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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    Fullboat; Isn't that what the boat owner pays them to do? If not, why does the owner have deckhands at all?
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    On a Long Range trip (5-16 days), who all takes there part of Tips? Do they split them up evenly among the entire crew, or do some get more than others? Do the more experienced crew member get more than the new guy? How about the Captain, does he take a larger percentage of the money, or even...
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    I guess I am the odd guy out here, but when I pay my dollars to go Long Range Fishing, I expect that the entire boat crew is there to help me in any way they can. That is what I am paying for in the first place. I realize they put in long hours to do their jobs, but that is what they are paid...
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    Fish processor’s are full. What to do?

    The processors are in the business to process fish and to make a profit from it. I can see part of the problem of NOT having enough employees to process the fish, or having to pay them a LOT of $$$ to work for them, and they lose their profits or they have to charge us more for the processing.
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    Independence 8 day trip report

    David: Thanks for the Great report of the trip. You are having Too Much FUN !!!
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    Yellowtail-2 parter

    Yellowtail----8-9 I like Tunaheads recipe. I will have to try it
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    Covid Testing Prior to Boarding

    My opinion; Covid will be with us forever, just like the Flu. Every year it is a different strain of the virus, just like the Flu. We get a Flu shot every year, hoping the the drug makers of the vaccine guessed correctly of which strain of Flu is anticipated for the following year. Covid...
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    The best deals on Long Range trips

    Guyster; I do Long Range fishing and have done so for the past 35 years. I am 74, and I still hold the kite rod and reel when it is my turn; I still stand on the fantail and troll when it is my number, and will troll if someone from another number fails to troll. I fish at the rail whenever...
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    Indy.....GRAFTECH/AVET OPEN... 8 Day roll call July 13-21

    David; I know you will have a Great Trip. You always do. Keep us informed.
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    Long Beach ramp shit show!

    Remember now; Nobody has any extra money to spend because of inflation----Having a problem buy gas for the cars; food prices are high; cost of housing is up. I guess it doesn't apply to those people, or are they the ones who will do the most complaining about prices?
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    Helmet straight helmet

    Like everything in life, enjoyment cost $$$$. What are you paying to go to an NFL game, or NBA, or MLB, or any other major sporting event? With the cost of parking; tailgating, price of admission, and required snakes during the event, it is probably over $100-$150 per person in your group, and...
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    Preparing these days when you get close to your trips. The new check list can have you fishing

    It is my belief that Covid will be around forever, just like the Flu. Most of us get a flu shot every year, but sometimes still get the flu. Every year is a different flu strain and the Vaccine is made up with what they believe will be the strain for the coming year. They don't always guess...
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    Offshore NLA 1.5 Day 6/10 - 6/12

    Ventura Bill; Thanks for the report. It has a lot of good information for those of us who have not gone out yet and for those you have chased the Bluefin. My questions are: The bent assist hook you show in the picture, was it the one that came on the lure, or did you use a name brand assist...
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    Free Fishing Rod to a Veteran

    92117---Puts you in Clairemont, my old time there.
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    Harnesses for big tuna revisited

    That may be great for you, but I have caught 4 over 200 lbs. and one at 345 lbs. I use a pate and harness. Why injure my body at my age?
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    Harnesses for big tuna revisited

    I realize this thread is 7 years old, but If I am in a situation tho catch Large tuna, I will still use a Plate and Harness I know, call me old fashion, but call me old also (just short of 74). My knees are not what they use to be, and my back isn't either. The rail is really not my friend in...
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    Preparing these days when you get close to your trips. The new check list can have you fishing

    David; Your idea is good, but with as many trips as you take each year, you are probably on lock down most of the time. I probably won't see you until my Mid Nov. trip on the Indy. The one just after you get in and just before you go out again.
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    Anyone willing to share contacts of sponsors that would be will to help a few sportboats that got robbed?

    Isn't that why you have insurance. If you suffer a loss, you make a claim. Premiums depend on what the insurance co. feels they need to make a profit. It was not a robbery, it was a burglary.
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    SQUIDCO .. Reel Service Going on 6 months

    Servicing your own reels is great as long as you can get the needed parts. I am sure Squidco is not just sitting on sitting on the reels if the part(s) are available.
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    Intrepid Fish Processing

    I still push carts----I'll be 74 in two weeks
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    Thanks John. You answered my question. John; I have owner Stinger Trebel ST-66TN in 5/0. I will rig the jigs with them on the end.
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    Intrepid Fish Processing

    Sparky979: It must be nice to have Lots of money to pay to have everything done for you. A lot of guys, like myself, have to save to take one of these trips. Some boats have agreements with specific processors to come on the boat and do everything for you. If you have decided not to use that...
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    Soda; I have the time, just not the money. I will see you at both ends of my trip. Have a great time as I know you always do.
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    Indy Nov. 11-21.
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    I am going on a 10 day trip this Fall. I would imagine that if the Bluefin are still biting, we may ( I really don't want to) make a stop for a day or two to fish Bluefin. I want to be prepared if we do, so how are you setting up your knife jigs to fish for Bluefin at night and during the day...
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    What type and what size hooks should I use on the rear of the jigs.
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    Another question. I am replacing the assist hooks on my Blue Fin jigs (250-500grm). I also want to put a single hook on the rear end of the jigs with a split ring. What type and size should I be using (Living in Utah, I have to buy over the internet, and just want to make sure I am buying the...
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    Anyone willing to share contacts of sponsors that would be will to help a few sportboats that got robbed?

    Most sport boats have sponsors of the rods and reels they use on the boats. They will (should) replace them for no or reduced charge.
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    Thank You.!!!!!
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    When replacing the standard assist hooks on my 250-500 jigs, what size Shout assist hooks should I buy?
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    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    Are things really that bad at the landings parking?
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    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    How much does the parking cost per day for the spots in front of the Big Three landings? I am on a 10 day in Mid November, and just trying to see if, depending were I spend the night, if the parking may be cheaper at the hotel for the 10 days.
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    I have Never heard of the brand name. How good are the assist hooks compared to Owner assist hooks?
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    New pre-parking payment system

    In the main lot in front of the landings, are the spaces numbered? If I pull into the lot and park in a numbered space, then go to the kiosks to pay, is it Possible that spot may already be reserved by someone else that has not arrived yet? If so, then what? If their are 15 parking spots...
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    New pre-parking payment system

    That will have to be the way I do it. I have a Smart phone (didn't make me any smarter at all ) but to me it is just a telephone in my pocket. I make and receive call with it. I realize that it can be used to run peoples lives, (that is why people always have their face in the phones) but to...
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    Just about everything I read about Flat Falls ; knife jigs; and all the others used for Bluefin fishing say to change out and disregard what come with the jig; the hooks and assist hooks. Are their any companies that make these type jigs that use hooks and assist hooks that don't need to be...
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    Lake Powell

    Check to be sure you will be able to launch you boat there. Lake Powell is really down low and a lot of ramps no longer make it to the low water line, and if one does, it may be backed up with a lot of others who want to launch their boats.
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    San Diego 3 Landings Parking Info Press Briefing

    My question is; How many vehicles in any of the lots are abandoned ? Also, how many vehicles are left there for Long periods of time? If going on a 15-18 day trip, does that mean you can not park in the lots as that may be a Long Period of time? I just can't believe that it will create any...
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    Fishermen’s Landing San Diego NEW parking pay $ procedure?

    Comfort Inn is the place across the street. If you stay a night with them, it is a few dollars cheaper to park.
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    Stored Fish -- Plans for Calif's Summer Brown Outs and Intentional Power Shutdowns

    Mine was put near the gas meter, ran electrical lines through the attic and connected to the electrical panel. Very easy installation by the company I bought it from.
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    Stored Fish -- Plans for Calif's Summer Brown Outs and Intentional Power Shutdowns

    I had, in my last house, a Generac generator. It ran on Natural gas, which almost never goes out. It test started each week, ran for 10 minutes and then shut down, all automatically. When the power went out, the generator started up automatically and ran continuously until the power was...
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    Independence Sportfishing ........ Fish Report for 5-29-2022

    When I book a Long Range trip on a Long Range boat, I don't expect to be fishing Bluefin tuna. I expect to go to the Rocks, or the upper banks and fish for Yellowtail, Dorado, and possible Wahoo (if in the later months). If I wanted to fish for Bluefin, I would go out on a 2-3 day trip. It is...
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    SD Landing Parking lot

    OK, How does this work? I want to park in the lot in front of the three landings. I use to go to the ticket dispenser and get my ticket, then after my trip, I would go to the gate, with the attendant, and it would be calculated how much I owe for parking for however many days I was there. I...
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    LR raffle prizes and swag

    I have been Long Range fishing for many years now. I have NEVER been on a Chartered Trip. All have been SPONSORED trips either by a company or individual. I never realized they were actually Chartermasters of the trip and paid for the whole trip in advance and hoped that it filled up with...
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    Rigged DTX 220

    Do you have some pictures of your finished product? I would sure like to see them.
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    Wahoo trips?

    Do any of the Captains of longer trips 7-10 days, ever ask the passengers what they would like to fish for? It seems as if they are pre-planned trips depending on the length of the trip. 10-11 day trip travel 3-4 days to the lower banks for the larger tune. If none there they go to the upper...
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    How much should I tip?

    With the way the Postal service is going, we have a different person delivering the mail every week, and on a few days it is not delivered at all. NO---I do not tip the mailman.
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    How much should I tip?

    We ALL have opinions and let it be good or bad, here it is. To me, TIPS have gotten out of hand. Why doesn't the boat owner pay his/her employees enough money in the first place? They work hard on the boats usually with little sleep. They should be paid for that by the owner. As the crew...
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    Graphtec/Avet 16 Day Report 3/29/22 to 4/13/22

    Harddrive; When I first saw the title of your report, I thought it took place last year in 2021. As I continued reading, I realized it was this year. Great reading report. Thanks!!
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    News From Clipperton-Shipwreck

    A lot of people don't understand what an "E" ticket ride is. Just us older folks when Disneyland had tickets you had to use.
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    Need Suggestions & Ideas

    I agree on Customer service. It has kind of left us recently.
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    Fathom 15xnld2 setup

    I also just purchased a Fathom 15xnld2 reel, and I an thinking about using 40 Braided line with a 25-30 yard topshot of 30 lb. line. Should I go with the 50lb. braid or go with 40 lb. How would you rig it?
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    San Diego Fish Processors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    I have used Fisherman's Processing and 5- Star. They both do a Great job- just be sure to use the 5 mil bags. Parking at Fisherman's can be tough (small lot), but 5-Star is just street parking. I like 5-Star because they will pack my fish in 1/2 lb. portions which is just right for me and my...
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    My booked fishing trips.... not all long range

    All, or most, long Range trips out of San Diego, I believe Have Sponsors, but not Charter-masters---Am I correct on this? I see a lot of people refer to sponsors as Charter-masters. Doesn't a Charter-master actually charter the boat, and then attempt to fill it with the people they want to go...
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    I would have thought that their would be more interest in buying both reels together and I would pay the shipping, but it appears that I will have to sell them separately and the shipping will be on the buyers dime.
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    John; Just looking to sell.
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    fyermn submitted a new listing: FATHOM 40NLD2 & FATHOM 25N - FATHOM 40NLD2 & FATHOM 25N Learn more about this listing...
  58. ALL SOLD.

    Southern California ALL SOLD.

    I have two Fathom reels for sale. Both are in Excellent condition. 1. Fathom 25N Star Drag--has OVER 3/4 spool of 65lb. braided line. Max Drag is 25lb. Gear ratio is 6.0:1. New is $219.95 + Tax-----My price is $178.00. 2. Fathom 40NLD2---Has OVER 3/4 spool of 80lb. Braided line...
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    Steve, Thanks for your reply, and Eye problem also. With the three Fathoms 40 LD2 reels I have, I plan on fishing them with 50 and 60 pound line even though I have I believe 85 pound braided line as backing.
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    Inteerested Bengals 18 Rams 21
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    I have 3 Fathom 40ld2 reels. I really like them. I just have had one of them serviced because of NO free-spool with any amount of drag. I was informed the the drags have been replaced and set to factory standards and that that reel has a problem with to much drag being used. My question...
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    RP 22 Day

    Some who have a LOT more MONEY than me.
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    Fuel surcharges

    We need to vote for the other person on the ballot. Kind of built in term limits.
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    MID DECEMBER 11 DAY, THOUGHTS? what can be expected? RIDGE, LOWER BANKS

    James; You mentioned "you might go to Guadalupe depending on the Caption, Charter Master decision. Very few trips actually have a Charter Master---usually it is the Sponsor of the trip. A lot of Sponsors think they are Charter Masters, but they aren't, they are just sponsors.
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    Soda Pop; You fish all the months every year, and a lot of the times more than one trip in the...

    Soda Pop; You fish all the months every year, and a lot of the times more than one trip in the month.
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    Getting older is tough

    As I have always said---"The Golden Years are full of LEAD !!!"
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    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    What was your total recovery time?
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    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    They don't do both at one time anymore. Do one first, then wait about 6-8 weeks to do the other one.
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    Guadalupe Dropper Loop

    That deckie on the Q-105 was named Tom (Tommy). I don't remember his last name.
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    Anyone Survived Shoulder Surgery to Fish

    Just to change things a bit. What about FULL knee replacement surgery? My Orthopedist tells me I NEED to have it done to both knees rather soon. I understand why, as shots have done wonders but he says no more shots.
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    XL Guadalupe 12/8-12/14 2021

    Thanks Tim for the report. It has been MANY years since I fished Guadalupe Island, and I want to fish there again.
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    On the water short report. Brandon Miller’s 11 day independence.

    I didn't realize that was a CHARTERED TRIP. I thought it was open party.
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    Donate Bluefin to SD Food Bank?

    We have become a society of LETTER to identify different organizations: What does CDFW and FMV stand for?
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    Just for information; I was on the Indy 11 day trip (Nov 1-12) and caught one Wahoo on the bomb. It was 130# flouro, crimped at both ends (single crimp with a burn nub). No problems at all, and the flouro did NOT have any abrasion anywhere.
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    I just received a notice that their is an open spot on the Indy 11 day, limited load, trip departing on November 1st. Call Judy at the office NOW.
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    Reel repair in east county

    One of the biggest problems with reel repair right now is obtaining parts. I have had one of my reels in for repair for around 3 months now, but they are unable to get parts to repair.
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    Independence Sportfishing ......... we got into some yellowfin and wahoo

    Soda; Thanks for keeping us posted on your trip. See you on November 1st.
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    Preowned Rods and Reels

    It looks like you may not be able to buy your 2020 Subaru Forester Sport for a while.
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    Polaris Supreme Beck 8 day 9-22 TO 9-30-2021......or rather 9-29-21

    The boat didn't come in early because of maintenance or repair issues. If you were going to sell a car, wouldn't you sell it before major maintenance was due on it? I am quite sure the buyer knew of what had to be done on the boat, and it probably affected what the price paid.
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    Polaris Supreme Beck 8 day 9-22 TO 9-30-2021......or rather 9-29-21

    Cubeye; I have not ever been in the situation you have described, and I have doing long Range for a number of years. Since I am getting OLDER (73), I have started buying trip insurance, hoping I never have to use it. A Lot of us Long Rangers are getting older, and our bodies have taken a toll...
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    Guadalupe Wind

    In the Navy years ago, when things got rough on the water, they broke out Soda Crackers for everyone. They sure help.
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    JX Raptor for 50lb reel

    Thanks Mike !!!!!
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    Fred Hall show- Long Beach 2022

    Looks like another nail in the Coffin.
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    JX Raptor for 50lb reel

    I just received my new Avet JX6/3 Raptor MC (purchased on the internet from a tackle store in San Diego). Since it is a raptor and an MC, does that really cut down on free-spool? The MC is 1-5, and since it is always on at least #1, it just has NO free-spool to speak of. Is this common with...
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    Wear sun protection

    This post should be shown to the Deck Hands of the fishing boats. Most of them are without shirts, and really don't know what may happen to them. They are on the water consonantly.
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    JX Raptor for 50lb reel

    Mike Garrahan; Why would you want to upgrade to 80lb. spectra if you want to fish 60# on the reel. Wouldn't 65# spectra still be sufficient to use? It seems as if everyone wants the spectra to be 20-25lbs. heavier that the line used as a top shot. To me, 65 spectra with a 60 top shot is...
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    Advance reservations required for fish processing

    I saw an ad on Facebook this evening-----"5 Star is hiring to all positions". I see the problem. They are having a problem keeping employees. When I was at the Pt. Loma McDonald's in June of this year, they had a Large sign--Now Hiring $15 an hour to start. I guess, for someone to cut up...
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    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    Who are the owners of 5 Star fish processing?
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    I pulled the plug and purchased a JX6/3 Raptor. What test pound braid should I put on it? I will use a 40-50 ft. top shot of either 50lb. or 60lb. mono. Since the Max drag is 50lb.
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    I have two JX6/3 older reels that I have had for a while. I usually fish 40#&50# on them for long range trips. I am going on an 11 day trip the first of November, and would like to use them for Wahoo Bombs and Jigs, but I would also like to use 50#string. Would these reels be up to the task...
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    need help

    I would also be very leary of buying from a new member on the board. To many tackle shops broken into the past years or so, and now people trying to sell on this board. JAY, this is not necessarily meant for you, but it is the way the work is happening now.
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    I’m sure I’m on a LR boat at 2am

    Hope to share the RAIL with you someday.
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    Back to back 11 day trips on the Indy

    Soda; If I had the money, I would be doing what you are doing, BUT, my wife like to do things also, and having been married for almost 50 years, I like to do things with her also. We only have only so much money to spend. I will be on Stan's trip in November.
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    That was what I was looking for. Thanks !!!
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    Steve; At one time, you had on this site, the latest recommendations of Capt. Mike, on the Vagabond, of Penn Rods, Penn Reels, and line class to use at Guadalupe Island. I can no longer find that thread. I thought it was a STICKY at one time. Where can I find it at? In my book, Capt. Mike...
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    Reels for Wahoo

    Steve; I see you recommend for 50 lb. for bombs and iron, for Wahoo, using a TRQ 40NLD2. Why not the Fathom 40 NLD2? What is the difference, besides the frame? The internals , I believe are very much the same. I currently have 3 Fathom 40's (2 at 50lb. & one at 60 lb.) and I am planning to...
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    Will probably fly out for 11/26 Indy Trip, need hotel and place to ship rods to

    JTE; I will be on the Indy 11 day trip on the first of the month. Ramada is a good Hotel (motel) just across the street from the landings. The day of your trip, go to the landings and get a cart, push it across the street, load your gear, and push it back across the street to the landings...
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    Titanium wire does not bend like regular wire. It is very flexible and you either tie a knot , or crimp it or sometimes both.
  99. F


    IronMikeAC; I take it you are not a person who likes to tie knows in Titanium wire. Is crimping really that much better?
  100. F

    Wahoo Titanium Bait Rigs

    My question about all this is; On the nicopress 17-2 crimper, their are two holes to be able to crimp with. Which hole did you use to do this crimping? Does the #2 AFW crimp come in long and short, and if so, which crimp did you use?
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    I am going on an 11 day trip the 1st of November. For Wahoo jigs and Bombs, I plan to use 130# fluoro (crimped) and Titanium wire on some. What are the best knots for titanium wire terminal connections? Besides just knots, I am planning to use a sleeved also on the connection, just as...
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    QUICK REPORT: 2.5 day PENN trip on Pacifica 9/4/21 to 9/7/21

    wordfish330; The posts author is the Penn Representative and more or less maintains this Penn World site. He does at times post things on the Long Range board.
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    QUICK REPORT: 2.5 day PENN trip on Pacifica 9/4/21 to 9/7/21

    Thanks Steve for the report. .
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    Trip Insurance

    Bob Dawson Insurance in La Mesa, Calif. He is a long range fisherman also.
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    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    This post is quite old, but is a good read for all those who have trips coming up for Wahoo Fishing,
  106. F

    Bait/hook size?

    I always thought that Groupers were kind of a bottom fish. Do you really catch them on a flyline?
  107. F


    Thanks Steve.
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    FTHM15LD2 v FTHM15XNLD2 versatility ?

    Go to the World of Penn forum. I asked about the same question about 7-10 days ago. Steve, from Penn, answered the question along with others.
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    I am about to rig up some JRI Wahoo Bombs for my 11 day trip in November. My question is: Do I add a solid ring at the end of the leader or a swivel to tie on my main line? What are the Pro's and Con's of each?
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    Shon; I am on the trip just after you. On the Wahoo surface iron, you state 50# mono leader...

    Shon; I am on the trip just after you. On the Wahoo surface iron, you state 50# mono leader. Do you use wire or straight mono to the jig?
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    Eating oysters from Mission Bay?

    I hope your have GREAT Health insurance. and an Emergency Room that will take you in when you get deathly SICK !!!!!!
  112. F


    Thank You Steve !!!!!!!
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    Sort of a 7 day?

    We will be looking for two distinct reports when you get back.
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    Steve; From what you have said, the 15XNLD2 is just a Very narrow 30LD2. In between is the 25NLD2, or just a narrow 30LD2 What is the spool width difference between the three of them? That would show how much line each could hold. Besides the weight of each reel, what are the advantages and...
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    INDEPENDENCE 3 Day 08.22 - 08.25

    Soda Pop; Which 11 day trip are you on? The first of the month or the end of the month? I have never been on the Indy before, but I will be going out on the first of the month. I was a crew member on the Independence many, many years ago, but that was the USS Independence (CVA-62) 1967-1969.
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    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    I understand most of the feelings on this subject, but you have to remember, obtaining a Passport, or even renewing one is done with the Federal Government; so just remember the Third Greatest Lie-------"I am from the Government and I an here to help you". . It is possible that the Government...
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    Fish Processing Yields (San Diego) - Data Only

    As you may be finding out, OUR sport can be very expensive.
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    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Isn't Frank one of the owners? He has been doing this for a VERY long time. He should make it right to the passengers by refunding any $$$$ over what a 1 day trip would cost.
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    I have purchased some 300-400 gram knife jigs for an up-coming 11 day trip. My plan is to use them for Tuna at night time. My question is --- What is the best way to fish them? Do you fish them like a PL-68 heavy jig, Yo-Yo style, or just wind them up for about 1/2 the line length and then...
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    Fathom 15 ld2

    Isn't the Fathom and the Torque insides the same? From what I have learned is that the Torque is made (Exterior) from a heavier material.
  121. F


    What are the differences between the Fathom 15 LD2 and the Fathom 15 XNLD2 ? Is one better than the other, or is just a different size reel or performance reel?
  122. F


    I think I will use a Fathom 40 with 50lb for Wahoo bombs, then switch to the Avet JX with 40 lb for the surface Yellowtail jigs.
  123. F


    I finally pulled the plug and purchased the PCH 801XH rod. I plan to use it to throw Wahoo bombs and jigs as well as surface iron jigs for Yellowtail. I have three possible reels to use on it: 1) Avet JX6/2 with 40 lb line; 2) Fathom 30 star drag with 30 lb, line; 3) Fathom 40 NLD2 with either...
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    Thanks for the replies !!! I agree, I will contact the Indy office to see If I can rent, or use as a loaner anything heavier than what I already have.
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    I am going on an 11 day trip on November 1st on the Indy. I am not sure, but I would expect to going to the lower or upper banks on the trip. My two largest reels are an Avet EX30/2 with 100lb. braided line and a Makaira 20 Sea with 100 lb. braid. I also have a PCH 741XXXH (80-130) rod as...
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    Guadalupe Island reels: 2021 update

    Thank You Steve.
  127. F

    Okuma PCH Custom 8' 30-60

    How old is it, and how many trips has it been on? Did you but it new? Where in Mission Gorge?
  128. F

    Paying the Tip?

    If you pay with a check, do not make it payable to the name of the boat. If you do, then it is income to the boat and taxable to the owner of the boat. Make the check out to "CASH" and then it can be cashed at the bank by the captain and is not part of any income.
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    Indy, Stan's 11 day trip.
  130. F


    I like the idea of adding new Mylar skirts or Potato Chip Bags to the worn out Wahoo jig. My question is how do you attach it to the old jigs, especially the potato chip bag?
  131. F

    How is the parking at H&M

    How come whoever owns the parking lot doesn't build a 2-3 story parking garage ? I am sure they would make the money back in no time
  132. F


    In jig fishing for Yellowfin tuna in the twilight hours, which jig would you use and why. The PL 68's are the old standard, but in reading somewhat, the new Asian vertical jigs are just as effective and lighter in weight when jigging. Remember, this is for Yellowfin tuna in the twilight or...
  133. F

    Okuma PCH 901

    Will you ship?
  134. F


    Thanks Buttchaser
  135. F

    ROD BELTS????????????????

    MYSIX; I have basically the same set-up as you for the Large fish. I am 73 yrs. old, have BAD knees, and my back will bother me from time to time. Using the rail, for me, is not really an option. Everyone has their different style of fishing, and as I have gotten much older, the belt and...
  136. F


    Roadrunner; Thanks for your reply. I hope to be so tired from catching Yellowtail in the night time hours, that I just might not care to much for the Bluefin. ------ No, I would like to fish for the Bluefin also.
  137. F


    I am going on a 7 day trip on June 26th. I imagine wee may stop either on the way South or on the way back North to fish for Bluefin. What particular hours do the Bluefin bite the best? From what I read, it is usually in the night time or very early morning, I guess that means night fishing...
  138. F

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Vagabond-----Lance Withie, before Mike came along.
  139. F

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    Have you noticed that as we age, we talk more about our ailment to explain things. I am almost 73yrs. old.(not young), and feel it , even though my brain doesn't always believe it. I have been doing Long Range fishing for almost 28-30 years now and caught my Largest Yellowfin (#345) when I was...
  140. F

    HXJ Raptor for BFT

    It depends on how much and what kind of line you have on it.
  141. F

    ROYAL STAR ROLL CALL (June 26 thru July 3--Dave Beruitch Trip)

    kml; I am driving in from Utah. Really looking forward to this trip.
  142. F


    What is the major or minor differences between the Penn Fathoms and Torque reels? Also, how do the Internationals fit in? Fathom 40LD2--Torque 40LD2; and International 12 Visx .
  143. F

    live bait hooks for BFT?

    Tunahead; The problem back in the 1960's was we didn't have the rods, reels, or hooks that have now. The 1960's was 60 years ago.
  144. F

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    I have learned that the Golden Years are full of LEAD !!!!!, but I can still Long Range fish.
  145. F

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    Steve K; I am with you---73 in July. I have two trips this year, one at the end of June (7 Day) and the other is an 11 day the first part of November. This will be the first itme I will do 2 trips in a year---Usually one every 14-18 months apart, but I am not getting any younger, so I have...
  146. F


    I live in Utah, and for all I know, they may have finally put up a parking Garage with 2-3 levels. That is what they need.
  147. F

    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    pooahi; Thank you for the information. I need to find some heavier flat falls.
  148. F


    I am driving down from Utah in late June for a 7 day trip. What is the parking like at the San Diego big three landings? Are spots available, or are they mostly full? I will be arriving at LATE night or Very early morning the day of the trip. With all the 1-3 day trips going on, is parking...
  149. F


    Thanks for all the replies. I have learned a lot. Now----Go get those Yellows !!!!!
  150. F


    I realize this is a bit early to be thinking about the Fred Hall Shows for 2022, but I have questions. I lived in San Diego for 34 years, but never attended the Fred Hall Show in San Diego; I now live in St. George, Utah for the past 18 years, and have attended the Long Beach shows a few...
  151. F

    VIDEO: Steve Carson & Art Taylor discuss bluefin tackle [long]

    tunanorth; Steve, I just finished watching your video with Art Taylor of the Shearcher, and you explained a lot about the reels, but did not mention much about the Penn rods you would use for each type of reel, except for the length. Could you give the numbers of the Penn Rods that you would...
  152. F


    daluker; Thank you !! That is exactly what I was looking for. It is a great video.
  153. F


    I have seen on one of the post here where John Collins is on Let's Talk Hookup showing how to tie a knot, but he burns the end, to make a small mushroom, like he would if he were crimping with a crimp. How do I find that post or how do I find out how he did it? I have looked for over an hour...
  154. F

    Haven't heard this before...

    The word used now days is "Awsome" Everybody use that word to describe everything.
  155. F

    Haven't heard this before...

    A lot of times, it turns out to be an "Epic bite"
  156. F


    When I look up Kevlar line on the internet, it also show braided line. I think of braided line as that of being spectra line. What is the difference, and why is kevlar line used for assist hook instead of braided line?
  157. F


    I failed to say that the HXW is a Raptor.
  158. F

    Haven't heard this before...

    All the Long Range reports are written with a flair for things are going great. What would you think if the report said --"A sick looking load of bait?"
  159. F


    I am going out on a 7 day trip on the Royal Star at the end of June. I would think that with the Bluefin biting they way they are, we would at least try , either at the beginning or end of the trip, to attempt to catch some. My question is; I have an Avet EX30/2 with 100lb; an Avet HXW with...
  160. F

    Rod & Reel

    Penn Torque 40 ld2 It will do more than the Fathom 40 ld2. Rods are a good question. With the Penn torque or Fathom, you can fish up to 80lb., so I suggest a rod that is 40-100lb. or close to it.
  161. F

    Trimalleolar ankle fracture and fishing

    A lot has to do with your age. If over 55 yrs. things take a LOT longer to heal, and even longer the older you get.
  162. F

    New ownership

    Passing of the Torch.
  163. F

    Baja special or Fathom 40n

    If you were to catch a really big fish on the Yo-Yo, then you might want the 40n 2 Speed.
  164. F

    Indy 8 day Leaving Friday. Who's going?

    When I was in the Navy (1967-1974) I was assigned to the Aircraft Carried "USS Independence" for a year and a half.
  165. F

    Indy 8 day Leaving Friday. Who's going?

    I am on an 11 day trip first of November on the Indy. It will be my first trip on the boat, but not the first time on the Indy. How can that work out? I will post the reason on the next post down.
  166. F

    harddrive; I have a friend who is thinking about getting into Long Range fishing a bit. He has...

    harddrive; I have a friend who is thinking about getting into Long Range fishing a bit. He has asked me some questions about what it is like? I would appreciate it if you could possibly e-mail me the pictures of the trip, including the food, fish, and any others you may have, so I can copy...
  167. F

    Tackle questions for 11 day trip.

    I did a 10 days trip in November 2010, and caught a Super Cow #345. That is usually not the norm, but on a 10-11 day trip in the Fall gives you the best chance to catch a variety of fish, with the chance to get a cow. Remember, it called Fishing, Not Catching. I have been on a few trips were...
  168. F

    ROYAL STAR ROLL CALL (June 26 thru July 3--Dave Beruitch Trip)

    Steve; Keep us informed on how and what you do on your trip. Will be looking forward to it.
  169. F

    Captain Jimmy’s wahoo bombs

    Soda Pop; Thanks for the email you sent. I sure appreciate it. Dan Nagy
  170. F


    hucklongfin and Hismosa---Do you use 130# fluoro and how do you tie it? For the bombs, how long of a leader do you use, and for the DTX, how long?
  171. F


    I have seen some anglers here on BloodyDecks are using fluorocarbon,130#, as leader for Wahoo Bombs and Jigs. It is said that it gets bit more, but it also has more causalities than wire leader. Also, what about using Fluorocarbon on the troll with Wahoo trolling jigs? I like the idea of...
  172. F

    ROYAL STAR ROLL CALL (June 26 thru July 3--Dave Beruitch Trip)

    So far, no one appears to be going on this trip who is on BloodyDecks.
  173. F

    Fuel surcharges

    I like the way you say it ONLY took 286 gal. That is close to $1,000 for the fill.
  174. F

    Soda Pop; I see you rig your Wahoo bombs and such with Flouro. Can you send me some...

    Soda Pop; I see you rig your Wahoo bombs and such with Flouro. Can you send me some information on exactly how you do it and what type and line size do you use? [email protected]
  175. F

    Fuel surcharges

    I believe that the boat get their diesel without having the Road taxes put in the price, so Marine diesel is a bit cheaper that road diesel, but you are correct, All prices for fuel have gone up over 60% since someone got in office (I won't mention names).
  176. F

    Fins-N-Feathers 11 Day Thanksgiving trip on the Excel.

    Book it. Se my post on your question post.
  177. F

    Tackle questions for 11 day trip.

    If you are going to be in San Diego a couple of days early, I highly recommend going to see Joey at Squidco. The shop is kind of a hole in the wall, but he (they) have everything you may need and the prices are great. I have been dealing with Squidco for about 35 years or more, even when they...
  178. F

    Vagabond Closing!

    I have stayed at the Ramada a few times prior to a trip, and yes, you can bring one of the fishing carts right up to the front entrance to load your gear from your room to go to the landing. Parking your vehicle there is convenient, you don't have to look for a parking place at the landing, I...
  179. F

    What knot for 100lb mono/flouro to hook/jig?

    Thanks for the video. I am going to start using this knot.
  180. F

    ROYAL STAR ROLL CALL (June 26 thru July 3--Dave Beruitch Trip)

    I realize it is just over a month away, but it has a while since I have been on the water and I am getting just a bit anxious to get back out. Who else is going on this trip, and what do you think we should expect fish wise? A 7- day this time of the year use to mean possible Guadalupe Island...
  181. F

    What knot for 100lb mono/flouro to hook/jig?

    You state he burns the tag ends. First, it appears to be only one tag end; and second, does he leave a long tag end on the knot, or does he cut it off short like most knots; third, if he cuts the tag end short, how does he burn the short tag end without damage to the line or knot? The crimping...
  182. F

    Hearing Aids

    JohnnieB; I am not sure of your age, but I am approaching 73, and I have learned that the Golden Years are full of LEAD !!!!
  183. F


    My rod from Tackle Direct came in mail (Fed-Ex) yesterday. It came in a heavy cardboard tube, with extra padding on both ends and the rod was wrapped in plastic. Their was no way that the rod could be damaged in the shipping process. I was very impressed. Now I just have to wait for 2 months...
  184. F

    16 day Indy report

    Soda Pop and Steve; What you two have written on the Long Range Reports is why I truly enjoy reading the Long Range Reports on Bloody Decks. It almost gives the feel of actually being there. Thanks for the reports.
  185. F


    That is one of the reasons--Dropper Loop, and bottom fishing for larger fish.
  186. F


    I am looking to buy some additional Long Range J-HOOKS for some up coming 7 and 11 day trips this year. It has been a while since I have bought any hooks and I am looking at what brands and types of hooks to buy. As I see on different sites, their is now quite a variety of J-Hooks available...
  187. F

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Chucker o'Jigs; The whole point of going to college is to gain increased knowledge of what you are studying for to compete in the working world. It is not the place to discover yourself. That should be done outside of the college atmosphere. College is to expensive just to be able to see...
  188. F


    I will reply back once I am able to fish with the rod. I have a 7 day at the end of June , and an 11 day in early November. I should know by then on how the rod feels with Big Fish.
  189. F


    I was going to ask the next question about what size (J or Circle) hooks to use and how much weight to use. Do you use lighter line for the weight so if it should get caught at the bottom, it is easier to get your line back? When it is a night bite, usually what is the best time to go after...
  190. F


    It is unanimous---Fish it in gear with a very tight drag, then wind like hell.
  191. F


    When on a Long Range trip, fishing the dropper loop for Yellowtail, usually at night for the Mossback yellows, do you keep your reel in gear, with a tight drag or do you keep in free-spool like most other types of Long Range fishing? Also, Is it better to have a longer mono top-shot (50-75 ft)...
  192. F


    I pulled the trigger last night. Tackle Direct had 3 PCH- C-741XXXH rods available ($269). I purchased one, with Free economical shipping. I will use it with my Mac 20Sea reel with #100 braid and #100 mono. Thanks for all the replies on the thread. It made my choice easier to make.
  193. F


    I have a new Mac 20Sea and I am looking at using 100lb. and either the 741-XXXH or the741- XXXXH rod. Not sure if I need the XXXXH rod. that is why I am asking the question about how they rate. If they rate low, the I will purchase the XXXXH rod.
  194. F


    I am looking to purchase an Okuma PCH rod for the upcoming season. I have read that the rods are good, but fish at the lower end of the line weight. For those of you who have the PCH rods, let me know how you feel when fishing with them? Right now, I am looking at the PCH C-741 XXH; PCH...
  195. F


    I have solid spectra line on my reels, and I am asking on how to add additional spectra to the reels? I have lost some to tangles and line abrasion over the years., so I feel the need to add more spectra---same lb. strength. I realize this topic may have been addressed before, but with this new...
  196. F

    The Night Before Fishing

    I was looking at the prices of hotel room, near the San Diego landings, before my trip in late June. Prices have really gone up. I was thinking of arriving VERY early in the morning of my trip, driving from Utah, and sleeping in my P/U truck for a few hours. in the Landings parking lot. My...
  197. F

    Grouper hook size

    When you go down for the grouper, do you keep your reel in free spool, or in gear, waiting for the bite? Also, if using a Skippy for bait, how much weight do you put on the end of the line to keep it near the bottom?
  198. F

    PennFathom40NLD doe anybody have any good or bad things to say about this reel. Looking to get one for YoYo rig and 60#-80# rig. Since I'm on a budget

    It is a Penn Reel-----What more can you ask for at a Good Price. I have 3 of them, and have doing Long Range for many years. If you can, go the the Penn reel forum here on Bloody Decks, if you can find it now.
  199. F

    Getting very annoying, I can post here but can't open this forum to read.

    Some one some where tried to fix something that wasn't broken. Well for me, It is Broken Now.
  200. F


    Thanks for the link. I did bookmark it. I live in Utah, and San Diego Long Range fishing post are my lifeline to what is going on.
  201. F


    I tried what has been said above, but I can't find Long Range Fishing Reports.. It show 68 pages to scroll through.
  202. F


    For us OLD people who are not Computer experts, this whole thing SUCKS !!!!!!!!
  203. F

    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Kevin; Keep us posted on how this trip goes. I will be looking for your reports.
  204. F

    Best Raptor for yo-yo: HX or HXJ?

    The more I read about these reels (HXJ Raptor and JX Raptor), the more I think the JX Raptor would do just about everything a HXJ raptor would do, being a few exceptions.
  205. F

    Avet or ?

    You may want to look at the Avet EX30. It can handle larger fish than the HX raptor, but it is not as heavy as the EX50.
  206. F

    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    Enjoy your trip. !!!! I have a 7 day end of June and 11 day first of November. Keep me (us) posted on your trip.
  207. F

    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    Kevin; I didn't know you were going through treatments. Enjoy the trip.
  208. F

    TLD30 or save up

    I agree with TunaNorth. Purchase a Penn Fathom 40 2 speed lever drag. Look on the classified adds on BD and you can sometimes find them for around $200 or so. Just an absolute great all around reel. I have 3 of them. Fill with 85 lb. spectra, and topshots of 40-50- 60, or maybe 80.
  209. F

    PCH 801XH ROD?

    Thanks; I don't take it as a knock, in fact it is good advice. I am just looking to get (upgrade) a couple of rods, so I asked the initial question in the post. I may get a PCH 741 XXH or something very similar.
  210. F

    PCH 801XH ROD?

    Hector; The XHJ is an Avet reel that is narrower than the Avet HX reel. The HX reel was designed for Wahoo fishing.
  211. F

    Okuma sct vs the pch

    This question might be better on the Okuma thread.
  212. F


    I need to have my Avet EX30 reel serviced. It has been a number of years and needs servicing. I live in Utah, so I have no local shop to do it. I have done a lot of reading the Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside does fantastic work on reels. Should I send it to him for service, or sent it to...
  213. F


    I really listen to Tim Turis when it comes to Wahoo fishing. He is the EXPERT !!!!
  214. F

    Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor like new $425

    Great price. If I already didn't have one, I would be talking to you right now.
  215. F

    Captain Rodney

    Maybe Spike, who is this board, can answer that. Spike was the second in command on the Q when Rodney was the Captain.
  216. F

    Seven Seven Knot?

    May you call call the Office of the Independence. Johns wife is there, and John is there a lat also. I have talked to him 3-4 times when I call. Let us know what you find out. Maybe he can make a video to go along with the others he has done for knots.
  217. F

    PCH 801XH ROD?

    Wouldn't the PCH801XH be kind of a long rod for Yo-Yoing? I would think a shorter rod of about 6-6.5 Ft. would do a better job. Just my thought. Any other comments about the PCH 801XH rod for Wahoo bombs, or other applications?
  218. F

    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    I would love to do this trip, but my wife is having knee replacement surgery on March 1st. and I would hate to be gone if things don't heal quickly for her. At our age, thing take a lot longer to heal. Maybe next year.
  219. F


    She passed away with Covaid.
  220. F


    My question; I realize millions of people are getting tested for the virus. Who pays for the test? Is it free from the Gov't; Medical insurance; for us older people--Medicare. I see on the news VERY long lines of people wanting to be tested, and they are tested, but who pays? I could see...
  221. F

    Softening the sting.

    Too many GOOD days to go fishing.
  222. F

    Softening the sting.

    I have the DVD of all 26 episodes of Victory at Sea! I bet a lot of younger anglers on this site don't even know about the Victory at Sea TV shows.
  223. F

    Charkbait Mak 10II-SEa just arrived - surprised by the finish

    My Mac 20, from Charkbait, came today also. What a great deal for the reel.
  224. F

    Okuma pch rods 7 and 8'

    Buy from Amazon. Prices are Great and include free shipping. It is the way to go.
  225. F

    San Diego knot

    I really like the San Diego knot. It is a bit bulky when tied. I am switching over to the RP knot, shown by John Collins. Two loops around the hook and is not bulky.
  226. F

    RP 10 day report - charter

    Did the boat run out of beer?
  227. F

    Confined to quarters

    As I read these reports, I notice they almost all reference an OLD guy. Well, I am rapidly approaching the OLD guy status, and eventually we will all be there. I hope to do Long Range Fishing for as long as I can, Old guy or not.
  228. F

    Finns and feathers Trip on the INDY

    FinHunter619; Which trip did they offer you to be the Co-Sponsor with? I am going on the Indy next year in that time frame.
  229. F


    I have met the man, but I just hope I can continue Long Range fishing at his age; I am approaching it very quickly.
  230. F

    Intrepid Nov 30-Dec 10 short report

    Great report; Thanks for the writing up of your trip. It is always good to see and read reports on this Long Range Forum.
  231. F

    If you could only have ONE

    I am looking at the Okuma PCH 801 XH rod for throwing the Wahoo Bombs and jigs and possibly bait. It is priced quite well on the Internet. Any other opinions?
  232. F

    A 373 and a 304

    Great Report Tim. Glad you were able to get two Super cows on one trip. Since these were Heavies, did you have a 3 minute delay? (ATC)
  233. F

    MXL/MXJ (G2) or JX (G1) for 30-40# ?

    Just a question about the JX6/3 reels. What is the difference between the JX6/3 and the JX6/3 G2? Can Avet do an upgrade on the reel if I send it in for service?
  234. F

    PCH 801XH ROD?

    Any other responses? Looking for advice.
  235. F


    Will their be a Fred Hall Show any time next year?
  236. F

    Dropper Loop Alternative

    I just read this post, and I like to use the dropper look for Yellowtail. I really like the way Jeff ties his, so if the sinker get caught on the bottom, it will break off using a lighter line to tie it on with. A lot to be learned on BloodyDecks.
  237. F

    Okuma rail rods

    Check Amazon----also FREE shipping from them.
  238. F

    Best combo to cover heavy yo-yo and midsized bluefin up to 80lbs

    I am purchasing a HXJ Raptor too fish the YO-YO and Wahoo bombs. I plan on using a PCH 741XXXH rod for both applications. To me, The PCH rods are the best bang for the buck. I have not heard anything bad or problems with them.
  239. F

    Avet 50ex2

    Put this on the classified section. Just scroll down a bit more to find it.
  240. F


    I posted this on the Okuma Fishing Tackle Forum, but I decided to post here also. I just purchase a Mak 20 reel, and plan to put 100# spectra line on it and 100# mono. I am going on a 11 day trip in November 2021, and not sure if we will be fishing for variety or Larger Tuna. I am looking at...
  241. F

    Best Connection for spectra

    When you splice any two lines together, wouldn't be a weak spot? I want to add some spectra line to a reel I have (solid), could I just make the connection with a piece of say 10 ft. hollow in between the two lines? What is the best way to serve them?
  242. F


    In pricing the PCH rods, I notice that Amazon has the lowest price by quite a bunch. By chance are these rods on Amazon imposters(knock-offs), or are they maybe Seconds. Has anyone who has purchased PCH rods from Amazon had any problems with them? Just trying to keep the dollars in MY pocket...
  243. F


    I have purchased a Makaira 20 Sea reel, and plan on filling it with 100# braid. I am going on an 11 day tip in November 2021, and I would like to know which PCH rod to put it on? Right now, I am looking at the PCH 741XXXH (80-130), with the sweet spot of being about 100. Since it will be an...
  244. F

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Q-105 1. Spike 2. Cal 3. Armondo
  245. F

    MXL/MXJ (G2) or JX (G1) for 30-40# ?

    I also have the JX 6/3 reels and use them for 40 and 50lb. top shots. No problems.
  246. F

    Black Friday/cyber Monday?

    Check out the SQUIDCO web site.
  247. F


    I know that just about everyone who fishes Long Range out of San Diego will stop at Squidco prior to your trip to pick up tackle that you may need or want for your trip. Joey has a Christmas Gift Certificate Special that starts on Black Friday, November 27. The Gift Certificates do not expire...
  248. F

    post your Black Friday deals

    Joey, at Squidco, always has great prices to go along with his Christmas Gift Certificate Special. Be sure not to miss it.
  249. F

    Dolphin Motel Update with Photos

    From your Avatar, I take it you are connected with the Fire Dept.
  250. F

    30% Off Mak SEA 10, 15, 20, 50

    Birdie; I am with you. How are anglers setting up the Mak 20? I just bought one also. Great Price at Charkbait.
  251. F

    PCH ROD ?

    I posted this on the Okuma fishing forum, but decided to post it here also. I am looking at the PCH 801XH rod. Since I live in Utah, I am unable to go to a store to see the rod. I want to use it for throwing Wahoo Bombs and jigs. I plan on using a Avet HXJ 5/2 Raptor reel. My question is...
  252. F

    REEL to BUY

    I bought the Mak 20 Sea From Charkbait for the $399.00. GREAT price.
  253. F

    Charkbait Black Friday sale?

    AWilliams; Look again. They are having a Great sale on Makaira Reels RIGHT now.
  254. F

    post your Black Friday deals

    I went directly to their website and found a GREAT deal on Makaira reels.
  255. F

    PCH 801XH ROD?

    I am looking at the PCH 801XH rod, (only on the internet, I live in Utah and their is no way to go look at them). I am looking to find out if I can use the PCH 801XH as a rod to cast Wahoo bombs and lures. All my rods are between 6-7 ft. in lenght, and not the best for casting bombs. Being...
  256. F

    REEL to BUY

    I realize that this post is almost a year old, but today, 11/22/20, I purchased the Makaira 20Sea reel. I plan to put 100# braid on it. I have two trip planned for 2021. One in Late June and the other in early November. I hope it will fit in just right on both.
  257. F

    Makaira 30 reel

    New Mak 20's at Charkbait RIGHT NOW for $399 shipped. Very LIMITED time. Check their web site.
  258. F

    post your Black Friday deals

    I just bought one today 11/22/20. Great deal. It includes shipping, but No Free line.
  259. F

    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    Soda Pop; Keep us informed on this trip. I am booked on an 11 day on the Indy next November. I will be watching for a report. Dan Nagy
  260. F


    I currently have an AVET HX 5/2 Raptor with 100# braid and 80# mono. How does this reels compare to the Penn INT20 or 30 VISX and the Makaira20IISEA or 30IISEA. The maximum drag on all three is very close. Would you use the AVET HX 5/2 for trolling for Wahoo or Tuna on a long range boat? How...
  261. F

    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXH PCH

    You have it listed "For Sale" as opposed to "Want to Buy"
  262. F

    I gave you my price for the Avet 30 reel. What are you looking to pay for it?

    I gave you my price for the Avet 30 reel. What are you looking to pay for it?
  263. F


    It sound like Rooms A & B have advantages and disadvantages. What about the others on the boat. Fishybuzz; how long are the bunks in "H"?
  264. F


    It has been a very long time since I have fished on the Vagabond (Lance Withy was the owner, and we caught Albacore). Can those who know tell me about the staterooms? I am 6'4" tall, and I hate to have my feet on one wall and my head pressing on the other wall trying to sleep. How are the...
  265. F

    Spectacular bluefin catch aboard Vagabond

    Tunanorth; Were you on this trip?
  266. F

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Under the left arm pit for the smaller fish. I get better cranking power with the extended right hand to wind in the fish. Anything over say 50#, and at my age, I use a rod harness so I can put the butt of the rod down low and get leverage to fight the fish. I am 6'4" and 235# and 72 years old.
  267. F

    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    It is never color blindness- It is color Dumb !!!!
  268. F

    Cow Reels

    Is a 50 size reel really needed? How about the Makaira 20 or 30, or Penn 20-30 Visx?
  269. F

    Spirit of Adventure JH/GW Charter - October 20-30, 2020

    GREAT report !!! Glad to see and read the fantastic write up and videos.
  270. F


    When you have Avet service reels, what do they actually do? Do they replace bearings; clean the reels, put in new and updated parts, or what? If they put in new parts, is that an additional charge to the service price? Is it any better to send the reels to Avet, or just have your local tackle...
  271. F

    Island de Guadalupe

    In 2021, and all the stars align properly, and we once again able to fish Guadalupe, when would be the best time and number of days to book a trip in advance. A lot of trips (Long Range) are already being booked full in 2021. Assuming the boat has the permits; what time of the year should I be...
  272. F


    So far, it looks like a Crap Shoot.
  273. F


    With ALL the 1-3 day boats still going out to catch fish on a daily basis, what is the bait like at the Bait Barge in San Diego bay? I am going on an 8 day trip Oct 18th on the Red Rooster, and I am wanting to know about the size of bait. Is it small or large Sardines, or just Anchovies? It...
  274. F

    Open party overnight bait

    I am leaving on an 8 day trip next week on the Red Rooster, and I would like to know what the bait situation is like? Is the bait small, or larger Sardines. It kind of makes a difference on what size hooks I need to have.
  275. F

    Shogun - Police

    This whole situation kind of puts Frank and Renee in a bit of a spot. It was my understanding that Frank was somewhat selling the Shogun to Renee and Paul over the course of time. Frank retained ownership, but was slowly releasing it to Both Paul and Renee as they captained the boat the boat...
  276. F

    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    Any time you can get out on the water to fish is worth it. A lot depends on what and where the fish are biting. Could go North for Bluefin, or south for yellowfin and yellowtail.
  277. F

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    15 years on BD for me. I joined just after I retired and left San Diego. It was the only way to get Information about long Range fishing here in Utah.
  278. F


    Here it is almost a week later. Does anyone know for sure the status of the four guys who left the boat and went to the hospital? Have they completely recovered, been arrested, or possibly going to rehab? I am sure those living in San Diego may have news about this.
  279. F

    Oct 10-18 RR3 trip:Need help!

    I am on the trip that starts the day you get back. Save some for us.
  280. F


    I am planning to bring a variety of hook sizes.
  281. F

    New Nomad DTX Colors!!!!!!!!

    I like the Orange Mackerel pattern also in the DTX 200. I wish they would bring it out in the DTX 220. Nomad; Are you seeing this?
  282. F

    Ken's Custom Reel 7 day

    Thanks for the Excellent report. It is always good to read reports like this.
  283. F


    On my last trip just over a year ago, the bait for the Long Range Boat that I was on was rather Small (3-4 inches). I was expecting to be able to fish with the larger sardines that we usually get at the bait docks. I didn't bring any smaller hooks for the small bait, and that caused a problem...
  284. F

    4 Crew overdose on The Shogun

    We can Speculate all we want, but we should not be making ANY accusations until ALL the facts are available. A lot of accusations and speculations are happening around this country on Police shootings before ALL the fact are in. Everybody seems to want to RUSH to judgement based on what they...
  285. F

    New Captain on the Tomahawk

    I was just checking the TomaHawk on line, and it doesn't show Joe as the Captain. Has he left the TomaHawk?
  286. F

    Best way to sell reels and rods

    You need better pictures of each reel, and how much you would be will to sell then for. It would be tough to try and sell them all at one time.
  287. F

    Flat Fall question

    Just talked to Joey at Squidco in San Diego, and I asked him about Flat Falls. He stated that all that he selll have been re-rigged with the needed upgrades.
  288. F

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Many years ago, I discovered using Fly Fishing Finger Guard Protectors- Lycra. Best place to but them is on e-bay. They last just about for ever and are only about 2 inches in length. They fit snugly on your fingers that are used to move the line going on your reel during the retrieve. they...
  289. F


    On Long Range boats, since most anglers are using spectra, how much mono should be used for trolling (Wahoo or Tuna)? I realize that mono has stretch in it, but should you be using a long top-shot of mono for the stretch, or a shorter piece so that the hook gets set quickly? I am going out in...
  290. F

    Flat Fall question

    In fishing Flat Fall Jigs, what weight (grams) to you use for tuna fishing (Yellowfin and Bluefin)? I sit better to add 2 more assist hooks to the jig from the top where you tie your line?
  291. F

    SDFD 7 Day on the Royal Star 9/26-10/3

    If I were not going out in October on the Rooster, I would take you up on this. Dan Nagy (Retired San Diego Federal Fire)
  292. F


    The price is "Make me an OFFER". +$15 for shipping
  293. F


    Check out new pricing. If not, I will just donate to charity.
  294. F


  295. F

    Need help picking my combos

    Sell a lot of your stuff and put the money to fishing trips.
  296. F


    I have some old (some unused) jigs for sale. 7 Krocodile jigs-------OBO + shipping 7 Wahoo Bombs (all wired)-----OBO + shipping 2 Braid Marauders (smaller type)-----OBO + shipping Buy them ALL for OBO + $15 I just want to get rid of these that I will never use. If not, I will just donate...
  297. F


    Sorry----wrong Classified ad. Moving to fishing tackle classified ad. My Mistake !
  298. F


    I have some old (some unused) jigs for sale. 7 Krocodile jigs-------OBO+ shipping 7 Wahoo Bombs (all wired)-----OBO + shipping 2 Braid Marauders (smaller type)-----OBO+ shipping But them ALL for OBO + $15 shipping. I just want to get rid of these that I will not use again.
  299. F


    I am very glad that Steve (TunaNorth) is always available on this thread to answer any questions we might have about the Penn line up of reels and rods. Thanks Steve !!!
  300. F

    3+1 Penn Reels

    I have four older Penn 113 reels and a older Penn 30 for sale. One is the Penn Senator II 113H and two of them are the Penn Senator 113 HLW, and the forth is a Penn International 30 (2 speed) with about 3/4 full of 100# spectra on it. Price: Penn 113 H-----$30 + shipping Penn 113...
  301. F


    I see a lot here on Bloody Decks about Wahoo Bombs. The Leaders are JRI and Captain Jimmy's. If you were buying some new Wahoo bombs for a upcoming trip, which one would you buy and why? It appears as if the Green color is the popular one to use, maybe because everyone is using the green...
  302. F

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Great report, along with the Great Pictures. This is the reason I looks at the San Diego Long Range reports. Thank You !!
  303. F

    You are invited to the next fish fry on 9-12-20

    If I still lived in San Diego (Clairemont) I would be there, but I now live in Utah.
  304. F

    Nomad DTX 200 vs DTX 220

    I am going with a Nomad DTX 220 LRS. It is on its way.
  305. F

    Parking at the San Diego Landings

    I realize that the parking lots at Fisherman's Landing; Pt Loma and H & M can be extremely crowded during the season. Are most able to find parking spots that are available, or is it a Cluster ___k to park there? Also, what do they charge for parking daily? I have an 8 day trip in October, and...
  306. F

    What knot is this

    Reminds me of a Spider Hitch
  307. F

    Nomad DTX 200 vs DTX 220

    I am going on an day in October 2020, and I am looking at purchasing a Nomad DTX lure to troll with. I know that the DTX 200 has been out for a couple of years, and has seen good/excellent results on Wahoo trolling. I also read the the DTX 220 is out; an heavier duty lure for trolling. What...
  308. F

    Wahoo tips/techniques

    It is Wahoo fishing time of year again. Tim Turis is the expert of Wahoo fishing, so I am trying to bring this up again for all to read.
  309. F


    I have heard the the Moon Phase has a lot to do with fishing. My question is which Moon Phase is considered the BEST and which is considered the WORST, and why? I have an 8 day in October, and the calendar says it will be a New Moon. To me, that means just about a lack of visible Moon. Good...
  310. F


    I have a couple of DTX 200 lures, and I am interested in how they are being rigged for trolling for Wahoo? I have always been told that Wahoo trolling is always rigged with wire, but I have also heard the heavy mono or fluoro can be used also. I have an 8 day in mid-October and I am looking...
  311. F


    Who else is going on the Red Rooster October 18-26. This will be my first time on the Rooster. I have been on a lot of the Long Range boats, but never on the Rooster. Is their anything I might need to know before the trip? I assume that boarding is done by reservation number. Is their...
  312. F

    HXW Raptor braid capacity?

    My Largest is 345# Yellowfin with a San Diego Jam Knot on the hook, 130# braid and 100# mono with the RP knot.
  313. F

    HXW Raptor braid capacity?

    As fisherman and wanting only the best possible connection for our lines and hooks, I have to question all this stuff about only knots. If I were to have say 130# braid on my reel and connect it to 100# mono or fluoro, with a knot that has about 85% breaking strength, that would mean to me...
  314. F

    What the Q105 is up to these days

    Are their any GOOD divorces. I understand John's Problems, but it was terrible to loose the Q=105.
  315. F

    seasickness help

    I have been Sea Sick twice in my life (I really wanted to die). Since then I have used the Patch (prescription ) for many trips of 8-10 days, and have not been sick at all. Each one is good for three days. I have seen people wear only 1/2 of a patch at times. If you use the patch, be sure...
  316. F

    Kureha150 Fluorocarbon

    Thanks for the responses. Good information. I have Kureha 150 #10 coming now.
  317. F

    What the Q105 is up to these days

    I really liked the Q-105. To bad John didn't keep it up.
  318. F

    Kureha150 Fluorocarbon

    Kureha fluorocarbon has two numbers on the package (#8 & 7.8). One is a single digit (4;8;15;or whatever) and it has another digit that reads in kilograms (7.8; 9.3; or whatever). I have read on this forum that you are suppose to multiply the number by 3.5 to get the Pound rating of the line...
  319. F

    My First Post! Let The Hazing Commence!

    Welcome to Bloody Decks !!!!
  320. F

    RP trip report 8/7 -8/15

    Excellent report. You must be a writer of sorts with the use of the words you used to describe your FANTASTIC trip. You are now hooked on Long Range fishing---WELCOME to the crowd !!!
  321. F

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    I have been looking at the Kureaha Flouro 150. From what I have read on this post, to get the pound test if it, you multiply the number by 3.5. Is that the number on the left of the package, or the kilogram number. If it is the kilogram number, the conversion of kilograms to pounds is (kilos...
  322. F

    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    How does the Moon phase affect fishing? What is the good time and what is the bad time?
  323. F

    PROP 15

    Hey guys; this is a Fishing Site---Not Politics, PLEASE.
  324. F

    Hello, an old guy returns.

    I am there with most of the old ones. I have been doing Long Range for almost 25 or more years, mostly on The Q-105 way back when. It is tough getting older, but I am still able to go out and do 8-10 day trips every year or so, but it is a little tougher to bring in the BIG ones now. Does...
  325. F

    What's the best Saltwater Tackle website?

    I have been dealing with SQUIDCO since before Joey was even born, and they were in National City, Calif. Joey's father, John, was a young man back then. Great prices, and service.
  326. F

    Penn Fathom ii 25n star drag

    I have one. How do you tell if it is 2nd gen?
  327. F

    Parking at the Point Loma Landings

    Thanks for the information.
  328. F


    How long have you been retired? The Honey Do list should have already been completed, and you should be able to do you list..
  329. F

    Parking at the Point Loma Landings

    With all the 1-3 day boats going out on a regular basis, along with a few trips of 4 days or more, what is the parking like at the Landings? Also, how much are they charging for parking? I have a 8 day in October, coming in from out of state, and I am curios as to what the parking will be.
  330. F


    Olddog8; I am looking at doing a 7 day on the Searcher, and I am concerned about the bunk size. I am 6'4" and 240 lbs. I have been on some boats where my feet are flat against the wall on one side, and my head against the wall on the other side. Also, you mentioned that you were in a 4 man...
  331. F

    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    I listened to Brian Simms on "Let's Talk Hook Up" this morning and I believe to Royal Star is one of the best prepared boats for coping with the Virus and their passengers.
  332. F

    Avet EX 30/2 verses Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    Thanks. A lot of great information here. I have never thought of the medium vs. heavy frame before, but it now comes into play
  333. F

    Nomad DTX minnow and Nomad Madscad trolling leader question

    I agree with AKSalmon; I have 2 DTX Lures. One trolls very straight with 200 lb. flouro, and the other won't troll straight in any shape or form of leader. The straight troll has caught a few first Wahoo on the troll.
  334. F

    Avet Factory is back up and running!

    If we were to send in reels for repair or maintenance, what would be the turn around time frame?
  335. F

    Avet EX 30/2 verses Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    I have both of these reels. The EX 30/2 is an older one and the HXW 5/2 Raptor is just a year old. Based on what I have read in the past (1-2 yrs.) which one should I be using to catching the Larger tuna (150-200 lbs.) or slightly larger? I have 130# spectra on the EX 30/2 and 100# spectra on...
  336. F

    Travel Insurance into Mexico

    I also am looking to purchase trip insurance for the 2021 season ( I am getting up in years). How many of you have purchased trip insurance and had to actually use it for any reason? Were you satisfied with what you received for compensation? Be sides the one mentioned above, Bob Dawson, who...
  337. F

    Lower Bunk Available on Independence Sept 19 thru Sept 26th - You lucky (young) SOB

    Are you taking it in the shorts because of your cancellation, or are you trying to just sell your spot? Their schedule show one opening available. Is that your spot?
  338. F

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    I am on the Rooster, for the first time, this Fall for an 8 day trip. I hear a lot of good things about the boat and crew. I am really looking forward to it.
  339. F

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    S Since the fishing season is about to open again (Hopefully), I figured this post was a good one to read again. I think I will be buying the larger spool of that Japanese flouro that is sold in 130-150 meter spools.
  340. F


    I have acquired a Shimano Tallus TLC-66MH BBL 6'6" Blue Water Medium-Heavy action 50-100 lb. rod. It seems a bit thin for the rating of the rod, and I am just a bit concerned if it can handle the stated line rating? I plan on using it with a Penn Fathom 40NLD2 reel with 80# braid backing and...
  341. F

    Red Rooster 111

    Wordfish330; Call the office and ask if you ride her coming back home? All they can say is YES/NO. If yes, maybe you might catch some Albacore. It is worth a try.
  342. F

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    I would listen to what Tim Turis has to say. He is VERY knowledgeable when it come to fishing. Pay attention to him.
  343. F

    Fisherman landing update!!!!!

    This is my Speculation only----I believe on a lot, if not most, of the Long Range trips will have very limited loads to help with distancing. I can see only one person in a stateroom, instead of 2 or 3, which means that some passengers, who have already paid for the trips will not be going. I...
  344. F

    8 day weather

    If your trip goes; Just be glad to be out on the water and enjoy fishing no matter what the weather is.
  345. F


    Does anyone know how long Spectra (Braid) line is suppose to last on a reel? I would imagine that the backing part of the Braid would last longer the the section that connects to the leader, but at what point should Spectra be replace because it is has lost its quality?. Mono may last a year...
  346. F

    San Diego Boats opening

    I have read ALL the replies on this particular post. I thought this was a forum about the good times of fishing. All the BS about who is right or who is wrong on the time frame of going back out on the boats; the NOT so Expert advice we have heard from any and all others is just that BS. When...
  347. F

    New Captain on the Tomahawk

    He was the Skipper on the Q-105 in 2010 when I caught my 345# Yellowfin on a 10 day trip. He was a lot of help to me, along with the rest of the crew.
  348. F


    Mag0121; You state to use a 160gr. flatfall, but a few threads earlier, Eric says to use 200-500 gr. Which is better to use, and why?
  349. F


    I see that one of the new ways for fishing tuna is the Flat Fall. Having never fished this way, how do you use flat falls to fish for tuna? Are they only used for Bluefin, or can they be used for Yellowfin also? What size flat falls are used for the different size tuna? I also read that the...
  350. F

    San Diego Boats opening

    We can all speculate, but right now, even the owners really don't know. It has to be costing them a fortune.
  351. F

    New Captain on the Tomahawk

    I see that Capt. Joe Crisci is now a Captain on the Tomahawk. I have fished with him many times when he was on the Q-105. A GREAT guy !
  352. F

    Refund Policies On Trips COVID-19? Lets have the conversation and not radio silence.

    As for everything in life, we encounter different things every day that may be out of NORMAL, as we are accustom to. Each boat has a Cancellation Policy on it web-site. When we book a trip, we need to know the cancellation policy before we put down OUR money. A lot of boat also suggest...
  353. F

    Refund Policies On Trips COVID-19? Lets have the conversation and not radio silence.

    Halfprice; I am also on an 8 day on the Rooster in October. I am planning on the trip to be a GO.
  354. F

    PCH rod report

    NoCa Lou; I see you stated the Spline was off 15 degrees. Would that be considered a Manufacturer defect? If so, would Okuma replace the rod for you at no cost? I realize these questions should be asked of Okuma, but since you are keeping the rod, maybe they told you NO.
  355. F

    Rod for Penn FTH40NLD2

    Scott; My problem is that I live in SW Utah (St. George), and the nearest tackle store is in Las Vegas, a 2 hour drive each way. I have been doing Long Range for many years, but a lot of my gear is OLD--Like Me. I am doing some updating, but shipping becomes a problem when I check out prices...
  356. F

    10 Stupid Things to NOT To Catch Fish - by Larry Brown

    I have read this before, but since it has been a while since a lot of us have been out fishing, it is always good to read again. Thanks Larry !!!
  357. F

    Guadalupe Island reels

    Tunanurth; Thank you for your reply. It is the FTH40NLD2 reel. If the situation should arise that 30# is needed, I could change out the topshot on the 40NLD2, if necessary, to 30#.
  358. F

    Guadalupe Island reels

    Tunanorth; I am looking at a possible shot at Guadalupe Island in Mid October 2020 on the Red Rooster. I just purchased a Penn Fathom FTH40NLDS that I will put on 85# braid backing, with a top shot of 50#-60# mono or flouro. After reading your post, should I be looking a 40# as the top shot...
  359. F

    Rod for Penn FTH40NLD2

    I just purchased a Fathom 40 NLD2 reel that I plan on putting 85# Braid and a 60# mono top-shot. My question is which rod should I get for the reel? I plan to make it an all around type of set-up. I just can not afford to get specialized with particular rods and reels. I have a trip in Late...
  360. F

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    I have read all the post on this subject. Right now, everything is SPECULATION. We think; we want; but as of now, no one knows what will happen. I have an 8 day on the RR in October, and I HOPE it is a go, but if not, I will wait until next year. All of us enjoy our Long Range Fishing, and we...
  361. F

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    RockHopperNCKA--Sorry I some how offended you. Next time you see one of my post, please ignore it.
  362. F

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    Thanks for the replies; I have an 8 days at the middle-end of October and I don't know if Guadalupe is in the mix or not, but if we do go there, I had heard the the sharks were usually gone by end of October. When do they arrive back?
  363. F

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    I realize that the White Sharks at Guadalupe Island take their toll on fish caught there. I have heard that at certain parts of the years, the White Sharks leave the Island or that they just kind of go into hibernation for a while. Who can tell me when the Sharks are not a problem at...
  364. F

    Cool Videos (to watch while stuck at home)

    I will watch them in a few days. I have a few things I need to accomplish right now. Glad to be able to watch them. Who ever put them on-----THANK YOU !!!
  365. F

    Support long range fishing now

    The reason the Q-105 left was because John would not put any money back into the boat to keep it up to date. He lost customers and more money and finally had the boat taken away.
  366. F

    Any Boats on West Coast going out?

    Are there any boats on the West Coast going out on trips right now, or has it ALL been shut down by either the State or Local Gov't.?
  367. F

    Alternative to FlexxRap

    Check out on Amazon----lycra fishing finger guards. They fit on the fingers and I only use one on my hand that controls the line going on the reel. They normally are used for Fly Fishing, but they are excellent for our Salt Water fishing. I may use 2-3 on a 10 day trip, and they are cheap in...
  368. F

    penn baja special reel for sale

    I bought it several years ago from a guy in San Diego, where I use to live for 34 years.
  369. F

    penn baja special reel for sale

    Reel sent via USPS tracking # 9505 5161 7617 0037 3848 39. Should arrive Monday.
  370. F

    Avet Pro 30/2 with spectra

    What is your best price?
  371. F

    penn baja special reel for sale

    This reel has 2/3 to 3/4 fill of 80# braided line. It is an older model reel. The Baja Special has been described as a 4/0 reel with the guts of 6/0 reel. I just don't use it anymore and it is time to let it go. Price is $165 shipped in the lower 48 states. Let me know,; it won't last long...
  372. F

    Going back a litle. Are you still looking for a Baja Special. I have one for sale, with 80#...

    Going back a litle. Are you still looking for a Baja Special. I have one for sale, with 80# spectra on it. $165 shipped in the lower 48 states.
  373. F

    Have any offers on the EX30 yet? I am interested at a good price.

    Have any offers on the EX30 yet? I am interested at a good price.
  374. F

    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Read the write up---it is great!!! And Congratulations, I land a 345# and it took almost 5 hours.
  375. F

    REEL to BUY

    Is that free service tied to the original purchaser or is it connected to the reel via serial number?
  376. F

    REEL to BUY

    5 years FREE service! I didn't realize the Okuma Makaira reels had that also. That could be a deal breaker depending on what others have to say.
  377. F

    REEL to BUY

    I realize this is a Long Range Fish Report Forum, and I really enjoy reading about the Long Range trips that are reported. I also realize that this forum is also used to give out information about Long Range Fishing. I am looking for information about purchasing a reel. I am looking at the...
  378. F

    7 day Guadalupe/ridge Gear questions.

    Woodfish330; I really like what you stated. You go out to FISH as much as you can, and not to just enjoy being on the water and with friends. You go long range fishing to FISH!!!
  379. F

    Penn Baja Special

    I f you are interested, I have one for sale. It has 2/3-3/4 of 80lb. spectra, and 60 lb. mono. I will ship to you for a total of $165.00
  380. F

    June 10 day trip?

    usually mid June is 5-6-7 day trips. Most 10 day trip start in the Fall Months,but sometimes their are exceptions to both.
  381. F

    New in box Makaira 30IISEa $475.00

    What is the test of the braid on the reel?
  382. F

    Red Rooster

    Thanks for all the comments. I am booked on an 8 day in 2020, Oct 18-26th. I am looking forward to it.
  383. F

    Red Rooster

    I am looking at planning a long range trip in 2020 on the Red Rooster. Can anyone tell me what they like or dislike about the boat? Is she a good fishing platform; does she hold a lot of bait; are the room comfortable and beds of sufficient length ( I am 6'4"); how does she ride in the...
  384. F

    Bob Harris aka Santa Claus has passed

    Their are probably not a lot of people on this board that knew Bob Harris. I am 71 and he was older than me by 8-10 years or more. I am not sure that last time he went out on a Long Range Trip, but the many times I was on a trip with him on the Q-105, he was just a pleasurable person to know...
  385. F

    Bob Harris aka Santa Claus has passed

    I fished with Bob many times on the Q-105. He was a true gentleman and always had time for conversation and help.
  386. F

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    I do enjoy my time on the water, but I hate spending that amount of money for just enjoying time on the water. My last trip spent 7-8 hours anchored in San Diego Bay all night before we could come into the dock. I felt as if we could have spent more time OUT on the water trying to catch more...
  387. F

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    I have been on a number of Fall 10 day fishing trips out of San Diego. We would troll for Wahoo; fish, troll, and use the Kite for tuna: fish for Dorado, go to the Rocks for Yellowtail. We would end the trip fishing for Bottom fish as we rode back towards San Diego. We would catch a variety...
  388. F

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    I leave on the 29th, on the Excel, for a 10 day trip. Not sure of where we will going. I heard the Excel does NOT have permits for Guadalupe yet, so I just hope good weather prevails where ever we go. This is Hurricane season.
  389. F

    looking to contact old crew members and others

    I believe Spike is here on BD.
  390. F

    Long Range Give Aways

    I don't go on Long Range trips for the SWAG. I go so I can get away and fish for some BIG fish and not even thing about what is happening in the world.
  391. F

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Steve; save some fish for us. I am on the Excel just as you arrive back.
  392. F

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice 8day" 8/30-9/7

    Great report with excellent pictures!
  393. F

    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    I am on the trip the departs just after you arrive back at the dock. Save some fish for us to catch.
  394. F

    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Soda; If you can, contact Larry Brown. He may be able to help you a bit. He does a lot with the disabled and fishing.
  395. F

    Spool Tensioner

    Thank You for the responses.
  396. F

    Questions about future trip to Guadalupe Island

    Thanks Steve. I have two of the Fathom 40nld2 reels and I am planning to use them the way you have suggested on my 10 day trip in Late Sept--thru Early Oct.
  397. F

    Spool Tensioner

    I have a Fathom 25n Star drag reel. What is the purpose of the spool tensioner nob, and how should I set it, loose, tight, or in the middle? Is it to be used to prevent backlashes, like they have on the Avet reels? Any information would be helpful.
  398. F

    Braid to Braid & B. To Mono??

    I agree!!
  399. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Any other Bloody Deck members going on this trip?
  400. F


    I am on the next trip after this one, otherwise I would be all over it.
  401. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    I guess a lot depends on the weather (Hurricanes) and what the fishing is like down South My self, I prefer to go South for the variety of fish on a 10 day trip.
  402. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Does anyone think we will depart Pt. Loma and make a right turn to head North for the Bluefin, or Left and go South?
  403. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    It sounds like I booked a GREAT trip.
  404. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Who else is going on this trip? It is getting close, and maybe we can compare information on type of fishing to be done. All you previous anglers on this trip, please chime in.
  405. F

    Shop Closing

    Squidco has everything----Just about 1 mile from Charkbait.
  406. F

    Music on deck

    I'm an old guy also, and when I go out on a trip, it is get away from telephones, music, news and all the other things that go on in life. I am out to enjoy the solitude of the ocean and pleasure of being on a vacation. I am not able to afford to make many Long Range trips, but when I do I...
  407. F

    Wahoo fishermen

    I found an article on this board from about 9-10 months ago from Tim Turis about Wahoo fishing. It is very informative, as well as the responses on this post. I am printing them ALL, so I can have them to read and re-read as my trip draws closer. Thanks for all the information.
  408. F

    Wahoo fishermen

    cubete and mean gene; I am the one who posted this. I continue to read and re-read the responses, as I learn more about the ways to catch Wahoo from the experts. I am not one to say yes to this, or no to that, as I feel each response as merit to learn from. I feel that this forum is a way for...
  409. F

    Wahoo fishermen

    For all those fishermen out there, I am looking for expert advice, and here on Bloodydecks, I know their is a lot to be had, on the best way to troll for Wahoo on a long range 10 day trip. Does the position at the rear of the boat have any greater hook-up ratio compared the other positions? I...
  410. F

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    the next question is; does fluorocarbon really help getting bit, or is just a way for the manufactures to tell us it is better to use fluorocarbon? I have use mono for many, many years, but have never used fluorocarbon before.
  411. F

    Rocket Launchers for SKB Box

    My question is why do you need the so-called Rocket launchers? Don't the boat give you enough spots for your rods and reels? To me, Rocket Launchers just add more problems to the tackle stations on the boats.
  412. F

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    I am going on a 10 day trip at the end of Sept. to early October. Have never fished with fluorocarbon before. What Brands and types(labels) should I be looking at, and Not looking at? What poundage should I be buying? Also, what is the information I read here that Fluorocarbon can be used on...
  413. F

    Okuma Excel 16 Day April 2019

    Great article about the trip. I have fished with Tim Turis twice, and he is really a great fisherman and person. When you see him again, tell him the "PATCO" guy says Hi.
  414. F

    Congradulations to Tim Turis

    I saw today that Tim Turis has 740 fishing days on the Excel. Think about it, that is over 2 full years of being out on the water. I was on a trip with him a few years ago, and is just a Great guy to fish with.
  415. F

    Rod for Fathum 40 ld2

    I plan on using 60# top shot, and I am looking at the Rainshadow RCJB 84xxh rod. I still have not made a final decision yet on the rod. Sometimes, their are just to many to choose from.
  416. F

    Makaira 20iiSEA w/ Seeker OSP 2x4

    This probably should be in the classified section.
  417. F

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS

    What have you done to the reel for that kind of performance? I still have a couple of 4/0 reels in my arsenal.
  418. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Mark; I guess Ryan is the person who is the sponsor for Phenix rods. Does he bring a variety or rods, or just a bunch on one type? Can we use the same rod for the entire trip? Do you, by chance, know what happens to those rods at the end of the trip? If I should find one that I like, can I...
  419. F

    Fish processing prices?

    I remember when it was $0.75 a pound, back when. As with everything, especially in California, labor, taxes, rent, and all the other overhead items, go up. I believe that the thickness of the bags they use also dictates what the price per pound is. At Fisherman's Processing, they have two...
  420. F

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    I am going on the Phenix Rod 10 day trip on the Excel in late Sept. thru early October. Who has been on this trip before, or who else is going on it? Since it is sponsored by Phenix Rods, does the sponsor bring additional rods for us passengers to use? If so, how many and what types? I am...
  421. F

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    Donna; I am the other way around. My wife and I love Yellowtail, Dorado, Wahoo, and the other light flesh fish, but Tuna is not real big with us. I would happily trade out tuna for yellowtail, except for that big one I caught years ago.
  422. F

    60 lb "light" rail rods?

    Brad; I didn't realize that you are also in Utah I'm in St. George. When do you do your charters on the Excel? am on the Excel this year----Late Sept. to Early Oct. Phenix Rod trip.
  423. F

    Rod for Fathum 40 ld2

    Bait and YoYo irons is my plan. I don't have the money to be specific for each type of fishing with specific rods for each. I have a FTH 25n with #40 for Bombs
  424. F

    Rod for Fathum 40 ld2

    I tried adding to another post I had earlier, but let me try this again. I am looking for a rod for my FTH 40ld2 reel I recently purchased. I am going on a 10 day trip in late Sept thru Early October, and I may use this reel for various applications. My plan is to put #80 braid and then see...
  425. F

    Avet 30 EX/EXE or HXW/HX 5/2s

    I forgot to say it has about 3/4 spool of #100 braid.
  426. F

    Avet 30 EX/EXE or HXW/HX 5/2s

    I have an Avet EX30 I might want to depart with. Let me know.
  427. F

    Fathom reels

    Now that we have discussed the Fathom reels, I have purchased the FTH40 ld2 reel. Now tell me what rods I should be using with it-----All types of applications. I will be on a 10 day trip in late Sept---to early Oct.
  428. F

    Found one, thanks

    I have an older Baja special I may part with.
  429. F

    Fathom reels

    I am looking at purchasing a couple of Fathom reels. FTH25NLD2 & FTH30LD2. From what I see, the only difference is the with of the reel. The FTH 30 will hold more line than the 25, but they basically fish the same way. Would these reels be the GO TO reels for 30-40-50 lb. line? I still have...
  430. F

    newbie needs gear recomendation for 10 day trip on The RP

    Mark; A buddy and I will be on the same trip as you. Have you done this trip before? It is the Phenix rod trip---do they bring extra rods for us to use?
  431. F


    You may want to put this on the classified ad "Used rod and Reels".
  432. F

    Penn Rod Comparisons

    Tunanorth; I have my eye on a Carb WII 80200cC66 rod, with a rating of 80-200lb. Would this be a GOOD rod for use with 130# braid backing with a 100-130 top shot? Is it similar to a 4X4 type rod?
  433. F

    Fathom 40 2 Speed Line Recommendations - San Diego Tuna

    In the situation being described, what rod would you use? I also have a Fathom 40NLD2 reel with 80# braid. I am looking for a reliable rod to use with it for larger Guadalupe fish.
  434. F

    Penn Rod Comparisons

    I have never had a Penn Rod, but I am looking at buying a couple of new rods. How do Penn rod compare to the other Major rod companies (Seeker; Phenix; Calstar; Shimano; and others)? I am going on a 10 day trip in Late September-Early October, and I can't break the bank much more with new rods.
  435. F

    First long range trip - what rod and reel ?

    Mark; Are you going on the Phenix Rod 10 day trip on the Excel this year? So am I
  436. F

    Penn FTH25NLD2 & FTH30NLD2

    Aron; Where in Southern Utah? I'm in St. George. i am interested in both.
  437. F

    AVET EXW30/2 REEL New Price $295.

    Hismosa; I have it still for sale.
  438. F

    AVET EXW30/2 REEL New Price $295.

    Mike, if interested, contact me with a PM.
  439. F

    AVET EXW30/2 REEL New Price $295.

    No, Just looking to sell.
  440. F

    AVET EXW30/2 REEL New Price $295.

    Thinning out a couple of reels. This Avet EXW30/2 reel is Gold in color; Has 130# solid braided line about 3/4 full,(you can see from the picture); Condition is Excellent/Very Good, only used a few times. but no longer need it. Price reduced to $295
  441. F

    Owner Split Ring Types

    What is the difference between Owner Hyperwire split rings and Owner Ultra split rings? Which one is better for rigging on different types of lures or tying line to? Why are the sizes the same, but the available test strength is very different?
  442. F

    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    Donna; It was an Avet 50 I owned at that time. My biggest problem then was the rod I used to land the fish.
  443. F

    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    I am looking for a reel that I can take on a Long Range trip that will be able to handle a 200Lb. or more fish. I am thinking Avet; Penn: and Makaira. I am thinking that it should be in the 50 size reel, but not the wide style. After I buy a reel, then I will look for a rod, but the reel is...
  444. F


    Thank You for the Fantastic write up of the trip. My Buddy and I are scheduled to go on this trip in 2019, and I am really looking forward to it.
  445. F

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    David: I have never been on the Spirit of Adventure. Can you tell me a bit about the boat. Is it like the Vagabond in size and accommodations. What are the rooms like--- am 6'4" and need the bed to be long enough to stretch out in.
  446. F

    turn left or turn right

    At my age; "Happy Hour is Nap time".
  447. F

    turn left or turn right

    Scott; I agree with you. I have a 10 day in late Sept. 2019, on the Excel, and I would like to fish the variety of fish down south.
  448. F

    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Jim; As I mentioned earlier, I am going on this trip next year (2019) and am anxious to read reports about this years trip. I am always looking for good information about new trips I take.
  449. F

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    You need to read the report on BD 'Southern California Offshore fishing" about this boat. You may just change your mind about going on this trip.
  450. F

    Can someone please post actual trip results etc?

    Jim; I have read your fishing reports extensively, and I enjoy what I have read. Since I can not do a Long Range trip except for every 1 1/2 years or so, I really appreciate what you write about yours. Thank You!
  451. F

    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    I am going on this trip in 2019. If possible, give a write up on what is happening on the trip this year. I am really looking forward to the 2019 trip.
  452. F

    Avet exw 30/2.....

    Still looking for an AVET EXW 30 reel? I have one for sale.
  453. F

    Ease into it, or jam it in?

    On the Long Range boats, the Captain and crew want you to catch fish. Since you have no Gear, before you book a trip, ask about loaner gear. Most will loan you the rods and reels and only charge you for the line that you use, Usually around $8-10 per outfit They will also sale you the...
  454. F


    I am looking to purchase a good heavy duty split ring pliers. I will probably be using them for split rings in the 125#-200# class. I see many types on Amazon and E-Bay, but I am not sure if they are any good or worth the money. Let me know what you have and how you like them.
  455. F

    Where's the money ?

    Hey guys (gals), this has kind of turned into a pissing contest. We are here to share fishing information with one another. I realize we all sometimes have complaints to voice, but we are starting to hit below the belt with some of the comments.
  456. F

    Whats included and what is extra?

    Just call around and find out what each boat has to offer. Generally, the Spring trips cost less, but sometimes they are limited to only fishing a few days. The trip can be a bit of an exploratory trip. I really like the late Summer to early Fall trips. They offer a lot more variety of fish...
  457. F

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    Jim; Thanks for the wonderful write up. It is always a pleasure to read your information. I am going on the Phenix Rod trip in Sept. 2019. Can you tell me (us) about the trip?
  458. F


    I didn't really know anyone in the Fiddlers Cyn. area except for my Doctor---Clint Bunker. He knows me well; I have given him fish after every trip.
  459. F

    Where's the money ?

    I was on one of the first 8 day trips canceled in June. Talked with Steve in the office concerning a refund. He said it was be taken care of and that the refund checks will be mailed out to the address they have on record. It was a good thing I called, because my address had changed from what...
  460. F


    Scott; Where in Cedar City? I lived there for 14 years until my wife got tired of the snow. Moved in Sept. 2017. I was on Leigh Hill (460 South).
  461. F


    YES! I have been to the Bass pro in Las Vegas, but they are not like the fishing shops in San Diego, where I use to live.
  462. F

    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    Are you actually selling the 6463xxxh. If so, I may be interested. I see you live in the San Fernando Valley. I lived in Tarzana MANY years ago. [email protected]
  463. F

    Avet EX 30/2 available?

    I have two. The EX 30/2 and the EXW 30/2. Both have 100# Power Pro braid. I am going to keep one and sell the other with a GREAT price. Let me know. [email protected]
  464. F


    I currently have two Avet 30/2 speed reels. One is the wide and the other is the regular width. Both have 100# power pro braid. As I am getting up in years (70), I will only be doing EARLY Fall 10 day trips. I like the variety and I already have my trophy in 2010 (345#). I am trying to...
  465. F

    What a find.

    Did you ever get the split ring pliers? If so, which brand and type? I need to but a pair, and not sure which ones to buy.
  466. F

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    Reel bags are nice, but I carry my reels in an old bowling ball bag. They all fit, and it takes up a lot less space than a reel bag. You have a ton on money invested in your reels, and if the airline should lose them, or put them on another flight to nowhere, you could be out a lot of money...
  467. F

    Staterooms on the Excel

    I am planning a 10 day trip on the Excel, and I am interested in the stateroom lay out and sizes. I looked on their site, but it does not give the layout or room numbers. I was on the Excel once before, with a main deck room, and in the bunk, I was head on one wall and feet flat on the other...
  468. F

    Flat Fall sink rate

    Tim; in the above equation--It is the lift verses the drag divided by the engine thrust of the engine on the right wing and the horsepower of the engine on the left wing. It is that simple.
  469. F

    Alejos Rocks

    I know it is early in the season, but have any of the Long Range boats been doing any fishing at the Rocks? I was lucky to get on a Mid-June trip (7 Days), and was just wondering if the rocks could be in the cards. Also, what about Guadalupe Island? Have ANY boats been there lately? I am...
  470. F

    Hook Change on Jigs

    Where in Pt. Loma are you? I am leaving on a 7 day trip on June16th--Royal Star..Maybe when I get back on the 23rd, I will drop them off, if that is O.K.?
  471. F

    Flat fall - Shimano factory hook replacement

    Where do you find the swivels with the solid ring welded on, or did you weld on the solid ring?
  472. F

    Hook Changing on Jigs

    I have quite a few Older jigs that have treble hooks on them, and I want to change them over to the newer single hooks. My plan is to use a heavy split ring on the jig and attach the new hook to the split ring. I don't do brazing. Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful. Also, what size...
  473. F

    Hook Change on Jigs

    I have quite a few older light and heavy jigs that have treble hooks on them and I want to change out to newer single hooks. Since I don't do brazing or such, my thought wold be to use heavy split rings on the jigs and attach the hook to the split ring. I am open for ideas. Thanks.
  474. F

    Penn Baja Special Line

    Thank You!!
  475. F

    Penn Baja Special Line

    Tunanorth; My mistake on my additional Penn Reels. They are NOT 114's, but they are Penn 113H; Penn 113HL; and Penn 113HLW all with the red sideplates. I have been using them for MANY year for my 40lb. and 50lb. outfits and they have done me very well. I know, if it is not broke, why replace...
  476. F

    Seeker or Cousins Rods

    Their have been a lot of new types of equipment on the market lately, but I am interested in how the Cousins Rods compare to some of the old standbys? My Good Rods are Seekers, and I have some other off name brands, but I am interested possibly obtaining a 4X4 rod for next year, and I just want...
  477. F

    Penn Baja Special Line

    I have a Penn Baja Special, and I want to take a 5-8 day Summer trip (hopefully late June or early July), and I would like to know what line to put on the reel? Since it is basically a 113 real, would it be best to use 30lb. or 40lb. on the real? Also, What spectra backing would you use? I...
  478. F

    Flat Falls?

    I am going on an 8 day trip in mid June, and I am reading a lot about using Flat Fall Jig for Blue fin tuna. I guess I an OLD school, but I have never fished or owned a flat fall jig. Can someone introduce me to how they are fished and what size they use?
  479. F

    Squall vs. Fathom 15 size

    Do you sell the combination of the Fathom 15 and the Penn rod? If so, how much and is it free shipping?
  480. F

    Squall vs. Fathom 15 size

    I am going on an 8 day trip in mid-June, and need to acquire a a 25-30-35lb. outfit. I have a lot of heavier gear from Long-Range trips in the past, but nothing lite. I probably will not be using it very often, but I have been advised to get something in that range. I am looking at the Squall...
  481. F

    Avets, Seeker, Cousins

    I am interested in the Avet reels.
  482. F

    Price Drop!! Rods ready to move! (Update 6/27)

    I am interested in some of your rods.
  483. F

    Price Drop!! Reels gotta go gotta go!!! (updated 6/27)

    I am interested in both of the 113-yts. How are they mechanically?
  484. F

    Jim's Custom Rods

    I posted this back in February of this year, and now that the trip is just 30 days away, can you possibly update the information. What kind and size fish will I be fishing for? What size line and hooks should I be taking? Is the bait situation with Sardines or Anchovies? I live in Utah, and...
  485. F

    Jim's Custom Rods

    I am going on an 8 day trip, On the Intrepid, on June 15th, sponsored by Jim's Custom Rods. What should I expect? Does the sponsor brig any swag to give away? Does he bring any extra rods to be used by the passengers? Those of you who have been on this trip before, could you please provide...
  486. F

    Joyous News in Our House

    I am glad she did it the legal way. She is so welcomed to our (and hers) country.
  487. F

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    Rodless; That is exactly my question; Holding the braid tightly from the rod(usually holding the other end in your mouth or some other object) you then wrap (weave) the leader material around the braid +/- 15-20 wraps to tie the knot. I have seen it on U-tube, in a few instances, where the...
  488. F

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    What I have seen on videos is holding the braided line from the rod tight,and tying the leader material around the tighten braid line. Another was holding the leader material and tying the braid around it.
  489. F

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    I have seen the FG knot tied two different ways. One is with the floro or mono around the braided line, and the other is the braided line around the floro or mono leader. Is one way better than the other?
  490. F

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    I ahven't going out fishing for a couple of years now, and I an going on an 8 day trip in Mid-June on the Intrepid. Knots keep advancing, so I am looking on the internet for the best and easiest knot to connect braided line to floro or mono leader. Someone told me to look at the FG knot...
  491. F

    Kevin Osborn

    Soda Pop; I have know of a few who have back surgery, and so far, I am glad I am not one of them. Some have had great success, some have had good success, and some have had no success at all. I guess it is a crap-shoot, and a lot depends on the surgeon and his team. We all hope that surgery...
  492. F

    Kevin Osborn

    Bad backs are terrible. I wish him well.
  493. F

    Kevin Osborn

    What ever happened to Kevin Osborn, the Intrepid Captain for many years? Did he get his own boat, or go to another boat? I really enjoyed fishing with him. I have an 8 day on the Intrepid in Mid-June, and I am looking forward to how the new Captain on the boat operates.
  494. F

    Dolphin Motel toast

    I just book a room at the Dolphin for mid-June. I talked to the manager, and he told me it won't be until the end of Summer, or later, before things start to happen. 5 days free parking with my one night stay, and only $10 for each additional day.
  495. F

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    Richard, I am on the same trip.
  496. F

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    I am going on an 8 day trip in mid-June for the first time. I have done many 10 Fall trips in the past, but never a June trip. What should I expect to be fishing for, and what gear should I take? I have Penn 4/0's & 6/0's, Avet JX 2 speeds; Penn Baja Special all the way to Avet 30's. Some of...
  497. F

    Scopace pills

    I have been using the Patch for many, many years, and I have never become seasick while using it. I have been seasick a couple of times before I knew of the patch, and it is the worst feeling ever. I was almost ready to jump overboard and swim the one or two days back to shore.
  498. F

    6xJr for wahoo?

    Tim; How do you tie you lure to you line? It looks like you may be using straight mono (doubled). If so, what lb. do you use?
  499. F

    LR video...tapes, free if anyone still has a vcr

    I am interested in the tapes. Can you send them to me? let me know. [email protected]
  500. F

    Selling my AVET EXW Pro 50/2 and AVET HXJ/wide 5/2 Speed

    Rhino 26; I have a brother in Fredericksburg, Tx. Retired fireman from San Diego. Had a restaurant in town until the oil dried up.
  501. F


    Joe; Congratulations on going Long Ranging at age 75. Your not an Old Guy yet. I am just a few years behind you and I also enjoy Long range Fishing, and I also use a Harness.
  502. F

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    An Honest man would send it back, plain and simple.
  503. F

    New Super Seeker 2x4 - $400 OBO

    I will be in San Diego in about 10 days. I will see if you still have it then and we can work something out.
  504. F

    San Diego Bait Situation

    I have read on some post that the bait at the receivers is good, but a bit on the small side. I leave on a 10 day trip at the end of October and I am curious to know if I should be bring along some smaller hook sizes (#1; #2;#01)? I realize the bait situation can change in just a few days, but...
  505. F


  506. F

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Tim; Still with the Big D? Thanks for all the crimping you did for me on the Excel a few years ago.
  507. F


    I has been quite a while since I have followed these fishing forums, but I have a 10 day trip coming up in late October into early November. I see a lot of information about fishing Guadalupe Island. The last thing I remember is that it was closed to fishing except by Special Permit. Has...
  508. F

    Best Knot for Solid Spectra

    Here it is again. What do you believe to be the best knot to connect solid spectra to mono/flouro leader? The best knot being the easiest to tie and the best holding knot under pressure. I realize this has been discussed many times before, but NEW knot techniques are coming out all the time...
  509. F

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Tim; Thank you for the leader crimping you did for me on the Excel a couple of years ago. They worked perfectly.
  510. F

    Service of reels through AVET

    I have some older Avet reels that I plan to take to the Avet factory in Chatsworth. Does anyone know what the cost to service the reels may be per reel, and do they do any upgrading to the older reels when they are there for service? They all have spectra on them, so should I take the spectra...
  511. F

    Knots for heavy fluorocarbon

    What is the rp knot? How is it tied?
  512. F


    The long range boat is trolling for Wahoo. The call of HOOK-UP goes out. What rod, (length and type),reel, (type and line), do you use and what lure do you throw into the water first, as the boat stops on the slide? Would you throw a BOMB, JIG, or live bait? If it is a BOMB or a JIG (color...
  513. F

    boat reccomendations

    Most of the boats, in the past, have let first timers use loaner gear, and all you do is pay for the line, they change it out after every trip so the line is new for the next guy to use, after you have finished the trip. They want you to have a wonderful time, and you will be hooked ( no pun...
  514. F

    Which Boat?

    As far as CVA-62, it was NOT a terribly fast boat (15-20 knots) was the usual speed. As far as being a stable boat in rough water, their were a few times we took water over the bow (flight deck), and a lot of the crew became sea sick. We did fish on the anchor in Cuba. The cooks wrapped Liver...
  515. F

    Thanks from a Veteran

    Chris; when is your next trip? If I have the $$$, I would like to go in Early November. It was a pleasure to fish with you on the Intrepid.
  516. F

    Which Boat?

    I had fished Long Range on the Qualifier 105 for many years, but now I have been on the EXCEL and the INTREPID for the past few times out. I enjoyed the EXCEL for the ride and wide fishing platform, but it is what I call a WET boat. Lots of water sloshing on the deck, and your feet and socks...
  517. F

    Roll call for 10 Day Larry Brown, trip#21, Intrepid style

    Larry Brown trips are just Fantastic to be on. He is a great chartermaster, and has lots of fun on the trips. Bring along some extra CASH, as Larry holds Raffles on board with lots of nice things. It helps support his fishing program for kids.
  518. F

    8 Day on Sept. 11th

    Steve; Thanks for everything. I am actually looking forward to catching some Monster Yellowtails. Wahoo would be nice also.
  519. F

    8 Day on Sept. 11th

    Thanks Tim; You were a lot of help to Don and I on the Excel. Hope to fish with you again. Rome in 2015 on the Big "D". Ex- PATCO guy.
  520. F

    94 Wahoo

    I am on an 8 day on the Intrepid starting Sept. 11th.
  521. F

    8 Day on Sept. 11th

    Chris; I hope we get into some of the larger fish either at the rocks, Cedros, or the Banks. See you there. I have a buddy going along with us---Don Bigler--we worked together for many years and have fishing Long Range for the last 10-15 years. He always seems to catch more fish than I do.
  522. F

    8 Day on Sept. 11th

    Leaving on an 8 day trip on Sept. 11th, on the Intrepid. Having never done an 8 day'er in September, and with the fishing being so good locally, what can be expected for this trip? Chime in for those who are going on this trip, and for those on other boats going out during the same time-frame...
  523. F

    Bait for Long Range

    I know that in fishing, things can change quickly. Earlier this year, the bait barge in San Diego only had Anchovies for bait, and we needed to bring along some smaller hooks to use. Well my trip on the Intrepid departs on Sept. 11th for an 8 day trip. Has the bait at the barge changed to...
  524. F

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    O.K. guys, this trip is getting closer, about 4 weeks to go. What is the current bait situation looking like for the Long Range boats? Have the Sardines returned yet, or is still anchovies? I hope we don't have to make bait every evening(night-morning), but if we do, that is part of fishing...
  525. F

    100 million Anchovies?

    Your Count was off by 1,352. Better go out and count again. We want FIRST hand information here on Bloody Decks.
  526. F

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    I have been long range for so many years, I may still have some smaller hooks, or I may have given them away. I will have to go to the shed and see if I have any left.
  527. F

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    I am going on the Intrepid for an 8 day trip (Hightower) in the middle of September. Living in Utah, and reading on these boards about the bait situation(anchovies), what size hooks should I be taking along? I am use to using the Big Sardines on many previous 10 day trips, and I can hardly...
  528. F


    Chris; I usually arrive in San Diego the Day before the trip, and I also am planning at staying at the Dolphin.
  529. F


    I have done MANY 10 day trips in the Fall, but this year, I am going on an 8 day trip, in the middle of September, on the Intrepid. This is New territory for me. What should I expect to catching; what size and how many rods and reels should I take; and what will be my favorite line size? I...
  530. F

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Here it is, the end of May, and the Bluefin are being caught in semi-local waters. Is this a indication of warm water in the area, or cool water? How does this look for Albacore this summer? The Albacore have been missing in the San Diego area for some time now, and with the prediction of an...
  531. F

    Tuna Donation

    My opinion is that if you are not being audited, then you are not taking enough deductions..The IRS is happy with you, because they are taking your money for taxes that you may not owe. The audit is just a way for the Government to question the deductions you have taken. If you are taking...
  532. F

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    I have caught 3 over 200, one of which was 345, and I have always used the San Diego Jam knot. I feel comfortable tying it and using it.
  533. F

    First Time LR - Advice

    And most importantly, A good attitude. Make sure you bring that. When you get on the boat, Please tell Brian, that the big fat guy from Denver said Hi. Have fun Also tell Brian -- Big Dan the Fireman says Hi. I lived around the block from him before I moved. Let everyone know you are NEW...
  534. F


    Now that it has been out for a while, and has been used by enough anglers, What is your opinion of the KNOT 2 KINKY wire leader? Every time a new product comes to the market, we, the anglers, think it is the greatest thing to use. Now that KNOT 2 KINKY has been out for a while, is it worth...
  535. F

    FG Knot

    It seems simple enough to tie; the question is---Will it hold up to Heavy weight salt water fishing?
  536. F

    American Angler gets a Super..

    My largest is #345 on the old "Q" three years ago this November.
  537. F

    Pulled The Trigger - Seaguar/Hightower 2014

    In my opinion, all the Long Range boats out of San Diego have a great operation with great fish counts and customer service base. If one should slip up on any of the qualities, It would go out of business---remember the "Q", it failed because of a loyal customer base.
  538. F

    Pulled The Trigger - Seaguar/Hightower 2014

    Chris; I also just pulled the trigger on the Seaguar/Hightower trip next Sept. along with a buddy of mine. Just about 10 months to go.
  539. F

    Fighting a cow tuna

    I used an AVET 50, with #130 JB Hollow spectra, and I started with about 20 ft. of mono topshot, but after 3-4 hook changes, I was down to about 18" of topshot left. Like I said , I was LUCKY!
  540. F

    Fighting a cow tuna

    Three years ago, I had the luck of a #345 tuna take my bait, on a 10 day trip on the Qualifier 105, and I was in a fight of a lifetime. It started in early afternoon, and ended in early evening (4 1/2 hours). I had the right reel and line, but the wrong rod ( it was a 6364XXH). The fish almost...
  541. F


    Thanks for the information. Now I can reference where the boats are when they report their fishing numbers for specific locations.
  542. F


    When I read long range fish reports, I see a lot of reference to the RIDGE. Can someone tell me where is the RIDGE? Can you reference it Cedros, Alijos rocks, or some other point? How far off shore is it, and how long is it? How come the fishing can be so good at the ridge?
  543. F

    Pulled The Trigger - Seaguar/Hightower 2014

    The EXCEL must be doing one heck of a marketing job. Just about every trip is SOLD OUT for next year. It is also a GREAT boat to fish on.
  544. F

    Changing Hotel ... Going to try a new hotel

    I stayed there on my 15 day trip last May, and I was given 7 days free parking. It is just as close to the landings as the Vagabond, and you can take a cart across the street to load your gear directly from your room. It is small and plain, but I am only there for one night to sleep, shower...
  545. F


    I am the one who started this post, and I agree that when spending $2500-$5000 for a trip, plus all the gear purchased before the trip, $23.00 is not really much money at all. When you look at the Intrepid's pricing, you pay more for the trip than most other boats, and that was because that was...
  546. F

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    Take along any prescription meds you use, and any over the counter meds that you may use if you catch a cold, or just don't feel well for the day( sore throat, acid indigestion, tooth ache, headache, sore muscles and just any aches or pains). Pepto-bismol tablets are always good to have. You...
  547. F


  548. F

    Intrepid is well

    I bet that their are a lot of people out there that do not know what an "E" ticket ride actually means, or where the term came from. I guess I am showing my age.
  549. F


  550. F

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 10/9

    Read the Intrepid's Victory at sea report posted on this page.
  551. F

    Wahoo survey

    Spike, thanks for the information. I finally caught a Wahoo in May 2013 on a 15 day trip---after ALL these many years on the Q.
  552. F

    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    I see that your upright freezer is packed plum-full. I also have an upright freezer, but I put all my fish into my Chest Freezer. That way, I can get more into it.
  553. F


    Excellent trip report. It was a pleasure to read and see the great photos. It made me feel like I was on the trip with you. Thank You!
  554. F

    Phenix Rods 10-day aboard the Excel Sept29-Oct9

    Thanks for the GREAT reports. I kind of makes my day.
  555. F


    Hope you able to send a detailed report of your trip. Have a great time on the water.
  556. F


    It is that time of the year when Long Range really start. Those 8 to 10 to 15 day trips are on the go. I am really looking forward to the different reports we will be receiving here on Bloody Decks. Fishordie has already started (4) post about the same trip already. Since I am landlocked...
  557. F

    Anybody see what the SOA docked with today?

    When I read about the Elusive Creatures, the first thing that came to MY MIND was----------A CHARGER VICTORY!
  558. F

    Spirit of Adventure - 6-Day Trip 9/14-9/20 Fishing Weatherman Report

    I have been Long Range fishing for many years, but I have never fished on the Spirit of Adventure. I am a big guy--6'4" and 235#, and I hate it when the bunks are to short for me to actually sleep on comfortably. How are the bunks on the Spirit? Also, what, or how many scoops is her bait tank...
  559. F

    Problem with the Excel

    Nacho; Did you ever file a lein against the boat? If so, that lein would have to be satisfied before it was sold. If not---SHAME ON YOU.
  560. F

    !0 day trip Nov3rd -nov 13th question

    In Mid-November 2010, I landed a 345# Yellowfin on a 10 day trip on the Qualifier 105. I have also landed tuna over 200# on November 10 day trips. You just never know.
  561. F

    Avet 50 SDS Blue

    That almost looks like the one I sold a couple of years ago. Then Again, mine didn't have the reel lube.
  562. F


    I also agree with having a particular spot to see if there are any open trips or spots to fill at the last minute.
  563. F

    WTB Super Seeker 2x4

    Would you be interested in a Super Seeker XXXH? It is perfect for cows on a 10 day trip. The price is $300.00 + shipping, which is around $25.00. It is in excellent shape, except for some wear on the handle from the harness. Let me know.
  564. F

    where is Joe Crisci?

    One of the major problems in the Sport Fishing business is how crews(people) keep changing boats. It is difficult to keep track of where they might be now. I wish all the boats would have an updated crew listing on their web-site, even though is changes regularly each season and through-out...
  565. F


    Spike; I agree with your thinking. We will see Albacore in our waters before the Chargers win a playoff game, or even make it to the Playoffs. In fact, you can include the Padres also. It is a good thing that their is more to do in San Diego besides rooting for the Professional sports teams.
  566. F


    Back in my day, living in San Diego, I use to go to Tijuana to buy DIESEL for my pick-up truck. It was about a 18-20 mile drive each way, PLUS the LONG wait at the border crossing back into San Ysidro. The diesel was sold in LITERS (3.785 to the gallon) but it worked out to be around...
  567. F


    O.K. here it is the middle of July 2013. Has anyone seen or heard of anyone catching any albacore this year? Is the water temperature to warm or cold? Is the water to dirty? What is the story? I know the OLD story---Shoot of the Fireworks, then go catch the fireworks(albacore). Well so far...
  568. F

    Protect your terminal tackle from rust

    He rubs it on his butt. How else would you use it?
  569. F


  570. F

    Used Rental Rigs?

    BD's classified ads are one of the best place to pick up GOOD used gear.
  571. F

    Squidco Pre-Father's Day Sale

    I have been dealing with SQUIDCO for over 25 years. They are the best. I can remember when John was a young man, and Joey was just a kid. Even though I now live in Utah, I still do ALL my shopping for fishing at Squidco.
  572. F


    When I was fighting that fish on the Qualifier, the Plate actually broke and was digging into my leg. It was a Braid Plate(tuna buster) and the tuna BUSTED it. Had to buy a new one from Chef Tom. I know it will do the trick now.
  573. F


    May 9th is just around the corner, and I am putting all the gear I need to take into containers( plastic buckets, tackle box, and milk crates). I am also packing all the clothing I will need, and I am not forgetting my PASSPORT. I am planning to check-in at the Excel office on May 8th when I...
  574. F

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Jim, You did us ALL a big favor in doing the reports that you gave us. For those of use about ready to leave on a trip, you gave us a lot of information on what we need as far as gear, fishing times, stamina, and hope. You also gave ALL of us a report just as if we were on the trip with you...
  575. F

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Jim, I am on the May 9th trip, so I am really interested in how you do on this trip, what gear you are using, and when(time of day) the fish bite. I am getting all my gear together right now. Thanks for the reports.
  576. F

    Hotel recommendations - where to stay before a LR trip

    I just made my reservation at the Dolphin Hotel(Motel) for my trip on the Excel in early May. The price for one night, one person, is $55.00+ Tax. They also have free parking for up to seven days, and then $10.00 a day after that. I am only going to be there one night, just to sleep, then get...
  577. F


    I am down to buying hooks for my 15 day trip, on the EXCEL,in May 2013. Their is such a wide variety out there, and I am looking for the best bang for MY Buck. Owners Super-Mutu's, Mustad Demon(39950), Eagle Claw (L2005), Hayabusa, Etc. To me, cost is a factor, and I am leaning towards the...
  578. F


    David; That would be me. I have been on MANY 10 day trips over the years, usually in October and November, but I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER landed a Wahoo. I had a couple for bites, but never anything lasting more than a few seconds. I have even had the Captain put all those who never...
  579. F


    Thanks to ALL for the responses. It looks as if I will be using the Nail-Nub ( 30lb. for the Nub and 100lb. for the Nail) for the connections. I also plan on inserting about 4ft. into the hollow.
  580. F


    I know this has been discussed probably many times before, but I am bring it up again. In your opinion, what is the best, and easiest way to Serve mono/fluoro into hollow core spectra? If you are using loop to loop, you still have to serve the line into to hollow spectra. If you are inserting...
  581. F


    I am looking for information about Toro Tamer Spectra. I know their was another thread about a month or so ago about Toro Tamer, but it kind of fizzled out. Since that time, has anyone actually gone out on the Long Range Boats and caught big fish with Toro Tamer? What can you tell us about...
  582. F


    I am looking for a Braid POWER PLAY HARNESS and POWER PLAY BELT, in good condition. I have the Braid brute buster harness and belt, but I want to upgrade. Let me know what you have. I will be willing to by each separately if you do not have both for sale.
  583. F

    Seeker G6463XXH-61/4

    I caught my Super Cow (#345) on that exact same rod back in November 2010 on the QUALIFIER 105. Great rod.
  584. F


    I have lived in San Diego for many years before I retired to Utah, and I have attended the Long Beach Fred Hall show many times. I have never been to the San Diego Show. As I checked my calender, I will not make it to the Long Beach Show, but I will be in San Diego during the Hall Show in San...
  585. F


    Steve; I have gone to the Long Beach Hall Show for many, many years (more than I care to count), and I still ENJOY going, but now that retirement $$$ are something I have watch out for, it is hard to convince my wife, and myself, to spend those extra dollars for the show. Having been married...
  586. F

    Catching Flying Fish?

    When I was in the Navy, back in the 60's, aboard an aircraft carrier, I saw what looked like a white sheet going just above the water about 500 yards away-----Then it suddenly went into the water. I was told it was a large school of flying fish, all airborne at one time. It was quite a sight.
  587. F


    Thank You for the responses and messages. At least now I have a better idea(knowledge) of what I need to purchase and bring along for the trip. I really enjoy the Long Beach Fred Hall show, and have been to many in the past, but it is an 8 hour drive(each way) from where I live, plus the cost...
  588. F


    I am taking my first 15 day trip this May, on the EXCEL. The gear I am planning on taking is- 1. (3) Avet 50 reels, with 130lb hollow spectra on each. Rods 2 Seeker 6463XXXH, and 1 Seeker 6463XXXXH. 2. (2) Avet 30 reels, with (1) 100 solid spectra, the other has no line yet. Rods 2 Seeker...
  589. F

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    May 9-14 2013, on the EXCEL. First 15 day trip for me.
  590. F

    Shimano Torium 30 With Box

    How old of a reel is it? Some of the older Toriums had problems with the dogs.
  591. F

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    I booked my 15 day trip on the EXCEL this year because I could use my Credit Card, with no extra fee attached. I like the ability to gain Points; Miles; Cash Back; or whatever, when I use my Credit Card to pay for things. I also receive security and peace of mind knowing that if anything...
  592. F

    to buy or not to buy

    A lot of the boats will let you use the boat gear for NO charge, except for the changing out of line at the end of the trip, especially if this is your FIRST Long Range trip. They would rather you go on the trip, get the bug for more, and then start building up your arsenal of rods and reels...
  593. F

    Red Rooster III

    Mark is one of those fireman guys. I know how much he loves to fish for the big ones. I worked with his DAD when we were both on the job more than a few years ago. If I remember right, I think Mark is the Charter-master on this trip. Mark; CONGRATULATIONS on getting a SUPER COW.
  594. F

    Squidco deals!

    How long is the sale, and gift card discounts good for?
  595. F


    I have a 15 day trip on the Excel in May 2013. My question is how much fluorocarbon, in yards, should I plan on taking? Also, what pound should the fluorocarbon be, or mix of? I know that it is suppose to last forever, but I don't want to buy WAY MORE that what is usually used on a 15 day...
  596. F


    I am looking at Fluorocarbon to use as leaders for fishing COW Tuna. Seaguar make many types-(Seaguar Premier, Seaguar Fluoro, Seaguar Red Label), and there is Yo-Zuri Red Label, and others. Can someone help me make heads or tails out of which one I might use for my upcoming trip, and if their...
  597. F

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    I caught a #345 super cow on my leader that had gone down to around 18", after retying the hook so many times. It really shouldn't make much difference.
  598. F

    Nail Knot with a NUB

    I am preparing for a 15 day trip in May 2013, and have read about the nail knot for attaching the leader to spectra, but I also read about using a NUB in the process. I'm sorry, but I do not know what a NUB is. Can some explain it to me, and how it is used with the nail knot for attaching the...
  599. F


    Thanks for the information. From what I saw, I will be making my own Brace (jig). I know their may be more questions later.
  600. F


    I'm sure others have Home made the brace for wind-ons leaders. I just don't have the extra dollars to buy the all ready made ones, so I am looking for some ideas of how to make my own. If any of you have made one inexpensively, I would appreciate it if you could let me know how you did it...
  601. F

    Travel Insurance 2nd Edition

    Thanks for the report. It is nice to know that they paid the claim without any delays. I too am using them for my 15 day on the EXCEL next May. Anything can happen, especially when the years have crept up on us.
  602. F

    Must have item

    If you are prone--Sea sick medication. Also, any meds you need, and any meds in case you feel ill or sick. Their is no drug store on the boat, and having a sore throat, fever, or congestion can ruin the trip. Sickness, once on the boat, seems to make its rounds to just about everyone on board.
  603. F


    The Qualifier 105 was the best riding boat in the fleet (MAY SHE REST IN PEACE). In about 7 months from now, I will experience how the EXCEL rides, and I am hoping I will REST IN PEACE while she is going uphill.
  604. F

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    I am 64 years OLD, and I have been pushing the carts for all these years. I let sorting the fish to the older guys and LADIES. If I can stand at the rail for hours catching fish, then I can push the carts up the dock.
  605. F


    I am about to purchase some Seeker rods for fishing a 15 day trip next May. I am looking at the SEEKER 2X4, and 6463XXXH rods. What is the preference of having ALL ROLLER or eyelet guides. I am going to use AVET 50 reels with #130 spectra line, and 10-15ft. top shots. Let me know your...
  606. F


    Any others before I decide?
  607. F


    I have had some great offers so far. Anyone else have them for sale? I was out of town for 3 days, so I will have to look the offers over once again.
  608. F


    So far, all PM'S replied to. Still looking for right now.
  609. F


    I am looking to buy a SEEKER 6463XXXH and SEEKER 2X4 rods. I know what they cost new, but I am looking for someone who no longer uses or needs these rods. Let me know what you have, and we hopefully will work out some kind of deal.
  610. F


    Where can I find an excellent tutorial or video on how to join hollow spectra to either hollow or solid spectra? I want to add more hollow spectra to my reels; some have solid and some have hollow spectra on them. Also, since I may be adding 50-100 yds. of spectra, what is the best way to...
  611. F

    First 15-day / Cow reel to complete last rig?

    I will watching your replies; I also am doing my first 15 day trip in May 2013, on the EXCEL. I have done many 10 day Fall trips, so I now have to build up my arsenal for a 15 day trip.
  612. F


    It's our money(yours and mine), and we can spend it with any landing, boat, or processor we want to spend it with. If we decide to spend OUR money on any particular boat, or not with other boats, depending on who the owner of the boats may be, then that is up to us, the consumer. The same goes...
  613. F

    Shops for spectra spooling

    SQUIDCO without a doubt. It is a small and very busy shop, but they have the best prices. Charkbait would be my number 2 choice. Both are within 3 miles of the landings. If transportation is a problem, Fisherman's Landing tackle is right at the landings, but more expensive.
  614. F

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    You have to watch those FIREMEN out fishing all the time. I did long range for 12 years before I retired from the job.
  615. F


    I am booked for my first 15 day trip on the Excel in May 2013. I have done MANY 10 day fall trips, and have the equipment and hooks necessary for those. My question is: What kind, amount, and size of hooks will I need for a 15 day trip? I have to start purchasing them when I make my trips to...
  616. F

    7 Day on Indy Trip Openings.

    Steve; I would LOVE to go on another trip with you, but my wife and I will be in Pennsylvania at that time. I sure wish I could go fishing right now, it's been a long time since the 345# tuna was landed.
  617. F

    LR Trip Insurance

    I also have bought Trip insurance for my May 2013 trip on the EXCEL through TravelGuard. I am at the age where physically things can and do go wrong( back, knees,shoulders) as well as possible death within the family. It just makes good sense to me to buy trip insurance.
  618. F

    Offshore Weather Update 8/22

    Thanks Chris; The reports are just GREAT!
  619. F

    Look what I got

    It is called RETIREMENT!
  620. F

    Role call, Big Als Excel trip

    Bill; Have a GREAT trip on the Excel. I have never fished her, but I have 15 day trip scheduled for may 2013. My mistake, I was referring to your 2X4 rod.
  621. F

    Looking for another cow stick

    Bill; I am interested in your SS 2X4 Rod. What do you think is a fair price for it?
  622. F

    5 star new colors

    What does one have to do to get one?
  623. F

    turn around time on knee replacement

    I am going to have mine scoped in the next few weeks, and my Doctor said recovery is around 6 weeks. I hope he doesn't have to replace it just yet. I guess has to do a lot with AGE, condition of your body, How well you heal, AGE,and AGE.
  624. F


    Randy; How much an hour do they charge you?
  625. F

    Super Seeker,Grafighters,Avets,Longrange stuff

    It is a lot of gear, but out of my price range for the lot. Would you break it up?
  626. F

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    How many boats have the capacity to take on 20,000 gallons? I think they hold around 5000-6000 total, but usually do not fill the tanks to help with weight on the boat, just like airplanes (airlines) usually do not fly with full tanks, unless it is needed for a LONG trip. The last time I was on...
  627. F

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    Ensenada may sound like a great way to purchase fuel for the boats, but can you imagine the time and FUEL it takes to go there from San Diego landings? It is probably 120 miles or so round trip, and 10-13 hours. Most boats don't have that kind of time to waste to try and save 20% on fuel. Do...
  628. F


    I have a friend who is taking his family to San Diego, in August, for a small vacation(Sea World, Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and some R&R). He would also like to go out fishing for on a 1 1/2 or 2 day trip. He asked me the best place to go. I know it is either Seaforth Landing, or the Landings in...
  629. F

    Cleaning Out Freezer

    I still have some fish, processed at Fishermans Processing, since November 2010, and we are still Dining on it as if it were caught just a few weeks ago. I still have some smoked and Jerky from then, and it is still good.
  630. F


    Thank You for the information. It looks like a Seeker rod for me now. I knew I would be able to get the information I needed from the ANGLERS on Bloody Decks.
  631. F

    Avet EX50/2 SDS

    There has to be one out there.
  632. F


    I am looking at purchasing a new HEAVY rod for cow tuna fishing next May. I have Seeker rods now, but they are only XXH rods up to 130# line. I feel that I am a bit over-matched if landing a larger cow tuna.( my biggest is a 345#, and I was over matched). I am looking at the SHIMANO TEREZ...
  633. F


    I was looking at the Roosters web site, and I saw that the last trip was with Capt. Joe Crisci (previously with the Q 105). Does anyone know if he is a permanent Capt.(crew member) with the Rooster, or is he just filling in?
  634. F

    Balloon Bobber

    I hope that the experts on this board reply, as I also would like to know the same information.
  635. F

    MOTEL'S HOTEL'S ????

    At the Pt. Loma Vagabond hotel, you are RIGHT NEXT to the landings(100 yards or so). A lot of Long Range anglers stay at the Vag, and it is nice to meet some who may be going on the same trip as you. I live in Utah now, but I stay at the Vagabond when I go to San Diego the night before my...
  636. F

    Good tackle shop near H and M Landing

    If you have a vehicle to drive, then it is SQUIDCO. If you are walking, then ANGLERS CHOICE. If you have MONEY to spend, then Fisherman's Landing. I have been going to SQUIDCO for around 25 years now, and they always have the best prices, but only if you have a vehicle to drive. They are...
  637. F

    Avet EX50/2 SDS

  638. F


    I know it is a long ways away, but the trip is SOLD OUT. May 9-24, 2013, on the EXCEL, AL's BULLS AND COWS, who is going on this trip? Has anyone done this trip before? This will be my FIRST 15 day trip( have done a bunch of Fall 10 day trips). Is this trip strictly BIG TUNA and WAHOO, or do...
  639. F


    Just wishing all a Happy 4th. May we eat great BBQ, see delightful fireworks, and catch lot of fish on our trips. (Let's hope the Albacore show up, it's the 4th).
  640. F


    Yolo: Thanks for the information. It looks like I will be calling Travel Guard tomorrow.
  641. F


    I am looking for Trip insurance mainly for trip cancellation. I am not old yet(64 next week), but my mother is up in years, and other close family members are their also. It is great to think nothing will happen, but about 4 years ago, my mother-in-law died, and I had to cancel my 10 day trip...
  642. F


    I just put my down payment on a 15 day trip on the EXCEL, for May 2013. With all the Problems that the "Q" has had, and people possibly losing their moneys, I want to purchase Trip Insurance. Has anyone purchased this type of insurance before? If so, has anyone ever had to use it? Are their...
  643. F

    Fuel Surcharges

    Steve; At one time, Mexican Diesel fuel was much cheaper than diesel fuel in the U.S., but that is not the same now. It is cheaper, but not all that much, and it not a very clean diesel. I used to run it in my truck, and I had to use extra filters an additives to keep it from gumming up my...
  644. F

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    I finally book my 15 day on the EXCEL in May of 2013. Now all I have to do is come up with the money to pay for it in the next 11 months.
  645. F

    Fuel Surcharges

    Advertising is advertising. Like all businesses, the posted price is the absolute lowest price. If you pay with a credit card, most LR boats add a fee, as the posted price is a CASH price( I know their are some exceptions). If projected fuel prices go up, a fee is added. If permits are added...
  646. F

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    I haven't book it yet, but I will in the next couple of days---15 Day trip on the Excel in May 2013. Now that the Q is no longer available, I will be trying out the EXCEL. I wish I could afford more trips, but my retirement monies are not that well off compared to some. My wife likes to...
  647. F

    Opening on Royal Star 8 day 6/30-7/8

    Another reason to look into TRIP INSURANCE. This year so far, I have seen 6 or so persons having to cancel their trips for some reason, and they have lost deposit+ money. I have never had trip insurance in the past, but I will investigate it for my future trips.
  648. F

    Need help from a long range vet!

    First Long Range trip? After the trip, you will be hooked like the rest of us on this board. Give a man a fish and feed him for the day----Teach a man to fish, and he will be going to all the fishing shows, buying tackle, reading Bloody Decks all the time--you get the message. Go and have a...
  649. F

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    Their have already been 3-4. People are concerned with how much money it REALLY cost to go out on a boat. It is too bad that the price we see on the boat schedule is not the price we pay(Intrepid excepted). Does anyone know if their are any other boats doing business with prices like the Intrepid?
  650. F

    new baja special

    I just bought one off this board---NEW BAJA SPECIAL $175.00 If you are really interested in selling it, you may want to lower your price.
  651. F

    06.11.12 - 06.19.12 American Angler - Bluefin, Yellowfin, & Yellowtail!

    It's reports like this that keeps me reading Bloody Decks. It almost make it like you are there right on the boat with you. The season is here, and I am looking forward to reading the excellent reports from the anglers.
  652. F


    I wish I could afford to have two Baja Specials, but right now, I am also looking for and AVET 50/2 SDS to purchase, as well as trying to book a Spring 2013 15 day trip. Being reitred, there is only so much money for me, before my wife starts to yell louder. Therefore, since I will primarily...
  653. F


    Right now, it looks like 85# spectra, ans somewhere between 25-35yds. of 50# mono, or maybe 40# mono for bait fishing. Should I use SOLID or HOLLOW spectra? With 85# spectra, which one allows me to put more on the reel, with the 25-35yds. of mono?
  654. F


    I just purchase a Baja Special reel that I plan to use for YO-YO fishing on long range trips. It will also be used for some BAIT fishing. How should I set it up with line? My thoughts are to put either 65# or 80# spectra on the reel, with 40# or 50# mono. How much spectra should I use, and...
  655. F

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    I have now read this entire thread, and want to thank Nacho for starting it. It has changed the way I will do any and all money transactions in the future. It is really a sad time in our lives, when we can no longer TRUST each other( problems with paypal, selling products on the internet and...
  656. F

    Thinking outside the box

    From what I have been told, the EXCEL now has a FREE soda fountain on board.
  657. F

    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    I would LOVE to give some advice, but after 15 years or so of 10 day Fall trips, I have NEVER landed a Wahoo. I am looking for ALL the advice I can get also.
  658. F

    Avet EX50/2 SDS

    I am looking for another LARGE reel. I have the EX 50/2, and the EX30/2. I am in the market for the SDS to round out my arsenal. I am not in a big hurry, as I am not planning to take a trip until May 2013(THE BIG FISH). If anyone has one, just kind of gathering DUST, and wants to part with...
  659. F


    I guess he has just disappeared.
  660. F


    Does any one know how far out the Bluefin are? Are they in range of the overnight boats yet? I look at the fish totals for the landings, and their is no mention of Bluefin.
  661. F


    Has SHIMANO corrected the problem with the dogs and the handle turning backwards yet? I saw a guy casting for yellowtail, and soon after a hook-up, the dogs let loose, and the handle, turning backwards, nearly broke his hand. If that problem is corrected, I like the Torium.
  662. F


    I have not seem any post from Branman (SDLONGRANGE.COM) in a long time. He used to post here quite often. Also, his web site does not seem to be updated. Has he moved, or just quit fishing?
  663. F


    How about a Penn BAJA SPECIAL? I hear it is a real tough reel. Is it good for tossing the Iron, or is it more of a yo-yo type reel?
  664. F


    I was looking at buying a Torium 16 reel, basically for casting a jig for Yellowtail. I was looking at 50# spectra backing, with 40# mono. I am somewhat apprehensive about the Torium after reading about the DOG failure and the handle spinning backwards while on a fish. I am therefore looking...
  665. F

    Red Rooster 3 - June Heat trip

    Fantastic report. This is the reason I read the post on Bloody Decks. With the report Wahoodad posted, and yours, I can't wait to on a 15 day trip down south.
  666. F

    leaving early

    I go fishing to catch fish. On longer trips, I usually catch BIG fish, but usually less of them. If the boat has caught enough for FILL the wells, how much more do we really want(need) to have. Even if it is suppose to be a COW trip, I do enjoy stopping to catch some yellowtail, grouper, or...
  667. F


    Do these mentioned knots work for Heavy line(100 lb. or better)?
  668. F


    When fishing with Spectra backing, and a top-shot of mono, how do you attach fluorocarbon to the mono? Is it adding another knot to the line, which can add to the failure rate? I have NEVER fished with fluorocarbon before, and was just wondering on how to attach it.
  669. F

    Excel report

    David; Thank You for the GREAT report(s) of your trip. It was kind of like Vin Sculley doing a Dodger game---You made it like we were on the boat with you with all the action. It was a GREAT pleasure to read. It looks like you have convinced me to do a Spring 15 day trip on the Excel. I...
  670. F

    All good things must come to pass

    What is the NEW job? Does it have to do with fishing, or should I say, LONG RANGE FISHING? I hope it all works out for you no matter what the Employment is. Long Range fishing is an expensive hobby to have, and like most of us on this board, we make sacrifices to go fishing.
  671. F

    Avet HX 5/2 Reel

    If you sell it for the price you are asking, let me know who buys it. I want to sell him a bridge.
  672. F


    The problem is that their are so many different reels out there, and many of them didn't exist just a few years ago. From what I have read so far, it looks as if I will use my AVET JX6/3 with 50lb. mono top-shot. Now I just need to figure out what rod to use it on. Once again, money is a...
  673. F


    I am sure this has been asked and covered in the past, but what is a good Wahoo reel? Not necessarily the best, but a good reel to use? What lb. line do you use, and length of rod? I have been Long Range fishing for a number of years, but have NEVER landed a WAHOO. I have hoo