  42. reel loco

    Wanted - 26' Livesay

    Let me know what you end up getting and post pics please. Thanks. i have 78 26' cuddy
  43. reel loco

    Wanted - 26' Livesay

    Interested in any pics. I have a 26 cuddy.
  44. reel loco

    Offshore Local Paddy Yellowtail

    NIce vidro and great choice on the tunes!!
  45. reel loco

    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    That is amazing!!! Nice footage!!
  46. reel loco

    Offshore Dana Point Tuna

    I still have to finish fuel tank install. I might have to take up the fine art of boat hoing!!!
  47. reel loco


    Nice local Fish!!
  48. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Bigeasy..Doesnt have a thru drain and i am adding one. So spray in the foam and set the tank on top of the foam while its wet? And glass the top and bottom? and why not the sides? Thanks for all the input guys!!
  49. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Im gonna have to do some stringer repair as well. Cant wait till this weekend to get started
  50. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    oh and I used Modern Products Welding in Santa Fe Springs.
  51. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Ok got my fuel tank back. Any suggestions on what to set down under or on top of tank. Tank mounting? It was foamed in and had some glass holding it in. Was thinking about some rubber mat and mounting it in with straps.
  52. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    And thanks guys for the info. I'll keep you posted.
  53. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Grady its a 78 as well. My first issues started with engine stalling and acted like it was out of fuel. spun off filter and big vacuum. Ended up finding pickup screen in tank plugging up. Made custom tube with new screen. Went to fuel dock in los alimitos and cleaned tank there. Looked like I...
  54. reel loco

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Finally tackled my fuel smell. Cut the deck out and found a hole. Big hole actually and its only what ive exposed so far. Anyone know of place to purchase or have one made? 180 gallons aluminum tank. Found a lot of unused space so im thinking to maybe change demensions and add a compartment.
  55. reel loco

    Boat Ho needed 1/17

    looking forwrd to your report. cant run tomorrow but hoping to be out sunday..good luck brotha
  56. reel loco

    Izors Reef report 11JAN15 aka rain report

    I cancelled cuz of the rain and a sick little mate.
  57. reel loco

    Fishing this weekend Long Beach/ LA area?

    Ha Ha i just seen under my name says
  58. reel loco

    Fishing this weekend Long Beach/ LA area?

    PLanning on heading out sunday am. Straight to 150 and looking for some of those yellows than come back through izors maybe and be home by noonish. be on 72
  59. reel loco

    SOUTH 9 REPORT 1-6-2015

    Where do you get the decleration form? DFG online?
  60. reel loco


    fuk yo i dont even be having sounds on my shit yo and the pic if dis video has me cracckin up mad balls yo. no wat im sayin? ....really when i get home im gonna watch this i hope its as funny as im thinking!
  61. reel loco

    Offshore 9/7 Oceanside dodo yt yft

    Cool..thanks for the report! I was supposed to run today but was feeling a little under the weather..missed out I can see!
  62. reel loco

    Anybody wanna fish Sunday at the 209 Oside.

    Hey hit me up on 72 or 10 if you make it out. Im launching outta dana and working that way..Reel loco standing by!
  63. reel loco

    Three days chasing dodo’s 8/21-8/23/2014 PICS ADDED

    Oh yeah John.almost forgot congrats on the BFT as well..seen so many and sadly were all in the water and not in the hold! Had one trip with 50 50 mix on YFT and BFT. But since that trip all YFT.
  64. reel loco

    Three days chasing dodo’s 8/21-8/23/2014 PICS ADDED

    Cool nice trip. Great report. I want some Dodo's!!! Been fishing south and killin the YFT. No dodo's though.
  65. reel loco

    Offshore Light line is the trick 182, 43 8-13-2014 and a few errors

    Nice thanks for the report. As of right now planning on running again next thursday. Cant wait this fishing has been insane! Been fishing with a real fishy crew on a real fishy boat and scoring limits each go! All these reports help.
  66. reel loco

    Offshore Dana point 15 mile out. YFT 8-4

    Way to go Tito. Thanks for the report.
  67. reel loco

    Rubber Ducky finds the right kind !!

    Vic we killed em thursday! limits for 4 on the mixed tuna and a few yellows. Done by 930! Let me know how you do!
  68. reel loco

    Offshore Dana Point 7.17.14 BFT and YT

    i might see ya out there. good luck
  69. reel loco


    Way to go Jeff. When we chasing tuna?
  70. reel loco

    Offshore CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    Crew lived up to their excellent reputation, boat rides well (we rode it all over) funny
  71. reel loco

    Dana Pt Paddy YT

    Nice! Things are looking good!!
  72. reel loco

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    Great report and awesome family time.
  73. reel loco


    Whats up John?
  74. reel loco

    4/30/14 M/V San Diego Yellows!

    NIce..gotta drag my boat down there!
  75. reel loco


    F.....g nice! ^ that says fucking
  76. reel loco


    And oh yes im waiting for the hurry up and get your ass home cuz we are going tonight call!! WOOOOOO!!!
  77. reel loco


    Soooo....seabass are or are not sitting out in 250 outta DP?
  78. reel loco

    Beautiful Weather and Bent Rods

    Frijolez..did you tell her cuz your in HB.
  79. reel loco

    PB Cabbi

    Nice fish! I've pulled up an 8.5 also..thing was huge..
  80. reel loco

    Halibut From San Nic on the RTA

    Hit me up if you have room ill try and swing it.
  81. reel loco

    Halibut From San Nic on the RTA

    Good job Jeff. Cant wait to get out..i've been slammed at the shop working weekends too!
  82. reel loco

    Full Speed Calicos and Johnny Bass 2-22-14

    wow steve that looks nice. You inside the wall or just below fermin on the outside? looks calm. I'm taking my girls out tomorrow morning for a therapy session.
  83. reel loco

    Izors Halibut 1-18-14

    Nice fish Julio. Next time i gotta roll with you guys..i couldnt make it on saturday..was planning to run on sunday but didnt make it..shhot me a pm with your number and ill hit you up if josh isnt running. i live right down the street from him.
  84. reel loco

    More crabbin'

    Nice video.
  85. reel loco

    Search for the Elusive Catalina Sculpin - 1/18

    Thanks for the report Jonathan..I took my girls out for a local izors run last weekend..its great to get out.
  86. reel loco


    As if your last trip wasn't awesome enough! Conrats and happy new years!
  87. reel loco

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Great report johnathan. You really rounded out the year.
  88. reel loco

    LA and Long Beach Bassing

    NIce fish! Thanks for the report. I would love to get out there more locally with the kids.
  89. reel loco

    Great Fishing: Monster Ling Cod on light gear!!!

    Great report and thanks for the great info on spawning times. Time to hit some shallow stones. I get my boat back friday from the glass shop and cant wait to wet a line!!
  90. reel loco


    What time you guys leave and from what port? I might try to get a couple of us on.
  91. reel loco

    Long Beach 11/16

    Thats what i was thinking or a bunch of small rockfish lol
  92. reel loco

    28 custom pilothouse skipjack

    IM running merc 454 with borg trans and tr drive..runs great..runnin carb also. 26' livesay cuddy
  93. reel loco

    Nice Halibut on the RTA

    Nice butt jeff! Thanks for the report. Fishing this weekend?
  94. reel loco

    9/19 hidden bank massacre

    Awesome Josh! I Wish I Would Just Drag My Boat Down With You Already!
  95. reel loco

    quick report 277 209 181 182 and a bit south 9-20-13

    Same story here! Nice temps and nice water. No paddy's = no fish! But hey at least i wasnt working! Thanks for coming back on the radio. I am having fuel issues so i couldnt run at the speed i wanted to. I drained and flushed the fuel tank but i think some shit is still in there. In fact i know...
  96. reel loco

    The Barn Is Not On Fire Tuesday 9.17.13

    Planing on hitting the high spots as well friday 9/20. I'm leaving early cuz gotta be home on 72. Bill right?
  97. reel loco

    Offshore 1 day of catching 1 day of fishing on the Pride 9-16-17-13

    Hey he didnt mention that he was on his knees battling it out. Tough fuggin fish!
  98. reel loco

    Offshore Late post for Saturday/US waters

    Fished the 289 sat. cory for a big bull on a paddy loaded with dodo's. Think there were some yf under the birds also. Found another paddy for all the yellows you wanted. And bitchen weather to go along!
  99. reel loco

    Offshore 9/14 8 SE of 425 - we were hoping for an Opah, but instead...

    Cool looking fish. Heard you guys talking on the radio bout that catch. How did you guys do for the day?
  100. reel loco

    Offshore RTA is back with a vengeance!

    Good job jeff. When you going again?
  101. reel loco

    Late SCI report 8/16-8/18

    Good job zach and ryan. You guys fishing this weekend or doinf the flyfishing with josh?
  102. reel loco

    Long Beach Info

    Personally i think Davies sucks unless you have the right crew. Just a big ramp and someones gotta back you in..Sunset aquatic is much more user friendly ..then just shoot up to see nacho at the end of the break wall. I havent been out locally uncle and cousin went on the patriot last...
  103. reel loco

    Offshore Bloofin Limits 8-6

    Damn!!!nice job. went on tribute sunday night on a 1.5. boso ran 130 miles straight down for shit! limits of rats with 3 decent 20's on the yellows. 12 bluefin that were most caught on the blind jig strike. only a couple on bait and these were only pushing 20lbs. wish we would have ran out with...
  104. reel loco

    Gail Force Full Day Catalina Yellowtail, 7/21/2013 Sponsored by Seeker

    Just out of curiosity where did you guys fish? I was there for a family vacation and i took my son out to fish a little monday morning but was a little windy and didnt put much effort. We stayed at the isthmus from fri to mon. i ran up to johnsons rocks at the furthest and didnt have time to go...
  105. reel loco


    so what happened to mike and crew?
  106. reel loco


    So whats the story with the relationship of the chief and big game 90? Big game 90 not ouuta commision right?
  107. reel loco

    Offshore First string out of H&M

    Grew up on that boat outta 22nd. St. Awesome boat and crew! Fished a 2 day island hopper up here last year...shitty weather but brad tried hard..and yes boat is very comfortable.
  108. reel loco

    The Thunderbird 6/7

    Good luck..kill em!!
  109. reel loco

    Need to fish saturday..YES NEED..

    Hey looking to hitch a ride for me and my buddy..
  110. reel loco

    Need a couple of guys to FISH Tuesday 5-14...

    Did you go? How did you do if you did? When you want to go again?
  111. reel loco

    Late Report Freedom 5/11/2013

    Thanks for the report..was looking into the freedom for this weekend possibly. Looks like winds might be up a little
  112. reel loco

    Furuno 582 Manuel

    If you still got it i'll take it.
  113. reel loco

    Furuno 582L Display Mounting Bracket

    i ordered mine from long beach marine electronics and they can just drop ship it. some times if he has them setting around might just cost you shipping.
  114. reel loco


    No sorry guys i was referring to the tool to remove the nut. its an odd ball and no one seems to have it and it is NLA from merc. i have an idea to make one. im waiting for nut to show up and see what will happen.
  115. reel loco


    Anybody have a carrier bearing tool for a TR drive?
  116. reel loco

    Gail Force Hooping 02-15-2013

    Where is the gail force at this time of year?
  117. reel loco

    black Furuno display question

    hey here's an update.. I had to go to furunowebsite and do a simple software update. unit is alive and well now.
  118. reel loco

    black Furuno display question

    Hey guys purchased a rdp-149 furuno display. i think it is referred to as a 1900 unit? I powered it up with a power cable and battery. the unit beeps and displays the screen with the boat on it and the navnet vx2 logo. then the screen goes black with a sliding blue loading bar i guess you would...
  119. reel loco

    Offshore ROUGH 8/14/12

    I did a similar run Sunday..nada on the fishies..keeps holding bait..windy
  120. reel loco

    24' searay fisherman for sale

    Up for sale is my 1984 searay srv245 fisherman. Freshly rebuilt 350 chevy engine. Fresh water cooled. New pumps and impellers. New batteries, cables, and on board charger. Has 3 scoop offshore bait tank with new pump. Great fishing boat with full walk around. Has windlass with new ground...
  121. reel loco

    WANTED: 24-25' Skipjack or Grady White or...

    I have a searay srv245. has a fresh 350 in it ready to fish..i'm taking my family of 6 camping at catalina this weekend..if you want more info hit me ..Jeremy 562 453 8346.
  122. reel loco

    WSB and YT at SBI leaving from San Pedro Friday Night for Saturday and Sunday 5-26

    What do you think about the weather? I'm booked on the first string for a 2.5 day this weekend. Weather took a turn! We are headed in the same direction so good luck and be safe!
  123. reel loco

    The call of cod:

    Yeah that sounds good.
  124. reel loco

    The call of cod:

    Hey Hoops, gonna be launching out of sunset sunday. Be on channel 72. Name is jeremy on the Reel Loco.
  125. reel loco

    Ok, time to let her go......

    omg..omg..omg...this thing is killin me being on this board for so long at this killer price...please somebody take it before i sell my searay.
  126. reel loco

    Searay SRV245 Fisherman for sale

    Hey guys just finished the repower on this baby and gotta hand her off. She's a sweet ride and very fishable. Call or p.m. with any questions. Jeremy 562-453-8346 Engine is fresh 350 with .30 over pistons. New intake and exhaust manifolds and risers. Has closed water cooling system. Newer SEI...
  127. reel loco

    4 Days at Catalina - 12/30 to 1/2 - Goats on Fire

    That is friggin awesome Jonathan.
  128. reel loco

    10 POUND SAND BASS 12-8-11

    Nice bass nochinges. Heading out tonight to try and make some bait..will definately drop down a few!
  129. reel loco

    Long Beach Rockin' - 10/16 Report

    Great report and nice pics. Fished 2 sundays ago on a sea trial and of course had to wet a line. We were in the same area but didnt venture out to those depths stayed in shallower. Had a new to me gps with no friggin numbers. Remembered the landmark refrences we spoke of before and found my fish...
  130. reel loco

    He almost got me!

  131. reel loco

    Looking for skiff

    1972 skipjack 20 open for sale. no pics to put up yet. got it to run for a season while i repower my searay. 5000.00
  132. reel loco

    20' skipjack open for sale.

    Hey guys got a 20' skippy open for sale. Got it to use for this season while workin on my searay. Boats ready to fish. Has new bait pump and bag. Garmin gps and sounder. Has merc 888. New water pump and recirc pump. Recently serviced. Looking for 6k or best offer.
  133. reel loco

    Catalina tomorrow 8/12

    GONNA SHOOT ACROSS SUN. AM FOR A SHOT AT SOME fishies. ill look for your report before i go.
  134. reel loco


    Nice fish ryan. Thats a toad sandy johns got as well. Im takin josh out thursday for a shot at these toads.
  135. reel loco

    Help Help! 1972 Skipjack 20 open

    Hey bryan it'll be a cool project. My searay srv245 fisherman has been outta comission for a year now due to all the things i wanna do to it. picked it up for 1500 with a junk motor and cracked drive. only had 300 hours on boat. hardly ever used and just sat in a slip. im a mechanic by trade and...
  136. reel loco

    Long Beach Rockfishing, Shakedown

    Glad to see you gettin some fish on the boat billy. Lookin forward to fishing on your new rig or atleast in your chum line this good luck. i didnt check my emails for any of your goof around trips ive been slammed at work anyways. cya later.
  137. reel loco

    boat ho needed 11/12

    na just fishin, i think i got my bro to go and his friend. as long as they get there asses up.
  138. reel loco

    boat ho needed 11/12

    boat ho needed local h.h l.b
  139. reel loco

    Offshore Bluefin, Toad albies and a few tails

    Nice job!!! I might have to change my plans tomorrow!!
  140. reel loco

    14 Apr south of the Coronados

    Holy shit that is a nice spotty you're holding there!!!
  141. reel loco

    3/29 Epic Bass Fishing & Some Pencils

    J gonna fish the halibut thingy this weekend. any pointers on fishing the bay.... not familiar with the area.
  142. reel loco

    Oside Flattie Report 10/20

    Thanks for the report. Nice flatties.
  143. reel loco


    Nice fish. I was there but i ran out to fish farnsworth by that time. I was with my son on his first overnight trip so i wanted to keep him busy so i gave up on the seabass. Bad move. I got into a good float sat. night with fat daddy near china. Good job on that toad and way to stick it out.
  144. reel loco


    Be fishin out of dana point sat a.m. be on 72
  145. reel loco

    9/24 fishing

    Fishing outta h.h. or dana don't know yet.
  146. reel loco

    Offshore 9/22 fish report

    Thanks for the report. How was the wind? Might change my plans for tomorrow.
  147. reel loco

    Offshore Friday 9/8 YFT - Dorado

    Thanks for the report. Hopefully they hang out until the end of the month.
  148. reel loco

    Fishin out of dana 7\23

    Planning on running out and working the triangle possibly down to the 181. Heard of yellers and dodos of east end of cat. Which way do i go???? Who's going? Be glad to share info. Monitoring 72.
  149. reel loco

    Cat.5-2 WSB and other good stuff. Pix 2 come

    bitchin report ceez. i have to repair the trailer this sat. and hopefully be out sun 5-7.
  150. reel loco

    Finally a day off!!!! I'm fishing Monday!!

    Dang beta. Your trip got blown off. go get em when the weather clears up. gotta watch that seabass bite at the island. if you have any room on an island trip p.m. me. i probably will not have my boat back until middle of march.
  151. reel loco

    Trip Planned Cat. 2/24-2/26

    Sounds good guys. I don't think i'll have my boat back yet from the upholstery shop so i'll have to put it off a week or two. Looking forward to your report.
  152. reel loco

    Offshore Catalina Weekend Report

    Congrats,those look dandy,hookup!
  153. reel loco

    need 1-2 for sat or sun 9/10-11

    give me a call. 562-453-8346. my crew just cancelled so i would be running solo. Jeremy
  154. reel loco

    Offshore Tornado 2 Day 9/5-9/7...

    way to go joe! fished paddies last thursday for one yellow at the 181. seen the most do-do's i've ever seen. heading back out this saturday. i may have room. give me a call.
  155. reel loco

    Offshore Nice boat ride 8-28 AKA big skunk

    hey mike i thought that was you. i seen you back at the ramp. we had the same luck and probably fished the same friggin paddie off the 279. we left at 4:30 so we hit it ahead of you. next time.
  156. reel loco

    8/24 Just Called in 34# Yellow tail at the Domes

    thanks for the report. it was just a matter of time!!launching out of dana point how long of a run to the domes?
  157. reel loco

    Offshore 8/16 (Lower 500) Dorado, YT, and LARGE YFT!!

    headin out on a 2dayer tonight on the pac. queen.hopefully we find some fish that wanna play.
  158. reel loco

    Anybody know what's going on at H.B. flats?

    hey be out sat and sunday with kids. wifey works. probably fish the flats sat. and go from there to see what i do sun. let you know how i do sat.
  159. reel loco

    Offshore Tuesday Albacore

    sat. i was metering fish out at the 60 just before dawn about 25-60 ft below us. stayed with us until daylight and sank out. the rest of the day they were showing 100ft+.
  160. reel loco

    Fishing Sat. 8-06

    be out fri. 10pm. launching from s.i. either with real crazy and cookie or i will follow them with my boat if i can get one more for crew. call if interested 562-453-8346 asap.
  161. reel loco

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Top Gun 80 Wed

    heading out on the pac. queen aug 17-19. hope things keep up. would be nice to get a dodo.
  162. reel loco

    6/23 way inshore/ grunion

    i'll be down there with my boy. see ya down there.
  163. reel loco

    Offshore pinhead report. 6/11-12

    wow. didn't recognize you with a big fish in your hands. slightly bigger than the calico that won jackpot last month!!! good job eric.
  164. reel loco

    SCI sat 6-11

    weather doesn't look good ross. the fish will be there later.
  165. reel loco

    need crew 6/4-6/5

    need experienced angler/navigator for first overnight trip to cat. going over with buddy on bigger boat and we will both get a can. he's there to relax i'm gonna run around the island and fish. i would like someone who knows the island fairly well. my boat is a 24' wa cuddy set up for fishing. i...
  166. reel loco

    Catalina WSB

    what do ya charge for fishing out of avalon? was just there tuesday and took a cruise through lovers cove. huge calicos and about 200lb. class black.
  167. reel loco

    Offshore 4/18 Limits of WSB "Catalina"

    was out sunday on the tornado for nada. very poor conditions. glad things turned around for you guys today. always a day early or a day late.
  168. reel loco

    Another butt report for 12-04.

  169. reel loco

    irvine lake 10-31-04

    goin saturday to fish irvine. what were your trout biting on?