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  1. CI_SeaWolf

    Back in the saddle after 20 years, taking two first timers out of Newport Landing on Monday

    Best of luck to you and the youngsters. Remember a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work!
  2. CI_SeaWolf

    Graftec 130-unlimited

    Mick, always good to see you. I think it is hard to beat a Graftech, or PCH for the money. Thanks to Bob Sands tackle for letting us try out some different rods, they even have a rail to try them on!
  3. CI_SeaWolf

    Bluefin Jig Rigging Without Welding

    I use the larger hyperwire rings….10’s and 11’s. Think about trying the big ST - 66 trebles on the bottom.
  4. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Relentless 1.5 day probably not again

    Not going down that rabbit hole any deeper, have a nice day!
  5. CI_SeaWolf

    Jupiter 31 center console - twin Yamaha 300's

    that boat is a missile!
  6. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Relentless 1.5 day probably not again

    Covid is still a thing. A few folks I know have got it after being on trips out of SD recently.
  7. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    you might want to try an Aftco flat line clip.
  8. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Relentless 1.5 day probably not again

    From the owner's point of view, pretty hard to do the upgrades to the boat in the middle of the summer fishing season. Interior upgrades like galley seating, bunks, and getting mattresses made takes time. Pretty decent of the owner to want to start a dialogue. I hope that there is time made...
  9. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 277 Mackerel Bank 8/15/22

    Heck of a try! You are just paying your dues. You’ll get ‘em.
  10. CI_SeaWolf

    Islands We tried

    John, sorry to hear that you broke off. I have had my share of break offs early this season and had some success later with some bigger fish. 1. Use fresh top shots, I use a 50’ top shot on my 100, 60, and 50 lb outfits. I replace that before every trip. 2. Set drags with scale. I like...
  11. CI_SeaWolf

    Saragosa Reels

    Great seller!
  12. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn Fathom 40 2spees

    Grizzly, I fish 80 braid/ 50’ 60lb mono on mine. I think that is probably the most versatile arrangement. I can put a short 80lb topshot on if needed. 100lb is better on a heavier framed reel like a 16VISX or Mak. Personally, I would fish what you have for a bit until you decide to get a 16...
  13. CI_SeaWolf

    Wahoozie BOMBS

    Thanks folks, just trying to have all the bases covered. Will definitely be talking to the deckhands and experienced guys like yourselves.
  14. CI_SeaWolf

    Custome OSP Seeker 2x4 80-130lb

    Really nice!
  15. CI_SeaWolf

    Wahoozie BOMBS

    Still a little over a year away from my 1st 10 day on the Excel. I hope that you can have some product to market by then as I hope to catch my 1st wahoo.
  16. CI_SeaWolf

    Best big fish winch in a small package

    You are pretty well heeled with the setup you mentioned. You might think about a UC or Rainshadow comparable to the Seeker.
  17. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Went for swords

    PASGT helmet
  18. CI_SeaWolf

    Red Rooster III - Glenn’s Alignment 3-day - 8/7 - 8/10

    That Rooster is a fishy boat!
  19. CI_SeaWolf

    First Lite Cammo

    What size?
  20. CI_SeaWolf

    Tranx 500

    PG or HG?
  21. CI_SeaWolf

    Best fishing hat for sun protection AND with zero dorkiness

    I just use a ventilated “ breezer” that I found at Marshalls.
  22. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom Rainshadow RCJB90H

    Very Nice!
  23. CI_SeaWolf

    Last Chance Tackle new building Hemet

    Where is the store?
  24. CI_SeaWolf

    Has Anyone Ever Been Stuck by a Gaf on Party boat?

    Years ago I went to Alaska for a 6 day float trip on the Kanektok River. Since we were in a remote area with no medical services, the rule was “no contact with fishing gear” without sun glasses on. I thought it made sense, imagine the radio call, aircraft cost, and medical costs associated...
  25. CI_SeaWolf

    Rod pairing and line choice..

    I would ask John at Trophy Tackle for a rod/ builder suggestion. He is back on the east coast, and probably has contacts that are closer, and more familiar with what you need.
  26. CI_SeaWolf

    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Also Simms makes an insect repellent hoody that is super comfortable!
  27. CI_SeaWolf

    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Amazon probably. Both REI and LL Bean have insect repellent clothing. I highly recommend that you check that out too!
  28. CI_SeaWolf

    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Be sure to bring some bug spray. Have a great time!
  29. CI_SeaWolf

    Cedros Sportfishing, July 25-30, 2022

    Great report and pictures Alan, looks like a nice mixed bag of fish on light and medium tackle.
  30. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 209 report 7/30/22

    There is always that blue braid….I see it on every boat I am on, and no, none of my reels have it.
  31. CI_SeaWolf

    Jigging rod for cow yft

    That must be one strong spinning reel too!
  32. CI_SeaWolf

    Best hot weather fishing shirt?

    Being fair skinned, I use the ones from Huk, Columbia, and my wife finds knock offs once in a while at Marshall’s that look and work pretty good too.
  33. CI_SeaWolf


  34. CI_SeaWolf

    Spinning Rod advice for shore-based plugging & jigging for GT & Omilu - Hawaii

    I use a 12’ Shimano Tiralejo for throwing medium to large plugs, I have that paired with a 14 k Saragossa. For lighter stuff, I have a 10’6” Tiralejo with a 6K Saragossa. Also have an 11’ assassin with a 4000 size reel on it
  35. CI_SeaWolf

    Fishing Dreams? Into the Future. The next generation.

    Big GT off Hawaii or the Great Barrier Reef in OZ
  36. CI_SeaWolf

    The Scampi Coaster scores

    Almost like a Pt Wilson Dart…used to use those on the slide for unicorns
  37. CI_SeaWolf

    Newb question about reel clamp

    You can get a cheap dial caliper at harbor freight
  38. CI_SeaWolf

    Newb question about reel clamp

    I used a dial caliper to measure the diameter of the reel seat this is picture of the reel clamp and the Dial Caliper box
  39. CI_SeaWolf

    Newb question about reel clamp

    No, I miked the reel seat
  40. CI_SeaWolf

    Bluefin Questions

    Don’t overlook the ST 66 trebles for the bottom hook!
  41. CI_SeaWolf

    Newb question about reel clamp

    Check out the thread that I put in the Penn forum last fall
  42. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore New Lo An Go Big or Go Home (GBoGH)

    Really good report! For a 1.75 you guys killed it!
  43. CI_SeaWolf

    Mad mac trolling leaders.

    I use a 200lb leader, it doesn’t need to be very long…mine is like 4 feet or so…..
  44. CI_SeaWolf

    Protect a reel from salt spray - makes sense or not?

    Check out the classifieds, there are some old school ones for internationals on right now, def a good deal!
  45. CI_SeaWolf

    Protect a reel from salt spray - makes sense or not?

    I use reel covers in transit, but normally they are off during the trip until the ride home, I rinse with fresh water before putting them in, on longer trips, I bring a spray bottle and rinse them off every so often.
  46. CI_SeaWolf


    Paint ball gun would be epic
  47. CI_SeaWolf


    Marine mammal protection act pretty much rules out any harassment of seals or sea lions. It is a federal offense now folks. Commercial guys used to be able to get permits for seal bombs, but I think that has gone away too.
  48. CI_SeaWolf

    Super dumb ridiculous question, why bring light gear on a sportboat instead of just using lighter top shots on heavy gear?

    Don’t do the 2 rod thing, if our wives find out, there will be big trouble! 🙀
  49. CI_SeaWolf

    Shogun 8/20 - 8/24 Bloodydecks sponsored trip

    If you don’t want to bring it, definitely reserve some loaner gear from the boat. You need some finesse gear for paddy fishing.
  50. CI_SeaWolf

    After a 10 year hiatus, this is what I have learned after 3-3day trips this year.

    Upper pic was from the June trip on the SOA, Lower pic was from the July trip on the Vagabond [email protected], [email protected] 100lbs= full freezer
  51. CI_SeaWolf

    After a 10 year hiatus, this is what I have learned after 3-3day trips this year.

    I really appreciate your feedback! This has been the best fishing season for me in many years. The guys on deck on all of the trips were outstanding! I do try to show my appreciation to them with a gratuity, as well as being polite and listening to them. Those guys really work hard!
  52. CI_SeaWolf

    After a 10 year hiatus, this is what I have learned after 3-3day trips this year.

    After a 10 year break caused by life and career, I decided to get back into the offshore fishing. The first thing I did was to start studying what kind of fish were being caught and what kind of tackle was being used by successful anglers. I noticed that reels are getting more compact and...
  53. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Epic 3 day on the New Lo Ann 7-22, 7-25

    Wow! Nice going on the Bluefin!
  54. CI_SeaWolf

    Capt Jimmy’s Bombs

    Got the drop on us Soda!
  55. CI_SeaWolf

    Favorite spinning popping rod for tuna?

    I have the same rod, with a Shimano Saragossa 10k, 50lb braid, short 60 top shot.
  56. CI_SeaWolf

    Madmac madness

    Clear poppers….
  57. CI_SeaWolf

    Best time to pack…

    Pretty much have my sea bag ready to go too, even though nothing on the schedule until next summer.
  58. CI_SeaWolf

    Yellowtail on Kelps

    Was using a TranX 500 with 50 lb braid/ 50lb/30 trace leader on a 850H. Still got broken off several times, wrapped on side scan. Pulled hard when I could but still lost fish. They just are tough to get sometimes.
  59. CI_SeaWolf

    I’m going fishing

    Takes a while to go away
  60. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore New Lo-An 3 Day Charter 7/12 - 7/15

    Great report and pictures! Every trip should have a shutterbug on it!
  61. CI_SeaWolf

    I’m going fishing

    Hope you feel better.
  62. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Grande 7/18 w/ the wife

    You are a lucky guy. Congratulations on 10 years! You should try a 3 day trip with her sometime.
  63. CI_SeaWolf

    Midnight Bender: Jumbo Bluefin- Independence July 9-13, 2022

    Great pictures and write up!
  64. CI_SeaWolf

    50W 130 or 200?

    Just about….. dump half a 50 wide….
  65. CI_SeaWolf

    50W 130 or 200?

    My Tiagra has 350 yds of 150 solid braid, and 150 yds of 100 lb mono. Using a PCH741 XXXXH for a troller
  66. CI_SeaWolf

    New To Deer Hunting

    Watch out for fire closures in rifle season too!
  67. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Report-1.75 on the Legend-and a question

    Don’t under estimate the power of a bad report here either. If the crew and skipper condone this kind of stuff on their boat, there are plenty of others that won’t.
  68. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom RS Rail rod RCJB90XXH 7’6” 50-100lb Reduced

    Really good deal for a nice rod, I have caught 4 bluefin on mine, up to 175lbs!
  69. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner ST-66 4X Split ring sizes?

    I used #11 hyperwires on mine, I like the Shimano power pliers too. Also have been using a set of rapala split ring pliers that work ok too
  70. CI_SeaWolf

    One Stop Shopping! RRRlll 8 day report

    Hope to fish the Rooster in the future! Great pictures and report!
  71. CI_SeaWolf

    Mono topshot

    I use 50 feet of 100 lb mono. I like 200 lb bite leader, last trip lost a jig and tied a piece of 200 bite leader on with a triple surgeons, and a SD jam at the jig. Worked for 3 bluefin to 100 lbs.
  72. CI_SeaWolf

    Best Rod for TranX 500

    I have 50 lb braid with 50 lb flouro.
  73. CI_SeaWolf

    Daiwa 500C Spinning Fishing Reel - $40

    Clean one, haven’t seen one of those in years!
  74. CI_SeaWolf

    Best Rod for TranX 500

    What pound line do you have on the reel? I have mine on a Calstar 850 h graphighter
  75. CI_SeaWolf

    A little walk to Gem lake.

    Great pictures!
  76. CI_SeaWolf

    Surface iron reel question

    I just got a TranX 500 pg. I used it this last trip for yellows primarily flylining. I think it is a really nice reel to fish with. Like oversized swimbait reel …… just wind it…… has strong drag too!
  77. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle Bag or Backpack

    I use a box that has very few partitions, that way I can put individual pocket packs in and sort with rubber bands. For example circle hooks, live bait hooks, assist hooks.
  78. CI_SeaWolf

    Lincoln 140 HD

    Nice rig!
  79. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore vagabond 3 day- 7/13 unload

    Nice trip for me…. Got 3 bluefin, a couple yellows but very humbled by the yellows, couldn’t keep from breaking off. The Vagabond is a great boat!
  80. CI_SeaWolf

    Sort of a 7 day?

    Cameron did a great job for us!
  81. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore vagabond 3 day- 7/13 unload

    I did well on the 320gm Nomad Knife jigs. It was a great trip, the crew did an excellent job of clearing tangles and getting fish in. It seemed more like a charter, than an open party trip.
  82. CI_SeaWolf

    Drop Shot Blue fin/ Bralla Rig

    Dropper loop may compromise line strength, depending on how the loop is tied.
  83. CI_SeaWolf

    preventing theft

    It can get pretty crazy when going by yourself, especially when loading and unloading. I always try to go with a friend and we can keep an eye on stuff for each other. I fish mostly charters now, folks seem a bit mellower about keeping their hands off your stuff, also a lot of guys are generous...
  84. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Nice One on the Popper - 7/7

    They are pricey, just picked one up at Turner's for $ 41
  85. CI_SeaWolf

    Miscellaneous 6.5 Creedmoor

    It is pretty crazy….. too bad because that is some decent ammo. I want a 6.5 Creedmore for my next rifle.
  86. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle box recommendation for private boat

    You could customize pretty easy too, a piece of starboard for a cutting board, pliers holder, knife holder, etc. Check out translucent top ones at Home Depot… Husky Brand…..
  87. CI_SeaWolf

    Reels to go with new rods

    For the first rod, probably 80-100 lb setup, more than likely 80, Mak 16, Penn 16 Visx or similar. Second rod, 100-130 lb setup, more than likely 100, Mak 20-30, Penn 20-30 Visx
  88. CI_SeaWolf

    Miscellaneous 6.5 Creedmoor

    Hello, ammunition must be sent to licensed dealer, not sure of import documentation. All ammunition in California that is purchased must go through background check. A hassle for sure!
  89. CI_SeaWolf

    Miscellaneous 6.5 Creedmoor

    Illegal to purchase in California
  90. CI_SeaWolf

    As the Tuna turns…

    Good advice for the PB. On the Long Range boats, will have a discussion with deckhands, and other trollers to come up with the best strategy….
  91. CI_SeaWolf

    Saltwater Drowning exlpained

    Almost drowned myself a few years back in a scuba certification class. Very frightening experience! Dive master just froze, ended up doing a risky ascent to the surface. Didn’t get bent thank goodness.
  92. CI_SeaWolf

    Reels to go with new rods

    What does the rest of your quiver look like in the heavy dept?
  93. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle box recommendation for private boat

    Rubbermaid tub with some 3700 boxes in it…. They make smaller ones that would be appropriate
  94. CI_SeaWolf

    New to BD and new Skipjack owner here

    She'll clean up nice
  95. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Tribute 6/6 Class Act

    Maybe not Capt. Keith….
  96. CI_SeaWolf

    Steve K…a true long range friend!

    I was on one of those! My only 5 day….so far
  97. CI_SeaWolf

    Knot pullers?

    They are magnetic, stick together for easy storage
  98. CI_SeaWolf

    Need help identifying bass lure

    Looks like a Storm popper
  99. CI_SeaWolf

    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    Go easy, I tore the mesh about 4 months after my surgery, had off and on pain for a few years after that.
  100. CI_SeaWolf

    Steve K…a true long range friend!

    I think that is a good thing to do. A lot of us have less than more summers left.
  101. CI_SeaWolf

    Drop Shot Blue fin/ Bralla Rig

    The fish in my avatar was caught on a standard rubber band sinker rig . 100 lb. mono top shot, 100 lb braid, 10 oz sinker, Penn 16 VISX, Custom Rainshadow CSXHJ X2 7’ 6”
  102. CI_SeaWolf

    Big tuna setup

    That’s a fair price!
  103. CI_SeaWolf

    New Here - Going to SD to have some fun

    Bring more than 1 pair, when the deck gets washed down, sometimes so do your boots
  104. CI_SeaWolf

    Avon 310 10’ inflatable

    No price?
  105. CI_SeaWolf

    As the Tuna turns…

    Heading out on the Vagabond Saturday. I will give a report as soon as I get back. Bringing a 50 wide outfit to troll Madmacs and various “farm animals”.
  106. CI_SeaWolf

    Drop Shot Blue fin/ Bralla Rig

    On my trip in June, I tried the drop shot method. I used some cheap 15 lb line that I grabbed at Squidco, and some cheap snap swivels so I could change weights quickly. I used a 3/0 Charlie Brown hook, had to tie main and drop shot line to same ring….
  107. CI_SeaWolf

    best online tackle stores

    Glad to be of help!
  108. CI_SeaWolf

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybird PHD 3XH

    Nice rod! , just saw a brand new one for just over $500….
  109. CI_SeaWolf

    best online tackle stores

    No worries, I visited Australia a few years ago and it was awesome! Ebb Tide has some Heru plugs that I use for GT fishing in Hawaii, the prices were fair, but shipping took a while in the heart of the pandemic. It looks like they have some good stuff for your fishing there.
  110. CI_SeaWolf

    Is this stuff priced right?

    Looks like a Bishop run and gun trout trip might be in order
  111. CI_SeaWolf

    best online tackle stores

    I have bought from Ebb Tide, they are in Australia, and have some stuff that is hard to get here in the ‘States…..
  112. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierras Recommendations for Late Summer/Early Fall

    Hi, long time eastern Sierra angler here. Late August will probably be pretty warm and dry. With low water levels this year, Sabrina, Rock Creek Lake and Convict would be good choices to try. Since this is a special trip, you might consider getting a guide to fish Crowley. I have had some...
  113. CI_SeaWolf

    Bringing 50 wide for trolling

    I was on the June trip with Nik. I think my rod needs an upgrade for my upcoming 10 day next year anyway, but it was his trolling with the Tiagra that made me break mine out of the safe to use on the upcoming trip! No more trips for a while, so everything will go down to Cal’s for blueprinting
  114. CI_SeaWolf

    Happy 4th of July Everyone. Post those fish reports!

    Sorry to hear that it was so rough, conditions have been scratchy for the fleet. Glad to hear you got some!
  115. CI_SeaWolf

    Bringing 50 wide for trolling

    Old school 7460 h graphighter, 5’6”….. seems too short to use in anything but a bucket harness
  116. CI_SeaWolf

    Wahoo Bombs and jigs 125.00 12.00 dollars shipping

    That’s a good deal!
  117. CI_SeaWolf

    Nomad 200 Madmac’s trolling connection suggestions

    On my 240, I am going to try a short 200 lb bite leader, just like a knife jig with crimps, thimbles, and a 400 lb ball bearing swivel
  118. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3

    Nice report, sounds like a boat that I won’t fish…..
  119. CI_SeaWolf

    Rainshadow RCTB76xxh

    Was going to ask where you found that deal, shucks!
  120. CI_SeaWolf

    A different take on long-range fishing. 21st may to 29th may.

    Check out Briggsy and Brooksy on you tube.
  121. CI_SeaWolf

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    Looking for the ring kit, but surface iron doesn’t even have it on their website any more
  122. CI_SeaWolf

    Bringing 50 wide for trolling

    Trying to figure out a modern trolling rod, most of the boat rods I see now are rail rods… my all roller rod looks so out of place…. Probably need a new rail rod for my 50
  123. CI_SeaWolf

    Blackman 20 cc

    Leaving next week on the Vagabond for a 3 day. Scheduled a 10 day for fall of ‘23
  124. CI_SeaWolf

    Blackman 20 cc

    Did a 3 day on the SOA last month, got this critter
  125. CI_SeaWolf

    Blackman 20 cc

    Good to hear from you! Hope you are catching some fish this summer!
  126. CI_SeaWolf

    Blackman 20 cc

    Black Knight
  127. CI_SeaWolf

    Bringing 50 wide for trolling

    Hi, going on a 3 day next week. Planning on trolling a Madmac 240, and a few other assorted “farm animals” . Should I bring my 50 Tiagra and all roller rod for trolling? My 16 Visx don’t have enough capacity.
  128. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn VISX 16 Silver $580.00 BNIB

    Good deal there!
  129. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    That was the wahoo lure of choice for a long time
  130. CI_SeaWolf

    Channel island halibut

    Caught plenty of them on a 3/4 leadhead with a squid pinned on it
  131. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Hopkins spoons…..nice!
  132. CI_SeaWolf

    The best fishing trip that you ever had

    6 day float trip on the Kanektok River in Alaska. Grayling, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, 5 kinds of salmon, and leopard Rainbow trout. July of 1992, was the only client for 3 guides…..
  133. CI_SeaWolf

    Spinning rod suggestions

    I use a Phoenix Axxis 780MH. Reasonably priced rod will do what you want it to do.
  134. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn visx16

    I would suggest Mak 20, has a bit more line capacity for your trolling application…. Trolling Madmacs, etc you want them pretty far back.
  135. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn visx16

    If you are going to troll with it, I would go with more line capacity. In my case, it is a jig/ sinker rig outfit with 100lb braid/ 50 ft mono topshot.
  136. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn visx16

    The 16 is a strong reel, I have 2. I had no worries about line capacity with a 170 class bluefin last week
  137. CI_SeaWolf

    SoA tackle box question

    There are a few places for it, but if everybody brings a roller bag or SKB, there won’t be space
  138. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn VISX16 for $478 on AMAZON

    If it is too good to be true…….
  139. CI_SeaWolf

    2023 Schedules

    Looking for 2 spots on some 3 day trips and a fall 7-10 day trip
  140. CI_SeaWolf

    Have you have actually caught a Bluefin Tuna over 100lbs?

    This is mine from last week, 158 pounds, gilled, bled, and gutted. I gassed out during the fight… these fish are mean
  141. CI_SeaWolf

    Polaris Supreme report 6-15-22 1.5 day

    Good for you, wore myself out on a 3 day last week.
  142. CI_SeaWolf

    Whats working well for SoCal Bluefin and yellow tail right now?

    sinker rig…..80-100 lb gear
  143. CI_SeaWolf

    130# Setup Necessary?

    My last 3 day trip, I brought 2 16VISX loaded with 100 braid, 100 mono. The fish being caught were big. I ended up using a 100 lb rig for sinker fishing.
  144. CI_SeaWolf


    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. Grateful to mine for teaching me to fish.
  145. CI_SeaWolf

    Good day in the backcountry.

    Nice wild trout!
  146. CI_SeaWolf


    Really pretty!
  147. CI_SeaWolf

    Bay / Harbor Long beach wall bass

    Nice chugger! that's what we used to call those big Calico's
  148. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 6-8 to 6-10 1.5 day AA report

    not flyline.... usually throwing a jig....... could be a sniper or flatfall
  149. CI_SeaWolf

    foam cannon / lance

    Been using a harbor freight one that goes on the garden hose for a couple years now to do my truck and cars.... I use professional detail soap..... works good!
  150. CI_SeaWolf

    Tuna jigs

    Couldn’t find ultras so used the biggest hyperwires I could find
  151. CI_SeaWolf

    Crimping Pliers/Tool

    Those are Sta-con pliers….. good for dc electrical connections, bare and insulated connectors
  152. CI_SeaWolf

    Tuna jigs

    This with your other arsenal… you are getting a lot of good stuff. I rig my 300 and up with Owner Hyper Wire split rings in size 11, you need a good split ring pliers like the Shimano ones in the picture. I have a large flat blade screwdriver that can help too. Take your time and be careful...
  153. CI_SeaWolf

    Tuna jigs

    Hopefully you got a variety of weights…. I have anything from 140gm up to 500 gm
  154. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 6/8 BFT and freak accident... Learn from my mistake.

    First, thanks for sharing the story! Second, glad you are ok! Third, the braided line we all use for fishing now can cut clear through to the bone, never wrap it around any body part you don’t want to cut off! Fourth, first aid kit is always good to have….
  155. CI_SeaWolf

    Minimum 8-Day tackle.

    The boats have stuff too.
  156. CI_SeaWolf

    How do you organize everything?

    Those plastic drawer cabinets that you can get at a variety or home improvement store can help organize as well as a label maker
  157. CI_SeaWolf

    SS 2X4 80-130 7’2”

    Why Can’t you be contacted?
  158. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Story, not a report

    Great style and story, sorry to hear of the loss of a family member…it shows us how good this is….
  159. CI_SeaWolf

    50-130 cow rod $120 OBO

    Nice troller for spreader bars
  160. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Turd rollers are here

    Be nice to get some up around Oxnard too
  161. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Turd rollers are here

    Huntington Flats….got the occasional yellowtail out there too!
  162. CI_SeaWolf

    SOA question

    I was o a trip in April on the PQ. Talked with a guy from AZ who was trying the bluefin thing for the 1st time. At the end of the trip, he gave me a 420 gm Flatfall and two snipers…. Said he wanted them to go to someone who would use them…. I was blown away!
  163. CI_SeaWolf

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    They don’t call them ghosts for nothing… good luck!
  164. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Turd rollers are here

    Twists..... that's what we called them...... break out the green scampis!
  165. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore The San Diego 6/4 - lucky redemption

    Congratulations on a great fish! If only everyone would listen to the deckhands and skipper when they tell them to break out the heavy gear….
  166. CI_SeaWolf

    Crystal ball working?

    Steve, I will be on the Vagabond 7/11-14…. Will definitely report conditions.
  167. CI_SeaWolf

    Go to knots?

    That looks bad ass!
  168. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Tribute Overnight 6/3

    With the larger Pac Bay/ Aftco/ Alps reel seats, I have found the stock clamps too small.
  169. CI_SeaWolf

    No more tackle

    that's how it goes..... fish are big and mean right now, All I need is a 20, then a rod, then some 130 lb line marked every 50 ft, then some 300 lb leader.....etc., etc., etc.
  170. CI_SeaWolf

    Crystal ball working?

    nothing too special, Phoenix Axis 780H, Shimano Saragosa 10K. FG knot to 50 lb flourocarbon short leader
  171. CI_SeaWolf

    Crystal ball working?

    On the Vag in mid July myself….. will bring (2) 100/100, (1)80/60, (1) 65/50, (1) 40/30, and 65 lb spin outfit.
  172. CI_SeaWolf

    Islands Channel Islands X2

    Nice report….it was nice meeting you at Angler’s Den in Camarillo yesterday.
  173. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 1.5 Day New Lo An 6/1 - 6/3/22

    Congratulations and thank you for a great report!
  174. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Voyager report 6.1.22 and tackle failure observations

    Nice report! Great that you shared what didn't work and what was suggested. Great looking fish!
  175. CI_SeaWolf

    What to bring 1.5 day on ocean odyssey june23

    Better bring the big guns….. check out the PQ report
  176. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day 5/30-6/1 New PB

    Awesome report! Congratulations on your PB. The PQ crew are awesome!
  177. CI_SeaWolf

    200# Fluorocarbon Leader Options

    Nice looking rigging there!
  178. CI_SeaWolf

    What is this?

  179. CI_SeaWolf


    Thanks Tuna, that was a very memorable trip in more ways than 1.
  180. CI_SeaWolf


    I was in a remote fishing camp on the Babine River in Northern BC. There were two to a cabin, I was solo so they stuck me with a guy from Seattle. Late October and cold, grizzly tracks in the snow down by the boats. We turn in on the first night…. I wake up at about 11pm the room is like in...
  181. CI_SeaWolf

    Vagabond Memorial Day 2.5-day 5/27-5/30

    Hoping my trip in July on the Vag is at least 1/2 as good!
  182. CI_SeaWolf

    What's Your "Wow I Can't Believe I Landed That!" Story?

    Nice one! Hooked a baby (100 lb +) on a Shikari 8025 with a Saltist 20….. drags were hot when I got the critter up to where we could get it unhooked ….
  183. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom UC 7’6” Viper/Rail Rod

    Sick Rod!
  184. CI_SeaWolf

    Looking for possible career change advice

    Park rangers have to go through basic LEO training, some jobs require a college degree. I wanted to be one a long time ago….. got a better paying job working for an electric utility…..
  185. CI_SeaWolf

    Looking for possible career change advice

    Ever thought about skilled trade like electrician or plumber? You are still young enough to get through an apprenticeship and get a good job.
  186. CI_SeaWolf

    Catching Halibut at Anchor.

    Old school…. Scampi glow in the dark on a 3/4 oz red leadhead. Krocodile spoons in Silver flecto tape
  187. CI_SeaWolf

    Stored Fish -- Plans for Calif's Summer Brown Outs and Intentional Power Shutdowns

    Automatic Transfer Switch and sub panel for critical load downstream from main panel.
  188. CI_SeaWolf

    What's Your "Wow I Can't Believe I Landed That!" Story?

    Back in the early 90’s my pops was cleaning out his garage. He found a Penn 114 H, with a bronze spool that had been a cod/trolling rig on the sailboat for years. He asked me if I wanted it, he was going to throw it out. I didn’t have a trolling rig yet in those days, so I stripped the line...
  189. CI_SeaWolf

    Best deal you ever got…

    Worked the deck on a small crab boat up in Oregon for a few hours some years back. Skipper gave me a mark pack hippo ranger and a Lee Pro 4/0….
  190. CI_SeaWolf

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    I think the name of the 6 pack boat out of SB was Wavewalker, Capt. David Bacon and daughter Tiffany ran it. I don’t know if it still runs, call the tackle store “Hook, Line, and Sinker” up there
  191. CI_SeaWolf

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    A lot of questions there….. SEA landing has the Stardust. Summer fishing would be SWRF, Kelp Bass, Halibut, and WSB. Haven’t fished up that way in a while. Seafood Restaurant…..Brophy Brothers is pretty good.
  192. CI_SeaWolf

    Searcher 5/31/22 - 6/3/2022

    thanks for the info!
  193. CI_SeaWolf

    Jig quality..

    Daiwa jigs are good, hard to find the more popular ones…..
  194. CI_SeaWolf

    Honey Bee Swarm Moving Down The Block!

    Got stung in Hawaii one of the last times I was there…. My hand started to swell up bad
  195. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore New Lo Ann 5/20

    Nice job! Handing off to that young fella was awesome!
  196. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Overnight on the DP 5/21

    Most everyone here has been there with you. Take some time and learn some knots. You have a great attitude towards this and will be a highliner before you know it! When in doubt, have the deckhands check your stuff. Great information in your report too, so keep 'em coming!
  197. CI_SeaWolf

    Help with choosing color

    Lighter color won’t get quite as hot inside in the sun…
  198. CI_SeaWolf

    Which side is up?

    The writing that tells the weight is on the tail end of the jig if it follows convention with all the other jigs I have seen.
  199. CI_SeaWolf


    I think I have the “Death Star” 500 somewhere….. good luck with your sale!
  200. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Vagabond 5/19- 5/22

    Nice report, looking forward to my trip on that boat in July!
  201. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Fortune 1.5 Day 5-20

    Good report! Glad you got some in tough conditions. Good pictures too!
  202. CI_SeaWolf

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Eric’s tackle up in Ventura has a bunch of vintage tackle on display, including toads!
  203. CI_SeaWolf

    WTB Heavy Spinning Rod for Saragosa 10k

    There was a Phoenix black diamond in here yesterday that would work
  204. CI_SeaWolf


    Jerry, check your messages please
  205. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano shipping reels in excellent condition

    looks pretty scammy
  206. CI_SeaWolf

    1/2 rope

    That is a good deal for 600 ft!
  207. CI_SeaWolf

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Old Blue/Grey Plano tackle box with a blue “spoofer” jig, hooks, rubber cores, and a hootchy toad. Spinning rod built at Canoga sporting goods with a big gold Penguin reel. I was about 9. Blue and green bomber jigs for bass. Dad chatting with Jack Ward out of the wheelhouse. Fishing...
  208. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano Tranx 500

    Looking to add the 500 pg to my arsenal….
  209. CI_SeaWolf

    Line ratings

    You are trying to make one rod do two separate tasks. It could be done, but the rod would be really heavy for yellowtail. Think more about which task you want more.
  210. CI_SeaWolf

    Line strength for river silver salmon?

    Check out Santiam rods, they make nice PNW type salmon and steelhead rods that can be brought as a carry on easily. Their prices are fair too.
  211. CI_SeaWolf

    Quick report: Pacifica 5/19/22

    Good report, fished with them for the first time last fall. Good crew!
  212. CI_SeaWolf

    Flare hawk jigs

    Looks kind of like the old “bomber” lead heads we used to throw at the Calicoes back in the day.
  213. CI_SeaWolf

    Excel is on the bluefin

    Good deal, on the SOA next month, and the Vagabond in July…..
  214. CI_SeaWolf

    Excel is on the bluefin

    When are you going Tommy?
  215. CI_SeaWolf

    Excel is on the bluefin

    Good to hear!
  216. CI_SeaWolf

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    A couple of “old school” things that I learned….. reading and using paper charts, dead reckoning navigation, setting anchors in all kinds of bottoms and weather. Knots! Float plans. radio procedures, man overboard drills, navigating in harbors, tide charts, reading compass bearings and...
  217. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra 5/16-5/17

    Nice report and great pictures! Bridgeport Reservoir can be real hit or miss these days.
  218. CI_SeaWolf

    Feedback on the Producer out or H&M

    Fished the Producer several times back in the 90’s…. Got my pb Bigeye on it. 140lbs!
  219. CI_SeaWolf

    What is the best brand of Faucet to bring on the Long Range Boats?

    I don’t announce, but do try to keep a well stocked first aid kit with me just in case… a holdover from my old job I guess
  220. CI_SeaWolf

    What is the best brand of Faucet to bring on the Long Range Boats?

    Might need another boat just to bring your tackle box😆
  221. CI_SeaWolf

    What is the best brand of Faucet to bring on the Long Range Boats?

    Yeah, and the spinning rod for poppers too🙃
  222. CI_SeaWolf

    What is the best brand of Faucet to bring on the Long Range Boats?

    3 day—— 2 100 lb. 1 80/60lb. 1 65/50lb. 1 50/40lb. 1 50/30lb.
  223. CI_SeaWolf

    Palomino Rainbows

    Palmdale Fin and Feather club stocks them….poor things
  224. CI_SeaWolf

    Vagabond 2.5 Day 5/13-16

    Steve, first off, happy birthday! Cool of you to share the even a very experienced angler such as yourself can get a shut out once in a while. Just good to get out on the water, enjoy 73 and many more birthdays!
  225. CI_SeaWolf

    LR raffle prizes and swag

    I have been a charter master on local trips and have been on a few charters. As the CM, it has always been my position that I pay my share just like the other anglers on the trip. On our trips, we brought 1 extra person, their share went to buying raffle goodies for the trip. I have given out...
  226. CI_SeaWolf

    West coast jiggerz

    Thank you
  227. CI_SeaWolf

    West coast jiggerz

    Couldn’t get on to Facebook. Besides brick and mortar, is there an e mail?
  228. CI_SeaWolf

    Strangest Way You Have Seen A Fish Caught?

    Caught a brown trout on my back cast fly fishing on the McCloud River…..
  229. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom Rainshadow RCLB80M

    Nice rod!
  230. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra 5/2-5/5

    Great report and pictures!
  231. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra Opener 2022

    Was up at Sabrina last summer, lots of small fish. Bridgeport Reservoir had some bigger models for opener, I saw two anglers that had rainbows in the 5 lb range
  232. CI_SeaWolf

    Couple Of Swap Meet Finds 4/30

    Straggler Jig….. got a couple blue/ white ones from pops…… caught some yellows on ‘em. Those Quick reels used to be top of the line back before Daiwa and Shimano were around
  233. CI_SeaWolf


    Nice reel!
  234. CI_SeaWolf

    NON-SKID Cleaning

    Soft scrub and a bristle brush worked for me.
  235. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    Good report, I broke off on fish my first trip too this season. These bluefin can be a steeper learning curve. You’ll get them next time!
  236. CI_SeaWolf


    Here is my Bridgeport Reservoir opening day report. Water level is low, but they are launching at Bridgeport Reservoir Marina. I launched at the “bathtub” launch area about 3/4 of the way to the dam. Weather was clear, a little on the cool side, very calm wind in the early morning. I...
  237. CI_SeaWolf

    Are flat falls a thing of the past??

    I just used smaller flatfall and slow pitch jigs during the day….they get bit.
  238. CI_SeaWolf

    Worst Conditions You Ever Fished?

    Back in the 70’s my dad took me on the Ranger 85 out of CISCO’s . It was November I think and we went out in a hard Santa Ana….. diesel in the bilge, everybody sick, including several crew. Spent all night out on deck heaving with my dad keeping an eye on me. We got in the lee side of one...
  239. CI_SeaWolf

    What are your favorite Sierra Nevada UL/ micro trout lures?

    Lures that they haven’t seen….. So far it seems like the standards have been covered. I would include some Tasmanian Devils, and Super Dupers in Gold, and Silver. If you are going ultra light…..up to the 503 size. Another favorite that hasn’t been mentioned is the Jake’s Spin a lure. My...
  240. CI_SeaWolf

    Fishworks Striker pants size 38

    Great seller!
  241. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra Opener 2022

    Depends on where you fish, most of the usual Eastern Sierra lakes open last Saturday in April
  242. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra Opener 2022

    Chill Tuna….. Chill
  243. CI_SeaWolf


    Those submerged points…. A few years back I went out opening morning in a snowstorm, got up around the dam and dropped in a countdown rapala, another boat and me kept picking up brownie after brownie on the troll off of one or two submerged points…. Weather started clearing and the Rainbows...
  244. CI_SeaWolf


    Hi Steve, I will be at the Reservoir . I launch my 15’ Gregor at the Bathtub when the water is low. Hopefully the wind won’t come up.
  245. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra Opener 2022

    The only freshwater category I see is for fly fishing…..take it EASY
  246. CI_SeaWolf

    Eastern Sierra Opener 2022

    Hello, anyone heading to the Eastern Sierras for Trout Opener?
  247. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore INTREPID 04.24-04.26.2022

    Kudos to you for sharing ! A great example of the sportsmanship that we were taught by our dad’s a long time ago.
  248. CI_SeaWolf

    Bad enough when you have to fend off the thieves at the dock, but when you get a douche like...

    Bad enough when you have to fend off the thieves at the dock, but when you get a douche like this on the boat too…..
  249. CI_SeaWolf

    Post Hernia Surgery... When Can I Fish Again?

    I think you need to wait a bit. I went back to work after inguinal hernia surgery and tore the mesh about 2 months after surgery. It hurt for a long time after that.
  250. CI_SeaWolf

    Have you ever been spooled?

    Back in the 90’s , Penn 501, 20 lb test, hooked a huge bat ray fishing for halibut. Thought I had a granddaddy flattie on, then felt the wings….. straight out…. Ping!
  251. CI_SeaWolf

    A different take on long-range fishing. 21st may to 29th may.

    Dream trip for sure, I watch some of the YouTube videos of GT fishing in Northern Queensland. Would love to try some time.
  252. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Trolling lures

    Nice East Cape selection there!
  253. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    In my case, I use a 60’ mono topshot. I tie a trace of fluorocarbon (4-6ft) and lure to that.
  254. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    Well, thanks for all the feedback. I am also going to second guess my knot and my drag was set at 14 lbs. by scale. So, in all honesty, early season prep by me may not have been up to snuff. The thing I like is the feedback so I can work on what went wrong and make some corrections to...
  255. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    Out of respect to the deck crew of the PQ, we won’t ID the lure. If you want to know what it is, book a trip on the PQ
  256. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore ALBACORE 4/10/22

    The abortion was a boat stopper too!
  257. CI_SeaWolf

    Early season can be rough. I think the skipper and crew did a great job of keeping everyone safe.

    Early season can be rough. I think the skipper and crew did a great job of keeping everyone safe.
  258. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    I used a jig that had one assist hook on top, one on the bottom, fish was hooked on the bottom hook. My reading has found that the PQ deck boss likes hooks on the bottom of jigs better, less chance of injury to crew and other anglers.
  259. CI_SeaWolf

    Last time I was in Cabo, there was a well stocked tackle shop there too. Can't remember the...

    Last time I was in Cabo, there was a well stocked tackle shop there too. Can't remember the name of it but Minerva's comes to mind.
  260. CI_SeaWolf

    Been fishing since '65, still learning

    Been fishing since '65, still learning
  261. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Life Jackets!

    Glad no one was seriously injured. You did the right thing by coming to aid a distressed mariner. Hours of boredom ended by seconds of terror…….
  262. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    Senko, good insights there on the blue label. I have heard that the gold label is a bit softer and may try that on my next 3 day in June. I know that I just purchased that spool of leader material last fall so it wasn’t too old.
  263. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    Yes, he wanted a fluorocarbon leader, recommending 50 lb for snipers and smaller flat falls.
  264. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    It seemed like it failed at or after the knot…. It was 50 lb Seguar blue label, single SD jam knot
  265. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    We got notified last Sunday, had enough time to get our hotel reservations changed
  266. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    The Queen uses a type of Plug I haven’t seen before, works good
  267. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    Well, I would have rather been on a 3 day, but I think the landing/ boat did the right thing by staying in port that day. It was bumpy but fishable, early season weather can be very dicey and have had trips in the past get canceled due to weather also. Still learning the new Bluefin fishing...
  268. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 day 4/13-4/15

    Our trip was shortened from a 3 day to an extended 2 day due to gale force winds out on the grounds. We loaded up Wednesday morning and headed south. We picked up a double hookup on the troll on the way down. Who says Bluefin don’t take trolled lures? The fish were anywhere from 15-40...
  269. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle Box Long Range

    Great Seller!
  270. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore ALBACORE 4/10/22

    Wide open on the gold Visa Card!
  271. CI_SeaWolf

    ID on jig type and use.

    Good striper lures! Still have a couple 1 oz ones in chrome.
  272. CI_SeaWolf

    Tackle Box Long Range

    check your PM's
  273. CI_SeaWolf

    Yard sale finds.... Calstar DHS 220 and Seeker SJ90F!

    still have my 220 graphast for chovies with newell 229
  274. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore father son trip

    Great pics! I remember going out on my uncle Charlie’s boat with my pops at about 10 years old, caught bones like that on red/ white “jap feather jigs”. Get him started now so he can teach his son!
  275. CI_SeaWolf

    Bluefin Yellowtail 🐟 🐠 🎣 1 1/2-3 day San Diego trip … tips ?

    Thanks for the intel! Heading out on the PQ next week so stoked!
  276. CI_SeaWolf

    Excel May 19-22

    Good intel right there! Not a fan of push button fishing, but those jigs do wear on you!
  277. CI_SeaWolf

    Huddleston Fishing Rod

    Specialized Swimbait rod for largemouth bass. I don’t know who made their blanks
  278. CI_SeaWolf

    What are your great early memories of OG San Diego and Long Beach Bloodydecks?

    I came over from Allcoast back in ‘06, this was always the rowdy board. Did a few of the ST charters over the years too. This is the only board left that is worth a darn for us Southern California Angler’s.
  279. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore NLA 1.75 3rd- 5th

    Thanks for the report! On the PQ for a 3 day next week.
  280. CI_SeaWolf

    What brand rods do you usually take on a trip?

    Next trip, Shikari, Rainshadow, Calstar, Seeker, and Phenix
  281. CI_SeaWolf

    Help diagnose Battery wiring issue

    The black small wires running under 1 lug —— yuck!
  282. CI_SeaWolf

    Trailer Tire Noob Question

  283. CI_SeaWolf

    BFT Nomad Jigs

    Was at Eric’s Tackle in Ventura this afternoon, they had a good stock of 420gm jigs and had some pre rigged with welded rings for $ 40.00
  284. CI_SeaWolf

    Trailer Tire Noob Question

    How old are those tires? That is weatherchecking, doesn’t look too good
  285. CI_SeaWolf

    A Freelance story

    Andre, thank you for your great story and writing. It has been a dream of mine to someday do a real long range trip like that if the body and wallet permit it. It was like sitting in the galley on the boat and listening to your story of the day. Thanks for all the hard work writing it and...
  286. CI_SeaWolf

    Well Water filtration systems

    My sister lives in the PNW (Oregon). They had trouble with Giardia from their spring supplied water source. They had to install a sand filter and other equipment ( reverse osmosis) in front of the water tank to eliminate all the bad stuff in the water there.
  287. CI_SeaWolf

    Diawa SK Jigs..

    I found some 250 gram at Fishin’ Fools in Granada Hills a few weeks ago and they weren’t overpriced.
  288. CI_SeaWolf

    Who has fished OC make Super Seeker D8?

    I have a S glass, Not SS, but a nice 30 lb stick, definitely softer than a 6480.
  289. CI_SeaWolf

    The one that got away

    Mine goes like this: Back in 1990 I splurged and went for a week long trip to a lodge on the Babine River in Northern British Columbia. They get big Steelhead there. We had jet sledded down to a run a few miles from the lodge and passed a large Grizzly bear foraging for food. We started...
  290. CI_SeaWolf

    SK Jigs

    I found a few up to 250gm at Fish’n Fools in Granada Hills last week, not overpriced either.
  291. CI_SeaWolf

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    My new ride
  292. CI_SeaWolf

    What’s the biggest fish you’ve landed on a 660? Picked up a beauty

    I have a custom 665 H, biggest fish was 35 lb yellowfin at Guadalupe in 2005. Had a big fish on it, but the Tax Collector got it in the second circle.....Fishing a Lee Pro 4/0
  293. CI_SeaWolf

    I sure feel better now

    Can’t find those anywhere at a decent price
  294. CI_SeaWolf

    Tool sheaths

    Nice work! I like the belts with the tuna on them
  295. CI_SeaWolf


  296. CI_SeaWolf

    Newbies on Silver Salmon next August

    Only take the picture with the bear if someone else is wearing a bacon suit!, I usually tip guides around 25%. Always be on the safe side and have good raingear available, some lodges even supply it for their angling guests.
  297. CI_SeaWolf


    Is that SK jig in the background for sale?
  298. CI_SeaWolf

    super bowl tickets

    Good one Mick!
  299. CI_SeaWolf


    Anywhere from 1/4 oz. to 2oz. depending on current. Most popular size would be 3/4 oz.
  300. CI_SeaWolf

    2022 16x8.5 enclosed trailer

    disregard, my bad!
  301. CI_SeaWolf

    2022 16x8.5 enclosed trailer

    did you sell this?
  302. CI_SeaWolf

    1993 Westcoaster 14' welded hull

    Good deal for a solid aluminum boat!
  303. CI_SeaWolf

    RIP Hawk, I knew him from working with him at Turner’s in Reseda back in the 80’s. Always a...

    RIP Hawk, I knew him from working with him at Turner’s in Reseda back in the 80’s. Always a gentleman to me and gave me sage advice at times, especially when my Irish temper was up. I am sorry to hear of his passing.
  304. CI_SeaWolf

    Bait table

    Pretty, do you envision tool holders on future designs?
  305. CI_SeaWolf

    Favorite experience of 2021?

    Getting back offshore this fall after almost 10 years not going. Got a mixed bag, 2 small bluefin, a 30 lb yellowfin, 4 dorado, a skipjack, and a few rockfish…… Getting ready for more trips this year.
  306. CI_SeaWolf

    Tiagras 30 & 50

    great seller!
  307. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Oceanside 1/2 day Trigger and Sculpin

    fun scrappers on lighter tackle!
  308. CI_SeaWolf

    Tsunami Warning

    Depending on how close they are to structure.... (Bank) (island) (Seamounts) etc, they are better off than being in the harbor.
  309. CI_SeaWolf

    Ocean salmon plugs and spoon.

    Nice Salmon lures there
  310. CI_SeaWolf

    Off season

    Tuning tackle and having a new rod built. Getting as many of the honey-do's done as I can before the season starts for me in April.
  311. CI_SeaWolf

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    I had no idea that we had a spottie fishery up this far north. I may have to get out there and try for them. I used to catch a lot of them down just south of Ensenada in the bay down there. I do remember the hard strikes those little guys have!
  312. CI_SeaWolf

    I would suggest a longer rod, St Croix makes a decent travel surf rod. 3/4- 1 0z Kastmasters...

    I would suggest a longer rod, St Croix makes a decent travel surf rod. 3/4- 1 0z Kastmasters in chrome, gold, and chrome green are good lures for the Big Island
  313. CI_SeaWolf

    What is your Monofilament of Choice for Surface Irons

    I like straight mono for surface irons, in the wind, you can get loops of braid that can really mess with you. Also, 30-40lb mono is easier on my hands than salt impregnated braid, which has a tendency to cut like a knife. Izorline First String user here.
  314. CI_SeaWolf

    Islands Channel Islands Rockfishing Intel

    Rockfish closed until March, wind will be up too.
  315. CI_SeaWolf

    Which restaurant has the best fried chicken?

    My great uncle used to do electrical work for a bunch of the restaurants. When we would drive from LA to Bridgeport for trout opener, my dad and great uncle would put me in the third seat in the station wagon ( facing backwards) with a bucket of chicken…. I would happily munch all the way up.
  316. CI_SeaWolf

    Old photo. Anybody fish out of here?

    I remember fishing the Aquarius there back in the 80’s. Good calico fishing at the BKR. Took my wife up there and we got a couple nice halibut. I bet the calicos are in there thick after the area closure
  317. CI_SeaWolf

    Your first or favorite concert?

    First Concert: Aerosmith ZZ Top at LA Forum. 17th row floor seats. Stacks and stacks of Marshall amps….ears rang for a week after that. Best concert: BB King late show at the Country Club…. Started at 10pm, jammed til 4 am….
  318. CI_SeaWolf

    Nice brace of birds there!

    Nice brace of birds there!
  319. CI_SeaWolf

    FG knot failure

    Fishy, how do you like that tool? I have found it works better on the lighter tests.
  320. CI_SeaWolf

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    Saw him with John Mayall, at the Palomino!
  321. CI_SeaWolf

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    Was Walter Trout in the band then?
  322. CI_SeaWolf

    Bluefin Jigs

    Good deal there!
  323. CI_SeaWolf

    Which one do I NEED?

    If you can only do one…the 16 ….
  324. CI_SeaWolf

    Which restaurant has the best fried chicken?

    Knott's is good. I like Raising Cane's Chicken too!
  325. CI_SeaWolf

    Kona fishing

    Another thing to look at would be a guided surf fishing trip. Hard fishing, but interesting.
  326. CI_SeaWolf

    St. Croix Avid vs Premier

    You might want to look at lighter options than those rods for the Eastern Sierras. I would say something in the 4-10 lb range for a trolling type rod, for fishing bait, most folks use ultra light in the 2-8 lb range.
  327. CI_SeaWolf

    The first time you hunt Chukar it is for fun, every time after that is for revenge! Nice dogs...

    The first time you hunt Chukar it is for fun, every time after that is for revenge! Nice dogs and looks like a good hunt!
  328. CI_SeaWolf

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    I hope that you do post when there will be this sale. I was there last week and you had pretty good stock of certain products, Mike helped me buy a new Phoenix Axis Popping Rod, and also spoke with Sal for a minute. I had forgotten what an excellent resource the shop is for offshore anglers.
  329. CI_SeaWolf

    Purple Glass Ulua - Moon’s Custom

    unusual color....
  330. CI_SeaWolf

    Penn senator servicing

    You can try some penetrating lubricant.... I like Kroil...
  331. CI_SeaWolf

    2007 Hewes Craft 200 Pro V

    Nice rig! I wish I could afford it right now, that is just what I am looking to buy later.
  332. CI_SeaWolf

    Want to buy a new truck

    I don't think a camper shell will qualify by itself. maybe with a carpet kit but I have never been able to register a pickup with a shell as a housecar....
  333. CI_SeaWolf

    Am I the only one

    At least a day to get the boat prepped, a day to play, and a day to put the boat to bed…..not to mention cleaning and stowing fishing gear….. I started doing more charter and guided trips…. Seems like the cost is almost the same, but I get a little more time for myself.
  334. CI_SeaWolf

    Am I the only one

    A lot of things to think about when running your own boat. The further offshore you go, the more things you need to know and be prepared for. It always amazes me how bad some boaters are when the fog rolls in. Listen to the radio sometime and you will hear some of the most unprepared boaters...
  335. CI_SeaWolf

    A Fish Story

    Beautifully written ! A fitting tribute to a good friend. My wife and I fished the San Juan on our anniversary a couple years ago. There are some huge trout there.
  336. CI_SeaWolf

    The “Old Guy” thread!

    This getting old stuff isn’t for kids……
  337. CI_SeaWolf

    What is the trick?

    Another place to check is the trip planning board in the So. Cal. Fishing discussion here, I have seen a few last minute openings there too.
  338. CI_SeaWolf

    Merry Christmas, name that tune

    Merry Christmas Mick!
  339. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Superhawk black seabass

    Not the same kind of Black Sea Bass as in California
  340. CI_SeaWolf

    Rain/cold weather fishing jacket recommendation?

    Yes to layers, especially fleece or wool that will keep you warm when wet. I have used HH or Grundens foulies for years with sensible layers underneath.
  341. CI_SeaWolf

    Local rockfish landings/boats What’s your opinions ?

    Just remember rockfish season closes until spring in a little over a week in Californian waters. Check for boats heading to Colnett out of San Diego and have your passport ready
  342. CI_SeaWolf

    Salmon spotted inside Socal harbor

    Who could forget the salmon run of 1995? We were flylining sardines for them up off Carpinteria. I put at least 10 on my boat that season.
  343. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    those are nice! I remember back in the '70s getting a folder like the one on the bottom for subscribing to Western Outdoor News...
  344. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Tanner Bank - New Lo-An - Friday/Saturday Dec 10 & 11

    Very nice report, concise and well written. I have been known to change a flouro leader after a fish or two. Good point about the thickness of leader material. I respool mono topshot after every trip too.
  345. CI_SeaWolf

    East Cape Timing

    Definitely Chubasco season…
  346. CI_SeaWolf

    Sometimes, the fish just wins…. Good quote there!

    Sometimes, the fish just wins…. Good quote there!
  347. CI_SeaWolf

    Diving Gear: Meandros fin, Rob Allen float, Epsealon Minisub

    Serious free diving stuff!
  348. CI_SeaWolf

    1967 Seaway

    Same hull that the LA County Baywatch boats were.... nice boat!
  349. CI_SeaWolf

    Massive Sunfish spotted by Paddlers off Laguna Beach

    Years ago, saw a baby one caught on the Seahawk out of Santa Barbara. The angler didn’t keep it.
  350. CI_SeaWolf

    Favorite 50lb reel

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2
  351. CI_SeaWolf

    12/6/21 SARL 30 years later !

    I miss Irvine lake too, trolled up some roads there!
  352. CI_SeaWolf

    12/6/21 SARL 30 years later !

    Nice report, I went to Mojave Narrows last Friday. Kind of the same deal with the urban fishing. Everybody was pretty chill, we only got 2 fish for 3 guys. The Sierras have been kind of tough the last couple of summers. Might have to go down mid week and try it one of these days.
  353. CI_SeaWolf

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    Had rotator cuff surgery back in ‘02. Re injured in ’03. Lots of pt helped, you have to go slow. You will feel better, but any little thing will set you back. Just takes time for you to heal.
  354. CI_SeaWolf

    On the water short report. Brandon Miller’s 11 day independence.

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a fun trip!
  355. CI_SeaWolf

    Who remembers Farrell's ice cream parlors?

    Had the Zoo for my 12 th birthday. I remember going there before Mom took us to the Americana Cinema to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Last one in SFV was down on Owensmouth and Ventura I think.
  356. CI_SeaWolf

    Hook Organizer

    That is a great idea! Where is Young’s tackle?
  357. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Still some bigun's out there

    Cool of you to donate to those who didn't get any fish too! Glad to hear the bluefin are still there!
  358. CI_SeaWolf

    Hook Organizer

    Sure I use rusted hooks that are in good shape, but I hate to introduce rust into a package of brand new hooks… especially with smaller, cheaper hooks, not worth it to me. But especially smaller/ lighter hooks, you want the strongest you can get in case that big fish grabs it.
  359. CI_SeaWolf

    Aftermarket or oversized base plates

    Had them cut to 1.200 on the radius, fit like a champ!
  360. CI_SeaWolf

    Aftermarket or oversized base plates

    Finally got to try the base plates out for size today. They fit great, nice solid pieces of Aluminum Billet
  361. CI_SeaWolf

    Hook Organizer

    I keep one big plano tray in my bag. Pocket pack of what I am using goes in my pocket. Used hooks go in little 6 compartment tray outside of bag. Wash down with fresh water and soap after use, never go back in with the new hooks.
  362. CI_SeaWolf


    The KC model definitely has a different bridge than a 4/0 . Good luck with your hunt!
  363. CI_SeaWolf

    Spooling a NEW Conventional! Mono or Braid? Why?

    Hey Chris, any time you spoil braid be sure to use some tape on the spool arbor so that when you tie the braid to the arbor, it can bite down and snug up. You can use electrical tape or even the sports tape that we protect our fingers with when fishing braid. If you are fishing for Ulua’s with...
  364. CI_SeaWolf

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    As I said earlier in the thread, it shows my relative inexperience with the Long Range boats. Did a 5 day on the Shogun back in ‘05. Looking to do some longer trips.
  365. CI_SeaWolf

    High Ratio vs Low Ratio reels for bottom fishing

    Low speed, the hooked fish spin off the hooks when wound in fast!
  366. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano Saragossa 10K

    What kind of popping rod?
  367. CI_SeaWolf

    Odell Beckham Jr. on Rams

    I have had to turn off the last 3 games within 5 minutes in the 1st quarter…. The writing was on the wall. The schedule after the bye is no picnic either….. so much for this year!
  368. CI_SeaWolf

    Odell Beckham Jr. on Rams

    Rams have been tanking for the last month…Stafford looks a lot like Goff now. They have not looked really good playing against mediocre teams, let alone contenders…. Probably end up just above .500 for the season
  369. CI_SeaWolf

    HEY SANTA! Here's the PENN reel or rod I want under the tree this year!

    Hi Santa, I have a new rail rod that needs a Penn International 16 VISX. A Silver one would go good with the Purple/ Blue wraps. Maybe I can get you a big Bluefin to help pull your sleigh!
  370. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    That is a piece of history!
  371. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Good picture except for my foot! The Case knives are very pretty, most are purchases from road trips over the years.
  372. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Perfect for that big bird!
  373. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Ruana, hand made in MT
  374. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Simichrome or Flitz will help. Good carbon steel there!
  375. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    That old steel is really nice, you can tell those blades got plenty of work!
  376. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Grandad’s hunting knife
  377. CI_SeaWolf

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    Shows what I know….lots of day boats but not a lot of LR experience
  378. CI_SeaWolf

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    I don’t think they will let you bring beer on the boat…..
  379. CI_SeaWolf

    boat size tips

    Here’s a story…. A buddy of mine bought a 21’ Alumiweld back in the 90’s. He had 3 people on the boat and was trolling around the Coronado Islands…. They hooked up on a tuna, we’re scrambling to land the fish when a large wave came over the cut out stern and swamped the boat, next wave turned...
  380. CI_SeaWolf

    New Penn Torque 15XNLD2S

  381. CI_SeaWolf

    New Penn Torque 15XNLD2S

    How much 50 does it hold?
  382. CI_SeaWolf

    Unbelievable barn find in OC today

    vintage tin....
  383. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    amazon has gulp sandworms
  384. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    check your pm's
  385. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    For Perch, I use 6lb test, # 4-#6 mosquito hooks and 2" sandworms in camo, red, and new penny. Usually cut the 6" worms into 2" pieces if I cant find the 2" ones
  386. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    Also, I just pin them through, instead of threading the bait on. Haven't had too many problems.
  387. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    Owner mosquito hooks do not have the barbs on the shank of the hook. I like the mosquito hooks because they stay sharp, and are light so the sandworm can swim albeit a tiny bit. They also don't seem to rust as fast.
  388. CI_SeaWolf

    Should be a metric pitch...... look in the metric stainless bolt section

    Should be a metric pitch...... look in the metric stainless bolt section
  389. CI_SeaWolf

    83# Yellowtail on the Star

  390. CI_SeaWolf

    Question for the old, old heads…

    Back in the day, at Gull Island, off the back side of Santa Cruz Island. We put the jigs out after dropping anchor, three nice home guard yellows later, we had to go home… other boats in area doing same thing got WSB, and halibut too.
  391. CI_SeaWolf

    Gear Rental for 2.5 BFT Trip?

    Welcome to Bloodydecks! sorry there is some pent up frustration here about who knows what?
  392. CI_SeaWolf

    Question for the old, old heads…

    Even plain, have caught tons of fish on just plain ones….
  393. CI_SeaWolf

    Question for the old, old heads…

    White Tady 45 heavy, with the red S on the top, treble hook with a squid or two pinned on. Other old school was a 3/4 oz lead head with a squid pinned on, no swimbait or scampi…. Caught everything from Calicos, to Black Sea Bass on that.
  394. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom Cosmo 8 Ft CSR Graphite Rod & Daiwa Sealine X-30SHA, excellent condition

    You can’t go wrong with a rod wrapped by Mr. Hong!
  395. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    sounds like a nice rig! Glad you got out there and tried. Those Ulua are really a prize!
  396. CI_SeaWolf

    What store sells used reels

    I am actually looking for a P 229 myself…. Maybe somebody has one they would like to get rid of.
  397. CI_SeaWolf

    Aftermarket or oversized base plates

    After some research, Strike master has some. They are available at Charkbait. I went with a company called Sea Halt. They are actually machining them to my specifications. I will post a picture or two when I get them .
  398. CI_SeaWolf


    Really nice build, like the wiring diagrams too. Mind if I use them for reference.
  399. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen on 11-1

    Blue line guy…. Don’t be that guy! On my recent 2.5 day, there was a guy with blue braid that was tangled/slack/in the way ….. hmmm maybe it is a trend!
  400. CI_SeaWolf

    Sleep Apnea.......CPAP machine

    I’ve been using mine for a while now, used it on a few boats back before my break in offshore fishing, now almost 10 years later, brought it with me on a 2.5 day trip. Great idea to bring a long extension cord, was sure glad I had one on my trip. Some machines do offer a battery powered...
  401. CI_SeaWolf

    surf fishing in baja sur?

    Try some GT Ice Cream lures….. they have 3 different shapes.
  402. CI_SeaWolf

    Smallest Charlie Brown Circle Hook for Cow Fishing?

    I ordered some from Trophy Tackle, very quick shipping!
  403. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano Saragosa & Phenix Axis Set Up

    Good Deal there!
  404. CI_SeaWolf

    1995 GMC TOPKICK

    Pretty clean, too bad not usable in CA.
  405. CI_SeaWolf

    1.5 day tuna trip gear help

    Those 2 rigs would be fine, rent a heavy rig at the landing.
  406. CI_SeaWolf

    Rv Trailer covers?

    Check out National Covers…. They have various sizes, and pretty good prices.
  407. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom Rainshadow Rcjb90xh 40-80lb 7’6”

    Beautiful rod! It would go well with a Fathom 40nld2 with 80lb braid, 60 lb topshot
  408. CI_SeaWolf

    Possible vids of your favorite surface irons

    are they equipped with a ring? If so, tie directly to that, don’t use a clip or snap swivel.
  409. CI_SeaWolf

    Anyone buy from "Reel Power handles"?

    Just from the pictures, it looks like there should be a set screw that comes into the spindle from the top of the reel handle. Probably metric, a good hardware store might have a properly pitched stainless screw.
  410. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore trolling gear

    If I were closer…. Those spreader bars and lures look good
  411. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Hi Matt, you can drive to Convict Lake, about 15 minutes from Mammoth, The June Lake loop is only about 30-45 minutes away.
  412. CI_SeaWolf

    Ruger #3

    You might want to look at a lever action…. Marlin 1894 would be a good choice but they are getting expensive. Rossi/Puma model 92 might be a good choice , they make them in 24”, 20”, and 16” barrels
  413. CI_SeaWolf

    23 foot salt water slip in Long Beach CA - newbie question

    Bottom paint will definitely help with growth, but you will still need regular cleaning. Make sure all your metal is bonded and your zinc anodes are in good shape.
  414. CI_SeaWolf

    Fishing with colostomy bag

    As we get older, our health can change. I do think that it can be done, but you need to start out slowly. I admire you for wanting to try instead of just giving up. For us that don’t have that to deal with, count your blessings, and try to understand that even though we have setbacks, we...
  415. CI_SeaWolf

    21' Gregor Seahawk IV

    Nice Boat! GLWTS
  416. CI_SeaWolf

    ultralight casting rig for trout

    I use Kokanee rods for trolling for trout. I think they might be too slow in action for casting swim baits. You might want to look at light action spinning blanks. As far as baitcasters, it will be tough to get a good cast with such a light bait. There was a Calcutta 50 that was pretty...
  417. CI_SeaWolf

    Ruger #3

    Put a post on Rugerforum Classifieds….. someone there might have one to sell.
  418. CI_SeaWolf

    When the weather turns bad, the browns come out to play. Bring some 6 lb outfits!

    When the weather turns bad, the browns come out to play. Bring some 6 lb outfits!
  419. CI_SeaWolf

    Restaurants with docks

    Courtesy dock at Ventura Harbor, close to several restaurants including Brophy Bros. , Andrea’s, others
  420. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Supposed to be windy tomorrow, but crisp and cool the rest of the time…. Should be a good trip.
  421. CI_SeaWolf

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    Caveat emptor... let the buyer beware. True, there is a supply shortage right now. Once in a while, there will be a good deal in the classifieds here. I look a few times a day. Just set your budget and stick with it. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.
  422. CI_SeaWolf

    Guadalupe Report

    probably because it stretches a bit more than flouro.
  423. CI_SeaWolf

    Your first fishing memory

    Around 1964, my great uncle had a 16’ runabout. Uncle Charlie, Dad and me fishing with mini marshmallows in Big Bear Lake for trout. Still remember sneaking a couple of those stale marshmallows and playing with the net. Charlie and Dad also took my cousin out, and hooked him in the nose. I...
  424. CI_SeaWolf

    WTB Rod for VISX 16

    Either a UC 7’6” Viper or a Seeker OSP 1x3 7’3”. I have the Seeker.
  425. CI_SeaWolf

    Aftermarket or oversized base plates

    Hi, recently purchased a Penn16VISX, and Fathom 40NLD2. They both barely were able to fit on my rods with the factory supplied base plates and screws. 1 rod was a Seeker OSP 1x3 with ALPS reel seat, (that was the 16 VISX). And the other was a Seeker 6465 XH with an anodized Pac Bay reel...
  426. CI_SeaWolf

    Aztec 3 Day

    As far as flat fall jigs, try to find some knife and flat fall in 350- 500 gm range also, good colors are Blue/ Pink, Red Crab, and Glow
  427. CI_SeaWolf

    Aztec 3 Day

    You definately have the heavier end of the spectrum covered. I would probably not bring your heaviest, and bring a 30, and 25 lb outfit. On my 2.5 day last week, we went south for dorado, then up to the Tanner. Small models of tuna and dorado hit the light line, also take hooks 4-1/0. I...
  428. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Post trip report charter on Pacifica 2.5 day 10/5-10/8

    Tired and happy, back from my first trip in like 10 years. A friend hooked me up with a spot on a 2.5 day charter on the Pacifica 10/5-10/8. Boarded and loaded nice cured sardines and left Mission Bay about 10 pm on the 5th. Ran south to Mexican waters to a productive paddy for the first...
  429. CI_SeaWolf

    Az Rifle Elk

    Nice animal! How did that .300 WSM work?
  430. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    1/6th oz on the bouyants, up to 1/4 oz on the Kastmasters so you can cast far. Bring some warm clothes!
  431. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Hi, first off, congrats on the baby! I fish late season every year. I think the standard Red/Gold Thomas Bouyants, Gold Kastmasters, and CD 5- CD-7 rapalas in Gold, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Silver are good bets. Some Tasmanian Devils would also be good. Creeks will be very low as...
  432. CI_SeaWolf

    Oil Spill

    Dilution is the solution for pollution
  433. CI_SeaWolf

    Cow BFT on PENN 16VISX

    Nice Job! I am going to try mine out this week.
  434. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help - flying in for a long range trip

    Btw, I have spent some time in Durango and love it there!
  435. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help - flying in for a long range trip

    I think it will work out better for you. I have had rods damaged by the Airlines/TSA and it is no fun seeing an open rod tube in the baggage dept... good luck and have a safe drive!
  436. CI_SeaWolf

    Advice on travel rods?

    Most boats in Hawaii have their own gear. Different style fishing there, the boat keeps the majority of the fish.
  437. CI_SeaWolf

    Tuna: rank 'em for catching and for cooking

    Category 1: Yellowfin, nothing like a wide open schoolie bite or a nice fish down at 'Lupe Bluefin, frustrating sometimes but spirited fight, put Bigeye in same category Albacore, good fish to catch, on private boats, leave one hanging to bring in more... Category 2: Albacore: can dry if...
  438. CI_SeaWolf

    Time to rig? Pre-trip schedule

    I have been out of the offshore scene for quite a few years…. Getting squared away for a 2.5 day next week has me going through a lot of gear and spending some money….
  439. CI_SeaWolf

    FS: Makaira 16 Gunmetal

    someone is going to get a good deal!
  440. CI_SeaWolf

    Got a rod I need help with information on , all you g-loomis guys chime in please

    I have an LCI salmon rod somewhere. It is pre G Loomis. Mine dates from around 1985 or so. I wouldn't think you would be looking at more than $ 150 for it.
  441. CI_SeaWolf

    FS: Makaira 16 Gunmetal

    So, what is the price?
  442. CI_SeaWolf

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    Coltsnipers, Chrome/ blue and Chrome Tadys........
  443. CI_SeaWolf

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    I would leave the Rapala at home....
  444. CI_SeaWolf

    Pacific Air Show HB

    might be a fun day to go down to the launch ramp and watch the spectacle.......yikes!
  445. CI_SeaWolf

    I’m sure I’m on a LR boat at 2am

    Hope your recovery is going well. I had to have go under yesterday, when I was in the OR, the doctor told me to get ready to go to sleep. I could only think of my upcoming 2.5 day trip next week. Funny how those things hit us.
  446. CI_SeaWolf

    Seeker ESM7650 (SSR7650 blank)

    beautiful wrap! GLWTS
  447. CI_SeaWolf

    Fishing the outer islands and banks out of Oxnard or thereabouts

    Used to fish the back side of Santa Cruz with 10-14 oz of lead, 50 lb leader, 4/0 hook, #2 trapper treble hook on live sardines… worked like a champ….had a 4/0 with 50 lb Dacron……..
  448. CI_SeaWolf

    Sport boat Legacy

    The old China Clipper…… I believe
  449. CI_SeaWolf

    5-8 day gear recommendation

    Probably the 40 lb set up
  450. CI_SeaWolf

    Smitty's Soft Pad

    I have one of those.... I like it..... I think I will try fishing next week without the big plate/ bucket and see how it goes....
  451. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano Saragosa 14000

    Would you sell 1 for $250?
  452. CI_SeaWolf

    Should I bring my bucket harness?

    Hi, I am going on a 2.5 day trip next week on the Pacifica. I have a new rail rod set up for 100 lb, and regular style rod 80/ 60 top that I will fish flat fall and sinker rigs…. New to the whole rail style fishing thing. I have a braid bucket harness and don’t know whether I should bring it...
  453. CI_SeaWolf

    United Composites Centaur 76 and Penn 16VISX Silver

    I bought another rod off of the seller, good guy and gear is in great shape! GLWTS!
  454. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Welcome to cow town 9-23,24,25th

    Nice going! Thank goodness for good weather for you.
  455. CI_SeaWolf

    fishworks outerwater series long pants

    Also found Fishworks Long pants..... size 36, in Tan good condition $ 25.00 And, Fishworks Deckhand Shorts, size 36, in Navy, good condition $ 20.00
  456. CI_SeaWolf

    Gunmetal Makaira 16 SEA & 7' UC Centuar

    That was a smokin deal!
  457. CI_SeaWolf

    Super Seeker 670

    Between your tackle boxes, and the rods you build, what works of art!
  458. CI_SeaWolf

    What happened to SC Surf Fishing?

    It was a sad thing for me to see it close down. I have been around since the old Allcoast sportfishing days. I have shared a rail with a few guys from there. The perch bite was ok this last year, kind of wonder what it will be like this winter.
  459. CI_SeaWolf

    Southern California fishworks outerwater series long pants

    I have a pair of lightly used Fishworks Outerwater series long pants in Navy blue. The tag says 36, but they were tight on me back when I was a 36. More like a 34 35 waist. I would like $ 40.00 for them.
  460. CI_SeaWolf

    fishworks outerwater series long pants

    CI_SeaWolf submitted a new listing: fishworks outerwater series long pants - fishworks outerwater series long pants Learn more about this listing...
  461. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Another rod to look at for the medium stuff would be the 9’ travel St. Croix. Not bad to carry and fishes ok. I have one of those
  462. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Hey Will, good luck on your trip over there. Most of your better surf rods are going to be pricey, especially if GT are the target. I like the Tiralejo surf rods by Shimano. I also fish a Tsunami, but hope it would hold up if a monster gets hooked. Saragossa reels are probably one of the...
  463. CI_SeaWolf

    Enough Backbone for Gunnison Browns?

    Scott Radian 5 wt.
  464. CI_SeaWolf

    Enough Backbone for Gunnison Browns?

    Nice! They are a good tussle on a 5 wt. What size tippet?
  465. CI_SeaWolf

    Free Ugly Stick 10’ Surf Casting Rod

    I wish it were closer…..i
  466. CI_SeaWolf

    Advance reservations required for fish processing

    Would you do that for a 2.5 day trip too?
  467. CI_SeaWolf

    Red Seeker 7X WTS Skull Fire

    Too pretty to fish…. You are an artist!
  468. CI_SeaWolf

    Ocean Whitefish (Blanco in Mex)

    Have seen a couple that big back in the 80’s out at Santa Cruz Island… ”bottom yellowtail”. Was on the a boat and a fellow angler had one of those bend the spool shaft on a penn squidder…..
  469. CI_SeaWolf

    A Quick Trip to SoCo

    God's country there. My wife and I had our anniversary fly fishing on the San Juan in NM there a few years ago. Western CO is beautiful.
  470. CI_SeaWolf


    I have been away from the offshore fishing at San Diego for a few years. It seems like some of the old school technology is really dead now. So, in the late 2000’s - early 2010’s the technology was a mix of straight mono on reels, braid with longer top shots of mono/ florocarbon, and straight...
  471. CI_SeaWolf

    Anybody out there fishing a 196-8' or a BR80 or a lami 228?

    Still have my 220 graphast for chovies. I will be bringing my 8’ Shikari out next month on a 2 day…. More of a 25 lb stick, got a 37# bluefin on it a few years back
  472. CI_SeaWolf


    Hi, I have been using some inexpensive cabelas breathable waders for a few years now…. Always a chance that a bigger wave can splash you or knock you down so a wading belt is a must…. I like my chest waders because I can clip my keys to one of the suspenders and put them in the zippered pocket...
  473. CI_SeaWolf

    Covered Footwear "Tabis" For Shoreline Anglers!

    Those look pretty nice! I spent a week surf fishing on Hawaii following my friend. I was wearing regular neoprene tabi’s. My feet and arches were thrashed from walking on lava and trying to get traction on the slippery rocks. It took a couple months for the soreness to go away. I found some...
  474. CI_SeaWolf

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    H&R topper or NEF pardner
  475. CI_SeaWolf

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    Good luck finding lead free shells for .410
  476. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 9/10 425 371

    If I had that critter come up in my spread...... "I think I need a bigger boat!"
  477. CI_SeaWolf

    Help diagnose Battery wiring issue

    Good morning, I think the first thing to do is check the voltage at the battery using a VOM. A fully charged battery should read approximately 13.5 volts DC. It can fry the diodes on an alternator if the loads are switched during operation of the charging system. Check the temperature...
  478. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore MY BEST DORADO TRICK EVER... Whats Yours?

    Back in the day, I caught small Dorado trolling Black/ Silver magnum Rapalas….. must have been an El Niño year… Santa Monica Bay!
  479. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore WAtch out !

    To the OP, I think that you are getting the picture. It is fishing, not catching. Even a great boat and crew have a tough day once in a while. These guys and gals are out there every day on short sleep and have to deal with all kinds of people. Think of this as a “teachable moment”. Most of...
  480. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Izors, again. 8/30

    Love the pics of the bass thumb, brings back many memories!
  481. CI_SeaWolf

    .270 or 7mm Mag?

    For a youngster, even 30-06 will be a lot of gun. I think that a .308 loaded with 165‘s is probably the best bet. That being said, elk are tough critters, a shot through the shoulder is needed to put them down.
  482. CI_SeaWolf

    Surf perch fishing rod suggestions

    Lots of good advice here, for perch up in Ventura county, I use an Okuma Celilo medium light 7’6” rod rated 4-10lb. I use that rod primarily for Carolina rigs, with the heaviest egg sinker being 3/4 oz. I fish a 2500 size reel with 6lb mono on my Carolina rig with # 6 owner mosquito hooks...
  483. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 8/19 -22 Vagabond: That's gotta hurt

    You Sir, can tell a story! I hope that your friend feels better, should be a good scar. No scars, no stories!
  484. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Leader suggestions: I dont' go much lighter than 12 lb flourocarbon for most stuff over there, even the little wrasses and reef fish have very formidable choppers. Medium light rig will use 30, larger rigs use heavier leader. For plugs for Uluas, we use 100 lb leader as the big guys will look...
  485. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    I would second getting a guide….. bait fishing for Uluas requires specialized gear for “slide bait fishing”. Also local knowledge of the fishy places on the island will give you more opportunity. The hiking to fishing spots can be very tricky, you can buy Tabis (fishing shoes) on the island...
  486. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Hawaiian surf fishing is cool, I use light tackle for small reef fish (8-12 lb.). Longer rods like steelhead rods are better and give you a chance to cast farther. Kastmasters are very popular as well as small poppers and rubber grubs. The locals call it whipping. For bigger fish like...
  487. CI_SeaWolf

    Phenix and Seeker rods FS

    please check your conversations
  488. CI_SeaWolf

    Knot for local tuna

    Grizz, I have had my best luck with: Flyline, 2-40 lb Trilene knot Yo Yo and Surface Jig, SD Jam knot Coltsniper Jig, SD Jam knot, if you do change rings, use Owner Hyper wire Mono to flouro , uni to uni, Braid to mono (20-50 lb) Seguar or double surgeon Heavy Braid to Heavy Mono, FG knot...