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  1. Wandering Blues

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    ••••Filled! Thanks everyone! Have a great season.•••• I’ve got a 4.5 day charter I’ve been running the last few years. One of the regulars had to back out, so I need to fill a spot on a limited load of 20 (possible plus 1 means free trip mechanics shirts for everyone) DETAILS: Leave 9/21...
  2. Wandering Blues

    Monsoon Season

    Monsoon season has arrived in northern NM/southern Colorado. For me, until they hit, I wait because waters get warm quick with diminishing snow pack. I’ve got too much respect for trout to target them when the water warms. But…….. When the monsoon comes, the air temps at altitude can drop into...
  3. Wandering Blues

    Size Matters… Not!

    The San Juan River is known as one of the great tail waters in the US. It’s a place where you have a legitimate shot at a personal best with every drift. It’s also known for educated fish and ridiculously small flies. Or, is it? I’ve been dabbling in the dark art of Euro lately, though I still...
  4. Wandering Blues

    The 2022 Account is Open..

    A series of winter storms kept me off the water here in the Land of Enchantment in 2022 for a long, long 11 days…😂 Fortunately, the winds came down and the temps came up just enough to justify a quick road trip.. Thankfully, the sun was shining this morning, though it didn’t offer any shred of...
  5. Wandering Blues

    A Fish Story

    I’m gonna tell you a fish story. On Monday, I had the chance to squeeze in one last day on the water for the year. I shouldn’t have gone, what with a pending shoulder surgery coming up. But I felt almost compelled to. My wife didn’t want me going because she worried about me injuring said...
  6. Wandering Blues

    2021 Year in Review

    Hope everyone had a good 2021 on the water, from the ocean to the mountains. Post up your top 10 photos. I need some fish porn to look at ahead of surgery. 1- Kicked off 2021 in 16 degree weather on the San Juan- my home water Made a move south for a month down on the Texas Gulf. 3- Then on...
  7. Wandering Blues

    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    Wellllll, shit. It’s looking like a possible shoulder surgery (replacement). Anyone gone through it to keep tugging on fish? And what was your recovery time before you were on the rail. An aside- thanks to the drunk chick that crashed into me, stopped my career short, and final straw, may...
  8. Wandering Blues

    The Annual “Hall Pass” Trip

    While I get in plenty of days on rivers and streams, once a year my wife gives me a hall pass to load up the trailer with a buddy to basically fish and drink beer for a week. This year we targeted a ‘new to us’ area of Colorado. The water ranged from classic meadow and valley conditions to...
  9. Wandering Blues

    A Quick Trip to SoCo

    It’s been a long, hot summer here in New Mexico. But, with the hoards of people traveling, we had been staying home. That is until last week. We couldn’t take it anymore, loaded up the trailer, and pointed it north. We arrived late, set up, and crashed out. By sunrise, though, I was ready to...
  10. Wandering Blues

    A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That.

    We hopped in our trailer beginning of Feb. Me and the Missus both survived a nasty bout with Covid and figured we might as well take advantage of a little immunity. We started down in Texas and got caught up in that miserable deep freeze they had. Before it hit, though, I put my paddle board to...
  11. Wandering Blues

    Differences in Styles

    We’ve been traveling in the trailer and have spent the last two months in various states along the Gulf of Mexico. It’s interesting to see what equipment, tackle, and techniques rule around here, as opposed to SoCal. I found one shop with Pink/Blue and Glow Flatfalls in 300 & 350g in a...
  12. Wandering Blues

    Classifieds- Am I missing something?

    Are the new classifieds just slow to populate, or am I missing something? I’m limited to an iPhone, being on the road, and it doesn’t show me a rod and reel section, just 5 pages of misc.
  13. Wandering Blues


    Any real word experience with the Terez/Tallus/Trevala in the 80-200# rating? I’ve used a 65-200# on bluefin in the 70-99lb class and did decent. Wondering how the 6’6” model might do for flatfalling and those larger San Clemente fish? And, as always, thanks.
  14. Wandering Blues

    So, I Bought an iSUP.

    We decided to hang out in the Texas coast for a month. I bought an iSUP to check out some of the marshes and estuaries where we are camping. It’s been a blast chasing small reds and flounder. Still getting the hang of it, but I like it. Of course, I did the obligatory walk of shame when the...
  15. Wandering Blues


    So I’m considering getting into SUP fishing. The only real requirement I have is for the rig to be an inflatable. We travel quite a bit in our trailer, so the ability to pack it down is a must. I’m primarily a flyfisher so I’d imagine using it on lakes for trout, bass, etc. We also spend 4-6...
  16. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The Big Al

    A long time fishing buddy crossed over this past winter. Alan was larger than life, literally, at 6’2” and a svelte 350 lbs. A native Hawaiian, he spent most of his life in SoCal, and served in the USMC. He was a fellow LEO as well, and we worked together for 25 years til it was time to call it...
  17. Wandering Blues

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Before we retired out of state, my gear was always at the ready and it was no big deal to hop on a boat to chase fish and come home with something for the freezer. But now..... Living in New Mexico, I’ve had my gear spread out in the garage for a couple of weeks. I’ve opened up all the reels...
  18. Wandering Blues

    Tooling Around SoCo

    My fly fishing journey was born and bred in the Eastern Sierra of California. So, I was disappointed that between Covid, fires, smoke, record heat, and forest closures, that I couldn’t “go home” to fish those waters, and visit with friends of whom I’ve shared waters over the last couple of...
  19. Wandering Blues

    Land of Entroutment

    When people think of New Mexico, it’s usually of dry, barren landscape. Or Breaking Bad. Or, maybe the San Juan. I dropped into a giant chasm in the high desert of northern New Mexico for a look around. Went with a couple of my buddies. Epic non-stop day on 12-14” browns. But, what made it...
  20. Wandering Blues

    Small Streamin, New Mexico Style

    Having retired to New Mexico in 2016, it’s ironic I haven’t fished it’s waters all that much. Usually, we load up our trailer in April and don’t see home til October or later. But Covid has us grounded. Good thing because I’ve been exploring. Within 90 minutes of the casa, I’ve found several...
  21. Wandering Blues

    Renting a BFT Rig

    Last couple of years I’ve been able to borrow a buddy’s 30W and Seeker rail rod to late night flat fall for some larger BFT models. This year, he’s going on a trip with me. Anyone know how much H&M charges for a set up in the 80-100# range? I emailed and haven’t heard back and I don’t want to...
  22. Wandering Blues

    Down in PV

    My wife and I are on a cruise at the moment. While in PV, I noticed the Attessa IV moored next to us and was surprised to see her bow still bears the paint from the Prowler and is very noticeable on the starboard side. It was sobering and I felt very sad for the Neff family, and all the others...
  23. Wandering Blues

    A Thanks

    Being a volunteer for a couple of veteran organizations, as we cruise into Veteran’s Day Weekend, I want to thank all of those on BD who served, and to those who continue to. Wishing you tight lines and big fish.
  24. Wandering Blues

    Summer’s Over and, Man, Was it Good

    I loaded up the trailer for a trip to visit my son up in Boise. He’s done serving his country and is now a student at Boise State University. So, like any good dad, I like to keep an eye on him. Oh, and there’s a little fishing up there to be done- our favorite past time to enjoy together...
  25. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Not the Biggest, But My Best

    I booked a trip on the SA80 in the hopes of locking horns with one of the nice BFT that have been gracing SoCal lately. Met up with fellow BD member, Kevin (Let Them Eat 74), got some beers over at Eppig, and hopped on a reasonably light load of 17, plus a few deadheads (which were old friends...
  26. Wandering Blues

    4.5 Day on the SA80 10/17-10/22

    Trying to get this trip off the dock. 2 BD fellas so far. Probably need another 9-10 to make it happen. Jump on! I’ll be bringing a cooler of New Mexico’s finest craft beer offerings to enjoy at the dock while we’re waiting to load. Thanks!
  27. Wandering Blues

    Seriously Good Service

    I sent in my Avet quiver last week for service. Most of the reels are 5-8 years old and have worked well, but last season several started feeling like coffee grinders. Up to that point, I had routinely cleaned them after every use and applied fresh grease and none had service til now. I just...
  28. Wandering Blues

    Comparing Trips

    I was comitted to a 3.5 day on a boat that was the subject of a deleted 300+ post thread recently. Decided to spend my money elsewhere. So, I’m looking at options including the Chief, Excalibur, Condor, and R85. Been on the R85 quite a few times when Dustin was at the helm and always did well...
  29. Wandering Blues

    Nice Day on the Juan

    We caught a break in our New Mexico spring winds and ran up to the Juan for a quick session. Flows were at 600, which is about as perfect as it gets, with clarity to a couple of feet. The fish were happy to hit the usual suspects, and I committed to euro nymphing for most of the day with an 11’...
  30. Wandering Blues

    An Ode to Autumn

    “Best of all he loved the fall ... the fall with the tawny and grey, the leaves yellow on the cottonwoods, leaves floating on the trout streams and above the hills the high blue windless skies.” ~Ernest Hemingway Nothing like a little Ernest Hemingway to describe Autumn on a trout stream. You...
  31. Wandering Blues

    Back to Blue Lining

    After a nice return to SoCal for some offshore fishing (and visiting with family) it was good to get back to the Land of Enchantment. The wild trout are on the chew with cold weather moving in. I explored a new section of a blue line I’ve fished before. It was tough to throw flies because I...
  32. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Jimmy’s Charter to Cortez

    Hey, my 1000th post! Retired to New Mexico and my rule of thumb is not to eat fish there unless I caught it. So, once a year, I come back to SoCal hoping to put some meat in the freezer. Hopped on a 2.5 day with the Pac Star and was pleasantly surprised to find it was one of Jimmy’s charters...
  33. Wandering Blues

    PacStar 2.5 Leaving 9/25?

    Any BD'rs on the trip? Looking forward to the limited load and fishing with Mike again. I always seem to have a good time with him and his crew.
  34. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Ranger 85 Reporting In

    Saw on my FB Feed the Ranger 85 is reporting a BFT taped out at 373.5.
  35. Wandering Blues

    So, What's Working?

    Used to be, I was offshore a dozen times or more during the season. But, living in New Mexico now, the closest I get is a good report on BD. I have a 2.5 day next week that'll probably freelance and hit Cortez and Desperation (if the island is open). So, what's been working? I'm gonna get back...
  36. Wandering Blues

    Good to be Home

    It's good to be home again. And just in time for Autumn fishing. I forgot what's its like to bushwhack 800-1000' vertical to throw flies.
  37. Wandering Blues

    Rocky Mountain High

    One of the great things about coming home to New Mexico is traveling slolwly through Colorado. Time and time again, I've pulled over and fished unoccupied water that would be easily classified as "Gold Medal" waters back when we lived in California. Seriously, unless you feel a need to bag the...
  38. Wandering Blues

    Can You Say "Road Trip?"

    Did a little running around in the PNW until the smoke from the wildfires drove us back home. Nice places they got.... And the fishing ain't too shabby.
  39. Wandering Blues

    Tuna Etiquette in Oregon

    I'll be camp hosting in Oregon from late May til mid September. Another gentleman here suggested I try chasing albacore, something I've not had a chance to enjoy in a long time. Being used to the culture and etiquette of San Diego off shore fishing, I have a few questions I'm hoping you guys...
  40. Wandering Blues

    I Hate to Do It, but.....

    Living out of state and mostly traveling on the road now so I don't keep up on boats like I used to. We'll be working up in OR through the summer and the boss-lady suggested we drop down to San Diego before heading home to New Mexico so I can (hopefully) put some meat in the freezer. My...
  41. Wandering Blues

    Gulf Carp

    Redneck Bonefish, Surf Donkies.... All slang for the amazing Redfish. A board member over on another forum happen to notice my wife and I were down in Waveland, Mississippi for a spell. He hit me up with an offer to go chase Reds down in Hopedale, Louisiana. Catching a red is on my fly fishing...
  42. Wandering Blues

    Being on the Road

    The summer and fall of 2016 was pretty awesome. Spent quite a bit of time in Colorado throwing flies. If you ever have an opportunity to visit, do it. And pack everything from a 1wt to an 8wt. Here's just a few shots of what awaits.
  43. Wandering Blues

    Refund Question

    I have a trip coming up real soon and the boat has been pulled due to mechanical issues. They have cancelled the 2 trips just prior to mine. No need to mention the boat as it'll only result in the thread being locked. The landing has said they think it'll be back online for our trip, but...
  44. Wandering Blues

    So Let's Hear It.

    After 25 years of living in SoCal, I retired out to New Mexico. Missing the off shore and decided to book a trip around another buddy being in San Diego during the same time. I came up with a short list of boats that will fit our schedule- none of which I've been on. In the past, it's been New...
  45. Wandering Blues

    A Little Road Trip

    I retired in January after 25+ years in SoCal law enforcement. We sold the house, most of the stuff in it (although all my offshore gear is at my in laws), bought a trailer, and hit the road. Someone asked "why?" Simple- we needed to see the US, find the beauty of land and cultures, visit as...
  46. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Out to the Banks

    Hopped on Jimmy's Ultra Limited (20 guys) on the Pac Star. Jimmy is a solid dude and if you ever have a chance to hop on, be ready to laugh. A lot... With a choice of smaller schoolies down south or a shot a larger models on the banks, we chose the banks. Woke up with Cortez in sight and...
  47. Wandering Blues

    Commander Reporting 3 Big Eye

    Cant wait to hear a first hand account. I saw on FB they were bent on a paddy at 0430- pre-grey.. Damn!
  48. Wandering Blues

    dealing with the Drought

    With little to no quality moving water around, I've branched out. I enjoyed a bassin' session for the first time since 1986 and had a good old time- magnified by doing it on the topwater fly. Guess I'll have to invest in a heavier set up.
  49. Wandering Blues

    Tough Ride to SCI

    My son graduated Army BCT last week in Missouri. He got leave before he ships to Ft. Riley and had a list of things to do; see his buddies, In-n-Out, Wahoo's Fish Tacos, sleep, and a little salt action. We hopped on the Pacific Quest for an overniter to SCI after the 1.5 day trips I tried for...
  50. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Fishing the Pens

    My son and I jumped on for an overniter on the El Capitan. 1st time on the boat and I really enjoyed the Captain and crew. Hard working, personable, and efficient. With no real time off, this was our only chance to get after some tuna before my son ships to boot camp. The bait was all 5-6"...
  51. Wandering Blues

    Success Sportfishing

    I, along with several of my long time fishing buddies, retire next year. Was thinking about chartering a 3 day on the Success for us- probably 10 guys total. Anyone been on her? I remember anchoring along side her at San Martin a couple of years ago and thought it was a nice looking platform...
  52. Wandering Blues

    The Stupidity Out There

    Here's a cut and paste of a review of Point Loma on Trip Advisor. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at the stupidity shown by someone who clearly has no business being on the water. I feel for the crew and the passengers that had to deal with 'that guy.' Some things you just can't make...
  53. Wandering Blues

    Processing for an Overniter?

    Gentleman, Not sure what forum to post to, so..... Will 5 Star, Fishermans, or Mario meet at the dock for an overniter if you call ahead? I usually do a multi-day and use the service, but can't get a away this season longer than a day. Not in need of same day processing, but appreciate...
  54. Wandering Blues

    The Short Eastside Season

    With our extreme drought levels this year, the season in the Eastern Sierras is winding down. Just a couple of years ago, I was wading streams with a wading staff in September that are now just trickles in July. Oh well- I made the most of it and now it's time for some need shoulder surgery, so...
  55. Wandering Blues

    Been a Decent Winter...

    Nothing local- the water conditions are critical and the future looks bleaker. But, I've made a few drives and enjoyed some fine days on the water, C&R-ing some nice fish. Here's a sampler...
  56. Wandering Blues

    Wandering in the Eastern Sierra

    I've had a chance to squeeze in a couple of 1wt creekin' treks recently. Big fish are awesome, but there's something about stalking a small wild trout on a gin clear stream that does it for me. No people, and the only sound is the wind in the aspens and the rhythm of the line cutting through the...
  57. Wandering Blues

    Intrepid 4 Day

    What a fine trip! I made good on a promise to my son that if he graduated with good grades, we'd roll out on the Intrepid for a run. Once we knew he would be where he needed to be grade wise, I booked the trip, along with 2 other buddies we fish with. Sadly, I may never book another shorter...
  58. Wandering Blues

    Question on Processing

    If using a processor (ie 5 Star), are the fish brought in whole, or will they accept fish filleted on the boat? I usually pack my own, but we are selling our house and the wife doesn't want stinky fish fillets being sealed in the garage. Thanks!
  59. Wandering Blues

    Anyone on the Intrepid 4 Day Leaving 6-30?

    My son & I will be heading out, along with 2 other long time fishing buddies. First time on the Intrepid and we are looking forward to seeing what the boat is all about.
  60. Wandering Blues

    Questions on Fly Down Opportunities

    This is one of those times when it's good to have all the knowledge that fellow BD'rs can offer. Every summer since my son was 8, we have taken a 3-4 day offshore, usually out of SeaForth or H&M. It's been the best as far as memories. This June, he graduates High School and I was thinking...
  61. Wandering Blues

    The Water is Low.....

    But the escape was good.... Just finished 5 days snooping around the eastside. Good times, but I've never seen the conditions so dry. Fortunately, the water was still 60-62 degrees in the spots I visited. It was a real good workout for the 1 wt. Hopefully, the Sierra's receive some snow soon.
  62. Wandering Blues

    Offshore They're Out There

    Jumped on a 2.5 day on the Pacific Star with my son and some buddies. I've fished the boat at the islands during spring ling season, but have not had the opportunity to get with them down south. Several of the 2.5 day boats were making a long run and scoring real solid numbers. We stayed closer...
  63. Wandering Blues

    Pacific Star 2.5 day leaving Sun Night

    Still a few spots short to make the trip a go. 2.5 day leaving 8pm Sunday, returning 6am on Wednesday. $395 w/permits. Visa's if needed are extra. Meals extra and they dont mind if you bring grub. Right now 9 are booked. Need another 6 or better to go. Pacific Star is a great boat and Mike runs...
  64. Wandering Blues

    Enjoying Family Time

    My family went up into the Sierras for an annual Father's Day Trip. 3 generations of fly tossers with my father-in-law checking in with 50 years experience. It was nice to walk some blue lines and use something heavier than my TXL 1wt. And best of all, my 17 year old son, Kyle, really dialed up...
  65. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Ranger 85 Chasing Tail!

    We've all seen the reports. They suck. But, I was committed to heading out on the Ranger 85 with my son and some buddies to the good or the bad. When we boarded up, Dustin told us we were going for a straight shot down to San Martin to target YT. What a damn fine call it was..... 2 days of...
  66. Wandering Blues

    Offshore From the Peanut Gallery

    Breaking News from San Diego- Point Loma, CA- Earlier today, San Diego Harbor Police arrested Moonbeam Johannson and Todd Smith for criminal trespass and vandalism. The pair were caught sneaking aboard boats destined for the tuna grounds for the purpose of placing banana's in areas where they...
  67. Wandering Blues

    My Son Popped the Cherry on his New Rod

    For Xmas, my 15 year old son got an Avet SX and OC Rods 73MH. He'd been dying to take it out, but time just flew by. My good friend, Art, invited us out on his boat for a WSB session on Catalina. We anchored up around 11PM and tried to make bait, but the squid were not cooperating and none of...
  68. Wandering Blues

    Lower O

    Got to head up to the Lower O before the crazy weather and fish the wild trout section with my son. It was a learning experience and by the end of the trip, I was feeling pretty good about my selection & presentation. All of the brownies were caught on a 2wt rod on size 22 cdc dunns or 22...
  69. Wandering Blues

    Black Friday on Deep Creek

    When my wife innocently asked "Do you want to get up early for Black Friday?", I was ready with a response. "Heck yeah, I'm hiking into **** Creek!" I got to my favorite holes by 7:00 am and noticed ice around the edges, but was otherwise greeted with some peaceful pools. Had to be careful rock...
  70. Wandering Blues

    Deep Creek Report

  71. Wandering Blues

    Offshore The 182 to the 43

    Stayed north due to the make-a-Wish Tournament going on. Started trolling at the 182 towards the 43 at about 0530. First strike didn't happen until 1000. No paddies seen all day. Ended up with five 15-20# YF and a couple of skippies. Could have saved $35.00 on the bait as all were on the...
  72. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Trip Slide show

    Took me a week, but here's a slide show of a recent tuna trip. Good times! Music by Flogging Molly. YouTube - OC 95 Fishing Trip
  73. Wandering Blues

    Offshore 3.5 Day on the OC 95

    The short version..... Except for a morning bite on the final day with 40 tuna on the deck, it was some tough hunt and scratch fishing. We would get one on the the troll and then maybe 1-3 on the bait afterwards. The tuna did not want to come up. Even stranger, the paddies were barren. Out of 3...
  74. Wandering Blues

    1st catch on the fly, now I'm Hooked!

    I had the chance to try fly fishing with my father-in-law. We went out and slow trolled streamers from float tubes. Not fly fishing in the truest sense, but a great intro as I landed my largest trout ever at about 21" and 4 lbs (C&R). I really enjoyed the touch and feel of the fly rod, which I...
  75. Wandering Blues

    My Son and I in the Eastern Sierra's

    So, we got unpaid furlough days at work. Rather than bitch about it, we (Meaning me, Kyle, my wife, and my in-laws) rolled up to Mammoth for 5 days. Lots of great fishing, including my father-in-law teaching us how to fly fish and float tube. Best of all, for Father's Day, Kyle gave me an...
  76. Wandering Blues

    What I do when I'm not fishing

    I thought I'd share a recent woodcut print I did titled "Rise." Woodcut is where you carve away an image out of a block of wood, ink it up, and run it through a hand crank printing press. Kinda like making a crazy detailed rubber stamp. This took about 30 hours of carving and about a case of...
  77. Wandering Blues

    Santa Ana River Trout

    1st, thanks Chuwbaca for the great info! My son and I went over to the 'other side' of the mountain to check out the trout lurking in the Santa Ana River. Fished above 7 Oaks to South Fork and had a great time. Catch and release on all but one. Totaled about 10 fish a piece from about 10-16" and...
  78. Wandering Blues

    Pacific Star at Santa Barbara Island

    My son & I went out on an overniter on the Pacific Star over the weekend. We were supposed to head out to Catalina for WSB, but there were bait issues. So, with input from the passengers, we made a bee-line up to Santa Barbara Island to do some rockfishing. We pulled 26 lings in 4 drifts, not...
  79. Wandering Blues

    Yellow's on the Chew

    Kyle and I dropped down to Seaforth Landing for a 3/4 day on the San Diego. 2 days before the trip, the Capt started locking down marauding schools of yellows. So, instead of fishing the Coronado's for ling, etc, we were off chasing tail. Unfortunately, with the word being out, the boat was...
  80. Wandering Blues

    Offshore Legend or Holiday 1.5

    I've heard props for both boats and my son & I are looking for a 1.5 on April 3. Legend is rolling to Colonett, while Holiday is freelancing. Same price. Looking for feedback on the boats and whether Colonett or freelancing will be better this time of year. Thanks in advance cuz I know there's...
  81. Wandering Blues

    Skunked in Deep Creek, but good pics

    Woke up to heavy rim fog, but still drove the whopping 2 miles down the road to Deep Creek. My son and I were looking for some of the wild rainbow & brown's that lurk in the pools. Weather was beautiful, but the water was a bit too high. No signs of hatches, or other life. Still, hiking around...
  82. Wandering Blues

    Feb Meeting for SoCal Line Class Club

    The first meeting went well with about 25 folks in attendance. Backgrounds from newbies (myself included) up to some very committed long range anglers. The next meeting is on Feb 20th @ 7:00pm at Bass Pro in Rancho Cucamonga. Featured speakers include Steve Mras and April Wakeman, holders of...
  83. Wandering Blues

    Avet JX

    I can't afford a 2 speed, so the 4.6:1 or the 6:1? Will use for typical SoCal targets, YT, YFT. Dodo, etc. Any and all opinions. Thanks!
  84. Wandering Blues


    The first meeting of the Southern California Line Class Fishing Club will be held on Friday, Jan. 16th @ 7:00pm at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga. Meeting will take place on the 2nd floor in the meeting rooms. ALL anglers are welcome to attend. Several well known guest speakers have been...
  85. Wandering Blues

    Good day on the Water 12-27

    We took the Pacific Adventure outa LA Harbor for a 3/4 day. Clean boat, plenty of room, and decent crew. This was my son and I's 1st time bottom fishing. Learned alot and caught some nice fish in the process. For $45.00, it was well worth it. No warm galley to sit in, but the day was real nice.
  86. Wandering Blues

    Saturday 12-27 on the Pac Adventure

    Going stir-crazy up here on the mountain so me and the boy are going out of LA Harbor sportfishing tomorrow on the Pacific Adventure. It's a 3/4 day leaving at 0700. Cost is only $45.00 Maybe we'll see some BD'rs there.
  87. Wandering Blues

    New Angling Club in the Inland Empire

    Big Mike, over at Bass Pro in Cucamonga, has taken the lead on putting together an angling club through the store. It'll serve San Bernardino, Riverside Counties, along with those folks in the eastern areas of LA and Orange County. I've got 14 folks interested thus far, and I'm sure Big Mike...
  88. Wandering Blues

    Fin-Nor Spinning Reels?

    I'm looking to get my son a nice spinning reel for xmas; something that will stop a train and has line capacity. These fin-nors advertise a 60lb drag and the capacity is good for our SoCal fishing. Anyone with fin-nor experience or opinions? I'd got with a conventional, but being as he's 13 and...
  89. Wandering Blues

    Casting an MXJ

    I just got an MXJ loaded up with spectra #40. This is my first conventional reel. When casting, is it okay to throw out in the 'bait' setting, or does it need to be freespool? I tossed a few in the backyard and by adding a little preset drag, I was able to throw out a 2 oz sinker without...