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  1. MYNomad

    Cartel chaos?

    I quit going about 6 years ago. I really wish I could go back, but four things make that very unlikely anytime soon: 1) crime in Mexico is increasingly spilling over to non-drug involved people, 2) Covid -- if I get it, I don't want to be far from home, 3) the fish are here (yea! global...
  2. MYNomad

    Best porta potty

    That is a slippery slope. My wife said if we had a real head, she would be 100% happy. So I upgraded to a boat with that. She was happy for a while but soon discovered she needed a stand up shower to be truly happy. Another upgrade. Them a real galley. Yet another upgrade. Most recently...
  3. MYNomad

    Ocean fishing gear for sell

    post up some pics of the rods and reels. Are you sure it is ocean tackle?
  4. MYNomad

    Help with fish identification on sonar?

    I don't believe the individual fish marks are enough to confidently identify the species. But, by taking into consideration the likely candidates and their behavior, you can make a pretty good guess. My guess is sand bass, based on them being widely dispersed and relatively numerous. But...
  5. MYNomad

    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    The gist of OPs post seems to be you can save a lot of money by keeping your boat on a trailer. Obviously true. Another observed that a slip is a luxury. Also true, but then so is having a boat. But neither insight is even useful in deciding whether it makes sense to have a slipped boat vs...
  6. MYNomad

    Looking for work? IRS is hiring now.

    Going through an audit is very taxing (sorry for the pun). You are really at the agent's mercy as fighting in tax court is HUGELY expensive. The one thing I will say about the IRS is they do seem genuinely interested in assessing the tax due (meaning full adjustment or no adjustment), not...
  7. MYNomad

    Portable Genset Inverter

    Just be aware of CO poisoning and the need to keep the exhaust positioned so that it cannot blow into the cabin.
  8. MYNomad

    San Diego man drowns in Newport Beach retrieving cell phone.

    The real danger, in those circumstances, is not running out of air but blacking out from being in shallow water. The oxygen in your lungs is consumed but as long as there is enough oxygen to prevent the loss of consciousness, you are fine. But the tricky part is that as you go deeper the water...
  9. MYNomad

    Open Spot on RR3

    Ask a judge (small claims). In my opinion, any provision in the "contact" that causes you to forfeit $750 requires that they make reasonable efforts to fill the spot. If their website falsely showed the boat full, no spots available, they didn't take reasonable efforts. If I were the judge...
  10. MYNomad

    Warranties That Aren't Worth Sh*t

    Big ticket items are more commonly transferable. With incidentals, the thought is to be loyal to customers, but not everyone else.
  11. MYNomad

    Just a heads up if your not aware!!!

    I would tell you but both the question, and a proper response, are inherently political, which is banned around here with no exception for relevance to fishing interests. But it shouldn't surprise you that in balancing competing interests the government consistently comes down on the other side...
  12. MYNomad

    Nasty Crash!

    No amount of defensive driving can protect against that.
  13. MYNomad

    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    I don't see that his has been mentioned, but very important to take a USCG boater safety class -- not the bare minimum to get a safety card (which is now legally required with a moving age cut off) but the multi-week course put on by USCG Auxilary. You will learn a ton, including navigation...
  14. MYNomad

    Offshore Roller Coaster 8/4 (First post ever) 302-9mile

    Excellent fishing and McGivering skills. One minor tip though -- when you are using a bolt to hold things, especially linkages, together, it is best practice to put the nut on the bottom. That way, if it works loose, you still have gravity holding the bolt in place.
  15. MYNomad

    Engine data on screen?

    Yes. Maretron isn't the only solution, but so far as I know it is the most comprehensive. There are great on-line resources you may wish to check before calling Maretron.
  16. MYNomad

    Engine data on screen?

    Digitizing analog data doesn't work as well as using a digital sensor to measure and digitize analog functions. Putting that data onto an N2K (aka NMEA 2000) network makes accessing it easy. Maretron has a line of sensors, data converters and displays for this purpose, but it isn't cheap.
  17. MYNomad

    Buying a used trolling motor?

    There are a hundred things that can go wrong, and the more "features" the more that can go wrong and the harder to diagnose. Figure out the most common failures of whatever model you are looking at, then make sure it can do the basics and all of that without a problem. I purchased a new...
  18. MYNomad

    Meat grinder

    The KitchenAid blenders come in a bunch of different models, the most commercial of which (if I understand this correctly, on the "commercial" units, the head doesn't tilt into the bowl but instead the bowl raises up to the head) are work horses. But they are not cheap (not a lot more than the...
  19. MYNomad

    Best 150 HP outboard

    What is the problem with Mercury?
  20. MYNomad

    My New 1982 Skipjack 20 Open Cruiser

    2. On a used chevy small block, it isn't worth the cost to add a heat exchanger. Very few of these engines ever die from block corrosion. 3. Spend the time to find it, then replaced with a petcock with hose that you can stick out the back of the boat through the plug. Makes oil changes a...
  21. MYNomad

    Idea on how to locate ground short

    Turn off and disconnect everything, then add wires back one at a time, biggest first. Before reattaching any wire, check to see if it has large (about 12v) potential between it and positive. If it does, either you found your short, or something in that circuit is "on". Testing for voltage...
  22. MYNomad

    New to trying Speargun fishing

    Make sure you understand the physiology of shallow water blackout and know what to do to minimize risk. Many will give the advice to "know your limits". Unfortunately, there are two HUGE problems with that approach 1) you can only know your limit by exceeding it -- ie, blacking out while under...
  23. MYNomad


    Years ago, I had a client who had been scammed out of close to $1M. I recommended turning it over to the DOJ and negotiated transaction immunity (he had at least conspired to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), but before moving forward he was contacted by some private investigators who...
  24. MYNomad

    Ideal MadMac trolling speed in parker23

    Unless your boat is 45+ ft, your math may be off. Max hull speed =1.34 x (LWL)^1/2. And 1.34 is already highly inefficient. 1.15 is much more efficient, but that would take a 60' + boat ( LWL of 57') to troll at 8.7 knots. My buddy's "38" foot boat can't troll faster than 7 knots without...
  25. MYNomad

    what is a rough yearly budget to have a 55' sportfisher slipped in San Diego ?

    If it is an older boat, there will be lots of bright work to maintain. If it has eisenglass, or similar, that will need to be replaced every 3 to 4 years. Canvas will need to be replaced every 5 to 6 years. Equipment, particularly electronics, will fail and become obsolete. Teak decks need...
  26. MYNomad

    what is a rough yearly budget to have a 55' sportfisher slipped in San Diego ?

    Maybe just for the slip, but add in insurance and property tax, plus washing and waxing and oil changes and maintenance and repairs and you will find it is exponentially more expensive to have a bigger boat. The only thing that isn't exponentially higher is fuel -- a longer LWL may actually...
  27. MYNomad

    Whoa... some never cease to amaze me

    The father runs and dresses like a girl. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  28. MYNomad

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    To my knowledge, so far as anyone knows (and there are lots of unknowns about lightning), using your electronics won't "attrack" (or repel) a strike, and is no more (or less) likely to be in the lightning's path of travel. The magnetic and related fields that will exist "near" the path followed...
  29. MYNomad

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    For clarity, was wasn't suggesting that lightning was rare offshore, only that strikes are rare -- you may have seen cloud to cloud lightning, but maybe not cloud to ocean surface, especially if the lightning didn't look like the lightning you are accustomed to seeing on land. The problem...
  30. MYNomad

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    One strategy that may be worth considering is to get a bunch of pieces of chain that can be attached to all prominent metal on the boat, with the other end of each piece dangling in the water. Wouldn't be good under way as it would likely beat up your hull, but the theory is that you want to...
  31. MYNomad

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    Two of my daughters were racing in a sailing regatta in SMB that day. Their coaches told them to capisize their boats (they don't sink, but it gets the mast in the water) and get in the water. That was the day a guy was hit and killed by lightning on Venice beach (as I recall, he was in the...
  32. MYNomad

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    This is a really great topic but I don't think there is any panacea. Supposedly, lightning strikes over water are very rare -- when boats are hit, they are almost in a harbor or otherwise very near land. But it does happen. I don't think your insulators, etc., are going to make any...
  33. MYNomad

    Families sue USCG over Conception dive boat fire

    I don't understand your point. I agree that someone should be held accountable for a pointless tragedy. But under well established legal principles, it isn't going to be the coast guard (unless they settle for political reasons -- the law is on their side, for good reason).
  34. MYNomad

    Cost of shipping a Parker from east coast and what does it entail?

    I am trying to ship a piano 2,200 mi and the best price I have is $6,500. Nothing is reasonably priced anymore.
  35. MYNomad

    Price gauging is just wrong

    Being able to affect supply does affect price. And FJB's fingerprints are all over that, if you haven't noticed.
  36. MYNomad

    Price gauging is just wrong

    I agree with all you wrote but must point out that in a competitive economy there is no opportunity to gouge, even over necessities. The whole baby milk shortage was the result of government regulation. We need more competition by eliminating inefficient regulations and barriers to entry.
  37. MYNomad

    Price gauging is just wrong

    How do you define price gouging? The term "gouging" is inherently pejorative, but I can't see that it means anything more than charging what the market will bear. Is it price gouging why I sell my services to my employer for more than anyone else would pay for comparable work? (And...
  38. MYNomad

    BFT What To Troll If Only 3 Lines?

    Purely anecdotal, but my experience with cedar plug chains is that they don't work as well on any tuna as a single cedar plug does (though they work better on dorado). And I do run it down the middle, quite a way back. Kind of a last chance, get them before they are gone for good type of...
  39. MYNomad

    Long Beach ramp shit show!

    Get a slip or at least don't boat on busy weekends / days. Pretty true where ever you go and whatever you do. If there are a lot of people around, standards of behavior deteriorate rapidly and police, etc., have about zero interest in improving those services.
  40. MYNomad


    Your batteries have lived their expected life. If that type/ configuration worked before, and if your use will continue to be the same, replacing with the same thing should do the trick. If you ever had inadequate capacity for your use, consider going to larger batteries, if they will fit.
  41. MYNomad

    Marina del Rey Bait?

    No competition. I stopped buying bait there years ago. Unfortunate. I keep hoping to see an "Under New Management" sign. Go to Redondo and talk to Mike.
  42. MYNomad

    List of Skipjacks For Sale

    In that regard, I couldn't help but notice that on average the boats on that list were over 40 years old and the newest was over 20. Very odd. Did production fall way off after 2000? Did the newer boats not last forever?
  43. MYNomad

    Oceanside boat slip

    In many marinas, a vessel that exceeds the max permitted overhangs may get towed by the sheriff / harbor patrol (ie, it isn't just the marina's concern). Even an end tie, which is what I envisioned when you said you wanted to side tie, is not safe.
  44. MYNomad

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    They should say to the new owner "I presume that part of your acquistion included your agreement to honor the existing booking commitments. If that is not the case, please let me know and I will be in touch with the prior owner." But no one with half a brain buys an existing business with the...
  45. MYNomad

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    No, as is typical in the purchase of any operating business, the new owner assumes the obligations of the old owner and gets a corresponding credit against the purchase price.
  46. MYNomad

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    For some people, ignorance is bliss, but I too would be curious.
  47. MYNomad

    Clover Pass Resort! My buddy bailed anyone wanna go?

    How many spots are you selling? Are you including airline tickets (are they even transferable)?
  48. MYNomad

    Will a 100 ton capt license help with landing a seasonal job aboard on an overnight to long range boat?

    Only the opinion of an employer matters, but my guess is that it won't help much. Plenty of deckhands get their license and satisfy the second ticket requirement, and deckhand skills are more scarce so that is what is typically required. And those skills are typically gained on day boats, not...
  49. MYNomad

    Jury Duty - Location Change? (N.OC)

    I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and you may be right, but I can't read your inference into his statement that I quoted, no matter how hard I try. To me, it sounded to me like he was saying it is a waste of time to go and you can claim with impunity that you never received the...
  50. MYNomad

    Looking for New Videographer

    If you want to spend thousands of dollars and get back artsy fartsy stuff that takes months to receive, and if you want to have the videographer bossing everyone around so they get natural looking video, I can put you in touch with the guy who did my daughter's wedding.
  51. MYNomad

    Preparing these days when you get close to your trips. The new check list can have you fishing

    Now is a good time for the choice B joke someone posted recently.
  52. MYNomad

    Sirius XM fish mapping

    FWIW, I was headed south in the Sea of Cortez, at night, in stormy conditions, with a lightning storm in front of us. Sirius's "real time" (at least nearly so) updates of actual lightning strikes gave us the confidence we needed as we could see that the T-storm was moving south as fast as we...
  53. MYNomad

    Guest slips SoCal

    Call around the various marinas (the log has an on line guide), but ask for a transient slip (not a guest slip -- they are going to charge you big time). Some non-equity yacht clubs may also rent short term slips to non-members, but you will probably have to be on one of their reciprocity...
  54. MYNomad

    For Anyone Whose Ever Been Divorced

    I find this version a little funnier.
  55. MYNomad

    6/25 Big Fuel Ticket

    To be clear, if a clog is the problem, too much bait didn't cause it. Any clog would have happened on the input side of the tank. It would take a really crappy design to allow a clog on the output side that could possibly make the bait tank work harder.
  56. MYNomad

    6/25 Big Fuel Ticket

    clog is most likely, but also check the connections. A high resistance connection will increase amperage (and that is what blows fuses, not voltage).
  57. MYNomad

    Small boat buddy boat

    I certainly would have 40 years ago.
  58. MYNomad

    Beware SD Bay Fish and Wildlife boat

    Utter BS. I hope you got some kind of statement from the guy locking him into that lame excuse. If not, file a claim ASAP before he changes his story.
  59. MYNomad

    Supreme Court Ruling Today- CCW does not Require a Reason for Permit I am only part way through, but worth reading. Next to Heller, probably IMO the most important 2A case yet.
  60. MYNomad

    Jury Duty - Location Change? (N.OC)

    With that mindset, you would be the ideal juror for any criminal facing trial. Best you not do your civic duty.
  61. MYNomad

    Sonar readings

    There may be bait in there, but it is mostly larger fish. Even the "noise" may be larger fish just outside the cone. The concentration is not bait as bait ball up with distinct edges, usually rounded. IME.
  62. MYNomad

    Anchor break away or Mantus swivel?

    Twisted chain results from no swivel, and it is bad. If you have quality hardware, lost anchors usually result from the anchor getting stuck, or from rope fraying. Rarely from chain, swivel or other hardware failure. As for zip ties, the danger is not that they will break before the anchor...
  63. MYNomad

    Boat Lift Feedback

    Installation was $500 per lift (they are being installed today). Too soon for me to have any satisfaction or dissatisfaction. I did pay extra for hydraulics on the pontoon lift (since it is bigger and must deal with more weight). It requires shorepower (which, fortunately, my dock has). The...
  64. MYNomad

    Boat Lift Feedback

    I just purchased two lifts (one for a pontoon boat and one for a bass boat), and already have a third lift (for two ski doos). I don't know the brands you mentioned. I have learned a bit about lifts though. What are your questions?
  65. MYNomad

    Tool List (Borrowing list) idea

    I have a Cummins wiring harness extension that allows, for example, the starboard engine to be run from the port side controls. This helps diagnose control problems by isolating the source of the problem to on-engine (including ECM) and off engine. Shockingly, it cost nearly $1K.
  66. MYNomad

    How many processed bags of tuna will fit in a 100 quart cooler?

    My guess would be on the low end of that range.
  67. MYNomad

    $8.00 beers

    I quite going to the Fred Hall Show several years ago, in part because the price of beer was ridiculous and it was some crap I never heard of and didn't like. That was the straw that broke the camel's back (even the price of parking and the BS vendors and increasingly scarce good deals hadn't...
  68. MYNomad

    Inshore No Spawn For Us Again, but I Got to Play With the Best Clicker Ever.

    That clicker is really cool. Mine would only need to go up to 10, and usually the fingers on one hand are enough.
  69. MYNomad

    Deep Cycle Draw Down Data

    That is not my understanding. FLAs all have the same chemistry. Deep cycle have thicker plates, theoretically allowing them to be cycled more times. But if the surface of the plate becomes damaged (by running dry, for example), the remaining thickness really doesn't matter. Similarly...
  70. MYNomad

    Looking for a Few Good Tuna Men/Women

    Your boat looks great. Reminds me of the 55SS I had before my current boat. A buddy has a 48SS and took it through the canal.
  71. MYNomad

    Stinky Marine Toliet - Jabsco Quite Flush

    I am not an expert, but no I don't recommend bleach. In my experience, it won't solve your problem, but may actually make it worse by killing off the good bacteria that keep the stinky ones in check. The most beneficial thing you can do is switch to freshwater flush, and make sure the holding...
  72. MYNomad

    Stinky Marine Toliet - Jabsco Quite Flush

    It sounds like it is the plumbing (hoses) that are creating the problem. If so, the only solution is replacement. Also, a saltwater flush will create an odor in the holding tank as the organic matter in the sea water decays. But that shouldn't be coming back though your head. Your holding...
  73. MYNomad

    Boat Owners - What MPG You Gettin?

    Twin QSM 11's. At speeds between 7 and 10 knots, our consumption ranges from about 1.7 nmpg to about 1.0 nmpg. The one time I splurged and went max cruise, I was burning a combined 50+ gph to achieve about 17 knots. Tanks hold a combined 2,300 gallons. I usually fill up before being down to...
  74. MYNomad

    Question about Paddle out Ceremony / Ashes at Sea

    The funeral home lobby got California to pass a stupid law requiring that the scattering of ashes must be performed by a licensed cemetery, cemetery broker, crematory, registered cremated remains disposer or funeral establishment staff member. There is an exception permitting a family member...
  75. MYNomad

    Seagull Problem? Morro Bay has one solution!

    There is a great deal of human criminal activity that could/should be controlled.
  76. MYNomad

    Slip or side tie for a 17' NOW

    Unless rates produce an after tax return greater than REAL inflation rates, CDs (like cash and all other cash equivalents) will not be attractive to me. But it is nice to get some income from idle cash.
  77. MYNomad

    Going over board while sleep walking 😴

    When we are underway at night on my boat, no one goes outside for any reason without alerting one of two watch standers (who are always at the helm when underway at night), and that watch stander keeps an eye on him the whole time, with the cockpit flood lights on. We do have indoor heads...
  78. MYNomad

    Slip or side tie for a 17' NOW

    Although I have no leads, you might take a harbor tour. Don't just look for empty slips but also big boats that are in even bigger slips. If you get lucky you will find an "owner" willing to sublet to you. Especially if you don't need shore power, you should also keep your eyes open for nooks...
  79. MYNomad

    Question about line rating on the rod...?

    It isn't just a number, it is an indication of how much force it takes to work the rod. The lighter the line rating, the less force before the rod is fully bent. Drag (and line strength) both limit that force. So, if you have heavy line with a light drag, the rod won't know the difference and...
  80. MYNomad

    D.A. sues fisherman for nearly $1 million for 'egregious' illegal crabbing

    Check out the civil forfeiture laws and cases, which are abundant. Brought by the government against suspected/presumed criminals, but without the burden of proof (only preponderance vs beyond reasonable doubt) and many other due process protections afforded criminal defendants. Most...
  81. MYNomad

    To funny not to post

    I will show that to my 9 year old nephew. He will get a real kick out of it. Thanks for posting.
  82. MYNomad

    Have you have actually caught a Bluefin Tuna over 100lbs?

    Three buddies and I (along with two deckhands) took my boat down to PV. Our biggest fish was 225 pounds, but it took all 4 of us 4.5 hours to bring it in. Part of the problem was the heat (90 degrees) and humidity (95%), part was that we were fishing 60 pound line with standup tackle (so...
  83. MYNomad


    What part did I get wrong? That no rational person would choose to be a bum? That Delancy Street does good work? That government programs can't solve the problem? That they are a threat to themselves and others? Curious to know what "work" you do with them every day.
  84. MYNomad


    A guy wearing army fatigues and carrying a duffel bag asked for $20 so he could take a bus back to his post or he would be AWOL. I asked him wear it was (knowing it would be way out of my way) but when he told me, I acted surprised and said "this is your lucky day -- I am on my way past there...
  85. MYNomad


    Even so, I would give food to a hungry bum. No rational person would choose to be a bum. They need help, but not the kind government can provide (ie, free money and freedom to continue their self destructive ways). Delancy Street Foundation does great things for bums who want help...
  86. MYNomad


    Conservatives get an undeserved reputation for being heartless, etc., so I feel compelled to share that giving food to people who are hungry does not offend my conservative principles in the least (though I wouldn't give them money).
  87. MYNomad

    Is this a Voltage Sensitive Relay or ?

    It wasn't designed for a marine environment. The black thing on the back looks like it houses a coil, but I doubt it is any kind of regulator. Are there any other wires attached to the alternator output -- or does all of its output go through the mystery object? Since the thing wasn't...
  88. MYNomad

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    In my experience, the circumstances leading to seasickness are highly individualistic. I get seasick, but 90%+ I believe is psychosomatically induced. I was on the Great Barrier Reef (60 miles off shore almost always in "bad" conditions), but was assured by locals that a ginger root concoction...
  89. MYNomad

    VHF static need advice..

    I would disconnect the antenna (from the back of the radio) to see if the static goes away. It should, but since you don't get static on all channels (which you should, since the VHF frequencies are close together), if the static persists even after disconnecting the antenna that indicates...
  90. MYNomad

    Best deal you ever got…

    The good deals and great appreciation are not just limited to So. Cal. real estate. Last year, I bought a vacation house for about 1/3 of replacement cost. Zillow now says it is worth 50% more than what I paid (not that I put much stock in Zillow, particularly concerning unique properties, but...
  91. MYNomad

    Best deal you ever got…

    I bought land that had been appraised at $60M for $1M. The appraisal was flawed (but a big bank had loaned $40M -- I bought as REO), and there was huge Mello Roos bonded indebtedness that I had to take subject to, but still profitable.
  92. MYNomad

    Marine weather this weekend?

    I didn't study any of the forecasts above but did see references to 4' to 6' and 6' to 8' seas. My best advice is to make your first trip in good forecast conditions (not marginal), and use that (instead of advice from internet guys, some of whom exaggerate the conditions that their boats can...
  93. MYNomad

    Offshore Long day on the water

    Same thing on my boat. I am going to tell all of my crew to read this thread to realize that it isn't my fault.
  94. MYNomad

    Offshore Long day on the water

    It appears that OP has a point, and you guys missed it. Did you check the counts -- 5 1.5 day boats out of FL that day -- his and 4 others. The other 4 all got a bunch of BFT, even though it was the same moon cycle.
  95. MYNomad

    Need your motor expertise

    Definitely sounds like a sensor problem to me. My logic is that the possible problems can be segregated into 3 categories on an electronically controlled boat, since the computer controls the engine based on sensor input. So the categories are bad sensor data (so probably bad sensor but maybe...
  96. MYNomad

    Hair finished into the rod.

    Straight hairs make better floss. But this one was curly.
  97. MYNomad

    Tipping amount.... please remind

    I tip out of appreciation, usually not duty, especially on higher end expenditures. It is one thing to leave 20% for average service on a $20 coffee shop bill, but on an expensive meal (say $150 + per person), if I have to track down my server to get more water or anything else, I just can't...
  98. MYNomad

    Hair finished into the rod.

    Now that I think about it . . . yes.
  99. MYNomad

    Hair finished into the rod.

    I had a hair embedded in a dark chocolate donut . . . it was a black hair so I didn't see it until I fished it out of my mouth. Wasn't too crazy about it.
  100. MYNomad

    Hair finished into the rod.

    I bet I know where you could get some: Little Michael probably left plenty of DNA samples all over the playroom at his ranch.
  101. MYNomad

    Cox Cable F****D Up (I know, hard to believe)

    Get a copy of your credit report from each agency, and submit your dispute to them. They then contact the creditor for a reply. If the creditor doesn't reply to the specific claims you make (ie, not good enough for the creditor to say "debtor defaulted"), the reporting agency must remove the...
  102. MYNomad

    Hair finished into the rod.

    Some day, in about a million years, some alien will discover that and suck the DNA out of it to clone whatever it was. Just like scientists now propose to do with the blood of Wholly Mammoths eaten by mosquitoes that got stuck in amber. Perhaps you should ensure your personal longevity by...
  103. MYNomad

    Ok to Install sea chest mid boat??

    It is common on bigger boats for the sea chest to be installed midship or in a lazarette aft of the engine room, forward of the cockpit. If the pumps are properly sized, I don't see a problem. I suspect that the advice to keep the bait pump boxes as far aft as possible is to assure that they...
  104. MYNomad

    "COMMENT" button disappears. YOU think its gone?

    To answer your question, it is probably gone because people like me kept complaining about the 420 character limitation. It is hard to be that concise.
  105. MYNomad

    Thoughts on Electronics Replacement

    Pretty funny commentary. My anonymity has been blown. I hadn't noticed Fat Daddy's UCLA affiliation, and I don't deny mine for USC, but I still wouldn't intentionally give bad advice on something as important as boat electronics.
  106. MYNomad

    Whale Gulper question

    I have two whale pumps on my boat -- both to pump holding tanks and both are mounted above tank level, so not in accordance with the instructions you mentioned. My pumps are diaphragm pumps and are (therefore) self-priming. They have proven to be quite reliable and have never clogged.
  107. MYNomad

    Thoughts on Electronics Replacement

    I have had Raymarine (years ago) but more recently always Furuno for navigation equipment (and Simrad A/P and Icom radios). The Furunos included stand alone units, pre-NavNet 3D units and most recently TZT3 units. I have also spent a lot of time with the latest Garmin equipment. I am not a...
  108. MYNomad

    In my experience, a fab shop can do everything a machine shop can do. You do need to have a...

    In my experience, a fab shop can do everything a machine shop can do. You do need to have a part fabricated, after all, not an existing part machined. In any event, machine shops are becoming more and more scarce, as many are now calling themselves fab shops in response to hugely diminished...
  109. MYNomad

    Boat Battery Question

    That is one way to do it, but lots of people use their starting batteries only for starting. That starting battery should be left to charge immediately after starting, but it doesn't take long. You can get an isolator that will let electrons (from charging) in but not out, so the better...
  110. MYNomad

    Boat Battery Question

    On boats, the preferred set up is to have two banks of batteries, one for all of the "house" loads (like stereo, but really everything other than the engines), the other to start and run the engine(s). With twin engines, it is common to have separate starting batteries for each engine. With a...
  111. MYNomad

    Oddly, your quote makes my point. I don't want to be treated differently because I am doing...

    Oddly, your quote makes my point. I don't want to be treated differently because I am doing something for others (free fishing trips, for example), and would prefer to fish with those who treat others well either way. It would be a mistake to conclude from my comments that I won't readily help...
  112. MYNomad

    Fishermen needed

    Very generous offer. In my experience, the very best guests are the ones that share in the cost.
  113. MYNomad

    Stock Market: Home of the Brave

    This reminds me of a very successful woman I knew years ago -- she made a ton of money brokering hotel deals to Japanese buyers during the 80's. Then Japan went away so she hit upon day trading as a way to make money. Every time I talked to her, she told me how well she was doing, and frankly...
  114. MYNomad

    Stock Market: Home of the Brave

    My personal view is that there is another 20% decline still to come, maybe more. You didn't say how much you invested to make that $16K, but let's say $100K. If so, that is a 16% gain, and if short term, that leaves you with about 8% after tax. After inflation, you are breaking even. My...
  115. MYNomad

    advice on air horns

    Kahlenberg (sp) air horns are probably the best. They have a wide range of horns, including some suitable for a train. Don't go overboard though. My horns are a little too loud for use inside the harbor -- they attract a lot of attention and really scare the c___ out of paddle boarders. You...
  116. MYNomad

    Spiking doesn't stop the heart, but I agree heart should be removed only after bled out.

    Spiking doesn't stop the heart, but I agree heart should be removed only after bled out.
  117. MYNomad

    Temporary Importation Permit

    Captain need not be present. In fact, the whole purpose of the TIP is to prevent Mexican citizens from evading Mexico's VAT (expensive sales tax) on boats, while at the same time allowing tourists to bring boats in (temporarily). If the tourist was always present, there wouldn't be a need for...
  118. MYNomad

    You should have dropped a line and told them to go around, getting everything on video.

    You should have dropped a line and told them to go around, getting everything on video.
  119. MYNomad

    Offshore 5/5 Limits of Dicks

    How close did they get to you? I suspect you mean they tried to make you think they were going to ram you, or did you have to move / change course to avoid a collision? Either way, no justification. Do you have video? You ought to report to the USCG. Nothing will come of it, but if they are...
  120. MYNomad

    Oh well, I guess we will never get to fish together. Why is it that conservatives are always...

    Oh well, I guess we will never get to fish together. Why is it that conservatives are always accused of being closed minded. Oh ya, projecting.
  121. MYNomad

    Looking for a couple of fishing hoes!

    The no politics thing is enough to disqualify me -- I can't help myself. Perhaps you should add no religion. (Politics and religion being two of the three most commonly discussed topics in bars.) But, instead of an outright ban, why not seek people who can take criticism, be friends with...
  122. MYNomad

    Sailboat trolling to and from Catalina Island

    A buddy of mine, who has a nice long range sport fisher, is an avid fisherman, and one component of his success is that he always has a line in the water. That philosophy rubbed off on his kid who boat a sailboat that he frequently takes to Catalina. In just the past few years, he has had some...
  123. MYNomad

    Would u buy this?

    How about some kind of description in the meantime?
  124. MYNomad

    Skipjack 380

    I am not in the market, but would certainly be curious to know details: Power, fuel capacity, displacement, LWL / LOA, beam, A/B ratio, props, fuel consumption at trolling and cruising speeds, layout (# of staterooms & heads, galley up/down, etc), cockpit size, etc. Edit: And price (with...
  125. MYNomad

    Temporary Importation Permit

    If you are going by water, Ensenada (even if you won't make it that far south). If by land, TJ.
  126. MYNomad

    FURUNO Nav-Pilot 300 Blowing Fuses

    Can you put the pump on its own circuit? Is the pump strong enough and installed properly -- it sounds as if the pump is being asked to work too hard. Most importantly, have you measured the voltage at the pump while under load? If there is resistance in the circuit (bad connections or...
  127. MYNomad

    Los Angeles fresh water

    I used to take myself there long past the age of being a kid.
  128. MYNomad

    Buy some trout and pull the old switcheroo so the kids get the pride and pleasure of eating the...

    Buy some trout and pull the old switcheroo so the kids get the pride and pleasure of eating the fish they think they caught.
  129. MYNomad

    Los Angeles fresh water

    I am not sure if it is still around, but there was a stocked trout pond in Malibu. Great place for kids to get there start fishing. It was called Troutdale, although it is closed about a year ago, perhaps permanently -- covid victim? But, there is a place in Anaheim, called Huckleberry Pond...
  130. MYNomad

    Correct me if I am wrong, but fuel sold at a marina is not subject to that tax, so no rebate...

    Correct me if I am wrong, but fuel sold at a marina is not subject to that tax, so no rebate available?
  131. MYNomad

    This is a very important point. Every job is a mixture of good and bad. You have to take the...

    This is a very important point. Every job is a mixture of good and bad. You have to take the bitter with the sweet. People that complain about the bitter or don't give it their best effort usually don't progress and often get canned at the first opportunity.
  132. MYNomad

    Looking for possible career change advice

    A few thoughts: 1. The jobs you mentioned (and many others) are a tough way to make a living because a. they seem fun so everyone wants to do it, b. they don't take any real skill so everyone can do it, and c. it is hard to distinguish yourself though superior performance. 2. I have been...
  133. MYNomad

    Is MARPA worth connecting?

    Perhaps the MARPA misses are a hardware problem. My Furuno system has been 100% reliable. If fact, I am having a hard time even imagining a failure -- is it the radar failing to identify a target (I acknowledge that many radars will fail to show a small target, but not good radars), a failure...
  134. MYNomad

    Is MARPA worth connecting?

    The only thing better than MARPA is ARPA. Don't leave home without it. (actually, I believe the only benefit of arpa over marpa is that arpa can handle more targets). Marpa and AIS are complementary, not competing. The real value of Marpa/Arpa is that collision avoidance alarms can be set...
  135. MYNomad

    I stand corrected, you are right.

    I stand corrected, you are right.
  136. MYNomad

    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    Pinnacle is probably not the best word, as it implies that it is going to go downhill after hitting the pinnacle. Instead, improvements may be less pronounced and further between, so in geometric terms it is probably safe to say we are asymptotically approaching perfection. Certainly, it is...
  137. MYNomad

    Force 22 w/ flybridge

    I had a 28' twin engine express to which I added a tower. The weight of the tower definitely affected stability, even without people in it. Fortunately, that boat did well in following seas, but significantly raising the CG in a boat that doesn't could be down right unsafe. A FB is heavier...
  138. MYNomad

    My 4.3l died, mechanic recommendations?

    If you hit a bag, that would cause an overheat, which in turn could do all sorts of damage, starting with a blown headgasket (and potential warp), water intrusion, hydrolock, valves hitting pistons, scored bearings / piston / cylinder walls, etc. Rather than rebuilding what you have, buy a new...
  139. MYNomad

    Fish Identification?

    Notice the barbs on each side of the tail -- they are razor sharp and can inflict a nasty wound that is sure to get infected. BTW, in what part of the world was that taken?
  140. MYNomad

    I hope that included tax and a 50% tip.

    I hope that included tax and a 50% tip.
  141. MYNomad

    Full Boat Maybe Next Time

    So it is a licensed charter? Is there a website? Costs? Or is it a fly under the radar charter? If not, you better stick to the bro exemption, if you can.
  142. MYNomad

    wow lots of boats being posted For Sale....

    Pescador Paul: "You sound like the kind of person whose economic knowledge dwarfs mine. I think stagflation (like the 70's) is a very real possibility. If you recall, eventually Paul Volker at the Fed ran interest rates up to the high teens to essentially shut down the economy and rein in...
  143. MYNomad

    My response was more than 420 characters (sounds like a pot-induced stupid limitation to me), so...

    My response was more than 420 characters (sounds like a pot-induced stupid limitation to me), so please see below.
  144. MYNomad

    wow lots of boats being posted For Sale....

    There is price softening and inventory building in all of the big ticket consumer items -- cars, boats, planes, and homes (especially second homes). Much of that can be explained by increasing interest rates, but credit is still relatively easy (and most of the big ticket stuff is bought on...
  145. MYNomad

    Next time you are in the north woods, let me know.

    Next time you are in the north woods, let me know.
  146. MYNomad

    Pizza Ovens

    Thanks -- He helped me make up my mind. Unit ordered (see above).
  147. MYNomad

    3M 5200

    The wood won't last forever but the 5200 will. Then what? 4200 would be a much better choice.
  148. MYNomad

    Pizza Ovens

    Those made my short list. The 32" is about $4,500. I also considered the Fontana Magniafuoco (about the same price), but ended up getting a Cia Bello Quattro, based on some of the advice here, other reviews and several helpful conversations with the factory -- plus it was a little less expensive.
  149. MYNomad

    Pizza Ovens

    Thanks for the offer. I am pretty much sold on a free standing that can hold enough wood to cause the flame to arc over the top and provide radiant heat from above. But if that doesn't work out, I will be back here asking for your help.
  150. MYNomad

    Pizza Ovens

    Why would you (or should I?) prefer gas? convenience? Temperature / temperature control? Won't you miss the wood flavor, or perhaps you prefer less would flavor?
  151. MYNomad

    I did, but the wood burners don't seem to generate the heat from above necessary for a first...

    I did, but the wood burners don't seem to generate the heat from above necessary for a first rate Neapolitan pizza.
  152. MYNomad

    The nearest Costco is about 300 miles away. It would be cold by the time I got home.

    The nearest Costco is about 300 miles away. It would be cold by the time I got home.
  153. MYNomad

    Pizza Ovens

    I think I want a wood-fired pizza oven. Free standing unit (ie, not built in and not table top). Any recommendations? I am strongly considering the Fontana Magniafuoco.
  154. MYNomad

    How much of the State's public land is open to hunting?

    How much of the State's public land is open to hunting?
  155. MYNomad

    It would be well worth finding out.

    It would be well worth finding out.
  156. MYNomad


    G . . .
  157. MYNomad

    Kicker Motor for Backup

    By itself, the weight of an OB may not significantly affect trim. But add a full bait tank and a few of your buddies in the transom and you may find yourself having to fish the bow in order to balance things out.
  158. MYNomad

    And beer, of which NONE was on the manifest above.

    And beer, of which NONE was on the manifest above.
  159. MYNomad

    What purpose, besides defending freedom, does having a first rate military serve? Perhaps I...

    What purpose, besides defending freedom, does having a first rate military serve? Perhaps I miss your point?
  160. MYNomad

    The difficulty is high bandwidth, real time underwater communications.

    The difficulty is high bandwidth, real time underwater communications.
  161. MYNomad

    Trolling motor bow mounted

    In case you missed it, there is recent thread here by a guy on a 30' Graddy with a bow mounted TM. He plans to use it for anchoring without an anchor -- so if you invest in a TM, make sure to get spot lock. Also, his is 36 volts -- at that size, and probably even 20', you will likely need all...
  162. MYNomad

    Kicker Motor for Backup

    I strongly suspect that a 50 hp is too much weight and way more power than you will need.
  163. MYNomad

    I purchased (but have not used yet) a bass boat with a TM (MinnKota) with spot lock. Salesman...

    I purchased (but have not used yet) a bass boat with a TM (MinnKota) with spot lock. Salesman claims it will not only maintain position, but also heading, which I think is impossible (even though it has a heading sensor). Will yours do that? Nice boat, BTW
  164. MYNomad

    Finally got the boat I’ve wanted for 12yrs.. Everglades 243cc

    Is it common, and effective, to have a trolling motor on a boat of that size? Where / when / how is it used?
  165. MYNomad

    "The dual purpose batteries will charge the same as a starting battery." And the same as a deep...

    "The dual purpose batteries will charge the same as a starting battery." And the same as a deep cycle battery. In fact, I doubt the electrons have any idea what type of FLA battery they are in -- their job is the same in all circumstances.
  166. MYNomad

    Islands One for the Books 4/9/22

    I would be afraid to get back in after what you went through. I used to scuba dive and had all sorts of safety stuff (spare air, bang stick, etc.). How do you protect against shallow water blackout? Anything more than not hyperventilating?
  167. MYNomad

    Even that level of detail is more than most main stream media thinks we should get.

    Even that level of detail is more than most main stream media thinks we should get.
  168. MYNomad

    Need Suggestions & Ideas

    You need to deeply understand two things: 1) what your prospective customers need, and 2) how your competitors are failing to satisfy those needs. With those understandings, you will be in a position to figure out how best to make your customers aware of your ability to satisfy their needs...
  169. MYNomad

    Maybe there is more to the story, but SoCalBoatRider came off as a jackass with his comment...

    Maybe there is more to the story, but SoCalBoatRider came off as a jackass with his comment. But then, I am sure the same could be said of me.
  170. MYNomad

    He said he is happy to pitch in for fuel.

    He said he is happy to pitch in for fuel.
  171. MYNomad

    FURUNO Nav-Pilot 300 Blowing Fuses

    Ohms law comes into play here. Voltage = amperage X resistance. If resistence goes up (from what it should be with good connections, etc.) voltage delivered will drop, but some devices (especially motors/pumps) will demand more current as a result. That increased current could well be causing...
  172. MYNomad

    Boat ho

    On most boats, all of the work necessary to a safe and successful venture is shared by all on board. On the typical multi-day venture on my boat, that means that everyone needs to stand watch (so, experience with watching instruments, understanding radar, knowing when to wake the captain, etc...
  173. MYNomad

    Where do you live, how far can you travel? What skills do you have? (remember what Napoleon...

    Where do you live, how far can you travel? What skills do you have? (remember what Napoleon Dynamite said about skills -- it applies to guys with boats, too.)
  174. MYNomad

    Whos knows? Especially since the data is cooked?

    Whos knows? Especially since the data is cooked?
  175. MYNomad

    You may well be right, but please share the basis of your insight.

    You may well be right, but please share the basis of your insight.
  176. MYNomad

    Islands Catalina Island 3/27

    I always thought that much longer than a few hours was required -- something like 3 days in a typical residential freezer, but only 24 hours in a deep freeze. I got intestinal parasites once and had to get dewormed. Not fun. So anyone wishing to avoid that should confirm with certainty the...
  177. MYNomad

    Madmax22 "Depends on how its accomplished," Yep, if anyone can screw something up, the...

    Madmax22 "Depends on how its accomplished," Yep, if anyone can screw something up, the government can and probably does more often than not. In the context of the competition provided by multiple private contractors and the opportunity for an interested public to monitor performance (as with...
  178. MYNomad

    Interesting article about kelp, in San Diego U.T.

    The idea of leasing to the private sector specific, otherwise barren, areas for the cultivation and harvesting of kelp makes a lot of sense to me. The incentive to make profits, avoid losses and maximize efficiency is much more likely to work than entrusting the government to come up with a...
  179. MYNomad

    Electronics Supply Chain Delays

    I am "up north" now. Snow everywhere. Here is a pic of one of the docks. The aerator is necessary to keep the ice from forming around the dock's pilings because otherwise, when the ice melts the surface of the lake can act like a big glacier and destroy the pilings. The open water attracts...
  180. MYNomad

    Got to see This

    Dave Hansen: "Still can not afford my service? Still making lame comment. somethings never change. WOW." Maybe others have criticized your practice of promoting yourself under the guise of a "report", but my prior comments have focused on your inane expectations of a 50% tip, compounded by your...
  181. MYNomad

    Got to see This

    outstanding report
  182. MYNomad


    Last time I checked, USCG still hadn't released its findings. WTH?
  183. MYNomad

    graphite blank, left a one inch gouge

    If the cut is longitudinal, I don't think there is any risk of damage to the blank's structural integrity. I would be tempted to fill the gap with a glass/epoxy combo, but I doubt it would change anything, or that you need the "missing" strength.
  184. MYNomad

    who goes above planing speed? o_O

    who goes above planing speed? o_O
  185. MYNomad

    Electronics Supply Chain Delays

    Last November, I went shopping for a few fresh water boats -- a bass boat, a pontoon boat and a jon boat, and was discouraged to learn that boats were in such short supply getting these in time for the 2022 season would not be easy. Moreover, dealers were marking up prices like crazy. After...
  186. MYNomad

    Not fishing related-Homeowners insurance

    No fire hydrants. No municipal water (unincorporated county) -- all well water. They aren't trained because they have never had the need to suck water out of a lake. I am just glad there are volunteers, but it sounds like there is a very eager group -- when there is an alarm, they all rush to...
  187. MYNomad

    Not fishing related-Homeowners insurance

    My insurer tried to charge a brush zone additional charge, but I pointed out that I am on water on two sides and open street on the front, and no "brush" anywhere to be found. They backed off -- apparently it was by zip code, but I doubt there is enough brush in this zip code to start even a...
  188. MYNomad

    ULTIMATE QUIVER - All Pelagics and some bottom. I have a chance to get a discount on a one time big purchase. What 20 to 25 setups should I get?

    Don't you need at least 4 (and preferably 5 or 6) of each class of trolling rod?
  189. MYNomad

    With all types of anchors in all conditions.

    With all types of anchors in all conditions.
  190. MYNomad

    Just like the guy who got arrested for surfing off a closed beach at the beginning of covid. (I...

    Just like the guy who got arrested for surfing off a closed beach at the beginning of covid. (I saw a televised interview with a biologist claiming that it was dangerous to allow the surfer in the water since he could infect ocean fish with Covid. Government in action. When in doubt, make up...
  191. MYNomad

    Best anchor fit for a 28

    It is human nature to think that what you have is the best. The same thing happens with electronics -- Garmin vs Raymarine vs Furuno. But, as with electronics, look at what guys who make a living using their equipment -- you will find more bruce and more Furuno than anything else.
  192. MYNomad

    Best anchor fit for a 28

    FWIW, in my experience a Bruce style anchor is the best all around, though I have never tried Rocna, though some experienced boaters claim it is best. Bruce anchors are heavier than Danforth type, so you will probably want a windlass.
  193. MYNomad

    What do you guys eat on the boat?

    Since our trips are typically multi-day, and since we have a pretty complete galley, our food tends to be first rate -- including stuff like bone in prime rib, whole turkey and beni hana type stuff. But one trick that works with even minimal cooking facilities is to vacuum pack and pre-cook...
  194. MYNomad

    Second Station TZT3 12 inch Install Cord Management

    You could, but shouldn't, cut them off. I have several TZT3s of various sizes, all with "extra" pigtails, which lay loosely in their cabinets, behind the screens. It doesn't bother me at all (and no reason it should, except perhaps in cases of extreme OCD), but if it did, I suppose you could...
  195. MYNomad

    DNA test

    I have zero interest. Useless information.
  196. MYNomad

    My current boat is the first boat I ever purchased new. I justified it to myself in part...

    My current boat is the first boat I ever purchased new. I justified it to myself in part expecting that it would be trouble free. But you are right, as it turns out there was lots of stuff that needed fixing or adjusting during that first year or so.
  197. MYNomad

    Perfect. Congrats.

    Perfect. Congrats.
  198. MYNomad

    This seasons fishing & boating will be very expensive....

    If you are talking about private boats, fuel is, by far, the cheapest part of boat ownership. And most owners share that cost with their crew. So, there will be pain, and owners who are on the edge financially will likely sell. On the other side of the coin, many people are making more money...
  199. MYNomad

    The whole point of descending the fish is to recompress all of the air in its bladder. It might...

    The whole point of descending the fish is to recompress all of the air in its bladder. It might help to recognize that all of the air in the bladder when the fish is at the surface was also in the bladder when the fish was at depth. That little bit of air expands radically as the fish surfaces...
  200. MYNomad

    Or, conversely, if your boat trailer does pop off, you are going to be glad that you have any...

    Or, conversely, if your boat trailer does pop off, you are going to be glad that you have any chains at all, even twisted ones.
  201. MYNomad

    Me too, but guests bring their own blankies

    Me too, but guests bring their own blankies
  202. MYNomad

    counting yours, another response that didn't address OP's question.

    counting yours, another response that didn't address OP's question.
  203. MYNomad

    What is everyone's preference for reading GPS coordinates?

    The math is much easier without seconds since each degree of latitude is 60nm, and there for each minute of latitude is one nm, and each 1/1000 of a minute is 6 feet. Converting longitude is the same, but multiply the result by the cosine of the latitude. (for example, the latitude at the...
  204. MYNomad

    Bad Installers / Mechanics

    I would venture to guess that most mechanics are inept when doing something they haven't done a hundred times before. Some examples from my personal experience: In replacing the 12 6-volt batteries in my 12v house bank, which requires both serial and parallel connections (and any misplaced...
  205. MYNomad

    san nic island spots

    On the off chance that no one here coughs up anything good, you should buy a book of spots like this one:
  206. MYNomad

    You will see pangas far offshore all up and down the baja coast. Not sure why the hull design...

    You will see pangas far offshore all up and down the baja coast. Not sure why the hull design wouldn't work well is so cal waters.
  207. MYNomad

    Bait tank light

    You may be better off with no light than a light in the baits' path of travel, especially if the cover is clear acrylic as moon light should be all the bait need.
  208. MYNomad

    Fish finder/ trolling motor recommendations.

    I am setting up a freshwater boat now. Trolling motor: Minn Kota Ultera with iPilot Link FFs: Huminbird Helix 10", SI+, with a separate MegaLive transducer. The displays are $2K each (and there are two), a MegaLive transducer is another $1,500 (but can be used by either display), the TM is...
  209. MYNomad

    Battery Recommendation for 24V TM

    Get a sealed lead acid battery (SLA, aka maintenance free) if that is your reason for preferring AGM. My problem with AGM has been that they are much more susceptible to damage than LA (or SLA) by being left undercharged (or worse, completely run down). And at least lead acid batteries can be...
  210. MYNomad

    Battery Recommendation for 24V TM

    I happen to be commissioning a new bass boat and am specing all lead acid (3 Interstate group 31s). AGMs have never been a good investment for me.
  211. MYNomad

    I am not convinced one way or the other, but absent detailed non-public information about vendor...

    I am not convinced one way or the other, but absent detailed non-public information about vendor commitments and cancellations and the reasons therefor, it is impossible to know. Interesting that some people are convinced that they know the unknowable and anyone with a different view is a...
  212. MYNomad

    Boats are expensive

    This topic has been discussed before and the attitudes vary widely. Some guys think "I am going anyway, so it doesn't cost me anything to bring a friend along, so I don't charge" and similarly "if I invite you over to dinner, I am not expecting you to share the costs, so why should boating be...
  213. MYNomad

    Boats are expensive

    As others point out, you should distinguish between upgrades and maintenance/repairs. Although upgrades can also be never ending, they are entirely optional and it seems as if you have already picked all the low-hanging fruit (at least until you get the idea that you want a diesel boat equipped...
  214. MYNomad


    It is really hard, for me at least, to understand your pictures. For example, I can't tell where the transducer will be in relation to the step in the bottom of the hull. You need to keep away from that. And the X seems awfully close to the centerline, which will also create turbulence.
  215. MYNomad

    Planning a "anniversary" (fishing) trip

    Check with the Avalon harbor master, but I believe that 18' boats are assigned to the string line, not given moorings. And the string line rarely fills up.
  216. MYNomad

    Fish holds below waterline

    Mine have thru-hull valves to let water in and pumps (one each) to get it out. We use one as a bleed box, with its valve open and the pump on.
  217. MYNomad

    Ugly Boats

    Wow. That is impressive in its ugliness, made all the worse because its form doesn't follow function.
  218. MYNomad

    Does USCG documentation offer any benefits in California?

    You will pay property tax either way (at least once they catch up with you, but they are pretty diligent so it is ordinarily just a question of time), but you don't have to pay for state registration if the vessel is federally documented.
  219. MYNomad

    Bilge Pumps Auto vs float switch

    Is it the type that senses water in the bilge and comes on? How did you figure out it wasn't working? There are two types, and both may appear to be not working when they are. The most common has contacts that sense a decrease in resistence in the presence of water -- essentially the water...
  220. MYNomad

    Herman Tuning in Vista

    Please provide contact info. PM is fine, but posting here will help more people.
  221. MYNomad

    And I thought the ice shanties were to stay warm.

    And I thought the ice shanties were to stay warm.
  222. MYNomad

    Small Craft Adv. 4/22 6am to 4/23 6am Cat to Channel Islands

    For many people, myself included, the BS is now so bad that even extremely cold weather is a small price to pay to avoid the CA BS. In fact, I just got back from 3 weeks at my lake house, where some days the high was -10 (and nights were in the mid -20s). But what a relief not to see my tax...
  223. MYNomad

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    swim in wahoo infested waters
  224. MYNomad

    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    Perhaps I misunderstand, but this sounds to me like a situation in which the medicine is worse than the disease. If those holes are below the water line, what is to stop water from flowing (or at least dripping) into the bilge? I would rather deal with a failed pump than intentionally create...
  225. MYNomad

    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    IMO, and IME, 12v pumps have a high failure rate. The best thing you can do is: 1) plumb two pumps in parallel so that in the event of a failure, all you have to do is flip a power switch and a couple valves to be back in business, and 2) install a flow detector, so the minute your pump fails...
  226. MYNomad

    Bait tank issue

    Don't restrict the flow on the input side of the pump, or if it is a diaphragm type pump. It is probably a centrifugal pump, in which case the restriction can be anywhere after the pressure side of the pump. You mention a valve inside the tank, and that the pump hasn't changed. If you don't...
  227. MYNomad

    Furuno prices...

    Good chance we are in for another (like when Carter was President) period of nasty inflation, followed by stagflation then recession. There is no such thing as a free lunch and the fed can't just print money without devaluing the existing money. Personally, I have accelerated major purchases...
  228. MYNomad

    Chirp vs Non Chirp.

    Is there a typo in there somewhere? Seems like you are comparing chirp to chirp, but perhaps that was not your intention?
  229. MYNomad

    Chirp vs Non Chirp.

    A buddy installed chirp (Garmin). I am convinced that it shows fewer fish in deep (300' +) water. I think the reason is that Chirp units have less power than even 1K FFs. As I understand it, chirp pings with an increasing range of frequencies, not a single frequency. Its power is spread out...
  230. MYNomad

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Enjoying the snow for the first time from our lake house.
  231. MYNomad

    Sign me up for that hunt. I will even try eating the meat, and for sure I will have a cap or...

    Sign me up for that hunt. I will even try eating the meat, and for sure I will have a cap or jacket or something made out of the skin.
  232. MYNomad

    What was your first build?

    Almost 30 years go, the Northridge earthquake it, giving me an unexpected day off. I build what I labeled an "Earthquake Commemorative" rod. I still use it, but the workmanship is obviously interior to some of my later efforts. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to build a rod in many years.
  233. MYNomad

    To much water in bilge

    There should be no water, unless your boat drains into the bilge. If it does, you are probably stuck with that design. If it doesn't, you owe it to yourself to figure out where the water is coming from. Large quantities are usually easy to find. Once it is down to a cup or less, it gets...
  234. MYNomad

    25' fisherman performance (gas)

    My 25 open was (30+ years ago) very heavy and slow and got just a little better than 1 nmpg, with a carbureted gas 350.
  235. MYNomad

    Switching from flooded to AGM batteries?

    In my personal and vicarious experience, AGMs are much less tolerant of abuse. Not a good solution for anyone who cannot absolutely guarantee that the batteries will always be properly charged.
  236. MYNomad

    CAT 3208 375hp rebuild

    Consider a reman. Could be cheaper, quicker and better.
  237. MYNomad

    Whosever logic, they didn't have their thinking cap on.

    Whosever logic, they didn't have their thinking cap on.
  238. MYNomad

    Best place to stay with a boat in San Diego?

    In case you have trouble finding a house with boat parking, and particularly if you wish to avoid the hassle of daily towing and launching, you might think about slipping the boats. At that size, you should be able to find transient dockage without too much trouble. Sunroad Marina has great...
  239. MYNomad

    If the lawyers can site any case or statutory authority, I would love to see it. Of course, if...

    If the lawyers can site any case or statutory authority, I would love to see it. Of course, if nothing comes of this, the implication will be that there is no significant liability concern. I will check back in a week or so (hoping that this thread doesn't get closed in the meantime). Thanks...
  240. MYNomad

    Not my area of the law, but I have never heard of any such liability either. Sounds like BS...

    Not my area of the law, but I have never heard of any such liability either. Sounds like BS justification to me. Based on general legal principals, I would think that by banning some types of speech, liability could result if the ban were not uniformly applied. If anything, doing nothing is...
  241. MYNomad

    BD Outdoors traffic took a big dive on December

    I still think they threw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead of prohibiting "threats of violence", they prohibited expressions of opinion. Same thinking as outlawing guns rather than outlawing the criminal use of guns. Guns don't kill people and neither do opinions, even offensive ones.
  242. MYNomad

    My comment is below.

    My comment is below.
  243. MYNomad

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    I don't understand that logic. There are plenty of vaccinated people running around covid positive. In fact, the vaccine makes it more likely that infected people will be out in public spreading the CHINA virus. What they should be requiring, if they want to take a scientific approach, is a...
  244. MYNomad

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    Could well be, but from a business perspective that is probably short sighted. During the war (WWII), when metal and rubber and everything else that goes into a car was rationed and all factories were dedicated to building war supplies, you couldn't buy a new car. But GM kept advertising its...
  245. MYNomad

    BD Outdoors traffic took a big dive on December

    It may be correlated to the elimination of political talk. I am by no means boycotting, but my level of interest in responding to posts is greatly diminished. Moreover, I don't even read posts that are not of direct interest. Those other posts (the ones I am not reading) aren't interesting...
  246. MYNomad

    That isn't necessarily a good thing. Although it helps to eliminate standing water in forward...

    That isn't necessarily a good thing. Although it helps to eliminate standing water in forward bilges, it also allows forward bilges to flood when water intrudes elsewhere. IMO, watertight bulkheads are best, but that heightens the need to prevent leaks in the first place. When I see a boat...
  247. MYNomad

    Skipjack 24 Water in bilge

    Standing water in any bilge is not a good thing. Although a tarp may protect from rain, water may still get in when offshore in sporty conditions. I highly recommend that you find and eliminate the source of water intrusion. Using a hose may help. As to the water not draining, that may be by...
  248. MYNomad

    Ice Fishing Without Electronics

    I enjoyed watching your video, thanks for posting. I hope to do a lot of lake fishing in northern Wisconsin, but will probably wait for summer (or at least spring) to get my feet wet (so to speak). -Rick
  249. MYNomad

    The same way other retails have "no sales tax" sales -- they pay the difference out of pocket...

    The same way other retails have "no sales tax" sales -- they pay the difference out of pocket. Pretty smart and very attractive offer, IMO.
  250. MYNomad

    School Me on FF's

    Understood about the shallow water aspect, but my two lakes are only 34' and 17' deep, at their deepest. Both boats come with trolling motors, neither of which have the spot lock feature, so I know I will have to upgrade that. At this point, I intend to run the boats with their original...
  251. MYNomad

    Does the Captain get mad when…

    I know you guys are talking about party boats, but FWIW, on my private boat I don't wait for anyone whose line is still in the water. If they get hooked up, we will stop if we think it is something good but not otherwise.
  252. MYNomad

    What are you drinking today?

    I guess I am getting older too. Drinking doesn't have much appeal to me anymore. I had a Corona, opened a second but drank less than 1/3. Our lake cabin has a wine cellar, so I was thinking of stocking that up, but so far wine hasn't appealed much to me either.
  253. MYNomad

    Sounds mega expensive but will do. Thanks!

    Sounds mega expensive but will do. Thanks!
  254. MYNomad


  255. MYNomad

    School Me on FF's

    Thanks. Just what I needed to know.
  256. MYNomad

    School Me on FF's

    I am going to start freshwater fishing (not giving up saltwater, just expanding my range), on a northern Wisconsin lake. Target species will be predominantly walleye, but also pike, bass and perhaps muskies (and of course pan fish). I have ordered a boat (actually 2, a Tracker 195 and a 22'...
  257. MYNomad

    Pillows and blankets on LR trips?

  258. MYNomad

    Whats Your Salmon Smoker?

    Many smokers cannot do cold smoking. If that is your intention, you may wish to rephrase your question. The coldest my pit boss will go is about 35 degrees above ambient temperature, but otherwise I like it fine.
  259. MYNomad

    Boat Bilge Dehumidifier - is it worth it?

    If your bilge isn't always bone dry (ie, not even the 1/2" that your bilge pump may leave behind), eliminating water should be step 1. Once that is removed, you may not need step 2.
  260. MYNomad

    Fishing spots near Staples center Los Angeles?

    Hopefully, your hotel is not near Staples. If it is, don't leave the building except to take a a shuttle to Staples. Stay on the west side. Maybe Marina del Rey (there is a nice Ritz and a few more moderately priced hotels, like a Mariott). Getting to Staples won't be cheap, but you can get...
  261. MYNomad

    The use of throw nets southern California??

    I can't remember where, and certainly can't vouch for its accuracy, but I heard that it was to facilitate a commercial bait industry, which makes sense.
  262. MYNomad

    Ultrasonic Parts cleaner recommendation

    Since no one else has responded, I will share my limited knowledge. Several years ago, I went shopping for an ultrasonic cleaner and ended up returning the first one, but being happy with the second. I don't remember the reason for my dissatisfaction, but I can tell you that the features I...
  263. MYNomad

    A couple of pics from El Diablo Loco... yesterdays catch in Cabo San Lucas

    jalapeno -- I am trying to resist the temptation to make any judgments about you personally, but you aren't making it easy. I will say this: 1) I didn't miss that "point", 2) you can't know the purpose behind the question, and for you to infer that it was to make the poster feel bad tells me...
  264. MYNomad

    A couple of pics from El Diablo Loco... yesterdays catch in Cabo San Lucas

    In the old days, people would keep marlin just to show off at the docks -- same thing with the captains, they used them for marketing for the next day. Personally, I don't kill anything I don't intend to eat (and eating what I hunt (or catch fishing) is half of the fun. So, I heavily focus...
  265. MYNomad

    Northern Wisconsin Fishing

    Catching bluegill and sunfish, etc., will be great. I have fond memories of that as a kid, and drinking a few beers will add to the pleasure.
  266. MYNomad

    Northern Wisconsin Fishing

    I remember as a kid my aunts and uncles did it every Saturday afternoon. They had a group of friends who would go on a big loop, stopping at each tavern along the way to "warm up". I am not sure that we would enjoy snowmobiling, but I did look into it and found that the range of choices...
  267. MYNomad

    Any downrigger hints for Baja....?

    The problem I have experienced with downrigger trolling for warm water fish is that, as compared to salmon, which are often at a predictable depth of +/- 50', your target species are likely to be much deeper, which in turn necessitates a slow troll to keep the rigger down. As a result, you...
  268. MYNomad

    I am worried about how much it will cost to heat, but it has 6 fire places, so wood may be my...

    I am worried about how much it will cost to heat, but it has 6 fire places, so wood may be my most significant expense.
  269. MYNomad

    Northern Wisconsin Fishing

    Here is the back of the place. It will be a vacation home, at least for now. Maybe someday our primary residence. I bought it in part because I am tired of California. And here is the front.
  270. MYNomad

    Northern Wisconsin Fishing

    Well, its official -- we closed on an Eagle River lake house about a month ago, and ordered a fishing boat (Tracker 195 TE, with a 150 hp Merc), and a pontoon boat (Suntracker 22 xpr, 200hp Merc, party barge, but fishable), for delivery in the spring. Anxious to catch some walleye and northerns...
  271. MYNomad

    Anyone have a 25' flybridge?

    Ask how many hours on the oil (ideally, they have a maintenance log / invoice, which shows hours when changed), but get an analysis, even if only 10 hours. Also, get a survey. I am not sure where the cut off is, but you may need a survey just to get insurance.
  272. MYNomad

    Teardrop Shaped Bait Tank?

    There are plenty of bait tanks that effectively manage circulation from the sides, without anything protruding that will interfere with the baits. Buy one of those. Or talk to Pacific Edge and see if they can convince you their their tear drop shape is better than their oval shape. I bet they...
  273. MYNomad

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    The physics are much more complicated than that. To understand why, consider an extreme example: say 5 feet of chain that weighs a total of 20 pounds, versus 100 feet of chain that weighs a total of 20 pounds. As long as part of the chain remains on the bottom, the force on the anchor will be...
  274. MYNomad

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    The goal is to have the anchor chain, at least part of the anchor chain always resting on the sea floor. That way, the pull on the anchor will always be horizontal, which should cause the anchor to burry itself deeper when pulled upon. The longer the chain is, the more force it will take to...
  275. MYNomad

    Teardrop Shaped Bait Tank?

    Tom -- this is a relatively new design (at least I have only seen it recently, on a Pacific Edge tank, I believe). It isn't actually shaped like a tear drop and the added part is not in the middle of the tank -- it is in the middle of one side of the tank to permit input / output to come from...
  276. MYNomad

    Acetone x3, if you can find it in California.

    Acetone x3, if you can find it in California.
  277. MYNomad

    How is SMB typically during Santa Anas?

    Generally, the Santa Ana's make the bay very flat. At least that is my experience.
  278. MYNomad

    So Cal Radars: 4g dome, halo open, or 10kw open array

    I can't answer your question directly, but I can tell you that I have two Furuno open array radars -- a 6kw and a 25kw. The 25kw's extra power doesn't seem to make much of a difference in what it picks up, including birds, vs the 6. However, it has a narrower horizontal beamwidth (from memory...
  279. MYNomad

    Job search Marine Fabrication/Boat building

    Pretty much every boat yard is a viable candidate. Real fabrication skills are in short supply in the marine industry. But, if I were you, I would go into business for myself, working as a subcontractor to boat yards. You may also be able to market your services directly to private boaters...
  280. MYNomad

    I just posted that comment, but now see you beat me to it.

    I just posted that comment, but now see you beat me to it.
  281. MYNomad

    Was that in band camp?

    Was that in band camp?
  282. MYNomad


    This is my experience exactly. I think there is a bit of an optical illusion going on. The combination of small(er) boat and lack of experiences causes one to perceive waves as being bigger than they are. I have memories of being overtaken by a swell so big that it looked like a 30' mountain...
  283. MYNomad

    Unbelievable barn find in OC today

    About 20 years ago, after not having been on a dirt bike for more than 20 years before that, I impulsively bought a Suzuki 350 (DX?) enduro type. The suspension amazed me in comparison to the bikes I had years before. Even so, I have put a grand total of only 940 miles on it since then, and...
  284. MYNomad

    Jeremy Arriaga has one.

    Jeremy Arriaga has one.
  285. MYNomad

    2 parter: do you feel safe in Mexico and where/when would you fish….

    I am risk averse, in business, pleasure and everything else I do. I used to love going to Mexico, but first decided it wasn't' save enough for my family, then decided it wasn't save enough for me. I am amused by the people who say it is safe, especially for tourists. Without verifiable...
  286. MYNomad

    starting a small boat commercial fishing business

    This, or guide other people on their boats. From what I have seen / heard, the going rate is about $500 per day, with a 50% tip pretty much expected. If you provide a quality service, for a little less, you could be booked full time. And two guys for the price of one is a real bonus, but you...
  287. MYNomad

    Weapons and Assault Rifles

    My first several guns were for hunting. Even the .22. And the first pistol -- a .357 revolver as a backup sidearm for boar hunting. None of those were bought with any expectation that they would be used to inflict bodily harm. But, after getting married, and having kids, home protection...
  288. MYNomad

    Is buying an older model VHF stupid?

    I can't speak to the specific model, but do believe that the ICOM M127 is better, in some respects, than the current offerings. If I were you, I would give it a try. If it meets your needs (which it should easily), stick with it.
  289. MYNomad

    If you say so, but what, exactly, is your background that qualifies you to speak with such...

    If you say so, but what, exactly, is your background that qualifies you to speak with such authority?
  290. MYNomad

    1" ball valve or 3/4"?

    It might help to know exactly what you are doing, but if you are putting the ball valve on the output side a bait tank pump, you will create résistance to flow if you upsize from the bait tank output to accommodate a larger ball valve, only to downsize again. There is a fancy word for that in...
  291. MYNomad

    Inshore 12 Miles South of DP 10.30.21

    Consider yourself lucky. My dog gets seasick, even on a dinghy ride in the harbor. But then I get seasick too (but it takes more than a dinghy ride to do it).
  292. MYNomad

    Furuno TZT 14 & 9

    Which TZT version? 3? And what is delaminating? The screen?
  293. MYNomad

    Screw that alcohol stove!

    Plus, alcohol stoves are very dangerous, since the flame can be hard if not impossible to see, and will follow any spilled alcohol into cabinetry, etc.
  294. MYNomad

    1984 36' Hatteras Express for sale in San Diego [Deleted]

    What engines? Fuel capacity? Bait tanks? LOA?
  295. MYNomad

    Trim tab direction

    Exactly like the yoke of an airplane -- push down / forward / in and nose goes down. Pull up (back / out) to raise the nose. It is as if you are leaning your body weight forward or backward, so it is intuitively correct, lean forward, nose goes down, etc. Anything else would seem...
  296. MYNomad

    I guess that makes me one of those. I would think that the landing could negotiate better...

    I guess that makes me one of those. I would think that the landing could negotiate better security with its landlord, or provide security on its own. But what do I know.
  297. MYNomad

    Miscellaneous Tackle Lot - Mainly Tuna & Marlin Gear

    Where are you located? Ever get up (or down or over) to Marina del Rey?
  298. MYNomad

    They aren't just soft on crime -- they have sympathy for the criminals. Their upbringing, race...

    They aren't just soft on crime -- they have sympathy for the criminals. Their upbringing, race or just financial need justifies their actions. The only way shit like that happens is with an ill informed electorate. People that don't get informed shouldn't be allowed to vote, let alone...
  299. MYNomad

    Plus, the up and over loop won't work -- it will stop the bait tank from draining fully unless...

    Plus, the up and over loop won't work -- it will stop the bait tank from draining fully unless you set it up to siphon, with the output hose being under water.
  300. MYNomad

    Bite the bullet and cut the transom for a discharge line (above the water line).

    Bite the bullet and cut the transom for a discharge line (above the water line).
  301. MYNomad

    Container Ship Debacle

    Greed is good. It motivates people to deliver the best product for the best price. If one party is charging a price that creates a big profit, others are sure to follow. In my business, development of industrial real estate, the successful strategy has been to build quality buildings, lease...
  302. MYNomad

    I added that last paragraph after anemic's like, so maybe he doesn't like that part.

    I added that last paragraph after anemic's like, so maybe he doesn't like that part.
  303. MYNomad

    Container Ship Debacle

    And anyone who suggests that capitalism would solve the problem is told that Americans are spoiled and we shouldn't expect abundantly available goods at competitive prices. There is a thinly veiled move afoot to hobble capitalism to the point that socialism/communism doesn't look that bad. But...
  304. MYNomad

    For those who’ve had both: spiny or Maine lobster

    I have asked myself this question a ton of times. Usually, my answer is I am not sure. But always, immediately after I take my first bite of either, that is my clear preference. They both taste better than I can remember. The Main lobsters have the added treat of the two claws. Maybe...
  305. MYNomad

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    While equipment failures occasioned by a lightning strike may be Act of God, failures that could have been avoided by appropriate maintenance, etc., are not. And, in the case, the burden of proving, would be on the boat. This is what small claims was made for. I bet they settle if you file a...
  306. MYNomad

    You are right about my typo, I fixed it. I wish I could say it was a test to see if anyone was...

    You are right about my typo, I fixed it. I wish I could say it was a test to see if anyone was reading, but it was my mistake.
  307. MYNomad

    Something smells fishy here . . .

    Something smells fishy here . . .
  308. MYNomad

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    Legally, sport caught fish can't be sold, but that doesn't mean they have no value. For example, if someone stole your fish you could sue for damages and a court would award damages in an amount necessary to make you whole. The fact that you couldn't sell the fish is irrelevant in that...
  309. MYNomad

    Anyone happen to know the price, or ballpark, for diesel in Turtle bay?

    It's a seller's market. Last I heard, $8. But at this time of year, who knows. Almost certainly worthwhile to invest in a bladder.
  310. MYNomad

    I will have a house on the lake. That will be the mothership.

    I will have a house on the lake. That will be the mothership.
  311. MYNomad

    I just noticed that my Donkey Achievement has disappeared. How do I get it back?

    I just noticed that my Donkey Achievement has disappeared. How do I get it back?
  312. MYNomad

    Whats the best setup for sleeping on deck?

    I would rather be on the deck in a sleeping bag than up in the v berth with another guy. Some kind of pillow is nice, but the throwable live preserver is fine. Dew will often be your biggest problem. The only other problem with sleeping on deck is getting hit by flying fish.
  313. MYNomad

    New Boat Advice Needed

    When I try to "build" a boat, it goes straight to submit. The earlier steps are greyed out. I will try again later on a different machine. Thanks.
  314. MYNomad

    New Boat Advice Needed

    Thanks. Their website seems to be broken, but I will try again later.
  315. MYNomad

    New Boat Advice Needed

    And most reasonably priced.
  316. MYNomad

    New Boat Advice Needed

    Thanks. I will look more carefully at Trackers. Do you know which model or type (I believe they sell Deep V, Mod V, and Jon boats)? And they come with Mercury engines. Are those good engines?
  317. MYNomad

    New Boat Advice Needed

    Maybe BD is the wrong place for this, since I can't find any forums focused on freshwater fishing. But, I need a new boat for lake fishing. If I needed a boat for saltwater use, I think I completely understand all the pros and cons of various hull sizes and styles, as well as power options...
  318. MYNomad


    Unless you are leaving out an important part of the story, like they guy was texting a client to close an order, or it was after hours and the guy was off the clock, etc., that would be a big problem for me. One that would call for a performance improvement plan, with termination the next step...
  319. MYNomad

    Chance of catching a swordfish during a 12 hours trip out of San Diego?

    If you are feeling luck . . . Buy a lottery ticket.
  320. MYNomad

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    Then why would you start a thread expecting to create controversy? And why would you attack others on a personal level, complete with vulgarities? I am genuinely puzzled at the seeming contradiction. All I can infer is that your concerns about the future of Bloody Decks are not sincere. If...
  321. MYNomad

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    If your question is not rhetorical, if you are really interested in understanding why so many threads end up with nasty comments based on radically opposing political views, here are some sincere thoughts: 1. It isn't every thread or even almost every thread that gets political -- based on my...
  322. MYNomad

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    If I realized how sensitive you were, I would not have made my comment. It wasn't intended to offend you or to reflect on you in any way. Personally, I don't care whether you are a libtard or not. But there is nothing conspiritorial about my thinking -- if you pay attention to world events...
  323. MYNomad

    Your comment is likely to inspire AOC or some other libtard to insist that we need a government...

    Your comment is likely to inspire AOC or some other libtard to insist that we need a government commission to set prices on used stuff, and that the existing system is inherently racist and rooted in white privilege.
  324. MYNomad

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    That is exactly what makes a market, particularly for mass produced and commodity items. There are a bunch of sellers, all with differing opinions of the value of what they want to sell, and a bunch of buyers, also having a range of opinions. A transaction occurs only when a seller values a...
  325. MYNomad

    AK -- Eagle Lake -- maybe 25 miles north of Rhinelander; Part of the Eagle River lake group...

    AK -- Eagle Lake -- maybe 25 miles north of Rhinelander; Part of the Eagle River lake group, the longest connected chain of freshwater lakes in the world.
  326. MYNomad

    Your first fishing memory

    Fishing for bluegill and other panfish from the dock of my cousin's cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. I always loved going up north. This is timely since I just went under contract to buy my own place "up north".
  327. MYNomad

    Bait tank pump/rigging

    Mr. G: I have no knowledge or experience. Looks like the same head as on some of their other pumps, which seem reliable and serviceable. As to the motor, I wish I could help. I do suspect the price is higher than a jacuzzi type pump (on sale maybe $250), and the lack of speed variability is...
  328. MYNomad

    Bait tank in transom

    Looks like it turned out great! Reminds me of my buddy's bait tank dilemma. He had a nice new 38' express style boat, made on the east coast where bait tanks are a bit of an after though. After his third consecutive trip with dead bait (before that, he was used to my boat which rarely loses...
  329. MYNomad

    I agree with all of that. It is a real shame.

    I agree with all of that. It is a real shame.
  330. MYNomad

    Bait tank pump/rigging

    One word of caution with pool pumps -- make sure the installation is bullet proof as the volume they can pump is enough to sink a ship. You may recall the sinking of a new Nordhavn "yachtfisher" in its slip, I believe in Cabo. They had locals install, or at least plumb, a jacuzzi pump (maybe...
  331. MYNomad

    Bait tank pump/rigging

    I never found a satisfactory 12v pump for my tank, which is only a little bigger than yours. I highly recommend jacuzzi pumps -- particularly with plastic housings and variable speed. Half horse power should be plenty, but with variable speed 3/4 horse power is fine, too. The big downside is...
  332. MYNomad

    Because the last posts were hopeful of a resolution to a problem of great significance to long...

    Because the last posts were hopeful of a resolution to a problem of great significance to long range fishing. The guy who brought it up (me) was looking for an update.
  333. MYNomad

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    An acquaintance claims that the SD fleet is now fishing Cedros. I told him that I didn't think so, but he seems pretty confident. He couldn't show me anything definitive, but did point out the following statement on Shogun's site " Cedros and Benitos for Yellowtail and other inshore species...
  334. MYNomad

    10.11- 3 Day on the PQ weather forecast is all bad

    Not if the forecast for Tuesday holds.
  335. MYNomad

    Best tasting fish

    White seabass and mahi mahi are about my favorites.
  336. MYNomad

    Offshore PV Best fun and eating=Sr. Frogs!

    My favorite spot in PV is Fajita Republic. Especially if you arrive by dinghy. Navigating up that creek / river at night is a lot like Disneyland's Blue By You ride, except the alligators (crocodiles?) are real.
  337. MYNomad

    Anchoring at Tanner

    I lost an anchor at Tanner once, but not in the typical way. Before that trip, I had 200' of chain, but wanted to add a few hundred feet of rope. The hawse pipe that it had to fit through required that the line be spliced around a thimble, a skill I didn't have, so I hired an expert. Rather...
  338. MYNomad

    Making coast trip from Dana Point to Long Beach

    I guess it depends on what "hug" means, but staying 3 miles off will greatly reduce the number of vessels and other hazards you have to contend with. And 5 miles is better. When making a journey of any length, particularly at night, I try to be 20 to 40 miles off.
  339. MYNomad

    Ear protection

    Me too. Did you get yours at Pachmeyer (sp) by chance? I did plenty of hunting without them so my hearing is now poor (oddly, left ear is worse than the right, even though I shoot right handed). If today's technology had been available back then ( the '70s), I would have gone that route.
  340. MYNomad

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    So did you reduce the customary / expected / obligatory 20%+ tip? I would not have, but wouldn't be too bitter about the disrespect, either. You have to consider the source.
  341. MYNomad

    schedules may have changed, but years ago, I took the train from Union Station (LA) to right...

    schedules may have changed, but years ago, I took the train from Union Station (LA) to right near the San Diego convention center with my kids, and it was faster than driving, despite the stops.
  342. MYNomad

    Questions about traversing San Pedro w/ all the ships

    I agree with 45King. Those freighters take so long to stop, they are going slow anywhere near the harbor. It isn't real time, but pretty close -- you might consider running MarineTraffic on your cell to get AIS data -- shows speed and heading for all the big ones.
  343. MYNomad

    Any experienced captain wants to partner up in starting a charter business?

    Don't you have a Jones Act problem with a Riviera? I had a buddy who tried to get a waiver (for charter operation in So Cal, though not fishing) and was denied.
  344. MYNomad

    Yea, I didn't understand the broker rib either. But, I look at freeboard as a safety thing...

    Yea, I didn't understand the broker rib either. But, I look at freeboard as a safety thing, with self-bailing cockpit being equally (perhaps more) important. Mine had a tuna door, so even if the cockpit was full, it would drain quickly.
  345. MYNomad

    Anybody running a Wellcraft?

    Probably even more freeboard if you measure from water level to top of gunnel/transom, since it has a self-bailing cockpit (or at least my 2800 did).
  346. MYNomad

    Outboard Up or Down While Mooring for Couple Days

    Keep it up. Wait, that's what she said.
  347. MYNomad

    I agree. My buddy was out there on a 38' boat and was miserable. And for the record, being...

    I agree. My buddy was out there on a 38' boat and was miserable. And for the record, being prone to seasickness, I would have been miserable on my boat, even though it is stabilized.
  348. MYNomad

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    I guess it is all relative, but from my perspective, the reports never looked horrendous, and certainly 20 knots of wind isn't so bad that a decent sized boat would cancel a trip. In fact, I wouldn't use the word "blow" to describe 20 knots. More like "puffing 20 knots".
  349. MYNomad

    262 magazine review

    It is common industry practice for advertisers, such as skipjack, to get reviews that they at least ghost write, and to get the right to reprint, or link, to the article for little or no charge. That benefits the magazine as well, since it gives direct exposure to readers they wouldn't...
  350. MYNomad

    Anybody running a Wellcraft?

    I had a 2800 Coastal about 20 years ago. My only complaint was that it had gas engines and only carried 400 gallons, as I recall. But even that was enough to get me most anywhere I wanted to go (and back). I bought that boat with the hope that my wife would spend more time on board since it...
  351. MYNomad

    Do we even know which boat was "there" first?

    Do we even know which boat was "there" first?
  352. MYNomad

    Affliction: My Response

    Frankly, I can't even imagine the other side. Who ever boats the fish first, owns it. I saw a guy fighting a swordfish, a spotter plane also saw and called in a stick boat, which harpooned the fish, cut the line and kept it. Personally, I wouldn't do it, although some people cut him slack...
  353. MYNomad

    Issue With Navionics Boating App

    That's normal. You need to pay extra for Mexican charts
  354. MYNomad

    Garmin/Transducer issue, will not read bottom.

    Did you try while stopped, or at least not planning? How deep was the water you were in? Is everything, except depth, set to auto? If so, try turning off interference rejection and the like. Is it set/tuned for the transducer's resonant frequency? Check connections to transducer? If not of...
  355. MYNomad

    Someone stole my wife's credit card, but since he spent less than my wife did, I never reported it.

    Someone stole my wife's credit card, but since he spent less than my wife did, I never reported it.
  356. MYNomad

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    I think they are legal -- I (used to) have a snake charmer I bought in California (at Andrews, before it turned into a Turners) probably 35 years ago. More recently, I was on the verge of gifting myself a BMG until I learned that 50 cal is not legal in California. As I recall, there is a 45...
  357. MYNomad

    Rising Ocean Temps - Tropical Species in California

    Those trigger fish are pretty tasty. I wish I knew how and where to target them.
  358. MYNomad

    Help diagnose Battery wiring issue

    How about just telling us if the "bad" battery will start the engine when it is fully charged?
  359. MYNomad

    Boats went down in westport today?

    When I was spec'ing my semi-custom boat, I considered crash pumps (sometimes called trash pumps, but I cannot understand why) but decided against after realizing that the chances of crash pumps making a difference (let alone being needed in the first place) was extremely remote. Although I...
  360. MYNomad

    Shoulder hoppers

    In my experience, the big white boats do a very good job of knowing and following the rules of the road. It is the big (and really big) brown, grey, black, green boats that won't readily alter their course, but they are constrained in maneuverability.
  361. MYNomad

    Watching TV on the water

    At present, satellite may be the only way to go. If you do that, be careful to get equipment that will continue to work with broadcasters' future plans. TrackVision "TV" series (but not the HD series) may be absolute soon, since it is Ku, but not Ka, compatible. If you want high def from...
  362. MYNomad

    The crew…

    Unless I was doing something that imperiling the safety of the boat or its passengers, if I got yelled at by the captain or another crew member, the tip would be zero and I wouldn't fish that boat again. How often does that sort of thing happen.
  363. MYNomad

    Help diagnose Battery wiring issue

    Although you said that it won't start on the new battery only an hour or two after charging, you didn't affirmatively say that it would start on only the new battery when fully charged. So, first step is to verify that. If it does start, then something is draining the battery during that hour...
  364. MYNomad


    That is gratifying, and would make for a great episode of the California equivalent of Texas Rangers (or whatever they call it -- the show about Texas game wardens doing their thing). Unfortunately, I don't think California has any such show. Too politically incorrect. The problem with the...
  365. MYNomad

    Mr. Nube, How come the captain sits on the port side, if the controls are on the starboard side...

    Mr. Nube, How come the captain sits on the port side, if the controls are on the starboard side? :-) (I would call that the port helm chair.)
  366. MYNomad

    Livewell Killing my bait

    Please also show us how new water enters the tank -- is it through a diffuser, or perhaps a single entry point (like a pipe end), or through a wand with a bunch of holes it it that sprays down to the surface? Only a diffuser will give satisfactory results, in my experience. In general, the...
  367. MYNomad

    It is important that the thru hull be after the pump (to restrict output), not before (which...

    It is important that the thru hull be after the pump (to restrict output), not before (which would restrict input).
  368. MYNomad

    Center console recommendations

    The diversity of opinion proves two things: 1) every boat is a compromise and no boat is perfect for everything, 2) especially with boats, it is always greener on the other side of the fence. That said, and even though I think my boat is perfect for LONNNGGG range, multi day, fishing, I am also...
  369. MYNomad

    Offshore MY BEST DORADO TRICK EVER... Whats Yours?

    On greasy calm days, we will throw out newpaper and mark the position on the plotter then come back several hours later to see if anyone is home. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it does seem to work better off baja, where there are far fewer kelp paddies.
  370. MYNomad

    Saltwater Electrical gurus…?

    That would be my assumption. I know on my boat when the voltage drops that low, both of my chargers are kicking in. When your batteries are fully charged, both chargers should go to about 12.8 volts and at that point very little amperage will flow from either charger. Unless both chargers are...
  371. MYNomad

    Saltwater Electrical gurus…?

    I agree about the connections, but not about the voltage potential at the battery. Our different opinions have nothing to do with the smartness of the charger. Instead, the difference is based on my belief that as long as the amperage (not voltage, let's assume that is 14v) amperage of...
  372. MYNomad

    Saltwater Electrical gurus…?

    Even when the voltage at the alternator is 14, the voltage at the battery will be the battery's voltage, and that is where the charger will be reading, so it will contribute to the amperage going into a battery able to accept any amperage. I may be missing something, but don't see a problem...
  373. MYNomad

    Saltwater Electrical gurus…?

    When your house bank is low, turn the genset on. When it is full (or close) turn it off. Lots of variables will determine what "low" and "close to full" mean. But, just play it by ear. You will notice patterns. On my current boat, despite having a 1200 AH house bank, I run the genset full...
  374. MYNomad

    Do i need a bigger bait tank?

    As a rule of thumb, virtually everyone always needs a bigger bait tank. I know I do.
  375. MYNomad

    Inshore Life Jackets!

    The jury, so to speak, is still out on that one. It is hard to imagine a scenario where both boats weren't at fault, but it easier to imagine that Attessa IV was not. Prowler was hit on its starboard side, as I recall. And did have its AIS on, while Prowler (as I recall) did not.
  376. MYNomad

    Families sue USCG over Conception dive boat fire

    I am guessing you don't have a legal background?
  377. MYNomad

    Families sue USCG over Conception dive boat fire

    There are plenty of judgements against all sorts of governmental agencies. If a cop searches you illegally, that is actionable. The list is long, but it doesn't include failure to enforce. If it did, all the stores that got looted because the cops (for example, in Santa Monica) let it happen...
  378. MYNomad

    Families sue USCG over Conception dive boat fire

    That is basically true. Based on the concept of sovereign immunity.
  379. MYNomad

    Families sue USCG over Conception dive boat fire

    But it is well established that the USCG, like every other enforcement agency, has no actionable duty to enforce. Unless the law changed when I wasn't looking.
  380. MYNomad

    Families sue USCG over Conception dive boat fire

    But that suit is going no where. Similar suits happen all the time. Someone is hiking in a national park, jumps off a cliff and breaks his neck because the water is too shallow and filled with rocks. The park service should have put up a warning sign. One of the problems with excessive...
  381. MYNomad

    Best diesel engine for 24' radon repower

    How many hours on "your're" yanmars? That comment about doing my homework -- I bet you heard that a lot as a kid?
  382. MYNomad

    Bait tank and pump

    If your boat has a genset, and if you are comfortable running it full time when away from the dock, then I highly recommend a 110v, 2-speed (or better yet variable speed) jacuzzi pump. The kind that comes with a built in strainer basket. They are surprisingly inexpensive and much more powerful...
  383. MYNomad

    Your comment didn't address my question -- how is offering larger engines not fair? Have a...

    Your comment didn't address my question -- how is offering larger engines not fair? Have a great day.
  384. MYNomad

    New version of the 262 coming soon!

    I am only interested in a large (>30') CC, so you won't lose my business over this, but in case you value consumer input, I question what is unfair about offering the larger engines. Sounds to me like the reason you don't want to offer larger engines is because you don't want to compete with...
  385. MYNomad

    Offshore 8 yft on the cedar at the 425

    Isn't the fish in the bottom pic a bft? If so, and if caught on the troll, good to know. I bet a lot of guys are missing yft opportunities because they want bft and don't think they will bite on the troll.
  386. MYNomad

    Offshore Worth it or not? Bisbees Los Cabos Tourney 2021

    Muy Expensivo. But if you win, definitely worth it. Unless you get disqualified because some deckhand was too cheap to buy a license.
  387. MYNomad

    Can you fillet tunas in the boat

    I suppose it is for that same type of humor that some guys also report fake radio fish.
  388. MYNomad

    Tournament Tuna

    That's one reason I don't fish tuna tournaments.
  389. MYNomad

    Eating oysters from Mission Bay?

    They are filter feeders, meaning they concentrate toxins present in the water. Even with clean water, natural toxins (from algae blooms, etc.) make them unsafe from September through March (months without an "r" are safe in that regard). The biggest problem is heavy metals -- if they are...
  390. MYNomad

    boating problems

    I have been thinking about your problem. The most important reason to have a self-bailing deck is to keep water out of the bilge. Too much water and the boat will sink (at least unless it is "unsinkable"), but long before it sinks it will become unstable and could easily flip (coincidentally...
  391. MYNomad

    boating problems

    The real question is the level of the deck relative to waterline. If the deck is below the water line, it obviously cannot defy gravity to drain, even if the drain line is below the water line. The deck level has to be above the water line in order for gravity to move water. The higher above...
  392. MYNomad

    boating problems

    As a practical matter, no. If you somehow created a drain hole at deck level, two things would happen: 1) the water wouldn't drain very fast, and 2) without a check valve, that hole would allow water to enter just as easily and swamp your boat. The fundamental problem is that the deck needs to...
  393. MYNomad

    Commercial Ice Machines.....who's got them.

    I know you are right. But I keep having this crazy idea of having a CC and hiring someone to keep my boats ready to go. The thing is, I won't even trust someone else to change my oil. Too many ways that it can get screwed up. I also imagine that a CC with outboards would be MUCH easier to...
  394. MYNomad

    Commercial Ice Machines.....who's got them.

    Ironically, I am thinking about buying a 36' (or so) CC. Not to replace my boat, but instead to have the best of both worlds, with the big boat being more of a mothership operation. Of course, that will entail a whole other level of expense, especially since I will have to hire crew to run the...
  395. MYNomad

    Commercial Ice Machines.....who's got them.

    If you want to really enjoy life, put an ice maker on your boat. While you're at it, get one that makes saltwater ice -- your fish will thank you.
  396. MYNomad

    Saltwater Transducer Help

    It looks to me like a paddlewheel. The type that can be pulled out for cleaning, etc., and replaced with a plug (which can be seen on the left side of one of the pictures) to prevent water from coming in while the paddlewheel is out. To find out, twist off the cap, pull the transducer up and...
  397. MYNomad

    Islands ? Boat sank at South Island Saturday AM

    According to the other story, the hull was already full of water when they thought that by getting up on plane they could drain the water out, but that just dug the stern in deeper. They weren't backing down.
  398. MYNomad

    Islands ? Boat sank at South Island Saturday AM

    What is a hull seal? How often are they supposed to be changed?
  399. MYNomad

    Just bit heavy on the trim.

    That guy didn't have his thinking cap on. He should have used his engine to back off.
  400. MYNomad

    Inshore 8/21 - Islands Slowdown + Added Excitement

    Everyone wants to know how it flipped. So do I, but in the absence of information I will speculate, even knowing how some people can't stand speculation. Here goes -- it took on a lot of water (any number of ways, I won't speculate about that), at which point it doesn't take much to roll the...
  401. MYNomad

    We should all be alarmed...!

    Scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up.
  402. MYNomad

    "Limits" of dorado?

    I am all for law and order, and I obey laws I don't agree with, even when no one is looking. But, it is important to remember that the burden of proof is on law enforcement -- it isn't a fishermen's job to prove he didn't enter prohibited waters, it is the government's job to prove he did...
  403. MYNomad

    "Limits" of dorado?

    But that's not what happened here. The guy MAYBE planned to go to Mexico, but didn't, and instead stayed in US waters the whole time. In that circumstance, do Mex limits, as enforced by DFW, apply, or do US limits. Using common sense will often lead to the wrong conclusion when legal issues...
  404. MYNomad

    "Limits" of dorado?

    Do you know this to be true? I have never heard that before. The only law I am familiar with applies to the waters you are actually in.
  405. MYNomad

    Fisherman’s Gift

    a book or one of the classic long range dvd videos.
  406. MYNomad

    Tunas and Dolphins (porpoise version)

    Dolphins usually break the surface in order to breath and do so in a very graceful way. Usually. Spinner dolphins, in particular, seem to like to twist through the air and make a bigger splash upon re-entry. Tuna, on the other hand, break the surface because they are chasing food, and do so...
  407. MYNomad

    Highway 5 Ambush

    Mexico, or at least baja, could and would thrive if the government could control crime and corruption. Tourism and construction would explode. Employment opportunities would quickly rival those of the US. The quality of life for the average Mexican on the street would be immeasurably...
  408. MYNomad

    For all the naysayers

    That is 6 months away. The world, and its requirements, will be different by then so no point in rushing out to get a vaccine just to get into FH.
  409. MYNomad

    Confused self bailing decks

    A self-bailing deck should not permit any water to drain into any bilge (at least not with the hatches closed), even if the cockpit is flooded. I don't think I have ever seen a design that would allow water to flow into the bilge due to a dirty gutter, but that design isn't appropriate for an...
  410. MYNomad

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    Except that the technology isn't there. No one is manufacturing a tier-4 engine below 2,000 hp. And in larger engines, the technology isn't feasible in "smaller" boats, even if it could be scaled. There needs to be a balance, but here technology is leading regulations because of idiotic...
  411. MYNomad

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    There have been plenty of articles on this issue. Costs are impossible to quantify because there are NO tier-4 marine engines of this size being produced. But the technology to achieve tier-4 compliance is not compatible with ships of this size. As for waiting for the bad news, that is a...
  412. MYNomad

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    That is no consolation since the costs will be passed on to the consumer.
  413. MYNomad

    Why Does the Pacific Queen Do So Well?

    How did the boat's fish reports look for those days you fished?
  414. MYNomad

    Test Broadband radar

    Interesting question -- if I understand you correctly, you are worried that the radar (or more precisely, its magnetron) will turn your boat shed into a giant microwave oven. I don't think you need to worry for a few reasons. First, 3G radars put out very little power. Second, your shed...
  415. MYNomad

    Charter getting fuel after the trip with customers on board?

    Take money away? I think you have a warped perspective. It's my money until I give it away and my comment was that I would give less, but I would tell them why. If that were the norm, captains wouldn't pull that crap. Of course, guys like you can always give extra to make up for guys like me...
  416. MYNomad

    Charter getting fuel after the trip with customers on board?

    The time they were buying came at the expense of their customers. Hell of a way to run a business. I wonder if they collected tips before that? Personally, I would have deducted the value of my time from the tip I would otherwise give.
  417. MYNomad

    Odd color in BF belly meat

    Looks like an old bruise to me. How did it taste?
  418. MYNomad

    Are you prepared for a boat fire?

    We do have a life raft and lots of fire extinguishers. First choice would be to launch the dinghy, but that takes about 5 minutes. Engine room has automatic suppression system. And a monitor camera as well as a window in engine room door. I try not to have any smoking on board, and don't...
  419. MYNomad

    Hoping for suggestions before I start another box

    If it were mine, I would like to have a lock on it, but I would want the lock to be as convenient as possible. Perhaps using RFID technology (with manual backup in case the battery dies). That way, you put something around your neck, or in your pocket, and the thing opens in your presence, but...
  420. MYNomad

    Mexican fishing license with a felony?

    A former deckhand of mine cleared into Mexico no problem, but Canada wouldn't take him. He may have been a special case though because, as I recall, he had a US passport, and my insurance company had approved him (though they have rejected others based on criminal background checks).
  421. MYNomad

    Help - AIS functionality for my skiff

    Go to Marine Traffic and look at all the boats you can see -- including behind islands, etc. And including Class B vessels (which most recreational are, and which transmit at a lower power). The biggest problem with satellite based tracking is that Marine Traffic won't identify your vessel by...
  422. MYNomad

    Deep Cycle Draw Down Data

    Years ago, I had to replace all of my FLAs because they were drawn down way below 12v -- maybe to 5 or even closer to zero. A wharf rat guy I knew wanted them and (using my equalizer) was able to restore them to "useful" life. Equalizing may be worth a shot.
  423. MYNomad

    Private Ocean fishing boats in San Diego

    I take it that private means non-commercial, but "ocean fishing boat" needs clarification. I have fished from my dinghy before, does that count? Do all trailer boats count, even the ones not well suited to fishing? Sailboats? Etc.
  424. MYNomad

    Nacho - great bait - my mistake

    There are a couple survivors in there. Someone should selectively breed those and develop a super survivor sub-species. Those would be priceless.
  425. MYNomad

    Simrad VHF RS40 ais interference

    I am not familiar with that radio, but most will let you tag (and untag) individual channels for scanning (or not).
  426. MYNomad

    Permanent mount VHF?

    Virtually nothing you said contradicts, or is even relevant to, the comments I made. Some of your comments are baffling. Like " You want to minimize any attenuation of the signal between the radiating element and the air and minimize any losses." What is that supposed to mean? Put the...
  427. MYNomad

    Permanent mount VHF?

    I have a little different take. First as to antenna quality -- fundamentally, an antenna is nothing more than a wire, so an antenna with a long skinny wire will radiate at least as well as one with a fatter wire. But, longevity is important, so the wire must be well suspended. The length of...
  428. MYNomad

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    I think that is a bad analogy. On a cattleboat, you are paying for a shot at the fish. Not leaving the dock would be the equivalent of not getting the food you ordered at a restaurant. A better analogy would be a bar. You sit down for a few hours, have a few drinks while hoping to meet a...
  429. MYNomad

    Fishing Problems to solve with Software

    The biggest problem the private boater faces (or at least the ones who don't have FishDope) is finding fish. So, the frontier on which you should focus, IMO, is crowd sourcing of real-time data. One problem you may have is lack of off-shore connectivity, so a stand-alone mesh network device may...
  430. MYNomad

    Tipping % ?

    Most fishermen here will tell you they tip at least 20%. Some captains will tell you that it should be 50%. Lots of deckhands will tell you the average they actually get is between 10% and 15%. At the end of the day, you are going to have to make up your own mind.
  431. MYNomad

    Why did you join bloody decks?

    All-around censorship at Allcoast is what drove me away from there. I am surprised they don't pay attention to shut down threads here and invite the discussion there.
  432. MYNomad


    Sounds like Furuno and Wesmar scanning sonars, which have been around at least 20 years. Is there something newer / more capable than that?
  433. MYNomad

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    By that line of reasoning, the only thing wrong with America is the Americans, because we have a relatively small group trying to ruin our country.
  434. MYNomad

    Boat wash San Diego?

    How dirty is it? I generally wash my boat after fishing, but I know some people wash their hands before they pee.
  435. MYNomad

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    You probably thought you were making a joke, but it isn't funny. In general, the people I have met in Mexico are much more hospitable than your average american. What ever feelings you may have about our illegal immigration problems, you can't blame the people IN Mexico.
  436. MYNomad

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    Makes me think we better get used to corruption here.
  437. MYNomad

    Fourth of July

    If you want to join about 2,000 other vessels, ranging from dinghys and jet skis up to dinner boats, plus another 1,000 canoes and SUPs, not to mention various drunks who fall overboard and decide to swim, MdR is a pretty good choice. Worth doing once in your life.
  438. MYNomad

    Landlord attorney needed.

    Residential or commercial?
  439. MYNomad

    Islands Catalina 6/25

    Dude -- I upvoted your most recent and never voted on your others.
  440. MYNomad

    Islands Catalina 6/25

    Thank you for not shouting. I guess your point about it being in the 80's is that you wouldn't do it today. I hope the newbies around here that read your posts can read between the lines.
  441. MYNomad

    Islands Catalina 6/25

    By taking the fish aboard for a photo op, you were in "possession" of the black seabass, and that is illegal, notwithstanding the claimed presence of two off-duty wardens -- ask any on-duty warden. Beyond the illegality, you weren't doing the fish any favors, and may have caused dislocation of...
  442. MYNomad

    Islands Catalina 6/25

    Sorry to comment, and of course I have no idea when that picture was taken, but the seabass never should have been removed from the water, let alone gaffed (even in the lips). So, anyone else seeing that picture, please don't do it. Not only are those black/giant seabass are just too precious...
  443. MYNomad

    When my wife and I go on a harbor dinghy cruise, she always wants to go to the launch ramp to...

    When my wife and I go on a harbor dinghy cruise, she always wants to go to the launch ramp to watch the idiocy. Of course, she remembers the times I had trouble at the launch ramp (years ago).
  444. MYNomad

    U-Haul is going to lose money on this one if they sold him the Loss Damage Waiver for $20.

    U-Haul is going to lose money on this one if they sold him the Loss Damage Waiver for $20.
  445. MYNomad

    Splicing hollow core braid - lesson learned !

    There is actually a well known psychological phenomenon called "state dependent learning", the best example of which is that, the next day after sobering up, drunks may not remember where they put their bottle before passing out, but when they get drunk again, they remember. Similarly, studying...
  446. MYNomad

    In general, that isn't my experience.

    In general, that isn't my experience.
  447. MYNomad

    Coast Guard Question

    The solution to LEGAL governmental intrusion is to be a voice in the democratic process. Where I live, my voice and viewpoint are ignored. Instead, it is the defund police crowd to which the elected official pander.
  448. MYNomad

    Coast Guard Question

    Since the 4th Amendment restrictions on search and seizure do not apply, I doubt that there is any constitutional problem. Personally, I have no problem with them inspecting whenever they want, even if the point is to generate some statistics demonstrating that they don't profile.
  449. MYNomad

    Coast Guard Question

    I don't doubt that Washington law requires adults to carry id when in public. But, I believe they need probable cause to ask for it, on land. On water, the rules are a little different, starting with no probable cause is required (by US Constitution) for even a search.
  450. MYNomad

    Who can explain “In Possession” ?

    It is well established that there is no legitimate write off for sport caught fish. Guys who claim a deduction are playing the audit lottery. Non-cash charitable contributions get a lot of scrutiny. Plus, who wants to be a tax cheat. Self respect and sleeping well at night are much more...
  451. MYNomad

    Can someone tell me what I was looking at? Sonar

    Since I can't imagine anything in nature that would produce that echo, I suspect it is intermittent electrical interference. Perhaps someone flushed a head?
  452. MYNomad

    Islands Catalina 6-16,17,18-21

    I wouldn't have known that the sole wasn't a juvenile halibut. I guess the way you tell is by putting your thumb in its mouth.
  453. MYNomad

    Skipjack fishermwn tip better than bluefin fishermen

    Best I can figure, based on incoherency and multiple typos, is that someone was drinking and posting.
  454. MYNomad

    Quick question.

    Definitely you can. I have been known to stretch mine beyond the limits (I am not a good enough fishermen to catch as much as most of you guys), and I found a trick for when the tuna gets a little ripe: Extra wasabi. And if that isn't fully effective, extra beer.
  455. MYNomad

    Tower Recommendations

    We do. We tend to lean against the bench seat. When sitting, it is important to have something to brace your legs against. Either way, I can't imagine not having a solid floor to stand on. If your thought is to stand on support bars, someone is going to slip and get injured. I know you...
  456. MYNomad

    What to do after you mark fish

    I thought I would mention a neat feature on Furuno fish finders -- maybe others have it too. You can scroll backwards through your finsh finder readings, freeze the screen where the fish echos are are, and put a mark on that spot. That mark shows up on your chart plotter, and of course you can...
  457. MYNomad

    SoCal Inshore Thresher Fishing

    I would give you better advice if I could, but slow troll a weighted mackerel with heavy tackle, within a few miles of the beach. Searching here probably will give you some much better advice.
  458. MYNomad

    Boat Hoist Service for Getting Boat in San Diego Bay

    Get the trailer galvanized. Then put Rustoleum all over it and keep that up.
  459. MYNomad

    What to do after you mark fish

    Depending on species, the marks are not likely to be stationary. I have the benefit of scanning sonar, so I can make a big circle while keeping an eye on the fish. I don't have the bait to chum nearly as aggressively as the sport boats, but we will throw some out and keep our fingers crossed...
  460. MYNomad

    Death by Ethanol Leak?

    But an increase in fuel leak explosions may be explained by correspondingly increased deterioration of fuel lines and gaskets caused by ethanol, as the article suggests.
  461. MYNomad

    Multiple Simrad units- Help

    It is very telling that Simrad engineered a red light to come on when the box goes bad. Odd they would expect so many failures that a red light is considered useful.
  462. MYNomad

    Multiple Simrad units- Help

    If any of your MFDs have a video out (especially, HDMI, but anything better than an RCA plug), you can put a screen back there to show what is on the sonar screen upfront. The problem you will have is finding a sunlight viewable screen. You pretty much need 1000 nits or better.
  463. MYNomad

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    So, you don't have to back off the drag, even when most of the spool is out? I thought a big part of the reason for maxing drag at 30% (or whatever) was to deal with shock loads?
  464. MYNomad

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    Do any of you guys adjust for the increase in drag that results from line being off the reel? When the diameter is cut in half, the effective drag is doubled.
  465. MYNomad

    boat size tips

    If you have to ask . . . Depends greatly on the boat, but also on your experience. If the boat is seaworthy, take it a step at a time -- a few hours in the bay during the day with flat seas and no wind, gradually progressing until you are confident in your ability and that of the boat to be 12...
  466. MYNomad

    Which is better for fishing prospects, patties full of bait or empty?

    FWIW, when I approach a paddy with my scanning sonar on, it is typical to see the predators circling the paddy at up to 250', and probably and average of 75' from it. And often times down 50' to 100'. So, I tend to fish from about 50 yards from the paddy, and don't reset my drift until I am at...
  467. MYNomad

    Which is better for fishing prospects, patties full of bait or empty?

    I always fish paddies with bait a little harder, thinking that no predator is going to leave a paddy with bait. Maybe get a reaction bite out of a full predator.
  468. MYNomad

    Offshore Fishing with the Fleet

    It looks like your phone is giving degrees and to the right of the decimal thousands of degrees. To convert the thousandths part, multiply by 60 to get the number of minutes. So 30.904 becomes 30 degrees 54.24 minutes. If you like you can convert the .24 minutes to seconds by multiplying by...
  469. MYNomad

    Looking for a panga

    Keep an eye on the beaches between San Diego and Malibu, Oxnard or even Santa Barbara. They wash up from time to time.
  470. MYNomad

    Old school skippy or modern outboard boat

    Are you in the military?
  471. MYNomad

    Bachelor party time!

    Two golden rules: Don't mix business with pleasure and don't mix fishing with dock bunnies.
  472. MYNomad

    Old school skippy or modern outboard boat

    In that budget, I would go I/O -- you will get more for your money. Also, if you are mechanically inclined, you can do most (or all) of the engine work yourself on an inboard, especially if its based on a small block chevy. Conversely, outboards seem to be almost throw aways -- if it breaks...
  473. MYNomad

    Heading out to St Nicolas end of June

    Here is my experience, FWIW. As a private boater, I always have backup plans. Generally, if Plan A is Tanner, etc., San Nic is Plan B (and Plan C is SBI, Plan D is Catalina and E is stay home). Perhaps not surprisingly, most of my fishing is not at San Nic, but here is what I remember: 1)...
  474. MYNomad

    Good news for you guys down there..

    Years, yes, but that was a 9th circuit ruling, so there are only two more stops: the full 9th Circuit and the USSC -- the state supreme court is powerless in this one. If the 9th Circuit reverses, the USSC would have good reason to grant cert -- just to straighten out the 9th Circuit. But...
  475. MYNomad

    Petition to save The Sportfishing boats

    Why is it that people only get excited when it is their ox that is being gored, or development in their back yard. The real lesson here is to oppose excessive regulation where ever your find it. Too bad we can't elect representatives to make it their full time job to address these issues as...
  476. MYNomad

    Fishing trip canceled due to a contract with the military

    I suspect the owner has the contractual right to cancel, in his sole discretion, for mechanical reasons, weather . . . or anything else. But exercising that right because he got a better offer will tarnish his reputation for reliability, at least if word gets around as to the boat's identity...
  477. MYNomad

    New Boat, Struggling Bait.. Help!!

    Three thoughts: 1) Baits don't actually like windows. They get scared when they see movement on the other side. Probably looks like a seal coming. That can cause the behavior you show, in one picture but not the other, of the bait huddling in the corner. Put a towel over the windows, at...
  478. MYNomad

    Stolen gear

    Thieves are like cockroaches -- they hate light. I am not sure cameras deter anyone that has a hoodie. My cameras are not easy to spot. And it is important to get high resolution cameras -- like 8 MP, and a DVR that records based on optical motion sensing with masking (so, someone walking...
  479. MYNomad

    Stolen gear

    If you are comfortable, please share how the thieves got to you? Did they break into your car, grab them from your boat while you were parking, etc?
  480. MYNomad

    Romans 12:13

    This isn't intended as criticism -- in fact I don't disagree with anything you say. Personally, I am reluctant to introduce religion out of context for fear that it will turn off others, sort of the way the guys preaching on the corner seem to. Instead, I try to put those words into action...
  481. MYNomad

    Acceptable Tip Amount For 1.5

    If you are right that it is just like any other day laborers, then that means they do get minimum wage. That is Federal law, and in California that minimum is something like $13 / hr. (But don't get me started on California -- they pay more than that in unemployment benefits. California is...
  482. MYNomad

    "this is why the good deckhands are leaving and crews are getting harder and harder to find" --...

    "this is why the good deckhands are leaving and crews are getting harder and harder to find" -- the easy solution to that is the sportboats need to pay more.
  483. MYNomad

    Acceptable Tip Amount For 1.5

    By that logic $1040 split 3 ways is still a slap in the face. But doesn't the boat pay these guys anything? Are they exempt from minimum wage laws? If they are getting minimum wage, another $170 on top of that sounds pretty good to me.
  484. MYNomad

    Ponzu Scheme 30 ft Sport Fishing Boat Charter 1981

    Thanks guys, I learned something, which I try to do every day. Now I can take the rest of the day off.
  485. MYNomad

    Ponzu Scheme 30 ft Sport Fishing Boat Charter 1981

    The rules may have changed along with everything else around here, but isn't there supposed to be a price (for the boat that's for sale, not the slip)?
  486. MYNomad

    You guys got your recognition sooner than me, but I would still like the free hat. Let me know...

    You guys got your recognition sooner than me, but I would still like the free hat. Let me know if you need my address.
  487. MYNomad

    If you guys both have DSC, you should exchange MMSI #s and contact that way. So much easier...

    If you guys both have DSC, you should exchange MMSI #s and contact that way. So much easier than listening for someone trying to hail you on 16.
  488. MYNomad

    I may have a problem.

    You remind me of my buddy who will sometimes have two beers in a row. He worries that he may have a drinking problem.
  489. MYNomad

    Anchor me this

    I think you need a shackle. And make sure to use stainless steel safety wire. Since your anchor can spin (and thereby induce twists) on its way up and down, a swivel is a good thing to have, too.
  490. MYNomad

    Downvoters exposed

    Well, I got a notification that I had received 100 down votes, which apparently meant that I am an ass_H. And the BD message told me to stop being an AH. I guess I am an AH because I didn't care. That wasn't long after I got sideways with some ass wipe that I had to use ignore on. And that...
  491. MYNomad


    Reminds me of the guy who fell off the Empire State Building, and as he passed the 13th floor, someone asked how he was doing, and he said "So far, so good." That's the problem with being an atheist, but then again, heaven isn't for everyone.
  492. MYNomad


    I am a little rusty on this, but I bet you could get a really great explanation with a little internet research. But, basically, you are using an english translation of greek. And the word Paul used in the original greek, didn't mean obey -- there is a different word for that used in other...
  493. MYNomad

    Reading sonar returns

    I see very little noise in the third pic. Something real is generating those returns. I suspect bait or krill, but it could even be heavy plankton. The thing is, you are in such shallow water, it doesn't take much to reflect a relatively large amount of energy. If your FF has a TVG (time...
  494. MYNomad

    What handheld VHF radio do you guys prefer?

    I think sea level is right -- AIS on a handheld is not very useful. I have the 890 and the 870. The screen on the 890 is bigger and the newer "white paper" technology, but the print is pretty small (30 years ago that wouldn't have bothered me), and it has more capabilities (and therefore...
  495. MYNomad

    Which innovation/invention has changed fishing the most?

    clearly monofilament.
  496. MYNomad


    The sludge is algae, or dead algae, which is what happens to algae when the tank is treated with a biocide. Since the algae isn't exposed to sunlight, it is probably incapable of photosynthesis, lacks chlorophyll and is brown or black, not green. The algae almost certainly grew in the tank...
  497. MYNomad

    Offshore California Steigercraft 31

    It was a great report 3 YEARS AGO.
  498. MYNomad

    What should I study in college to become a wildlife officer?

    In reading the DFW response, I was struck by the title "Wildlife Officer". I liked Game Warden better. It would suck to be hired as a game warden only to find that the philosophy has changed enough to make Wildlife Officer the more appropriate title.
  499. MYNomad

    Unusual Cuisine?

    I want to try some seal.
  500. MYNomad

    Fuel bladder and pump connections

    The reason they say not to use the battery negative is because when you make the connection, there may be a spark and there may be explosive vapors (specifically, hydrogen, released during charging) in the vicinity of the battery. So, find something (like the engine block, if an inboard) that...
  501. MYNomad

    Bait pump question

    Teflon tape, but be careful not to let a threat of it get inside.
  502. MYNomad

    Fuel dock in Catalina - Under New Ownership

    That is still better than I would have expected for Avalon, especially if that is the price for gasoline.
  503. MYNomad

    Okuma PCH 761H

    Price? Where are you located? Do you every get up to LA?
  504. MYNomad

    Low RPM's at WOT

    How big is your boat? Depending on the length of your hull at the water line, 17 knots may not be enough to get on a clean plane, but at 17 knots, you are planing unless the boat is over 100'. What you probably mean is that the rear end of the boat is digging a hole, and maybe that you have a...
  505. MYNomad

    Disclaimers on sport boat's

    Does anyone ask their PB guests to sign a waiver? How would you feel about being asked? I haven't done it yet but feel like I should.
  506. MYNomad

    Limits question

    But, it's an honor system -- you need to catch your daily limits on their respective days; you can't aggregate.
  507. MYNomad

    Prayer For Law Enforcement

    Every week should be National Law Enforcement Week. Without law and order, our country is going to turn into another shit hole.
  508. MYNomad

    Garmin VHF 215 AIS Marine Radio

    I am not sure how you know what I think, but I stand by my thoughts, respectfully.
  509. MYNomad

    Garmin VHF 215 AIS Marine Radio

    I half way agree -- commercial freighters have incomparably better trained and more experienced crew than almost all private boats. The thing is, a freighter is not sufficiently maneuverable to avoid small craft. I never turn off my class B targets. The clutter doesn't bother me if it isn't...
  510. MYNomad

    Radio Antenna Recommendation

    More likely, you are in need of a radio. Almost without exception, if an antenna works for transmitting, it will work at least as well for receiving. Sounds like a sensitivity problem with your radio, but it could be something as simple as you had the squelch up too high or the volume down too...
  511. MYNomad

    Which forecast do you rely on?

    I use GRIB weather files -- produced by NWS, and available for free. Extensive data available. In my experience, they are usually more accurate than windy or NOAA (although I believe NOAA uses the same data). In planning a multi-day trip, I usually look at GRIB, Windy and NOAA and one of my...
  512. MYNomad

    Boat scientists... radar mount angle and ideal kicker angle?

    I would look at the radar specs for beam angle, which will present horizontal and vertical separately. For horizontal, you want as tight a beam as possible, for the best target separation possible, but that is limited by antenna length (width). On the other hand, vertical beam width is...
  513. MYNomad

    Bait tank mounting suggestions

    The difference with the cooler seat is that you have more room at the helm, since you sit further back. Perhaps you could get a swinging seat that folds forward when you are fishing and backward, over the tank, when you are driving. That should allow you to move the tank further forward...
  514. MYNomad

    So Cal boat repair suggestions

    All of those places turned down work? Or is it a matter of price or the scope of work?
  515. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Done. Thank you buddy!
  516. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    I am probably missing out on some good entertainment value, but the time comes when you just have to say "You can't fix stupid", so I am going to use the ignore button (and I hope the hole digger does the same -- best if our paths never cross again).
  517. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Anyone know where the ignore button is?
  518. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    You are, truly, pathetic. Once you calm down, you should consider the way you conducted yourself. It might be a character building moment.
  519. MYNomad

    PlayStation 4

  520. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Mr. Salt -- I give up on you, but feel free to keep digging that hole of yours.
  521. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    I guess you are having another bad day. Face it, you piped off with an opinion without knowing anything about the power for that boat. We now know it has twin gas in boards, and big ones (454s), just as I suspected. Those engines are the worst case for fuel efficiency. And it has less to do...
  522. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Maybe he just had a bad day. Sounds like he thought he would pick on the new guy with his 3 hour tour comment, and when that didn't get a response, he called me a jerk while bragging that he had intentionally given bad bad advice, and lamented the fact that he was alone in picking on this guy...
  523. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    You should buy some kind of fuel flow meter, or you will really have no idea how much fuel you are consuming or what mileage you get at different rpms and conditions. Its not like a car where you an overall average is pretty consistent. It probably varies by a factor of at least 3x. (On my...
  524. MYNomad

    Macerator pump question

    It's the long skinny stuff (like fish intestines) that causes problems.
  525. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Interesting opinion, considering you don't know what engines that boat has, especially since twin gas 454's were probably the most common configuration. Since OP may rely on your advice, you might want to explain your logic. Your experience in a 22' boat isn't relevant -- remember, this boat...
  526. MYNomad

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Maybe not. 10 knots could be the worst (least fuel efficient) speed for that boat. It max displacement speed is well below 10 knots, but 10 knots is not fast enough to get it onto a clean plane. Are they gas or diesel engines? Especially if gas inboards, you aren't going to make it back...
  527. MYNomad

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Whether you need support from the bottom is really an engineering question heavily dependent on the design of the tank. There will be a lot of force on the bottom center of the tank, which will be transmitted to the sides through the welds joining the bottom and the sides. You could greatly...
  528. MYNomad

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    What, if anything, is supporting the bottom of the tank? Nice for it to breathe, but it may need support. I suggest you ask the manufacturer. If support is recommended, I would put some kind of corrosion inhibitor on the tank (tar may be best), and let the tank rest on pour-in, closed cell foam.
  529. MYNomad

    Stealing at Lake

    My understanding is that the reason homeless are on the streets is the ACLU won a USSC case declaring that they couldn't be institutionalized against their will unless they are an immediate threat to themselves or others. And it has been down hill with the courts on this issue from there. The...
  530. MYNomad

    Stealing at Lake

    I wonder if there is a correlation between high rates of theft and violent crime, with ******** control of state and local government, particularly when drug abuse is tolerated (if not encouraged) and enforcement is lax? Why can't law and order candidates get elected? Remember the episodes of...
  531. MYNomad

    Macerator pump question

    Be aware that a diaphragm pump won't grind stuff up, and it doesn't take a very big piece of guts to stop the diaphragm from sealing correctly, in which case you will be SOL. Any signs that water leaked on it?
  532. MYNomad


    Does it have a self-bailing cockpit? If not, be aware of and take all actions necessary to avoid the various ways in which you can flood and capsize. Seas bigger than your freeboard is the most obvious, but other possibilities include pulling in too big a fish (particularly if everyone moves...
  533. MYNomad

    NEW 5kw Yanmar diesel generator with sound shield

    Maybe it is the new format around here by the header I see says " NEW 5kw Yanmar diesel generator with sound shield" Not $5k, but 5kw, meaning it is a 5,000 watt generator -- nothing about price. So, not so clear after all. Apology not necessary. Although I think you owe Mr. G Spot an...
  534. MYNomad

    NEW 5kw Yanmar diesel generator with sound shield

    Isn't there supposed to be a price?
  535. MYNomad

    You Better Check Your Insurance

    Two important considerations -- is the liability coverage provided by a carrier recognized by Mexico. In that regard, its like car insurance. Your US policy is probably not recognized, so if you get in an accident and can't provide proof of MEXICAN insurance, its off to the pokey. The second...
  536. MYNomad

    Worst case conditions for heading to Catalina and back?

    I would be curious to know at what point the USCG declared a SCA? It takes hours for 3' swells to turn to 6-8'. Similarly, wind can go from calm to 25+ knots quickly, but not unexpectedly.
  537. MYNomad

    Worst case conditions for heading to Catalina and back?

    In the southern California bight, it takes hours and hours, if not days, for 2-3' seas to grow to 7-9' seas, eddy or no eddy. Forecasting is certainly not perfect, but I have never known the Catalina channel to get truly nasty without ample warning.
  538. MYNomad

    Worst case conditions for heading to Catalina and back?

    My guess is that by avoiding small craft advisories, you will not see worse than 3' at probably 8 seconds, and not more than 20 knots of wind. But that's just a guess based on my experience that even during small craft advisories, conditions are often not any worse than a little bumpy (or they...
  539. MYNomad

    need a ride

    Well there was a boat going your way this morning. I hope you weren't on it, cause it ended in tragedy.
  540. MYNomad

    Tuna Tower without controls worth it?

    Although my tower has controls, often times the guy in the tower isn't cleared to drive the boat. But its not a problem -- the tower guy just lets the guy running the boat know where to go. Definitely better than not having a guy in the tower.
  541. MYNomad

    20x48 reliable fish kill bag

    Except that assumes perfect packing, and leaves no room for ice. Here is my math: Assume a salmon weighs a little more than saltwater (since it would sink), so say 9 pounds per gallon. That means, if you could pack it perfectly, that a salmon takes up about 2.2 gallons. That bag holds 85...
  542. MYNomad

    need a ride

    This makes no sense, at least not to me. Are you in need of a ride or are you offering a ride. If in need, you want to be picked up at the TJ flats and travel, at night, to LJ? And you only want 19 total passengers? 20 is a problem? What am I missing here?
  543. MYNomad

    Hiring Crew

    Marina del Rey, and I have a can at Catalina, and am trying to buy one in Newport Harbor.
  544. MYNomad

    Finally decided on boat name...

    Duplicates are only a problem for documented vessels, but as long as they have different hailing ports no problem. There just can't be two boats named Tight Line with Los Angeles as their hailing port. And since the hailing port need not be where the boat is located, it is pretty easy to avoid...
  545. MYNomad

    Hiring Crew

    I am giving very serious consideration to retiring, and the biggest concern I have is what I will do with my spare time. My answer to that is to use my boat much more, but to make that really work, I think I need to hire a full time captain and possibly mate. My goal is to have someone in whom...
  546. MYNomad

    GPS fishfinder radar combo, what’s the hot ticket these days?

    Personally, I would go with Furuno for FF, Radar and Chartplotter. I wouldn't worry about mixing brands with AP -- they all work well together. I don't know if anyone has figured out how to interface a VHF and chartplotter/AIS to automate DSC calling, but if they have, worth buying compatible...
  547. MYNomad

    Why is SPJ so addictive?

    What is the best way to learn about SPJ, starting with the right equipment for So Cal?
  548. MYNomad

    Lighting advice

    I do normally run at night with just running lights. When there are lots of boats running through the night on a course to the same offshore spot, there is, occasionally, the guy who will go 20 knots when I (and most others) are going 10. I track those guys (and everyone else around me) on...
  549. MYNomad

    Lighting advice

    This one: $105 -- plenty bright, floats, rechargeable battery (but don't lose the charger, or you will end up with two of these, like me).
  550. MYNomad

    Lighting advice

    Let me see if I understand -- you only turn on the headlights in treacherous conditions. I guess that is better than always on, but isn't that the worst time to turn them on -- the on-coming boats are in the same conditions (or possibly worse). Wouldn't the smart and considerate thing to do to...
  551. MYNomad

    Lighting advice

    If you have forward facing lights on while underway at night, you aren't helping yourself any, but worse you are blinding oncoming boaters. Really inconsiderate. If you do that to a big boat, they are likely to blast you back with a very high power spot light, then you will get the message...
  552. MYNomad

    Lighting advice

    You didn't mention how you intend to use the lights, so I my comments are based on my use: primarily to spot buoys, and markers and to spot and avoid other stuff floating in the water. Once in a while, I turn on lights just to light stuff up -- not while underway or fishing, but perhaps when...
  553. MYNomad

    If you get to the landing tonight missing rods/rod socks

    The good news is that it sounds like the reels were not attached!
  554. MYNomad

    Furuno NavNet Plotter Detail

    For detail, you need a card.
  555. MYNomad

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    And then a few of us are the stupidest, scientifically ignorant, most gullible, naïve, pro-big government, oblivious AH's anywhere.
  556. MYNomad

    Catalina, Different Predictions About Swells?

    I guess it depends on your boat, but 17 second periods is going to make most anything very flat. 2-3' at 6 seconds is the only shorter period wave/swell mentioned in the forecasts quoted above. If you have a seaworthy boat, 3' will be choppy, at worst.
  557. MYNomad

    Beer for gps coordinates.

    Mark Wish caused an uproar several years ago when he wrote a book that included all of his best spots. No way of knowing whether he didn't save the really good ones, but at least some of his spots matched obscure spots otherwise known to be good. Buy his book.
  558. MYNomad

    New Back to back seats?

    I guess I misunderstood your question -- I thought you were asking for opinions on the back to back seats since you were planning to start building them again.
  559. MYNomad

    New Back to back seats?

    I had them in one of my skipjacks, and liked the concept (an aft facing sea for watching the spread while trolling) but not the execution. They were not comfortable, especially not when opened up for a place to lie down -- too short. Also, on the passenger side, we would rarely have anyone...
  560. MYNomad

    Rule 1600 Bait Pump running super hot and shutting down

    And it seems to be getting worse. I am not sure what the best 12v pump is though. You may be on to something. The pump is going to demand the same power, even if voltage decreases. If voltage goes down, current goes up. If current goes up, things get hot. Sometimes too hot. I install all...
  561. MYNomad

    need engine controls added to tower - san diego

    A much better outcome would be to make your electronic controls work correctly. Your controls should be error free and 100% reliable. That is the experience of the vast majority of users. What brand of controls do you have? Is it the controls that are failing, or something else in your...
  562. MYNomad

    Totalscan Transducer issue

    Ironic, isn't it?
  563. MYNomad

    Freshwater pump or tank problem.

    Exactly. The pump is like you trying to suck the a straw of one of those drink containers with a built in straw -- if the vent is closed, since any water you suck out must be replaced by air, the air can't get in and you can't suck anything out. Perhaps a more relevant analogy is a beer bong...
  564. MYNomad

    Totalscan Transducer issue

    With the recent upgrades here and prizes for everything, I want to nominate you for the longest sentence. Don't get too excited though, you might loose since you made your closing 6 words into a sentence by themselves. In any event, I can't find the nomination button!
  565. MYNomad

    Catalina 4/10 and 4/17 Bonito & Seals

    So what's the state of the law regarding seal bombs?
  566. MYNomad

    Freshwater pump or tank problem.

    It may be that the vent is blocked. See if it runs with the fill port open.
  567. MYNomad

    Who do we have to blow to get our electronics??

    My recent experience with Furuno was a little better -- I ordered a TZT3 in early February and was told the earliest I could expect delivery was mid-march. The mid-March delivery was delayed to late March, but my unit was included.
  568. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    My jog levers are in the tower, cockpit (which I very rarely have occasion to use) and at the Portuguese bridge wing stations. In my PH and FB helms, although there are conventional wheels, I steer by the rudder controls on my autopilot (a Simrad AP28). I suspect your autopilot control...
  569. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    Sounds great. Did you look at IceSea before deciding on Eskimo? As far as what you may be missing, what you have sounds very complete to me. I suggest you fish it a while then decide. Tuna tubes may be something you will want.
  570. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    Did you take the plunge? If so, how about some pics and details, including your planned upgrades, if any, and any plans for multi-day trips?
  571. MYNomad

    DDT Fun off Palos Verdes

    Don't you think that if there was any measurable DDT in the water, or even in fish, we would be hearing about it? We certainly hear about the heavy metals. After having been subjected to 40 years of ocean currents, I bet those DDT drums have rusted open and have been thoroughly washed by now.
  572. MYNomad

    First Boat Parker 1801?

    Although a little extra length undeniably helps with the ride, everything else (most importantly hull form) being equal, but safety, rather than comfort, should be the guiding principle when venturing more than 5 or 10 miles offshore. In particular, freeboard and a self bailing cockpit are much...
  573. MYNomad

    Gelcoat color matching

    Bear in mind that whatever color you choose is going to fade, and if your existing gelcoat is more than a few years old, it has mostly already faded.
  574. MYNomad

    Paddy Etiquette 101 c/o dshep75

    When I am on a paddie (and between my scanning sonar, tower and stabilized binos, I find my fair share), I pretty much expect most of the boats that see me stopped to rush over and join the fun. No point getting aggravated about it, and rightly or wrongly, I believe a paddy can be more...
  575. MYNomad

    7 feet a 12 sec - Fishable ?

    In my experience, tuna of all sorts bite best in choppy conditions, especially when trolling. But, I wouldn't want to drift fish in those conditions a sea anchor or bottom anchor would be necessary to stop the boat from rolling excessively. That is exactly where seakeepers would come in handy.
  576. MYNomad

    Japan Will Release Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Ocean

    I am pissed that Japan has decided that a small increase in background radiation, which increases the risk of cancer to everyone exposed, for decades to come, is OK. Perhaps I wouldn't feel that way if they had hired an independent, recognized expert to do the math to determine how many...
  577. MYNomad

    Inverter suggestion, true sine is it important?

    I am no expert, but have had disappointing experiences with modified sine wave inverters. The list of stuff that may not operate properly is surprisingly long and includes some sensitive electronics, some newer TVs and monitors, and AC motors. Also at least some compact florescent lights. If...
  578. MYNomad

    Good to eat fish off of la

    "Rumors of a massive chemical dumping ground have persisted in the scientific community for at least 30 years . . ." Funny how marking it on a chart can start a rumor going.
  579. MYNomad

    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    My wife really likes her Allclad stuff. And her Kitchenaid mixer. And apparently there are times that it is better to cook in a gas oven than an electric one (the burning gas produces water vapor and keeps things moist). Sharp knives are important and she has a couple Japanese ones that are...
  580. MYNomad

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    I expected a totally different ending. I imagined that, just as you got the seal close and were reaching to cut the line, a big GW came along and swallowed it whole. Then you had a bigger dilemma -- whether to cut the line where it is or fight the GW.
  581. MYNomad

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    I would be curious to know how many people come out ahead after 10 years. If you have a well maintained, twin engine boat, what are the chances you will need a tow? I have saved a bunch of money by not having it -- at this point I can pay for multiple tows with my savings.
  582. MYNomad

    Furuno weather options?

    I would go for the Sirius option. One time, heading south in Sea of Cortez from La Paz to PV, we found ourselves in a thunderstorm. We saw plenty of lightning in front of us but none behind us,. Sirius shows lightning strikes in near real time, which gave us confidence to proceed without...
  583. MYNomad

    Cummin's VDO analog gauages to digital convert, need help

    Perhaps your gauges are fully analog, but my cummins analog gauges are actually digital (only the display is analog). The data from the engine is not NMEA2000 -- instead it is J1939. You will need a converter -- Maretron makes one and probably Actisense does too.
  584. MYNomad

    Let's talk batteries.

    My preference is 6v batteries, and I usually buy Trojans. So long as they are kept watered and not abused (left not fully charged for weeks on end or run down below 1/3 of capacity), they easily last 5 years. There is a size (L16 maybe) that is the footprint of a group 31, but about twice as...
  585. MYNomad

    Texas hogs

    Looks like lots of fun. Are those feral hogs good to eat?
  586. MYNomad

    adding a second layer to deck

    Personally, I would rather have wet feet. Adding that deck will add weight (above the cg, too) and not really do anything for the boat's ability to avoid flooding. The best case is that it doesn't look funny/homemade, but I think the chances are high that it will. But even if you have really...
  587. MYNomad

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    I bet the fine print says no. The fine print is never good.
  588. MYNomad

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    If they had real competition, they would probably be forced to. But absent competition, why give most of your customers a price break?
  589. MYNomad

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    I typically won't buy non-cancelable subscriptions (or auto renewing subscriptions) to anything unless I can see a legitimate basis. I don't have any commercial tow insurance, because 1) the "unlimited" towing is actually limited to something like 100nm and I am typically outside coverage...
  590. MYNomad

    Performance improvement plan

    I am interested and will send you a PM now.
  591. MYNomad

    Seeking anchor suggestions for our first boat

    I have a Bruce and it has never let me down, despite a wide variety of bottom conditions. But, Bruce anchors of any given size weigh more than danforth-type anchors (Fortress is a brand of danforth anchor), so unless you have a windlass (or make your friends weigh anchor), danforth is probably...
  592. MYNomad

    Is 73 rods to much?

    Ain't possible.
  593. MYNomad

    Is 73 rods to much?

    Well, I really hate to say this, but no, it isn't "to much". Too many perhaps.
  594. MYNomad

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    That brings up an issue where compliance is high stakes. I have an absolutely zero drug tolerance policy. I think I know the guys I fish with well enough to know they don't do any drugs, but even so when embarking on a multi-day trip, I always give a safety lecture and I always include my zero...
  595. MYNomad

    Battery charging on shore power? Battery switch question.

    The battery switches are probably set up so that the batteries are completely isolated when in the off position. If you have 1-2-All-Off switches, I suspect your charger will also work in the 1 or 2 position (probably battery 1 charges in 1 or all positions, and battery 2 charges in 2 or all...
  596. MYNomad

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    I never even ask my friends if they have licenses -- kind of goes without saying. Every time we have been checked (with various friends over the years), everyone has had a license. I suppose if I was fishing with someone I suspected did not have a license, I would have checked. But, what I...
  597. MYNomad


    I just PM'd you that I will call in the morning. Is that OK? Thanks, Rick
  598. MYNomad


    I will offer $1600, but am on the verge of ordering something else so don't hold me to it if you want to wait a while for a better offer.
  599. MYNomad

    Kill box/storage or below deck generator?

    I really don't know. If you need a sound shield, and if your current genset has a sound shield, maybe another one of those? But, I think your current genset should be very fixable, at least if it isn't all rusted up. Bear in mind, there are two ends -- the electrical and the engine, both need...
  600. MYNomad

    Kill box/storage or below deck generator?

    It really depends on your boat's electrical demands. Over the years, I have owned a succession of boats. One of the major milestones was having a genset and the consequent elimination of power constraints. Not having to manage power overnight, but instead being able to run bait tanks, lights...
  601. MYNomad

    Seeking anchor suggestions for our first boat

    The most important thing to learn is how scope and chain work together to keep the anchor set. Imagine your anchor firmly set on the ocean floor, with its flukes totally dug in. Now imagine a large force pulling straight sideways on the anchor chain. That force won't cause the anchor to lift...
  602. MYNomad

    Seeking anchor suggestions for our first boat

    Best all-around anchor would be a Danforth style.
  603. MYNomad

    Smoker Recommendation?

    Before my Pit Boss, I had a Bradley. As noted above, a Bradley can do cold smoke as it produces heat and smoke separately -- the electric heating element can be turned off completely, if so desired. The problem with it is it burns pucks of compressed wood. Various flavors (Hickory, Mesquite...
  604. MYNomad

    Smoker Recommendation?

    Pit Boss -- an electric pellet smoker. Well designed and reliable. Exceptionally good at low temperatures. They come in a few different sizes. I have the smallest, which is fine for me. In fact, I have never filled all the racks yet, but I don't smoke large quantities at a time.
  605. MYNomad

    SIMRAD meltdown

    That really sucks. The prospect of that happening while offshore is truly daunting. Can you run on just one of the EVOs, with the hope that only 1 is messed up? If so, is one designated as a "master"? And if one is, what does the other one do if only that other one is powered up? Is it...
  606. MYNomad

    The State of AVET REELS as a Business

    The self-inflicted damage caused by treating customers poorly will break many more than one thread. If they are having management / capitalization problems, I hope they find third-party help before the thread breaks and humpty dumpty falls because putting humpty dumpty back together again is...
  607. MYNomad

    SS table/sink

    You should look at used restaurant equipment.
  608. MYNomad

    Simrad help please.

    So, does your boat display correctly with heading up or north up? I have a different system (Furuno), but IME it should not be necessary to use heading up or to not use course up in order for the boat icon to point in the direction of the boat's heading. If the misalignment were 10 - 15...
  609. MYNomad

    Offshore energy

    The day is coming when those kinds of insightful comments will not be permitted on the internet as they are hurtful, racist and perpetuate white / western supremacy. Enjoy it while you can.
  610. MYNomad

    Offshore energy

    I know what you mean, but I doubt you would have that opinion if you were freezing to death in the middle of the night, lost in the forest. I am sure you would be looking for some wood and dreaming of the day when you could brag about how smart you were with your survival skills. Or is wood...
  611. MYNomad

    Season anglers need apply

    Congrats on getting your kids through school. I just finished with my 3rd (and final). My first two stayed an extra year for masters, so there was at least one year when I was paying triple tuition. Being through all of that is like getting a tax-free raise (since tuition was after tax dollars).
  612. MYNomad

    Offshore Swing and a miss deep drop.... and some weird shit happened need explanation

    Yep, rare but that is what sometimes happens with seasonal lightning -- the kind that happens mostly on the first day of the first month following the spring equinox (aka April 1st / April Fools). Probably perfectly safe for the next 364 days.
  613. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    That boat has what it takes to give you lots of fun and adventure. Are you going to keep it out of California for a year? Ensenada? When do you take delivery? Very exciting!
  614. MYNomad

    You should at least go shopping and figure out what you want in a system. Do you need just the...

    You should at least go shopping and figure out what you want in a system. Do you need just the receiver or speakers (and subwoofer)? Do you want it to handle all the switching? How many inputs? Power? Decoders? Etc.
  615. MYNomad

    Reading fish finder for rockfish

    Could be, especially if the density and positions of the blue lines change.
  616. MYNomad

    Reading fish finder for rockfish

    I think the blue lines are noise, especially since I see you were moving. Next time, it might be informative to stop the boat and see if the blue lines are diminished (or perhaps eliminated). It is also interesting that the blue lines show up on the A-scope, but not on the main display. On...
  617. MYNomad

    Reading fish finder for rockfish

    There are at least two types of bottom lock. Most commonly, the bottom is presented at the very bottom of the screen, and above that are the 30' (or whatever) above the bottom, stretched all the way to the top of the screen. Nothing more than 30' (or whatever) above the bottom is shown at all...
  618. MYNomad

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    As along as you are talking to them, you should ask about whether corrosion typically / often / occasionally / never starts outside the tank and works its way in, in which event inspecting the top and inside may give you a false sense of security.
  619. MYNomad

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    If it were mine, I would do a pressure test, every year. I would also install a fuel sniffer -- that way, the first time a molecule of gasoline leaks out, you will get a warning. But at that point, you have an immediate problem.
  620. MYNomad

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Actually, I just remembered that I bought 7 or 8 Seals -- sound emitting marlin lures, at about $125 each. I never used them for fear of losing them. Hope my wife doesn't read this.
  621. MYNomad

    You are a good friend. No one has ever left any tackle behind on my boat. In fact, sometimes I...

    You are a good friend. No one has ever left any tackle behind on my boat. In fact, sometimes I lock the cabinets right before heading in. I still end up with less than I started.
  622. MYNomad

    MLPA - Huge Success

    If so, there must be a peer reviewed study. Do you have a link?
  623. MYNomad

    MLPA - Huge Success

    The problem with that methodology is that, at best, it tells you that it is easier to catch a fish, not that there are actually more fish. Studies that actually count fish, so far as I am aware (please correct me if I am wrong), don't show significant increases. But, if the populations have...
  624. MYNomad

    MLPA - Huge Success

    The climate has been changing since the earth was created. If it STOPPED changing, that would be noteworthy.
  625. MYNomad

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Going well because fishermen aren't taking to the streets to riot and loot, or because no one is claiming that the whole idea is racist? As far as fish populations go, the evidence I have seen says most MLPAs have no statistically significant change and those that do don't reflect any...
  626. MYNomad

    Helium in OC?

    I doubt it, but the interesting thing about Party City is that when the helium shortage first hit (long before Covid), their business model, which relied on customers going to their store for helium balloons but picking up decorations, etc., as long as they were there, was severely impacted...
  627. MYNomad

    Boat needs some wiring

    Is it factory original or at least properly done, or do you need someone to untangle a rats' nest of prior owner / unqualified technician mistakes? You will find that, perhaps for liability reasons, highly qualified guys won't take on a wiring "repair" project where the underlying work is suspect.
  628. MYNomad

    Theft tracking device

    You have to pay for cell access with that device. From the second bullet point of the product description: "SIM card -- Just like a cell phone, our real-time GPS tracker needs a SIM card to give you unlimited data coverage. If used in the US we recommend SpeedTalk or T-mobile SIM cards which...
  629. MYNomad

    Theft tracking device

  630. MYNomad

    Casting practice w/out license

    Without a hook, you should be good in an MLPA.
  631. MYNomad

    262 upgrades

    If you are not getting a satisfactory answer, maybe you need to ask someone else.
  632. MYNomad

    262 upgrades

    That boat looks great. Having owned two Skippies in the past, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Is there a way to build a big center console based on your 30' or 38' hull? I bet there is a great market.
  633. MYNomad

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Well, if you are quantifying waste by cost per pound of fish caught, between my low catch rate and high expenditures (at least on the boat), I should be the winner. But, if the metric is pure pleasure per dollar spent, I consider everything well spent, with two exceptions. Years ago, I met...
  634. MYNomad

    Can Jetski tow a boat ?

    Very nice of you to do that. There are horror stories of tows gone bad and the good Samaritan getting sued. I think I would have called the coast guard first, and towed only as a last resort, and then only to deeper water.
  635. MYNomad

    Cannon ball dimples

    You might be on to something. Maybe, as with a golf ball, the dimples will make the ball track deeper or straighter. Patent it quick.
  636. MYNomad

    Tinting pilot house windows

    I would be concerned about impairing night visibility. Maybe just wear sunglasses when its too bright out?
  637. MYNomad

    When trolling for tuna?

    Whenever I hear about some lure or tactic no longer working, and to a lesser extent when I hear that a particular lure is currently hot, or that some tactic works well in, say, Mexico, but not the US, I have to wonder how much of that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe it doesn't work because...
  638. MYNomad

    Weather and fishing spots

    Poke your nose out and see how it looks. Then when you get back, look at bouy data and start a database of what works and doesn't. I built a little gismo that keeps track of pitch, roll and heave. I took my wife and dog out in 4.5' at 12 seconds. Going into the weather, we had as much as 13...
  639. MYNomad

    Down Voting, what does it mean?

    At least we don't get censored for non-leftist views
  640. MYNomad

    Where is the down vote button. I need to use it.

    Where is the down vote button. I need to use it.
  641. MYNomad

    Fishing deep with down riggers. Cable choice

    Exactly right on your conclusion, but your math may be off a little: 300*12 * 0.011 = 39.6.
  642. MYNomad

    Fishing deep with down riggers. Cable choice

    Whichever one mics less. The density of the line will be completely immaterial.
  643. MYNomad

    Flying Fish. Holy Cow!

    It would be fun to go shotgunning for those things.
  644. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    Wow. So the moisture was not in the coring but instead between the coring and the fiberglass? That sounds like irreparable delamination. I can't imagine how the water was able to makes its way between the coring and the fiberglass -- it is supposed to be bonded with resin. Normally, when a...
  645. MYNomad

    Ski boat fishing?

    Some CC's have seats. Go to a launch ramp and look at the various boats that are being taken out. A typical ski boat will not be safe outside of the harbor. Too little freeboard. On top of that, the ride will be miserable in any kind of chop.
  646. MYNomad

    Where can I find Black Guides?

    Glad this isn't political.
  647. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    Coring is definitely something to be concerned about, but it appears Mikelson does it right. Although my Nomad is not cored below the water line, it is above and that was of concern to me before deciding to go ahead and have one built. The coring Mikelson uses is closed cell and supposedly...
  648. MYNomad

    Reel Repair Opportunity at Okuma Fishing Tackle

    I am pretty sure that, in CA, an employer must allow 1.75X annual accrual to roll. Since the employer provides 2 weeks per year, one could accumulate almost 18 days.
  649. MYNomad

    autopilot suggestions please

    Re Simrad: The Simrad AP 28, etc., are great, but Simrad doesn't make them, or anything like them, anymore. From what I have seen, Furuno is now the best choice, especially if you have a Furuno system. A buddy replaced his Simrad with Garmin and has had nothing but trouble (mainly, the boat...
  650. MYNomad

    262 upgrades

    Please explain electronic steering. Does it take input from your steering wheel, or are you referring to steering, electronically, with your autopilot rudder controls?
  651. MYNomad

    Steal fishing gear

    The captain shouldn't dock the boat until the missing gear re-appears. Or search everyone, with cops waiting at the dock.
  652. MYNomad

    I don't know if this is supposed to be a poem, but its really hard to read. And not a very good...

    I don't know if this is supposed to be a poem, but its really hard to read. And not a very good poem, so I gave up.
  653. MYNomad

    Dual VHF antennas?

    Yes. I believe it is an FCC requirement, but even if not there is no point to having separate numbers on the same boat.
  654. MYNomad

    So, I Bought an iSUP.

    Don't you have to worry about alligators, especially with an inflatable? Perhaps you should fish with a buddy. That way you don't have to paddle faster than the gator, just faster than your buddy. Maybe bring a discretely concealed pellet gun (pistol) to pop the air out of his board, in an...
  655. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    The exterior styling of a Mikelson is not much to look at. I loved the lines on my last boat -- it was a thing of beauty, but my Mikelson admittedly looks choppy, at best. In fishing boats, functionality is much more important, at least to me. I meant to mention earlier -- the raised cockpit...
  656. MYNomad

    Mikelson Yachts

    You really can't compare a 43' Mikelson (let alone the 50') to any 30' Skipjack or Radon (in fairness, I haven't been aboard the 38' skipjack). The Mikelsons are much bigger and more capable. And a much better ride in rough seas that really isn't possible with a substantially lighter hull.
  657. MYNomad

    Bait Tank Issue

    Looks to me like you have it hooked up wrong. The fitting at the bottom should be a drain. The fitting 1/3 of the way up from the bottom, which looks like you have blocked off, should be the input. But that thing that hangs off of the inside of the tank is going to kill bait. As others have...
  658. MYNomad

    Boat sale - What would you do?

    OP sounds smart enough to avoid that rookie mistake. On the other hand, he is asking us what to do in the first place.