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  1. ifish42na

    Fly down-fly back or fly not?

    How about Super Bowl Sunday cruising down to Cabo on the Big X with just a few of us? That was very therapeutic!
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    Fluorocarbon - What Brand is Better to Tie Knots

    3-turn uni knot and a squeeze of water. Get some standard 50lb mono and practice before committing to the fluoro. Premier is a little softer but simplicity in knot choice is key.
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    Berkley pro spec hollow core vs jb hollow core

    The 80W will take a lot of line. It's not a jigging reel so the question then becomes, how to set it up for the kite AND troll. Trolling with an 80W way back and lots of other boats around means, at least to me, a long 200-yard topshot. But that would not be good on the kite. the 80W is a...
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    Berkley pro spec hollow core vs jb hollow core

    Both of them are easy to splice, and rated over 200lb ABS. What reel are you putting the line on?
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    Berkley pro spec hollow core vs jb hollow core

    What’s the better option in hollow core when in the 200lb line class? What is your intended use?
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    Sushi cut question

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    You can only own *three* fishing books. They would be....

    Linda Greenlaw’s “The Hungry Ocean”. Chapter 9. “Loose Lips”. A great lesson. My other favorites are Melville’s “Moby Dick” and Hemingway “Old Man and the Sea”.
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    Tuna rods built by Yo’s tackle

    If you're interested in a 46H standup rod wrapped by Martin let me know via PM.
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    Giant fishing chart

  10. ifish42na

    Giant fishing chart

    Look up BA Chart 4802 on Amazon
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    Seaguar blue label fluorocarbon appearance?

    blue label should be clear like premiere. Old! Wrong, and wrong. The "tea color" of Seaguar Blue Label is 100% normal. That's how it comes from the factory; you will notice it more as the test goes up. You have made the best fluoro selection in my opinion. Little known fact: Blue Label has...
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    Chafing tubing vs. springs on leader loops

    Use a lighter to form a bulb in the end of the leader. Now you have the ability to pull the line tight around the grommet without the line slipping out of the sleeve, after you position the sleeve inside the tool. Position the sleeve in the 33V tool and apply just enough pressure to hold the...
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    Chafing tubing vs. springs on leader loops

    Tight to the grommet.
  14. ifish42na

    Chafing tubing vs. springs on leader loops

    Use a Ring & Grommet. No chafe gear whatsoever.
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    1000 yards of green 100# braid

    I can cut that spool for you.
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    Rigged DTX 220

    I’ve never liked stainless thimbles on mono or fluoro. Use them for cable only. Plastic thimbles are preferred over steel. At the very least that thimble should be closed before crimping. Here’s a tool for that.
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    Spreader bar question

    The bar is only to get the fish to look, not catch. No, that is not true. They catch all day long. Deploy the bar off the side of the boat. Have a look at this video at 3:30
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    Favorite reel for flat fall/ knife jigging for bft

    The 450 number is way off; the 20VISX takes 650-700 yards, that's a real world number. The Makaira 20 takes more. Sounds like the line you have is really 130lb despite what the label said.
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    Spreader bar

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    Satellite TV on the Long Range boats not working again?

    Take your SiriusXM radio and listen on the upper deck. Old school.
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    Northeast billfishing

    Go to Trophy Tackle in West Babylon; they have all that knowledge and will get you started.
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    MID DECEMBER 11 DAY, THOUGHTS? what can be expected? RIDGE, LOWER BANKS

    Big yellowfins the times I've been down there, as long as everyone had the mindset for them. How did you make out on the Indy trip?
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    hollowcore splice failure-- help diagnosing problem, please

    Late to the thread here. Like others have stated, 130lb C16 hollow is a mis-match with Yo-Zuri HD 130lb fluoro. It pays to physically check the line diameter, not rely on test, or what's printed on the package in this case.
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    Long Range fishing: Observations after 1st Trip

    Tuna fishing in the middle of 300 boats drifting overnight packed into the 100 square at Hudson Canyon, that’s combat fishing. 24 guys on a SD long range boat with 2 chefs and 6 crew, 900 miles out of port, that’s a vacation. Embrace it.
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    Yes I have the tool in stock but unfortunately no more discount. That post was 7 years ago...

    Yes I have the tool in stock but unfortunately no more discount. That post was 7 years ago...
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    Cow rigs

    I believe that the teenagers 170, 180s etc.. fight harder than any cow I have caught especially the Hurricane Bank residents. No doubt about it.
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    Splicing Needles

    Buffalo is another country. If they moved to Austin no one would care. 5 boroughs and Long Island, that's NY.
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    Splicing Needles

    Will a bobbin from my fly tying equipment work just as good? Archery serving tools like the Beiter Winder can make a much tighter serve than a fly bobbin, which is designed for very lightweight lines.
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    3 Super Cow caught by Rick Ozaki

    WTG Max, trip of a lifetime! Osuna Brothers have PV dialed in for generations. Hard to find fault with their success.
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    Trip Insurance

    Bob Dawson will be on the Let's Talk Hookup radio show this Saturday, taking calls. Saturday October 23, 2021 7-9am Bob Dawson- Travel Insurance Expert Listener Call in Number: (619) 832-1090
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    Special Assignment San Diego Long Range Sport Fishing

    The video series produced on this XL trip in 2014 is outstanding and I don’t say that because I was there. Producer Tim C. Smith shot, wrote, edited, voiced, and produced a 3 minute video each and every day of the trip and had it ready to view by everyone at dinner. Same day! It was then...
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    Need help matching rods and reels- Starting my Long Range Adventure

    15XNLD2, that's a sweet reel. If you want to fish hollow line and splice or L2L, 450 yards 40lb Cortland C16. Solid spectra, spooling with the new JB 40lb solid, the 15XNLD2 reel holds 400 yards.
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    Fighting the fish styles??

    Tomato stick vs broom stick. Tomatoes rule! BTW that custom metal rod belt referred to was the ladder plate John Pandeles first designed with 3 pin positions for your butt.
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    Quandary: what am I going to do with all the fish I catch?

    Yes there is catch and release. You should be fishing with circle hooks if you want the option. The XL has gaffs with a 400lb mono loop served into the head instead of the hook; once your fish is boat-side the deckhand can reach down and grab the barb of the hook, pop it free and pull it up to...
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    Trip Insurance

    Excellent reference.
  36. ifish42na

    Trip Insurance

    $275 for $3,000 coverage. Call Bob Dawson.
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    IGFA question

    Finally, I would contact Winthrop with your question. I'm sure they can tell you.
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    IGFA question

    For further clarification, contact your tournament committee. They should publish something similar to this, specific to your tournament.
  39. ifish42na

    IGFA question

    2. The rod tip must be a minimum of 101.6 centimeters (40 inches) in length. The rod butt cannot exceed 68.58 centimeters (27 inches) in length. These measurements must be made from a point directly beneath the center of the reel. A curved butt is measured in a straight line. When the rod butt...
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    IGFA question
  41. ifish42na

    First Attempt at Crimping

    Quinn, the B1 sleeve pictured IS NOT a single barrel. It’s a dual barrel. And it looks pretty good. Always check actual line diameter before selecting the correct sleeve. Especially when using 130lb fluoro, they’re all different.
  42. ifish42na

    Old us made electric reel?

    Electramate would be my guess. Give them a call.
  43. ifish42na

    How to remove glue from reel cover (Penn)?
  44. ifish42na


    Great story, very well done.
  45. ifish42na

    Direct to spectra.... WHO's hooked a fish on a direct tie to braid....?

    I've done it on wahoo, many times. Never tried on tuna.
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    Braid/fluoro newbie

    I was thinking about purchasing BHP wind on leaders. But their recommendation is to position the fluorocarbon connection between the reel and first guide. This would mean I'd buy a 25ft leader and cut it to the proper position once on the rod. Doesn't seem too cost effective. That is not my...
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    Marking off Depth Indicators on Line for Deep Drops

    The black sharpie marks will wash out. Also, if you get cut off, all your marks get cut off too. Color-coded spectra is a much better alternative if you haven't already spooled your reel.
  48. ifish42na

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    The original washing cages were sold with a 2 aluminum inserts, allowing you to mount the unit on a standard linewinder with a 5/8" shaft. The inserts are key to being able to quickly remove line from the reel, then wind it back on with sufficient pressure.
  49. ifish42na

    Knot for conventional spool that has a peg or post?

    maybe I'm mistaken but I was told the "correct" method there was to just drop a loop over it, take up 8-10 winds and tie a dropper loop into your line then finish filling up the spool. Definitely not correct. Watch the video.
  50. ifish42na

    Backing for spectra

    No Backing! If you want to spool it correctly, forget the mono backing and get a longer spool of 80lb braid. You'll be happy you did when that fish takes you into the mono.
  51. ifish42na

    Momoi Monofilament - Your Thoughts?

    Momoi Hi-Catch is similar to Izorline XXX in softness and ease of casting. It's superior in overall quality, and it's slightly thinner than XXX in all tests. Momoi Diamond is harder, stiffer, and more abrasion resistant than Izorline XXX. This is by design, it's intended to be a great trolling...
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    Rest In Peace Ralph Mikkelsen. The Long Ranger...
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    372 on XL

    Tim just got another one. 305lb.
  55. ifish42na

    372 on XL

    Tim Turis
  56. ifish42na

    FG Knot Performance

    80lb drag on my 80T, scaled on the Pesola. Thank you Cal Sheets!
  57. ifish42na

    Tiburon SST50T

    I don't see many of these reels coming through; this one brand new. Set up for the kite, it took 900 yards 100lb hollow plus 150 yards 130lb on top. Very impressed with the reel.
  58. ifish42na

    Shogun - Police

    I couldn't agree more Mike. His name is Jeff Shapiro.
  59. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    So I called Nicopress directly and they told me that the smaller hole on the 17-2 (now called 17-BA) is 1/32” and the bigger hole is 3/64. So that means the smaller hole can do wires and mono/Floro up to 100lbs.. and the larger hole is for mono/Floro for 130-200lb? Can some please verify this...
  60. ifish42na

    Changing wind on leader

    Yes, some people use only one cats paw, but it has been proven, Paulus Just Fishing, I believe, that four times is the best. Strength goes down from there. I use three. Any more than two passes (double loop-to-loop) is overkill and makes no difference in reliability of a L2L spectra-to-spectra...
  61. ifish42na

    PEI Tackle

    800 yards 200lb JB hollow.
  62. ifish42na

    PEI Tackle

    5 1/2' Baja Boomer w/wind-on guides, bent butt, 80 narrow reel, 200lb hollow spectra, 100-feet 200lb Diamond mono, crimp to wind-on swivel, 20-feet 200lb Seaguar fluoro, 12/0 circle hook. Braid bucket harness and Smitty or Black Magic belt.
  63. ifish42na

    Braid Power Play Belt

    I have one Norm, do you need the harness too?
  64. ifish42na

    giant on standup on the East Coast

    Excellent. Big kudos to the angler; great standup technique and never touched any part of the boat with the rod. And to the Captain, who perfectly positioned his boat and never moved; didn't have to bump the boat once, and made a perfect shot with the dart. And to the tackle which did the job...
  65. ifish42na

    Offshore Michael Jordan catches 442 pound Marlin to win tourney championship.

    His boat weighed a nice one but it’s day 2 of a 6 day tournament. Nice fish but it’s hardly over.
  66. ifish42na

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Get one the right size in the right place, they work. Ralph caught one of his 6-300lb'ers on a rainbow I believe.
  67. ifish42na

    Blackwater Fluorocarbon Shock Leader 60lb X 50 meter NIB

    4x 50-meter spools available. 60lb .767mm. Factory sealed. $75 each plus $10 shipping. Free shipping if you take all 4. Text if interested: 201-835-5887 or email: [email protected] PayPal OK.
  68. ifish42na

    Kite fishing on LR boats

    how much 200lb hollow a tiagra 50w can hold? 650 yards max. Not my first choice for line on the 50W if you're dedicating it to the kite. 130lb plus a splice to 200lb would be preferable.
  69. ifish42na

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    They do? Regularly? The east coast stretches from Maine to Florida. Never heard that...
  70. ifish42na

    Nomad reports?

    All wrong, get it?
  71. ifish42na

    Nomad reports?

    Wahoo trolling lures should never be rigged with anything but wire or cable. If you look back at 30 years of reports before the internet, every boat trolled the same basic lure with a cable boot. Why? Because it worked! Have a look at the underwater videos of wahoo biting on the troll. Teeth vs...
  72. ifish42na

    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    Listen to the expert right here; all questions answered. Bob Dawson has been insuring travel and fishing trips for years:
  73. ifish42na

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Happy for all on this trip. I did a couple of Team Hoo trips on the XL, always had an awesome time and learned a lot from these guys. Then today I was reminded one year our Trophy/BHP flydown charter left the day after Team Hoo got in, we left the sound system in place and 6 of us or so plus the...
  74. ifish42na

    Which 100lb Pink Fluorocarbon?

    From XL: Eric has the biggest tuna so far with this 180 pounder caught on 80# Yo-zuri pink fluorocarbon. These type of conditions; deep blue water and bright sunshine, is where I've seen Yo-Zuri Pink out-catch all other brands of fluoro. If you have multiple big fish rigs in your arsenal, at...
  75. ifish42na

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    Great trip Bill! Your preparation has been meticulous over the past few years and it paid off when the opportunity presented itself. Exciting report!
  76. ifish42na

    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    If the goal is to ID what test line you have on these unmarked spools, obtain some reference samples that are clearly marked and lay the line side by side. Should take just a minute.
  77. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    More like 400 yards 100lb 12-strand.
  78. ifish42na

    Clothing for January 16 day

    It will get hot, every day down the line it gets warmer. When you get to the Bank it should be 80+. Be prepared with light weight rain gear in the off chance you get precipitation. Coming back it will chill down and may get downright nasty uphill. Sometimes though, it’s shirtsleeve sailing all...
  79. ifish42na

    Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight?

    Story #2 might interest the LR community...
  80. ifish42na

    Weird hollow loop tag issue

    Pull it out, cut off an inch, rebury.
  81. ifish42na

    New To Crimping

    I’ve heard of people cutting sleeves in half for “stealth mode” on a crimped connection. What diameter/test line are you crimping?
  82. ifish42na

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    We had 2 of them them on the XL for many seasons. They were plumbed into the bait tank's water pumps.
  83. ifish42na

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    you either need to be longer or deeper than the other lures. The way I read TFT's post, he'll troll the bar in the #1 or #5 position. The bar will be shorter than #2-3-4 positions and the rudder will carry it far to port or starboard out in clean water, clear of anyone else even in the turns...
  84. ifish42na

    New To Crimping

    That would be Joyce Corrigan I believe
  85. ifish42na

    New To Crimping

    If you're just starting out, this website is worth a look:
  86. ifish42na

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    Great report!
  87. ifish42na

    What mono

    Hi-Catch and Sufix are 1.2mm. Diamond is 1.28mm and a harder line by design.
  88. ifish42na

    What mono

    Sounds like you're on the troll for those bluefin; I would stick with 130lb, although I prefer Momoi Hi-Catch as it's a higher quality line. Smoke blue would be my choice.
  89. ifish42na

    PEI 2020

    PEI is an awesome destination! Right now it isn’t though, Hurricane Dorian really caused a lot of damage, would not want to be there for the next couple of weeks but have not read of any loss of life so that’s a good thing. Fishing seasons are tightly regulated in Canada, so while they have...
  90. ifish42na

    Sad news, boat fire.
  91. ifish42na

    Sad news, boat fire.
  92. ifish42na

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    Here's Tim Turis pulling 80lb of drag standing up on a stationary boat. BHP 200lb Diamond topshot has been on and off the reel too many times to count. Tim successfully released the well over 800lb bluefin. Here is a picture of the Pesola scale we took afterward. Notice where the indicator is...
  93. ifish42na

    How to crimp a long sleeve

    Always crimp towards what you're connecting to. So in this picture, towards the swivel. I will also comment that the loop is way too large.
  94. ifish42na

    Kite rods

    No, a Penn 80ST is a stock, narrow Penn 80 2-speed. No longer in production but you can find them.
  95. ifish42na

    Kite rods

    Penn 80ST.
  96. ifish42na

    Kite rods

    Yes the number is right for the Mak50W which is bigger than most other 50Ws and certainly larger than the 50II. On my chart I filled a M50W with 850Y 130lb TufLine hollow and 50Y 130lb Diamond mono. I would still rather have an 80N for the task.
  97. ifish42na

    Line to leader system?

    No rail either :)
  98. ifish42na

    Line to leader system?

    no one reading this can pull 65lbs+ of drag using a bending fishing rod. BS. We've done it many times fighting PEI bluefin on standup gear. Measured afterwards on the Pesola 100lb scale.
  99. ifish42na

    At what point?

    That was a 445lb YFT in 2012, on a skipjack first thing in the morning. 200lb mono wind-on, stock Tiagra 50W, 80lb rod. Every gaff available, I think I remember it took 6 gaffs to lift it over the port side of the boat. TBM couldn’t believe what the calculator was saying, 471 by the...
  100. ifish42na

    Balloon Bobber

    I think Tim may have written up a thorough article on this, worth a search. Personally I watched other anglers way more experienced than me on many trips, learned a lot before I gave it a shot. Asked exactly how to rig, there’s a method to it. Once I did it turned out great, was able to set up...
  101. ifish42na

    Looking for Calstrar blanks

    I have a couple of X46H blanks if you’re interested. PM
  102. ifish42na

    Congradulations to Tim Turis

    306YFT !!!!
  103. ifish42na

    Threadlock spectra

    You’ve done a 180 Steve! There is no coating...
  104. ifish42na

    Fish processing prices?

    For out of town anglers, add another $1500+ in airfare, vehicle rental, hotel rooms, shipping gear back and forth and shipping fish if you want to take it home. I have no problem with paying for quality processing as there’s not really any other option.
  105. ifish42na

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Doesn't look good for sportfishing on Ascension however:
  106. ifish42na

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Progress on the Ascension runway:
  107. ifish42na

    Foamer Rig Options

    I'm leaning towards a spinning setup, a lot more now. Finally, someone with some sense for this fishery. Carry on !
  108. ifish42na

    Spiral Wrapped Rods

    I remember that, the pictures were painful.
  109. ifish42na

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    there is no standard testing method or machine. There is an industry standard testing machine that IGFA and many line manufacturers use: The Instron 5543. Read more about...
  110. ifish42na

    Big Tuna from rocks

    Not the first time he's done it...
  111. ifish42na

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    Not true. They both smell equally bad.
  112. ifish42na

    Technique Index

    We had these info threads back on AllCoast if any of you remember that. The one on helium balloons comes to mind
  113. ifish42na

    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    The late Captain Noddy...fished every day he could. I don’t think they were but a few hundred yards offshore. They’ve obviously caught like this many times before, see how he got the gaff ready right before they dropped in?
  114. ifish42na

    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    275 YFT on the bamboo, dead sardine and rope! Ascension 2010. First (and only) proof that solid outfishes hollow.
  115. ifish42na

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    And how about them roping off the rail so that you don't have access until all the crew members wake up? A crew member is always awake; XL crew works on a 4-hour watch rotation throughout the night. On one trip, I politely asked a crew member, on the side, about the rope policy. The detailed...
  116. ifish42na

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Thanks for taking the time to post your reports David, glad you had a nice trip...
  117. ifish42na

    'Hoo Dat ?

    Thanks for the reports David, good luck today OKayyy
  118. ifish42na

    Penn vsx 16 cal'd out

    Give Cal or Eric a call. 626-357-4441...they will know.
  119. ifish42na

    Rooster reports on FB

    That’s really great sign in that area, I’d be excited to be there right now; could be good things happening.
  120. ifish42na

    Marking spectra

    Set up one reel for this, not all of them. Better than letting someone spray paint your line, that’s just wrong.
  121. ifish42na

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    I don't think you can infer anything from that Loc. Digital scales are not instantaneous, they take time to settle when weighing hundreds of pounds on a rocking platform. I've seen that routinely on the EXCEL scale weighing cows not only at sea but at the dock when the fish swings on a boom...
  122. ifish42na

    481 YFT Casa De Campo

    Here's the video with scale at the end. Reported by Carey Chen.
  123. ifish42na

    Spectra brand weights

    No angler is asking a sardine to drag around 1000 yards of line. I have seen three different sets of data on this. Using one popular 100lb 12-strand hollow braid the numbers I have range from 160 yards = 1oz to 160 yards = 1.18oz. It is worth noting that these measurements changed from year to...
  124. ifish42na

    Norm Taniguchi Estate Auction | Fishing Gear, tools & More

    I won an auction; pretty much everything sold. Norm was a great guy, glad I had a chance to meet him several times.
  125. ifish42na

    Reel Choice?

    I'm not looking for ideal, I have several reasons to choose between those two reels and don't mind their limitations - OK? What are the reasons?
  126. ifish42na

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Diameter

    Doubtful. Like TFT said, it's up to the end user to confirm the materials they're working with, above and beyond just reading a label.
  127. ifish42na

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Diameter

    Rather than derail the other thread I'm posting this photo here. The line inside both bags is the same 1.05mm diameter.
  128. ifish42na

    Seaguar Pink Label Limited Sale!

    Just to add some perspective: Yo-Zuri HD 130lb actual diameter, measured with my micrometer, is 1.05mm. Yo-Zuri has always mis-stated their diameter on 130lb. I brought it to their attention a few years ago The packaging changed the year after that, but has now changed back again. Might not see...
  129. ifish42na

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    I’ve been reading around the reports and PMs and hearing about all the red crab and box fish, it’s no surprise anyone can't hook a good one. I’ve been down there and seen that first hand. If it’s your time you’ll do well, if not, making a move to get out of the zone and into some action is a...
  130. ifish42na

    FG knot test

    No son, try buying #20 in quart cans and see what you get. If you can get it. Your little tubes are old stock, use it up.
  131. ifish42na

    FG knot test

    Nope, not the same stuff. Google searches do not equal real world experience, you should know that. Buy some and see.
  132. ifish42na

    FG knot test

    17 states including mine banned Pliobond sales due to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). I had to find a workaround. Loon takes way to long to cure even under UV.
  133. ifish42na

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    Just tie it like a John Collins and stop all this debate.
  134. ifish42na

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    Watch from :43 in. The difference is how the tag end is wrapped around the leg.
  135. ifish42na

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    That's not how I learned to tie the Spangler. Or Springer as John Collins describes it. There's a major difference in how John ties is, study the video starting at :43. I settled on this knot as the best one I ever used on big fish.
  136. ifish42na

    Constitution cows

    Awesome fish Jeff!
  137. ifish42na

    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    I don’t think the drone is a replacement for the kite. Kites hang your bait out there bobbing on the surface, your skill as an angler comes in dressing your line to suspend the bait, endurance, making sure you react immediately to the bite, avoid getting excited with everyone else screaming at...
  138. ifish42na

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Yes well times are different now. What’s your point?
  139. ifish42na

    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    My mistake was posting this video in the Long Range Forum, where the first reply sparked a torrent of snobbery for the most part, each one staking out their ground without seeing a clear horizon. Or considering how some other anglers in the world might approach a problem with modern technology...
  140. ifish42na

    Fly-in Cow Options

    Osuna Brothers have more experience in PV than just about anyone. If I was headed back to PV they would be at the top of my list, just go. Don't worry about gear.
  141. ifish42na


    Great outlook Craig. I'll bet you're going to make plenty more trips with your kids. I believe you will.
  142. ifish42na

    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    Customer says he has 700 yard range.
  143. ifish42na

    I've never seen Guadalupe like this...

    Gary, you cannot be serious. The photo is a fake, no matter what coast you’re on.
  144. ifish42na

    I've never seen Guadalupe like this...

    You never will see it like that, the picture is fake!
  145. ifish42na

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Load the line on your spool with a reverse twist and solve that problem.
  146. ifish42na

    What Spectra HXJ Raptor?

    With the exception of 130lb, my data does not support this claim. Threadlock is extremely high quality 16-strand line, well made, color fast and easy to splice, but for diameter it's a solid second place for 60-80-100lb, and 200lb. 130lb is exceptional as it’s 20% thinner on average than most...
  147. ifish42na

    What Spectra HXJ Raptor?

    400 yards 80lb solid on the HXJ easily done, plus more.
  148. ifish42na

    Question on tying knot if you have an end loop already

    Yes, pass the loop through the ring and over the jig.
  149. ifish42na

    Bees Knees

    SCT has an full range of spinning reel adapters for use on their machines, give them a call. And linewinders that fit any budget:
  150. ifish42na

    Bees Knees

    You can get all that and more, made right here. With warranty support and customer service a phone call away.
  151. ifish42na

    Bees Knees

    You can buy a made in USA product right here.
  152. ifish42na

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    I’ve got to give props to Doug. WTG on a 300 lb'er standup, no rail rod. Not many LR anglers today would appreciate that.
  153. ifish42na

    What angle are you working on?

    Anglers have been using gloves with braided lines for years, under extreme pressures like what we use fighting giant bluefin. If gloves were the problem, everyone would know about it. Doesn't sound plausible to me.
  154. ifish42na

    What angle are you working on?

    the spectra has broken (thus far), it has been within about 20 feet of the hook. Every time. Jim, Not trying to challenge you here but if you get back bare spectra how are you determining that the break is 20-feet from the hook? My second question is, how long is your leader? Thanks.
  155. ifish42na

    RS Boat Trolling Gear

    They just make you use your own trolling lure. Would rather leave that bag at home as well. I’m sure you’ll be able to borrow some trolling gear from another angler, or the boat. On these long trips everyone trades out on trolling rotations with friends, or if you are a first timer even better...
  156. ifish42na

    Better Photos

    Study Bill Roecker's photography,
  157. ifish42na

    Incredible Gift

    That's going to be the rod you catch your 300lb'er on.
  158. ifish42na

    Incredible Gift

  159. ifish42na

    Paulus Just Fishing

    Yes he was the go-to guy. Way back then. But over time, braiding production techniques change as well as raw fiber manufacturing sources. Braiding companies change their sources, so a belief that the line you bought from source A 10 years ago is the exact same line as you purchase today is...
  160. ifish42na

    Offshore rigged flat falls

    That’s how you do it.
  161. ifish42na

    Paulus Just Fishing

    Old braid data is like yesterday’s Chinese food. No knock on Paulus, but just look at the variations within his results for the same line with different production dates. The engineers at several braiding companies that I have spoken with will tell you that a variation of +/- 10% is within...
  162. ifish42na

    Where’s the Excel?

    72lb. Awesome.
  163. ifish42na

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    Get on the right spot, Captain Justin put us on a spot one time coming up the line on a long trip. He told me to use my heaviest gear, 200lb test and make a double hook rig with big J-hooks. I caught a skipjack, a crew member clipped the tail and we put a 10/0 behind the head and in the tail...
  164. ifish42na

    200/200 Club?

    Catching is catching, it’s all good. I find it amusing when anyone gets uppity about where and how they caught a PB. How disappointing it is if all your fishing in the world is done out of one port.
  165. ifish42na

    200/200 Club?

    You bet they count. What, you’ve never been on a WFO bite on a LR boat? I have, every angler hooked up to huge yellowfin, all 24 of us. So WTF, you’d be posting praises to whatever boat put you on that kind of fish. It’s the same thing just a different place in the world. It’s one thing to...
  166. ifish42na

    SOA 4 Day Report - Short Version 8/21 - 8/25

    Unreal, great job!
  167. ifish42na

    If you had one reel

    If you were to jump on a trip targeting only trophy bft. What reel would you bring? What do you consider trophy? 300lb SoCal bluefin, I would bring a 50W. Giants anywhere else, your crew would laugh so hard if they saw a Mak30 you’d run for cover. This is business, not personal. So consider...
  168. ifish42na

    200/200 Club?

  169. ifish42na

    If you had one reel

    This is for bigger bluefin you said. Right now, bigger means way over 200 and quite possibly over 300lb. After you hook one you may regret it on a relatively small reel. Reference the "Bluefin fried my MAK" thread :)
  170. ifish42na

    Penn 50TW 2-Speed Cal Sheets BNIB

    Brand new in box, never spooled. $400.00 PM or call 201-767-9028.
  171. ifish42na

    If you had one reel

    If you decide to go bigger (you should considering the size of these fish lately), I've got a brand new in box Penn 50TW 2-speed with all work done by Cal Sheets. Never spooled; $400 for the reel. SOLD
  172. ifish42na

    First long range trip advice

    One of the best trips ever. 22 first time LR’s fishing along with veterans who have done 30 or more trips. Pin on a sardine and get to it. None of this work your way up BS.
  173. ifish42na

    First long range trip advice

    My first LR trip was a 16-day on the XL, had a great time, never looked back.
  174. ifish42na

    Soda pop

    Great report. 7 words and you get the picture. And to the OP, yes SP is a character and lots of fun to fish with, glad to have met him on our XL charter a few years ago.
  175. ifish42na

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    I keep those opinions to myself. Especially after the time a guy standing right next to me on the EXCEL was fishing a stock Tiagra 50W (oh the horror) on a boat rod. He asked me for a wind-on (he didn't have any) and could I crimp on his hook. I did so because he had a good attitude. Next bait...
  176. ifish42na

    Best 80 -100 lb reel

    Penn done.
  177. ifish42na

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    Have you ever seen any damage from a big fish tailing your topshot above the double trouble connection? OK, so you have your first super cow on a way-too-short double trouble almost up to the surface. Down the rail comes an out of control angler who just hooked up and the buzzsaw goes right...
  178. ifish42na

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    I was advised to use nothing above my double trouble. I disagree with that advice. The likelihood of a good fish's sickles or tail getting around on the double trouble rig and contacting your spectra is high. Tuna don't always swim in a perfectly straight line away from your rod. I always go...
  179. ifish42na

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    Loc I would go with a longer kite leader; 4'6" is way too short IMO.
  180. ifish42na

    Breaking things

    Did you pull the line absolutely tight around the grommet, with no space or slack, and then crimp? Not sure how the crimp could slip unless your original connection looked like this.
  181. ifish42na

    Grommet and rings

    All USA construction. Roscoe rings and Sampo TIG welds (Roscoe now owns Sampo). Even the delrin grommets are machined here in Brooklyn, NY.
  182. ifish42na

    Squid Kite rig

    Understand that the leader for the14/0 hook in the head is actually buried inside the squid. You accomplish this by using a hollow pointed pipe needle large enough to accept the heavy leader. Use the pipe needle to pierce the squid top to bottom, then pass the leader through, out the bottom and...
  183. ifish42na

    Squid Kite rig

    Modify as needed based on the size of the bait; line on reel, etc.
  184. ifish42na

    Double trouble rigging

    No, no. No point in explaining it, move on to a better way to rig. Let go, your failure awaits you if you persist. Use them for a long time until the one time when they bite you. I hope you can come on here and defend it after that. Toss 'em, better ways to go.
  185. ifish42na

    Double trouble rigging

    They opened up! How many times should I accept failure? One time, that's it. Over and done with Bill, if you want to take pictures of your rigging fine, just make sure you post pictures of your failures. They will happen. Get off this cycle of defending rigging like this, you are better than that.
  186. ifish42na

    Double trouble rigging

    Two beautiful points of failure. You can have all of my no escapes, look down, they are on top of the high spot at Hurricane Bank.
  187. ifish42na

    What a find.

    These threads always derail especially when someone says this or that boat recommends a certain product or that you rig a certain way. If you've been in this game long enough, you know what works for you and how you like to rig. Trial and error, that's how you get better at the sport. At least...
  188. ifish42na

    What a find.

    Great deal especially in MN!
  189. ifish42na

    RP 18 day JB Line One leaving 1-20-19.

    I’ve seen people jump in. Not for me, sharks are different these days compared to years back. Willard: Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right. Unless you were goin' all the way. Kurtz got off the boat. He split from the whole f***in' program.
  190. ifish42na

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    Ship them, it's the best way. Especially if you bring 10 or more reels, no way you can carry them on any more with carry-on weight/size restrictions. Get the right shipping containers for your rods and reels like JohnTFT said and ship them via UPS. Arrange for UPS return labels before your trip...
  191. ifish42na

    Hollow loop splice ?

    Yes, if you look carefully at what JohnTFT and Dharyl are doing, it's the exact same thing, except if you only have one tag end to work with you have to invert the line in order to get the tag end to oppose the loop, thereby locking it in. The danger here is that someone will just take the tag...
  192. ifish42na

    Hollow loop splice ?

    Dharyl did not go inside out. Is one method any stronger than the other. Dharyl has 2 tag ends to work with. When your line is on a reel, you only have 1 tag end to accomplish the same splice. Think about it. Strength would be equal.
  193. ifish42na

    Hollow loop splice ?

    There are two scenarios: 1. The line is already on the reel: Follow the Professor in this video; note at around 2:05 the hollow line gets inverted: 2. You have an unattached piece of line, i.e. not on the reel. Follow Dharyl in this video:
  194. ifish42na

    Which Reel Would You Buy??

    First I would ask what other brand reels do you own. Second, I don’t think it’s a toss-up; Penn 16VISX is the better reel. Solid construction, made in USA, and reel mechanics that I know and trust have told me about recurring problems with the Makaira 16. I know Mak 16 internet proponents will...
  195. ifish42na

    Best Split ring pliers

    HPA is the best one.
  196. ifish42na

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    A well-written tale Jim, with many lessons to be learned :) Take care with the things you can control, like crimps, splices and knots. Use the right tool, not a cheap substitute or something borrowed that you may have never used before. These trips sometimes afford you only one shot at the real...
  197. ifish42na

    What is a good length

    I think Premier is the easiest fluoro to tie knots with due to softness of the material. In the lower tests 20-60 for example, I don't really see much difference between brands in ease of tying knots; over that it gets more challenging with the stiffer lines, so those I would crimp.
  198. ifish42na

    What is a good length

    These “test” results are clouded by sales opinion and if you don’t recognize that, have another look. I pull on all of these brands for years on the same bench, tens of thousands of leaders. I charge the same price for all brands of fluoro so I have no agenda, even though my costs may differ...
  199. ifish42na

    What is a good length

    Fluoro does indeed stretch, in the case of Seaguar Premier, more than equivalent mono, by far. 10 feet is way too short IMO.
  200. ifish42na

    200 lb spectra and kite - weigh too much in light winds?

    I set up a Cal 50T for a customer recently; spliced 100lb to 130lb spectra for a total of 850 yards plus a 200lb wind-on. Comfortable for a long kite turn and you can use the same rig on big baits.
  201. ifish42na

    Getting some Internationals Back in Stock....

    OK Kevin. I have a customer fishing PEI with a Penn 80 narrow tricked out by Cal Sheets. Planning on setting his strike drag at 45 lb. How much drag should I set my magic linewinder with to load his 200lb spectra? Don’t forget, this is not my reel but a customer who expects it done perfectly. OK go.
  202. ifish42na

    Want to buy long range tackle box

    I’ve got a premier custom built wood box, located in Orange and loaded with all the right stuff. Fished once a year for the last 15 years. Has a custom cover, you won’t see Iike this very often. Where can i send some pictures?
  203. ifish42na

    RIP Norm Taniguchi

    I met Norm at his shop on my very first long range the invite to drive over with Tim. He was a wealth of knowledge and shared his experience freely. I also experienced how trusting he was of people, and it made a lasting impression. Over the years I'd get a phone call from Norm from...
  204. ifish42na

    Poll on topshot creation preference: Loop, Pena Knot or Sato Crimp?

    One of my customers just got off that Apollo 8 over 300 trip. I make wind-ons for him with a bare spectra tag for an in-line splice, not a loop to loop. Clearly his favorite; that would fit into the "other" category which in this case was a 310 pounder on a single wall served/glued inline splice.
  205. ifish42na


    Outstanding fishing on the Marla! Congrats on the fish of a lifetime, hope you get more!
  206. ifish42na


    You can put a 20VISX handle on it. Contact JohnTFT.
  207. ifish42na


    Sweet reel...took 630 yards 100lb JB hollow.
  208. ifish42na

    how much spectra is enough

    We as committed and dedicated long range anglers spend 100% of our time rigging up for the 1% chance we will hook the ultimate fish of a lifetime. That’s why we go. To suggest you can get away with something less just to save a few, to skirt the odds, is ludicrous. You get one chance at the fish...
  209. ifish42na

    how much spectra is enough

    For fish 180lb & up, my baseline is 600 yards. Doesn't mean it can't be done with less. I've seen a big tuna take all 450 yards on a Tiagra 30W once that was spooled with 130lb line, so especially on the smaller reels you want to pay attention to diameter first. On your Mak 16 for example, you...
  210. ifish42na

    Whew, Fred's over...back to fishing

    Lots of theory in that thread. What you want to trust is real world experience, straight up and down. If your wind-ons pass the test at PEI you will not fail at Hurricane Bank.
  211. ifish42na

    Whew, Fred's over...back to fishing

    Additionally, as for relying on a glued connection, that is not what you want to be counting on. Construction is key, glue is secondary.
  212. ifish42na

    Whew, Fred's over...back to fishing

    Once you have bonded a spectra to leader connection, you cannot re-bond or re-glue it. No additional strength will be attained. If your bond was successful the first time these leaders will last many years. I have fished topshots that were 8 years old on standup gear in PEI and landed 800lb plus...
  213. ifish42na

    PEI 2018

    I have the week of Labor Day 2018 booked; fishing September 3-4-5-6-7. Looking for one or two anglers. Please PM if interested.
  214. ifish42na

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    When did you originally pay for the trip with your credit card? Most gateway service providers only allow a refund to be issued back to a card if it has been processed within the last 120 days. For example, I use and their policy is: "A refund may only be issued for a charge...
  215. ifish42na

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    That and a 190lb cutoff rule!
  216. ifish42na


    Look up JohnTFT posts, he took one apart and posted the photos.
  217. ifish42na

    Loop to loop

    Kenny swam with giant BFT on one of our PEI trips, just a couple miles from the dock.
  218. ifish42na

    Loop to loop

    OBX tuna fishing offers something SD long rangers might want these days. Another destination. I read recently someone posted that San Diego was the new bluefin capitol of the world but in reality PEI has had that distinction for decades, and for bigger fish. Actually, up and down the East Coast...
  219. ifish42na

    Loop to loop

    The tuna Gods thank you :)
  220. ifish42na

    424 & 319 off Loreto On 50lb and 60lb test. On a certified scale.
  221. ifish42na


    That’s my point, you’re an angler. Not a numbers guy. Lift the rod and turn the handle.
  222. ifish42na


    The 20VISX is 3.5".
  223. ifish42na


    David: If you can’t turn the handle you’re not a real angler. Real anglers don’t blame their equipment, just their own failures. Witness someone like John Petruescu, catches a 445 YFT on stock and I mean straight stock boat gear. Think a Tiagra 50WLRS has a granny gear? Call John a newbie, and...
  224. ifish42na


    Hate is a harsh word. Anyone hooked up to a cow should be loving life don’t you think?
  225. ifish42na


    Finally took delivery of a new Penn 20VISX for a long time customer who fishes on the Indy; the gold version of the reel was delayed several times but we now have it in stock. Spooled here with 100lb JB hollow 12-strand; the reel took 700 yards on the nose. The old Penn 20S would hold 600 yards...
  226. ifish42na

    Spooling spectra... How much weight?

    I have no doubt there was more room on your reel after packing it down on a good fish. Happens a lot. I thought I had my 80ST as tight as I dare and a PEI Giant bluefin gave me room for another 100 yards. Sounds like you’re getting dialed in just fine.
  227. ifish42na

    Spooling spectra... How much weight?

    Dan, Your experience is not uncommon for DIY spectra linewinding on reels set up for big long range tuna. A couple of points, and some myth busting: The glove is a bad idea. Heat generated by gloves can damage or melt spectra. If you see a tackle shop using a glove to generate pressure, look...
  228. ifish42na

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    When the JB snapped it was directly in the middle of my 3' of spectra that was on my top shot. I've seen this before. What actually happened is the fluoro snapped, exploded if you will, and the force of the fluoro breaking is what caused the 130lb spectra to part as well. The example I saw was...
  229. ifish42na

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Pesola 100lb scale is the best one available.
  230. ifish42na

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    Pasta Boy’s Wahoo Dong. Don’t laugh it caught big time:
  231. ifish42na

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    Danny’s nutsack lure from Brooklyn might catch Wahoo better than just about anything else you’ve got, save Poncharello’s jig and he better start defending the territory that’s up for grabs on your XL 12/27 limited load. East meets West!. Lay them on the table in front of Team Red Hook, which way...
  232. ifish42na

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    What size 7982 Professor. Looks like 7/0?
  233. ifish42na

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    I really like the 7982 in that bomb, don’t think I’ve ever seen one rigged that way.
  234. ifish42na

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    Nice rigging...I like the haywire twist instead of nylon. That purple is gonna get bit.
  235. ifish42na

    Favorite spectra

    Thanks Steve...and yes, I do offer an active military discount.
  236. ifish42na

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Here's some documentation on the Clipperton MPA: March 24, 2017 Under the leadership of Royal, the ecology minister, France extended its sub-Antarctic nature reserve in December, quintupling the percentage of French waters that are highly protected, to 1.3 percent. Royal also recently...
  237. ifish42na

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    It goes into effect now. Also, Clipperton is closed; has been for some time.
  238. ifish42na

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page
  239. ifish42na

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving and have a great trip Soda!
  240. ifish42na

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    If you're not following this page on FB, you should be. If you don't use FB, read this:
  241. ifish42na

    100% Crimped Connections

    Excellent work Garry! I nominate this post for a sticky.
  242. ifish42na

    30 VISX

    Dumb question, why add just 50 yards of 130lb hollow versus going entire reel with one size of hollow? Not a dumb question at all. It's a confidence thing, at the endgame when the fish is straight up and down, the ABS of the 130lb hollow is another 35lb or so over the 100lb. Not that you're...
  243. ifish42na

    30 VISX

    Articulated is the wrong word. It has a set angle (15°?) that is very comfortable.
  244. ifish42na

    30 VISX

    Spooled a new Penn 30 VISX narrow topless for one of my west coast long-range customers today and here are the specs plus some impressions and pictures. Using 100lb Tuf-Line Guide's Choice hollow spectra and double digit pressure on my recently calibrated and verified Triangle HD140MMII, the...
  245. ifish42na

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    Sooooo, no one's used the double trouble anywhere else but the kite??? You can try it on a helium balloon. XL set up a rotation several times when the conditions were right, 2 kites out far and a pair of helium balloons inside of them.
  246. ifish42na

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    Never had a tangle on the balloon?!?! It goes with the territory on the Bank! I would stick with a single bait.
  247. ifish42na

    Swim baits for larger tuna

    Sure looks like a “big” tuna, caught on the “west coast” from the deck of a “long range boat”.
  248. ifish42na

    Swim baits for larger tuna

    Plain Jane natural color and no trap hook.
  249. ifish42na

    Swim baits for larger tuna

    The RonZ on wahoo can be awesome, the most explosive hookup I ever had on my Dogfight. Yes you have to replace the tail but it’s worth it, the surface explosion had the whole boat cheering.
  250. ifish42na

    1 Spot Open For Shogun 6-Day 11/16-11/22 Guadalupe!

    One of my customers just got back from the Lupe on Shogun. Said the water was super clear, so clear they could see the GW’s circling under the boat 40-50 feet down. The first 6 tuna hooked came back with heads only...didn’t sound like a great report to me but he’s going back out, this time with...
  251. ifish42na

    Why don't we bridle our big baits and kite baits?

    This one ate a skipjack. If you’re at Hurricane it’s the most challenging bait to fish.
  252. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Sorry for your lost fish Brian! This is where double wall wind-ons have the edge; pretty sure that fish would be on the deck. Was your fluoro square cut or tapered?
  253. ifish42na

    Any word on the lower banks?

    WTG Len!
  254. ifish42na

    What size crimps if I figure 8 45/55lb titanium leader?

    The 17-BA is the tool you want for the A2 sleeve. It will press that sleeve as well as the 1/32” sleeve for your .85mm thru 1.05mm leader. The 17-B4B will not handle the A2; it works for the 1/32” and 3/64” sleeves. I have both available if you can’t find one.
  255. ifish42na

    loop to loop

    Double loop to loop is all you need; no benefit to anything more. Worked just fine on a 445lb yellowfin; I made that connection for JP.
  256. ifish42na

    Let the Listing Begin

    They are heavy. I am coming from the wrong coast - What to do!!! UPS!
  257. ifish42na

    have you tried trolling Yummy Birds/flying fish?

    Yes they have. On one trip every angler except two had cows. Shawn put up two kites and slow trolled a yummee under each kite for those two and both hooked up. Of course Jason Fleck is the master of helium balloon fishing and he’s hooked and handed a lot of cows on the yummee and I believe one...
  258. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    The Fucking Professor know it all - is classic. I cant thank you enough for that. Change your screen name to JohnTFP!
  259. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    PS: John TFT filled the 16VISX with ProSpec Hollow 80: 950 yards. Holy shit, so many made in USA options.
  260. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    So Charkbait got 400 yards of their Chinese TT 100lb hollow line on one 16VISX and Joe's local tackle shop right up the road a bit got 600 yards of made in USA 100lb hollow line on his 16VISX. The very same reel! Nice independent confirmation of my calibrated line counter, thank you Joe. Now...
  261. ifish42na

    Mak30 Line and 130lb. Spectra

    That's 1000 yards of 100lb hollow or 625 yards 130lb. I've also step-spliced 500Y 100lb plus 350Y 130lb on the Mac 30 for a total of 850Y. Straight Seaguar Threadlock 130lb = 750Y.
  262. ifish42na

    200# Bigeye Caught on a 20VISX

    Great catch by Deane on the Canyon Runner. 200lb bigeye are mean and pull hard. I've caught 200lb yellowfin and 200lb bigeye, standup, on the anchor, and the nod goes to the bigeye in my opinion. Plus it's highly prized on the table.
  263. ifish42na

    Searcher Gets a Cow at the Lupe

    And 130lb test leaders :)
  264. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    No transposing Chris. Tuf-Line 80lb 16-strand vs 100lb 12-strand: 100lb is thinner, the better choice for just about every reel where capacity is the main criteria.
  265. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Have not seen a 16VISX yet. On the Mak16SEa: 625 yards 100lb or 550 yards 80lb.
  266. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I like Tuf-Line XP and Yo-Zuri. Give JohnTFT a call on the Pro-Spec, I don’t have much experience with it.
  267. ifish42na

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    625 yards of 100lb industry standard made in USA hollow spectra fills that reel all day long. TT 100lb is the wrong line for that reel (and just about every reel for that matter), fishing on the west coast, unless of course you're giving it away for free in which case it's a great choice.
  268. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    Koen Norton today at PEI.
  269. ifish42na

    RP knot failure

    You’re old, your eyesight must be failing.
  270. ifish42na


    perhaps you have a magical method of spooling line that us west coasters have not discovered? Yes I do, that's why I've spooled hundreds of reels from west coast customers who have for years shipped them across country to have me spool them, instead of your legit tackle dealer who was no where...
  271. ifish42na


    Anyone who foolishly cites reel capacity specs by Penn, Avet, or just about anyone else simply has no real world experience in the tackle "biz". All their numbers are notoriously wrong, as evidenced by the hundreds of reels recorded in my capacity database.
  272. ifish42na

    RP knot failure

    A $35 tool to help tie the nastiest looking knot ever seen. No thanks, I'll keep my splices and hollowcore and catch just as many fish as the solid braid pundits.
  273. ifish42na

    RP getting them at the Lupe..

    80-100lb is what I'm hearing.
  274. ifish42na


    Send me a set of reels! JohnTFT has the inside track on this right now. I'm sure he will be a go-to source for anyone interested in adding these new reels to their arsenal.
  275. ifish42na


    Yeah I thought so. Leave me out of your rambling thoughts. If I want to speak up I will.
  276. ifish42na


    Steve, please post a translation of your comments in a complete sentence and plain English. What points are you trying to make here?
  277. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    Hey Andy thanks for your uninformed comment. Get your ass to PEI.
  278. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    Old school for these fish is the only school cause there's a graveyard of new school gear up on PEI. Fish the rail? Don't bother making the trip. Penn 80ST by Cal, yep. Bent butt 39's and 45's? Stand up and bring it on. Our first trip up to PEI was 7 years ago and it's a fishing experience like...
  279. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    Jim Carlisle was fortunate to capture this beautiful 725# bluefin tuna today at Prince Edward Island with Tightline Tours. Measured 103"x74". Thanks Greg Norton and Chance Norton for another fine fishing adventure. — at Tignish, PEI.
  280. ifish42na

    PEI Today

  281. ifish42na

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    I eat fish almost every day. I used to eat fish every day as well, all caught long-range out of San Diego on 16-day trips and packed out of the RSW tanks. Then last year I had my blood mercury levels tested. You should do the same.
  282. ifish42na

    Blue hollow spectra/braid

    Why don't you just buy metered colored spectra? Looks like he did, then cut it all up! Here's how it works: Indicator hollow is metered with three permanent color changes, each 10-feet long, rather than the traditional 10-yards. This allows the angler much more precise depth control for...
  283. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Chart for correlating Nicopress sleeves with many common fluoro leader materials.
  284. ifish42na

    Custom hooks CTR

    These rigs were originally designed to be used when fishing big baits such as skipjack, bullet tuna, rainbow runners, etc. It's easier to pin the small hook on the big bait, and less trauma than a big old 12/0 j-hook. They work pretty well for those baits. I don't think I've ever seen anyone use...
  285. ifish42na

    Best phone app for texting from out to sea

    Voxer, FB messenger and iMessage
  286. ifish42na

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    If you're using 130lb Tuf-Line hollow, working backwards from there gives you several choices. Avet 50W, Makaira 50W, and I'm guessing the Penn 50VISW. I don't know about the Tiburon. The Duel 6/WS also fits your capacity criteria as well as the Alutecnos 50W/2S.
  287. ifish42na

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    I think TFT's recommending that for Intruders and Marauders. The best wahoo bomb angler I ever saw rigs his Jimmy's with 130lb Seaguar Premier. Efrain Gutierrez has it down.
  288. ifish42na

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    Fluoro isn't a requirement for big baits, if they're biting the skipjack 200lb mono works great. That's what JP used on his 445.
  289. ifish42na

    Flourocarbon for YFT at Guadalupe

    Putting sponsorships aside it helps to be objective when giving advice here. Yes it does. I'm not talking about brands here or brand loyalty. I'm offering first hand experience with fluoro color. This discussion is about clear vs pink and I've seen pink beat everything else many times. So the...
  290. ifish42na

    Flourocarbon for YFT at Guadalupe

    I'm not convinced that the pink fluro is better than the regular clear that we have all been using for many years. I am. I've seen it out-hook everything else first hand, many times. First time was in 2005 or 2006 on XL, a 16-day at the lower banks. Kim and Roland were on fire using Yo-Zuri...
  291. ifish42na


    Sorry to hear you guys had to return to the dock. Hope you can get out again; cancelled trips really hurt especially for those who book from out of town.
  292. ifish42na

    Map of typical long range destinations?

    You want British Admiralty Nautical Chart 4802 United States and Mexico
  293. ifish42na

    Excel on Wahoo and Tuna in the lower zone

    James Harden, what a stud! Forever young. Harden plays for the Rockets; Hassen fishes on EXCEL.
  294. ifish42na

    NEW Penn 50 VISX

    Some nice changes... Penn Reels New International 50VISX
  295. ifish42na

    Favorite Hook Knot

    Spangler knot.
  296. ifish42na

    excel reports?

    You can see all the reports on their Facebook page. That's where you get the most up to date info, most of the time same day.
  297. ifish42na

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    15% for the crew. Then I go over to the processor's facility and tip the guys there as well. They process my fish right away since I'm from out of town and fly home with my fish the same morning we get in, so I appreciate them moving me to the top of the list.
  298. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Ascension Island runway resurfacing project may not be complete until 2020, according to a report I read today from a Captain on the island. No travel in or out.
  299. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    NOTICE We will keep all up to date as and when we receive further info As you may be aware, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are temporarily re-routing the South Atlantic Airbridge via an alternative location and have decided to suspend operations to Ascension Island for the landing of the...
  300. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Was not me in the video but if I had to guess I'd say at least 30lb of drag. It's not just about numbers on these fish especially when you are moving on a boat with no rail. I hooked one of these freight train Ascension monster tuna on a 50T long range special and have a bent hook to show for it.
  301. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    New travel restrictions to ASCENSION for now.
  302. ifish42na

    Lengths of fluorocarbon topshots

    Some potential issues will be: 1. 25-foot coils of lighter test fluoro are flimsy and frustrating for anglers to handle without tangles. The heavier tests are somewhat easier, but not ideal. 2. If anglers are tensioning line properly prior to a serve, the coil is in the way and will have to be...
  303. ifish42na

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Had my new Makaira 16SEa spooled at the L.B.Fred with Izorline. OK and who braids for Izorline? Is it really made with Honeywell spectra fiber?
  304. ifish42na

    LR Giant YFT videos

    28 seconds from hookup to fish in the boat. Gives new meaning to the term kamikaze. The guy in the red shirt is Noddy, a local legend who passed away a few years ago.
  305. ifish42na

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Jamie, you get the Humor of the Day award.
  306. ifish42na

    What a bad wind on looks like...

    Seaguar discontinued them years ago due to the failures; if you still see them on a tackle shop shelf or eBay, they are very old. Cut the fluoro out and use it for something else.
  307. ifish42na

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    Agreed, the Braid is not adjustable. On the LocoLoc, you can adjust the ratchet to release where you want it to. Here are the instructions:
  308. ifish42na

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    Stainless is a good idea but the ratchet is a gimmick. Not true. The ratchet stops compression at a user-adjustable preset. It's the same idea as an adjustable bench crimper or adjustable Nicopress hand crimper. Using the 3/64" dual oval copper Nicopress sleeves, we know from repeated pulls on...
  309. ifish42na

    PV Info

    Very poor right now.
  310. ifish42na

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    The Braid tool is out of production. If you're looking for a ratcheting, adjustable tool that will crimp sleeves 1/32", 3/64", 1/16" and 3/32", the LocoLoc 1-3-SBHS is an alternative. Not stainless though... This is a (4) cavity tool, swaging sleeve sizes 1/32", 3/64"and 1/16"copper and...
  311. ifish42na

    Braid, what are the differences.

    This person has done braid testing for me. Independent and objective.
  312. ifish42na

    Kite Reel. 50 or bigger?

    Threadlock is thinner than other 130lb "spectra" lines by 20%. It breaks at 152lb. The color doesn't come off or clog the line, it's on my reels.
  313. ifish42na

    Kite Reel. 50 or bigger?

    Easily done on the 50W using Seaguar Threadlock 130lb, the number is 1100. I've been using that same line on my Cal 50VSX (narrow) Cow Special...750 yards.
  314. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Fish was 280lb
  315. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Both times I went it was spectacular. Here are some links; have a look. Wait for the turtles at the end...
  316. ifish42na

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Kil I would stay at Brize Norton area on the way to Ascension instead of London; your layover is less than 24 hours A good place to stay is The Vines at Brize Norton, just minutes from the RAF base and good rooms, 2 or 3 pubs within walking distance...
  317. ifish42na

    Constitution reports a 413# Ultra cow

    JOhn Petruescu (sp?) got a 445 lb'er, but was not a non IGF recognized record, do to being helped by a deck hand maneuver around the anchor. That, plus 130lb spectra that would not qualify plus gaffs over 8 feet. But who cares, an awesome fish.
  318. ifish42na

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    Here's the new Penn in action up in PEI.
  319. ifish42na

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    6 long trips on each reel and plenty of fish caught. Not one problem. I take the line off each year and the spools look brand new. BTW, this thread is 6 years old. I have two of these reels for sale, serious inquiries via PM only.
  320. ifish42na

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Not a chance, they'll be prepping for their sentencing on Monday. Christopher Switzer, 39, and Mark Gillette, 37, each face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when they are sentenced March 6 in U.S. District Court.
  321. ifish42na

    LOOP TO LOOP with SOID 100LB Spectra

    Johnnie, This video is incorrect for use with hollow Spectra.. Thank you Jamie. If you navigate to the original video you'll see my comment on this, 6 years ago.
  322. ifish42na

    Izorline Fluorocarbon?

    Not everyone was using it, that's the point. 2 or 3 anglers using it are hooking up consistently and you start to notice. I've seen it many times on my trips on the XL.
  323. ifish42na

    Izorline Fluorocarbon?

    On the pink Rodless! Need more proof? :D
  324. ifish42na

    Izorline Fluorocarbon?

    I've seen Ken's, he does a good job. Some customers sent me Izorline fluoro a few years ago, heavy stiff stuff and if that's what you like it will do the job. Similar to Blackwater and Makai. What I can tell you from first hand experience on the XL trip to HB I just returned from: Yo-Zuri pink...
  325. ifish42na

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    OOKKKKKKK, I don't see any teeth marks:-)
  326. ifish42na

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Jerry was kind enough to send me one of his new Intruder Lures, purple color, for my recent XL trip. First time in the water I hooked up a fish that screamed off over 250 yards on a 30W. Unfortunately all I got back was the lure hooked into a wahoo head, totally eaten by sharks.
  327. ifish42na

    Big Fish Transport A+

    Big Fish Transport: Mike Morris did a great job picking up and delivering me and my gear to where it had to go. I would recommend his services without hesitation. or call/text: 760-805-0824 Basil
  328. ifish42na

    Trokar hooks on big tuna?

    Don't go to strike when you get bit. Slide up 1/4 of the way, 8lb or so of drag so you give the hook a chance to slide to the corner of the fish's mouth and do its job. That's almost a direct quote from his seminar. Same is true for the kite.
  329. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Sorry, yes I meant the JRI 8. This was an unsolicited donation from JRI, and much appreciated from the anglers here on XL who are catching fish using them.
  330. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    BIG Thank You to Jerry and John at JRI for their generous donations to this trip. We appreciate the new Intruder as well as the PL68's and wahoo bombs. They have gone to good use!
  331. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Pete is hooked up right now on the PL68. Update: Pete's fish is on the deck.
  332. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Strange day today, 7 wahoo and 7 tuna I think, some dorado. No sign of skipjack for a few days. I heard the AA had a couple nice ones.
  333. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Almost 40 tuna yesterday including several in the 180 and 190 class, largest of the day for Andy Marcum weighing in at 199.8, on a balloon. 5/0 Trokars or 6/0 EC2004 is the perfect hook for the size sardines we have. Nothing on the chunk yet. Heartbreak story of the day: The kite was working...
  334. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Disappointing yes, end of the world? Hardly. This angler took it well, went back and re-rigged. His time will come again, and he'll be wiser for it.
  335. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Steady fishing the last 2 days on 80-150lb fish, most on 80lb or 100lb. Balloons worked well as did the kite and fly lined sardines. Sharks became a nuisance later in the day so the crew backed off the chunk line. One angler fought his kite fish for 2.5 hours and then had a heartbreaker as...
  336. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Steady action all day on the tuna with a 218 onboard for Bob Motheral, and many in the 60-150 range, plus 20 or so wahoo without a very long effort. The sharks moved late afternoon and I caught 3 sharks in a row on chunks. I landed 4 tuna earlier on sardines and 100lb Yo-Zuri pink fluorocarbon...
  337. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Went through 12 hours of rain but this morning it's looking clear and we have sunshine on the horizon. We'll be fishing tomorrow. All is well on the XL.
  338. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Try JohnTFT or Fisherman's Landing.
  339. ifish42na

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Underway today with 19 anglers in good weather and a great vibe. News of the day is the live bait we took on was beautiful, nice large sardines and some mackerel mixed in. Also have plenty of chunk bait pre-cut, more than I've ever seen, ready to go. Will report more as we know it.
  340. ifish42na

    Big Fish Transport

  341. ifish42na

    Suffix Superior 60lb

    It's a hard mono, similar to Izorline in feel and diameter. Popular in the mid-Atlantic and Gulf Coast states, for trolling as well as tournament fishing.
  342. ifish42na

    Avet Reels Vs Giant Bluefin Tuna

    80 narrow is the ideal reel for standup giant fishing, I've tried the 50TRX and it worked, but the 80 is clearly superior. 200lb hollow spectra and a 100-foot 200lb topshot, strap on your harness and you're set. No rails to rely on in PEI.
  343. ifish42na

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Fair enough. But who goes on a big tuna long range trip with just one rig? As this thread clearly shows, anglers carry multiple 100lb and 130lb outfits just for the very reason they can get back in the water right away if need be and re-rig later. It sounds as if the 3 different people you cite...
  344. ifish42na

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I see guys using loop to loop wind-on topshots taking 15-20 minutes putting a new loop on, then winding on before they are back in the water while 5 guys are hanging fish. Have to call BS on this one Dave, with all due respect. Unless you get cut off, it's almost never necessary to re-splice an...
  345. ifish42na

    New Closures...??? France establishes a marine reserve around Clipperton; this posted on the Nat Geo FB page:
  346. ifish42na

    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    How many 300's for Ben Kita now?
  347. ifish42na

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    That's not the scenario Nick. A private angler brings one on a LR boat and loses it. Game over, the LR boat isn't going to haul and run over to retrieve it. Private boat, do what you want.
  348. ifish42na

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    A LR boat is anchored up at the Bank, everyone is catching on one of those great afternoon mad dog bites. Someone launches a drone to get a bait out further than anyone else, even the balloon anglers. The bait is released and a gust of wind suddenly takes out the drone, the pilot loses contact...
  349. ifish42na

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    The Intruder worked pretty well at Alijos this past Sunday for a fellow long-ranger: Arrived at Alijos at 0715 in gray, overcast, and sloppy weather with 15-18 knots. We put about 18 wahoo on the boat before departing at 0945. Decent sign of wahoo around, but sloppy weather didn't help the...
  350. ifish42na

    Latest Line Test Results

    Latest line test results submitted by a customer. The Yo-Zuri test used their new Top-Knot fluoro line, NOT the HD fluoro line. Test results produced by IGFA.
  351. ifish42na

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    I think you'll be happy with the new ownership, wait for the announcement.
  352. ifish42na

    18" Marauder Like Lure-Your Experience?

    Call JohnTFT, I saw this lure destroy the wahoo on our last trip.
  353. ifish42na

    Veterans Day

  354. ifish42na

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    A $250 trip insurance policy from Bob Dawson doesn't seem like a bad idea, covers ALL your trips in the year. 3 or 4 boats had trip cancellations due to mechanical problems in the last year, one boat more than once. Have a listen to Bob on LTHU...
  355. ifish42na

    Red Rooster III in PV

    I've been to PV many times. If I go again, it'll be on the Journeyman.
  356. ifish42na

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    Diver got out with a camera, would love to see the video. Glad he made it.
  357. ifish42na

    Accurate ATD 12, Mod or Not

    Same exact original hollow line, no difference.
  358. ifish42na

    Accurate ATD 12, Mod or Not

    Yes, I do, and have it back in stock. There was a production shortage due to technical reasons for some time but that's over. The diameter is the same as original and the ABS should be just under 130lb, though I have not seen the break tests yet. Capacities have not changed; your ATD12 should...
  359. ifish42na

    Recipes for long range Species

    Check out Jan Howard's cookbook, search the fish recipes. It's a great reference to bookmark.
  360. ifish42na

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    Yes there is. That's the classic trade off. Get bit on the heaviest line you can get the bite. You might choose a different brand of fluoro that's much harder, more diameter and has better abrasion but may not get bit well in some conditions. I'm liking Premier 150lb on the chunk right now...
  361. ifish42na

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    Extrusion of the raw resins, yes. But the line itself is drawn to diameter, not pushed through extrusion dies like cheap Taiwanese mono. From the Kureha website: The manufacturing concept for Seaguar is "integrated process." The Kureha...
  362. ifish42na

    Anybody use Tuf line braid?

    I spliced it into the 130 lb on my reel and then spliced a short piece of 130 lb JB Hollow onto that to make connections. That's three points of potential failure, and sure enough, it failed! A familiar statement is "I'm going to fish solid 'cause it gets bit better". A#1 biggest fallacy...
  363. ifish42na

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    Premier diameters are right on their stated sizes; I have found very little variation using my caliper. Interesting that 130lb and 150lb over test by quite a bit compared to 100lb. Knot strength tests have too many variables so your on your own with that. The tests available here are straight...
  364. ifish42na

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    It's done with a tensile testing machine like this one:
  365. ifish42na

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    A dedicated customer sent in some samples to IGFA for testing on their certified equipment. Here are the results:
  366. ifish42na

    PEI 2016 Video

    A few fish on the meter! At North Cape, PEI with Greg Norton on TightLine Tours. Feeding Giants! At North Cape, PEI with Greg Norton on TightLine Tours.
  367. ifish42na

    PEI 2016 Video

    One morning, Captain Greg Norton's son Spencer was having no luck hooking up for his charter, while we had fish going under our boat. So Spencer sailed over for a little help from Dad.
  368. ifish42na

    PEI 2016 Video

    Here's a 10 minute unedited clip I shot a few mornings ago in PEI. You'll see that sometimes the hookups are not so easy, and you'll get a sense of what it's like to be part of this fishery in prime time, when the herring and mackerel are thick, and the giant bluefin are feeding recklessly. I...
  369. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    Check bhptackle on Instagram for some video as well.
  370. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    Like BHP Tackle on Facebook for some pictures and video! Big tough fish, we broke 2 rods today. A Baja Boomer and a Calstar 46XH, both with the fish close to the boat. 800 pounders, that last 50 feet you are in no-mans land fighting these giants. Tomorrow is another day while we regroup and rerig.
  371. ifish42na

    PEI Today

    PEI Today Wide open fishing on bluefin to 850lb, released our limit and back at the dock at 1PM...caught on live mackerel and herring, we were hand feeding them behind the boat and took only minutes to locate the fish once we got to the area. A great day with great weather.
  372. ifish42na

    any bluefin yet in pei?

    Limit fishing today on 800's, back at the dock for lunch on a bluebird day in PEI.
  373. ifish42na

    How full with spectra?

    Fill it up. The first good fish will pack it down more than anyone dares using a linewinder.
  374. ifish42na

    any bluefin yet in pei?

    Yes, many fish released already, I'll be up there Labor Day week.
  375. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Check post #67 in this thread. Have a look on Amazon or eBay for the caliper.
  376. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    For those of you that have purchased the Nicopress 33V-CGB4: Be aware that the stock tool from the factory is not adjusted for nylon or fluorocarbon fishing line. It's adjusted for cable; using it without adjustment, or relying on the go/no-go gauge will result in crushing the line. I'm...
  377. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    A customer just sent me this picture and comment: "Fought a 371 blue marlin on the Yozuri 130 with your crimp (Nicopress B1, 1/32" black nickel) for close to 4 hours and landed him. I'm sold on this leader for sure" He used a Nicopress 17-B4B hand tool, no chafe gear to the hook.
  378. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Another tool to consider is a digital caliper such as the Mitutoyo 500-196-30. You can measure your line diameters, crimp gauge, etc. A must have for the serious rigging enthusiast.
  379. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Buy the right tool the first time and you never have to buy one again. If you look at the first post in this thread, I started out in 1988 looking for the very best crimping tool I could buy, money was not a consideration. I got the right advice, bought Nicopress, and since then I've never...
  380. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Izorline is .90mm; Momoi Hi-Catch is .85mm. I like to tie knots in 80lb...
  381. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    17B4B only.
  382. ifish42na

    LTHU Sunday

    Anyone interested in the topic of fishing trip insurance should tune in to Let's Talk Hookup tomorrow, Sunday. The guest is Bob Dawson, a long range veteran and an expert in this field.
  383. ifish42na

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    Didn't we weigh a 302 for you in PV one year? Lifted it up on Stan's boat...
  384. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Here's a nice New England bluefin! 92", 453lb BFT dressed. Rod: Madd Mantis #8 two piece 7' rod Lure: Madd Mantis A-12 Glider color green mack Reel: Daiwa Dogfight 7000 Line: Power Pro Hollow Ace 100lb Fight Time: 20 minutes
  385. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Towns like Plymouth and Gloucester have plenty of fish processors but have a serious look at the cost of bringing it home. How much fish do you want to bring on the plane?
  386. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  387. ifish42na

  388. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Kil, you fished with Tim on this trip. It was a good one!
  389. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  390. ifish42na

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    Lucky? These guys are good. They also had 2 bigeyes, 2 500-lb class blue marlin releases and a bunch of small yellowfin. One of the premier New England charter boats.
  391. ifish42na

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    2lb off the world record. Veatch Canyon...
  392. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    Congrats to my EC friends on their great trip to Ascension!
  393. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    I've got the dates on hold now!
  394. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    This one caught on a popper and a Stella! The run to the fishing grounds is about 15 minutes.
  395. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  396. ifish42na

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    Correct. In all parts of the world (except CA), the term topshot means a length of line 50-feet or greater. Standard 25-foot leaders are termed wind-ons or wind-on leaders. Regarding leader length, the 15-foot rule applies only for line class records up to 20lb test: Saltwater species: In all...
  397. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    I caught 4 for 5 wahoo in a row one day at Alijos, no problem. Held my Black Hole Cow Special rod high and went right over the top of all the other conventionals in the mix. Only problem I had was the Ron Z's got destroyed on each fish, but it was spectacular fishing. No tuna for me...
  398. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    OMG!!! Is that Brandon Wilske up on the bow, spinner in hand, getting around the anchor? No one told him deck hands don't do that! The horror!
  399. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Sure looks like a LR boat, eh?
  400. ifish42na

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Sure is justification...I was on that trip too (I'm in the background at the end).. Kil had no problem getting around everyone at the rail either. He was fishing spinning gear on a long range boat surrounded by numerous other anglers! You wanted video, well here it is! Imagine that!
  401. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    A few of our Long Range brothers are there now; looking forward to their report...
  402. ifish42na

    Crew treats?

    Socks, cookies and coffee makers don't pay the bills. If you don't come prepared to tip at least 15%, stay home. I've seen bounced checks, no checks, an iPod offered in lieu of a proper tip. All the other stuff is BD BS. Make no mistake, dollars are feeding hungry kids and wives waiting for Dad...
  403. ifish42na

    Van Staal VM275 Spinning Reel???

    I would look at the Saragosa 10000 over the VS. As far as spinners go, the 14K is not "giant" by any means. I bring a Dogfight 6500 on my trieps and it's great for wahoo and tuna under 100lb.
  404. ifish42na

    Catching cows from the skiff

    There's an Inside Sportfishing video titled "Big Boat Big Fish", get a copy. It is, by far, the best look at catching a cow from the skiff, with cameras right along for the ride.
  405. ifish42na

    New to crimping

    Nicopress B4 3/64"
  406. ifish42na

    Hollow to flouro connection

    My associate has been making these needle quivers (she uses a lot of needles). It stands on its own, then folds up into a flat wallet that seals closed with the velcro strips you see on the bottom. It works similar to an iPad case. It's great to be able to see all your needles organized, and...
  407. ifish42na

    Hollow to flouro connection

    FYI most of the data on Paulus' website is at least 2 years old, in many cases 5 years old. Braid changes, hollow as well as solid, from a variety of manufacturers or distributors, and for a variety of reasons. Citing outdated test results or reposting "facts" you've read on the internet about...
  408. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  409. ifish42na

    Hollow to flouro connection

    Even so, I will go shorter than Fishy apparently does on a cow trip---as short as 6 or 7'---if all I have caught are small clunkers. Problem with that approach is, the next bite might be a 400lb'er but you'll never know because it broke off. I tried getting 7 fish off of one leader once. I...
  410. ifish42na

    To Add or Not To Add More Spectra???

    I'm using similar drag on feeder spools when running my HD140 on big reels. Any more and you risk damage to the reel internals. You are right about fighting a fish under considerably more tension, that's why the line packs down more than you can get on the linewinder. Even those with hydraulic...
  411. ifish42na

    To Add or Not To Add More Spectra???

    If it's full and packed real tight and then you wind in after a long soak where will all the line go? It goes back on the reel. Even on the long soak, where you may have 200 yards out. It's never an issue.
  412. ifish42na

    Thank you John, Basil and Mark

    You're welcome Bill, I appreciate your posts as well. If you ever make it to NYC I'll buy you a beer.
  413. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  414. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  415. ifish42na

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    Blue Label formula, Premier diameter.
  416. ifish42na

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    All my current 100lb inventory mics out to .98mm, exactly where it should be.
  417. ifish42na

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    As you may know, Yo-Zuri 130lb fluorocarbon has been incorrectly listed as 1.225mm for some time. Yo-Zuri has corrected the published diameter to 1.08mm. Make sure your crimp selection is correct!
  418. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  419. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  420. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  421. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  422. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    Travel time is considerably less than a 16-day LR trip. If you're comparing cost to a limited load trip, the expense is no different. And yes, the fishing can be spectacular. There is every fish under the sun in Ascension, hands down as close as you can get to a Jurassic Park of the ocean...
  423. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming
  424. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    When I was in Ascension July 2014, there was a UK research and biology team there studying the fishery. My understanding was they were focussed on insuring that no commercial fishing, i.e. longlining would be allowed access to the reserve. As far as recreational, there is only one (1) charter...
  425. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

  426. ifish42na

    Ascension Dreaming

    Excellent spearfishing video made in Ascension; have a look at the sheer numbers of fish and wait for the turtles at the end.
  427. ifish42na

    tale of three lost fish at Hurricane

    Good to see you in the game Jim!
  428. ifish42na

    2 Super Cows on EXCEL today...

    Bob and his 351: First time long range angler, used the boat gear. I hear he was on fire the whole trip...very happy for him and James! It was a tough trip overall but Captain Mike Ramirez has to be happy putting up 2 super cows this morning.
  429. ifish42na

    Bait on long range

    On my last trip, the tubes were so thick on the surface, right under the bow. If someone had a cast net we could have caught all we needed in 2 or 3 throws. Yes, it came up, we talked about it but no one had one.
  430. ifish42na

    2 Super Cows on EXCEL today...

    A 330 (that's James Hassen's third 300) and a 351!
  431. ifish42na

    Heavy Mono/Fluro to Mono/Fluro Connection

    You've got hollow main line, you can splice all of these sizes and avoid knots. Well worth it.
  432. ifish42na


    Great fish! He caught it on a chunk, imagine that!
  433. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Captain Justin Fleck directed the deck crew to attend the chunk line, and that's what they did. Their diligence produced these fish for skillful anglers willing to stick with it in the chunk line.
  434. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    And a 224lb trophy YFT for angler Tim Cutt, seizing the opportunity to hook one on a hot chunk bite at the Big C. Way to go Tim!
  435. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    238lb YFT on the chunk for Rick Iwatsubo. Rick picked this one out of the chunk line at 10:30AM, one of 2 big ones on the chunk that morning. Great fish for an outstanding angler, happy to have shared the rail with Rick on EXCEL at Clarion Island.
  436. ifish42na

    How I Plan to Rig and Fish...

    The chunk produced 2 cows so far this morning and we still have the rest of the day as well as tomorrow until 1PM so have a dedicated chunk outfit ready to go. Also I have seen the escape proof snap swivels fail and you don't need a snap anyway so leave them home and use a standard BB swivel...
  437. ifish42na

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    Looking at the 30W specs, it appears that: 100 lb spectra gets you ~1000yds 130lb spectra gets you ~700 yds These numbers are incorrect. The real numbers are 800 yards 100lb hollow spectra or 550 yards 130lb hollow, using line like Tuf-line or JB. You should be using 100lb on this reel.
  438. ifish42na

    Tuna Spikes

    I won a spike tonight and they're great!
  439. ifish42na

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    Jamie, I've never been to Bob Sands Tackle, but look forward to the day I can walk through the door and meet everyone. I'm flying out to OC tomorrow, but my itinerary takes me south. One day I will stop in; I can already tell what kind of customer service I can expect. Basil
  440. ifish42na

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    Some good points Doug. However, I would caution anyone against letting all the line out behind the boat to re-pack. It's a tremendous amount of drag at 10-12 knots, most would have a very difficult time winding it all in without asking the captain to slow down (myself included). Better to ask a...
  441. ifish42na

    Interesting choice for a combo...

    I fished once with Al Merrick, great guy to be around and he put a 304 on the deck that trip. I couldn't tell you what gear he was using, I don't think it really matters much. He's an excellent angler and I was happy he got that fish. There was another fish caught on that same trip; it was 141...
  442. ifish42na

    Crimping Not2Kinky

    This has been previously explained in another thread.
  443. ifish42na

    80 or 100 spectra for 80lb. flouro

    I swapped out my jb130 for tt100 based on Steve and Basil's advice. Who knows what Steve said, but I can assure you I did not recommend TT braid for any use whatsoever.
  444. ifish42na

    What am I doing wrong

    First, according to Jerry Brown, who tends to investigate these things thoroughly, Cortland hollow braid is not 100% polyester or Spectra©. It is a hybrid of some proportion of polyester and dacron and larger diameter than 100% polyester of similar breaking strength. Jerry Brown is referring to...
  445. ifish42na

    Spinner for cow Tuna

    Sami was fishing Outer Banks, NC. Water depth could have been 300 feet...
  446. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Yes, tight like a knot with no slack, or loop, that can elongate over time and pressure, then snap. I've had it happen under heavy pressure on a fish straight up and down. I use dual oval copper Nicopress sleeves. Imagine that loop with chafe gear getting pulled vertically under constant...
  447. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Traditional use of chafe gear means creating a small loop with your leader around the hook eye, passing the chafe gear over, and crimp. That small loop will elongate under pressure and could eventually wear through, breaking the leader inside. Known as a crotch break, you get back your crimp and...
  448. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Here's a message I received recently regarding my reply above to Long Range chunk fishing: Hey Basil, you realize I'm talking about west coast long range fishing..You must be fishing a different Clarion Island and Hurricane Bank than I have for the last 25 years..I have not seen a single chunk...
  449. ifish42na

    Yellowfin topwater strike at Clarion

  450. ifish42na

    First trip + swordfishing?

    THAT is a good one!
  451. ifish42na

    Bhp tackle Makaira's

    I personally have not seized a Makaira; I know it has happened but I would not characterize it as "not uncommon with Makaira's", because it doesn't happen all that often! We see one or two references on the internet about it and all of a sudden it becomes gospel, but that's just not the case.
  452. ifish42na

    Which setup makes the most sense?

    There's a 200-yard difference in capacity of the Makaira 20 over the 16. Not insignificant.
  453. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Think about your last dozen long trips.. how many fish were caught on chunks ? A lot, and some really big ones. The key is, you need a boat and crew with the mindset to support a chunk line 24/7. If you just randomly throw a chunk into the water with no consistent chunk line, you will have poor...
  454. ifish42na

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    IMO a worked Penn by Sheets is the best reel money can buy. +2
  455. ifish42na

    First trip + swordfishing?

    Do your thing and make a report. They'll all be in behind you when you land one.
  456. ifish42na

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Mike is one of a kind.
  457. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Just so everyone knows, Jeff's reply is completely off base. You will catch fish on the chunk, I have caught big fish on the chunk, if you're on a boat that knows how, and sets up for, the chunk. Throwing a pail of chunks off the bow, well don't bother.
  458. ifish42na

    First trip + swordfishing?

    No one ever fishes for them, but they've got to be there. Plenty of stories of boats running across them on the surface, mostly coastline Baja while traveling, and trying to pitch baits to them, once in a while with a hookup. But that's not the way to target swordfish. Squid deep on the anchor...
  459. ifish42na

    Excel Ultra Limited II

    I wish I was going, except I would have nowhere to put my rods since I hear you are no longer "rodless"!!! Have a great trip Jim!
  460. ifish42na

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    I like 100-feet 130lb mono topshot, crimped tight to a BB swivel, then 6-feet of heavy fluoro pulled tight and crimped to the hook. No ring, no chafe gear on the hook.
  461. ifish42na

    Good Problem

    My opinion, 600 yards is the minimum on a reel fishing for big tuna. I saw a fish take all 450 yards of 130lb line off a Tiagra 30W once; happened so fast the backup couldn't get hooked up in time. The other critical thing to consider on David's reel above: Say he's got a bait out 100 yards, or...
  462. ifish42na


    To me it looks like the ring came apart at the weld; the remaining metal looks continuous. Also worth noting, Seaguar Premier breaks very close to its rating. This ring pulled apart at less than 130lb of pressure . Not good.
  463. ifish42na

    Toro tamer braid

    Get in touch with Triangle; I think you can send in your counter assembly for the upgrade. Might want to change the batteries and have them check the magnets too. Well worth it.
  464. ifish42na

    Toro tamer braid

    Triangle HD's - consistently under counting line by 5-10%. My HD140 has the upgraded parts on the line counter: triple rubber contact o-rings around the wheel, and the heavy-duty spring arm tension. I ran down a 3100 yard labeled spool of line and my counter said 3067 yards. That's a difference...
  465. ifish42na

    Power pro vs Jerry Brown vs Cortland hollow core spectra

    Power pro and Cortland make 16 strand and JB is 12 Not exactly. 80lb and 200lb JB are 16-strand. On the Makaira 20, I recommend 100lb hollow, 12-strand. You'll get 800 yards on a full spool, or 750 yards and splice some 130lb on top. Perfect for cow fishing.
  466. ifish42na

    Toro tamer braid

    The number is 850 yards JB 100lb, but if you want to splice 130 on top get 750 yards.
  467. ifish42na

    What is the reason for a 130 topshot

    If you want to pull hard with 30+lb drag on big fish, you want a heavy leader for strength, abrasion resistance, secure connections to your hook, and most importantly, confidence. 1.2mm and above for the heavy gear. Don't focus only on the heavy stuff though, get set up for a stealth rig with...
  468. ifish42na

    GoPro: Advise Me!

    Go Pro records video/audio files to an SD card; you can remove the card and plug it into a card reader and transfer the files to your computer, or plug the entire camera in via USB and transfer the files that way. If you get the head-mount, your video only has the one angle, your POV. Generally...
  469. ifish42na

    Okuma Makairas

    For a kite outfit, would the mak50 do the job or is a 50w preferable Whatever reel you choose, go with a 50W minimum on the kite.
  470. ifish42na

    Need some insight on booking 1st LR trip

    Go for the long trip, get on a 15 day plus. Do your research, reach out to anglers on past trips of your choice, and do it. That's what I did, I made friends for life and learned by fire. Every year I go, there are always a couple of guys on their first trip, and you know what, they do great. So...
  471. ifish42na

    Toro tamer braid

    No matter what braid you choose, they all have some level of THE POSSIBILITY of manufacturing defect. When I load a reel for a customer, I run all the braid through my fingers on the linewinder. If I feel a defect, I stop right there and splice it out. That's what I would do on my own reels and...
  472. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    I'd like to send some samples to test, are you fishing soon? If so, PM. I'll have them on my site soon.
  473. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Here's an option, black nickel plated Nicopress dual oval copper sleeves. Just got them in today from the plater.
  474. ifish42na

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    Right on the money. YZ is the one to note in fluoro, SSU mono also changed their specs downstream. Get some line and put your caliper on it. ±.02mm is totally acceptable.
  475. ifish42na

    Spectra bunching up

    so, just to be clear..... Seaguar premier 130# I want to use 100# JB hollow? What about 135# blackwater floro? Ive been using the 130# JB for years and not had a problem using the SATO crimps..... now I'm nervous. The original poster was not using Sato crimps, he was using a couple of nail...
  476. ifish42na

    Spectra bunching up

    Basil, could you elaborate on this? I have some 130lb premier leaders that I've made with 130 hollow. I've inserted probably 4-5 feet and I've secured them with nail knots. What's the probability of this slipping? The probability of failure is extremely high. I would not put it in the water.
  477. ifish42na

    Wahoo tips/techniques

    Bloody Decks doesn't have sticky posts; it really should for excellent posts like Tim's. I nominate it for a Sticky!
  478. ifish42na

    Spectra bunching up

    Does the use of 16-strand or 100 hollow also apply to double wall construction for when using 130lb Yo-Zuri fluoro? Yes, and remember 100lb JB is not 16-strand.
  479. ifish42na

    Spectra to swivel knot or connection

    Pre-make your double sardine kite rigs with 3-foot legs, crimp them to a 300lb swivel. Have your squid and flyer rigs ready as well, with swivels in place. On the end of your reel, you have connected a 25-foot 200lb mono or fluoro wind-on leader. Crimp the end of the wind-on to whatever rig the...
  480. ifish42na

    Spectra bunching up

    200lb hollow is the appropriate sleeve for 1.2mm Momoi mono. 130lb JB hollow doesn't work, as you found out for that size mono. As for 130lb Yo-Zuri fluoro, the true diameter of that stuff is 1.05mm, not 1.22mm. Same 1.05mm for 130lb Seaguar Premier. Don't make the mistake of using 130lb JB...
  481. ifish42na

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    Make your connection to the hook, attach that to a trolling boot on the rail and pull back under drag. Straightens out the leader and if you really want to make it ready for the water, while stretched, soak a tissue in the bait tank and wipe down the leader. Then wrap up the wind-on in large...
  482. ifish42na

    Okuma Makairas

    My Mak 16 holds well over 700 yds of 80# hollow... What brand 80lb hollow?
  483. ifish42na

    Penn 30SW Cal Sheets

    Thanks for looking, the reel is sold.
  484. ifish42na

    Ascension Island

  485. ifish42na

    Spectra size

    Use 200lb Cortland C16. It will handle 1.45mm to 2.05mm better than anything else. I have some mill ends if you want to try it.
  486. ifish42na

    Spectra size

    What diameter 300lb fluoro?
  487. ifish42na

    BIG Hooks....

    Mustad outsourced their work to China, or are some of the hooks still made here? The originals were all made in Norway, then manufacturing was moved to China. If you look on the side of the box it will say country of origin.
  488. ifish42na

    BIG Hooks....

    Chinese steel = broken hooks.
  489. ifish42na

    Is There a Good Map of LR Fishing Grounds?

    Chart # INT 4802
  490. ifish42na

    First 15 day leaves Oct. 17 ...... Intrepid

    Good luck on your trip David! Okaaayyyy...
  491. ifish42na

    Travel insurance.

    Bob Dawson Dawson & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. Agents and Brokers Insurance Services since 1977, CA License 0540346 Office: (619) 460-5615 FAX: (619) 460-5628 5000 Thorne Drive, Suite A La Mesa, CA 91942 Main website: Travel insurance website...
  492. ifish42na

    Stupid ? About wind on leaders.

    The easiest way to remove is cut off the spliced end loop on your reel, remove the wind-on, and re splice. Picking it apart can be done but has the potential of pulling threads and damaging the integrity of the hollow line if not done carefully. Never do more than a double loop to loop, there is...
  493. ifish42na

    Power Pro Line Capacity Discrepencies

    No to both. Some reel manufacturers don't even own a linewinder; trust me I have received inquiries from several regarding capacities using various popular hollow braids. The bottom line is they rely on capacity calculation formulas which require correct diameter input, which is notoriously...
  494. ifish42na

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    Yes I did. I don't make them any more, just buy them from
  495. ifish42na

    Spooling question for Avet 30 EXW and 50 EXW

    The 16-strand lines are nice but you get less on a given reel than you would with 12-strand of the same test. If you look on Paulus' site, you see next to the hollow line test a 12st or 16st.
  496. ifish42na

    Spooling question for Avet 30 EXW and 50 EXW

    PS. J.B. Hollow is 16 strand! No, it's not 16-strand in 100lb and 130lb. It's 12-strand.
  497. ifish42na

    Spooling question for Avet 30 EXW and 50 EXW

    800 yards 100lb JB hollow will fill the 30W; 850 yards of 130lb JB hollow will fill the 50W.
  498. ifish42na

    Spooling question for Avet 30 EXW and 50 EXW

    Are they wide reels? Consider 130lb on the 50. You'll have quite a bit of line left over in any case.
  499. ifish42na

    Need some help spooling a exw30

    I agree with 100lb hollow line, but if you're using it mainly for trolling a 25-fot wind-on isn't the way to go. I prefer 50 yards minimum, 100 yards is better. In case lines cross, tangle, or someone else hooks up and burns you off, you lose cheap mono, not expensive spectra. Have a couple...
  500. ifish42na

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    One thing to consider. Leave your gear in CA somewhere if you can, at least your tackle box and rods. Move the reels only back and forth. I do this and it saves a lot in cost, time and hassle.
  501. ifish42na

    Trip/Vacation Insurance

    Bob Dawson answers all questions about trip insurance during his appearance on Let's Talk Hookup, July 18th. You can find the replay in iTunes for free. He offers a yearly policy which works best for me, covers all your trips. Have a listen.
  502. ifish42na

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Check out Dennis' view of the endgame...
  503. ifish42na

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Here's one caught 2 days ago on the spear:
  504. ifish42na

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    230lb'er off the rocks:
  505. ifish42na

    Spooling Spectra Melted spool?

    It's definitely not supposed to be that way!! Clearly they don’t have a modern machine that applies pressure to the spool via hydraulic or disc brake. Using a glove on the spool has the potential to transfer tremendous heat to the spectra which could damage or melt it. It sounds as if they...
  506. ifish42na

    Line Spoolers

    You should not be applying significant tension when spooling a mono topshot. It's completely different than braid. If you've got the topshot on a small spool, have someone hold it in hand and wind it on the reel. You only need enough tension to prevent a backlash.
  507. ifish42na

    which spectra??

    The reel will take 700 yards 130lb Seaguar Threadlock; if you're cow fishing this would be a good choice too.
  508. ifish42na

    which spectra??

    800 yards of Tuf-Line Guide's Choice 100lb hollow spectra will fill the reel.
  509. ifish42na

    Hola from the Okuma/Wahoodad/Excel 15 day

    The pictures on FB are great, have a look! That one of Mike and Tim is priceless! OK, who's the tangler? Nice trip you guys!
  510. ifish42na


    Have a look at the Water Wolf underwater videos; any topshot under 12-feet is a bad idea if you're targeting big fish.
  511. ifish42na

    Hand Feeding Largers

    A trip to Ascension is a minimum 9 days, there's only one flight in/out per week, and you have to get there via London, then transfer to an RAF charter flight from Brize Norton. Plan on fishing 5 days if you go. Living there is pretty much out of the question. Unless you have government work...
  512. ifish42na

    Hand Feeding Largers

    Dennis Verreet reported today: "My wife hooked up to a 100 kg + yellowfin tuna on popper! She sadly lost the fish after 3.5 hours. I can´t wait to see you get 1 my love!" IMO this gives new meaning to the world of "stand-up fishing". No rail. Just you, the rocks, and the cliff underneath you.
  513. ifish42na

    Hand Feeding Largers

    Here's some new video on just how Dennis Verreet landed his fish, high up on the rocks in Ascension. "2 massive yellowfin off the rocks on popper. 1 fish was 212 b (94 kg) and the other one 161 lb (73 kg). Both fish were caught on Angel Tackle Poppers. Available at: Global Tackle in Sydney...
  514. ifish42na

    Hand Feeding Largers

    Here's some more:
  515. ifish42na

    Hand Feeding Largers

    I've been there twice; it's a spectacular, pristine, remote place, and the fishing can be fantastic, like nothing you've seen before and not just tuna. Best of all, it starts 100 yards or less off the beach. Ascension is so far from everywhere, there's no longline or commercial pressure, no...
  516. ifish42na

    14+ Day Trip Terminal Tackle

    Here' a chart I've been working on. Always look at diameter, not test, to determine the correct sleeve size.
  517. ifish42na

    14+ Day Trip Terminal Tackle

    Jeff has the lower end of hooks covered well and it's important to have them especially in lean sardine years like now. One takeaway I had from my trip this past February is that our bait fishing for tuna died quickly at HB and was nonexistent at Clarion, they wouldn't bite anything except live...
  518. ifish42na

    FS: Alutecnos 30W 2-speed

    Still available; free USA shipping.
  519. ifish42na

    Internet on LR Boat?

    As usual these threads digress from the original post. The reason bandwidth restrictions happen in the fleet was explained to me by EXCEL crew. All the boats subscribe to the same service. That service speed is tiered, which means that when a subscriber exceeds their data limit within a 24 hour...
  520. ifish42na

    First time long Ranger gets super cow on the RP

    Congratulations Ali! 3 YFT over 200lb, and a 364lb, on your first long trip. Time to hang it up!
  521. ifish42na

    FS: Alutecnos 30W 2-speed

    Reel is still available; free USA shipping.
  522. ifish42na

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    You mean Bill Butler ASC; and he wasn't DP on Tora Tora Tora. Charles Wheeler was, for which he won the Academy Award.
  523. ifish42na

    Threadlock 130lb on a MAK20SEa?

    100lb TL is the choice for that reel, 625 yards. Or 800 of JB 100lb.
  524. ifish42na

    Soda Pop is a Hoot!

    Glad to have him aboard the BHP/Trophy Tackle trip, and happy to make a new fishing friend, David was great to fish with. Thank you Soda Pop!
  525. ifish42na

    Excel Has Easy Limits Of Wahoo at The Rocks

    We had 22 or 23 over 100lb yesterday including a 218 for Glenn Gonzales. The big tuna are spawning and very fussy right now. They wouldn't eat sardines or chunks for the most part. Skipjack or small YFT worked very well early morning. Bait of choice however was live flyer on kite. Captain Justin...
  526. ifish42na

    Honor Beer and flying the kite up top

    Fishing the kite from the upper deck is a bad idea, anglers get hurt, and when they do it affects everyone else on the trip, not to mention the life of the injured angler. Any boat that continues to do it should rethink the practice in light of recent incidents that required an early return to...
  527. ifish42na

    Macaroni Bomb

    Corey Burak caught this beautiful wahoo on a custom Macaroni Bomb, made in Brooklyn NY!
  528. ifish42na

    Roll call..... Excel... 16 day.... Jan. 31

    We have a blizzard going on here in NJ right now; the forecast is for 2 feet of snow! Most of us from the EC are flying Thursday...
  529. ifish42na

    How Many Wind On Leaders

    You're set up well, at least on the heavier gear. My guideline is one leader per fishing day per go-to reel. So 6 fishing days and 3 most used rigs is about where you're positioned. Use the 200lb wind-ons for the kite as well as skipjack. If you feel like you want a few extras stop into...
  530. ifish42na

    FS: Alutecnos 30W 2-speed

    FS: Alutecnos 30W 2-speed. Reel is in mint condition; fully serviced in June 2013 and never used again. Includes 600 yards 80lb JB hollow spectra plus a mono topshot of your choice. Price is $500.00, USA shipping included. Please email with any questions: [email protected]
  531. ifish42na

    Excel Coming in Early on Jan 11th

    Insure your trip. Bob Dawson in Coronado can hook you up. How anyone can question the decision of the Captain in a situation like this is unacceptable. What if the life in the balance was you? 2 days of fishing, or a life saved. I'll vote for the life. The Captain made the right call, thank you.
  532. ifish42na

    Incredible Video from recent American Angler trip-Added Music

    Guess you better replace the music! If someone spent countless painstaking hours creating the video, they surely would have great natural sound to draw from. Far better experience to listen to the nats than some ripped off music IMO.
  533. ifish42na

    FS: 5x Tiagra 50W; 4x Tiagra 30W

    Reels have been sold.
  534. ifish42na

    BHP/Trophy Tackle EXCEL Trip 1/31/2015

    Fly back option, some spots available! Videos from last year's trip, courtesy of Tim C. Smith and
  535. ifish42na

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    What is their contract price for their fuel? That's the key question. How long are those contracts? Did anyone forecast this unexpected drop in fuel prices?
  536. ifish42na

    Happy New Year to all..... 2015

    Happy New Year to all! 31 days and counting...
  537. ifish42na

    Avet 3 speed reels for kite fishing

    130lb Threadlock would be a good choice just in case you end up on the kite with the reel. 850 yards...
  538. ifish42na

    Rod touching the rail

    Just listened the show; Rick, Pete, and Dr. Blum should be commended for laying out the argument for both sides clearly, consicely, with no malice to either side, and presenting a conclusion. The best distillation of the issue is made before and after the caller named Goldie called in. Whether...
  539. ifish42na

    Rod touching the rail

    Every time this comes up for discussion, the thread goes the exact same way. IGFA rules, like laws, exist for a reason. You don't have to agree with it! You have to play THEIR way if you want to qualify. If you want a record, get on a charter boat out of PV, set up your tackle according to...
  540. ifish42na

    Rod touching the rail

    I think it would DQ the catch no matter where the rod touched the rail, according to the IGFA rules: The following acts will disqualify a catch: 3. Resting the rod in a rod holder, on the gunwale of the boat, or any other object while playing the fish. The way the rules are written, it would...
  541. ifish42na

    Avet Pro EX 30/2 line capacity

    700 yards...
  542. ifish42na

    What type fluorocarbon do you prefer for 100 and 130?

    Always ready to try something new though... Stay tuned, there WILL be something new.
  543. ifish42na

    Excel is on the cows at the Lower Banks

    That's right! No "foot of water" on the deck. Good luck fishing to all my friends and customers on EXCEL, and all the boats in the fleet. It looks like a lot of options are shaping up well.
  544. ifish42na

    Excel is on the cows at the Lower Banks

    No, that's not it.
  545. ifish42na

    Excel is on the cows at the Lower Banks

    No, that's not it.
  546. ifish42na

    Excel is on the cows at the Lower Banks

    Pop quiz, what is missing in this picture?
  547. ifish42na

    Long Range Trips // January-March

    We still have a few spots open on our EXCEL trip; would be great to have you join us. Like JohnTFT said, we will help you get rigged up with the right stuff so don't worry about any of that.
  548. ifish42na

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    I have a co-sponsor charter on EXCEL with JohnTFT, we have a boat jackpot as well as a high roller jackpot and I enter both. The way I see it, it's one more chance to pay back the crew as I always donate any pool winnings back to the boat.
  549. ifish42na

    Cow Tuna

    Yes, thank you for gathering the articles.
  550. ifish42na

    Cow Tuna

    Assuming proper handling, are the large cow tuna being caught a good quality eating fish? Has anyone ever seen information on mercury levels in large yellowfin? Resurrecting an old thread here. Does anyone actually remember a study being done on this, specifically for LR tuna?
  551. ifish42na

    Connecting hollow to solid spectra

    ^^^ That's the best one I've seen. Not trying to be flip here, if it was me I'd just strip the solid off, use it somewhere else, and fill your reel with hollow. Done.
  552. ifish42na

    Reel for jigging large tuna and amber jack

    Maxel reels are worth a look, there is a 20% off sale and free shipping going on right now at
  553. ifish42na

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Here's some new video on just how Dennis Verreet landed his fish, high up on the rocks in Ascension. "2 massive yellowfin off the rocks on popper. 1 fish was 212 b (94 kg) and the other one 161 lb (73 kg). Both fish were caught on Angel Tackle Poppers. Available at: Global Tackle in Sydney...
  554. ifish42na

    Which boat has the best food?

    Jason's Thanksgiving Dinners on the EXCEL were the best. So were his tailgating meals on NFL game days; the one he did for Superbowl 2014 during our ride down was fantastic.
  555. ifish42na


    Funny how?
  556. ifish42na


    I have seen no wax coating whatsoever on Threadlock; not on the white or blue line. There is no coating, certainly nothing like the old Power Pro.
  557. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    See chart above!
  558. ifish42na

    Seguar Threadlock Breaking Strenght

    Please publish the source and testing method, any responsible manufacturer or test facility would provide this information when submitting results. Thank you in advance.
  559. ifish42na

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Here's some more info on Dennis Verreet. Pretty impressive; there's no rail up there on the rocks. Published on Jun 19, 2014 Me popping for yellowfin tuna off the rocks, trying to crack the landbased record. Gear is a Daiwa Saltiga Gt 86 rod and a Stella 30.000 filled up with exactly 996 m of...
  560. ifish42na

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Report by Dennis Verreet from Ascension Island: I think I just nailed the land based world record on spin! I haven´t heard of a bigger one yet, have you? Thanks to my wife who gaffed the fish for me ( second 1 in her life), you did an awesome job! I love you! You guys can not imagine how hard...
  561. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    292 Mike, a pool winner and I remember it well!
  562. ifish42na


  563. ifish42na

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    The best advice I ever got regarding crimping tools was "Nicopress", back in 1988 when I went into The Reel Seat tackle shop, in Brielle NJ. I didn't own a crimping tool, and wanted the best one I could get. To date, it has never failed me and I haven't seen a better one made anywhere else. This...
  564. ifish42na

    700lb PEI BFT

    Ken Cirks hung a nice 700lb Bluefin today in shirtsleeve weather at Prince Edward Island; fishing on Captain Greg Norton's Tight Line. Way to go KDC!
  565. ifish42na

    Shelf life of topshots - a question for long rangers

    3-5 years, I've used some of mine that were even older. You can't re-glue areas that were previously glued anyway, so I would say you should be completely confident in using them.
  566. ifish42na


  567. ifish42na


    The sickles on all the yellowfin tuna I've seen in Ascension are considerably longer than the ones you see on similar fish in southern Mexico. These sickles stretch literally right to the tail; their tails rub against the sickles preventing them from growing any longer. There are a lot of...
  568. ifish42na

    Topshot Question

    the ones I have bought from Basil have a long serve BHP serves are 2 fingers wide, about 1.5". Line wrapped around a fishing reel spool always has curl; if it's a concern, back off and stretch it as noted above. Sounds like David's serves ares longer or more complicated than they need to be.
  569. ifish42na

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    850 yards 130lb Seaguar Threadlock
  570. ifish42na

    Spectra Adhesive

    Just like anything in sport fishing, it needs to be thoroughly tested and evaluated before anyone can render an opinion. reel lady has the right approach. Look how long it took big name captains in the fleet to get on board with an innovation like fluorocarbon.
  571. ifish42na

    Spectra Adhesive

    Golden West makes a CA solvent; available at most hobby shops.
  572. ifish42na

    Spectra Adhesive

    Thanks for your input Bob. Gel, or any viscosity other than water-thin, does not work well for this application.
  573. ifish42na

    Spectra Adhesive

    Many thanks to Eric Huff from Eric's Tackle in Ventura for his input.
  574. ifish42na

    Spectra Adhesive

    There have been quite a few spectra adhesives over the years, all are some variation of cyanoacrylate (CA, aka superglue) designed to bond spectra to monofilament and fluorocarbon. Some worked better than others; the best ones are water thin; they absorb and dry quickly. I started with Loctite...
  575. ifish42na

    Seaguar Types

    Let me correct one tiny thing though. IGFA rated means the line is guaranteed to break BEFORE the stated strength. Quality control is such that it's just barely before, but it will not go over. IGFA record line classes are measured in KG. For example you can have a maximum BS of 132.2lb for the...
  576. ifish42na

    White Spectra with blue tint

    Why not ask the shop that put the line on?
  577. ifish42na

    Seaguar Types

    One of the most informative guests on Let's Talk Hookup is Dale Hightower from Seaguar. This would be an excellent question for him. Search the LTHU archives for him, always an excellent show.
  578. ifish42na

    Bobbin Choices?

    This style bobbin will be better suited for your application than the Beiter. Personally I would use waxed floss and half-hitch your feathers, etc.
  579. ifish42na

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    Square it with the crew members first, they're the ones who will spin the spiral wrap on for you and attach the weight after you hook up. The best weights are split down the middle so you can fold it around the spiral wrap and fire it down. You can also wrap a weight on with tape, just...
  580. ifish42na

    Pink Fluoro

    Seaguar Threadlock, larger listed diameter than JB Hollow JB published diameters are not correct, read the caveats. Manufacturer's published diameters. Actual diameters may vary.
  581. ifish42na

    JOURNEYMAN - As Good As It Gets (March 1-2)

    Excellent, thanks for the report.
  582. ifish42na

    avet hxj line capacity

    400 yards 100lb hollow spectra fills the HXJ Raptor.
  583. ifish42na

    Ohero fluorocarbon?

    Measures, feels, exactly like Blackwater, only in a color I just love to use. Nothing listed over 100lb on their website. Ask your favorite captain what he thinks of 1.0mm fluoro in the cow zone before you take the plunge.
  584. ifish42na

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    The OP was inquiring only about the integrity of spliced end loops, and hollow braid to hollow braid splices. The answer is, 100% if spliced properly. The splice doesn't fail, you have to break the line to get it apart, and in the break tests I've done on machines like the Instron 5942 that...
  585. ifish42na

    Spinning advice sought

    Saw more tuna caught on spinners and poppers on our EXCEL charter than ever before. Captain Justin slid the Big X on many schools and called the popper fishermen up to the rail. It was great fun and it worked!
  586. ifish42na

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    The finished, edited video of the day is always ready by dinner time. The entire group gets to screen it in HD on 2 flat panel displays in the galley just as salad is being served. The sponsors purchased increased bandwidth on the EXCEL's satellite uplink in order to complete delivery.
  587. ifish42na


    There are a number of anglers fishing Seaguar Threadlock on the current EXCEL trip with excellent results, myself included. I spooled a Cal's Special 30VSX with 700 yards 100lb Threadlock. One fish ran off 550 yards at 25lb drag but I got it all back and the fish is on the deck, 198lb. BTW the...
  588. ifish42na

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    10-15 knots and 1-3 right now at HB. How great is that? Also a lot of popper action today, at least 8 hookups on poppers and many landed including a 100lb YFT for Captain Al Lorenzetti, an east coast popping specialist. The fish were crashing around the boat and Justin called it for the casters...
  589. ifish42na

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    We had a great morning at HB today, just about everyone had multiple tuna; big fish was 236. For immediate updates, like "Excel Long Range Sportfishing" on Facebook. A big thanks to Jason Fleck for his tireless efforts in photographing and documenting this trip, and getting it all posted every...
  590. ifish42na

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    Stateroom Three has been turned into an onboard HD production and post-production suite, complete with HD laptop editing on Avid Media Composer. Tim C. Smith is shooting and editing a two-minute video every day and uploading the finished piece after dinner. He is experienced in producing fishing...
  591. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    The fact that you think it's a "term of endearment" does not excuse you and your offensive comments, in a public forum.
  592. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    And my apologies to the other Jim
  593. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    Allright Jim Hall, tell us why you feel entitled to use this kind of offensive language
  594. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    OK tell us your name
  595. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    I disagree, you have no idea how others have taken offense to your choice of words. Maybe now you have a clue.
  596. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    Jim Kastorff, your poor choice of words may seem humorous to you. I assure you, ethnic slurs are not tolerable anywhere. BD is a rough place, I see lots of foul language, heavy criticism, and careless incrimination in so many posts. That goes with the territory here. But I never, never see...
  597. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    Thanks for your suggestions poncherello; we will try to post some clips and provide links here.
  598. ifish42na

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    How long will it be before somebody launches a drone off the deck to spot patties and offshore tuna? About 48 hours from now we will be flying one on the EXCEL, BHP/Trophy Tackle trip. The video is awesome.
  599. ifish42na

    Being properly prepared for your First Long Range Trip

    For those of you who know me please be aware this is not going to be a short post. Well done :) :)
  600. ifish42na

    7691DT vs 7691Stainless

    I have seen a couple of them break clean, they were trolling lure hooks in use for several seasons.. I don't like Mustad made in China, if your boxes say made in Norway I would use them.
  601. ifish42na


    Yo-Zuri raised their prices December 15th, that's why retail prices went up. You could try Diamond Presentation pink fluoro as a good alternative.
  602. ifish42na

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Thanks Jamie, I have a Cal's Supercow Special 30VSX here for spooling, I'm going to try 100lb and 130lb Threadlock and report back.
  603. ifish42na

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Thanks Bill. I was splicing some 50lb Threadlock hollow this morning for another California LR angler who's setting up a 10K as a wahoo casting outfit, the stuff splices beautifully. 450 yards on the 10K. I really appreciate all of my loyal West Coast customers who for years have been having me...
  604. ifish42na

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    You too David and best wishes to everyone for a Happy Holiday. PS my customer who had me set up this reel just told me that Cathy Needleman's 353 on the Independence was caught using an EX 50/3 and 200lb Threadlock. I hear there will be other reel manufacturers offering 3-speed models in the...
  605. ifish42na

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    130lb JB: .651mm 130lb TL: .570mm
  606. ifish42na

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 (3-speed) Topless, spooled with Seaguar Threadlock 130lb 16-strand hollow braid. The customer will use the reel for long-range big-bait cow fishing, using salami and skipjack baits, and connect a 25-foot 150lb or 200lb BHP Seaguar Blue fluoro wind-on leader. The 3-speed...
  607. ifish42na

    Back to Back 300's

    Today and tomorrow, can't believe nobody's talking about this, back to back 300's weighed in by lady anglers, never happened before on the docks. Today, Cathy Needleman on Independence, tomorrow Shannon Nutt on Excel. Great news for the LR fleet.
  608. ifish42na

    Jigging for big yft

    I need a half-hour to re-read this post but I think it's worth it, time well spent Jamie, and thanks.
  609. ifish42na

    Spooling up my mak 20sea's

    I know that point has been frequently debated Fishy, but honestly no one has ever come back to me and complained. What I hear way more often is how their line got packed down even more after they land a cow. That's been my experience too every time I come out and fish long range. If I took 150...
  610. ifish42na

    Spooling up my mak 20sea's

    Here's one I spooled recently, clearly not filled to the top, and plenty of winding room:
  611. ifish42na

    Spooling up my mak 20sea's

    The 20 holds 700yds of 100# JBH The number is 850 yards JB100 on the Makaira 20II. I've spooled that reel many times. Heck, the 16II takes 625 yards JB 100.
  612. ifish42na

    Another Lady Angler with a super cow!

    Shannon Nutt just landed a 325 on the EXCEL! No pictures yet, they had a pretty good final day: We spent just over a day here in the buffer zone wrapping up our 16-day Pelagic Gear trip, and boy did we end it on a high note. We ended up with 16 tuna of note here with the bigger fish honors...
  613. ifish42na

    Lady Angler with a super cow.

    Great fish Cathy!
  614. ifish42na

    Basil and BHP tackle

    Thanks! Congrats on the great trip Darren. Let's see a picture of that 288...
  615. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    the diameter of the two lines are not as stated by the factory One of them is not correct! Guess which one?! Take a look at Paulus' ACTUAL measured average diameter for 130lb JB hollow (obviously you have not). There you will find your answer.
  616. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Loading a Makaira 30II with Seaguar 130lb hollow resulted in 125 extra yards (750 total) vs. my recorded number with JB, 625 yards. Just to be sure my counter wasn't wrong, I stripped the line, put up a spool of JB 130lb and loaded the reel with the same tension and winding method. 625 yards...
  617. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Not a chance, but nice try. 100lb hollow on this reel would be over 1000 yards.
  618. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Okuma Makaira 30II loaded with the new Seaguar Threadlock 130lb 16-strand hollow braid. Despite published diameter of .570mm vs .533mm for JB 12-strand 130lb hollow, the reel took 700 yards 130lb Seaguar hollow, with 1/4" room still available. The reel could easily take another 50 yards. My best...
  619. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 30II Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Okuma Makaira 30II loaded with the new Seaguar Threadlock 130lb 16-strand hollow braid. Despite published diameter of .570mm vs .533mm for JB 12-strand 130lb hollow, the reel took 700 yards 130lb Seaguar hollow, with 1/4" room still available. The reel could easily take another 50 yards. My best...
  620. ifish42na


    Hi Tony, I like to use 100-feet 130lb Momoi mono, crimped to 8-feet 130lb Blackwater fluoro leader. In between the topshot and leader I use a 300lb ballbearing swivel with grommets on each ring. On the hook I cinch down the fluoro tight with a very small piece of black chafe tube, or add a...
  621. ifish42na

    Kite rigs-- double-trouble rigs

    Every time I see this group of pictures, I think about what a poor example of proper crimping is displayed here, and no one ever comments. Well I can't let it go again, after years of seeing these same pictures. Crimping 101. The big open loops between the crimp and terminal gear, is wrong...
  622. ifish42na

    JX Raptor Capacity- Am I missing something???

    I spool 500 yards 60lb JB hollow on that reel, full spool. Sounds like the line was something else.
  623. ifish42na

    YFT versus BFT

  624. ifish42na

    Big BFT

    Giant BFT will expose every single problem. If you think you're rigged right for big fish, these fish will break your heart before you break theirs. Hamachi had all the right stuff plus the skill. You can't buy that.
  625. ifish42na

    Big BFT

    Wonder what they eat all day. Herring first, then mackerel. That's what makes PEI desirable for these fish. Huge schools of herring move in to spawn, the giants are right on them next tide. Herring show themselves on the fishfinder, 10 feet thick from the bottom. A giant BFT feast... It's...
  626. ifish42na

    Big BFT

    Jim wrote an excellent report last year for LA Rod & Reel Club.
  627. ifish42na

    Big BFT

    Jim "Hamachi" Carlisle caught, and released, this beautiful 1100lb giant bluefin tuna last week in Prince Edward Island. Jim used a harness, Calstar X46XH and a Penn 80ST to catch this fish, standup. Tim Turis, Jim Carlisle and I fished with Captain Greg Norton; Tightline Tours.
  628. ifish42na

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    Basil, do you have manufacture ABS specs for any of the super braid lines that you sell? As a matter of fact, yes. Tuf-Line publishes all that data right on their website. Any numbers on my website come from the manufacturer.
  629. ifish42na

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    Garry, Paulus is a 3rd party tester and more importantly a manufacturer himself. Therefore, his tests may be biased. You didn't answer the original question so I ask once more, a little clearer: Please point us to a chart of true ABS published by Toro Tamer. I'd like to see it. Surely with...
  630. ifish42na

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    Toro Tamer is conservatively rated with regards to true ABS per diameter when honestly compared to many other braided lines offered today. Garry, please point us to a chart of true ABS published by this manufacturer. I'd like to see it.
  631. ifish42na

    JX Raptor- 60lb. JB Hollow Capacity???

    500 yards 60lb JB hollow, to the top. Diameters are not 100% accurate means for comparison, even among the same brands; braiders accept ±10% variance. If you check your leader material with a micrometer you will see variation. Not a lot, but it does vary. Some brands are notorious for poor...
  632. ifish42na

    HOLLOW for Penn 16S. Options

    Order online, I'll upgrade the shipping N/C
  633. ifish42na

    HOLLOW for Penn 16S. Options

    550 yards 100lb hollow, can ship Monday for Wednesday delivery.
  634. ifish42na

    Spectra capacity on the Makaira 2spd please..

    think i can get 300yards of 65lb on the 8? 275 yards 60lb hollow, a little less of 65lb.
  635. ifish42na

    Cortland C16 200lb Hollow Spectra

    Cortland C16 200lb Hollow Spectra® Mill Ends for sale: 1x 400 yards @ $48.00 1x 430 yards @ $42.00 1x 490 yards @ $59.00 3x 500 yards @ $60.00 each USPS shipping included (USA only); PayPal accepted. Thanks, Basil Pappas BHP Tackle, Inc. 73 Norma Road Harrington Park, NJ 07640...
  636. ifish42na

    Royal Star passenger rescued

    He should be released from the hospital today. I spoke with him and he's gonna pull through; he even asked me for some local offshore reports!
  637. ifish42na

    Royal Star passenger rescued

    Just found out I know this angler; he's in the hospital in NYC recovering. A long range veteran; when I heard the details of the accident I cringed. Way to go, Captain and crew of Royal Star to get the angler off safely. There were also 4 paramedics aboard as passengers, he was in good hands...
  638. ifish42na

    Release Reels SG

    Thought you might want to see the new Release Reels SG. Most impressive small reel I've seen. Beautifully machined, fantastic free-spool and an anti-reverse miles ahead of any other reel I've handled. I have some pictures of the inside which I cannot post, very impressive engineering and from...
  639. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa

    Any of the 12-strand 100lb will fit that number. All brands of 80lb hollow that I know of will result in at least 10% less capacity. 80lb solid will probably increase the number but than you're stuck with solid, not a wise investment IMO for reels like this.
  640. ifish42na

    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa

    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa spooled with 625 yards 100lb hollow spectra. Okuma did a great job on the curved frame leaving plenty of winding room for your topshot.
  641. ifish42na

    Question on Shimano Stella 20ks and the optional spools offered

    You'll get an extra 100 yards of 100lb hollow on the MAX, well worth it.
  642. ifish42na

    Question on Hollow vs solid spectra.

    Durability is not an issue with hollow braid, if anything it's more durable than solid while also offering the ability to repair bad spots, or add line to an existing reel, with a 100% line to line splice rather than using a knot. In addition, you can splice all of your connections and those...
  643. ifish42na

    mono to hollow braid comparison

    Mono diameter comparisons aren't exact with hollow braid. What reel do you have?
  644. ifish42na

    One more week...Excel 15 day

    They had a bunch more today, good timing Jeff and Kim on the EXCEL June AHI!!
  645. ifish42na

    RP Rocket Launchers

  646. ifish42na

    Rail vs. Harness

    Where's BHP? Rail fish don't count on the BHP/Trophy charter. Oh wait, they didn't tell you that?!
  647. ifish42na

    Rail vs. Harness

    Click. Did you hear that? Let me do it again. Click. That's my harness buckle.
  648. ifish42na

    Rail vs. Harness

    The fish was maybe 200 yards out and 60 feet down. I really can't say except it wasn't up and down. That's a Calstar X46XH... I recently fished at Ascension Island. One afternoon we set up for yellowfin on the chunk and went 9-13 in about an hour, fish up to 130lb. I had the 130 on and at the...
  649. ifish42na

    Rail vs. Harness

    I fail to see how you can get an appreciable bend in the rod if you rely on the harness when the fish is away from the boat. Looks like a good bend to me.
  650. ifish42na

    Squid/Flyer Rigs

    Had a good question today from a customer. How do you make your squid and flyer rigs for fishing the kite? Not a boat-specific question, just what has worked best for you? We're talking big baits here, Hurricane Bank size flyers and big squid. I'll start by submitting this drawing (by Bob Halal)...