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    Best fishing hat for sun protection AND with zero dorkiness

    Shelta hats, right here in San Diego. They are not a one size fits all. You must know your hat size. They have a unique insert in the forward portion of the bill to keep it rigid instead of flopping around like the other floppy hats when driving your skiff.. I have a couple and they are very...
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    150 Clear Feed Poppers

    Daiwa has jumped on board with a relatively new popper with clear being one of the choices. No experience with them.
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    150 Clear Feed Poppers

    Sqidco has a whole rack of them. They go quick so call Joey before you go down there.
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    Nasty Crash!

    My guess is a medical condition of the driver like a blackout or heart attack rendered her unconscious.
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    Fish processor’s are full. What to do?

    My friend flew in from Minnesota, not knowing the fish processor problem. He was expecting business as usual. Get off the plane, get on the boat, catch his fish, drop them off at the processor for same day pickup, get on the plane in the afternoon and fly home. His boat just got in and they can...
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    Offshore I Hate Dorado!

    Nick, call me for the hot scoop.
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    Full Day Sport Boat (Tuna - offshore) — What would you take?

    You will just be paddie hopping if it happens in the near future on a full day trip (Vendetta, Liberty, San Diego Mission Belle). I fished on the Vendeta, San Diego and Mission Belle last week. A 30 lb set up with matching flouro carbon is all you need. Grab the green mackerel when you see one...
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    Offshore 12 fish sport boat put trackers on paddies?

    They have been using them for a few years. When the paddy goes dry, they pick it up and use it again. Heard of one private boat picked one up and took it home. The skipper tracked it to the house where it was at, knocked on the door and asked for his transmitter back.
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    Making bait around SD Bay

    Tie up to the bait barge end closest to the sub base and chum cat food made from mackeral. The current should be moving. Just keep the chum going slow and steady. It takes about 5 minutes for the mackeral to find the boat. You will catch all you want. The kids will get bored with it as there are...
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    Ultralight Trout rod.

    If you can not find a used UL spinning rod used, Check out the Okuma CE-S-802UL. They are only like $39 and are pretty awesome. Bought one before going to Pyramid and it did great with 6lb test and the trout all weighed between 5 and 10 lbs. I highly recommend it. They have models 6 to 8.5 ft if...
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    How to remove bait pump hoses sealed with 4200 sealant?

    Cut the hoses off with a box cutter. Twist the pump off the through hull and turn it over. You will see a pretty large hole in the bottom of the rule pump. It will more than likely be full of eel grass from the bay and also small pieces of kelp. Take your time to get it all, especially the eel...
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    Favorite spinning popping rod for tuna?

    I would check out the Penn rod. They have hit a homerun with all their other recent releases in the rod category for us out here on the West Coast!
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    21 Outrage Scupper Replacement

    There is a guy on ebay that might be able to help. I typed in HTH-2000-S GROCO Stainless Steel Hose Barb Thru-Hull Fitting - 2" in the ebay search bar and he has a ton of 2 inch fittings.
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    21 Outrage Scupper Replacement

    Have you thought about plugging the holes, redrilling the holes and using a 1 1/2" instead?
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    21 Outrage Scupper Replacement

    Have you tried the Boston Whaler user group forum? They probably have your answer. Look at both the old forum and the new forum. Lots of info.
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    Idea on how to locate ground short

    Also Look at your all your main grounds. Make sure it is an easy path back to battery ground. When things start to act goofy, it is generally a ground and electricity WILL find a path back ground, even if it is through another system. look at the obvious first like grounds that have been broken...
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    Free Rod for a Veteran

    Here is a little video from a few months ago
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    Free Rod for a Veteran

    I am not the organizer but my first step would be call H&M landing on Point Loma and ask them. If that does not work, pm me and I will try to get an answer for you.
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    Madmac Hooks

    Owner SST 4/0 or 5/0 is the way to go.
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    San Quintin 7/15 Yellowtail

    You are correct as I have been told that by my insurance co years ago.
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    Free Rod for a Veteran

    If nobody steps up, we can make it happen. Our Foundation, San Diego Anglers Foundation, specializes in taking wounded warriors and veterans salt water fishing. (We also do kids stuff also like the Crystal Pier Fishing Derby on July 31, but we specialize in the wounded warriors and veterans)...
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    Do You Check Your Sales Receipts?

    My friend works at costco and the receipt check at the door is a spot check to catch those kind of mistakes by the cashiers.
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    Solunar Tables- Accurate or Hogwash?

    I have been chartering the sportboats since 1989. Kept pretty good records and when you went back through and compared the catching on the trip according to the tables, it was surprisingly close. I would say they do have some merit from my experience from the little bit of homework that I put...
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    Crack in black water tank, repair suggestions?

    Flextape is a viable solution. I have used it before and it seems to be pretty good. It is cheap enough to try, just be sure the material is very clean and dry.
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    Getting my boy bent.

    He will be fine. I have yet to be on a boat that did not take great pleasure in making memories for the kids on board. They all remember their first tuna!
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    Offshore Nice One on the Popper - 7/7

    The lure is not a spook. It is a FEED popper. It is the bomb!
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    What Is My Temp Gauge Telling Me ?

    I disagree. The exhaust gas coming out of the outdrive quickly heats up the bucket of water to 100 degrees. The ocean is about mid sixties , which is a big difference. If you are going to use the barrel, keep the garden hose going full blast while still in the barrel to keep flushing that hot...
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    Anybody “blown up” a Fathom or Torque LD2 reel?

    I was at Guadalupe on the Vagabond a couple of years ago. The Penn Fathom 40 2 speed is his reel of choice for the loaner gear. Fish were being picky. Mike told us not to use anything under 80 but he flipped out a bait on 60 and got bit immediately. The sharks were around. I saw Mike pull on...
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    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    When fishing with mono, we would dump 2/3 of a spool on a TLD30 in the water when trolling for these bluefin. It is a crazy distance you have to put it back there for consistent bluefin strikes. The other tunas do not seem to mind the boat noise but BFT certainly do for the most part.
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    Some boats have a mask required?

    My doctor told me this stuff early on when Covid hit. Told me not to get my medical advice from CNN or any tv news source and he gave me his number if I had any questions about Covid. He also predicted he would be treating more patients from anxiety and depression from the lockdown than from...
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    Will a 100 ton capt license help with landing a seasonal job aboard on an overnight to long range boat?

    Each landing has a board for employment. Print something up and bring it down to the big 3 and post it up.
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    Rancho Leonero in August?

    Lots of questions answered here:
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    Rancho Leonero in August?

    Always a good time to go to the Ranch. It is hurricane season at that time so your are taking a chance. The fishing will be good. The weather can be warm and humid but the fish will be biting (Billfish, dorado and wahoo). Try to book about 5 days before a new moon for best fishing .
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    excel went deep current 3 day

    Yes, they typically start to bite this month but no real sign of them yet. I am waiting for that"gentleman" style, daylight seabass fishing where you get to sleep in at night and fish in then day!
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    Madmac rental??? Would you?

    They are not the only lures they are hitting, they are just the ones that are being talked about. My friends were out the other day and did great on the rapalas. Just be sure you troll one back crazy far as these tuna, unlike yellowfin or albacore, do not like boat noise. Knowing when and how...
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    Blackman billfisher 26 info

    Try contacting his son Steve who run the shop after Don passed away. Here is a link. It is a good starting point. Good Luck!
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    excel went deep current 3 day

    I have a place in San Quintin. They are fishing in an area that will have breezing schools of yellows chasing bait this time of year. It is also in an area that the local panga fleet will not to run them out of like the breakers reef or San Martin Island.
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    Free Fishing Rods To a Veteran

    If you can not find someone, our foundation, San Diego Anglers Foundation, charters the boats in San Diego and takes wounded warriors fishing twice a month. Next trip is a twilight trip on the New Seaforth and I can give them away on the trip that evening if you like or the 3/4 day trip to the...
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    Friedman Adventures podcast BFT sinker rig

    I am pretty sure that Matt Bralla on the San Diego came up with that rig. They have been very successful catching the tuna that way
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    Offshore Nado Islands 5/26

    I had the San Diego chartered that day. Ended up with 36 yellows with the better ones at Pukey on the yoyo jigs in the morning when we first got there. They turned off and disappeared so we looked around and found more yellows in shallow at south island and fished them with tons of keeper...
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    Eating the heart?

    I was talking with a skipper who does not recommend it at all. He had a passenger get a pretty nasty worm from one that really made the passenger sick. Tag it and drop it and call it good.
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    Are BFT gonad egg sacs common?

    Talk to Barbara Block. She has been studying BFT for years.
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    Nomad Mad Macs

    Don't remember exactly but it was a 5/0 or 6/0.
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    Nomad Mad Macs

    Yes, switch to the Owner ST-66 4X strong trebles. We got tired of the hooks pulling on those Nomads so we experimented with the Owners and have been very happy. You literally have to cut them out of the fish to remove them.
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    Shimano Speedmaster 25

    Mak is the better option.
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    Which reel would you buy and why?

    You will always be able to get parts for the Penn
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    Shimano Talica 20II and 12II

    No, it is sold.
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    New pre-parking payment system

    What if you don't own a phone??
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    New pre-parking payment system

    I was told by the Port at one of the meetings that when the Shelter Island launch ramp redevelopment accepted the funds from Cal Boating and Waterways that they could not charge for parking.
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    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    The parking fees at the Ace parking lots is just going crazy. Opening day at Petco Park this year they wanted more money to park my car than I have to pay for my season ticket at the ballpark.
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    New pre-parking payment system

    So now you have to pay to go shopping at the tackle shops?
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    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    What if you don't have a phone or it is dead?
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    Sea Lions attacking hooked BFT

    Nobody is fishing the islands so their free lunch is gone. They went looking for the "lunch wagons" and found them. They are smart.
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    Best Bluefin Tuna Rig for Under $2000

    Good choices and you will not have buyers remorse.
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    Fishing the "condom"

    That was the problem back then that if you did not get the fish to the boat in a short period of time, the hook on the leadhead would open up. We never found a leadhead hook that would do the job. Channel Island chovey , 5 inch fishtrap was the prefered swimbait and caught tons of albacore and...
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    Vagabond Memorial Day 2.5-day 5/27-5/30

    Stoked to see Capt " Fluffy" aka Andrew did a great job on his inaugural trip as the captain!! I am sure that Capt Mike and Cameron were a little nervous giving up the reigns but it sounds like they left it in good hands with Fluffy and the crew. Conrats to the new generation stepping up to...
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    Ruptured distal bicep tendon

    My friend had it done. It was slow to heal beacause the blood supply is limited. Do what the doctor says or you might F it up. Good luck and do the PT.
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    Have you have actually caught a Bluefin Tuna over 100lbs?

    Relax and just put your time in, they will come. Pay more attention to moon phase to book your trips starting with about 5 days before the full and also the new moon. Also , some boats are better at getting the larger fish than others. Try to pay attention to who they are.
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    Any Yamaha F100 owners out there?

    Fresh gas and make sure the RPM's are correct for idle speed.
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    Best Bluefin Tuna Rig for Under $2000

    Penn VISX 16 or 20. You will not be disappointed once you get hooked up. will always be able to get parts for it as it is made in America and Penn supports it parts. I have a pile of other reels from other manufacturers that you can not get parts for but I can get parts...
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    Best Bluefin Tuna Rig for Under $2000

    If you are sticking with Penn, the Sinker rig need another 40 and not a 25.
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    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    Contact Larry Heron. He lives and guides out of there. You will not be disappointed at all!
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    J hook instead of circle for bluefin live bait

    Mustad 94151 BN ,Black nickel is an excellent hook. Put it in gear and do not swing and it will end up in the corner of the mouth. 40lb yellowfin down south all day long on a small #4. Not one bent hook.
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    Recommendation in SoCal to get Custom aluminum Fuel tanks?

    Look to see if Moeller has a below deck, permanent fuel tank in the dimensions you are seeking.
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    Help with rod lengths...

    If you are talking about chasing bluefin, most people like to use the rail to fight the fish as it makes it easier on the back and arms. The skippers like to see 7'6" rods to help keep the line away from the hull during a fight when the rod is on the rail.
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    The foam should not be the sole support for the decking. Don't be afraid to add lumber where necessary to support a new deck. Get familiar with epoxy resin , like West Systems, and silica bronze screws. Be sure to encapsulate all the new lumber in glass and resin, including the underside of the...
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    My friend had one and we caught a ton of fish in it. Boat is a great platform and cuts the waves beautifully with minimal pounding. A little tippy when just sitting there but that is what you get with that V-bottom boat. Decks had a tendency, being made of wood, to get soft and rot out. If the...
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    Need a local machine shop

    Try Moell machine shop in El Cajon. He is a job shop and specializing in that stuff (one off items). Mike is a great guy and will give you an honest answer.
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    Shimano Talica12 two speed

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Shimano Talica12 two speed - Shimano Talica12 two speed Learn more about this listing...
  70. Shimano Talica12 two speed

    Southern California Shimano Talica12 two speed

    Excellent condition. $425. San Diego
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    Offshore Smoked em.

    I was on a boat a couple of years ago where every fish that was caught by an angler was tagged and then as it was dropped in the RSW, it was recorded on a clip board with a grease pencil according to the tag number. When the angler reached his limit, he was informed by the captain that he was at...
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    Hair finished into the rod.

    It will be your reminder of your companion long after he is gone. It will bring a smile to your face everytime you are fishing and notice the hair.
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    The Penn and the Mac. I have seen the newer Penn stuff just punish the fish when the rod was put on the rail and dropped to low gear. If my wife at 65 can get a 280# with no problem, that is a great reel!
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    Shimano Talica 12II

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Shimano Talica 12II - Shimano Talica 12II Learn more about this listing...
  75. Shimano Talica 12 II Two Speed Reel

    Southern California Shimano Talica 12 II Two Speed Reel

    Shimano Talica 12 2 speed. $440
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    Thoughts on purchasing or renting gears? What to expect June-July 8 day trips?

    Use the loaner gear but let them know in advance. This is important. All the boats have loaner gear for their out of town customers. You do not want to use the topshot on the reel that was used by the previous person so they ask you to purchase a new topshot from the boat before you start...
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    Any Yamaha F100 owners out there?

    Don't start the engines until that junk is all cleaned out. The best way is to remove the carbs and give them a cleaning. But you can try an easier way that has worked for me in the past. I would keep the drain screws out, get a can of spray carb cleaner, stick the red flexible tube that comes...
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    All around west coast reel.

    You said All Around reel so that is what I will take a stab at. My cousin came on my 10 day charter a few years ago with only 1 rod and reel. He is not much of a fisherman and would use the boat gear for the rest. It was a Calstar rod and a Penn Torque 25N 2 speed. He did not need to use any...
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    WTB Bayrunner

    I have an 18' Bayrunner. It is a fixer. My friend passed away and the wife has asked me to sell it for her. PM me if interested.
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    Any Yamaha F100 owners out there?

    Most carbs don't have filters like that and they run all right without them . I would not reinstall the filters and I would put in a Parker fuel filter with a 10 micron element, change it once a year at the beginning of the season and you should be good to go. At the end of the season, drain all...
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    Fishermen needed

    Great photo of Vince. So Vince really can catch a fish!!!
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    Looking to buy Lake Barrett boat ticket

    Later in the year is way easier to get the tickets like boxerman said. You just have to be able to endure the heat . Still lots of fish to be caught, just not as many and easy as the springtime fish.
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    Shimano split ring pliers

    Easy decision. Do not send them back. Amazon does not restock or sell returns in any way, shape or form. It is easier and cheaper for them to destroy the items than to deal with them.
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    For a Penn VISX 12, how much difference would a rod like a Penn Carnage III CARWCIII40100C78 make over the cheaper Penn Slammer SL3080C66?

    Buy the West Coast Carnage III rod. You will not be disappointed! They were tested in part, right here in San Diego on some our selected long range boats. A lot of time was invested in the design and final production of this "West Coast" series of rods. They are the most modern rods out there...
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    Looking to buy Lake Barrett boat ticket

    Go to They have a Barrett forum where tickets are traded and sold all the time.
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    Offshore Smoked em.

    For those that are interested in reading the law regarding "boat limits" for this discussion.. Where it gets interesting is 195 (e) (3) where it talks about fish taken in other jurisdictions (Mexico). This should really get the discussion going!!!! Below is the law as written in Ca Fish and...
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    Offshore Smoked em.

    We had an older gentleman on one of our multiday charters a few years ago catch his daily limit and then told the capt and all the crew he was going to bed and would finish up his trip limit the next morning. He got up in the morning and immediately hooked the biggest fish and could not believe...
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    Erendira Lodging

    Keep going to San Quintin. LOTS of choices there as far as boats and places to stay. It is the same type of fishing.
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    Online Mexican fishing license?

    Try a debit card.
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    Something ate my downrigger ball

    Yes. It was probably a thresher shark. Right time of the year.
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    Declaration Form

    Typically they do not ask that question as that is a state concern. Maybe he was a fisherman and just interested in your luck.
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    Cedros Tip and Tricks

    Been there many times. Swimbaits catch a lot of fish, but they get used up pretty rapidly. Hard baits such as surface iron and stickbaits do not have to be replaced as often. Be sure to bring some of those so you can keep fishing when your swimbait selection is depleted. You will get larger...
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    Royal polaris

    You are correct. I did not mean to imply the operation has moved to Oregon.
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    Looking for bait tank

    Here are some recent bait tank listings on this website.
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    Want to take my 8yr old on a 1.5 day

    Just do it. The crew will take care of him and he will be a star when his first fish hits the deck. We were all there at one time.
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    Royal polaris

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    Royal polaris

    Ca regulations and pay scale drove them out to do their maintenance.. MUCH different pricing in Oregon. The downward spiral has started and it will get worse until the legislators in Sacramento are changed soon. There is a primary in June that most people will ignore. That is where the process...
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    Penn 40NLD2 vs Shimano Speedmaster 20ii

    It is like asking is a ford truck better than a chevy truck or a red head better than a brunette. To each his own. Good luck!
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    Shimano Talica 20II and 12II

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Shimano Talica 20II and 12II - Shimano Talica 20II and 12II Learn more about this listing...
  100. Shimano Talica 20II and 12II

    Southern California Shimano Talica 20II and 12II

    The bluefin are here!! Selling a couple of Shimano Tac 2 speeds. Both in good shape. Tac 20-$550 and Tac 12-$500. Cash, Debit or credit card through our square account. Thanks for looking.
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    Livewell Killing my bait

    Because the bait has a possibility to get caught behind it. The half pipe allows them to glide past it instead of getting stuck behind it which could injure them and pretty soon you have a tank of beat up bait.
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    Unanswered Lever drag question

    I was on the Vagabond a few years ago for an October Guadalupe trip. All the fish were about 100 to 150 lb.. Mike was adamant that everyone set their reels to 1/3 of the breaking strength at strike and to check your reels every morning as the settings do change over night. He keeps 2 scales...
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    Boat US Pop-up

    Hit Ctrl- Screen will shrink and allow you to click on it to remove.
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    Penn Fathom 25N 2 Speed for Bluefin

    High speed because they do want it faster. The Fathom 40N 2 speed will be a better choice for jigging though. Bigger diameter will give you a faster retrieve and when the 180lber hits, you will have a much better chance at landing them. Good Luck!
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    Islands Coronado Islands report 4/29/2022

    We had our first charter of the year aboard the Liberty. Nobody had been there in a week so we did not know what to expect. Taro pulled into Pukey point and started thowning bait. Big schools of yellows on the bottom and yo yoing mega baits was the hot ticket. The smaller profile was getting bit...
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    Pairings for 1.5 on Vagabond 6/6-6/8

    Call Mike and ask him. He is the expert and will gladly help you to have a great trip by picking the correct gear. He knows what works and what doesn't and what to leave at home.
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    Bombs AWAY!!

    90 lb stranded wire, 20-24" long
  108. D

    Bombs AWAY!!

    I have been making my own bombs for years using a smaller 4 oz torpedo with a smaller owner sst treble to match. I have caught hundreds of those things. The smaller bomb is inhaled by the wahoo instead of it trying to cut it in half. The treble is generally so deep in their throats they have to...
  109. D

    8hp Johnson 2-Stroke Outboard

    Did you ever sell this engine?
  110. D

    Rubber Core Sinker Question?

    Buy your inserts here.
  111. D

    Trailer Tire Noob Question

    Here is a pretty good website explaining tire date labels (with pics) that are important to look at when discussing tires and their age.
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    More Shimano Talicas and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale

    No box for any of the reels.
  113. D

    More Shimano Talicas and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale

    All 2 speed. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    More Shimano Talicas and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: More Shimano Talicas and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale - More Shimano Talicas and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale Learn more about this listing...
  115. More Shimano Talicas 2 speeds and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale

    Southern California More Shimano Talicas 2 speeds and Gold Trinidad TN's for Sale

    Thanks for your support on the first batch. Next up is more of the same. Talicas 20 $575 12 $500 10 $475 8 $400 Trinidad Gold TN series 40 2 for sale $350 each 30 3 for sale $300 each 20 4 for sale $300 each 12 1 for sale $250 These reels are all in excellent...
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    Offshore Trailering a boat to San Jose del Cabo

    He had some great stories to tell when he took us fishing at the cape.
  117. D

    Offshore Trailering a boat to San Jose del Cabo

    Speed is what gets us in trouble. Don't be in a hurry and don't have distance goals each day as you travel. The goals is what pushes you to take chances. When the road narrows and an oncoming truck is coming, do not be afraid to pull the rig as far right as you can and stop completely to let...
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    Gold Shimano Trinidad TN reels (TN14, TN16, TN20, TN20)

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Gold Shimano Trinidad TN reels (TN14, TN16, TN20, TN20) - Gold Shimano Trinidad TN reels (TN14, TN16, TN20, TN20) Learn more about this listing...
  119. Gold Shimano Trinidad TN reels (TN14, TN16, TN20, TN20)

    Southern California Gold Shimano Trinidad TN reels (TN14, TN16, TN20, TN20)

    Reels are in excellent shape. I have been tasked by a friends trust to sell these reels in an estate sale. No trades or low ballers. Face to face dealings in San Diego County (Santee) TN14 $250 TN16 $275 TN20 $300 TN30 $300
  120. Gold Shimano Trinidad 40TN

    Southern California Gold Shimano Trinidad 40TN

    Reel is in excellent shape. $500. Please no trades or low ballers. Face to face pickup. San Diego County (santee)
  121. D

    Gold Shimano Trinidad 40TN

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Gold Shimano Trinidad 40TN - Gold Shimano Trinidad 40TN Learn more about this listing...
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    Shimano 2 speed Talicas for sale (20, 12, 10 and 8)

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Shimano 2 speed Talicas for sale (20, 12, 10 and 8) - Shimano 2 speed Talicas for sale (20, 12, 10 and 8) Learn more about this listing...
  123. Shimano 2 speed Talicas for sale (20, 12, 10 and 8)

    Southern California Shimano 2 speed Talicas for sale (20, 12, 10 and 8)

    I have been tasked to sell these reels for a friends estate sale. Reels are in excellent condition. Tac 20... $575 Tac 12... $500 Tac 10... $475 Tac 8 ... $400 San Diego County pickup (Santee) No trades or lowballs. Face to face only. Dwayne
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    Santa Rosalia charter?

    Call and talk to Brenda at Las Casitas hotel just south of Santa Rosalia. She can give you the names of a few guides and their numbers. She has owned the hotel for over 20 years and it is a GREAT place to stay!
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    Tips on camping in Yosemite -Mammoth-Sequoia’s?

    A lot of campgrounds up there have a few first come, first served spots for overnighters. You just have to be looking for a spot when people are pulling out, generally between 8 and noon. You can not call and make reservations for these spots, nor are they listed on the internet reservation...
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    Vendetta Sportboat for SALE

    Great little boat! Chartered it dozens of times for our fishing club. It gets bit for sure!
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    Seastar Solutions Hydraulic Steering Fluid

    If your steering is out of warranty, Dextron III transmission fluid is perfectly fine. I have been using it for over 20 years in my Cabo with no problems. Another plus is that when the seals start to weep fluid at the helm or the ram, dump in a little bit of auto transmission seal stopper and...
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    50# reel for multiple duty?

    When you said yoyo, that made the choice easy. The Penn 40N 2 speed Fathom. Probably the best all around reel out there. You will not be dissapointed at all. Look how many long range boats have them as their loaner gear. They would not have them if they did not work.
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    Islands 3/17 Coronado Islands

    I really think someone should do a video on how to get the proper paperwork to fish the islands. I do not know how to do that but I am sure someone on this board could figure it out. It is relatively easy once you have done it one or twice.
  130. D

    Calling all Hoo Experts

    Sailing La Reina What does “cast to the inside mean?” Never mind, found the answer further down the thread. Thanks for the info! When the skipper stops the boat, he generally turns the boat one way or the other. (The Vagabond like to turn to starboard as that is where his wheelhouse door is and...
  131. D

    Help diagnose Battery wiring issue

    Whenever there is an unexplained electrical gremlin, always check the grounds. Make sure that the ground link, the cable that connects the grounds of each of the batteries to each other. It can not be just a wire, it has to be a cable the same size as the rest of the cables. If it is the...
  132. D

    Old Fuel; How to Drain?

    Add some Yamaha Ring Free and you will be fine.
  133. D


    If I remember correctly, Jansens tackle is located near the entrance to Walmart in Cabo. It is on the left handside in those little shops before the entrance to Walmart. Pretty easy to get to by taxi. Just say, "walmart"
  134. D

    Another hook choice thread. Bait hooks for 2-11 day trips.

    Mustad 94151 Black nickel catches everything !! Very strong hooks.
  135. D

    Bass fishing and inshore

    A 4000 or 3500 size reel is all you need as they have great drags now a days.
  136. D

    Toddler fishing at Santa Cruz Island

    We have lots of experiance with the toddlers. They do not care if they are going to eat it. They just want action. Steady stream of chum whether it is cut up sardines or canned catfood, it does not matter. Anchor the boat where it is calm and you have fish on the meter, generally near a kelp...
  137. D

    DNA test

    DNA will be very sought after, valuable data in the future as we work toward more specific cures of diseases. This DNA checking, in my opinion, is just a ploy to start gathering this data for future monetary value.
  138. D

    Serial Lobster Poacher Rustin Craig Wilson caught commercial fishing lobster in closure at Catalina Island

    Not quite true. While the superior court judges are elected into office, the Governor gets to fill the vacancies by appointment. I know because I had quite an expensive legal bill while dealing with one of these court appointed Newsom judges. She clearly had an agenda that conflicted with very...
  139. D

    What is everyone's preference for reading GPS coordinates?

    If everyone had a grease pencil on their dash, we would never hear, " Could you repeat that number one more time" on the radio over and over from the less prepared.
  140. D

    Brainstorm solutions to CA Diesel engine issue

    A little history on CARB (Ca Air Resources Board). They will be making the decision. A short read CARB is a bureaucracy, which means it is a non-elected official...
  141. D

    So long my friend…..Jesus Companioni!

    He made me laugh. A lot!!!!
  142. D

    Bag / container for Poppers

    You only need one popper! A FEED 150 in clear.
  143. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    That is called a transom knee and it is critical that it is repaired and reinforced. You might have to strengthen transom knees because of the heavier motor. The higher you can go up the transom, the more strength you get. It is just carpentry. Be sure the new knees are fully encapsulated and...
  144. D

    Stand up fighting belt for SD based bluefin

    Putting the rod on the rail and letting the boat up and down motion has been a game changer for those with back problems. If you don't mind, have a deck hand show you the technique. My wife, who does not have a lot of strength and is 65, has boated many fish to 280 lbs with no problems using the...
  145. D

    Mixed advise from local stores on transducer - Simrad NSS Evo3 S with Halo 20+ bundle

    "They recommended one of the simrad through hull transducers but all told me to stay away from the 1kw power output models - to keep it at 600 watts. I honestly dont remember their explanation as to why. Can any of you find a reason as to why they would recommend this?" Because it is a GIANT...
  146. D


  147. D

    Lowrance Activetarget for saltwater fishing?

    My guess it does not excel in a bouncy situation with swells and waves all the time, otherwise they would be trying to sell to that market in the saltwater, especially on the Simrad side of their corporation.
  148. D

    Costa Rica travel

    Did you fly through LA or Phoenix?? That seems to be where the broken rods happen with the TSA. Once is an accident but three times in a row like us, is on purpose. They are probably laughing as they snap the rod tips off by hand and stuff them back in the tubes.
  149. D

    Here’s an Old Swimbait!

    Gentle correction. I know Corey from MC and Barry very well. Corey did not get the molds from Fishtrap. Corey carved his own plugs and created his own molds. Barry moved on from the lure making business and is successfully skippering boats on the west coast now.
  150. D

    where's the first ramp with a dock ?

    Santa Rosalia is the first time you will hit the water. There is a launch ramp and a place to dock your boat but it is not obvious. You have to do a little bit of asking around so they can point it out. Mulege is launching at the river mouth mainly with no dock to speak of. The next two will...
  151. D

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    6 lb test on a small spinning rod with any small lure! 6 lb test really makes a difference.
  152. D

    Assist hook cord protection recommendation needed....

    I do not know the specifics. They were the ones that Point Loma Sportfishing tackle shop and also Fishermans landing shop carried. They were braided cord and solid rings and they did not fail which Capt Mike was looking for when he had everyone buy them. I am guessing they see where the weak...
  153. D

    Assist hook cord protection recommendation needed....

    Not necessary with the Mustad assist hooks to protect. Most skippers endorse these hooks heavily. I was on a trip and the skipper would not leave the dock until everyone on board went to the tackle shops at the landings to get a pack to put on the flatfalls. We did not have one chew off for the...
  154. D

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Nice redo of a classic!!
  155. D

    Guadalupe newby question

  156. D

    Buying Mexican fishing licenses and FMM for others

    It is no problem as I do it all the time. Once you find the correct websites and the moderate learning curve for each site, it is a piece of cake after that.
  157. D

    25' fisherman performance (gas)

    You are probably correct in your assumption that 2 mpg is not possible with a gas engine in that boat. Fisherman who purchase a Skipjack are usually not concerned with fuel mileage. It is more about comfort.
  158. D

    Get free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests now.

    News said this morning they were having trouble with the website. Imagine that! Remember the Obamacare website rollout. A complete disaster. Maybe they used the same designers.
  159. D

    Over 100 Voiced Opinions at CARB Meeting-Vote=2022

    I am of the opinion that this is not about cleaning up the air or global warming. This is simply about shutting down fishing. I sat on the MPA panel (the precursor to MLPA) back in the 90's. At the beginnings of the meetings I sat and talked with one of the stakeholders privately on the opposite...
  160. D

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    Bingo! The new owner is not well respected in the industry. I would look to see the old show resurrected with a new name and new ownership group in 2023.
  161. D

    Gear for a 1.5 day and a 2 day trip.

    Be sure that you have a 20lb outfit with #4 hooks (Mustad 94151BN) in the arsenal. That has been the game changer for most of my chartered groups for the last 2 years. The fish turn picky and will generally eat that 20 lb outfit when they will not touch anything else. I see it over and over with...
  162. D

    WHAT we need a lot more for Kids Now Days

    Our foundation chartered the New Seaforth last summer for an afternoon run to La Jolla with 30 kids from City Heights who had never fished before. We tied Hook Up Baits (our sponsor for the trip) on all 30 spinning rods and those kids jacked jaws all afternoon long as hundreds of bass come over...
  163. D

    Covid testing in Cabo for return flights.

    If you can fly into TJ, book a flight on Volaris from Cabo to TJ. That is a Mexican DOMESTIC flight and testing is not required for domestic flights. You then cross the CBX bridge ($16) from the TJ airport to the US ( 5 minute walk) and go through US customs on the US side of the bridge (with...
  164. D

    Star drag or 2spd for 20-30lb line class?

    Fished my 10 day in Oct and basically used one reel the whole time at anchor, a single speed Penn fathom 15, star drag. Tons of tuna to 40 pounds with no problems. Bombs a sardine out there a long ways on the 8.5 ft UC that I had it paired up to. Great little reel for the money!
  165. D

    2007 Yamaha 250?

    Drop the lower unit as if you were going to change the water pump. Take a strong flashlight and look up inside the intermidiate housing and look for corrosion on the bottom of the pan. It will be very obvious if it needs replacing.
  166. D

    Driving to Baja

    Just crossed at Tecate this morning. No vaccine card requested at all. Business as usual.
  167. D

    Portable fuel tank leaking?

    Try replacing the black disconect. There is a little o ring in there that seals against the tube when pushed in and it might be shot.
  168. D

    School Me on FF's

    look into adding the Mega Live imaging to the package.
  169. D

    School Me on FF's

    Look at one of the machines the freshwater guys have that has "live imaging" . Pretty bad ass.
  170. D

    Pinpointing a leak in boat

    Remove the bait tank from the deck and check the hose clamps on the hoses on the bottom of the tank. Double hose clamp them if you can.
  171. D

    Massive Sunfish spotted by Paddlers off Laguna Beach

    Remember this classic video of a sunfish on the east coast from a few years ago. It's a baby whale jay!!!
  172. D

    Newell G440F

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Newell G440F - Newell G440F Learn more about this listing...
  173. D

    Southern California Newell G440F

    Newell G440F Great reel . 9/10 condition. $200. In San Diego
  174. D

    Newell G440F

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Newell G440F - Newell G440F Learn more about this listing...
  175. Newell G440F

    Southern California Newell G440F

    Newell G440F Great reel . 9/10 condition. $200. In San Diego
  176. D

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-Wed, Dec 8-Portuguese Hall on Point Loma

    After a 2 year wait, the San Diego Anglers is hosting it annual swap meet at 6 pm, Portuguese Hall, Wed, Dec. 8, 2021. Free to get in and $20 a table to sell ( as of this writing we still had 6 spots left). Mostly saltwater stuff. If you are interested in getting a table, contact Ray at...
  177. D

    Hydraulic steering?

    It is cable steering, not hydraulic steering.
  178. D

    Islands Quality cods

    Great job!! Looks like 5 reds, and a mix of salmon grouper, Mexican rockfish and maybe a chilipepper.
  179. D

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    This is just the first step (sportboats). This is just low hanging fruit for the progressives. CARB has already starting asking DMV for recreational boat info for its next step, which will be private boats and their engines. I sat on the MPA board back in the 90's (Before the MLPA meetings) and...
  180. D

    Fishing Vacation…

    May or Oct. North winds should be gone by May or early June and Hurricane season should be over by early Oct. Book early as these are very popular months. Cabo is only about a hour and 45 minutes away if you take the road toward the Pacific side.
  181. D

    Need help finding the right carb kit for my 4 stroke yamaha.

    It was probably stored with fuel in the carb. It evaporates over time and eventually plugs up the main jet that is located on the bottom of the carb under the fuel bowl. Relatively easy to fix if you have done it before. Youtube is your friend on this project.
  182. D

    Penn Battle 3 for poppers and tails

    The 4000 will work just fine on local smaller tuna.
  183. D

    Fishing Vacation…

    Try TailHunter. Jonathon and Jillian will bend over backwards to make sure you and your family are taken care of. They also have an excellent restaurant in town that you will probably want to try once or twice while you are there! Good people!
  184. D

    Floor replacement: epoxy + paint or polyester + gelcoat?

    I have built 2 plywood skiffs. Rotten floors seem to be the bugaboo of all boats. I would do the best job I could to ensure that the new deck does not fail again. I would use epoxy resin because it will never de-laminate from the wood like the other resins will. I would also coat the bottom of...
  185. D

    Grady White 209 yamaha 200 4 stroke prop question

    You might have to remove the prop to see the stamped numbers in the hub. Once you get those numbers, then we can help you. That will be the first question they ask you when you get a hold of the guys at the prop shop.
  186. D

    Online Honda Parts vendors

    It is not the sellers fault. There are few parts to ship. is usually extremely fast at getting you the stuff.
  187. D

    1" ball valve or 3/4"?

    You need whet they call a "full port" 3/4" ball valve. Not the stuff you buy at home depot.
  188. D

    Eastern Sierra-Upper Twin-Bridgeport

    In the Bridgeport area, the BFEF (Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation) plants those big trout all season long. They have a fund raiser every June to raise money to plant these fish in the Bridgeport area. Great cause to support if you like to fish that area. Here is a link for more info...
  189. D

    WTB gold Trinidad 16 From yesterday
  190. D

    Launching and retrieving Parker 2120 solo at shelter island with a roller trailer

    Have a trailer guy put a set of bunks on the trailer. It will save you a whole lot of aggravation down the road.
  191. D

    Artificial Plastic Baits HARMFUL to Children because of Lead???

    We probably all used our teeth to close split shots when we youths and did not wash our hands before we ate after handling lead sinkers all day. We are all still here and kicking.
  192. D

    New Regs for Importation of Fish & Game into California

    This is nothing new. They are just changing the form. Been in existence for a long time, Nobody ever fills out the paperwork
  193. D

    Bunk Room Maps All LR Boats

    "Those staterooms consist of 2 bunks and a small sink. (urinal? 😬)" Please don't piss in the sinks. Some of the boats have that water go into the bilge and not directly overboard so it lays trapped. It turns that bilge into a smelly sewer. Guess who has to clean it? It is very disrespectful of...
  194. D

    Wahoo hooks help needed?

    Made a ton of leaders with the knot to kinky. I would wait until you get on the boat to see the size of the bait and then ask the skipper about which hook before you start crimping. They have way more experience than any of us! Also, make sure your leaders are between 20 and 24 inches when...
  195. D

    20# live bait rod

    UC US85XF. I was a little hesitant at first but it has become my number one, go to light rod with all the finicky fish around. Tuna to 35lb, no problem at all! Just got home from the Cortez and crushed the yellows on it.
  196. D

    Wtb used Daiwa Sealine 30

    Try calling San Diego Tackle Traders. I am sure they have one in stock as they deal in buying and selling used tackle. Very reputable business.
  197. D

    10 jig limit; what would you take?

    They like the larger yo yo jigs down south where you are going.
  198. D

    2 Spots open on a 2 day trip on the Liberty -Oct 6-7

    Thanks! That is what I was looking for. Just did not know where to post it.
  199. D

    Openings on Liberty 2 day trip, Oct 5-7----Limited load!

    Our fishing club, San Diego Anglers, suddenly has 3 spots that opened up on our normally full 2-day trip on the Liberty out of Fishermans landing. Limited load of only 24 people. Cost is $600 plus $100 for food package (Tri Tip dinner, all breakfasts and lunches and snacks in between. Beer not...
  200. D

    2 Spots open on a 2 day trip on the Liberty -Oct 6-7

    Our fishing club, San Diego Anglers, suddenly has 3 spots that opened up on our normally full 2-day trip on the Liberty out of Fishermans landing. Limited load of only 24 people. Cost is $600 plus $100 for food package (Tri Tip dinner, all breakfasts and lunches and snacks in between. Beer not...
  201. D

    Not starting. Not a peep.

    Saw it in my friends boat. After replacing a thosand dollars in parts and batteries, it ended up being the ignition switch. Change it out, including the lanyard switch
  202. D

    Islands 9-25 Grande Rock Fishing?

    I had the San Diego chartered on Wed for a wounded warriors trip. Capt Matt did the tour twice around the islands for no yellows. If Matt can not find them, they are not there. We settled for EXCELLENT Calico fishing for the guys and had an outstanding day, even thorough there were no yellows. I...
  203. D

    Offshore Fish id please bft yft albacore??

    Deleted comment. He is a commercial fisherman.
  204. D

    12V Batteries Combined in SERIES - Different Size/Capacity OK?

    Interstate Batteries are great. If you are in San Diego, go to the Interstate warehouse store off Arjon in the Miramar area. This is what you are looking for: SRM 31. More reserve power available in a larger battery.
  205. D

    ETEC G2 300 thoughts..

    Parts will be tough to get as the years go by as they are now out of business. My friend had boat a boat with the old Ficht technology from the same company and eventually had to remove the motor from the boat as parts were not available anymore.
  206. D

    Great News…365 Day CA Fishing License

    From my understanding, it can also be electronic and can be stored on your phone if you choose.
  207. D

    Wear sun protection

    Let the doctor with the trained eye do the checking. Mine could not be seen because it was on the top of the ear. The doc is full of horror stories if you want to hear them!
  208. D

    Wear sun protection

    My skin doctor told me the real damage came when I was a youth. If you have spent a lot of time outdoors then you should get a dermatologist and get screened. My doc found a spot on the top of my ear and ended taking off most of the top of my ear and I have to get screened every 6 months now. I...
  209. D

    2005 Yamaha HPDI 2800 rpm max

    I am not familiar with that particular engine, but if it is not a fuel issue, then it is a spark issue. Maybe the ignition timing is not advancing if it is a mechanical advance located under the flywheel. If the spark ignition timing can not advance, then you will not get any rpms out of it...
  210. D

    Honda Propeller Pitting?

    At first glance you might have too much prop for the 135. Then you mentioned sluggish and inconsistent. You need to make sure that your motor is running good and your injectors are not partially plugged. Once you are sure the motor is fine, then look at the prop. Here is a test article with a...
  211. D

    Livewell Killing my bait

    If it is a flush mount fitting inside your tank, get a piece of white 1 1/2" or 2 " pvc, cut it to the height of the tank, then split that piece right down the middle lengthwise. Discard one of the halves. Drill a bunch of 1/4 holes every inch about 1/2 inch from one of the edges, all the way...
  212. D

    Center console recommendations

    Good luck on the 4 mpg on the boat you are looking for. It will be more like 2-2.5 mpg. Look at a mid ninties 21 ft Boston Whaler Outrage. You will not be sorry
  213. D

    Feeler - Trade F225 with F175 or F200

    It will be a false economy and I would just stick with what you got, buy a fuel bladder and go for it or get another boat with a larger fuel tank. I am very fortunate I have real world experiance with what you are about to do. I am fortunate that I own two Cabo 216's, one here in San Diego and...
  214. D

    Fresh in Salt

    Penn Fathom low profile series. Penn means saltwater. Relatively new on the market. I have 2 and so far so good!
  215. D

    Offshore Tuesdays fishing outside the Coronados

    Went fishing on Tuesday. Hit the islands and water had dropped to 63-65. Hooked a couple yellows at North Island up shallow but did not get them. Did the tour for just a couple of bass. Decided to go get limits of rockfish for something to bring home. Easy pickings on the reds in 350' of water...
  216. D

    How Steep Is To Steep?

    When you back up the hill, if you have a surge brake system on your boat trailer, you will be engaging it as you back up the hill. The actuator will be compressing and sending brake fluid down the lines to your braking system.
  217. D

    Islands Seeing Red! - Coronados 8/30/21 - Rockfish tips too!

    Never been skunked this year when I went codding at the Islands. Been skunked plenty of times chasing the "Unicorn" bluefin tuna. I would rather go codding!
  218. D

    Help with TIP to fish the islands.... SD to MX.

    Pay Discover Baja. They have been doing it for years. No head aches, no hassles. Worth every penny.
  219. D

    Eastern Sierra trout fishing

    Sounds like it is the right time to reevaluate why you go to the Sierras. It is not just about waiting for the truck to stock. Just enjoy the experience of our jewel to the north. If you expand your horizons just a little bit by studying a forest service map, there are tons of trout in the...
  220. D

    Anybody know how to flare the tops of rocket launchers?

    Links flared rod holders flared rod holders
  221. D

    boating problems

    No, The deck has to be higher than the ocean on the outside of your boat. Raising the deck is the only solution.
  222. D

    Stickbaits / Poppers for 3/4 day boats

    They are fishing the islands (Rock Pile) right now. On Monday all the damage was done, yoyo ing, bait and surface iron. No poppers of stick baits. When they do throw stick baits on that boat, they throw Colt Sniper Stick bait in bone color and the Daiwa SP minnow in sardine.
  223. D

    Inshore Halfday hit mahi, yellowtail and bluefin???

    I was on the boat the afternoon before on a charter. Julio said they were chartered on Friday afternoon to go kelp paddy hopping.
  224. D

    Canning Tuna

    I have been canning tuna for 30 + years , so lots of experience and was taught by the best. The reason you want to use wide mouth jars is ease of getting the tuna out of the jar. A wide mouth jar you just turn it over and it falls out.If you use a standard jar, you have to dig it out with a...
  225. D

    Trailer Axle Question

    With an aluminum boat, there will be no problem at all.
  226. D

    Trailer Axle Question

    Every axle can be saved. The problem generally is that the part of the spindle that the rotating seal rides on get rusty, wears out the seal and allows water to get in and destroy the bearing. This can be solved with a Spindo Seal kit. It is a stainless steel cup that installs over the rusty...
  227. D

    Fathom 30NLD2 intended application?

    Have you tried calling Fishermans landing tackle shop in San Diego.? They might have a Fathom 40 2 speed in stock. At least they did a few weeks ago.
  228. D

    Local 3/4 day party boats - Tuna Freshness

    All the San Diego boats that I ride, San Diego, Mission Belle, Liberty, have RSW (refrigerated seawater) to preserve the catch.
  229. D

    retire my old Penn 975

    Penn fathom low profile 400. Made for west coast fisherman. Lots of drag and made for the saltwater, like every other Penn reel.
  230. D

    New Boat, Struggling Bait.. Help!!

    Try covering up the window temporarily with cardboard and tape. As far as they are concerned, anything they see through the window they will view as something that is trying to eat them and they will run to a corner. Make sure the fill flow is baffled and gentle. They are not trout and do not...
  231. D

    Calling all Hoo Experts

    Yes, Mike told me almost the same thing as he was not surprised by this novices success at all. He said young ladies in high school listen the best and they generally do the best by the end of the trip. He made me laugh and I added, "that all stops once they get married!" We both laughed.
  232. D

    2001 Yamaha v225 2 stroke flush

    That is probably it. Unscrew it from the "holder" and attach a garden hose to it, turn on the hose and let it run for 15 minutes. Do not start the engine.
  233. D

    Best tackle tray for Saltwater hooks?

    Plano just come out with a rust resistant box. I can not remember the name though.
  234. D

    Recommend a boat for us please

    There are only a few of the boats that have permits to Guadalupe. The Vagabond is one of them. They are excellent with families as Mike and Cameron each have their own. Let Mike know what you want with a phone call and he can get you set up. Book now as the boats fill up fast. Generally what...
  235. D

    Calling all Hoo Experts

    If I remember, you like to ride the Vagabond. He is a magician when it comes to catching wahoo. Let him know what you want to do and he will point you in the right direction. My friends 17 year old daughter listened to him intently during one of his 10 day seminars and she had 15 wahoo in 2 days...
  236. D

    Calling all Hoo Experts

    If possible, the skipper will turn the boat as it slides to a stop. It is like casting to the "inside" of the imaginary circle the boat is sliding into. That is generally where the fish will end up.
  237. D

    Calling all Hoo Experts

    I have caught hundreds of those fish. In my opinion, most people overthink on how to catch them. When using bombs, speed is the key. The old, gold trinidad 20's along with the newell 440 are great with bombs. If you want to catch them on a bomb, when they yell hookup, run to the bow and cast to...
  238. D

    Coffee grinder for 30# stick?

    Penn Slammer 3, 4500 size. Tons of local tuna on poppers on that setup. Lots of drag and Penn saltwater durability.
  239. D

    Rusty trailor bits

    Use Fluid Film (Home Depot, Lowes next to the other sprays). It is great stuff and only needs to be applied twice a year. I have a trailer that is 5 years old here in San Diego that has no rust on it and another boat trailer in San Quintin with minimal maintaince due to a lack of abundant fresh...
  240. D

    Penn 40NLD2 braid capacity

    That is plenty of line for that reel. Set the drag to 20 lbs of drag at strike and you will be fine. I have caught plenty of tuna to 150 lbs on that setup and never once felt like I was going to run out of line.
  241. D


    Live at Crossroads. Enjoy!
  242. D

    Fuel sediment ?

    My guess is Aluminum oxide from the fuel tank. Internal corrosion most likely from sitting a long time with no fuel in the tank. The aluminum combines with the moisture and oxygen in the atmosphere. The empty tank "breathes" everyday through the vent line. As the temp increases during the day...
  243. D

    Update: What 300 size bait casting reel for both calico and YT ?

  244. D

    Wtb cheap jig stick

    8 ft Graphtec will fill the bill.
  245. D

    Inshore Stolen boat

    Look into a satellite tracking service like SPOT. I have the personal tracking service and my wife is very happy she can follow me on her smart phone no matter where I fish ( Baja, Alaska, Amazon) or just locally when I go tuna...
  246. D

    Boat Fire off SD coast

    Private Vessel "Relentless" out of Oceanside
  247. D

    Cook and Deckhands fishing

    Lots of cooks fish. They are usually pretty good sticks and generally hand it off right away to a less fortunate person. As long as the galley is taken care of, most people do not mind. As far as the deckhands, this should have been addressed on the boat and not here on the internet. Maybe...
  248. D

    Product Review: Pitbull Braided Line Cutter v2.0

    Cutters are great! Try their split ring pliers. They are also very good!
  249. D

    legal documents needed to drive to BOLA?

    Tecate can be tricky to get your papers because the parking is very poor. If they let you park there while you get your paperwork, great, but mostly they will send you out and you have to go down the street, park and walk back to get your paperwork. Do not be tempted to keep going without it...
  250. D

    Albacore update

    A lot of time, energy and money was spent trying to get a multi-story parking structure at the old Westy's lot across from Pizza Nova. Frank Lo Preste spearheaded the effort a few years ago. Bottom line is the Port said no as it was too much money to spend on a structure that would be used only...
  251. D

    How to remove glue from reel cover (Penn)?

    Try Goof Off. It is pretty good at that stuff. I have also had success with WD40 on some of that stuff.
  252. D

    legal documents needed to drive to BOLA?

    Also, if you are pulling a boat you will need registration for both the trailer and boat. Call Disover Baja. It is a travel club and they specialize in getting people ready to travel in Baja. Which border crossing are you using?
  253. D

    Penn Fathom 40N

    80 lb. Killed lots of big yellowfin at Guadalupe on that reel with 80lb
  254. D

    looking for a spinning/popping rod to pair with Penn Slammer 3 6500HS.

    Look hard at Black Hole spinning rods. I have caught fish to 100lb's no problem with a Black Hole rod and a Penn Torque 7 spinning rod. Kil Song is the owner of the company. He is at the Long Beach Fred hall shows, usually. Very knowledgeable. Here is a quote from him a few years ago when...
  255. D

    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin 7/9

    "does anyone know if there's a VHF channel that the cattle boats are on so that we can work with them?" They do not monitor the VHF channels we use. Too much garbage. They have specialized radios they use to stay in touch with each other.
  256. D

    Luxury 6-pack Recommendations out of San Diego

    Just had a charter with him on Thursday on the Vendetta and he is still running the VooDoo also.
  257. D

    Luxury 6-pack Recommendations out of San Diego

    Try Ray Summers on VOODOO Sportfishing at H&M Landing.
  258. D

    Halibut fishing south island

    Brings back a lot of memories. Tony Pena, Harry Okuda, Troy Grant, Gary Graham all loved to do that years ago in the lee of south.
  259. D

    San Quintin in late July

    Leave the ATV's at home. You will be a target for some BS so they can take them. You have them, the cops want them so you will lose them.
  260. D

    Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

    Try these guys in El Cajon. They are great. There are limitations on what Lithium batteries can do as far as starting an engine (lots of amps in a short period of time). An inboard/outboard powerplant might be beyond its capability as far as starting. Call these guys and tell them what you have...
  261. D

    Best shot at Wahoo

    10 day trip. Late September through Oct
  262. D

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    Off the rod tip. He wanted 22lb's of drag at strike on the 80lb gear before we put it in the water. It was pretty remarkable how many fish we got through the sharks when when we pulled hard and everyone followed directions.
  263. D

    Depth sounder(fish finder) at speed?

    Great catch! It certainly will not work like that.
  264. D

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    It is surprising how much it changes overnight. We were on Guadalupe trip on the Vagabond and Capt Mike made us check our drags every morning on the 2 spring scales attached to the house before your first bait went in. He wanted to make sure we could apply max drags to the tuna before the...
  265. D

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    The sooner you get them in, the better your odds. Less chance of losing to chew offs, hooks pulling and passenger error. Also Bluefin tuna are exothermic, which is unique in the fish world. The bodies are warmer than the surrounding water as they create and retain a lot of heat while struggling...
  266. D

    anybody know old Toyotas?

    Had a friend had something very similar happen to his Toyota pick up years ago with the same engine. He had done a tune up shortly before and it started to act funny with a bad idle. After exhausting his knowledge, remember no internet then, he took it to the dealership. First thing the service...
  267. D

    Friends who fish?

    Do you live in San Diego? If so check out the San Diego Anglers fishing club. I am the charter master and we do about 15 charters a year from twilight's off La Jolla, island trips and lots of full day trips to the tuna grounds. Our last 2 trips of the year are a 2 day on the Liberty and a 10 day...
  268. D

    Lobster Overlimits?

    It might be a loop hole. The regs do not say you can not possess a lobster out of season. What is the difference between a pen or a freezer in regards to possesion. The regs say the lobster must be kept whole. It does not say where the lobster may be kept. The freezer or a pen is not clear...
  269. D

    Mono line question

    That can be a little tough as Izorline can be stiff and it has a good memory. As an experiment, strip off 10 ft of line while on the land and let it lay at your feet. Does it lay in nice tight coils the same size diameter as your reel spool? If it does, then the line has memory and it will be...
  270. D

    Depth sounder(fish finder) at speed?

    The interference you see on your screen is air bubbles.You can not have any air bubbles at all going over the face of the transducer. Transducer placement is different for every boat hull and transducer combo. You have to experiment and it can be time consuming. Have someone else drive the boat...
  271. D

    Lobster Overlimits?

    Interesting loop hole. It does not say that you can not possess your limit alive. Most people keep theirs in their freezers. I am sure they will find something though. That is what attorneys do.
  272. D

    Mono line question

    What lb test are you talking about?
  273. D

    Match Hook Size with Bait

    There is no exact science in matching a hook to the bait. Too big of hook encumbers the bait and it can not swim naturally, which is what you want to fool the bluefin. Too small of a hook reduces your chance at landing one of these fish as the hook can pull out easier because it does not get a...
  274. D

    Offshore 6-30-7-1, 226, Corner, 43, 182

    Had a charter on the San Diego on Sunday. We had limits. With 30 people on the boat, you get to see what works and what does not. DEFINITELY-- 20 lb test and a small j hook (#1) made the difference in getting a bite. Jumping to 25 or 30 lb could get you a bite, but the guys using 20 were bit all...
  275. D

    Offshore Balls, suck balls that is....

    The night bite has been very poor of late. I was talking with a fiend who has done very well the last 3 days in the area of the 43 in the period of early afternoon to sundown. Does not even leave until 10 am. So far, 6 fish over 200 on the kite/balloon and flyers slow trolled at 1 knot. We had...
  276. D

    Fish Math Wizards - I Need Your Help

    You are allowed no more than 10 fish a day with no more than 5 of one species. You are allowed 3 days limits, no matter the lengthy of the trip past 3 days. Bottom line is you will be allowed 30 fish. Examples: you can have 15 wahoo and 15 tuna. Or 5 wahoo, 15 tuna and 10 yellowtail or 6 dorado...
  277. D

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    I left secondary heading south. The cop was hiding behind the metal fence there on the left. It was during Covid and I was the only game in town. I did not get very far past the beginning of the fence when he lit me up.
  278. D

    Landlord attorney needed.

    Just got done getting a "squatter" out of one of my properties. We have a lot of experience in this arena and it usually takes about 6-7 weeks to get it done. With Covid and the courts not in session for a long time, Unlawful Detainer court is backed up tremendously. It took us 14 months to get...
  279. D

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    People who live long distances from the processor bring coolers for the drive home. If they have more fish than the coolers can carry after picking up from the processor, they leave the excess at the processor. It happens quite frequently.
  280. D

    CHARTER MASTERS????????????????????

    I would like to take a crack at answering his questions. I have been chartering boats (1/2 day to 10 day trips since 1989. I have well done well over a million dollars in business with the fleet so I have a little experience in answering his questions. "I just got an email from my boats front...
  281. D

    Better 50# reel

    Fathom 40N 2 speed all day long. You won't be disappointed when you have to drop it in low gear!
  282. D

    R. I.P. Ray Montoya

    Buzz Brizendine and Mike Lackey fished a ton at the lakes. When I had a place at the salton sea at Red Hill, I used to see Don Sansome and Bill Poole there all the time. I was shocked to see them there the first time and they told me they like the solitude that the sea offered them along with...
  283. D

    R. I.P. Ray Montoya

    He killed them back in the late 70's and eighties. He was at the lakes everytime I would show up in the spring, and that was a lot. If it swam, he caught it!
  284. D

    R. I.P. Ray Montoya

    Just a slight correction. Montera. Fished with him on many of my charters all the way back to his days on the Holiday. Great fisherman, fresh and salt water!
  285. D

    Yamaha F225Lower Unit leaking or Simm should have the parts to you quickly. Do not be tempted to run it because it is a slow leak. Water can get in and grenade your lower unit, then you are screwed. Just be careful not to scratch the prop shaft when removing the seals as any scratches can ruin the new seal very...
  286. D

    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    Penn Fathom 40N 2 speed. That is why some of the boats and the landings in San Diego use the 40N2 speed as there go to rental gear for these fish. Almost no mechanical failures.
  287. D

    DECK BOOTS?????????????

    I had the same problem. The Grundens seemed to work for me. I bought the shorties and they are great and comfortable.
  288. D

    Newell P-338F

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Newell P-338F - Newell P-338F Learn more about this listing...
  289. Newell P-338F

    Southern California Newell P-338F

    For sale, Newell P 338F $200. Great condition.
  290. D

    Who can explain “In Possession” ?

    If a ticket is issued and it makes it in front of a judge, it has to be a perfectly clear to a judge who has "possession" and whether over limits were reached. If the warden, who is the eyes and ears of the judge, issues a ticket because your number is on more than a limit, you are guilty. If a...
  291. D

    Passport Purgatory

    Did you get this done in the downtown San Diego office?
  292. D

    Fuel tank fabricators?

    Vince at American tank. Roughly $11 per gallon to build.
  293. D

    What are the coordinates for rockfishing the lower 9?

    People have put in a lot of time and energy to find their honey holes so they are not willing just to give out numbers. Head in the direction of 32 32.2 117 20.8 and start looking around for pinnacles (there are lots of them). Good luck You can also download this ap to your phone for a nominal...
  294. D

    Bottom Paint chipping off after 1 month

    They absolutely did not prep it correctly. Contact them immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to convince them they made a mistake.
  295. D


    Look into the numerous operations that now operate out of Cedros Island targeting calicos and yellows. They make it very easy for you to cross the border at TJ, get on one of their chartered aircraft, land on the island and stay at their lodges. Lots of people have been satisfied over the years...
  296. D

    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    I have seen Kyle on the Vagabond do this many, many times to fix these reels in a pinch. It Takes about 10 minutes. Remove the 4 screws on the left side plate to expose the spool. Back the drag lever into free spool. Unscrew the drag preset knob and remove it (This is what is preventing the...
  297. D

    Avet LX 2 speed for Bluefin

    My friend just got off a 1.5 day today. The way he described the fishing, my short answer would be no, you need at least 80lb topshot.
  298. D

    Find fish

    Still Still a little early. Some shots at the bluefin during the day but at the moment, it is a night bite down off Ensenada. Had a friend just get off a trip and said slow as shit during the day but pretty consistent all night long. It will happen and if history repeats itself, it will last...
  299. D

    Help me choose a 80-100# reel - questions as well

    Every once in awhile you will get ahold of tuna that is bound and determined to get away as fast as they can. If the tuna is large enough, the run will be sustained and the heat will come from the drag system. I have held reels with heavy drag that have literally smelled like a 18 wheeler going...
  300. D

    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    Get the big Mustads with the braided line and mylar skirts. Before we got on out 10 day last year, Capt Mike on the Vagabond made everyone go up to the tackle shop to get those hooks for the big flatfalls and had them rigged with 200 lb flouro. We filled up the front fish hold and never lost a...
  301. D

    Shortening 20' Open and Notching Transom for Outboard

    More than likely you will have to beef up the transom. Right now the engine is bolted to the stringers. That is where the stress is located. When you add an outboard, the stress is transferred to the transom. The original engineers did not beef up the transome because it was not necessary. Do a...
  302. D

    Penn International II 50SW (Gold)

    Short answer is, I do not know, but it seems to be in excellent shape! It was donated to our Foundation by the family of a vet who had recently passed away. We received all of his stuff and it looked like it had been well taken care of and stored in its original box. It had been worked on by a...
  303. D

    Need prop advice Honda BF15 on 14’ aluminum boat, poor performance at 3200 ft Altitude

    Each inch of prop on the pitch equates to about 200 rpm on average. You might have to try a couple of propellers. Rpms will allow the motor to develope its horsepower, which is always rated at the high end of the rpm. The closer you get to the max rpm, the more horsepower you develop. You...
  304. D

    Need prop advice Honda BF15 on 14’ aluminum boat, poor performance at 3200 ft Altitude

    II would get rid of the 4 blade prop. It is not necessary for a light weight boat. Get a 3 bladed 9.25 x 8 and you should be able to get the rpms you need. I think the 4 bladed prop is your main problem. The more metal in the water, the more friction and it will turn slower.
  305. D

    Looking for 12v compressor

    Look at the pump built by Slime. It is a great 12 volt pump!
  306. D

    Hx for bluefin

    Not big enough. My friend had the exact same outfit on a Guadalupe trip on the Vagabond and he suffered. It got the job done,..... eventually. Capt Mike saw his struggle and offered him one of his loaner gear (Penn Fathom 40-2 speed, 80 lb on a Calstar XXH rod). His next fish came to the boat in...
  307. D

    Bait tank bottom sealant

    If your just talking about sealing the bait tank to the deck, then just regular white silicone for bathtubs from the home depot will work. Buy one of their plastic finishing tools there for a couple of bucks to make it look nice. The silicone does not attract and keep dirt like the 4200 will, it...
  308. D

    Yes it is. my # is 619-972-1503

    Yes it is. my # is 619-972-1503
  309. D

    Anyone in SoCal make custom shades?

    Try Kens Custom canvas here in San Diego. Phone number (619) 244-1951
  310. D

    Installing bait tank on deck

    Just cut it in strips, stack them up to make a piece 1.5 inches x 1.5 inces by what ever length you need. Screw them together with lots of screws . Make 2 of them and then mount them to the deck. Slip the bait tank over them and screw from the sides. Be sure to use plenty of screws and sealant...
  311. D

    Kite fishing

    As the water warms up and the flying fish migrate in, the fishing will get better on the flyers
  312. D

    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    "I've come to the conclusion that glassed 3/4" marine ply and epoxy resin is the way to go." Yes, that is the way to go. A layer on the underneath side a 2 layers of 10oz on top should be fine. If you will be finishing the deck with non skid paint, you won't even have to fill and sand the...
  313. D

    Penn International II 12T (2-speeded by Cal Sheets)

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Penn International II 12T (2-speeded by Cal Sheets) - Penn International II 12T (2-speeded by Cal Sheets) Learn more about this listing...
  314. Penn International II 12T (2-speeded by Cal Sheets)

    Southern California Penn International II 12T (2-speeded by Cal Sheets)

    I have another reel donated to the San Diego Anglers Foundation to help fund our wounded warrior charter program. All proceeds go to the Foundation to help pay for the charters using the local San Diego sportfishing fleet. This reel looks like a 9/10 and is a perfect 80lb reel for the local...
  315. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    They got it in with the tabs, It should come out. I am guessing the foam under the tank (that was poured when the tank was placed) has filled the void that you need to get that little extra space to maneuver the tank to get it out. If there was no foam, I am sure it would come right out. How...
  316. D

    Help me choose a 80-100# reel - questions as well

    Penn VISX. made in the USA. Give someone with a family in Pennsylvania at the Penn plant a job. Easy choice for me.
  317. D

    Torque free spool?

    Too much grease! You will be surprised when you open the offending reels and see how much grease they put on the bearings that migrates to create the problems. Clean, re-lubricate and you will be fine.
  318. D

    Have the tides turned on coffee grinders?

    Its supposed to be fun for the little ones and backlashes are not fun. Sometimes they feel real bad when they messed up dads reel and it removes the joy. Spinning reels fix that problem. They are easy to understand and mostly trouble free. They will graduate to conventional gear soon enough...
  319. D

    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    "I have never got an fmm in 40 yrs of driving south. Only when I fly." I asked an immigration officer in Ensenada once, years ago, what happens if we do not get FMM papers. He asked me a rhetorical question. "What would happen if one of my countryman crossed into your country without papers?"...
  320. D

    Not a report but FMM question

    Never heard of a 3 day FMM and have been crossing the border for a long time, land , air and sea. The people at Discover Baja are on top of it so I will investigate it. That would be a great option if true.
  321. D

    Tooth Proof

    Don't remember the size. We just had them in a tackle box and switched them on the fly. As the lures catch fish and break, I just switch them to a new DTX. Be sure to get a GOOD split ring plier, Like Pitbull, before you go. Sorry not knowing the size.
  322. D

    Fuel issue- 1999 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke

    You have 2 circuits in that carb. Low speed (idle) and High speed (main jets). The idle circuit sounds like it is fine. It is your main jet(s) that feed the high speed circuit that are clogged. Remove the fuel bowls and you will see the main jets. They are brass and they screw in. Screw them out...
  323. D

    Penn 40nld2 catches?

    No pics but I got a dozen big tuna on that reel at Guadalupe a few years ago (100 to 140). My friend had his ass kicked on a brand new high speed reel (another brand) he purchased before the trip. He did not want to put another bait in the water after that episode but Captain Mike on the Vag...
  324. D

    Grouper hook size

    Your best shot at catching one on a 10 day trip is if you stop and anchor on a shallow and all the junk fish attack the boat (skippies, small yellow, whitefish, etc). Break out the 130 lb with any large hook tied on (no sinker required -the bait will haul ass straight down) and wait for a...
  325. D

    Tranx or Fathom??

    Fathom. You won't be able to buy parts for the Tranx in 10 years. I have a pile of Shimano reels that I can't get parts for. Look at all the gold Trinidads that were sold. No parts available now.
  326. D

    FMM, the site won’t process my payment

    Try a different browser. Sometimes that works.
  327. D

    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    There is no comparison in fish quality to processed home frozen. We can eat bluefin a year old from 5 star and it tastes like we caught it yesterday. Can't say that about home processed fish. We all struggle with the price at first but when you have to throw fish away because it is inedible 6...
  328. D

    Tooth Proof

    The trebles were an experiment because the barbs on those hooks on the DTX are so small they are useless. We had the trebles with us and out of desperation, because we lost so many fish, we switched them out and have not lost a single fish since switching. The trebles are buried all over their...
  329. D

    Tooth Proof

    We have been using the DTX 220 for a couple of years on our 10 day trip charter on the Vagabond. They are deadly and always seem to stop the boat. A couple of things we have learned. Buy more than one. They are fragile (bills and bodies break easy). The gold one is a killer with the purple one a...
  330. D

    Fuel issue- 1999 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke

    I might be mistaken but, I don't think they introduced the F series (fuel injected) to the 40 HP until the late 2000's. Injectors and VST are part of the F series, not the carb motors.
  331. D

    Penn International II 50SW (Gold)

    dwaynesda submitted a new listing: Penn International II 50SW (Gold) - Penn International II 50SW (Gold) Learn more about this listing...
  332. Penn International II 50SW  (Gold) 2 Speed

    Penn International II 50SW (Gold) 2 Speed

    Oldie but a goodie! Great kite reel for catching those upgraded 450 lb Bluefin from last year when they show up this summer and woof your flying fish under the kite!. Condition 9/10. Slight scratching on left side plate. $300 Reel was donated to SDA Foundation. Proceeds go to San Diego Anglers...
  333. D

    Cabo or parker

    The Cabos were designed for SoCal and built right here in Corona before bad business decisions and Johns health forced it to go under. The Cabos have everything built right into the boat (lots of storage, bait tanks, built in tackle storage, ice chests for lunch, 8 ft fish lockers, Fuel tank...
  334. D

    Fuel issue- 1999 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke

    The main jets are more than likely obstructed with old fuel that turns to a hard gel substance. When the boat sits long, the fuel in the bowls evaporate and any orifices that are normally submerged when the fuel bowl is full, are affected. The easiest and quickest solution is to use Seafoam . Go...
  335. D

    Problem with trailer plug Ford F-250

    With disc brakes on the trailer, the plug has to be connected or the brake lockout solenoid will not work. The solinoid is connected to the reverse light so when the circuit is energized, the solenoid is engaged. The solenoid when energized, keeps hydraulic fluid from activating the brakes when...
  336. D

    Problem with trailer plug Ford F-250

    Do the reverse lights come on when you put in reverse? If not, there should be a reverse sensor on the side of the tranny. The sensor might be bad.
  337. D

    VIDEO: Surface iron rigs

    Look at a Graphtec rod then. I have one and have a caught a ton of fish on it over the years. $150 new
  338. D

    Ling Cod-Jigs or Swimbait ?

    I have a place in San Quintin for over 20 years. We knock the shit out of Ling Cod. If you want a big one get a chrome Diamond jig, about 12-16 oz and pin a live mackerel on one of the trebles. Use spectra and drop it down slowly so the mack doesn't come off. When you reach the bottom, you...
  339. D

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    Threshers always attack first with their tails to stun the bait. If there is a hook in your initial offering, you will hook them in the tail (NO FUN). We fish with a "bait and switch method" for threshers.The rapalas are used as teasers with no hooks. Troll them very slow behind the boat with...
  340. D

    Left-Handed Lever Drag Reels

    Get the Penn fathoms 2 speeds in lefty. You will not be sorry! I have literally caught tons of fish on mine up to 150 lbs with no failures. Fathoms is what is in the rental dept at Seaforth Sportfishing. No failures and that stuff gets abused!
  341. D

    Want to use my slipped boat more

    Yes, bass fishing off La Jolla can be epic at the end of the day. Been taking my skiff up there for 30 years plus whacking the bass. May-Aug is best. 5 days before the full moon up until a day or 2 after is the best time. The yellows should start to show up soon. Make a few macks outside the...
  342. D

    San Quintin Bound - few questions

    Always get your paperwork. If something bad happens, it is just one more thing they will tack on when the charges are filed. You will have entered the country illegally without permits. Not worth it. They are easy to get when crossing at TJ.
  343. D

    Honda 50hp needs carb work

    Before you tear into those carbs, try this fix with Seafoam. It is pretty amazing stuff and works almost all the time if the problem is gumup. You can get Seafoam at most auto parts stores or Walmart.
  344. D

    Please educate me on Lithium Batteries and where they are maunfactured

    Poke around this website for a bit. Good info. Trolling motor info
  345. D

    Through hull on aluminum center console help

    I knew someone who tried it back in the 90's and it did not work any better because we think there is a ton of air bubbles caused by all the strakes on the bottom of the boat. Air bubbles are what ruins the picture. We ended up mounting the transom mount tranducer on a piece of plywood 1/2" x...
  346. D

    200 or 300 Reel for SD Bay Bass

    I think you need both. You might need both at some time during the day. Its like asking a golfer which clubs should I bring to the golf course. If you are fishing the edges of the bay throwing crank baits and small swimbaits for the spotties, the 200 is fine. It is WAY more fun. If you will...
  347. D

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    Buying the policy is about piece of mind. We have enough stuff to worry about everyday and $150 a year for a small boat is not even a tank of gas for me. Trying to get a refund would not be worth my time and effort as I personally hate worrying about the small stuff.
  348. D

    LR rock cod methods

    I always bring a 30 lb reel full of spectra and just keep it in my bag and if we do stop, then I just slap that reel on a 7 ft rod and go for it.
  349. D

    Are your Yamaha gauges starting to look cloudy?

    Looking for an off season project? Found this while doing a little research. Looks very reasonably priced. Not affiliated just thought I would pass it along for all those old Yamaha gauges that start to cloud from being in the sun.
  350. D

    Prop size for 19' Baja Bayrunner with Honda 90 ?

    No benefit to a lightweight boat like a Bayrunner. Stainless does not flex as much as aluminum so in a heavy boat application where stainless has the advantage, it keeps it shape and thus it efficiency when traveling through the water.
  351. D

    Prop size for 19' Baja Bayrunner with Honda 90 ?

    Honda Performance tests. That 18 aluminum Smokercraft with a 90 might be close. It will probably end up being a 13.25x 15 or 13.25x17, 3 blade aluminum prop. You don't need stainless on that rig.
  352. D

    Gulp best deals

    Man, there was a guy at the Marlin Club Swap meet last week that had a ton of that to sell! No info on where to find him.
  353. D

    Bayrunner Hull Corrosion

    I have had a couple of Bayrunners so I have a little experience. My short answer is yes, that is where the holes are going to be. On the areas where it is the worst, I used to take an ice pick and see if I could push it through the corrosion. I was lucky as I had a TIG welder at my disposal so I...
  354. D

    Seeking anchor suggestions for our first boat

    Aluminum Fortress anchor. Check out their website. It is important to have the proper length of chain, usually the length of the boat. Do mot go cheap on the chain. It is the chain that makes the anchor work, keeping the proper angle of the anchor flukes to the...
  355. D

    Tommy Gomes has a new TV show coming up

    He has had like 5 shows now and they are all good. Glad to see he is doing well!
  356. D

    Shimano Shimano Bearing Seal - BNT2878

    Try replacing with a hybrid ceramic/stainless bearing from Boca Bearings and you will not need that part anymore. I did this with a Shimano reel that I was having bearing corrosion problems with and have not touched the reel since installing these bearings. It will take a little homework to...
  357. D

    Big Rattle Snake

    Red Diamondback. I have dealt with them all of my life and they are not aggressive at all and sometimes even very tough to get them to even rattle. Best thing to do is just leave them alone and they will crawl off on their own.
  358. D

    F225 Low RPM temperature alarm

    The replacement of the exhaust corrosion parts generally cures that overheat alarm at extended idle. The thermostats are very easy to replace and probably should be done on an annual basis anyway. They are cheap and easy to do on that motor. I had the sensor go out on me and the alarm would go...
  359. D

    Offshore Swing and a miss deep drop.... and some weird shit happened need explanation

    Signs of an Immediate Strike When lightning strikes you or the area immediately nearby, you may experience one or more of these warning signs a few seconds beforehand. Hair standing on end Tingling skin A metallic taste in your mouth The smell of chlorine (this is ozone, which is...
  360. D

    SkipJack-20 vs Shamrock 20

    My friend had one years ago. VERY wet boats to ride in . Skipjack is heads and shoulders above the vintage Shamrocks
  361. D

    Where are the Boats for sale?

    In the black banner at the top of the screen, click on "CLASSIFIEDS". A drop down menu will show up. Click on "Boats for Sale"
  362. D

    Where can i find a replacement for this?

    Did you try removing one and looking at the numbers that might be molded in to the base of the plastic?
  363. D

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Hit "Ctrl+" as many times as you need to fill the screen on your desktop. "Ctrl -" will shrink it back down when you need to. Makes it much easier to read. The only thing is you lose the forums list that is normally across the top banner. Ctrl - will bring it back.
  364. D

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    At this point in your learning curve, keep it on 200 all the time and you will be fine. Basically, the higher the number goes, the more detail you get on the screen. As you get used to it, you can start playing around with the other frequencies. As the years pass, you will be able to...
  365. D

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    I was invited to take a factory tour of the Cabo factory in Corona. John was very proud of the product he was putting out. At the time , he was using state of the art glass and resin materials and laid the hulls by hand and made them way thicker than his competition. He refused to use a chopper...
  366. D

    Air conditioning tripping shore power breaker (2002 pursuit 3800)

    If you can turn on just one AC at a time, try that. If you have a direct short to ground in one of the AC's it will quickly reveal itself. You can then just concentrate on that one unit. On the ride upswell, you could have jarred a wiring connection inside the unit loose and now it might be...
  367. D

    Question about sea temp gauge

    Put in a stand alone sea surface temp gauge. Integrated transducer temp gauges seem to have problems alot.
  368. D

    Grass fouled prop

    Put it in reverse next time and it should get most , if not, all of it off. The longer you keep it on going forward, the tighter it will wrap and you will need a knife to get it off. What you are looking for when you pull the prop off is anything (fishing line, eel grass) that is rubbing on...
  369. D

    Mercury 225 Help

    Your welcome. Most people are in disbelief that something so simple and cheap can work so well. Pass on the info when ever you can so it will save them an expensive trip to the mechanic. Seafoam poured in the fuel can help to alleviate a problem in the future.
  370. D

    Furuno radar lid

    Epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth strips on the inside of the dome will fix that thing right up if you can't find a new lid. That is better than nothing for protection from the elements.
  371. D

    Mounting B175HW ducer with the fingertips of one hand?

    Just curious. How do you get to your bilge pump? Never seen a boat that had limited access to the bilge.
  372. D

    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    Be prepared with plenty of food and WATER everyday when you leave. Twice we have had to take cover because it was life threatening, preparing to spend the night. Both times the wind let up just before the sun went down and we were able to slowly get back to Diaz'z camp. But we were prepared...
  373. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have 2 cabos and I do not think that is a common problem. I have a few friends with Cabos. The cracks are running the wrong way and in the wrong spot for stringer problems. My first thought, since it is at the waterline and on both sides, that this boat was left in the water in a lake that...
  374. D

    Wanted 24ft skipjack open running or project
  375. D

    Bought a Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer yesterday

    Find out where the sail switch is on the heater. I am assuming it is an attwood heater. Just a couple screws hold it in. (Internet search). Pull it out and make sure there is no debris on it to short it out. Might save you a 3 hour drive
  376. D

    FMM issues

    Just be sure to bring the printed receipt for proof of pay. I have never been contacted and have bought the FMM dozens of times. Been checked a couple of times and if the paperwork is in order, they are on their way in 5 minutes.
  377. D

    Mercury 225 Help

    Sounds like a partially blocked fuel injector. This is what I have done in the past to fix mine. I use Seafoam fuel treatment (Walmart or any auto store). I start the engine on the hose and get it warm. I then remove the fuel line where it is convenient and jam your fuel line that heads...
  378. D

    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    I have seen it go from flat calm to flipping a toyota pickup with a small camper on it, right onto its side. It must have been blowing 60 or 70 mph. If the pangas haul ass, you should too!
  379. D

    Replacing water impeller on a Honda 50 Outboard

    Be sure to use plenty of Anti-seize on the end of the drive shaft and all the threads on all the bolts before assembly. It is a life-saver in the future.
  380. D

    Cost to service/replace impeller

    Here is a video for a Nissan outboard, which was manufactured by Tohatsu. Does your motor look like this?
  381. D

    Wahoo Rod/Reel Question

    Just use your surface iron rod to throw your bomb. I've literally caught hundreds of those things and they are really nothing special. Cast it out, let it sink and wind like hell, breathe through your nose and listen to the crew !!
  382. D

    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    Hire Juan Cook. He is based out of San Quintin and guides all over Baja. He speaks perfect english, knows baja and all the secret spots and does not mind sharing at all. His contact info is plastered all over this Baja Forum. Grab him now as he is very popular.
  383. D

    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    34 ft Pursuit. How wide is it? That is what I would be worrying about. the roads are pretty narrow, especially south of San Quintin. Your boat could be in the other lane by 3 ft. There are hardly any shoulders on the road so there is no place tp bail to, (you or the 18 wheeler coming from the...
  384. D

    Cleaning and degreasing video of bearings for Penn Fathom lever drag Be sure to wipe the whole spool down completely and also on the frame where the spool and frame have the close tolerances. You do not need to tear the whole reel down to accomplish what you are after.
  385. D

    Tommy Gomes has a new TV show coming up

    From San Diego Eater Since leaving Catalina, Gomes has also been working to open his own seafood market. This summer, in partnership with longtime friend Mitch Conniff, owner of Point Loma’s popular Mitch’s Seafood, he will be launching "TunaVille Market and Grocers", a wholesaler and...
  386. D

    Tommy Gomes has a new TV show coming up

    Called "Fishmonger" . Series premiers on the Outdoor Channel, cox 1318 on Monday March 1, 2021 at 4:30 pm our time. Trailer looks like it will be a fun show to watch. For those of you that do not know Tommy, he is a local, 4th generation commercial fisherman with a no-nonsense, gushing...
  387. D

    Boat registration fees

    What do we get for the increased fees? Looks like it will go into the general fund to go to waste.
  388. D

    Buying cheap boats...

    Does it have a man overboard switch? Make sure that is secure and working. First thing I would do is pull a spark plug wire and hold it close to the plug without touching the plug and crank the motor, looking and listening for a spark. If there is no spark, check the man overboard switch, blown...
  389. D

    Center Console or Walk-around Cuddy

    I have a Cabo 216 with a small custom T top, which is a walk around cuddy. I have spent much time in the Loreto , Puerto Escondido area fishing in the summer. The cuddy is great for taking a little break from the heat. I had a fan and would open the hatch, lay on the bed, fall asleep for 30...
  390. D

    Removing bottom paint advice

    There will be nothing to buff. The gel coat should have been roughed up first to apply the primer and paint. It will look like hell.
  391. D

    Question on registering a homemade boat in CA

    I built a skiff, and welded a trailer for it 20 years ago, and it was all done at the DMV. I made an appointment , drove the rig in and they looked at the boat, asked for all the receipts so they could assign a value to it for taxing purposes. You then go inside and they do the paperwork for...
  392. D

    Mulege Charter?

    Rigo is the man. Been fishing San Marcos for 20 years!
  393. D

    Kite reel? What are you using?

    My old rockcod reel, Penn 6/0 with an Electra-mate attachment. Glad I kept it after all these years.
  394. D

    Day at the Docks 2021-- cancelled
  395. D

    Trout Reel Setup

    The best line I have found for casting distance is Berkley 4 lb Nanofil. It is like fishing 2 lb and casts way farther than any mono or flouro. Use a 18" piece of flouro for abrasion with back to back uni and you are good to go. I have caught a ton of big trout to 9lbs on this rig no problem...
  396. D

    Prop size question df70a

    If I remember correctly, those boats were powered by a 90 hp most of the time. I am guessing you are slightly under-powered and over propped. It looks like then only option for you from Suzuki is to go to a 14x 11. Other prop manufacturers can get you a 14x9. You generally gain about 200 rpm per...
  397. D

    Bow Nav Light Options

    Mount them on the sides of the T top, not the front. The other vessel is only supposed to see one color at a time, a red light (slow down or stop ) or a green (proceed). If you mount both colors up front, it can be confusing
  398. D

    What is this lobster looking thing?

    Watch out!!! My grandfather , the farmer from Minnesota, did not believe me when I told him that would slice his finger open if he kept playing with it. Next thing I knew he was leaning over and holding his finger. Blood was pouring everywhere. It sliced him pretty good.
  399. D

    Hasn't ran for 6 years...Replacing the water pump on my 1980 Johnson 9.9 outboard.

    Just got done doing a 77 johnson 6 hp. Waterpump impeller is pretty straightforward. Do not force anything on install. If the lower unit will not go back in easily, rotate the flywheel while installing the lower unit and it should just slide right in as the driveshaft lines up with the power...
  400. D

    Mechanic Suggestions for fixing a leaking auto pilot hydraulic pump?

    Here is a tip I have been using for 10 years to stop seal leaks in steering systems, trim and tilt on my boat, etc. Automatic transmission stop leak like what Bars puts out. Put some into the reservoir and circulate it around by turning the steering system over and over or lift and raise the...
  401. D

    Evinrude Etec Surging problem

    If the fuel ball was going flat, the motor was trying to suck fuel faster than it can be delivered. I would check to make sure your fuel filter is not plugged or your fuel line from your tank does not have any obstructions or a kink in it.
  402. D

    Fish finder for whaler outrage 17

    Simrad Go7
  403. D

    Twin 150's or Suzuki df350

    What about a 300 Yamaha single? Here is some performance data on a 26' Parker.
  404. D

    19' Maycraft CC (Porpoising help)

    Trim tabs and a through hull transducer and you will be golden.
  405. D

    Trailer bunk bracket paint or replace?

    Lots of strength still there. If you want to stop the corrosion in its tracks, don't use cold galvanization but Fluid Film. It comes in a spray can and I get mine at Lowes. I have been using it for years and it is the best thing I have found so far in stopping the...
  406. D

    14’ aluminum boat - $300

    I am interested. I have to go home and check my measurements but it will be close. How heavy do you think it is? It will be me and my 12 year old grandson manhandling it in the Sierras this summer and it can't be too heavy.
  407. D

    14’ aluminum boat - $300

    Could you measure the width for me at the widest spot to see if it will fit on my cartop rack? Also, do you know if it leaks? Thanks
  408. D

    Shimamo dc dogs

    Awesome! Which model Penn as there is a lot of different dog springs out there for penn?
  409. D

    WTB Fish Mount Marlin, tuna, mahi, wahoo, yellow

    Check out Todds work. Local. BD'er
  410. D

    Parker 1801 windshield

    try Ridout Plastics. They used to do that stuff .
  411. D

    Identify a shitbird

    Out on bail !!!!!!!
  412. D

    Aluminum fabricator for bow rail??

    Try Ramon at Chingon. Outstanding work. All the fabricators are backed up. Don't take it personally, they just have TOO much work.
  413. D

    Hooks for D T X 200

    I do not know the size. We were the first to try it before we took off that morning . We just matched it up in Fishermans Landing until it looked good and put them on.
  414. D

    Hooks for D T X 200

    Sorry, been busy. Here you go. We had 2 going all the time, both stopping the boat every time. It is pretty cool to watch as the wahoo come from nowhere and jump on it right in front of yours eyes. Back the drag off a little bit as you only have 20 feet or so off the reel, and you have no...
  415. D

    Hooks for D T X 200

    We switched them out last year with Owner trebles and a split ring, trolled them only in the corners in the clean water, close to the boat, (They seem to pop too much when pulled in the white water) and we boated ever fish we hooked. They had a face full of hooks when the hit the deck. They had...
  416. D

    Slammer 3?

    It's there.
  417. D

    What the newest and nicest boat in sd

    Ride the Liberty. Monster galley!
  418. D

    Stick baits and poppers

    They get bit, but all you do is end up stinging the wahoo as they get away right away and the skipper said if you do that to enough of them (sore mouths), they stop biting. A lot of times a skippy will eat the popper and then the wahoo will cut the skippy in half as it struggles to get away.
  419. D

    Stick baits and poppers

    I have been tossing the 150mm Feed popper (Clear with black dots) for a couple of years on my 10 day trip. Pretty epic on the tuna. Samurai Tackle has what you are looking for.
  420. D

    Tranx 400 help with constant water intrusion?

    Take a look at one of these when they come out in Oct. Everything from Pernn can handle the saltwater. In the Squall series and higher end Fathom series. Left and right handed. Your choice of gear ratios also. Looks promising...
  421. D

    Canvas Guy in S.D.

    ken'z custom canvas 619-244-1951 fast repairs
  422. D

    Shogun - Police

    The facts are not all in. I talked with someone behind the scenes. Please do not rush to conclusions like they did in Kentucky with Breonna Taylor. First story out was completely wrong and we have been listening to that for 6 months. Real story came out yesterday and it was no where near what...
  423. D

    cedros island in my own boat???

    They are not set up for that. If you are looking for strictly calico bass, then San Quintin would be a better bet. Charter Juan Cook for a day or 2 to show you places to fish,the lay of the land, bay navigation etc. Then take out your own boat. You can fish from San Martin Island all the way...
  424. D

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    Still interested. Please tell me how to get a hold of you to purchase the tube.
  425. D

    What do you call these kind of lures?
  426. D

    Not a Report -- Bait Tank Question After Report

    I had something very similar and what I did improved my bait quality tremendously. I cut a piece of 2 inch white pvc pipe the height of the tank internally. I then split down the middle the length of the pipe. I then drilled a series of 1/4 inch holes along the cut edge of one of the pieces of...
  427. D

    Reprinting Mexican Fishing Lic

    Print 4 or 5 of them when you first print it out. I keep one in my wallet, one in my boat, one my tackle box, one in my glove compartment and keep a spare in my desk.. Then you will always have one then.
  428. D

    what kind of fish this is?

    Did he call it a Toro or Pez Fuerte?
  429. D

    40NLD2 Blueprint or Blueprint plus?

    They are great right out of the box in my opinion. Just ask the tackle rental shops at Seaforth and Point Loma. NO failures in 2 years of hard use rentals for big fish. I have used the crap out of mine at Guadalupe on yellowfin to 150lb and no failures. I know the Vagabond uses them right out...
  430. D

    Towing Parker 2120 on Pacific Trailer with 2020 stock Ram 2500

    There is no one-size -fits all solution. Every tow vehicle is a different height depending on lift kits or large tires and wheels etc. What you want is to put the boat and trailer on level ground and use the tongue jack to make sure the trailer frame is the the same height at the back of the...
  431. D

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    There are a couple of licensed guides in town (San Diego) that have boats that do what you want to do, 22' fresh and saltwater trips. They make their livings on their boats in the lakes, bay and local open ocean. You might want to contact them, Capt James Nelson and Capt Bill Schaefer. They...
  432. D

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    Be wary . Wasting time with a sea trial might mean he does not want to take "looky-lou's" for a free boat ride under the pretense of a sea trial. Offer him some money, $100-200 that would be taken off the price if you buy. If you don't buy, you are still money ahead if it turns out it is a turd...
  433. D

    Offshore Helium

    It was created 3.5 billion years ago when the earth was formed. It is an inert gas and will not break down. It is good forever.
  434. D

    Seems like a dumb question/tire size

    My brother just went through this with a Skipjack 25 trailer. Save yourself the headaches and get rid of the 16.5 tires and wheels and go with 16's. Lots of time wasted looking for something that is EXTREMELY hard to find. He spent 3 weeks trying to solve the same problem you are about to try...
  435. D

    Islands 8/19/20

    We had to drop down to a #6 hook on 15 flouro before we got bit. Then we hooked 6 of them pretty quickly. Only problem was they either chewed through the 15 pound or the hooks would pull when the fish was close to the boat.
  436. D

    Watch out for Outer Limits.
  437. D

    What Veterans Organizations Deserve to be Supported?

    San Diego Anglers Foundation. We just received our determination letter from the IRS in June designating us a tax deductible 501c(3). (lots of time, money and effort during this CoVid crisis and everything shut down) We have been doing it for years, but not as a 501 c(3)) We specialize in...
  438. D

    Grande or mission belle

    Belle. They encourage bringing a camping style, folding chair to sit on while they are moving. Makes for an enjoyable ride.
  439. D

    Watch out for Outer Limits.

    Its a joke. "Your Mom" is the boat owners way of making a a joke when you look him up on the AIS website to find out where he is fishing throughout the day.
  440. D

    Overheating Issues - Honda 200 (2009)

    Might have 2 thermostats, one for each bank. I would try removing the lower unit to expose the water riser tube going up to your engine from the water pump. Then remove one thermostat and use compressed air nozzle with a rag wrapped around it and put it in the open thermostat hole and blast it...
  441. D

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    " I believe there is also a vacuum effect created by the tank especially when the pump is running. " There is air pressure pushing down on the pipe cap at the tune of 14.7 lbs per sq inch of surface area if there is a vacuum created in the pipe, which there is as it is draining water. (All...
  442. D

    Help my fishfinder decision

    Side scan in your boat that bounces around alot is useless. CHIRP is way more useful in your situation.
  443. D

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    Carson told me that some of the larger models are manual bail
  444. D

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    40lb spectra with a small piece of 80lb flouro for abrasion.
  445. D

    Driving South from SD?

    My cousin just brought his 25 skipjack down to Cabo a couple of weeks ago and used the road out of Mexicali for the first time. He said it was wonderful as you don't have all the constant stopping and slowing down like you do in the TJ to San Quintin corridor as you pass through all the little...
  446. D

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    I have both the slammer III 3500 and 5500 and have caught tuna to 50lb on poppers on both of them. I have not felt under gunned at all, even on the 3500 here locally on the tuna. Hooked a bunch a couple of weeks ago popper fishing on the 3500 and had them to the boat pretty fast. Great drags.
  447. D

    Fathom LD2's; Nice testimony from Seaforth!

    I have heard that they have had zero breakdowns since adding the Penn Fathom 2 speeds to their rental gear. Quite a testimony considering how many big bluefin have been caught on the rental gear!
  448. D

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Let the office know what happened so they can not ride the boat again. The boats do have lists of "persona non grata". I am sure this was not the first time they have done this. I had that happen on one of my charters years ago. The skipper asked if we could squeeze the unknown pair from L.A...
  449. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have that setup in both my boats. A group 24 and a 27 will fit.
  450. D

    Offshore NEed help - online yearly Mex Lic

    Hey John. Close your browser and come back later to the website. It happens quite a bit with it being a server problem. Evening works best
  451. D

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    How do I get a hold of you. I have private message and posted here. I am still interested.
  452. D

    Proper tipping

    As a charter master since 1990, that is the most asked question I get. Start with 15% of the trip price and then move up from there. 20% of the trip price seems to be the norm on my trips. To help my passengers put it into perspective, I help them with the math. My 10 day has 8 on the crew...
  453. D

    Cedar Plugs Action

    Tune them up. It makes a world of difference and it takes just a few minutes before you start tolling. Once you find the right position of the wood on the hook, mark it somehow with a magic marker or scratch the lead on top of the lure with a knife or something to return it to position because...
  454. D

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    White, shortie Grunden boots are great. The white reflects the rays from the sun and keep your feet way cooler than the normal brown, extra tuffs. Get them a little bigger than normal.
  455. D

    Is Dana Boat Launch still restricted...

    They tried enforcement for a day and gave up. Its America, we are free, just go fishing and don't let the govt run your life.
  456. D

    Popper Rod for a Stella 18000

    I have the Black Hole popper rod that Kilson recommended at the Fred Hall show a couple of years ago. It has caught bluefin to 100 very easily.
  457. D

    California Rollback

    My doctor said a month ago we will eventually all be exposed to it and trying to avoid it is like trying to avoid dust and dirt. He said, don't worry about it, live your life and don't be stupid. Hopefully by the time you get it it will have degraded to cold and flu symptom like levels. I think...
  458. D

    Sub walker lure question

    I fish that lure a lot for the bluefin. You must change out the split rings and trebles to Owner stuff or you will be disappointed when they straighten out.
  459. D

    Yamaha 50Hp trouble Shooting

    My guess it is your motor cables from your battery to your motor. Have a qualified person do a voltage drop test or do it yourself using YouTube. A quick check is to crank the motor a lot and quickly run your hands on the cables from your engine. Anywhere it is warm or hot is where your...
  460. D

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    My guess he was stashing lead shotgun shells now that steel is required for waterfowl hunting.
  461. D

    Fishing trip for autism?

    If this will be a kids event, this can easily be done, but someone needs to take the bull by the horns to get it going. Our Foundation, San Diego Anglers Foundation, does this kind of stuff but our (my) schedule can not fit another event in this year. If someone wants to do it, contact Friends...
  462. D

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Yes, multiple times. He was a well respected attorney here in San Diego attorney and he knows a little more about the law than the wardens. He is not afraid and sticks to his guns, repeating the same thing over and over until they get it. He does not change his words or his cadence, very...
  463. D

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    You are obligated to show them your fishing License and your ID. Don't say a word. Show them your fish if they see you fishing. When they start asking questions , ask them am I being detained and am I free to go. This might go on for 2 or 3 rounds. That is the only thing you need to say. My...
  464. D

    Jumbo Plano airliner 6508

    I would think so. But in a group of 10 to 12 with 6 rod tubes between us, when 3 of the 6 tubes have busted rod tips, it almost looks intentional. This has happened numerous times over the years and always in a cluster (If one has rods broken, many will have rods broken on a particular trip)...
  465. D

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    I am interested. I am in Santee. PM me and we will finish the deal.
  466. D

    Jumbo Plano airliner 6508

    TSA will open up the container to look. If they can not easily get the rods back in, they will force them in and break the tips. Try to put half the rods one way and half the rods the other way, with the rod butts protecting the tips of the other rods and bundle as one. They have broke our rods...
  467. D

    What prop do I have?

    Sometimes the size can be found underneath the prop nut and washer on the centerpiece of the prop or on the opposite side .
  468. D

    Wiring trailers w/ surge brakes

    The lock out actuator wire was hooked up to the reverse light. If the trailer has disc bakes, you can not back it up without this lockout wire hooked up to the reverse light. If you do not have disc brakes on the trailer, then it is not needed.
  469. D

    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    Yellows on the surface between Smith and la Gringa (AWESOME). Lots of spotties, cabrilla, triggers etc. Weather can be great or a disaster. That is a transition month and the winds from the west can come up in an instance. ( I saw a toyota with a high camper get pushed over on its side because...
  470. D

    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216

    Easest boat to get a tank out is a Cabo skiff. Undo 4 bolts, lift out the battle station seating as you undo one wire harness that goes to the deck light and you are done. Tank and all plumbing is exposed. No more than 30 minutes
  471. D

    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216

    I have 2 cabos so I have went through it twice. First one I pulled the tank, cut out the bad spots, welded in new plates, coated it in West Systems epoxy after sandblasting it first and it has held up fine. The second one I had West Marine order the 80 gallon Moeller tank that Travis put in his...
  472. D

    Transducer problems

    Check your ground wire connections thoroughly . I found a problem in my negative buss bar and it fixed everything. Running straight to the battery is a good idea.
  473. D

    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    Just a small correction, It is the County Board of Supervisors that gets to make the decision. Not the City Council
  474. D

    Offshore Biting YellowFin

    We found them on the inside of the 302 under tern birds on Friday, all 30lb pound fish. Boiling all around the boat eating 40 lb. We had to keep reminding ourselves that it was still May at the time. Fun stuff!
  475. D

    2009 Yamaha F115XTR not starting. Could use some ideas

    You need to find out if it is spark related or fuel related. Pull a spark plug boot off a spark plug and hold it close to a bolt on the engine. If the spark jumps out of the boot to the engine and you hear it cracking, it is more than likely a fuel problem. Stand next to the engine and have...
  476. D

    open san diego lakes

    Our email campaign has been very effective so far! Keep up the emails to city council and County Boards of Supervisors and keep the pressure on. They will be making a decision soon and the emails have definitely brought the issue to the bargaining table.
  477. D

    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    Took the grandkids out. They fished with Hook up baits and caught spotted bay bass until they did not want to fish anymore! They were all wore out! Down by the bridge on an incoming tide in the afternoon. Silver was the best color by far.
  478. D

    Help with boat paint fix

    It is all about the prep and getting the bare metal primed asap (within 30 minutes).
  479. D

    Cabo216 Repower question

    FYI. It is A lot easier to get a Yamaha worked on. Lots more techs out there and parts are a little cheaper. Honda is very protective of its service end. Proprietary diagnostics that only Honda techs have legal access to. How do I know? My friend sued Honda to get them to release their grip on...
  480. D


    Everything seems to be back to normal on Saturday the 16th. Parking lot half full and no one around.
  481. D

    open san diego lakes

    Hey guys, keep the emails going. It is definitely having an impact at city hall and they are hearing us (potential votes in Nov). Preliminary budget cuts are about to be announced and we need to get them to get El Cap and San V open. Great job guys!
  482. D

    open san diego lakes

    Correct. It is a start but we are continuing to push hard to get San V and El Cap opened also.
  483. D

    Does anyone know what this lure is called?

    Looks like a Trapline RipKnocker
  484. D

    San Diego Mayor Closing ALL lakes!!

    Keep up the emails. They are starting to hear our voice downtown. County gas approved the opening but city is stopping it. Keep up the email onslaught! It is working.
  485. D

    Anyone remember which 4 forms you submitted for a TIP

    Call Discover Baja. They deal with Mexican paperwork All day long.
  486. D

    Boat names??

    Sellnbrew. Looks like you are in the beer industry. Beeracuda or Half Pint
  487. D

    open san diego lakes

    A small group of us have been working on it behind the scenes. County has approved opening the lakes, city just needs to jump on board as they have final say. It is imperative that everyone write a short email to each of the City Council members and ask them to open the lakes. They are...
  488. D

    Offshore Shelter Island Launch ramp closed SAt 1 pm

    I tried to launch at 1pm on Sat at Shelter Island. Guy was friendly saying he did not make the rules , only enforced them. He said the parking lot was "full" by 9 am. I pointed out that the parking lot was only half full and there was plenty of room for me to park. He said there had to be 6 ft...
  489. D

    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    The outside of the virus is a lipid (fat). The alcohol in disinfectants dissolves the lipid and renders the virus useless. Disinfectants are only effective when they are wet on viruses. The disinfectant is useless for a virus after it has dried. (It is a different scenario for bacteria.) I am...
  490. D

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    Here are the numbers for San Diego County since Mar 7, 2020 (Almost 2 months worth of Data). Hospitalizations and deaths according to age. Look at the hospitalization rates for an age group and then look at the next table on how many died in that age group. It definitely targets older folks. My...
  491. D

    12' Skiff Fish Finder Recc's

    Check out the Simrad Go5. I have one in my 12 ft trout skiff and it works great. The feature I like the best on mine is, if you go over a spot and are not looking at your screen at the time, simple touch your screen where the fishing spot is on the screen and it assigns a waypoint to it...
  492. D

    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    I received an email from Nathan Fletchers office a week ago addressing the science and reasoning for the launch ramp closures, and they said that social distancing could not be observed and that they could not control who would be in the boat. I sent a simple letter back to all of them: From...
  493. D

    I need an old head full of knowledge on the Lowrance X16 paper graph

    What do you need to know? I used them for years.
  494. D

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    Now that the data is starting to come in about the virus with all the testing being done, listen to these ER doctors about what they think about social distancing.
  495. D

    Trailer Boat Rally, Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    He was the only one, but he expected that since it was such late notice. He was not dissappointed at all as he expected a low turnout to start and plans to do it every Saturday until they get the message. He took off from Shelter Island and was followed by the Harbor Police for awhile. He made...
  496. D

    Yamaha 70 ETLF overheat!!!

    How old of gas? You can easily, I mean easily burn up a 2 stroke motor with old gas. Get rid of the old gas and try it again. Seafoam won't fix old gas.
  497. D

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Look at the Vagabond. A lifetime of experience putting tons of fish in the fishhold, much to the glee of all of his clients!
  498. D

    Yamaha 70 ETLF overheat!!!

    Could be running lean and that could produce overheat condition . A Lean fuel condition could burn a hole in a piston. I am assuming it is a carb motor. You could try also rebuilding your carbs. Be sure to blow out all orifices good.
  499. D

    Yamaha 70 ETLF overheat!!!

    Thermostat might be stuck closed. Pretty easy to remove and replace.
  500. D

    Trailer Boat Rally, Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    First off, I am just the messenger. I have been asked by a good friend, Dr Ramiro Lopez MD, to post this on BD. He is a primary care physician treating Covid patients right now. He is also an avid fisherman that has been trying to get the launch ramps back open. He wants to have a peaceful...
  501. D

    LA Port police threaten to confiscate boat and gear.

    There was a big lawsuit against the city of Long Beach a few years ago for the same thing. Carl sued the city and won using san diego attorney Bill Hokstad. Carl won. Bill told me that if the water that you are fishing is connected to a navigable waterway, then you can fish, with very few...
  502. D

    Offshore Stolen Boat San Diego

    Spot Trace does the same thing. Sends a text to your phone and tracks when movement is detected. POS getting caught video
  503. D

    Carlsbad Lagoon open?

    Heard that the west shore was open.
  504. D

    What is the smallest 2 speed reel Conventional

    Penn 15 fathom LD 2 speed is pretty small and light and casts great.
  505. D

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    People with power love power. Give them a little more and they love it. They have to be careful as this is how revolts get started. If it gets too bad, then it turns to anarchy.
  506. D

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    I talked with him. There is nothing that he or the City Council can do about the launch ramps in San Diego Bay. They are under the jurisdiction of the Port of San Diego.
  507. D

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    The City has nothing to do with the boat launches in San Diego bay. It is under the control of the Port. It is out of Scott's hands and nothing he or the city council can do about it. From the Port of San Diego:
  508. D

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Start coughing liken crazy when you get approached. They will certainly not get close to you , cite you or even try to put you in cuffs!
  509. D

    Restoring a neglected Pacific Trailer

    Calipers are easy to rebuild, just a couple of seals. I have done it a couple of times in the 20 years I have had the Kodiak stainless calipers. A little compressed air in the hydraulic fitting and the piston will pop out. Just a lttle air though as it can become a missile. Replace the rotors...
  510. D

    Bay Bass Tourney Results

    The 23rd Annual Sand Diego Anglers tournament is finally in the books. After launch ramp reconstruction in 2018 and 2 cancellations last year due to high winds, we were greeted with excellent weather all day long, even though fog was predicted that morning. When the dust settled we had 3 teams...
  511. D

    Public Service Announcement- Bay Bass Tourney this Sat Jan 25-Shelter Island

    Hi guys, Just to let you know if you are planning on fishing this weekend, Shelter Island launch ramp will be pretty plugged this weekend for the Bay Bass Tournament. Launching will be very difficult. We start launching all the boats about 4:30 am and the weigh-in is 12:30 to 2 pm so it is a...
  512. D

    23rd Annual San Diego Bay Bass Tournament-Sat Jan 25

    Thanks Shawn, see you there!
  513. D

    23rd Annual San Diego Bay Bass Tournament-Sat Jan 25

    Time again for the 23rd Annual San Diego Bay Bass Tournament (Sat Jan 25, Shelter Island Launch ramp) hosted by San Diego Anglers and sponsored by Tow Boat U.S. and Fisherman's landing Tackle. It is a one day event fishing San Diego Bay targeting sand, calico and spotted bay bass. Two divisions...
  514. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have rigged a couple of Cabo 216's. I would seal the holes and use the original rigging tube which is much higher off the water than the battery box solution. If you are having difficulties pulling the cables, use an electricians wire puller to pull the new cables (one at a time). Tape about 8...
  515. D

    Honda Dr H diagnostic software

    Good luck. My friend who was an attorney, attempted to sue them for release of software to independent mechanics . Too deep of pockets for Honda made it impossible.
  516. D


    Check out the Grundens infomercial starring Everingham Bait Co
  517. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Yes, I was told Cabo Yachts was interested in the trade marked name and bought everything (Name and molds). Molds were stored in the high desert, Adelanto I believe, until Marlin boats in Florida tried to resurrect the Cabo skiff back in the mid nineties. It did not sell well and production...
  518. D

    Vagabond 10/25-11/4

    Hey John, talked to Mike when they come in. Mostly bomb fish he said.
  519. D

    Helium Prices!

    There are only a few places in the world that have helium. It is found in pockets in the earth that have to be drilled to , otherwise it would escape to the atmosphere quickly. It can not be manufactured. Less supply means higher prices.
  520. D

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-San Diego

    Thanks everyone. Sold out. see you there!
  521. D

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-San Diego

    San Diego Anglers 17th Annual swap meet, Wed evening Nov 6 at Portuguese Hall on Point Loma. 2818 Avenida de Portugal, San Diego Ca, 92106. Mostly saltwater stuff but freshwater stuff welcome. Hours to buy 5pm to 8:30. For more info or to grab one of the remaining tables ($20 per table) ...
  522. D

    17th Annual Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-Wed Nov 6, 2019

    San Diego Anglers 17th Annual swap meet, Wed evening Nov 6 at Portuguese Hall on Point Loma. 2818 Avenida de Portugal, San Diego Ca, 92106. Mostly saltwater stuff but freshwater stuff welcome. Hours to buy 5pm to 8:30. For more info or to grab one of the remaining tables ($20 per table) ...
  523. D

    recent guadalupe reports?

    Good luck!
  524. D

    recent guadalupe reports?

    Hi Vince! Not as good as last year as we were there during a down 3 or 4 days. It really picked up after we left to go home. Just bad timing . How was your trip to Mag Bay with Bob?
  525. D

    recent guadalupe reports?

    Just got back on the Vagabond. Sharks are very reasonable and the tuna were picky (light line and little hooks for the medium to small sardines. Bring a 25# outfit ). We had better luck on the ridge with the tuna than at Guadalupe.
  526. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    The original Cabo's, not second generation made by Marlin in Florida, had a ton of foam in it. John, the owner at the time, told me level floatation was not required by the Coast Guard for that length of hull at that time, but he did it anyway.
  527. D

    ID on Clear Popper?

    That clear popper hanging from the tunas mouth in the original posters photo.
  528. D

    ID on Clear Popper?

    I have lots of experience with that particular lure in the 150 size. It kicks ass! Lots of fish when they did not want to eat any other popper. Color -Clear with dots on the side
  529. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Wow, I am surprised it sank with all the foam that the boat has in it. I remember when I boat my Cabo 216 new back in 1988, John had a photo of a swamped Cabo 216 in Alaska taken by the Coast Guard from the rescue helicopter. The boat was full of water, up to the top of the gunnels , with the...
  530. D

    Offshore Wounded Warriors tuna fishing trip on the Liberty 10/1

    They were on the boat with us and we had a conversation about program funding for some future trips.
  531. D

    Offshore Wounded Warriors tuna fishing trip on the Liberty 10/1

    The San Diego Anglers Foundation ended its community service fishing year with a tuna fishing trip with Captain Taro on the Liberty. We take these guys and gals fishing throughout the year and we like to cap it off with an offshore trip after fishing inshore for bass and rockfish on earlier...
  532. D

    Offshore Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    It more than likely got thrown out by the cook. If you are going to leave it, best to tell the cook you will be back for it so they leave it alone.
  533. D

    8.75 - 16.5 tires with rims 6 lug galvanized

    Hey Jason, Dwayne here. My brother would be interested in the tires and wheels for spares ,as he will be hauling a 25 Skipjack down to Cabo with my cousin after the weather cools down. He is in Santee , his name is Mark and his number is 619-818-1325. He can pick up at your convenience.
  534. D

    Shelter Island Water line construction starting after Labor Day

    FYI..Got an email regarding a water line construction project on Shelter Island. Here are the pertinent portions of the email: " regarding the City of San Diego starting a project of replacing the water lines on Shelter Island starting the day after Labor Day. This is a big project and it will...
  535. D

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    Great catch! When we hosted the Crystal Pier kids derby last month, their was a small group of young dedicated anglers that that target those things off the pier. One of the kids whipped out his phone and showed me all the huge yellows he caught there last year, topped by a 43 lb pig. They...
  536. D

    help with choosing a prop

    Talk to Eddie at Propellers of San Diego. He is good and has been doing it a long time or look on the Merc website prop finder!/step-one
  537. D

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    Mine did the same thing when I had a stainless prop on it. I took the advice of the mechanic and put the stock aluminum prop back on and it cured the problem. He said it is a common problem with those smaller, lower units on the Yamahas when switching to stainless props.
  538. D

    Rpt.-07-31-19 San Quintin WSB.

    I have had a place in San Quintin for about 25 years and just a little secret that I have observed over the years fishing there. The white seabass bite shuts down the day of either a full or new moon. Don't ask me why but we have been charting it for a number of years. We have seen many times...
  539. D

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    Just head down a few hours early to Seaforth and they for sure can put a new tip on the rod. They do it all the time.
  540. D

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Got an email from the Port today stating that the Director of Land Use, states that there are no plans to turn the parking lot into a green belt. Hopefully this stops the worrying.
  541. D

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I was involved with the launch ramp from the beginning and have a few contacts with the Port. I reached out to them and they could not find any info to support the claims that have been made. Can someone point out to me in the master plan linked here in this thread where it says that the parking...
  542. D

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    Go to and get a valuation and take it down and dispute it. You will win.
  543. D

    Fish storage

    When my friend ordered his 2320, he had Parker install one in front of the fuel tank. He should talk to Parker and see if there is room to put one in the floor, either from the factory or retrofit by a qualified guy. Otherwise the Kill bag is the best option.
  544. D

    Crystal Pier kids fishing derby-Sat July 20, 2019-FREE

    The San Diego Anglers Foundation will be hosting the Crystal Pier kids fishing derby, formerly run by Capt Ron Baker, this Sat, July 20 at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach for kids 15 and under. Fishing from 8 to noon, with signups starting about 7:30 ish. Hot dogs and small raffle to follow...
  545. D

    Online Mexican Fishing License Q:

    Very easy site to purchase your Mex lic from. Just a couple of things though. Click on the American flag to translate the page. You must register, which is easy to do. When asked for what area (3 choices), just choose the top one. When it comes time to pay, choose MXN instead of US...
  546. D

    Penn fathom question

    Steve is on an 8 day on the Shogun and will return on the 29th.
  547. D

    Discounted fishing trips for kids?

    Call Point Loma Sportfishing and ask about the Daily Double. Fred used to run a lot of "kids fish free" with a paying adult during the summer. He is trying to get more kids fishing as that is the future of the industry.
  548. D

    How do you stop swimbaits from splitting open

    Go to a hobby store and buy some 1/8 "brass tubing and some 1/2 or larger wooden dowel for a T handle. Cut the tubing in 3 to 4" pieces and the dowel at about 4" pieces. Drill 1/8 inch holes in the dowel as a T handle and epoxy the tubing into the hole in the dowel. Make a bunch as everyone will...
  549. D

    Favorite crew photos

    "Super Deckhand" Kyle, Vagabond having fun with Gordon
  550. D

    Tecate crossing FMM...

    It is not about being checked but about being a legal immigrant. Talked to an officer in San Ysidro about it and he said without it and you get in trouble for some reason, ie, accident, injury, and officials are involved, more charges are just piled up. I do not take the chance anymore.
  551. D

    Offshore Chivalry Isn't Dead- A Yellowtail Shootout Moment of Class

    We were hung up by them a few years ago coming in for a weigh-in for a club tourney and they would not let us go until the inspection was complete. They will not shortcut their inspection for 1 minute. Very frustrating to say the least!
  552. D

    Mexican money

    Costco in Chula Vista (Broadway). There is a limit to how much you can exchange (money laundering) so bring your passport to increase how much you can purchase. They will register your passport number and then you do not have to bring it anymore after that. It is a piece of cake and you are in...
  553. D

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    We used to dissect the heads for the kids, explaining all the parts. The eyes were also dissected too and the lenses were perfect little round balls full of a very thick clear fluid (like egg white) that probably cooked up like egg white (irreversible colloid) when put in the hot water. It is...
  554. D

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    They are the lenses from the eye.
  555. D

    150 hp Honda trim question

    Before you replace it, try this trick. Remove the fluid and and replace it with Stop Leak automatic transmission fluid . (The stop leak swells the seals and most of the time it works like a champ unless the seals are too far gone. If it is just an annoying drip, I am guessing it will do the...
  556. D

    Best knot mono to fluorocarbon

    I have a little bit of input for what it is worth. I was fishing on the Success with Carey. First stop of the day we had 40 to 60 lb fish around the boat. I got bit first and dumped my fish when the fight became straight up and down (40lb setup). Carey waited for me to wind in and look for a...
  557. D

    Yamaha ss 15 pitch prop buy or trade for knife

    An 8 inch fillet knife with a wood handle would be fine if that is OK with you. Where are you located?
  558. D

    Yamaha ss 15 pitch prop buy or trade for knife

    I might have one. It is a stainless, 3 blade PowerTech prop that I had on my yamaha f150 that I can no longer use. Looks like it is a 15x15.
  559. D

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    Here is an idea that you might look into. Mobile home placement jacks will solve your problem, if the ground is level. Guys use them in my industry all the time. Pretty amazing how big a unit can be pushed with just a couple of guys. Attached is a video to check it out.
  560. D

    innocent passage...

    As it was explained to me from someone well regarded in the long range fleet, you can not even have a hook tied on the rod if you are going to claim "innocent passage".
  561. D

    Biosphere Permits?

    Yes, it is good for al the marine National Parks in Baja.
  562. D

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Vagabond has been doing this for a couple of years now.
  563. D

    Border Closure

    Respectfully,It is not about stopping the illegals. It is about forcing Mexico's government to enforce its own strict border laws on its southern border (Most of the migrants now are from countries south of Mexico). The thought is if the migrants can't travel through Mexico, they will never make...
  564. D

    Bluefin Tuna talk- Mike Lackey from the Vagabond

    We have been lucky to land Mike Lackey as our monthly speaker next Wed, April 3 at the San Diego Anglers Meeting. Bahia Hotel, Mission Bay (by the roller coaster). Meeting starts at 7 pm, a few minutes of club business and then on to Mike Lackey. Meeting is free! He will talk about local blue...
  565. D

    Cabo 226 Cuddycon Repower

    The Cabos were rated up to 225hp. I have 2 Cabos, one here in the states and another in San Quintin where the runs are not much farther than 25 miles off shore. The one up here has a 2002 F200 6 cylinder motor and it runs great still to this day. The one in San Quintin has a newer F150 and it...
  566. D

    Shipping package to Santa Rosalia

    There is no postal system like we have here in the US.
  567. D

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    No, you address the office of the Governor as he is the one making the decision. You can see by the dropdown menu how little they care about the outdoorsman by the fact that there is not even a category to address outdoor issues. We just chose "Other" when choosing the subject title)
  568. D

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    Wendy Tochihara, from Izorline International, (you know, the cutie who runs the knot tying contest at the Izorline booth at all the shows), has decided to throw her name into the hat to try and fill the empty slot on the Ca Fish and Game Commission (It is a Governor appointed position). It would...
  569. D

    Cedros Island - If you could only take one Rod/Reel combo.

    Tranx 400 for sure with 65 power pro and 2 ft of 50lb flouro and your choice of med hvy 7 1/2 ft rod. I have a place in San Quintin for 25 years and we definitely run into our share of yellows at San Martin while bass fishing, and this type of outfit has no problem with the "accidental...
  570. D

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp-Public Service Announcement-Sat Feb 2

    Winds predicted for Sat Feb 2 --- 19-25 knots = NO FUN. Tourney rescheduled to Feb 16
  571. D

    SD Anglers Bay Bass Tournament has been rescheduled...

    We are sorry for that but it is our only option. We have major conflicts on the other dates.Refunds are being processed right now to all our participants that have signed up for both.
  572. D

    SD Anglers Bay Bass Tournament has been rescheduled...

    to Sat Feb 16, 2019 due to the expected bad weather this weekend. For the newbies, it is a very large, annual tourney at Shelter Island launch ramp hosted by the San Diego Anglers fishing club. Lots of cash, raffle prizes, food and drink. Open to the public. Weigh in 12:30 to 2 pm. Good times...
  573. D

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    It is considered polluting the bay now. The only thing allowed is storm water back in the bay. You are not even allowed to wash the fish slime back into the bay at the sportfishing docks. It has to be contained and dumped into the sewer system now or they are fined.
  574. D

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp-Public Service Announcement-Sat Feb 2

    We are looking at that right now. Committee meeting tonight (Tues) to make our decision. We will let everyone know by tomorrow(wed).
  575. D

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp-Public Service Announcement-Sat Feb 2

    I know this might not be the correct forum , but I figure it will reach the right people that will be affected. This Saturday, Feb 2, 2019, is the San Diego Anglers Bay Bass Tournament out of Shelter Island launch ramp. It will be a full field and the launch ramp will be a zoo from 4:00 am until...
  576. D

    San Diego Bay Bass Tournament and seminar

    For those interested, this will be the last weekend to sign up for the upcoming SD Bay Bass Tournament scheduled for Sat Feb 2, 2019 at Shelter Island launch ramp. For more info on the tourney, you can go to our website , In...
  577. D


    After doing some checking, this has nothing to do with recreational anglers in the U.S. This has to do with sport fishing operations that run out of Baja. If purchasing a license in Baja to go fishing with them, if you do not have a license and have to purchase one, you are limited to...
  578. D

    Gonzaga Bay: what hard baits are effective for cabrilla?

    I've caught thousands of those things. I have settled in on a Tady 45 on 40 and 50 lb, fished slowly. I like fishing in the shallower water because I enjoy the massive boil and hard charging to the boulders. The number one thing is there has to be current, whether you are fishing deep or...
  579. D

    Troubleshooting Fathom30LD2

    The easiest thing is to check for too much grease on the spool edges. I know it sounds crazy but it seems that when the reels are assembled, lots of grease is used around the shaft area of the spool. After the first prolonged fight with the Fathom reel, the grease seems to migrate to the outside...
  580. D

    San Diego Bay Bass Tournament, Feb 2, 2019

    Sorry for the late response. It is a catch and release tourney. We spend a lot of effort with the fish trough and basin and as mentioned above, a local Boy scout troop gets the fish back in the water for us .
  581. D

    San Diego Bay Bass Tournament, Feb 2, 2019

    After taking off a year due to the Shelter Island launch ramp reconstruction, we will be back doing the San Diego Anglers Bay Bass Tournament for our 23rd year. (This years Title Sponsor is Tow Boat US once again!) For the new members on Bloody Decks, we host a one day event on San Diego Bay at...
  582. D

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Are you talking about a Cabo? They all came from the factory with hydraulic steering so someone must have converted it to cable steering. It is relatively easy to convert it back as the cable runway tube is already in place and is large enough to shove a couple of hydraulic hoses down in from...
  583. D

    Aluminium Boat Welder Needed (in Westminster)

    Check out this guy.
  584. D


    I made a few phone calls and at this point, there does not seem to be any legitimacy to this claim for Baja Norte.
  585. D

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    It will not be a pay ramp. I have been involved with this ramp from the beginning and they know there would be a giant public outcry if they tried to implement a pay ramp. Most of the money come from the State anyway through 2 grants so there is no need to try to recover any capital.
  586. D

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    Thanks Rob! Easy! Here is a link to the entry form.
  587. D

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    Was down there today for the final touch up before tomorrows (Friday Dec 21) opening about 7 am. There is tons of courtesy dock space now. They still have some construction debris in the parking lot but it should be gone after Christmas. Official opening with dignitaries will be sometime in mid...
  588. D

    Volaris and Rod tubes......

    We just flew in yesterday with multiple 8 ft rod tubes from El Salto. No problem and be sure to buy the sports package as the charge can be around $70 each way for the tube if you don't. Been flying Volaris for years with no problems at all.
  589. D

    Broken rods Flying with American Airlines.

    It is the TSA inspectors and not the airlines and I think TSA does it on purpose, but I can not prove it. A group to El Salto through Phoenix airport had many rod tubes opened and just the tips broke off. Looks like someone just grabbed all the rod tips at once and broke them with their hands...
  590. D

    Used Fishing Tackle Swap Meet, San Diego

    Reminder-This Wednesday, Nov 7. Portuguese Hall, right off Shelter Island Drive. The eager ones will be there at 5:30 pm and it should be open until about 8:30-ish. Tables to sell are all sold out. Free to buyers.
  591. D

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet Reminder-San Diego

    This Wednesday, Nov 7. Portuguese Hall, right off Shelter Island Drive. The eager ones will be there at 5:30 pm and it should be open until about 8:30-ish. Tables to sell are all sold out. Free to buyers.
  592. D

    Tackle Days, Tranx Casting Contest......

    Felt like 40 lb mono. They were tossing a surface iron with shrink tube on it to minimize any damage from an errant cast. I think Doug told me they had 3 of the 6 brakes on so they would not be spending all day picking backlashes.
  593. D

    Tackle Days, Tranx Casting Contest......

    I was tired also as we had been there before 7 am . You are correct. It was the same guy. Justin Poe from Accurate come down and gave it a try at the end of the day and out-distanced him by a couple of yards. Kevin plopped down $10 for a second try at it and made a great cast to beat everyone!
  594. D

    Tackle Days, Tranx Casting Contest......

    My wife run the event. She just told me someone named Kevin won with an 82 yard cast. Sorry about the last name as she said all the info is out in the car and she does not want to walk another step this evening!! (Tired)
  595. D


    They are using the "Lacey Act of 1900". , " The Lacey Act of 1900, or simply the Lacey Act is a conservation law in the United States that prohibits trade or importation of wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally taken, possessed, transported, or sold. If you do not have a Mex...
  596. D

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    It is not a city of San Diego project but a Port of San Diego Project which is a completely different Govt entity. The city responded out of courtesy. Try the Commissioners at the Port of San Diego as they hold the purse strings on this one.
  597. D

    Lupe or the Ridge

    We had a good sundown bite on 20-30lbers one evening. There are a few good ones mixed in, but the areas we fished were crawling with the smaller grade. Bring lots of wire leader material as the tuna and skippies many times beat the wahoo to the boat after a wahoo jig strike. I had 2 different...
  598. D

    Lupe or the Ridge

    Just got off the Vagabond on my annual 10 day trip. We shot straight to the Ridge for epic wahoo fishing and tons of smaller grade YFT. The Cowbell trolling lure that Norm brought absolutely crushed the wahoo! I also suggest bringing your popper rod and removing the front hook for easy release...
  599. D

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Don't cheap out on sunglasses. As it was explained to me, when you put on sunglasses, it dilates (Opens up) your pupils. When that happens, if you do not filter out the harmful UVA and UVB (ultra violet A and B) , over a lifetime it will damage your eyes if they are not protected properly. The...
  600. D

    S.D Anglers Annual Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-Nov 7

    Only 7 of 40 spaces available are left!
  601. D

    San Diego Anglers Annual Swap Meet-11/7/2018

    We started with about 40 tables spaces available. We are down to about 7 right now. If you are interested in selling, don't wait any longer.
  602. D

    San Diego Anglers Annual Swap Meet-11/7/2018

    Louis might be out of town on a job. I will contact him to let him know about your attempting to contact him.
  603. D

    San Diego Anglers Annual Swap Meet-11/7/2018

    San Diego Anglers Annual Fishing Tackle Swap Meet! Wed Nov 7, 2018 Portuguese Hall, 2818 Avenida De Portugal, San Diego, CA 92106 (Shelter Island area) Doors open at 5:30 pm Buyers free, sellers $20 per table (Club members $10). Limited to 40 tables! Turn your old fishing gear into cash to...
  604. D

    S.D Anglers Annual Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-Nov 7

    San Diego Anglers Annual Fishing Tackle Swap Meet! Wed Nov 7, 2018 Portuguese Hall, 2818 Avenida De Portugal, San Diego, CA 92106 (Shelter Island area) Doors open at 5:30 pm Buyers free, sellers $20 per table (Club members $10). Limited to 40 tables! Turn your old fishing gear into cash to...
  605. D

    Offshore Skippies and a surprise

    It is short for 32 degrees 23 minutes and 117 degrees and 25 minutes. They just drop the 32 and 117 as it is just assumed at that point.
  606. D

    Trailer Bearing Q&A???

    Too much pressure from the nut can cause rapid bearing failure. You might be tightening the nut to much. Tighten the nut to seat the bearing in the race and then back off the nut until the cotter pin lines up. Drop the cotter pin in the hole but do not bend it yet. Grab the top and bottom of...
  607. D

    15hp Yamaha 4 stroke

    I will be passing through your area this morning heading south. Call me and I will stop by if I get your call before I cross the border. Dwayne 619-972-1503
  608. D

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    Seen way too many people have their clocks cleaned on 80lb. If you really want one, use 130lb or larger on a big reel (like a 30 or 50). They seem to bite the best when you are anchored on a high spot (90 to 130' deep) and everyone else is catching skipjack and small yellowtail. (They must be...
  609. D

    Now that you landed that big Bluefin, what to do?

    I smoke a lot of fish. I use the little chief smoker also. I smoke the fish in the traditional way in the smoker and then transfer the fish to my oven, which I can get down to 170 degrees, to continue the drying process and start the next batch in the smoker right away. That way the smoker is...
  610. D

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    Me personally, I don't like the hollow core as it seems to "float" on the surface more than the solid spectra. I am just guessing the air in the hollow causes this but I have no facts to back up my observations. The little baits we have now here in San Diego need all the help they can get and...
  611. D

    Yummy vs Frozen Flying Fish

    I thought I heard a rumor that Seaforth Tackle was carrying them now. I would give the tackle shop a call first.
  612. D

    CBDs in Mexico?

    Don't do it. Twice we have had Federales with drug dogs sniffing our luggage and personal items in the airports. Mexican prisons are not a fun place.
  613. D

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    Just got off a 2 day. Dead sardines was the ticket to the YFT.
  614. D


    If it goes on an airline with a non TSA lock, they will cut the lock or worse yet, the PVC tube rod carrier to get a look inside. I would ship 3rd party.
  615. D

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I have 2 Cabo's, one in Mex and one here in the states so I am very familiar with the fuel tank issue. The Moeller tank is a good substitute but it is only 80 gallons of fuel.( When the boats were designed years ago, they only had those fuel guzzling 175 and 225 Hp Yamaha 2 strokes attached so...
  616. D

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I Have done it to mine and it is pretty straight forward. I was able to place an 8 ft -4x4 across the gunwales and use a come along to pop the tank from the foam. The Moeller tank is a perfect fit and it need to be placed on a bed of rubber so the rough bilge bottom does not wear a hole in the...
  617. D

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    The permit fees are for the boat. The lighter the load, the more each passenger pays. My charter only has 16 on the boat this Fall, but we are willing to incur the extra cost for the extra room.
  618. D

    Advice for Fishing in Idaho, Early September

    I have some friends that are leaving this morning to go up to their cabin in that area this morning for a couple of weeks. They always order about 100 -3 inch rainbow trout swimbaits from Bill over at Barnacle Bills in Lemon grove before they go. They knock the crap out of bull trout and...
  619. D

    Crystal Pier Kids Classic -Sat July 28

    Thanks but I think we are good with the number of volunteers. We have about 20 club members coming down to divide up the chores.
  620. D

    Crystal Pier Kids Classic -Sat July 28

    This Saturday is the Crystal Pier Kids Classic. Kids 1-15 can participate for the prizes with 3 age groups. Captain Ron has been doing it for 10 years but he retired and moved north to live with his son and he asked our foundation (San Diego Anglers Foundation) to take it over. We haven't...
  621. D

    Shelter Island ramp pics 7/20/18

    The back down area will be raised 2 ft above the existing grade. Part of that due to possible sea level rising in the future.
  622. D

    Offshore Emergency small craft missing

    Check out SPOT messenger. Lets my wife know we are OK anywhere in the world I fish. Worth every penny if you have to use it and the ladies appreciate the communication.
  623. D

    Advice About an Outboard Purchase Honda BF 45

    I have a 98 and it is a great motor. It has carbs and not fuel injected and sometimes the fine idle passages can cause a rough idle. Seafoam is your friend! Looks to be a good price.
  624. D

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp update 7/17/2018

    I have received quite a few inquires lately if the launch ramp was going to be done in time for me to do the Bay Bass Tourney this year, since we had to skip last year due to construction. So I drove down to Shelter Island to talk with someone in charge. It looks like they have completed the...
  625. D

    Zara spook

    The wire leader will probably sink the nose and take away from the action of the spook. Straight braid to the lure will get you chewed off. Tie on a 18" piece of 20-25 lb mono to the braid with a back to back uni knot and you will be good to go.
  626. D

    Over heating issue on Yamaha 225 4 stroke

    Thanks, did not see that in my rush to respond.
  627. D

    Over heating issue on Yamaha 225 4 stroke

    I had the very same thoughts and did the very same things you are doing when mine was overheating at idle. After talking with a certified yamaha mechanic, I had the very same reaction. I dropped the lower unit as he suggested and he was correct, there was a hole the size of a dime up there...
  628. D

    Over heating issue on Yamaha 225 4 stroke

    I had the same problem. The exhaust system might have a hole in it as it is the correct year. Drop the lower unit and take a look up inside. Sometimes you can see the corrosion hole up inside there. I am a capable mechanic. I bought the parts, removed the powerhead with a cherry picker and...
  629. D

    FMM Manifest

    No , we bailed this year as a couple of the guys had health concerns but we are shooting for next May.
  630. D

    FMM Manifest

    Hey Curt, I just leave it blank and have never had a problem with the navy. Just got a text from Craig at San Lucas and he killed the yellows this morning up to 35 pounds at the north end on the 110.
  631. D

    Wiring in new mfd, need help!!!

    I don't see a short but a possible "open" . On the bottom of the second photo, the white breaker below the black breaker, has a ton of rust on it where the wires come of the breaker. So much rust it is bleeding down the side of the breaker. That needs to be cleaned up or replaced.
  632. D

    Parker 1801 Prop

    yamaha has a on line prop selector guide. click on the link and fill in the blanks. It looks like you will need something in the 13x14 or 13x 15 range. You generally gain or lose 200 rpms for each inch of pitch change and you want to be...
  633. D

    Home Depot Fishing Cart?

    It can be found on Amazon also.
  634. D

    Kodiak Bait Tanks in San Diego

    Try Ebay. he says free standard shipping. Send him an email first though.
  635. D

    Looking For A Recent La Jolla Report

    We chartered the New Seaforth last night (Friday 18th) for the twilight trip. Loaded up the anchovies and knocked the hell out of the calicos when they started chumming next to the kelp before the sun went down. All the kids on board knocked the hell out of them with Luke telling us he probably...
  636. D

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Yes they are tied in. It is a possibility as I do not think they sealed the ends of the stringers before tying into the transom.
  637. D

    Bait pump.

    The Bait Sentry pumps last the longest in a wet environment I have found. They are also easy to clean and check for debris. I have used them all and they are the best bang for the buck. If you have 2 tanks, I would get the 1100.
  638. D

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Not the city, but the Port, which is a different entity with its own Board of Directors and budget.. The Port is under long term contract with the Duck tours to use Shelter Island Launch ramp. If they were to shut out the launch ramp completely, they would be sued for breach of contract, thus...
  639. D

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    The first delay happened during final approval. The Coastal Commission only meets quarterly so they had to wait 3 months to get the final approval after the other 4 agencies had given approval. That added 3 months to the plan. Next delay was when the launch ramp was originally built, small...
  640. D

    Penn Torque 25N V 40N Lever drags

    To add to my post, I was talking about the 2 speed, lever drag Torques. I have no experience with the single speed torques but I know that low gear makes a hell of a difference when fighting a tuna!
  641. D

    Penn Torque 25N V 40N Lever drags

    I have both and have caught lots of tuna to 150 on the Torque 40n2spd. You never know what you are going to hook when you cast into those boiling bluefin. The 25 would work fine for most applications but if you hook a good one, you probably would want the bigger 40. Both are great reels and you...
  642. D

    Group of VETERANS who want to FISH..

    Try Vendetta Sportfishing operating out of H&M landing. 12 passenger max. Perfect size group for that boat and you will have fun. Call the owner Ray at 619-985-3563 He is very popular and the boat fills fast so don't wait...
  643. D

    What prop on a 17FT Bayrunner

    I forgot to add that a general rule of thumb for propellers is you gain or lose roughly 200 rpms for every inch of pitch. If you drop down 3 inches in pitch, you should gain about 600 rpms. You can also gain rpms by reducing the diameter.
  644. D

    What prop on a 17FT Bayrunner

    There could be a few things wrong but off the top of my head would be, throttle adjustment on cable end, something wrong with the fuel delivery system (lots of possibilities there), spark plugs and finally, the prop. Easiest is throttle cable adjustment. That boat should be screaming with that...
  645. D

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Why would you want to put the owner of the boat in jeopardy of having it confiscated? You are under their rules and if they want to take the boat, they will.m They spend their whole careers getting to this point and it would be ashamed to watch it go up in smoke because of someone who did not...
  646. D


    Try using the piece of 100lb mono in the pee hole all the way into the block. I had a small piece of sea shell that was lodged in there and no amount of salt away will dissolve that. It is easy and it generally cures the weak pee hole problem. Good luck!
  647. D

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    Most Mexico boat policies are like that with no coverage on the water. A lot won't even cover the boat if it is over 20 years old!
  648. D

    Lakeside Bait and Tackle Final Sale...60% off!

    Diane will be closing the doors permanently on March 17 and moving to Texas to be with the grandkids. 60% off everything in the store! Even if you don't buy anything, stop by and bid her farewell as she starts the next phase in her life. Retirement and fishin' with the grandkids!
  649. D

    Favorite crew photos

    He passed away in an atv accident Presidents day weekend. Memorial service this Sat at Redondo High School. Check out the Vagabond facebook for more details.
  650. D

    SD Harbor Waterways Access Rights?

    There was a court case that was settled in Long Beach a few years ago that ruled in favor of the fisherman. As long as you do not get out of your float tube onto a dock, you are good to go. Here is an excerpt from the WON artcle covering it. Carl Erbacher was the one who got the ticket "So...
  651. D

    17' Bayrunner....OffShore Capability??

    I had one for 15 years and took it plenty of times on the 425, 371, 302 route and caught tons of fish in it. Pick your weather days, where an inflatable life jacket and have fun!
  652. D

    Bayrunner replumb

    If the metals are not insulated from each other and they are touching each other, you will have a problem. Git rid of the bronze through hull. The dissimilar metals will have the aluminum starting to corrode where you can not see it. Stray electricity will speed up the process. It is not a...
  653. D

    RAM Diesel Service Suggestions?

    Go see Willie at A & A Muffler Service in Poway. He was a certified Dodge mechanic that worked at a local dealership for years until he decided to open his own shop. Give him a call Phone number (858) 486-0415
  654. D

    DMV Registration

    Join AAA for $50 a year. They do DMV services at their offices with very little lines and great customer service. It is well worth it not having to wait in DMV lines. They will give you tags and plates right there.
  655. D

    Lakeside Bait and Tackle- Going out of business sale.

    As many of you know, Diane and her family will be moving to Texas to enjoy their retirement with their grandkids. With that will be the closing of the store which has been around for about 50 years. She now has 40% off everything in the store. Lots of both freshwater and saltwater stuff. Don't...
  656. D

    Fathom 40LD2

    I saw Capt Mike on the Vagabond really put the screws to a fish at Guadalupe in Oct on my first trip, trying to get it through the sharks. I stopped fishing to watch as I really thought the reel was going to grenade on him. It survived just fine and he said that he had done that many times with...
  657. D

    Vessel assist?

    For clarification, Vessel Assist is now known as Boat US as of a couple of years ago.
  658. D

    SQ tackle recommendations

    Not a chance. It is generally families with a bucket of bait looking to catch something for a meal. They are very stoked when you come in and give them a red when you jump onto the dock to retrieve your boat.
  659. D

    When starting boat Chartplotter shuts down

    I had the same problem last year. It was a bad ground on an undersized wire in the system. If you know how to do a voltage drop test, grab a friend (to hold the test wire to the connection when it is too far for you to hold it) and a wire that is long enough to reach to your farthest connection...
  660. D


    Yes, the 10v battery is a parasite and needs to be removed from the system and replaced.
  661. D

    SQ tackle recommendations

    I fish there a lot because we have had a place there for about 20 years. Yellowtail will be best on yo yo jigs through March (white, Blue/white, green/yellow). Look at the 240 and the north end of the 15 this time of year. Sometimes they pop up and you can get them on surface iron but for the...
  662. D

    Fall Trip advice-Guadalupe

    Traditionally,The trips in October will have a lot of hookups but you could have a shark problem. The weather will be nice. As you move into November, the sharks will disappear with the same amount of hookups. As you get later into November and into early Dec, the weather can start to get windy...
  663. D

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    I have had a place there for 25 years and yes, you would expect the fishery to be better. We catch plenty of small ones fishing for macs but nothing very large. Interesting observation we saw a few years ago. They discovered shrimp in the bay and every boat that could drag a net was doing so...
  664. D

    Shelter Island Launch ramp update, Jan 2018

    Got this today from the Port in regards to the Shelter Island launch ramp. With all this fresh info below, we (San Diego Anglers) have decided to cancel the Bay Bass tournament for 2018. We waited as long as we could to make this decision, hoping they were going to