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    Free dolly

    curt lj. submitted a new listing: Free dolly - Free dolly Learn more about this listing...
  2. Free dolly

    Southern California Free dolly

    Old and rusty but rolls. Good for light loads
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    Temporary Importation Permit (TIP) - Need Help

    Motor (s) serial number Trailer reg and vin if towing
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    Offshore 6/11 -BFT off Ensenada

    I have plenty of 8"x12" if you like. Mt Henry Ave Clairemont
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    Believe It or Not...

    If the lower end won’t drop after bolts are removed don’t just start chiseling away. Take your time and use a combo of heat and penetrating oil at the sticking points (alignment pins) etc. Walk away from it frequently and let the oil do its job. The best penetrating concoction believe it it or...
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    Believe It or Not...

    At least loosen the bolts and drop the lower end a few inches. There can be a corrosion issue between the aluminum and stainless bolts. Possibly play hell to drop it when you want to. Don't ask how I know. Not to mention regressing the shaft spline.
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: SEAT STORGE/COOLER - SEAT STORGE/COOLER Learn more about this listing...

    Southern California SEAT STORGE/COOLER

    Todd swing back seat. Good condition. $300 or best
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    Drive to BOLA?

    If you have a passport card there is no passport stamping. Just the FMM is stamped. The INS website is very simple. Input info and print it without any payment procedure. Be safe and slow.
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    Fishing licensed

    I've also gotten a few for free.
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    Panga Question

    They are fine as long as you're younger than 40, don't mind getting wet, and have a strong back.
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    Can anyone tell me my engine hours?

    On my Suzuki, the Tach needle and the number of flash's on engine light will give an accurate hour count.
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    Bait tank light

    Thanks for the all the input. The tank is a shitty under the front seat/pad set-up from the manufacture. I'm just trying to get the bait some light until I install a real tank aft of the helm. @goatram, I'll give your light a shot. Thanks
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    Bait tank light

    Installing a light on a 30 gallon bait tank. What have you used? Because of tank position, it can’t be installed on the bottom of tank. Needs to be as flat as possible to the tank wall. Not ideal but until I get a new tank that’s it. Thanks
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    Fred Hall show canceled

    The NFL contracted Union forklift operators at the LA Super Bowl. The Fred Hall Long Beach Show has been produced for many many years using that same labor. Union labor is not the reason for the cancellation. If there is not enough vendor money to pay for a high end venue such as the Long...
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    MAG BAY Inshore

    Where can one submit comments for preapproval prior to posting? As far as I can remember, there were a few people expressing different views on a subject that really doesn't have a remedy. Why even allow a thread that has a derogatory underlaying message continue? I will try to conform to BD's...
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    Ya I’m old and my computer skills suck. Trying to figure out how to delete. If a moderator is out please delete. Thanks
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 16’ KLAMATH ALASKAN - 16’ KLAMATH ALASKAN Learn more about this listing...
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    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    Most of the common brands are fine. It’s the plumbing leading to the pump where most problems start. Be sure to use a strainer between pick up and the pump.
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    FWIW I had Sentri for years. Global Entry is a much easier way to get a trusted traveler credential. Gets you across the border and expedited services by at airports.
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    Running Outboard Motor in Bucket of Water Question

    Be sure to circulate new water into your tub. The water heats up pretty fast in the tub. The muffs are cheap and available everywhere.
  24. Dockside Bait Pen

    Southern California Dockside Bait Pen

    I think it’s 60 gallons. No lid but it’s threaded and lids are available. FREE Clairemont area
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    Dockside Bait Pen

    curt lj. submitted a new listing: Dockside Bait Pen - Dockside Bait Pen Learn more about this listing...
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    What chip for Garmin Plotter?

    I'm looking for the best fishing chip for a Garmin GPSmap 547xs to use in Southerner California and Mexico (Baja). Thanks in advance for the info. PS : If you have one I'm buying
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    Fuel transfer pump for portable containers?

    Home Depot garden section has a quick shake siphon hose that works great. Just jack it off and it flows. No mess.
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    Comfortable eating is a priority for me as well.
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    I’ll bring it back down fish with you on it and leave it. Just say the word.
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 2011 KLAMATH ALASKAN - 2011 KLAMATH ALASKAN Learn more about this listing...

    Southern California $ REDUCED 2011 KLAMATH ALASKAN 16’

    2011 Klamath Alaskan 16 feet 25 HP Yamaha Pacific Trailer Rig is set up for beach launching. Over sized trailer frame with glide strips on bunks. Oversized 2 speed winch. 13” tires and spare. Removable bait tank with transom clamp on pump for beach launches. Transducer is also clamped for fast...
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    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 22’ HAWAIIAN SEA CAT - 22’ HAWAIIAN SEA CAT Learn more about this listing...

    Southern California 22’ HAWAIIAN SEA CAT

    2000 Hawaiian Sea Cat 2012 Dual Suzuki DF90A motors. 2012 Pacific tandem trailer with newer tires/bearings/brakes, new spare tire. Wheel house, Curty cabin, Hydrolic steering 18 rod holders, 65 gallon Offshore bait tank Dual 32 gallon fuel tanks Bilge pumps Dual 1/4 ton fish holds. Holds drain...
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    Vizcaino Ice house

    Does anyone know the name or contact info for the Ice House/Plant in Vizcaino. Its on the west side of Mex 1 just north of the first Pemex when heading south and entering town. Right about at the speed bumps. Thanks
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    Boat mechanic referral

    JP Motor Sports in Chula has done good work on my outboards s few times
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    Trailer Back up camera

    This product is working great for me as a trailer back up camera and also a truck back up camera for older vehicles without one. Camera is solar powered. No wires to run from camera and with a little bit of rigging moves easily from rear of trailer to rear of vehicle. Camera Blue tooth...
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    Found - South Shores Ramp Dock

    New in package, describe it for return. Found on Monday mid morning.
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    What to do after you mark fish

    For me, Inshore drift fishing : First get an idea which direction you will be drifting. Chances are the fish are on a rock, ledge or hard bottom. Turn into the drift and slow down until the marks stop. Stop the boat and try to drift back over the marks you saw. Anchoring well...
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    Where to rent a truck

    Come by and grab my truck Mark. You know where I live. I wont need it till next week.
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    16” Steel wheels

    curt lj. submitted a new listing: 16” Steel wheels - 16” Steel wheels Learn more about this listing...
  42. 16” Steel wheels

    Southern California 16” Steel wheels

    Used as spare tire rims. Not bent Clairemont area SD.
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    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    Do people even think before pos Do people even think before posting, just saying.
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    Vehicle x-ray machine at the border

    San Ysidro towing a boat is always a X-ray. 4 times towing south through Mexicali West they barley even looked at the boat. But they did check paperwork.
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    FMM only good for one trip WTF

    Get the sea FFM on line yourself and make it for 180 days. It will be good until you get checked. Only thing is you need the same people on board or have a good story ready. It’s a pain the first few times.
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    Need help wiring 14 foot Gregor

    It is an old irrigation timer box that I gutted.
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    Need help wiring 14 foot Gregor

    There are a lot of ways to set up your rig. It’s all about what you need and want to do. I needed everything close at hand and semi water proof for beach launches.
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    Need help wiring 14 foot Gregor

    For a little more money the Blue Seas Weather Deck Switch Panel also comes fused. Just installed one in my tin can. Also the Blue Seas battery switch is much smaller than the Perko.
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    Ice Plant in San Felipe??

    At the second roundabout that you would normally turn right at heading south on the 5 go left instead. Up two blocks on the left hand side. Street name is Calle Mar Caribe. 300 Calle Mar Caribe They have the full size grande blocks, 100kg?
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    San Quintín trip.. help🙏

    I have seen K & M pick up and drop off at Don Eddies many times. They are full service.
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    How high to tilt engine while trailering?

    Maybe goggle Yamaha Ram Tilt. My buddies have had good luck with this.
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    How high to tilt engine while trailering?

    The owners manual on my outboard specifically says to not use the tilt lock when trailering. Its a safety when servicing the motor.
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    Group 24 Battery trays for free

    If still available I could use em Thanks Curt 619-495-5454
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    Portable bait tank/ tutorial help

    Buy a real tank. Most home made tanks kill bait. By the time you finish buying parts and time invested, a small used tank won't cost much more.
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    Temporary Import Permit cancellation/transfer

    The Import office is near the Otay Mesa crossing. If you have all the paperwork in order and copy of each document, they will be able to cancel the original TIP and issue a new one. As mentioned, if you don't have proof of the boat, motor, and trailer being returned to the USA, you will probably...
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    Temporary Import Permit cancellation/transfer

    Mexican mail, now that's pretty funny.
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    Free nav lights

    Thank you very much for the lights.
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    Free nav lights

    I'd like them if still available. Thanks
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    Electrician small job

    Thanks for the replies, I bought a meter and got it done.
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    Small Gas Tank That Doesn’t Balloon

    I have an old Attwood vented cap on a newer Moller tank. But that same cap won't fit a West Marine tank. Find an old vented cap with thread size that matches your tank.
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    Trailer Light Help

    Fords trailer tow package fuses are under the hood.
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    Electrician small job

    The box had a switch for the garbage disposal and an old style 2 plug receptacle (non GFCI). I got everything to fit in the box but lost track of which wires were load or line and now no power to switch or receptacle. The house is 50 years old.
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    Electrician small job

    Need a GFCI and switch wired in same box (kitchen). Should be easy for someone who knows but I sure goofed it up. House is in Clairemont near Home Depot/DMV. Cash or beer or.............. Thanks
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    UHMW trailer bunk slides

    New fresh cut strips of UHMW 1/2” thick 2 @ 3”x 48” 2 @ 3”x 84” 2 @ 3”x 96” Located in San Diego Lot price $125
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    Outboard motor parts in SD lists Johnson parts back to 1968
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    One night house/hotel with Safest Boat Parking? Puertocitos to San Felipe

    Hacienda Don Jesus has a very large parking area, wide entry gate, with multiple uniformed watchos. Rooms are Covid clean with all toiletries sealed in plastic bags. Not cheap, but very nice. $85 for a double. As of Nov. 2020 Ave Mar Baltico #829 San Felipe
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    Rain Gear for Long Range

    I had neoprene cuffs and didn't like them. They get wet and transfer the water to hands and lower arm. Ended up cutting them off.
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    Dip in drain hose, move thru-hull lower?

    My bait tank with the pump off will drain through the high speed pick up at slow speeds and stopped. If you went straight down through the hull with a high speed pick up spun 180 or a cover over a standard through hull would the head drop be enough to push it out? I realize my bait tank is...
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    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    It wouldn't surprise me. They know we will still buy it. Actually, if they would just shake me down for $300-$400 at the beginning of the year and take away all the hoops I have to jump through during the year I'd be ok with it. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Yamaha 2 stroke mech. needed San Diego

    The service guys at JP Motor Sports are very knowledgeable and they have a competitive labor rate. Plus, they don’t give you the typical marine service vibe.
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    It could be the evidence you seek is in the same envelope containing the "land slide election theft" that is also spoken of. At least we now know that most of us are basically unable to be open minded enough to try to understand any other point of view that is not in our wheelhouse. I'm...
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    Is it the employees fault that some pension plans are in the rears?? How about looking at the mayors and governors that "borrowed" money from some of the plans to bail their asses out of their own mismanagement and never paid the plans back. Pensions are funded by the employees who take less in...
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    Bearing race replacement

    Lots of good ideas. I guess when they tooled the machine to cut the hubs, they were off a bit on the inside area. Another thing about the UPF 10" hubs, is the brake rotor hub and their standard idler hub use different size races for the same bearing (been like that for years). They seem to be...
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    Bearing race replacement

    Dave, there is maybe 1/16" if that, of an edge to work with compared to the normal 1/8" to 3/16". Not sure if there is enough exposed lip for it to grab. Fe trailers and UFP will be open Monday, I'll see what they say about their new hub design. Thanks
  75. C

    Bearing race replacement

    On newer model UFP DB35 10" trailer hub with rotor, there is not enough of a lip on the inner race to tap out with a punch. The outer race has the normal lip amount for easy removal. Has anyone else out there run across this yet? If so, how did you get the inner race out short of cutting...
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    Triumph 170 CC

    ^^^^^ Thanks, but want a CC
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    Triumph 170 CC

    Thanks for the leads. I need a hull that can take gravel and small rocks, beach launch.
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    Triumph 170 CC

    Looking for a Triumph 170 CC
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    30 fixed/not fixed.

    Last reel I sent them for service came back with the exact same problem. Not sure if it was even opened up.
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    New transducer for Lowrance HDS

    I have a HDS Gen 2 with stock transducer that reads the bottom in 900 feet clear as day doing 20 Knts. Its transom mounted.
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    15 speed trolling motor, reliable kill bag, 100 quart cooler, 14.9 ft.³ helium balloon tank.

    if you are near San Diego and the zipper is working, I'll take the kill bag.
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    Large drift sock

    Got one sitting around?
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    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    I guess you could start a live bait club. Post up your itinerary (Private Boater Inshore Trip Planning) and get low volume bait users together.
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    Bait tank discharge aft or side

    Port side for a few reasons. Cutting hole will be easier, shorter hose run, and if pump takes a crap you'll notice the lack of flow exiting.
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    Interesting Trailering Video

    Placing the weight on the front of demo trailer is a bit ridiculous. Nobody will have that much tongue weight in real life. The axel position on the demo trailer is so far forward that the results of the test are exaggerated. The 60/40 weight mentioned refers to axel weights, single, double...
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    Lost ear buds head set

    Your right, but I can’t figure out how to edit title.
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    Lost ear buds head set

    Found at South Shores, next to ramp. Seem like a nice pair, sure someone is bummed. PM for return.
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    Help with bleeding and purging my hydraulic system.

    I have a dual motor rig with a liquid tie bar that was VERY difficult to bleed until I installed one of these. No more upside down bottles and mess at the helm. Plus it acts as a mini reservoir.
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    Drop reciever

    8” drop, made of solid stock Clairemont San Diego
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    Headed to Baja early Dec.Where?

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    used fish finder

    Thanks Eric, it will be put to good use.
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    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Shari, thanks for keeping Stan fresh in our memories. Any Baja type who hasn't hung out at Shari's Inn and fished with Juan is really missing out. Stan made Asuncion his home for it's beaches, people, and fishing. RIP
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    Custom fish bag

    My holds are below the water line as well. They drain through a plumbed hole in the transom attached to the aft bulkhead of the hold. Just pull the plug in the hold while under way or on the trailer and it flows out. The photo of your hold looks like it is up against the transom. Seems a decent...
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    Custom fish bag

    A few years back I started to bleed out my fish in a tall narrow trash bin 1/3 full of salt water for 15 minutes before putting them in my fish hold. Now when I pull the fish, there is no blood and very little slime. Just red tinted ice water/slurry. But then again, my holds gravity drain out...
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    used fish finder

    Looking for a small working FF set up for an amigo south of the border. Really anything will do. What's sitting around your garage?? Thanks.
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    In need of trailer advice

    Be sure to fully investigate the difference between leaf spring and torsion suspensions. The torsion has a lot of pluses but you might run into some issues when pulling off/on the highway and all the weight transfers to just one axel. Anyone remember the mono leaf problems? I have never seen...
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    La Bay cooler choice

    Two 150's will be a lot easier to pack and lift. Air space inside is a bad thing. There's a chance (small) you won't fill the 350 completely. Plus you will only be opening one cooler first so second cooler's ice will last longer. Be safe. Rumors of non-essential checks being set up in...
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    BOLA 9/18-9/21

    Heavy weights will help keep some of the tangles to a minimum when you load up your sabiki with multiple macs.
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    Livewell Bait Pump

    These guys are absolutely correct, it will solve your problem.
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    cedros island in my own boat???

    The OP is new and asking a few questions, why talk down to him. Seems he is trying to do the right thing. Hence the looking for confirmation on what he has been told. What he wants to do has been "ok" in the past but things are changing daily and its difficult to keep up to speed. We are doing...
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    Opinions on mounting my bait tank in my Gregor

    On my tin rig I did the offset on top of the bench thing. While its true, lower and aft is always best, small tin boats have minimal deck space. The bench was designed to carry the weight of a person and the tank full of water will be less. Mine is offset just enough to be able to step over the...
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    Honda Flushing Problems has a parts And repair Fourm that at times Has been helpful to me.
  103. C

    1962 Glasspar

    There is a co in Ensenada called Aqua Mar that has done some projects for me
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    Not a Report -- Bait Tank Question After Report

    When the bait quality is good, even a less than desirable set-up will work. When the bait is dry, it will be a different story. I was going to mention that even the cheaper plastic tanks don’t use an exposed fill pipe, but didn’t want to be full of shit.
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    Advice please!--21' Westcoaster--Open Deck/Tiller?

    With a tiller, you will be in the wettest position on a wet skiff. Invest in good skins.
  106. C

    Used Yamaha props

    Both props came off newer model 200 HP 4 stoke. Both need tips tuned up. $50 each See Yamaha part number on box for size
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    Talica 16ii, wont turn.. help.. got a 6 day trip this weekend

    I have water intrusion problems with both my Tac12 and 16. They are fine for bait fishing and don't need much service, BUT if used for jig/yoyo fishing, I needed them serviced every 2-3 trips. That said, they are my favorite reels. I don't hose spray them and they have never seen a fire hose.
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    Hatch lids and anchor

    Both hatch lids are very strong and well built. Anchor shaft is bent but I’m sure will straighten out. Clairemont San Diego pick up
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    When bolting the caliper to the axle flange, there is a bolt hole in each corner of the flange. Originally the caliper was bolted in a vertical position on the rear. My flange is kind of bent and the bolt holes are elongated at that position. My QUESTION is, can the caliper be bolted to the top...
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    San Quintin 8/24/20 - K&M Sportfishing w/ George Catian

    The check point I have been stopped at in the past was just south of where the Tecate route pops out in Sauzal on Mex one.
  111. C

    Found Bait Tank Lid

    Found this floating near Point Loma kelp. Let me know if it’s yours. Not a report but better chance of return.
  112. C

    free gaff and fenders!

    You should have left them at my place. LOL. Could you text me a pic of the stuff? Thanks
  113. C

    Outboard stand

    It's yours
  114. C

    Outboard stand

    Old aluminum outboard stand. Had a 25 HP 4 stroke on it. Has new wheels. Old but functional. Clairemont, San Diego.
  115. C

    Seems like a dumb question/tire size

    I believe the “LT” designation refers to light truck tire. Discount is selling some very good made in USA Goodyear Endurance trailer service Tires in the E range. I’ve had them up and down Baja a few times without problems. Not sure on 16.5 size
  116. C

    Opinion on a 20’ panga.

    Pangas are fine until you reach about age 40.
  117. C

    Reviews of JP Motorsports in Chula Vista?

    They have done outboard repair and service for me in the past. Always worked out well. Best thing is, they are a cool group of motorcycle guys. Their bench hourly rate is well below the other strictly "Marine" shops.
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    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Thank you for the reminder to enjoy my loved ones. RIP
  119. C

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    My sincere condolences to Peter's family and friends. Learning from tragedies are hard lessons. The vetting of a captain/skipper as well of the crew will be at front of my mind. Each person has a responsibility to the safety of all souls on board and their respected loved ones at home. I was...
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    Big Igloo cooler

    Cooler is gone
  121. C

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    All I know is, Mex driving is like a video game. Always changing, confusing, challenging, and fun. Safe travels everyone.
  122. C

    Big Igloo cooler

    It’s the big model. I can’t lift it anymore when it’s full of ice. Ok to good condition. No cracks doesn’t leak. Clairemont pick up.
  123. C

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    Not sure if there are tracks straight ahead. Seems I always turn at that intersection.
  124. C

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    This is a shot of the Tecate money maker. The ALTO sign is at the lighted intersection where you turn right to go to the border. Notice the railroad crossing sign above the ALTO. The railroad tracks are about 100 yards down after you make the right turn. Even with a green light a full stop must...
  125. C

    Offshore Liberty 8/5

    I wouldn't be as concerned with the rods stacked up as I would of 30 people stacked up in the bunk room. Burping, farting, coughing, snoring on each other makes a few scratches on rods seem minor these days. Just saying.
  126. C

    Offshore Biting tuna

    Plenty of bird school tuna pretty much everywhere around 30/32. None of my SD bay bait died, very healthy mid week scoop.
  127. C

    Offshore 8/1 Bluefin close to home

    Check the outer edges of a paper chart. The numbers coincide with the position of the chart relative to the earth. Latitude and longitude. West coast we use North (up) and West (out). If you know the general area being referenced all you need is the square numbers (minutes) . 60 minutes in one...
  128. C

    Low income dog surgery help

    My wife uses a vet in Ensenada. Surgeries cost nothing compared to up here. Our dumb poodle needed a hind leg repaired and the doc did a fine job for less than the xrays and pre-op quotes up here. He also saved our pit bulls life in 2 occasions. I’m sure TJ has good vets
  129. C

    Kodiak Pro Flow 22g Bait Tank

    where in san diego? interested
  130. C

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    Thanks for the come backs. Based on this info, do you think it’s safe to use.
  131. C

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    I’m getting this message when I go to pay for FMM on the Banjercito web site. Are you guys also seeing this?
  132. C


    Light winds on Tuesday till noon, started picking up some around 1pm but still fine.
  133. C


    I tried to purchase toilet paper but Vons and Costco were out. My wife told me “ go fishing all you want but leave the house toilet paper alone”. I really wanted to fish. My kid told me to “just wait until we find some toilet paper then go. It’s not worth the problems we might get into”. It...
  134. C

    On / off SPST switch

    Thanks for the fast/good info. I was just dbl checking. I just found what I believe is the original packaging (switch has been in my garage for years) and it got me wondering if it mattered.
  135. C

    On / off SPST switch

    This switch I have does not ID which lead is the + side and which is the load side. I understand that the switch is just opening or closing the circuit. Is there a way to tell which is which. Bait tank switch.
  136. C

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    I would think the best thing for all of us to do is shut up and not bring any attention to whether or not it is "ok" for the PB to fish Mexican islands. If the dog is sleeping, leave it alone.
  137. C

    Boat overhang on trailer

    What I have been told is you want a 60/40 split of weight front to back on tandem axles. The little extra weight forward helps the trailer run straight. Whats the total weight of boat/trailer when connected to tow rig. Like The Peddler said, you really need accurate weights of each axle.
  138. C

    Recipes for preserving small fish (grunion, sardine, anchovy etc.)

    Be sure to check regulations on cast nets in Ca. waters/species. How about canning. Canning sardines has worked out well for me.
  139. C

    128 qt Igloo Marine cooler

    Thank you very much DanO.
  140. C

    Nav tools

    Time, Speed,Distance. Know two and you have the third. But lets not forget set and drift let alone staying on course.
  141. C

    Nav tools

  142. C

    Nav tools

    Anybody thinking of taking a navigation class? You will need these.
  143. C

    Trailer jack Issues

    I was ready to throw away my ailing Fulton jack. After reading what you said, I took it apart and lubed the inner threaded extension piece. It was dry and rusty. With some fresh grease on the threads it now works as new. Pretty simple job if you have the right size punch set to push out the pin...
  144. C

    Free snow skis

    Skis and bindings. Clairemont San Diego
  145. C

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    Kelps floating offshore tend to attract bait. Bait tends to attract offshore Pelagic fish. Your description of an Albacore seems to be that of a Pelagic fish. We have had some insane Albacore bites associated with offshore Kelps. Not opinion, experience. Everyone stay healthy and safe.
  146. C

    I’m a newbie

    If your chick is hot, plenty of guys here would be more than happy to help. Pictures
  147. C

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    Your absolutely right, but why don’t they care about everyone else’s health and chill out at home for awhile till things mellow out some. Hope you all stay healthy.
  148. C

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Why don’t all the people that believe that these temporary rules are unfair / unconstitutional register with their local hospitals before they go about their merry ways and do whatever they please. That way, when and if the medical community has to start making really tuff decisions they know...
  149. C

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    We are our own worse enemies.
  150. C

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Think I'm good to go. Can't imagine fishing on my own boat being any danger of getting the virus. I believe the real "danger" is not getting the virus, but spreading it. Since our f-ing government can't get their shit together and supply test kits we really don't know who does or doesn't...
  151. C

    Advice on trailer tires

    The side walls on ST tires are stiffer and stronger than LT tires. Completely different designs.
  152. C

    Mex 3 Ice House

    With the 5 finished, were is the best place to get large blocks of ice when crossing south bound Mexicali??? Thanks
  153. C

    Anybody can their fish?

    Sardines are whole, less scales, head, guts, tails. The bones cook soft and are good for you, calcium.
  154. C

    Anybody can their fish?

    I just read the old thread canning 101. There has been some canning recipe changes from the FDA as far as pressure and prep of jars / lids etc. just saying. I will try some of the ideas, they sound great.
  155. C

    Anybody can their fish?

    When done fishing, I put the live sardines into a CLEAN bucket (no water) not too many at a time so they de-scale themselves as they flip around. After they die, flush/rinse them (wash down hose) and when clean put them into zip-lock then on ice. At home as you cut the head off at an angle...
  156. C

    Anybody can their fish?

    I canned (jars) for the first time last month. I used YT, YFT, and wahoo from my freezer. I thought it all was great for making fish sandwiches and everyone that I gave some to also liked it. Olive oil, jalapeño, garlic combos to taste added a great flavor. Then last week I had a half scoop of...
  157. C

    Lowrance gen2 5” ??

    I put this on my aluminum 16’ rig and it works great. Good detail at speed. The question I have is , when the outboard motor is off the screen shows the bottom softer (Yellow). With the motor running the bottom looks harder (red). Is the difference because the unit is getting more power with...
  158. C

    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    Really? The paving of the dirt roads in Baja has not really increased the number of people dragging their own boats down or visiting the destinations that are now paved. It’s pretty much the same guys doing it, just faster and safer. I see the same faces at the same places that have been doing...
  159. C

    San Quintin, yellows

    That's great, you and Juan find the fish and we will be following you guys around!!!!!
  160. C

    San Quintin, yellows

    I sure will
  161. C

    San Quintin, yellows

    Yellows are biting again and one spot opened up. Leaving again tomorrow return Tuesday.
  162. C

    Cajun Electric Smoker

    Interested sent p.m.
  163. C

    Looking for armless plastic molded boat seat...

    I’ll look in my shed. There’s probably one in there you can have
  164. C

    Got a new a Ditch bag today! What’s in yours?

    I keep 4 full wet suits on board. If you go in the water with nothing, live rescue time is limited.
  165. C

    San Quintin, yellows

    One spot open Leave tomorrow through Tuesday. Yellows are biting well again. Boat is there. No dope or drama.
  166. C

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    No, it’s a couple miles away to the import offices.
  167. C

    Looking for fiberglass pros to fix my boat

    Mark at monsoon has done a few very nice projects for me. Dependable!!
  168. C

    Large igloo

    I have a large igloo cooler that I’d like to trade for a smaller cooler. This cooler is in ok to good condition. I think it is around 140/150 quart size. Looking for 70 qt min. To 110 qt max. Brand doesn’t matter. Clairemont San Diego.
  169. C

    Auto pilot pump etc

    Has not been hooked up for years but was still on boat till yesterday. Anyone want these parts before I dump them?
  170. C

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    One has to cancel current TIP then get a new TIP with the new motor serial number. The Otay office will cancel TIP but boat must be present.
  171. C

    Zooboys June Trip to LA Bay

    We also use Tecate for north bound crossing. Besides full stops, watch out for the stop sign they have posted at the signal light for the right turn leading to the rail road tracks. They want a stop there even on a green light. Then notice the tiny sign in spanish saying you must use turn signal...
  172. C

    Trailer equalizer????

    Thanks for all the input.
  173. C

    Trailer equalizer????

    No, I believe they are in the correct orientation based on images I have seen of other dual axle trailers. The equalizer is functioning and the shackles do move correctly. It just seems strange that on such a slight incline the shackle would bottom out on the underside of trailer frame.
  174. C

    Mexican money

    The gas station at Los Pinos is straight. Its a good top off spot and they will sell you all the pesos you want at their posted exchange rate, which is always pretty good.
  175. C

    Trailer equalizer????

    On my dual axel trailer the equalizer shackle comes in contact with the bottom of trailer frame on just a slight incline of driveway. The tongue weight is correct and the axles are carring the load of the boat within specs. What does your equalizer look like on a slight incline??? Thanks
  176. C

    LA Bay one short

    Cats do tend to porpoise, so i'm told. LOL
  177. C

    LA Bay one short

    Leaving Wednesday 29th San Diego Return Sunday 2nd. F250 4x4 crew cab tow vehicle towing 22 foot Rig Fish 3 days. 1/3 cost. No drugs or drama. PM if interested
  178. C

    delete please whenever thank you

    overall height ??
  179. C

    How do 20-25 catamarans handle San Diego offshore conditions?

    IMO, there is no hull that will do everything. After owning a few rigs I knew what I wanted. What I want out of a hull and what I plan on doing with that hull is going to be different than other people. Geographically speaking, where most cats are being used speaks for itself. Hawaii...
  180. C

    How do 20-25 catamarans handle San Diego offshore conditions?

    ^^^^^^ I suppose that means I shouldn't comment, being that I've had the same cat for 19 years and not sold it to buy a mono hull.
  181. C

    Vacuum sealing tips

    Medium size chamber pouches cost less than a penny a piece @ 1000 quantity from Vacmaster
  182. C

    Vacuum sealing tips

    Or buy a chamber sealer. The savings on the bags will pay for it quickly if you are a semi frequent user.
  183. C

    Fuel tanks (5)

    Moeller tanks are now free, just pick up before trash day if you want them (Wednesday).
  184. C

    2 Used Gaffs

    Interested in fiberglass gaff. Do u get to SD at all?
  185. C

    Boat cover manufacturers in San Diego

    Athena’s On shelter island drive made me a cover and charged less than the estimated price. It’s still in great shape going on 10 years. Great people
  186. C

    PB WSB on the bass gear

    That’s s bitchen Fish. Those Redrum baits are the bomb!! Nice job Capt James
  187. C


    With all the recent thefts, cartel infighting (murders), crooked cops, shit roads, etc now in Baja I feel trained enough to fish/drive on the mainland side. Sinaloa don’t seem so bad anymore. I love it!!!!!
  188. C

    Various old Salas jigs

    No, they were picked up.
  189. C

    25HP YAMI

    Yes tiller. Electric start. I do have a Yamaha 25 4 stroke on my 16 but this motor belongs to a buddy who ask me to post it up. My 16 with the 25 and 2 old fat guys, gear etc cruises at 18 Kts and wide open around 22 kts in kind conditions.
  190. C

    Yamaha f300 500 hour service have good parts prices and there is a question / repair forum with some knowledgeable people that have helped me do repairs I wouldn't have tried without the help
  191. C

    Poly Bait Tank Repair

    I forget who did it for me but a company in Orange county "welded" a new drain fitting on a poly tank for me. Guy was cool and some beer was the cost. Smarter people on here will know the term of the fix they did. Very clean fix.
  192. C


    Just got back from a trip to Asuncion. Your tocayo is doing well. Lots of fish and warm weather. Next up, the 240. See you soon Capt. Juan.
  193. C


    Awesome shots of the 240 rearing it’s ugly head.
  194. C

    Bahia Asuncion Report YT and YFT

    ^^ Pronto, Ud. y Los Kellys estan matandome
  195. C

    Bahia Asuncion Report YT and YFT

    Thanks for the reports, your on it!!!!
  196. C

    25HP YAMI

    2002 25 HP Yamaha 4 stroke Short shaft 15” transome Runs strong, good condition Electric start $ 2150 North San Diego. 858-922-6294
  197. C


    with the shelter island ramp finished, un anos available, and gas at $3 bucks a gallon what the hell are we going to bitch about now?
  198. C

    Thermostat ??

    going with the 60c, thanks. Put the jigs to good use!!!
  199. C

    Thermostat ??

    On my Suzuki DF90A there are two thermostat replacement options. One is listed as a 60c and the other other is listed as 71c. If the motor is operated mostly in the San Diego Northern Baja area (mid 50f to mid 70f water temp) with a few 80f water temp trips per year, which option is best. I...
  200. C

    Various old Salas jigs

    First off I was not trying to start a bidding process, just didn't have an idea on value. Rick from this site "Mattanza" sent me a PM with an offer. He helped me out a few years back on a project at no charge. So, i'll just offer them to him for free and return the favor. Thanks. Check your...
  201. C

    Various old Salas jigs

    ^^^ I'll cover shipping to Palmdale , where ever that is, and it will only cost me $20 to get rid of them. LOL
  202. C

    Various old Salas jigs

    ABC, TNT, PDQ . Need new rings and hooks. Not sure their value? Best offer. Clairemont
  203. C

    Fins/pussy cords/rack

    size med fins, a couple pussy cords and s set of soft racks. Free I’m in Clairemont
  204. C

    Prop for Suzuki

    suzuki prop 13.5 x 15 Came off a DF70 Good condition Make offer $ I’ll probably take Also have other things for DF70
  205. C

    Yamaha 20HP

    Very clean low hour 2007 4 stroke long shaft 20 HP. $2500
  206. C


    where, when are you going to be in SD. I'll take the 4'. check your PM
  207. C

    Feeler: class A driving jobs

    There is a serious shortage of class a divers right now. Drivers are retiring at a pace far exceeding replacements. The cause is partly due to companies not willing to pay a fair wage and an influx of people willing to work too cheaply. Although there are some good driver jobs available, you'll...
  208. C

    Drill press loan

    Thanks for the great offers everyone!!! Found one on craigs list just about free. This site can be very helpful, really appreciate the help.
  209. C

    Drill press loan

    I’m in the need of a drill press to use for a 3-4 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Beer, some new bitchen tuve baits, or ? Curt 619-495-5455
  210. C

    Need Hand held GPS

    Thanks for ideas, but got a great deal on the same model that went bad. Needed to be waterproof for open panga.
  211. C

    Need Hand held GPS

    Looking for hand held gps unit. Good working order. Giving it away to a Capt down south. His Garmin GPS MAP 76C just gave out. Thanks. Curt. 619-495-5454
  212. C

    Tecate Border Crossing

    Will a full size pick-up pulling a boat be ok making the u-turn? Thanks.
  213. C

    Mexico Biosphere yearly passport

    I put this on another thread but it’s way down. If you want a yearly passport just goggle the conanp website. Click on “ADQUIÉRELO AQUÍ”. Then click on “passport”. Create your account with email and password. Then in purchase page, you must upload a mug shot of the user or the payment won’t go...
  214. C

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Today I was able to purchase and print out yearly biosphere passports for my kid and myself. Bit under $20 bucks each. Just google conanp and see their web site. Click on “ADQUIÉRELO AQUÍ”. Then click on “passport”. Create your account with email and password. Then in the purchase page you must...
  215. C

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I get an annual every year for further south where it’s been enforced for a few years now. Less than $25 for the year. The Guerrero negro Biosphere office will mail it to you. Only Mexican mail is very slow
  216. C

    Trailer Bearing Q&A???

    Did you replace the races and the seal at the back of the hub? FE trailers has all the right parts and are very helpful with questions
  217. C

    Please exercise caution my friends

    The riders will fish where the Capt. stops the boat and most will continue fishing until told to stop. If posting photos of over doing it and off limit areas is happening then who is at fault. Photos don't lie.
  218. C

    Fuel tanks (5)

    I'd really like to sell together but, if no one wants all $ 60.00 per pair
  219. C

    Bait pump help...older Rule 700

    It would be a very good addition to add a strainer. Eel grass and too much water pressure on pump kills them fast.
  220. C

    Fuel tanks (5)

    bump with price drop
  221. C

    Fuel tanks (5)

    27 gallon Moeller
  222. C

    Fuel tanks (5)

    Two Moeller 27 gallon tanks. Model # FT2799 $ Two Moeller 12 gallon tanks. Attwood 6 gallon tank Price drop $ 100.00 for all 5
  223. C

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    So are you saying that while in the north bound border line you have been " pulled out of the line and robbed 10 to 12 times" ?? Robbed or (paid bribe)) for just following the vehicle in front of you? The few times i have been pulled over near the border the cop had his reason (true or false)...
  224. C

    Hotel Recommendations Near San Quentin Needed

    Try the hotel Los Cirios. Not sure I spelled it correctly. Named after the upside down carrot. It’s in town clean cheap and quiet.
  225. C

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    Seems that the past few years the aduana officials have had a hard on concerning a TIP when towing a boat. It’s easier to have it handy then try to explain to an officer the laws of their land as if anyone actually knows
  226. C

    New Aluminum Fuel Tank

    Aluminum tanks need air on all sides as well as top and bottom. Weld riser flanges on the bottom ends of tank that will float tank. Lag flanges to glassed in blocks.
  227. C

    FMM Manifest

    Thanks for the FMM info. Has the club done it’s SLcove trip yet?
  228. C

    ?? 12 volt system

    Thanks for the ideas. Got out fishing and the pump wired thru the switch was not operating correctly. So I did just that^^ and it worked fine straight off the battery. The wire running to the switch is 18 years old and the copper has a bad black look to it. I’ll run some new wire and try it out.
  229. C

    FMM Manifest

    What is put in the column under “Sea record number” Thanks in advance
  230. C

    Off Shore fiberglass bait tank

    if he ^^^ doesn't take it i will
  231. C

    ?? 12 volt system

    Brand new. Dry.
  232. C

    ?? 12 volt system

    Lots of good info. I was wondering because i wired in a new on/off switch for a bait pump. I added an in line fuse and at the time I only had a 4 amp fuse and the pump calls for a 6 amp. With the 4 amp fuse in place the impeller on the pump seemed to fluctuate rpms. It seems that 6 amp blade...
  233. C

    ?? 12 volt system

    Thank you for the explanation. I believe I understand.
  234. C

    ?? 12 volt system

    Will using a smaller fuse, (4 amp) in the fuse holder as opposed to a 6 amp fuse, reduce current?? Did i ask that correctly ? Thanks
  235. C

    outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    I have 2 12 gallon size tanks. Would accept a reasonable offer. San Diego. Also a couple that are a little larger.
  236. C

    Cabo birthday trip

    awesome!! Happy birthday
  237. C

    Increased crime in Baja?

    I-5 and I-805 both have had a sign posted for 30 years stating "guns and amo illegal in Mexico". We all have seen it, but maybe some can't read it or just ignore it. Eliminate night driving, alcohol, drugs, and stupidity - 90% of all problems just vanished. Go and have fun carefully.
  238. C

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    Webstrant has the VP112 for $442 I have had mine 4 years and not one problem. I like the 8x12 size bags.
  239. C

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    From personal experience, if it is a trailered boat take it to the Otay aduana import export offices. They will verify vin numbers of boat trailer motor (s) and cancel it on the spot. I have done this twice there. And yes it was my name on the TIP. I would definitely have the person on the TIP...
  240. C

    Bait pump.

    which ever pump you decide on, put a strainer between pickup and pump. That will eliminate most pump problems.
  241. C

    kenmore freezer

    I’ll take it if not sold
  242. C

    Boone kill bag and Liner

    I’ll take it with cooler trade or cash. Curt 619-495-five four 54
  243. C

    Crossing the border with a 40 foot boat trailer

    I did the same thing with an aprox. 30' empty trailer. Turns weren't my problem, it was the bouncing of the empty trailer. No tongue weight and no weight on the trailer suspension was a bitch. During the trip I was considering removing the tires off one axle, but just dealt with the bounce...
  244. C


    Not knowing any better I flushed my Suzuki DF70 hp out boards for 10 years with the hose port and motors running. Sold the motors running good with 3000 hours. No salt away either. Now I use muffs and salt away in new motors, will see how that goes.
  245. C

    4.5 meters or less

    For your second TIP on the 14’ do you show your name (same name) on it as well as on your large rig TIP? Thanks
  246. C

    Inverter/ Generator - Feedback and Advice

    This camping thing of yours has me wondering. If you went camping and woke up with a sore ass, would you tell anyone?? Just asking.
  247. C

    Fish Finder - Additional Transducer to use on a rental lake boat

    Cabelas sells transome clamps that can hold transducers, pumps, etc.
  248. C

    Acrylic Windshield for Center Console

    Ridout Plastic has done some good work for me. Local SD shop.
  249. C

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    That's a real bummer about the boat theft. I have purchased Mex on the water coverage from Lewis and Lewis.
  250. C

    Sonora south crossing

    wanting to pull a buddies boat south across the border at San Luis Colorado. Anyone with experience doing something along those lines could chime in please. Planning on translated notarized permission letter with my passport number and all paper work noted as well as the TIP on letter. Staying...
  251. C

    02.15Road Conditions

    So, thanking a guy for a road report and a personal thought on what it means to me brings out the Gurus and being told not to go south. That’s cool because I do have a few questions I’m sure can be answered. I was thinking about changing my name to “Baja Curt”. Before I do, I wanted to know how...
  252. C

    Are there Sailfish/Marlins in BOLA?

    Thats a great shot with the 6x hanging there
  253. C

    02.15Road Conditions

    Thanks for the road info. Was hoping for a few spring Cortez trips but it doesn’t look good for towing.
  254. C

    La Salina 2/17

    When I snooze I lose. One of these times. Looks like you have it dialed.
  255. C

    Rod socks (for 9ft rods)

    U Line sells protective netting for cheap. 164 foot roll is around $50 if I remember right. Comes in different sizes. 2” is a snug fit on standard eyes but it will stretch more if needed. Maybe size up from 2” might be better for you.
  256. C

    Boat Chit

    I’ll take case.
  257. C

    Shimano Tallica 16 2 speed issues

    Well, I use a tac 12 for yo yo fishing and it has to go in for service at least 2 times a year because of water intrusion Water gets into it between the spool and frame. I don’t rinse I wipe it down and it is away from spray while on my boat. Shimano has always done right by me and the service...
  258. C

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    So the Stripper banged your Striper.
  259. C

    New Outboard engines. Are these prices legit.....

    Mike, go fishing and post a report.
  260. C

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Well, for me its the f###ing road condition keeping me north of Pt. Baja. That stretch down south will take more money from you than any cop, and probably kill me before any Cartel doings.
  261. C

    Welding, who / where

    Good idea. He fixed a few props for me over the years. Thanks
  262. C

    Welding, who / where

    need some welding done in the San Diego area. Out board lower end cavation plate has a crack that needs attention and need a stainless nut welded to the top of a stainless bolt that broke off. Thanks
  263. C

    Lost glasses south shores ramp

    My glasses in a case fell out of my bag on the sidewalk as you approach the ramp. Just a shot in the dark someone might have found them. Prescription sunglasses in hard case. Thanks
  264. C

    Filling screw holes on transom

    Best way to do it is, just let Mark do it.
  265. C

    corroded bolts

    I made progress on the lower end. What worked for me was heat, penetrating oil, and a few large hammers and blocks of wood. I heated the aluminum casing surrounding the stainless studs, seems the aluminum expands faster than the stainless and was able to get the oil to run up the studs and help...
  266. C

    fuel filter problem.....

    Yes it happened to me as well. Seems the new fuel (ethanol bend) screws with the plastic. Racor has made replacement bowls and west marine has them. The Racor website has info on the problem. I think i posted a thread that had the info on it. The thread is in boating discussions dated jun 24 th...
  267. C

    corroded bolts

    Yes, #4 is a case extension that is between the drive shaft housing (#1) and the gear case (lower end) not shown. What i need to do is drop the lower end for a water pump change, but the two pieces are being held back by the corrosion around the the threaded studs. Also There are a few pins, #7...
  268. C

    great dicember fishing in san quintin.

    Keep an eye on em Capt. Juan. Hope to fish next to you again next week. Its always easier when your on the water!!
  269. C

    corroded bolts

    Thanks everyone for the input/ideas. The boat is in SQ at the moment, so i'll start soaking the threads next week when i bring it back home.
  270. C

    corroded bolts

    My ability to convey the problem needs work. The nuts came right off. The problem is that the case extension and gear case (lower end) won't drop down. I believe the salt build up and corrosion in the holes that the threaded studs come down are stopping the gear case from releasing.
  271. C

    corroded bolts

    Thanks for the ideas. Here is what it looks like. There are four threaded studs (#5) two on each side and one threaded stud (#6) at the rear. Studs are screwed in the upper drive shaft housing first (#1), then extend thru case extension (#4) and finally, through the gear case (lower end, not...
  272. C

    corroded bolts

    I waited too long to change out my impeller and now the stud bolts ( they start up in the drive shaft housing) and come down thru the gear case (lower end) are very corroded and salty. Normally there are bolts that go up but this is a xtra long shaft. Stud bolts come down and nuts and washers...
  273. C

    San Quintin

    Winter yellow tail fishing is settling in. Clean warm water with yellows on the high spots biting the yo yo extremely well. Limit style action.
  274. C


    was George actually driving the boat???? LOL Nice fish Vinnie
  275. C

    San Quintin yellows

    Very good yo yo yellow tail fishing going on at the high spots. Full speed early morning bite. Then plenty of time for critters and bass or beer. Big thanks to capt. George for the awesome time. He has it wired. Fly down, Alex does pick up at run way. Grab boat and truck from campo Lorenzo’s...
  276. C

    Any San Quintin reports?

    There were a handful of yellows caught at the 240 today i'm told.
  277. C

    Bahia Asuncion Fishing Report...end of October

    Sheri, could you please check your messages here or on Nomads. Trying to set up sunset casa or a room at the Inn. Thanks. And that really sucks getting stiffed by those pendejos.
  278. C

    Igloo marine coolers (white)

    If no cracks on inner shell I'll give you $75 for the 2 94 qts. Only I'm in San Diego
  279. C

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    Wharf rat tweekers are a small compact group. For $100 bucks they would crawl over each other to id the guy. Show the photo around the old mobile homes parked near the marinas/piers. We all probably know someone who knows who he is.
  280. C

    Offshore WFO dorado y Tuna

    Those are beautiful local Dorado.
  281. C

    Wash down pumps (avoid)

    With a dedicated thru hole and strainer I have only been able to burn up 2 of the blaster pumps in 17 years and I have never done the fresh water back flush thing.
  282. C

    Suzuki outboards???

    Don't forget to change out the internal zincs on the head. Buy a real shop manual and it makes maintenance real easy. Love my Suzukis
  283. C

    Biosphere Permits?

    The annual card i was referring to is a personal access card for (supposedly) the older established Bio Reserves as well as the new reserves, land and water. Maybe try giving the office a call or e-mail regarding specific rules for Cedros / Benitos. I'm curious as if the fishing operations on...
  284. C

    Biosphere Permits?

    Those are personal cell numbers. Here's the rest
  285. C

    Biosphere Permits?

    call Jamie 526151558890 or Marisol 0115216151077643 They work at the reserve office in GN Takes a month for the mail but you can pick up annual cards at their office. And yes there is enforcement to some degree in some of those sourthen areas.
  286. C

    Oldman sees black

    Oneder hoos oleder, you ore the Black. Nice one!!!! I'll pick-up my fillets in a week or two.
  287. C

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Your right i didn't read the whole post, don't know where you get the time energy to put this stuff together but keep it up. Fishing is pretty good right now, try to get out.
  288. C

    TIP at the Coronado Islands

    The annual cards have been out for awhile. The office I got mine at did not know when enforcement would start. The Mexican mail is REAL SLOW. This card came from the Biosphere Reserve office in Guerro Negro.
  289. C

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    So the cash i gave you didn't get me on the list? Just asking.
  290. C

    Making a Trailer "Baja Ready"

    If you spend time towing in Baja you will break something, no way around it. Maintenance and travel time are the key factors. When in a hurry preparing to go or on the road things will be missed that will cause problems. A simple flat tire at night is a nightmare. The flat won't be noticed in...
  291. C


    We will be down there wondering around this weekend as well. See you on water Juan.
  292. C

    Trailer suspension ???

    On a duel axle with leaf springs, the leaf spring hangers have two positions. Will there be more clearance (before bottoming out equalizer shackles) if the top or bottom hole in the hanger is used? Thanks
  293. C

    Ascuncion, Abrejos, or Mag Bay in November?

    Asuncion is a real challenge to launch a larger rig like yours. La Bocana is an easy launch. We stayed at the surf camp with our boat on Santa Maria (Mag) and that was pretty cool, cuts the distance to the banks that way.
  294. C

    welder - Mobil or ?

    Thanks for the responses, i got it welded up by the first recommendation and all is good. I'll keep the numbers cause i brake shit.
  295. C

    BOLA July 2017 The adventures continue!

    I would take the X-ray over some dude looking at all my stuff and trying to tell me I have too many rods and opening my coolers to help himself to my rib eyes. At the X-ray they never even open the shell of the truck to look in. It's the best thing to happen at the border I believe. 4:30 am is fine
  296. C

    BOLA July 2017 The adventures continue!

    Since they started putting boats in the X-ray machine a few years back I have never had them climb in to the boat for a look see. I bring xtra fuel cans full and give always that normally would have not been let in. I personally like it. Let one of your crew put boat thru X-ray while you do...
  297. C

    Catamaran opinions.

    I'm not an expert on boat building by any means. What i was saying is, the process of design and manufacturing of the boats on the market will vary. I did test ride 3 other Cats before my purchase. Before my power cat the only other cat i had been on were Hobie Cats i used to sail / race. One...
  298. C

    Catamaran opinions.

    I bought a Hawaiian Sea Cat new in 1999 from a guy that was making them on Kauai and had it shipped over here. The sea trial was in 25 kts of wind with a 12' foot swell closing out the harbor entrance. Don told me "any boat works well when its calm". Its the best little boat i have ridden on.
  299. C

    Catamaran opinions.

    I have had my cat since 1999 and would not consider switching rigs. But like all boats, not all cats are built correctly. Pick a shity day to sea trial before you buy.
  300. C

    San Quintin.

    Here's a few that have worked in the past
  301. C

    welder - Mobil or ?

    Thanks for the number
  302. C

    welder - Mobil or ?

    Looking for a welder to replace a leaf spring hanger on steel trailer. I have the new hanger. Mobil or shop with room for 22 foot boat. Thanks for any leads.
  303. C

    Dare I take Mex 5 dirt to BOLA w/ a 25ft boat?

    The 60 or 70 miles leading up to the turn off has plenty of brake down opportunities. Your right about slow.
  304. C

    Has anyone got a replacement TIP?

    You need proof that rig is in USA before they can cancel orig TIP. That's what I was told and did. The easiest way is to take the rig to the Otay office and they will cancel orig tip and issue a new one on the spot. Orig boat,trailer reg or pinks are needed.
  305. C

    Xtratuf size 13

    I'll take em. I'm in clairemont. We will have to work out pu
  306. C

    $2500 Fishing budget how would you spend it?

    Drive down to Asunción for a few days of fishing with Juan then head to La Bocana for a few days of fishing and then finish up in San Quintin. You will probably have change back on your $2500
  307. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Well, I did spend 4 nights in the same hotel room with a couple of seamen.
  308. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    The fishing was excellent. Not so much the ride home.
  309. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    No. Plan a slow ride thru that 60-70 miles and anything less than real good tires and a few spares for everything is not a good idea. Personally I'm done towing a heavy boat further than San Quintin until the road is fixed. There's a better chance of a problem than not IMO. And night driving is...
  310. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Bring the locals some old shirts, clothes, mags..... always good karma to stoke out some less fortunate locals...... they remember. Nobody anywhere wants old shirts. Bring down sinkers, hooks,jigs for give sways.
  311. C

    Tow boat to Gonzaga, launch, then boat to BOLA?

    I have to agree. I for one have become pussyfied over the last 6 or 8 years the road has been so good.
  312. C

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    Also, all the bouncing on wash board dirt roads is VERY HARD on wheel bearings. Coming home from La Bocana before they paved the road to Abreojos we lost a set of brand new bearings.
  313. C

    Racor fuel separator problem?????

    Found these service bulletins on the Racor site. Beware!!!!
  314. C

    Racor fuel separator problem?????

    Thanks for all the info everyone!!!! I will pick up a few new bowls and hose splice fittings.
  315. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Please don't start him up agsin
  316. C

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    So, did i miss the part of the story where he stopped off at Anthony's? LOL
  317. C

    Racor fuel separator problem?????

    I have always in the past hand tightened the bowl to the bottom of the filter. Tight but not quite as hard as i could. Now just after snug the threads slip and the bowl come loose. Happens on both sides. I think the threads on the filter are different in some way...... Rick- if you get an answer...
  318. C

    Racor fuel separator problem?????

    Anyone else having a problem with the reusable plastic bowl on the bottom of the filter coming off the filter. Been using same filter #S3227 for years with no problem. The last ones i have tried the bowl doesn't seem to seat as tight and when the fuel heats up (boats on a trailer) it blows it...
  319. C

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    With that kind of attitude, after all that shit you went through, your the type of crew i would want traveling with me. I get down south pretty often and i have thought about throwing in the towel for a whole lot less. What is really wrong with the whole situation is that $1500 was going to be...
  320. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Glad your home safe. That is really fucked up and a scary spot to be in. The info on the pocket knife and windows is very valuable, Thankyou
  321. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    if you have a heavy tint and a person on the outside looking at your rig can't see inside than you can be pulled over, be fined and rig impounded until non factory tint removed. So........ roll your windows down when in TJ and other hot spots. Up here rear windows can have any amount of tint...
  322. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    to a certain extent they are illegal in the good ol USA
  323. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Everyone that travels in Mex should NEVER EVER give a cop cash if it is truly a shake down. Insist on going to the station to straighten things out. If this is done 9 out 10 times the cop will start driving with you following. He will soon stop and ask for the cash again and if you refuse again...
  324. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Federal Hwy cops are normally very straight. Municipal not so much. Wondering if the cash was handed to them or did they actually steal it. No standard traffic stop costs $1500. I'm feeling your pain.
  325. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Aug- do a BOLA / San Quintin combo Overheat in bola then cool off in SQ
  326. C

    Surface iron reels

    You guys using the lexa and tranx like the high speed or power versions best? Thanks
  327. C

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Robbed by Federal Police ???????
  328. C

    Long cardboard rod tube

    Carpet rolls have very heavy tubes inside them. We throw them out by the bussel at the convention center. 10 foot rolls
  329. C

    n00b bait tank question

    Wow, 40 mph at night. The bait will live but maybe not the crew.
  330. C

    Fishing the coast south of SQ, outside the biosphere

    The established biospheres to the south have included the surrounding coastal waters and land. Its not just an island thing.
  331. C

    My vent thread...... don't do this to people!!!

    If you would have started scraping and working instead of typing you would be 3/4 s done with the job yourself. Just saying. LOL Good luck!!!!
  332. C

    94 quart igloo cooler with cushion- $40

    Why did you tell me about the cooler? I think I want it also.
  333. C

    Radon style cab

    Don Mosses could probably point you in the right direction. He was building Sea Cats on Kauai.
  334. C

    Plastic bait tank repair

    i had the same problem a few years back. There is a way to "weld" a new one on,i forget the correct term. A place in OC did it for a12 pac of beer. I don't remember the name. Got the lead here on BD. Maybe do a search and the thread will pop up.
  335. C

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    The best thing about current configuration is that I never had to use the dock. Nose straight into dock at entrance, drop off truck driver and back out. Looks like now I'll be part of the cluster. Oh well.
  336. C

    Squidco review

    PLEASE don't fart while shopping there. No room to hide.
  337. C

    Bait Tank only fills half way, what's up?

    I'm sure you have checked the sliding sleeve on the stand pipe
  338. C


    You don't have to have your rig with you to get a TIP at the import office in Otay. You do need your rig with you to cancel a TIP.
  339. C

    Suzuki owners please chime in

    Not sure about the bigger sized Suzuki motors but I put a little over 3k hours on a pair of DF90 s with very little trouble although I would burn up a coil every 900 or so hrs. Sold them running strong. I repowered with the new DF90A models 3-4years ago and have only had to change oil and...
  340. C

    Transducer transom mounting - how do I know if I got it sealed?

    You can feel if you drilled all the way thru the transome. It doesn't take much sealant to seal it up. Your fine.
  341. C

    DF 60 or DF 70 parts.

    i did buy that EMC for the one and ran them both for another year. I re- powered with a pair of DF90A. The DF90A have been awesome and the xtra horse power is great. Thanks again on that EMC lead. Those old motors were still running strong and had good compression with 3000 (+-) hours on them.
  342. C

    DF 60 or DF 70 parts.

    If you own a suzuki DF60 or DF70 i have some new parts and a bench manual that I won't be using. PM if you could use anything. I know I used to burn up the coils every 500 to 900 hours. The pictured coils are New and expensive, top and bottom. Zoom in on part numbers. PS : these are free for...
  343. C

    I need some help with a TIP

    If you don't mind crossing the Otay border, the import office is very close by and the process there is fast and simple. As stated, bring your passport, boat/trailer regs, motor(s) serial numbers, and pinks if you got them. Take a few copies of everything. Get the addendum sheet and put a shit...
  344. C

    Whole yellowtail recipe needed

    The best I've had is a friend down south does. He scales and gill/gut then butterfly leaving stomach intact. Use mayo some mustard onion tomatoe lemon butter pepper and garlic. Put fish back together. Wrap in foil and grill.
  345. C

    Rule 3 way bilge pump switch

  346. C

    Chivato, Sta Rosalia tackle question

    coml. guys are fishing bait under a floating buoy. It can be like a mine field. Better than nets, just have to work around them at times. Be safe and take lots of 50-60# and sliders. The Tady 9/o white-glow and some flat falls
  347. C

    Chivato, Sta Rosalia tackle question

    i believe mouse traps are the preferred "local" rig now.
  348. C


    Aquaculture : Those Blue Fin tuna pins are complete eco-terrorism. Feeding offshore pelagic fish with inshore anchovy, sardines, mackerel, etc., will and has had a very negative effect on inshore game fish that depends on that feed.
  349. C

    To AIS or not

    If you see a red and green light at the same time you'd better get out of the way.
  350. C

    Looking to donate gear to somone in need.

    Ok let me know. I'll pick up if it plays out that way. Anyone else with any type of gear I'm up for collecting it. Shore fishing spinning gear or anything that works!!! Thanks.
  351. C

    Looking to donate gear to somone in need.

    We gave away some gear to the Kids of the fishermen down in Bahia de Asunción last October. They were stoked. They need a few reels to go with the rods. Any xtra gear anyone has would for sure go to kids that would use it. We go there a few times each fall
  352. C

    Legend reputation

    How about a different angle: Putting 30 people on enough fish so they could go home and brag about it to whom ever would listen might get a little tuff. Most of the riders already knew what they were going to catch and where they were going to fish days prior to departure based on what they...
  353. C

    New trailer tires

    Decided to go with the Goodyear Endurance. American made, 8 ply, load range D 65lb PSI. In the past i have had good luck with the load range C, but i'm stoked to have found a "D" rated 14" tire. A little more $ but piece of mind. $109 ea at discount tire. Thanks for the tips!!!
  354. C

    New trailer tires

    Thanks for the tire info. I change out my tires every four years Regardless. The xtra rims will also get new tires put on them, a spare without a good tire is not a spare. Thanks for the rims Rex!!!!
  355. C

    New trailer tires

    Rex, THANKYOU That's a very nice offer. I have gotten free stuff and given stuff away on this site!!!! That's what I'm talking about. I'll pm you for pick up info.
  356. C

    New Pay for Mexican Visas Website?

    It would seem that a FMM is more of a immigration thing than a fishing thing. One might think that a FMM would be needed for travel in Mexico by water, land or air fishing or not. Doubt if it's in response to any political or conservation efforts. It's just a Mexican website that had always...
  357. C

    New trailer tires

    Did he buy Marathon or Green Ball ?
  358. C

    New trailer tires

    In the past I have just used discount tire to replace my tires. They sell marathon I believe. I have herd some positive things about Green Ball tires from Cost Co. Any recent info would be appreciated. ST-215/75R 14C Also looking for a few rims for spares if anyone wants to sell. Thanks.
  359. C

    SQ gold

    Last time it rained like hell, there were full pots of gold to be had. Looks to be a good weather window coming up.
  360. C

    Santa Rosalia

    The Marina in town is great and super cheap. Need TIP and proof of water insurance to get a slip. Good bait in front of break water before sun rise.
  361. C

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    " Wet Pussy "
  362. C

    Bahia de os Angeles to SAN on 02.21.2017 via Mexicali

    Thanks for the road update. ps. My kids threw away my short shorts a few years back.
  363. C

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    I'd bet that those of us that prefer North up did some actual navigating (dead reckoning) with a watch and compass pre GPS days. Time, speed, distance, any two will give you the third. Now anyone with few hundred bucks is a "skipper". Ya i'm old
  364. C

    Monohull v multihull

    Look at the locations where cats are popular. Australia, South Africa, Alantic ocean, Hawaii. These are rough water places. Here in Southern California if there are 6 foot seas with 15 knots of wind we call it rough for small rigs. Those places are just getting warmed up in those conditions...
  365. C

    Monohull v multihull

    Contempt prior to investigation is "why"
  366. C

    Puerto Penasco to Baja

    ya they do, absolutely loaded.
  367. C

    Shimano Service turn around

    Web site has turnarounds listed. But i think not.
  368. C

    Shimano Service turn around

    Talicas are in the platinum series, in house 3 day turnaround time. I send my tac 12II almost after every trip cause of water intrusion. Just mailed it again yesterday, i should have it back next monday or tuesday. Did i mention i have to do this a lot? The service is fast and good at a great...
  369. C

    Juan San Quintin

    Better She looks like you and not the Cartero. LOL Felicidades!!!!
  370. C

    Trailer Advice

    14,500 lbs ??? Thats a real heavy 18 ft skiff. Just saying
  371. C


    The Mexican people are more pissed at Nieto than Trump.
  372. C

    Shimano talica 8 two speed

    I'll call you. I think I want it
  373. C

    san quintin,weather,protests & fish.

    stas Xtra heavy dutyman. And yes, you do deserve it. How much did the rock weigh? Its a nice one!!! Te veo luego.
  374. C

    San quintin yellows

    A bit chilly in the am and 9 fish for 3. Alex took day off
  375. C

    Stay away from Rule pumps

    Maybe just try an inline strainer first and your problem will probably go away.
  376. C

    Bahia de Los angeles

    Thanks for reports. Lack of diesel in BOLA has us going to San Quintin tomorrow instead.
  377. C

    I need my Seastar bled.. help

    For real cheap you can install a fitting kit above the helm pump. I put mine on top of dash. The fitting connects to the backside of the helm pump via a clear hose. The hose becomes a reservoir so when you want to bleed the system no air gets into the helm pump. Also you can monitor hose for...
  378. C

    Bahia de Los angeles

    Thanks for the info.
  379. C

    Bahia de Los angeles

    Anyone have a recent fish report?? Thanks
  380. C


    Thanks for the ideas and offers!!!! Good for me that Unknown has nothing better to do than advise on Bloody Decks. (thanks Mike) EZ flow had the small amount and the guy was really cool. 1 hour and $20 bucks later and i'm good to go
  381. C


    I need to fill a small space below deck 9"x11" x 8" deep. Any ideas on small quantities or better yet, got some? Thanks in advance
  382. C

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    i bought a 16' aluminum for Baja beach launch and go with another person. I wish now that i had picked up a small Triumph. With a Triumph you won't worry about rocks at all.
  383. C

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    I understand and agree with Five Star. But why would a "Long Range Boat" kill a bunch of sub sized fish? Is it just for the fish count much like the day boats? I hope some one used that fish responsibly. For the record: I have killed, cleaned and eaten my share of small Yellows but not "left...
  384. C

    Looking to buy a Panga Marine 22

    Take your time. Both my brother and a good friend bought very clean 18 ft Parkers with great electronics, trailer, and low hour four stroke for less than 20k Just have the cash ready
  385. C

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    What does "many left on dock mean"? No wonder we are being asked to leave. Hope i'm misunderstanding statement.
  386. C

    Visa office

  387. C

    Visa office

    When getting your TIP, there is an itemized list of equipment that you can attach. Be sure to list a shit load of rods and reels (25-30). 3 or 4 guys with 6 to 8 rods each adds up quick and is well over the 4 rigs PP they normally allow without bitching about too many. Add a few extra pieces of...
  388. C

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    There is an office in Guerrero Negro that is in charge of the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve. We get the cards when fishing that area. There is a very helpful woman (Marisol) that will drop them off to you if you can't find the office (011-52-1-615-107-7643) limited English. She is not sure at the...
  389. C

    FMM Permit Info

    If you enter Mexico by land then fish out of a Mexican port without leaving the country the land FMM is fine. Its all about how you enter and exit.
  390. C

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    It's reel simple, put one in your wallet and forget it for a year.
  391. C

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Relax, we have been fishing in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve for years. The people that enforce it are really cool and are doing a hard job with very limited resources. For about $20.00 you can get a yearly pass if you actually try and follow a few simple rules.
  392. C

    Shimano Talica 12ii for YOYO?

    My Tac12II is my favorite reel. It is the smoothest reel i have used, but when used as a yoyo reel (couple hundred drops) salt water gets into it and it has to be taken apart and serviced. First two years i owned it i never had an issue. Now it seems every few fishing trips it needs a trip to...
  393. C

    headed to bola in June

    Captain Juan SQ
  394. C

    Pelican Protecter Cases

    or the videos hidden in your garage?
  395. C

    Boat gear and stuff Cleanout

    I'll take bow and mast light if available still. Sending pm
  396. C

    Boat cover repair patches

    just ordered this. looks like it will be fine for small repairs.
  397. C

    SURFDOC Remembered

    R.I.P. Stan
  398. C

    Looking for Sazuki outboard mechanic in San Diego

    I buy my Suzuki oil at JP Motor Sports in Chula Vista. They have a large service area and their shop rate is very Competitive. I have not used them yet for service. They seem to be much more on the ball than Jerry ever was. IMO
  399. C

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    I used a simple fuse block. Although I do have a battery switch cause I run 2 small batteries, redundancy is my friend. My 25 hp doesn't have a pull start option. The reason I used a moveable mount for the transducer is I beach launch and don't want to screw up the transducer otherwise I...
  400. C

    Wide Open Yellow tail bit in Bahia Asuncion

    Sheri's husband Juan is the man, Very fishy and a Great person,
  401. C

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    Sorry bout that. Bought it on line thru Cabelas. The thing works really well and allows for adjustments. No movement at all. I'd buy it again.
  402. C

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    Surf Doc turned me on to this. It's perfect for beach launches cause it pulls off in a second. I read bottom/fish at 15 knots. Very stable and tight to transome
  403. C

    Rain Bibs for kids?

    Here you are, size small Helly Hansen. Is too late ask for a lobster. Pass them on when your done 619 495 5454 for pick up
  404. C

    Furuno GP-1650DF Plotter - Fishfinder

    if above falls thru i'll take it, local pickup
  405. C

    Rain Bibs for kids?

    my kid out grew some stuff. life vest etc. let me look for it and you can have it. ill pm ya in a few days
  406. C

    Cell phones in Baja

    Thanks for letting me know. Ill stop calling from the Coranados, all the bumps in front of SQ and every town i drive thru. Thought i was doing alright for free.
  407. C

    Boston Big Game Fishing Kites..........

    He can have mine today and just replace when they arrive. It's in new condition.
  408. C

    Cell phones in Baja

    a while back my wife told me my Sprint phone now was free to call Mex from US or call US from Mex. Coverage is good in all the areas where there are towers.Its a no charge thing, just add to plan. Surprising how far offshore it works in some areas. For local Mex calls i believe it routes back to...
  409. C

    Avalon Billfish Challenge 2016 UPDATES!!

    Mike, don't fall out of your chair. Last time you were this close to a Marlin Tournament didn't you fall down or overboard or something like that.
  410. C

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    For an old guy like me, 5' to 9' is a large swell. Don't get me wrong. When there is chop and wind there is not a softer/dryer riding 22' boat on the water than mine. When a mono hull crests the top of a swell at plane the shape of the hull displaces the water as it re enters (with a hard thump)...
  411. C

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    I've had my small cat over 16 years. Who keeps the same rig for 16 years? Only small down side is : a bit of porpoising when heading straight into a large swell. But that beats pounding into a swell.
  412. C

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    It's impossible to work on vessel with a small crew and not know what each persons characteristics are. If the guy was regular crew, then everyone knew him well enough to fix the problem before it happened. No excuses.
  413. C

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    I'm very glad that nobody died.But someone please explain why anyone would stop so close to another boat while fishing offshore that backing up would be necessary. Stop fishing stopped boats and start fishing fish.
  414. C

    Shimano gripe!

    Costs around 5 bucks to mail a reel to Irvine. Shimano has flat rate pricing so parts are basically free. Turn arounds are pretty quick.
  415. C

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    i have a current license on its 4th renewal and have NEVER pulled a random screening. Granted I don't work as much as before but never a random??? For that matter, it's been over 10 years since I pull a random screening on my class A drivers license as well. There does not seem to be much...
  416. C

    Some San Quintin ???'s

    I have seen boats overnight on the dock.
  417. C

    First Baja Mission!

    Maybe a receipt from motor sale will do it. I was told that one needs to bring them the boat/motors/trailer etc. The closest office around here is Otay. Pretty much plan on getting "dicked around". Probably two trips worth.
  418. C

    First Baja Mission!

    Speaking from experience, you are in for a bit of pain. I re-powered and put a new trailer under my rig a couple of years back. The big mistake i made was not turning in the TIP and physically showing the import officials up at Otay the rig with the original motors and trailer. They need to...
  419. C

    First Baja Mission!

    Last month crossing south at TJ i was asked for a TIP for the first time ever. Although i do have one, i told the Aduana guy that its not necessary in Baja, to see what his reaction would be. He smiled, checked registrations and sent me to the xray machine. I understand each reaction may vary...
  420. C

    Brand new shimano Clarus rod 7' csc-70mhc

    Please check your pm. I'll take it and will be in OC at noon
  421. C

    Shimano Talica 12 II problem

    I just want to say " Shimano service REALLY took care of me". Got my Tac 12 II back (in one week) and for the standard service charge $30.00, they replaced all gears,all bearings,drag washer, and spool. WOW!!!!
  422. C

    Shimano Talica 12 II problem

    I don't service the reels myself. I have used fishermans landing, ken's, Shimano in Irvine, Glen in Chula Vista. All provide good service but the problem persists. I just sent the TAC 12 II to Irvine and when it is returned I will put some grease in the handle where the button is if that's...
  423. C

    Shimano Talica 12 II problem

    Tom- the first few years I had them I also had 0 problems. Same thing, quick rinse and done. Last 2 years, they need that same bearing replaced every 6 months or so. I'm just a bit puzzled, I like the reels a lot.
  424. C

    Shimano Talica 12 II problem

    Seems my talica 12 and 16 seems to have constant problems with the bushing inside the handle. It gets water in there and the handle won't turn correctly, hard to turn. Frees pools perfectly. It's a rebuild every 6 months is this standard????? Great reels just don't seem to hold well
  425. C

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Are you saying that ULSD sold in the US is screwing up my older 2000 (year) motor. Have you not seen all the new trucks/buses on the road south of the boarder? Also with NAFTA, those trucks are crossing north (border) and and pumping ULSD diesel into their rigs. There are a lot of old diesels...
  426. C

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Baja Norte is supposed to be all Ultra Low Sulfur, so they " say".
  427. C

    I need sugestions for a BAJA trip in July...

    Pack your gear and watch weather/fish reports. Go where its best, a lot can change in a few weeks. Be safe and dbl check your trailer and spare tires. A spare(s) for baja = newer, just saying.
  428. C

    PASSPORT RENEWAL - Who's done it recently?

    Get the card so if you ever go back down south you can use the ready lane crossing north bound in a vehicle
  429. C

    BFT monday 13th one spot

    Jig fishing for BFT on dry 22' maintained rig. shelter island 5am lite drinker/smoker ok. i don't pm if interested.
  430. C

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    Hey ???, are all those EB coupons you have still going to work?
  431. C

    Does anyone have an address for Capitan Hilo at Pedo's?

    I am passing thru SQ this friday. If you could get me the stuff i will see him on Friday. I am in San diego. Also he is in need of a 18' teleflex rotary steering cable for the Romey. Not sure if i can find one in time at a reasonable price. PS Did he change the name? Thats fing funny!!!!
  432. C

    WTB TELEFLEX Rotary steer cable

    need 18' rotary steering cable for a guy down south. He would love a used one at used price if available. Thanks
  433. C

    Towing a 2520 to Baja

    As you know there are spots on mex 1 that an 8.5' beam and an on coming semi barley fit. People pull large rigs down with and without a lead vehicle and make it. But do you really want to "make it". If your looking to do a lot of mex travels, you know the answer. The good thing about Baja is you...
  434. C

    Cabrilla Cought in Mission Bay

    nice catch there Chad
  435. C

    Baboom on the 15 in san quintin

    Nice critters. See any yellows swimming around?
  436. C

    Are the BD Members photo galleries gone??

    mike, quit living in the past. take a pic of something you caught this year!!! LOL
  437. C

    Fibetglass repair?

    What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^
  438. C

    Stereo and misc. boat stuff for sale

    Wouldn't it be easier to buy a home stereo, you'll have to park your skiff real close to your house to hear it.
  439. C

    Shimano Rods Dispute

    My brother bought my kid a Shimano teramar stick a few years back. A buddy of mine broke it high sticking a tuna. Shimano replaced it, no receipt, out of warranty, no questions asked. Another friend just broke same rod again doing a bone head maneuver. Same story, no receipt, no warranty, just...
  440. C

    Custom built trailers in San Diego?

    For Baja travels i would go with oversize galvanized steel frame with standard leaf spring suspension. Steel is much easier to get welded if needed. There are real issues when exiting the highway drop off on to side roads. All the weight gets transfered to one wheel (assuming duel/triple axel)...
  441. C

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    The only way to know for sure is to "stick it". Lose the sending unit/gauges, install a threaded cap and don't worry, be happy. Very cheap and never fails.
  442. C

    wtb 12 gallon gas tank

    I have what you are looking for. 12 gal topside fuel tank. Absolutely clean inside. Been collecting dust on outside while stored out of sun. $ 70
  443. C

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad 40

    if its the narrow $400 easy
  444. C

    Any clean water Sac Delta region or upper Sac River ?

    Thanks a lot for the updates everyone!!!! We are heading up this Sat or Sun (Pieter and me) for 5 days and with your help, we hope to find some pockets of the cleaner water. We are bring up a small aluminum skiff.
  445. C

    Where should I go spring break?

    Watch weather. If it's calm on the pacific--San Quintin If it's calm On the gulf-- BOLA One day shots
  446. C

    Flat falls style lures 160g 125g 100g

    the shimano flat fall orig. assist hooks only last 3-5 fish and their toast.
  447. C

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    ;););)Mike, if you really wanted to go to the concert so bad i would have bought you a ticket. Using your daughter as a guise to get yourself into the concert is................. well you know. PS i voted and will a few more time
  448. C

    Temp import permit

    There are different import laws for mainland, sonora,& baja. There is a difference between entering Mex by land (boat on trailer) or by water. Entering by water and making port requires a TIP because of customs. Baja does not require any vehicle importation at all. Mainland you not only import...
  449. C

    Temp import permit

    All the Fonatur marinas and some others insist on a TIP to use their facilities. A person can have only one boat TIP at a time in their name. Woody, if your going to take the rig to your place only, i don't see any reason to import it. I believe Baja is different than Mainland where you have to...
  450. C

    Temp import permit

    When you go to cancel your TIP is where your biggest problema will arise. If the motor serial number on the TIP does not match the motor hanging on the boat they will assume you sold the motor down south.
  451. C

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    Respectively....., not so sure its cool to tell people to drink a beer while driving. Maybe i misunderstood. Everyone have fun and be safe.
  452. C

    Portable compressor tank

    5 gal. With gauge and fitting. Very good condition. $ 25.00
  453. C


  454. C


    Out dated but working well
  455. C


    its a personal satellite messenger, capable of sending SOS,HELP,OK messages also it will track your movements if wanted.
  456. C

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    it will all depend on what is decided well before the fight starts. don't fool yourself mike
  457. C


    Got notice that SPOT is raising their basic service plan by 50%. They are now forcing the TRACKING option on all accounts. Seems like quite a bump for a service that has been an option for over 10 years. Its still a good deal for life saving service, but 50% jump kind of pissed me off. I called...
  458. C

    Navionics Chip wanted

    Derek, if I can find it, I got one out of a sitex plotter I replaced you can have. It's the San Diego to PV fishing chip. I'll look.
  459. C

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    i'll loan you a vhf. Do you need a sounder, gps, bilge pump, flares, spare tires, map of baja or anything else?
  460. C

    Cast Nets in Mexico?

    i had better not use sabiki rigs and keep more than 5 mackerel per angler in the tank for now on. wouldn't want to upset anyone.
  461. C

    Old man and Dan baboom

    The jacuzzi strikes. You guys are killing me
  462. C

    Coming home...with a boat hopefully

    i bought a boat in Hawaii and shipped it to long beach ca. it was expensive. check out shipping prices before you buy here.
  463. C

    Oldman see big yellows

    Sheri, did Juan mention if the Sardines were in at Chorros. That looks like a beach fish!!!!!
  464. C

    Feliz Navidad!

    merry xmas woody. don't wait, very good fishing not that far south, and the ice lasts longer now too!!!
  465. C

    3 reel lot for sale

    1- accurate 500 fury 2 speed just serviced 10 inside 7/8 outside. 2- TN 40 narrows in very good condition. $1050 lot priced. SOLD, thanks for the interest. SOLD
  466. C

    Accurate FX2 500

    Accurate FX2 500 Boss Fury. Inside- 10 / outside-7/8 $275 about a year old, just serviced
  467. C

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    i "ditched the bag" years ago
  468. C


    i'm thinking that we need more men like Pancho
  469. C

    TN 40 narrows (3)

    Ya jackass. One I bought New Years ago and have not used forever. The other two are a friends and he tells me that one does and the other not sure. SO if your wife will let you spend $ 1100 on some reels and not her shoes, get in line. Have a nice day.
  470. C

    TN 40 narrows (3)

    I have 3 TN 40 narrows All are in very good working order. All have a bit of skiff rash. I think 2 have spectra backing. $ 1100 for the lot. PM or 619 495 5454 SOLD. SOLD Thanks for all the interest. @ Wakerman, sorry, I usually try to show more restraint
  471. C

    Rogue Waves

    A wave at Bens could hit a boat and by the time it sunk to the bottom it would be in or near 300'. Deep water in close proximity to all the bumps at the toilet bowl.
  472. C

    San Quintin or Gonzaga Bay for New Years

    Fall, early winter - Pacific. Spring, early summer - Cortez. Have fun.
  473. C

    Best vhf antenna for 100-150?

    Thanks,thats good to know. A few years back at a fred hall show, a rep from a booth told me that the cable length was part of the transmit/reception strength. Mine is stretched from top of wheel house quite a ways. Not coiled, so maybe its alright.
  474. C

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    Art, here is a shot. Dedicated brass thru hull pick up with ball valve for shut off. The plastic hose is NOT recommend between the shut off and the strainer but it's been that way for years. The output from the pump SHOULD be facing up (less air lock problems). A 1100 seems big for your 40 gal...
  475. C

    Best vhf antenna for 100-150?

    I believe it is not recommended to shorten the cable.
  476. C

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    Chico, I will try to get a shot of strainer/pump manana
  477. C

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    i have used 1100's since randy installed my OS65 in 2000. with a strainer and a dedicated thru hull pick-up mine last 2-3 years easy. i never do any kind of back flushing. maybe i'm just lucky but doubt it. a dedicated thru hull and strainer are a must.
  478. C

    Are these termites?

    i put my rig in a warehouse that was being fumigated a few years back. i didn't know if the boat had bugs or not but i had the chance to do it. The building would have held 10 25 foot boats. Maybe a fumigation company could slide your rig into a building if the owners went for it.
  479. C

    star vs lever for yoyo?

    i have been using a talica 12 for a few years as a yoyo reel. First season and a half all was fine. Now the handle gets hard to turn after a few trips. It free spools perfectly but VERY stiff to crank it. I think because the line is always wet, salt water is getting in between spool and frame...
  480. C

    WTB Bait Tank Fitting 3/4" Rule 90

    i found the rule 90 degree fitting. only problem is, its a 1" off of a 1100. if you can make it work its yours. SORRY
  481. C

    WTB Bait Tank Fitting 3/4" Rule 90

    i'm sure i do somewhere in my garage. i'll look around.
  482. C

    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    that is the funniest thing i have heard you say
  483. C

    Offshore Lots of fish

    Triple jig stop, let the chovies and chunk fly. Shut down motors for 3 hr drift. Handed school off to a real nice Davis pilot house. They were bendo when we split.
  484. C

    Offshore Lots of fish

    full speed on the 8-15 lb YFT north west of the 9. Take plenty of chum and light line.
  485. C

    Atv into baja

    go to DMV and change reg to "and / or". Now you have both names and no problemas. to get a TIP on a 2nd boat i changed the reg to "and or" and put wife's name along with mine on reg. its fast and easy to do
  486. C

    November fishing report Bahia Asuncion 2015

    thanks for the report, gotta get down sooner than later
  487. C

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    jack knifing trailer is hard on the tire side walls but won't break bearings. if going over curb use blocks. maybe wrong size races/bearings. some rotor hubs use different size races than non rotor hub. my standard 14" wheels use race #L68110 on the inner rotor hub and race#L68111 on the inner...
  488. C

    FMM and and credit card fraud

    FMM - Mexican visa thing
  489. C

    any more reports out of san quintin?

    Yellows, some Seabass and a few wahoo is the report from yesterday. Good luck GO!!!!
  490. C

    Passport info for San Quintin

    If you want to be legal you will need a passport to get a FMM for Mex.
  491. C

    Best way to lift a boat off it's trailer?

    launch boat at south shores ramp. there are never any crowds and plenty of room at the docks and parking lot. with the boat off the trailer the job is much easier. thats what i did anyway.
  492. C

    Oldman. Nada

    Don't fret old man. Will get them next week
  493. C

    10 daze SOB

    looks like a fun trip!! Its going to be a tough question where to go on this years fall trips. thanks for the report
  494. C

    Trailer Extention

    Does it come with the hangers that bolt to the trailer?
  495. C

    Suzuki Repair in SD

    If it starts but lacks power check the coils. I used to burn up coils on those around 800-1200 hours
  496. C

    Possible New California State Record Wahoo??

    Have you called the labor line lately? Fish or work for fucks sakes.
  497. C

    December 6th-10th BCN Mexico

    Add 2-3 days and go to Asuncion. Lots of good fishing with short runs. Beach launch is fairly easy, just watch where they do it.
  498. C

    Offshore 49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    The processing is only as good as the Semi quality fish provided. FYI: we will not be accepting any more Sub standard sized fish from you. Lol It was a beautiful local fish.
  499. C

    I need a SPOT personal tracker

    Thanks, ebay has a few
  500. C

    I need a SPOT personal tracker

    my spot got lost. it was the old style that only transmits one canned ok message or help buttons. if anyone has up graded, and has one sitting around. the old one is all i need. Cash/beer/????? Curt 619-495-5454 thanks
  501. C

    HOWE HIGH IS THE WATER JIMMy,its 5 foot high and rising,SQ.

    Hey Won, i have a set of new oars for ya, i kept them when i sold a panga years back. Long and solid, should fit your hands perfect.
  502. C

    Ensenada Mordida

    if your "customers" name was on the tow vehicle reg, the trailer reg, the boat reg, the TIP, then he could not possibly be accused of running a transport operation. Fishy
  503. C

    I always burn my bait pump! Help!

    you really should have a separate thru hull water pick-up for just the bait pump. looks like you got a multi-port thing going. Also i don't see a strainer to keep eel grass, etc out. Are you fishing the kelp beds/bay much?
  504. C

    What would you Repower with , Suzuki 70, Mercury 75, Evinrude 75

    I put close to 3000 hours on a pair of 1999 Suzuki 4 stoke 70 hp. Very dependable. I had no corrosion issues on mine. Although I would burn up a coil every 800 or so hours. I sold the 70s for a good price and repowered with a pair of new Suzuki 90A. Three years later I'm still happy. I do change...
  505. C

    Offshore Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    Put a strap on yourself. You could tie it off on your wanker
  506. C

    Why keep such small fish

    fish dope has a table full of yellows barely longer than the fillet knife next to them. if you want i could post the numbers
  507. C

    Wanted....90 or 115 Hsp Yamaha or Honda 4 stroke outboard

    Sheri, Fernando's cel # is 619-887-1532. He tried but failed to contact you
  508. C

    Wanted....90 or 115 Hsp Yamaha or Honda 4 stroke outboard

    Sheri, the guys name is Fernando. 619-562-2862 I think he calls his biz outboard king or something like that. he bought my motors when i re-powered a few years back. congrats on new rig and hope to get down for some of the great fishing in Asuncion.
  509. C

    New rules for FMM

    i could go for "separate lines for foreign tourist" north bound.
  510. C

    Oldman baboom on yellows

    Nice tail!! glue some sides on your rig and get out to the bumps
  511. C

    Baboom,,oldman killeth

    thats a cute one
  512. C

    Kill Bag Repair

    i had a zipper replaced by a women in Ensenada. she used to work making kill bags. if you are not in a rush and get a zipper i could send it down to her. call reliable, they gave a zipper to my brother last year and the the enso lady fixed him up also.
  513. C

    Offshore They want the CHUNK!

    if the reel is in gear and no line is being pulled from the reel, won't the chunk spin unnaturally and rise out of the chum line as the rest of the chum sinks/drifts away? just asking
  514. C

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    i am curious to know if anyone has had their filleted tuna inspected by the DFG or what ever they are called now. I cut my fish on board my rig and hope i'm doing it right. I do end up with 4 loins, a belly, and a collar. Takes an xtra 3-4 mins to cut it. The biggest problem is trying to keep...
  515. C

    Old man baboom on flatty s

    hell ya oldman
  516. C

    Restaurants in SQ

    La mission is good,clean has good prices. It's on the east side right before the very first stop light when first entering SQ. well before the bridge.
  517. C

    Any special papers needed to drive to SQ?

    Zig Zags are preferred
  518. C

    Oldman baboom first flatty

    he cont sepll his on name. nice bay flatty old man
  519. C

    Bait pump questions

    make sure to install an in line strainer to keep eel grass/etc out and all the pumps are fine. been my experience, and i'm old.
  520. C

    Wtb 2 antenna mounts in san diego

    if i ever clean my garage i know there is a few in there you could have.
  521. C

    WHERE CAN I BUY...........

    or if you want, i could just tow you around a trip or two. the fish are close
  522. C

    Baja Camping/Fishing Expedition 6/14 - 6/19 w-pics

    Beach launch fishing at its best. Vince, i'm guessing you lost my number.
  523. C

    limits by nine

    thanks for the report!!! lots of fish very little pressure, sounds like a perfect day.
  524. C

    ? whos best to Crimp battery cables

    Beer, Cash, Fish. Name it. Thanks
  525. C

    Hydraulic Steering Problem

    i'm a terrible mechanic with only a few tools and it was pretty easy. I have a dual motor signal helm station with a liquid tie bar set up. I still was able to get it done solo. I also went with Sea Star/Bay Star cylinders. They have a real good tech line. Tech Solutions, they answer the phone...
  526. C

    Las Salinas Fishing Report Sat 6-13 & Sun 6-14

    Looks like good times forsure. I wanted to tag along but work got in the way, next time
  527. C

    San Quinten

    herd some yellows were caught at the 15 yesterday.
  528. C

    ? whos best to Crimp battery cables

    Thanks in advance. I need to have some closed end lugs crimped on two 1/0 cables aprox 15 feet long. Would like to have ends heat shrunk to keep air/water off the connection. I have cable. San Diego area preferred. Ideas? Thanks
  529. C

    Racor spin on fuel filters on sale

    Buy two at discount and take them back with last weeks receipt. Mike. Just da filters
  530. C

    Racor spin on fuel filters on sale

    West marine has them at 25% off
  531. C

    Need advise on new gps/fishfinder combo purchase

    im no xpert but i installed a hds gen 2 with standard transom mount transducer. i got the thing on sale at west marine for 250 bucks. Well i get a clean bottom reading past 900 feet at 22mph. and with the sd card the map positions are pretty near perfect down south, no more icon driving over...
  532. C

    Border crossing San Ysidro or Otay Mesa?

    since they finished the 2nd phase of construction the wait times are way down at SY from before.
  533. C

    private boater to Mexico

    New X-Ray machine is at the El Chaparral San Ysidro crossing, entering Mexico. You can get tip on line or at the importation office a few blocks away after you have crossed into Mexico at the Otay crossing. You don't need boat/trailer, but make sure you have Originals of ALL your paper work...
  534. C

    private boater to Mexico

    One more heads up, there is a new drive thru x Ray machine in the far right lane that they want buses and oversized rigs to use. No signage as to that but they told me that they want all boats in that lane. It's actually faster than them going thru your rig by hand.
  535. C

    private boater to Mexico

    Suggestion : the aduanda guys at the border have not liked copies of boat/truck/trailer paperwork, take originals. And i really doubt you will be able to get a TIP with just copies. Although they will want to keep a copy of all your paper work when getting a TIP. To get a TIP you will need...
  536. C

    Mulege Dorado Tournament

    Thanks for the report. Maybe tow some pens up.
  537. C

    Mulege Dorado Tournament

    Hows the Dorado fishing? Heading down to Sta. Rosalia next week. Thanks.
  538. C

    Possible Road Closures

    thats a few days old. No problemos today (am/noon)
  539. C

    Best Time for San Quintin Fishing???

    Not today, looks like hwy 1 road/protest/violence trouble. per someone there
  540. C

    Navionics chip for sale

    if he does not buy it i will
  541. C

    WTB Navionics chip

    Looking for a MSD/644P+ chip Thanks
  542. C

    VHF Boat Antenna keeps coming unglued where the metal meets the fiberglass

    your co-pilots not using it to hang on to on the bumpy ride home is he?
  543. C

    fisherman Needed Baja trip May 23-31

    Hey you guys, "Don't ask her, tell her"
  544. C

    Misc. items

    if no cracks/holes inside cooler i'll take it. package deal possible for cooler/1 strainer/hose
  545. C

    San Diego Boat Wash Locations?

    i looked this up the other day at the San Diego Water Authority web site: Additional Drought Alert Restrictions Stop operation of ornamental fountains, except to the extent needed for maintenance purposes. Use a hand-held hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle or timed sprinkler system...
  546. C

    Question about wheel bearings...need help.

    Whats the best grease you guys have used??? i just re did my bearings with Green Grease from Auto Zone. High temp/water proof it says. seems much stickier and thick than any i have used in the past.
  547. C

    Just got back from a week in San Quintin

    i'm no critter xpert but what donkey is saying is true. Juan loaned me some of the large donkey heads and we caught more lings than i wanted to clean last week. thanks rich, i need to pick up a grip of them.
  548. C

    Ensenada report 4/4

    Fished north west of todos Friday with my kid and buddy. Had to get into clean warm water a few miles off. Very good bird school fishing
  549. C

    14' Livingston vs 16' alluminum skiff?

    i bought a 16 tin for the same use. it is fine but little rocks do some harm on bottom. if i had to do it again i'd get a small triumph and just drive full speed up on to the beach.
  550. C

    mex visa app

    a buddy showed this to me today, maybe it will help. News for app for fishing mex
  551. C

    old man stil got it

    what about my dirty underwear
  552. C


    :-)o_O till he gets run out of town
  553. C

    old man baboom in the bay

    nice catch old old man. that hole will have a new resident next week. happy b-day
  554. C

    WTB navionics chip

    looking for the MSD/644 p+ sd card for a lowrance hds5
  555. C

    Learn from my mistake - check your wheel bearings -it's probably been longer than you think

    adjust the side view mirrors on the tow vehicle so they are aiming at the wheels and use them. smoke comes before fire. one more reason for no night driving down south. just saying
  556. C

    replacing rings on jigs ?

    thanks everyone for the info
  557. C

    old man get bit hard

    you better not shut down the yt bite
  558. C

    TIP question at SY border

    I have a tip but they have never asked to see it. The only people that asked to see it were at a few marinas.
  559. C


    very nice looking yellows capt. Juan. hope to get back in your wake soon. two airis kbrone sinyour
  560. C

    San Quintin - with K&M

    :D:D as good as the fishing is and the way George is putting them on, i'd think that they should raise the price.
  561. C

    If u don't want to sell ur boat then don't advertise it!

    Yea, I was going to sell my rig and the wife and kids told me not to. They re powered it and told me to go fishing. I had to back out of a sale. Felt bad about doing that to the guy, but I had to keep the wife happy.
  562. C

    used outboards

    I have a co worker selling a very clean Johnson/even rios 150 2 stroke. Runs perfect he wants a 4 stroke. If you like
  563. C


    water viz was unbelievable, great footage below. just about as clean as the toilet bowl gets!!!!!
  564. C

    Epic Fishing day in Bahia Asuncion...TUNA!

    sea er toe Compa, maz bee in ? qual colores key er is? (aint no backwards/upsidedown question mark on this keyboard)
  565. C

    Epic Fishing day in Bahia Asuncion...TUNA!

    i'm sure Georgey will be dropping in soon, hope i get to tag along. Does Juan need any Raps or jigs?
  566. C

    Yamaha 130 - Shift Issue

    When adjusting/shifting, its a good idea to have the motor running when moving in and out of gear, so i have been told.
  567. C

    replacing rings on jigs ?

    I I have had Salas and Squid co put both Owner and Gamys on in the past. I want to start to do it myself. The Owners are great but the wire size is a bit thick, the Gamys are sharper but the barbs are a bit small. I have them both and am pretty happy. I need to get a good Owner connection for...
  568. C

    replacing rings on jigs ?

    thank you for the info, big help!!!
  569. C

    replacing rings on jigs ?

    can anyone clue me in on where and what to buy to change out hooks on my yo-yo style jigs. quality of hooks being used by manufactures seems to be getting worse. need rings, correct solder/flux and is mapp gas needed? thanks in advance
  570. C

    new s.s.trout rod...baboom on the kings

    good job oldman. you are looking healthy, your on our next run south
  571. C

    old man on the kings

    BS without pics. come on oldman lets see em
  572. C


    Que Chingon eres Capt Juan. thanks for the report. The weather looks great at the end of the week, see you then (i hope).
  573. C

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    yellows on iron. moonfish prefer warm live bait.
  574. C

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    Maybe suggest to your connection that the police could try to be of help to travelers between shakedowns. Example : I had a blow out Wednesday on my boat trailer in TJ, north bound on the fence line just after the toll road ends at Playas. We put out safety cones and started to change out the...
  575. C

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    good eye WoodEye, but not Leify.
  576. C

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    Fished Monday 22th/ Tuesday 23th for limits of Yellowtail and one Moonfish. All the high spots are holding. Excellent road conditions and nice scenery. San Ysidro border is now smooth. SQ launch ramp is very nice at any tide. Hotels all up and running with good food. Go.
  577. C


    Juan, good to see all you guys on it. fall, winter is the shit in SQ. Thanks for the report, see you on sunday. PS its nice to see your pics again
  578. C


    Ok Capt Juan, thanks for the tips. I'll bring lots of metal and brake out the 50. Also, dile a Turbo que por fin se le va a hacer vernos en Navidad. Nos vemos pronto. chato
  579. C


    one spot open. Leave SD sunday 21st am, fish mon./tues return SD noon wednesday. soild boat/truck/waypoints/insurance etc. this is a yo yo YT thing, not into reds. pm if interested. thanks
  580. C


    Two unopened quarts of SeaStar Hydraulic fluid (part #HA5430) and hose thing for bleeding system. $ 25.00
  581. C


    used good condition: two Thor helmets 1 sm, 1 xxl, 1 med hjc helmet. Boots: 3 pairs Thor 1- #12, 1-#11 1- #6. 2 knee guards kids, 1 riding pants #28, 2 kids riding shirts. 1 xl gear carrying bag. $100 all pm or 619- 495-54 five four curt
  582. C

    Galvanized vs Aluminum trailers

    do you guys remember the uni leaf experiment trailer manufacturers tried? be careful with torsion axles if trailering in baja or going over curbs, etc.
  583. C

    boat items for sale...

    price on ladder please
  584. C


    LOL:cheers:yea, i'm selling shirts also, send me your cash and if i don't, i won't.
  585. C

    La Bocana BCS 10/25 -11/1

    thanks for the report. heading down soon. hope we have a shot at the wahoo. did the pesca guys have you show them contents of coolers or just show licence. a few years back we were checked, they dug thru the coolers of fish looking for lobsters. Thanks again for the report.
  586. C

    BdeLA 10-24

    looks like you had a killer trip. thanks for your help on BA
  587. C

    Looking for feed back -Galcier Bay 2690 Pilot House

    Make sure its windy when you test ride. You will be passing up all the monos around you and your back won't hurt. Less roll at drift or anchor. Cats love wind and chop.
  588. C

    TUNA TUNA TUNA in Bahia Asuncion...FINALLY!!!

    @ dog, i have a few Bahia Asuncion experiences . We have fished our own small skiffs (aluminum/glass) the past 4 Thanksgiving weeks. Lets see, rent a house (not hotel room) for $350 whole week. Some years only "freaking yellowtail" as you say, but there is always fantastic Calico fishing. We...
  589. C

    leaking kill bag

    Thanks for the ideas. Paul at Reliable Products said to turn bag inside-out and apply some 5200 (quick set) in stitched seams. He has done it quite a few times with good results.
  590. C

    leaking kill bag

    kill bag is leaking in the seams. no holes. i think the seams have been stretched out from overloading bag. was thinking of glueing rubber stripping over inner seams. any ideas or experience ??? Thanks
  591. C


    I have found that if I obey all traffic laws, have current reg, working lights (Truck/Trailer), a Bloodydecks sticker works pretty well also.
  592. C

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    less keyboard time and more time under your trailer would fix that, jellerson:D
  593. C

    WTB SD CHIP/Garmin

    looking for a sd chip for a garmin 540gpsmap. San Diego to Mexico.
  594. C

    Free Stingray Planing Fin

    Thanks a lot Martin, VERY COOL.
  595. C

    Free Stingray Planing Fin

    my kid is going to school in fullerton. and could get if that's cool. Thanks
  596. C


    Want to buy a SD chip to fit a Garmin 540 gpsmap. Looking for San Diego to Mex area.(bluechart g2)
  597. C

    Free Stingray Planing Fin

    I need one for a 25 hp Yamaha. do you think its too big? Thx.
  598. C

    L.E.D Flood lights

    did you get my pm? I'm local and want them. thanks
  599. C

    Vessel Assist.... which plan do you have??

    Hey ?? I think that for you, I would be more concerned with AAA coverage cause your rig never gets in the water.LOLLOL
  600. C

    Mexico Temporary Import Permit

    I changed the registration on my 2nd boat to "and or" and added my wifes name. 2nd tip is in her name. Married?
  601. C

    Road conditions and where to stay?

    GN, the Posada has a huge courtyard for trailers and is very secure, clean rooms. Right side as you enter town.
  602. C

    Baja Dreamin' - Gonzaga Bay to Loreto - 6/13 - 6/21 - Who likes fish pics?

    looks like a great time!!! For Sta. Rosalia fly ins/out the Palo Verde strip is paved and secure.
  603. C

    S.Q Fish and Tips

    there was one time my buddy woke up and complained that his ass really hurt after I ate a bunch of SQ raw oysters
  604. C


    Typical Mexico Deal. Got my Mex fishing Licenses (me/kid) at the Conapesca office and was reading the Sport Fishing Regulations page they (Conapessca) attach to the license. It stated that no capture of crustaceans or mollusks with the exception of Squid, and their capture by anyone is strictly...
  605. C

    Baker Binos

    bought a pair of Bakers 13 yrs ago and they still are great. like he said "get the eye cups"
  606. C

    Weather SQ

    Buoyweather has it windy Fri. pm then coming down Sat./Sun. looks to be ok/good
  607. C

    getting dikes normal again.

    i cook mine on the stove flame for a few minutes, works GREAT.
  608. C

    Base for bait tank

    Randy from Offshore days installed my tank with a rise above my deck hatches. It been on the boat over 12 years and the tank is 65 gal. Very sturdy.
  609. C

    Fiberglass Bait Tank

    the bait barge is lit, or have u forgot?LOL
  610. C

    Bahia de Los Angeles, circa 1960

    Speaking in general, most spots such as Bahia de Los Angles are going to be just fine for years to come. There is not enough water or other resources to support and construct Cabo style progress. Hell right now its unlawful to use the paved airstrip there. How many people are going to drive...
  611. C


    Juan can spell as well as most of us and fish better than all of us. If he wants. Estas cabron capt.
  612. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    No. give Leif a call. 619-843-9823
  613. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    i would like to check it out to see if it will work on my kayak.
  614. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    :_diarrhea_:quote="squidbutt, post: 3428467, member: 133340"]looks a little like a toilet perfect for any shithead that wants it.
  615. C


    Any first hand info would be very helpful. Asking about a mid size and pretty fast with out over heating issues. Thanks for your insight. I know i will spend a few thousand bucks.
  616. C

    If you care about White Seabass...

    they will give you the stones if you ask.
  617. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    Top of cushion is 25" above deck.
  618. C

    Bait Tank Pump Question? Mount to Swim Step?

    Cabela's sells just what you are looking for. I have one and it works great. "Portable Transducer Bracket" model # WR-01-0095-200 Stan had one on his little skiff down south and after I saw his I got one for my beach launch rig. RIP big guy.
  619. C

    Hotel Coral Ramp

    $20.00??, did they drop the rate? how many quarters did it take to make the hose work?
  620. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    Yes still have it. come get it for sundays price of $375.00 or best offer. I always wondered if someone offered 375 and someone offered 4 would I be a ass if I sold it 4 4? after all, 4 was the best offer. who knows, just come and get it 4 375. Hurry!!!!!
  621. C

    Sta. Rosalia YT

    @ damion, water temps. were 69-70 and green @ perch killer, it had crabs @ juan, capt. george es en fuego
  622. C

    Sta. Rosalia YT

    Just returned from the continued YT bite. Fished Tortuga 3 days for limits of cookie cutters and some stand outs. Fishing with live bait was almost automatic and continued luck with the Tady 4/0 white/glow Jig (jackson jig). Bait (caballitos) @ the harbor was a bit harder to make, but you don't...
  623. C

    ?? on bending emt

    very nice offer, thankyou. i'm heading south to fish till the end of the week. when i get back i will look for "sauer fish" and we can make arrangements. do you like fresh Yellow tail?
  624. C

    ?? on bending emt

    Thanks for the offer. Its a bit far but i sometimes get up there. i'm not in a rush so maybey i'll be able to locate a bender in SD.
  625. C

    ?? on bending emt

    Thanks for the reply. The pieces are less than 7 feet long, easy to transport. Beer, Fish, Fishing. Did I mention BEER.
  626. C

    ?? on bending emt

  627. C

    ?? on bending emt

    any electricians out there that could steer me in the right direction for bending 2 pieces of 1 1/4" EMT. bends are at 90 degrees now, need them at about 110 or so. thanks.
  628. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    PRICE DROP clean bait tank/seat combo. came off a factory rigged Parker skiff. Tank size= aprox 23x15x20 Unit foot print aprox 34" for/aft x 36" wide. Sell or trade for clean stand alone 50 gal. tank (fiberglass) $ 300
  629. C

    WTB bait tank

    looking for a clean fiberglass bait tank. Aprox. 50 gals. tx
  630. C

    Trailer Break Lines

    thats what came with my new trailer. since then ,i have read in a few places that the plastic hose expands a bit from the pressure. i don't know if its enough to effect the braking time or not. they seem to work. who knows?
  631. C

    Old Mill Hotel San Quintin Info

    A day fishing with Cap. El Juan "priceless"
  632. C

    chest freezer

    I will buy it. call me with size and i will pick it up today. i'm in SD. 619-495-5454
  633. C

    Wanted suzuki stuff

    I got a prop, filters, coils, shop manual, timing belt, and who knows what. Don M. shipped me the boat over here and i have since repowered and got the xtra stuff, most new.
  634. C


    i have never rented it for the weekend, but if it was empty i'm sure we could work something out.
  635. C

    Santa Rosalia rubber squid

    heres a few. (no highjacking intended)
  636. C

    Santa Rosalia rubber squid

    We just returned from there and the commercial guys surly were hammering the YT with the heavy squid skirts. There was all the google eyes you wanted at the Sta. Rosalia harbor entrance. I know things change, but you have to catch them in the dark. Every bait was a bite out at Tortuga and we got...
  637. C


    Large 3 bedroom 2 bath furnished casa. Enclosed 3 car garage with auto door. Fits full size pick-up with 22 foot panga attached. Second off street parking behind rolling gate for 24 foot boat with t-top/tower. VERY VERY clean pad. $ 800 per month. call 619-495 5454 or pm for more info.
  638. C

    Favor Needed

    joey handed me a grip off 10% off coupons the other day. if thats what you are looking for i would be happy to mail them to you.
  639. C

    FMM Permit Info

    i could be wrong, but the FMM is a single entry form, so as soon as you leave Mex and cross back to the US it is no longer valid.
  640. C


    WOW is right!!!! yo krayo 2s kaybron capt. Won
  641. C

    Safety steps if engine failure in open water?

    spot or ebrib would be good to have
  642. C


    Pete was a good man. always had a smile. a real AMIGO. i sometimes felt he ran Pedros more to help out the area/people than to make money. condolences to family/friends.
  643. C

    Sentri Pass Decal?

    i got mix of responses from CBP about removal of existing sticker.???
  644. C


    Juan,thanks for the pics of the ramp work, and i guess you could say i missed the plane. but i'm sure georgey is getting plenty of tail.
  645. C

    new ramp for SQ ?

    Thanks for the reply guys, do you think we will be able to use the mud hole for launching if they break ground, want to get back down and those are the days we would go.
  646. C

    new ramp for SQ ?

    Capt. Juan, is it true? herd construction was going to be at the next minus tides. pics would be great. thanks chato.
  647. C

    TIP-Temporary Importation Permit

    Mexican custom rules. they want to be sure that the rig is being returned to the US.
  648. C

    TIP-Temporary Importation Permit

    just as you said, surrender original TIP, and get a new one with all the current info. Aduana needs to view the boat before crossing to the US. also, on the "Register Form for Accessories and Boat Parts" put down 20 fishing rods and reels and lots of extra electronic equipment...
  649. C

    TIP-Temporary Importation Permit

    the TIP has the serial number of the motor. if you don't surrender the TIP the new motor serial # won't be on it. they get upset when you change power and trailer with out stopping by to see them first.(don't ask how i know) the new office is near the Otay crossing.
  650. C

    Buddy Boat Baja

    Sorry, now I understand. Have fun be safe.
  651. C

    Buddy Boat Baja

    Having a partner boat will always give a person a real feeling of comfort. What I don't understand is why you feel the "local government" would not try to provide assistance to you if needed. Finding out which radio channel the locals monitor, you are a call away from help. It might not be as...
  652. C


    All those family trips to San Quintin you did are really showing that a family that fishes together, STAYS together.Have a fun trip and enjoy. i will have my cooler ready on your return.
  653. C

    November Yellowtail Bite Heating up in Bahia Asuncion

    fishing is good. Your break is over
  654. C

    little help please

    think we found problem. spade fitting came off switch trailering down. tx
  655. C

    little help please

    I have a problem with a simrad NSE8. the unit will not will not talk to the transducer/BSM-1 module. the gps works fine. The screen says "NO SOURCE". We are down south and could use a few tips. Thanks.
  656. C

    Transom Saver

    thanks, but a bit far and high$
  657. C

    Transom Saver

    anyone got an old one laying around?
  658. C

    Aluminum boat with pin holes

    its a must to keep the inside/bilge dry during storge
  659. C

    switchs ???

    applications : bilge pump and nav./ anchor light those were both great explanations, I think I got it.
  660. C

    switchs ???

    Toggle switch. I want to order on line and trying to be sure to get what I need. Any help on three descriptions would be real nice : SPST on-off, DPST on-off, DPDT on-off-on thanks for all the help!!!!!
  661. C

    switchs ???

    would it work and be safe to use a 110 rated switch in a 12v system. thanks in advance.
  662. C


    Julio, sounds like you had an adventure, with lots of different fish. BUT, please let me know when you are towing on Mex 1. i don't want to get hit by a fly. thanks chato
  663. C

    Import Taxes On New Panga at Border?

    when i did that, the US customs guy gave me a hard time for not having import papers . its cheap and easy to import if you want. to get the CF # i just told DMV it was a home made boat and gave them a bit of tax money and they were fine.
  664. C

    HELP...forgot boat keys at home in Yuma going to Baja...

    i did the same thing a few years back. just google the motors wiring diagram and hot wire it, pretty easy. if not on google a few calls will get you the wire colors to cross. good luck, be safe.
  665. C

    West Coast hull advice 20 to 25 feet

    test ride a good cat hull in the wind and you will want one.
  666. C


    the truck drivers musta shit passing the Fly on the road.
  667. C

    ***FMM Visa info for fishing Baja Coast and Coronado Islands***

    that area is a biosphere reserve and you will need a daily braclet (aprox. 5 bucks) or a yearly card (aprox. 25 bucks) not really sure if when shore fishing you need the braclet or not. i would think that you would because hiking in the reserve also requires the braclet or card. enforced? who...
  668. C

    Moeller 12 gallon fuel tank

    i'll take if still avail. pm/call 619-495-5454
  669. C

    Klamath 21 ft. Bay Runner Center Console

    call ken at tradewinds, he in orange and is the guy the factory told me to call when i was looking for a tinner. he is a straight shooter, i'd buy another from him.
  670. C


    personally, I'd watch out for his hat.
  671. C

    Mex Fishing License for kids?

    pretty funny, just the other day i was asking mike when he and gilligan were going to get at it again:loverz:. If i remember right, the rules were never really changed, just read and understood differently by someone in the know. $ 50 bucks is cheap mex insurance unless u like to argue as much...
  672. C

    WTB Navionics chip

    I need a navionics platinum plus 644, got one?
  673. C

    Off Shore Bait Tanks still in business

    randy built and installed a bitchen tank for me.
  674. C


    the Suzuki service manual says oil every 100 hrs and filter every 200 hrs. the Suzuki 10w 40 is a synthetic blend so who knows if a 100% synthetic will go much further. also the suzuki web site states that 10w -30 is ok to use in temps below 86 f yamalube 10w-30 is $10 a gallon cheaper than...
  675. C

    Dual Purpose marine batts for starting batt....good idea?

    dual 27s at cost co. $84.00 with core.
  676. C

    san quintin

    terrafin sst shows a couple of terds floating around the bowl.
  677. C

    WTB hawaiian sling

    looking for a used Hawaiian sling for my son. pm/text 619-495-5454 tx.
  678. C

    BAHIA ASUNCION Fishing Report...YEllowtial ON!

    if anyone is heading down to visit/fish i have a reel of Juan's that needs dropped off. I'm in san diego and can get it to you. thanks