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    Super dumb ridiculous question, why bring light gear on a sportboat instead of just using lighter top shots on heavy gear?

    It isn't much fun or sport fighting a 15lb yellowtail on a 60lb or 80lb rod and a big heavy reel. Much more fun with a light rod and small reel. Also sometimes the fish are line shy and won't bite straight mono or heavy spectra with a fluro leader. Your bait swims better and you get more...
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    Daughters 1st Car

    Granddaughter #2 just got her first car yesterday. She decided on a 2014 Toyota Tacoma. Grandpa put up the money and I almost fainted when she told me the cost. She is going to pay for it at $150 a month. It should only take about 10 years.
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    Long Range 30# Rig

    There is no one best reel. If you ask ten different people you will get ten different answers. The last trip that I went on a couple of weeks ago I brought a Talica 10, an Avet MXJ 2 speed and a Fathom 15 two speed all loaded with 50lb spectra. I planned to use them for 30lb but there were a...
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    Daughters 1st Car

    I bought my granddaughter a Subaru Crosstrek. They have all kinds of safety features. It will stop itself if it is going to hit the car in front of you. It automatically stays in its own lane, it has warning lights to alert you when a car is next to you in your blind spot and it has a camera...
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    Long Beach Swap Meet 7/23

    If you have big feet I'm bringing a pair of size 13 ExtraTuffs. They look brand new and are the last of the made in the USA boots. I also have a ton of big hammer swim baits and a whole milk crate full of sinker molds not to mention about 30 or 40 nice rods including Seekers, Calstars, Sabres...
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    Avet Avet JX 6/3 Raptor

    I use mine all the time at Guadalupe for 40lb and 50lb bait outfits. It is filled with 65lb JB solid and I fish 40lb and 50lb fluro leaders. The reel casts just fine and handles 100lb tuna with no problem. If the fish are smaller than 100lbs I use my MXL raptor. If they are running big like...
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    I'm not familiar with the XR7. I have a LM7 that I am going to take to the LB swapmeet on Saturday. Is that similar to the XR7?
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    1969 Ford F250

    When I saw that first picture I was pretty sure I recognized the street. I grew up a block away at Mills and Flomar and I have driven by the location a thousand times. I had a 1970 Ford PU and I wish I had never sold it.
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    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3 another veiw

    The nerve of the tackle shop not giving you a refund for hooks and sinkers. You should be able to fly to California with no tackle then buy hundreds of dollars worth of hooks, sinkers and jigs to take on a fishing trip then simply return everything that you didn't use for a full refund. The...
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    Member for less than a week, only has 3 posts and all are in the classifieds. Big red flag. Even if the seller is a member you recognize it could be a hacked account. If it is not a face to face transaction you really have to be careful.
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    WTB: 1980-1990's Sabre Rod 7ft.+ (any)

    I have a garage full of them. How many do you want?
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    Seeker BS 6470 gold braced guides

    The gold guides were a big problem on the 6470's and 6470H's. No matter how hard you tried to wash off the salt water they would still corrode. They only used them for a year or two. I have Sabre and Calstar rods with the regular chrome perfection guides that are 40 years old and they are...
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    WTB - Trolling Rod

    I have a garage full of them. I sent you a PM.
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    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    I was black and blue for a month. Recovery took a lot longer than I thought it would. I thought I would be back to normal in a few weeks. In reality it took months before I was back to doing normal things and even then you have to be really careful or you can mess things up again. Hopefully...
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    Need help identifying a Truline rod

    The rod looks like it was wrapped by Yo's. The yellow, black and red bands in the butt wrap are very distinctive of the wraps Yo's did back in the 70's and 80's. I'm surprised there isn't writing on the rod that says "Yo's Custom Rods" and a model number. It could have been an 8' rod and...
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    $8.00 beers

    The Pacific Voyager 2 weeks ago, beer $2 sodas $1. The Shogun was the same the last time I rode back in December.
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    WTB: Small Dinghy / Tender

    I have a custom built wood dinghy that is in pretty good condition. It is 7' long and comes with a Nissan 2.5hp outboard and a set of 6' oars. You can have everything for $200.
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    WTB Calstar 220

    Sorry, it's gone. I sold it at the last fishing tackle swapmeet.
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    Upcoming Tackle Swap Meet 2022 ?

    The one in Brea is this Saturday June 11th. The address is 685 S. Brea Bl. It is in the parking lot behind the building. The last one they had there they wouldn't let buyers enter until 8am. I think it had something to do with the City's yardsale rules. Not sure if it will be the same this...
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    Factory wrapped Long Beach Super Seeker 6470H prices nowadays?

    The Long Beach SuperSeekers also had very beautiful intricate guide wraps. The new SuperSeekers are nothing special to look at, just very basic wraps. I have a Long Beach 665 and a 6465H that have never been fished. I have a lot of other rods so they just stay in the rack. The prices of rods...
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    16visx too much line?

    If they packed the line on really tight it might be a problem. When in actual use you probably will not get the line back on as tight unless you are fighting a fish. The looser the line the more space it takes up and that reel looks like it is filled to the absolute max.
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    Avet EXW 30/2 for flat falls

    I have both an EX pro 30/2 and an HXW Raptor and I just used them 2 days ago on a 2 day trip. I was worried that my HXW Raptor might not be heavy enough for 200lb or even 300lb fish. I also had an HX Raptor and a Shimano Talica 25 that I used on the trip. About 99% of the fish we caught at...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day 5/30-6/1 New PB

    I leave tomorrow night for a 2 day. I have an HX Raptor with 100lb spectra, an HXW Raptor with 130lb spectra and a Shimano Talica 25 with 130lb spectra. After reading this post I think I am going to throw in my Avet EX Pro 30/2 that is filled with 135lb spectra and another Cousins 100-130...
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    Old Calstar, maybe? ID help?

    Steelwool and some acetone. Don't use the 0000 steelwool, the rougher stuff works better. Takes a little elbow grease but it will clean right up.
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    Add reel seat

    I had the same problem. I built a SuperSeeker 80H but I couldn't find a reelseat big enough so I just did a deckhand grip. About 6 months later I found a big reelseat but it could only go on from the front, the butt end is just too big. Rather than strip the rod I just bought another 80H...
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    Calstar Rods

    Most of the glass blanks use the Sabre numbering system. The last 2 numbers are the length, 60=6' 65= 6 1/2' 70=7' etc. The first number is the strength, 6 is heaviest then 9, 8,and 2. Example 670, 970, 870 and 270. If the second number is a 4 it is a fast action rod like a 6470. If it is...
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    Calstar Rods

    Not to sell but I am going to try and come just to do some shopping. I have a 2 day trip on the Pac Voyager on the 3rd and 4th and I probably won't get home till late Saturday night but I will definitely try to make it to the swapmeet. There is another swapmeet the following Saturday the 11th...
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    Calstar Rods

    Usually a 4 in the second position means it is a fast action blank like a 670 vs 6470. The 6470 is just a fast action 670. That is the way it was with Sabre and Seeker, not sure about Calstar.
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    Help ID a Seeker rod

    That's not the regular blacksteel factory wrap. The blacksteel rods are usually wrapped black on black with a thin gold trim band at each end of the wrap. Also it is very easy to tell a glass rod from a composite rod like the black steel. The glass rod will have the exact same solid black...
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    Help ID a Seeker rod

    Looks like a standard e glass factory rod. The reelseat is probably a Fiji graphite reelseat. The 670 is a standard all around rod that has been popular for many years. If it is brand new still in the plastic then that is not too bad of a deal. The prices of rods have jumped quite a bit...
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    Best deal you ever got…

    About 20 years ago I was at yard sale and got a Custom Power Wrapper, 5 Calstar blanks, a big box of Gudebrod thread and a bunch of guides and reelseats all for $100. Of course that killer deal got me started wrapping rods and since then I have probably spent another $10,000 or $20,000 on rod...
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    Shimano shipping reels in excellent condition

    The OP was on here at 7:20 this morning. I guess he has given up on trying to sell the reels. I wonder if that 7:20am is California time or Nigeria time.
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    Shimano shipping reels in excellent condition

    I was 99% sure he was a scammer. I sent him a message and asked him where he lived. He said he lived in Palm Springs. I told him that I was going to the Morongo Casino and if he would send me his address I would stop by on my way to the casino. He disappeared and never answered my message.
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    Unused yellow/amber thread epoxy

    I have an entire gallon of Classic Coat that I got when Cousins went out of business. It has darkened exactly the same as yours. I use it over black and other dark colors and it works just fine. When you are looking at the hardener in the bottle you are looking through 2" of material. When...
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    Shimano shipping reels in excellent condition

    I sent the seller a PM and I asked him if the internationals are single speed or 2 speed, what models they are and if they are filled with spectra and what brand of spectra and line rating. I also asked him if the rods are included with the internationals and what brand and model numbers the...
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    Shimano shipping reels in excellent condition

    You are going to have to provide some more info if you want someone to trust you. You just joined BD yesterday and this is your first and only post. There have been a lot of scams recently and people are very cautious about new sellers with no history. Also there are several misspellings in...
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    Sabre SG B60 7

    I've never seen another Sabre rod with that model description and the numbers don't match the standard Sabre blank numbering system. The blank looks like a regular E glass blank. If it is 7' and rated 20-50 then it might just be a standard E glass 670. That was a very common blank back when...
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    Reel Seat Installation on Deckhand Style Rod

    Check out Jim's Custom Fishing Rods. He is located in the antelope valley so he is not too far away. He has a website and you can see some examples of his work.
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    Cox Cable F****D Up (I know, hard to believe)

    There is a federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can contact the Credit Reporting companies and file a dispute explaining that you were never billed and the cable company sent the bill to the wrong address. Contact the cable company and tell them that if they don't remove the...
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    Upcoming Tackle Swap Meet 2022 ?

    The next fishing tackle swapmeet that I know about is Sunday June 5th at the Cerritos Bahia Marina. The address is 6289 Pacific Coast Hwy in Long Beach, enter off of Loynes Av. The next one after that is Sat June 11 in Brea, 685 S. Brea Bl.
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    I have 4 or 5 Sabre rods that are wrapped with that same distinct red, black and yellow thread...

    I have 4 or 5 Sabre rods that are wrapped with that same distinct red, black and yellow thread pattern. I'm like you, I can recognize a Yo's rod from 20 feet away.
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    Gudebrod thread dilema, has passed!

    Most of the vintage rods were wrapped with Gudebrod thread. If you are trying to match an older Sabre, Fenwick, Truline etc. Gudebrod is the way to go. The 5274 is a perfect match for the Fenwick brown, the 221 orange and the 245 blue match the original Sabres and some of the trimars are...
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    Stock Market: Home of the Brave

    I just opened my retirement account statement for the last quarter. It is down $26,000. That equals about 10 Guadalupe trips. I think I'm going to just bury the rest of it in the backyard so I at least I have a little left to go on a few trips in the future.
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    Rod to match avet Lx Raptor

    I have my LX raptor on a Seeker OSP 1x3, makes a really nice 60lb outfit. My LX raptor is filled with 80lb JB solid and I fish long 15' to 18' fluro leaders.
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    If you don't have BFT or dorado in the mix then it is 30 fish total with no more than 15 of any...

    If you don't have BFT or dorado in the mix then it is 30 fish total with no more than 15 of any one species. If you catch 15 Guadalupe YFT and 15 YT you are going to have more fish than you know what to do with.
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    That's the general location. You will see all the sellers in the first parking lot on your left...

    That's the general location. You will see all the sellers in the first parking lot on your left when you first enter the marina area.
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    You mean you didn't like the Erik Estrada Chupacabra movie or Sharknado or my favorite The...

    You mean you didn't like the Erik Estrada Chupacabra movie or Sharknado or my favorite The Sheriff of Tiny Town.
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    The first time I went on the Pacific Voyager was a charter with George, Kenji and the rest of...

    The first time I went on the Pacific Voyager was a charter with George, Kenji and the rest of the SenorTuna guys. That might have been 20 years ago. Many great trips on that boat.
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    Pacific Voyager Feedback?

    I have been on the Pacific Voyager 20 or 25 times in the past 20 years. I have trips with charter groups coming up in June, July, August and September. I always look forward to these trips. Very experienced crew and very fishy boat. Yes it is hard to get on the boat unless you have connections...
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    Albacore or Bluefin… what’s your favorite?

    Albacore taste better but they don't make them in 200lb and 300lb sizes.
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    The one I have is probably a 670xh, it could easily fish either 40lb or 50lb. I had some...

    The one I have is probably a 670xh, it could easily fish either 40lb or 50lb. I had some Calstar teal green thread so I wrapped it like a westcoast series rod with black and teal thread and braced perfection boat guides. I also have a Calstar 6485L which I don't see on the list. It is a black...
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    Can you tell the age of Calstar blank by the color of its sticker?

    I have a Calstar that is 8 1/2 ft. I wrapped the blank a few years ago. If I remember correctly the label said 670H. It is definitely stronger that a regular 670, more like a 40-50 lb rod.
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    Need Help!?

    Usually vintage rods like that are worth about the same whether they are rewrapped or not. A lot of collectors want the rod in original condition so that they can keep it as is or if they decide to rewrap it they can choose what type of grips, guides and color of thread to use. I used to...
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    Need Help!?

    Maybe a Roddy.
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    How much should I tip?

    The OP has been a member since 2004. He has probably read a thousand posts about tipping over the years and has been on hundreds of fishing trips. I'm pretty sure he knows how much to tip but it is fun to start a tipping post and watch all the nonsense.
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    On the Shogun at Guadalupe every tuna is spiked, bled, gilled and gutted before going into the...

    On the Shogun at Guadalupe every tuna is spiked, bled, gilled and gutted before going into the RSW. Seen it happen hundreds of times.
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    Fish Processing Cost

    Bring lots of money. The prices just keep going up and up. Not too many years ago it was 65 cents a pound. I just checked the Fisherman's processing website and now it is $1.55 a pound for 3 ml bags and $1.65 for the 5 ml bags.
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    Post Hernia Surgery... When Can I Fish Again?

    I went through it a couple of years ago. I scheduled the surgery in February so I would have plenty of time to recover before the summer fishing season started. It took a lot longer to recover than I thought it would. I was black and blue for weeks and it took months before I really felt like...
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    Truline BH 89

    If there is any doubt about the rod you might want to have one of the Truline collectors on here take a look at it. Contact Franky or one of the other guys and they can probably tell you if it is legit or not. The Dan Hernandez tackle swapmeet is next Sunday in Cerritos and there will be a...
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    Usually there are more outside sellers than people from the marina. In the past you could just show up and put out your stuff and the lady comes around later and collects money for the space. I have never reserved a space in the past but I will try to contact someone and see what they say about...
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    Talica 12ii

    What specifically are you looking for? I have 2 Seeker Classic series 270H 8', a Seeker classic series 530 9', 2 custom wrapped Seeker Hercules 8 1/2', 2 Custom wrapped Pinhead 36's and a Pinhead 36 blank. All are available for trade.
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    Looking for a freshwater kencor

    I have a nice Kencor spinner. It is a 610-76S, 7'6". It is rated 10-40 but it feels more like a 12 to 15 lb rod. It is going to the Dan Hernandez fishing tackle swapmeet next Sunday if you want to take a look at it.
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    Marine outboard

    I took about 30 seconds of searching the internet to figure out that it is a complete scam. Look at the website. There is a lot of good information.
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    "I want a (cheap(er) rod like that!!"

    Have him go to the Dan Hernandez swapmeet in Cerritos on April 24th. I am going to bring a bunch of E glass Seekers, Sabres and Calstars that I don't use anymore. There are a bunch of Long Beach Seeker Classic series rods and I think there are a couple of 270H's in the pile. There is also a...
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    Old guide ID help. I’m looking for a clean set as well

    They were made by Fuji. The name was usually stamped on the base but it is probably completely covered by epoxy. You used to see them occasionally on custom wrapped Truline and Sabre rods from back in the 70's and early 80's. The ring sat very low and the area under the ring and between the...
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    I turned it into a conventional with a deckhand grip.

    I turned it into a conventional with a deckhand grip.
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    SEEKERS- Help me understand…

    People who wrap rods want to start with a clean blank so that they can choose their reelseat, guides and thread colors and then build it the way they want. They don't want a factory rod or a rod that somebody else built with guides, thread colors etc. that they don't like. I have some nice...
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    On my rod all that was left was the label and there was no model number. I finally got around...

    On my rod all that was left was the label and there was no model number. I finally got around to wrapping the rod and it turned out very nice.
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    Panga rod?

    You could probably find a used Calstar Grafighter 760M or 760H for a good price. That is what I use at Guadalupe to fish for yellows on the bottom. It would be a lot cheaper than a UC Viper or SuperSeeker 2X4 and should work fine. SuperSeeker 2X4's are like $600 or $700 now. You should be...
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    Mex fishing license

    You can also get them at most of the landings like Fisherman's and Seaforth but I think Squidco is a few dollars cheaper.
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    WTB Trolling rods - costa mesa/newport/HB

    I have a garage full of trolling rods. Everything from cheap Sabre trollers to Calstar Grafighters and everything in between. Seeker, Sabre, Calstar, Fenwick, you name it and I probably have it. I also have a milk crate filled with nice Penn 114H trolling reels all ready to go.
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    Tips on camping in Yosemite -Mammoth-Sequoia’s?

    There are a lot of out of the way places that should be good, Iris Meadows, North Lake, Lake Sabrina, Robinson Creek, Twin Lakes at Bridgeport. Lake Mary at Mammoth has a lot of camping spots but it does tend to get crowded there. If it is late summer and school is back in session it might be...
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    Sabre B709M graphite 9’

    I think that is one of the BIG 5 Sabre blanks. There were a bunch of them floating around at the Fred Hall show and the fishing tackle swapmeets about 4 or 5 years ago. I think they are made in China. Pretty sure they are not original California Tackle Co Sabre blanks or they would have the...
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    My relatives came from Herrlingen Germany in the late 1800's. Same deal, they settled just east...

    My relatives came from Herrlingen Germany in the late 1800's. Same deal, they settled just east of St. Joseph Mo. and started farming. One of them still lives on Hurlingen Rd. The boys in my family spent every summer working on their farms. The people out here are typical city people, they...
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    Elec-Tra-Mate wiring question

    OK, thanks. It looks like black is positive. That's what I needed to know.
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    Elec-Tra-Mate wiring question

    I have an old 9/0 Senator with an Elec-Tra-Mate 12v DC motor that I am trying to get working. The plug is missing and the power cord has 3 wires, black, white and green. Does anyone know for sure which one is positive, negative and ground? I assume the green is ground. I don't want to hook...
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    Picked up a used Calstar SCS 870S 15-40 what's the history on it

    The Calstar rods with the gray wraps are very nice rods. I have an SCS 970C which is really nice. It has the Fuji BLNG heavy guides instead of the regular SS boat guides. The 870 is a little lighter than the 970 which is a little lighter than the 670. To me the 870 is more of a 25lb rod, the...
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    Penn Formula 2 speed reels?

    I think the 15kg models were designed back before spectra really caught on. They were around the same time frame as the TLD 20's and 30's. They were big to hold a lot of mono and they were heavy. Newer reels are smaller, lighter and have stronger drags. If you have to hold a reel all day...
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    Another scammer among us?

    I reported the guy at 9:30 this morning. You just click on the box at the bottom of the guys post that says "report" then you can type in the info on why it might be a scam. I also sent the original poster a PM to warn him about the guy. The guy only joined BD 2 days ago, his profile says...
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    Hi Steve. That was the trip I was talking about. I caught 5 nice fish on the MXL raptor before...

    Hi Steve. That was the trip I was talking about. I caught 5 nice fish on the MXL raptor before I knocked out the pinion bearing. I picked up another Fathom 25 and 30 last week. I'm already getting stuff ready for this years trip.
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    30lb rod advice

    My favorite 30lb rods are Seeker or Calstar 8' 270H's, Calstar grafighter 800M and Seeker Pinhead 36. There is a fishing tackle swapmeet this Sunday the 27th at the Long Beach Rod and Gun Club. I am bringing a Calstar 270H 8', a Seeker 270H 8' and a grafighter 700M along with a bunch of other...
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    Just tell them to ship the item and when you receive it you will mail them a check. When they say are you crazy, why should I trust you, you can then reply that they want you to trust them and send money with zero guarantee that they will ship the item. Why should you trust them when they...
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    Be carefull of Scammers taking advantage of WTB postings

    It is always the same. The person has only been a member for a short period of time, they have very few posts often only 1 or 2, all of their posts are in the classifieds, they are from a different state so that you can't meet face to face and they want to be paid via Venmo or some other method...
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    A WTB post is an open invitation to the scammers. If the person has only been a member for a couple of months it is probably a scam. If the person only has a couple of posts it is probably a scam. If the person lives in another state it is probably a scam. If they fit all three it is...
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    60# reel for Lupe

    If you have never been to Guadalupe then deciding which reel to buy for your 60lb bait outfit is only a very small part of the overall picture. Your trip might not even go to Guadalupe and if you do go to the island the fish might be line shy and won't even touch 60lb line or the sharks might...
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    My biggest Guadalupe yellowfin was 165lbs gilled and gutted and it was caught on a DX2 600N with...

    My biggest Guadalupe yellowfin was 165lbs gilled and gutted and it was caught on a DX2 600N with 60lb line. I have 2 of them now.
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    U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds

    A lot of my relatives own farms in Missouri. They have laughed about this for years. You need to grow the seed and transport it to the farms in diesel trucks then you need diesel tractors to plow and disk the fields, plant the seed, apply tons of nitrogen based fertilizer then pick the corn...
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    Best Time/Place To Buy Reels

    There is a fishing tackle swapmeet coming up at the Long Beach Rod and Gun Club on Sunday Feb 27th. There will be tons of rods and reels and the swapmeets are the best place to score really good deals. You can probably get 2 or 3 complete outfits for what you would pay for one new reel at a...
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    Sabre (dark blue) guide wrap color

    Gudebrod 245 is the one you want. Gudebrod also had a #246 that is very similar. The 245 blue was a very common color and there is still a lot of it floating around in both 1oz and 4oz spools.
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    tackle box - large wood - $100 (Fallbrook)

    Does anyone know what type of wood that is?
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    Apply epoxy over a housel?

    I have tried it before and had poor results. Sometimes the epoxy doesn't want to stick at all and you end up having to wipe it off with DNA. If it will go on smoothly sometimes it tends to crack and flake over time. Sometimes I just wrap a layer of black thread over the hosel then apply a...
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    Jigmaster upgrades

    The old Penns are just fun to collect and play with especially if you grew up in the 60's and 70's where the only thing you owned were Jigmasters and Squidders. I have forty or fifty Jigmasters and Squidders, many with Accurate or Tib frames or complete Newell kits. I find them at yardsales...
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    Canoga Park Swap Meet- What To Sell?

    The fishing tackle swapmeet is going to be at the Elks Lodge in Canoga Park, 20925 Osborne St. It is on Saturday Feb. 12th. Set up is 7am and sales start at 8am.
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    Jigmaster upgrades

    The swapmeet is Saturday Feb 12th at the Elks Lodge in Canoga Park. The address is 20925 Osborne St. Set up starts at 7am, sales at 8am.
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    Jigmaster upgrades

    The first upgrade the guys usually do is to replace the spool with a Newell spool. Next is to replace the Penn base and bars with either a one piece Tiburon or Accurate frame or with a Newell base and bars. At that stage you can leave it as a 500 or narrow it down to a 501 or even a 99 size if...
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    Sometimes the deals are just too good to pass up. I always manage to find something that I just...

    Sometimes the deals are just too good to pass up. I always manage to find something that I just have to have.
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    Canoga Park Swap Meet- What To Sell?

    Guys are always looking for vintage Sabre 670h's and similar rods. I sell a lot of vintage 6.5' and 7' chocolate Sabres, Saber Californians and Sabre Grafast rods. I'm going to bring a bunch of vintage Fenwick, Roddy and Kennedy Fisher rods and blanks. The 8' rods and blanks sell best but...
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    It's not a rule, it is just people being careful. There have been a lot of scams recently and...

    It's not a rule, it is just people being careful. There have been a lot of scams recently and most involve people who are new to the site with very few posts selling expensive items usually from outside of California. You just happen to fit every category and people want to make sure it is a...
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    Upcoming Tackle Swap Meet 2022 ?

    I'm also hearing some info about a swapmeet at the Elks lodge in Canoga Park on Feb 12. So far it is just word of mouth, nothing official posted yet.
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    Upcoming Tackle Swap Meet 2022 ?

    If you are going to be down this way the Long Beach Rod and Gun club fishing tackle swapmeet is set for Sunday February 27th. It is always a very good swapmeet with a lot of sellers and a lot of good deals.
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    WTB Calstar 220

    I have a custom wrapped Calstar 220 that I don't use. It is 8'8" with a deckhand grip. If you are interested I also have a matching Calstar 8' 196. It has hypalon grips and a reelseat. If you PM me your cell phone number I can text you some photos.
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    Gamakatsu size and strength

    For the school size bft I use a Talica 10 filled with 40lb JB spectra and a 15' to 20' fluro leader. Usually I use the Seaguar Kureha #8 which is about 28lbs and the #4 hooks. I caught a ton of fish on that setup last year including several that were 45 to 50lbs. Occasionally you will get...
  103. M

    Gamakatsu size and strength

    I have been using the nautilus circle hooks for 2 or 3 years now. We use the 2/0's at Guadalupe when the fish are line shy. I have caught a number of fish from 80 to 100lbs on them and never had a problem. If there are bigger fish around I will switch to an Owner 3/0 Mutu but the last few...
  104. M

    That's the standard large Hoffman box with one lift out tray and one slide out tray. You can...

    That's the standard large Hoffman box with one lift out tray and one slide out tray. You can clean it up a little and spray on 2 or 3 coats of polyurathane and it will be good for another 20 or 25 years.
  105. M

    Wooden tackle box by Hoffman?

    The Hoffman boxes were very common back in the 60's and 70's. Most of them were plywood and they opened at the top and the front dropped down. The Butch Green boxes were mostly plywood covered in laminate and only opened at the top. Same with the Bowen boxes. If you have a Hoffman box that is...
  106. M

    Guadalupe newby question

    I have been to Guadalupe about 14 or 15 times in the past 6 years and there is definitely a pattern. July, August and September are the worst months. You might get lucky and have a good trip and only loose a few fish to the sharks but usually they will take a heavy toll. One trip in September...
  107. M

    Size difference between fathoms

    The fathom 25 2 speed and the fathom 30 2 speed are the same except that the 30 is slightly wider. The spool on the 25 is about 1 3/8" wide and the 30 is about 1 3/4" wide. Not sure about the star drag reels.
  108. M

    2022 predictions

    Sounds like you are fishing from a private boat. Most of the action this year was out at the Tanner and Cortez banks. I did a bunch of 2, 3 and 4 day trips and got limits of blufin on every trip. Many were school size fish but there were a number of 100lb and 200lb fish caught on the trips...
  109. M

    Trip Full! PENN "2022" 8-day trip aboard Shogun; December 3-11, 2022

    I can't believe this trip hasn't sold out already. It is one of the best trips around. There is always a very good group of anglers on the trip and Steve Carson has tons of prizes plus loaner outfits for everyone on the trip. Every year the boat puts together a great trip either to Guadalupe...
  110. M

    It wasn't the Tuskegee airmen. I think you are talking about the Tuskegee syphilis experiment...

    It wasn't the Tuskegee airmen. I think you are talking about the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that started in 1932. It didn't have anything to do with the Tuskegee airmen who flew fighters in WWII.
  111. M

    Your first or favorite concert?

    Linda Ronstadt at the Forum back in the 70's. Every teenage boy had a crush on Linda Ronstadt back then and all of her concerts were always sold out.
  112. M

    I’ve spent far too long trying to make sense of ECBT’s line of rods. Are they a good value? Here’s what I know.

    The BD forum rules clearly state that your first post has to be short and must contain a photo of a half naked female. You failed on both parts. Welcome to Bloodydecks.
  113. M

    Picking a wcCalstar for rockfish

    Your question is too general. You need to be more specific. Are you going to be fishing at San Nick in deep water with 16oz of weight or fishing in shallow water for whitefish with 2oz or maybe jigging with a 6x jr. If I had to pick a single Calstar Westcoast series rod for general all around...
  114. M

    Which restaurant has the best fried chicken?

    Knott's is still pretty good. The grandkids have annual passes and every time we go there I eat dinner in the restaurant while they go on the rides. Hot biscuits with butter and boysenberry jam, boysenberry pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and iced tea. Hasn't changed much in 50 years.
  115. M

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    No Turners, no Fisherman's Landing Tackle, no Seaguar, no Shimano, no Penn, no Calstar, no Seeker, no Avet, no Accurate, no United Composites, no Island Tackle. In years past you could at least get a free spool of Seaguar flurocarbon if you bought 2 and a free Avet cap if you stopped by the...
  116. M

    I see the milkcrate in the corner. Back then all the boats ran boat lines with parachute cord...

    I see the milkcrate in the corner. Back then all the boats ran boat lines with parachute cord, a 5lb sinker, 200lb mono and a baldy or feather. The crew got to keep the boat fish. It was a lot of fun pulling the fish in by hand.
  117. M

    Long Range fishing: Observations after 1st Trip

    Unless you are at least 70 years old you can't imagine what it was like on an albacore boat back in the 60's. When I first started as an 11 year old kid the trips were $20 and another $4 if you wanted a bunk. If all the boats were sold out you just walked up and down the dock until you found a...
  118. M

    Cork rings any advice?

    I use Rod Bond for cork rings. It is thick like vaseline and it will stay in place and not run all over and make a mess. I would just do one rod at a time. Just mix up 2 smaller batches instead of one large batch. You want to be able to take your time and not be rushed trying to do 2 rods at...
  119. M

    Coin collectors? 1964 Kennedy half dollar in acrylic paperweight

    When they first came out there was a lot of demand. I was 12 years old and we would ride our bikes to every bank in town to get some. The banks would only let you have one per person. I still have about a dozen of them, all uncirculated, that I have kept for almost 60 years. I think they are...
  120. M

    Guadalupe Dropper Loop

    At night you can use a 150 lb mono leader and sometimes you still get rocked. Always tie your sinker on with 40lb line. You don't want to get your sinker hung in the rocks with 150lb line. I use a Shimano Tiagra 30 wide or an Avet EX30 pro with 135lb Izorline spectra and the drag super tight...
  121. M


    Anytime you post a Want to Buy ad in the classifieds there is a good chance that some scammer is going to reply to your ad. If you can't meet the person face to face then you need to make sure that they have been a member here for at least a couple of years and that they have 30 or 40 posts at...
  122. M

    under wraps

    I hold each guide up against the blank where it goes and mark both ends of each guide foot. Next I come back and make a mark about 3/8" to 1/2" further out on each end. This gives you a nice progression in the length of your undrwraps. When you start your overwrap you can leave a 1/16" or 1/8"...
  123. M

    Wind On's

    I have been to Guadalupe a bunch of times in the last 6 years and I haven't seen very many people use wind-on leaders there. Most people just tie on a fluro leader using an RP or FG knot. I always bring a few Basil 80lb Blackwater wind-ons just in case but I have never used one there. Often...
  124. M

    AVET - Best Setup

    I use my MXL Raptor for fish up to around 75Lbs or so. I fill it with 50lb or 65lb spectra and fish 40lb or 50lb fluro leaders. You can catch bigger fish than that on it but after multiple big fish and high drag you will knock out the pinion bearing. I use my JX Raptor or LX Raptor for fish...
  125. M

    Wanted: Choke Tubes - Flush Mount Invector and Invector Plus

    I have a couple. I will send you a PM.
  126. M

    American Pie - Who knows all the words?

    In the early 70's driving to Cal State Long Beach they played it on the radio 20 times a day. I also know the words to all the popular songs by the Beach Boys, Creedence Clearwater, Bob Seger, Jim Croce, The Doors, Jackson Browne, Simon and Garfunkel and others. They are all stored somewhere in...
  127. M

    We returned to Seaforth this morning from a 3 day. There was another boat unloading that had a...

    We returned to Seaforth this morning from a 3 day. There was another boat unloading that had a couple of really big blufin, one maybe 250 to 300 pounds. Not sure which boat it was but it looks like there are definitely a few big ones still out there. Most of our fish were 20 to 25 lbs.
  128. M

    Thrown Rod 2009 Etec 150

    We had a similar thing happen a few years ago with a Mercury 175 black max. We were running about 4000 rpm and then the rpms started dropping. I though the throttle was creeping back so I pushed it forward a little. A few seconds later we hear a bang and the motor stops. A piston split in...
  129. M

    The area around Perry's has gotten really bad. The homeless are camped out in cars and RV's on...

    The area around Perry's has gotten really bad. The homeless are camped out in cars and RV's on the west side of the street from Perry's all the way down to the CHP office. We stopped going to Perry's a couple of years ago. Now we go to Denny's while we are waiting for our fish to be processed...
  130. M

    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    I was out at the Tanner Bank twice this year when the wind was blowing 20 or 25 Knots. It was miserable and almost impossible to fish. You couldn't hit the bottom with a 500g flatfall. You are better off that they cancelled the trip and you can go later when the weather is better.
  131. M

    Vintage Fenwick Blanks- Values?

    Hi Jess. Most of the blanks are the dark brown glass. Most of the yellow glass blanks are light 9' blanks. It looks like some of the blanks like the 860's and 890's and 540's are actually Kennedy Fisher blanks rather than Fenwicks. I pulled out the ones I want to wrap for myself and I am...
  132. M

    I used to go on albacore trips with my dad on the New LoAnn back in the late 60's. It was the...

    I used to go on albacore trips with my dad on the New LoAnn back in the late 60's. It was the boat to go on back then, big and low to the water. The trips were $20 and $4 more if you wanted a bunk. Most of the men stayed up all night playing poker in the galley. We would only get one bunk...
  133. M

    The next fishing tackle swapmeet is this Saturday Oct 23rd. It is supposed to start at 8am...

    The next fishing tackle swapmeet is this Saturday Oct 23rd. It is supposed to start at 8am. Not sure if they will let buyers in before that time. It is in the city if Brea, the parking lot behind the shoe store at Brea Bl. and Fir St. The person in charge was supposed to email with additional...
  134. M

    Like new avet Raptors for sale [Deleted]

    The seller might be smarter than you think. He lists the reels with no price but asks for best offer. Then he sits back and waits for the PM's to come in. He was on here this morning engaged in conversations but still hasn't posted a price on this post. While everybody is posting funny...
  135. M

    Vintage Fenwick Blanks- Values?

    The light action thin walled 9' yellow glass rods don't have any labels or numbers on them. The butt diameters vary, 5/8, 6/8 and 7/8. The lighter ones feel like 6lb to 8lb, the heavier ones maybe 12lb to 15lb. I just assumed they were fly rod blanks unless someone was going to make a 9'...
  136. M

    Vintage Fenwick Blanks- Values?

    I recently acquired a bunch of vintage Fenwick blanks. There are about 25 brown glass blanks and about 20 of the yellow glass blanks. I plan to keep some of the heavy blanks and sell the rest at the next fishing tackle swapmeet. I have very little experience with vintage Fenwick blanks and...
  137. M

    WTB Old Glass Rods, Blanks, and Projects

    I have about 40 or 50 vintage Fenwick blanks. I think most of them are from the 1970's. There is a big mix of blanks. The dark brown glass blanks with the Fenwick eagle logo, some yellow glass blanks with the thin walls and large diameter butt, also some 9' yellow glass blanks that are light...
  138. M

    Wtb used Daiwa Sealine 30

    The original sealines like the 50H and 350H were a big improvement over the early Penn Jigmasters. They didn't have all the chrome bases, crossbars etc. to corrode like the early Penns and they were easy to work on. When you take one apart they have a small coil spring for the anti reverse dog...
  139. M

    I buy and sell rods and reels all the time at the tackle swapmeets and the 30H's usually sell...

    I buy and sell rods and reels all the time at the tackle swapmeets and the 30H's usually sell for about $30 to $35. The 50H's and 350H's usually sell $40 to $50 in very nice condition. The black and gold series, the sl20sh, sl30sh etc. go for a little more, usually around $60. The big sealines...
  140. M

    Sponsored Trips

    Bring anything you want, nobody cares. I've been on Penn trips where I bring Avet and Shimano reels, Seeker trips where I bring Calstar rods, Avet trips where I bring Accurate reels etc. On the Penn trips the sponsor usually brings one rod and reel for each person on the trip to try out. I...
  141. M

    Penn Baja Special as a general purpose 40lb reel

    For flylining a bait you want something small and light because many times you are standing at the rail for hours trying to get a bite. Also you want something that will cast well. If you can cast your bait far enough from the boat it will usually swim away from the boat. On a short cast the...
  142. M


    I have one that I haven't used since I got it. It is 6'6" 20-50. It is a custom spiral wrap with the good Fuji SIC guides. I will send you some photos.
  143. M

    Guadalupe Wind

    Yes, my brother and I are both on the trip. It is a very good group of people with a lot of very talented fishermen. If you are new to Guadalupe the crew and the people on the trip will help you out. I wouldn't worry about the weather too much. Tuesday looks like the worst day but by then we...
  144. M

    Guadalupe Wind

    Are you on the Shogun 6 day? The run down to Ensenada shouldn't be bad. You are running with the wind and swells at your back. You leave Ensenada around dark and the first part of the crossing usually isn't too bad. The worst part is usually from daylight till you get to the island. A lot...
  145. M

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Usually Lake Mary and Lake George have the best fishing. Try the east side of Lake Mary about half way down. There is a sandy beach there and it is a good place to fish with flies especially right at dusk. If you are using a spinner you can just use one of the clear plastic bubbles that you...
  146. M

    Question about Jig

    The shape looks a little bit different. I have one that is 4.5" long and 3/4" wide. It is heavy chrome with "TADY Y2" stamped on the back. The sides are parallel for most of the length. It is only the last inch on each end where it angles in.
  147. M

    Getting prepared for all my trips 1 day to 3.5 days..

    I think that you could leave about 75% of that tackle at home. In the last month I have been on a 3 day, a 2.5 day and a 2 day. On every trip we fished the Tanner Bank for limits of blufin then San Clemente for yellows and calico bass. On each trip the only tackle I used was a couple 15'...
  148. M

    3/4 day voucher

    I don't want to come across as an a**hole but I have a couple of questions. I checked the Fisherman's Landing website for future trips and the only 3/4 day trips listed between now and the end of the year are on the Dolphin with 45 passengers and the listed price for the trip is $100. I'm...
  149. M

    10 jig limit; what would you take?

    2-6X jr in scrambled egg 2-6X in scrambled egg 2-6X jr in blue and white 2-6X in blue and white 2-Tady 45's in mint Don't over think it otherwise you end up with 7X's, 6X's, 6X jr's, Tady 4/0's etc. in green and yellow, dorado, white, birdshit, tarbaby etc. and the only one you end up using is...
  150. M

    car ride from LB to SD on Sun 10/3

    You can take the Metrolink blue line from downtown Long Beach up to the station at the 105 freeway. From there you jump on the greenline that will take you to the station at the 605. You can catch the Metrolink bus there and it will take you to the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs train station that...
  151. M

    What’s the deal with Guadalupe…

    The inside scoop is that it all comes down to money. It costs a lot of money for a boat to get the permits and some boats don't want to pay the extra money. It is also a big hassle checking in and out of Ensenada and US Customs and the individual fees are getting very high. With the big...
  152. M

    That is just the way the MC works. When you try to spin the spool by hand it seems like there...

    That is just the way the MC works. When you try to spin the spool by hand it seems like there is no free spool but in actual fishing conditions it will work just fine. You can have the MC removed but in reality there is not much difference between a reel with MC and one without it. On my...
  153. M

    Oooooold rod I.d.

    The one I have is marked "Gaff Blank" "Rock Cod Special". The rod is 9' 2" with a #30 Aftco roller tip. It is definitely a Sabre blank. I don't think those old rod cod rods have much value as fishing rods. Somebody might strip it and make a nice gaff out of the blank.
  154. M

    Oooooold rod I.d.

    I have one just like it. I found it at a swapmeet years ago. It was custom made for Richard Hightower. I was on a trip with him 7 or 8 years ago and I asked him if he was interested in getting the rod back. He replied "no thanks, you can keep it". It is still hanging from the rafters in my...
  155. M

    I use my LX raptor at Guadalupe a lot and many times you end up in multiple tangles with other...

    I use my LX raptor at Guadalupe a lot and many times you end up in multiple tangles with other big fish and the 80 spectra gives you some added insurance in tangles. Also we fish the Seaguar Kureha 130 spectra. The #18 is 63lbs and the #20 is 70lbs and with the 80 spectra you can switch from...
  156. M

    Advice for SoCal long-range newbie

    My brother and I are on the Penn reels trip again this year. I think this will be the 5th or 6th year in a row. It is always a really good trip with a good crew, a good group of fishermen and a great sponsor with ton of prizes and giveaways. I love fishing Guadalupe and I look forward to the...
  157. M

    The restaurant and market are open until 8pm. If you make arrangements ahead of time you can...

    The restaurant and market are open until 8pm. If you make arrangements ahead of time you can usually drop your fish off in a bin and they will ice it down and process it in the morning.
  158. M

    Getting to Fisherman processing after trip…

    Mario's is just down the sidewalk from Seaforth. If you can't find a way to get over to Fisherman's you can just throw your fish in a cart and push it over to Mario's. Make sure you call them ahead of time and make the proper arrangements. I just got back from a trip on Monday and just about...
  159. M


    The non raptor JX is more of a 40lb reel. 50lb is probably pushing it. When you do that you start having problems with handle binding and you knock out the pinion bearing. I have an older JX 6/3 that I am taking on a 2 day trip this weekend but I will only fish 40lb on it. If you can get your...
  160. M

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    I was out at the Tanner on Saturday on another boat. That night the weather got pretty bad. We tried to flatfall fish but the drift was so bad that you couldn't get down even with a 500g flatfall. I was on a top bunk and I almost got tossed out a couple of times. We sat there all night and...
  161. M

    Affliction: My Response

    I have never seen a fish with two hooks in it from 2 different boats, especially a big heavy jig. Also if the sportboat was there first and the second boat is close enough to get tangled then the second boat was way too close. Also did the sportboat have the fish hooked up for a period of time...
  162. M

    Why are big bluefin not line shy? but small ones are?

    A lot of times when the big ones are around they are just as line shy as the smaller ones. The reason they get caught on bigger line is because the captain tells everyone to use their 80lb and 100lb outfits when they see the bigger fish on the meter. They catch a few on the bigger line but...
  163. M

    Ride Home from Guadalupe, Need Boat Advice

    I have done 10 or12 Guadalupe trips in the past 6 or 7 years and the trip back has never been a big issue on any of the trips. Usually you head back at the end of the day after dinner so you are asleep in your bunk for most of the crossing. If the weather is kind of rough they sometimes head...
  164. M

    Skorext scammed me!!

    Always check the member's profile when you are looking at an ad in the classifieds. If the guy has only been a member for a few days and only has a couple of posts and they are all in the classifieds for big ticket items then run like hell. I won't even deal with a person unless they have been...
  165. M

    Offshore Constitution or Grande 1.75 / 1.5 Day

    On a 1.75 day trip you can keep a 2 day limit which is 4 blufin. On a 1.5 day trip you can only keep 2 blufin. If the fish are big then 2 fish is fine. If the fish are smaller school size fish then that is a long run for 2 small fish. Also if they run all the way out to the Tanner Bank on...
  166. M

    Anybody out there fishing a 196-8' or a BR80 or a lami 228?

    I have a custom wrapped Calstar 196 8' and a matching Calstar 220 8.5' that I picked up at a yard sale recently. I also have a Sabre 220 spinner wrapped by Yo's. I have 9' Seeker 196 but I'm pretty sure it has a butt extension. All of them seem very light and I have never fished any of them...
  167. M

    Broke top 6” off my Calstar 765- looking for repair options

    Just cut it back to solid material and put a new tip top on. You might have to move the last guide around a little to get the proper spacing. You will probably end up with something similar in action to a 760M or 760H. It would probably be OK for drooploop fishing for the big yellows at...
  168. M

    Need help with more information on these two different seeker 270’s

    The blue and white is generally the color combination you see with the American series. Sports Chalet sold thousands of them when they were still in business.. I think they sold for $139 or $149. It looks like the other rod is identical except for the color of the wraps. It might have been a...
  169. M

    Lupe YF Braid to Fluoro or Mono Topshot?

    A lot of times at Guadalupe it is all about how the bait swims. If your bait hits the water and takes off like a bat out of hell many times you get a quick hook up. The bait just swims better when it doesn't have to pull around 50' or 75' of heavy mono. You used to be able to get bit with a...
  170. M

    Alien plants

    Looks like some species of agave or yucca. They often call them century plants because they are suppose to produce that flowering stalk once every 100 years but in reality some plants produce it every 10 years or so. With most agave plants the stalk will just dry up after awhile and fall to...
  171. M

    Recommendations for Electric rod Rapper

    Did you guys read his profile. He is 13 years old. I doubt that he has a thousand dollars just laying around to spend on a Renzetti. Maybe a used Pac Bay or Alps would be better for him at this time.
  172. M

    The crew…

    Last month I had a 120lb BFT on 30lb line that I fought for almost 2 hours. We finally get the fish almost to gaff when my fish makes a circle and crosses with a guy fishing a flatfall on the wrong side of the boat. The guy starts reeling and pulling like mad yelling that he is bit. The crew...
  173. M

    Sinker weights..

    Sinker prices at the landings are obscene. Last time I checked at Seaforth an 8oz torpedo was around $4. You can probably get a better price at SquidCo if you have a way to get over there.
  174. M

    Sinker weights..

    If you are going to be fishing a sinker rig for tuna then you usually need 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12oz. You usually don't lose too many so 3 or 4 each should be plenty. You can always buy more from the boat if you need them and the smaller ones aren't too expensive. If you are fishing for big...
  175. M

    25-30 lb blank recommendation?

    Just get an 800M and call it a day. You used to be able to find them used for $150 or less. I've taken mine on every local trip for the past 10 years. If you can't find an 800M then just get a 270H 8' to tide you over until you find one.
  176. M

    Fathom for fly lining 25-30lb?

    If I had to pick only one I would get the 25 two speed. It is just a more versatile reel. You can fill it with 50 spectra then fish 25lb, 30lb or 40lb fluro leaders. With the mix of blufin out there you never know when you are going to accidently tie into a 75lb or 100lb fish. At least with a...
  177. M

    Blank ID

    The spiral pattern of the graphite/glass and the pattern in the graphite looks a lot like an early Kencor Zebra rod. Not sure about that lighter color, all the ones that I have owned have been all black. I have a 6.5' Zebra rod and the graphite/glass pattern looks identical to your rod.
  178. M

    JX Raptor for 50lb reel

    I fish 50lb on my JX raptor all the time. I keep it filled with 65lb spectra. If I want to fish 60lb I use an LX raptor filled with 80lb spectra. The JX raptor could fish 60lb with no problem but it seems best suited for 50lb. If you fish 60lb on it you should probably move up to 80lb spectra...
  179. M

    Line capacity on bv2-600n

    I have a dx600n that I use at Guadalupe all the time. I have about 500 yards of 65lb JB solid on the reel. It has landed numerous 100lb fish with no problems. The biggest was 165lb which was the jackpot fish for the trip. It was on a long soak and I got down pretty low on line, maybe 75 to...
  180. M

    CA knows what's good for you. The forest is closed.

    They banned the use of denatured alcohol in the state because they were worried about green house gases and the ozone layer. I guess they weren't too worried about millions of acres of trees burning every year. In years past they used to log select areas every year. The USFS made lots of money...
  181. M

    Custom seeker rod

    SuperSeeker blanks are kind of a rootbeer color. If it is a black blank it is probably a blacksteel. If it was a used factory wrapped 60xf it might be worth $125 to$150. The 6' rods are not as desirable as the longer rods. If it is a custom rod it could be worth a little more or a little...
  182. M

    Custom seeker rod

    If it is a CJB60 the C stands for composite, JB stands for jig/bait, 60 is the length 6'. If there is an X then it is probably an XF or an XH. XF means extra fast action and the rod will be light like for 30lb. If it is XH, extra heavy then it will be a heavy rod like for 60lb line. You...
  183. M

    Rhyme/Reason for Trips Durations, Trips to Guadalupe or Not...

    When Guadalupe opened back up 6 or 7 years ago there were only a few boats that had the permits to fish the island, the Royal Star, Royal Polaris and the Shogun. As time went by other boats obtained the permits and they began fishing the island but some of the long range boats decided not to...
  184. M

    Custom seeker rod

    If you pop the butt cap off and look inside the blank often times there is a little white label that says "Seeker" and the model number will be written on the label. You don't see the label on every Seeker rod but it will be on a lot of them. Most of the time you can just look at the blank...
  185. M

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    How would you like to fish for 5 days and never get a bite then the 2 guys who didn't have passports both get handed 200lb kite fish. That would really suck. I hope they pulled those guys numbers out of the rotation.
  186. M

    Reloading equipment

    Both of the shotgun reloading presses are sold and one of the single stage RCBS presses is sold. I still have the RCBS turret press available, also one RCBS single stage press and one Lee single stage press.
  187. M

    You must be a couple of years older than me. I was in 6th grade in Catholic school when Kennedy...

    You must be a couple of years older than me. I was in 6th grade in Catholic school when Kennedy was shot. He was the first Catholic president in US history and it was a big deal for Catholics. They marched the entire school into the church to pray that morning. Back in the 60's they played...
  188. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    I don't understand how the multi day declaration accomplishes anything especially for the sportfleet. The boats have a posted schedule and you can track their exact position on so everyone knows exactly how many days they fished and where they were fishing. What difference...
  189. M

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    They should end up with a good trip even if they just fish locally. Five days is about the minimum to fish Guadalupe, six days is better and seven days is much better. I went on a six day last October when Guadalupe was closed and we put together a really good trip with cow blufin locally and...
  190. M

    Fuji DPS reel seat & Penn reel

    I just tried my Fathom 25 and 30 on 5 or 6 different rods that have the regular Fuji DPS reelseats and also the Fuji all graphite heavy duty reelseats and they all worked fine. I have dozens of other rods with DPS reelseats and I have never had a problem with any reels including Penns. Not...
  191. M

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    The boat should just tell the guys sorry, you don't have the required passport like is posted in bold letters on the website and all paperwork related to the trip, ie "PASSPORT REQUIRED FOR ALL TRIPS". Move them to a later trip and just run 2 people short. Why screw 28 people out of a...
  192. M

    Best month to book 1.5 trip for bigger BFT?

    Last year the best I saw was early October. I was on a trip where we got 3 that were over 300lbs and 8 that were over 200lbs but that didn't last very long. I went back the first week of December and it was all over. The first week or ten days of this month was some of the best blufin fishing...
  193. M

    280 Ackley Improved

    If you are going to use the rifle to hunt in California you need to check and see what is available in lead free ammo. If you don't reload you might have a hard time finding lead free factory ammo. Last year my brother and I searched for months looking for lead free ammo in .30-.30, .300 Savage...
  194. M

    Which 20# reel for YT, DoDo & Schoolie Tuna?

    You left out every reel that I actually use for 20lb, Daiwa Sealine sl20sh, gold Trinidad 14 and a Newell P220. If I want a 2 speed I will sometimes use my Talica 10 for 20lb but usually I use it for 25lb or 30lb.
  195. M

    Reloading equipment

    I found 2 more presses in the garage. They are both RCBS single stage presses. RCBS RS single stage press $100 RCBS RSII single stage press $100 SOLD
  196. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Sounds like the passengers came out OK. You get to fish for 3 entire days on a really nice boat with meals included. Blufin fishing is outstanding. Everyone on the boat gets limits of fish. At the end of the trip you get to keep 2 fish and get rid of 4 that you don't have to clean or pay to...
  197. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    I can't believe that CDFW went through all that drama and confiscated hundreds of pounds of fish from innocent passengers just because the boat made a paperwork error and didn't pay $6.95 in fees. Seems like overkill. You would have thought that they could just send one guy down and tell the...
  198. M

    Seaguar kureha #12 (42lbs)

    I would like to get a spool of the #12. I sent you a PM.
  199. M

    Seaguar kureha #8 (28lb)

    I would like to get a spool of the #8. I sent you a PM.
  200. M

    Seaguar kureha #16 (58lbs)

    I would like to get the line. I sent you a PM.
  201. M

    I'm booked on the Indy Nov 26 thru Dec 7 trip - how are bunks / staterooms assigned?

    Frenchy seemed like he was always a little grumpy. He used to put goat cheese on everything, omelettes, salads etc. I don't like goat cheese so I asked him real politely to leave off the goat cheese on any of my food. He looked at me and said, "haven't you ever been to France they put goat...
  202. M

    What are the upcoming swapmeets in sou cal?

    I'm not sure if I will sell at the Carson swapmeet. I sold a ton of stuff at the Long Beach rod and gun club swapmeet and I don't have much left to sell. I will definitely be there to look around and talk to everyone. Dan Hernandez is supposed to have a swapmeet in November. It is not posted...
  203. M

    What are the upcoming swapmeets in sou cal?

    There is supposed to be a tackle swapmeet on Sunday August 29th at the Carson Civic Center. This is the same one that was supposed to take place a month or two ago but it got cancelled at the last minute. Hopefully it will go as planned this time.
  204. M

    Transporting a boat from Boise, Id. to Lake Elsinore, ca

    I've made that trip a bunch of times sometimes towing a 23' boat or trailer. I've made it in one day many times when not towing anything but it is a long 15 or 16 hour day. I always take the back route over the hill through Jordan Valley to Winnemuca then south to Fallon and Hawthorne then...
  205. M

    I'm booked on the Indy Nov 26 thru Dec 7 trip - how are bunks / staterooms assigned?

    I have a hard and fast rule now, no candy, cookies or chips for the entire trip. I sometimes even skip dessert and no beer etc. If you are not careful you can gain so much weight on one trip that it takes 3 or 4 months of dieting just to get back to where you were before the trip. When...
  206. M

    I'm booked on the Indy Nov 26 thru Dec 7 trip - how are bunks / staterooms assigned?

    They assign staterooms according to when you sign up. If you sign up early or have been on the trip the previous year you get to pick which stateroom you would like. If you sign up late and are a single they will just assign you a room with an open bunk. Most of the staterooms on the galley...
  207. M

    Reloading equipment

    mike garrahan submitted a new listing: Reloading equipment - Reloading equipment Learn more about this listing...
  208. M

    Southern California Reloading equipment

    I have a bunch of reloading presses that I inherited from my dad. It looks like I probably will never use them so I am going to sell them to help pay for my October Guadalupe trip. They are all going to the Costa Mesa Gun Show on Sat. Aug 28th but I will list them here so the BD members can...
  209. M

    Islands Can anyone ID this Rockfish species?

    They are very common at San Nicholas. I was out there earlier in the year and I caught more chuckleheads than I did reds.
  210. M

    My second SD trip

    You picked the perfect time to go. There was about a week there from Aug 4th till about Aug 12th when fishing was really outstanding. The nice size yellows were biting at Clemente and the blufin were biting just a few miles off of San Onofre. Everybody was getting limits of 25lb to 40lb fish...
  211. M

    Seeking wahoo rod recomendation

    I have a United Composites RUS80Wahoo which I assume they designed specifically for fishing wahoo. It is rated 50-80 and is a good rod but when fishing wahoo bombs I usually just end up with my old trusty Calstar 6480. The 6480 has a deckhand grip so I can move my reel forward where I like it...
  212. M

    Budget Rail Rods/Modifications

    The first couple of rods that I converted into inexpensive rail rods were a Seeker blacksteel 6470H and a Calstar grafighter 700H. I got them used and I think I only paid around $100 each back then. I just got some Atwood 1/16" butt cord and wrapped the entire area between the front grip and...
  213. M

    SD boats fishing Mex waters?

    Go on and you can see where everyone is currently fishing. It looks like the Sea Adventure 80, American Angler, Tribute, Constitution and others are all fishing a little southeast of Clemente. I don't see very many of the SD boats currently fishing in Mexican waters. It has...
  214. M

    Missed Boat .? Diffrent landing policies over missed trips? Credit? Total loss?

    I have been fishing on sportboats out of San Diego for over 50 years. I have been on probably 400 trips. Number of times I have been late for a trip, zero. Number of times someone else was late for the trip, about 400. It happens every trip, 23 people are on the boat ready to go and everyone...
  215. M

    Shimano/Avet Help?

    The JX raptor and the Talica 12 are pretty versatile. I keep them both filled with 65lb JB solid and I switch fluro leaders depending on the conditions. If I am fishing 40lb I use a Cousins 80H, for 50lb I use a United Composites RUS80wahoo, for 60lb I use a Seeker OSP 1X3. I use them for...
  216. M

    Shimano/Avet Help?

    The Talica 12 is pretty similar to the Avet JX raptor and the Accurate Dauntless 600N. The Talica 16 is similar to the Avet LX raptor and the Accurate 600. I have all of them and they are all good reels but they all have their good points and their bad points. The Talicas are very smooth and...
  217. M

    Need some advice … inherited Rod building equipment

    You have a lot of rod building material there that would be very sought after by any rod builder. The cork, thread, reelseats, blanks etc could add up to quite a bit of money. You might be able to find an eastcoast rodbuilder on this site who lives near you and can help you with setting a...
  218. M


    My brother called me yesterday from Trinidad. There are a lot fish about 50 miles out about half way between Trinidad and Crescent City. One private boat got 50 fish but they are mostly between 10lb and 12lbs. He said there were a few that might have been 18lb to 20lbs.
  219. M

    'Lupe tuna rod to pair with Fathom 40nld2

    It all depends on what size line you are fishing. Sometimes you need to fish 60lb or 80lb to try and get the fish in quickly before the shark gets you. Other times if the sharks are not around and the fish are line shy you might have to drop down to 40lb or 50lb. With a Fathom 40 I would...
  220. M

    Need rod recommendations and a bit more

    On my last trip I saw guys landing fish with every type of rod you can imagine. A lot of 7' Phenix rods, lots of UC 8' rods, some Seeker American series 270's and others. I used a Cousins graphite composite 80H and it worked fine especially when you hooked one of the bigger models. I also had...
  221. M

    Need rod recommendations and a bit more

    The blufin have been really picky recently. There are tons of them out there but they don't want to bite. On my last trip you had to drop way down in line size and hook size to get bit. I caught most of my fish on a Talica 10 with 40lb JB spectra, a long 18' or 20' leader of 20lb or 25lb...
  222. M

    Tips for Salmon from shore in Red Bluff, CA

    In years past the best salmon fishing in that area has been on the Trinity river at Grays Falls and Burnt Ranch Falls. It is up Hwy 299 about and hour and a half or so from Red Bluff. I haven't heard anything this year so I'm not sure how the salmon fishing is on the Trinity or the Sacramento...
  223. M

    704 mods?

    I had a bunch of old 700's and 704's that I sold on ebay. The guys on the east coast were buying them to surf fish for strippers. They would buy everything, handles, spools, cups, gears etc. I'm pretty sure they were drilling them and altering them to use when they wade out in the surf. If...
  224. M

    Charter groups and charter openings

    You have to talk to fishermen you know and the guys on the trips you fish. Often times the fishing groups or clubs are small private groups and they like to keep things that way. If there are too many people in the group it gets very hard to get a spot on one of the trips. Many of the clubs...
  225. M

    Fathom 30NLD2 intended application?

    The 30 is identical to the 25, but just a little bit wider. The spool on the 25 is about 1.5" wide and the 30 is about 1.75". The 30 is good for a 40lb bait outfit when you want a little extra line capacity like fishing the long soak at Guadalupe.
  226. M

    3.5 day trip on Sea Adventure 80 out of San Diego

    If things were as bad as they are being reported here, I wonder what happened when it was time to pay the galley tab and tip the crew. Did people leave $100 or $150 for a tip or did they only leave $10 or $15 and explain why they were unhappy. If the crew only got $200 or $300 in tips instead...
  227. M

    About Guadalupe island

    I'm on a couple of trips on the Shogun in Oct and Dec. The fees vary depending on how many days you fish the island. It sounds like the day goes from midnight to midnight so if you get to the Island late like 2pm you still pay for a full day. What I have been hearing is that the fees are $75...
  228. M

    Shortening 9ft rod....?

    Just keep your eyes open and you will find what you need for a good price. I sold a bunch of rods at the last fishing tackle swapmeet at the Long Beach rod and gun club including 4 or 5 pretty decent railrods and many other quality rods for fishing 40, 50 and even 60 pound line. Many times you...
  229. M

    PLUMERIA PLANTS $10 each

    Bump and update. Most of the plumeria plants have sold. I have about 5 or 6 left. I also have some small sago palms in 5 gallon pots. You can have those for $10 each also.
  230. M

    Conundrum - Braid with top shot or not for Blue Fin

    One of the most important things to consider is how well your bait swims and does it look natural. If your bait is trying to swim while pulling around 50 or 75 feet of 50 or 60 pound mono it can't swim very well and won't look right. It will swim much better if it is only pulling around some...
  231. M

    Fish Count and Reports

    It's kind of a game they play. If they have 20 passengers and 39 blufin that are 10lb footballs and one 80lb fish the report will read "LIMITS OF BLUFIN UP TO 80LBS". Same with dorado. When you read "Limits of Dorado" it is usually Mexican limits which is 2 per day and they are usually 3 or 4...
  232. M

    Suggestions on a boat to land some bluefin?

    I see a lot of speculation, conjecture and wishful thinking in this thread but what I don't see are any actual fish reports or photos. I checked the websites for the Polaris Supreme, the Intrepid and the Topgun 80 and there is not one word about catching any blufin in the last couple of days...
  233. M

    best gas station?

    The Summit station next to the Sports Arena is good but watch your stuff very closely. There are a ton of tweekers and homeless that hang out there by the swapmeet and across the street by the Home Depot. We always leave one person with the truck to keep an eye on everything.
  234. M


    It is pretty easy to mark your line at home. Just wind your line onto another reel where you know the number of inches per turn of the handle. I wind my line onto an Avet HX that is already about 3/4 full. Each turn of the handle is about 48" or 4'. 25 turns is 100', 50 turns is 200' etc...
  235. M

    PLUMERIA PLANTS $10 each

    I have sold several plants. I still have 15 or 20 left.
  236. M

    Tiburon frame

    They make the reel stronger and prevent any twisting or flexing but the main reason is that they come in different colors and look cool. The Accurate and Tib frames come in red, gold, green, purple, blue etc. and really dress up a plain jane stock reel. Add some Accurate side plates and a fancy...
  237. M

    PLUMERIA PLANTS $10 each

    mike garrahan submitted a new listing: PLUMERIA PLANTS $10 each - PLUMERIA PLANTS $10 each Learn more about this listing...
  238. M

    Southern California PLUMERIA PLANTS $10 each

    I have about 20 or 25 Plumeria plants that need to go. They are in 5 gallon pots and have been growing in the pots for about 3 or 4 years. Some of them are 24" tall now. They have the white flowers with the yellow center. We originally started growing them to make leis for the grandkids high...
  239. M

    Is this the right size? (flat fall hook upgrade)

    I have been using the Owner Jobu 7/0 or 8/0 on the bottom and the big Mustad assist hooks like in the photo above on the top. They have worked really well. Recently on a trip the skipper said if you don't want to loose fish change your bottom J hook to a big Owner treble hook. I tried it and...
  240. M

    O-Ring for wrap & dry motor.

    I got O rings for the CPW support wheels at McMaster Carr in Santa Fe Springs. They are orange in color and don't leave any marks on the blank. I think they were about a dollar each. I can't find the part number but I just brought my old O rings to the store and the guy behind the counter...
  241. M

    Cook and Deckhands fishing

    Usually it is not a problem. About 99% of the time the crew will quickly hand off the fish to one of the passengers. I can't count the number of times I have heard the crew call out "who wants a fish". I watched one of the cooks on the Shogun hook five tuna in a row at Guadalupe and quickly...
  242. M

    David Malijan aka Malijan805

    There is also an article that shows he is or was working on one of the sportboats in the Ventura area. I would be very concerned if I was going on a trip where he was one of the deckhands.
  243. M

    Silaflex Magnum

    That is a nice rod. I looked at it on Saturday. Jim Wilson was selling some of his stuff at the swapmeet. Pretty sure Jim rewrapped it. I recognize Jim's work and the thread colors he uses. Jim has been collecting Silaflex Magnums for many years. I think I sold him that rod quite a few...
  244. M

    WTB: Fenwick PB 75 rod, 7 1/2, 15-40lb

    Are you looking for spinners, conventional or both?
  245. M

    American Angler on its way to Guadalupe?!?

    On a 5 day you get about 2 1/2 days of fishing. 6 day is much better, you get 3 1/2 days which is pretty nice.
  246. M

    Anybody know what a good blank cleaning substance is?

    Don't use acetone or lacquer thinner. It will damage a lot of finishes on factory rods. Like stated above denatured alcohol is OK if soap and water won't work but be careful because even DNA will damage some finishes and give them a hazy appearance. I always test a small area first to make...
  247. M

    Talica 16ii pairing

    I have a Talica 16 and I have it filled with 80lb JB solid. I usually fish it with a 50lb or 60lb fluro leader. I guess you could fish 80lb on it but if I am fishing 80lb I usually move up to a bigger reel like an Avet HXW raptor filled with 100lb or 135lb spectra. I usually fish my Talica...
  248. M

    Penn for Sabiki rod

    I just use an old jigmaster 501. You can pick one up cheap and they work fine. Any of the old Penns would work like a 155, 140, 500, etc. but the old standard 501 is the one I always end up using.
  249. M

    Why did you join bloody decks?

    Allcoast was too tame. Bloodydecks was like the wild west. It was brutal in the early days. If you posted something stupid you got hammered into the ground. It was great entertainment. It was like a secret society back then and you always looked for cars on the freeway with a BD sticker so...
  250. M


    The electronics on the boats today is so advanced that the skipper can spot a school of fish and tell you the depth, the size of the fish, the number of fish in the school and the speed and direction of travel. The days where you used to have to troll to find a school of fish is long gone...
  251. M

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    It was a simple mistake. They overlooked a tray of the guys fish. They found the tray and made it right with the customer and the customer is satisfied with the outcome. Of course now the BD haters can't drop the matter and have to come out and accuse the company of stealing fish when it is...
  252. M

    Man Up or spend money, what would you do?

    So far this year the biggest fish have been around 175lb to 180lbs. Last year some 300lb to 330lb monsters showed up in October but the really big ones haven't appeared so far this year. Right now about 99% of the fish out there can be caught on reels like an Avet HX raptor, Accurate DX2 600N...
  253. M

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    The rest of your fish is probably still sitting in the freezer. The 36lbs of filets is probably from the 115lb fish and the rest was on another tray. Your wife didn't realize that you were short and didn't bring it to their attention or they would have gone back in the freezer and looked for...
  254. M

    Navagante boarded by fish and game today

    The guy gets checked by fish and game one time in 40 years and he goes on facebook to complain about it. If I was only checked one time in forty years I would feel pretty lucky.
  255. M

    Donate Bluefin to SD Food Bank?

    If the CDFW has published their official position that the value of sport caught fish is zero and that you cannot use the donation for a tax deduction do you really think that the IRS is going to take the exact opposite view and allow you to claim thousands of dollars for donated fish so that...
  256. M

    Shimano Customer Service Nightmare over 3 Flatfalls

    The last trip I was on 2 weeks the non glow 250g Katy Perry flatfalls got bit better than the 250g glow flatfalls. I don't know how the fish see them but I caught 2 nice fish on the Katy Perrys and zero on the glows.
  257. M

    J & P Wooden Tackle Box # 8

    Nice box but it is not solid wood. Looks like douglas fir plywood. You can plainly see the plywood edges in the last photo. The box looks very similar to the old Hoffman boxes and there are still a few people around who collect and use them.
  258. M

    Donate Bluefin to SD Food Bank?

    Donated sport caught fish cannot be used as a tax deduction. Google "CDFW tax deduction for sport caught fish". This has been discussed many times and CDFW has published the information multiple times. Don't kill a whole bunch of fish that you don't want thinking that you are going to get a...
  259. M

    Jackpot Money

    Great, some new guy from Quebec uses his first post to dig up a 2 year old post about jackpots and tips. That is just what we need right now when giant BFT are biting a stones throw out of San Diego. Forget about posting info about fishing and let's spend all of our time and effort talking...
  260. M

    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down?

    Can you still walk into the office on 5th street and get a license or is that not an option anymore?
  261. M

    Weight of pre-prepped bluefin

    I don't think it works out better for the fishermen. Processing used to be 65 cents a pound for a long time. Once the boats started doing more gill and gut for the bigger tuna the processors just raised their prices. You used to get a discount if you paid cash and often they would throw in a...
  262. M

    Big Fishing Swap Meet 6/19/2021

    I don't think there are any grafighters in the mix.
  263. M

    1st 3dayer, How much $

    A 3 day trip is going to cost you around $750 to $950 depending on the boat and if it is a limited load or not. If it is one of the premier long range boats doing a local trip it could be as high as $1200 or so. Figure another 15% or 20% for tips and $1 to $2 for sodas and $2 to $3 for beer...
  264. M

    Big Fishing Swap Meet 6/19/2021

    The address is 3333 Pacific Ave. It is just south of Wardlow one block east of Pacific Place. I will be there in space #38. I cleaned out my garage and I am bringing about 100 rods. A lot of vintage Sabres plus some nice Calstars, Seekers, Cousins and a few Roddys, Trulines, Fenwicks, Kencors...
  265. M

    Fish cleaning on board

    Most people get their big fish handled by one of the processors or take them home whole. If there are only one or two people who want them cleaned on the boat the crew won't pull all of the fish out of the RSW and throw them on the deck looking for 1 or 2 fish. Once they get back to the dock...
  266. M

    New to Tuna/Big Fish: Want advice on rod/reel

    You say you want an outfit to fish for 40 to 50 lb fish. That usually means an outfit for fishing 40lb line. There are a lot of reels around for fishing 40lb line that won't cost an arm and a leg. I would look for a Penn Fathom 25 or 30 two speed. Also a used Avet JX or LX 2 speed would work...
  267. M

    Looking for 60-80lb stick

    I have an extra Graftech railrod. It is the XXXH model rated 130-150 but in reality it is more of a 80-100lb rod. It looks brand new. I also have a custom wrapped Cousins 670XH that would be perfect for 60-80 and several other 60-80lb rods that I am going to sell. Everything is going to the...
  268. M

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Boat limits just gives the boat the ability to allow other anglers to continue fishing to help out those anglers who haven't limited out. It is not a blank check for a few anglers to catch as many fish as they can then keep the big ones and pawn off the small fish on other anglers. What...
  269. M

    Offshore Kite fish question

    I've seen people give up their turn on the kite when they have only one fish and there are others who haven't caught a fish yet. The crew wants everyone on the boat to at least catch one fish. If you have been fishing for awhile and a number of fish have been caught it is very common to put...
  270. M

    San Diego Full Day Fishing Trip Quiver

    I fished a 2 day last weekend and I brought 4 outfits which was plenty. Your main outfit is going to be your flatfall rig. I used an Avet HXW raptor on a heavy Cousins railrod. The reel was filled to the top with 135lb spectra tied directly to the flatfall rig which has a150lb or 200lb...
  271. M

    Offshore Pac Voyager 2 day 6/4 PB BFT

    It was a fun trip. The weather was beautiful, the fish were biting, the food was good, the crew did an excellent job and it was a great group of guys to fish with. It has been several days now and I am still sore and tired.
  272. M

    Heading out to St Nicolas end of June

    If it is an overnight trip on a sportboat out of 22nd St. you won't have a lot of time to fish if you go to San Nic. It is a 7 or 8 hour run depending on the boat. If you leave the landing around 9pm you won't get to the island until just around daylight. You will only be able to fish until...
  273. M

    The dagger I got from my dad is identical to the one you have right down to the Nazi eagle...

    The dagger I got from my dad is identical to the one you have right down to the Nazi eagle emblem on the handle.
  274. M

    Glow or not??

    It seems like it changes by the day or even by the hour. Last year the hot flatfall was the Nomad Buffalo in Crimson color. I made some similar ones by painting regular all glow 250's with orange nail polish. A friend of mine did really well with them last Thursday. I was on a trip last...
  275. M

    Operation Overlord

    My dad was in the First Infantry Division, 103 AAA Battalion. He came ashore on Omaha Beach at Colleville Sur Mer on D-Day plus 1 or D-Day plus 2. If he had landed on D-day I probably wouldn't be here today. I know he fought at Liege Belgium and Aachen Germany. He also fought in the Battle...
  276. M

    1.5 day for BFT; how does the day/night unfold?

    I just got back last night from a 2 day trip. I got 4 fish but you had to work hard to get a limit. The best fishing has been at night with flatfalls. Don't give up and head to your bunk. Stay up and put in the time at the rail. The best flatfalls on our trip were the 250g Katy Perry's and...
  277. M

    Avet LX 2 speed for Bluefin

    I just got back last night from a 2 day. I took 4 outfits and caught 4 fish all 50lbs to 75lbs. I caught 2 on my Avet HXW raptor on flatfalls and 2 on my LX raptor on bait. The flatfalls that worked best were the 250g Katy Perry and the 200g and 250g glow in the dark. Don't go too light on...
  278. M

    Anybody have tips on preventing bubbles when puttting on rod finish?

    Propane torch. Turn the flame down pretty low. Just sweep the flame past the wrap as you rotate the rod. You just want a quick sweeping pass. You don't want to cook the epoxy, just pop the bubbles. After you have hit all the wraps let the rod sit with the guides up for about 30 or 45...
  279. M

    Calstar grafighter 196-7

    Hey Gary, I think your model numbers are off. I don't think Calstar makes a 196 grafighter. That model number would be an all glass rod. The honey colored rod would be a WC196-7. The black version would be a BWC196-7. The grafighter number for a rod like that would probably be a GF700XL. I...
  280. M

    Avet LX 2 speed for Bluefin

    I'm leaving tomorrow on a 2 day. The smallest reel I am bringing is a Penn Fathom 30 2 speed. I am also bringing an LX raptor, an HX raptor, an HXW raptor and an Avet EX Pro 30/2. I don't even plan to use the Penn unless we run into smaller fish that are line shy. Last October I got spooled...
  281. M

    Stolen gear

    It is getting worse every year. I own a small apartment building in what used to be a decent part of town. The area has been taken over by the homeless and the tweekers and they roam the neighborhood at night like a bunch of zombies. They steal fire extinguishers, water hoses, potted plants...
  282. M

    WTB Calstar 665 or 665H

    Does it have to be a Calstar? I have a Long Beach SuperSeeker 665 that has never been fished. You can have it for $250.
  283. M

    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    Last October I watched a guy land 3 fish all on the same flatfall. Two were over 200lbs and one was over 300lbs. The jig was a Nomad buffalo around 300g. It was glow in the dark with red stripes on the front and the back was solid red. The stinger hooks were big Mustads, around 10/0 or maybe...
  284. M

    super fishing tackel swap meet June 19

    There used to be quite a few local fishing tackle swapmeets . Dan Hernandez would have 2 or 3 a year, the marina at Sunset Aquatic Park had several, the Elk's Lodge in Canoga Park had them and there were several at the Long Beach Marina. Since Covid there hasn't been any tackle swapmeets for...
  285. M

    super fishing tackel swap meet June 19

    I think the last time they had the swapmeet the price had gone up to $35 or $40. I don't like paying $50 either but the money goes to the rod and gun club and not into one individuals pocket like some of the swapmeets. Also it is the best fishing tackle swapmeet around regardless of the price...
  286. M

    Bumps in wrap

    Just hit the bumps with a fine file or very fine sandpaper. Everything will disappear when you put on the next coat of epoxy. Just make sure you don't go too deep and get into the thread.
  287. M

    Kencor blank

    I was just looking at the list of rods in post #2. Every 700 rod listed shows it is a 7' rod. The photo of the tip in the original post sure looks like it has been broken.
  288. M

    Kencor blank

    If it is a 700 it should be 7'. If it is only 6'3" then it probably has 9" broken or cut from the tip end. There is some demand for the panga rods and light freshwater rods with the yellow and blue wraps and some demand for the brown magnaglas saltwater rods but the demand for a 20lb blank...
  289. M

    65 vs 80# braid

    When you are trying to get bit the 65lb lets your bait swim a little better and you have more line capacity especially on a long soak. Once you have a nice fish on and you are tangled with 2 or 3 other guys in the corner you will be glad you have 80lb instead of 65lb. It is kind of a coin...
  290. M

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    This is why I always try to fish with my brother. The one trip where my brother couldn't make the trip I ended up with a tweeker alcoholic who got on the boat with two 1/2 gallon bottles of Capt. Morgans rum. He went through the first bottle by the third day and that night I heard a big thump...
  291. M

    What’s up with the Seeker D8?

    It was designed to have the same action as a Truline D8. Truline D8's are very hard to find and when you do find one they can cost a thousand dollars or more. If the rod is something that you want to fish rather than add to your collection then it makes sense to buy a Seeker Pinhead for a...
  292. M

    How many setups is too many? 1.5 day

    The Cousins rod I have was a heavy railrod prototype blank that I got at the Cousins going out of business sale. It is 7'6" and is much stronger than my Seeker 1X3. It is easy a 100-130lb rod. I don't have a 2X4 so I'm not sure how the Cousins rod would stack up but I'm pretty sure it can...
  293. M

    How many setups is too many? 1.5 day

    I have a 2 day trip next week. I'm bring a GF800M, SS80H, OSP1X3 and a Cousins 100lb railrod.
  294. M

    How many setups is too many? 1.5 day

    No way can you get by with just 3 or 4 outfits on a 1.5 day trip. You need at least 15 outfits, maybe more. You need 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100lb outfits. Plus you need at least 2 outfits for 40, 50, 60 and 80 in case there is a hot bite and you don't have time to retie. Also you...
  295. M

    Penn Fathom reel seat wiggle?

    I have the same problem with the Alps center lock reelseats and certain reels. The PacBay reelseats that are similar are even worse. No matter how hard you tighten the nuts the reel still wobbles. On the reels that give me a problem I just use a reel clamp. You never have the problem with...
  296. M

    Chocolate Sabre 7ft 20-40 HW502 (2 piece) rod

    The 2 piece chocolate Sabres are pretty common. On factory rods the ferrule was usually placed towards the lower end of the blank about 6" in front of the front grip. The rods were pretty heavy anyway with the Varmac reelseat so the ferrule didn't make that much difference in weight and it was...
  297. M

    Tiagra 50W LRS + Rod - How much is this worth?

    The reel is kind of old school like the old original Penn international 50's. I sold a Tiagra 50W a couple of years ago on eBay for $450. The buyer lived in South Africa. With the 200lb and 300lb blufin that have been around recently there might be some interest from a private boater who...
  298. M

    WTB Seeker Inshore Pro ISP 706-7T

    I have a Seeker Blue Lighting Inshore Series II 706-7T. Is that the same rod or are they different. I'm not familiar with the Inshore Pro rods.
  299. M

    what's the best resource for boating weather conditions?

    Check the NOAA website. You can google NOAA weather text forecasts or NOAA weather buoy data center. There is a ton of information there. It takes a little time to figure out what to look for but once you get used to it you can get almost all the information you need. I mainly look at the...
  300. M

    Help me choose a 80-100# reel - questions as well

    I think your numbers are way off for the Avet HX Raptor. My Avet catalog shows the HX raptor holds 670 yards of 80lb and 600 yards of 100lb. The HXW raptor holds 870 yards of 80lb and 750 yards of 100lb. I have both of them and I keep them filled with 100lb JB hollow. I fish 80lb on them all...
  301. M


    I always take a look at when the person became a member of Bloodydecks. If they haven't been around for at least a year I don't pay any attention to them. If they have only been a member for a week or less and every post is in the classifieds offering high priced items you can be sure it is a...
  302. M

    What should I study in college to become a wildlife officer?

    I went to Cal State Long Beach and got a degree in Biology. They have a good science department, especially marine biology. My brother got his degree from Humboldt State. I think his actual major was wildlife management. He ended up working for the U.S. Forest Service for 30 years. I think...
  303. M

    Want some custom rods in Socal

    If you are in Bakersfield you might want to check out Jim's Custom Rods. He is in Antelope Valley and does really nice work. He has a webpage that has his contact info and also photos of some of his work. You could also check with Moon (Moon's Custom Rods) but he usually has a pretty long...
  304. M

    '60 Chevy out of DMV system

    Check with your local PD. The VIN verification form has a spot for the officer to sign and many departments used to let an officer come to your house and sign off a VIN verification as a courtesy for residents. I think it can be signed off by any police officer or any CHP officer. If you...
  305. M

    Penn 40nld2 catches?

    On one of the Penn sponsored Guadalupe trips my brother got a 125lb YFT on a Fathom 40. It turned out to be the biggest fish caught on a Penn reel for the trip so he won a Penn Fathom 30.
  306. M

    Trim bands with underwrap or separate?

    The easy way is just do your underwrap then when you do the overwrap just start it 1/16" or what ever you like from the end of the underwrap. Usually a thin band looks better but you can do whatever size you want. I always put a coat of epoxy on the underwrap before I do the overwrap. It just...
  307. M

    WTB Newell bars, spool for squidder

    Do you need the base also or just the spool and bars?
  308. M

    Cancer Warning on Thread

    Prop 65 covers thousands of common things you run into everyday. Just about every store you walk into has a prop 65 warning on the window. It covers fishing sinkers, antifreeze, alcohol, gasoline fumes etc. Typical California BS. It started out with good intensions but ended up covering...
  309. M

    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    I would get either a Calstar Grafighter 700H or a SuperSeeker 6470H. For the reel I would get an Avet JX Raptor or a Shimano Talica 12. Either of those rods paired with either of the reels would be a good all around outfit. You could fish bait, wahoo bombs, yoyo for yellowtail etc. It would...
  310. M

    Tackle questions for 11 day trip.

    Since you are driving and you will be in San Diego early just plan to stop at SquidCo. They have the largest selection of tackle and the best prices you will find. Try not to buy anything at the landings if possible. Their prices are very high. If you go on the various websites for the long...
  311. M

    Guadalupe 2021?

    When I get too old to fish and have to hang up my rods I sure as heck won't be saying to myself, "boy that year after Covid where I was locked down for an entire year I'm sure glad I didn't spend the extra money to fish Guadalupe one last time". If Guadalupe is open this year I'm going.
  312. M

    Recent Malihini Experience?

    At cruising speed the PT boats burned 200 gallons an hour. At top speed they burned 500 gallons an hour of 100 octane aviation fuel. The high fuel consumption was one of the big reasons that the navy got rid of all the PT boats at the end of the war. They just stacked them up and burned them.
  313. M

    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    I think a 550 should be 9' with a .900 butt diameter and a #9 tip. You see a lot more 690J's and 540's. The 550's are pretty rare and the same goes for black blanks. I probably have over 100 Sabre rods and blanks and I think I only have one or two that are black. Sabre made so many different...
  314. M

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    That's what I use, a propane torch. You can adjust the flame down low and just sweep it past the wraps as you rotate the rod. The bubbles disappear instantly and you just leave the rod with the guides up for 30 or 45 seconds. All of the excess epoxy will sag to the bottom of the wrap and you...
  315. M

    Recent Malihini Experience?

    The Malihini is one of only a few surviving WWII PT boats. I think it was built by Higgins, the company that made most of the WWII landing craft. I would go on it just for the history involved to ride on a WWII PT boat.
  316. M

    Cinnamon sabre Help info needed

    I'm pretty sure the Cinnamon Sabre rods came sometime after the chocolate Sabres. Most of the chocolate Sabres had the Varmac metal reelseats and the regular all metal Perfection boat guides. Most of the Cinnamon Sabre rods had the Fuji graphite reelseats and the early Fuji ceramic insert...
  317. M

    What does your quiver look like?

    To join the ranks as a true tackle whore you need at least 100 rods and 50 reels. You have a good start but you still have a long way to go. At this point you only qualify as a tackle whore trainee. When you have 4 or 5 Grafighter 700H's that you never use then you may qualify.
  318. M

    Vaccine, easier than I thought...

    Got my second shot last week. I felt like I had a hangover the next day but it only lasted one day. Last year some of the long range boats were requiring a negative Covid test within 3 days of the trip and it was a big hassle. I have several trips scheduled this year and I didn't want to have...
  319. M

    Cinnamon sabre Help info needed

    You don't see a lot of original Cinnamon Sabres around. Most of the ones that I have seen in the past 20 or 25 years have been freshwater rods. Usually 5.5' or 6' and rated 12lb to 25lb. Most of the original factory rods were wrapped with yellow underwraps and brown overwraps and many had...
  320. M

    RIP Tunabelly

    George was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I worked the SenorTuna booth at the Fred Hall Show a couple of times and George would always have a table full of funny hats for sale. If someone stopped by with a young child he would often give the child a funny hat for free. People...
  321. M

    Fishing 60lb and over (flat fall and sinker rig)... ??

    Most of the flatfall set ups for big blufin are rigged with heavy mono or fluro, often 125lb, 150lb or even 200lb. They are almost always crimped. Usually there is a solid ring or swivel on the end and all you have to worry about is tying your spectra to the ring. If you are fishing a 60lb...
  322. M

    Rod builders in SFV

    Jim's Custom Rods. He is in Antelope Valley and does really nice work. You can find his website on the internet and see some examples of his work.
  323. M

    Need your help in identifying a rod

    If you take a close up photo of the blank in bright sunlight the photo should show the pattern in the glass. Most of the Sabre rods will have a distinct spiral pattern in the glass with the lines very close together. The Fenwick and Lamiglas blanks won't have the spiral pattern in the glass...
  324. M

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    An LX Raptor will handle hundred pound fish all day long. I have caught multiple 100lb fish on a MXL Raptor at Guadalupe when the fish are line shy. A lot of times I will fish a JX Raptor when the fish are 90 to 100 lbs and I don't even bother with the LX Raptor. The LX raptor will hold 500...
  325. M

    Thread color on classic seeker (tan) factory rods

    Probably Gudebrod #326. It was a very common color and you should be able to find some without too much trouble.
  326. M

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    There is an Arco station at Bolsa and Springdale. They usually have the lowest gas prices in the area.
  327. M

    muzzle loading question

    I inherited some muzzleloading stuff from my dad. There are a couple of pounds of black powder, some .54 cal lead balls, some percussion caps and other shooting related items. Is it legal to sell these items person to person or does it have to go through a licensed dealer? Thanks.
  328. M

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    I never use CP on metallic thread. I think it just causes problems. I just did a rod yesterday with Gudebrod HT metallic gold with no CP and it came out perfect. If you think there is a problem you can do some test wraps on a piece of scrap blank. Do a wrap with no CP then one with one coat...
  329. M

    Looking for help adding extra stripper guide on factory UC rod

    Sav-on-Tackle should be able to do it but if they can't do it check with Dan at Dan's Custom rods, 16764 Glengary St., La Puente. 626 330-1949. He has been wrapping rods for 40 years and should be able to do anything you want.
  330. M

    Freshwater 4 piece pack rod

    Looks like an Eagleclaw Trailmaster pack rod. Some of them go for pretty good money. They call those those short ferrules Mini ferrules. Usually you can just clean them up with some very fine steel wool. Don't forget to work on the female side also. You can use a little denatured alcohol or...
  331. M

    Rods built during covid

    The 4 runner is a 2005 but it only has 60,000 miles on it. I bought it mainly to take the grandkids to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. Now it just sits in the garage and I drive it once or twice a month to keep the battery charged. Once the pandemic is over I will be back to driving the...
  332. M

    Rods built during covid

    Most of them are Guadalupe railrods, 40lb, 50lb and 60lb. There are a few 100lb railrods for the big blufin and a few lighter 25lb and 30lb rods for school size yellowtail and tuna. I have trips booked for November and December, hopefully Guadalupe will be open this year.
  333. M

    Rods built during covid

    That was a test. The girl at the phone store was showing me how to post photos with my new phone. I have been wrapping about one rod a week ever since the pandemic started. I had about 50 or 60 blanks that I picked up when Cousins went out of business but I'm starting to run pretty low now.
  334. M

    Want to Extend a Rod - any cons?

    I've done a bunch of them. I have extended 60H superseekers and Cousins blanks into 7.5' railrods and caught multiple 100lb tuna on them. I've extended Sabres, Calstars, Roddys and many others. I usually deal with 6' or 6.5' rods that I have no use for and convert them into 7.5' and 8' rods...
  335. M

    Rod building supplies on the west coast?

    Try They are a family owned business in San Dimas and almost all of their sales are on line. Also Utmost Enterprises is another good spot.
  336. M

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    The Talica ad says posted in La Habra Hts. If the guy lives in La Habra Hts. it is not very likely that he is a crook. The median home price in La Habra Hts. is $1,029,000. Much more likely that he is some rich guy that isn't concerned about the money and just wants to sell the reels and make...
  337. M

    Help identify this fish?

    You get up to northern California and the black rockfish (Sebastes melanops) and the blue rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) are very common. All of them look pretty much the same only different colors.
  338. M

    Backpacking Fishing Rod and Reel Suggestions

    I have fished a lot of lakes and streams all along the John Muir Trail. You really don't need to bring a lot of tackle. You should bring a couple of small spinners like Meps or Panther Martins, some small salmon egg hooks and a jar of Pautzke's green label Balls of Fire, a couple of clear...
  339. M

    You ever felt like calling the cops?

    Well that didn't take long. Kevina's post is gone, I wonder if he is gone too.
  340. M

    You ever felt like calling the cops?

    Kevina was quiet for awhile. I thought maybe he got banned. I guess he is back now. I wonder how long he will last this time.
  341. M

    Backpacking Fishing Rod and Reel Suggestions

    Look for one of the Eagle Claw Trailmaster pack rods. They break down into 4 or 5 pieces and are only about 16" or 18" long. They also come in a light weight aluminum tube for protection. Some of them have a reversible butt section so you can use them as a spinner or a fly rod. I often use...
  342. M

    might start building rods?

    The kid is 16 years old. I don't think he has a wife and I'm pretty sure he is not sharing a house with his girlfriend. He is hoping to get some money for his birthday in May to buy some rod building supplies.
  343. M

    $200.00 gift card to Bass Pro shops, too far away to drive to, what to order online? Salt Water fishing

    My granddaughter gave me a $50 Bass Pro gift certificate for Christmas. I drove all the way out there and couldn't find a decent price on anything I wanted. I ended up buying a single roll of 50lb Seaguar flurocarbon that I could have gotten for a lot less on the internet. If I lived in the...
  344. M

    might start building rods?

    Rod building is a great hobby but don't go into it thinking you are going to make any money. Once you spend hundreds of dollars for a wrapping machine and rod dryer you will find yourself buying dozens of spools of thread at $10 a spool, reelseats at $10 to $35 each, guide sets at $25 or $50 or...
  345. M

    2 Pompanette Helm Chairs for sale- Almost New

    A lot of people don't know that you can just click on the poster's name and it will show the last time the person logged on. In this case the OP was last logged on Jan 22nd of this year. Sometimes on these old posts the guy hasn't been around for 4 or 5 years. At least in this case it looks...
  346. M

    Cousins Rod Decals

    What color are you looking for, Red or Blue?
  347. M

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Back in the 60's and 70's you didn't have to go to a tackle shop to find good quality rods and reels. J. C. Penneys had a big sporting goods section. They even carried guns back then. I bought my first Penn Jigmaster there for $14.99. Penn Squidders were $21.99 and came with an extra spool...
  348. M

    Shimano TLD 5 free spool

    You know way more about how the reels work than I do. I always thought the shaft rotated in the hole. I guess it was because the shaft couldn't move sideways to go into freespool. On the reels I had once you opened up the hole up a little bit they would freespool like they were supposed to...
  349. M

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Someone mentioned the tackle store that was across the street from the Coliseum. I think it was called Santa Barbara Sporting Goods. It was on the south side of Santa Barbara Av. before they changed the name of the street to Martin Luther King Bl. I bought my first blank there. It was a 7'...
  350. M

    Shimano TLD 5 free spool

    A lot of times the problem is where the end of the spool shaft rubs on the graphite frame on the side opposite the handle. If you look at the smooth side of the frame you will see a little rectangle that covers the round hole where the end of the spool shaft goes. If you remove the spool you...
  351. M

    Good colors for a green blank?

    I have wrapped several of the green Seeker Pinhead blanks and I just used a yellow underwrap with a black overwrap. It looks pretty good on the green blank.
  352. M

    Carbide boat guides

    Hi Franky. I have a bunch of Carbaloy boat guides but I only have 12's, 14's, 16's and 18's. They are braced but the frames are not as heavy as the guides in the photo. They look more like the old Perfection boat guides. If you can find some 20's, 10's and 8's you could probably put together...
  353. M

    Trolling Rod?

    Lamiglas or maybe an S glass Sabre.
  354. M

    Rod building - grip recommendations

    For me the length of the rear grip is based on where I like my reel to be positioned. When using a standard size uplocking reel seat I like a total rear grip length of about 13 1/2". That works out perfect with a 12" rear grip and a 1 1/2" butt cap. I prefer hypalon for the rear grip because...
  355. M

    BV2-600 max on fish size

    My DX2 600 is filled with 80lb JB solid. I think it was close to 600 yards.
  356. M

    Would a cal star 800m work for temporary yo-yo setup

    It is not really designed for yoyo fishing. Usually when you are yoyo fishing you are fishing for big yellows on the bottom and you want to pull them away from the rocks as quickly as possible. An 800m is more of a 30lb bait stick. For yoyo you want heavier line, 40lb at least, 50lb or 60 is...
  357. M

    Identification help

    Calstar and Seeker both used the old Sabre numbering system for their early glass rods. I don't know why they used 6-9-8-2 in that order or why they used 4 to indicate fast action. The 90J and 100J were basic. 90 was 9' and 100 was 10' and J stood for Jig rod. The 610 came from a special...
  358. M

    Identification help

    I think the T stood for Tuna but a lot of the 660's and 665's got wrapped as trollers back in the day.
  359. M

    Identification help

    It is a Calstar honey colored E glass blank. The first number is the power of the rod. 6 is strongest then 9 then 8 then 2, like a 670, 970, 870 and 270. The last two numbers are the length. 60 is 6', 65 is 6 1/2', 70 is 7'. If there are 4 numbers and the second number is a 4 that means...
  360. M

    BV2-600 max on fish size

    I usually put my DX2 600 on a Seeker OSP 1x3 and fish 60lb on it. I put the 600N on a Seeker SSR 7650 and fish 50lb on that. They are both good combos for Guadalupe.
  361. M

    Thread storage

    I keep my small spools in plastic tackle storage trays. Each tray holds 18 spools. I have a tray for each color, red, blue, yellow etc. Each one is marked with the color and I just keep them stacked on the bench behind my wrapping machine. So far I have 25 trays. I keep the large 4oz spools...
  362. M

    BV2-600 max on fish size

    Not sure about the BV2 600 but a couple of years ago I caught a 165lb YFT at Guadalupe on a DX2 600 with no problem. I also have a DX2 600N that has caught many 100 to 125 pound fish again with zero problems. The reels are smooth and have a lot of cranking power.
  363. M

    Light line Rootbeer Roddy. Searching for rod model info. Inputs needed?

    I haven't wrapped it yet. The rod was a small enough diameter that I was able to use a piece of aluminum tubing to do the butt extension. It is inserted into the tubing about 8". I covered the aluminum tubing with a layer of 1/16" cork tape and X flock shrink tubing. I also epoxied a wood...
  364. M

    Cousins 95J Mag question

    I don't plan to sell it. One of these days I will get around to wrapping it and fishing it. Since the pandemic started I have wrapped 15 or 20 rods and I am getting low on blanks so that one may make the list pretty soon.
  365. M

    Light line Rootbeer Roddy. Searching for rod model info. Inputs needed?

    I have one that is almost identical, same color, same spiral pattern in the glass and same grain pattern. Mine had the original black and white Roddy label on it. It was originally a 7' spinning rod but was in poor condition so I stripped it and did a butt extension. Now it is 8' 6" and has a...
  366. M

    Cousins 95J Mag question

    Does anyone know the specs for the 95 J Mag. I picked up a blank at the Cousins going out of business sale. It is unmarked. The blank is 9' 6", the tip is a little bigger than a #9 but a little smaller than a #10. The butt OD is about 1 1/8" and it is thin walled. I can see that the butt...
  367. M

    Penn Senator Special 6/0 114H Reel With Vintage Penn Rod

    If you click on the posters name on these old posts it will show when they were last on the website. In this case it was May 25, 2016. The odds of the person seeing your post is absolutely 0%. If they have been around recently you can just send them a personal message without bumping a very...
  368. M

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    I was being nice and giving him the benefit of the doubt. The title said 25lb yellowtail but when I saw it in the bottom of the boat next to the guys feet it looked like maybe14 or 15 lbs., no way in the world does it look anywhere near 25lbs. but maybe the guy just has really big feet.
  369. M

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    How in the world did we ever manage to catch any fish before the invention of the 2 speed reel. I looked at the video expecting to see a 200lb tuna instead I see a school size yellowtail. People used to catch thousands of them on Penn Jigmasters with no problems. Do you really need a $500 two...
  370. M

    Trimming the Butt

    I just use a chop saw and go slow. Most of the uncut blanks are 2 or 3 inches oversize to start with so cutting off the messed up inch at the butt end is not a big deal. You are still going to end up with a rod that is a couple inches longer than a factory rod.
  371. M

    7 Foot Lamiglas, Sabre, Garcia? LW3 Reel Seat

    It is kind of hard to tell from the photos but the photo of the blank just in front of the name looks like you can see a faint spiral pattern in the glass. That is something you usually see in Sabres. Lamiglas usually don't have the spiral pattern in the glass but usually have a fine grain...
  372. M

    Rod wrapper you may want to sell?

    You can make a drying setup out of an old rotisserie motor and a PVC pipe cap for a couple of dollars or you can buy a basic drying motor setup from any of the rod building companies for $30 or $40. It doesn't take 24hrs for the epoxy to set up enough that you can turn off the dryer. If the...
  373. M

    Shipping Fish from San Diego to Washington

    My brother flies with frozen fish all the time from LAX to Medford on Alaska. We go to home depot and get 2 medium size heavy duty moving boxes and a 4'X8' sheet of 1/2" styrofoam. The boxes are only a couple of dollars and the styrofoam is $6 or $7. I think the boxes are 18"x18"x16". We cut...
  374. M

    Looking for a power handle for Jigmaster Jr.

    Look for one of the Penn 24-56 handles. They have 3 different positions you can use. Also Accurate made some nice handles that fit Jigmasters and they came in several different colors like ice blue, purple etc.
  375. M

    Custom rod question

    Check out Jim's Custom Rods. He is in the antelope valley area. He does the cool rattlesnake skin butt wraps along with regular designs. I always stop by his booth at the Fred Hall Show to check out his work. Moon also does outstanding work as does Ed at Whopperstopper Rods.
  376. M

    Funny Lady RIP Cloris Leachman

    She was also a very good dramatic actress. She was in The Last Picture Show with Ben Johnson, Cybill Shepherd, Timothy Bottoms and Jeff Bridges. Out of all of those actors her performance stood out and she won an Oscar for the role.
  377. M

    Rod Materials

    I'm not an expert but I can give you the basics. Most rods today are made of fiberglass, graphite or a combination of the two. There are two types of fiberglass that are commonly used, E glass and S glass. The S glass is lighter and stronger than E glass but it is more expensive. Graphite is...
  378. M

    Help with identifying a rod . Possibly old Sabre

    It looks like a custom wrapped S-glass Sabre. The S glass was lighter and stronger than the E glass. If it was E glass the wall thickness at the butt would be much thicker and the rod would weigh a lot more. The S-glass blanks were very good blanks and they were used for the Sabre Californian...
  379. M

    Help with identifying a rod . Possibly old Sabre

    You have to look for the pattern in the glass to tell what it is. It looks like an older rod, maybe late 70's or early 80's. Probably a Sabre, Lamiglas or yellow glass Fenwick. Look closely for a pattern in the glass. If it is a Sabre you will see a distinct spiral or barber pole pattern in...
  380. M

    Looking For Blue Hypalon

    I have some blue hypalon. They came as 2 piece sets. The rear grip is 12 1/2" long, outside diameter is 1 1/4", inside is 11/16". The butt is turned down for a butt cap. I have been using the Varmac #29 butt caps from Squidco for a perfect fit. The front grip is 8" long, tapered with an...
  381. M

    Gudebrod NCP 246 Needed

    I have 10 or 12 spools of 245 and they are all different. Seems like the older stuff on wooden spools is usually darker than the newer stuff on the plastic spools. I have a little of the 246 and I can't tell the difference between the 246 and some of the 245, they look exactly the same to me.
  382. M

    .270 or 7mm Mag?

    You might want to do some checking around and see what ammo is available before you make your decision. Lead free ammo has been hard to find and when you do find some it is only available in a few calibers. Last year my brother couldn't even find lead free in .270 let alone .30-.30, 6mm., and...
  383. M

    Rail Rod questions?

    I have built a bunch of railrods for fishing Guadalupe the last few years. Through trial and error I have found what works best for me. I like a front grip that is about 16" to 18" long. I have also found that I like a pretty good size diameter on the front grip. Skinny grips just don't feel...
  384. M

    Old FENWICK / Lamiglas salmon rods

    I have some of the old brown Fenwicks. Where are you located?
  385. M

    Info on Sabre B710m-B710h

    I have never heard of a 710. B710m does not sound like any original Sabre number I have ever run across. I would like to see a photo of the label and the blank. If it is a composite blank it would be one of the original Grafast blanks and they are pretty unique and east to recognize. It...
  386. M

    Wood Box ID..

    Looks like a basic Butch Green long range box. The layout with the jig compartment in the middle is the most common layout you see. I have 3 or 4 like that one but with different color laminates. I think it is a "yellowtail" model. I measured a couple of my boxes and they are the exact same...
  387. M

    Calstar West Coast Series

    I have a bunch of them that I fish all the time, 870, 970, 670, 270H-8 and others. They are very good rods but the ratings are just a general guide. The 270H is rated 15-40 but I use it for 25 or 30 max. The 670 is rated 20-50 but no way is it a true 50lb rod. I usually fish 30lb on it...
  388. M

    Guadalupe fishing 2021

    Same thing. I was on the Shogun on the second trip after Guadalupe reopened. All the fish were over 100lbs, some way over. People were getting spooled left and right. I had fish on 50lb that I fought for over 2 hours and still couldn't land them. One night the big yellowtail went wide open...
  389. M

    HX Raptor vs HXW Raptor

    I have a couple of each, 2 HX raptors and 2 HXW raptors one of which is a 3 speed. I use them for my heavy bait outfits and also for flatfalls. The HX raptors are filled with 100lb JB spectra and the HXW's are filled with 135 Izorline spectra. The HX spool is 1 3/4" wide and the HXW is 2 1/4"...
  390. M

    Any LEO's on BD

    Nobody in law enforcement is going to run the plate number on the computer and give you the RO's info. Those days are long gone. All of the searches are tracked and anyone who releases info without following the proper procedures stands a good chance of being fired. Just wait for the report...
  391. M

    Guadalupe fishing 2021

    At this point I don't think anyone has a clue as to what will happen with Guadalupe. Even if Guadalupe is open in August the sharks could be a major problem. Usually they are pretty bad until around the first of November. Guadalupe might not even be open next year and a 6 day does not leave...
  392. M

    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    I have never understood why some people think it is OK to interfere with another person who is simply trying to sell something in the classifieds. If I was having a yardsale to sell some extra rods and reels and some guy drove over to my house and stood out front yelling that my prices were...
  393. M

    Old Fenwick Glass Rod Questions

    There were several different models. There was the regular Pacificstick which was all glass and usually wrapped in yellow and brown. There was the Pacificstick supreme which was also all glass and often wrapped with green wraps and then there was the Pacificstick royal. The royal was a...
  394. M

    Custom wrap calstar rods.

    If you read the rules at the top of the classified section it says that you must post a price. Just come up with a fair price and the rods will sell. I would be interested in the 670H but I'm not interested in getting in a bidding war with the other BD members.
  395. M


    The whole Covid testing process in a major PIA. I needed a negative test 3 days or less before a recent trip. The landing suggested Walgreens or CVS but when I contacted them they said that they don't do the rapid tests in California. RiteAid said that they did the rapid test so I went there...
  396. M

    Bigger Reel for EXW 4/02

    I had a similar problem with a big diameter Aftco Unibutt and an Avet HXW raptor. I would run out of threads before the hood tightened down on the reel foot. I found a scrap piece of heavy pvc pipe that fit over the threaded section and I just cut out a ring about 3/4" long and put it between...
  397. M

    Report: Shogun 7-day PENN trip Dec. 4-11

    The trip was a lot of fun. Even with Guadalupe closed and the local big blufin fishing slowed down the Shogun crew was able to put together a great trip. We came home with wahoo, yellowtail, tuna, lingcod and some big reds. Steve Carson as usual provided a ton of prizes and giveaways. The guys...
  398. M

    Christmas light rant

    If that is the only thing you have to complain about in life then you are a very lucky man. I have 3 granddaughters that aren't working because of the pandemic and I am spending thousands of dollars a month to help them out with rent, car payments and other bills. I own a small rental that I...
  399. M

    Rod information American Spirit

    It looks like a graphite/fiberglass composite rod, graphite in the bottom section and fiberglass in the tip section. I googled the name and it looks like the company is still in business. The parent company is American Premier Corp. Their warehouse is in Ontario by the Ontario airport. They...
  400. M

    Rod information American Spirit

    You see them around occasionally. I'm pretty sure they are imported. I think the company had a warehouse out in Chino or Ontario. I remember 8 or 9 years ago going out there when they had a parking lot sale or a going out of business sale. A few years ago you would see some being sold at the...
  401. M

    What would be a fair price?

    The guys that collect them pay more money for certain models. Is it a blackie, P series, G series, S series? Even something as simple as having red name tags and a red line on the handle can make a difference in value. Does it have the original Newell clamp and screws. I assume it is black...
  402. M


    My dad had a 13.5 footer that he fished out of for years. He used to fish for salmon in the ocean out of Trinidad in northern California. He would go 2 or 3 miles off shore all the time, even with 3' and 4' swells which were common up there. The Gregors are all welded and very seaworthy. He...
  403. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Oscar Olson, he ran the Mariner and later the Windsong. He was a great guy and a lot of fun to fish with.
  404. M

    Need to Id an old newell reel

    Probably a 229. I just measured my 229 and it is 3" wide and the side plate is 2.5" across. A 338 is 3 1/4" wide and the side plate is 3" across.
  405. M

    Spots open on PENN-sponsored 7-day aboard Shogun Dec. 4-11

    Hi Jerry. Probably won't know if you need a CA license until the day of the trip. If the big BFT are still around at Cortez and Tanner then you will need a license. If the fish are gone then they will probably head south and you won't need a Ca license. I would just wait and see what...
  406. M

    Identify this wood?

    Yes. it looks like a pepper tree. There are 2 common ones found in California, The Brazilian pepper and the California Pepper. The rough bark on the larger trunk and the smooth bark on the smaller trunk look like Brazilian pepper. Also the light colored wood and the small branches coming off...
  407. M

    What’s your opinion

    The OSP rods are the top of the line, very similar to the SuperSeeker rods. They retail for around $500. The SSR rods are one step down. They retail for around $300. The OSP rods are basically SuperSeekers that are designed for fishing the rail. The OSP rods are graphite composite. They...
  408. M

    need rod guides replaced

    Ed at Whopperstopper rods in Riverside, Dan's custom rods in La Puente, or maybe the guys at the Longfin can hook you up.
  409. M

    3 day trips.... Do you fish on day 1?

    It depends on the boat. The big fish have been hitting flatfalls at night and the kite during the day but you need flying fish for the kite. If the boat already has a bunch of frozen flyers they might head directly to the Cortez or Tanner. It takes about 10 hours to get there so you should be...
  410. M

    Car thieves in Huntington Beach

    I don't know why people are so surprised that there is a lot of petty crimes like auto theft, car burglaries, stolen outboard motors etc. The people of this state are getting exactly what they voted for. They voted to release prisoners from prison, they voted to reduce drug crimes to...
  411. M

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    I just got back from a 6 day on the Shogun and guys were catching 200lb, 250lb and even a 330lb on the flatfalls. I was using an HXW Raptor with 100lb Jerry Brown spectra and I felt way undergunned. My brother had an HXW raptor 3 speed with 100lb spectra with a uni to uni knot about 300 ft...
  412. M

    Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

    It was a great trip. The crew did an excellent job. I don't think they lost any fish at gaff and these were big mean fish. When they gaffed Scott's fish it was a real battle, water flying everywhere and the fish was pulling the guys all over the place. I got a 230lb kite fish that broke one...
  413. M

    lets settle this once and for all

    Years ago I was on a 2 day trip on the Indian and the owner and his son were on the trip. The owner was demonstrating the new magic cast that had just come out. I asked him about the name and he said that the company was named after his father. I believe the father's name was Avetus or...
  414. M

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    I leave Friday on a 6 day and I have talked to everyone I know that has been out recently. Most people say that the way to go is a 200g or 250g super glow during the dark hours. Once the sun comes up switch to a 200g or 250g pink and blue flatfall, the one they call a Katy Perry. They also...
  415. M

    Looking to get into rod building...

    Start slow and see how you like rod building before you sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars into wrapping machines, blanks, thread, guides, reelseats etc. I started out by picking up old Sabre rods at yardsales and swapmeets then stripping off the guides and rewrapping them. All you...
  416. M


    Google health risks from cigar smoking. The three biggest risks are cancer, heart disease and erectile dysfunction. I can do without those three.
  417. M

    Charter Boat Captain & Teacher arrested on child porn

    Not sure why you didn't mention his name and the name of the boat. The info is pretty easy to find with a quick internet search. There is a big article in the Chinook Observer will all of the info. The name of the boat is kind of ironic for someone involved in child porn.
  418. M

    Guides showing rust

    Usually it is just cosmetic. A lot of times the rusting or discoloration occurs under the excess epoxy that gets on the guide foot. Usually you can use an xacto knife and cut away the excess epoxy on the guide foot then clean up the area with a brass or stainless steel brush. I have had rods...
  419. M

    Independence try out...

    The rooms on the galley level are really nice. There is a shower right there that does not get much use and is usually available. The tackle storage is assigned by numbers so there is no fighting over a tackle spot. The only problem is that the top level spots are for low boarding numbers...
  420. M

    Island de Guadalupe

    If you want to fish just Guadalupe then book a 6 or 7 day trip from around Nov 1st through about Dec 15th. Those trips usually go straight to the island and fish it for the entire trip. If you want more of a mix the longer trips will usually fish Guadalupe for a few days then head to the ridge...
  421. M

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    I use a Calstar Grafighter 800m with an Avet MXJ 2 speed filled with 50lb JB spectra. I use a 15' or 16' leader of 25lb or 30lb Seaguar Premier fluro depending on how picky the fish are. The outfit is light weight, casts well, has plenty of line capacity and enough backbone for bigger fish.
  422. M

    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    I'm still trying to find the answer to the question of which limits apply when you fish in both US and Mexican waters on a multi day trip. I called and sent emails to CDFW but they don't answer the phone and they don't return emails. The story I hear from some people is that once you have...
  423. M

    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    It gets a little confusing when you fish in both US and Mexican waters. They fished a day and a half in US waters then moved south and fished 3 days in Mexican waters. What limits do you go by in that situation, US limits or Mexican limits? What if you fished in US waters the first 2 days and...
  424. M

    Shimano Trinidad 40 TN40(gold)

    If you click on the OP's name it will show the last time he logged on to BD. It this case it was April 25, 2019. That will usually give you an idea if it is a waste of time to respond to an old post. Sometimes the guy is still active but a lot of times he hasn't been on here for years and is...
  425. M

    People hunting in no go zones

    The forest service has a long memory. San Diego county 2003, a hunter hiking in the woods got lost and started a signal fire. The fire got out of control and burned 273,000 acres, 2,232 homes and killed 15 people. I don't think they want to take any chances with the current conditions.
  426. M


    I think there is a rule that all cigars have to be smoked just outside of the galley doors so that all of the smoke gets immediately sucked into the galley to bother all of the non smokers.
  427. M

    Thanks for the offer. We are mainly looking for 40lb white. We have some 50lb already. We...

    Thanks for the offer. We are mainly looking for 40lb white. We have some 50lb already. We have a trip coming up at the end of Oct and it looks like we will be fishing locally instead of Guadalupe. The blufin have been kind of picky recently and you have to use 25lb to get bit. We thought...
  428. M

    Where do you find good deals on Jerry Brown spectra?

    My brother lives in Medford Oregon and he used to go over to Jerry Brown's house and get line directly from Jerry. He went over to the house recently and it looks like Jerry has moved to Sacramento and is no longer involved in the business. We were looking for a big spool of white 40lb solid...
  429. M

    Estimating depth while fishing

    If you know how many inches per crank your reel brings in you can get a close guess. My HX raptor is about 4' per crank. When fishing flatfalls I will let the jig drop for say 20 seconds. Just count how many cranks it takes to reel in the jig. If it is 25 cranks then you know that a 20...
  430. M

    New to Avets Need some info on small bait reels

    I have 2 MXJ's and I take them on every local trip. They are filled with 50lb JB solid and I change fluro leaders depending on if I want to fish 20lb, 25lb or 30lb. I have been fishing the same 2 reels for about 6 or 7 years with zero problems. The Fathom 25 two speed is also a good reel. My...
  431. M


    The article says they placed first, second or third in eight other tournaments in 2018 so it looks like they have been doing this for quite awhile. Looks to me like they got off pretty easy. What about all the honest fishermen who spent time and money to fish in the tournaments and should have...
  432. M

    Big Boat Lupe

    On most trips by the time you bait up you don't get out of the harbor until noon or 1 pm. After checking in at Ensenada it is about 18 hours to the island. Usually you get to the north end of the island around 1 or 2 pm and it is 2 more hours to the south end. If you are lucky you will find...
  433. M

    Offshore Pacific Voyager first timer 5 day!

    There are a couple of bunks up front that are really big. I have been in #4B which is the bottom bunk all the way forward on the starboard side. The bunk is huge but a little bouncy if the water is rough. With only 15 people you should be OK with tackle storage. I have been on there with 20...
  434. M

    Outing a member ?

    Who are you dealing with some 15 year old kid? The rod is in his mother's storage locker and he can't get it out. He doesn't have access to some boltcutters or a hacksaw. When it comes time to refund your money he doesn't have enough cash available for a full refund and has to make partial...
  435. M

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    You have to at least look like you know what you are doing. If you are standing there with a confused look on your face fishing a spinner on a Shakespeare Ugly stick wearing white boots fishing 4 or 5 lbs of drag while a big yellowtail heads for the bottom then yea the crew is probably going to...
  436. M

    Landings selling albacore

    The commercial guys in Eureka used to always sell to the public when they had extra fish. I would call Englund Marine and talk to them. The commercial guys are in and out of there all the time buying stuff for fishing and to keep their boats running. The guys working there should be able to...
  437. M

    J hook over circle hook?

    I was out last week on a 2 day trip and most of the blufin were between 30 and 40 lbs. You had to use small hooks and 25lb line to get bit. I was using #2 and #4 J hooks and fishing them like you would a circle. I landed two 30lb blufin and a 40lb yellowfin, all hooked in the corner of the...
  438. M

    Truline question???

    I have bought and sold a bunch of Trulines over the years and one thing I have found is that you really don't make any extra money by wrapping the rod and in some cases you lose money. Many of the guys who pay big money for Trulines want to get them wrapped by specific rod wrappers like Moon or...
  439. M

    Bogus fish counts

    The way fishing is right now they definitely don't need to lie about the fish counts. Check the fish report for the Royal Star for Sept 14th and 15th. They boated 60 fish over 100lbs including 4 over 200 with one that went 280. They also had some more in the 30 to 50lb range, all for 22...
  440. M

    Bogus fish counts

    I love these guys . He just joined Bloodydecks yesterday and this is his one and only post and he proceeds to tell everybody how the entire San Diego sportfishing fleet is horrible and greedy based on one trip. These posts are like a drive by shooting. You join BD for one day, fire a few...
  441. M

    Replacing broken reel seat

    The 1/16" cork tape is a lot easier to apply especially on a small diameter blank. You can do 2 layers or even 3 if you want a bigger diameter grip. Just overlap each layer half way. After each layer of cork tape I roll the blank on a flat surface like a tabletop or piece of plywood before...
  442. M

    Coldest bunk room

    I was just on the Fortune. If you get one of the lower forward bunks on the starboard side it is plenty cold. The AC discharge vent is right there. I think I had bunk #11 or #12.
  443. M

    What loads for quail

    I found some Kent Steel Dove loads. The 12ga are 2 3/4-1-6. The 20ga are 2 3/4-7/8-6. They are both 1400 FPS loads. They cost around $7 a box. They should be OK for quail.
  444. M

    California national forest closures

    Yes, that's him. He is definitely having some bad luck with fires. After salmon fishing this summer north of Eureka he towed our boat to his house in Happy Camp and parked it in the garage there. Sounds like the house, boat and everything else in the area is a total loss. The fire burned an...
  445. M

    California national forest closures

    Talked to my brother last night. He lives in southern Medford. He said the fire south of there burned about 600 houses. They finally got it stopped just at the south edge of town. The fire in Happy Camp burned about 150 houses. He is pretty sure his house there got burned down but the area...
  446. M

    Chocolate Sabers

    What exactly are you looking for. I have everything from 4lb trout rods to a 9' monster with a Varmac NF6 reelseat. Do you want freshwater or saltwater, conventional, spinning or trolling. Are you looking for original factory rods or are you also interested in custom rods.
  447. M

    Replacing broken reel seat

    It depends on the taper. Hypalon will work better than eva. I use an old pool cue. Measure the diameter of the butt of the rod then find that same measurement on the pool cue. Cut the pool cue about an inch or so past that spot then file and sand that 1 inch area so that it will fit into the...
  448. M

    California national forest closures

    The fires are really serious. Talked to my brother last night. He has a house and 20 acres of land just north of Happy Camp surrounded by the Klamath National Forest. The Slater Butte fire started yesterday near town and has already burned over 22,000 acres. Sounds like it burned most of the...
  449. M

    Calstar GF 800L or 800ML

    Take a look at the 800M. There is a mix of fish out there and it pays to be prepared. My last 2 trips I hooked a 45lb YFT and a 48lb YFT on 25lb and it was nice to have a rod that could handle them with no problem. The 800L is going to be a little light if you hook a really good fish.
  450. M

    55 Gallon Plastic Barrels $10ea or 3 for $25

    Thanks Ron, nice meeting you. 3 barrels are sold, still have 3 left.
  451. M

    SD Rod Re-Wrap

    Money wise it probably doesn't make a lot of sense. You are going to spend $200 to $250 to convert a highly desirable easy to sell $500 factory rod into a less desirable hard to sell $300 rod. If you don't care about the money then just check with Saltydawg or one of the other San Diego rod...
  452. M

    55 Gallon Plastic Barrels $10ea or 3 for $25

    The barrels are about 35" tall and about 22" across. If they are too tall it is pretty easy to cut a couple of inches off the top with a jig saw or a skill saw.
  453. M

    Truline Hershey Glass Original Wrap Color

    There are a number of different color combinations you will see on the brown Truline factory rods. Probably the most common is a white underwrap with a red overwrap then a black overwrap on top. You sometimes see the same wrap but with a yellow underwrap. A yellow underwrap with a single...
  454. M


    My favorite reel for 25lb and 30 lb is the MXJ 2 speed. Mine is filled with 50 JB solid spectra and I fish 25lb and 30lb fluro leaders. It is small and light, holds over 500 yards of line and has plenty of drag. The last 2 trips I have been on I caught the jackpot fish on it both trips, a 45...
  455. M

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    You can see the faint lines going around the blank very close together. That is something very distinct that you will almost always see in the original Sabre rods. The Fenwick and Lamiglas rods will not have the same faint lines going around the blank and will instead have a very distinct...
  456. M

    San Diego Fish Processing vs Boat Filets

    If you go on the Conapesca website it has the regulations posted and it says that you cannot fillet fish in mexican waters unless you are going to consume them on the boat. That is what I have always heard and the Mexican regulations don't say anything about it being OK if the trip is less than...
  457. M

    Adds are silly

    That Geico ad blocks my whole screen and it keeps coming back again and again. Put it on the side or the top with the other ads but don't block my entire screen.
  458. M

    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    There is a weather buoy right at the Tanner Bank. It is #46047. You can go to the NOAA website and see exactly what is happening almost in real time. At 12:30 pm the wind was 19 kts with gusts to 25 kts and the waves have been between 8ft and 9ft at 8 seconds. I have fished in conditions...
  459. M

    San Diego Fish Processing vs Boat Filets

    Getting your fish cleaned on the boat is the down and dirty way if you are just going to throw them in your truck and drive home immediately. When you get home you still have to trim the dark meat out of the tuna, trim off the skin they leave, cut the pieces into smaller sizes and put them in...
  460. M

    What rod is your HX on?

    My HX raptor is usually the heaviest reel that I bring on trips. I keep it filled with 100lb JB spectra and I usually tie on an 80lb fluro leader. I usually fish it on a Cousin's 7.5' railrod. It is an XXH and rated 80 to 130lbs. I use it mainly for dropping big flatfalls early in the...
  461. M

    e-glass vs composite 30lb class?

    I really like the grafighters but with the blufin recently it really helps to have an 8' rod to be able to cast a bait away from the boat. If you can cast a good bait to the spot that the deckhand is chumming you have a good chance of a quick hookup. The 700M would be good to use as a sinker...
  462. M

    e-glass vs composite 30lb class?

    The grafighter blank is going to weigh less than the e glass blanks. If it is for tossing live bait I would be looking at a 270h 8' vs an 800M and I would go with the 800M although a lot of people like the old school feel of the 8' 270H.
  463. M

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    When the boat has 24 anglers and 23 of them have caught their limit they are not going to sit there for 2 or 3 hours waiting for one angler to finish his limit. When they get to the boat limit they stop fishing and the fish should get divided up evenly at the end of the trip. If you did not...
  464. M

    I screwed up somewhere

    It is pretty easy to get good results if you just follow a few simple steps. Make sure the epoxy is mixed really well. Also make sure you are using thread epoxy like Flexcoat, Classic coat, Diamond II etc. Other epoxys won't work. Work quickly but not sloppy. Apply the epoxy under the guide...
  465. M

    Leaving California? Where Do You Go ??

    Southern Idaho, any small town outside of Boise. Eagle, Emmett, Cambridge etc. You are close to the mountains and the Snake river. Hunting, fishing, open spaces, nice people, cattle, horses, farms and tractors. Change your license plates as fast a possible and never admit that you came from...
  466. M


    Is it a factory rod? Are you going to try and save the original Seeker labels and decals? If you start sanding on the blank you will probably lose the rootbeer color and have to take the blank all the way down to the base color. If you are not moving the guides very far you might be able to...
  467. M

    Regrip to deckhand... advice needed

    I stopped doing cord grips 4 or 5 years ago. They look nice but even the 1/16" Atwood cord hurts my hands on a long fight with a big fish. Now I just use straight cork tape, one or two layers of the 1/16" depending on the size of the blank. It takes about 10 minutes, costs about $10 and lasts...
  468. M

    history opinions about 760 blank GF 760L 760H

    I have 4 or 5 grafighter 760's that I use all the time. I have two 760M's with roller guides that my brother and I take to Guadalupe on every trip. We use them at night for drooperloop yellowtail fishing and if there are any wahoo around we use them to troll mauraders. I have a couple of...
  469. M

    Remington Filing for Bankruptcy

    I'm afraid that Remington's best years are long gone. The early 870 wingmasters and 1100's were beautiful guns. The wood was very nice, the finish on the metal was perfect and the guns were smooth and 100% reliable. As time went on things just went down hill. In the 1980's I bought an 870...
  470. M

    Poppers for Dorado?

    They love anything that is bright and shiny. The big chrome Krocodile jigs work really well. Just make sure you use a single hook instead of a treble.
  471. M

    Sanding Banks

    I have done dozens of them with good results. I use 400 or 600 wet and dry paper. The idea is to remove as little as possible until you get a smooth surface then finish with a couple of coats of Permagloss. I would take my time before I did any cutting on an original Sabre blank. There are a...
  472. M

    Raffle Entry @ Fred Hall Show Entrance...Any thoughts or Experience with them?

    It is just a way to collect thousands of names, address and phone numbers to compile a big mailing list. They may give out a couple of prizes occasionally but their main goal is to get as many names as possible and then sell the mailing list to anyone who will buy it. I get 2 or 3 BS calls a...
  473. M

    No-Show on a boat

    Call them and talk to them directly. Sometimes they have a waiting list and can fill your spot immediately. If push comes to shove you can sell your spot on here for a discount. If you have a $400 deposit you can offer the spot for $200. You will get half of your deposit back and the buyer...
  474. M

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    It's pretty simple. The base price for the trip was $6,500. The crew prepared the boat for the trip, helped load gear, loaded bait, cooked your meals, ran the boat, cleaned the boat and looked for fish and kelps all day. If they worked hard the fact that the fish wouldn't bite or couldn't be...
  475. M

    Accurate Accuplates Tiburon Reel w/ 65 lb braid

    You can tell very easily if it is a jigmaster or a squidder. Just measure the distance between the 2 screws that go to the cross bars. If it is a jigmaster they will be 1/2" center to center. If it is a squidder they will be 3/4" center to center. Also the side plate on a jigmaster will...
  476. M

    Two years ago...

    Been there. About 10 or 12 years ago fishing at Guadalupe on the Pacific Star. At the safety meeting the 2nd skipper announced that kite fish didn't count in the jackpot. There was only one kite fish on the entire trip and that was caught by the captain's buddy who boarded the boat early...
  477. M

    Accurate Accuplates Tiburon Reel w/ 65 lb braid

    Looks like a jigmaster. If it was a squidder the screws for the cross bars would be farther apart.
  478. M

    Recommendations for Gear Setups for 1.5 day BFT trip

    Most of the boats have been catching school size blufin that average about 30lbs. A few a little bigger and a few a little smaller but most are right around 30lbs. The fish are kind of line shy and you will get bit best on 25lb line with a #2 or #4 J hook. Forty or fifty pound spectra with a...
  479. M

    Rod advice to match with Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    The Shogun has Penn Fathom 40's matched with SuperSeeker 6470H's for their boat rods. They have landed a lot of Guadalupe YFT up to 100lbs and more. You could also go with a Seeker blacksteel 6470H or a Calstar Grafighter 700xh if you want a 7' rod or grab a Seeker SSR 7650 or 7660 if you want...
  480. M

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    I keep my HX filled with 65lb JB solid and I usually only fish around 15 to 17 lbs of drag. I have had the reel for 7 or 8 years now and I have never had to replace the pinion bearing. I have 2 HX raptors now so the regular HX doesn't get much use. I usually bring it on trips as a backup in...
  481. M

    Gold Shimano Trinidad TN16 TN16N Narrow Special Fishing Reel. Brand New in the box.

    That has to be the fastest flip in BD history. Bought it on ebay for $470 at 12 o'clock and posted it here 3 hours later for $1000.
  482. M

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Yea, I keep clicking on this every time there is a new post thinking someone has new info about the Guadalupe permits and checking in at Ensenada. A lot of people have trips coming up soon and it would be nice to know if we are going to be able to fish Guadalupe or not.
  483. M

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    The guy asks a simple question about Guadalupe being open for fishing this year and you get a bunch of posts about raw sewage in Tijuana and surfing in Santa Cruz. WTF?
  484. M

    The CORRECT Way To Replace A Rod Tip! Yes I Said The CORRECT Way!

    I never use a lighter. I have dropped hot glue on my fingers too many times. I use one of the butane fireplace lighters. It keeps your fingers way back so you don't have to worry about dripping hot melt glue on your fingers.
  485. M

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    I have a bunch of reels for fishing 50 and 60 lb at Guadalupe. I keep buying new stuff thinking eventually I will find the perfect reel. I have hx's, hx raptors, hxw raptors, jx's, jx raptors, lx raptors, mxl raptors, fathom 25, 30 and 40's, Accurate dauntless 600's and 600n's, and Talica 16's...
  486. M

    Pros/Cons Calstar WC 665 H Vs. Cousins CJB 70H for 50+ BFT. GO!

    The Calstar Westcoast is an all fiberglass rod. A 665 is only 6' 5". The Cousins CJB70H is a graphite composite rod and is 7' long. The Cousins rod should be a little bit lighter in weight and have more backbone than the Calstar. If you are going to use the rod as a bait outfit the 665 is a...
  487. M

    55 Gallon Plastic Barrels $10ea or 3 for $25

    These have other uses also besides transporting fish. I have a couple that I kept to store garden tools in the garage. You could cut one in half and use it to flush your outboard motor or drill holes in the bottom and use it to grow tomatoes or other plants.
  488. M

    55 Gallon Plastic Barrels $10ea or 3 for $25

    I have 6 large 55 gallon plastic barrels that I am not using. I got them to transport fish home from trips. I wanted something cheap that I could leave in the bed of my pickup instead of my expensive Igloo ice chests. I figured that no one would bother to steal the barrels and if they did I...
  489. M

    Project for someone: Twin Cummins W/Ultrajets (current bid $8000)

    If you ever went out to the base at Yermo you would be amazed at what is out there. Acre after acre of wrecked humvees, trucks, tanks etc. The roads are lined with miles of coiled up used tank treads. When they close a base all of the furniture, refrigerators, beds, mattresses etc. just gets...
  490. M

    Offshore Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Check out 415PC. "Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise." If you have it on phone video call the sheriff and make a crime report. Once the sheriff knocks on the door and tells them he is making a crime report on the incident the...
  491. M

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    Robinson Creek and Twin Lakes just outside of Bridgeport. The area is beautiful and it is a lot less crowded than Mammoth Lakes and the June Lake area. Bridgeport is a neat town and hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. You can take a side trip to Bodie and check out the old mining town...
  492. M

    Grip for custom rod

    Is that shrink tube with corktape underneath? I have seen grips similar to that where you put down one layer of cork tape then cut the corktape in half length wise and do a second layer with gaps in between then cover everything with shrink tube. That might be the way they did it. From the...
  493. M

    AvetMxl raptor gold

    How much are you asking? I don't see a price listed anywhere.
  494. M

    5 vs 3 day Fishing Nov 2020

    You might as well spend a few more dollars and book a 6 or 7 day trip. November is prime time for Guadalupe and a 5 day trip only gives you about two and a half days of fishing at best. If you are going to go to all of the trouble to fish Guadalupe you might as well get three and a half or...
  495. M

    Cousins blank questions/quest..

    The ER 20-8's that I have look like it is just a couple of coats of clear finish over the black blank. I am pretty sure that it is not paint. I have removed paint from blanks in the past and it is a lot of work. Sometimes it works OK and other times it is a disaster. The paint can get down...
  496. M

    Cousins blank questions/quest..

    I bought a bunch of blanks from Cousins at the going out of business sale. I have 2 of the ER 20-8's but mine are all black. They have the same silver model markings on the butt as your blank. The blanks appear to be all glass and feel like 40lb blanks. I didn't see any multi color blanks...
  497. M

    Rod value question

    A lot depends on the specific model of the rod. Guys will pay more and sometimes a lot more for certain very desirable models. Generally the 8' and 9' rods and the heavier models sell for more than the shorter and lighter models. 670h's, 670xh's, 8' 270h's, 6480's etc. sell for more than...
  498. M

    Eureka/Trinidad Advice Needed

    The weather turned bad today. Wind is 15 to 20 knots with 9ft swells at 9 sec intervals. The weather Tues and Wed is supposed to be the same or worse. We headed over to my brothers house in Medford for a couple of days and we will return to Trinidad on Thursday. The weather on Fri, Sat and...
  499. M

    Penn 506 reel or spool

    The 501 spool is different than the 506 spool. The 506 spool has a longer shaft because of the bearings in the 506 reel.
  500. M

    Eureka/Trinidad Advice Needed

    I got to Trinidad Thursday afternoon. We had to do some work on the boat and didn't get launched until about noon Friday. We went out by Flatiron rock and caught about a half dozen rockcod. The latest info is that most of the halibut being caught are straight west of the harbor in about 240'...
  501. M

    MXJ raptor question

    I fished an MXL Raptor at Guadalupe last year. It is the same reel as the MXJ Raptor only it is a little wider for more line capacity. I was fishing 65lb spectra with a 40lb fluro leader. We were catching YFT from 75 to 100 lbs and you had to use quite a bit of drag to stop them. The reel...
  502. M

    Eureka/Trinidad Advice Needed

    I have read that they are supposed to be very good but I'm like you, I hate to spend $50 for something when the regular old spreader bar setup seems to work pretty good.
  503. M

    Eureka/Trinidad Advice Needed

    If you run out of Eureka you have to travel 4 or 5 miles through the bay to get down to the opening between North and South jetty then you have to go more miles, maybe 3, 4 or 5 to get out to the area where the salmon and halibut are. From Trinidad you just go straight west from the harbor and...
  504. M

    Eureka/Trinidad Advice Needed

    I have been fishing Trinidad every summer for the past 30 years. As a matter of fact I will be going up this Thursday for a week or ten days. Trinidad is a lot different than fishing out of Eureka. Eureka has a free launch ramp just south of Englund marine but it is a long way through the bay...
  505. M

    Helium cylinder.

    I have a big commercial tank. It is 48" tall and 24" around. It comes with the balloon filler device already attached. It was left over from one of the granddaughters quinceanera partys. You can have the whole thing for $100. If you are interested you can PM me your cell phone number and I...
  506. M

    Rail Rod for LR trips

    There are a ton of factory rods out there that will work, Seeker SSR 7650, 7660, SuperSeeker 6470H, 80H, Seeker OSP 1X3, Calstar 775's United Composite Raptor, Graftech etc. It just depends on what you like and how much you want to pay. A custom rod is nice because you can get the butt length...
  507. M

    Hook'em by seeker 6460h info

    It looks like a basic Seeker E glass 6460H, very similar to the regular classic series. I have never seen that HOOKem logo so it was probably a special run for a particular tackle shop or company. Seeker used that same maroon thread on a lot of rods back 20 years or so and they were pretty...
  508. M

    Help with covering name

    You might try checking with Ed at WhopperStopper Custom rods. He is in Riverside and does really nice work.
  509. M

    Got one thanks..

    Trying to find one rod to fish 50, 60 and 80 is asking a lot. A Seeker 1x3 or a 6470H or XH would make a nice 50 or 60 lb bait rod but they are not really ideal for a true 80lb outfit. You could fish 80lb on them but you really need to move up to something like a 2x4 if you are going to catch...
  510. M

    Cousins BT 8050 or trade

    I bought a bunch of blanks at the Cousins going out of business sale but a lot of them were not marked with the model number. I have wrapped and fished a lot of them and they are very good rods but on many of them I really don't know what the actual blank number is.
  511. M

    Cousins BT 8050 or trade

    Is the BT8050 blank glass or graphite? From the picture it looks like it is glass. I have a blank I got at the Cousins sale that I thought was a BT8050 but it is all graphite. It has a #8 tip and the butt diameter is approx 15/16ths. I haven't been able to find the original specs for the...
  512. M

    LX Raptor spool slide left to right.

    That's the way they work. When you put it in freespool the spool moves to the left. When you put it in gear and add drag the spool moves to the right.
  513. M

    Does anywhere know where I can rent a yacht/sportfisher?

    There is a listing on Craigslist Los Angeles. 28' fishing boat rentals $500 per day or $1200 for 3 days. Look like pretty nice boats.
  514. M

    Shrink x wrap pricing

    At Acidrod you can 64" of the 35mm for $28. I have seen some shops charge 50 cents per inch, never seen a dollar an inch.
  515. M

    ALPS Titanium

    I'm pretty sure that Ti is the code for titanium frames and I think the ZG at the end means zirconium rings. That's just off the top of my head. I think the main thing about titanium is not so much about the weight but more that they won't corrode from salt water.
  516. M

    Calstar 8’ - 10’ blanks honey color

    I have a bunch of the honey colored Calstar blanks that I never got around to wrapping. I have a T655H, T665L, T665, T270, T500 and one with the label missing. It is 7 1/2' and about a 20lb stick, maybe a T210 or a T196. I will send you a PM.
  517. M

    HXW Raptor braid capacity?

    That sounds way off. I got over 500 yards of JB 100 solid on my regular HX raptor. The HXW should hold another 150 yards or so.
  518. M

    NEW SPINNER Vintage 3-piece Sabre Surfer Californian

    The Californian series was the lemon yellow S glass. They are lighter than the honey colored E glass rods. I have a couple of the 2 piece 11' E glass surf rods and also a 2 piece 15' chocolate surf rod. Your rod is the only 3 piece Californian surf rod that I have ever seen.
  519. M

    Anyone know what these jigs are good for?

    About 8 or 10 years ago I was going on a lot of fishing trips with George and the guys from SenorTuna. One of George's friends had imported a ton of those jigs then he passed away before he could distribute the jigs to tackle stores. For the next 2 years George and the SenorTuna guys sold the...
  520. M

    (Seeker) Blank ID help and wrappers info

    To me the color looks like Calstar. Usually the E glass Calstars are a little darker than the E glass Seekers. Calstars are kind of carmel colored while the Seekers are a little lighter, more of a honey color. Hard to tell for sure without seeing the rod in person. Probably something like a...
  521. M

    Vintage Sabre GS 196-8

    I think the green Sabres were a uniform green from top to bottom. I have had blue Sabres and Red Sabres and they were all the same color from top to bottom. The Grafast rods were a combination of dark colored graphite and yellow colored fiberglass. Where the flags of graphite and fiberglass...
  522. M

    Vintage Sabre GS 196-8

    You usually only see that down in the butt section. A lot of times you just see the gray graphite color and the amber color where the graphite and fiberglass overlap but there is a lot of variation.
  523. M

    Vintage Sabre GS 196-8

    It looks like one of the Grafast blanks. I have seen them marked GX and also GF. I haven't seen one marked GS but it definitely looks like a Grafast blank.
  524. M

    Novice builder

    Some people apply the thread epoxy with the rod spinning on the wrapping machine. I have better luck just turning the rod by hand. I just support the rod on a couple of V blocks and apply the epoxy with a small brush. Start with the biggest guide first and with the guides facing up. I first...
  525. M

    What to do with my pointless calstar.

    I have the exact same problem. I have 2 Seeker IFGA 20lb class trolling rods with all Aftco roller guides and Aftco Unibutts. I bought them cheap at a yardsale a few months ago but now I don't know what to do with them. I was going to strip off the guides and rewrap the rods with regular boat...
  526. M

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    The skittles analogy is way off. Orange County has 3.2 million people. There have been 44 deaths in Orange County. Right now it is not one bad skittle in 100, it is more like one bad skittle in 72,000.
  527. M

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Some guy on the internet says he has a badge and everyone believes him and assumes that he is an actual working police officer or deputy sheriff. No real police officer or deputy sheriff wants to go down to the beach and confront a bunch of regular people and write a bunch of BS tickets. If...
  528. M

    Broken rod guide

    It is possible to save the underwrap so that the repair will match all of the other guides. You have to soften the epoxy on the black guide wrap with a heat gun then cut the black thread on the top of the guidefoot. Pop out the guide then unwrap the black thread. The underwrap will have some...
  529. M

    Best way to strip a rod?

    Use a razorblade box cutter and cut the wraps on the top of the guide foot going from the end of the foot toward the ring. Usually you can just wiggle the guide a little and it will pop out. If the epoxy is too strong just heat the wrap a little with a heat gun and it will be easy to cut the...
  530. M

    What’s on this old Penn?

    I have had some of that line before on a reel that I bought. It was some kind of early hybrid line. It is like mono mixed with some kind of plastic. The color is not like regular mono, it is solid all the way through. It feels funny and I just threw it away. I have only seen it that one time...
  531. M

    Seeker following

    Seeker makes a lot of different rods and almost all of them are very good rods. The rumor that always went around was that when Sabre went out of business Seeker got all of the mandrels. Their E glass rods like the Classic series are almost identical to the original Sabre rods. I have several...
  532. M

    Another Scammer

    You just have to use some common sense to protect yourself. If you can't do a face to face transaction then check out the person's history on here before you deal with them. If you click on the person's user name a box will pop up and it will show when the person joined BD and how many posts...
  533. M

    Avet Reel comparison To okuma and penn

    I have a ton of the Avets, everything from the small SX to the HXW raptor 3 speed. For 60lb to 80lb the Avet reel I use is the HX raptor 2 speed. It is a good combination of size, weight, line capacity etc. for fishing places like Guadalupe where the fish may run from 100lb to 150lb. The other...
  534. M

    Helium setups and where to get Helium in Pedro/long beach area?

    I don't know the cu ft. It is a regular commercial tank 48" tall and 24" around. Send me your cell phone number and I will text you some photos.
  535. M

    Help with oil injection system

    The big Mercury 2 stroke motors have a history of problems with the oil injection system. If you Google it you will find hundreds of posts about the problems. They even have a kit you can buy to disable the system. About 5 years ago we blew up a 175 Blackmax when the oil injection system...
  536. M

    38 cal ammo

    That's the old standard LAPD load. For years the guys could only carry .38 special 158 gr round nose lead, no +p, no hollow points, no .357 mag.
  537. M

    Chocolate Stroker ST666C /Garcia Conolon

    The Sabre is a basic factory wrapped chocolate Sabre probably made made in the 1970's or 80's. It should say "California Tackle Co. Made in Carson Ca." below the Sabre label. It is rated for 30-80 but is really a 30lb to 40lb rod. The rear grip looks like it is starting to get gummy. There...
  538. M

    Need a local rod wrapper

    No, it is a different Jim. This Jim is the one who does the rattlesnake skin butt wraps but he can do anything and all of his rods look really nice. I have an acid wrapped Kencor Zebra rod wrapped by the other Jim and he does excellent work also.
  539. M

    Need a local rod wrapper

    You might try Jim's Custom Rods 661-262-9171. He is in Antelope Valley. He has a booth every year at the Fred Hall Show and he does really nice work.
  540. M

    Old Seeker Rods

    The CJB 80F was graphite and E glass. Those are the blanks they used for the Blacksteel rods. The SS CJB 80F SuperSeeker blanks were graphite and S glass. The Seeker catalog shows the CJB 80F had a butt diameter of .88" and a #7 tip. The SS CJB 80F had a butt diameter of 1" and a #8 tip...
  541. M

    Yo's rods circa 1982

    I have 3 or 4 Sabre rods wrapped by Yo's that I have collected over the years. They have really nice diamond wraps in black, red and yellow. Yo's rods are very distinctive and you can usually spot one from a mile away.
  542. M

    Epoxy glue

    I have used it in the past but I like the paste epoxy like RodBond for applying reelseats etc. The paste epoxy is about the consistency of Vaseline and it is very easy to measure out. It also stays in place and does not drip and run causing a mess on your hands and workbench. It is a little...
  543. M

    Blank ID- Truline/Roddy?

    The Budda Head was made by Roddy. That wasn't slang. There was a label with a picture of a sitting Budda and the words Budda Head. They also had a Diamond Head with the picture of a diamond. They were nice rods and a lot of people still collect them.
  544. M

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    For the last 3 or 4 years it has been about the same. It is pretty bad until the end of October then they back way off.
  545. M

    Handles and supplies

    What I do is work from the reelseat toward the tip. When you are applying the cork tape just leave the backing on and wrap it around the blank close to the reelseat the way it will be applied. Now mark a line on the tape around the blank to give you your starting angle. Cut the corktape on...
  546. M

    Thread color for Sabre classic stroker

    I think the thread they used was Gudebrod #326 and I'm pretty sure it was straight nylon and not NCP.
  547. M

    Helium setups and where to get Helium in Pedro/long beach area?

    I have a tank I will make you a good deal on. It is a commercial tank 48" tall, it has the brass device for filling balloons. You can have everything for $100.
  548. M


    I'm pretty sure the police can just seize the property from the pawnshop if it can be proven that it is in fact stolen. The rightful owner/victim does not have to pay the pawnshop anything. It is their problem that they bought stolen property. I've seen it happen with musical instruments...
  549. M

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    USA Today reports that the death total for Covid 19 in the US for yesterday was 1,040 so it has reached the thousand a day mark already. When this first started back before the Fred Hall show I didn't take it too seriously, now I'm starting to change my mind. When this is all over we might...
  550. M

    or FT Avet HXW Raptor MC Super rare!

    That one on Amazon looks a little funny. It has the regular handle where all of the HXW raptors came with the powerhandle. Also I don't see any trolling lugs. The HXW raptors always came with the trolling lugs in the up position. Hard to tell from the photo if it is actually an HXW.
  551. M

    Seeker PH 36 vs Seeker 270h

    The pinhead might not be graphite composite. Mine had the SuperSeeker Project X label on them and I was thinking they were graphite composite like the other SuperSeekers. They might be all glass now that I think about it. In any event they are very parabolic but nice to fish if you like the...
  552. M

    Seeker PH 36 vs Seeker 270h

    I have them both. The pinhead is graphite composite and the 270H 8' is all glass. The 270H 8' has a lighter tip and it is a fast action rod with most of the bend in the top 1/4 or 1/3 of the rod. The pinhead 36 is a slower action with a more parabolic bend. The pinhead also seems just a...
  553. M

    Truline Octagonal Fishing Rod 7footer

    If you are going to sell a Truline it is very important to know the model number of the rod. The rods can vary in value quite a bit and the only way to know for sure what you have is to look for the model number written on the butt. Usually they are written in black on the bottom of the blank...
  554. M

    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    I have wrapped a bunch of chocolate Sabres and I use Holland #541. I am not sure if that is what Sabre used but it is a close match. The Holland thread is hard to find now so you might not be able to find any. Gudebrod had a similar thread also #541 called medium brown but it is a little...
  555. M

    what rod for 40-50# bait? 700h, 6470, 6480?

    It depends on what size line you are going to use and what you are going to fish for. If you are fishing bait for local school size tuna you could use the 6470 and fish 25lb or 30lb line. If you are fishing for bigger fish and using 40lb or even 50lb line you could use the 700H. I have caught...
  556. M

    Identify Sabre

    I have an original Sabre 530 blank. The outside diameter is 1 3/16". The inside diameter is 1 1/16". The 530's and 540's had pretty thin walls. The 90J's and 690J's had thicker walls. The rod you have is probably a 530.
  557. M

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    I have done hundreds of rods using tape arbors over the last 20 or 25 years and have had zero failures. The tape just centers the reelseat so I use thin 1/4" masking tape. Some people use wider tape so that they don't use as much epoxy but epoxy is cheap and I want as much epoxy as possible...
  558. M

    Metallic thread any good

    In rod building the cost of thread is a very small part of the total cost of the rod. I only use thread that is made especially for wrapping rods. If you use anything else you are taking a chance. It might be OK but you would have to do some test wraps and see if the thread with take the...
  559. M

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    The problem is that the buyer didn't buy the reels to fish himself. He is a flipper who is going to try and resale them for a profit. The reels are probably in perfect working condition but he would be able to sell them for more money if they looked better in pictures on eBay. The buyer could...
  560. M

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    You are in very good shape. I was there last year in Oct., Nov. and Dec. I am going back this year in late Oct. and early Dec. Your Nov. trip is right in the middle of the best time period. Hopefully the sharks will be completely gone by Nov. You have many of the same rods and reels that I...
  561. M

    Rod ID's

    You have quite a mix of rods. Some like the solid glass trolling rod and some of the lighter rods are not really worth much but it looks like a number of the custom wrapped rods are decent rods. Looks like some original honey glass Sabres and some yellow glass Fenwicks maybe some Lamiglas...
  562. M

    Boat cover failure

    Check California consumer laws. The item had a 5 year warranty. The replacement item has the same warranty but the time starts at the original purchase date, not the date that you got the replacement. I would contact the company and tell them that they can say their policy says only one...
  563. M

    Targetting opah

    I've been fishing out of San Diego for over 50 years and I have only seen 2 or 3 opah caught on trips that I was on. Usually they are caught by accident when the boat stops on a kelp patty and someone drops a jig or megabait down deep. Sometimes you see them floating on the surface but they...
  564. M

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    A few years ago I sold a green Penn 704 spinning reel on Ebay. The reel looked brand new. After the reel was sold the buyer sent me a message and demanded that I send him $35 or he would give me negative feedback on Ebay. He said the reel had bad drag washers and it would cost $35 to install...
  565. M

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    I got a SS CJBF 80XH at the Fred Hall show that I started on this week. I have the grips and underwraps done and I should finish it in a couple of days. I have 5 or 6 40 to 50 lb. Cousins blanks that I got when they went out of business. They have been sitting in the garage for months so I...
  566. M


    The L.A. county sheriff quickly backed down on closing the gun stores after the county attorney got involved but at the same time he just released 1,700 inmates early from county jail. Of course marijuana shops and liquor stores remain open because those are considered essential businesses. You...
  567. M

    BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    Take a look at his posts. It looks like every single post is in the classifieds looking for reels. Never a fishing report or question about fishing or equipment, just looking to buy reels. Those guys always make me nervous.
  568. M

    Dark green braid..?

    Hook a 100+lb tuna at Guadalupe right at dusk using dark green spectra and you will understand what the problem is. You won't be able to see your line and will have no idea if your fish is running toward the bow or the stern and it will be impossible to tell if your line is running over or...
  569. M

    Buying tackle in 1960's

    The FedCo in Cerritos used to have a big sporting goods dept. Around 1965 to 1970 we used to buy a lot of fishing stuff there. Around the same time J C Penneys used to sell fishing equipment and also guns. I remember buying a Penn Jigmaster at Penneys for $14. The Squidders were $21 but that...
  570. M

    Online ordering

    Check with C&M Custom tackle in San Dimas aka They are a family run operation and will probably keep working out of the warehouse. The showroom might be closed so I would call to check on that.
  571. M

    Estimating Microcord Length for Handle Wrap

    What I do is pick a spot in the middle of the area you are going to wrap, mark off 1" and wrap that area with the cord then unwrap it and measure how long it is then just multiply that by how many inches you are going to cover. It should give you a pretty good idea of how much you will need.
  572. M

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    I have a lot of friends in law enforcement. What they tell me is that they are not writing tickets, they only make arrests when absolutely necessary and they are avoiding contact with people as much as possible. The last thing they want to do is come in contact with someone who has the corona...
  573. M

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    If you want to get started cheap and see if you like it and have something to keep you busy during the lockdown I may have what you are looking for. I have a Flexcoat hand wrapper that is set up with a folding metal stand and a 1'X7' plywood work table. I will also throw in some wrapping...
  574. M

    Cousins label

    Are you looking for a certain color? I have some but only in red.
  575. M

    Mex Insurance

    Great post. You just joined BD today and your first post is to bring up a 14 year old thread about mexican insurance when everybody is in lockdown because of the corona virus. With the shortage of toilet paper I don't think I'm going to travel to mexico any time soon.
  576. M

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-4/5/20

    I had a spot reserved for April 5th and they called me this afternoon and said that the swapmeet was cancelled for the 5th. They said that they will try to reschedule for a later date and would let me know when they decide on the date.
  577. M

    Holy crap.

    It's not much of a lockdown. You can go to the market, the bank, a restaurant to pick up food, the vet, the hardware store, doctor appointments and you can go out whenever you want to get some fresh air or to exercise as long as you stay 6' away from other people.
  578. M

    Avet HXW 3 speed

    I have 2 of the HXW raptors that came in the non raptor box. I think the factory didn't have any HXW raptor boxes available so they just put them in a regular HX box with a raptor sticker on the side.
  579. M

    Fading drag on Raptors

    It's very common to all reels. As the drag plate and washers get hot the drag will begin to fade just the the brakes on your car. Sometimes you have to put your thumb on the spool, pull back the lever and add a click or two to the drag adjustment. Just be careful because when the reel cools...
  580. M

    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    There are a lot of different possibilities. You could get a bolt action in .223. Remington, Savage and others make them. The price would not be too bad and ammo would be cheaper than most other larger caliber centerfire rifles. When I was that age I wanted a model 94 Winchester in .30-.30...
  581. M

    Calstar equivalent to a Truline 36?

    Maybe something like an e glass 8' 270H. It would be similar but it does not have the smaller diameter thick walled butt like a Truline 36. What you really want to get is the Seeker Pinhead 36 blank. It is almost an exact match for the Truline 36. There are still a few of the Long Beach...
  582. M


    The public has finally reached total panic mode after days of nonstop coronavirus stories on the radio and TV. My local Walmart and Target stores are completely out of bottled water, toilet paper, canned soup and other necessities. People are now buying up all of the rolls of paper towels...
  583. M

    Nylon thread question

    Squidco has a lot of thread to choose from. Last year they had a bunch of large 4oz spools of Gudebrod that they were getting rid of. The colors were limited but I got some red, blue, yellow and white. Not sure if there is any left but you might ask them. A lot of times they have stuff in...
  584. M

    Just want what he said I would if just give him a little time please contact me Ed !!

    Ed used to be the owner. My understanding is that the shop closed and was sold to a new owner. They have reopened at the same location. I think that if a business gets sold to a new owner they still have to honor gift cards. When you buy a business you buy both the assets and liabilities. I...
  585. M

    Eureka Bay Halibut Season?

    I don't know if you have been up there yet but there is some really good fishing just a little north of you out of Trinidad. You can fish the area south of the harbor for halibut but the best fishing from a kayak is just outside the harbor in front of flatiron rock. Lots of lings, reds and...
  586. M

    How Fishing Rod Blanks Are Made...

    When Seeker was in Long Beach they set up a factory tour for the Senor Tuna guys. One of the members made a video of the entire tour from start to finish and put it on youtube. There are 14 or 15 short videos that show every step of the rod building process. If you go on youtube and search...
  587. M

    Don't vote ********.

    The statement about corporations owning 90% of farmland in the US sounds way out of line. A lot of my relatives own and work family farms in Missouri and I have spent a lot of time in that area and I never once saw a farm owned by a big corporation. I googled percentage of US farm land owned...
  588. M

    Fred Hall crowds

    I got there around 12:30pm and the line was all the way back by the ticket windows. By 1:00pm the line was all the way to the street and I don't know where it went from there. It sure didn't look like anyone stayed home because of the corona virus.
  589. M

    Alternative to FlexxRap

    Check the tape they sell at feed stores for wrapping horses legs. It comes in wide rolls and really stays in place. It is also thicker than flexwrap. We usually cut the roll down to around 1.5" wide. One roll will last you the rest of your life.
  590. M

    Guadalupe Island reels

  591. M

    Guadalupe Island reels

    Anthony, I sent you a PM with some info about Guadalupe reels.
  592. M

    Epoxy or Varnish or Shellac Over paracrod⁸

    I just sprayed some Varathane brand polyurethane on a tunacord butt wrap this morning and it is still a little tacky. Usually takes overnight to dry completely. I haven't used the water based polyurethane so I'm not sure if it dries faster. I usually use 2 or 3 coats spread out over several days.
  593. M

    Found one....

    If you want to get started for a small investment I have a nice flexcoat hand wrapper that comes with a 7' wood base and folding metal stand. I will also throw in some thread epoxy and wrapping thread and I think I even have an extra drying motor. You can have everything for $100.
  594. M

    Boat Independence New Engines

    I guess he doesn't ride on any boats that use GPS, direct TV, satellite phones or weather satellites. Wernher von Braun designed the Saturn rockets that put the US into space and paved the way for the space based technology we have today. He also was a Nazi and a member of the SS who designed...
  595. M

    Long Beach Rod and Gun Swap Meet questions

    Looking at the weather maps it shows that the rain isn't supposed to arrive until 8:30 or 9:00 am so maybe we will get a couple of hours of clear weather early in the morning.
  596. M

    Long Beach Rod and Gun Swap Meet questions

    I have a spot reserved also but say there is an 80% chance of rain. I haven't heard anything from them one way or the other. Maybe they will reschedule for the following weekend.
  597. M

    Kite,release clips, HeliumTank and 30x60 kill bag

    I have a commercial helium tank. It is 4' tall and 6" in diameter, comes with the brass balloon filler gismo. It was left over from a quinceanera party for one of my granddaughters. If you are interested you can have it for $75.
  598. M

    Rod re-wrap recommendations

    There is a fishing tackle swapmeet coming up on Feb. 22nd at the Long Beach Rod and Gun Club. You can probably find a good Calstar or Seeker rod like you want for a pretty decent price. Bring the rod you have with you and you can probably sell it to one of the guys at the swapmeet and get most...
  599. M

    Wanted! Rewrap guides, fix epoxy, and general freshen up "old" rods?

    You might try contacting the Seeker Factory and see if they would be willing to do it for you. They are not too far away from you. Also you could check with Ed Robison at WhopperStopper rods in Riverside (951) 369-1531. He does excellent work. He might be very busy right now because he...
  600. M

    Help Me Fix My Computer

    The guy just signed up yesterday with a New York address and this is his first post. No way would I click on that website, could be some kind of scam or a virus attached.
  601. M

    Brown Glass ID

    I had a rod a couple of years ago that looked very similar, same color, thin walled and very distinct lines going around the blank very close together just like the pictures of your rod. It was marked Conolon or Garcia Conolon. That may be what you have.
  602. M

    Swap Meets Coming up? Need a 8ft rod

    Long Beach Rod and Gun Club on Feb 22nd. It is usually much bigger than the one at the Elks Lodge.
  603. M

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    602PC can be filed as a misdemeanor or an infraction. If they file it as an infraction just pay the fine and forget about it. If they file it as a misdemeanor just plead not guilty, ask for a public defender and demand a jury trial. The DA is not going to waste time on a full jury trial for a...
  604. M

    Swap Meets Coming up? Need a 8ft rod

    Tomorrow at the Elks lodge in Canoga Park, 20925 Osborne. Usually gets started around 7am
  605. M

    Suggestions on a 1x3

    The butt caps that I have been using are made by PacBay. I got a bunch of them at the sale when Cousins went out of business. They are pretty common and you should be able to find them with no problem.
  606. M

    Suggestions on a 1x3

    I used Aftco ARS 3M aluminum reelseats on the rods that I built mainly because I already had them and they were the right size. If I had to buy a new reelseat I would probably go with the Alps center lock reelseat.
  607. M

    Suggestions on a 1x3

    I think the rod is perfect for 50lb and 60lb. I usually use mine with either an Avet HX raptor or a Talica 16 filled with JB 80lb spectra. I'm sure you could fish 80lb on it but it is not really an 80lb cow tuna rod. It will handle fish up to 150lb or so with no problem. If you want a real...
  608. M

    Suggestions on a 1x3

    I built two of them last year and they turned out very nice. If you get untrimmed blanks they should measure around 7' 5". I used 12" hypalon for the rear grip with a 1.5" butt cap for a total length of 13.5". For the front grip I used two layers of 1/16" cork tape covered by X flock shrink...
  609. M

    Swap Meet, March 28; 2020 (Sat) Oxnard /

    I am still trying to get the phone number to call to get a reservation for the Long Beach rod and gun club swapmeet. Usually they call me a month or so before the event to confirm that I want my regular spot but no calls yet this time. If anyone has the number please let me know.
  610. M

    Getting started with rod building--equipment + learning options in/around SF Bay Area?

    If you are going to be in the L.A. area anytime in the near future I can fix you up with everything you need for a very low price. I have a brand new flexcoat handwrapper with a wrapping table and folding stand plus tons of thread, guides, reelseats, blanks and epoxy.
  611. M

    Questions on rod building

    What are you looking for exactly, a 7' rod like an 870 or something similar? I have a bunch of original Sabre blanks and also some chocolate Sabre rods. I might have exactly what you are looking for. No way in the world would I start cutting on a perfect 8' Seeker blank. I am going to sell...
  612. M

    454 Heads, Manifolds, Risers

    The post is 10 years old. The seller was last on here in 2014. You need to check the date of when stuff was posted. It is in the upper left corner of the post.
  613. M

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I am slowly getting things figured out. I have discovered how to enlarge the font size, how to widen the format, how to lighten and darken the screen and how to find out the number of total posts. This might work out after all.
  614. M

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    What happened to the number of posts a person has. If I am thinking about buying something I like to know if the person has been around for a while.
  615. M

    BD Freezes

    I tried to write a PM to someone. I got one line written and it froze. Happened 3 times in a row so I gave up.
  616. M

    Cousins 95Jmag or 100

    I have a friend that has a Cousins 95 mag. It is a custom wrapped rod that has never been fished. I talked to him recently and he said that he was going to sell it. I have never seen the rod and I don't know very much about it. If you want more info send me a PM and I will give you his name...
  617. M

    Seeker glass

    S glass is supposed to be lighter and stronger than E glass. Sabre used to use both. The honey colored rods like the Golden series and the Classic series were E glass. The yellow or lemon colored rods like the Californian series and the Sabrelite series were S glass. The S glass rods were...
  618. M

    Old Guy needs help

    Usually you can just add another coat of thread finish with no problem. I usually rough up the existing finish with a scotch brite pad or very fine sandpaper then clean with denatured alcohol or acetone. Once in a while you run into a rod where the new thread finish doesn't want to stick to...
  619. M

    Old Guy needs help

    On the Sabre Californian rods with the orange and brown wraps I believe the underwrap is Gudebrod #221 orange nylon. I think the brown is Gudebrod #396 dark brown NCP. Make sure you use color preserver on the orange. If you are refinishing the entire blank I usually wet sand it with 400 or 600...
  620. M

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Look for an older 870 wingmaster. They made millions of them. They shoot great, 100% dependable, last forever, easy to clean, extra barrels are everywhere. I have a Citori, a model 12, a Browning A5, a mod 37 and several 1100's but when I go quail hunting I always take a wingmaster.
  621. M

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    I think it says that if you cancel within 45 days of your trip you will lose all of your deposit which in this case is the entire cost of the trip unless the spot is resold. He is just trying to recover a portion of his money so that he can apply it to a future trip. I paid $2600 for a 6 day...
  622. M

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    I don't know why the trip doesn't show up on the website. His spot is completely paid for and the trip was sold out so maybe they just took it off the schedule . If you talk to Judy in the office she can give you all of the info and she is aware that he has to cancel because of medical...
  623. M

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    A friend of mine has a last minute medical problem and can't make the Independence 5 day from Dec 26-31. The listed price for the trip is $1495 and he will let it go for $1200. The trip is supposed to go to Guadalupe and permits to fish Guadalupe would be extra. You can call the Independence...
  624. M

    Best braid and why?

    I use mostly Jerry Brown now. The Jerry Brown is kind of expensive but it is very high quality. The JB is smooth and casts very well. I have tried a bunch of other brands but the JB always seems to work the best.
  625. M

    Calstar vs Seeker

    A lot of the E glass Seekers and Calstars are based on the original Sabre rods. The Seeker classic series and the Calstar westcoast series are very similar but for each model like 270, 670 etc. the Calstar with be a little heavier. Once you get into the newer rods everything changes and you...
  626. M

    Need Rod Info Help

    Seeker and Calstar both rate their 550's at 20-80 which is probably based on the old Sabre ratings. The Seeker rating is 20(40)80 meaning 40lb is the recommended line rating. A lot of different reels would probably work. It depends on what you are going to use it for, throwing jigs or a 30 or...
  627. M

    Selling fish

    I'm just interested in what you deduct. Do you just place a value of $6 or $8 a pound on YFT even though the Calif DFW says the value is zero or do you deduct the cost of the trip, parking and milage to and from the landing. I would really like to know what people do who actually take the...
  628. M

    Selling fish

    The tax deduction question has been asked before. Carrie Wilson from the California Dept of fish and wildlife says that no monetary value can be placed on sport caught fish, the value is zero. So what do you deduct? Do you donate the only fish you caught on a 15 day trip and deduct the total...
  629. M

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    Rocky's Reel Repair. He said he put in a better pinion bearing and he also machined the drag plate so that it was perfectly smooth and flat and he also removed the magic cast so that it would freespool better.
  630. M

    Report: Shogun PENN 7-day trip Dec. 7-14

    It was a fun trip and a good group of passengers. Some very good anglers on the trip, Ying, Bobby, Jerry, John, Steve and others. The conditions were tough and the fish were picky. You could do pretty good if you paid attention and stuck with it. My brother and I each got 6 nice fish. A lot...
  631. M

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    The MXL raptor turned out to be a crushed pinion bearing. I got an upgraded pinion bearing and new spool bearings and it works fine now. I caught several fish on it this past week at Guadalupe and it worked great.
  632. M

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    We will be there early. They said check in is 6 am. I guess they want to get an early start. We put new 65lb spectra on the Fathom 25, 30 and 40 and we plan to fish them hard. Really looking forward to the trip.
  633. M

    Intrepid December 10th, 10 day cancelled

    Shogun also has a very good trip coming up. They have a 7 day trip that leaves on Dec 14th and there are only 11 people signed up for the trip and they say it is a definite go. I was at Guadalupe a week ago on the Shogun and fishing was very good with no sharks around for the entire trip. The...
  634. M

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    The trip is around $2600. Add about $300 for all of the permits and 15% for a tip and you will be pretty close. That does not include $60 if you park in the paid lot and whatever it costs for beer and fish processing. I just picked up my fish from the trip. Fisherman's Processing did an...
  635. M

    100lb+ fish?

    Check out the 6 and 7 day Guadalupe trips on the Shogun. I just got back last Friday from a 6 day and I had several over 100lbs as did a number of people on the trip. They have a 7 day trip that leaves Dec. 14th and there are only 11 people signed up right now. The trip is a definite go and...
  636. M

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    I fished 50lb Jerry Brown solid with 40lb Seaguar Premier fluro on the MXL raptor and it got bit really well. I landed 4 nice fish all 75lbs to 90lbs on it in one day then handed another off to my brother. We were running a ton of drag on the reel trying to move those big fish and after that...