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    Irvine Opener......

    I couldn’t make it to Irvine this weekend so I’m wondering if any other BD’ers braved the crowd? Anybody catch anything? Tight Lines, KH
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    Gunmetal Avet

    BD’ers, I’m looking to purchase a LEFT HAND retrieve MXL 6/4 or MXJ 6/4 Avet in Gunmetal. Needs to be in good condition. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thanks, KH
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    Gun Metal Lefty Avet

    I’m in the market for a Gun Metal Grey Avet (left hand). Preferably MX, LX or JX. Let me know if you can help. Thx, KH
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    For Sale Avet EX 50/2 Left Hand

    For sale is a “new” Avet EX 50/2 (Left Hand) I’ve had this reel a couple years been on two long range trips but never been wet! Asking $500.00
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    Long Range FISHING Reports

    BD'ers, I log onto BD every morning to see what's going on in the world of fishing and normally can't wait to get to the LONG RANGE FISHING REPORTS to see what's being caught on my favorite long range boat. I know I could go to their website and check there but I prefer BD as my fishing fix if...
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    Irvine Lake..........

    To whom it may concern, Would both sides of this cluster fuc*, please grow up take money out of the equation and start thinking about residents of So Cal and re-open the damn lake! This bull shit has gone on long enough, greedy bastards. KH
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    Boo to Avet!

    I am an avid supporter of all things Avet but am extremely disappointed in them for not giving a damn about their left handed followers. It is my understanding that they have decided NOT to make any of their new G2 reels in the limited/special color Neptunes Heart! All you get are the leftover...
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    Pursuit/Convector Boat Rods

    All, Does anybody know if Okuma still makes the Pursuit or Convector series rods? I have a couple of them and love them. If anybody has any for sale let me Kronos. Thanks, KH
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    Avet G2

    Hey BD'er's - Has anyone heard as to when Avet plans on shipping the G2's to retailers? I have sent an email to Avet but haven't gotten a response. KH
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    Lefty Avets

    BD'ers, I'm looking for left hand retrieve Avets in green, pink, purple or blue camo new or gently used. Preferably MX, LX, JX or HX preferably two speeds. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Much Thanks, King Halibut
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    WTB GREEN MX/LX AVET - Left Hand

    Hey BD'ers, I'm looking for a LEFT HAND Avet either an MX or LX in GREEN. The reel can be used but must be in good shape both cosmetically and mechanically. Much Thanks, KH
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    Pacific Quest.......

    Hey BD'ers, I was looking at a 2 day and came across the Pacific Quest. It looks like a clean little boat and they only take twelve. I was wondering if anyone had fished this boat and had an opinion either way, good or bad. Maybe some info on the platform, captain, crew, sleeping...
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    Color, Color, Color........

    BD'ers, Just looking for some verification, I understand that Avet is no longer making left hand reels in colors other than silver, blue and fugly gold. Don't know about any other lefties out there but that kind of sucks as I was in the process of acquiring at least one of every color they...
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    Avet SX Reel Problem..........

    Hey Guys, One of my Avet SX's is experiencing some issues when in free spool, as a matter of fact it won't free spool at all. Happened on my last 2 day..........crap! Anyhow, rather than pay for shipping from OC to Avet, I was wondering if there is a reliable tackle shop in OC that I can...
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    10 day - 18 October on the X - Dan C. Charter.............

    Fisher of Men, All right, I told myself I'd never do this but here goes............... Just curious as to how many people whom I fish with read these posts.......... If you're on this great trip and are as ready as I am let me hear from you, if not see you on the 18th. Dave
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    Looking forLeft hand Avets..........

    BD'ers, Wondering if anybody has left hand Avets for sale any color except SILVER. Must be in good working/cosmetic condition. Let me know what you have and what you are asking. Much thanks, King Halibut Dave
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    Halco 130's.............

    BD'ers, I have a question for those that have done some trolling/casting for tuna already this year, do these things work or are they just the newest thing to put a dent in our wallets? I've heard whispers that they kick ass but wanted a little more intel before taking the financial plunge...
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    Offshore Tribute 06/01 thru 06/03

    BDer's - Just got back from a 1 1/2 day on the Tribute out of Seaforth and a rough trip it was. I believe there were 25 on board and we totaled I said totaled 20 rat yellows. Don't get me wrong, the skipper did what he could but there were just no fish to be found. We had the troll rigs out...
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    For Sale........Accurate B-665HXM (Left Hand)

    I have for sale a new Accurate B-665HXM LEFT HAND reel. I purchased the reel a couple years ago and have never taken it out of the box other than to put line on it. I decided I preferred Avets so consequently this reel has sat in its box. It is the Accurate Boss 665H Mag 6:1 Twin drag Reel...
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    Hey BD'ers - Looking to get my feet wet next month and I was wondering which boat was "fishier"? Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80? I have never been on either so any and all opinions, pro's/cons are appreciated. Looking @ a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 day to get my season started. Your...
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    Avet EXW 30 or 50.....Lefty!

    BDer's, Anybody have an Avet EXW30 or EXW50 for sale. LEFT HAND Must be in new, near new condition. Let me know. Thanks, King Halibut
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    Offshore Pac Star 2 Day

    Hey BD'ers, Just got off a 2 day on the Pacific Star - short and semi sweet............... The boat was great - double wide bunk, good roomie. The bait was nice for a change, some rolled but we had plenty. Good crew - props to Tommy our cook, did a great job good food kept everybody full...
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    Offshore Prowler Day and One Half

    BD'ers, Just got off the Prowlers latest day and one half trip and let's say I'm not the only one on this trip that was a little pissed off. First and foremost - I realize it's not the boats fault but the bait was shitty. Red noses and missing half their scales. In addition, they put...
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    The Prowler...............

    Hey BDer's, Has anyone fished the Prowler out of Fisherman's? Understood it's only a 65', hows the captain, crew, etc............ Any words are appreciated. Thx, KH
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    Calstar 700M

    Hey BD'ers, I'm looking for a Calstar Grafighter 700M, doesn't need to be new but s/b in good condition. Anybody looking to get rid of one for a price? Thx, KH I'm in OC.
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    Qualifier 105

    To All Bloody-Deckers, I have a question, how is the Q105 to fish? I have fished the RRIII and Polaris Supreme and really liked them both. I was looking at jumping on board a 5 day in July. Howz the food, skipper, deckhands, accomodations, etc. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks, KH