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    Free dolly

    curt lj. submitted a new listing: Free dolly - Free dolly Learn more about this listing...
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: SEAT STORGE/COOLER - SEAT STORGE/COOLER Learn more about this listing...
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    Bait tank light

    Installing a light on a 30 gallon bait tank. What have you used? Because of tank position, it can’t be installed on the bottom of tank. Needs to be as flat as possible to the tank wall. Not ideal but until I get a new tank that’s it. Thanks
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 16’ KLAMATH ALASKAN - 16’ KLAMATH ALASKAN Learn more about this listing...
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    Dockside Bait Pen

    curt lj. submitted a new listing: Dockside Bait Pen - Dockside Bait Pen Learn more about this listing...
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    What chip for Garmin Plotter?

    I'm looking for the best fishing chip for a Garmin GPSmap 547xs to use in Southerner California and Mexico (Baja). Thanks in advance for the info. PS : If you have one I'm buying
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 2011 KLAMATH ALASKAN - 2011 KLAMATH ALASKAN Learn more about this listing...
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 22’ HAWAIIAN SEA CAT - 22’ HAWAIIAN SEA CAT Learn more about this listing...
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    Vizcaino Ice house

    Does anyone know the name or contact info for the Ice House/Plant in Vizcaino. Its on the west side of Mex 1 just north of the first Pemex when heading south and entering town. Right about at the speed bumps. Thanks
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    Trailer Back up camera

    This product is working great for me as a trailer back up camera and also a truck back up camera for older vehicles without one. Camera is solar powered. No wires to run from camera and with a little bit of rigging moves easily from rear of trailer to rear of vehicle. Camera Blue tooth...
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    Found - South Shores Ramp Dock

    New in package, describe it for return. Found on Monday mid morning.
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    16” Steel wheels

    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 16” Steel wheels - 16” Steel wheels Learn more about this listing...
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    Electrician small job

    Need a GFCI and switch wired in same box (kitchen). Should be easy for someone who knows but I sure goofed it up. House is in Clairemont near Home Depot/DMV. Cash or beer or.............. Thanks
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    UHMW trailer bunk slides

    New fresh cut strips of UHMW 1/2” thick 2 @ 3”x 48” 2 @ 3”x 84” 2 @ 3”x 96” Located in San Diego Lot price $125
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    Bearing race replacement

    On newer model UFP DB35 10" trailer hub with rotor, there is not enough of a lip on the inner race to tap out with a punch. The outer race has the normal lip amount for easy removal. Has anyone else out there run across this yet? If so, how did you get the inner race out short of cutting...
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    Triumph 170 CC

    Looking for a Triumph 170 CC
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    Large drift sock

    Got one sitting around?
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    Lost ear buds head set

    Found at South Shores, next to ramp. Seem like a nice pair, sure someone is bummed. PM for return.
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    Drop reciever

    8” drop, made of solid stock Clairemont San Diego
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    used fish finder

    Looking for a small working FF set up for an amigo south of the border. Really anything will do. What's sitting around your garage?? Thanks.
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    Used Yamaha props

    Both props came off newer model 200 HP 4 stoke. Both need tips tuned up. $50 each See Yamaha part number on box for size
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    Hatch lids and anchor

    Both hatch lids are very strong and well built. Anchor shaft is bent but I’m sure will straighten out. Clairemont San Diego pick up
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    When bolting the caliper to the axle flange, there is a bolt hole in each corner of the flange. Originally the caliper was bolted in a vertical position on the rear. My flange is kind of bent and the bolt holes are elongated at that position. My QUESTION is, can the caliper be bolted to the top...
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    Found Bait Tank Lid

    Found this floating near Point Loma kelp. Let me know if it’s yours. Not a report but better chance of return.
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    Outboard stand

    Old aluminum outboard stand. Had a 25 HP 4 stroke on it. Has new wheels. Old but functional. Clairemont, San Diego.
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    Big Igloo cooler

    It’s the big model. I can’t lift it anymore when it’s full of ice. Ok to good condition. No cracks doesn’t leak. Clairemont pick up.
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    Offshore Biting tuna

    Plenty of bird school tuna pretty much everywhere around 30/32. None of my SD bay bait died, very healthy mid week scoop.
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    I tried to purchase toilet paper but Vons and Costco were out. My wife told me “ go fishing all you want but leave the house toilet paper alone”. I really wanted to fish. My kid told me to “just wait until we find some toilet paper then go. It’s not worth the problems we might get into”. It...
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    On / off SPST switch

    This switch I have does not ID which lead is the + side and which is the load side. I understand that the switch is just opening or closing the circuit. Is there a way to tell which is which. Bait tank switch.
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    Nav tools

    Anybody thinking of taking a navigation class? You will need these.
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    Free snow skis

    Skis and bindings. Clairemont San Diego
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    Mex 3 Ice House

    With the 5 finished, were is the best place to get large blocks of ice when crossing south bound Mexicali??? Thanks
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    Lowrance gen2 5” ??

    I put this on my aluminum 16’ rig and it works great. Good detail at speed. The question I have is , when the outboard motor is off the screen shows the bottom softer (Yellow). With the motor running the bottom looks harder (red). Is the difference because the unit is getting more power with...
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    San Quintin, yellows

    One spot open Leave tomorrow through Tuesday. Yellows are biting well again. Boat is there. No dope or drama.
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    Large igloo

    I have a large igloo cooler that I’d like to trade for a smaller cooler. This cooler is in ok to good condition. I think it is around 140/150 quart size. Looking for 70 qt min. To 110 qt max. Brand doesn’t matter. Clairemont San Diego.
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    Auto pilot pump etc

    Has not been hooked up for years but was still on boat till yesterday. Anyone want these parts before I dump them?
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    Trailer equalizer????

    On my dual axel trailer the equalizer shackle comes in contact with the bottom of trailer frame on just a slight incline of driveway. The tongue weight is correct and the axles are carring the load of the boat within specs. What does your equalizer look like on a slight incline??? Thanks
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    LA Bay one short

    Leaving Wednesday 29th San Diego Return Sunday 2nd. F250 4x4 crew cab tow vehicle towing 22 foot Rig Fish 3 days. 1/3 cost. No drugs or drama. PM if interested
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    25HP YAMI

    2002 25 HP Yamaha 4 stroke Short shaft 15” transome Runs strong, good condition Electric start $ 2150 North San Diego. 858-922-6294
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    Thermostat ??

    On my Suzuki DF90A there are two thermostat replacement options. One is listed as a 60c and the other other is listed as 71c. If the motor is operated mostly in the San Diego Northern Baja area (mid 50f to mid 70f water temp) with a few 80f water temp trips per year, which option is best. I...
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    Various old Salas jigs

    ABC, TNT, PDQ . Need new rings and hooks. Not sure their value? Best offer. Clairemont
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    Fins/pussy cords/rack

    size med fins, a couple pussy cords and s set of soft racks. Free I’m in Clairemont
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    Prop for Suzuki

    suzuki prop 13.5 x 15 Came off a DF70 Good condition Make offer $ I’ll probably take Also have other things for DF70
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    Yamaha 20HP

    Very clean low hour 2007 4 stroke long shaft 20 HP. $2500
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    Drill press loan

    I’m in the need of a drill press to use for a 3-4 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Beer, some new bitchen tuve baits, or ? Curt 619-495-5455
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    Need Hand held GPS

    Looking for hand held gps unit. Good working order. Giving it away to a Capt down south. His Garmin GPS MAP 76C just gave out. Thanks. Curt. 619-495-5454
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    Mexico Biosphere yearly passport

    I put this on another thread but it’s way down. If you want a yearly passport just goggle the conanp website. Click on “ADQUIÉRELO AQUÍ”. Then click on “passport”. Create your account with email and password. Then in purchase page, you must upload a mug shot of the user or the payment won’t go...
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    Fuel tanks (5)

    Two Moeller 27 gallon tanks. Model # FT2799 $ Two Moeller 12 gallon tanks. Attwood 6 gallon tank Price drop $ 100.00 for all 5
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    FMM Manifest

    What is put in the column under “Sea record number” Thanks in advance
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    ?? 12 volt system

    Will using a smaller fuse, (4 amp) in the fuse holder as opposed to a 6 amp fuse, reduce current?? Did i ask that correctly ? Thanks
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    Sonora south crossing

    wanting to pull a buddies boat south across the border at San Luis Colorado. Anyone with experience doing something along those lines could chime in please. Planning on translated notarized permission letter with my passport number and all paper work noted as well as the TIP on letter. Staying...
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    Welding, who / where

    need some welding done in the San Diego area. Out board lower end cavation plate has a crack that needs attention and need a stainless nut welded to the top of a stainless bolt that broke off. Thanks
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    Lost glasses south shores ramp

    My glasses in a case fell out of my bag on the sidewalk as you approach the ramp. Just a shot in the dark someone might have found them. Prescription sunglasses in hard case. Thanks
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    corroded bolts

    I waited too long to change out my impeller and now the stud bolts ( they start up in the drive shaft housing) and come down thru the gear case (lower end) are very corroded and salty. Normally there are bolts that go up but this is a xtra long shaft. Stud bolts come down and nuts and washers...
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    San Quintin

    Winter yellow tail fishing is settling in. Clean warm water with yellows on the high spots biting the yo yo extremely well. Limit style action.
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    San Quintin yellows

    Very good yo yo yellow tail fishing going on at the high spots. Full speed early morning bite. Then plenty of time for critters and bass or beer. Big thanks to capt. George for the awesome time. He has it wired. Fly down, Alex does pick up at run way. Grab boat and truck from campo Lorenzo’s...
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    Trailer suspension ???

    On a duel axle with leaf springs, the leaf spring hangers have two positions. Will there be more clearance (before bottoming out equalizer shackles) if the top or bottom hole in the hanger is used? Thanks
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    welder - Mobil or ?

    Looking for a welder to replace a leaf spring hanger on steel trailer. I have the new hanger. Mobil or shop with room for 22 foot boat. Thanks for any leads.
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    Racor fuel separator problem?????

    Anyone else having a problem with the reusable plastic bowl on the bottom of the filter coming off the filter. Been using same filter #S3227 for years with no problem. The last ones i have tried the bowl doesn't seem to seat as tight and when the fuel heats up (boats on a trailer) it blows it...
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    DF 60 or DF 70 parts.

    If you own a suzuki DF60 or DF70 i have some new parts and a bench manual that I won't be using. PM if you could use anything. I know I used to burn up the coils every 500 to 900 hours. The pictured coils are New and expensive, top and bottom. Zoom in on part numbers. PS : these are free for...
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    New trailer tires

    In the past I have just used discount tire to replace my tires. They sell marathon I believe. I have herd some positive things about Green Ball tires from Cost Co. Any recent info would be appreciated. ST-215/75R 14C Also looking for a few rims for spares if anyone wants to sell. Thanks.
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    SQ gold

    Last time it rained like hell, there were full pots of gold to be had. Looks to be a good weather window coming up.
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    Bahia de Los angeles

    Anyone have a recent fish report?? Thanks
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    I need to fill a small space below deck 9"x11" x 8" deep. Any ideas on small quantities or better yet, got some? Thanks in advance
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    Shimano Talica 12 II problem

    Seems my talica 12 and 16 seems to have constant problems with the bushing inside the handle. It gets water in there and the handle won't turn correctly, hard to turn. Frees pools perfectly. It's a rebuild every 6 months is this standard????? Great reels just don't seem to hold well
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    BFT monday 13th one spot

    Jig fishing for BFT on dry 22' maintained rig. shelter island 5am lite drinker/smoker ok. i don't pm if interested.
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    WTB TELEFLEX Rotary steer cable

    need 18' rotary steering cable for a guy down south. He would love a used one at used price if available. Thanks
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    Portable compressor tank

    5 gal. With gauge and fitting. Very good condition. $ 25.00
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    Out dated but working well
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    Got notice that SPOT is raising their basic service plan by 50%. They are now forcing the TRACKING option on all accounts. Seems like quite a bump for a service that has been an option for over 10 years. Its still a good deal for life saving service, but 50% jump kind of pissed me off. I called...
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    3 reel lot for sale

    1- accurate 500 fury 2 speed just serviced 10 inside 7/8 outside. 2- TN 40 narrows in very good condition. $1050 lot priced. SOLD, thanks for the interest. SOLD
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    Accurate FX2 500

    Accurate FX2 500 Boss Fury. Inside- 10 / outside-7/8 $275 about a year old, just serviced
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    TN 40 narrows (3)

    I have 3 TN 40 narrows All are in very good working order. All have a bit of skiff rash. I think 2 have spectra backing. $ 1100 for the lot. PM or 619 495 5454 SOLD. SOLD Thanks for all the interest. @ Wakerman, sorry, I usually try to show more restraint
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    Offshore Lots of fish

    full speed on the 8-15 lb YFT north west of the 9. Take plenty of chum and light line.
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    I need a SPOT personal tracker

    my spot got lost. it was the old style that only transmits one canned ok message or help buttons. if anyone has up graded, and has one sitting around. the old one is all i need. Cash/beer/????? Curt 619-495-5454 thanks
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    ? whos best to Crimp battery cables

    Thanks in advance. I need to have some closed end lugs crimped on two 1/0 cables aprox 15 feet long. Would like to have ends heat shrunk to keep air/water off the connection. I have cable. San Diego area preferred. Ideas? Thanks
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    Racor spin on fuel filters on sale

    West marine has them at 25% off
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    WTB Navionics chip

    Looking for a MSD/644P+ chip Thanks
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    mex visa app

    a buddy showed this to me today, maybe it will help. News for app for fishing mex
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    WTB navionics chip

    looking for the MSD/644 p+ sd card for a lowrance hds5
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    replacing rings on jigs ?

    can anyone clue me in on where and what to buy to change out hooks on my yo-yo style jigs. quality of hooks being used by manufactures seems to be getting worse. need rings, correct solder/flux and is mapp gas needed? thanks in advance
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    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    Fished Monday 22th/ Tuesday 23th for limits of Yellowtail and one Moonfish. All the high spots are holding. Excellent road conditions and nice scenery. San Ysidro border is now smooth. SQ launch ramp is very nice at any tide. Hotels all up and running with good food. Go.
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    one spot open. Leave SD sunday 21st am, fish mon./tues return SD noon wednesday. soild boat/truck/waypoints/insurance etc. this is a yo yo YT thing, not into reds. pm if interested. thanks
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    Two unopened quarts of SeaStar Hydraulic fluid (part #HA5430) and hose thing for bleeding system. $ 25.00
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    used good condition: two Thor helmets 1 sm, 1 xxl, 1 med hjc helmet. Boots: 3 pairs Thor 1- #12, 1-#11 1- #6. 2 knee guards kids, 1 riding pants #28, 2 kids riding shirts. 1 xl gear carrying bag. $100 all pm or 619- 495-54 five four curt
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    leaking kill bag

    kill bag is leaking in the seams. no holes. i think the seams have been stretched out from overloading bag. was thinking of glueing rubber stripping over inner seams. any ideas or experience ??? Thanks
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    WTB SD CHIP/Garmin

    looking for a sd chip for a garmin 540gpsmap. San Diego to Mexico.
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    Want to buy a SD chip to fit a Garmin 540 gpsmap. Looking for San Diego to Mex area.(bluechart g2)
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    Typical Mexico Deal. Got my Mex fishing Licenses (me/kid) at the Conapesca office and was reading the Sport Fishing Regulations page they (Conapessca) attach to the license. It stated that no capture of crustaceans or mollusks with the exception of Squid, and their capture by anyone is strictly...
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    Any first hand info would be very helpful. Asking about a mid size and pretty fast with out over heating issues. Thanks for your insight. I know i will spend a few thousand bucks.
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    Sta. Rosalia YT

    Just returned from the continued YT bite. Fished Tortuga 3 days for limits of cookie cutters and some stand outs. Fishing with live bait was almost automatic and continued luck with the Tady 4/0 white/glow Jig (jackson jig). Bait (caballitos) @ the harbor was a bit harder to make, but you don't...
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    ?? on bending emt

    any electricians out there that could steer me in the right direction for bending 2 pieces of 1 1/4" EMT. bends are at 90 degrees now, need them at about 110 or so. thanks.
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    bait tank/seat combo

    PRICE DROP clean bait tank/seat combo. came off a factory rigged Parker skiff. Tank size= aprox 23x15x20 Unit foot print aprox 34" for/aft x 36" wide. Sell or trade for clean stand alone 50 gal. tank (fiberglass) $ 300
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    WTB bait tank

    looking for a clean fiberglass bait tank. Aprox. 50 gals. tx
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    Large 3 bedroom 2 bath furnished casa. Enclosed 3 car garage with auto door. Fits full size pick-up with 22 foot panga attached. Second off street parking behind rolling gate for 24 foot boat with t-top/tower. VERY VERY clean pad. $ 800 per month. call 619-495 5454 or pm for more info.
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    new ramp for SQ ?

    Capt. Juan, is it true? herd construction was going to be at the next minus tides. pics would be great. thanks chato.
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    little help please

    I have a problem with a simrad NSE8. the unit will not will not talk to the transducer/BSM-1 module. the gps works fine. The screen says "NO SOURCE". We are down south and could use a few tips. Thanks.
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    Transom Saver

    anyone got an old one laying around?
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    switchs ???

    would it work and be safe to use a 110 rated switch in a 12v system. thanks in advance.
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    WTB Navionics chip

    I need a navionics platinum plus 644, got one?
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    WTB hawaiian sling

    looking for a used Hawaiian sling for my son. pm/text 619-495-5454 tx.
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    penn reels w/conversions

    113H 4/0 with Tiburon P40N YT spl. frame $ 75.oo (works fine) 112H 3/0 with Accurate frame $ 40.oo (bad pinion)
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    penn 80w

    SOLD oldie, hows a hundred bucks sound. ????
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    1- new timing belt - list $ 52.33 sell $ 25.00 1- near new prop. 13.5x15 list $205.00 sell $85.00 3- new coils list $ 155.00 sell $ 80.00 ea or $ 200.00 all 3 2- used coils $ 20.00 ea or free if you buy all the stuff. they work or your cash back 1- used Shop/bench service manual for the DF-70...
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    swimm fins

    used once on 1 trip and stored. size small and med. $ 20.00 per or $ 30.00 both sets 619-495-5454
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    14' klamath

    SOLD, wish all deals could be so easy, thanks Eric. 14' Klamath, 15 hp 4-stroke Johnson, gal. Trailright trailer. Boat= 2003 good shape. NO leaks Motor= 2004 Very clean low hours, Trailer=1999 Galvanized NO rust, Lots of xtras, spare tire/holder.Baja tilt option, clean winch/jack stand...
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    TN 40 has scratches. insides perfect outside scratches. $ 250.00 obo 619-495-5454
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    looking to buy a working used chart plotter with xternal antena.DREAM: one that would take the older s class C-MAP chip. 5" or 7" screen. PM or call curt 619-495-5454. Thanks.
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    compression test

    looking at a used boat to buy with twin 70 hp four strokes. i pulled all the plugs and started at the top cylinder and got readings. both motors had higher compression up top and got a little lower as i went down. 4 cylinders each. readings were, motor #1= 195,190,185,165...
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    battery isolation

    Is there an easy way to isolate a starting battery from a deep cycle house battery and still be able to charge both while running? I now have two deep cycle batteries and a standard three position switch. thanks
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    kodiak bait tank

    has anyone removed the drain baffel on a small kodiak bait tank before. The input baffel has plastic screws. i need to replace the overflow fitting and it would be easier if i could get the baffel off. Thanks. 17 gal. model.
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    suzuki df 70 parts

    propeller : 13.5" dia.x15" pitch near new condition $75 Coil assy, ignit 1 each new top / bottom $95 ea #49-33410-99E (33420) coil assy, ignit 1 used top and 2 used bottom. $ 25 each part #s 49-33420-99E00 and 4933410-99E00 Money back guaranteed on electrical parts i belive these...
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    Border crossing

    Fished S.Q. (good fishing) Returned to S.D. pulling boat. Crossed at Tecate Thursday @ 1:30 pm. Not one car in line. 10 minutes in secondary and down the road. Tecate - Ensenada road is in really good shape. Boat / trailer length is 30 ft. No more T.J. except Sentri. Although weekends can be...
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    suzuki df 70

    For sale, A pair of used suzuki 1998 df 70. Currently hanging on boat. Full set of controls, Tacs,ignition,hr. meter etc. . Both motors are running with good compression. One needs a ECM. Motors have been USED and look like it. But still run good. $2000.00 for the pair OBO.
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    Sta. Rosalia 5-27 thru 29th

    Bit of a late report, fun YT fishing at San Marcos island. Heres my kids video shots.
  117. C

    Garmin GPS 50

    i think its never been used. BUT IT IS REAL OLD. no manual. Don't know if it grabs position or not. Never used it.
  118. C

    Sta. Rosalia

    Smooth tow/ride down. No dirt on Mex. 1. All the large construction is finished, but looked like they are ready to start in other areas. Had some wind days and a boat hic-up but still got in some very good fishing in at Tortuga and San Marcos islands. Launched in the harbor next to the cement...
  119. C

    insurance ????

    With all this visa talk, it made me wonder something. If i'm down south say to Ensenada or futher and don't have a FMM visa, would my mexican insurance be any good if i was there illegally. Normally i only get one when i go past San Quintin. Any anwsers, Thanks.
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    Looking for a Suzuki DF70 Condition not important. Need for parts.
  121. C

    bahia asuncion

    Back from a great trip to Bahia Asuncion, thanks to Juan,Sheri and of course Stan. Juan is one of those capts. that would fish on his days off. He knows every rock on that coast and was really great with our kids. The road down is fine with just a few bumps (we towed a small tin boat). 3 days of...
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    electronics for sale

    Near new Furuno 1623 radar. Near new Lowerence 104C FF/GPS plotter $ 1000.00 each or best offers Call tom 858-395-1023
  123. C

    kill bag

    Looking for a kill bag, small /med size to buy or i have a large size to trade or sell. PM with info, thanks.
  124. C

    kill bag

    Small kill bag. Thanks PM if you got.
  125. C

    small kill bags

    looking to buy a couple of small kill bags. size: aprox 29"L x 18" h. curt 619-495-5454
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    Las Arenas/Muertos Questions

    Its been 20 + years since ive been to this area. Does anyone know if the Hotel that went out of biz is by chance re-opened? Or if there is any where to stay out towards Los Muertos bay. Also how about launching a 22 foot boat at the ramp? I remember putting the boat and trailer in at low tide...
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    any info on turtle bay

    i am looking for any road info from mex 1 out to turtle bay, re: pulling a mid size boat. Also hotel / housing contacts. Thanks in advance.
  128. C

    S.Q. reports

    Anybody getting out ? The water looks really good on the sst. Blue and warm. Thanks. Were fishing Sun/mon.
  129. C

    fuel tanks

    Installing new fuel tanks. Looking for manufactors of plastic below deck tank (gas) I have a list of tanks from Moeller Marine. Any others i should look at. Thanks for any ideas.
  130. C

    Quick yellows

    Ensenada trip, need 1 one jig stick to go. Leave SD Monday @ 3 am. Return Monday afternoon/eve. Got boat /truck experience in area. curt 619-495-5454 Yes it wiil be dark on the tool road.
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    Glass man

    Does any one have a good lead on a fiberglass guy. Or any of you guys that have redone your boat that wants to earn some side $. I got a small cut and glass job coming up and need a few recommendations. Thanks in advance, Curt.
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    Huge Boat/RV parking

    Scripps Ranch house for sale with 28'x75' gated parking area. 2-story,4+ bedrm/3-bath. 3180 Sq ft. Custom home. Check MLS for photos/etc. 10015 waldgrove place SD 92131.
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    I got two Moeller plastic below deck tanks. Made for gas or diesel. Both are 27 gal. 36" L x 16" w x12" h. Need to add 2" to height for fill flange. $ 50ea or both for $80. Trying to get photos but got stuck.
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    straight swimmers

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone out there really knows how to re-tune a Rapla. Any help would be great. I got a box full. Thanks.
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    scuba tanks for sale

    have two tanks. i think they are alum. 80's if i remember right. They have not been used for years but still have air in them. Not sure what they are worth. Condition is good on both.
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    San Quintin pile

    Bit of a late report from the weekend. Very good yo-yo fishing at the high spots. Hotels open and fish biting. Flat clam weather, shorts/tee-shirts mid am on. Limits on friday and 8 fish on saturday. Mixed sizes 10lb to 20lb depending witch spot.
  137. C

    san quintin

    short notice- need crew- leave sat 19th fish sun/mon. i have good truck/boat/exp. in area. trying for costs. interested? call curt 6194955454.
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    progear reels

    1ea #251 good condition #454 ok condition #541 ok condition #545 good condition i would like to sell but don't really know whats a fair $. price help or offers.
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    San Quintin 12-27-30th

    Weather permitting, split S.D. Wed return sometime Sat PM. Normal crew can't go. Never posted a trip before. Got good boat, truck, exp. in area. Two spots open. Have all insurance, permits, se habla espanol, etc. More info PM me. Curt.