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  1. Cy Bodden


    You have always been kind to me and my family every time we spoke. Thank you.
  2. Cy Bodden

    Buckboard guide on

    Cy Bodden submitted a new listing: Buckboard guide on - Buckboard guide on Learn more about this listing...
  3. Cy Bodden

    WTB talica 12ll

    Cy Bodden submitted a new listing: WTB talica 12ll - WTB talica 12ll Learn more about this listing...
  4. Cy Bodden

    Contractor to Building

    Im in Escondido looking for a Contractor to bid on building a Granny Flat/ADU. Could turn into a 2.
  5. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    2016 2120 Parker For Sale Was a dream boat for me but some other priorities have to come first. I have taken care of this boat since day one and have installed a top of the line electronics package. I have taken her to the 60 Mile Bank to the back side of San Clemente Island. It has...
  6. Cy Bodden

    Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS1440

    Will be selling my Stabis. Bought new in Jan 2017. Putting this out there now as I wait for New Binos to arrive. Will take actual photos today. Price $850 Will include Case, Polarized Lens Filters, Lens adapters, and 4 batteries. From the manufacturer The TECHNO-STABI Series offers a...
  7. Cy Bodden

    Referrals for Bottom Painting

    Looking for any suggestions for bottom painting. Im in Escondido so SD county preferable.
  8. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Islands 5/11

    Went out with a buddy on his boat (18ft Center Console) SI lot was empty at 0700. It was windy on the way out with some chop. Started at North Island and didn't see much on the up and down while trolling rapalas. Ventured across the middle grounds to south island and saw zippo going across...
  9. Cy Bodden

    First Shimano 20DC

    Finally was able to purchase a Shimano Trinidad 20DC. Attached to a UC Del Mar 900 and tossed a few in the street. Pretty cool to hear it hum.
  10. Cy Bodden

    Is this a sport boat?

    34 dead after boat fire near Santa Cruz Island, according to officials
  11. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 and Harnell 542

    I have had these for a while and its time. The 724 needs to be refinished and its a perfect rod all the original labels are intact since it was a factory built rod. $500 The 542 is fish ready. Was originally a blank wrapped by someone else in orange and black not my favorite colors, but it...
  12. Cy Bodden

    Motion Sickness Glasses Putting this out there for you guys who turns green. For 80$ I would try them.
  13. Cy Bodden

    Used Gaffs and New Gaffs

    2 new Bamboo gaffs with basket weave handles. $85 each 3 used gaffs $60 for all three
  14. Cy Bodden

    West Marine Price Matching

    Not sure if you guys are aware West Marine will price match online pricing. Just need the website and model of what you are buying. Was told by a phone rep they were bought out last September and they want to change things. Just bought a Lewmar Pro 700 for 729$. WMarine price was $1k. I did...
  15. Cy Bodden

    Buying East coast boats

    A lot of Parkers sitting on the side of road.
  16. Cy Bodden

    TruLine Boat Rescue
  17. Cy Bodden

    Sato Legacy shirt

    Shirts arrived today. Damn.
  18. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    So I have tons of "stuff" "ideas to try in the garage. I have been wanting a new jig bag, the openwater bag I've been carrying is beaten too death. I've seen the ammo boxes with pvc pipes but that's a lot of weight before you add your jigs. Hence how popular the openwater bag is even used or the...
  19. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    It is now more real that its finally on its way. Finally pulled the trigger (Wife finally said yes) and bought a boat. 2016 2120 Parker. Should be here by Monday. It has been a fantasy since the day my dad put a rod in my hand at 6 years old on a overnighter on the china clipper out of ciscos...
  20. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    Selling my Harnell 724 for $550. 619634000Zero
  21. Cy Bodden

    FS: Yeti Hopper 30 New

    Selling my Yeti Hopper for $280. (Retails $350) Includes all the warranties, zipper grease, and shoulder strap. I have a hopper 20 that I use for trips with the family. I bought them because they hold ice like no other and they don't leak all over the truck if turned on its side. Willing...
  22. Cy Bodden

    triangle line winder SC125

    Just picked one up at Sport Chalet for 350$ was in good condition. I believe there was one more in Bakersfield and like 5 days left till final closing.
  23. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    Just finished this redo tried to get it to original colors.
  24. Cy Bodden

    Landings websites issues?

    tried to check what's going on this week with Seaforth, point Loma, 22nd st., hm, and none of there websites are working.
  25. Cy Bodden

    got crabs

    video from fox 5 SD
  26. Cy Bodden

    FS Trinidad 20a (SOLD)

    Brand new in the box Shimano Trinidad 20a. Didn't take a picture because it is brand new in the box sealed. (No Line) Will ship (You Pay) Your choice UPS or USPS. PayPal is ok (Friends & Family) or you pay the transaction fee (3%). $420
  27. Cy Bodden

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    So I'm sitting behind the desk at work wrapping duckbills. Now I'm done and I got 6 more hours to go. Bored out of my mind.
  28. Cy Bodden

    Free stuff culligan water softener

    Was left by a customer of mine and never picked it up.
  29. Cy Bodden

    I just want to dance!

    New dance moves for the next wedding i go to.
  30. Cy Bodden

    Madeira Garage Sale

    I know some of you use Madeira some don't but received this email regarding a sale next week. Just passing the info along.
  31. Cy Bodden

    Cord Wrapped Pliers (Channel Locks)

    Pick one or pick all 3! 8" Needle Nose $45 7" Cutters $40
  32. Cy Bodden

    Atwood Rope Promo

    Atwood rope has 1/16 x 300ft on sale this month, $9.99.