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  1. Irishman

    UC Reaper 10e…reel pairing

    I’ve got a Tranx500hg or an Avetlx mc, any input on whose got what paired with theirs? Will be my second 10’ and geared more towards heavier San Diego island and offshore fishing. My other 10’ is a CUI that’s a perfect 30lb jig stick paired with a bg35h and casts a mile with light surface...
  2. Irishman

    Moon phase for departure on overnight boat June 19th

    Trying to align the impossible but any input for those In the know regarding moon phase? San Diego trip for a
  3. Irishman

    Recapping your pissed off moments….

    My top pissed off moment..letting Captain Bill on the Malahini where’re I lost a yellow
  4. Irishman

    Todd Gorman is at it again!!!

    UC 10e…and he’s going all out on components..he said you can go with this…or you can go with that….the that will take longer. Go with the that I says as my days of slinging iron are about ten tears..another Irish custom build en route
  5. Irishman

    Pink Floyd…Irish style

    Just thought I’d share this, of course being from Ireland biased and proud. Bunch of highly educated Irish college kids get together and produce this. I think it’s at least 15 years old but from Trinity College, Dublin. On a side note this is where the whole Bram Stokers Dracula was written...
  6. Irishman

    How does a sport boat out of San Diego measure current for advice on anglers dropping knife rigs etc

    Trying to analyze information presented. How can the skipper tell those who are fishing current directions and strength, thus impacting whether a 200gram jig or a 500gram jig? I get surface conditions and boat drift but what’s the story 200’ below
  7. Irishman

    Speaking Diesel…do I have my wits about me??

    Ok, been on SD sport boats for 20 plus years on various trips. One weird trait I’ve realized I’ve developed is on the cruise out to the grounds at night and then during the day when it’s quiet between stops I tend to gravitate towards the stern and get in “tune“ with the rhythm and rhyme of the...
  8. Irishman

    Are flat falls a thing of the past??

    Seems all I read about are knife jigs, which I have three. Are the flat falls now by the wayside for night time bluefin fishing???
  9. Irishman

    UV light and it’s effects

    Reaching out to those with an understanding of UV light..can I just leave a black light flashlight charging my glow in the dark flatfalls / knife rigs in the tackle tray for the 4-6 hour ride out? Does the uv light have any effects on the leaders/ flouro???
  10. Irishman

    How capable is the Penn Fathom 60ld two speed with the Graftech rail rod

    Due to some recent acquisitions now wanting to know if this setup will carry its weight as a sinker rig / flat fall / knife rig setup. Reel is loaded with 80lb spectra and 60lb topshot of about 80 yards. Graftech rail rod is the heavier model
  11. Irishman

    Rewinding the memories

    Went home to Ireland and dug these up….over 30 years ago but proof the addiction starts young
  12. Irishman

    Thrasher Rods So Cal use

    I’ve got one already, just shy of a 9’ stick, custom build, perfect sniper / popper stick. Anyone else in So. Cal got one…..just checking. Mine is the 810 RAW 106 and it’s lethal with a Tranx 500hg
  13. Irishman

    2/0 and 3/0 3xx strong for bluefin San Diego offshore

    Looking to stock up for this season. Who prefers what and where to purchase from? I prefer ringed hooks.
  14. Irishman

    Stand up fighting belt for SD based bluefin

    Any recommendations for a easy to wear belt to assist with the larger model flat fall / knife rig / sinker rig fishing? Am curious what those with a bad back use. Last year had two run ins with larger grade bluefin. Landed one but lost another, noticed after about the ten to fifteen mark had...
  15. Irishman

    Lingcod frankstein jig

    Farting around at home and put these two together after coming across them in different areas where I has miscellaneous tackle
  16. Irishman

    Giving your rod builder a choice….jig stick or rail rod…

    Just gave myself a present…Todd will take it from here. This will be a fun process to experience
  17. Irishman

    Offshore Old Glory 2 Day trip..10/13 departure 10/15 arrival

    So I had a score to settle with the ifs and what’s and why’s that left me before I would fall asleep since the last time. My last somewhat extended trip for a larger grade model was on the Poseidon on a 1.75 day trip. We limited, but I lost a larger grade fish on the sinker rig that the...
  18. Irishman

    Foul weather gear on a sport boat out of SD

    Gathering intel on who brings what and what they wear. Wife got me the Grundens Storm Seeker jacket for Christmas past, seems well put together. Stopped by West Marine on Rosecrans today and scored what I thought was a good deal, matching pants. Problem is I’m portly round the mid section and...
  19. Irishman

    How does a fish get tail wrapped?

    Trying to understand the dynamics of this and how to best fight a fish when it happens. My last tangle with a bluefin ended after a nearly two hour fight where we lost the fish at the last minute and skipper on the boat said it was tail wrapped. The fish inhales the bait and when taking off...
  20. Irishman

    Anyone on the 10/13 Old Glory 2 Day?

    Just stopped at the landing to get my ticket, am looking forward to one last chance at a above 100lb bluefin
  21. Irishman

    October choices….2 day….finally get that above 100lb fish

    Figuring I’ve got the funds for an October trip. Need to settle a personal goal. Lost a good fish in June, now want to feel that fight again and hopefully score a 100lb fish. San Diego landing boats, fundage wont stretch the six pack scene
  22. Irishman

    Going on an overnight charter on Old Glory Wed night fishing Thurs...any intel?

    Stoked to have been invited on a charter, anyone got any intel on what to expect? I see the reports have been sadly lacking much in the fish department. Cheers
  23. Irishman

    Stickbaits / Poppers for 3/4 day boats

    Heading out on Friday on The San Diego, I have all the surface irons I need with my other jig sticks. I have a new setup and was thinking about grabbing a few poppers / stickbaits to have some fun with. Any recommendations? Will be using a Tranx500Hg on custom 8.5 Thrasher jig stick.
  24. Irishman

    Triple surgeons knot…..that mono to fluero knot

    Yay or nay
  25. Irishman

    Thinking of heading out Wed night on overnight, weather questions..

    I'm thinking of heading out Wed night out of SD for an overnight. Looking at windy it seems it could be kinda bumpy / rolling. I have a bad back and would prefer not to risk it it its a snotty ride. Any other input on forecast for Wed night and Thurs? Would be on a party boat. Cheers
  26. Irishman

    Stubby screwdriver for tightening reel clamps avet reels

    I cannot find one that has a thin but wide enough blade to properly tighten down my reel clamps to where I feel they are good. What does everyone use? Or do I need to see about screws that are longer that will work. I may not be accurately describing the situation but it frustrates me that I...
  27. Irishman

    Offshore My first rail rod fight on the Poseidon 1.75 day

    Boarded Sunday morning at 10:30, took a while to get bait sorted at the receiver. Off to the grounds and by 3:30pm in the zone with a lot of other boats. Hunter was an epic skipper on the trip with Brian, Berto and our overnight skipper and chef. By 7pm I had two 30lb fish on the board...
  28. Irishman

    Offshore Constitution trip 6/18 -6/20

    Barely keeping my eyes open as I type this. Left Friday morning at 11am, stoked it’s a 1.75 day trip as I knew we could limit for two days and I’d have one full night at the rail. I’ve been jonesing for a trip like this for a while. Got to the landing at 9:40am, wanted to make sure I could...
  29. Irishman

    Questions about flat fall set up and sinker rig set up..

    Getting ready for my weekend trip. Do you run a topshot of mono and then floro connection or just straight braid to floro?
  30. Irishman

    Preparing and running the mind game....BFT

    Sitting having a cigar outside at 12:02 am.... Am I prepared for my 1.75 day leaving on 6.18 at 11am...I’ve double checked my gear in my head, new Avet Hx raptor yet to be spooled with braid, my flat falls have been rigged again with Joey and crew at Squidco. Doubting now that the rain shadow...
  31. Irishman

    Avet LX 2 speed for Bluefin

    I am getting ready for a 1.75 day trip. This was going to be my sinker rig setup with a Rainshadow rcjb96xh. Was thinking 50lb topshot of mono and same floro. Will this suffice?
  32. Irishman

    Fishing with a bad back

    Does anyone have a back brace recommendation they use while fishing? I do mostly full day, overnight and 1.5 day trips out of SD. My back is not what it used to be and am thinking might be worth looking into what others use. Its lower back support I am in need of.
  33. Irishman

    New reel options 10’ CUI jig stick 30lb

    So my venerable bg35h looks like it’s done. It’s been a workhorse for me, calstar 90j and currently on a 10’ CUI that’s a perfect 30lb stick. I’m thinking instead of paying for a rebuild what are the option? Cheers in advance
  34. Irishman

    AvetJX, mc applications...

    Due to my kick ass wife getting me a tranx500hg I’ve now got a reel without a home. I’ve got 30lb - 60lb two speed bait dialed in. Anyone use these Avets for heavy surface iron? I’m trying to figure out its best application. I am also lucky to have a 10’ CUI that’s a perfect 30lb light iron...
  35. Irishman

    $200.00 gift card to Bass Pro shops, too far away to drive to, what to order online? Salt Water fishing

    So my work got me a $200.00 gift card from Bass Pro, living in San Diego not realistic to drive all the way north for nearly two hours to the closest store. Anyone have any thoughts on what to get? the saltwater stuff does not look that great.
  36. Irishman

    Marine forecast for San Diego / Coronados this coming Sunday

    Trying to decipher the forecast for this Sunday, looks to be very windy with significant wind swell at short intervals. Have i got this correct? Was thinking about jumping on a 3/4 day. Thanks in advance,
  37. Irishman

    Looking for 10’ jig stick to pair with Tranx500HG , San Diego

    30-60lb class, gota CUI 10’ in the 20-40 spot, perfect bg35 setup. I’m looking for a 40lb class stick
  38. Irishman

    Just turned 50 and my amazing wife got me a Tranx what rod to pair it with... San Diego sport boat fishing

    Super stoked and surprised.... what rod to pair this with??. Love surface iron fishing. Have a sweet 10‘CUI thats a great 30lb stick and a UC Del Mar 30-60lb that I had a reel seat installed. Thinking the UC would be a good fit?? Any advice from those that have one and is the HG better for...
  39. Irishman

    Terminal tackle preparation local bluefin (hopefully)

    What would be a good prep list for the upcoming season. Thinking live bait hooks etc, local 3/4 to the three day range. The blues from 30-200lb range. I know rubber bands but more towards a well rounded plano 3000 Stocked appropriatel. No need for lures.
  40. Irishman

    Has anyone added a reel seat to deckhand jig stick?

    UC comp 900 Del Mar, 30-60lb. Currently deckhand style with cork. I have where my reel is comfortable and ergonomically feels good with casting. The rod seems thin and was wondering about the possibility of having a reel seat installed. Anyone had this done?
  41. Irishman

    When to re-rig flatfalls? Life of fluoro?

    I have about 4 flatfalls that were rigged by Seaforth about 4 years ago, unfortunately none of them have caught a bluefin as the bite I have caught fish were livebait. Is the fluoro still good on these or do they need to redone for this years season?
  42. Irishman

    50th Birthday...Tranx500

    Wife asked me about what I would like for my 50th. Maybe a 500 I says to what model to get and what’s the consensus on best rod application for San Diego 1-3 day trips, already have CUI 10’ for the 25-30lb class, UC Del Mar 30-60 for heavier iron.
  43. Irishman

    North county sat jan 2 jig stick 30-60

    So I’m heading north to Oceanside Tomorrow morning 11 o clock ish. If anyone is looking to sell a glass 10’ Jig stick with a 40lb sweet spot let me know. Am picking up a bbq in Oceanside, so maybe a jig stick or blank score
  44. Irishman

    San Diego Based..30-60lb Jig Stick

    Hi BD, looking for a Jig Stick, 30-60lb rating for the heavier irons. Based in San Diego. Looking in the 9' -10' length. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  45. Irishman

    Offshore 7/15 six pack fun boys trip report

    Left shelter Island on a six pack trip Tuesday night, goal was big bluefin. Steamed out to super snotty seas, boat was a 44’ rig, nicely appointed. Six of us plus skipper, second and cook. We headed out after boat got bait from the SD bait barge, not the best condition / cured. Captain Cody...
  46. Irishman

    My latest setup...thoughts on applications

    So for a late Father’s Day gift treated myself to the following...Avet Jx mc 6.0 loaded to the brim with 85lb white spectra (so no foul if it were green) paired to a rain shadow rcjb 96xh It’s an 8’ and thinking I can use for multiple applications, with the mc the idea is to fling colt snipers...
  47. Irishman

    Schoolie 20-80lb popper setup....local SD waters

    So I might wrong but it seems most foamers I’m seeing on reports on YouTube etc seem to be in the weight class above. Yes I know there is exhaustive info available via search, but a new thread gives life and lets those with the past 5 years of our bluefin bite chime in. From experience can...
  48. Irishman

    San Diego local popper setup buy or recommended new

    Looking to get a setup for SD over night / 1.5 day range, to handle 20-100lb schoolies. Have the long rods / conventiona CUI 10’ that’s a great 10-30lb stick, need anyone looking to sell a rig that I can throw poppers etc. Going on a work sponsored trip next Tuesday that’s a six pack 1.5 day...
  49. Irishman

    Still looking for San Diego based seller of calstar610

    Need a home for my Penn Senator 4/0 high speed, USA made, red model in pristine condition. I’ve got the two speed setups already, just wanna put this old workhorse to use. It’s been serviced and ready for dropper loop action
  50. Irishman

    calstar610 in San Diego

    as it reads, live in La Mesa. Looking for a nice glass 610
  51. Irishman

    What I’m Thankful for

    1971...I was born Must have been about 6 years old, sitting on the wall of the quay in Dungarvan, outside the Moorings pub dropping string down the wall fishing for crabs while my Dad sat beside me. Going on my first deep sea fishing trip with my Dad and uncle and his best friend, we caught...
  52. Irishman

    Penn Senator 113h special 4/0 high speed

    So, as the title says it’s one of my reels I’ve had....never caught a fish on it. It’s the made in USA model. What can I use this for, and alternatively is there a modification to make it better? It’s got the black spool. I bought this reel a long time ago and want to do it some justice...
  53. Irishman

    Calstar 90j wcdh all glass

    Ive got one used but in great condition. Paired with the saltist bg40 ( black and gold model) it’s the 30-60 lb rod and for the life of me can’t find the sweet spot or jig for this pairing. It is such a stiff broom stick am wondering what’s the best application. Fishing 40lb and can launch the...
  54. Irishman

    Surface Iron 3/4 day

    So I’ve got two 20lb set ups, 30 and 40 set up...bring a 50lb set up or the 10’ jig stick....or bring a all six rigs??? Of course after 4 cocktails and getting ready for a 3/4 day trip tomorrow see all the fish are on bait...bring the 10’ footer jig stick or leave at home? Condurum....anyone...
  55. Irishman

    Any BD’rs on the Pacifica full day tomorrow??

    Any one else on the full day tomorrow (Sunday). Just finished prepping my gear. Anyone else headed out on the boat tomorrow?
  56. Irishman

    40lb Setup for live Bait

    Looking for one more setup. Live in La Mesa, let me know if anyone is getting rid of an extra rig. Rod and reel.
  57. Irishman

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Had to pay $13.00 for a mediocre burger today...what’s the rest of the fleet at? Last time on a different boat and others $8.00 or so was the consensus. Not the only passenger to comment on this.
  58. Irishman

    Anyone headed out on the T Bird tonight?

    Am headed out on the T Bird, looking forward to it! Anyone else from BD on board?
  59. Irishman

    T Bird Point Loma Sportfishing info / feedback

    Anyone fished this boat recently? Headed out this Friday for an overnight. Cheers!
  60. Irishman

    AM / PM 1/2 Day lack of Yellowtail???

    In previous years I recall there being some decent days with YT on the AM or PM 1/2 day boats. Seems like a no show for this year. Any insight as to why? Can we expect a late fall showing of the YT? I am hoping to leave work early mid week a day or so for Oct and am jonesing for a YT on...
  61. Irishman

    It’s my Birthday and my wife killed it!!!

    My wife knows my addiction and what it means. Score on this so is shitty in SD but I’m happy. Massive shoutout to the guys at Fisherman’s Landing for treating her like a lady and guiding her to purchase this. They weren’t even in the case yet...she told them my husband wants the...
  62. Irishman

    Offshore Sunday overnight on the Tribute

    Just got done putting the gear away and icing 5 small YFT, boat limited out. All but one were in the 6 -10lb range. Went about 80miles south and out per the skipper. Water was kinda lumpy and sun barely made it out. 20-30lb bait stick and a popper setup and your dialed in. JP fish, not...
  63. Irishman

    Grade of YFT / Skippies being caught?

    Planning on going on an overnight trip leaving tonight out of Fisherman’s Landing. What sixes are these YFT they are limiting on? From wahay I can see the 5-8lb models? Anything larger in the mix??
  64. Irishman

    My baby brother comes from Ireland...homeguard LJ YT

    So stoked to put my baby brother on his first LJ bruiser...he was in town for business and decided he needed to see what the addiction is all about. I scored one earlier on the long rod. Was making sure he had the right bait and this happened
  65. Irishman

    Will this setup work for flatfall?

    Reel is a Penn Fathom 60ld two speed, filled with either 80 or 100lb green braid and topshot of 100lb mono. Rod is a Penn Bluewater Carnage 7’xh rated 40-100lb mono I scored this from a Craigslist deal where it has never been fished, sold to the original owner as a package deal from Squidco...
  66. Irishman

    Offshore Dolphin 3/4 day Charter

    Cody did a stellar job...landed two Do-Dos, two of five fish caught and on a brand new setup (avet mxj two speed and seeker 20-40 black steel graphite 8’) We went west and south, bait from barge was smaller deans, I caught mine on mini macks and 25lb fluoro to 30lb topshot.
  67. Irishman

    AVET MXL 2 Speed ( San Diego East County)

    Looking to buy, live in La Mesa, work downtown. Cheers!
  68. Irishman

    Best online purchases while buzzed..aka one to many

    So I’m enjoying a cigar...have put a good dent into a bottle of Bushmills...what’s the BD community consensus on a buzzed purchase online. Limit is $100.00 Fishing related only...
  69. Irishman

    Okuma metaloid two speed review

    thinking of grabbing one from mark at charkbait...price seems good with the braid loaded.
  70. Irishman

    Pairing Avet Lx two speed...ideal rod

    looking for input for best rod to pair with this two speed...40-50lb set up,
  71. Irishman

    San Diego BFT Popper combo...

    What’s a decent working mans BFT popper set up? Have all the other gear but no popper rig... Is $400 enough for a new / used rig? Advice welcomed
  72. Irishman

    $5k for 1st timers set up in San Diego mid August

    Posted this in the chit chat forum... $5k in mid August I’m new to boats, not the ocean I have a truck to tow Fishing scenario would be La Jolla kelp area for YT and WSB Not looking for a project I pay it forward I live in San Diego \ La Mesa. With work and family obligations will be at...
  73. Irishman

    Mid August I get $5k to buy a boat...

    So..I’m 47;and been fishing cattle boats since I’ve lived in San Diego for the past 23years. I have an opportunity to fulfill a dream and have my own boat. Purpose will be La Jolla kelps, comfortably to fish two max three. I’m oceanminded, surfed oceanside south to San Miguel in Ensenada so...
  74. Irishman

    Offshore Fathers Day trip on the Condor this weekend...scored 1

    Firstly, hats off to the skipper and crew. They burnt a lot of diesel in the search and did not stop looking till well past dark. It was time for me to get some therapy on the water and being a Dad got the green light. Signed up for the Condor leaving Fri night at 7pm. Got to the landing at...
  75. Irishman

    Heading out on the Condor 1.5 day this evening...

    What should I expect or plan for? Anyone fished this boat recently? Have 5 setups with me, two of which are two speeds (60lb and 80lb) for flat fall plus 90J for surface and a 25lb and 50lb bait setups. Any intel on what to expect weather wise? Cheers
  76. Irishman

    Sunday half day report...

    Nothing... Went on a half day pm out of Seaforth to purely try my new jig stick. Boat went north to Del Mar area, first time for me bitching about the skippers approach. Three anchor spots, Del Mar and two south that saw us off LJ. I’ve been on cattle boats for 20 years and this is the first...
  77. Irishman

    Split ring and Varmac upgrades..

    When you have too much time on your hands and thoughts go to improving the basics..
  78. Irishman

    Idea about a new section for BD...surface iron forum..

    Not sure how it would work or if it’s pure Pandora’s box. Is there a consensus that a sub section for so cal surface iron slingers might be a good idea? Of course it would have to be sub sectioned to rod, reel and fav iron. Just a thought
  79. Irishman

    Weather for 3/4 day on Sat...

    Afternoon all, Am thinking about jumping on one of the 3/4 boats out of San Diego. Looking at the weather reports it seems tomorrow will be a little snotty and I would guess hard to spot the tuna they have been recently getting into. Thoughts on the conditions...
  80. Irishman

    Remaining weather and moon cycle this week...bluefin

    Looking for input from those in the know / previous experiences.... So it looks to me we have a week that will continue with warm weather and a moon that will start to diminish, will these factors increase the odds of a better shot at bluefin for a 1.5 day leaving Fri night? I've been posting a...
  81. Irishman

    Need help guys! Picking a trip this Friday...

    Long story short switching jobs and start the new one Feb 5th (Monday) I've got the choice of Colonnet or offshore for bluefin.....which would you go for? I'm partial to Colonnet cause at least there are reds and possible yellowtail....the gambler in me says double down and go for the bluefin...
  82. Irishman

    Picked up a new set up today....Penn Fathom 60 two speed

    I scored on this Craigslist scoop. Got a unused Penn setup, the reel is paired with a 7 Bluewater Rampage H. It has 300yards of brand new 100lb Jerry Brown on it. What topshot do you recommend filling the rest of the reel with? I was thinking 80lb and I can add desired 10' of fluoro for the...
  83. Irishman

    You know when your wife loves you !!!

    So, it was my birthday this week. 46 years young and not to stoked on the getting older gig. My wife new from day one that I'm slightly addicted to the world of fishing, knowing that the word "fishing" does not equate to catching and with our weather since late November I've been slightly...
  84. Irishman

    Any info on weather for Sunday Jan 15....yoyo weather

    I'm in need of wetting a line....any input on tomorrows weather? Thinking about jumping on a 3/4 day felt fishy weather wise. I feel like it's yoyo time.
  85. Irishman

    Saturday on the water update

    Hope this helps those going Sunday. Fished the Malihini today, my fav 3/4 day boat. Bait was a mix of dines and macks, not sure if private boaters get the same. Headed west and two hours out saw boiling bluefin, we pulled up on three different schools / spots but they sunk, seemed very boat...
  86. Irishman

    Offshore Fisherman III goes long....

    Short but sweet... Hoped on Fisherman III this morning for a 3/4 day. Steamed 5 hours out west (48 miles I heard) Fished for just over an hour, 6 football yellowfin for me, gave one away. Steamed 5 hours back....boat arrived at 8:10pm at the dock. Long day for combat cattle boat...
  87. Irishman

    Offshore Overnight on Old Glory...fished Friday 8/14

    Good times today. Full boat, new owner / skipper think Clay Williams is his name. Headed north overnight to wake up at grey light between SCI and Catalina. 34 other sport / private boats dotted around, we kept to ourselves. Only one short bite on the four trolling rigs all day. Morning bite...
  88. Irishman

    Offshore Old Glory overnight

    i was skeptical... I was wrong.... Very enjoyable day on the water, reading past reports there was a tinge of bias as to this boat not comparing to others in the fleet. I would fish with these guys again in a heartbeat. Bait was mostly micro chvies, healthy with mix of sardines. Seemed that's...
  89. Irishman

    Going on Old Glory tonight for 1 for bluefin

    im heading out the door in about an hour or so, any tips for targeting bluefin would be great. 25lb set up 30lb set up 90j jig stick with 40lb and 80lb braid 8' stick with the same line as above 40lb set up for fishing the slide Have ringed 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 hooks plus surface irons, yo-yo irons...
  90. Irishman

    Heartbreak on the Malahini today

    Sounds serious but it was..40 plus on the boat today and the boys did EVERYTHING in their power to find yellows. That boat burnt so much fuel looking for the right kind. At the end of the day I hooked one, a bruiser that took line, had everyone yelling....and then "bink" I got rocked...
  91. Irishman

    Saturday 4/18, Malahini 3/4 day

    41 anglers on boat, about half rental rod ppl. The 9:30am - 11:00am run and gun bite around the north Island yielded the better quality fish, mix of surface and yoyo iron. Schools were up and visible, 8-16 fish per school on the larger morning grade, finicky bite, if fishing iron would...
  92. Irishman

    Sunday 3/15 Malahini

    Fun day on the water, 40+ on the boat, easy crowd to work with, nearly all fish on yo-yo or surface iron once bait was thrown. First yellow was a nice one, until fuckin seal decided to work me, 20 min tug of war with skipper and # 2 running the boat assisting. Fish was landed with minimal...
  93. Irishman

    Longest lurker, first post

    Its been about 5 years since I signed up, never posted as most of my fishing is done on the kayak in la jolla. I've had great success with that method of therapy for workasitis So last Saturday jumped on the Malahini 3/4 day boat, their first of the year. Full boat with 45ppl, mostly...