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    Trip Insurance

    Bob Dawson will be on the Let's Talk Hookup radio show this Saturday, taking calls. Saturday October 23, 2021 7-9am Bob Dawson- Travel Insurance Expert Listener Call in Number: (619) 832-1090
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    372 on XL

    Tim Turis
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    Tiburon SST50T

    I don't see many of these reels coming through; this one brand new. Set up for the kite, it took 900 yards 100lb hollow plus 150 yards 130lb on top. Very impressed with the reel.
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    Blackwater Fluorocarbon Shock Leader 60lb X 50 meter NIB

    4x 50-meter spools available. 60lb .767mm. Factory sealed. $75 each plus $10 shipping. Free shipping if you take all 4. Text if interested: 201-835-5887 or email: [email protected] PayPal OK.
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    Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight?

    Story #2 might interest the LR community...
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    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    275 YFT on the bamboo, dead sardine and rope! Ascension 2010. First (and only) proof that solid outfishes hollow.
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    481 YFT Casa De Campo

    Here's the video with scale at the end. Reported by Carey Chen.
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    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Diameter

    Rather than derail the other thread I'm posting this photo here. The line inside both bags is the same 1.05mm diameter.
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    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    Customer says he has 700 yard range.
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    Penn 50TW 2-Speed Cal Sheets BNIB

    Brand new in box, never spooled. $400.00 PM or call 201-767-9028.
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    Sweet reel...took 630 yards 100lb JB hollow.
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    PEI 2018

    I have the week of Labor Day 2018 booked; fishing September 3-4-5-6-7. Looking for one or two anglers. Please PM if interested.
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    424 & 319 off Loreto On 50lb and 60lb test. On a certified scale.
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    Finally took delivery of a new Penn 20VISX for a long time customer who fishes on the Indy; the gold version of the reel was delayed several times but we now have it in stock. Spooled here with 100lb JB hollow 12-strand; the reel took 700 yards on the nose. The old Penn 20S would hold 600 yards...
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    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    If you're not following this page on FB, you should be. If you don't use FB, read this:
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    30 VISX

    Spooled a new Penn 30 VISX narrow topless for one of my west coast long-range customers today and here are the specs plus some impressions and pictures. Using 100lb Tuf-Line Guide's Choice hollow spectra and double digit pressure on my recently calibrated and verified Triangle HD140MMII, the...
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    PEI Today

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    NEW Penn 50 VISX

    Some nice changes... Penn Reels New International 50VISX
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    Big Fish Transport A+

    Big Fish Transport: Mike Morris did a great job picking up and delivering me and my gear to where it had to go. I would recommend his services without hesitation. or call/text: 760-805-0824 Basil
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    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Underway today with 19 anglers in good weather and a great vibe. News of the day is the live bait we took on was beautiful, nice large sardines and some mackerel mixed in. Also have plenty of chunk bait pre-cut, more than I've ever seen, ready to go. Will report more as we know it.
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    Latest Line Test Results

    Latest line test results submitted by a customer. The Yo-Zuri test used their new Top-Knot fluoro line, NOT the HD fluoro line. Test results produced by IGFA.
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    Veterans Day

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    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    A dedicated customer sent in some samples to IGFA for testing on their certified equipment. Here are the results:
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    PEI 2016 Video

    Here's a 10 minute unedited clip I shot a few mornings ago in PEI. You'll see that sometimes the hookups are not so easy, and you'll get a sense of what it's like to be part of this fishery in prime time, when the herring and mackerel are thick, and the giant bluefin are feeding recklessly. I...
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    PEI Today

    PEI Today Wide open fishing on bluefin to 850lb, released our limit and back at the dock at 1PM...caught on live mackerel and herring, we were hand feeding them behind the boat and took only minutes to locate the fish once we got to the area. A great day with great weather.
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    LTHU Sunday

    Anyone interested in the topic of fishing trip insurance should tune in to Let's Talk Hookup tomorrow, Sunday. The guest is Bob Dawson, a long range veteran and an expert in this field.
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    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    As you may know, Yo-Zuri 130lb fluorocarbon has been incorrectly listed as 1.225mm for some time. Yo-Zuri has corrected the published diameter to 1.08mm. Make sure your crimp selection is correct!
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    Ascension Dreaming

    Excellent spearfishing video made in Ascension; have a look at the sheer numbers of fish and wait for the turtles at the end.
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    2 Super Cows on EXCEL today...

    A 330 (that's James Hassen's third 300) and a 351!
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    Penn 30SW Cal Sheets

    Thanks for looking, the reel is sold.
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    Ascension Island

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    Soda Pop is a Hoot!

    Glad to have him aboard the BHP/Trophy Tackle trip, and happy to make a new fishing friend, David was great to fish with. Thank you Soda Pop!
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    Macaroni Bomb

    Corey Burak caught this beautiful wahoo on a custom Macaroni Bomb, made in Brooklyn NY!
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    FS: Alutecnos 30W 2-speed

    FS: Alutecnos 30W 2-speed. Reel is in mint condition; fully serviced in June 2013 and never used again. Includes 600 yards 80lb JB hollow spectra plus a mono topshot of your choice. Price is $500.00, USA shipping included. Please email with any questions: [email protected]
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    FS: 5x Tiagra 50W; 4x Tiagra 30W

    Reels have been sold.
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    BHP/Trophy Tackle EXCEL Trip 1/31/2015

    Fly back option, some spots available! Videos from last year's trip, courtesy of Tim C. Smith and
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    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Report by Dennis Verreet from Ascension Island: I think I just nailed the land based world record on spin! I haven´t heard of a bigger one yet, have you? Thanks to my wife who gaffed the fish for me ( second 1 in her life), you did an awesome job! I love you! You guys can not imagine how hard...
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    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    The best advice I ever got regarding crimping tools was "Nicopress", back in 1988 when I went into The Reel Seat tackle shop, in Brielle NJ. I didn't own a crimping tool, and wanted the best one I could get. To date, it has never failed me and I haven't seen a better one made anywhere else. This...
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    700lb PEI BFT

    Ken Cirks hung a nice 700lb Bluefin today in shirtsleeve weather at Prince Edward Island; fishing on Captain Greg Norton's Tight Line. Way to go KDC!
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    Spectra Adhesive

    There have been quite a few spectra adhesives over the years, all are some variation of cyanoacrylate (CA, aka superglue) designed to bond spectra to monofilament and fluorocarbon. Some worked better than others; the best ones are water thin; they absorb and dry quickly. I started with Loctite...
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    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 (3-speed) Topless, spooled with Seaguar Threadlock 130lb 16-strand hollow braid. The customer will use the reel for long-range big-bait cow fishing, using salami and skipjack baits, and connect a 25-foot 150lb or 200lb BHP Seaguar Blue fluoro wind-on leader. The 3-speed...
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    Back to Back 300's

    Today and tomorrow, can't believe nobody's talking about this, back to back 300's weighed in by lady anglers, never happened before on the docks. Today, Cathy Needleman on Independence, tomorrow Shannon Nutt on Excel. Great news for the LR fleet.
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    Another Lady Angler with a super cow!

    Shannon Nutt just landed a 325 on the EXCEL! No pictures yet, they had a pretty good final day: We spent just over a day here in the buffer zone wrapping up our 16-day Pelagic Gear trip, and boy did we end it on a high note. We ended up with 16 tuna of note here with the bigger fish honors...
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    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Okuma Makaira 30II loaded with the new Seaguar Threadlock 130lb 16-strand hollow braid. Despite published diameter of .570mm vs .533mm for JB 12-strand 130lb hollow, the reel took 700 yards 130lb Seaguar hollow, with 1/4" room still available. The reel could easily take another 50 yards. My best...
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    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Okuma Makaira 30II loaded with the new Seaguar Threadlock 130lb 16-strand hollow braid. Despite published diameter of .570mm vs .533mm for JB 12-strand 130lb hollow, the reel took 700 yards 130lb Seaguar hollow, with 1/4" room still available. The reel could easily take another 50 yards. My best...
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    Big BFT

    Jim "Hamachi" Carlisle caught, and released, this beautiful 1100lb giant bluefin tuna last week in Prince Edward Island. Jim used a harness, Calstar X46XH and a Penn 80ST to catch this fish, standup. Tim Turis, Jim Carlisle and I fished with Captain Greg Norton; Tightline Tours.
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    Cortland C16 200lb Hollow Spectra

    Cortland C16 200lb Hollow Spectra® Mill Ends for sale: 1x 400 yards @ $48.00 1x 430 yards @ $42.00 1x 490 yards @ $59.00 3x 500 yards @ $60.00 each USPS shipping included (USA only); PayPal accepted. Thanks, Basil Pappas BHP Tackle, Inc. 73 Norma Road Harrington Park, NJ 07640...
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    Release Reels SG

    Thought you might want to see the new Release Reels SG. Most impressive small reel I've seen. Beautifully machined, fantastic free-spool and an anti-reverse miles ahead of any other reel I've handled. I have some pictures of the inside which I cannot post, very impressive engineering and from...
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    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa

    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa spooled with 625 yards 100lb hollow spectra. Okuma did a great job on the curved frame leaving plenty of winding room for your topshot.
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    Squid/Flyer Rigs

    Had a good question today from a customer. How do you make your squid and flyer rigs for fishing the kite? Not a boat-specific question, just what has worked best for you? We're talking big baits here, Hurricane Bank size flyers and big squid. I'll start by submitting this drawing (by Bob Halal)...
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    NC Giant Bluefin

    On the Canyon Runner out of Oregon Inlet...
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    EXCEL at Somerset NJ Show

    Great to see the EXCEL booth back east! If you're going to the Somerset NJ show, check out Jason and Joel Fleck at the booth, easy to find. The one with the giant YFT pictures!
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    EXCEL 2012 16-Day HB, The Final Morning

    We wrapped up the best trip I've ever been on to Hurricane Bank in the last 10 years this morning. Another 2 cows, a 260 for Tony Garza and a 210 for John Petruescu, both on live skipjack. Also, a 150 on chunk for Basil Pappas, 130's on chunk for Al Merrick Steve Lindsey and Aaron Fraser. Also...
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    410 YFT on EXCEL

    Just landed at HB on a skipjack. And a BHP 25-foot wind-on leader.
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    Nice Yellowfin

    Andy Marcum's 278.8 pounder surprised everyone when it "LIT UP " as the guys pulled it over the rail....caught on EXCEL yesterday at Hurricane Bank.
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    Okuma Makaira 30II

    The Okuma Makaira 30II wins the award for "quietest reel on the linewinder". The only one close is Alutecnos. Capacity is: 0475 yards 130lb JB hollow w/100-yard 80lb topshot 0625 yards 130lb JB hollow w/25-foot topshot 1000 yards 100lb JB hollow w/25-foot topshot A step-splice...
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    Jan Howard 286YFT

    Today on the AA.
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    Okuma Makaira 30II SE

    Reel took 550 yards 100lb JB hollow spectra, step-spliced to 325 yards 130lb JB hollow spectra.
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    Penn 50 Cal Sheets FS

    50S #970411: Cal’s 2-speed blueprint for 24lb drag at strike freespool bearing and sleeve Dura Drag 4:1 high and 1:1 low gears 600 yards 130lb JB hollow spectra Penn reel clamp Penn box, tags and documentation included. 50T #890560: Cal’s 2-speed blueprint for 24lb drag at...
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    PEI Long Range, 2011

    4 West Coast long rangers made the trek to Prince Edward Island, Canada the week of September 5th 2011 and had the trip of a lifetime aboard Captain Greg and Spencer Norton’s “Tight Lines”. Fishing standup with live mackerel and herring for bait, just 2 miles...
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    BHP Tackle Temp Closed

    In the wake of Hurricane Irene, I have closed the shop while things get sorted out in my town. Hope to have the power back on soon, today they estimate 3-4 days.
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    Penn 50T Cal Sheets

    For sale: Penn 50T Serial #G890560. Reel is in excellent condition, 8/10. 2-speed, bearing/sleeve, blueprint for 26lb at strike, Dura Drags. Box and service ticket included; no reel clamp. Comes with 600 yards JB 130lb hollow spectra. Price is $425 including shipping. Thanks...
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    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    Cal Sheets' latest wizardry is the Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel. I've been hearing about the reel for a few months but today one came into my shop for spooling. I was very impressed with the work Cal's 2-Speed has put into this reel. Most important for me is the increased spool capacity...
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    BHP Portable Wind-On Jig

    The BHP Portable Wind-On Jig is a heavy-duty jig that can be used anywhere. The jig collapses and stores in a Plano 3700 (included) along with your other wind-on tools. The mono connection is held tight with no damage, ideal for serving with the Beiter Winder. Velcro strips are included to...
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    2009 EXCEL/Braid Products Trip Photos

    Here are some photos from the recent 2009 EXCEL/Braid Products 16-day trip, which featured 14 straight days of fishing! Lots of great times…Big Al’s hog supercow at the end. Group of wahoo Tom Carlisle Tim & friends Tim & Kenny with rockfish Steve with cow...
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    BHP Fluorocarbon Break Test Data

    Here's the first round of break test data using the Com-Ten 95FS. I will be publishing data for a wider range of line products in the future, including mono and braid. One interesting result to note, and one I have always stated from pulling on all of these different fluorocarbon lines on my...
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    Cool Galapagos HD Video

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    DaHo Reverse Latch Needle

    Check out DaHo's new Reverse Latch Needle Our newest line of needle products are DaHo Reverse Latch Splicing Needles. The design for these products came from Jerry Brown, a pioneer in the development of hollow spectra fishing lines. We appreciate his design as this product brings some unique...
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    New Article On Spectra

    Jerry Brown has written a comprehensive new article on everything about Spectra®. "Spooling Spectra® on your Reel" Jerry Brown’s guide to spooling, line maintenance, safety, and some myth busting. Check it out here: Spooling Spectra on your Reel :: Hollow Spectra :: BHP Tackle...
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    Penn 30VSW/JB 100lb Hollow Spectra

    2 scenarios with the 30VSW, depending on your topshot preference: Reel took 800 yards of 100lb hollow spectra plus room for a 100-yard 80lb mono topshot. Or, reel took 1000 yards of 100lb hollow spectra plus room for a 25-foot 80lb mono topshot. The remaining spool gap on...
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    Penn 50T/JB 100lb Hollow Spectra

    Reel took 1000 yards of 100lb hollow spectra plus room for your 100' topshot of choice.
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    Yummee Flyer Techniques

    Great article, pictures, and an interview with Jason Fleck on the EXCEL: