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  1. Rufo

    Cabo to La Paz

    Week old info but hopefully worth the read. Spent a week in cabo. Didn’t fish as winds were high, seas were rough and the bite was primarily sierra but the marina is always a fun place to hang out. Headed to SJDC for a night then took the dirt road from there to Cabo Pulmo. Was cool drive...
  2. Rufo

    Loreto Luck

    I’ve flown into and driven through Loreto several times in the past on my way to Mag Bay but never spent any time there till last week. Got lucky on weather… and fishing…first day headed south with Capt Valente for nonstop dorado, roosters and sierra with a few pargo, cabrilla, bonita...
  3. Rufo

    Need Help Getting a Pump to BoLA

    Hey, I have 3 bait pumps that I need to get to Bahia for a friend there. I was going next week but best friend just got really sick yesterday and having lung transplant and I’ll be caring for him for next 2-3 months. If anyone is heading to BoLA soon and willing to take the pumps to Pedro at...
  4. Rufo

    Banda Bank on the Gamefisher

    Went out with a few buddies and caught a bunch of Rockfish, Lings and big Bonita. Tried slow pitch jigging for the first time and was very productive for salmon grouper. The brown Dead Head jig was killing the reds and Lings.
  5. Rufo

    Naples Snook!

    Went out with Capt Justin Napier of Back Country Culture. Had a blast sight casting to snook up in shallow water and flats. All fish CPR.
  6. Rufo

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I just returned from Rincon de Guayabitos, on the beach a couple hours north of Puerto Vallarta. Went there to chill cause I still can’t fish. They have a cool thing going on the beach serving fresh mariscos of various kinds. Carts with BBQ making fresh Serandiado shrimp and fish cooked to...
  7. Rufo

    Rincón de Guayabitos

    Gonna be there next week. Got a place on the water at the far south end of the beach. I’m recovering from surgery and not cleared to go on a boat yet :( so I don’t think that’s an option for me. I’m bringing spinning gear that I’ve caught a lot of 1-15 lb fish off the beach in other places along...
  8. Rufo

    LA Bay 5/13-5/19

    I’m still not fishing cause of injury but buddy just got back and said fishing was very good. Here’s a few pics of him and his wife. Last pic was biggest fish of the trip which of course was caught by Lady Luck :)
  9. Rufo

    Súper Panga abailable in Loreto?

    I never thought this would be a concern for me about fishing but you never know what hand life might deal you. Im curious what type of boats are available in Loreto. I understand there are large boats available for $$$$. I wondering about the pangas as I prefer them over big boats. All the...
  10. Rufo

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Last minute.....Heading to Cabo in a week and looking for a panga. I usually fish with Jaime on the Jessica but he is only available for one day while I’m there and I’ll prob fish at least two or three more days. It’s not so much the boat, it’s the captain and gear. Just looking for a good...
  11. Rufo

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Camped solo on the beach 3 days/2nights in SR and 4 days/3nights in SF. The desert was alive, the weather was great and so was the fishing. Couldn't connect off the beach at SF cause the fish were either too far out or moving too fast for me but something big was feeding on the massive...
  12. Rufo

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    I'm gonna take off next week for a two week Baja adventure. Not so much a fishing trip but I want to explore some new places that I haven't visited. I'm looking for remote Baja locations. I will be traveling in a very capable 4x4 and fully equipped to be self sustained for days. I love the...
  13. Rufo


    Sold! Well my good fortune is someone else's as well. I'm in the final stages of closing the deal on a bigger boat for use out of SD and a CC for trailering to Baja. I don't need three boats. If you want a great deal on a solid boat now is the time to make an offer. I was hoping to get 20k but...
  14. Rufo

    Pensacola Fishing Sunday 9/10?

    I'm arriving PNS Sat 9/10 and have the day on Sun 9/11 to do whatever I like. Well, I like fishing. Anyone in the area want to take a So Cal guy fishing for the day. Of course I'll be happy to cover all expenses or trade for a trip on my boat (inshore or offshore) in San Diego. Bob
  15. Rufo

    Kauai help 7/19-26

    Got a house in Koloa for a week. Buddy of mine told me he had great inshore fishing for small Reef fish nearshore and peacock bass in the fresh water. He was using a small spinning outfit with 6 lb test. I don't have pack Rods so I was thinking of taking reels and buying a couple Rods and some...
  16. Rufo

    Sitka Fishing Guide/Charter 6/3-4

    I've got some friends that are gonna be in Sitka for a week on vacation. They have lodging and plans for the other days but were looking to fish, two people, June 3 & 4. Maybe one day on the ocean and one day on a river. My only experience in Alaska has been in Yukayat so not sure about Sitka...
  17. Rufo

    Bajas Best Iron?

    Dead Head Lures??? My #1 go to for years has always been the Salas 6X Jr but based on a recent experience that might just be changing. Don't get me wrong the 6X Jr is time proven and will always have a place in my tackle box but..... Ok, last March when I was in San Quentin I met a really nice...
  18. Rufo

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    Do this....... Don't do this....... Do This...... Don't do this........ Definitely do this.......
  19. Rufo

    La Salina

    Fished La Salina with old buddies Derek (Yellowklr) and Victor (Campos Fishing) last Saturday on Dereks Proline. Killer weather, good fishing, cold beer and great times with friends. Fishing was slow by LS standards but Capt D kept at it until he found the fish. Lings bit mostly on the...
  20. Rufo


    Sold! 2004 Prosport 2550WA 25.5' Walk Around Cuddy Cabin. Length 25'6" Beam 8'6" Twin Suzuki 140 HP Four Strokes 120 Gal Fuel Capacity Magic Trail Tandem Axle Aluminum Trailer with Disc Brakes The Boat is located in San Diego $25,000 Firm, not any more. I'm ready to make a deal!
  21. Rufo

    Fred Hall and SQ

    Hit the Fred Hall show on Wed and headed down to SQ on Thur. Fished Fri, Sat and Sun. Weather was great, fishing was slow by SQ standards but all of the boats in our group got yellows on Fri and Sat. On Sunday we only a couple yellows. Bottom fish were hard to find even when targeted but we...
  22. Rufo

    Cabo on the Jessica

    Fished 2/6 and 2/8 with Jaime on his panga, Jessica. First day we fished close and was slow with only two hookups and one landed. Second day we ran all the way up to the Golden Gate to make bait in hopes of finding the cabrilla. No such luck but we did find some nice barred pargo and Jorge...
  23. Rufo

    Two Firsts in Gonzaga!!

    Well the first "first" was rolling solo to Baja. I usually go with family or friends or both but this trip was a spur of the moment, solo adventure in hopes of seeing new places and meeting new friends and I did. After spending some time in La Fonda, Ensenada, Erindira, San Vicente and Ojos...
  24. Rufo

    For You 1 Ola Mas

    Dont usually post pics or reports from others but thought this would just get you even more stoked for BOLA. My friends from TJ fished with Pedro Sat and Sun. I know pics speak a thousand words but here is the report.... "Curvina jurels pargo sardineraa and garropa!" Disfruta descansa...
  25. Rufo

    1996 Parker 2320????

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a 1996 2320 pilot house with a 2004 Mercury 225 four stroke with 336 hours. Not sure of hours on boat before re power. Also has some fairly new Furuno electronics but that's not really my big concern. Really wondering about this hull, electrical, etc at 20...
  26. Rufo

    Please Help Parker Guys....1996 2320??

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a 1996 2320 pilot house with a 2004 Mercury 225 four stroke with 336 hours. Not sure of hours on boat before re power. Also has some fairly new Furuno electronics but that's not really my big concern. Really wondering about this hull, electrical, etc at 20...
  27. Rufo

    Wed at the Nados

    Got barracuda, calico, rockfish, no yellows. Most life was SKR and ribbon kelp but got fish all over. Reds were biting good inside north island. Water clean green and 68-69 I got Mex cellular now through Verizon and phone service everywhere even at the islands. Not sure if that's a good...
  28. Rufo

    Wed at the Nados

    Got barracuda, calico, rockfish, no yellows. Most life was SKR and ribbon kelp but got fish all over. Reds were biting good inside north island. Water clean green and 68-69 I got Mex cellular now through Verizon and phone service everywhere even at the islands. Not sure if that's a good...
  29. Rufo

    Offshore Big Whales, Big Tuna, Empty Kill Bag

    Thur 7/7. Went from Coronados to 371 back to 425 up the canyon to 302 across the kidney bank to 226 and off the bank back toward the lower 9. Got two small hookups by the 425 but lost both. Saw big bluefin swimming on top of the 371 and lots of birds and big tuna boiling inside the 226. Covered...
  30. Rufo

    Mission Bay or SD Bay slip needed

    Looking for a slip for my 26' boat. Used to have it at Dana Landing. Really like Mission Bay but not opposed to SD Bay as long as it's not to far from entrance to the bay. Being from Big Bear I'm not really too familiar with marinas. Any suggestions??
  31. Rufo

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    Gonzaga was windy and rough every day we were there 6/10-16 but each day saw some brief windows when the wind died down. Fish didn't seem to care about the wind and we did well on cabrilla, small grouper, yellowtail, Sierra, Bonita, pompano, all kinds of bass, triggers, parrotfish and a bunch of...
  32. Rufo

    Calexico/Mexicali West Read This

    Just tried to go south with my boat through the Mexicali border crossing. They won't let me cross southbound at Mexicali west. Mex officials turned me around through a little connector path and now I'm in secondary northbound on the US side. US guys said its a brand new rule Mex Started and no...
  33. Rufo

    Tecate or Calexico East??

    Heading for Gonzaga tomorrow from SD towing a 26' boat. Google maps shows about the same time for either crossing from SD to Gonzaga. I like the Tecate crossing and have crossed North and south there lots but never driven the Mex 2 to Mexicali. I've never crossed at Calexico East but had a...
  34. Rufo

    Looking for Midriff/Bajo Norte Info

    Doing a multi-day, on the water trip with my son out of Gonzaga in a couple of weeks on my boat. Plan is to fish south to Refugio, fish a day or two at Isla Angel de la Guarda then fish back up to Gonzaga. I've always seen Bajo Norte on the maps but never been there cause it's so far out of the...
  35. Rufo

    Please Help Coco

    We stopped in to Coco's Corner to visit on our way to Gonzaga. If you haven't stopped by to see Coco, you should. He is a very interesting guy with lots of stories. Anyway, while enjoying a cold beer and swapping stories he asked if we had any books as he has read all the ones he currently has...
  36. Rufo

    Gonzaga Military Inspection....Approved!

    New experience for me. When we came in to Alfonsinas after fishing last week a truck load of military guys were there. Not out of the ordinary in Baja. They were very interested in checking out the fish. Again, not out of the ordinary in my experience. They were so excited with our catch that...
  37. Rufo

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    After a great birthday in San Quintin Capt Juan SQ, Rosarito Jimmy, Capt Adam SD and myself headed off to Gonzaga via Laguna Chapala. The dirt road from Mex 1 to Gonzaga is about the same as it was last May but lots of work being done and projection for completion is 2017. Stayed at...
  38. Rufo

    Just Another Day in SQ

    Headed down to SQ with Rosarito Jimmy on Saturday. Mission was to meet up with Capt Juan and head for Gonzaga. Figured we might as well fish a day while we were here. Juan let us know that it's the May doldrums so don't expect much. Well, a day on the boat with my two amigos is more than enough...
  39. Rufo

    Gonzaga Panga Needed

    Gonna be in Gonzaga for the first time May 9-13 and need to find a panga. Anybody got a recommendation or info on getting a panga there? We are staying at Alfonsinas, any BDers gonna be around for a cold one after fishing? Thanks Bob
  40. Rufo

    So Cal Cobia?

    Anybody read about this. Maybe wahoo won't be the most unlikely fish to enter the So Cal Bight....
  41. Rufo

    7 Amigos and Georges Ghost

    Always a great time in SJDC and especially at La Playita!!! Fished Friday with Gordo Banks Pangas. We had three boats and all fished north. Bob "Boilermaker" Baker and Capt. Juan fished with Tony on The Hooker and got some Pargo, snapper, grouper and football tuna. They went in early cause Bob...
  42. Rufo

    Looking for SJDC Charter Boat

    Have been fishing out of SJDC for many years, even before the marina was there. Always go out on a cruiser or my preference a super panga. This time got a group of 6 and were thinking that it would be fun to all go out together on the same boat. We are looking for a charter boat that can...
  43. Rufo

    Cancun/Nichupte Lagoon Fishing??

    Looking for info on fishing this area. Never been there and was hoping someone has? Or info on some similar fishery in warm, easily accessible, reasonably priced place that within 4-5 hours (or less) flight of LAX. I hurt my back a few months ago and have not been able to fish or travel...
  44. Rufo

    BOLA last week

    My friend Brian and his wife Emilia fished a couple of days last week with Joel Jr. Got yellows in 200'-300' up by Guadalupe on dropper loop with live mackeral. Cabrilla casting jigs up by candelarios. Made bait easy first day. Couldn't get a single piece the second day. The rooster was from...
  45. Rufo

    Offshore Offshore SD 6/12-6/14

    Short story, fished 3 days offshore for nothing. 6/12 looked at the nine and around the islands for nothing. 6/13 outside the islands and up to the 439 lots of birds, bait, dolphin and whales but no tuna. Headed from 439 the 425 for nada. Got called in to a nice paddie below the 425 by the...
  46. Rufo

    BoLA 6/2

    Joel sent me an email that he had very good yellowtail fishing yesterday with my good friend Brain and his wife Emelia topped by a 38 pounder caught by Em :) They are grouper fishing today but haven't heard any report yet.
  47. Rufo

    Joel's Sportfishing BoLA

    Just got back from a week in Bahia de Los Angeles. Fishing was good to great to WFO depending on the day but very few anglers in town. I'll post another report with some pics. Just wanted to let everybody know that Joel Jr is now sportfishing daily for a living. Joel's Sportfishing, Joel Sr...
  48. Rufo

    La Salina Harbor Sandbar

    I went by La Salina on Saturday May 9th at medium tide. There was a sandbar that went all the way across the entrance from north to south. The entire sandbar was out of the water. It looked to me like no boat could make it in or out not even a panga but I was just glancing as I drove by and not...
  49. Rufo

    Unicorns and Rockfish in BoLA

    The yellowtail tuna are still biting good close to the bay. Fish from 5-25 lbs. All on jigs. Haven't been able to make any bait in three days. Rockfish up to 70 lbs biting the jigs too. Going out today but very windy. Also had some very good seafood soup last night :) Internet not good here...
  50. Rufo

    BoLA 5/10-16...Who's Gonna be There?

    Will be arriving on Sunday and hanging for the week. Anyone gonna be there? Usually try to meet and have a beer or two with BDers while I'm there if anybody is gonna be in town let me know. Bob
  51. Rufo

    4/10-4/12 at My Coronado Islands Condo

    Plan was to stay on the water for a few days. Fish the islands and south for yellows and maybe poke around offshore weather permitting to look for tuna. Sat the weather was permitting but my port motor wasn't so decided to stick around the islands. The guys that I talked to offshore saw and...
  52. Rufo

    Nados and Offshore Buddy Boat 4/10,11,12

    Well, never done this before but met so many cool people on BD over the years that I figured I'd give it a go. Usually I just do my thing and put up a report after but was thinking the more eyes cooperating the better for these tuna and who knows maybe make a new friend or two in the process...
  53. Rufo

    Nados and Offshore Buddy Boat 4/10,11,12

    Well, never done this before but met so many cool people on BD over the years that I figured I'd give it a go. Usually I just do my thing and put up a report after but was thinking the more eyes cooperating the better for these tuna and who knows maybe make a new friend or two in the process...
  54. Rufo

    Wreckin' the Donkeys with Capt. Grumpy Pants

    Had a chance to fish with Capt Scott Bussen and 1st mate Tanker on the Relentless out of Port Canaveral last week. Big comfy boat, great Capt, really cool guy. Hit the wrecks and reefs for an assortment of amberjack, snapper, grouper, Sharks, barracuda, triggerfish, Seabass and misc small reef...
  55. Rufo

    Guppy Quest with Bankrobber in Florida

    Fished the shore near Dean's house and the flats of the Indian River Lagoon. Saw some big redfish up to about 40" but no love. Well, always good to see an old friend and added a couple new species to the list :) Anyone remember this guy?
  56. Rufo

    Coronados and Beyond

    First trip of 2015!! Headed out of Shelter Island Friday night around 10:00. Got great bait 6" sardine and 8" mackerel at the bait barge. Headed out of the bay at 2-4 kts in really thick fog thinking "this is gonna be a long ride to the islands". Cleared the point and the fog was gone :)...
  57. Rufo

    Need Catalina Info

    Looking for info on getting a mooring at Avalon. Want to take the boat over. Fish some, hoop some and visit town. Did it a couple of years ago but somehow lost the info. Any other Catalina, Avalon or Two Harbors info appreciated. Thanks Bob
  58. Rufo

    Offshore Solo Marlin Adventure 9/28

    Sun 9/28 Solo Marlin Fishing-3 hookups and 2 Releases! Unfortunately.......... The first one was released with my favorite Marlin lure attached to about 200 feet of line. 150 lb spectra broke 2 feet from the rod tip before I ever got the rod out of the holder but nice jump on hookup. Hope it...
  59. Rufo

    Fri & Sat ant the Nados

    Fri & Sat at the Nados Fished 9/26-27 at the islands. Had friends come in from Az hoping for some tuna and dodo but they brought the rough weather with them so we decided on island yellowtail instead. Fri was very rough all day but warm and sunny. Flylined sardines at pukey first thing in the...
  60. Rufo

    Striped Marlin Release Question

    I got an estimated 140-150 lb striper a couple days ago. It bit the long jig fished on 60 lb with 16 lbs drag. Strong fish cause it pulled all 300 yds of line off the reel and had to chase it to get line back. Got it to the boat twice and both times it took off in typical marlin style. Third...
  61. Rufo

    Offshore 9/7-9/8 Yellowtail, Tuna, Dorado and a Marlin

    Sun 9/7 got nice 4-6" sardine at MB. Bait lived for two days while we were out. Headed to the Kidney Bank. Weather was nice but got snotty in the afternoon. Found lots of kelps with about half holding rat yellows on the way. Fished the 302 to the 371 and back for bonita on a hammerhead and a...
  62. Rufo

    Fun in SQ

    Great day with Rosarito Jimmy, Bob Baker and the Legend :)
  63. Rufo

    Duane Found Us Some Yellows

    Fished Sun with Seasons Sportfishing at the Nados. Capt Duane found us 4 good yellows, some nice calicos and plenty of gar. One jack on the plug courtesy of Diego and the rest on slow trolled Mack. Thanks to Jamie for getting everything together and Duane for being so patient with my out...
  64. Rufo

    BOLA Report

    Some friends of mine from TJ just got back and had good fishing for yellowtail with Joel. Capt. Juan sent me an email and said him and Rosarito Jimmy had wide open cabrilla from 8-18 lbs. Water is blue and weather is 100 ish and nice!
  65. Rufo

    Offshore Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    Left early cause Capt Chris wanted to go the distance. Headed down Thur night in good weather. Had a couple kelps for a few small yellows early on Fri morning. Found the porpoise with yellowfin under them around mid day and it was run and gun for the rest of the day. Fish were 10-20 lbs and...
  66. Rufo

    Success in PV and Catching Fish

    I am re-posting this report at the request of my good friend, Bob Hoyt, of Mag Bay Outfitters. He was on a trip and posted a report here but it mysteriously disappeared from the forum after posting it, hmmmmmm? I'm leaving in a couple weeks for a 3.5 day in PV on the Success then some inshore...
  67. Rufo

    BOLA Cabrilla

    My son and I tried spearfishing for the first time last week. Now we are HOOKED!!! Got lots of different reef fish and some nice cabrilla. The biggest went to my 17 year old son Zack. It was 18 lbs.
  68. Rufo

    BOLA Report 7/19-7/29

    Just got back from 10 days in BOLA with 5 days fishing and 2 days spearfishing. Quick report, fishing was hit or miss. Some days had wide open fishing for big yellows 20-25 lbs, some days wide open for baby yellows 3-6 lbs, some days a mix of both and some days hardly anything. Found the...
  69. Rufo

    Ensenada with Capt. Victor Campos and "El Famoso"....Yellowklr!!

    Had the pleasure of fishing with Campos Sportfishing and the one and only Yellowklr Saturday 6/29. Captain Victor of Campos Sportfishing picked us up at Derek's condo at 5:00 AM and we were off to launch at El Sauzal. Headed out into very calm and very, very foggy conditions. Unfortunately that...
  70. Rufo

    Nados 5/2

    Headed down from Mission Bay Wed night in flat calm seas. The bait dock had nice anchovy and sardine. Spent the night in the lee of South Island. Woke up at 5:00 AM to wind howling. Went back to bed till 7:00 and wind was still blowing 10-20 and stayed that way all day. Started fishing the...
  71. Rufo

    Catalina Mooring and Hotel

    Gonna take my boat to Catalina with a couple buddies and stay for a few days. The plan is to fish each day and stay on the island at night. Might stay on the boat and fish one night but my boat is a little small to sleep 3 people for multiple nights plus it's nice to get off the boat and get a...
  72. Rufo

    San Diego to Cabo Video

    Here is a link to a short video of our San Diego to Cabo trip aboard the Habanero in November. It was put together by my friend Howard who sent it to all of us today. Hope you enjoy :hali_olutta: Merry Christmas All Bob
  73. Rufo

    Wahoo on the Thetis

    My friend Rich shot this on the Thetis last week. We were fishing but after we had all we wanted on rod and reel he jumped in and fed this one some steel. I thought it was pretty cool so I jumped in and took a pic. I also got pics of free swimming Hoo. My first time ever in blue water. Next time...
  74. Rufo

    S.D. to Cabo 11/8-11/20

    Just got home so gonna make it short . Will add pics later. Left S.D. 11/8, went to Ensenada for paperwork and headed out from Ensenada on 11/10 in sloppy weather. 11/11 had wide open bite on 15-25# tuna with alot of 10-20# dodo mixed in about 15 miles NE of the Ranger Bank. They were even...
  75. Rufo

    Turtle Bay-The Ridge-Mag Bay

    We are leaving out of San Diego on Thursday November 8th and heading south. Boat is 55' Hatteras, name is Habanero. Plan is to start at Cedros and fish from there to Los Cabos and arrive Los Cabos on the 19th. Probably focus most on Turtle Bay, The Ridge and Mag Bay. Anyone else gonna be...
  76. Rufo

    S.D. to Cabo in a P.B.

    Ok Im making an itinerary and working out details for a 12 day trip from San Diego to Cabo. Boat is 55' Hatteras with good bait and fuel capacity. Will be departing S.D on 11/8 and arriving Cabo 11/19 if all goes according to plan. I have many questions about the entire trip but will limit to...
  77. Rufo

    Offshore 1010 to 220 9/15-9/16

    Got real nice Bait at Mission Bay and headed out at 12:30AM. Arrived 1010 Saturday at 6AM and put jigs in. Worked with Enterprise and Full tilt. Heard some guys getting Albies on top of the 1010 but only a single blind 20# BFT jig strike on the purple marauder for us so we worked south toward...
  78. Rufo

    Last week in BOLA

    Fished Sun-Fri last week with Cangrejos. Been trying to post a report all week but too busy at work and too tired at night. Now I am having trouble attaching pics so here is a quick report. Sun 30 kt winds at 4:30. Never put boat in water Mon went south for all you want small yellowtail and...
  79. Rufo

    Who's Gonna be in BOLA 8/4-8/11?

    We are arriving on the 4th, staying at Cangrejos, fishing 5th-10th and heading home on the 11th. So far it looks like Eddie, Dustin, Eddie Abate and Johnny. Anyone else? Wanna hook up one evening for food, beer and lies.....err, I mean fishing stories?:rofl: Cheers:hali_olutta: Bob
  80. Rufo

    Topwater Gold in BOLA

    I talked to Pedro today and he told me he got 5 Dorado yesterday. WooHoo! 13 days and counting. Sorry no info on where they were caught or what they were using.
  81. Rufo

    7/11 Tuna Pen Tour

    Forgot to mention in my report yesterday. While we were in transit from South Kelp to Middle Grounds we saw the guys who work the pens tied up and diving in the pens so we stopped by to see if we could check it out. At first they said no but after beer and cigarettes for the driver and sodas for...
  82. Rufo

    Nados 7/11

    Started out at South Island at 7:30. Looked around Ribbon Kelp, White Rock and 5 Minute Kelp for nada. Made our way to South Kelp for a nice 2 hour C&R session of 12 Calicos and 4 Cuda on swimbaits and Krocodiles. Headed up to Middle Grounds and found a spot at the parking lot to drop the pick...
  83. Rufo

    Big Bear to BOLA 6/15-6/25

    Part 1 Fished 3 days with Joel Jr and Joel from Joels Sportfishing and Eco Tours, 1 day with Pedro from Cangrejos Hotel and Sportfishing, 1 day with me as capitan on Joel's boat that he let me use and 1 day with my new friends Rick and Lou Sitta on their 16' Klamath. Caught Lots and Lots of...
  84. Rufo

    Anyone gonna be in BOLA 6/16-6/24?

    Heading down on June 15th and staying for a week or so. I was gonna take my boat but lost the port motor last week so gonna have to get a panga instead. I usually fish with Pepe but was thinking of mixing things up a little. Got a hold of Joel but he is booked. Any recommendations? Also want to...
  85. Rufo

    La Salina

    First of all thanks to everyone for the helpfull info. Border crossing south at T.J. was easy and so was parking and getting FMMs. The sun went away around San Diego and never came back. I lost my starboard motor before we got a mile out of the harbor on Saturday, bummer! Still had port motor...
  86. Rufo

    Tijuana crossing and La Salina Launching

    For the last 8 years I've had my boat in in a slip in Mission bay. I've taken it by sea many times to La Salina Marina and Marina Coral. I'm gonna tow it down next week for a variety of reasons but high gas prices, Mexican fishing visa requirements when entering by sea and checking in with U.S...
  87. Rufo

    SJDC 3/1-3/3

    Fished three days with Gordo Banks Pangas and Captain Chame. Fishing was pretty good but windy two out of three days. Caught Yellowtail, Amberjack, Grouper, Cabrilla, Pargo, Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Triggerfish and lots of Bonita on yoyo, chunk and live bait at San Luis, 25 spot and Iman Bank...
  88. Rufo

    San Jose Del Cabo

    Heading down with a couple of buddy's to see our friend George at the La Marina Inn and fish with our amigo Chame on Wednesday. I have a fair idea of what's going on with the fishing through the reports but was wondering if anyone is down or has been down recently and has any current info on...
  89. Rufo

    Save Ca. Fishing

    How do I join. I have donated on all other fronts to this cause and would like to be part of this. Thanks Bob
  90. Rufo

    La Bocana and bahia Asuncion 11/6-11/11

    Arrived at Les and Blancas after 2 days of driving in the rain and snow. I managed to crash my car in the snow within 20 minutes of leaving my house and the road construction below Maneadero was brutal at night in the rain but other than that the trip was uneventfull. Spent the night at Mission...
  91. Rufo

    Mexico Truck/Boat/Trailer Insurance

    I'm looking for full coverage insurance for my truck, boat and trailer so I can tow to Baja. I already have American insurance for my truck am ready to renew for boat and trailer. I'm looking for full coverage American/ Mexican insurance for boat and trailer and Mexican insurance to add on to my...
  92. Rufo

    Need a Mechanic

    I'm looking for a mechanic in the San Diego area that can help me with a gas smell in the cabin I am experiencing after filling up. Boat is 26 foot cuddy with twin outboards. Anyone have a recommendation? Bob
  93. Rufo

    Cali Boy Requesting Some Local Knowledge

    I'm gonna be in Orlando in late September for work. I usually fish a few days out of Port Canaveral with a friend on his boat. Economy sucks...he and boat are gone. I have only fished that area. My question is should I book a boat for a couple days for me and a few friends out of the local...
  94. Rufo


    Heading down from Mission Bay in my boat tomorrow to spend a few day's at the Coral with my son. I hear there is some 'Cuda around. Wondering if anyone has an idea where they are at? Thanks, Bob
  95. Rufo

    La Salina

    Finall get a chance to take my boat back down from Mission Bay to La Salina for a few days of fishing this Sun, Mon, Tue. Haven't been down since March. I usually stay on my boat in the marina but a friend who is going with me has a house on the marina so we'll be staying there. Does anyone know...
  96. Rufo


    3.5 day Mag Bay offshore tuna, wahoo, dorado, marlin, yellowtail, grouper on the Success departing Fri 11-13 pm and returning Tue 11-17 am. We have six and want two more to make eight total. $1500 all inclusive on the boat plus air, transfer and tip (about an additional $1000). Will be fishing...
  97. Rufo

    La Salina

    Gonna fish offshore Thur. 9-17 and stay ay La Salina Thur. night. Fish home on Fri. Was thinkink of fishing inshore on the way home. I haven't done any inshore since June. Anything going on inshore from Salsipuedes north?
  98. Rufo

    Offshore 8/2 157 and Beyond

    Fished hard from 5am till 3:30 in small seas but rough, windy conditions for 3 small BFT and 1 Alb. Lots of sporties getting not much. Got all fish 6 miles S/E of 157. 2 BFT and Alb on blind jig strikes. 1 BFT on a sardine after the fish came right to the boat following the troll fish. Hit...
  99. Rufo

    Santa Ana River / Seven Oaks Report

    Had shoulder surgery two weeks ago so I took my son to the river to watch him catch some trout. Stopped at the first bridge and it was loaded with fat stockers. Not exactly what we were expecting but always fun so we stopped and caught and released 11 big fat 12 inch rainbows on a bead head...
  100. Rufo

    Offshore 238 albies

    Sunday fished 238 and up to 5 miles north for 7 albies. Monday fished 238 to about 15 miles north for another 7. After that water turned green. All fish 10-20 #. Blk/purp daisy chain was hot. We got a few double and triple jig strikes with a bait fish each time on Monday. Lost a bunch at the...
  101. Rufo

    Here's the Pics

    The Shark is from my post a few weeks ago and I didn't know how to put up pics. The rest is from the trip
  102. Rufo

    Offshore Mission Bay to Ensenada Sun. 6/7- Tue. 6/9

    I posted on the Baja board. Should I post here too or does everyone look at all of the boards? I'm new to posting so any input is welcome.
  103. Rufo

    Mission Bay to Ensenada 6/7-6/9

    Left Sun. 6/7 from Mission Bay @ 5am. Had baited up with monster Dines the night before. Headed for the 425, fished all around the highspot and to the south and east for lots of Porpoise and dry paddies. We saw some Tuna jumping with the Porpoise but when we got up on them they were little tiny...
  104. Rufo

    Sun, Mon, Tue Offshore

    Anyone Gonna be uot. I'm fishing down to Coral Sun. Outside Ensenada Mon. And back up on Tue. Maybe cover more water with a few looking. I'll be on 72, baot name "Clicker".
  105. Rufo

    Heading to the Coral Sun.... Antone else?

    I'm leaving Mission Bay Sun. 6-7 early and heading offshore 425ish then fishing my way down to the Marina Coral. Stay at the Coral Sun. and Mon. nights. Mon. gonna head to offshore banks out of Ensenada. Tue. Fish inshore back up to mission Bay. Plan may change slightly due to weather or fish...
  106. Rufo

    No T but full speed on the Calico's

    Went down to Mission Bay with the intention of fishing inshore south and trying for Thresher coming home. Never made it past Point Loma. Found good Calico fishing on the outside of the kelp on chovie and plastic with some small Cuda mixed in. Nothing real big but lot's of fish. Half day boats...
  107. Rufo

    La Salina

    Gonna fish Descanso Bay down to La Salina Tue. 5-12 might stay at the marina Tue. night. Anyone else gonna be around?
  108. Rufo

    Hali Help

    Where is that thread moved to? Thanks Goose for your answering my questions, I'll post as soon as I give it another shot.
  109. Rufo

    Went to silverwood

    Went to Silverwood yesterday. At the lake at 6:00 and was informed that the ramp was closed for 2 days so no launching. They offered us a comp rental boat but my buddy really wanted to fish off his new Ranger. Plan B we decided to head down the 15 and try Elsinore. On the water at 8:00 and...
  110. Rufo

    Looking for info

    I'm going to be in New Orleans in late Sept. I am looking for info on fishing and charter boats. Is Venice the place to be? I will have a group of three or four. All of us are serious fisherman looking for something that pulls back.
  111. Rufo

    Thresher Report

    This is my first report, hope I get it right. Kinda late but just got back from four days on the water. Sunday P.M. tried trolling south nine for no Thresher. Monday hit it again and got one around 11 A.M. that weighed 166# at Dana landing. Black/purple Bait o matic with live Mackerel, 4.2 kts...
  112. Rufo

    Mag Bay

    I'm going to be fishing with Mag Bay Outfitters inshore 11/18, 11/19 & 11/20. Looking for someone to fish with will be solo after returning from offshore 3 day on the Success.