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  1. sgwill122

    Trailer shop/Welder recommendations

    The front cross member on my boat trailer broke at the welds. I am waiting for the manufacturer to provide a recommendation for a fix. I assume I just need to get it re-welded. Looking for a recommendation for a local trailer shop/welder folks have been happy with. The trailer manufacturer...
  2. sgwill122

    Yamaha 9.9 snorkel?

    My 9.9 Yamaha starter seized up this last weekend. I pulled it apart and it had lots of corrosion. Got it cleaned up and put back together and it’s running well. I would like to avoid getting saltwater in the starter in the future. I use it like most guys to back the boat into some pretty...
  3. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna tomorrow 9-2

    Headed out for my first Westport tuna trip tomorrow. Anybody else out tomorrow? As always willing to network on the water.
  4. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ilwaco Tuna 8-22

    Ran tuna out of Ilwaco yesterday. We had a lot of reasons to try it, I have never launched there so was interested in seeing a new port and the bouy 10 madness, live bait and really good reports from last week. The forecast was not awesome but doable. We launched at 7:00am wanting to avoid...
  5. sgwill122

    Eastside bulk ice?

    Planning my first tuna trip out of ilwaco and was looking for a place to Ice up on the east side before driving down as I do not think I can get there by 4:00 for local ice.
  6. sgwill122

    Westport crab bouys help

    Have a bit of a Hail Mary ask. Anybody in Westport have crab bouys they are willing to let me borrow tonight and will return tomorrow. Just got into town and realized I forgot to pack the crab bouys and englunds does not open on sundays. Give me a call if you can help. 425-786-6194 Steve
  7. sgwill122

    Feedback on using the Ballard Lochs

    Thinking of launching the boat in Lake Washington and going through the Ballard locks for a family trip just to experience it. Looking for feedback from someone that has done it. Is it fun/interesting or just a necessary evil that you would not undertake if you did not need to? Any tips?
  8. sgwill122

    Anybody fishing Westport salmon tomorrow

    The forecast tomorrow has me on the fence for fishing salmon out of westport tomorrow. Pinpoint shows 2ft swell with 2-3ft wind waves with 14-17knt winds. It's one of those forecasts that could be not bad to super crappy. Who's planning on fishing it?
  9. sgwill122

    Saltwater Got lucky

    My wife went fishing with me today and caught the biggest local hatchery fish landed on my boat. I had assumed they were all 6-10lbs.
  10. sgwill122

    Not really stainless

    I noticed a bunch of rust stains in my bilge and on my fuel tank which obviously is not expected on a aluminum boat. Quickly found the “stainless’ steel hose clamps were the culprit. All of the screws had some rust and some were heavily rusted, they all stuck hard to a magnet. I searched...
  11. sgwill122

    Saltwater Saltwater fishing report

    Not sure if anyone else Is interested in seeing fish pics anymore but thought I would try and revive the practice. We fished out of Westport on Thursday after sitting out last weeks crappy forecasts. The forecast did not look awesome but there was no way we were gonna miss out like we did on...
  12. sgwill122

    Westport boat storage options?

    Any recommendations for secure boat storage in Westport? I have a 28 Duckworth that is a trailer queen. Looking for somewhere I could leave her a couple days to a week at a time in Westport. I have conflicting requirements in that I was hoping for somewhere secure but yet be able to pick up...
  13. sgwill122

    Westport snorkelers?

    Went fishing out of Westport yesterday. One of my buddies lost his iPhone11 when it fell out of his jacket pocket into the water when he was getting out of the boat. It is probably a lost cause at this point but I did find a test done by CNET where they put an iPhone11 down 30 feet in Monterey...
  14. sgwill122

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    Thinking about going thru hull so looking to see if anyone is interested in my Airmar TM275C-LHW. It is in great condition and works perfectly. I am looking to make the change to get a cleaner picture when running on plane in rough water. My boat is a trailer queen and is kept in a boat shed...
  15. sgwill122

    Ever wondered what sunfish meat looks like

    It looks like they are made out of tofu but apparently tastes like flavorless gelatin. Sounds very appetizing.
  16. sgwill122

    Anyone have a garmin autopilot 1.2 or 2.0L pump

    Who has a garmin 1.2 or 2.0L autopilot pump and been running it for more than a year? If you do, does your helm lock out hard when you reach the end of your steering range? I have been through several pumps in the last two years and am wondering if what I am seeing is normal. When the pump is...
  17. sgwill122

    Saltwater My last ocean 2020 boat ride

    Decided to tempt fate and try for one more tuna run for 2020 since we had a decent weather window Tuesday and saw the great reports from last week. We ended up being the only sport boat out of Westport but had great company as @MarkColeman was running his Cadillac the Integrity. The run out...
  18. sgwill122

    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    Wanted to know what guys are seeing when they think they are marking tuna while trolling ~7knts? I have a garmin 8212 and airmar TM275LHW and I set my finder to watch the top 100ft of water and use HW chirp. Sometimes I can definitely tell I mark a fish but most of the time the marks are so...
  19. sgwill122

    Free self inflating camp pads

    I have two self inflating camp pads. They both have a small leak somewhere that I can not find.
  20. sgwill122

    WTB: Scotty 1050 and mounting clamp

    Anybody got a Scotty 1050 downrigger and/or portable clamp-on bracket(1021) they want to sell. No rush but thought I would ask before I buy new.
  21. sgwill122

    Wide open squid bite

    Been fishing Edmonds early and late and noticed the squid guys are doing well. I am not a squid fan but if you are It is time to go get them.
  22. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tried something different

    I used to fish Edmonds a bit in the fall using the sling but when I upgraded to a 28ft boat the sling was no longer an option. Running up from Everett takes some time and driving through the concrete jungle to get to shilshole towing a big boat sucks. I decided to try fishing coho from my...
  23. sgwill122

    Custom glass work?

    Anybody know of a glass shop that cuts glass in house? My AJR tinted glass slider got cracked this weekend. I contacted AJR to ask about a replacement pane and they told me most glass shops should be able make a replacement. I have been calling around but so far have only found shops that...
  24. sgwill122

    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    We got 2 scoops of bait out of westport on Saturday around 5:45am. Most the bait looked like they had red noses to start. Half of it had died by the time we hit the tuna grounds. I heard others complaining of crappy bait. Wanted to know if it was everyone or if some folks thought they had...
  25. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 2 Hali pics

    Fished area 2 Hali for the first time yesterday. Weather could not have been better. Amazing how much area 2 looks like the SW corner :) -big ocean with 100’s of boats packed into small area. There was a good Hali bite, we sorted through a few fish to get the 5 we wanted. The crew...
  26. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Been an awful shortage of tuna reports this year. I have been part of the problem as this is my latest first trip ever but hope to fix that this Thursday. Anybody else running?
  27. sgwill122

    Yamaha temp

    I have twin yamaha 200's. I have had them almost four years and never really paid attention to the temp gauge until a month ago. I noticed one of the motors temp raises to the third bar when running over 4200 RPM's for a while. The other motor stays at 2 bars. I do not know if 3 bars is...
  28. sgwill122

    Canadian border closure extended

    Probably not a surprise to most but the border closure has been extended to August 21.
  29. sgwill122

    WTB 8 or 9.9 kicker

    Have a friend looking for a 8 or 9.9 long shaft kicker with manual start. PM me if you have anything.
  30. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    I have been asked by a few folks about how I smoke my salmon so thought I would post here to make it easier with pics. I have done it a lot of different ways but found the easiest and most consistent is dry brining it. Step 1: Catch some fish, chinook being the best but coho will do. Give the...
  31. sgwill122

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    I have twin 2016 Yamaha 200's with fly by wire. In the last couple months the motors will randomly shut down. I have had it happen idling out of the marina but mostly while running on plane. It does not happen often, probably once every five trips. Luckily it has never happened in rough water...
  32. sgwill122

    Westport 6-20

    Who's gonna fish the salmon opener out of Westport? Weather looks less than ideal but I have nothing else going on.
  33. sgwill122

    Free cooler and prop

    free old cooler that is going to the land fill unless somebody wants it. I used it as my swim step fish box/carcass receptacle and occasional ice overflow on tuna trips. The plastic is cracked on the outside but looks good inside. Hinges and handles are good but latches are long gone...
  34. sgwill122

    Rope, chain, props, bbq, timbren suspension kit

    $75 for 2 New Solas 17P props with hubs(standard and counter rotation). I had these as my backups and never used them. I upgraded to stainless props so now have my old aluminum props as spares. Fits a variety of Yamaha outboards, see specs at the link below...
  35. sgwill122

    Boat overhang on trailer

    I weighed my boat at a weigh station yesterday and found I had almost 1500 more pounds on my front tires than the back. I am just under my tire/axel rated capacity for the front and obviously well under for the back. It is strange that my lighter rear hubs always feel slightly warmer than the...
  36. sgwill122

    Washington is the only state

    Washington is the only state to have entirely closed its fishing season. Jay Inslee stands alone in his unscientific fear based closure. The hardest hit states like New York are encouraging people to get outdoors and fish. I knew Oregon was open but was surprised today talking to a co-worker...
  37. sgwill122

    Paint stripping recommendation

    My paint keeps peeling off my sliding door. I want to strip it all off. Looking for a recommendation on stripping the paint without gouging the aluminum door.
  38. sgwill122

    Forecast accuracy

    Wanted to hit area 9 for the opener. The forecast looked like crap through the week but Friday Windy and SailFlow showed the wind shutting down by noon on Possession. I checked again Saturday morning and the wind forecast looked even better so we agreed to meet in Everett and launch at...
  39. sgwill122

    Shimano trevala’s now breakable

    Thought I would share a Discovery I made at the boat show. I bought a couple Trevala’s and noticed one had the guides off center from the reel seat. I was not happy but quickly saw I could rotate them back in line. I checked both rods and saw they were both the same and that the blank could...
  40. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    My days of carrying loaded coolers of fish up the dock are numbered. Looking for recommendation on a cart. I am a trailer queen so looking for something compact to keep in the back of the truck bed. The foldable carts look nice and compact and I was hoping someone here had one they recommended.
  41. sgwill122

    black friday shoppers

    Anyone shopping fishing gear today? Let me know if anyone see's the shimano trevalla 6'6"MH for under $100.
  42. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    Just got my roadtax refund. It was 8.6% of my fuel bill. 8.6% seems low since Washington levies a .49 cent per gallon gas tax, which is about 14% at $3.50 a gallon. We have the third highest gas tax rate in the Nation. Would be nice to get all the 14% back but I will take what I can get.
  43. sgwill122

    Kicker wouldn't start

    I dropped by the lake on the way home from Seattle yesterday to run the motors. I had not run my kicker for a couple of months as the last few trips had been for tuna. My 9.9 Yamaha kicker is key start with remote throttle/shifter. The kicker would not turn over when I turned the key. I...
  44. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    I want to cut off my side rod holders and wanted to know what is the best tool to cut the welds? A grinder with a cutting disc or hack saw or other? Once cut what is the best method to clean up the remaining welds(sanding disc on grinder?) I never use the angle rod holders and find them a...
  45. sgwill122

    Saltwater Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Made one more tuna trip yesterday as I heard there was bait still available and fish still on the chew. We were the only boat getting ice at 5:30am and there were only a couple boats at the launch. We thought it was a little weird seeing so few boats but we ran into several leaving the bait...
  46. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Seems like a lot of guys have moved onto hunting. Planning my last tuna run this Saturday. Anybody else running?
  47. sgwill122

    New 17” aluminum R and L rotation props

    Solas Mitas 17” R and L aluminum props. Never used still in the box. I bought them as backup props and never used them. $125 for both.
  48. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    Everything below free 4 kids poles with zebco reels 15p quicksilver prop, it has some paint missing but no damage to the aluminum Sea star piston for inboard. Misc boat cleaner/wax/steering fluid
  49. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    Does anyone know if ice and bait are open tomorrow(labor day)? I tried calling but got a machine.
  50. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    Anyone planning a trip in their truck near Vancouver, Wa with space in their bed. I won the sweet smack plastics 165 quart cooler from the WTC food drive John put together. Smack plastics is willing to upgrade me to a half tote for a fee but I obviously have to bring the fishbox down to them...
  51. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    We ended up with a bunch of boats around 10:00am last Saturday. We saw there were three big charter boats in the mix. We noticed the big boats seemed to run up and stop and put lines out and repeat and were catching some fish as we saw waving nets. We were trolling in the area for a couple...
  52. sgwill122

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    Planning a trip for this Saturday. Anybody else running and willing to network.
  53. sgwill122

    Saltwater First family tuna run

    Took my family for their first ever tuna run after promising to do so for the last three years. I had been waiting for decent fishing, weather reports and time off to line up which happened last Friday. My criteria for a successful trip was nice water, 1 albecore and a shark sightings...
  54. sgwill122

    Saltwater Neah Bay for newbies

    Took the whole family to Neah for the first time hoping to see the whale show, catch a few fish, and check out the beaches and hikes. Neah delivered, the one thing we could not do was find an open firework stand on the 5th, which was always the best day to buy when I was a kid. We got there...
  55. sgwill122

    Time for new tabs

    In case anyone else is like me and is always surprised it is end of June already. Time to renew your boat registration before you go fishing next week.
  56. sgwill122

    painting anchor locker

    I am planning to paint my aluminum anchor locker to prevent pitting from wet anchor line. I was told to scotch brite all the surfaces then hit with Zinc Primer(Green Zinc Phosphate) and paint with bed liner. I have not seen zinc primer recommended from any of Bob's threads so was hoping to...
  57. sgwill122

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    Planning to do some boat camping in the Juans this weekend. Thought I would launch out of Squalicum. Does the parking lot fill up on busy weekends or can you normally find a spot. Trying to figure out if I need to leave early to make sure I can get a spot or if I can take my time? Appreciate...
  58. sgwill122

    Ugly stik repair

    This last hali trip I had a ugly stik malfunction, the foam grip above the reel gave loose and spins around the rod. It makes holding the pole awkward as the reel can shift side to side as the foam pad spins. I was thinking of squirting super glue inside the foam hoping it would lock it in...
  59. sgwill122

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Had a fishing buddy cancel for this Thursday due to work so I have an open spot. PM me if you are interested.
  60. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ocean hali/ling report

    Fished Thursday through Friday on the Ocean. We slept in Thursday morning and launched at 8:00 to avoid the launch lines which mostly worked except for the boat in front of us lost a trailer tire when he turned into the launch. Took us over 2 hours of running in lumpy water to get out to the...
  61. sgwill122

    Where to buy jig molds

    Anyone have a recommendation for a place that sells lead jig head molds? Looking for 6 and 10 ounce heads with barbed necks. I have found some online with round necks but not the barbed.
  62. sgwill122

    Duckworth crapper

    My boat came with a marine head in the v-berth. I never thought to ask how big the black water holding tank was until i was on a week camping trip in Desolation Sound with the family. I quickly learned it was too small which added a not fun daily task to a fun week. The boat came with a 6...
  63. sgwill122

    Alki launch mahem

    Took my kids Scout Troop on our annual squidding trip last Friday. We launched at Alki at 6:00pm and did alright, not hot but we had enough to make calamari for the crew. I warned everyone we needed to pull out by 9:00 as it was a minus low tide at 11:00pm. We did the normal delayed departure...
  64. sgwill122

    surge actuator, brakes, rope n chain and 6" radar mount

    Actuator and radar arch are gone but still have the brakes and anchor rope. 4 hubs/calipers/rotors/torsion arms (1 brake pad and 1 grease seal were damaged while removing and need replaced). Link below to the same package online...
  65. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    i just got new 16” tires put on my trailer after upgrading the brakes and hubs which were larger than the old 15” tires. I noticed my trailer is lower at the tongue than in the back, 18” versus 21” and the front tire looks like it is carrying more weight as a result. The problem was there...
  66. sgwill122

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Planning to fish Thursday. Anybody else running?
  67. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    I have two helms and added a garmin autopilot. The helm stops turning once the Cylinder is fully extended or retracted but if I hold pressure on the wheel it will turn another quarter to half turn after a few seconds and keeps slipping with continued pressure. If I lockout the AP pump using...
  68. sgwill122

    trailer brakes, hubs, torsion bar and tires

    The trailer that came with my boat had under capacity wheels and brakes. I just swapped them out to convert from 10K to a 12K trailer. The trailer is under two years old and probably has about 5K miles on it. 4 6 lug wheels + unused spare $250 (225/75R15 2540lbs at max PSI 65lbs) Sold 4...
  69. sgwill122

    Southern Orca task force draft recommendation doc

    They just posted their draft proposals but I found very little in it encouraging. It talks about commissioning study's to see if seals or sea lions could be having a negative impact on salmon populations. It talks...
  70. sgwill122

    borrow a 15lb downrigger mold

    Anybody near the Eastside have a 15lb downrigger ball mold they would be willing to lend? I want to recast a few of my 10's and 12's into 15's and thought I would ask before buying a mold.
  71. sgwill122

    8-9 Tuna run

    Made a tuna run yesterday to capitalize on a great forecast. The water was as good as advertised. The bait was some of the biggest and strongest chovies I have seen. Ran out 70 miles a bit north of the CR. We stopped short just past the 125 line and deployed troll gear on the first good temp...
  72. sgwill122

    Costco tire service

    I took my truck into Costco today to get my tires rotated at 10K miles for the first time. Tire guy calls me 10 minutes later and tells me he can’t rotate the tires because the rear tires have too much wear. He goes on to tell me it is good to have more tread on the front and that the front...
  73. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday

    Going to make a Tuna run this Thursday. Anybody else planning to go?
  74. sgwill122

    Anybody want smoked tuna belly

    i just finished my first batch of smoked tuna belly. It is a bit too oily for my taste, I will stick to smoking salmon. Anybody want to stop by Redmond and take it off my hands tonight?
  75. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna slow start but big finish

    fished tuna today out of WP. We ran 60 miles sw in front of the CR. We got out and fishing around 9:00, we got a quick troll fish and then 3 on bait then nothing till 3:30 when the bite went wide open, the fish stayed around the boat till 6 when we decided we needed to head in. We put 25 more...
  76. sgwill122

    Tuna network saturday

    Who's running for Tuna this Saturday out of Westport and wants to network on the water?
  77. sgwill122

    Dinghy, crab pot, rope and chain

    Omc 260 express with oars, spare oar locks and foot-pump. It is fairly light at 42lbs and will roll up with a soft floor and wood slats. The tubes do not leak but the floor has a pin hole leak that takes a couple hours to get noticeable water. I just upgraded to a bigger model. $100...
  78. sgwill122

    Wa boaters card for kids help

    My boys are almost 14 years old. I have taken them out on our dinghy with a 2.5hp motor a few times and made sure they knew the ropes and I let them run around when we are on the hook. I was planning to drop them off at the lake this year to fish on their own in the dinghy. I thought I...
  79. sgwill122

    Quileute Hotel room question

    We normally book a cabin at the Quileute resort and bring a chest freezer to get each days catch frozen. I was only able to get a studio in the Hotel for next week. Does anyone know if there is a power outlet in the deck area for the hotel rooms? I called and the receptionist said she did...
  80. sgwill122

    Geo Duck

    Anybody know of a beach in the San Juans to find a Geo Duck? I wanted to try and dig one with the family this weekend. Send me a PM if you prefer. Thanks!
  81. sgwill122

    There is hope... Lets hope WA politicians can learn from their Oregon counterparts(assuming this happens).
  82. sgwill122

    Lapush 2 bedroom cabin available for next opener

    I need to cancel my 2 bedroom cabin in Quiluete resort for the next hali opener(June7th-10 Thurs-Sun). My daughters yearly dance recital happened to land on this weekend. They are currently booked up so someone else is getting lucky. Anyone want my reservation before I cancel. I assume I...
  83. sgwill122

    La Push last Sunday

    In case you did not make it out this Sunday on the ocean here is a short video my 13 year old son put together of our trip. The ocean shots are at the Prairie. Nothing too interesting but scenic. He got bored videoing us jigging so no fish shots. Turn up the video quality or keep the video...
  84. sgwill122

    Tanacom cord

    I just pulled out the cords for the tanacoms and pulled the tape off I had put on one of them and saw the cord was still separating near the reel adapter. I am trying a section of vinyl tubing this year. Not excited about paying $40 bucks to replace them every few years. Anybody have any...
  85. sgwill122

    clamming advice

    My boys scout troop wants to go clamming on their next campout which will be within 60-90 minutes of Redmond. Has anyone clammed on the beaches in front of the Forts(Casey or Ebey)? I used to clam on the Skagit mud flats when I was a kid but the health department warns against it.
  86. sgwill122

    Anchor rode and chain

    200’ 1/2” 3 strand nylon anchor rope and 20’ 5/16” chain for $100. I just added a windlass which can only handle 1/4” chain and also planning to upgrade to 400’ of rope since I am no longer pulling it.
  87. sgwill122

    T-mobile coverage

    I have had ATT for last 15+ years. I am contemplating switching to Tmobile for a couple reasons, cost savings being the biggest. How is Tmobile coverage on our fishing grounds(San Juans, West Port, La Push, Port Angeles)? I know Verizon is hands down the best. Wondering if ATT and T-Mobile...
  88. sgwill122

    All or nothing

    I cleaned out the garage and found a bunch of stuff I want to get rid of. Everything below is free, only catch is you have to take it all. I will give priority to anyone that has fished with me before in case there are multiple people interested. Send me a PM if interested. 2 plastic saw...
  89. sgwill122

    Extra screws with twins

    I just bought an extra pair of props(left and right) for my twin 200's. I am glad I did as it took 3 months to get the Left hand prop which would have sucked had I needed during fishing season. Do you guys with twins carry both extra props onboard? Anybody have stories of losing both props...
  90. sgwill122

    not a 31' silver streak but ...

    I found the second best boat deal on craigslist and thought I would share.
  91. sgwill122

    High speed pickup

    Just got a high speed pickup welded over my intake by 3rivers. The pickup came from Defiance. Hopefully this will prevent future bait tank emergencies. seaweed got sucked up into it once last year. My other bait tank fail came when the toggle switch got hit accidentally I believe while...
  92. sgwill122

    Garmin GHC 20 and Remote

    I bought the GHC 20 and wireless remote with my Garmin Autopilot and decided I don't need them. Both are still in the box. Will sell $550 together. New Garmin GHC 20 SOLD New Garmin GHC 10 Wireless Autopilot Remote -SOLD
  93. sgwill122

    Saltwater Pretty long odds

    I am probably one of the worst blackmouth fishermen, so today I was shocked that my dad and I had our 2 fish in a hour. We used a lure we have had in the tackle box for years but never tried. We took my dads 18ft hewes and launched out of twin bridges. Today was supposed to have very little...
  94. sgwill122

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    I use plastic scotty rod holders plus adapter to convert the back corner flush mount holders to point out from the sides of the boat when fishing halibut to keep lines from getting near the kicker while back trolling. I often wonder what the breaking strength of these holders are. Anybody have...
  95. sgwill122

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    Question for those with aluminum boats and anchor lockers. Do you pull your wet rope out of the anchor locker to dry after each time you use the anchor? I ask as it seems like wet salty rope plus chain in a aluminum hold would create galvanic action with the aluminum paying the price(2...
  96. sgwill122

    auto pilot question

    Just got done installing a garmin autopilot. The kit came with a separate AP controller(GHC 20). I can perform the same functions from the MFD. I have not yet decided if I want to add the separate controller as I do not know that I will use it. I did not have a separate controller on my last...
  97. sgwill122

    Not news to anyone that fishes

    Wish they would have listed historical population numbers for seals and sea lions in the article.
  98. sgwill122

    Marine Hydraulic steering line fittings

    Does anyone know of a hydraulic shop that can make hoses with standard marine connectors. Just stopped by Western Fluid Components in Totem Lake but they do not have the connectors, they can order them in but it will be at least a week out and wanted to finish my AP install this weekend.
  99. sgwill122

    cool weather site

    Just ran across, pretty cool website if you like visual representations. You can click on waves, rain, cloud, temperature or wind on the right side and click on the bottom for future day forecasts. Not sure of the accuracy but interesting to look at. I always wondered why the heck...
  100. sgwill122

    Saltwater Final Westport boat ride

    We fished tuna out of Westport Oct 4rth. We heard a discouraging report from the day before and that some boats were planning to run 90-100 miles into Oregon. We decided that was too far to run and headed strait out looking for decent water. The ride out felt like a National Geographic marine...
  101. sgwill122

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Cooked up some Tuna medallions tonight on the skillet. Everything went well until I threw on a hunk of tuna belly. The oil in the belly meat is very flagrant. Had to open all the windows to get the stink out. Never gonna do that again, tuna belly's will remain crab bait in my house as we...
  102. sgwill122

    Open seat tomorrow

    trying to get a last minute trip tomorrow and have one more seat to fill. Pm if interested.
  103. sgwill122

    Westport Open seat Saturday

    I may have an open seat Saturday for a tuna run out of Westport. I will know for sure tonight. Pm if interested.
  104. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 9/10

    We left the harbor at 6:30 after getting two nice scoops of bait. Bar was lumpy so we cut the S jetty even though we were heading West. The water was lumpier than hoped, we averaged 22nts for the 75 mile run out which took 3+ hours. Water improved a little but got worse towards the end. We...
  105. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Will be hitting Westport Sunday. Any others doing the same? Planning to head towards 30/25. Anybody been out in the last couple days?
  106. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna 8-30

    I earned my first tuna skunk today. We fished 65 miles SW with most everyone else. Picked up ice at 5:30, launched at 6:00, picked up 2 nice scoops of bait(it is getting a little bigger). Water running out was pretty nice, last half hour got a little lumpy, ended up on the gounds by 9:00am...
  107. sgwill122

    Wednesday Tuna open seats

    Trying to put a last minute trip together this Wednesday out of Westport. PM me if interested. Will make a go/no go call tomorrow if the tide and crew work out.
  108. sgwill122

    Saltwater heading to westport? bring your gas cans

    Fished Westport Friday and Saturday(salmon and tuna). The salmon fleet is running 30+ miles North to find decent Coho fishing. We tried the S. Jetty, GH, 220ft line West, Copalis Beach and finally the Casino. We had the best action off of Copalis where we found a bite going for an hour with...
  109. sgwill122

    Any Kings in Westport

    Has everyone given up on salmon and moved on to tuna? I saw the Westport charter fishing reported limiting on Kings and Silvers just past GH this past weekend. It is strange not to see a single Westport salmon report on here.
  110. sgwill122

    desolation sound

    Planning to spend a week up in Desolation sound with the family. It is my first trip. Anybody fish up there this time of year and have any recommendations?
  111. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna saturday

    Like a lot of folks we hit tuna out Westport on Saturday. We ran at a heading of 230 degrees for 43 miles and fished most the day around the 124.5 line. On the way out we stopped and watched a spectacular humpback show for 20 minutes. Hopefully one of the guys who went will post some...
  112. sgwill122

    Saltwater Found a few dungees

    With the recent reports of scarce dungees I was afraid for the season but it appears they are exactly where they should be(in my cooler). Also got pretty lucky to hook a hatchery fish while soaking the pots. We stayed the night on the boat in the Everett Marina and saw at least 10 or more...
  113. sgwill122

    Anybody fished Salmon out westport last couple days?

    I have not seen any reports since last weekend which likely speaks volumes. The Westport charter report also has been silent on salmon.
  114. sgwill122

    Saltwater spotty in Westport

    The Westport opener was spotty this weekend. Most of the sporties fished near the casino in 35ft of water. A slow inshore bite came on for a couple hours each day and we would have to grind hours in between. Lots of guys had the opinion only bait was working and others only hardware which...
  115. sgwill122

    advice on running two downriggers

    Thinking about adding a second downrigger on one side of the boat for a total of 3 downriggers(maybe add a 4rth on the other side later). Wanted to hear others experience fishing two downriggers on one side, has anyone tried it but went back to a single per side? Seems like tangles should not...
  116. sgwill122

    Open seats lapush saturday

    contemplating a lapush Hali/ling run Saturday. Planning to leave the dock by 6:00am. I potentially have 2-3 seats open. PM me if interested, I will decide tonight if the trip is on.
  117. sgwill122

    recommendations for a refurbed 5.7

    My buddies 5.7 Mercruiser seized up on him(old engine that was raw water cooled). He is looking for shops within an hour of Redmond that offer refurbished engines. Anybody have a recommendation?
  118. sgwill122

    sharkhide who uses it?

    My shiny aluminum rub rails are showing salt/oxidation, kinda looks like tiny snow flakes that comes off with a little elbow grease. I am thinking about putting sharkhide on them to keep them shiny. Anybody use the stuff on their exposed aluminum? I wanted to know how hard it is to apply and...
  119. sgwill122

    Ready to fish

    Just got my boat back today from the Goat ranch. John and Jamie did a great job of building and installing a rod rack. I asked him for twelve holders and he added a center troll rod holder without me asking. I am glad he did as I was wondering how to mount a center rod without screwing up my...
  120. sgwill122

    Nice day for a swim

    Met my Dad at the Everett boat launch this morning and found thick fog. He held the lines while I backed the boat in. After the second tap of the brakes the boat was still half on the trailer so I yelled to my dad to have him give her a tug. Little did he know that the dock was covered in a...
  121. sgwill122

    Boat name survey

    I need to name the new boat, the favorite is 'grappler' due to the number of wrestlers in the family. I have not heard of another Grappler out there but wanted to ask if anyone else had? I don't need to be the only one in the world but did not want to re-use a well known local boat name. My...
  122. sgwill122

    Penn 321 LH GT2

    I have a Penn 321 left hand GT2 level wind reel that's never been used. I bought the left hand reel as I have two kids that are lefties who learned to reel right handed and now think it is weird to reel with their left hands. Would love to trade this reel for a comparable rightee or asking $65.
  123. sgwill122

    Freezer at Costco

    The Redmond Costco has a 7cu ft chest freezer at just over a $100 for anyone interested in a portable freezer for fish camp. Not quite a red buoy caliber deal but still pretty descent.
  124. sgwill122

    frozen fish learnings

    Like most everyone I vacuum pack and freeze salmon, halibut and ling that my family eats through the year. I have learned a few tricks in my experience including from this site that have improved the quality of the meat. But for some reason some fish in the same lot of processed fish ends up...
  125. sgwill122

    lowrance autopilot hydraulic pack

    Used for 6 months last year. I had planned to use on my new boat but ended up getting a Garmin head unit, so much for planning ahead :( Works with HDS2 and 3. Asking $550.
  126. sgwill122

    twins trim question

    I have a question for twin owners. The trim's on my twins bring up each motor at slightly different speeds. I have one master trim switch I use once on plane to trim the motors but often each ends up turning different RPMS as they are often trimmed a little differently so I have to use each of...
  127. sgwill122

    where to buy aluminum sheet in Seattle or Eastside

    I need a couple square feet of 1/4" aluminum sheet for backing and a bracket. Anybody know who might sell small quantities of aluminum sheet in the area.
  128. sgwill122

    decent article
  129. sgwill122

    Seastar teleflex Hydraulic hose, ram and gofree wireless

    Getting rid of some stuff I pulled off the old boat. The stuff below was used for less than a year when I converted to hydraulic steering for my autopilot. Teleflex HC53283 SeaStar Side Mount Cylinder(TELHH5271-3), used on a Alpha drive $200 Teleflex SeaStar hydraulic Hose Kit 24feet(2 hoses...
  130. sgwill122

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Think I have decided on a tow vehicle for the new boat. Looking to buy a new bare bones 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD gas. Diesel torque would be great but nice to be able to fill up anywhere plus significant upfront savings. The Sierra 2500HD has a 13000lb towing capacity which gives me headroom...
  131. sgwill122

    gone to the dark side...tin

    Been shopping for a bigger boat last couple years as my family of six is a tight fit on my 2359 which I have owned for 13 years. Nearly executed each of the last two boat shows but decided nothing in the 26ft range met the requirements. Was not actively shopping but while I was at Three...
  132. sgwill122

    Saltwater Moved my report to the right forum- westport 8-7/8

    Summarized report since I already posted this in the wrong section. We could not buy a decent fish for a afternoon of fishing Sunday and then found biters on Monday the first half of the day all at 220ft due west with the fleet on irish cream coyote spoons(most fish were 150ft). We also caught...
  133. sgwill122

    2 days 2 different results at Westport

    Grandpa and my boys and a couple cousins went to Westport Sunday, ran due west and joined the fleet in 220ft of water just after 11:00. We heard lots of boats with multiple fish on board and felt pretty optimistic. We fished till 4:00 but only managed a single small keeper. We had to go in as...
  134. sgwill122

    Saltwater Quick trip to Westport

    Finally made my first salmon trip to Westport this year. Got a late start yesterday leaving Redmond at 11:30, picked up a buddy, made a pitstop for a new T-stat for the kicker and headed out of the harbor by 3:30, seemed like everything was working to plan. We were just rounding the corner...
  135. sgwill122

    Westport Englunds

    Anyone know if the Westport Englunds might carry thermostat for a Yamaha kicker or know who might on the way from Redmond to Westport? Mine is stuck open and 3rivers did not have it in stock and unfortunately I picked up the wrong Sierra Marine Tstat from Harbor marine at closing time. Not the...
  136. sgwill122

    Open seat for kings in Westport Mon-Tues

    Anybody want to fish salmon in Westport Monday and/or Tuesday. My family is out of town and I have not made it to Westport for salmon this year and it is killing me. I have someone who is not sure he can make it so looking for a backup man. Also willing to be a boat ho if someone is missing a...
  137. sgwill122

    Open seat tuna wednesday

    Trying to get Wednesday off for a last minute tuna run to capitalize on the forecast. I might have two seats. Pm me if you are interested, I will confirm we are on tomorrow afternoon.
  138. sgwill122

    Lapush series of events

    HIt Lapush this last Saturday. Water/weather was not great, we had to run the kicker nearly to full throttle to back into the wind to keep lines on the bottom. Lots of waves were breaking over the swim step and hitting my transom door. The gasket on the bottom of the door gave out early on so...
  139. sgwill122

    knife sharpener

    Looking for a knife sharpener recommendation for filet knives. I used to take them in but looking to do my own,
  140. sgwill122

    Dockside disaster

    Had a great few days fishing out of lapush which nearly ended in disaster. Our cooler was jammed full of six nice lings and 3 25-40 Hali's. We pulled up to the gas dock to unload the cooler at 2 on Saturday and were planning on a quick fish cleaning and departure. My dad was gonna help me...
  141. sgwill122

    auto pilot question

    Just installed a Lowrance hydraulic AP. At decent speeds the AP does pretty good in various conditions but when I troll at 2mph into a decent wind it constantly over corrects, it does keep the overall course but the track looks like I enabled fireball mode. I adjusted the responsiveness which...
  142. sgwill122

    fish processing

    With the upcoming fishing season I am trying to figure out the best way to care for the fish while cleaning. I have observed three different protocols when cleaning fish on the dock, some filet the fish, wash with fresh while cleaning and then bagging(my usual), others clean then dump the meat...
  143. sgwill122

    island clamming frustration

    Taking the family out in the islands camping this weekend on the boat. Logged into WDFW to find a link to clam closures which are listed by county and found only Butter and Varnish clams listed under San Juan. I was not thrilled that the info is listed by county as two adjacent islands can be...
  144. sgwill122

    King5 story eliminating coho season If the coho season was cancelled would the tribes still get to fish?
  145. sgwill122

    Crap happens

    My wife got a call today from her father from the hospital. He was out in the bay crabbing out of Bandon, Oregon this morning and was hit by a rogue wave. He was setting his pots and saw it last minute and attempted to steer into it but could not get turned in time. His boat(a 20ft aluminum...
  146. sgwill122

    propellor guard help

    Got a new to me 20Hp kicker this last year. It came with a large propeller guard that I thought was ugly so I cut it down so it was about 3" wide instead of 9". I screwed up and did not flatten the guard attachment points so when the bolts were tightened they created stress which I now see has...
  147. sgwill122

    Lowrance HDS8 Gen1

    Selling Lowrance HDS8 Gen1 $500. Comes with everything needed for install, 83/200 Transducer, mounting bracket and power cable. Works perfectly and no scratches on case or screen, looks like it just came out of the box(which I still have). I will upload pics later.
  148. sgwill122

    Saltwater Awesome Tuna fishing thursday 10-1

    However the catching was not so good. We launched at 6:00am, got some excellent bait and headed out of the harbor in thick fog. Just outside the harbor we saw a coastie with its lights flashing but the water was like a lake. We were pretty perplexed on what was going on. The coastie...
  149. sgwill122

    Tuna Thursday, who's going?

    Who's going to be out Thursday? Hoping to network. Looking at Satfish looks like warm water is due W and SW, not sure which is the better bet, anybody have any recent reports?
  150. sgwill122

    Open seats thursday

    Trying to get one last tuna trip Thursday if the forecast holds. Not sure how many seats I have open as a couple guys are tentative. PM if interested.
  151. sgwill122

    Ilwaco Questions

    I have never launched out of Ilwaco but the forecast is looking better the farther south you go for tomorrow. Looks like it is an extra 45 minutes trailering from Seattle but I assume a shorter boat run to tuna water. Is there live bait and ice in the marina? How's the boat launch? The...
  152. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9/9

    Our last minute tuna trip ended up being one of my best to date. Water was great but fog was thick, it lifted as we got out 30+miles. We were planning to go 35 miles SW, we stopped early on a large school of bait fish jumping but found no takers. Pushed out a couple more miles and saw a...
  153. sgwill122

    Open seat tuna wednesday

    forecast has me motivated to try and put together last minute tuna trip for Wednesday. I likely have an open seat maybe two. Pm me if you are interested. I fish a 24 foot trophy which does not have the largest dance floor so being under ~220lbs makes dancing easier.
  154. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna Thursday 8-27

    I probably don't need to post a report here as it appeared everyone was fishing Thursday. We got ice at 5:45 and were the 10th in line with trucks arriving behind us. Launch line was past the hungry whale and moved slowly due to low tide shortening dock space. Parking lot was pretty much full...
  155. sgwill122

    open seats tuna thursday

    I want to take advantage of this weeks forecast and go for Tuna Thursday. Having a tough time getting a last minute crew together during the work week. Send me a PM if you are interested. May also end up ho'ing myself out.
  156. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna and salmon 8/15-16

    Headed out for tuna Saturday. Water and weather were good, the bait we got was not. It was some of the biggest I have seen. Asked for a single scoop, was surprised when a second scoop was delivered. I believe we were getting the last of what he had. The bait immediately swam to the bottom...
  157. sgwill122

    Anybody lose a flasher fishing the straits?
  158. sgwill122

    cloudy gas

    I am a victim of my own stupidity. Last week on our way out to Westport I gas'd the truck and boat up near Tacoma. I learned later I forgot to put the gas lid back on the main when I moved to fill the aux tank. It started raining just after Olympia and did not stop till after Aberdeen. Boat...
  159. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 7/11-13

    Drove up to Westport Saturday morning to try and get a couple hours fishing in before the meeting. Made the mistake of trying to fish some angry water with the family. Had a buddy boat with his family as well and thought the forecast looked decent but after less than an hour my buddy boats...
  160. sgwill122

    lost and found pole

    Heard someone on the radio lost a fishing pole overboard while trolling in 300ft of water and later someone reported they had hooked it while fishing. Hopefully one of the two involved parties will post the details. Cool story.
  161. sgwill122

    sunfish and jelly's

    I have always heard sunfish eat jelly's but have never seen them in action. Just came across a link of them eating which I thought was worth sharing.
  162. sgwill122

    Where's the Westport reports?

    Sundays weather looked fishable, there must have been a couple guys on here that ventured out? Or has everyone already given up on salmon and waiting for Tuna? I hope to make it out this weekend.
  163. sgwill122

    Anybody venturing deep out of WP

    Anybody been out to 300ft line looking for Salmon. I know weather has limited opportunities but the few reports I have seen are all about the 150ft line. I looked at the WP charter reports and seems like their best days are about a fish per pole with most days slower than that. The WDFW...
  164. sgwill122

    Halibut by catch article Good read on the halibut by catch in Alaska. They are proposing a 50% reduction in allowable bycatch. Wa politicians are being lobbied to oppose the reduction so trawlers can make more...
  165. sgwill122

    Where did everybody go?

    I fished La Push today and was surprised to see very short launch lines this morning at 5:30. Weather was sporty but better than last Saturday. Saw three boats coming in on our way out. I was beginning to wonder if today got cancelled. I normally only fish the first week here so not sure if...
  166. sgwill122


    Need a great white shark breeding program to keep the population in check. Even better we need the native americans to exercise their treaty rites and harvest half the population. I know the natives in Alaska still kill seals...
  167. sgwill122

    boatshow weakling(

    My 'just looking' resolve faltered and I put a deposit on a raider 2696. After just looking for a couple years it seems to fit the bill. Looking for feedback from anyone that owns or fished off of one especially in sloppy water. I am going for a sea run this Saturday after which I commit or...
  168. sgwill122

    My lingcod hotspot

    Thought I would share a video of my favorite lingcod hole, first time using the gopro diving so a little rough. I missed the best shot of a cabezon doing his best impression of a pissed off pitbull making sure I stayed off his eggs.
  169. sgwill122

    Anyone been on a Tomcat 255 in the ocean

    Been looking at the Tomcat 255. I have read Cat's offer a lot of benefits, stability, smoother ride(due to air cushion), fuel efficiency and increased square footage in same length due to square front. My biggest question is how they do in snotty weather. Laurence is the only cat I recall...
  170. sgwill122

    larger kicker motor feedback

    Wanting to upgrade from my Honda 9.9 to get more top end speed in case I have to use it to come in from 40 miles out, which happened this summer. I called Three rivers marine and they recommend the 25hp High Thrust Yamaha. It would be a great option except that it lacks a tiller and I use my...
  171. sgwill122

    tuna open seat friday

    Send me a message for details. Be sure and bring a paddle, last week the fuel pump failed and could have used a couple extra paddlers.
  172. sgwill122

    Saltwater Friday Tuna failure

    Friday looked like the best weather window this week unfortunately it took sometime on Friday to show up. The Westport marina had strong East wind probably 15knts at 5:00am. We iced and got some of the biggest bait I have seen. We headed out to 52/10, where we heard folks had done well the...
  173. sgwill122

    Tuna Friday....who's running?

    Crew and weather look better for a Friday run. Anybody else running?
  174. sgwill122

    potential open seat thursday/split a tote?

    My fourth guy is non-committal for a Thursday run so may have a open seat. PM me for details if your interested. Anybody running Thursday want to split a tote of ice?
  175. sgwill122

    aluminum gas tank fabricator?

    Anybody have a recommendation for a aluminum gas tank fabricator on the Eastside or nearby. Been looking at plastic tanks but cannot find the right dimension. 25 gallon auxillary tank 33X16X11.
  176. sgwill122

    Can a freshwater tank be converted to gas

    I have a 20gallon fresh water tank that I never use. Could I convert it to a gas tank. I would not plan to have engine run off of it, I would pump from the 20 gallon to main once it is low. It is a heavy gauge plastic tank.
  177. sgwill122


    I normally don't believe in coincidence when multiple electrical items stop working in close proximity, there is usually a common cause. I was proved wrong this last Saturday. My stbrd and port fish well pumps both stopped working within minutes of each other to start the day. Reset fuses and...
  178. sgwill122

    Saltwater 8/10 Westport Tuna

    Could not pass on a great forecast to make a run for tuna today, unfortunately the forecast never showed up. It was lumpy running out, fishing and running in. I normally burn 70 gallons but today burnt 95 getting pounded. We ran about 45miles SW to the temp break. But the fishing was great...
  179. sgwill122

    Open seats tuna sat

    Looking for 2 to 3 guys for a tuna run Sat. My normal crew are all busy and weather looks too good to pass up. I have a 24 foot trophy, not the perfect tuna boat but gets the job done. Alternatively looking to ho if there is an open seat. I trailer down from Redmond Friday night.
  180. sgwill122

    Saltwater tuna/salmon 7/26-27

    Went for my first tuna trip Friday with two other guys, bait, ice and out of the marina by 6:00am. Got the troll gear out and headed west. After a half hour we got a call to head a few miles south, we picked up a double immediately on the move but broke off my favorite xrap due to low IQ. I...
  181. sgwill122

    Who's running for tuna this week?

    I am heading for tuna on Friday or Saturday(whichever has the better weather). Looking for boats to network with while out there.
  182. sgwill122

    lets talk about the weather

    I have read on here that talking about weather can cause a good forecast to go bad. So what happens when talking about a bad forecast? Tuna is not in my future with the current forecast. Here's to hoping that the power of posting can change the weather. Forecast as of 2:30 PM PDT on July 14...
  183. sgwill122

    A rant and a question

    I hate releasing wild coho especially when the ratio is so high on the wild side. This complaint was made worse this weekend by our last wild coho which ended our fishing on Sunday afternoon. I released the fish unharmed on the side of the boat nearest the kicker which was in gear. The fish...
  184. sgwill122

    flexible brake line

    I just put new brakes on my trailer and buggered one of the brake line threads when attaching to the new calipers. I attempted to re-thread but failed. Anybody know anywhere that would carry 6ft flexible brake line on the East side? I tried NAPA and Oreilly but neither said they had them. I...
  185. sgwill122

    Saltwater Shrimping

    Planned to shrimp in the straits today but with the gale forecast yesterday decided to stay local in case things did not settle down as I had a young crew some of which have a proven track record for chumming. we shrimped near Gedney island. Wind and water picked up after we set. Two crew...
  186. sgwill122

    geiger counter

    Might want to add a geiger counter or lead lined survival suit to your gear list.
  187. sgwill122

    disc brake question

    How often do you need to change your trailer pads out? My boat and trailer are around 7500lbs with two axels and four disc brakes(tiedown G5 SS disc). I am having to replace my pads every year which seems too frequently. I think the tiedown pads new are small and thin out of the box, about a...
  188. sgwill122

    Saltwater A9 Edmonds a bit slow today

    Fished in front of Edmonds today with my boys. I heard fishing was hot yesterday but not so today. We caught two and lost two, we fished from 8:00 till 3:00.
  189. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna sunday 9-8

    Took a crew of three out-of-town tuna virgins on a trip this sunday 35 miles SW. Water was sporty but the fish were hungry. Fish bit on the troll and baitstops. I had 10 hook setups tied up that we blew threw quickly due to sharks or triple tangles. I ended up using salmon 3/0 hooks which seemed...
  190. sgwill122

    westport tuna sunday

    deleting this and moving it to fishing reports....
  191. sgwill122

    Tuna on sunday, anybody want to split a tote

    Anybody want to split a tote of ice on Sunday at Westport. I ice up at 5:00am.
  192. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 8-31 - 9-1 Tuna and Salmon

    Hit the tuna on saturday with a crew of 3. After icing up and getting 1 1/2 scoops of bait we left the harbor at 6:00am for at least 20 miles of fog. First few miles were a slow radar assisted bar crossing. 35 miles out we started trolling and kept trolling for a couple hours of nothing. We...
  193. sgwill122

    Any kings left in Westport?

    Planning a Westport trip this Saturday and Sunday. Going to fish Tuna on the better weather day. Have not seen any recent West Port King reports. Anybody still finding them or are they getting scarce?
  194. sgwill122

    Saltwater coho and humpies in front of edmonds

    Took the family out fishing at 11:00 today. Put the crab pots down and started trolling. Hit a humpy immediately. An hour before and after tide change we were getting a pretty consistent bite trolling between the marina and oil docks. We ended up with 3 Coho and 3 humpies. No derby winners...
  195. sgwill122

    X-rap question

    I bought 4 x-raps, 2 20's and 2 30's. I can't troll faster than 5-6MPH with 20's or they pop out of the water. The 30's will stay down at 7MPH but leak water slowly, once filled with water they too start popping out. I did catch a few tuna on one of the 30's before it filled with water. The...
  196. sgwill122

    Tuna question

    Went out for Tuna yesterday. Weather/water could not have been better. About 10 miles short of our destination we saw a ton of jumpers and birds. We were still in green water at 58.5 degrees. We pulled along side the jumpers and attempted a bait stop. We immediately hooked up with coho...
  197. sgwill122

    Who's in for Tuna on Tuesday

    We are making the tuna run on Tuesday. Anyone else going to be out there? Weather looks too good to pass. I have not seen any weekend reports yet but I guess that is because everyone is busy cleaning fish.
  198. sgwill122

    Open seat for Tuna on Friday Westport

    Looks like I have a open spot for a tuna run on Friday. My 4rth crew member is looking like he wont make it. We are leaving tomorrow night from Redmond at 8:30 and sleeping in the boat/truck. We are coming home Friday night as I have weekend commitments. PM me for details if interested. My...
  199. sgwill122

    Tuna and fuel burned

    Planning to make a tuna run in August for the first time on my boat. It is a Trophy 2359. I just repowered with a 5.7 MPI inboard which improved the fuel economy and power. I am trying to figure how much fuel I need to safely run out and hopefully back in from WP. I have a 80gallon tank and...
  200. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 6/22-23

    Took the family out fishing in Westport to take advantage of the weather. Saturday we spent lots of time hunting for fish, started at Casino and had one on but nothing more so made several more hour stops on my way out to the fleet at 180ft line. We hooked a few shakers and Silvers but had to...
  201. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport

    Had a great weekend of fishing. Action was pretty intermittent but was enjoyable. Saturday we got a couple keepers on spoons on downriggers at 30ft off south beach and Sunday both keepers came on bait and divers. Took a picture of the boys and their fish below. They were like the three...
  202. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport charter fishing report

    Just checked the Westport charter fishing report and things don't seem to have improved yet. Water forecast looks pretty good. Might just be worth another boat ride this weekend.
  203. sgwill122

    Who's hittin Westport King opener

    Planning to be at Westport June 8th-9th for the King opener. Looking to network fishing reports on the water to get on the fish. Last year we had a bumpy start. We ran 10 miles out well past the fish and got green with a skunk on board following a friend who had hooked into a few big fish the...
  204. sgwill122

    Saltwater got lucky

    Went fishing on Friday with my dad for halibut on the banks. I always consider halibut fishing in the straits a boat ride with possibilities, usually a nap. Before we leave his house he asks if he should bring his revolver, I laugh and say no. We ended up on Hein and decided to drift. Spent...
  205. sgwill122

    lings and butts

    Hoping for the trifecta this year out in straits, only done it once, lings, shrimp and butts in a day. I have only succeeded once. My question is does the order matter? I had heard that you will get in trouble if you are fishing halibut deeper than 120ft with lings on board.
  206. sgwill122

    aluminum boat recommendation

    Looking for a recommendation on a 18' welded aluminum boat with outboard. I have a 24 foot trophy with an IO so out of my element shopping for tin cans. Anything to look out for? Appreciate the advice.
  207. sgwill122

    how much line for fishing hali out of La Push

    Wanting to make a trip for Hali out of La Push, I have only fished the straits in relatively shallow water. I just put over 700ft per reel and then got that sinking feeling I understimated. How much line do guys spool up for fishing la push?
  208. sgwill122

    seems like a dumb question

    Can you use treble hooks to jig for lingcod? I feel dumb asking since I have fished them for almost 30 years. I originally thought you could only use single barbles hooks(up to 2) but was convinced this year that trebles were legal but today in the tackle shop an employee was admanent they...
  209. sgwill122

    halibut with downriggers

    Anybody ever tried using an electric downrigger to get their halibut bait to the bottom in 400-500ft of water? My friend just bought electric reels to relieve the pain of having to reel in from the depths. I was thinking I could add a couple hundred more feet to my Scotty's and attach a...
  210. sgwill122

    launching out of ocean shores

    Trying to incorporate some family trips with fishing next year and thought about renting a place in Ocean shores for a week. Family is not a fan of Westport. I know there is a marina there but only saw a few sketchy pictures of the launch. Anybody have any experience launching and retrieving...
  211. sgwill122

    Fishing is done now time to work

    Saturday was my last day fishing at Edmonds. This years weather and coho fishing has been fantastic. We caught one and lost another at the boat and headed home for an afternoon of boat work. If it weren't for Edmonds my season would have been over a while ago as my main engine is caput. I...
  212. sgwill122

    Saltwater coho opinion

    Shipwreck/Edmonds has been producing lots of fish. The weird thing is it seems that a different lure has been productive every trip. Today we caught 5, all on bait. Nothing touched the hoochies or spoons. Last Sunday we caught six, everything came on the same white hochie. Last weekend...
  213. sgwill122

    mercruiser learning experience

    Thought I would share a learning experience. My 5.0L Merc which is carbureted had no power under load(max speed of 8mph). I troubleshot ignition system initially replacing cap & rotor, pulled a couple plugs but did not do them all since it was a PITA. Then went to troubleshooting fuel...
  214. sgwill122

    Saltwater great fishing at shipwreck

    Fishing is hot right now, tournaments should be great. My dad and I went out yesterday morning at 6:30am(or so we planned). We met at Mulkiteo to find the ramp shut down so ran to Everret. Ended up getting lines wet at 8:00am. My dad and I have been conducting our own informal scientific...
  215. sgwill122

    Saltwater silvers are in (shipwreck)

    Just in case you were not part of the 100+ boats in front of shipwreck today, the silvers are in. We put in late around 10:30 at Mulkilteo and were worried about getting a parking spot, fortunately half the fleet was coming in with limits so spots were available. We fished till 3:00 and caught...
  216. sgwill122

    looking for a mechanic near redmond

    Any recommendations for mechanics near Redmond. I usually do most of my own maintenance but have been unsuccessful the last two weeks in figuring out why the boat wont go faster than 10MPH. Runs great slow and out of gear. It is a 2003 Merc 5.0L carburated with a thunderbolt V ignition...
  217. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 8/11-13

    Westport was spotty with some turbulent water this weekend. My friend asked me to take 3 of his surplus friends fishing Sat-Sunday since the boat he chartered could only fit 6. I thought it was a good deal as he covered all costs so figured I would get a free fishing trip out of the deal...
  218. sgwill122

    Saltwater Edmonds

    Put the boat in at the sling in Edmonds last night to get an early start fishing Saturday. Planned to hit several spots on Saturday, but was surprised when I backed away from the dock and then shifted to forward only to find no forward propulsion. Quickly ran to the back of the boat and fired...
  219. sgwill122

    looking for trailer brakes

    Anybody have a good recommendation for where to buy trailer brakes? I am looking for Tiedown G5 but could go Kodiak. I can find lots of suppliers online but am not finding anything local and I have a bum caliper keeping me from fishing this weekend.
  220. sgwill122

    Saltwater mid channel 7/22-23

    Fished mid channel sunday 5pm to dark and monday dark till noon. We got drenched Sunday night with no bites but were treated to a decent rainbow exhibit. Monday started out slow again, around 10:00 we hooked into a nice fish off of a CK but did not find any other takers. The fishing was slow...
  221. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport report 6-15

    Went fishing last weekend and found easy limits inside of buoy 2 with very few natives and silvers to sort through. Everything was caugth 40-60 feet on Qcove flashers with Cop Car coyote spoon. On returning home I started trying to put together another trip to take advantage of the hot...
  222. sgwill122

    Saltwater Looking forward to next week

    Went fishing for Lings on saturday around Cone Island. Did not get anything on hook and line so dove in with spear. Saw one decent fish but could not convince him to hang around long enough to become better aquainted. The warmer temps and rain made for terrible visibility(around 5 feet)...
  223. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ho in front of Edmonds

    My wife caught a 12lb buck in front of Edmonds Marina on 100ft of cable on flasher and squid. Had one other takedown and a flounder, fished from 3:00-6:00. Was a nice afternoon to be on the water.
  224. sgwill122

    Saltwater Thursday Mukilteo

    I tried to launch at Mukilteo this morning at 6:00am only to find the parking lot closed for paving and all the docks pulled out, ran up to the Edmonds sling and fished in front of the Marina till 10:00. Marked a ton of fish, two good hits popped the poles off the downriggers and lots of...
  225. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 9 a bit slow

    Fished shipwreck with 200 of my closest friends today from 6:00-10:00am. Caught a single 9lb Coho at 120ft, had another on but lost it. Felt pretty slow, did not see many fish caught while there, the radio chatter seemed to agree. Fished spoons and squid, the one fish came on a green squid.
  226. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 9

    Fished in front of shipwreck starting at 6:00am. Caught 3 Ho's by 7:30 between 80-100ft on green squid 2.5-3.0 mph. Could not find a decent sized 4rth fish so had to head to work at 9:00. Will post pics later. Thanks to the awesome guys on the dock at Mulkiteo who pulled my truck/trailer...
  227. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 9 9/21 report

    Fished Shipwreck this morning. Started at 6:00am, 100+ boats joined in the fun. I saw a few fish caught. Got one 10lber at 110' on squid. Released a couple shakers and was in by 9:30.
  228. sgwill122

    Saltwater open seat for Ucluelet trip

    We have an open seat/bunk for a trip to Canada, leaving Mt. Vernon at 4:00pm on July28th returning Sunday July 31st. We sleep on the boat(24ft Trophy) and fish all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning if we are not limited. We have all the gear, you just need to have a passport or...