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  1. sickcat

    Site Issue or ?

    When I click on "latest" from the forum list page I get the list but within the first couple of pages there is often a post that shows it has been updated since I last was on the site and when I look at the post in reality it has not been. On the list of latest posts that post shows it was...
  2. sickcat

    Bait pens in Classified.

    One left. Pick up by mid day tomorrow.
  3. sickcat

    Bait Pen Tanks

    sickcat submitted a new listing: Bait Pen Tanks - Bait Pen Tanks Learn more about this listing...
  4. sickcat

    Fab Shop Closing - All Must Go!

    sickcat submitted a new listing: Fab Shop Closing - All Must Go! - Fab Shop Closing - All Must Go! Learn more about this listing...
  5. sickcat

    Weaver Snap Davits for inflatables

    sickcat submitted a new listing: Weaver Snap Davits for inflatables - Weaver Snap Davits for inflatables Learn more about this listing...
  6. sickcat

    CARB Revised Proposed Changes

    Good news! At the 3/24/22 meeting there were major changes to the CARB proposals affecting the sportfishing fleet. Vessel owners that haven’t upgraded to Tier 3 engines already will be required to do so by Jan. 1, 2025. Lower emission Tier 4 engines with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are...
  7. sickcat

    Surprise on Traffic Stop

    This traffic stop is anything but routine for this aussie cop who handles it like a true professional.
  8. sickcat

    Furuno Shaded Contour Charts

    With the high end Furuno gear you can make your own colored bath charts. Pretty neat!!
  9. sickcat

    Sierra Gimble Bearing #18-2100

    Free to good home. NIB Sierra 18-2100 gimble bearing. Fits some OMC and a bunch of Mercury outdrives. If you promise to grease it regularly PM me your address and I'll send it to you. 8-)
  10. sickcat

    Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    One of the lessons I have learned and would like to share. The powder in dry chemical extinguishers can settle on the bottom and get compacted enough that it will clog the exit tube rendering the extinguisher useless in an emergency.. Gauge often shows normal pressure but nothing comes out. A...
  11. sickcat

    135 Gal Glass Aquarium

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD aquarium and accessories (pumps, filter, rocks, gravel, stand, light etc) 72 3/4" long X 24 1/2" deep X 18 1/2 wide $100 for everything - pick up in Long Beach
  12. sickcat

    Small Plastic Console - P/U in Harbor City

    Made it for the tin boat for protecting electronics face is about 15" wide X 14" tall. P/U in Harbor City.
  13. sickcat

    Oak Desk & 12 volt bug zapper

    Pick up in Harbor City - PCH X Normandie Desk is a quality desk - great for student (or working on reels :D)
  14. sickcat

    Bimini-Charger-Swim Step Brackets-Ronco Tank

    Cleaning out some stuff I no longer have use for. Price on Bimini is firm - others are negotiable but no low ballers. Pick up in Signal Hill. Bimini Top - open dimensions are 84" long 66" wide 42" tall and 68-70" wide between mounting points. Stainless frame. Cover included. Very good/great...
  15. sickcat

    Shimano Corsair300A and Convergence CV-70MHB Rod

    Cosmetic 7-8/10 Function 8-9/10 Prefer to sell together Pick Up in Long Beach $60
  16. sickcat

    Shimano TLD30II Older VS Current ?

    What is the difference between the older (15 yrs) TLD30IIs and the current ones? Specifically interested in drag pressure and frame strength. TIA
  17. sickcat

    Commercial Fishing Abuse

    I split this off from a post in the offshore reports section as not to derail the thread any further. The post I replied to WAS ignorant. It was about the local seiners. They are not the big boats making sets taking 1000s of ton. The U.S. has some of the best management in the world. It...
  18. sickcat

    No charges in the GW that was pulled up @ HB pier

    No positive ID, no body, no charges...
  19. sickcat

    WTB Old Style 4/0 Left Side Bearing and Cap

    Anyone have one laying around? PM me please - THX
  20. sickcat

    IGFA Drift Gillnet Petition

    Link below is to add your name/comment on a petition from the IGFA for the PMFC meetings coming up in Sept and Nov 2015 to ban drift gillnets for swordfish on the west coast. By-catch rate currently in this fishery is more than all other fisheries combined according to the IGFA...
  21. sickcat

    Safety Note - Please Read

    Pulled a 27' Cruiser off Alamitos jetty last night. When I came upon him he was just jumping off the boat to try to fend it off the rocks. He was by himself. Luckily by chance the weather was very mild and I happened by soon enough to get him off with only a few scrapes to the gelcoat. Could...
  22. sickcat

    Comment on NMFS BFT Proposed Regs

    I don't recall seeing a link for this. Already a done deal but until May 6 you can comment on the proposed BFT regs at:!documentDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2015-0029-0001 There is a blue box on the right of the page that says "comment now". If you want to be taken...
  23. sickcat

    Latest Water Temp Anomolies in CA

    From the latest CalCOFI research trip Jan 15 to Feb 8 2015. I found the 10 meter and 100 meter temp anomalies interesting. For some reason that is as large as I can get the pics - sorry! 10 meter: And the 100 meter: The whole story is here...
  24. sickcat

    15' Calbogie on OC C/L

    Not mine. $2100
  25. sickcat

    Avalon Debris Field

    Came into Avalon from the north about 10am today and there was lots of junk in the water about a mile out. Lumber plenty big enough to ruin your day. Be careful especially in the dark.
  26. sickcat

    Looking for the Old Style 4/0 HS Left Bearing and Cup

    Have an old HS 4/0 and the left bearing was lost. Anyone have a source for the old style bearing? Would like to not have to replace the side plate. Had this reel for many years and would like to keep it semi-original. TIA for any info.
  27. sickcat

    23' Seaway on C/L $6500

    No association - just passin it on.
  28. sickcat

    24 Wellcraft Airslot - Free On C/L! Sure it doesn't look like it does in the pics but ya never know! Bring your own trailer. Pics show a Merc I/O Not Affiliated
  29. sickcat

    Raymarine DSM300 Free Factory Exchange

    Seeing some discussion about this but thought it deserved its own thread. RM will exchange DSM300s that were made in Mexico for free. There is also an updated power cable that they have also been giving away. They said they will do it for a year from last February. At least it looks like RM's...
  30. sickcat

    Cannon Mini-Mag10A Downrigger

    Cannon MiniMag10A downrigger with transom clamp mount. Located in Long Beach $100 <img src=''>
  31. sickcat

    7' Graphite Conventional Rod

    New - never used 7' conventional graphite rod from Anglers Center - #CLB 7012 10-15lb Would be a great saltwater bass rod but could be used as a heavy freshwater stick as well. I have no used for it $219.99 new -asking $100
  32. sickcat

    Cannon Mini-Mag Downrigger

    Cannon Mini-Mag downrigger in excellent shape. $150 OBO
  33. sickcat

    Bait tank F/S on Craigslist

    Saw this 1 scoop Pacific Edge poly tank for sale $60 Bait Tank Pacific Edge one scoop Not mine - just passing it on.
  34. sickcat

    Need source for SH CP160

    I need a Standard Horizon CP160 (no I don't need color on this one), a SH Spectrum+ (SH-GX2355S) and some Nobeltec software. Sources?? TIA Kerry