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    Rare opportunity! FULL day offshore limited load, max 14. SUNDAY, 9-25. Only one spot open for tomorrow...

    I've been on it before! One thing for sure about the boat Is It gets bit good and the fish come to the boat.
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    7Day Opening..Phenix Vagabond Sept 25th-Oct 2nd We had a last minute cancelation

    Thats what moving companies are for!! So you can go fishing.
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    POTUS… “The Pandemic is Over”

    You mean talking out his Ass like everyday.
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    POTUS… “The Pandemic is Over”

    November is right around the corner, It might look good in SOME Eyes.
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    Parker 21 live well conversion to baitwell

    You should check out the Parker boats thread on BD, It's a special group of people that own a parker. It's the Parker Tradition.
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    Rubber ties?

    Black electrical tape or seine twine. A couple wraps on the bottom, middle and top, When ready to put them away, Just a quick cut.
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    Polaris Supreme 9/18/22 - 9/21/-22 Report

    I've never seen anybody fish with 50lbs of drag! It must be one hell of a Ass Kickin with that much drag on 100lb.
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    Fluorocarbon - What Brand is Better to Tie Knots

    If your fishing with 50lb or less, The cheaper stuff is just fine.
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    Aftco Gift Card Trade for Cash

    Do I hear $30???
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    Aftco Gift Card Trade for Cash

    I'll give you $10 for it.
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    Frozen Mahi from the processors partially thawed.

    You should be fine, If theirs no air pockets in the bag.
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    Great bite out of Ft Bragg on 130-200+ lb Big Eye Tuna

    You weren't suppose to see that, But it was funny while it lasted.
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    16 OZ , I n- Line sinker Lots

    You guys better buy these up now, before Billy K Corners the market,:D
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    Anyone want to fish, I fish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    I guess were not leaving the harbor.
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    Seafood Market ?

    What's a California king crab look like, I've never seen one. Is it possibly a Spider crab??
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    Seafood Market ?

    State fish company at the Saturday morning market has the best prices by far than a couple other ones.
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    Anyone want to fish, I fish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    How far offshore do you go in that boat?
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    Well the secrets out

    Our other source to buy mad macs for a discounted price of $200, Will probably show a little sympathy for Gouging people for $200, Will probably start selling Billy Bombs made with the same 16oz sinkers (as shown above) and only charge you a cool $190 saving people $10
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    Fish cleaning costs on boats

    That's a deal!
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    Well the secrets out

    Wait until that one person gets his hand in the pie!!:D
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    is hoopin' declining?

    You should of dropped a seal bomb as you left
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    Offshore Intrepid on the Albacore

    :shake: on the San Juan Seamount
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    Offshore Intrepid on the Albacore

    Your days are wayyyy off. They left Thursday, fished Thursday night and hit the road for up north around 400am, and traveled until they got into the area early Sunday morning.
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    Albacore on the Intrepid

    Either a Long Range boat out of Morro, Frisco or Oregon. Up in Oregon on a L.R trip you could get albacore, halibut, salmon, cods, etc :rolleyes: and they have fish processors in Oregon!
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    Offshore Fury 5-5 9/8

    That's something you don't see everyday, That RSW on deck made from a plastic tote bin? I guess that is their only RSW.
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    Universal bent butt

    When did you get a boat for rod holders?
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    Nice lil free come up

    Is that the Q105 you were on?
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    Nice lil free come up

    Those old Danielson shrimp fly rigs are deadly, looks like you got a box of them.👍
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    Getting hard to find a berth😳

    I far as I know all the long range boats will give returning customers up to 30 days (Some only give 1 week) to book the same trip and stateroom if they post a 50% deposit. If they don't sign up and post a deposit in the time frame allowed, The trip will open up to the first on the wait list, If...
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    I agree, it all adds up! If you add up all the baby Y.T that was caught rom sport boats over the past 3 years, The numbers are alarming.
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    And people wonder why fishing is tough and fish are getting smaller every year?
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    Offshore Apollo 9/5-7

    Don't forget to add a pop corn machine
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    The day boats over the past 3 years over fished them and were killing 3-8 lb yellows and never gave them a chance to reproduce, Much less letting them get bigger before killing a bucket or milk crate of them!! I seen some boat pictures with probably with appx 20 baby yellows in a single milk...
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    Weather 9/10 weekend question

    When you get a big blow job from the North/Northwest that last a 2-4 days, Then the fat lady has sung!
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    Can the average fisher get the advantage of 100lb or greater line?

    Not many people can fish 30 lb drag standing up. Using the rail, harnesses etc, yes
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    future Hurrricane Kay to threaten Baja and Long Range Trips (and maybe remnants for us) next week

    Maybe head N/W and look for Albacore, There at 490 miles from San Diego.
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    Dorado line and hook size?

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    Dorado line and hook size?

    Baby rockfish under a kelp patty??
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    Beef Jerky recommendation Hal’s

    It comes out to $40 a pound, That's a good deal for good jerky. What type of meat does he use, If anyone knows?
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    Offshore Dolphin 8/31

    Golf is to much a man's sport, Maybe tennis (Then he can wear his little skirt) or playing bingo is better for him :D.
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    Offshore Dolphin 8/31

    Instead of spending money on boat rides, go buy a new key board for your computer or whatever your using to type your messages!!
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    Offshore Dolphin 8/31

    That's why it's called fishing:rofl:
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    T-Mobile Reception in and Around the Coronados

    You might want to switch to T-Mobil for your benefit, This way you don't need to worry about your wife calling you and keep asking what time are you coming home when your out fishing!!!!! You could stay out as late as you please, because she switched over to T-Mobil and the reception sucks on...
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    Offshore Seiners back

    The California pur seiners, long line, gill net regulations have been in place for decades. In San Pedro back in the 80's it was loaded with seiners and with the canneries were in full production. 40 years later, theirs only a handful left because of tight regulations and it's not due to fishing!
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    Offshore Dodos 8/26

    That's the way it was for us today, Drifting about 1/2 mile from the paddy we started on and every 5-10 minutes the brezzers of dorado came thru and would get a fish or two, The fish are scattered everywhere in a large area. Just be patient the fish aren't directly under the paddys.
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    Offshore N9-178 8/23 and 24 (and an alternative theory to seiners killing all the fish)

    Don't you just hate it when you go back to the same spot the next day where you left them biting from the previous day and there not their???? I just don't understand it :confused:, My buddy had the same problem happen to him, where he left them biting, But his was 6 months later when he fished...
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    Offshore Oceanside Parking lot Tomorrow 8.27.22

    You should be fine at that time, providing it's PM and not AM.
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    Angler 8 day returning tomorrow

    You should go down tomorrow and meet the boat when it docks, Then you'll get the first scoop!!
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    Dorado- What Is Working?

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    Processor or Filet Fishing in Huntington Beach Area?

    I'm sure Billy K will cut your fish, IF the price is right!! :rolleyes:
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    Offshore Dorado limit CA 2022?

    Your looking in the CENTRAL REGION, Look in the SOUTHERN REGION!!!!!!!!
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    Parking at the Big 3

    For what few meters are availabel, Good luck on finding one. Those good old days with all the meters and no time limit are long gone. You can park at the hotel across the street for about a couple more dollars per day for what the lots prices are.
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    If I was you, I wouldn't want to know how much a beer cost!! All it will do is get you even more pissed off!!!!! Just go on your trip and have a good trip and deal with the cost later.
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    With those prices. Maybe Billy K, Leases the galley.
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    How much was a double burger?? $35.00?
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    I wonder how much they would charge for a filet Mignon dinner with all the fixings???
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    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 Day September 26th

    I believe he got those new computer controlled low emission's motor for free or next to nothing on the Grant from the government. I know of appx 15 boats that got them for free over the past 2 years.
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    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 Day September 26th

    Make sure you give us a complete report and don't leave anything out, Good luck!
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    Izorline/Turners 8 day Searcher 7/29-8/6 BEWARE!!! I went photo happy

    How long were you letting the Jig sink for on the slide, when fishing the Hoo's?
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    Paddy Jackals

    Seal bombs are better, But it will blow out the divers ear drums.
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    Paddy Jackals

    After the divers are in the water, Shoot a couple 12 gauge flares into the water on a slight angle so it shoots through the water like a torpedo, Don't shoot at the divers shoot it appx 20 feet of where there at!! Once he sees that glowing ball of fire going past him, They will get out of the...
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    Paddy Jackals

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    Offshore 2.5 on the Islander

    That's unusual about the food, It normally sits up their with the LR boats.
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    Offshore Offshore Paddy Hunting 8/13

    Sounds like a lot of traveling, But you pulled on something. A few things I didn't understand in your write up, 1) most paddies were picked up on Friday? 2) You said you were sitting " After 2 hours sitting "IN" the kelp paddie, How do you do that?? 3) It was a wide open Bite only hooking 4 fish?
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    "Limited Load" Fishing

    All they need to do is carry 1 less person the boat sleeps or 1 less than what the Coast Guard allows them to carry, And what do you get if it's not a full Boat? A limited load, It's total bullshit buts that's what's happening. Sometimes they may carry 2 or 3 less but the number of passengers...
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    Best mono line for offshore SD

    Maybe buy it from someone else, A lot of L.R. range boats have it for adding line to your reel when people need it and they don't seem to have that problem.
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    Dorado cooking/taste?

    X2, If you dont bleed, gut them and put on ice as soon as caught, they will turn into mush ina couple hrs.
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    Who is this Billy K guy?

    He also buys $50 lures and sells them for $200 and does not even provide a tube of vaseline when your getting fuc__d! :hali_parkutuli:
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    Looking for work? IRS is hiring now.

    That dip shit can't even ride a bike without falling down and that other Daffy Ass Bitch trying to run our country!!!! :finger:. Were in for a long bumpy ride, 2024 can't get her soon enough,
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    How not to fish a kelp paddy

    Probably just a simple case of "More money than Brains", I see it every time I go out fishing, Whether it's driving a boat or fishing!!! What would a day on the Ocean be without seeing these weekend warriors!
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    I was wondering the same thing. Does a parker need a special spot to store it, or Is it because of an IGO thing and if you don't own a parker your from a different planet and they only talk to people who own a parker??????
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    Open Spot on RR3

    Go down to the office when they sign everyone in and see what the final manifest has on it for passengers!! That will tell you everything.
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    If you can get on the Islander if they cancel your trip, You will love the boat, Staterooms...

    If you can get on the Islander if they cancel your trip, You will love the boat, Staterooms, food, crew, and most import, They work hard and always catch fish. Look up the reviews on the Islander. The only reason they added trips and are not full is be cause they canceled all their dive trips to...
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    How many people for boat to leave?

    I think your going to start seeing a different way the O95 runs their operation, For the better! Without getting into it and not saying anymore about it, Theirs a reason that boat is now in San Diego and it wasn't by choice!!!
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    How many people for boat to leave?

    Excellent Advice!! It takes a wise man to learn from it's mistakes, But an even wiser man to learn from others!
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    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    They should of kept them once caught and make ceviche out of them. It wouldn't surprise me if they (DFG) made it Illegal to throw back dead rockfish, except Cows etc. If you caught that fish, You own it and it gets counted toward your limit, No more Hygrading!!!
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    Where to fish next in Alaska?

    Icy bay Lodge or Yakutat, Hands down Incredible Halibut fishing for both. Icy Bay for all the Salmon one could want in August and September. Look up some of the threads on here for more details. Ling cod fishing is wide open at Icy bay when you go offshore. When fishing Lings and Halibut @ Icy...
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    They already add on extra's (meal, food, etc) when you check in at the boat/landing, I think that would be a Great thing Implement, Definite win for the crew and not getting stiffed with a insulting tip after a long trip. It's already happening with restaurants, etc. They might as well get with...
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    :eek:, She must of read someone's tipping standard's from this site.
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    At least your able to decipher that much! Someone said their was a Walking Hemorrhoid on the Vagabond trip you were on that was complaining his head hurt with an Ice pack on it, Trying to get the Swelling down on the Hemorrhoid that's attached to your neck! You wouldn't know anything about that...
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    Has Anyone Ever Been Stuck by a Gaf on Party boat?

    It happens all the time when people are fish jigs for dorado. That's why a lot of L.R. boats will not let you fish jigs on a wide open dorado bite.
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    :pee:LOL I think I know what the YT limit is, I was saying because the person had way over his limit for 3 days and was a settle way of telling him, So next time look at the big picture and not just read what you want to hear :finger:
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    Just curious how much he gives the crew if he wins the jackpot? My guess would be Zero, Because he already gave them a stiff tip, I mean generous tip in his own mind!
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    :idiot:, If your going to figure it that way, You might as well take out what the port gets, the landing, etc. After you do all that figuring, The crew would probably get $150, :shake:
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    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Amazon, type in mosquito head net, They have a great one for $30
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    San Diego 1 3/4 Day Trip

    Bring 20lb -100lb rods/reels with you. things can change overnight and somtimes as your leaving the receivers!
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    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Get one of those hats that have a soft screen all the way around them and down to your shoulders If mesquitos are around. It will be worth gold to you.
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    Madmac at fishermans access! Go now!

    Did Brian already run out of them.
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    Offshore Hahahahaha bft

    I'm not quite sure, But I wouldn't want to be the one to find out.
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    Offshore Hahahahaha bft

    Only if he's hungry I would worry about it :rofl:. I seen a mako 500Lbs plus 20 miles out this weekend. He looked angry when he came along side our boat while on a patty.
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    Offshore San Diego Full Day 7/31

    It looks like the crew did a great job fileting the fish and not sloppy about it.
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    Islands Catalina west end update - BFT breaking all over - not one landed

    Your lucky you only paid what you paid for the Normal subscription and didn't waste a lot of other money for this and that. Lesson learned and time to move in the right direction and join fish dope, It's money well spent.
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    Offshore Hahahahaha bft

    I heard Hypothermia is a Bitch!
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    Reposted; JDM: Yamaga Blanks Bluesniper popper/stickbait rod

    Is there any written in English, I understand a couple thigs about kg, lure size. what's the lb line rated the rods rated at, is it glass, graphite, hybrid? Is it a fast, slow taper or more parabolic??
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    Fish processor’s are full. What to do?

    Check with Point Loma Seafoods. They use to cut in the past.
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    Short Barracuda at fish market.

    That's some good free advertising for the X.
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    Offshore Offshore

    Nice day, Hopefully you learned about some factory hooks and knots. Next time buy the lure and redo everything except the actual lure, Line, hook, knots and swivels!! It was still a Exceptional Day :cheers:
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    Offshore 7/29 - 9 mile

    Those micro baits look like chovies to me!
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    Offshore 12 fish sport boat put trackers on paddies?

    Usually they put gps on the paddies that are out of range for private boaters or 99% of them for that reason, So nobody steals them or boat traffic chops the patty up.
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    Inshore Lora is “as Advertised”

    I'll take some of that fried dorado, looks good.
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    Nomad Madmacs 240 Phantom

  102. K

    Anyone lose a big thresher?

    Using stainless hooks is not the way to go, If you plan on releasing them.
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    Making bait San Pedro/ LB

    Cat food and small pieces of frozen chovies.
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    Rental Tuna Spreader?

    That's like buying a bullet and wanting to rent a gun.
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    Need Help with First Pair of Binoculars

    Save your money and get a good set for around $1800. Don't go buy a pair of cheap one that say Image Stabilizer. Brands also have a big part in buying a pair. If you buy a cheap pair they may be ok on land, But not on a small boat getting rolled around in normal weather.
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    PHOTOS: JRI Custom Lures' Jarvis Trip on the Intrepid; July 9-17, 2022

    Just curious how many people were on that trip?
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    Islands Far From Home - Island Spirit 7/9

    Those gunny sacks all had a sad face on them.
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    Yellowtail on Kelps

    You always have a clown on the boat fishing 10-12lb test fishing yellowtail on the kelp paddies (even when the Captain says nothing less than 25-30lb test), and soon as he gets hooked up , The fish darts for the kelp and wraps around it! The Clowns answer is "I like the sport of catching them on...
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    Reccomended tuna fishing boats out of MDR or Long Beach?

    The Navegante fished it 2 days ago on a 1.5 day trip and got a couple, they hooked quite a few. I believe they also fished it last Monday and Tuesday and did pretty good.
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    New to trying Speargun fishing

    I'm not a cool dude, so that leaves me out for going with you on future trips. But, I've spearfished and dove quite a bit a few years back, So any real specific questions I would be happy to answer them if I can. Spearfishing is like shooting ducks in a pond, Once you get the hang of it!
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    Oceanside Ca. to Avalon Ca.

    Run 8 hrs at 270 degrees.
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    where to catch rock cod

    You can also head to a tackle store and buy a book that has the spots and numbers on where to fish. Not to many people will give up their spots. Go buy a book or two and your off to a good start.
  114. K

    where to catch rock cod

    Ventura or Santa Barbara
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    Satellite TV on the Long Range boats not working again?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they start charging for wifi!!
  116. K

    Custom gaff question bamboo

    I use nothing on Bamboo/Calcutta. Drill a pilot hole for the hook, set hook in place with a small piece of scotch tape (To keep the hook in place while wrapping) Use a heavy Seine twine and WRAP IT TIGHT using a lot of pressure. Then coat it good with a couple coats of a good grade epoxy. Your...
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    Satellite TV on the Long Range boats not working again?

    Why does all the cruise ships have working tv's, but the sport boat's always have problems?? Maybe a little more $$$$?
  118. K

    Satellite TV on the Long Range boats not working again?

    Maybe he doesn't watch tv because he stays in his stateroom and tosses off while traveling, :D
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    Fluro dropper loop.

    Fishing isn't cheap. Besides depending on what fluoro your using, It would cost about $5.00 for a piece of fluoro to make a dropper loop. Your sinker cost more than that for the dropper loop.
  120. K

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    Carry a Bible and get on your knees and prey.
  121. K

    Getting my boy bent.

    Does your friend have his own proper equipment to land one these slugs or will he be renting the equipment? Earlier I said to slip $300 to the crew on top of the normal 15% tip. In all honesty I would have to say, Bump that $300 to $500 for the crew member trying to get him hooked up and land...
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    Getting my boy bent.

    $100 might of worked a few years ago. I would tell all the deck hands before the trip leaves the point, Theirs $300 dollars for whatever crew members helps my son hook and land a fish over 100lbs, this is on top of the 15% tip, I'm giving the crew!! That will get you in the right direction!
  123. K

    Covid Testing Prior to Boarding

    The Intrepid is charging a fuel surcharge?? I always thought they don't charge a fuel surcharge? That's why their price was always higher on than other boats. It doesn't mention anything about a fuel surcharge in their fine print????
  124. K

    Cops at advanced marine services 7/13

    On a different note, I heard today a family filed a law suit against the police for wrongful death and using excessive force on a police shooting an un armed person that happened a week ago somewhere in the mid west, Their claiming the police open fired on the subject and shot him over 60 times...
  125. K

    Inshore Late report local LBC 7-8-22 to 7-9-22

    Next time you anchor up, wire up your anchor with a trip wire, Problem solved and no more lost anchors.
  126. K

    Best time for bluefin fishing

    You may want to go see a tarot reader or witch doctor for this question or refer to post #4.
  127. K

    Best summer month for bluefin tuna

    When there bitting!
  128. K

    Fish Dope or Fish Nope?

  129. K

    Getting fish blood out of clothes

    What does it look like when it it's done, A zebra with dots?
  130. K

    Seeker 3 day 7/7-7/10 Searcher trip

    Nice report, What's the limit of yellowtail on a 3 day trip?
  131. K

    Clothing at night?

    Spend $300-$400 on a good set of soft/comfortable water/wind proof pants/bib and jacket. That will be your best investment.
  132. K

    WTB: Looking for Nomad Design Madmacs in 200mm

    :confused:, I think the tackle store in Florida figured he may need some 200mg, Madmacs because he was going fishing and Just shipped him a few.
  133. K

    Bft channel islands

    There getting closer, there off the west end off San Clemente island the past few days
  134. K

    Helmet straight helmet

    X2, Either go to a fish market and buy it, Or become a better fisherman!
  135. K

    Offshore Tribute 7/6 rough seas

    Looks like it slipped past the coast guard on their last inspection. Looks like they have been repairing it in the past, It takes years to look the way that looked!
  136. K

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    It wouldn't surprise me if they are taking out the staterooms and redoing the bunk area so they can sleep and carry more passengers.
  137. K

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    It would be nice if the Indy started running Long Range Trips out of 22nd.
  138. K

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Even without the homeless it's sketchy. My friend was parked in the overflow lot a year ago for an overnight trip in the winter, When he came back the the following night, His car was up on 4'x4" blocks and all 4 of his tires and wheels were missing, I warned him not to leave it overnight and he...
  139. K

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    We got a Bingo. There's also one more partner.
  140. K

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    They can't raise the ticket price, But they can make up the difference in cost with a SUBSTANCIAL fuel surcharge and be able to legally charge it!!
  141. K

    Long range trip

    If You look back on your old posts, Your asking the same questions again :imdumb:!! and who said I go often??
  142. K

    Long range trip

    Oh Boy, Here we go Again, :Singin_In
  143. K

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3

    It's probably the only landing that will let him run out of!
  144. K

    Newell 229

    That's a good price, It will be gone today!!!
  145. K

    Local Bluefin

    Who said they had fish on deck?? I heard they are looking at them and one hooked up.
  146. K

    Offshore Islander BFT Cruise Lines

  147. K

    New Here - Going to SD to have some fun

    FYI, Good luck on your trips and San Diego. Not trying to alarm you, But if your going on your first trip, Your better to ask the boat up front what are all the nickles and dimes (EXTRAS) that will be charged to your tab on the Constitution. The cost to filet fish, any tackle, Snacks, fuel...
  148. K

    Islands Catalina Island 6/28/2022

    Radar or no radar, It's not to smart hauling ass in that dense fog. What if a Kayaker or paddle boarder popped up in front of you?
  149. K

    Islands Catalina and BFT Foamers

    Which way were they heading??
  150. K

    MadMac Price Gouging

    That a fair price.
  151. K

    MadMac Price Gouging

    It's the same thing that happened with masks and disinfectant sprays, toilet paper, Etc. when it was in high demand at the start of Covaid, People bought up everything and was selling it for off the chart prices and the got stuck with their inventory when prices came down. Hopefully the same...
  152. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    Your missing the Big Picture, Or your just reading what you want to read. It's not that people are bitching about the new payment system, There bitching about the gates and security going away!!! Their has been some issues with cars getting stolen or broken into with the old system, With gates...
  153. K

    Pacific Dawn on 7/31

    I'm sure the chef is at par with Pat's standards.
  154. K

    When the BFT get off the bite head north

    It's in the first post!!!
  155. K

    Fishing SCI in the Wind

    Also take a ditch bag with a bible in!
  156. K

    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    That's what the doc told me, A 1-2 " cut, Well it turned out to be 5 inches. I hope your cut is only 2 inches, But be prepared for the worst case scenario. Meatball soup and broth (not spicy) was my best friend after my surgery. You get your veggies, protein, Etc. All in one cup or bowl and it's...
  157. K

    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    I'm glad I had mine 2 years ago since things came along way, I had a 5" cut when they did my surgery, It looked like a "C" section surgery. If things came along way since the medieval times, I would hate to see what would of happened to me back then!
  158. K

    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    Get some sleeping pills for the first 2 or 3 nights, you will be glad you did!!!! The doctors say you may have a little pain after the surgery, This is what I think of that :finger:
  159. K

    line capacity rule of thumb

    A lot depends on what your rod is rated for? If you have a solid 80lb rod, You want to stick with at least 80lb spectra, I like to go up on the next spectra size. The last thing you would want to do is put a lighter spectra on a reel for what the rod will be used for to get more yds of line on...
  160. K

    Valco bayrunner 22 cuddy

    What's the compression on the motor? That will say a lot.
  161. K

    Inshore 178.4 # bluefin tuna Santa Monica Bay 06/24/2022 on False Alarm

    It would of took them longer to Ice the fish than it would to get back to the dock.
  162. K

    Inshore 178.4 # bluefin tuna Santa Monica Bay 06/24/2022 on False Alarm

    Don't forget about the 3 way Swivel :shake:!!
  163. K

    Intrepid Fish Processing

    Their choice processor is 5 star. The fish go from the boat to five stars bin.
  164. K

    Kite fish as PB ?

    Same principal as a troll fish, Technically you don't hook it, the boat does the work.
  165. K

    Bluefin in the Bay???

    It wasn't a bait ball, It was where the squid have been for the past month, people probably will call bullshit to that too! I was appx 75yds fishing on the anchor and I witnessed the whole thing. People can call bullshit all they want about the fish being caught in the bay, LOL!!!!! :D
  166. K

    Small Owner ringed mutu circle hooks....

    I'm looking for something comparable to the Mustad, 9/0, easy baiter hooks.
  167. K

    Anyone willing to share contacts of sponsors that would be will to help a few sportboats that got robbed?

    Your in good hands with All State (If they have them), They pay full cost to replace it. They don't do that pro rated bull shit like other insurances do!!!
  168. K

    Offshore Tomahawk back on line

    If it leaves before noon, 11:59am, you can get double limits. It's considered am to am on the 2nd day it's 2 day limits. If you left at 12:00pm 1 day limits.
  169. K

    BFT in the Santa Monica Bay

    It will be a complete Shit Show. It will remind me of the movie Jaws when everyone tried catching the shark. LOL. I will not be surprised if a few boats get a fish or two.
  170. K

    BFT in the Santa Monica Bay

    I'm surprised the word hasn't gotten out yet! It will be on ABC 7 news tonight or over the weekend. Someone I know got a 178lb BFT in The Santa Monica Bay This morning around 8:00am. This is not Joke. I won't go into the exact details and the spot for privacy of the person who got it. I will say...
  171. K

    7/2 on the Ahra Ahn Spots

    It goes to show you, That it doesn't much to make some people happy!
  172. K

    2023 Schedules

    Start Looking!
  173. K

    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    May not be cheaper, but close to what there charging. I would spend a few more bucks at the hotel and feel safer their vs the landing lot.
  174. K

    Accurate Boss 30 narrow.

    What are your thoughts for the boss 30 narrow using 80-100lb test?
  175. K

    $8.00 beers

    A lot of the Long Range boats.
  176. K

    $8.00 beers

    Once they raise prices, Very seldom will you see them come back down to where they were at before they raised them, Just got to get use to it and write it off.
  177. K

    $8.00 beers

  178. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    The Easy Short Cut would be 15lb sledge hammer and go to town on every kiosk and take a picture of all the disabled kiosks, then park and go on your trip. ⚒️
  179. K

    $8.00 beers

    Jerry, Was that $7.00 for a can of beer or a Michelada??
  180. K

    $8.00 beers

    Not to far off, But I was talking to the guys in the red shirts and they were bitching about how many bags and the weight of the tackle bags/boxes, That people take on a lot of the 3-5 day trips. He said it's out of control and a lot of people bring more than people going on a 16 day trip. He...
  181. K

    $8.00 beers

    Hopefully it's the size cans they sell at Dodger Stadium and not a 12oz can.
  182. K

    Roll Call for Excel trip departing 6/29/22

    You want bigger, That's all fine and dandy, Some people would give their left nut to catch a 148lb BFT.
  183. K

    $8.00 beers

    At $8.00 a beer, It would be cheaper to go buy a big tackle box and gut it out , then add some good insulation (1'' ridgid insulation") and stock it up. You will be ahead of the game.
  184. K

    Sharks and inflatables: you guys were right.

    At least you got the Mako
  185. K

    In line weights thread

    I was trying to respond to Jer Dogs thread for in line weights (I need some for a upcoming trip), I was wondering if he still sells weights or does the closed thread mean he's done with it???
  186. K

    How to protect my rods when moving?

    Build a wood crate accordingly to qty of rods, wrap in bubble wrap
  187. K

    Mexican Auto insurance question

    Serguos Insurance
  188. K

    how to get rid of those fucking obnoxious pop ups

    Aftco is on my List.
  189. K

    Offshore Short/quick report 6/10/2022

    Nice Jag of fish on the meter!
  190. K

    how to get rid of those fucking obnoxious pop ups

    Which time? If you only had get rid of it one time, Consider yourself lucky!!
  191. K

    how to get rid of those fucking obnoxious pop ups

    They suck, They think we read those things. Sometimes I just get pissed off so much looking at it, I will read just to see what is so Important to keep popping up 2 seconds after I kill it. After I see what so Important, I make notes not to even consider buying or subscribing that...
  192. K

    Looking for a Few Good Tuna Men/Women

    what's the appx cost and for how long?
  193. K

    Buddy boat 6/10 BFT

    Fish dope will hook you up.
  194. K

    Accurate bx2-600 $409

  195. K

    Toad Yellowtail and a couple Familiar Faces

    You beat me to saying that. Fishing in June at Alijos has the nicer models.
  196. K

    SOA question

    I thought that a smile from women were the only ones that got what they wanted. I forgot June is "National Pride Month" I guess you never know who your fishing next to now a days bieber.
  197. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    Accordingly to the Ace website, You can pick your spot in advance. That's the way I understood it?
  198. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    I think it's only 1 person.
  199. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    You mean Frank.
  200. K

    SD Landing Parking lot

    I would bet you, Seaforth parking lot will have the same system within a year. He probably still is a cool guy, But a unemployed cool guy.
  201. K

    Come To The Landing and Take My Fish

    What boat are you going on? That's very generous of you for the less fortunate or the needy who can't afford to go that often.
  202. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    If Frank said people were parking in the overflow/free lot then Uber to Downtown, If that was the actual truth, Then he should of put in another gate and charge for that lot only and not punish the other lots with someone in a booth and somewhat of a secured lot??????
  203. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    I never gave that a thought, The thief's can probably hit 15-20 cars Catalytic convertors in a matter of minutes, No one will hear the noise of a cordless saws all or a 4" inch cut off wheel, Especially in the winter time!! That's a hell of a payday if they can get 20 in one night!
  204. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    I wonder if the new parking lot situation has any type of Insurance that covers your car if it's stolen?? Even if they have one security guard covering 3 lots, That leaves a lot of time for any kind of theft, including a vehicle which takes less than 60 seconds accordingly to the police. If they...
  205. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    Just roll a dock cart over by Point Loma Seafoods with all your gear and load up the Uber and hop in the Car and save yourself the Extra fee. :D
  206. K


    I was on a trip one time and my room mate was farting up a storm every night, I could only take 2 nights of it, it smelled like shit in a big way. I couldn't stand someone snoring until that trip. I'll take snoring or anything other than what I had to deal with.
  207. K

    New pre-parking payment system

    So if you get there and drive around the lot and cant find a spot and go to another lot, Your paying $4.00, if you did that a 3 parking areas and couldn't find parking, Now your out $12.00 and I pissed of person to start off your LR trip!! I heard that Ace controls the parking for the lots, Who...
  208. K

    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    Dre, Go across the street and pay them the $10-$12 a night and park in their lot, They have security camera everywhere around the bldg outside. I usually park near a camera that covers everything. At least I sleep well at night while on the boat, I've been parking there for the last 15 years...
  209. K

    What was the outcome of the may 26 lobster DFG meeting?

    I stand corrected, Thanks, I forgot all about that since I never go on opening night, It's a cluster fuck out their on opening night.
  210. K

    What was the outcome of the may 26 lobster DFG meeting?

    You mean opener would be 12:00 pm not 6:00pm if they move it back 12hrs.
  211. K

    Tips / Tricks for Fish vs. Sea Lions?

    Try using a 12 gauge flare shot from a gun at a slight angle into the water in the direction of the seal/seals. It looks like a red torpedo traveling under water chasing the seal out of town. It works like a charm and the seals aren't used to seeing that. Save all of your expired flares for seal...
  212. K

    Clueless - BFT Gear

    The Rod/Reel set ups sound fine. Get yourself some torpedo sinkers, strong hooks, fluoro carbon and a variety of flat fall jigs (200-500 gram). If your fishing the BFT, Your in luck and I wouldn't worry about casting!! 90% of the BFT fishing will be straight up and down with either flat falls...
  213. K

    Dana Point Parking - Help Needed $

    That's what I would do, It's The Coastal Commision's authority to revoke or add public parking, not the city's unless they have alternative parking approved by the Coastal Commision. That's what I've see in the past. Time to make a formal complaint with the commision.
  214. K

    3 day Spirit Of Adventure openings

    That's a good boat, great food, snacks, staterooms and ONLY 20 people!! Also Not to mention it's one of the fastest boats at crusing speed, Or should I say it used to be with the old owners, I can't guarantee that now with the new owner that took over last year.
  215. K

    SCI Frontside?

    Sorry for the late reply, I just got out the time out for week. East End Front Side.
  216. K

    SeaRay 220 SunDeck

    It's a nice freshwater boat or near coastal on flat days.
  217. K

    Offshore Long day on the water

    Shit happens, That's why it's called fishing. I'm sure if they got on one good school, You would be saying differently.
  218. K

    SCI Frontside?

    My buddy was out on the front side. down east on Saturday, I didn't ask them the water color, It didn't seam to matter 3 guys got limits of big sea bass and 5 yellows over 25lbs in 4 hrs.
  219. K

    Islander 1.5 Day Monday 5/23

    Not to mention the food and snacks on the Islander are out of this world good!
  220. K

    HM Landing - Mexican Fishing Permit?

    It's not the Landing that charges the Permit Fee, It's up to the boats If they want to include them or not in the ticket price. And for your other question, When you pick up your ticket at the landing, That's when they will charge you for the permit and bring some extra cash, They may hit you...
  221. K

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    Make sure your parents get US Tow or similar, Breaking down on the water is a bitch if you don't have Towing Insurance
  222. K

    Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle forced to close by rent increase

    It will take more than a year to Evict her if not longer, If she does a little homework. They probably pay her $$$ to voluntarly leave than go through the eviction process and lose all the monthly income from the bldg!!
  223. K


    Are you looking for a crew member to pay or does he pay to be a crew man?
  224. K

    Islander 1.5 Day Monday 5/23

    The Boat your on is one of the miniature long range boats, Great food, boat, crew. You will be Impressed and spoiled and probably not want to ride on the Avg. 1-1.5 day boats in the future. It's a good Introduction to fishing on Long Range boats.
  225. K

    Feedback on the Producer out or H&M

    It's been around longer than 20 years, I fished it back in 82 at H&M Landing when Lou and Sandy owned it.
  226. K

    5/20 NEW Wind died only 4-9 still GO fishing!!

    Have great trip a I'm sure you will slay them as normal, Hopefully you get a few Biggins.
  227. K

    LR raffle prizes and swag

    Doesn't the sponsors ride for free and the CM pays??
  228. K

    LR raffle prizes and swag

    That's the trip I want to be on!!!:p
  229. K

    Rooster hunt out of Cabos San Lucas/East Cape

    Hopefully you released it to grow up.
  230. K


    People need to see what the 1.5 day trips cost and a lot of them leaves around 8pm and some of those prices dont include meals! At $440 per day ($880 for a 2 days) which includes food and permits is still well within reason in my book!
  231. K

    Tough Day Yesterday...

    May he Rest In Peace and You and our family, May God give You and Loved Ones Strength and Encouragement to move forward in Life without remorse.
  232. K

    Question for you guy's

    Fishing never goes perfect, Maybe in a perfect world and your living in denial, Then "Go For It"!
  233. K

    Question for you guy's

    Lately the fish at night have been eating the heavy line (120-150lb Fluoro carbon) with 100 lb spectra main line, NO PROBLEM, In the day it's been more or less 80lb (Spectra) main line with 80-120lb fluoro carbon leaders. Just remember to keep your drag set for the main line and not the leader...
  234. K

    Question for you guy's

    Remember you will be setting your drag to the lighest line on your reel. So If you use 100 lb top shot and 150lb main line, techinally your only fishing 100lb
  235. K

    Question for you guy's

    I would keep the top shot the rated line class for the rod.
  236. K

    What kind of Shimano Triton is this?

  237. K

    Accident at Socorro

    At least if they wanted to sink it, Fill the fuel tanks. Those empty tanks kept the boat pretty much afloat.
  238. K

    Accident at Socorro

    You mean "WAS a nice ship"
  239. K

    Offshore Intrepid 3-Day Trip Report May 6 - 9

    Looks like you said, Went as far as they could Or should I say they went as long as the could take it and had enough and then turned it around as the weather did not promising headed for the dock, At least they tried. The Shogun did the same and was almost able to pull of limits for two days...
  240. K

    1.75 Day Limits...

    I don't think the color makes a difference, It's more or the size to get you in the zone without scoping out like your fly lining. You want to have a pretty good estimate how deep your jig is up and down, when your scoping out it will be hard to get an idea of where your knife jig or flat fall...
  241. K

    1.75 Day Limits...

    More than likely a Cheap Hook. Stick with CB hooks and your good as Gold!
  242. K

    Offshore Pacific Islander 1.75 Day 5/4/22 - 5/6/22

    The Crew didn't even G&G that one fish that was around 10lbs??? What's up with that. You said that fish was caught early evening on the first night,:shake:
  243. K

    Offshore Tribute 5/2 Bluefin

    They never said fishing was easy! But at least you got it done!!!
  244. K

    Want to take my 8yr old on a 1.5 day

    I've taken my 8 year on the 5 dayer on the Indy the day after Christmas and HE LOVED IT!! He has been on trips up to 10 days and he's only 13 and he still wants longer trips. I would say your son would be better off on a Long Range Boat than a 1.5 day boats for A LOT of reasons. Take him on one...
  245. K

    NON-SKID Cleaning

    That works perfect, I also do the same, But I'll do it on a sunny day and scrub the deck with it and let it sit in the sun for 20-30 and then scrub with soap and water and rinse good, Comes out like new.
  246. K

    Polaris Supreme LIMITS of Bluefin on there First Day of 3 day trip today!

    All Fish get bigger as the season goes on (Especially Dorado, They grow like weeds) unless there on a diet.
  247. K

    Lobster report card - Last day

    Thanks, I forgot all about it.
  248. K

    Bass Pro shops opening a store in Irvine

    And the Wanna Bees
  249. K

    Fuel surcharges

    I wonder how long some of the boats will keep charging the fuel surcharge, Even as the prices have been coming down. Just like when the boats raised their prices due to having to carry less passengers during Covaid. Covaid now is no where what it was during the peak of it and all I have seen...
  250. K

    Question about Daily Limits

    It's happened in the pat w/the F&G waiting at the dock in S.D.
  251. K

    Funniest Experience?

    I think the blow up doll in Captain Mike's cabin is funnier than on the patty. Did he come out of his stateroom for a cigarette and some more protein?
  252. K

    Preparing for my trip

    The best thing to do is search up, Fishing tackle, 1.5 day trip tackle, What to bring, etc. on the search bar on the site, There's a ton of posts on this subject that could really help you out and go from their. It seams like their is someone asking the same question. It will also help you in...
  253. K

    Albacore or Bluefin… what’s your favorite?

    :shake:, Some that are better just to name a couple, Wild Planet & Costco, Solid White Albacore in pretty good size chunks and not all mushy with different colors mixed in it.
  254. K

    Offshore INTREPID 04.24-04.26.2022

    They basically already were 2 day trips for the price of $595.00. Generally the 2 day trips leave any where from 9:00am-11:00am. Bill started those trips when the fish were at Tanner and Cortez when the fish were biting around midnight. So he changed the original departures to 10:00 or 11:00 am...
  255. K

    Offshore 4/25/22 and 4/26/22 BFT US Waters

    The Pacific Ocean in an area off the Baja/Ca. Coast within 200 miles of the Coast.
  256. K

    Fuel surcharges

    I thought the Intrepid was No Fuel Charges in their brochure, unless they recently changed it.!!
  257. K

    Nachos bait barge being closed periodically?

    Call their number for the recordings. That will give you up to date info.
  258. K

    Is it enough for overnight

    Those big fish are there and couple boats got into them a couple days ago, Old Glory was one of them the fish were 60-150lbs. You would be better off taking one and wishing you had one if you get into them.
  259. K

    Off to Galapagos and Hannibal, Panama

    That Lava looks pretty recent.
  260. K

    Bombs AWAY!!

    There's a reason why they use single hooks. You don't think Captain Jimmy hasn't already tried it with a treble hook??
  261. K

    How much should I tip?

    Exactly, What happens if they hit you with a $300 fuel surcharge on a Long Range trip, Are you adding 20% of that into the tip?????
  262. K

    Daiwa SK jig

    You and 10k other people.
  263. K

    Gig Harbor to San Diego Boat trip

    Wait until you have a favorable 5-7 day weather forecast. The last thing you want is to get beat up day and night from the wind and swells. Plus you will get better gas mileage and speed. Don't forget a flare gun with plenty of day and night flares and a eprib. Also get a DSC raido with a...
  264. K

    San Clemente Island Destination 4/29/22

    Lot's of those fur bags also.
  265. K

    PQ 1.5 day rod setups

    Now it's time to Graduate from those 1.5-3 day trips and go on a 8-10 dayer in the summer or fall. Once you do that, Say goodbye to those short trips, You will be hooked.
  266. K

    Hubbard's April 12/15 overnight trips in pictures

    What the hell was that dinner there serving?? I must be spoiled from the long range boats galley/food. Even our half day boats food looks a lot better compared to that, The Bunk room and galley is in the same room??, They gotta love their fishing.
  267. K

    Offshore Intrepid first trip of the season 4/14/22 to 4/17/22

    The weather laid down so he could take a picture and then, Wham the weather was up again.
  268. K

    How to photo gear for sale

    Just list everything you have with your best knowledge and the price, Then go from their. If the price is to high with a ton of pictures don't except a lot of responses. If it's priced to move with little or no pics, You'll get a lot of responses! People don't care if your taking it in the...
  269. K

    Inshore Izors 4/15 - Bait, Birds, and BASS!

    3-5 foot swell @ 4 seconds? It's pretty flat looking at your pics. That size swell at 4 seconds would not be a pretty picture.
  270. K

    Please explain how 2-3-4 day trips work.

    If you do a longer L.R trip 5 days plus, Take one of those collaspable camping chairs to sit out on deck on travel days, Especially when going down swell at the start of the trip.
  271. K

    2 day's have changed....

    About thoughts on full 2 days fishing vs 1+ on 2 days is, It all depends how far the fish are and the time of day there on the chew whether it's day or night. If the fish are 150 miles and generally been a morning bite, Leaving around noon the first day would get you there before sunrise, If you...
  272. K

    In -line Weights

    Jer, You need to do the flat rate shipping. It's a small shipping fee, And just charge a couple dollars for the handling and I bet you will see your business increase. Just a Thought. A lot of people don't have time to go and pick them up from you or there to busy or the fuel price is out of...
  273. K

    Jackpot rules.

  274. K

    Jackpot rules.

    95% of the time, Most passengers give it to the crew anyways, So it would hurt the crews tips in the long run if they did away from jackpots. In general the majority of the people that raise a stink over not getting the Jackpot are generally the ones that Stiff the crew or give them A Very...
  275. K

    My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    Now your getting the Picture, Sucks to be in your situtation.
  276. K

    First 1.5 day!

  277. K

    First 1.5 day!

    The Glow in the dark Knife Jigs 250-300 gram for the 20-40lb fish and the 500 gram for the bigger fish, It seems the smaller fish like the smaller knife jig.
  278. K

    Minimizing jigs..?.

    What kind of trip are you going on, #days & what are they going to fish for?
  279. K

    Offshore ALBACORE 4/10/22

    For starters you will need a "Pole and Line", If all the fish were caught on "Pole and Line", Then my Ass makes Watches, LOL
  280. K


  281. K

    Needed: a few stainless steal guides replace on some rods in San Diego.

    Any tackle shop near you should be able to do it for a small fee, probably $20-25 dollars per guide. Call Anglers Choice Tackle in San Diego (Point Loma) 619.223-2324.
  282. K

    Yard sale finds.... Calstar DHS 220 and Seeker SJ90F!

    I don't ever remember a Cal Star 220 parabolic, They had a nice bend to it and a great 20lb bait rod.
  283. K

    First 1.5 day!

    It's the same as a overnight trip, But you'll fish until sunset generally the following day and get back to the dock around 600am on the 3rd morning.. Lately they have been doing a lot of night fishing for the BFT on the day you depart. Make sure you have torpedo sinkers 4-20 oz, Hooks from...
  284. K

    Looking for a good 3/4 day boat

    The Grande has way to many Dead Heads and Deckhands fishing on it. Yesterday another site posted a deckhand holding up a his rod and a Small Yellowtail he caught.
  285. K

    Looking for a fishing buddy who is a guide

    Let me know when you find somebody, I want that gig also, But I prefer boats over 50' and I want the same your looking, But I won't even help cleaning the boat. :rolleyes:
  286. K

    Islands Slug yellows are here!

    That's what you call Mossback, :cheers:
  287. K

    What brand rods do you usually take on a trip?

    OLD SCHOOL, Sabre, Truline and Harnell.
  288. K

    The San Diego Boat Announces Extensive Retrofit -- Bunks and 1.5 to 3.5 day Trips

    You ain't lying about those Mc Donalds burgers lasting for a long time, If they are kept refrigerated the bread will rot 10 times faster than the meat will. I don't know what is in that meat, But when you rip a fart a day or two later it smells like a Quarter Pounder :eek:. I not trying to gross...
  289. K

    Southern Albacore - bright spot

    It sounds better like that , Than Having a shit load of kill bags on the deck on sport boats , Maybe that's the way it's done in Washington probably be cause the sport boats don't have RSW or even a fish hold to accommodate/store their fish and kill bags would be a thought. A kill bag is...
  290. K

    Southern Albacore - bright spot

    The Kill Bags wouldn't even be able to hold the amount of bait the boats take let alone Albacore or Tuna.
  291. K

    Questions on sportboat limits

    YEP, Gotta depart before noon.
  292. K

    They need to get the names of the people in the group that's trying to work the system and send...

    They need to get the names of the people in the group that's trying to work the system and send it to all the landings and have these guys black balled from the landings. Problem solved.
  293. K

    Jeri, When did Chuck own the boat? I never knew he owned that one? Maybe that's why Scott makes...

    Jeri, When did Chuck own the boat? I never knew he owned that one? Maybe that's why Scott makes that big deal about "Telling the office, "You want book your trip on the real Sea Adventure 80"?? If Chuck did own it, That would explain it.
  294. K

    The San Diego Boat Announces Extensive Retrofit -- Bunks and 1.5 to 3.5 day Trips

    YEP, They fished that spot 20 years ago and "Every time someone put their hook in the water, The Fish bit the HOOK, It was Crazy Those fish almost ripped the pole out of my hand"!! :rofl:
  295. K

    The San Diego Boat Announces Extensive Retrofit -- Bunks and 1.5 to 3.5 day Trips

    And for a Substantial Fee on top of the Driving fee, You can pick the area/spot you want to fish!!! No more backseat drivers!:puff:. If they get enough drivers, they wouldn't need a 2nd ticket to drive at night. I bet everybody would sleep lie babies knowing you have a back seat driving the...
  296. K

    The San Diego Boat Announces Extensive Retrofit -- Bunks and 1.5 to 3.5 day Trips

    IF, That's IF they did that, It would look like those fishing Boats that go out of Texas, etc for 2 days fishing those red fish, black tuna, etc. Some of those boats you just sleep in the galley and all your food is warmed up in a microwave. At night the galley looks like a war zone with bodies...
  297. K

    Designed to fail thanks Lenco

    Absolutely correct, The connectors are fine, Why would someone or a company selling marine products not be designed for marine environments and of lesser grade?? Probably the reason why duckbutter6a stated earlier, So you need to buy a new harness assembly or the actual unit. Why use 2 wires in...
  298. K

    Designed to fail thanks Lenco

    Thank You!! Do you recall where that connector was plugged in at? Was it by the trim tabs, or up front into that 3 way splitter near the switches?
  299. K

    Designed to fail thanks Lenco

    I have the same problem as you with my switch, but I haven't bought a new switch yet , good thing!! What do you call that piece you bought on amazon?? Do you have the part # from amazon?? Thanks for saving me time trying to trouble shoot it!!
  300. K

    San Diego Fish Processors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Did you say or do something to piss off someone who works their on your second trip, I used 5 star all the time When Sara and her husband owned it and one time after it was sold and I've never seen them just dump packaged fish in a cooler or a box (Ever since 2003 when they opened up, I've seen...
  301. K

    Enterprise sportboat history

    As far as I remember that was solely built for a sportfishing boat. That area your describing sounds like it could be a very small sleeping area for crew to crash for overnight when they have been running back to back trips in the day and twilight trips during summer months or more than likely...
  302. K

    We are pussies with bluefin

    That's no fun, Where's all the fun and sport of catching one, Switch it up a little and use the 4/0 and forget the 6/0, :D
  303. K

    San Diego Fish Processors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    You mean Melaine gives free ice or is Sara working at fishermans now?
  304. K

    San Diego Fish Processors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    I had the same problem last year, My bill was right at $1100 for Mine and my Sons fish, They would not give me any Free Ice,(My fish were not frozen" I said to them "I just spent $1100 dollars and your not going to provide me with ice???? The Kid said he can't because it's 5 star policy."...
  305. K

    BFT Nomad Jigs

    Go Big Or Go Home
  306. K

    Excel May 19-22

    To be on the safe side, I would suggest renting the 60lb outfit along with a heavy set up 80-100lb. Their is nothing worse than being out on a hot bite with big fish 70-200+lbs and watching people catching them, Just because you not having the proper set up. The cost is minimal (considering...
  307. K

    That's a different story grabbing a bunch of lines, I would do the same, especially wrapping a...

    That's a different story grabbing a bunch of lines, I would do the same, especially wrapping a few lines (spectra) around your hand at the same time. That stuff can cause a serious cut.
  308. K

    Excel May 19-22

    It cracks me up when I see people wrapping all 10 of their fingers (not just the finger tips), plus a little when I'm on the boat.:rofl:
  309. K

    Excel May 19-22

    Check with Jer Dog and see what he has and when he will pour again. You'll get close to 3-4X the amount of sinkers for the price you'll pay at the landing.
  310. K

    Excel May 19-22

    Your all set up.
  311. K

    Excel May 19-22

    I would not even consider using that 4/0 as a back up for the big fish, Hook a triple digit fish on that your going to get spooled or have the side plates blow out. Just rent a 60lb and 80-100lb set up. using that 4/0 on bigger fish is the same as taking a knife to a gun fight. Also make sure...
  312. K

    Inshore 3/23 Long Beach Local

    Was the filet (one fish only) a darker color than the other filets?
  313. K

    Inshore 3/23 Long Beach Local

    Has anyone one ever eaten those Mexican Rockfish, The one that kinda look like a Grouper and with a bit of the Chili look?? Were they edible?? What other fish do they taste like? Last week I got a bunch of them (5-7 lbs avg) and I gave them away whole.
  314. K

    Fuel Surcharge

    I plan on getting my son a custom wrapped pole with my Inheritance for Gov. Newsome, :D
  315. K

    Fuel Surcharge

    You need to go tell Newsome that his chicken shit $400 gas rebate card to help off set the fuel prices, Won't even cover a 16 day trip fuel Surcharge!!!!
  316. K

    Accurate sale @ Turners

    X2 on the Discontinue, The Dauntless is pretty much all of my reels.
  317. K

    What’s the outboard market looking like these days?

    Maybe $750 each with good compression, But remember one mans junk is another mans treasure.
  318. K

    What do I need for so cal fishing

    Money, and Lot's of it!!!!!!
  319. K

    Daiwa Tanacom Bull 750 Electric Reel w/ Rod & Cables

    Hell of a Deal!! Someone scored.
  320. K

    Channel Islands Anacapa and Santa Cruz

    look around 260-300' feet area, It seems like that 260-300' has been very consistent on the hard bottom areas, copared to fishing that 450-600' stuff.
  321. K

    Channel Islands Anacapa and Santa Cruz

    Go fish the gap for rock cod.
  322. K

    Inshore Santa Monica Bay bite?

    there has been some day light squid being made near the pipes.
  323. K

    Catalina Island Bluefin Question

    It all depends how far the boat is willing to travel, They could be on the backside, east end Clemente, out around Tanner, Their really hasn't been to many boats looking for them.. You get some boats out their and Someone will find them!!!
  324. K

    On Probation

    On Probation
  325. K

    I goota try mixing some Goldfish in with the Panko,👍

    I goota try mixing some Goldfish in with the Panko,👍
  326. K

    Thanks for reminding me, It's Lemon and Tartar (home made with some Malt Vinegar in the tartar...

    Thanks for reminding me, It's Lemon and Tartar (home made with some Malt Vinegar in the tartar sauce) :drool:
  327. K

    Rockfish Recipes

    what about limes?
  328. K

    Rockfish Recipes

    Dip in flour, egg wash, panko bread crumbs or crushed up saltine crackers. put in frig 1 hour and fry in a deep fryer at 375
  329. K

    Rockfish Recipes

    Don't forget the lemon
  330. K

    General noob-ish advice needed

    search up fishing long range, packing for long range, etc, In the search bar. There's a lot of threads that will answer all your questions plus a few.
  331. K

    Inshore I am an idiot

    Fred Oakley was soup fin and barred perch, and very good at it!!
  332. K

    Which boat is gonna be the 1st to catch a load of bft within 3 day range?

    No, But I have a lot of faith in Allyar
  333. K

    Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric kite reel with spectra and rod only $445

    That's a good deal, also theirs a shortage of the tanacom's 750/1000. I just bought 2 of the 750's and it took me forever to find 2 of them.
  334. K

    Boat Trailer Safety Chains may Fail if Twisted

    You could always use a rubber band to shorten or a zip tie.
  335. K

    Any way to check line rating?

    That stuff is Soft, flexible and strong compared to others.
  336. K

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Go camping at the North Pole.
  337. K

    Any way to check line rating?

    Maybe it's backwards, All I'm getting at all lines in the sane lb cclass are not the same diameter.
  338. K

    Any way to check line rating?

    Soft steel is a lot thinner in line compared to Izor, so a micrometer will not do you any good. Soft Steel 30lb is about the same thickness of Izor 50lb.
  339. K

    Recommended kayak trolling lures for CA yellowtail?

    X1000, Even when the fish are not on the bite, It's pretty hard for a yellow to refuse a mackerel just cruising around on the surface with no prop wash, engine vibrations, etc.
  340. K

    Are Cow Cod Legal to keep.

    I would assume it's not good, If the bladder isn't popped, I would think descending it wouldn't work and it would float right back up to the surface??
  341. K

    Are Cow Cod Legal to keep.

    The rules and regulations say your not even bring them aboard, let alone take pictures with it. My Son caught two of them on Charter on the Stardust last year, The Crew wouldn't even bring it over the rail, They kept if over the side and brought over the descender over, pops it's bladder and...
  342. K

    Are Cow Cod Legal to keep.

    On that other website 976, the posted a Nice Cow Cod picture, Caught on the Freelance with a couple of Belindas. I though it was still illegal to catch, take pictures, etc!! It sure looks like a Cow to Me, Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  343. K

    Islands Catalina 3-2-22

    Try the back side west end.
  344. K

    Best SD boat?

    Check your PM (mail).
  345. K

    Best SD boat?

    Exactly, He needs to ask himself, What are you looking for boat wise, Do you want luxury, a boat that kills the fish, type of food, number of passengers, does it have bunks or staterooms, etc. I could go on and on, He needs to narrow it down from their and pick a boat. Just because one person...
  346. K

    2/0 and 3/0 3xx strong for bluefin San Diego offshore

    X2 on Charlie Brown hooks.
  347. K

    Bad Installers / Mechanics

    Take it to a mechanic and have them o through the entire boat.
  348. K

    san nic island spots

    Sure does. They shouldn't be on the water operating a boat or fishing, I f they don't have proper knowledge. Fishing wise, Put in your time (along with reading some books) and you will learn. Them shouldn't be out their if they have No Clue!
  349. K

    Fishing reels for sale

  350. K

    Traveling to Mexico? Read this.

    What happend??
  351. K

    Good Paint for a C channel boat trailer

    Those Cancer signs are everywhere in California, Restaurants, Bars, hotels, grocery stores, etc. It's another Democratic and the tree huggers Brainstorming idea. Go take one of your childs toy (If you have a child) or one of your kitchen pots and pans and have it tested for lead! You would be...
  352. K

    Good Paint for a C channel boat trailer

    ebay will ship anywhere, or have it shipped to AZ or NV. I have all my Illegal fireworks (Mortars, Roman Candles, etc) along with Bottom Paint,, Top side paint,stc. Shipped to my friend in Nevada. You can't buy anything that's good and works in California. On a side note, I went to hardware...
  353. K

    Good Paint for a C channel boat trailer

    Rust Oleum makes a good hard paint, The name is "Hammer rite". Read the reviews on it. Color is very limited. It stands up good around Salt Water. I painted my trailer with it over 15 years ago, Still looks good.
  354. K

    Boats are expensive

    Welcome to being a boat owner, Being a boat owner is a road that never ends, Get use to it or sell it.
  355. K

    24 Flybridge Deck Support

    Just make sure you don't mix metals when you do the work.
  356. K

    Fishing islands

    It's pretty good on the Split Tail Tuna year around.
  357. K

    24 Flybridge Deck Support

    If that's the case, Go to a local weld shop and have them make a flat piece of 1/4" flat stock with pre drilled holes for the lags (If there lags) aluminum or stainless then put it next to other or over the existing ones with different mounting holes, Or draw up a brace and have them make a...
  358. K

    24 Flybridge Deck Support

    Drill off the heads and punch them through and put New Stainless ones in their.
  359. K

    24 Flybridge Deck Support

    You were able to catch it in time before it got to bad. That is caused by fresh water. Go get a can of GET ROT, brush it on, Let it dry and paint it. Simple! That's what the sport boats use if it's not to bad.
  360. K

    Freezer business in Anchorage?

    Fly Akaska Air First Class and 2 pcs of luggage is free.
  361. K

    Oil spill at HH Sunset Aquatic

    Makes it nice and shinny, Next submerged the whole tire and you'll get that WET COAT look for free, Instead of having to pay the car wash/detailer.
  362. K

    Trinidad 40 gold

    That free spool lever has seen a bit more "Than a Little Use".
  363. K

    Southern Albacore - bright spot

    Before you learn to filet frozen fish, You need to learn how to spell 1st. Then after you graduate from 1/2 day boat and pier fishing, Maybe take a trip to San Diego and see how the pros do it!:nopity:
  364. K

    Southern Albacore - bright spot

    Obviously he doesn't fish San Diego or the comments wouldn't of been said.
  365. K

    Southern Albacore - bright spot

    Almost all fish markets will pack fish on ice for a minimum of 2 days so they firm up and makes a big difference from cutting them the same day when they were caught.
  366. K

    Southern Albacore - bright spot

    I don't see any sun out, The processors will take fish straight from the boat into the slush bins. People that fish San Diego, The Majority of the boats return Around 6am.
  367. K

    Best gas station for fueling up near Sunset Aquatic Marine HB

    What's a quarter car wash, a hose that has fresh water to flush your motor out?), Maybe back in the good old depression days. Google Self service car washes in the area and bring $5 and $10 bills.
  368. K

    Bluefin Jig Rigging Without Welding

    That's why there called split rings, When there under heavy stress/pressure there known to Split, Just as in your Photo, 👍
  369. K

    Inshore Ventura Bait

    Go Invest in some high output underwater squid lights, A squid brail and a light weight crowder and go make all you want and go buy a Vacmaster chamber sealer and a garage freezer if you don't have one. One good night Squidin and your set for the year with prime fresh dead squid frozen in 3-5lb...
  370. K

    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    As a few people said, Go with the Rule, There Inexpensive, works great and last forever. I've had mine and it's going on 10 years, knock on wood.
  371. K

    Islands Favorite way to cook rock sole and sand dabs?

    It helps with the bonding of the corn meal or crushed crackers or panko bread crumbs. They will fry better than just dropping them into the oil after breading them. I like to put in the freezer until their Ice cold and not frozen. It also helps to keep the breading from burning and over cooking.
  372. K

    Inshore New rockfish limit for 2022

    Your Spot On, But don't forget they will manufacture "PLANT BASED FISH" So you don't need to go fishing anymore!!!!! That wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  373. K

    Furuno prices...

    Shipping Containers prices rose from $2,000 to $18,000 per overseas shipping container in the past 4 months. EVERYTHING you buy will see a substantial increase over the next year. OUCH! :(. Biden had a big roll for the Increase.
  374. K

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    Afroman, "Colt 45" and "Because I got High. Classics"!! :eek:. That's two songs everyone should hear at least 1 time, Don't listen to them if There's kids around.
  375. K

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    I'll PM you tomorrow and I'll give you my # and go from their, It's to much to text's and I hate texting a long message.
  376. K

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    Go finance a new boat and your all set and no worries of breaking down. Just do the required maintenance and your good to go for a long time. Buy a used boat, Remember the old saying, B.O.A.T +Break Out Another Thousand every time you turn around. A boat is going to cost you one way or another...
  377. K

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    Screw that!!! Go Big Or Go Home!!! You'll never get your money back on a cheap boat
  378. K

    Looking to sell some of my reels

    Then he's going to cry when he gets taken for chump by the seller.
  379. K

    Looking to sell some of my reels

    Make sure she's naked. If she is a Bush Pig, Just Keep it in the Family and don't post it.
  380. K

    GO RAMS....Beat the 49er's today. The future is NOW RAMS WIN!

    Time to get back to work and replenish your funds! :1041677399:
  381. K

    Blue fin boat options

    OH come on, Doesn't the free peanuts and pretzels on SWA do it for you. Who doesn't like the whole plane smelling like peanut breath when they turn on the air, :zelfmoord
  382. K

    Blue fin boat options

    X2 on the Islander. Everything is top knotch on that boat, Including the food, They don't cut corners.
  383. K

    GO RAMS....Beat the 49er's today. The future is NOW RAMS WIN!

    1/2 your money is already gone. Hopefully you'll keep your losing streak alive.
  384. K

    BENGALS WIN....The Tomahawk Chop officially DEAD. GO RAMS

    If I didn't know any better, It sure looked like Mahomes was trying to throw the game!
  385. K

    anyone heard of angler 27ft

    In moderate seas when your traveling into it you will be getting wet, In bad/rough weather I personally wouldn't want to find out.
  386. K

    anyone heard of angler 27ft

    I've heard there wet riding boats and not good for off shore if that helps you any.
  387. K

    How Do Y'all Fish Tuna Here

    Yeah the Sporties really don't mind if you get close to them, Just stay at least 50 feet off their stern or up swell of them, Some of them will even sell you a couple breakfast burritos or Cheese Burgers if you approach their bow and ask them, They always like the few extra bucks. Also if your...
  388. K

    How Do Y'all Fish Tuna Here

    Once you get all the things you mentioned, It's something else there eating that's not in your arsenal of tackle, It always seems that way. You can never have enough tackle!
  389. K

    How Do Y'all Fish Tuna Here

    As Tuna head said, Pay close Attention when people are getting bit and your not, Forget about what he said or she said, Just pay attention to the people getting bit and you aren't!! Just like when your fishing for tuna and the skipjack are all over you and the tuna are hanging under the...
  390. K

    How Do Y'all Fish Tuna Here

    The rod and reel is just a drop in the bucket, Now look at all the terminal tackle, the kite's or ballons with helium tanks, either a big fish hold or a couple big kill bags, The gas, the ice. If your on a budget, do a couple Long Range trips and you will be way ahead of the game, Money and fish...
  391. K

    How Do Y'all Fish Tuna Here

    When the fish show up and before the seiners and all the other boats get on them.
  392. K

    Fuel tank Replacement Reccomendation

    It all depends where the fuel tank is located? Is their easy access to the tank (hatch) or do you need to cut the deck, etc to access the tank??? What kind of tank are you replacing it with? getting the tank made back east would probably be 1/2 the price of it being made in So. California. A lot...
  393. K

    Islands 1/23 Isla Coronados Rojos

    Where are the White Women!!
  394. K

    Royal Polaris 17 day, I caught the #340 and the #261

    Great write up and Kudos for giving the crew the three Jack Pots you Won. Next time don't sell yourself short :Beat_Them and get all 4 Jack Pots :notworthy.
  395. K

    Guadalupe newby question

    There's a lot of info on this site for Guadalupe and first time L.R fishing. Just type in Guadalupe or 1st Long Range trip. I'm sure you'll get all the info your looking for plus a lot. good luck on your 1st L.R Trip
  396. K

    How do you all cook doing lobster

    Steam the tail for 4 minutes until it turns opaque. Spilt in half, Remove meat, Cut into bite size pieces and mix it in with your favorite "Mac n Cheese, Simply amazing.
  397. K

    How do you all cook doing lobster

    If you over cook it it will turn into chewy rubber.
  398. K

    Selling old jigs and came across these unidentified oldies. Help with I.D.

    Those look like some pretty week ass hooks on them.
  399. K

    No rods and reels anywhere

    Could you Imagine if we ever Bombed China how screwed we would be??? People think it's a problem now getting stuff from overseas!!!
  400. K

    No rods and reels anywhere

    If you want it by the summer, Put your order in now. Just like everything else is, "Back Ordered"
  401. K

    Fresh dead / live bait

    Marina Del Rey, You walk right to the Receiver.
  402. K

    What’s it worth! Little help please

    $250 max as a set
  403. K

    Heavy/Surface Jig Blowout

    It's a good price for some basic jigs.
  404. K

    Inshore DP cold water and fog 1.6

    A lot of work for a little meat.
  405. K

    Don't go fishing here in Brazil. YIKES

    That one Boat that tried getting out of their and The guy on the other boat that Jumped off the boat when it started to fall. The guy that jumped off the boat reminded me of the movie Caddy Shack when that Brother was fishing in that little row boat, drinking a beer and seen the bow and solid...
  406. K

    Insane Raiders Chargers game…

    The Coach must be Brain Dead by doing that :shake:and for going for 4th and 2 on their 18 yard line, Not the Raiders side :Beat_Them :idiot:
  407. K

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    I just got my booster and the only side effect (Only lasted a few minutes) I got was a Hard On from the Nurse that gave me the shot, Her DD tits were trying to bust out of her top with a lot of cleavage showing :eek:. I'm going to sign up for any other shots that I may need on the days she's...
  408. K

    RP and Red Rooster ? Tuna Club patches

    I got one for a 210lb. There nice jackets.
  409. K

    RP and Red Rooster ? Tuna Club patches

    RR use to give out jackets for 200 and 300 lb fish
  410. K

    Inshore Horseshoe 2/5

    At least the cops didn't shoot him!! Wait, I rephrase that, It didn't Justify a Police Shooting like all the other ones that are Justified! Better watch what you print on the site, You'll have REV Jessie Jackson on your ass along with Black Lives matter Klan, :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  411. K

    How long for hooks to "rust-out"?

    A lot of the hooks will fall out before they rust out, Especially J hooks or Circle hooks if they swallowed the hook. How many people has lost fish do to knot slipping, being sawed off or the newbies with the drag buttoned down??? Now how many people have caught a fish with a rusted hook or even...
  412. K

    Islands Santa rosa rockfish on the mirage

    Pretty Sad for Island Quality. At least you got something.
  413. K

    Am I the only one

    You and probably 25% of people do the same as you, Which is a Good thing, You can never be over cautious when it comes to boats and water. I will go down to Shelter I Island on a good summer day with a cooler of beer and some good eats with my chair and sit back and watch the shit show. You...
  414. K

    Dredge Weight Mold - 12 LB

    You do EXCELLENT WORK, Nice Quality and very clean machining.
  415. K

    WTB 500 yards 40lb braid

    Either 50 or 65lb, 40lb is useless. The diameter is small enough, it doesn't make that much of a difference!
  416. K

    Bluefin Jigs

    Go to the landing before a BFT trip leaves and you will get $300 or to the highest bidder thats waiting in line to board the boat. Easy. When products are out of stock, Your in the Drivers seat.
  417. K

    The Last BFT and Where?

    Which Sport Boat will get the last BFT and Where before Midnight New Years Eve? It looks like the Polaris Supreme and a couple other Sport Boats are on the Big Ones just above and outside of Cedros today (Tuesday, Even in the Shitty Weather) and it looks like the Royal Star will be on the Tanner...
  418. K

    12/18 Indy return and stolen truck

    I think it's time for you to hang up your keys and take a different mode of transportation. 4 trucks stolen :shake:. I feel for what you went through.
  419. K

    Free TAB 6 Shelve metal storage cabinet

    Those Measurements sound like my buddies wife measurements except a lot more depth.
  420. K

    What is your Monofilament of Choice for Surface Irons

    X2, It's super soft, stretches a little and hard to break at the rated strenght. In my opinion it's the best out their, Soft Steel would be my second choice.
  421. K

    Whats their secret?

    That's my kind of fishing, Although not for the Skippies.
  422. K

    Inshore morro bay

    More than likely, But stay away from those floating Brown Cod.
  423. K

    Got Lead!

    Good luck, Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, :cheers:
  424. K

    Got Lead!

    What's the DL :confused: , Designated Lover??? :Pillow_FiI know the Holiday's bring out the love, Aren't you taking it to the max,:eek:! Hope all turns out well and have a safe and happy holidays.
  425. K

    How rough (weather) can it get before trip gets cancelled?

    If you might have any chance of getting sea sick, Call your doctor and get the scopline (Transderm patch for motion sickness). Put the patch on as per Instructions 24 hours in advance, not the night before. Each patch is good for 3 days I believe. They are your best options from motion sickness...
  426. K

    How rough (weather) can it get before trip gets cancelled?

    If I was him, I would start tacking them today!!!:D
  427. K

    How rough (weather) can it get before trip gets cancelled?

    Just what tunacraze said. You will fish the beach down south. I would bet $1000 dollars you don't cancel. Check the beach forecast, It's night and day from off shore,
  428. K

    Pinpointing a leak in boat

    Go invest a few bucks in a infrared moisture detector. It will show you the source of the water leak.
  429. K

    Just got my Christmas tree all trimmed up and ready to go

    Not with the size of the buds,:Beat_Them:smoking33:
  430. K

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    The trains sound like a Big Sonar.
  431. K

    Inshore Floating by Nachos

    I agree, Who wants to hear about catching a donut and looking pictures of the coast line??
  432. K

    Fishing spots near Staples center Los Angeles?

    Any where on Imperial Hwy within a few blocks from the Crip Center. Fishing is pretty good after 10pm and it's wide open fishing when the Crip center has a venue that day. It's all Illegal fishing so be careful of the popo's
  433. K

    Hooker intruder fundraiser Auction now live

    $500 For a Hooker Intruder, :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It's gotta be a typo error with an extra zero added. If not and someone actually paid that price, They need to see a shrink ASAP.
  434. K

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    I went to school with the guy that fell over, I knew him very well.
  435. K

    80 years ago today

    Did you see on the news that some ASSHOLE protestor's were blocking the entrance for the memorial in Honolulu. Un fucking believable, These protesters have no sympathy!
  436. K

    Florida Fisherman II Friday 12/03/21 39 hour trip

    What do they taste like?? Why do they lock the heads 3 miles or 20 minutes from dock side??? It was their sign posted on the galley doors or next to it, That's why I'm asking.
  437. K

    Offshore 315 lb Local Swordfish!

    Look at the size of that sword/bill, I would not want to get whacked by that thing when it's coming along side the boat!
  438. K

    Inshore 12/4/21 fishing by Esther

    How was fishing? The Same as your fish finder displayed, Blank?
  439. K

    Splitting a half scoop DPH

    Is this for real :eek:
  440. K

    Anyone willing to rent big bluefin gear?

    On Long Range Boats, It seems like everyone becomes somewhat of a family after a couple of days and the majority ( appx 90%) of those would give you the shirt off their back if you ask for it. Everybody on those boats will share with you and they wouldn't ask for a penny, Just as long as your...
  441. K

    Anyone willing to rent big bluefin gear?

    Your absolutely right about the smile or memories that one person that has never caught a nice fish or just having a shitty day. Being out on the boat without having the option to run to the tackle store and get the right equipment or even a lure or tackle that will be the difference in a good...
  442. K

    Spot for sale Polaris Supreme 10 day December 5-15 at steep discount

    Excellent Choice. Your going to be loving life with only 16 people on that trip!!! :cheers:
  443. K

    If you were fishing in December....

    Yep, Some people didn't even have a bunk. Back then the only limited load boats was the Long Range Boats, They packed the boats!!!!!! As soon as hook up yelled it was 4-5 deep in the stern, Everybody casting over people to get a bait in the water, A pure Cluster Fuck.
  444. K

    What is this?

    I never heard attaching a balloon or float to the clip, I give it a shot when fishing a balloon for Mako's, 👍
  445. K

    Anyone willing to rent big bluefin gear?

    X2, I do the same.
  446. K

    Fuel transfer pump for portable containers?

    Amazon has 12 volt fuel transfer pumps, 100 % safe. No brushes or anything that would cause a spark, Everything is completely sealed. Transferring fuel is already dangerous, So whatever you buy make sure it's completely sealed (meaning no sparks or exposed brushes.
  447. K

    Clipperton... let's hear those stories.

    What 2 Captains?
  448. K

    Fluorocarbon for 3, 10 and 16 day LR trips.

    Plan on spending anywhere from $800-$1600 dollars on your initial investment of fluorocarbon for trips 8-16 days. that would be a couple of each #lb spools.
  449. K

    If you were fishing in December....

    Also the Freedom out of 22nd Street landing had limits of BFT yesterday.
  450. K

    Nov 2021 lower banks gear and rigging

    What is the actual breaking strenght?
  451. K

    Islands Quality cods

    That explains fishing 3 hooks, He should of used 10 hooks that deep and be done in one or two drops and get out of dodge and destroy the ganions. The chances of the Mexico's F&G boarding you on the south 9 are slim to none.
  452. K

    Fins-N-Feathers 11 Day Thanksgiving trip on the Excel.

    That gaff is probably his fish pick (so he doesn't need to keep bending over to pick up fish) when there sorting the fish after the trip, to place in passengers piles.
  453. K

    Scam website selling reels

  454. K

    What surface iron iss this?

    If that is a candy bar (it appears to be), Fish chewed those up
  455. K

    Over 100 Voiced Opinions at CARB Meeting-Vote=2022

    They should just open the Mexico border and let them all come here, Then we move down to Mexico, I wouldn't mind living in Mexico, The majority will be living in the U.S
  456. K

    Over 100 Voiced Opinions at CARB Meeting-Vote=2022

    They sure do!!! All they are doing now is going through the required motions.
  457. K

    What surface iron iss this?

    Candy Bar
  458. K

    Reds & Copper Rockfish Bag Limit Decrease Coming?

    Their will be more floating away than going in the the sacks, and that will do more damage to the stocks.
  459. K

    Offshore Tuna at 277 - 289

    You will never know unless you give it a shot and trying to figure out if there,
  460. K

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    and the crew members.
  461. K

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    Day boats is a definite no bringing beer on them!! L.R Boats is no problem.
  462. K

    Remove permanent marker from fiberglass

    X2 on acetone
  463. K

    Offshore Morro bluefin wk wnd.

    100 RPM can make the biggest difference in catching.
  464. K

    Islands Channel Islands Rockfishing Intel

    Fish the Gap at the Channel Islands (IT's a big hard bottom area), Meter around until you find good marks.
  465. K

    Islands Channel Islands Rockfishing Intel

    look for areas of hard bottom in depths of 200-400'. Look for marks that look like fuzz that is hugging the bottom (0-20 feet off). Try to set up right above it, so when you drop your ganion you hit them on the head, Keep repeating this process and you will load up fast once you find the area...
  466. K

    best tape for holding guides in place???

    I use small rubber bands, works like a charm. When the guide is done, just snip off the rubber band.
  467. K

    Be Ware! Internet Scammer. His name is Jeremy Arriaga.

    I have 10 of them in Great shape, I'll let them go for, $50 each and if you buy them all , I'll make it $40.00 each, Just send me a cashiers check and a prepaid mailing label, As soon as I get the money, I'll ship them out to you or leave the country, Whichever comes first. :imdumb:
  468. K

    Bulk Carrier rescues Commercial Crew off Monterey

    That's actually pretty good to get a bird going in 1 hour. The CG generally wont send out a heli or a boat until they through with their 1000 questions they ask you.
  469. K

    Rockfish smaller flat fall jig hook attachment ?

    So exactly what are you saying, A jig can't have more than a single hook on it, And If it has two hooks on one jig, That's your two hook max on one line?
  470. K

    Offshore Morro bay temp break.

    Great Job, Your next job is to go get a handful of those fish that have a real big long fin, I think they call them Albacore. There's reports of some 40lbers being caught a little west (15-20 miles) off the Davidson Sea Mount, All troll fish.
  471. K

    Make sure you get Insurance on them, Just In case they end up elsewhere. I've had a few items...

    Make sure you get Insurance on them, Just In case they end up elsewhere. I've had a few items that disappeared from my checked luggage from a couple different airports in the past while returning from Mexico, But then again who hasn't had something go missing from their checked baggage in mexico.
  472. K

    CA DMV Muscle Sticker Update

    When I renewed mine, I had to sign a separate statement/form saying that I do not or will not go into fresh water lakes.
  473. K

    Offshore RPT.-2.5 Day on O-95 ending Sunday morning 11-07-21.

    That's good that you still had a good trip and that you've had success on the O95 in the past, :cheers:. I Agree w/you about the Queen, Only thing I don't understand is they quit their fishing trips every year before Thanksgiving to do their annual boat maintenance, Even if the Big BFT are...
  474. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    Who was it? Was it that "976- blow me" site.
  475. K

    Offshore RPT.-2.5 Day on O-95 ending Sunday morning 11-07-21.

    Sorry you had a shitty trip, But being on the O95 it's kind of the norm. Once in a blue moon, they will have a decent day. You Noticed I said decent and not good or great! Why do you think that boat sits at the dock a lot, When all the other boats are full. Was the food on the boat just like the...
  476. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    I didn't know that, Thanks.
  477. K

    Gear Rental for 2.5 BFT Trip?

    It would be a lot cheaper, especially all terminal tackle included and permits, Gourmet Food, all beer, wine, sodas and even Cigars. You don't even need to bring a towel or toiletries, All You do is Show it for the trip. All their rods/reels are Top of line.
  478. K

    Offshore Morro bay temp break.

    Good Call!!! Hopefully you get'em, Good Luck!!! Make sure to check the SST chart on the morning you leave, It should be available since the clouds and fog will limited, You should get a good report.
  479. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    It wasn't me that got the last ticket. Me and my Son will go with you on the El Do when it's a super light load during the week.
  480. K

    Gear Rental for 2.5 BFT Trip?

    See if you can get a spot on the Game Changer out of Point Loma Sportfishing.They have charters looking for 1-2 people from time to time. It's a Ultimate 6 pack boat, All Rods/Reels, Tackle, Fish Cleaning, Food, Drinks are all included in the ticket price. Give the Game Changers Office a Call...
  481. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    As long as you deliver them for a $10 order.
  482. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    Maybe I will buy the last one for the icing on the cake and give it to some kid that can't afford to buy the boat ticket.
  483. K


    We need more people like him in this world.
  484. K


    Electric fighting chairs, both for reeling and with wheels to move around the deck. Kinda like a modified electric wheel chair,:rolleyes:
  485. K

    Lack of albacore

    They will probably impose a size limit first or both together.
  486. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    Look at the bright side, It will be a bigger Jackpot for the crew.
  487. K

    Anybody fished Loreto lately?

    You can use the frozen squid for WSB, It works great.
  488. K

    Kid's starter outfit

    Go to Big 5
  489. K

    Anybody fished Loreto lately?

    Go to Nachos, Maybe San Pedro bait Doubtful and get a couple scoops of live squid (Nachos had some the past few weeks) and freeze it ASAP in zip lock bags, once frozen transfer it into 2lb vacuum bags and seal it, If you don't have a Vac master sealers, Go by a $50 food saver vacuum sealer, It...
  490. K

    Offshore Morro bay temp break.

    👍, Also their will a nice 2-4 day window of fishable weather toward the end of the of next week.
  491. K

    Offshore Morro bay temp break.

    Go look around the break around the Davidson, Could be fishy if bait is their.
  492. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    Or loose $100, LOL
  493. K

    Rockfish jig

    The Shimano 200-300 gram flat falls kill the rock fish. My Son used one out of Sea Landing on a 3/4 day trip a few weeks ago. He Killed the Reds/Cods and had one Salmon Grouper at 13lbs along with 1 Cow Cod 20+lbs (Sent it back to the bottom) and 5 Lings 8-17lbs (let them all go). Those Jigs are...
  494. K

    Anchoring in 200ft worth it?

    Look how much your going to swing off your spot anchored in 200 feet with appx 600 feet of scope,:shake:.
  495. K

    Offshore Pacific Queen on 11-1

    Good Job. I hope you were taking pictures of the fish on the deck in the 7th picture and not that big full moon, I'm going to have nightmares tonight after seeing that.
  496. K

    It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

    It wouldn't surprise me.
  497. K

    It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

    Why were they in distress??
  498. K

    4 tips

  499. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    Their is a high pressure building in strong for the middle of next week. Sounds like it's going to be warm/hot with mild wind & seas, 👍:cheers:
  500. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    They are up to 14 now.
  501. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    You'll be surprised. I bet you $100 it goes out full,LOL
  502. K

    Overnight on the Eldorado

    Vetrans Day = Full Boat
  503. K

    Your favorite fish name

    The Slippery Dick.
  504. K

    Offshore 11/1 Firecracker Limits on "The San Diego"

    That was real good of you, To stay with the Boy and get him a limit. That he will remember his entire life! That kid is probably hooked on fishing for your good deed. :urno1:
  505. K

    starting a small boat commercial fishing business

    Trial and Error will cost you a lot of money for simple mistakes and not knowing 110% of the fine print in the regs, You could Easily end up behind bars and have a new partner that you wouldn't want to talk about.
  506. K

    starting a small boat commercial fishing business

    Just for starters a commercial license, I was going to do it fishing cods (to fill my and my friends freezers with reds and sell enough to pay the fuel, insurance and slip fees) until I talked with a couple of my friends that fish commercially and they looked at me like I was smoking crack, I...
  507. K

    WTB Hoop Nets Any Condition Flat or Volcano

    That's a great deal on eBay for 10 hoops. Their was a couple ad's in BD classifieds, One that had everything that's ready to go with 75' on each hoop plus 15 bait tubes AND A Electric puller, Everything in Excellent condition.
  508. K

    Inshore 10/29 shortsreport

    What is the legal size on crabs? Can they be caught in lobster traps legally? I know you can't use a crab trap to catch lobsters, Once a lobster goes in a crab trap it's pretty much a done deal. I wanted to fish both crabs and lobsters in deeper water and asked the F&G and they said don't even...
  509. K

    Catch reports from years past

    Did you mean to type,
  510. K

    Offshore Blake Wilson Hamas Cortez 2.5 day tuna hunters

    Your 100% correct on boats that will go to "Let's say tanner" on the first day and stay in the general area because they don't want to burn the Extra Fuel for a few 30-40lb YFT'S 80 miles down from tanner, The "Cortez" along with a few other 1-3 day trip boats that will go that extra mile for...
  511. K

    Back arthritis

    bed rest, muscle relaxer and pain meds
  512. K

    Lobster Fisherman Rescued San Diego

    I thought rescues were a public service and tax payers pay it, or do you need to meet Biden's criteria, Everything except for tax payers or American?
  513. K

    Anyone use a Sears 12ft fiberglass for a dingy?

    X2, The Inflatables at west marine are about the same price for the same size. Just wait for a holiday sale at west marine before you splurge on one.
  514. K

    Offshore Happy Hallween

    Looks like you shopped at Amazon Fresh
  515. K

    Just saw this, thought id share.

    If you want to cheat, Just go talk with a couple commercial lobster fisherman and borrow a few of them from the lobster fisherman and split the pot with him. That's why I don't like fishing any type of tournaments, To much cheating.
  516. K

    Hatch leaking.

    Even with a gasket, I still put a silicone sealant on the deck before setting the hatch, you can have an even surface or the gasket didn't seal completely for a number of reason.
  517. K

    Hatch leaking.

  518. K

    How many strand and pounds wire leader does the Catchy lure bomb have?

    Yep The only way to go, You get bit better on the troll, A lot of people laugh about getting bit better, Oh well their loss.
  519. K

    Islands Lost Lobster Nets 10/27

    I would of bought some more rope and weights to put in the traps hooping that deep..
  520. K

    Islands Catalina 10/29/2021

    Count your lucky stars that it wasn't socked in fog tight to the Island. You could of been driving around and looking for your hoops like Ray Charles, And you made it home safe!!!
  521. K

    New sailor fished a naked woman off SoCal.

    My hats off to Flipper, I mean the Dolphins. If it wasn't for the Dolphins, She would of been a Statistic!
  522. K


    Generally as a rule of thumb the starboard side and green light is giving them the OK to cross in front of you. The opposite side port light/ Red is essentially telling them to Stop. As other factors in the rules such as "both boats MUST do everything to avoid a collision" plus a few other...
  523. K


    Did the Coast Guard ever release the final report on the Crash and who was responsible, etc???
  524. K


    They Remodeled and change their name to "Dust in the Wind" and moved to a New Location.
  525. K

    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    directly across the street from point loma sportfishing
  526. K

    New sailor fished a naked woman off SoCal.

    Maybe she likes swimming naked, just like a lot of people do at night when no one else is around!
  527. K

    I'm sure their was 1 or 2 of them.

    I'm sure their was 1 or 2 of them.
  528. K

    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    In the future, Park across the street at the Ramada, They have security and lots of security cameras, Just park up against the bldg near a camera. I have been doing this for the past 10 years, ever since my truck was broken into in the big 3 lot in the middle of the summer on a 5 day trip. The...
  529. K

    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    If it's not bolted down, the thugs would steel it!!!
  530. K

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    Good choice, let the people wonder what size they were. I called the landing today and ask them "do they know the size of the Yellowtail size that were caught yesterday on the Mustang?" They said the fish were average 6-10lbs, a couple smaller and a couple bigger!!!! That's Typical for the...
  531. K

    That's a small Yellowtail for the average size yellow for a dropper look on a L.R trip. But a...

    That's a small Yellowtail for the average size yellow for a dropper look on a L.R trip. But a 15lber is acceptable size to keep, it's the Yellowtail that will fit in a milkcrate laying flat w/out the fish touching the sides of the crate is totally unacceptable. I've seen a lot of pictures that...
  532. K

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    I agree with your logics, But the long range boats has standards, why shouldn't the other boats be held to the same standards, If the boat had standards, then the Captain would of kept going looking for bigger fish or take them and fill the sacks with some cods. If they keep killing the babies...
  533. K

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    They should make smaller pans to cook them in, So the filets look bigger.
  534. K

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    Maybe he thinks it will want customers to go his boat, The Crew probably carried all the fish up to the dock in one gunny sack to pass them out, instead of a dock cart:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  535. K

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    I wouldn't care if it was a 1/2 day trip, It's wrong.
  536. K

    Last time I fished Punta Canoas it was packed with lobster pots on the high spot, I won't say...

    Last time I fished Punta Canoas it was packed with lobster pots on the high spot, I won't say the the boat, but the captain pulled up some traps and "relocated" some of the traps, So we could anchor on the high spot and the traps not be in his way,:D
  537. K

    They are easy to grease down their. a couple cases of bud, few bucks and they don't know anything.

    They are easy to grease down their. a couple cases of bud, few bucks and they don't know anything.
  538. K

    Sad 1 day fish count.

    It's pretty sad when the Mustang on a 1 day trip says they got the day done on 3-6lb Yellowtail, Which probably means 2-4lb Yellowtail. What's next????
  539. K

    1.5 day tuna trip gear help

    You could never have to much gear!! To your question, You need a 80-100 lb also.
  540. K

    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    Some of them still put money over safety, There's a couple boats out in this weather (Or at least they were earlier today) getting their asses handed to them. As they say, "A Skipper is either a Hero or a Zero" today they all got the ZERO!
  541. K

    It was blowing 28 with gust to 36 at tanner this morning at 6:00am, I didn't check the swells or...

    It was blowing 28 with gust to 36 at tanner this morning at 6:00am, I didn't check the swells or wind waves or duration. You have Gilagan on the boat with the professor, Only one's were missing on the Intrepid is Maryann and Ginger.
  542. K

    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    The Intrepid started today on the Tanner today and looks like it's hiding inside the anchorage at Clemente. :shake:
  543. K

    Cracked Fuel Tank Bracket

    No worries, It not a big thing to me either. But a last 2 cents are, I've been into the metal business for over 30 years and I've personally seen dissimilar bonded/welded/bolted together and that creates a Galvanic corrosion. I understand your point of being submersed in water will, It will...
  544. K

    How-To: Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig

    That's the same method I use and it's deadly on catching reds, etc. People tell me all the time I'm wasting money for using fluorocarbon, since it's so deep and they can't see the line, Sure they can't the line that deep. That's why I out fish whoever is on my boat by 4 to 1 not using...
  545. K

    Lost a hoop at Catalina

    I bet the trap you lost was loaded with bug bugs, You'll never know! Hopefully you get the trap back.
  546. K

    Cracked Fuel Tank Bracket

    look at post #19, It looks like stainless to me, especially the nuts! Why don't you google "mixing stainless steel and aluminum together", before making a statement like you said.
  547. K

    What to leave home?

    TAKE IT ALL, Murphy's law is that if you leave one rod at home, It will turn out that rod would of been your #1 rod to use. It's a big Ocean out their with endless options.
  548. K

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 paying my dues

    If you read his opening statement, He said what the boat caught!!!:shake::shake::shake:
  549. K

    Cracked Fuel Tank Bracket

    ANY Places where the two metals are in contact with one another.
  550. K

    Anyone fishing Cedros next week?

    Don't worry about it, Those Panga's handle great in rough weather. It's all good your probably going to fish tight to island 75% of your time, Your going to get Great Yellow tail fishing near the salt mine near the boilers with the avg size YT 25-30 lbs and up to 50lbs, All Tough and home guard...
  551. K

    Commercial Lobster Prices to the moon…

    That's over $46.00 a lb, Wholesale. Wonder what they sell them to individual people for! I know a couple lobster fisherman and they said they made some ching ching when China was paying them $40 a lb last year, That price only lasted a week or so, But if you got in on it, Their was some good...
  552. K

    Cracked Fuel Tank Bracket

    100 agree, He should take it back and have them cut it Flush so theirs no overhang. Like you said cutting a fuel line on the corner edges. Also if that is an aluminum tank, He has bigger problems down the road from the stainless steel bracket by not having a solid piece of thick rubber...
  553. K

    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    You can find all the white foamers you want.
  554. K

    Why do people hate on skipjack?

    That would make it spoil and turn to mush real quick. A lot of people don't eat Skippies is because they fish a lot and have choices. People who don't fish a lot will eat everything they catch. Myself personally will not eat frozen reds even if they were bleed and vacuumed pack and frozen the...
  555. K


    Basic sand crab catchers are not that expensive to buy, $40-$50and they work like a charm. Build one yourself for about $15
  556. K


    You must be smoking some good shit,:smoking33:,:Smoke_Emoticon:
  557. K


    Is that amount for the rods in Pesos?
  558. K

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    That's cold, Maybe processing it!
  559. K

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    Water temp or air temp?? It sounds like it never worked right out of the gates. It's also sad that any crew members didn't check the temp throughout the trip. I normally ride the Intrepid and they check the temp every other hour, 24/7 when fish is in the hold and they also Change out the water...
  560. K

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    If I had to guess with the recent trip being a two day trip, I would say Pacific Voyager.
  561. K

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    I hate yo break it to you, It sounds like that RSW Cooler's temperature wasn't check at all during that trip by the crew. If that cooler was 33 degrees on the last night of the trip, That fish would of been ok for the last 8 hrs, IF it quit working on the last night. Sounds like a major crew...
  562. K

    Whats the best setup for sleeping on deck?

  563. K

    How to know if your planned kicker is too heavy

    Like I said, The orignal motor the boat came with new.
  564. K

    How to know if your planned kicker is too heavy

    Look on the tag that is mounted to the boat, It will tell you the Max Hp for your boat. Then look at that year and make/model and hp for that motor and it should tell you the weight it was designed for. That will give you an idea of how much weight the transom can hold safely, with out lower the...
  565. K

    Artificial Plastic Baits HARMFUL to Children because of Lead???

    Almost all the toys that come from China have lead in them. Also a lot of pots and pans have a fair amount of lead in them.
  566. K

    Chance of catching a swordfish during a 12 hours trip out of San Diego?

    With the right boat and Captain that does a lot of the deep drops for Swordies is about 25%.
  567. K

    Wahoo Set-Up

  568. K

    American Angler 8-day Oct. 1-9

    How was the Lobster dinner?
  569. K

    What Happened To The BFT Bite at Tanner/Cortez?

    Have you caught any nice BFT's in the past week?
  570. K

    Man missing out of Redondo Beach harbor

    The guy that was going out last night was only planning to drop some hoop nets inside the harbor before his boat was stolen.
  571. K

    Man missing out of Redondo Beach harbor

    I, 100% agree with you, He probably swam ashore and in hiding. They (Harbor Patrol and Bay Watch) were out this morning dragging Grappling hooks around the pier on the sandy bottom.
  572. K

    Man missing out of Redondo Beach harbor

    I heard from a source it was "Your Best case Scenario" Someone stole a boat at the dock and only made it out a few feet before flipping over, People on the pier seen it happen. INSTANT KARMA
  573. K

    What Happened To The BFT Bite at Tanner/Cortez?

    You should of went on Monday, It was good day to fish the kite.
  574. K

    Polaris Supreme Beck 8 day 9-22 TO 9-30-2021......or rather 9-29-21

    I must of missed something, What does this have to do with Cubeyes trip? FYI When the New Owner took over the Boat, A Major maintenance was done and a new paint job. They dropped some serious money on that boat before it made any trips with the new owners! I find it hard pressed that Tommy ran...
  575. K

    Why does spinning gear cost so much more than conventional reels?

    Exactly, Some clueless people that have more money than brains , Think the more it cost, The better it is. Basically there paying for bragging rights when they have no clue of the difference from a $100 spinning reel or a thousand dollar spinning reel, except it was the most expensive reel in...
  576. K

    Polaris Supreme Beck 8 day 9-22 TO 9-30-2021......or rather 9-29-21

    I like the way you said "It WAS an annual trip" It's truly sad that you didn't get credited. It was a win situation for the other Investor not having to cough up close to 10K and not having to pay his crew for a day and the food for a day, that wasn't served to you, Will be served on the next...
  577. K

    10-11-21 day charter open party?

    If all boats fishing bft cancel, Charter a small 4-6 pack boat and do a Lobster hoop net trip by yourself, Or try to jump on one the open party trips, If you charter a 4-6 pack by yourself you get to keep all the bugs (7 limit) and not need to split the lobsters or get only one net to fish fish...
  578. K

    10-11-21 day charter open party?

    You should be able to get out on the Lo Ann, You may tie up at the receiver for a few hours, But it's forecasted to come down Tuesday night, Hopefully the bluefin will be eager to bite after little or no boat traffic on them for the past few days before your trip.
  579. K

    Polaris Supreme Beck 8 day 9-22 TO 9-30-2021......or rather 9-29-21

    Sorry to hear about the trip, One of those trips you've got to suck it up and move on. Just curious who paid for the lost day of trip for all the passengers, The guy who wanted to go in or the Boat??
  580. K

    Polaris Supreme Beck 8 day 9-22 TO 9-30-2021......or rather 9-29-21

    Leaving out the Negative stuff?? Sounds like it was a all around negative trip negative trip, without going into play by play!!! Read between the lines!!!! He's being a gentlemen for not going any further details with all the negative stuff on the trip!!
  581. K

    Offshore 10/7 Yft

    When the skippies are eating everything before the YFT, Try dropping down a dead bait. The skippies normally dont go for dead bait.
  582. K

    Oil Spill

    If you dog pile that chain, All i have to say is :shake: !
  583. K

    Foul weather gear on a sport boat out of SD

    Fisherman's Landing has some real nice pants, bibs and tops, sold separately. Great Quality, Very comfortable, easy to move in, and very pricey.
  584. K

    Put it in the cab…

    Check the Fishermans landing security cameras. They have them on their bldg.
  585. K

    10.11- 3 Day on the PQ weather forecast is all bad

    True, But landing them is another challenge!
  586. K

    Searcher 7-Day Report, 9/26-10/3, Guadalupe Is

    I gotta call B.S with no pics of the 2000lb Great White going airborne after the seal, Just kidding, ;). But I would love to have a good picture of a great white going after a seal and both are airborne. I'd blow that picture and display it proudly. :D
  587. K

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    That's on the website and brochure from the stone ages, Just like the tackle recommendations. I'm Sure other boats brochure says the same. That would be great if it was true.
  588. K

    Shimano Reel Electric Reel 18 Beastmaster 2000 help

    Go on U tube, They had a lot of videos on that reel.
  589. K

    Oil Slick Off OC Coastline

    I would call it and see what they say, My guess is, Since theirs probably over thousands of boats that were impacted in one way or another between being out in the water or the oil that made it into the harbors have either oil on their hull, inside their bait tank, Going thru the fresh water...
  590. K

    Heavy Wind Expected Next Week

    That's going to suck for Ted (The guy that has been planning his multiple boats BIG BFT trips) He has trips thru 10-16 for fishing tanner, :shake:, I at least hope he gets one big one before the big blow, If he doesn't it's going to literally be a big blow to his conquest.
  591. K

    Long Beach bait after oil slick

  592. K

    Oil Slick Off OC Coastline

    They have a number to call to cover the cost for boats that got oil on their boats.
  593. K

    Long Beach bait after oil slick

    You couldn't of said it better, I'm Surprised they didn't say the Oil Slick had something to due with Covid or It was a direct result of Covid!!!!
  594. K

    Long Beach bait after oil slick

    The News makes out to be "The world is ending with this massive oil slick, :rofl::finger:
  595. K

    Anchoring at Tanner

    Sand :confused:
  596. K

    Oil Spill

    The Leak came from platform Elly.
  597. K

    Craziest things y'all seen people use on boats?

    This is when the Blackjack out of Redondo was New (Not even 3 months old) and we were Cod fishing at SBI and Gary caught a couple people cutting squid on the bow rails, He literally lost it, He went down to the people and pitched their knifes over the side and told them, When we get in "I'm...
  598. K

    Craziest things y'all seen people use on boats?

    Was it the same Guy that was on the Old Glory last week that was using SPJ rod fishing for BFT and was complaining about the trip he had and the crew was giving him some advice about his SPJ Rod for fishing BFT?
  599. K

    Craziest things y'all seen people use on boats?

    That's not to crazy, I took out 4 of my Ex Wife's relatives (3 males, 1 female, All Hispanic) on my boat a couple years ago, to go cod fishing with Live Squid for Bait. When they showed up at the dock, They were All dressed to the nine "like they were going on a Luxury cruise ship." and the men...
  600. K

    Long Range boats need to update there tackle recommendations

    I understand that it's all the boats. I thought you had an Upcoming trip on the Indy and thought that you would like to bring up your wonderful idea to Judy when you check in, ;)
  601. K

    Long Range boats need to update there tackle recommendations

    I Elect you to tell Judy in the Independence's office, That she needs to update the tackle list, :Beat_Them
  602. K

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    The same color as his panties.
  603. K

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    If he listened to the crew right out of the gate, He probably would of hooked a bunch!! How many he actually would of landed would be another story on his side, People not following their lines, The crew missed the gaff shots, People wouldn't move for me, I kept getting sawed off, Etc.
  604. K

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    His boat had 65 bft, a few yft and he only hooked 1 bft, That tells you everything.
  605. K

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    There two sides to every story, Lets hear the other side of the story. I bet it changes everything.
  606. K

    Offshore Late Report - 1.5 Day on the Thunderbird

    It's usually the guys that bring 3 basic poles and reels with a small tackle bag on a 10 day trip and will out fish everyone.
  607. K

    Offshore Blue Fin Tuna in close 9-27-2021

    You took that out to the 302 :eek:
  608. K

    Offshore Late Report - 1.5 Day on the Thunderbird

    16 Rods on a 1.5 day trip is WAY TO MUCH :shake:!!!!!!!! He took 1 to many.
  609. K

    2 Spots open on a 2 day trip on the Liberty -Oct 6-7

    No :smoking33:and only a few :hali_olutta: , Their goes all the fun, :shake::finger:.
  610. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    What boat are you going on with "Into The Depths Sprortfishing" and how many people on the boat??
  611. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    Your going to kill it on that boat. It's a good thing the Tomahawk Canceled, Someone is looking out for you!!! Good Luck, I hope you get the size your looking for!!!!!!
  612. K

    City of Redondo T Shirts

    They don't book any fishing trips on the weekends, To Much money on their 50 min cruises. Plus the money the galley makes on drinks and snacks.
  613. K

    City of Redondo T Shirts

    Cocktail cruises
  614. K

    Fred Hall show- Long Beach 2022

    As Lake said above, Most of the L.R boats are sold out a year in advance!! Why spend all that big money to advertise their boat. Most of the L.R boats have a waiting list to get on a trip. If they were hurting for business then it's a capitol idea to have a booth. Supply and demand, Just like...
  615. K

    Makes you wonder, What would you do?...

    X, 1,000,000. To bad their wasn't a few more sea lions on the boat. What's the definition of one Seal getting Acquainted with a few Orca's, "A GOOD START" Or another proven option :2gunsfiring_v1::Exploding_Smiley:
  616. K

    I might buy this. Tell me what you think

    Sounds like you did your research and you know you want the boat and your looking for some moral support to buy it, and that doesn't seem like it's going to happen with all the comments on here. Just bite the bullet then and go buy it. You'll never know if you didn't buy it.
  617. K

    Sea Adventure 80

    Amen, But there people out their that think that's the greatest short range boat in the fleet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, But I'm with you on that boat going down hill and the overall operations. Back in the days when Scott Mcdaniels (the boat owner) ran his boat, He wouldn't...
  618. K

    Back to back 11 day trips on the Indy

    All I can say is "WOW", You are one lucky man!!! Good luck
  619. K

    Oooooold rod I.d.

    Old Sabre Cod blank, Just like jasons999 said.
  620. K

    Boat Traffic Tanner/Cortez

    $100 says you will be the high man on the boat. When everybody else goes on sportboats, they go looking for the BFT, Whatever boat your on "The BFT go looking for the boat your on, Your a fish Magnet!!" :notworthy. I hope you get one over 200lbs, Better if you get one over 300lbs, Good luck and...
  621. K

    Boat Traffic Tanner/Cortez

    Maybe it doesn't effect those down deep, time will tell.
  622. K

    Boat Traffic Tanner/Cortez

    Anyone see the boat traffic today on AIS? It looked like theirs a convention going on out their!! I've never seen that type of boat traffic out on those banks today It looked the Horseshoe kelp when the Barracuda were bitting, Looks like you can walk from boat to boat. I'll bet all the rice in...
  623. K

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    I liked that boat, It was a Classic.
  624. K

    Getting to Fisherman processing after trip…

    Some people act like their surprised that they cant take any more orders due to a labor shortage. Thank Biden for that and everyone that voted for him!! Why would anyone that is collecting Unemployment and getting the little extras from the Demi's want to come back to work, When there making 3X...
  625. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    Also there's reason why some boats still have room up to a day before trips, That should tell you something about the Operation!!!!!
  626. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    It don't take much to make you happy!
  627. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    1st, New Lo Ann, 2nd Aztec, 3rd Excalibur, 4th Pacific Islander and what ever boats in between and the SA80 the last choice. There reason why the boats prices are Cheap. Food Quality and most important they conserve fuel and usually don't run far. Look at their counts past two weeks, They were...
  628. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    New Lo Ann HANDS DOWN!!! That would be an upgrade from the tomahawk.
  629. K

    Advance reservations required for fish processing

    Their office hours for pick up are only working 4 hrs a day. Some of the workers work 12 hr days.
  630. K

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    exactly 2-3 days. but it gets turned to the insurance, they can re-coup lost business. weren't they booked solid for the next 6 months!
  631. K

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    Someone snagged a fish that was hooked up on another boat and landed it on their boat, After that it turned into Whale Wars.
  632. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    1.5 day trip is the same fishing time as a 2-1 day trips, But you will not go to Tanner on a day trip, That's where the bluefin have been.
  633. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    Do the Excalibur, go on their web site. I would choose that boat over your other options
  634. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    Looks like they hit another boats railing, maybe trying to transfer something?? He'll a little bondo and some duct tape, a few screws that boat could be good to go in a couple hrs.
  635. K

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    that boat is cheap and they don't want to burn fuel. They will fish close to home and tanner bank is not considered close to home.
  636. K

    Pegasus? recent riders

    I thought John Groman ran the boat in the 80's and Joe Chait ran the Conquest for almost all of the 80's
  637. K

    need help

    That was a cheap shot.
  638. K

    Advance reservations required for fish processing

    When Rosie was the Office Mgr for 5 Star, She would call you back the same day even on her days off!!!! I miss Rosie, She was a great person, It's hard to find people like her!
  639. K

    Advance reservations required for fish processing

    Soda said ALL the Overnight Boats are flooding the processors, If it was only the L.R boats their wouldn't be an issue.
  640. K

    sportboat name changes

  641. K

    Islands Report for 9/20 SCI and a few questions

    It's like a baseball batter, There's time when you go thru a bad streak (Look at Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers) and the exact opposite, You pull out of it, hang in their. I wish I could say the same for Cody Bellinger but I can't, He's just a lost cause.
  642. K

    sportboat name changes

    I remember the old Del Mar in the above photos, I don't know if any people remember Branny who was the skipper of the Del Mar back in the 70's. That guy had some character and a big set of Go Nads, He didn't hold back anything that was on his mind. I remember one time we we were fishing halibut...
  643. K

    sportboat name changes

    The P.Q, Old Indian/Navagante
  644. K

    Affliction: My Response

    Say whatever sounds good to you. You have a history of potting sportboats, That's your first mistake, Never get close to another boat where they can cast a bait (not a jig) on your boat. The Searcher comes over to you to confront you about it and what do you do, You high tail because you know...
  645. K


  646. K

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    X2 on the lighter rod. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a 20 and a 30lb stick, especially during the day if the smaller bft's are being typical bft's.