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  1. FishRock

    Fishy Shirts and Other Things

    On past outings I've been asked where I got some of my fishing shirts. Figured I would post here if folks are interested. I have no affiliation with this artist or his products. Just figured some folks might appreciate his unique style. Some...
  2. FishRock

    Not Sure What To Do With All That Tuna?

    Found this site with a tone of good recipes that work with canned, grilled, par boiled tuna in broth or seared tuna left in the pan to cook through. Pretty much any leftover tuna that has been cooked through.
  3. FishRock

    BFT Still on the Chew (American Angler)

    Fish Report for 10-3-2021 One for the books 10-3-2021 Ray Lopez Best flat fall fishing we have seen this season with 120-187# and 5 cows Southward bound The guys
  4. FishRock

    AA Fishing Short Range

    Fish Report for 5-28-2021 One for the books 5-28-2021 American Angler 25 fish 22 over 100# 2 cows - both 207# - both caught by guys named Justin. What are the odds... Very good opportunity @ a fish of a lifetime- it's up to you to bring appropriate gear to make it a reality. 80-100# a must...
  5. FishRock

    Osuna Brothers NTNC, May 5-9, 2021

    Just got back home after my first trip with the Osunas on the No-Tuna-No-Chenga. Great operation as Alan T. and others have reported. Readers digest verison of the trip was that all 6 anglers set personal bests with my son catching his first every YFT at 150 and then he followed up with a 289...
  6. FishRock

    LiFePo Boat Batteries

    Anyone taken the plunge and traded out their standard lead acid batteries for LiFePo batteries. Both Ionic and now Bass Pro claim to have "drop in" replacements available. Would be interested to find out if these can actually just drop right in and replace the lead acid battery without having...
  7. FishRock

    Managing Free Spool

    So, you select a great bait, gently catch it, pin it on and quickly get it out with a soft lob and away it goes! Everything is going great. Now your spool is freely spinning and over runs your line which wraps the spool stopping it and the bait. You unwarp it and get the line going again but the...
  8. FishRock

    30% Off Mak SEA 10, 15, 20, 50

    Charkbait is running a Black Friday sale on the original Gunmetal Mak SEAs 30% Off!
  9. FishRock

    AA Found the Daily Double

    Fish Report for 9-22-2020 As Good as it Gets 9-22-2020 Brian Kiyohara After an early morning on #125 - #165 bluefin - we moved into 35-75# yellowfin tuna. It was tuna fishing at it's finest...
  10. FishRock

    Float Tested My PCH Rod

    Went for a home run cast with my Komodo, PCH setup and heavy lure. Big backlash that jerked the rod out of my hands. Whole rig went overboard. Looked down and it is floating next to the boat. Dropped down and grabbed it. Was nice to find out that the foam in the handle is buoyant enough to float...
  11. FishRock

    And a Couple of Cows

    Fish Report for 9-4-2020 Skinny Pirates Home 9-4-2020 American Angler Thanks to our Skinny Pirates for another memorable trip - we love you guys!! Congrats to JP...
  12. FishRock

    Fun on the AA

    Fish Report for 8-25-2020 Perfect Conditions 8-25-2020 American Angler This family friendly group took the day but ended up knocking it out of the park. Limits of bft, 34 yt and stellar weather. It...
  13. FishRock

    Looking for advice on PCHP-S-761H 50 - 80#

    Is anyone fishing the PCH Custom Spinning rods. In particular the PCHP-S-761H 50-80#. Opinions on build. What reel do you have on it, line weight and how much drag are you fishing on it or how much drag do you think the rod can handle? Looking to fish wahoo and mid grade tuna on it.
  14. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    I know they are a bit of a quirky reel and not everyone sees a use for one but Charkbait is currently selling the MAK 15 SEA for $399 with free shipping. That is $100 off MSRP.
  15. FishRock

    5 Day on the AA

    Fish Report for 7-8-2020 Salas and TriArt 5 Day trip 7-8-2020 American Angler The grand finale consisted of several fish over 100# along with the 200#ers and a group of...
  16. FishRock

    Remington Filing for Bankruptcy
  17. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    American Angler Fish Report for 6-14-2020 Ben's Bday Bash 6-14-2020 Brian Kiyohara Despite choppy weather, everyone had a good time and returned just shy of limits. A huge thanks to our...
  18. FishRock

    Evinrude Closing Down

    Hard to believe that Evinrude is shutting down. Why is this not bigger news?
  19. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    California Sea Lion in Alaska...
  20. FishRock

    Update from the American Angler

    Fish Report for 5-4-2020 Checking in again 5-4-2020 American Angler Hi to all of our wonderful American Angler passengers. Our journey of uncertainty continues and at this time, we have decided...
  21. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Up until now I have always felt that there is no reason to spool a reel with braid smaller than 50#. But folks are always looking for an edge and I was looking at trying 40# or even 30# braid on my smaller reels targeting bigger fish pulling 15 - 20# of drag. Trouble is I think it is a bit...
  22. FishRock

    Avet Stardrag

    Just posted on the Avet Reels Support Forum by finadict "Im waiting for our East Coast/International distributors to press release before I do an official release, but the basics are here: MXL Star 5.8 Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Precision machined stainless...
  23. FishRock

    Mercury V6 200HP 4 Stroke

    Anyone on here been running one of the newer Mercury V6 4 Strokes (The ugly ones)? How is the performance,? Power, Fuel economy, Maintenance -Convenience/Cost? Other observations? I am looking for a light 200 HP for a repower but have not found much real world info on this newer offering.
  24. FishRock

    Yamaha In Line 4's

    So I have had a 2 Stroke, Yamaha 200HP V-Max for 20 years on my 22' Aluminum hardtop. I cruise at 32 knots at 4,500 rpm and top out just under 50 knots at 6,000 rpm. I get about 2 mpg at cruise. Thinking hard at re-powering with a Yamaha In-Line 4 cylinder (150-175-200). Mainly because Yamaha...
  25. FishRock

    MPG Results with New Yamaha F200

    Just purchased a Garmin 94SV and found that some folks have had success connecting units to monitor their Yamaha outboard engines through the NMEA 2000 network using a Lowrance Yamaha cable. Anyone have experience with this? If so how is it working for you? Update: Look further down for...
  26. FishRock

    Need a New Kite Reel?

    Save $300 right now. Probably won't be there very long.
  27. FishRock

    Opah On The AA!!!!

    Fish Report for 9-10-2019 Hello Beautiful... 9-10-2019 American Angler Gang All 112#s of it - Nice Job Craig Toda The Guys
  28. FishRock

    Shimano New Speedmaster Reels

    I may have missed it on another thread but if not I just saw that Shimano has come out with a new Speedmaster 2 Speed LD reel. Puts out 40 lbs. of drag in a pretty small package and a...
  29. FishRock

    Shop Closing

    Charkbait, San Diego Shop Closing
  30. FishRock

    Updated Metaloid Reels - What is the deal?

    Looks like the Metaloid line of reels has been updated. The older models are on sale and the new ones are selling at the original price point. Anyone know if the new ones are upgraded in any way or is this just a cosmetic change?
  31. FishRock

    AA on the BFT

    Shot out of the cannon 4-21-2019 American Angler Gang The guys backed in this morning with limits of 25 - 78# bluefin. Congrats to jackpot winner, Levko Zhuravchak for his 78#er. Check out some of the action from yesterday and thanks everyone for coming out with us! Still room on 1.5 day...
  32. FishRock

    Surprise Find

    Surprised to see this the other day at the local tackle store.
  33. FishRock

    AA 14 Day Trip Report 1/27-2/10

    Boarded the plane and headed to the land of sun and warmth. Landed on a beautiful San Diego morning with Jake picking me up and headed to Squidco. I bought a token pack of 3/0 circle hooks since I had read that they may be needed. Jake bought some new Extra Toughs and a few other items. Got...
  34. FishRock

    Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming

    So I know that there has been plenty of talk about full moons and their positive or negative impact on fishing but, I have to point out that we are going to see another total eclipse of a super full moon on January 20-21, 2019. Last year I witnessed a similar event from the back deck out at...
  35. FishRock

    Diamond Braid Gen 3

    Anyone used the new Gen 3 Diamond Braid? Hollow 16 Carrier Dyneema. Claimed specs similar to JB and other similar braid. Priced at about 1/2 the others.
  36. FishRock

    Rod Rider to Rail Rodder in 30 Seconds

    There have been many threads on what fishing the rail is. No matter how well someone describes it, it is much easier to show it. In this video a newer angler goes from riding his rod to using the rail. Worth a look for anyone new to fighting big fish off the rail. Transition starts at 9:03...
  37. FishRock

    Makaira 15T

    Looks like the square reel guys got their wish. Probably feels pretty good in your hands. (Not in a creepy way.)
  38. FishRock

    Max Drag Komodo Reel

    Got a new Komodo 463 and only getting 20 lbs of drag buttoned down. Will this increase with use or is there something I am missing?
  39. FishRock

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    Sorry, just saw the Black Ops thread.
  40. FishRock

    EXCEL - WOW!

    I must have been sleeping when this was posted. Team Hoo Scores 33 Cows 1-28-2018 Justin Fleck We are back online after spending eight days down on the Bank. Team Hoo had great timing and the Big ones were biting! A total of 33 Cows made it on board and many more were lost during the...
  41. FishRock

    14 Days To The Lower Zone (Jan 15 – Feb 8)

    This was my 5th trip to the lower zone and first using my own gear. Prior to this year I have simply walked on the boat with a small box full of hooks, weights, sabiki rigs, side cutters and rubber bands and used loaner gear from the boat. I have primarily fished Avet and Accurate reels with my...
  42. FishRock

    The Bank is Paying Out

    Six Cows 12-4-2017 Tim Ekstrom Captain Paul Caramao established contact mid day yesterday via Iridium reporting fine fishing for jumbos in typical Hurricane Bank conditions. A few handfuls of fish had made it over the rail in their first two days of fishing with 6 besting the two hundred pound...
  43. FishRock

    Feedback on the Okuma SCT-C-701XH

    Local tackle shop has a few of these on sale for right at $100. Anyone have feedback on this rod as a possible wahoo stick? Or any other comments regarding durability and quality.
  44. FishRock


    Looks like the Intrepid and the Rooster have found good numbers of biting Bluefin. Probably want to have that 80 - 100 lb. rig available on coming 3-5 day trips. Rooster "This isn't the best magazine quality snapshot but it's a fun shot of John with his big tuna. We are wrapping up this...
  45. FishRock

    Okuma Updating the Makaira Series?

    Just told by my LTS that Okuma is shipping out the remainder of the current Makaira series reels and has started production on the next gen. Supposed to have the new/updated reels on the market in the fall. No details on how or if the next gen will be different from the current production. There...
  46. FishRock

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    Following on some recent posts associated with bringing a pea shooter to a gun fight I would like to hear how some of you are rigging and using your Makaira 10 and 15 SEAs on long range tuna trips. I know that the 10 is not in the running as a cow reel but it sounds like the 15 might get there...
  47. FishRock

    AA 14 Day Report

    Ok, what did I learn (or re-learn) this time around? 1. You must enter to win. 2. Every trip is different. 3. Attitude makes or breaks the trip. 4. Helps to have a lot of luck. This is my 4th long range trip and I still use loaner gear from the boat. I do bring a...
  48. FishRock

    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    January 05, 2017 Heartbreaker by Bill Cavanaugh Hi Everyone, We ended up having a very similar day as we had yesterday. Steady action on 20 to 200 pound fish. Late in the afternoon, Dale Lethcoe hooked a monster that would not stop. As his outfit got spooled, we dumped his rod and reel over...
  49. FishRock

    Indy Wrapping Up A Good Trip!

    WOW! GOOD LIVING 12-05-2016 - Shortly after typing up yesterday's report we got hit by these warriors from the deep, it was one of those nite bites you read about. 150 to 250 lb. tuna biting everything, this went on till daylight, after that we got a break and caught a fish here and there...
  50. FishRock

    Problems With Pig Tails

    So after fishing a 130# fluorocarbon leader for a couple of days or pulling hard on a fish or two it starts to get very curly in the section that inserts into the hollow spectra, so much so that there seems to be a permanent coil or two that I cannot straighten out and it most assuredly does not...
  51. FishRock

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    Looks like the AA has ruined another young angler just as he is getting started in the game. "Young ten year old Jack Hebdon boated his 125lber hooked and landed all by himself – a Fish of a lifetime for a well deserved, good angler."
  52. FishRock

    Next Gen Getting it done on the AA.

    What a way to start your fishing career. Youngster on the AA showing the rest of the group how to get it done!
  53. FishRock

    The usual, Late trip report.

    Here comes the usual late report from me, January 25th, 2016 trip on the AA. Had been 11 months and a few days since I had last hooked a tuna. Managed to avoid the urge to buy gear again this year. Though it is getting harder every year since there are so many nice options out there. Who would...
  54. FishRock

    Tackle Recommendations

    So here is my dilemma. I am about to head out on my third 14 day trip and have always followed the recommendations of the captain and crew as to what line and hook size and strength to use when fishing for big tuna. 6/0 Super Mutu tied to 130 lb. Flouro. So far I have not had a single failure or...
  55. FishRock

    Time to Hit the Lower Banks?

    So the RR3 and Independence are leaving Hurricane Bank for Clarion due to slow fishing. Is it time one of the long range boats checks out the Lower Banks? Sounded like fishing was pretty good there this fall and temperatures are holding. During the last Moderate El Nino in January of 2010...
  56. FishRock

    What do you do?

    So you are on a good fish (180 - 200+) and end up in the bow with a 5’ - 7’ swell. The fish has settled down but every time the bow rises you lose 5’ of line and only mange to get it back as the bow drops off the swell. Every time you want to push the drag up a little more the patient crew...
  57. FishRock

    Is There a Good Map of LR Fishing Grounds?

    Is there a good map on line somewhere showing all of the traditional Long Range fishing grounds? All this talk about Potato Bank, Thetis, Uncle Sam, The Ridge etc......... Would be nice to know what folks are referring to.
  58. FishRock

    Very Late Trip Report

    Very Late Report I am sure someone will let me know if this is too late to be useful but after reading other reports and thinking back on my last 14 day this past January-February I thought it might be worth a read. Preface: I have only been on one other 14 day trip before this and I do not...
  59. FishRock

    Making bait for the next trip

    Reports from the RP and RR3 saying they made bait on the way home for the next trip. Is the bait situation in SD getting tighter or is this something folks have always done this time of year? I actually like catching live bait even if I don't get to use it. Just wondering if this is common or not.
  60. FishRock

    Wahoo on an Avet SX

    So I am a cheapskate and don't have a good handle on the relative relationship between drag level and line capacity to fish Wahoo. I know that most if not everyone would not recommend the use of an Avet SX for Wahoo fishing but since I have a couple for bottom fishing and will be going on a LR...
  61. FishRock

    Will I be Ok using loaner gear on my first 14 day trip?

    I am booked on my first 14 day trip with the AA next January and plan to use loaner gear from the boat. It is sponsored by Avet. Will I be OK or do I need to get a second mortgage and look at purchasing some gear?