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    Catching Macks in catalina recently?

    ^^^^yes this. also pebbly beach area further east.
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    Catching Macks in catalina recently?

    where are you camping?
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    Overnight parking / trailer Dana point

    i have done it many times. yes you need to pay at the embarcadero office. i think you may be able to call and pay over the phone, my last trip (week before independence day) they said if i extended my trip to just call them. parking lot is much better, however i will say check your rig before...
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    if you need abrasive blasting

    not with blasting, i think it would be to aggressive. i'm not familair with process (i dont do it) but i've heard dry ice blasting is less aggressive. my first boat had bottom paint on it. i used easy off oven cleaner and scrubbing. took several applications but it removed it. hope that helps...
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    if you need abrasive blasting

    hello guys, im starting up an abrasive blasting operation. we use fine green diamond abrasive thats silica free. i have the ability to blast traditionally DRY, and for sheet metal or thin delicate items we can wet blast. wet blasting induces water into the abrasive stream and has a cooling...
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    Two boats one trailer

    what drives are on them?
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    21' invader cc

    12,500 obo
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    21' invader cc

    im not sure. its a project i bought, haven't had it on the water yet. probably this week.
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    21' invader cc

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 21' invader cc - 21' invader cc Learn more about this listing...
  10. 21' invader cc

    Southern California 21' invader cc

    21' invader, center console.... new floor (all glassed in), new foam (hull is filled with foam like a boston whaler) new flooring EVA FOAM, grey swing back seat with storage underneath storage under front seat, as well as lockers up front T TOP canvas top will be ready monday (grey) newer, low...
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    inflatable dock reviews?

    i saw those. are they as sturdy as the bote? do they handle similar load without tipping or folding up on you? im a big guy, they look sketchy already.
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    inflatable dock reviews?

    hello all, was at avalon a few weeks ago, saw some different inflatable docks tied up to boats. i'm interested in buying one for my stays over there as it adds alot of real estate on the water. BOTE brand seems to be the high end, (freaking expensive) wondering if anyone has tried any of the...
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    Boat/Trailer weight distribution

    is the hitch ball height correct?
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    recommendation for a Transom rebuild and adding an engine bracket?

    40grit here on bd. from my dealings with him, a stand up guy.
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    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    the largest employer in Vernon, FARMER JOHN, is closing that plant next year. looks like arizona is where they're going.
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    an old guy once told me....."a fishing lures most important job is attracting the fishermen, infact thats all it really has to do"
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    60g Bait tank

    still got it? if yes what is the length, width, height?
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    Raymarine rs150

    still have it?
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    foam cannon / lance

    get the foam attachment, game changer. its just the tip with a quart soap reservoir.
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    tubing / exhaust expander

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    Aluminum T-Top

    do you still have it?
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    foam cannon / lance

    i use the one from walmart, 15 bucks, its got the quick connect type, just remove your other tip, put this on. first one lasted a year, just bought another one. mine gets abused and is used a few times a week to prep metal for paint.
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    Beginner Kayak?

    cobra fish and dive is very stable for my big ass. it is heavy, and big, but the best one i've been on.
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    Bait scoop / net

    my walmart has typical bait nets in stock, last one i bought was 10 bucks. not sure of its exact measurements, buts its typical of every other one i've ever owned.
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    i should add, the saturated part is on either side of the console, and i could see where the deck had been cut prior right up the center section to replace fuel tank. but i will look very hard at the tank!
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    thanks evereryone for the input. i will do the demo and majority of any wood work, for the glass it'll will go to one of 2 local shops. either fiber composites (he did the last boat) or trailer products, he did the one prior. both shops do good work so pricing and schedule will determine where...
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    yes its all possible, throw enough time and money at it. it will get done, once i sink my teeth into a project, finishing is the only acceptable result. just ordered foam on amazon. so far the only wood rot i see is the little 1x4 runners that were set into top of foam to screw deck to. i've...
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    well floor is out......this hull is foam filled, some of the foam cells are saturated! will it dry out in this heat, or do i remove and replace? money is always a concern, but i'd rather do it right whenever possible. my instincts say remove and replace. also i discovered my the floor was...
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    i bought it without even climbing inside. floor looked a little wavy...... climbed in today to clean and assess it, floor is very soft in spots. console is already out, should have most of the floor out by end of day.
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    hello, today i brought home a stray boat that needed a home. 1984 invader CC. looks like 21'. has an older 2 stroke on it, 110 hp. i have a deal i can get on a newer honda 90hp 4 stroke. is that enough to get'er going? any other comments about the boat in general are welcome. good or bad. thank's!
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    Anyone know what this is?

    yes, looks like the bolt that holds the mercruiser steering ram to the tiller. i'm assuming you have hydraulic steering now? my guess is it was dropped during a conversion...
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    freshwater tuna boat

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: freshwater tuna boat - freshwater tuna boat Learn more about this listing...
  33. freshwater tuna boat

    Southern California freshwater tuna boat

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    Pair of Volvo AQAD41 Diesels and DP Outdrives - Remove From Boat and Their Yours Free

    if you can get it to my shop hemet, its a deal.
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    Free boat runs. Fixer upoer

    im very interested, need gone in 2 days, or next wednesday?
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    Cleaning the Bilge?

    im not sure bleach is a good idea. bleach is a oxidizer. will very rapidly accelerate rust and corrosion. i used to spray it on new steel artwork to make it instantly rust. not to mention any bad things that may happen when petroleum and bleach mix.....
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    rebar fabrication tools (big machines)

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: rebar fabrication tools (big machines) - rebar fabrication tools (big machines) Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California rebar fabrication tools (big machines)

    i recently bought a bunch of machines i don't need or want......just to get one i wanted. anyway, i've got a complete, rebar fabrication business. a machine for bending hooks, etc. a machine for bending spirals like for post cages, a 20" chop saw, a giant alligator shear. everything is set up...
  39. machinery for rebar fabrication

    Southern California machinery for rebar fabrication

    i recently bought a bunch of machines i don't need or want......just to get one i wanted. anyway, i've got a complete, rebar fabrication business. a machine for bending hooks, etc. a machine for bending spirals like for post cages, a 20" chop saw, a giant alligator shear. everything is set up...
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    machinery for rebar fabrication

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: machinery for rebar fabrication - machinery for rebar fabrication Learn more about this listing...
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    Mixed advise from local stores on transducer - Simrad NSS Evo3 S with Halo 20+ bundle

    is there a performance difference between the thru hull flush, thru hull with fairing block, and transom mount?
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    sonar recommendations

    boats a bayliner cierra express 2452. i already have a b744v thru hull, so install should be pretty straight forward. (plenty of room). fish mostly catalina and costal, however looking to spend more time offshore in the future.
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    sonar recommendations

    looking at a simrad nss12 evo 3.......transducer selection seems endless...i need help!
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    Adding Good Digital Fishfinder to boat Keping Analog Radar... Thoughts on models

    i just bought a west marine store credit of $2000.00, i dont mind adding cash to it to get the right one.
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    sonar recommendations

    i found a thread that says the C80 is not compatible with the CP370, DO YOU KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE?
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    sonar recommendations

    came across a new in box raymarine element 12 hd, with a hv 100 ducer.....any thoughts?
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    sonar recommendations

    most of my fishing is island or costal, however i do hope to get out more offshore for pelagic's. price is less of a concern than a unit that is dependable.
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    sonar recommendations

    hello all, i have a older raymarine system plotter, dsm300, b744v ducer, radar, and autopilot. fishfinder has always been hit and miss so im thinking about getting a new display and sonar. i can't afford to buy a complete replacement system, but want something i can expand on in the future as...
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    flashlight recommendations please

    hello, i'm wanting a couple flashlights for the truck, boat, camper, etc. looking for something bright, sturdy, and rechargeable, but not only rechargable, but something i can just plug in and leave til i need it. dont want to have to worry about overcharging it. does this exist?
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    Boat Trailer Safety Chains may Fail if Twisted

    you should always cross them. twisting is used to take up extra length so they dont drag on the ground. its not twisting the 2 together, its twisting each individual chain, then crossing then as you hook up.
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    Looking for a used Volvo Penta 5.7 Gxi

    rebuild yours maybe?
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    Inshore Tsunami Coming

    some think it could be an extinction level event.
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    24" disc sander

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    50 ton ironworker

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    50 ton ironworker

    sale pending.

    Southern California 10G. METAL CUTTING SHEAR

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    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 10G. MEAT CUTTING SHEAR - 10G. MEAT CUTTING SHEAR Learn more about this listing...
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    engines sold, still have outdrives....
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    24" disc sander

    sale pending.....
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    1995 GMC TOPKICK

    sale pending......
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    metal brake

    price drop to 3900.00
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    metal brake

    yeah this new format is hard to get used to. just had a guy complaining via PM about another post i have about a truck for sale, that said it was free. i use a PC i think the new format is geared more towards cell phone app usage.
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    metal brake

    yes it works, may be tested at my shop. i bought a press brake so i dont need it anymore. i think i had it listed for 4500, but im willing to consider reasonable offers, and really would make a deal if someone wanted multiple items.... i have a bunch of surplus machinery right now.
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    50 ton ironworker

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 50 ton ironworker - 50 ton ironworker Learn more about this listing...
  66. 50 ton ironworker

    Southern California 50 ton ironworker

    hello, i have a 50 ton edwards ironworker i got as part of a package from a shop that closed. it has a angle shear, notcher, plate shear, and punch station. alot of tooling comes with it, including a press brake attachment with a 4 way bottom die. works great, may be tested at my shop in hemet...
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    Legal .410 in calif.?

    there is the 510 dtc.....check it out. legal in ca. because they banned the exact dimensions of the 50 bmg. they trimmed the case back .100" ( i think) and created the new legal 50..... as i understand it, same ballistics.
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    1995 GMC TOPKICK

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 1995 GMC TOPKICK - 1995 GMC TOPKICK Learn more about this listing...
  69. 1995 GMC TOPKICK

    Southern California 1995 GMC TOPKICK

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    Stupid ass boat names

    not a stupid name, but one i'll never forget... CHAVALA.....out of dana point. my dad and i were anchored for the night at whites cove, catalina. wake up early, i'm getting my snorkel gear on, and the guy on CHAVALA is anchored 50' off our bow. i see him squatting off the back of his boat, and...
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    metal brake

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: metal brake - metal brake Learn more about this listing...
  72. metal brake

    Southern California metal brake

    chicago dries & krump power apron brake. 6' wide, bends 1/4" steel. 220 3 phase, may be tested at my shop, i can load on your trailer. this is a very heavy old school machine. works great, its all mechanical, no hydraulics to leak, no computers to go bad, just alot of steel, an electric motor...
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    24" disc sander

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 24" disc sander - 24" disc sander Learn more about this listing...
  74. 24" disc sander

    Southern California 24" disc sander

    this is a MASTER24" disc sander. runs great, has built in dust blower, disc is belt driven by a newer baldor 5 h.p. motor. on/ off switch in pic is bad, a new one is on order and will be installed and ready to use for sale. may be tested at my shop, i have a forklift to load it. link is to ebay...
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    kindafishy submitted a new listing: BOAT FOR FRESHWATER TUNA!!! - BOAT FOR FRESHWATER TUNA!!! Learn more about this listing...

    Southern California BOAT FOR FRESHWATER TUNA!!!

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    kindafishy submitted a new listing: VOLVO PENTA TWINS - VOLVO PENTA TWINS Learn more about this listing...

    Southern California VOLVO PENTA TWINS

    condition of all items unknown. they came out of a boat i sold and the buyer was going to repower the boat with outboards. so i ended up with the take out stuff. its mostly there, it was a twin engine package, i know for sure both engines need to be rebuilt, so consider them cores. both intakes...
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    Tower Recommendations

    found it....
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    Tower Recommendations

    i think your asking for trouble on a flybridge. also keep in mind, if your towing it....13'6" is max going down the road. i built mine on my boat to fold backward for towing. heres one, it was on BD, maybe the owner can chime in.
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    Diesel tank cleaning

    did you see that duece & half i had? when i got it it had an inch and half of very thick roofing tar type shit in the bottom. that tank also had baffles. i just put the nozzle inside and let it run. filled up the tank, dumped it repeated probably 3 times. came out perfect. yours would be harder...
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    Diesel tank cleaning

    bob, bring it back to my place, i have a 250 degree pressure washer. your welcome to use. remove the sending unit, suck all the old fuel out and bring it over.
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    i'm also curious about this hook and hand mentality. if you have caught your legal limit, why are you still fishing? i fully understand this with kids, however im not sure i know of a grown man that would take a fish that another guy caught. if the goal is bringing home meat, its never going be...
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    now i don't know of whats normal to this situation since i'm always on my own boat. i will throw my 2 cents into the pile tough. seems like when you buy a ticket to any event, your buying the right to participate. seems like everyone that buys that same ticket should have equal opportunity at...
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    End of the line

    oh ok. no problem, was just curious. thats gonna cost a arm and a leg to do the swap isn't it?
  86. K

    End of the line

    when are you going to get to work on the skip?
  87. K

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    i don't think i can buy from you, isn't personal sale illegal know?
  88. K

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    i found some but its been a long time since i have bought it......seems very high at $900 per 1000. is this were we are nowadays?
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    Considering 24 skipjack

    i know wheres theres flybridge with deisel. needs repower but the replacement volvo is sitting on a pallet with it. been in storage for a year or more. the owner was hot get it going last year, but has yet to work on it. i'm not the owner but can put interested parties in touch...
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    Lobstering in Catalina

    ^^^yes hire dave! if you want free help better get humble real quick. chances are you've burned bridges already. want some free tips? do you have a sonar? do you know what type of environment lobster typically inhabit? do you know how to identify and read current? do you know how lobster...
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    power metal shears (machines)

    posted in la yesterday, a few responses, but they seem like tire kickers. we'll see, any activity is better than none. thank's for the advice, good luck on your move!
  92. K

    power metal shears (machines)

    i have in inland crickets! maybe i'll try los angles areas
  93. K


    great for rod storage
  94. K

    Whitefish part of rock fish closure Jan 1?

    not sure, but in this state, i'd guess whichever way is MOST likely to result in more citations written, and fees collected.
  95. K

    Drone Footage of the Farallon Islands // Devil's Teeth

    went on a shark dive there before. saw a seal get absolutely destroyed by a huge white.
  96. K


    removed from a fire station that closed. banks of 3 lockers and banks of 4. $25 bucks per locker so $75 for a bank of 3 (you get the point) they make great rod storage. i cut the tops out, store rods inside. can be locked and keeps hem outta harms way.
  97. K

    power metal shears (machines)

    machine #1....peck stowe and wilcox power shear. 14g, gap frame so its got open sides that allow infinite length of cut (within limits of throat depth about 18") blades are 72"....$3000 machine #2.... unknown manufacturer, 11g. capacity, blades are 36", gap frame so its got open sides that...
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    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    i'd love to see the the people that only self stuff weeded out. if they don't contribute more than the sell, they should have to pay. people bumping their shit everyday, without any other contributions.
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    Dillon XL750 .45 ACP Progressive Press, New - Unopened

    i'm looking, but i'll order mine with a case feeder and mr bullet feeder. from double alpha, backorder is only expected 2 weeks. i'm sure you'll find a buyer, won't be me bump!
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    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    i think that name is taken.... its a fetish website.
  101. K

    pair of volvo's

    not mine, don't know anything about them, just saw it on craigslist, thought someone here could benifit.....
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    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    did someone get sideways? i thought its a normal part of negotiating. seller asks too much, buyer has to point out all the scratches and problems to get a better price.
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    power hammer for forging

    i'm looking for a power hammer like blacksmiths use. if anyone knows of any, closing shop, or barn find let me know please. thank's!
  104. K

    Guys I need ur help
  105. K

    wan t to buy dillon 750

    if you know of anyone thats selling, let me know please. thank's!
  106. K

    Volvo Penta motor mount nuts

    i'm certain i have the mounts, just can't find them. i'll check again tomorrow
  107. K

    Really tough dirt stain on nonskid deck

    i used muriatic acid and water solution. scrub, rinse repeat. not straight acid, diluted with water.
  108. K

    Volvo Penta motor mount nuts

    starter nuts should be the same as a GM truck of the same year, check napa. as for motor mounts, i think i have a new set on the shelf, i'll look tomorrow.
  109. K

    36’- 40’ Convertible Sportfish opinions

  110. K

    Best way to cure foggy Pilothouse windows?

    try shaving cream on the glass. if you'd like to try it out, do a small area on the bathroom mirror, then take a hot shower. you will have to reapply if you wash the window.
  111. K

    Looking for a space for trailer

    im in hemet, i know its a ways out. but let me know if nothing else works out.
  112. K

    In need of trailer advice

    100% correct! theres no equalizer between the axles. so if you hop a curb lets say......that tire doing the curb hop will take ALL the weight, without transferring it to the other axle(s).
  113. K

    In need of trailer advice

    i'm curious as to the logic that torsion axles would "easier to fix in mexico". i've built alot of trailers, and can't think of anything easier than a steel frame and leaf springs to repair and find parts for.
  114. K

    SS Welding Question
  115. K

    mercruiser intake manifold and carb

    i just put a edelbrock manifold and carb on my new to me boat. so i have the MERCARB 2 barrel carb, spark arrestor, and mercriuser intake manifold. came off a 1999 vortec 5.7L. $400 obo
  116. K

    Bait tank die off

    is your tank on deck or outside the boat, like on a swimstep?
  117. K

    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    i'll take them, pick up in ontario preferred.
  118. K

    The Highjacking of Dana Point Harbor By a Wall Street investment group and what we can do about it.

    somebody needs to trap some kangaroo rats and release them there.
  119. K

    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    i think i want them. just need to confirm wheel size in the morning.
  120. K

    NIB Volvo Penta Exhaust Risers Set

    ok, im checking mine tomorrow. how much$$ in case mine are bad?
  121. K

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    what are you overcompensating for?
  122. K

    correct prop question

    i use my boat only in the ocean. chad asked some questions, about the boat, current rpm at WOT, and my expectations. before when i throttle up, stern would dig in and drop. this was my biggest gripe. he also told me if his recommendation didn't work, i could bring back the prop and try another...
  123. K

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    i use valve lapping compound from napa. if your not familiar with it, basically its liquid sandpaper. i put some in the female side and plug in, pull out, repeat. when clean, spray with electrical contact cleaner, and apply die electric grease.
  124. K

    correct prop question

    i don't know where you are, but chad at hill marine knows his shit. they cast their own props on site in santa ana.
  125. K

    what are they worth???

    i've got a pair of volvo 280's out of a 76 skipjack open. the engines need rebuilding, so we are pulling it all, selling it, and adding a bracket/ outboard. any idea of value for the outdrives, transom plates, and aq170's that need rebuilding? thank's!
  126. K

    Dead Trailer

    im in hemet. if you bring it to me i'll take it. cut it up and throw it on the scrap pile. also if your worried about dmv stuff sign the title over as a "gift" i'll handle it.
  127. K

    2006 F250 3.3L Yamaha

    sending a guy there today.
  128. K

    cost to put a bracket/ outboard on a skip jack 24 open

    probably used. if i can find a bracket to copy i will likely build it. i sold this boat to a guy and im just trying to help him out. it currently has twin volvo aq170s both likely need rebuild. plus the other hiddens like exhaust manifolds etc. i hate to see him commit to rebuilding, only to...
  129. K

    Electric cooler for fillets?

    if your in your garage at home why not put it in the fridge?
  130. K

    cost to put a bracket/ outboard on a skip jack 24 open

    what size engine, how much to rig the engine? im thinking of building the bracket and doing transom fill in myself. thank's!
  131. K

    Unusual bow roller/Bow stop....

    is there a nut and washer on the end holding it on? if yes a place that sells metal/ iron gate supplies will have rubber rollers. just beware there are plastic ones that are hard and will scratch.
  132. K

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    yes i do, however that doesn't change the fact the more of something thats out there, the more problems, and joy, memories and regrets you'll have. granted there was a time (specifically the chopper gun years) that these hulls earned a bad rap. and the fact that they are considered entry level...
  133. K

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    and if there where, its because no manufacturer in the history of boat building has put as many boats on the water.
  134. K

    anyone have a skipjack 24 open with a bracket and outboard (s)?

    i may need to build a bracket for a 24' open. if i can see/ take measurements would be great.
  135. K

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    then you offer this...... first work out a price that is assuming sea trail goes well. then offer a cash deposit a few hundred $$ maybe, that may only be refunded if sea trial has problems. and if sea trial goes fine, no issues the deposit goes towards purchase price, or if sea trail presents no...
  136. K

    NIB Volvo Penta Exhaust Risers Set

    i wonder if they innerchange with mercruiser?
  137. K

    large spot welder

    i bought this probably 20 years ago, used it a few times, been sitting in my shop unused for way too long. its 220v. single phase (regular house power) 10 kva, has the ability to be water cooled which is best for heavy use. could be as complex as a cooler, or as simple as hooking up a garden...
  138. K

    backhoe attachment

    its a bobcat brand, i welded the round bar acrosst the bottom so i could attach it to my 3 point tractor that has one of these.... removed if needed. well this thing is to heavy, and way to powerfull for my little tractor. cylinders...
  139. K

    neoprene waders, boots

    hodgeman waders (never used), size xxl, viking boots size 11, cabellas nylon bag. $75.....waders were never used. dirty from sitting in storage. what yopu see is dust and dirt sorry if this is the wrong forum, seemed most approriate.
  140. K

    mercruiser trim pump

    new sierra brand is 600. how about 200......
  141. K

    peninsular diesel and transmission

    im sorry i have no idea. i think its a gm diesel, like what is in hummers. but i'm not certain. i've had people tell me its a 6.2l or a 6.5l. but again, i have no idea for sure. if anyone can help with info that would be great.
  142. K

    peninsular diesel and transmission

    not actively, i'm looking to clean my place up, get rid of things i have no use for. the cummins went north, bay area i think.
  143. K

    mercruiser engine harness

    came off a 5.7l mercruiser engine harness, alternator, starter, distibutor with ignition module. $200 tired of hoarding spares.
  144. K

    mercruiser trim rams

    before they go into the scrap pile, 1 pair mercruiser trim rams.
  145. K

    toilet, marine head

    this was in my boat years ago. when it qiut pumping my dad replaced it. i've been storing it as a spare, i'm tired of hoarding stuff. needs to be resealed rebuilt whatwver you want to call it. if i rememer right it didn't pump water the way it should and water was leaking while pumping in the...
  146. K

    vintage makita work stands

    if you like makita, and like vintage this is for you. a paIR OF FOLDING WORK STANDS. very heavy duty, way better that anything being sold today. $150.00
  147. K

    mercruiser steering

    mercruiser power steering ram, also have the pump, just havent uncuvered it yet from storage. cable length is 12.5' . good working parts, i converted to hyd. ateering a while, don't need it, tired of hoarding. hows about $150 pump and ram/ cable
  148. K

    2 marine transmissions

    thanks for keeping me inline, did i have any spelling or grammar errors as well? i don't know what they are worth, i have no idea. so to keep you happy...... please note, i'll be very easy to talk down to a reasonable price, very easy......
  149. K

    2 marine transmissions

    i have 2 marine trans. the velvet drive tag is hard to read, i need to get better eyes on it. the other one is clear. i know nothing of thier condition. i got them from a property cleanup i did from the guy that started vessel assist. i would guess they are good. everything else mechanical we...
  150. K


    one weber of a mercruiser 5.7l one holley off a mercruiser 7.4l. you know what to do. some douche nozzle is complaining i dont have a price. so here it go ahead and make a offer.
  151. K

    peninsular diesel and transmission

    make me a offer, if it sounds reasonable i'll take it. i don't know what its worth, but i know how much mercruiser manifolds cost, and these look fancy compared to them. i don't want to research the values, etc. if you know what its worth as it is, cut that number in half and make your offer. im...
  152. K

    volvo penta 5.7l stuff

    ask questions, make offers.....this is volvo 5.7 stuff. distributor, intake with fuel injection, wiring harness for same, fuel pump/ filter for same. also have all the bracketry for alternator, power steering, etc. its for a serpintine belt system. some dipstick is complaining i didn't post a...
  153. K

    more mercruiser stuff

    ask questions,make a offer. someone is mad i didn't put a you go. now that thats covered, make a offer.
  154. K

    peninsular diesel and transmission

    got this from a property clean up i did a while back. turbo, aftercooler, manifolds, etc, looks complete. has a trans. on it too. parts look expensive, don't its value, so make a offer....some douche is complaining i don't have a it that thats outta the way, make a offer.
  155. K

    mercruiser alpha 1 parts

    i inhierited a bunch of my buddys stuff when he boat a livaboard and moved to catalina. we was going to reseal, paint, etc for his trailer boat project. he said it should all be there. got busted for no price, still waiting for spelling, grammar, and punctuation critics to step in. anyway...
  156. K

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    if people just want fish there are much better ways of aqiuring meat than hiring a boat, ot taking your own boat out. its about the experence. having other people fish for me sounds like the saddest day ever.
  157. K

    5.7 vortec heads

    looking for a 5.7 vortec head. new boat project has a cracked one from freeze damage in big bear. let me know what you got.
  158. K

    Brand new manifolds

    you still got these?
  159. K

    Someone was in a hurry.....

    now its just a matter of getting it done.
  160. K

    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    AAA can only do it with the hang tags.....thats where i was intoduced to "hang tags"
  161. K

    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    i just went thru this with sea doos.....took me 6 months to figure it out. hopefully this will help. call yamaha directly, you will need serial number of engine. they will send you what you need. i was told to go thru a local dealer, took months to learn that they couldn't or wouldn't help me...
  162. K

    Offshore Catalina Island late report

    that fish has shoulders, nice catch!
  163. K

    Counter rotation. Lower unit

    i could be wropng here, but what about thru-hulls or fairing blocks? would you want that sort of stuff to the port now?
  164. K

    Battery Charger questions

    thats what i have, 2 years trouble free.
  165. K

    Want to be a boat owner and questions

    inland boat center in perris has some different options. worth a look, you can get on them look around, etc. as far as storage goes..... it is against most cities ordanances to store a boat in your driveway. i learned this lesson at my previous property. if you cant get it in your back yard...
  166. K

    How to clean up this prop?

    DO NOT use steel wool!! you will seed that stainless with steel and it will look really bad. if you use any "wool" product make sure its stainless steel, or bronze. i'd use CLR and a 3m scotch bright pad.
  167. K

    need a 5.7l block (good one)

    i need a roller cam, one piece rear main. just talked to a guy in lakeside, maybe heading down there this afternoon.
  168. K

    need a 5.7l block (good one)

    freeze plugs never live up to thier name.
  169. K


    what a douche......every post since day one selling shit.
  170. K

    need a 5.7l block (good one)

    need a good used 5.7 block. bought a lake/ ski boat for the family that came from big bear, very low hours but they didn't winterize it and the block is dust. (freeze, blown out on both sides) need one with a one piece rear seal. thank's!
  171. K

    whaler frontier 25

    not mine, no affiliation, i've just been shopping for lake boat for the family and keep stumbling on stuff that may be of interest. salesman told me he thinks its 23 or 25k he wasnt sure and i couldn't wait around. whaler, deisel. was definitly a work boat and rough cosmeticly. huge deck.
  172. K

    good deal??

    not mine, not affiliated, just wanted to share....
  173. K

    Maybe BS or maybe be the judge...

    kinda reminds me of a investment group some friends started years ago....
  174. K

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    if only they could train seabirds to locate fish......imagine the possbilities!
  175. K

    Catalina seaweed

    this guy must fish alot, i see him at every paddy.
  176. K

    Offshore At least i didnt get skunked.

    out of respect for that squid, i'd have released him to enjoy his meal. great pic.
  177. K

    seems like a decent deal

    not mine, not affiliated in any way. i have been looking for a river/ lake boat for the family and saw this, thought i'd share. seems like alot of boat in a 21' package.
  178. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    its called virtue signaling.
  179. K

    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing? interesting video/ read.
  180. K

    Bow/Keel glass repair advise needed

    i have the same issue on my boat. i was thinking about making a stainless rub guard . don't have to worry about paint/ gel coat repairs, and protects against future shit happening. something like this....
  181. K

    deuce & half

  182. K


    i wonder if she's single......asking for a friend.
  183. K

    tips on towing PWC'S

    first off thanks to those that helped, do appreciate it. and yes, i found in the manual that 13 mph is top speed for them being towed, any more risks the possibility of flooding the engine. i did buy these hose pinchers.... to pinch...
  184. K

    Experienced bracket mounters

    just a question so i can try and learn new stuff. with the cav plate up higher, is that what causes the "better ride" by lifting the bow? just thinking out loud and trying to understand the what and why of it.
  185. K

    Experienced bracket mounters

    im no pro, and have never done a outboard braket. i have cut holes in transom for outdrives. height of hole was dictated by the outdrive. if i remember correctly, the cavitation plate was supposed to be 1" below the boats bottom. hope this helps. sorry i can't offer more.
  186. K

    Uncle Tom documentary

    again brother, we where never intended to be a democracy, but a republic. we are headed for a "real democracy" now. if you don't like the way things are heading, then you don't want a democracy. especially a "real" one. by the way, are you hulk hogan? i've noticed a the prolific use of "BROTHER" :D
  187. K

    Uncle Tom documentary

    founding fathers did not create a demoracy, they created a republic. there is a difference.
  188. K

    Windlass thoughts

    mine is stainless, and 1000#.....not sure which exact model.
  189. K

    Mercruiser In-Line 6 Ignition System Swap

    the thing about it "on the muffs" is that the system isn't needed for that. it's still doing its thing, just not needed out of water. reason being is that theres no load on the gears while the prop is pushing air. however when the prop is pushing water, theres a load on the gears that doesn't...
  190. K

    Windlass thoughts

    no problems with my lewmar.
  191. K

    Mercruiser In-Line 6 Ignition System Swap

    you should do some research on your own. i researched it when i did mine back in the day. mine was a OMC. pretty sure theres a switch on the shift cable somewhere that when shift input is applied, closes the switch and momentarily grounds the coil, causing engine to miss, which reduces the...
  192. K

    24" skipjack open

    sale pending....
  193. K

    Seadek OC

    new boat clyde?
  194. K

    How often replace Fuel/water filters?

    it is a good idea to empty contents of old filter into a glass jar, just to see. and i set mine undisturbed for a day or twoo to let it settle out. water will be more visible then.
  195. K

    Battery cable sizing? Moving battery...

    the run is from the battery, to the load, and back to the battery. or so i was told.
  196. K

    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    yes, at least for mercruiser. you'll need a alingment tool. if its not aligned right, it will wipe out your coupler and / or gimbal bearing. if your not familar i'd take it to a shop. its not hard, but if its out, will test your patience.
  197. K

    Help with Trailer Electronics on Tow Vehicle

    this i a common problem with fords. a few basics first.... if light is working intermitently, you have a bad connection, or a bad ground. fuses are either good or bad, no in between. ford has seperate fuses for the trailer lights, check your owners manual for thier location. theres several...
  198. K

    Mercruiser In-Line 6 Ignition System Swap

    my pertronix system was just a replacement for the points and condensor to a magnectic sensor. i'd ask them why it won't?
  199. K

    Mercruiser In-Line 6 Ignition System Swap

    i had pertonix in my first boat, a 69 tolleycraft with a 300c.i. buick engine. worked aewsome, never had a sinlge problem, and since your still using a coil shift interupter should not be affected. its my understanding that the shift interupter just grounds out the coil breifly to lower engine...
  200. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    i don't think he's from cali, or a conservative.
  201. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    so agian i'll try to make it simple........if you like the masks, then wear one. you are now protected from anything i spew, right? if they work, they work. and i've always been a social distancer. if your close enough to me to touch me, your too close. so i'm digg'in this new pandemic of...
  202. K

    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    ^whast he said^
  203. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    if they work, why not let those that choose to wear them, wear 'em? afterall if they work, wear yours and your protected. easy peasy. if they work, why have schools closed? make kids and staff wear masks? if they work why release criminals from prison, give them masks, right? if they work...
  204. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    this post with screenshots and time stamps speaks volumes.......trump is playing chess, leftist media is playing checkers.....he's 5 moves ahead of them.
  205. K

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    could be as simple as the cap. if the cap is nolonger holding pressure, and you don't have a catch reservoir. as far as pressure testing goes, no need to run it first, pressure will find its way throughout the system. do fill it to the top though.
  206. K

    What prop do I have?

    take the prop off and go see chad at hill marine. he knows his stuff, when i went he asked a few questions, then reccomended a prop. i bought it and he told me to try it, and if it wasn't right, bring it back undamaged and he'd give me another to try. well i never had to go back, he nailed it...
  207. K

    deuce & half

    possible trades/ part trades......pontoon boat, street bike cruiser type no crotch rockets
  208. K

    Brand new to this world

    heres a example its similar to mine just a bit smaller. at that price you can afford to do alot of work (if needed), pay for alot of storage (if needed), and buy alot of fuel and bait. i know its a...
  209. K

    Brand new to this world

    if you have a few hours to kill i'd drive over to them, theres alot of boats in the lot and in the building that are not on the net.
  210. K

    Brand new to this world

    no i haven't. its been a while since i've been over there.
  211. K

    Brand new to this world

    INLAND BOAT CENTER in perris has a good inventory of boats, and its constantly turning over. worth a look.
  212. K

    tips on towing PWC'S

    looking to tow my SEADOO'S to cat for a multi-day stay. i've never done this before. my plan is to tow them in line, one behind the other. and drag a peice of chain or something behind the last one. am i on the right track?
  213. K

    World Cat wanted

    i think theres one at INLAND BOAT CENTER in perris. they are good people over there.
  214. K

    on board charger wiring

    my old charger was hardwired to my shore power panel. new one has a regular 120v plug. any want better than the other? put a cord end on my existing boat wiring, or cut the plug off the charger and hard wire it. im leaning towards putting a plug end on my boats wiring, my thinking is if i ever...
  215. K

    Brand new to this world

    ^^what bob said!
  216. K

    deuce & half

    yes, its running now, fuel tanks dropped and steam cleaned, new filters and hoses. looking at wiring now, alot of stuff in there. next will be disc brake and power conversion. its slow going, as im making my son pay for his parts (i help but not too much) i want him to appreciate the effort...
  217. K

    Brand new to this world

    one more thought.....does it come with electronics? that shit can get expensive fast.
  218. K

    Brand new to this world

    just a thought,with females and kids on board a toilet and place to get out of the sun will keep them on board for more trips. and a cabin will open you up for overnights at catalina.
  219. K

    Pontoon Boat

    i never have, nor do i know anyone that has. my main concern would be how the boat is built. if the pontoons are bolted to the deck, independant of each other that would worry me. if the pontoons are welded together with structural crossmembers that would be better. however i'd still be...
  220. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    if this "pandemic" is such a health hazard to the population, how can anyone thats infected possibly get lost in the system? ok, its the government, so lets assume they "lost" 20 percent. if that were true (and would be despicable if so) what about the other 1,535,200 ? that is completely...
  221. K

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    not to metion, things that are given for free have no value. most of these kids will not have any skin in the game, nor pressure from parents to stick with school because of their investment. not to mention, as is i don't think theres alot of empty seats at universities. UCLA has a acceptane...
  222. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    United States Confirmed 2.93M +50,445 Recovered 879K Deaths 132K +273 if there are 2.93 million confirmed cases, and 879,000 recovered cases, and 132,000 deaths, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE "OTHER" 1,919,000 COVID CASES IN THE U.S. ??? certainly if these other confirmed caes resulted in...
  223. K

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    my source...... you'll notice i choose the least expensive 4 year option they gave. this slants the numbers as far your way as i could with a 4 year education.
  224. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    its hard to resist putting in your own .02 cents, isn't it. welcome to the debate!
  225. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    "BS without pics" if your a regular here you've seen this before, lol. but seriously, you can't expect people to give your "story" any weight for consideration if you don't share your story.
  226. K

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    i would love to see your sources for your jeff bezos claim. because my math is very different..... according to business insider mr. bezos has a net worth of 171.6 billion in 2020 i'm being generous 5% of his total net worth, including all assetts is $8,550,000,000 according to education...
  227. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    thank you for your service! i do have a question for you have witnessed things, and likely done things most have not. in defense of the constitution and the freedoms and liberties it provides all of us as citizens. how can mandating ones personal health choices be conducive to...
  228. K

    24" skipjack open

    im in hemet. i can try for pics later or tomorrow. i have it listed elsewhere also, and im getting alot of responses. not sure how long she's going to last.
  229. K

    deuce & half

    anyone want a bad ass piece of american history? you can be driving it around tonight! be the envy of all your friends and patriots. make a offer.
  230. K

    Anyone need a group 34 AGM battery?

    who did you buy it from? is warranty transferable?
  231. K

    Difference all wheel and 4x4

    im not sure what your towing, and how far, but i would stick with a 4x4. if your boats not too big, a old toyota p/u would be great.
  232. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    i'm waiting for my english lesson.
  233. K

    Bath tub regulating for a color change. Worth it?

    look up re glazing. its not paint, but removal of old ceramic, and firing of new ceramic. i used to have a customer in san berdo that did it. sorry its been 20 years, i cant remember the company name.
  234. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    i could be wrong here, but i don't think anyones for "no masks". but rather the choice to use it or not. i don't care to have the government making choices for me. those that want to wear them can, those that want to go to the beach should. and if a business asks you to, you should. or find...
  235. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    ok well heres where you have to choose a side. im of the same thinking as you, however the left is pushing gender thing, and looking to make it illegal to "misgender" someone. now i don't care if someone wants to cut their junk off and dress like a woman. doesn't bother me at all, as part of...
  236. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

  237. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    well your back in the game, awesome! since you brought it up, maybe you could take me to school on my grammar knowledge and ability. i would honestly appreciate any grammatical knowledge and ability you have to offer. thank's in advance! p.s. i think what you did there is called deflection...
  238. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    liberal was already defined in the post you quoted, leftists don't believe in capitalism, or a free market, they believe the government knows best and should regulate everything. and they attach themselves to every p.c. cause they can. they believe equality of outcome, not equality of...
  239. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    well theres a few categories, leftist, libertarian, and conservative. these are the 3 mainsteam ideologies in the US. if your libertarian, i'd think you'd want the choice, and less government in all our lives........libertarian defined. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and...
  240. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    why? nobody's threatening anyone, a few have said stuff like "dick" or "up your ass" but thats mostly the folks that lack the intellectual ability to speak, and express themselves. they get frustrated and want to silence "their" opposition. join the debate, or as you predicted "don't read the...
  241. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    so if being "conscious" is where you set your standard of life, you must support the euthanasia of anyone in a comma, right? now how about the DR. says......shes not conscious now, but theres a 99.9% chance in 9 months she will. do you still euthanize her? on a side note, look up "THE SILENT...
  242. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    do you enjoy adult beverages? you know a average of 88,000 alcohol related deaths occur every year in the US. every year! and since your such a humanitarian, and theres nothing in the constitution about rights to alcohol, certainly you'd support prohibition, and call anyone that disagrees with...
  243. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    so if its so critical and lifesaving, why has gavin newsom closed other vinyards, yet his remains open? if masks are so successful, you can wear yours, and your protected, right? why do i need to wear one? if you keep yours on, mine off will not effect you.....if you truly believe they work.
  244. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    according to the CDC, there have been 6,162 covid deaths in ca. to date. in 2018 there where 6.917 flu deaths in ca. and the "flu season" is november to may. this covid season is still being counted as this season, they didn't restart the death count in june like they have every other season...
  245. K

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    scared is what "they" want. "they" say hospital beds are 99% full. what "they" don't say is less than 1/3 of that is covid. the rest are other reasons. both wife and sister work at different hospitals, in both cases census is down (low patient count) and my wife isn't even getting all her hours...
  246. K

    What do the numbers mean?

    what they said^^^^
  247. K

    Skipjack 24 Flybridge (project) $4000 OBO

    so tommy, does this mean you not going to need what you left at my house?
  248. K

    Cracked hull repair

    40grit here on BD is a good guy.
  249. K

    How to deal with my bottom paint

    yes easy off, 3m pads, and pressure washer. use the original easy off, it works the best. also best to attack it in waves. it will not all come off with one application. do it, and then wait a couple weeks and hit it again.
  250. K

    Stern Drive Flushing Tank

    well the only question i asked was if its actually flushing, or just diluting the saltwater. as to the response of mine you quoted, it was just filled with factual information. if the facts offend your frail sensibilities, i do apologize. not for the facts, because theres no changing them, but...
  251. K

    Stern Drive Flushing Tank

    my wife uses the blue plastic drums cut in half for the horses water. most of them tend to curl up and get out of round over time. i'd suggest making a simple plug to go in the open end out of wood to help keep its shape. good luck!
  252. K

    Stern Drive Flushing Tank

    i find it hard to believe that anyone that owns a saltwater boat is worried about the cost of tap water......tap water has to be the absolute cheapest part of the equation. according to city of san diego's water billing rates effective sept. 1, 2019, one HCF (748 GALLONS) THE RATE IS $5.25 per...
  253. K

    Stern Drive Flushing Tank

    wouldn't this be more like diluting, rather than flushing?aren't you just recirculating the salt?
  254. K

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    well since helium is not a greenhouse gas, i suspect its release into the atmosphere will only dilute the affects of true greenhouse gasses, lowering the earths temperature, along with sea temperature, resulting in albacore moving in closer. so you should thank all those blue fin fisherman!:D
  255. K

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    helium price will probably not ever drop significantly, since it cannot me manufactured. whats in the ground is it for now.
  256. K

    reloading for dummies like me?

    at this point i'm not into doing custom loads and trying to finely tune a round. more about access to ammo. although i'm sure once i get into it that may change.
  257. K

    Buy or borrow hole saw?

    not sure where you're at, im in hemet, should have one in the shop.
  258. K

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    just out of curiosity, why not? its a tool to diagnose the problem. just like checking the oil for milkshake look. i've seen several times a bad head gasket not leak enough to get into the oil, it just gets burned and makes steam. its referred to as compression leak to coolant.
  259. K

    First time overnight at Catalina...

    i usually launch out of davies. avalon is closed. they will not let you in to moor, etc. i hear it may be opening friday, but this is unconfirmed. you can moor at hamilton or whites. we've anchoered at whites/ hen rock several times with good luck. but a watch should be set up for sure. both...
  260. K

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    assuming you have a closed cooling system, get one of...
  261. K

    California Mussel Sticker

    triple AAA has them.....if they're open.
  262. K

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    a few mentioned the B.O.A.T. my opinion once you slip it, and with twin diesels..... it goes to B.O.A.T.T. bust out another ten thousand.
  263. K

    YTSO this year?

    yeah i thought it might strike a chord.....
  264. K

    YTSO this year?

    what do you need, prizes? i'll donate a custom made fire pit. themed to the event, or custom made for the winner, which ever you see fit.
  265. K

    3M VHB tape for attachments

    VHB is awesome. used it alot in the past with a sign shop i fabbed for. we lost a few sign panels that where destroyed trying to remove them after not being set square. make sure you put it where you want it right the first time!
  266. K

    Sunglasses for SD waters

    maui jim world my thick skull.
  267. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    i looked pretty hard, didn't see a single mask being worn. amazing. mask being worn among themselves, only when dealing with dirty commoners.
  268. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    im not sure anyones bashing cops in general, just this asshat that wants to "fill his qouta" i'm pro LEO, BUT THIS GUYS A JERK.
  269. K

    Governor Targets Orange County

    from a article in TIME about the 20 18-2019 flu season. In total, the CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died. That’s fairly on par with a typical season, and well below the CDC’s 2017-2018 estimates...
  270. K

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    can you recommend a shop? i have family in yuma.
  271. K

    Californians,You can buy ammo online , no background check

    if i take all the 22lr, whats the best price on it as a package?
  272. K

    Going out Saturday?

    go to cat.
  273. K

    Cell service in or around Cat Harbor?

    i've got verizon, backside east end light to west end light, very limited service.
  274. K

    Where should I launch

    been working on balboa island last few days, fog reported is not b.s. if your going i launch from davies. be aware theres no fuel, or services for you there at catalina. they wont let you enter the harbor (avalon). if your planning on anything other than a day trip fishing, you should make some...
  275. K

    OR TRADE . 22 AR complete upper

    if it falls thru put me on the list.
  276. K

    Californians,You can buy ammo online , no background check

    when we can actually place an order, will someone please post it?
  277. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    please record this event and post it?:D also, anyone taking side bets on this one?
  278. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    motion sensors, seismic sensors, cameras, drones. all which need boots on the ground. basically what we had before,
  279. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    i have family in border patrol. rest assured the "wall" is helping beyond belief.
  280. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    im not sure about any of that stuff. i was working with a sign company, and the guy that got hurt was with some other crew. i think all people he was with where shady cause they all bailed on him when the accident happened. thats why i stepped in.
  281. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    nope, that was the short story. first thing i did was get him in a chair, because he turned white as casper and was on the verge of passing out. i sent one of my buddies to the truck for a first aide kit. sprayed the wound with (i don't know what its called) wound wash? wrapped it and he passed...
  282. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    about the illegals......i saw a guy on a job once that was illegal. cut himself to the bone with a grinder cut off wheel. asked him about if he had insurance, where he wanted me to take him etc. he told me the county E.R. HE HAD NO INSURANCE BUT KNEW THEY'D TREAT HIM AND HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY...
  283. K

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    the trouble is that most medical innovations come as a result of profit incentive. remove the incentive of money, you've removed "progress". how many new drugs or medical procedures or equipment come out of costa rica? i'm guessing little to none.
  284. K

    reloading for dummies like me?

    i'm seriously considering getting into reloading. never done it, i don't have a clue. i don't mind spending the money for good equipment, but don't even know where to start. dillon seems to be a big name. i want it as simple as it can be. looking mostly for NATO calibers, and eventually large...
  285. K

    very big anchor

    100 bucks big ass anchor.
  286. K

    Offshore a little birdie told me......

    a little birdie told me...... BFT 6 miles off backside of SCI. second hand info, take it as you like.
  287. K

    Air guns for big game

    my 10/22 wont cycle them. i wish it did.
  288. K

    Air guns for big game

    i bought a gamo URBAN 22 from a member here. sweet deal and the thing drops rabbits and ground squirrels where they stand. its a bolt gun with a 10 rd. mag. accurate, quite and hits em hard.
  289. K

    The day is fast approaching...

    im no rosiefan, but man that 's gotta sting!
  290. K

    The day is fast approaching...

    until they get sued for rushing to market unreliable tests. theres a reason it takes 18 months to get this kind of stuff. nobody wants to get sued, so they must do their due diligence and limit liability.
  291. K

    The day is fast approaching...

    how many people have died of the seasonal flu this year? i think you'll find the numbers (deaths) reported for the "seasonal flu" have fallen off this year..........
  292. K

    The day is fast approaching...

    all i can offer is that my wife is a nurse. shes being sent home early or called off all together because of low patient count. her hospital doesn't have enough patients of any kind to maintain a regular staff. and one other note. nobody can deny that theres alot of political posturing going...
  293. K

    Bottom paint re move?

    i used the good ol easy off. the new scented, or less toxic ones worked "less" as you might expect. i did it on a 1969 tolleycraft. it did nothing i could see to the gelcoat. i would suggest trying a small area on the very bottom first. to see how it works, and if it does anything to the...
  294. K

    Bottom paint re move?

    i used easy off oven cleaner, very coarse steel wool, rubber gloves, saftey glasses and a pressure washer. was alot of work but it did the trick.
  295. K

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    i have had the need to call vessel assist on more than one occasion, and i've never been less than 20' away. tow boat arrives, he tosses a rope, i hook it up, and he tows. all while giving instructions over the radio. i still don't get how this particular activity puts anyone in danger. i am...
  296. K

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    i carry these products with me. gas pump, handled. pay kiosk at ramp, handled. and i will say by using the MICROBAN PRODUCT I'M ACTUALLY HELPING OTHERS..... not only does it kill corona virus, but it keeps killing it for 24 hours after application. i have cases of this stuff. don't get me...
  297. K

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    so i guess thats a big no on the sarcasm. perhaps you can help me better understand how i am a threat, or in danger myself more on my own boat, compared to going to the store. i can go on my own boat and never get as close to another human as i would by going grocery shopping.
  298. K

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    i don't know how anyone else does it, but i can go fishing and always be further away from other people than i would be at the store. in fact fishing is a great excuse to get away from others.
  299. K

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    are you being sarcastic?
  300. K

    Best Fuel Stabilizer

    usually i go with stabil marine, but i just picked up some of the chevron brand on sale at auto zone, buy one, get one free.
  301. K

    Toilet Paper Craziness in Hawaii - Again!

    i just installed my TOTO WASHLET tonight. heated seat, built in de-odorizer, built in water heater, warm air blow dry. and self will change your life!
  302. K

    Hydraulic fluid

    hey bob, i'll take it if you still got it. maybe you can bring it by when we do the skippy shuffle.
  303. K

    sharing what seems like a decent deal.

    not mine, not affiliated in any way. just thought there may be someone here that would like this.
  304. K

    Commercial SS Sink

    i'll take it.
  305. K

    Commercial SS Sink

    i'll take it! when/ where?
  306. K

    Diamond plate aluminum flooring

    i only mentioned it being hot because thats the only side of the equation that would matter to most. if its cold enough outside that a "cold" deck would be a concern, i just assumed passengers would likely have shoes on. however when its hot, alot of folks like to be barefoot. so the heat would...
  307. K

    Broken Screw

    if you have a dremel tool, get a tiny cut off wheel for it, and slice the top of the screw across the center. use a flathead to remove.
  308. K

    Commercial SS Sink

    whats the dimensions?
  309. K

    Diamond plate aluminum flooring

    i would think it would get hot.
  310. K

    empty store shelves

    check out amazons price on lysol......holy s&!t
  311. K

    Don't vote ********.

    thats usually what happens.
  312. K

    no trespassing!

    yes a cnc plasma. its fun!
  313. K

    Don't vote ********.

    my hope is to get people to think. i know i'm asking alot but if i can get people i talk to, to remove emotion, and knee jerk reactions many start to realize "things" arent what they've been told by tv. or out of context sound bites. some just never answer or offer specific information to...
  314. K

    Don't vote ********.

    i think your close, but my best guess would be michele obama as vp, and if they won they'd use the 25th amendment to put ol' joe out, and her in. the first black, female pres. a leftist wet dream. "she" would have a better following, with hillary comes some baggage.
  315. K

    empty store shelves

    i won't stop needing TP til im dead, and hopefully that will be a while!
  316. K

    empty store shelves

    my wife has a friend that works at poway costco, people in line this morning for these items.
  317. K

    empty store shelves

    im all good. i try to be prepared before a need arises. just got off the phone with a friend that lives in avalon. their resources are depleted, no bottled water, no disinfectants, almost out of TP. and can't get anymore.
  318. K

    empty store shelves

    saw a report on the news about people buying up lysol, toilet paper, and bottled water. i couldn't believe it, so i went to walmart to check it out. sure enough, all disinfectants.....GONE! ALMOST ALL THE TOILET PAPER........GONE! WITH NOTHING TO RESTOCK THE SHELVES WITH. you all may want to...
  319. K

    Don't vote ********.

    looks like this thread is getting sideways.
  320. K

    Don't vote ********.

    its a moot argument. doesnt matter who pays for it up front, the end user always pays for it. if you make fish hooks and sell them for a dollar each. and then they ad a .10 cent tax, you pass it along as "cost" of doing business to the next person in the retail chain. yes, it has the primary...
  321. K

    Don't vote ********.

    well you've made a case for him being a personality you'd do care for. i somewhat agree. however you also mentioned that he has not " really doesn't accomplish anything that he promised". this is what im more interested far as i know he's fulfilled, and surpassed many of his promises...
  322. K

    Don't vote ********.

    i'll agree trump says some crazy shit, is not a silver tongued devil like previous politicians. but i'd like to hear what actual policies he has implemented that are bad? your points..... narcisstic........having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance. i...
  323. K

    Don't vote ********.

    i don't mean to call you out, but this confuses me? you don't like what dems do on a local level, but you vote for the same agenda on a federal level? this makes no sense to me. i'd like to better understand this line of thinking.
  324. K

    no trespassing!

    ahhhh, cement shoes, classic!
  325. K

    no trespassing!

    i spent way too much time on my ass today, driving to and fro on the 91, rubbing elbows with customers, etc. i didn't produce anything today. feeling useless, restless, and unproductive, i headed out to the shop after dinner to work on my no trespassing sign. i'd mentioned it before, thought i'd...
  326. K

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    one thing that messed me up at first was i had a high spot in one of my hoses. make sure your hoses run uphill towards the helm. otherwise air will get trapped at any high spot.
  327. K

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    this is how i did mine. easy!
  328. K

    Adding windlass to older boat?

    karlow is right, you need more depth than you might think to the locker. i made this for mine out of 1/4" aluminum. added a seat on top, which also can hold gas cans, or my diving compressor. i was having trouble with the rode knotting up, tangling, etc. this has cured that problem.
  329. K

    BD wheelin party?

    he's in oregon now, moved away shortly after that day. he'll be in town this weekend.
  330. K

    House and or boat in Baja

    do you drive down, or fly?
  331. K

    Sat phone from madrugador

    whats needed to make it operate? do you have to buy a plan for time? etc.
  332. K

    Wrap or Paint which is it

    just slap a BD sticker over the rash.
  333. K

    BD wheelin party?

    our trucks make better anchors than mud boggers. i had fun regardless!!!
  334. K

    BD wheelin party?

    i just saw this thread, was this the day you called me to get you outta the mud?
  335. K

    any early bronco owners here?

    thank's guys, appreciate it, keep it flowing! looks like theres a "club" (EARLY BRONCO REGISTRY) that meets in SD every month. we may go down and check it out.
  336. K

    Quick bug run

    with as much as you go out look into a ace line hauler, its real nice!
  337. K

    any early bronco owners here?

    my son and i started working on his 71 bronco my dad left for him. been sitting behind my shop for over 10 years now. he's into it, and doing almost everything himself with my direction. he's starting to realize that they don't actually restore a car in a hour long tv show. dropped one tank...
  338. K

    Toy Hauler for sale

    you still got it?
  339. K

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end
  340. K

    Skipjack 24 Open or Similar

    bob is correct. i have a 24 open in my yard. twin volvos (inline 6 cylinders) that are of unknown condition. need work i'd bet. but i'd pull both motors and drives to sell for parts (i'll pull and keep motors/ drives for a better price for you) that way you'd have a blank slate to start with. if...
  341. K

    What the?

    3d parallel parking, underwater no less, truly a master.
  342. K

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    well i can tell you the typical line of thinking is you'll bring cali politics with you. STICKBASS rest assured, bob will fit right in.
  343. K

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    is this for real???
  344. K

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    sorry, couldn't help myself.
  345. K

    capsized whaler in newport harbor??

    i've been working on balboa island lately, saw a little whaler center console capsized on its mooring. im guessing maybe sealions climbed aboard? sea tow worked for a few hours to get it righted and pumped out. anyone we know on BD?
  346. K

    Who was the idiot that broke his trailer?

    changing axle types will likely lower ride height a bit, maybe a inch or 2 (hard to tell from here). fenders may have to raised to account for this. also with out the drop axle your boats keel may be a problem. your trailer as built allows for the widest range of use by different boats.
  347. K

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    yeah i want to get rid of the flybridge also. (not yours) the one i went in on with tommy. i don't have time to use the boat that's ready to use, let alone working on projects. need to thin the herd, and spend more time enjoying what i have.
  348. K

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    you need 2 boats. a lake boat and a ocean boat. if you are mechanical, and would be into a project ocean boat, i have a skipjack 24'open with twin volvo's in it that need work. make you a sweet deal on.
  349. K

    50cc minibike

    not a 50, but looks like a clean old school mini bike. not mine, nor am i affiliated.
  350. K

    Lobster Davit

    i used to make them, let me see if i have any in storage. if i do i'll put a pic up tomorrow.
  351. K

    12-21-2019 Trailer lights HELP!!!!

    if your tow vehicle is a ford truck, you may have separate fuses for the trailer. mine are under the hood.
  352. K

    Instrument Switch Recommendations

    i used these.....built in fuses for each switch. really like them. i want to say they've been in the boat for 3 years now. no trouble. led in the switch goes from green to red when off or on.
  353. K

    green boat?

    agreed, thats why i was surprised to see it vanish. must have went sideways.
  354. K

    green boat?

    became invisible thread. did it become uncivil?
  355. K

    Repair for Aluminum T-Top - San Diego

    find someone that understands whats happening. its cracking at or near the welds because of the Heat Affected Zone from welding. need to use a penetrant dye crack detecting system to identify the end of the cracks. often a crack runs well beyond where you think it does. drill the end of the...
  356. K

    visiting Catalina by boat first time

    im not much into tourist type stuff myself, but the casino tour was really neat. after the tour i look at that building completely differently. also im not one to go to the "movies", however that theater is kick ass.....not modern and techy, but old school art deco. its just awesome, and if you...
  357. K

    Trying to move down south?

    i mention work only because i assume you will be making more trips to work a month than you will the beach. but good luck! having family close is a great resource to have.
  358. K

    Trying to move down south?

    are you going to be working? if yes do you have a job lined up already? if not than consider moving inland a bit more. temecula, murrietta, menifee. you can find what your looking for except proximity to the beach. from those areas less than a hour to oceanside or dana point.
  359. K

    Islands visible from shore

    great place to camp!! unfortunately my contact that got us in there has been in bad health the last few years.
  360. K

    Fibergalss Help.

    thats what i was thinking. seems like skippys are heavy at the stern, wouldn't removing the forward weight add to this problem? just thinking out loud.
  361. K

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    hey bob, if your ever down menifee/ or temecula way stop in to this place...... they make sausages on site, and carry some amazing meats. even have WAGYU BEEF.
  362. K

    Maui Jims Model Help!

    look at the world cup models in marlin or mahi mahi. those me it.
  363. K

    SaltAway vs White vinegar

    while im not certain, i believe oxyclean is a alkaline based oxidizer. i know when i have art projects i need to get rusty fast, i use bleach. (bleach is also a oxidizer) i can get a brand new piece of steel looking 100 years old in hours. you may want to research it further. when it comes to...
  364. K

    Golf Course bassin' in Palm Springs, CA

    do they allow fishing there? just curious because i know where that is. easy trip for me to a Classic spot.
  365. K

    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?

    i have a set of cannons im going to sell, i got fuji's now.
  366. K

    Autopilot choice recommendation

    i would convert to hydraulic. its not hard and will be a huge improvement. when i researched my purchase a few years ago what i learned is that with cable steer there is slop in the system, so pilot tends to wander about. also in case of emergency maneuvers were needed, with hydraulic your still...
  367. K

    Broadbills Exist

    im sure it will. just as the cow tuna in your avatar must have.:D
  368. K

    Asking for recommendations for rod purchase for beginners

    no biggie, just didnt want you to think i was being self serving. aside from trolling, what advantages are their for the conventional reels? alot of the newer spinners have a ton of drag, and i think most would agree cast better. if i havent thought this through fully i sure would like to figure...
  369. K

    Asking for recommendations for rod purchase for beginners

    i wasnt trying to sell you anything. just sharing my experiences.
  370. K

    Asking for recommendations for rod purchase for beginners

    are you looking at conventional or spinners? i ask because i will be slowly phasing out conventional gear i have for spinners. im tired of dealing with backlashing beginners when i bring out new people. spinners are less frustrating for me, and more fun for the beginners using them.
  371. K

    Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal

    i'll take it if you can wait til i'm back in sd for work. i have a small job near miramar coming up.
  372. K

    Honda XR650R up for grabs!

    well the old motor aint gonna take itself out.
  373. K

    Honda XR650R up for grabs!

    i love my xr600 bob. no better dirt bike for a big guy, than big red pigs.
  374. K

    deuce & half

    no offers??? not even any lowballers?
  375. K

    deuce & half

    i dont think it will, truck weight is about 13,500. so that alone should exempt it, since the 14,000 lb. is the starting point. also its age.... its a 1967 or 68 (don't have the title in front of me) and this is not used for commercial purposes. even if they continue to press it......there is...
  376. K

    deuce & half

    be the first on your block to own one!! make a offer
  377. K

    Offshore Props to the Native Sun

    when people talk about tipping on boats.....THIS IS TIP WORTHY!!!!
  378. K

    Adding tower

    is it because the weld burns away the clear anodizing? i've noticed the HAZ always looks oxidized.
  379. K

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    my merc is this way also. stainless tube.
  380. K

    deuce & half

    heck of a first car, mine was a vw bug.
  381. K

    deuce & half

    Yeah thanks guys .the boy was talking to get to working on the bronco. The deuce is cool. But bringing my dad's old bronco back to life will be lots of fun.
  382. K

    deuce & half

    ok, picked this up a few months ago, worked on it with my son, got it running, drove around a bit, and now we want to do another project. we steam cleaned out the fuel tank, changed all the fluids except coolant. and worked on the lights, installed 2 new batteries. starts, runs, and drives. has...
  383. K

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    go to the east end of catalina, and head south east.
  384. K

    Outdrive trim/tilt pump

    if your looking for trim tabs i have a buddy with a brand new set of lenco electric ones, with the automatic trim feature. they are on the boat but never in the water. he quit this project and bought a big boat.
  385. K

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    not fuel hose from auto parts store either. you need coast guard approved fuel line.
  386. K

    Tuna on whales?

    give him a break guys, he's Canadian. :D
  387. K

    anyone know the owner of the "LADY A " in dana point??

    bought a couple seadoos and took them to DP for a shake down. cruised the harbor and see a boat, the LADY A, with sea lions taking up residence on the swim deck. big ones, shitting everywhere. wont be long before real damage is done. if you know the owner let them know.
  388. K

    plans for redoing my boat

    im offended!:D
  389. K

    How rare is this

  390. K

    10-20-2019 Pipe, Mussle Farm, 9 mile and 150

    is there a 9 mile bank near LA?
  391. K

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    5 per person, maximum 10 per boat.
  392. K

    Boating etiquette

    sounds like you have a sense of whats right or wrong. i both fish rod and reel and dive. i would never pull up to guys fishing rod and reel and get in the water. i would try to ask them and wait til they're done. when im fishing and divers just run up on me and jump in the water, i pull in the...
  393. K

    Replacing My Skipjack Sport Cruiser engine

    i have a 383 in my boat, amazing difference for me. i spent alot of time researching to educate myself, then went around asking builders a few questions. most builders know car stuff, and a boat powerplant is a different animal. i finally found my guy when he knew what a "quench" build was. this...
  394. K

    Offshore Actual 40 pound tuna .

    sounds like true love!!:D
  395. K


    mine will be a little different.....will be cutting out out of steel and will be something like this... "thieves and bad guys be warned i have a rifle and a backhoe i know how use them both if you can read this, you are...
  396. K

    Bottom Paint Removal-So Cal Recomm. Needed

    on my first boat i took on this challenge head on......what i learned.....what worked best for me was easy off oven cleaner, long heavy duty rubber gloves, and the big curly stainless steel wool. spray a area, scrub the crap out of it, let it sit for a bit, and pressure wash of. it was alot of...
  397. K

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    so your boats for sale?
  398. K

    offroad event this weekend

    just putting it out there....great event, good people, some great prizes, and fun for the whole family.
  399. K

    Stringari Project. Was it an IB to OB conversion?

    conversion to outboard(s) is common. companies like ARMSTRONG make "brackets" to do this.
  400. K

    any other Deuce owners here?

    i think its a pick up thing. r.v is registered as a rv, truck as a truck. i have alot of customers selling off their fleets because the state will not let them be registered.
  401. K

    any other Deuce owners here?

    im not 100% on this, but i don't think that will work for f450 or bigger. i know i've heard of guys doing that on the smaller trucks.
  402. K

    any other Deuce owners here?

    i'll take one of each please!
  403. K

    any other Deuce owners here?

    pics of the beast.....
  404. K

    any other Deuce owners here?

    dmv didn't mention anything about it. i guess i'll find out. good news is if they do try that crap, i'll register it as historical vehicle.
  405. K

    any other Deuce owners here?

    picked up a 1967 kaiser m35a2 (deuce and a half) from a storage yard lien sale. happened upon it by chance, my son (13) saw one parked in someones yard and got excited about it. so when this one was literally dropped in my lap, had to get it. a deal was struck, truck was not running, had...
  406. K

    Need a New Kite Reel?

    1 bad review, it claimed defects in anodized finish. item was returned, money refunded....order it! if you don't like it or feel like you got scammed amazon will return your $$$
  407. K

    Friendly Reminder

    i've never crowded another boat, if a drift gets sideways i'll move. i have however had big sporties roll right up on me.
  408. K

    Small smoker for beginners

    do you want to tend the thing, watching temps, adding fuel etc.? or would you like more of a set it and forget it type? i've been through a few, was very happy with the masterbuilt vertical electric (wood chips), and now have a "copperhead" vertical electric that uses pellets......this one is...
  409. K

    C. list adds,,

    yes they are wanting to charge for car sales now. post it in a different section, like "tools" or heavy equiptment, etc.
  410. K

    Helium Tank Wanted.

    there are several in the inland empire on craigs list
  411. K

    Looking for fiberglass pros to fix my boat

    "40 grit" on here is a good guy. his shop is in santa ana i think.
  412. K

    Saturated flotation foam.

    if you can attach fittings to the holes and draw a vacuum water will boil (turn to vapor) at 72 degrees f. at 29.9 inches of mercury. you won't achieve that much vacuum, but it may help. harbor freight sells vacuum pumps....
  413. K

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    congrats!!!! i'd like to know what flouro and what knots.
  414. K

    Who can make this?

    do you have a set to copy, or do you just have pics?
  415. K

    Who can make this?

    if you know who makes them, why not get them from that company?
  416. K


    you can always ignore the content you don't want to see.
  417. K


    whats the category that this thread is posted in?
  418. K


    "actually pretty good"????? in 2015 the death rate by gun in mexico was 6.34 per 100,000 population.......while in the same year the death rate in the US was......4.46 per 100,000 population........i'd love to know what you base your opinion on?
  419. K


    from the top down in california....ever hear of Diane fienstien? "mr. and mrs. america.....turn them all in" she learned back then that she couldn't take them all at once. so know the strategy is to regulate and remove one piece at a time......its working.
  420. K


    a incident that many never heard of in texas there was a mass shooting, stopped by a citizen with a rifle. for the most part incidents like these are not reported by mainstream media because it does not fit their narrative. for those that don't know........goggle steven wiliford.
  421. K


    not sure what survey your referring too, and your wrong. because essentially what your asking for is a ban on all semi auto's with detachable magazines. and your also wrong to assume it will stop anything. the numbers tell a much different story.......see above. almost twice as many people...
  422. K

    Offshore My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    seminar is good! i recommend it for anyone looking at learning more. i have yet to get the chance to try out what i learned, soon, i hope!
  423. K

    Catalina Island Advice

    i would do dana point or long beach. as far as fishing goes it depends what your after, your range, etc. in all honesty i've never launched at newport, but only because i was told by several that it sucked. long ways out of the harbor.
  424. K

    camping stuff

    heres the pic of rod tube
  425. K

    camping stuff

    going through some of my dads stuff he bought for his retirement adventures that never really came to be. stuff is used, but barely. the storage bags are rough, but the actual items are in good shape. camp stove, folds out, has the side tables and windscreen. 2 propane 60k btu burners.$100.00...
  426. K

    House Battery Q&A

    i went to a pair of 6 volts AGM's wired in it!
  427. K

    Grunion run?

    we've had good luck at doheny. its a amazing site.
  428. K

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    another consideration is i'd bet they are going to have to be done to fit the individual opening. what are the chances that the boat hull is the same thickness everywhere?
  429. K

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    im in hemet, but your welcome to come use my manual mill. you can do the work, all i'd ask is that you cover cost of broken tooling, lubricants, etc. if this were me, i would get it close with a grinder, then mill it to finished height..... and plan on being here longer than a hour.....
  430. K

    recommendations on spinning gear

    hello, im thinking of getting a few spinning set ups for inexperienced guests on my boat. backlashes suck!! any thoughts on a decent set up? both rod and reel? thank's!
  431. K

    The morning after a hot tuna bite

    i know its a ways from you SD folk......but perris raceway is still doing it. and on a figure 8!!! my son and i are looking for cheap running car to go race with.
  432. K

    Who can make this?

    i was kinda thinking OB brackets also......would be much better tied together as one unit. wider footprint to distribute the load.
  433. K

    Who can make this?

    just curious, what are they?
  434. K

    Furuno Complete Retrofit - Video Documentary

    looks like your a furuno salesman? you should ask about becoming a paid advertiser.
  435. K

    Suggestions for a fishing vacation

    i hear they're catching albies in washi.....
  436. K

    cheap running car/ truck

    hey bob, what you have seems like a fair price, but i think we'd rather have something that reqiured less work to get going. we're going to keep this as a option though. don't hold them for me.....if you have a chance to sell them, sell em!
  437. K

    cheap running car/ truck

    what do you want for it? i say cheap because the racing we want to do is full contact, and the last race of the night involves hitting obstacles like drums full of water, jet ski's and boat hulls. car will likely be destroyed by the end of the night.
  438. K

    cheap running car/ truck

    do you still have it? how much? don't pay the going to use it in demo racing. (full contact dirt track racing) no tags needed. no smog needed either.
  439. K

    Offshore taking a poll

    if going home with fish is the goal, its cheaper to buy your fish at the market. people go fishing for the experience, the primal experience of catching ones own food, and providing to ones family that makes the inner caveman in all of us tingle. taking home fish that another man caught on a...
  440. K

    Boat Market getting soft

    work ethic has alot to do with it. you are right the "middle class" is being redefined. long gone are the days of ward and june cleaver. single income, 40 hour weeks. people thinking they deserve more than they do. and to define that nobody deserves any more than they can pay for, in cash...
  441. K

    Box anchor / Slide anchor

    the idea was when i bought my anchor, i wanted the most versitile one i could find. i bought a bruce.
  442. K

    WTB autopilot rotary system for 23ft sportfisher

    i went to hydraulic steering on my boat, a huge improvement!
  443. K

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    i think trex would work, just back it with a piece of steel flat bar. or channel.
  444. K

    cheap running car/ truck

    im sure we coulda paid you more. anyone else got a running car thats tags, no problem. doesn't pass smog, perfect! back fees.....not a issue.
  445. K

    cheap running car/ truck

    just curious what did you get for it?
  446. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    and you will also learn is that you are much more likely to get shot if you are a black man, and you are also more likely to be shot by a black man. if anyone really wants to save lives, go after alcohol. kills way more than guns in the US. and to add to that, drugs.......they are already...
  447. K

    Cable Steer Autopilot Help

    when i researched this for my boat, heard alot of negatives of cable A/P's. notably was you can't overpower them to make emergency maneuvers. the other biggie for me was that they wander back and fourth alot, due to play in the system. thats what i was told about them, no personal experience. i...
  448. K

    advice: looking to buy a family friendly fishing boat

    a toilet. women love that.
  449. K

    Boat Market getting soft

    its just like a baseball card. some value book my say a card is worth a million dollars, but its only worth what somebody will pay.
  450. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    we don't need anymore regulation. we need to start enforcing laws already on the books. no more deals, no more second and third chances. check out the graph, far right is murder rate by gun per 100,000 a fair comparison....please check it out. states with the most restrictive...
  451. K

    Personal Watercraft (Jetski) Recommendations?

    i know you said used, but the used market is strong, and pricing not very favorable. the seadoo is pretty nice. closed cooling system, electronics, cooler, etc right off the showroom floor. and the hull is supposed to be super stable.
  452. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    in fact as i understand it, if you carry in AZ. you are required by law to keep the weapon loaded.
  453. K

    anybody seen the tranny playmate ???

    wasn't john, its a new guy. john moved to oregon with his girlfriend a while back. but yeah, john might have.
  454. K

    anybody seen the tranny playmate ???

    yep. playboys first trans. playmate.
  455. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    a very reasonable response......please do give it thought and research. i can tell you my method is to look for information that supports my opinions, but more importantly is to check out what detractors have to say on the matter. both sides of a argument and i only consider factual info. if i...
  456. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

  457. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

  458. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    im not offended in any way or anything. i think we agree across the board. i was just letting you know a bit about me, and me not having a religious background, i hope it gives my positions a bit more credibility, since they are not tied to emotional or religious values dictated by others. i am...
  459. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    im very curious about your position on this. even with the super lax requirements you site to open carry, or conceal carry, why do you think this is a problem? im not sure i've heard of a incident of anyone legally doing either of those things that have been a problem. am i missing something and...
  460. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    well im on board with all that but #6......not really a religious guy. i try to express my views on matters like this without attacking or assigning blame. from a place of reason and fact, and without religious or racial bias. largely unsuccessful.
  461. K

    anybody seen the tranny playmate ???

    just wondering what the peanut gallery thinks. not for me personally,( i like my women to be female) but one of the guys i work with says he'd hit it, even knowing whats up.
  462. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    im all ears do we do it?
  463. K

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    my kids and i would dig the orcas.....can you keep me in the loop if you see them again??? please pm me!!!! i love that shit.
  464. K

    cheap running car/ truck

    my son wants to build a demo-cross car with me. so we are looking for a cheap car or truck that runs, but maybe it looks like shit, has back dmv fees, or maybe won't pass smog. we just need it running and cheap. anyone got anything????
  465. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    california has a very clear objective. the left has a different strategy now, take them a few at a time. not all at once......its working.
  466. K

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    no sir. he never hit me up to do it. i've been thinking about a shark dive trip again myself. the trips to GUADALUPE are supposed be awesome, but very pricey. i just keep playing the lotto, maybe someday.
  467. K

    Tackle Shop Getting Closed Down By The City

    probably the same sheet they get property tax evaluations from. if this kind of shit was happening 250 years ago citizens would already be pushing back with hot lead......
  468. K

    Tackle Shop Getting Closed Down By The City

    is the city run by the mob? why are they getting a percentage of profits and not rent for space? seems crooked to me.
  469. K

    Offshore 7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    very nice, congrats!!!:appl: your day was way better than mine.
  470. K

    RGB underwater transom lights

    don't mean to lowball you, its just budget a player at 450.00 for the 4. if not i understand. and we'd probably need to meet in the middle somewhere, im slammed with work right now. let me know.
  471. K

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    pressurizing is easy, and not very expensive, well for me anyway. i made the lid, i had some 14g stainless scrap at the shop. cut, bend and weld the corners. got some acrylic from lowes for the window. used all thread with nylocks to make the hinge, latch is 10 bucks at west marine. its like...
  472. K

    Help with boat club in huntington beach

    the reason i asked is initial cost plus membership is at 7200.00 for a year. not including gas, etc. a guy could take the ferry for 40 bucks round trip and camp, and rent a skiff, kayak, etc. and probably be ahead. or go put 3k down on a PWC with monthly payments less than your monthly...
  473. K

    fun night out tonight

    our second time out, was a blast!!! a few friends and their kids came out too. everyone loved it. my son has asked if we can build a demo-cross car if anyone has a car that runs but maybe has back dmv fees, or maybe wont pass smog, for very cheap please let me know. i'd prefer a...
  474. K

    Help with boat club in huntington beach

    what does this boat club cost? and whats included? can you overnight at cat on them?
  475. K

    Help with boat club in huntington beach

    if you added horsepower, your prop needs will likely change. do you know your wide open throttle rpms now? with the boat loaded the way you typically would have it? and do you know what your engines WOT is supposed to be? never mind, i thought you re-powered. just noticed you got a bigger boat.
  476. K

    Help with boat club in huntington beach

    did you re-prop?
  477. K

    Help with boat club in huntington beach

    ^^^probably pretty close, as long as you cruise. high speed runs will drink gasoline.
  478. K

    Boat Market getting soft

    sounds like your the type of guy that gets fired in that scenario..... how much would you pay me to clean your boat?
  479. K

    Boat Market getting soft

    its called work ethic. when he, like everybody, was hired, he agreed to do a job "x" in exchange for wage "y". he clearly wasn't a go getter, he cruised along. knowing he could work harder, get in the mix more trying to learn other aspects of the job, etc. then offers to perform better for more...
  480. K

    fun night out tonight

    i know alot of you guys are not in my area, but thought i'd put it up anyway. going to the races at perris speedway tonight. its fun, kids dig it too. figure 8, figure 8 with trailers, double deckers (a car on top of another car, one guy steers, the other has the gas/ brake. and demo-cross, they...
  481. K

    Auto merger

    i thought about sharing this with my wife.... then i came to my senses. visions of her airbags going off and me left bruised, disorientated, with black eyes.
  482. K

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    no biggie,i just didnt want the OP to think mooring was a option there.
  483. K

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    for me its the colors. they even have a semi circular logo.....
  484. K

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    not at the location he wants to camp at.
  485. K

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    yeah i was being sarcastic. if you made those kind of "errors" on your taxes they would lock you up, and extort interest and penalties from you. we are on the slippery slope now.
  486. K

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    too bad all the errors made were in their favor.....probably not a mistake.
  487. K

    question about ski's???

    just family fun.
  488. K

    question about ski's???

    the sea doo was a gti130. the yamaha im not about, but it was a rental so it was at the lower end im sure. it didn't have R.I.D.E. on it. i think im going with the gti 130's. found some brand new ones for 8799.
  489. K

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    "dealing with the government for docs is an maddening" exactly my point. if there are people that arent required to pay for it, let them show proof of residency or whatever to get a discount. and whichever agency collects the money, can disburse it to the other agency. im just looking to...
  490. K

    please delete thank you

    check the link again, theres more on there. a pair for $816 right now.
  491. K

    Whats up with the ads?

    im no tech guy, but i think it tracks what kind of searches you do, and content you view, then tries to put advertisements that are relevant to your interests......
  492. K

    Where to buy helium in SD?

    any welding supply. the walmart stuff and similar is diluted and doesn't float well.
  493. K

    Do yellowtail eat the chunk?

    i think so. i got spooled at cat. east end a season or so ago. never saw the fish but it ran and pulled like a yellow.
  494. K

    Boat Market getting soft

    i've been working since i was 15, and every job i've ever had i looked at though the eyes of the owners. i wanted to learn everyone's job in the business. i was there to make money, not friends. so i wasn't very popular with other employees, because my goal was to learn their job, and do it...
  495. K

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    apples and activity vs. illegal activity. and i think the point is that its frustrating trying to comply with all the different requirements. if the annual permit or bracelet is 20 bucks.....why not just raise the mex lic. by 20 bucks??? eveybody that buys a lic. is covered...
  496. K

    Salt Fever

    video post jan 2019.....after upgrades i assume???
  497. K

    Fish hook removal

    these guys show it for real, in his arm......
  498. K

    talica for sale

    never mind, i just realized its not the deal i thought it was.....
  499. K

    talica for sale

    not mine, just saw it on craigslist. if anyones interested.
  500. K

    Killing Skunks...Talk to ‘em like a prom date

    pretty sure the "spray" is not water soluble. will likely leave a nasty slick in your pool when he lets er rip.
  501. K

    Need a place to leave my car for a month.

    bobs got room and so do i. but we are not close.
  502. K

    Killing Skunks...Talk to ‘em like a prom date

    if you use a live trap it will like spray when you shoot it. what i heard is to get a tote from walmart that will cover the trap when turned upside down. rig it with a rope and pulley above the trap. once the stinky little fucker is in there, you can lower the tote over the trap. then i heard...
  503. K

    please delete thank you

    hey gary, amazon warehouse theres a set with minor cosmetic damage for $824.....this is where i got mine. mine was missing the 4 AA batteries and was listed as "missing parts" and minor cosmetic damage. worst case is you return them if they are beat up bad...
  504. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    hope your friends are ok! they should give them a medal and have a parade in their honor. makes me wonder if one could sue the government if they couldn't access their legally stored firearm in time to defend themselves.
  505. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    so you think what happen is ok? you think its ok for LAW ENFORCEMENT to question a 13 year old without the knowledge, or permission of a parent or at least have someone advocating for them present? remember now, this was all because he received a message on the school supplied computer and...
  506. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    imagine how a kid would feel if their parent got in legal trouble for saying the wrong thing to the wrong adult. our state government at every level is actively looking to identify and document people that are "right" minded, and now using our kids to do it.
  507. K

    question about ski's???

    hello i've been tossing around the idea of buying watercraft for the family. a pair. curious about which brand, model is the most dependable, the least amount of scheduled maintenance, and the most stable. wife really wants stability. im not wanting a hot rod, supercharged or stuff like that. i...
  508. K

    24' boat to Catalina

    boat size is fine, boat design has a bit to be desired. most important factors conditions, captains experience offshore, and how the boat is rigged. does it have a proper vhf radio? can he navigate? have a chartplotter or gps? a app on your phone does not count, since its only...
  509. K

    Secure gun storage now a law

    not sure he does. otherwise why would he have wrote it? his idea is that if your not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. recently i did nothing wrong, but CPS and SHERIFF interviewed my kids outside my presence and without any adult advocate for them and came to my home for...
  510. K

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    i bought my 01 4 door f250 4x4 , 7.3l for $6200. rebuilt the turbo, did a few upgrades and all is good. already bullet proof.
  511. K

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    BS without pics of vagina hat:D
  512. K

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    i bring dog treats,(for his dogs) seems to lighten him up a bit.
  513. K

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    im certainly no internet hero, but i do much did you spend on all those filters, tuners, egr valves, and bulletproofing? seems like a guy could just use that money to buy a truck that is reliable without all that stuff.
  514. K

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    did the guy working the dock serve him before others in line? if yes shame on him also, he should be looking out for all his customers. and also to just maintain order. otherwise it will be anarchy!!
  515. K

    RGB underwater transom lights

    how long are the cables?
  516. K

    RGB underwater transom lights

    do they require a controller or special switch?
  517. K

    Radar Stand

    how tall?
  518. K

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    i have a set of blue and red for sale......legit light bar, not a fake.
  519. K

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    same could be said about boat ownership......i was told a long time ago that " if it floats, flys, or fucks.......its cheaper to rent it than it is to own" im inclined to believe this.
  520. K

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    it means leaving your truck at a shop for about a month, and dropping 8-10k. trying to fix design problems from the factory.
  521. K

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    i have a buddy thinking of selling his excursion with a bullet proofed motor. bullet proof done about 4 months ago
  522. K

    Inshore mako

    remember the kids shark diving in the cage made from PVC pipe?
  523. K

    Metal Fabricator Needed

    i bought a set up that looked alot like that from lowes or home depot a few years ago. might be cheaper/ easier to buy one and modify it if needed to fit your application. i was leary at first but that thing would spin a turkey no problem. not what you were asking for but maybe helped??
  524. K

    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    i found a bosch sensor with built in heater. the getting it under load part is what i need to do. just talked to the boat shop next door and his dyno is good only up to 260 hp. he's afraid i'll damage it.
  525. K

    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    yes i know water will kill the sensor immediately. last week when i had the boat out i had a pipe plug vibrate out of the manifold. i thought all those plugs where in water jackets, but this one is only exposed to exhaust. just came in from my shop machining a adapter that goes from 1/2" pipe to...
  526. K

    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    AS TITLE seems like im running rich. i found a bunch of info on tuning cars, but curious how it translates into a boat? i've got a mercruiser bravo 2, custom built 383. carb is a edelbrock 1409, and i have the tuning kit for it, springs, rods etc. exhaust smells very rich, and fuel...
  527. K

    Teach a man to fish...

    which one are you selling?
  528. K

    This shit is getting old.

    legal fishing short fish fisherman shouldn't have bounced it (douche move) "activist" stepped in way too soon (douche move) "activist" setting bad example for his kid everyones a asshole, activist is a bigger asshole, with hemorrhoids.
  529. K

    Docking ethics?

    nope. i pulled in about 4, definitely not wearing a pink muscle shirt. i haven't worn a muscle shirt since the early 90's.
  530. K

    Docking ethics?

    i think i did already. post #48. and it wasn't a torn exhaust hose, it was a "pipe" plug in the exhaust manifold. fixed today.
  531. K

    Docking ethics?

    no trouble. i've got no skin in this game. and i've been called much worse than a bayliner owner!:D
  532. K

    Docking ethics?

    i don't care if he was. alot of people like to bash, doesn't matter to me. mine is not one of the chopper glass hulls that earned the bad wrap. my boat is solid, runs great, and provides me with memory making moments with friends and family, and having a hull from a different builder would not...
  533. K

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    D.M.V. they all think they are hard workers.
  534. K

    Docking ethics?

    yeah, thats when i knew it wasn't me!
  535. K

    Docking ethics?

    sure. was coming back to davies after a weekend at cat with my kids. i had a mechanical issue on the way back in, mid channel, i thought it was a ripped exhaust hose. ran all the way in with the engine cover open and basicly open header noise at 2200 rpm. hence the angry look. when i pulled up...
  536. K

    Need help finding agent to sell my boat

    inland boat center in perris.
  537. K

    Docking ethics?

    wasn't me then. im happy about that.
  538. K

    Docking ethics?

    i might have missed it, but where did this happen? i only ask because this may have been me. and i'll tell the story if he replies.
  539. K

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    way to handle it dave. i admit i was not a fan before, however i respect the way this situation was handled. :appl:
  540. K

    Catalina bait options??

    carnage was out front this morning, guy in front of me bought the last of it.....we got none. he did not seem optimistic about getting more.
  541. K

    Keep or just let it go????

    ok just let me know. if / when your ready we'll need to know the sizes so we can order the rods.
  542. K

    Keep or just let it go????

    i have a electro-arc machine. i'm happy to help, just cover cost of consumables. this video shows a portable machine, mine is not portable
  543. K

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    HOW MUCH FUEL DO YOU HOLD? WHATS YOUR RANGE? you may want to fuel up at avalon on the way.
  544. K

    Keeping batteries topped off on overnight Cat Island trip

    added this^^^ last year and went to (2) 6 volts in series for the house bank. love it.
  545. K

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    i bet the english had similar beliefs 250 years ago.
  546. K

    Catalina Next Week - June 24-28

    we may be out there if you want to share info. let me know.
  547. K

    Catalina closures

  548. K

    Livingston Warrior Build - Complete

    great job!!! that looks like alot of boat in a very compact package. :appl:
  549. K

    Fuel Tank Capacity

    do you have access to the tank? they usually have a tag on them.
  550. K

    Fuel Questions

    my floscan system, once i got it dialed in (3 tanks worth) now is withing a gallon when i fill up from it says i used. tank holds 80. that thing was one of the best things i've put on my boat.
  551. K

    Free dirt

    no trouble. keep me in mind for the future. if you know where BOATWORKS is, i'm just a few doors down from them.
  552. K

    Free dirt

  553. K

    Free dirt

    im on highway 74 near winchester road. if its clean i'll take it!
  554. K

    Steak Knife Blades - smooth or saw-edged ? Why ? Thoughts...

    my cutco's have stayed sharp for years, and as a benifit, cutco will sharpen all their products for free, for life.
  555. K

    Steak Knife Blades - smooth or saw-edged ? Why ? Thoughts...

    we use the cutco from costco (i think).....they are serrated, and stay sharp. im not real particular as long as it cuts, i mean lets face it, 2 seconds after i cut it i stuff it in my mouth. will i really notice whether the meat fibers got damaged during cutting?
  556. K

    I've never seen any others?

    i'd love to see one about a foot long with wings....
  557. K

    Catalina yellowfail 6/16

    i don't mind other people around, but geeze, when they can see what your having to eat, or you can hear their conversation thats just too close. im the exact opposite, in fact theres a couple guys that wont fish with me anymore because i refuse to follow boats around, and fish other peoples chum...
  558. K

    Catalina yellowfail 6/16

    best tip for you, go mid-week. i love the island, but weekend traffic and inconsiderate a-holes ruin it for me. last time i was there on a weekend we dropped anchor to cook up some lunch, before the teriyaki beef kabobs even hit the grill we had boats pulling up and anchoring all around...
  559. K

    Bait tank pumps

    oh ok. i don't have much to add then. i was going to recommend a pressurized system. but being on inside the boat complicates that.
  560. K

    Bait tank pumps

    wheres your tank mounted? on deck, on swimstep or other?
  561. K

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    how is it you know when/ where the parade is?
  562. K

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    whats the pride parade???:D
  563. K

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    johnson valley?
  564. K

    Best way to fix my dash

    it was a remnant i think 14g. 304. i changed my layout and added 2 blue seas switch panels. i have a little plasma table so it was a breeze.
  565. K

    Best way to fix my dash

    i made mine out of stainless.
  566. K

    Riffe Custom Made Speargun - Island Elite Series

    i have a unrelated question, so free bump. i see your dragon fruit in the pics......does it yield much fruit? i've been waiting 2 years and nothing yet. good luck with sale!!
  567. K

    Trailer equalizer????

    it almost looks like spring hangers are too close to each other. get a tape out and measure from the center of leaf spring bolt to center of equalizer hanger. its been a while but im 99% sure that the spacing for that is 29 1/2".
  568. K

    Help picking bait tank

    i converted my tank into a "pressurized" system. works great, dead loss at a absolute minimum now. the idea is with a lid, and pumps that can fill to the top eliminating all air pockets in the tank, no more sloshing around and getting beat up. i got the idea from this video....
  569. K

    Offshore Creating New Memories with Bluefin

    how do you get a seat at the seminar?
  570. K

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    i've heard the arima's are very sea worthy, waiting for bob to chime in.....never been on one, but heard good things
  571. K

    Mystery through hull in Radon project

    due to the size of the hose im inclined to think it is for engine cooling. does it have a belt driven, or crank driven raw water pump?
  572. K

    What is this??? Need ID help!!

    i think its just the sea lion.....those striations are its rear flippers, thats its ass your looking at. look at the other end of the animal....upper can see its left ear, and whiskers on both sides of its face. i'd bet money on going to modify my assessment. upper...
  573. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    thanks to those with honest help. we will look at what we can look at. ultimately it will get hauled out and stuff fixed that he or i cant do ourselves. both of us are mechanically inclined, and familiar with trailer boats, i/o's etc. these "new to us" systems are not complicated, we just have...
  574. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    thank's again!!! your the best!!! and soooooo smart!!! THANK YOU!!!
  575. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    the surveyor.....the guy recommended to me by several here, told him its way under priced and a good deal, even it it needs work. both hull and engine surveyors told him the same thing. boat was deeply discounted because of not being able to haul it out. the deal is done, if we could get beyond...
  576. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    thank's guys, theres a few solid leads to look into. time to get the dive gear out.
  577. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    thank's for all the help! you wit cuts like a knife. boat was bought well below market value. not seeking financial advise, just some mechanical help.
  578. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    its not mine but a friends, i've only been on it for a few hours saturday. but i dont think so. i know he had to fidget with the control levers to get rpm's even.
  579. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    survey was limited because of coolant leaks, he recommended it not be run til leaks were fixed. surveyor valued the boat way above purchase price, there were deductions for the "known" needed repairs. its definitely heat coming from the rudder shaft. sounds crazy i know but its the rudder for...
  580. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    it was surveyed but not hauled out. engine survey found some coolant leaks (pretty good ones) and recommended to not run it til fixed. hull survey done in the water and diver below.
  581. K

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    i've asked a few other questions for a buddy that was looking at a boat lately, well he took delivery of it this last week. a 46" POST. its got twin detroit 6v12 (i think). we took it out for a quick run outside the harbor saturday. i noticed a bit of vibration and noise on the starboard side. i...
  582. K

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    ah no, wasn't talking to you, don't know what ever gave you that idea. as referenced above i was being playful with a well known scam. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!
  583. K

    Cheap Vegas Flights $80 Round Trip

    looks like theres some big guys in your pic. being a BIG GUY im wondering how the seats are? im built like the guy in the balck shirt and shorts on the left.
  584. K

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    are you a Nigerian prince?:D
  585. K

    Adding bait tank

    i have a much different school of thought. i've got 2 pumps feeding my tank. a bait sentry and a rule transom mount. each is about 800gph. (dont remember exactly) last time out only lost about 10 dines out of a full scoop. thats running to cat. staying the night and fishing both days. bait was...
  586. K

    Maintenace trade for fishing

    google it......."passenger for hire, legal definition"
  587. K


    if you go aluminum do as shad said above and over build it. ALI'S trailer broke in baja in one of the "local knowledge" shows. i'd imagine that finding aluminum weldors is harder then finding a guy to fix steel. for that reason i like steel. if aluminum weldments arent heat treated they will...
  588. K

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    i think the only way your going to get it positioned the way its drawn is by pushing it sideways. these will only work on concrete though...
  589. K

    Problems at the pump

    check the anti-siphon valve on the tank. while your there check the pick up tube. check the vent system. just undo the hose at the tank and blow through it. air should pass easily. check fuel lines. ethanol is bad shit.
  590. K

    water heater and satellite tv??? recommendations please

    i have a buddy thats in process of buying a 46' sportfisher. its used and needs just a bit of love. would love anyone with experience that could recommend a satellite system for tv, and a water heater. current water heater is below deck and looks like a typical household unit. also we are...
  591. K

    liveaboard slip for a 50'

    thanks for all the replies. i'll certainly pass them along. boat is being surveyed on friday and sea trail performed. i think the plan as of today is to move it dana point temporarily, as thats the closest to home, so they can do a few things add a watermaker, new water heater, and just get a...
  592. K

    Offshore second hand dope

    just call a call from a buddy, in a nutshell, if your DESPERATE to catch tuna you'll know where they are.
  593. K

    What bean bag?

    walmart has some cheap. you can throw away several and still be ahead compared to the high end ones.
  594. K

    CA Ban on High Capacity Magazines Unconstitutional

    is this effective immediately?
  595. K

    Slip rats....

    they piss to leave a scent trail for their buddies.....wash your boat with a bleach solution.
  596. K

    Slip rats....

    my dad drove truck for a while, told me tales of "lot lizards" and "coin operated beavers".......thats where i thought this thread was headed.
  597. K

    surveyor recommendations???

    thank's guys, his offer was accepted today, they are going to try and get mike out there next week. appreciate the help!
  598. K

    Environment Marine Anyone ever order from them?

    i've had good luck with amazon.
  599. K

    RIP Dick Dale

    he was a customer of mine years ago. most dont know it but he was heavily involved in tiger rescue. really cool guy.
  600. K

    Gay sex adds?

    not all, just the gay ones.:D
  601. K

    Burglar Found Dead

    i hope it was a slow, painful death.
  602. K

    surveyor recommendations???

    thank you, i'll pass it along.
  603. K

    surveyor recommendations???

    i have a buddy that shopping around for a 45-50' boat. i think he's close to making an offer on one, can anyone recommend a good surveyor?? are they area specific or will they travel a bit? thank's!!
  604. K

    camping recommendations please.

    its not in the cards for me now.
  605. K

    camping recommendations please.

    we have stayed on the boat on many occasions in the past, multi-day trips, but kids are getting big and my boat hasn't grown at all. its getting to be a bit cramped with the 4 of us.
  606. K

    camping recommendations please.

    this is my style. can you elaborate as to where this is?
  607. K

    camping recommendations please.

    we used to go to san felipe as kid was different then, i'll keep my kids state side.
  608. K

    camping recommendations please.

    we camped at june lake when i was a kid, i remember a short walk to the lake, a large rock pile in the middle of the campground, and watching bears crack open coolers like nuts. i'd love to find that place. any idea where i'm talking about?
  609. K

    camping recommendations please.

    been wanting to get the kids out for some camping. looking for ideas of unique outdoor experiences. not interested in man made tourist stuff, like the natural stuff thats off the beaten path. wanna plant some memories in my kids minds. as a example if going to the grand canyon, i'd choose...
  610. K

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    thats what i thought, dont they drag those while underway to stabilize the vessel? i think i've seen them called birds before. at anchor we've had decent luck with 5 gallon buckets.
  611. K

    Zipwake vs trim tabs?

    i have the BENNET version for mine. only got to play with them a little bit but was definitly nice when people start moving around while underway.
  612. K

    Coldest February Since....

    its not called global warming anymore, its been re-packaged as "climate change". that way they can blame any type of weather on it to push their agenda further.
  613. K


    Today is the last day to be eligible to win the custom fireball. I'll be drawing a name tomorrow.every 50 bucks gets you a chance to win. Good luck!
  614. K

    Anybody in SD work on OMC stringer drives

    i dont know if he's still in business since i moved away from him 25 years ago but RONS MARINE in yucaipa used to do mine.
  615. K

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    we used to have a dodge 4 mega cab with the cummins, now have a f250 6.7, both 4x4. i can tell you he dodge never knew my boat was behind it, power wise or handling. the ford i can feel the boat and it handles heavy. rear end sags with a trailer on it. power is ok, but you definitely feel the...
  616. K

    26 skipjack converting cable to hydraulic steering

    mine was easy. i sourced the parts individually because im cheap. the ram goes in place of the actuator that your power steering hoses go to. (at least on my mercruiser bravo II. this is the ram i used, a genuine mercruiser part and a direct fit into the existing actuator mount.
  617. K

    26 skipjack converting cable to hydraulic steering

    its pretty easy if your mechanically inclined. just need some basic hand tools, wrenches, socket set, drill, that type of stuff. i'd call them in the morning to see if they have a kit for you. link below.
  618. K

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    wow, i didnt mean to stirthe pot. i just have a buddy boat shopping and i thought the incendent in question was a bigger boat. thanks for the help.....carry on!
  619. K

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    oh ok, for some reason i thought it was a bigger boat. thank's guys!!
  620. K

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    does anyone remember the details of the boat that rolled i think in misson bay while driving from the tower and tried to turn to hard?
  621. K

    liveaboard slip for a 50'

    hey guy's, im asking for a friend..... he's shopping for a boat in the 45'-50' range and wants to live aboard. seems like the boats he's looked at arent live aboard, or are not transferable. any ideas on a marina with live aboard slips available, or short waitlist for a boat in that class? thank's!!
  622. K

    Steering wheel removal

    on tough to remove items where corrosion is likely, heres a little trick i use.....warning its going to sound a little weird.....go to a adult book shop and buy a vibrating bullet with a remote battery. soak your corroded area with pb blaster or similar, tape, zip tie, or hang the vibrating...
  623. K

    Steering wheel removal

    steering wheel puller, at harbor freight pretty cheap. and anti-seize in saltwater environment is a no-no. it usually contains powdered aluminum, copper, etc. add salt water and you have accelerated galvanic corrosion. you may want to try soaking with some penetrating oil.
  624. K


    I'VE DONE THIS BEFORE, AND NOW TRYING AGAIN. a friends nephew is a little person that is in need of alot of medical attention. i dont know the specifics, but as i understand it, this we be his 28th surgery. he's a real neat kid, with a great attitude and just fun to be around. the family has...
  625. K

    I thank God for guns!!!

  626. K

    Skipjack outdrive

    my first boat had a omc electric shift. not knowing what i had bought i asked around, everyone told me to see if i could get my money back. so i took it in to rons marine in yucaipa for a check over....he told me that he's look it over, service it etc. when it was ready he told me......with...
  627. K

    Installing new engine kill switch (MOB) - Advice

    put the switch in the run position, and check for continuity between the wires, if there is that means the switch "breaks" the circuit. (to kill) if theres no continuity, the switch makes the circuit. (to kill)
  628. K

    Ventura county..looking for someone to buy a boat with..

    im guessing you have a pretty well defined written contract, spelling out the each partners responsibilities and expectations.
  629. K

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    i was hoping lasparky would reply, so he could learn that there are background checks. even in arizona. but i should ad..... the states in america with the lowest violent crime rate are the ones with the least restrictive gun laws. link shows states rated per capita and in 2 groups, property...
  630. K

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    according to USNEWS a source that is generally accepted as " leans liberal", ranked the states by property crime and violent crime per capita. almost always, the states with the loosest gun laws, have the lower crime rate, by especially when it comes to violent crime. it would seem the more...
  631. K

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    just to be arizona, a arizona resident can walk into any gun store, buy a guy and take posession of it without a federal background check? is that correct?
  632. K

    D P - 01.19.19

    inland boat center in perris used to have a bunch in stock, not sure if they still do but much closer than oregon.
  633. K

    8’ Ford Superduty Bed

    i know a guy with one, has a hard cover on it also, i think he wants to sell together. last i heard its being stored at french valley airport in his hanger. pm me your number if want and i'll send it to him. its in good shape as i remember, dark blue i think. i removed it and installed a flatbed...
  634. K

    Coasties get paid

    nope... most of the human trafficking is done by/ with cartels. you have enough money and buy the premium package, you get papers too. meaning i.d. ssn, whatever you want. real identity theft is organized crime. the man my aunt married came here illegally. he's a good guy, hard worker, and...
  635. K

    Coasties get paid

    you know many illegals just get fake papers. fake i.d.s social security numbers,etc. or like what happened to my dad, somebody used his ssn and paid into it, but also got benifits from it, and even had a appendix surgery. my dad who had his appendix still intact, had medical records saying it...
  636. K

    Coasties get paid

    please do yourself a favor and do a ride along with border patrol. your views will likely change after that. i have family that work the border, hands down the new fence albiet no a massive structure, is a major deter ant. it has reduced crossings by 95% in that area, and helps funnel the...
  637. K

    Coasties get paid

    your post is misleading. while yes most in prison here are from here, according to the DOJ 26% are illegal aliens........yes 26%. that is a substantial number. and the cost per inmate in cal. is over 75,000 per year according to...
  638. K

    Coasties get paid

    no its just a anti trump thing....plenty of video evidence of the clintons, obama, chuck, fienstien and more. on the record saying something needs to be done.
  639. K

    Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    i cant believe you still have this gary, thought for sure somebody would have swooped it up.
  640. K

    Bait aeration

    what he said.
  641. K

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    ok, i'd make the wood panels and pre-drill and countersink the screw holes oversized. coat the plywood with resin to waterproof the wood, re-drill the screw holes to proper size (if done right hole is sealed in resin also) use 3m 5200 on all mating surfaces of wood to metal. screw down and walk...
  642. K

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    what everyone's saying is to use resin to seal the plywood on all sides PRIOR to installing back in the waterproof the wood. and forgo the "outdoor" fabric.
  643. K

    Drill press loan

    no problem. i have a manual mill you can use. just let me know.
  644. K

    Drill press loan

    thats where things get sketchy.....ARIES Arms IN oceanside got raided for having "build parties" with cnc machines. the "MAN" doesn't like that unless the "builder" wrote the machining program. if all you do is press way ticket to club fed. and yes, i love all of our rights!
  645. K

    Drill press loan

    pm me for contact info
  646. K

    Drill press loan

    pm me for contact info.
  647. K

    Drill press loan

    have a mill in hemet, come on by. if your doing what i think you are i'm "friendly"
  648. K

    Local Engine Guy

    i would diagnose it first, not just jump straight to the rebuild. however it a rebuild is what you end up with, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND (assuming its a 350) BUILDING IT TO A 383 STROKER. DID MINE, IT CHANGED MY LIFE.
  649. K

    Local Engine Guy

    a 350? you need a rebuild, or just maintenance?
  650. K

    Electric Kite reel recommendations

  651. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    the same could be said for alcohol consumption. if you drink more than 1 beer while out at the bar or at dinner the bartender should report you when you leave, as you may be a danger to yourself or others. what about innocent victims that get killed by drunks?? how do we take this? everyone...
  652. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    knew you wouldn't....your own profile here is private. you don't want people messing with your life, especially when it could happen with a phone call from a stranger and executed without investigation, corroboration, or warrants. or in other words without due process. this new law eliminates...
  653. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    a knock on my door at 5 am is not normal, and would be dealt with in a abnormal fashion. one person makes a uncorroborated claim, no investigation, no warrants, and it justifies a 5 am knock on the door with notice of property seizure. tips are important and should be acted on...
  654. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    WTF would my name and address have to do with anything ? seriously. I'm quite free and have no worries of my weapons being confiscated.But i'm not paranoid so what do i know ? it would prove your confidence in the system, and allow you to enjoy your chance at due process california style...
  655. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    this proves your point.
  656. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
  657. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    are you referring to my question?
  658. K

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    so how about and address?