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  1. Ali

    Help Please!

    Hey Guys, If you could please do me a HUGE favor I'd appreciate it. Local Knowledge is in the Final round of the Waypoint March Madness event Can you please take a minute and go to @waypointfish on Instagram and click on the image above. Like the comment by Waypoint Fish that says "Like...
  2. Ali

    CA DEER Harvest Reporting Due

    Just a reminder. If you haven't already, log in and report your harvest/tag soup for CA.
  3. Ali

    How-To: Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig

    Continue reading...
  4. Ali

    ACI aka Armstrong Cats

    Hey Guys, I have a client who saw this ACI cat the other day and fell in love with it. Looks like a really solid, well laid out rig from the quick walk-through I did. I think there are a couple guys on here that have them or have ridden on them. What can you tell me? Specifically, I'd...
  5. Ali

    Offshore Week of Sept 13 - Tanner Bank - What's working lately.

    Hey Guys, I've been fortunate to make the LONG RUN to the Tanner several times in the last week. Fishing for the big bluefin has been off the charts! Rather than post several reports, here's what's been working for us. 1. Dead flyers. Still the go to bait for most out there. We can't...
  6. Ali

    Islands Seeing Red! - Coronados 8/30/21 - Rockfish tips too!

    Decided to take a break from offshore fishing to chase yellows and cod with the boys. Plan was for an easy, beer laden Sunday at the islands and surrounding waters. Mission accomplished. Started off fishing for cod. Tried some shallow stuff a friend gave me in 100-150# for just a couple...
  7. Ali

    Very cool read about SoCal fishing history

    I found this in another thread. Figured it was worth a share.
  8. Ali

    Easier way to browse BD - "Latest" Posts

    I've always used the "New Posts" button to keep track of all the latest in the forums. With the new software update we just did, New Posts contains threads I probably already read but someone else has since "liked". This sent me digging. You can go to and click on...
  9. Ali

    2021 Yellowtail Shootout Registration is now open!

    Hey Guys, If you plan on fishing the 2021 YTSO, please help us out by registering ASAP. We need to get head counts as soon as we can to ensure an awesome event. You can reg now at Thanks much! Ali
  10. Ali

    Yellowtail Shootout in ON! June 25-27, 2021

    Hey Guys, We just got clearance from the city and location to bring back the YTSO this year. We're super stoked to keep the tradition running. Registration will open next week.
  11. Ali

    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    Quick report for the guys going this weekend. Jeremy, Brett and I ran the SeaVee out to the 302 looking for a kelp and maybe a tuna. The water was flat calm with zero wind and just a little leftover lump. Bait was good, smaller size sardine. Pushed SW of the bank about 5 miles (halfway to the...
  12. Ali

    Rod Rack, Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats, Precision Maximizers

    Ali submitted a new listing: Rod Rack, Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats, Precision Maximizers - Rod Rack, Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats, Precision Maximizers Learn more about this listing...
  13. Ali

    Islands Solid Coding and not so hungry yellows - South 9 and islands - Saturday 4/17/21

    Needed to run the blue boat and had a rare wind window so we took a look. Checked The flats for yellowtail. Lotsa bait, no fish seen or metered. Bounced outside the islands to a couple cod spots. Fishing was slower but solid quality. Instead of puking up red crab, they are all full of...
  14. Ali

    Great job opportunity for someone in the LA area who loves boats and working outdoors.

    Blue Seas Fab is looking for a new field rep to help sell, service and install Seadek in the LA Area. Job Details Full-time Los Angeles, CA, United States Posted 6 days ago Job Description Love boats and looking for work? Blue Seas Fabrication, the West Coast SeaDek source is looking for...
  15. Ali

    Good Cod Fishing - Sunday 3/7/21

    Took the boys down south around the nados to scratch the itch. We found REALLY good fishing for nice red in the 2-4# range and a really solid handful of stand outs over 5#. We have been LOVING the slow pitch technique for the last couple trips. We are using the PENN Battalion SPJ rods and...
  16. Ali

    Sick Bluefin edit courtesy of YETI

    So Stoked with how this one came out. Catching a day like that on film is a special deal. Also, you can check out part 1 of the series here: Part 3 will be out soon.
  17. Ali

    Hoop net lights - What are you using?

    Hey Guys, I used hoop net a ton and back in the day we came up with this system using a Sylvania or Promar LED Glowstick. ' These lights work great when they work but they don't hold up really well. They also go out when they hit the deck or the water some times. I'm thinking there has to...
  18. Ali

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Hey Guys, We're super stoked to bring this to you. We have partnered with Costa to host a live round table conversation with a couple of the best in the swording game, Duane Diego and Rush Maltz. It will be live on this coming Weds at 5pm and it's completely free. Click here to SIGN UP NOW!
  19. Ali

    Time to support the guys that fight for your right to fish!

    Alright guys, time to support those who protect your right to fish in Califonia. The San Diego Chapter of the =AZWP3rKP3wBLB329uyz2InW8kksYPb82PiL0umeAHaeLSlL8eVe4HCzcq022CGFWdYD_QCd1JK8HF9q_s09sQ_pyWDXG242lobUt4wgwQ4-VwA&__tn__=kK-R']Coastal Conservation Association of California needs your...
  20. Ali

    Offshore Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Hit the finger bank with my main hebrew Brett to try and catch a sword. Found tons of bait, good current and really nice conditions. We caught a few decent cod to start the day. Then we sword fished the tide and had no bites. Water was flat as a pancake, zero wind and scorching hot (especially...
  21. Ali

    Sea Alien ID!

    \ So we scooped this thing up offshore the other day. It appeared to be totally intact and only had one eye. It had suction cups like an octopus on its arms but they were all webbed together. It was basically a ball of goo contained in a membrane. Im guessing some kind of nautilus? Strange...
  22. Ali

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    The guys from West Air Gasses ( reached out to us. They would like to offer ALL BD members 10% off their next helium fill up. All you have to do is go to ANY of their locations and just mention Bloodydecks. You can find their locations here...
  23. Ali

    BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Party Boats have the green light to run NOW!

    Hey Guys, Just hung up the phone with Ken Franke from SAC. He said he jsut got the green light from the County of San Diego just a minute ago. San Diego Party Boats are officially open and running as of today with some boats looking to leave tonight and tomorrow. Check with your favorite...
  24. Ali

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    (I thought for this report I'd do a walk through of what I do to catch these things. Thought it might help some of you guys. ) Saw the bad weather coming on the weekend and had a pretty shitty week so I made the last minute call to go chase BFT nearby. Had a great crew of Nick, Dave, Shawn and...
  25. Ali

    Offshore Hidden bank area - We sucked. 5.22.2020

    Fished SeaVee in the zone around 3/20 yesterday with about 30 of our closest friends. Good bit of fish still in the area but very scattered. We found scattered fish in about 8 miles in any direction of those numbers. We fished hard from 8am until 5pm for a handful of missed yummy blow ups...
  26. Ali

    Robby Gordon / Boating Dynamics

    Hey Guys, I know many of you have used Robby for Yamaha service over the years. If you haven't, he's one of the top Yami mechanics anywhere. The guy lives and breathes Yamaha. Robby reached out this AM because he wanted to let everyone know that he has closed his operation at Driscol's on...
  27. Ali

    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    Good NEWS! SD Fishing and Boating is open again. You can once again go fish with members of your household or family only at this point. Better NEWS! Shelter Island and National City Launch Ramps open at Midnight! PLEASE, PLEASE observe these regs and keep a low profile while this shakes out...
  28. Ali

    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    Please see below and take 2 minutes to VERY politely tell the city administrators why they should give us our access to the bays and ocean back ASAP. View this email in your browser Dear Ali: Thanks to you and your voices, many recreational activities are now...
  29. Ali

    Won't be long now.

    Looks like our esteemed mayor is coming to his senses. Read the last line in particular.
  30. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    Guys, I see anglers here and on social media freaking out about the DFG meeting tomorrow regarding fishing closures. If you're a SALTWATER fisherman you will NOT be affected by this. If you attend the trout openers in the Sierras, you MAY be affected. The reason for the meeting is to explore...
  31. Ali

    How to make Wind-on leader

    A new video from our new studio. Let us know if you're able to follow along. It's pretty complicated. Also, let us know what else you'd like to see.
  32. Ali

    Wahoo are dangerous.

    My Boy Rutchy with a very close call in Key West yesterday. Scary stuff!
  33. Ali

    How to Crimp Properly

    Hey Guys, We are knocking out how to videos like crazy lately. Here's the latest. Hope you enjoy them. Also, please take a minute to subscribe to our YouTube Channels. Local Knowledge: BD...
  34. Ali

    Offshore 425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Fished around the 425 on Saturday with our friends Zack and Virginia from Gatecrashers sportfishing in NorCal and on Sunday with my buddy Brett, his wife and two twins Aiden and Brody plus my bro, sister in law and my nephew Duke. Fishing was the same both days. Didn't bite at all for us until...
  35. Ali

    Need some help in Port of Edmonds

    Hey Guys, Our production team will be up your way filming on November 2 in Port of Edmonds and we need a little help help. We need a camera boat to film from. Basically, you show up with your boat 25' or bigger and drive our camera men around on the water all day. Should be about a 8 hour...
  36. Ali

    Rigging dead flying fish for bluefin tuna

    Hey Guys, Here’s a video we just put together to address one of the most common questions we get. “How do I rig the dead flyer for big bluefin tuna near San Clemente island”. if you like it, please subscribe to the Local Knowledge YouTube channel as well as the BD Outdoors channel. We...
  37. Ali

    Offshore Can't stop, won't stop. 9/25 and 9/27

    Ran a couple more trips out to the island late last week. More great fishing and great company. On Weds I had my buddy Zack from Gatecrasher sportfishing up north, Clay Guida and his buddy Billy. We fished hard for a nice 90#'er and a 50#er and a LOT of missed opportunities. We...
  38. Ali

    Offshore I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    I'm still sitting here in shock. My boy Brett and I have been trying to figure out this West Coast deep drop thing for close to a decade. After fishing with some of the best in the world we felt like we were REALLY, REALLY close to cracking the code. Then El Nino happened. We caught heaps of...
  39. Ali

    Offshore 9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Hey Boys, First off, let me apologize. I really make an effort to get reports up every time I get out but this season I have completely shat the bed. Between work, travel, life and fishing I've been scrambling. I really do enjoy sharing and helping you guys catch more fish. That said, I know...
  40. Ali

    New and FREE Jackpot for the Yellowtail Shootout

    Help the ocean, win awesome stuff!
  41. Ali

    Pics from the first Yellowtail ShootOut back in 2007

    With the 13th annual YTSO this weekend, I got a little nostalgic. Found a bunch of these today and figured I'd share. Lots of memories and good friends. Were you there? Got any memories to share?
  42. Ali

    Apps are updated and GTG.

    Sorry guys, We had to update all of our LK apps on all platforms. You may have to uninstall your current app and reinstall. Let us know if you have any issues. Ali
  43. Ali

    Offshore Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    I was all geeked up to get back on the BFT this weekend but the fishing took a nose dive. Converted the hardcore 4am to 10pm tuna trip to a gentlemens hours rockfish trip to the Nados and the 9 mile. Solid fishing from 200-350' with some lulls in the action but in the end we filled the box...
  44. Ali

    Offshore Tuesday 4/23 BFT

    Rounded up a few buds and took the Tuna Jihad out looking for BFT. After a bumpy night we woke up to meter marks in the 85 mile south zone. Metered around for bit. Found a nice chunk and started chumming. Almost instantly we saw boils and they stayed with us for 5 hours. Unfortunately, they...
  45. Ali

    Memorial for Mike Besaw aka Sluester

    From Mike's Memorial Facebook Page: We have been trying to think of the best way to honor Mike and we decided the best way would be to have one final "Kill It, Grill It" Whether you can come for 30 minutes or stay the whole afternoon, we want you there to share and enjoy the memory of a...
  46. Ali

    New Local Knowledge "They See Me Trolling" Cadillac Tee

    To celebrate the start of Season 4, we just added these to the store and they are selling like crazy. Just $10 each. Thank you guys for all the love and support.
  47. Ali

    New LK "They See Me Trolling" Cadillac Shirt

    To celebrate the start of Season 4, we just added these to the store and they are selling like crazy. Just $10 each.
  48. Ali

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico this year
  49. Ali

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico
  50. Ali

    This is just a small part of what CCA is doing for you. Please consider joining CCA and/or Volunteering.
  51. Ali

    Taco Marine 23" Capri Chairs

    I have a pair of brand new Taco Marine 23" Capri Chairs in Tan. These are awesome seats with flip up bolsters. They didn't fit my boat and I want them out of the shed. Retail is $1900 each. I'd like to get $1500 for the pair. Happy to...
  52. Ali

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Hey guys, The pics of our new rig are coming out of the factory and I thought I’d share with you guys. I gotta say I’m completely blown away by the SeaVee team. This project has been a blast and is moving forward way faster than I could have ever guessed. I have about a dozen custom tweaks...
  53. Ali

    2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    Hey Guys, We are selling the Local Knowledge 32' Andros Offshore. The boat near brand new and is completely loaded and rigged out. We have a new boat sponsor and a new boat is on the way. The boat includes: 2018 Andros 32' Offshore Hull 2016 Evinrude Etec G2 300HP motors with 160 hours and...
  54. Ali

    Offshore August Kelp Fishing

    Sorry for the lack of reports. I've been busy wrapping up Season 3 and fishing some out of town buddies. We've been blasting around in the Andros in this nice weather and I gotta say the boat really fishes well out here. The Jihad might be in trouble! The kelp action has been pretty good. The...
  55. Ali


    Hey Guys, If you haven't heard we are bringing back the Offshore Shootout tournament on August 10-12 to benefit CCA-CAL's San Diego Chapter. The format will be similar to the Yellowtail Shootout with a quick check in on Friday night at Dana Landing Market...
  56. Ali

    Offshore California Steigercraft 31

    I've been helping a good friend set up a 31' Steigercraft for local fishing. After months of shopping, rigging, outfitting, tweaking, etc., it was finally time to try her out. Boat performed awesome with zero issues. Bait system from Pacific Edge didn't lose a bait all day. The tower...
  57. Ali

    2018 Yellowtail Shootout Registration is now open!

    Last year was the best Tourney we've ever had. Stoked to have you guys back this year!
  58. Ali

    What's better than free beer and tackle?

    SEASON 3 of Local Knowledge, that's what! Super stoked to announce that Season 3 of Local Knowledge will debut NEXT Sunday at 8am (EST and PST) on DISCOVERY CHANNEL! We are so fired up for the new network and timeslot I can't even tell you. Rutchy and I have a whole bunch of new locations...
  59. Ali

    South 9 Cod success - 3/18/2018

    Hey Guys, I was jonesing to get on the water (and shake that St Paddy's Day hangover) so I hooked up with my buddy Chris from David Jones Fleet in La Paz for a day of local codding. The past couple years, Brett and I have really dialed in the Finger Bank and haven't spend much time on the 9...
  60. Ali

    Fred Hall Set Up and Tear Down Help Needed

    Hey Guys, We could use 3-4 guys to help with the set up and tear down of the BD Booth. It usually takes about 4-5 hours. Set up is Tuesday 3/6 at 1pm. Teardown would be immediately after the show closes at 7pm on Sunday 3/11. Pay is a couple BD Shirts and a hat and show admission. (and...
  61. Ali

    Australia trip of a lifetime with Nomad Sportfishing

    Hey boys, I had to share this. I’m headed to Australia tonight to fish aboard the Nomad Sportfishing mothership and film for Local Knowledge. Http:// The Nomad fishes the most remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef. Places that only get fished twice a year, by...
  62. Ali

    Mortgage Refi

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to share a great experience I had with a fellow BD'er. We recently needed to Refinance our home and my first call was to long time BD'er Ken Bush, AKA Bushman. He works for Loan Depot which is also owned by a fisherman (Anthony Hsieh, Bad Company owner). Ken did a...
  63. Ali

    Services for Arnie Fry aka Afry

    As many of you know one of our OG BDers Arnie Fry aka Afry recently passed. There will be a celebration of life for Arnie on September 30 at the Junior County Fairgrounds in Ramona at 421 Aqua Lane. Let's all show up in our deck boots and have a few beers to celebrate our fallen brother (and...
  64. Ali

    What are you doing Saturday evening?

    PLEASE come out and support Coastal Conservation Assoc of California San Diego chapter banquet. You know, the guys that busted their butts to keep bluefin open for us? The guys that keep the hatcheries running and now are raising halibut and yellowtail? The same guys fighting at the state...
  65. Ali

    2006 Grady White 222 Fisherman Center Console - Clean and Custom - $45k OBO

    Helping a good buddy sell this sweet little skiff. The boat is a 2006 Grady White 222 Fisherman Center Console.This boat has been rigger to the gills and customized to fish our waters. I have ran this boat many time and it's the perfect skiff for everything from the Bay to chasing tuna 50 miles...
  66. Ali

    Offshore Kelping - 7/23

    Had a fun day yesterday paddy hopping between the 425 and the Hidden Bank. Took my brother, Jake, Clay and Pancho. TONS of big paddies, all holding between 2-25 fish. It seemed like the further south we went, the more fish were on the kelps. It was tough to get them to bite but in the end we...
  67. Ali

    Offshore Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    Yesterday I took Mike B our sales guy, Brett and Justin from the bait dock. We fished outside the 182 for the best kite fishing I've ever seen. Normally we are fishing all day for one or two bites. Today we had bites pretty much all day. It was insane. Within 30 min, Brett was bit and it was...
  68. Ali

    Offshore We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    Jason and I took our friend Evan from Yeti out Monday and Tuesday looking for a big tuna. Monday the weather was supposed to be total crap but it turned out to be pretty nice actually. We spent the better part of the AM locating the fish. When we found them around 1pm we went to work. We...
  69. Ali

    Offshore Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    Me, Trev and Clarke took off for La Paz for our annual week long trip on Saturday the 10th. After a rough day with just a few small dorado and a tuna on Sunday and a slower day on Monday, we decided to cut the trip short and fly home to chase BFT. Good idea. We started inside the 302 and...
  70. Ali

    Who wants to fish tomorrow to help CCA and Hubbs.

    Looking for a few more anglers! We put together this last minute halibut broodstock trip for Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute and we've had some last minute cancellations. We have chartered the Point Loma out of Point Loma Sportfishing for Thursday, May 18th. The trip is 6:30AM – 4:30PM...
  71. Ali

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017 Shelter Island Ramp Improvements – Temporary Closures By BD Staff - May 16, 2017 As part of efforts to improve public amenities on the Port of San Diego’s dynamic waterfront, the Shelter Island Boat Launch...
  72. Ali

    Barrett Lake Preview Report - April 13

    Hey Guys, I had the opportunity again this year to fish Barrett Lake before it opens to the public. We arrived at the lake at 6 am and planned to fish all day to maximize our opportunities. The first thing that anyone who is familiar with the lake will recognize is how much water there is now...
  73. Ali

    Local Knowledge - Road Trip - Puerto Vallarta

    Hey Guys, We just got back from an EPIC Local Knowledge shoot in Puerto Vallarta. We fished aboard the 86' Hatteras Northwind around the Islas Marias buffer zone. We fished for four days and honestly had the toughest fishing I have seen in that zone. We caught only five tuna total but the last...
  74. Ali

    The nicest bait pen I have ever seen.

    Check this thing out. Made from 100% aluminum, locks and has a false bottom that raises up to make it easy to catch your bait. I was in the middle of making something similar and not as nice when I came across this. They are made by Beach Marine Products out of Florida...
  75. Ali

    SD Bay Macs?

    Anyone make macs lately in or around SD Bay? Thanks.
  76. Ali

    Who like's Crawfish?

    I know I love a good crawfish boil and helping our a good cause. Please come out and join the Coastal Conservation Association of CA's Orange County Chapter for the first annual Crawfish Boil. This will be a great event with ton's of raffles and prizes. For $60 you get all you can eat...
  77. Ali

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    Hey Guys, I was fortunate to win a Safari in the Limpopo provence of South Africa last year at a CCA auction. I got the trip for a smoking deal and was able to cobble together a ton of frequent flyer miles and make the trip happen. I NEVER thought I'd be able to pull of a trip to Africa and I'm...
  78. Ali

    New flying fish

    Check out these beauties from Melton Tackle. I'm super stoked to try them out. They are made from heavier rubber and not plastisol (swim bait material). They also have really stiff wings and are nice and heavy. I'm gonna rig up a couple and take them for a ride.
  79. Ali

    Melton Tackle is Hiring

    Just passing this along for our friends at Melton. They are looking to fill the following positions. Immediately – High Priority Customer Service Rep (phone) Shipping & Receiving Associate Moderate Need Web Merchandiser (Magento Experience a plus) Sales Person (phone) Sales...
  80. Ali

    Offshore Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    Jason, Jeff, Tom and I snuck out yesterday for a little more #justkeepskipping. We rolled out to the 43 a little late after making bait in the AM. We got to the high spot and it was a circus. Boats everywhere dragging kites, trolling, etc. We metered around for a minute, didn't see much, put our...
  81. Ali

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    F'ing Carl!
  82. Ali

    Offshore Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    I took the Dave and Doug Nilsen and Ben Secrest from Accurate Reels out on Thursday. The plan was to catch a couple yellowfin or kelp fish and then head to the BFT grounds to skip the kite around for a possible jumbo. Got a few passes of fire hot sardines from the bait barge and picked up 20...
  83. Ali

    Offshore Thursday and Friday 8/12 and 8/13

    We had a few friends come to town last week to go fishing. Our boat has been down with a bad STBD gearbox for almost 6 weeks and it's been like torture watching all these bluefin come in. FINALLY got the new starboard gearbox in the Jihad late on Weds night. The mechanics busted their butts all...
  84. Ali

    More ways to watch Local Knowledge - Roku - Amazon Fire

    Hey Guys, We have just released a couple new apps to allow you to watch the show on your favorite streaming device. Amazon Fire TV app is now live. Just download it from your device. You can also still watch on Amazon Prime Video from any device. The Roku Local Knowledge app is also live...
  85. Ali

    Sitka Stratus Jacket and Pants

    Selling my Sitka Stratus Jacket and Pants. This is top shelf hunting gear. These are just too warm for where I hunt. These were worn for one hunt. They look and feel like new. Jacket - XL - 46" - 49" Chest Pants - Large 34" - 37" Waist Retail $629 Asking $425 Shipped for the pair...
  86. Ali

    Offshore One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Our good friend Amanda from Costa Del Mar was in town for the tourney and Jason and I wanted to get her out on the water the day after. I'm pretty sure it was a day she wouldn't forget. We hit the Ebros first thing and were greated with a tank of perfect greenbacks. Plan was to run out to the...
  87. Ali

    BD SoCal Fishing Spots powered by Navionics

    We teamed up with our friends at Navionics to offer you guys free SoCal fishing charts with all of the local highspots on them. Just click on the spot for GPS numbers. Enjoy!
  88. Ali

    BD SoCal Fishing Spots powered by Navionics

    We teamed up with our friends at Navionics to offer you guys free SoCal fishing charts with all of the local highspots on them. Just click on the spot for GPS numbers. Enjoy!
  89. Ali

    Offshore BD SoCal Fishing Spots by Navionics

    We teamed up with our friends at Navionics to offer you guys free SoCal fishing charts with all of the local highspots on them. Just click on the spot for GPS numbers. Enjoy!
  90. Ali

    Perko 4' pole light

    Brand new. Sitting in my office for years. Cost = 12 pack of modelo especial bottles. Pm me to arrange pick up in mission valley.
  91. Ali

    Swordfish RAW

    More sick swordy footage....
  92. Ali

    The Maximus

    I just spoke to Nicole a minute ago to set the record straight before the rumors start flying. Here is the straight dope. Keith and crew were headed uphill near Cedros yesterday at 5:30pm when the bilge alarms started going off. The boat was taking water fast and bilge pumps were unable to...
  93. Ali

    Couple cool pics from last weeks shoot

    We fished out of Venice with Andrew the Race to Venice winner and out underwater guy got some sick stuff. Here's just a few.
  94. Ali

    Offshore Fish story?
  95. Ali

    Who wants to hear a fish story?
  96. Ali

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    We had a very amazing day on the water last week. One that none of us will forget for the rest of our lives. We were filming Local Knowledge out of Key West on Tuesday 3/29. Since we had such a great weather window we decided to carry on our quest for a daytime swordfish on film. Our last...
  97. Ali

    Local Know S01E04 "5 Star Sail"

    Full Episode:
  98. Ali

    Local Knowledge S01E03 "Vamonos a la Baja Part 2"

    Full episode:
  99. Ali

    CCA CAL Needs your help - Volunteers Needed for the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    Hey Guys, We need a handful of solid individuals with a little free time on their hands to help work the CCA booths at the Fred Hall Show next week in Long Beach, March 2 - 6. All volunteers will receive free entry into the show as well as a BD Shirt and Hat of their choice. If you have a few...
  100. Ali

    Who wants to do a private boat trip to Colonet?

    Let's roll!
  101. Ali

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    Hey Boys, As I'm sure you've heard there's been an awesome YT bite at Colonet again this year to go with the always great rock fishing. The weather looks like it's going to hold for another week plus so it's time to go. Jason and I going to drag our whole TV crew down there next Thursday PM...
  102. Ali

    Local Knowledge recon mission out of Key West

    Went out the other day with Rush for a little recon trip. We found excellent snapper fishing. If you've never tried the bottom fishing in the FL Keys you're really missing out. Tons of hard pulling and delicious snappers and groupers on tap year round.
  103. Ali

    Episode 2 Teaser.

    Check this out....
  104. Ali

    LK Raw. Watch this NOW!

    Super stoked on how this came out! New episode of Local Knowledge comes out this Sunday at 7am EST. Set your DVRs!
  105. Ali

    Scenes from the Road - Baja

    Just wanted to share some of the still from our Baja shoot. We fished Abreojos/La Bocana in Late Nov and had some stellar fishing for both Broomtail and Gulf groupers (and 10 jillion sand bass). We have been taking pro photogs with us on the shoots and coming back with some amazing stuff. I'll...
  106. Ali

    NEW - Please HELP Update *** Puerto Vallarta Fishing and Lodging Info ***

    Hey guys, I was trying to fix up the sticky above and it's just way too hosed. Let's start a new thread of your favorite places to stay and eat in PV and I'll compile all the info here and stick it (as Time allows). Please post your favorite Charter, hotel/rental house or condo and...
  107. Ali

    Blue or Black Marlin?

    Great article on how to ID them from one of the best in the Biz.
  108. Ali

    A22 and D16 Season Dates for 2015

    I keep having to look these up so I figured I'd post them here. D16 Sept 5 - Sept 27 Oct 24 - Nov 22 A22 Sept 5 - Oct 18 Nov 21 - Dec 31 So if you're holding both tags it look like you CAN NOT HUNT Oct 19 - Oct 23. D13 Sept 05 - Sept 27 Oct 10 - Nov 8 Good luck.
  109. Ali

    Simrad 3G Radar Dome - Brand New - $1250

    I have a brand new Simrad 3G dome that I ended up not needing. They sell for $1500 plus tax. I'm looking to get $1250. In San Diego. Happy to ship on your dime. Pm or email [email protected] Product Description Broadband 3G™ Radar delivers amazing short-range target resolution...
  110. Ali

    Tools of the trade

    Just wanted to give Jed @ Needle Crook a shout out for the sick sheath he made me. I wanted a stainless clip instead of a belt loop because I usually fish in board shorts and don't have a belt clip. He actually set it up so I can use the clip or a belt. It's a bad ass piece of equipment...
  111. Ali

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Hey Guys, I got some intel on big BFT out West and had to make a run. Since the boat was down, Jason and I called up Lee on Sophia Rose and he jumped at the opportunity. Papa J was also along for the ride. We baited up Monday night at MB and got some really fresh and really scaley deans...
  112. Ali

    Offshore Oh it's on...182 Area - 7/21 - YFT

    Took the boat out yesterday for some post Icast decompression and fish killing. Had Brett, Tom and Tom's kid Trevor with us. Got a killer load of bigger deans and cleared the point around 7am. Weather was absolutely slick calm, hot and humid as hell. At some points we were socked in with warm...
  113. Ali

    2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab - 4x4 - Loaded - ###REDUCED$28,500###

    2012 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab - 70k Miles Great looking and driving, adult owned truck with no accidents. Truck has nearly every available option including: Hemi V8 - 4x4 - Sunroof - Sport Hood - Spray in Bed Liner - Heated and Cooled Power Leather Seats - Navigation - Power Everything - Tow...
  114. Ali

    Offshore Thurs 9th and Sat the 11th. Couple of fun days of fishing.

    Fished on Thursday with my bro and Trevor and again on Saturday with Jscrib and Vince aka RedDrum. Started Thurs at the islands hoping to grab a few yellows before heading offshore but we sucked at that. Couple shortbites was all. The volume of fish on the meter was insane. Just tonnage but...
  115. Ali

    Pics from the Spotter Plane

    I went out and flew spotter plane for FishDope yesterday and got some sick pics. Thought you guys would enjoy.
  116. Ali

    BD Group Elk Hunt at Rocking R Ranch

    Hey Guys, Last year we had a ton of interest in the elk hunt we did with these guys. We have worked out a special group hunt with these guys to get a group of BD'ers together to kill some elk. Rocking R is a great place for experienced hunters as well as beginners. They have thousands of acres...
  117. Ali

    La Paz Area Report - 6/10 - 6/13 - Marlin, Wahoo, Groupers and Snappers

    We had planned to head down to La Paz for a week of fishing on Sat 6/6 but Hurricane Blanca made us change our plans to leave on Sun 6/9. We flew down on Volaris through TJ and the trip was uneventful. Clarke, Trevor and myself have a 30' Grady White we keep down there. Chris Jones from...
  118. Ali

    Offshore Swung for the Fences, struck out. Sat June 6

    We couldn't catch our asses with two hands full of treble hooks... Fished with Clarke, Trev and Brett on Saturday. Left the dock at 6am with a great load of bait from EB. Plan was to run down south to the 295 / 1010 area where we heard several rumors of YFT and fish until dark then come home...
  119. Ali

    Sat Phone Hook Up

    We recently needed a new hand held sat phone and we were referred to Mike Mikha at Satmodo. I can't recommend the guy enough. He had us up and running in a few minutes. We even had a problem with our sim card and the dude showed up at my house at 5am to replace and test our phone before we left...
  120. Ali

    Need a concrete table top built

    I just put a palapa up in my back yard and I need someone to build me a custom concrete table top that will encompass two of the legs of the palapa. See pic above. Does anyone on here do that or have a solid referral? thanks. Ali
  121. Ali

    Anyone do cabinet stripping?

    I have a bar I bought that I need stripped. Have cash, tackle and fishing trips. You pick! PM me please.
  122. Ali

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Seems like at about this time of year, we have to remind everyone not to be a dick. Dicks take and don't give back. This site is built on fish reports. If you use the info here to help you formulate a plan for your next trip, please take 10 minutes to type up a fish report and tell us: 1...
  123. Ali

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Seems like at about this time of year, we have to remind everyone not to be a dick. Dicks take and don't give back. This site is built on fish reports. If you use the info here to help you formulate a plan for your next trip, please take 10 minutes to type up a fish report and tell us: 1...
  124. Ali

    Barrett Lake Report

    Not much water but a whole lotta bass!
  125. Ali

    Don't mess with Texas - April 22

    I had to go to Texas for some CCA meetings. My CCA Texas buddies are hunting and fishing fools. When they asked me to come out I said "any reason to bring my bow?" The response was hell yes we will go kill a pig! This would be my first pig hunt and I had just gotten a new Bowtech Prodigy and...
  126. Ali

    WTB - Used Four Stroke Outboard from 140-200 HP

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a used 4 Stroke from 140-200hp and less than 1000 hours. With controls would be a bonus. Post here or send an email to [email protected] thanks. Ali
  127. Ali

    Shimano Shimano is Hiring - Reel Technician - Temporary Position

    If you're interested, please send resumes to [email protected] The ideal candidate will possess and demonstrate the following: Reel servicing and repair experience. Shimano Fish product knowledge. Possess knowledge of fisheries and fishing applications. Excellent interpersonal...
  128. Ali

    CCA of California - PLEASE READ

    Hey boy, Please take a minute to read this and share with your friends. CA anglers need representation and unity, this is the answer: thanks.
  129. Ali

    It's that time of year! We need your Pics for our Fred Hall booth.

    Hey Guys, We love to decorate our booth with BD Member pics each year for the Fred Hall show. Send us your best HI RES Pics from this season and if we use them in the booth we will give you a FREE BD Shirt. Here's what we need: 1. Find your best fishing photos from this season. 2. Right...
  130. Ali

    Need help: Underwater water kelp footage

    Hey Guys, We are working on a project for a new Sportfishing protection organization in California. BD is donating a video to the cause and we need some underwater video. We are looking for kelp bed and or kelp life footage. HD would be preferred but not mandatory. If you can help out...
  131. Ali

    Boat stuff for sale - Lee's Outrigger mounts, Simrad GPS Antenna, Suzuki Prop

    Hey Guys, I've cleaned out the garage and found some stuff I need to sell. 2. Lee's Wishbone Outrigger Mounts - Set of two mounts. See Pic. Used but in good shape. New $1200, asking $350 4. Simrad GPS Antenna - Brand new, didn't need. Costs $200, Asking $125 5. Suzuki 14.25 x 22 - 3 Blade...
  132. Ali

    Offshore Colonet 1/25 & 1/26

    Took the Jihad down to Colonet this weekend with Clarke and Brett. I've never fished the area from a private boat but with yellowtail and ling bite that has been going on down there, it was a perfect time to check it out. I dropped Yale (Professor on BD) a msg and he was in as well taking his...
  133. Ali

    Accurate Reels Focus Group - Jan 29 - 7pm - Baypark Fish Co.

    Our friends at Accurate Reels want your opinion on fishing gear and they are willing to compensate you for your time. This will be an informal “happy hour” conversation about what YOU like and don’t about current fishing products. Drinks and appetizers will be provided and all attendees will...
  134. Ali

    Twin Anchors Marine - Asset Liquidation Sale - Mission Valley, San Diego

    I just got word from a buddy in the auction biz that they will be selling off the assets of Twin Anchors Marine in Mission Valley. They have a ton of boats, equipment and over $150k in Marine Parts that are going to go on sale. Here are the details: Twin Anchors Boats and Yachts - Closing...
  135. Ali

    Kubiak signs on to coach Denver.

    Will Manning stay?
  136. Ali

    Check out this buck!

    Amazing it made it this long...
  137. Ali

    Finally - Rocking R Ranch Elk and Deer report

    Sorry for the delay guys. We killed some stuff.
  138. Ali

    Cyber Monday Deals on Fishing, Hunting and other Manly Crap....

    Guys, My inbox is blowing up with awesome deals online. I'm sure everyone else is having the same. I was thinking it would be good to get a thread going of deals for fishermen and outdoorsmen. You should be able to copy the deals right from your emails and they will appear here. Here's a few...
  139. Ali

    Cheap .22 and free shipping.

    Get some fast.$TbWn
  140. Ali

    Offshore Season is over? 10/25

    295 area today. Dodos on kelp, tuna on dolphin. Tuna would only eat bait, no lures. Hope this helps.
  141. Ali

    Come help support the people of LA Bay.

    As many of you know the La Bay area got hammered by Hurricane Odile. The area hasn't received nearly the attention that CABO did because it's so remote. They locals were left without basic services and still trying to rebuild. The Government of Baja California has organized a fishing...
  142. Ali

    Montana Elk Hunt - Horse Prairie Lodge

    I had booked a trip to bow hunt bull elk two years ago with Ed from Unfortunately last summer I blew a disk in my back and had to postpone a year. Ed was super cool about changing the dates and on the first of October we arrived at his place. Todd and I drove up...
  143. Ali

    Local Blue Marlin confirmed

    That just happened... Who else but the boys on Bad Company?
  144. Ali

    My first buck mount just showed up.

    Super stoked. My TX buck mount from last Nov just showed up. First buck and my first mount.
  145. Ali

    < < < - Labor Day Sale - Everything 25% off > > >

    Grab some of our new swag at 25% off with new, lower shipping. Spend over $100 and get free shipping! Thanks for your support guys!
  146. Ali

    A day I won't forget. Guess the weight, win a BD Tee!

    All this shark stuff had us looking over old pics. This one was a really nice model. Guess the weight and win a BD T-shirt. Closest WITHOUT going over wins. Have at it!
  147. Ali

    Offshore 8/7 - YFT Limits - Corner Area

    Fished with Jason, Weasel and Tom on the Jihad out west. We fished smack dab between the 226 and the "Corner". Got a GREAT load of 6" Sardines that were fresh outta the bait boat but they held up ALL day and we crammed 4 scoops into our 100 gallon tank. It was bait bliss. Same story as weeks...
  148. Ali

    Anyone here live in or know someone in Tripui, near Loreto?

    We have our boat sitting down in Puerto Escondido and I just need someone to keep an eye on it. I'm happy to pay someone with who can spend an hour a week and report back. thanks. Ali
  149. Ali

    Who wants to go Elk Hunting?

    Just talked to Dan at Rocking R Ranch this AM. Jason and I are going out there to rifle hunt bull elk and deer in the first week of November. He mentioned he still has a few open spots for additional hunters while we are there. If any BD'ers want to join our hunt we'd love to have you guys...
  150. Ali

    Offshore Sat 7/12 - Crushed'em close to home - Limits for 4 by 9:30

    Left the bait barge at about 4:30 this am with a couple scoops of very fresh 5" Sardines. Had Marcus, Tom and Marcus' neighbor Jeff on board. Picked a spot between the 425 and 371 to start based on Fishdope info. Found some ponies with birds that was too juicy to pass up just 3 miles off North...
  151. Ali

    Offshore 7/2/14 - Fished 371/425/Hidden'ish

    We took the Jihad out yesterday to try and cash in on the great YFT bite. Short story is it was an off day. It sounds like no one really got into them with just a few random jig fish caught. It was me, Jason, Brett and Darin our spotter plane pilot. We started about 7 miles below the the 371...
  152. Ali

    Baja Dreamin' - Gonzaga Bay to Loreto - 6/13 - 6/21 - Who likes fish pics?

    Awesome Trip! Clarke, Trevor and I have been building a 30' Grady White that we rescued from FL into the ultimate baja rig for the last 18 months. The boat was neglected but solid and we have since done everything under the sun to get it up to snuff. We have completely customized the boat from...
  153. Ali

    Offshore Wide open Tuna report!

    Got your attention? :) This is the time of year when we remind you guys to PLEASE post timely fishing reports, even if you strike out. This site was built so anglers could share info and help each other out. PLEASE take a few minutes to give back by posting a quick report. It doesn't need to...
  154. Ali

    anyone coming down from OC to San Diego on Friday around lunch time?

    I have a couple things I need picked up and dragged down here to SD. I'll make it worth your time! Ali
  155. Ali

    Duck Pr0n

    So F'n Cool.
  156. Ali

    2014 Yellowtail ShootOut registration NOW OPEN!

    Registration is now live. June 27, 28 and 29 We are super stoked to have a new venue as well. We have partnered with the Kona Kai on Shelter Island for the awards ceremony and banquet. The mandatory tourney registration will also take place at the Kona Kai...
  157. Ali

    Sick drone footage of our boat

    I took Neil (Drakescakes) out on the boat the other day to goof off and play with his new drone. The raw video was cool, but once he edited it, it was off the chart! Take a look. Drone is a DJI Phantom 2 with a Zenmuse Gimbal and a GoPro3+ So stoked with the final product.
  158. Ali

    May Bass Content - CALICO Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    The BloodyDecks 2014 Bass Contest presented by Okuma Species: Calico Bass Signal: You must point your finger to the TAIL of the fish Winner will receive a prize pack from: 2014 Bass Contest Rules Open period: Contest is open from 12:00am on the 1st of the contest month to...
  159. Ali

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    Moyer and I took full advantage of the Barrett Lake media pass yesterday. We had the "Golden Ticket" to fish the lake before it opened and had some very good fishing even by Barretts excellent standards. We met Jose at the gate at 6am and 30 minutes later we were off the dock. The lakes...
  160. Ali

    Awesome Tuna fishing aboard the Journeyman out of Puerto Vallarta 5/21 -5/24

    Just got back from an awesome trip aboard the Journeyman out of Puerto Vallarta. The trip was a 2.5 day leaving Monday night, motoring all night, fish Tues, Weds and motor home on Weds night, back to the dock Thursday AM. On the trip was myself, Jason, Clarke (Aleta), Brant, Brett from Rotations...
  161. Ali

    Big El Nino news!

  162. Ali

    Trailering and Launching a 30' Grady in Gonzaga

    Hey Guys, I've never been to Gonzaga before, but I have been told there is a new road there from San Felipe that is in great shape. So my questions are: 1. Is the road really in good shape? 2. Is there a launch ramp there that can launch that big boat with a truck? Thanks in advance.
  163. Ali

    Any CAD/Laser Cutter guys here?

    I have a logo in Adobe Illustrator that I need converted to a .DXF for a laser cutter. I've tried exporting it from Illustrator and the machine doesn't read it. Can someone convert or redraw it me? Thanks. Ali
  164. Ali

    Anyone coming down to San Diego from Menifee soon?

    I bought a bait receiver from and we need to have it hauled down here. I'll load you up on BD swag if you can grab it and run it down for me. Thanks. Ali
  165. Ali

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    The BloodyDecks 2014 Bass Contest presented by Okuma Species: Spotted Bay Bass Signal: You must point your finger to the pec fin of the fish Winner will receive a prize pack from: 2014 Bass Contest Rules Open period: Contest is open from 12:00am on the 1st of the contest month to...
  166. Ali

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    There are several things you will need to fish in Mexico this year without getting hassled. I won't get into all the details of each, but this should get you started. Mexican Fishing License - You will need this to fish anywhere in Mexico. They are good for a year and you can buy it online or...
  167. Ali

    Albino Blue Marlin

    Caught yesterday by the Spanish Fly fishing out of Costa Rica. I've never seen anything like it. Pretty amazing.
  168. Ali

    Snow Goose fly back hunts.

    Check out the video we put together from last years fly back hunt. We will be headed back in the first week of April and might have some room for a few guys. Contact Pepper Slough Outfitters if you're interested. Cost is very reasonable and it's a great hunt. Read the article here...
  169. Ali

    Cheap brass .223

    Some really good deals right now. $.354 per bang.
  170. Ali

    Cheap steel case .223

    This is as low as I've seen it in ages. .28 per round. Just make sure your gun will eat steel. All of mine love it, but Jason has one that does not.
  171. Ali

    Attn: Washi-homos ;)

  172. Ali

    Please help take some Wounded Warriors fishing

    And get a killer performance tee in the process...
  173. Ali

    Live from the blind. Sat Jan 11

    Looks like it's gonna be a slow one but we will see. 3/4 moon, no wind and doesn't sound like a lot of birds around.
  174. Ali

    Snowing on Laguna - Thurs - 12/5/13

    I snuck out this AM for a sit in the deerstand. Not much snow at the base but it built on the way up. By the time I had to turn off the highway I slid 50 yards past. :) So I backed up on the highway and turned onto my road and scared the crap out of another hunter napping in his truck with my...
  175. Ali

    Wister Area Sat - Ducks

    Six of us hit the club Fri night hoping to cash in on what has been a pretty damn solid early season. We had a an epic BBQ on Friday night with BBQ Beef Samiches made with elk roast and some jalepeno/cheddar elk sausages. Sat AM's fly off was pretty disappointing. Just not a lot of ducks in...
  176. Ali

    Browning Citori, Smith and Wesson M&P Ar-15, Custom AR15 for sale

    Time to make some room in the safe. First gun is a Browning Citori Grade 3 Hunting, 1993 with 26" barrel and 3" Chamber This is a beautiful gun that someone put a bunch of money into to shoot clays. The gun has a really nice custom, offset stock and 4 way adjustable butt pad. It also has...
  177. Ali

    TX Archery Hunt - Nov. 7-10

    Just got back from a super fun trip with Nate aka El Toro and Brent aka Fresh One. They invited me to hunt a private ranch near Sonoroa Texas. We would be chasing Whitetail, Axis, Pigs and Turkeys for 3 days. I have seen the pics from past trips and I was stoked to get the invite! I've been...
  178. Ali

    South Dakota Pheasant / Waterfowl / Deer Slayfest 10/19 - 10/23 - Pic Heavy

    It's that time of year again… We parked the boat a couple weeks ago and started getting ready for hunting season. The past couple years I found myself with way too much free time and money so I also picked up bow hunting. Since then, I have been dreaming of a mega combo hunt in South Dakota...
  179. Ali

    ***FMM Visa info for fishing Baja Coast and Coronado Islands***

    The Mex Gov is about to roll out a new process for FMM Visas. We got a sneak peek and broke the whole process down for you. Here's all the info:
  180. Ali

    Raising the Concordia

    Check these pics and video out. Pretty amazin feat.
  181. Ali

    ** Need help with a camp ground recommendation between Bishop and Independence. **

    Hey Guys, We want to take our 30' travel trailer up to the Sierra for a little late season camping and trout fishing. Can anyone reccomend a campground that has some good fishing and is first come, first serve. I'm thinking of heading out a week from Thursday so I'm thinking we should be ok...
  182. Ali

    A22 opener - I suck

    Just climbing down now. Decided to do a last minute sit. Didn't see jack sheet. :0 Lots of hikers around and a good bit of trucks on the side of the road. I need to get better at this.
  183. Ali

    Might need a couple good guys to join our duck club

    I have a couple guys that might not be able to swing the duck club membership for the upcoming season. It looks like we MAY have room for 2-3 new guys. The club is next to Wister at English and Alcott. 80 acres - nearly all flooded - RV parking (no hookups) - Nice Blinds - Nice decoys-...
  184. Ali

    Offshore Way Offshore - Tuesday 7/30 - BFT and Jellotail

    I have been dying to whack some of these nicer grade BFT so we pointed the Jihad south for the run to the 95 mile zone. We shoved off at 7pm and had to run for an hour before dark to hit the #'s before daylight. Me, Jason, Brant and Brandon from Okuma would be the crew for this one. Caught up...
  185. Ali

    Coastal Tanker Seminar with Capt. Mark Wisch - This Thursday 7/18

    The “Between Two & Twenty Fathoms” Power Point Presentation roughly follows the same format of Captain Mark’s book by the same name. You will see tips & tricks for catching sand & calico bass, halibut, bottom fish and of course the highly elusive coastal white seabass. There is an extensive...
  186. Ali

    Okuma is hiring! Looking for a Regional Sales Manager

    I'm posting this for our friends at Okuma. Regional Sales Manager: Okuma Fishing Tackle in Ontario, CA is hiring for a Regional Sales Manager position. Candidates should have sales experience and fishing tackle knowledge is a plus. Travel up to 30%. Excellent pay and benefits. Email resume...
  187. Ali

    More SwordFISHING this weekend - 7/13 - Getting closer.

    Some friends were curious about the daytime deep drop fishing and invited me out with them to show them what I know (which isn't much). I went out on Sat on the C Bandit with Capt. Pete Groesbeck, Owner Bill McQuethy and a couple of their friends. If you haven't seen the C Bandit before, it's...
  188. Ali

    Help your fellow BD'ers.... Post a fish report

    It's that time of year again... We need you guys to POST FISHING REPORTS. Good, bad or otherwise. Everyone reads the reports to help them plan their weekend trips. These reports help us all, so PLEASE give back. You don't have to give up any secrets, just a timely report with where you...
  189. Ali

    SwordFISHING and CbassFISHING

    Not catching.... Brett and I have been trying to decide what and where to fish over the holiday weekend. As the weekend drew closer, there was no clear answer. The forecast called for awesome weather but just no hot bite anywhere. We heard about some Swordies out on the 182 and figured this...
  190. Ali

    Summertime Rolls....

    We got word that the squid bed we worked on Sat was now holding exotics. A quick call to Doug (Glass Paddy) and I had crew in under 2 minutes. We watched it bite on Tuesday night and made plans to roll out for Weds night. Got to the spot to find only 4 boats. Metered and metered looking for...
  191. Ali

    6/15 - Baja Coast / Offshore / Islands

    Met up with my main hebrew at the SI ramp at 5am. Put the skiff in the water, grabbed some bait and headed south in search of some squid just below the border. Flat calm conditions and we were on the spot in just a few minutes. Found the squid after about an hour and put 60 pieces in the boat...
  192. Ali

    Sunday Fun Day... Los Coronados

    Got a little dope from Jason about some Jellos at the islands. Check the weather, greese. Called my boy Jake B, he's down. Leave the bait barge at 5:30, ran 32kts in the skiff and had lines in by 6am. 5 minutes later 28# slug. 30 minutes later 24# slug for Jake. Picked away at them for...
  193. Ali

    Mexican's invade Florida and kill a fatty sword

    Just got the txt from Manny (El Matador Sportfishing) and Juan (Maverick Sportfishing). They went to Miami with Aleta owner Joe Furgerson to learn daytime sword techniques. They fished with Capt. Dean Panos of Double D charters in Miami. I'd say the boys did ok. 420 pounds of swordy steaks...
  194. Ali

    Shimano The Tranx

    Got a chance to finally use my Tranx last week while chasing yellows around south of the border. I really like fishing level winds for everything from bass to albacore but I gotta admit I was skeptical about the Tranx. I was impressed on all fronts by this reel. It really casts a country mile...
  195. Ali

    Better electrical connections... Read this.
  196. Ali

    Have you guys seen this? Larry Dahlberg is a buddy and he was telling us all about these new products he's working on. They use some new materials that are supposed to be super durable and easy to work with to make just about any kind of hard bait or softbait. The stuff looks really cool. I thought...
  197. Ali

    It's that time of year... I need MEMBER PICS for the BD Fred Hall Booth

    Send your best pics from the 2012 season to: [email protected] PLEASE make sure the photos are BIG. If the photo is less than 1 megabyte (1,000 kb) in file size I can't use it. We'll put these pics up on the outside of the booth. If we use your pic ON the booth come see any one of us...
  198. Ali

    WTB - Anchor Chain - 30-50'

    Anybody have some anchor lying around they don't need. I've got cash, gear or beer. Let me know.
  199. Ali

    2013 Great Elk/Camel Hunt Full Report - Cool Pics

    Just got back last week from our annual New Mexico cow elk hunt. This is the third year in a row and the toughest hunting we have seen. We hunt with Kennedy Hunting Services near Des Moines, NM in the four corners area. We keep coming back because they are great folks to hunt with, the success...
  200. Ali

    New Mexico Elk

    Full report coming but just wanted to post a pic from a couple hours ago. 30/06 - 180 grain - 125 yards We hunted cow elk for the third year in a row with Kennedy Hunting Service. These guys are awesome and affordable. Can't recommend these guys enough. We...
  201. Ali

    EL Toro - Out of state draws

    Hey dude, I know you posted up info for turds like me to get in on out of state draws here on BD. Can you dig it up or repost so I can make it a sticky. I really want to start putting in for other states and I'm sure others do to. Suck it.
  202. Ali

    Wister Area Weds 12/19 - They're here... Finally!

    Hunted our club next to Wister yesterday AM. I also invited Carl and his buddy Steve to join me as I was solo. Hunting was VERY good after sucking balls for so long. I was done by 8am and had 3 GWT, 2 Sprig, 1 Widge, 1 Spoon. Carl and his buddy shot limits as well. There are new birds...
  203. Ali

    Make your own Wind On Leaders

    In case you missed it. <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  204. Ali

    Smoking deal for a 2 Day Goose hunt just 2.5 hours from San Diego/OC

    Our friends at Turners still have some spots available for their Annual Goose Hunt out at Cibola. I'm going to try and make it.
  205. Ali

    Dana Point Marina Co. Gift Cert. $480

    I have a Gift Cert that can be used for guest slips at Dana Point for $480. I'd like to get $300 for it or trade? PM me if interested.
  206. Ali

    Sat 11/3 Wister area

    Headed down to the club to get camp set up and maybe shoot a few. It was dead ass slow all around. We had one spoony for 3 blinds. Not much shooting going on, not much flying. Heard a lot of snows on fri night but just saw a few small lines on Sat Am. Camp is all set up. Now all we...
  207. Ali

    Esaul & Vicente do it again!

    Nice fish boys!
  208. Ali

    Sat 10/27 - Wister Area ducks

    Shot the club Sat Am. Wasn't expecting much and pretty much got that. About 1/3 the number of shots from Wister compared to last week. We saw a quick little flury of birds and then dead. I ended up with 3 boot lips and a wigeon. 2 of the birds were shot at 60+ yards. Not much going on...
  209. Ali

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    I just got the call nobody wants.... Sheri from Ascension called to let me know that our brother, Stan Stutzka has just passed away. He was cooking breakfast for his girlfriend and wasn't feeling well. She went to call an ambulance and when she came back he was on the floor. He was DOA when he...
  210. Ali

    Offshore 1010-1067 Still there, where are you? Weds 10/17

    Pointed the Jihad south on Tuesday night with Marcus, Brett and Austin. Headed the the same zone we have been fishing for 2 months now. Much to no ones surprise the fish were there waiting for us. Best Kelp zone was just a couple miles south of the 1067 - East or west 3 miles from there...
  211. Ali

    WTB 24-30' Travel Trailer

    We need to get a trailer to leave at our duck club. I'm looking for something in the 24-30' range that's clean and in the 3-6k range. The more beds the better. Anyone got anything that fits the bill? PM or email [email protected]
  212. Ali

    Does anyone have a Verizon Business Account Rep?

    My rep got laid off a while ago and now I want to make some account changes. Is anyone here a rep or have a good one they can PM me? thanks for the help.
  213. Ali

    Don't forget. Tomorrow.... Swing by, give some blood, get some swag and a bite to eat. Click here to make an appointment. It really helps. Thanks for the support over the years guys.
  214. Ali

    Friends of Rollo BBQ this Sunday - Free tickets courtesty of Let's Talk Hook Up

    Hey Guys, Friends of Rollo is holding their annual BBQ fund raiser this Sunday at Oak Canyon Park in Orange. They is free fishing for kids, a killer bbq, tons of raffles and a silent auction. It's a great event for the whole family. Pete from LTHU just called and offered up 3 free tickets ($90...
  215. Ali

    Offshore Tuesday 9/18 1010 Trench - New Yawkers Kill'em

    Took the Jihad south on Monday night towards the 1010 with Barrett, Brett and his three buddies from NY. Seas deteriorate from nice to down right shitty on the way down. We were meetering fish and bait as soon as we got in the zone. Daybreak found us 5 miles straight south of the 1010 and we...
  216. Ali

    Mark @ Monsoon Marine- two thumbs up!

    Just wanted to give Mark at Monsoon a big shout out. He started working on the Jihad earlier this year and we couldn't be happier. He's done a bunch of various projects for us, but the gel coat restoration he did on our boat was miraculous. We had the entire hull compounded a year ago at a cost...
  217. Ali


    MLPA HELP - ACT TONIGHT Friday 8/31 - SUPER IMPORTANT (IMMEDIATE CALLS NEEDED - AB 2402 - Now or Never) Please read this post immediately! Take 2 minutes to make a phone call on this very important issue. It's tonight or never...
  218. Ali


    MLPA HELP - ACT TONIGHT Friday 8/31 - SUPER IMPORTANT (IMMEDIATE CALLS NEEDED - AB 2402 - Now or Never) Please read this post immediately! Take 2 minutes to make a phone call on this very important issue. It's tonight or never...
  219. Ali


    <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> (IMMEDIATE CALLS NEEDED - AB 2402 - Now or Never) Please read this post immediately! Take 2 minutes to make a phone call on this very important issue. It's tonight...
  220. Ali

    MLPA HELP - ACT TONIGHT Friday 8/31 - SUPER IMPORTANT Please read this post immediately! Take 2 minutes to make a phone call on this very important issue. It's tonight or never. Thanks in advance. Ali
  221. Ali

    Offshore 8/29/2012 - Pens and Offshore

    Took a buddy and his clients out on the Jihad yesterday. They wanted tuna so we went to the pens and we weren't disappointed. We got there at 8am and they bit for about 2 hours pretty much nonstop. We landed 9 really nice BFT from 25-35# and a few kelp fish on the way home. We suffered...
  222. Ali

    coming soon to ....

    These came out awesome. We'll be running a sale in the store later this week and these will be on sale.
  223. Ali

    Friends of Rollo Charity Auction

    Check this out guys. There was a TON of smoking deals last year. Give it a look and support a great cause. Friends of Rollo recently kicked off its “Fishing for Kids” event, a special 10-day long-range fundraiser on the Rolay Polaris with an online auction that will help raise awareness and...
  224. Ali

    Offshore Sat 8/25 - MAW Tourney

    Jason, Wayne and I fished the MAW. We left the dock at about 7pm on Friday and after an hour wait for bait, we were on our way. Our plan was to head 85 mi south to an area the party boats killed them in the day before and had some quality fish. After a smooth and uneventful put down hill we...
  225. Ali


    <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> (**Just when you thought the MLPA's were bad enough**URGENT CALL TO ACTION**) This is no joke. The enviros have two bills coming before legislature to ALLOW THEM TO...
  226. Ali

    ***PLEASE READ AND ACT IMMEDIATELY - ULTRA IMPORTANT*** This is no joke. The enviros have two bills coming before legislature to ALLOW THEM TO MANAGE OUR FISHERIES! Scary stuff. Please...
  227. Ali


    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  228. Ali

    **Just when you thought the MLPA's were bad enough**URGENT CALL TO ACTION**

    THIS IS VERY SERIOUS STUFF. PLEASE ACT NOW. CALL YOUR REPS or TAKE AN HOUR TO WALK INTO THEIR OFFICE and make them aware of this situation. Short version - The enviros paid lobbyists have managed to get two bills in front of the CA legislature that would hand over the management of the MLPA and...
  229. Ali

    Offshore Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    I've been trying to hook up with Mike "Beak" Hurt for the last couple of weeks for some marlin fishing and instruction. For those who don't know Beak he's one of the pioneers of or west coast fishery and just a great dude. We are going to be fishing on Lance Kellers SICK 54' Bertram "Chiquelin"...
  230. Ali

    Offshore San Diego Offshore - Weds 8/15 - Killed'em and found a sea monster.

    So and Arab and a Jew go fishing together..... ;) Took the Jihad south yesterday with Brett Weinberg (or is it Goldstien, or Silverberg? Whatever...) from Rotations looking for tuna, dodos and yellows. Short story, we got 30 mixed yellows and dodos. Kept a couple of each and released the...
  231. Ali

    Offshore Go fishing now!

    Our Fishdope spotter plane was up yesterday and found a ton of kelps holding yellows and dorado in US waters! The Bluefin bit really well yesterday and are biting again this morning. This is what we have been waiting 3 years for! We are so stoked to have our backyard fishing back. Fishdope...
  232. Ali

    Mexican Visa Issue Article by Brandon Hayward

    Just read this. Good job B. The cliff notes version is that everything is still up in the air and they Mexican Navy is not enforcing the FMM for small boats. Stand by to Stand by.
  233. Ali

    Okuma Andros 5II Narrow

    Tiny little Andros from Okuma. Looks great and feels super beefy! Sweet little package!
  234. Ali

    Kudos on the Fathom 25N!

    Hey Guys, I just finished a week of absolutely abusing my Penn Fathom 25 on my new Phenix jig stick in the Sea of Cortez. I fished for 6 days straight and caught everything from Cabrillas to Yellows to Grouper without a hiccup. I must have made 300+ casts per day and horsed a ton of nice...
  235. Ali

    No late registration fee! You can sign up at the Capts Mtg at Dana Landing tonight

    A couple people have asked when the latest they can sign up is. As long as you can make it to Dana Landing before 8pm tonight we will get you in. Also, there is no late registration penalty. It's just $300 for a team of up to 3 people. $100 per extra angler over that.
  236. Ali


    Big thanks to all the donors! This is where YOUR hard earned money went. If you haven't signed up, please take a minute and give just a few bucks a month to protect our fishing rights. <!--[if !mso]> <style> v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:*...
  237. Ali

    Big Yellowtail are biting FULL SPEED today for the party boats! is getting reports RIGHT NOW of BIG Yellows chewing the paint off the boat at one of Islands. Reported to be 12-35# class fish. We're running down the info now and we'll keep you updated. Stand by to stand by....
  238. Ali

    Thanks Grundens/Gage! Free "Eat Tuna" T-shirt for ALL Tourney anglers!

    If you needed another reason to fish, Grundens will be kicking in an Eat Tuna T-shirt for ALL tournament anglers! Grundens is of course known for their iconic slickers and commercial style gear. They have recently introduced a whole line of Performance Style offshore apparel called Gage. This...
  239. Ali

    Salt Life steps up! Free Salt Life Visor for ALL Tournamnet Anglers!

    Salt Life has generously kicked in FREE performance visors for every Yellowtail Shootout Angler! Check out their entire line of fishing lifestyle apparel at
  240. Ali

    Villa Vita in La Bay?

    I need a hotel to crash at on Sat Night and want to be able to put the boat right in front of the room. Is this place cool for that purpose? Thanks. Ali
  241. Ali

    Yamaha Second Control Station Kit - Add controls to your tower!

    This kit includes ALMOST everything you need to ad a second steering and throttle station to your TWIN engine Yamaha powered boat. Perfect for all you Defiance and Parker owners out there. I bought this kit used a couple years back when I was shopping for a big Grady and never used it. It used...
  242. Ali

    Yellowtail ShootOut June 22-24

    It's that time of year again guys... With the Yellows stacked at the islands you can bet we are going to have some great fishing. Come fish the tourney and compete for $30,000 in CASH and Prizes. We will be running the event from SD Boats at Dana Landing on Mission Bay. PLEASE PLEASE help...
  243. Ali

    5/28 Rockpile and islands - We suck

    Had a nice day on the water with Maggie and Smudge but we got shut out on the yellows. After checking out South Island and SKR we started at the Pile around 7 am. Things looked fishy with scattered packs of barries/yellows around the boat. Got the anchor down and started to chum, fished...
  244. Ali

    1998/2010 Monarch 17.5" Aluminum John Boat - Bass/Duck boat - $4000 obo REDUCED!!!

    We are selling our 1998 Monarch Aluminum Side Console John Boat. The is powered by a 40 hp 2-stroke Mercury motor (no hour meter. looks and runs like new) and sits on a BRAND NEW FE Galvanized trailer. We bought this boat a few years ago and stripped it down to bare aluminum and then restored...
  245. Ali

    Nice Leaning Post w/ Rocket Launchers for sale - $450 obo

    Just pulled this out of skiff because I couldn't fit my bait tank underneath it. It's really a big, high quality leaner. It fits an 80qt cooler under it no prob. It has a brushed aluminum finish and the pad is in great shape. Dimensions are 36.5 wide x 17.5 deep x 33" tall. We are asking $450...
  246. Ali

    Pompanette Ladder Back Helm Chair w/ Slider - $200 obo

    We recently removed this chair from the Jihad. It shows some wear and tear but it's in good shape overall. The frame and cushion are both in good shape. Also includes a heavy dude Pompanette slider. These list for $1000 and we'd like to get $200 obo for it. PM me or email [email protected]
  247. Ali

    Todd 5 Star Helm Chair - Black - $400 obo

    Hey Guys, We took this chair out of the Jihad. It's in great shape, no rips or tears. One armrest is a little loose and that's about it. These retail for $1500. We'd like to get $400 OBO for it. Pm me or email [email protected] thanks.
  248. Ali

    Looking for a ride or crew for the YTSO? Post here!

    Let's get a thread going for guys that want to fish the YTSO and need either crew or a ride. Post here to let guys know what you're looking for. With solid yellow fishing a month and a half out, we are really looking forward to a great tourney!
  249. Ali

    New Mexico Meriam Turkey Report

    Just got back from another killer hunt with Kennedy Hunting Services ( in Raton NM with my buddy Todd. After elk hunting with these guys the last two years, we wanted to come back out and check out their turkey hunting program. We were not disappointed...
  250. Ali

    Need more tackle storage?

    Check this out. Even on our new 31' Innovator we had no real tackle storage. We reached out to the Boat Outfitter guys ( after they built some killer custom boxes for Barret latest project. The whole process and...
  251. Ali

    Flying cuda?

    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe> Pretty cool.
  252. Ali

    Bow and Arrow Shop - Great customer service

    I know most of you bow dorks already know this, but I'm still blown away by the customer service I received from Bruce and his guys at the Bow and Arrow Shop in Lakeside. Bruce had no idea that I had anything to do with BD and seriously gave me the best customer service ever. I came in with...
  253. Ali

    MLPA Maps Help Finally!

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd pass this along. These are made by our buddy Chris who also made all the Baja Directions maps that we all carry on our boats. Top quality maps and they take the confusion out of the MLPA BS. You can buy them at most tackle shops and West...
  254. Ali

    Which brand of BOX CALL for Turkeys?

    I want to get one. What brand/model do you guys like? Yes I'm too retarded for a mouth call. Thank you.
  255. Ali

    Everytime I wear my new shirt....

    Guys are always trying to pick me up. I can't figure it out. Please help. :D
  256. Ali

    Avet 3 Speed 80W Reel.

    Check out Charlies interview with Scott from Avet and some more details on the product:
  257. Ali

    Fred Hall Show Long Beach Starts tomorrow!

    <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> We'll be there as always with a bunch of new BD swag. The show runs THIS Weds through Sun and we'll be there the whole time( The BD booth will be in the same spot as last year on the 500 Aisle. Keep an...
  258. Ali

    Need a Hi-Res Picture of Capt. Dave Hansen

    Can you guys that have fished with Dave send me a HI-RES pic of him for our fishdope booth? [email protected] Winner gets a free t-shirt. Thanks!
  259. Ali

    BD needs your fishing pics for our Fred Hall Booth!

    Attn: BDers! We need a bunch of member pics to decorate our booth for this years Fred Hall show. Please send your favorite 2011 fishing pics to [email protected] We need the HIRES original files. If the file size is less than 1 meg it probably won't be big enough for us to use. If you...
  260. Ali

    Tree / Landscape work - Great Referal!

    Hey Guys, I just had our buddy Gavin from Decorus Landscape come out to the house and trim all my palms. Another great job as usual. He mentioned things are a bit slow so I wanted to give him a plug here. If you need any tree or landscape work I can't recommend him enough. He's done tons...
  261. Ali

    Latest MLPA GOOD NEWS!

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  262. Ali

    New Mexico Elk Hunt

  263. Ali

    New Mexico Elk Hunt

    Made the long haul last weekend back to North East New Mexico for our cow elk hunt with our friends at Kennedy Hunting Services ( Between having an awesome time last year and enjoying a year filled with awesome elk dinners we couldn't wait to get back...
  264. Ali

    Exclusive Interview with the Angler who caught the MEGA MEGA Cow in PV this week
  265. Ali

    Great news for our WA bro's

    UPDATE: Proposed Ban on Lead Fishing Tackle Is Off the Table in Washington State Thank you for taking action to defeat this unnecessary legislation Because of your quick action, and that of other KeepAmericaFishing™ angler advocates in Washington and across the...
  266. Ali

    Any BD'ers near Austin?

    I need a little help in the Austin area. I'll make it worth your time. Please PM me if you are near there. Thanks! Ali
  267. Ali

    Keep your Eisenglass in shape

    Great article by Capt. Scott Goodwin:
  268. Ali


    Ok guys. I promised and update and here it is: I talked with SAC. They wanted to make it clear that they are doing all this work for the ENTIRE fleet, both private and sporties. SAC was able to negotiate to include private boats in the ability to purchase the VISA at the landings. Had they...
  269. Ali

    Great deal on a great fishing camera.

    $220 I have the older model of this cam and love it. I paid $350 for mine and use it all the time. Just passing along a deal.
  270. Ali

    Shout out for Lowell (Jack Hammer) and his upholstery work!

    We have had Lowell complete a few projects on our boats recently and I just wanted to give the guy a plug. He's done everything fast, clean and cheap. Give him a call if you need any upholstery work. Check out the stuff he did for us below! Lowell (858) 344-1011 [email protected] or PM...
  271. Ali

    North Salton Sea Report with a special guest!

    Corky and I shot our duck club again on Saturday. Finally got what the doctor ordered after two slow trips. Like others said, the wind made all the difference. It was a little slow early on but once the wind started howling the birds returned from the sea and we made them pay. Shot an easy...
  272. Ali

    Diesel Engine Painting in San Diego???

    Hey Guys, We need someone to come down and degrease and paint our Cummins motors. I don't have the time and I need to get it done. Do you guys know anyone reasonable and reliable in San Diego? thanks. Ali
  273. Ali

    Fall Turkey Tactics

    By our very own Glass Paddy:
  274. Ali

    Decent duck hunting!

    Cork and I are still in the blind. Good morning shoot for 9 birds with just one spoontang. Gonna go look for quail now.
  275. Ali

    More MLPA Action needed - Please take another 2 minutes to complete

    I can't stress enough how we are at a critical tipping point in the fight. Please take two minutes to read and act on the info below. THANKS! <!--[if !mso]> <style> v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape...
  276. Ali

    Do you plan on fishing inshore next year? READ THIS!

    Then you NEED to do this immediately! REMOVE RICHARD ROGERS The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and the website have formally asked California Governor Jerry Brown to remove Richard Rogers from the California Fish...
  277. Ali

    !!! Latest MLPA cal to ACTION !!! PLEASE COMPLETE Please follow these steps ASAP. MAKE SURE TO SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS ASAP. If you fish in California you need to do this ASAP. REMOVE RICHARD ROGERS The American Sportfishing...
  278. Ali

    Have you ever seen this? :)

    Spotted today, near the office.
  279. Ali

    As promised...

    Better late than never... Coming to this weekend. likey?
  280. Ali

    If you haven't read this article yet, give it a look And watch a few of the videos. We saw these screens first hand last week and we were blown away. It's like an Ipad for your boat. Just sick.
  281. Ali

    BD does not condone vandalism.

    Most of these signs were designed to help people — to get where they're going, to find a pet, to avoid grievous bodily harm — and yet some writing-utensil-wielding wiseasses felt compelled to come along and totally deface them. We're so glad they did. Does that mean we value a wry sense of...
  282. Ali

    The Fish are on the move!

    It appears that the cold water barrier below Ensenada has broken down and the fish are FINALLY moving north. There are fish being caught as close as 65 miles this AM and some very solid fishing inside 100 miles. The fish that have been stagnate in that 130 mile zone appear to be breaking up...
  283. Ali

    WTB Quality Helm Chairs - Pompanette or similar

    Does someone have a set of Pompanette or similar helm chairs around that they want to sell? Need a pair for the Jihad. Thanks.
  284. Ali

    Kenny Powers

    This is not funny at all...<wbr>&#8203;=XI_9Yxr0blo
  285. Ali

    Killer BD only stuff from the Shark Men

    Check this out. Very stoked. Please like or share with the Facebook links.
  286. Ali

    Post Tourney Feedback

    Alright guys, let's hear it. What did you like, not like, hate, love, etc. How did you like the new location? Did you like the lower entry fee? Would you like a Cbass or Tuna side pot? We really listen to these posts when we plan for next year. Bring it.
  287. Ali

    A big thank you to all the participating teams and anglers!

    We truly appreciate all of your participation and support. Thing are tough for everyone right now and the fact that you are willing to drop your hard earned money to support BD and our events means a lot to us. We hope you all had a good time and will be back next year! Thank you all. Ali
  288. Ali

    Custom Accurate Reels!

    So Sweet! Thanks Accurate!
  289. Ali

    Thanks to Happy Ending Lures!

    Got some more sick goodies from the boys at Happy Ending. These are for my personal stash, but I'm going to kick some in for YTSO Prizes. Check out the BD Logos! Too cool fellas.
  290. Ali

    Thank you Majestic Lures!

    Got these treats in today for the YTSO!
  291. Ali

    Thank you Bustin Lures!

    A couple nice Jigs showed up for the YTSO!
  292. Ali

    Thank you Bill Boyce!

    Swag for the YTSO.
  293. Ali

    Thank you Fishworks!

    Swag for the YTSO.
  294. Ali

    Thanks Montauk Tackle!

    Swag for 2011 YTSO.
  295. Ali

    Thanks Texas Tim's Offshore Tackle!

    Swag for the 2011 YTSO.
  296. Ali

    Thanks you Tsutomu!

    More swag for the YTSO!
  297. Ali

    Thank you Gaji Lures!

    Swag for the YTSO!
  298. Ali

    Sea Tow stepping up!

    The guys at Sea Tow San Diego will provide FREE TOWING to all tourney teams in the YTSO. They also kicked in a bunch of cool stuff for the tourney bags! If you break down during the tournament, just hail them on 16 and inform them that you are a YTSO boat. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO BOATS THAT HAVE...
  299. Ali

    WTB - 6 Man Liferaft

    Anyone got a 6 man raft in good shape they want to sell? Canister is preferred. Post here or PM please.
  300. Ali

    Help Us, Help You...

    Hey Guys, I know we still have a bunch more teams that haven't registered for the tourney yet. This happens EVERY year. It makes it incredibly difficult and expensive for us to guess how many meals and how many t-shirts we are going to need. I'm ordering all this stuff tomorrow, and if you...
  301. Ali

    What is this season going to be like? Best guess from one of the best out there. Read, learn, repeat.
  302. Ali

    Need some help from you lure guys

    I need some lures from you guys for the Yellowtail ShootOut for raffles and giveaways. Sooooo, if you have benefited from Bloodydecks and the exposure here, please package up some of your wares and send them to us. Please PM me for the address. I'd really appreciate it and I'll make the same...
  303. Ali

    need a few kelp paddy pics

    Do you guys have some good shots of kelp paddies and boats drifting kelps? As big as possible please. Post them here. thanks.
  304. Ali

    Sales Tax on a "Documented" boat

    Hey Guys, When you normally register a boat with the DMV, they collect the sales tax. We just bought our first "documented" boat which is used. Who and when and how do we pay the sales tax? thanks for the info. Ali
  305. Ali

    Go fishing CHEAP!

    Still some great deals left and all the proceeds go to Friends of Rollo.
  306. Ali

    Steve Lassley's Column Ideas

    Hey Guys, Lassley is looking for some ideas for his next few columns and wanted to reach out to you guys. The dude is a wealth of knowledge IMO. What do you guys want to read? Some ideas we came up with: -Tourney Prep -Reading SST's and Currents -Commercial swordy stories Let's hear it.
  307. Ali

    Rock Crab Claw Meat

    Just tore into the one pound tub of crab meat from Tommy. I managed to get some of it on my salad after almost eating all of it out of the tub. VERY good stuff without the hassle of cracking 100 claws. Tommy is an ahole, but his fish is damn good.
  308. Ali

    Hang out with BD Outdoors and FishDope at the 2011 PCS Magazine Festival this weekend

    Come on down to the 2011 Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine Festival this weekend and get two-for-one admission (see below) with the included coupon from your boys at BD! The show takes place at the Orange County Fairgrounds on May 21-22. The show runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and 10...
  309. Ali

    Shout out for Rob Sanford and San Diego Boats

    With the Yellowtail starting to bite I finally got off my @ss and got our boat serviced for the season. I gave Rob a call and he got me in the next day. He got the boat done when he said he would and at the price he promised. I had them service both motors, install a new steering ram and...
  310. Ali

    200 reasons why we LOVE our members....

    After much fanfair, we are VERY PLEASED to welcome all of you back to Bloodydecks and the new BDOutdoors. BD began it's existence over eight years ago to give fishermen a place to speak their minds and we have finally taken it to the next level. We have added some of the finest talent...
  311. Ali

    2011 Yellowtail ShootOut Ride Share List

    Looks like there are a bunch of BD'ers that want to fish this years tourney but need a boat. I think with gas prices being what they are today it's a great idea to bring along another guy to help with $ and cleaning. I wanted to start a thread to connect Captains and crew here. If you need a...
  312. Ali

    Shark Men - I love this show.

    I can't get enough of this show. What do you guys think?!/sharkmen?sk=wall They have a ton of cool behind the scenes stuff on their Facebook page. Clikc the like button on their page an it will appear on your FB page almost daily. Pretty cool stuff.
  313. Ali

    Even a blind squirrel - Glass Paddy is the man!

    Doug/Glass Paddy has been cool enough to try and help me get my first turkey over the last couple seasons. Last year we tried it 4 times at his money spot and just struck out every time. It was definitely a strange year for birds and fish. As this season got closer we kept in touch and talked...
  314. Ali

    Day at the Docks 2011 - BD Blood Drive on Site!

    Donate Blood, Get a Free Bloodydecks T-Shirt! San Diego, CA &#8212;For the first time ever, the crew from is sponsoring a blood drive at the Dayat the Docks fishing festival, scheduled for Sunday, April 17 at the sportfishing landings on Scott Street in San Diego.Each person...
  315. Ali

    Free BD Stickers

    Want some free BD stickers? Just SHARE the BD Facebook page with your friends and we'll send you some stickers for FREE. Check it out:
  316. Ali

    All swag is now 25% off. Get some! That is all.
  317. Ali

    Getting Bit by Brandon Hayward

    Anyone else get their copy yet? I just got my copy and I have to say I'm really impressed. The book is all color and full of great photos, tips, tricks and seasonal info that would help any angler. He does a great job of breaking fishing down by month and showing what is on tap and how to...
  318. Ali

    Bloodydecks to Launch Bigger and Badder Site

    <table class="MsoNormalTable" style="width: 435pt;" width="580" border="0" cellpadding="0"> <tbody><tr style=""> <td style="padding: 0.75pt;"> </td> <td style="padding: 0.75pt;"> </td> </tr> <tr style=""> <td colspan="2" style="padding: 0.75pt;"> Bloodydecks to...
  319. Ali

    Cool Swordfish Video - Check it out

    Just stumbled across this. Really show's how strong these fish are: <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" width="640" frameborder="0" height="390"></iframe>
  320. Ali

    Family Guy

  321. Ali

    How can you help fight the MLPA???

    Guys, There are currently two ways you can help the fight to block the MLPA. The first is by going to KeepAmericaFishing and making a donation. Even if you can only spare a few bucks, please do so. You can come back and donate as often as you want or even set up automatic donations. The...
  322. Ali

    Happy Valentines Day

    Pretty funny.
  323. Ali

    Another plug for Bill Roecker's new book - "At the Rail"

    I finally had time to dig into the new book from Stand Up Fishing with Bill Roecker - Southern California Long Range Fishing - Online sales of fishing videos, DVDs, calendars at over the weekend, "At the Rail". All I can say is WOW! Bill Roecker and Paul Sweeney have done an...
  324. Ali

    Northern California Goose Hunt - 12/18 - 12/19

    My buddy Clint and I took a quick run up to the central valley this weekend near Sacramento in a town called Maxwell. With the storm onslaught coming, we really liked our chances. The plan was to hunt Sat all day and the AM on Sun then head home around lunch time. We would be hunting all kinds...
  325. Ali

    Launching Large Ships - Pretty cool.

  326. Ali

    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    Hey Guys, Just got back from Point Loma Sportfishing where they just weighed the potential new world record Yellowfin Tuna. The fish was an absolute MONSTER with huge girth! Here are the details: Species: Yellowfin Tuna Weight: 405.2# Boat: Vagabond Angler: Mike Livingston Reel...
  327. Ali

    Win a Trip to Marlin University and Benefit Reel Life Adventures

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  328. Ali

    New goodies from Gaji Lures

    Just got my new Gaji Lures back from the boys at Melton. Skirted, Rigged and Ready to rock. Big thanks to Alan and the Melton's boys!
  329. Ali

    BD and Facebook

    Hey Guys, For those of you that haven't seen it, BD is spending a good bit of time on Facebook. Apparently it's not just for teenage girls anymore. :D If you haven't already, please LIKE our page at: | Facebook We'll have contests, news and the Pic o' the Day on there. You...
  330. Ali

    $5000 price drop!

    Shameless plug! Buy our boat!
  331. Ali

    11/1-11/8 Cabo to Vallarta aboard Maximus - Are you not entertained?

    Many of you have watched the rebirth of Captain Keith Denette's new sport boat, Maximus here on BD. Keith is a buddy and asked Brant and I to help put together a "bro trip" to...
  332. Ali

    Charger Game on the Internet?

    Is there anywhere that has better image quality/resolution than I know some guys said it was available on other sites. Are they better? Please post them here. thanks.
  333. Ali

    Team Aleta - PV Report 10/15 - 10/17 - Mega Fish Porn

    We fished Corbetania on the 15,16 and 17 last weekend. Reports for the week leading up to the trip were bleak. To say we had another great one was an understatement. We caught 20 tuna's from 80-140#. One cow at 240# and a nice fat 400# class Blue Marlin. Congrats to Clarke, the hot stick...
  334. Ali

    Prop 21 Ads - Help!

    If you see one, please click it and post a link here. We need this to exclude them from our site. thanks.
  335. Ali

    ***This is some serious shit. Please read*** Call in sick, fake a doctors appointment, what ever. Get your asses here tomorrow at 8AM wearing a BLACK SHIRT. 8:00 AM SHARP...
  336. Ali

    Smoking deal on Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speeds

    Big 5 has the Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed reels on Sale this week for just $229! You can also use the BD coupon below for an additional 10% off a sale item.
  337. Ali

    *** The good guys need another 2 minutes of your time***

    We are coming down to the wire on the DFG decision and the good guys would like your help to get an extension on the final review. The Situation On September 29, 2010, the California Fish and Game Commission (FGC) will hold a special meeting to discuss and consider a potential extension to...
  338. Ali

    ***2004/2008 WORLD CAT 270 EC "Tuna Jihad" for Sale - REDUCED AGAIN $64,900***

    Time for team BD to move up. This has been a GREAT boat for us and caught nearly everything that swims in the Pacific and Cortez. Everything you have heard about the ride is true. You will not find a better riding boat in this size class. The ride is comparable to 30'+ boat and solid as a...
  339. Ali

    Catalina Classic is moving to San Diego! Sept 19-21

    Classic Events Will Run From San Diego This Year. As the saying goes, never leave fish to find fish. Having just wrapped up the Zane Grey, it was clear there are fish to be had out of San Diego. It is also clear that there has not been a marlin caught in Catalina waters yet this season...
  340. Ali

    9/4-9/5 South Dakota Canada Goose Hunt - Kill Zone Outfitters - EPIC

    A little late, but too good not to share. Last week Corky, Yusef, Bill, Sid and I went to South Dakota to Field Test a new guide for Kill Zone (Kill Zone Outfitters) . This trip was for a special Canada Goose Depredation Hunt. The limit is 8 geese per person and the guide has been killing...
  341. Ali

    Rod Building Drama - No Mas

    Dear Rod Builders, First off, thanks for all your help in building a great community here on BD. We love you guys. I've recently been getting a bunch of email and PM's about the drama in the Rod Builders Forum. Best as I can tell there is a bunch of bad history between a few of you and your...
  342. Ali

    WTB: 35-40HP Tiller Outboard

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a solid 2 stroke 35-40hp Tiller Outboard for a duck boat. PM me if you have anything....
  343. Ali

    Yellowfin are biting! A little analysis...

    Don't put your boat away yet! It's true guys, there is a nice body of 20# class Yellowfin tuna heading our way. The sporties are on them at about 100 miles and they are actually eating. I took a look at the last few days of SST's and it looks like we are very close to having these fish...
  344. Ali

    Offshore 295 - Save your Fuel Money!

    Took the Jihad down to the 295 yesterday after a couple good reports of kelps holding and albacore in the area. We found the right 64.5 degree, clean water, but no one told the fish. Wind blew starting at about 10am and by the afternoon it was blowing 10-15kts. I did meter albies at 50 -...
  345. Ali

    Daryl Wong Speargun - Custom BD Editiion - I'm not worthy...

    So OJ (Marcus) got me started on Spearfishing offshore a couple years ago. I've shot little stuff on the reefs of Baja for many years, but never used a nice gun offshore for pelagics. First time, 50 miles offshore I get chased out of the water by a est. 600# Mako. Scared the sheet out of me...
  346. Ali

    Iphone 4 vs. HTC Evo

    Funny. YouTube - iPhone4 vs HTC Evo cartoon HD
  347. Ali

    Tips for Re-Caulking Deck Joints and Plates

    Hey Guys, (insert your 20 shitty cock jokes here) I want to pull out my seat boxes and deck panels this week. Every time I try to make clean beads of caulk with 5200 or 4200, I end up unhappy with the final results. It's always kind of sloppy and/or uneven. I looked around on the net and...
  348. Ali

    Baja California's Governor's Cup Tournament 2010 - $35,000 in prizes up for grabs!

    Hey Guys, We wanted to let every one about this years Baja Governor's Cup Tournament. This event is multi-tournament format with the $35,000 in prizes up for grabs. The Cup consists of five stops: 6/19 - San Felipe 7/10 - La Bay 7/24 - San Quintin 8/21 - Rosarito/La Salina 9/25 - Ensenada...
  349. Ali


    Talked to Capt. Manny from El Matador yesterday. In his words "It's wide fucking open at El Banco compa! Bait, Kite and Popper!" Manny says he is having some of the best Tuna action EVER right now for fish in the 60-140# range and he has seen some bigger models. It's pretty much all you want...
  350. Ali

    Barefoot Bar / Paradise Point needs your help!

    A few weeks ago the power went out at Paradise Point's Barefoot Bar. Unfortunately a MAJORITY of all the Saltwater Gamefish in the outside pond were lost when the pumps shut off. The folks at Paradise Point are asking for our help to restock the pond. Next time you are fishing out of Mission...
  351. Ali


    Are you guys waiting for? 10 days out and we have 39 teams signed up and paid? We will do 70-90 teams when the dust settles... I know there will be a lot of last minute entries, but PLEASE help us out here. We need those of you "holding off" to get off your asses. By waiting until the last...
  352. Ali

    Smoking Deals! 50% off Fishing trips/Services and help Friends of Rollo!

    Hey Guys, The friends of Rollo people have a ton of great fishing trips and gift certificates for sale at 50% of retail value. You can get a San Diego Marine exchange $50 gift card for $25! Half off trips on top name boats! Plus some other cool stuff for half off. Go save some money and help...
  353. Ali

    Quick little underwater tuna video

    I shot this a couple weeks ago down in PV. It's Jason fighting a nice 140# tuna. First attempt at UW video and editing. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  354. Ali and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    I'd like to take a second to welcome Melton International Tackle to We have recently partnered with Melton to bring BD Members exclusive content from around the globe, special deals and hands on Q&A from the boys at MIT. Feel free to use this forum to discuss anything...
  355. Ali


    It will be interesting to see how much weight this Senator carries, but this is CLEARLY a step in the right direction. PLEASE take a minute to Email Senator Dutton at [email protected] to thank him and offer your support. Check it out:
  356. Ali

    FREE Marlin and Swordy Seminar at SWYC in SD on June 3

    Some great speakers and the price is right. Come and check out the new Clubhouse at Southwestern Yacht Club. It's brand new and very nice.
  357. Ali

    Tuna Porn Part Deux - They're still there - Puerto Vallarta Tuna Report

    First off, I'm a VERY lucky MOFO.... We were able to sneak down south again last weekend for a quick 4 day run. It was Me, Jason and Resnik. The mission was to get these boys their first triple digit tunas. Mission accomplished. We fished with Manny, Carlos, Mitchell and Aurelio on El Matador...
  358. Ali

    Has anyone used these lures?

    Check these out: Frozen Tree Company Orb 9" - Pro Tackle Our buddies over at are sending over a few to drag around this season. I guess they are designed/built in Australia and extensively tested. Seems like they would have an awesome action.... Anyone ever use a lure with...
  359. Ali

    How do I resize my pictures for BD

    As a follow up to Jason's post on how to upload a photo, here's how you can resize your pictures to work on Bloodydecks. Most of todays higher mega pixel cameras (5+ Megapixels) will give you an image that is too large to be uploaded to Bloodydecks. In order to upload and share your pics, you...
  360. Ali

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout - Registration is OPEN!

    <center><a href=""><img src="" border="0" longdesc="2010 Yellowtail Shootout" /></a></center> Presents Yellowtail Shootout Hope to see you guys there! Ali
  361. Ali

    IGFA Observer Training Classes coming to SoCal 5/15!

    <LINK rel=File-List href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CALIH%7E1%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml"><LINK rel=themeData href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CALIH%7E1%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_themedata.thmx"><LINK rel=colorSchemeMapping...
  362. Ali

    Berkley 1.5 day Charter on the Voyager 5/7

    Proud Sponsor of: 1.5 Day Rockcod-Yellowtail/Mexican Coastline/Limited load aboard the 55’ “Voyager” Departs: Seaforth Sport fishing @ 5PM on Friday, May 7th returning Sunday, May 9th at 6-7 AM Limited Load: 16 passengers max Cost: $185 per person* (Meals included) Contact...
  363. Ali

    Heavy Glass Bathroom Shower Doors?

    Hey Guys, I'm remodeling my master bath right now and I want to install a heavy glass shower door. I'd like to get one of the trick ones without the frame and cool hinges. As you can tell I don't know crap about these... Anyone here on BD do this?
  364. Ali

    Tuna Porn - Puerto Vallarta Fish Report

    Fished PV with the boys aboard the new Aleta. Manny, Juan, Clarke, Ranchero, Ali, Mitchell and Aurelio. Lotsa laughs, lotsa dead stuff. I think we f'd them up... BIG THANKS to... Mustad - The new Demon Circle hooks didn't miss 1 fish. Corner of the mouth every time. Zero chew offs, zero...
  365. Ali

    Need MAC help!

    One of our team members is too dumb to use a PC and has a MAC. I'm not going to name names (Brant). :D Whenever he forwards us .jpg or .gif files MAC Mail automatically shrinks them down in size. Is there a setting to turn this off? (step by step please, he's a little slow) Thanks!
  366. Ali

    BD Wants to give you Free Stuff! Need some new ideas...

    Hey Guys, One of our goals for 2010 is to give away more free product to our members. You guys are what makes BD what it is and we want to THANK YOU with free stuff from BD and our Partners. Here's a deal we just did on Facebook to test the waters: | Facebook This is the...
  367. Ali

    Fishing shows on TV - What do you like/dislike/want?

    Hey Guys, I was talking to a buddy in the TV biz today about the current line up of Saltwater TV shows. I told him the consensus was that most real anglers can't watch most of the fishing shows that are currently on. My all time favorite was Offshore Adventures follow by Spanish Fly. What...
  368. Ali

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    Hey Guys, I'm hoping someone else has dealt with this before and can lend some insight. Our boat is twin outboard powered and sits in a slip full time. About a year ago we changed marinas. Maybe six months after moving the boat I have the hydraulic seals on my Tilt and Trim go out on both...
  369. Ali

    Even a blind squirrel, finds a nut sometimes.... Thursday Hamachi

    Sorry for the late report, the show kick my @ss last night. We heard about the Yellowtail biting at the Coronado Islands and Rockpile on Weds and had to get a little bit of the action before the show started. Brant, Corky and I loaded up the Jihad for a island run on Thurs AM. We started at...
  370. Ali

    Local Turkeys - What kind are they?

    A buddy and I were wondering what type of turkeys we have here in San Diego. Are they Miriam? Eastern? or ??? Just curious...
  371. Ali

    Need a new computer? Quick!

    Here's a smoking deal on a new Dell. It's a celeron processor so it's not a high end gaming rig, but it will work great for almost all other applications. The deal expires at 1pm (a couple hours). Deal: Dell Inspiron 560 Desktop w/ 18.5" LCD + $50 GC $399 at Dell Click Here...
  372. Ali

    Friends of Rollo needs volunteers for Fred Hall Del Mar

    Hey Guys, The guys over at Friends of Rollo need help manning their booth during the Fred Hall Show. If you have some free time and can help, this would be a great way to give to a local charity. The hours they need help are below. BD will give all volunteers one BD Shirt per shift they work...
  373. Ali

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    As if you need another reason to NOT FISH WITH MASTER BAITER'S in Puerto Vallarta owned by Mr. Stan Gabruk, check this out. Here are a few choice excerpts: "The web Site Bloody Decks is the Joke of the Big Game Charter Industry and Here´s Why: A few years back, a well known captain here...
  374. Ali

    New Big 5 Coupon for March 1 - 20% off any Regular Price Item - 10% off any Sale Item

    Here's this week's BD only coupon! <center><a href=""><img src="" border="0" longdesc="Big 5 Coupon" /></a></center>
  375. Ali

    I want to rip my DVD's to my Iphone, Help!

    What's the best way to rip my Dvd movies to my Iphone. I want a single program that will rip protected, unprotected, whatever movies to my iphone without too much headache. What do you guys use? Help.
  376. Ali

    Check out Manny's new website -

    Check out Manny's sick new website... Puerto Vallarta Mexico Sportfishing Charter for Marlin Sailfish Dorado - El Matador Another awesome job by Boat Lettering, Marine Logos, Tee-Shirts, Website Design - BoldWater® - Effectively Different You guys like?
  377. Ali

    Cheap Ammo @ Big 5

    Here's a coupon for 30% UCW ammo at Big 5.
  378. Ali

    New Big 5 Coupon for the week of 2/21 - Save big on Ammo

    Save 30% on UCW ammo in most popular calibers! You can also see this weeks flyer at:
  379. Ali

    New T-shirt Designs for 2010

    Here's a few reasons to go to the show.... If can't make the show, don't worry! We'll have these for sale at Bloodydecks SWAG during the show at SHOW PRICES! Big shout out to our buddies at BoldWater . They did all these designs for us and we can't thank them enough. The first one is...
  380. Ali

    It's that time of year... I need your best fishing photos from 2009 Season

    Hey Guys, The Fred Hall show is less than 2 weeks away. Like every year, we like to feature our members pictures all over the booth. Please EMAIL me your BEST fishing photos for 2010. The files need to be HI RESOLUTION originals. These will be 1.5 megabytes or bigger files. Every year I get...
  381. Ali

    Very cool tuna fishing video

    Pole & line Tuna Fishing on Vimeo
  382. Ali

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    Ok Guys, It's that time of year! We are ordering all our swag for the Fred Hall Show and I need some help. We've always done shirts in Navy, Black and Charcoal. This year I'd like to try some new colors, but I need your opinions. Please take the survey and let me know what colors you'd like...
  383. Ali

    2010 Miami Boat Show coverage on BD Facebook

    Hey Guys, I'm out in Florida (and it's 32 degrees outside :eyepoppin) for the Miami Boat Show. Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail Miami I'll be posting pics and more live from the show floor via my Iphone direct to our BD Facebook page. | Facebook you can also...
  384. Ali

    Great Storm Surf Shots - PHOTO HEAVY

    Compliments of Barry Brightenburg from Always an Adventure Charters & Outfitters Guided Fishing Trips with Barry Brightenburg San Diego, Ca Scripps Pier and Big Rock....
  385. Ali

    Seaguar $100k On The Line World Record Yellowfin Tuna Contest

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><link rel="File-List"...
  386. Ali

    Seaguar $100k On The Line World Record Yellowfin Tuna Contest

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><link rel="File-List"...
  387. Ali

    Seaguar $100k On The Line World Record Yellowfin Tuna Contest

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><link rel="File-List"...
  388. Ali

    Seaguar $100k On The Line World Record Yellowfin Tuna Contest

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><link rel="File-List"...
  389. Ali


    You are welcome to post LEGITIMATE questions regarding someone's ad or helpful information regarding the boat or ad. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF. If you don't like the price, condition or anything else, KEEP YOUR YAP SHUT. Thank you.
  390. Ali

    Favorite fish/photos of 2009 Season?

    I've become a photo geek.... I like to log all my pics in folders by fishing season and then by trip. Every year I love to go back and look them over. It's kinda cool to reminisce. :supergay: This year I knocked two big ones off my list. I got my first tanker Cbass and first Wahoo. The...
  391. Ali

    Create a custom BD Tide Calendar with your Photos!

    Hey Guys, Check this out! People have been asking us for years to make a BD calendar. Now you can make your own online using your own photos and captions. The calendar also features REAL TIDE DATA from your area. The price is totally reasonable, starting at $16.95. This would make an...
  392. Ali

    Create a custom BD Tide Calendar with your Photos!

    Hey Guys, Check this out! People have been asking us for years to make a BD calendar. Now you can make your own online using your own photos and captions. The calendar also features REAL TIDE DATA from your area. The price is totally reasonable, starting at $16.95. This would...
  393. Ali

    WAAAY OFF Topic... Memory Foam Mattresses. Anyone have one?

    Hey Guys, Looking for some input here. It's time for a new mattress and I have slept on these memory foam mattresses a couple times and love them. Wifey and I sleep on our sides and it seems way easier on the joints. I want to buy one, but I'm afraid I'll buy it in the winter and then sweat...
  394. Ali

    Att& Iphone / Verizon Droid Update

    Jason and I finally found a workable solution to our Apple Iphone AT&T / Motorola Droid Verizon problem. To recap, Jason and I are geeks. We love the Iphone and hate Apple (hippies, apple store, no waranty, etc) as well as AT&T (shitty coverage, expensive, no mexico plan). We recently moved...
  395. Ali

    More BD Crap on Sale.... Lobster Gauges and Fishdope Gear!

    We just got in our shipment of these bad ass Lobster Gauges that were made for us by a BD'er! These things are laser cut 3/16th Marine Grade stainless steel. Thick, heavy and accurate. $4.99 Bloodydecks SWAG :: Lobster Gauge We also put Fishdope Tees @ $9.99 and hats in @ $11.99. Hats -...
  396. Ali

    Buying a new fishing boat?

    Just curious guys.... In this economy there are killer deals on just about any type of boat out there. Are any of you guys looking for a deal? What kind of boat are you looking for? Where are you looking for the deals? Jason and I are starting to get a wandering eye and we were wondering what...
  397. Ali

    Cabo to PV on Karma 2

    Got the call last week from Juan (from Top Gun in PV) that he was moving the boss' 43' Cabo Karma 2 from Cabo to PV along with the EPYC's Pacific Provider. So I promptly invited myself... :D (The boss was cool enough to go along with the plan). It was myself, Juan, Juan Jose (the Capt. of the...
  398. Ali

    Check this out...

    Our buddy Rocky over at World Wide Fish Mounts (Custom Fish Mounts - Worldwide Fish Mounts) dropped this off the other day. I'm in love! It's going to be a perpetual trophy for the Offshore Shootout Tournament. Thought you guys would dig it! Thanks again Rock (and Doc and Vicki)! You...
  399. Ali

    All BD Gear is 30% off at

    Just a heads up guys. We put everything in the store at Bloodydecks SWAG on sale for 30% off. We also have new LONG SLEEVE shirts and FULL COLOR BD decals. These prices are actually lower than show prices. Don't wait too long. Supplies are LIMITED on some of t-shirts and hoodies...
  400. Ali

    Imperial Valley / El Centro Pheasant and Dove Hunt

    Jason was good enough to set us up with a few of his Dads old hunting buddies for a pheasant and dove hunt in the valley on saturday. Unfortunately his wife and daughter got really sick and he had to stay home with them. But in true BD fashion, we went without him. :D Me, Tommy(aka Cornfed)...
  401. Ali

    Waterfowl averages continue to drop at Wister and San Jacinto

    Waterfowl averages continue to drop at Wister and San Jacinto By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service The waterfowl hunting has been dismal at most of the public hunting areas in the southern half of the state this past week with local birds either shot out or wising up and new migrants...
  402. Ali

    It's heating up...

    Just talked to the PV connects... Good fishing starting to happen finally down there... Martuni saw 4 tuna from 60 - 160# today and similar fishing yesterday at el banco. The fleet also did well today at the Rock. Standing by...
  403. Ali

    Need a Hard Top, Tower or T-top?

    Hey Guys, I talked to Tom from Pacific Yacht Towers (Home - Pacific Yacht Towers-Fabricator of arches, t-tops, fishing towers, boat accessories) today and he said the summer rush is over and he now has some room in the shop. He's offering FREE installation on ALL new T-Tops, Hard Tops and...
  404. Ali

    Need Trailer Help?

    Hey Guys, I just talked to Wayne at West Coast Trailers Welded Aluminum Boat Trailers - West Coast Trailers . He said biz is slowing down for the winter and he some time on his hands. He offered to help answer any trailer questions you guys might have FOR NO CHARGE! They fabricate and...
  405. Ali

    Blood Drive, This SATURDAY at Dana Landing

    Dana Landing and BD will be providing a free BBQ for everyone who gives. There will also be a free BD shirt and free Friends of Rollo (Friends of Rollo) raffle ticket for all Bleeders courtesy of BD and Dana Landing. Stop by, bleed a little, get some crap and have a bite...
  406. Ali

    Great Skiff for Sale CHEAP!

    I need to get this out of the driveway. Buy it! 1994 Hydrasports 20' Center Console for Sale $6950 - Bloodydecks Classifieds :D
  407. Ali

    Stars and Stripes Charity Tourney in Cabo?

    Has anyone fished this in the past? What do you know? Stars & Stripes Fishing, Golf, and Music Festival Looks like a good event for a good cause.
  408. Ali

    2002 Yamaha Raptor 660 Special Edition - $2650 obo

    I'm selling my 2002 Yamaha Raptor 660 Special Edition. I got this bike from someone who owed me money and have only used it a handful of times. It's in great shape and needs nothing. I just had the starter bendix replaced and a full tune and detail done. This bike needs nothing and is ready...
  409. Ali

    Mercury Water Pressure Gauge

    Brand New, In box. $30 I can ship. [email protected] or PM me.
  410. Ali

    Radar Mount with running light

    Radar Mount with Running Light. In good shape. Fit's most radar domes. [email protected] or PM me. $125
  411. Ali

    WTB: Trailer for 17' Johnboat

    Looking for a good welded trailer for my duckboat with 13" or bigger wheels. email [email protected] or PM. thanks.
  412. Ali

    Soda Blasting in San Diego?

    Anyone do this or have a good source? I have a 17' Johnboat I want to Soda Blast and re-paint. I found a few guys on the net, but would prefer a solid referral. thanks. Ali
  413. Ali

    New Charter Boat in PV - El Matador - Capt. Manny Ocaranza

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share some pics of Manny's new ride in Puerto Vallarta. The boat is a 35' Cabo, loaded with Avet/Calstar Gear, Tuna Tubes, A/C and a 23kt cruise. Check out the pics! This boat is clean and ready to roll. Call Manny for booking info at...
  414. Ali

    Boat burned and sunk at Bisbees today!

    Boat catches fire, sinks during Bisbee's Cabo San Lucas marlin tournament | Outposts | Los Angeles Times
  415. Ali

    Great Hull Cleaner!

    Hey Guys, I've been using Sub H2o for my hull cleaning for several years now and I can honestly say they are the best I have ever used. They are cheap and reliable, what more can you ask for? Plus the owner Ashley is a Bd'er. Please give them a shot if you need their services.. Ask them for...
  416. Ali

    Another Petition for Map #2

    Please take 10 seconds and complete this one. Every little bit helps... Support MLPA Map 2 Petition
  417. Ali

    Feds now want to take more of our waters. Please read.

    SHIMANO AMERICAN CORPORATION<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> News Release<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Media contact:<o:p></o:p> John Mazurkiewicz/Catalyst Marketing – 574/289-1331 – [email protected]<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> For...
  418. Ali

    SIMPLE video editing on a PC?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a program that I can use to edit video on my PC. We use the SONY AVCHD HD format and I can't find anything besides the super high end software that will edit it. I don't want to learn Sony Vegas just to make some simple vids. Anyone know of something like Windows...
  419. Ali

    New Diawa Saltist 2 Speed Durability?

    Hey Guys, Just curious to hear from guys that own these reels and are actually fishing them.... How do you like them? How are they holding up? What would you change if you could? Just looking for some feedback. Let's hear it! Ali
  420. Ali

    New fishing boat in Puerto Vallarta

    Manny Ocaranza has a new ride. It's a beautiful 35' Cabo with Tubes, A/C, Avets, rigged and ready to rock. BIG Thanks to Boldwater - Boat Lettering, Marine Logos, Tee-Shirts, Website Design - BoldWater® - Effectively Different for the sick new logo. What do you think? He's booking...
  421. Ali

    Offshore Got'em West of 302

    Fished the Jihad with Todd, Scotty and Rick yesterday. Left at Bankers hours of 7:30. Ran to the 302 in nice conditions. Lots of guys whining at the 302 and lots of boats around. We're cruising at 20kts right on top of the 302. I see a sleeper just in front of the boat, pull back on the...
  422. Ali

    BD Needs Help! Anyone going from SD to OC tomorrow anytime after lunch?

    Hey Guys, We have some MLPA Stickers and Banners that we need to get to Bobby at Glenns Tackle TOMORROW Friday the 4th. They need to go from the Mission Bay area to: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta...
  423. Ali

    ***The MLPA IS HERE! TIME TO ACT!***

    Is that clear enough? The MLPA process is almost over and it&#8217;s not looking good for the fisherman by ANY measure. TO BE CLEAR, if you are a fishermen this IS going to change where you fish and what you catch for the WORSE. This WILL put landings, tackle stores, marinas and charter boats...
  424. Ali

    Need an A/C guy in San Diego ASAP.

    My condenser took a crap. I need a new 4 ton unit and installation. PM or email [email protected] Have cash in hand. :D
  425. Ali

    Stuff to remember as we approach Sept. 1st

    Slob dove hunters need to be cited for their violations By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service Dove hunting season opens in a little over a week on Tuesday, September 1, and each year there are fewer and fewer places to hunt. The reason is simple. Dove season seems to attract the...
  426. Ali

    Offshore YFT @ 226

    Good close to home fishing yesterday with 15 fish @ 21 miles from the point. Fish are under the white Terns and with the dolphin. Cedar plug and mini spreader bars were the ticket. A few bait fish, but the majority was trolled up. Go get them.
  427. Ali

    Fishers Landing, Colorado River

    Pretty Crazy.
  428. Ali

    Do you like Jack in the Box Tacos?

    Jack in the Box - Coupon - Two Free Tacos from Jack in the Box
  429. Ali

    Let's Talk Hook Up - Saturday 8/8 - Live broadcast from El Cajon Ford

    Hey Guys, Pete and Rick will be doing a live broadcast from El Cajon Ford tomorrow from 7am to 9am. There will be a casting contest with Shimano DC reels (Digital Cast Control) for a chance to win some Maui Jim Glasses, Shimano Tyrnos Reel and a Shimano Tallus Rod. There will be more free...
  430. Ali

    San Clemente Basin Buoy - WTF?

    Anybody have the scoop on when this will be opperational again? I really use this buoy to plan my trips and I miss it....
  431. Ali

    Giant Tuna in Lakeside???

    Another one from Rocky at World Wide Fish Mounts Rocky has been looking for a 325# class tuna for me for over six months. Finally through his network of fish mount guys, he found my fish. The fish on the left is a 160# fish to give you an idea of...
  432. Ali

    Bermuda on FIRE

    Just got a call from James on Wound Up.... The Bermuda boat Reel Lax is bringing a BIG GIRL to the scale right now. Tapes out at 1200#+! Stay tuned. Pics and details to come!
  433. Ali

    Cbass Jihad? Tank you very much!

    Last week I heard through the grapevine that Barry Brightenburg from Fish Trap Lures and had been whacking the Cbass down south. So I fired off an email begging for a trip/lesson, "Barry, hook a brother up. I need a Cbass!" His reply "We'll get you...
  434. Ali

    Navionics Mobile Mapping for Iphone

    I've been lucky enough to check out a new application for my iPhone from Navionics. I've been playing with 2 of the maps: Marine: US WEST and Hotmaps West. The Marine US WEST has nautical charts from from Juan de Fuca, WA to Cabo San Lucas, MX, including the states of HI & AK. These are...
  435. Ali

    Need a hard top for a 98 or newer Striper Walk Around?

    Hey Guys, I just talked to Tom at Pacific Yacht Towers. He has some overstock Hard Tops for the 21'/23'/26' Striper Walk Around boats. These will fit 98 and newer models. He's blowing them out for $500 off or about $2900 (plus installation and tax). This is a great chance to get a nice...
  436. Ali

    I didn't even notice.

    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=thead colSpan=2> Statistics </TD></TR></TBODY><TBODY id=collapseobj_forumhome_stats><TR><TD class=alt2></TD><TD class=alt1 width="100%">Threads: 132,809, Posts: 1,252,924...
  437. Ali

    Who's in List!

    It's here: Presents Yellowtail Shootout Two weeks left. Step it up guys!
  438. Ali

    Offshore Fished the down the beach for Yellows - 5/23

    Me and Clay ran down along the beach to look for our first Kelp Paddy Jello of the year. Long story short, fished the 500 fathom curve from outside SKR to Upper Finger > West about 10 miles > 425ish > North 9 . One Rat yellow for our efforts. Whatever, it's early. It was nice to burn some...
  439. Ali

    New BD Insurance Hook Up

    Hey Guys, We have a BD Certified Insurance hook up now. Our very own Sherm. I just changed over a bunch of my stuff to him and have been VERY HAPPY. Sherm&#8217;s an avid fisherman and BD&#8217;er who does most of his fishing and buggin from a yak. In his spare time he owns and operates 5th...
  440. Ali


    Bigger models are biting REALLY good in their usual island haunt! Get you some.
  441. Ali

    Registration is OPEN!

    Registration for the 2009 Yellowtail Shootout is now open!! June 26-28, 2009 Click here to register online and reserve your spot! The 2008 Shootout saw 367 anglers from all over Southern California, Arizona and Nevada compete for over $50,000 in CASH and $35,000 in...
  442. Ali

    SD Bay Bonefish

    Been wanting to catch one of these for a long time. So we caught 8. :D Thanks to Full Turd for the tips and Sports Bait and Tackle for the live Ghosties... Very relaxing day on the pond with Wifey and the bitch. It was tough listening to all the reports of Yellowtail and Halibut, but we...
  443. Ali

    If you need a reason....

    To give blood tomorrow.... One for everyone that donates blood.
  444. Ali

    !!!!VERY IMPORTANT MLPA MEETING!!! This Tuesday May 19 - Santa Ana - BE THERE!

    Let's get together for Dinner before the meeting. EVEYRONE IS WELCOME. We will be here around 4:30. Let's meet here at 4:30 - 5:00 in the bar 1. Irvine-Chili's 3745 Alton Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606-8293 Distance:3.69Miles Driving Directions Map of 3745 Alton Pkwy Irvine, CA by MapQuest This is...
  445. Ali


    Here's some great info for RESPONSIBLE Thresher for the folks at PIER. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO!
  446. Ali

    LCD Projector

    Does anyone have an LCD projector we can borrow. We want to display a computer screen big on a wall. PLease PM or post here. ALi
  447. Ali

    Cool Video from Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica

    Greg at Zancudo send me these videos they just edited. Pretty Cool. Can't wait to get down there. <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable style="mso-cellspacing: 0in; mso-yfti-tbllook: 1184; mso-padding-alt: 0in 0in 0in 0in" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR style="mso-yfti-irow: 0...
  448. Ali

    Southwestern Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tourney 2009

    Hey Guys, This is a great event for a great cause. Jason and I fished it last year and had a blast. We'll be back again this year. Hope to see some of you there. Sign up as Bloodydecks club
  449. Ali

    BD does AK 2008 We've been trying to shoot more and more video, but editing it is a bitch. Enter Garret aka Tbickle. This dude took all of our AK video footage and made us this killer video. If you guys like we'll keep it coming. We have some cool trips lined...
  450. Ali

    H20 Therapy

    Had an awesome day on the water yesterday with Clay and my little bro. Hit some spots down south for a great bag of taco meat and a nice 15# ling. We fished nearly all bass rods with straight spectra and scampis with squid for baits. Found a pocket of straight 4-6# reds and loaded up...
  451. Ali

    Take Kids Fishing - Dan Hernandez Youth Foundation

    Hey Guys, Take a look at this. We're trying to help Dan promote his latest charity event.
  452. Ali

    Key West Wahoo & Sharks

    Hey Guys, I just got an email with some cool pics from my buddy Jose Wejebe from the Spanish Fly TV Show. These guys have some grande juevos. Take a look. <FONT face="Courier New"><FONT color=#003333><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  453. Ali

    Onsolow Bay Boatworks - 27' Center Console

    Hey Guys, Brad from Onsolow Bay Boatworks ( Home - Onslow Bay Boatworks & Marine Products )contacted me about their 27' Center Console. He was wondering what West Coast guys would think of their boat. Looks like a very big, clean center console that woudl be awesome for fishing our waters...
  454. Ali

    BD and FD in PCS this month

    Our friends over at Pacific Coast Sportfishing put together a nice article on the internet and fishing. They were cool enough to show BD and FD some love! Check it out. Page 26 in the April issue. Mine just came in the mail yesterday.
  455. Ali

    Recorded VHF now available!

    Another nice feature. Not only can you listen to the VHF live, we are now archiving the last 7 days or so of VHF. You can listen to yesterdays VHF with just the click of a button. Very cool stuff.
  456. Ali

    Sweet new Feature! Listen to the VHF from your computer!

    With the pre-FHS rush I don't think we ever announced this here. We have recently added the ability to listen to VHF radio LIVE from your computer for Fishdope members. We are working now on recording the days VHF action so you can listen to it later on. This is a FREE added service for...
  457. Ali

    Anyone coming up Friday AM?

    I have something I need brought up. If you can pick something up from my office and deliver it the show I will shower you in t-shirts.... PM me please.
  458. Ali

    They just keep coming...

    Day of the Dodo. Front and rear. Thanks again to
  459. Ali

    And Another one....

    New Shirt Design front and back. Big thanks to
  460. Ali

    Yet another reason to go to Fred Hall this week....

    All this stuff will be available at starting on Weds and it will all be AT SHOW PRICES 25% off!
  461. Ali

    FishDope Fred Hall Special - FREE T-SHIRT and HAT!

    The FishDope crew will be at this weeks Fred Hall Show (March 4-8, 2009) in Long Beach. We will be giving FishDope demos and answering questions. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> We are proud to announce our newest feature, Online VHF. This is a...
  462. Ali


    Hey Guys, I just talked to Rob over at Defiance Boats/California Offshore Marine and he told me they will be showing a BRAND NEW MODEL at the Fred Hall Show. The new model is a 29' x 10' Defiance 290 Guadalupe. Finally a big beam Defiance! Rob and Company will be GIVING AWAY a free Defiance...
  463. Ali

    APB!!!! HELP TOMMY!!!! READ ME!!!!

    I just a call from Tommy. Last night some shitbags broke into Catalina and ripped off Tommy's Unigoop Trailer. The trailer was FULL of his Fred Hall supplies. They got 1500 bottles of butter, t-shirts, coffee mugs, his booth, his stickers, etc.... PLEASE keep an eye out for a 8x10' White...
  464. Ali

    Bad Company hit a WHALE today???

    Just got this from a buddy. Crazy!
  465. Ali

    More new BD Swag for Fred Hall...

    I'm so stoked with how this stuff is coming out!
  466. Ali

    Fred Hall Sneak Peak....

    You like?
  467. Ali

    It's that TIME! I need pics for the Fred Hall Booth

    Hey Guys, I need your best pics of the 2008 Season to decorate the Bloodydecks booth at Fred Hall. PLEASE send them to [email protected] and feel free to post them here as well. NOTE: I need BIG IMAGES taken directly off the camera and not resized. If the file size is UNDER 500k, I CAN...
  468. Ali

    Big Brass Clanky Ones.... Wow.
  469. Ali

    Pretty Cool Chit

    The cover shot is guy named Joe Cermele who is also Field and Streams web editor. I don't know the guy from Adam, but THANKS! Very cool. Second pic is Crackerjack deckhand Craig "Justin Timberlake" Shuller from an Spanish fishing magazine. Craig seems like an OK dude, but it's probably because...
  470. Ali

    I don't know who Larry is....

    But he's a genius....
  471. Ali

    Outdoor News Service - Waterfowl Report Update

    Imperial Valley special light goose season allows 16 more days of hunting By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service There is a special 16-day white goose hunting season on private property in the northern end of Imperial County starting Feb. 14 and continuing through March 1. With around 25,000...
  472. Ali

    Outdoor News Service - Waterfowl Report Update

    Last two weeks of waterfowl season fair despite 'fowl' weather the final weekend By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service The last two weekends of the waterfowl season were fair at best for hunters on public areas in Southern California. Even with the rainy and windy weather the last weekend...
  473. Ali

    New BD Sponsor - Open Water Fishing Bags

    Hey Guys, An old buddy of mine just started a new Tackle Bag company called Open Water. This guy is a serious SoCal Saltwater guy and designed bags for guys like us. They also have a Freshwater line called Rock River. We'll get getting a good handfull of product for GIVEAWAYS and TOURNEY...
  474. Ali

    Calico Bass Sticker

    Ass Grass or BASS..... Coming soon to Big thanks for Boldwater for making us look good again.
  475. Ali

    Happy BDay Jason

    Our own Japhammer (Jason) turns 34 today. HAHA.
  476. Ali

    Great White Research from Guadalupe

    Awesome footage from the Offshore Adventures Team.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  477. Ali

    Outdoor News Service - Waterfowl Report Update

    Waterfowl hunting results improve as season nears end By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service Hunting results across Southern California public waterfowl areas has continued very good, with many limits reported on Wednesday this week (Jan. 7) at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area where the average...
  478. Ali

    Calico Photo Help - WIN A FREE BD T-Shirt

    Hey Guys, I need good broadside photo of a fat calico for a BD project. Can you guys please post your best photo's here? It needs to be a BROADSIDE shot of the fish. A fish hanging from it's lip won't work. I'll send a FREE BD care package to whoever posts the best photo. Below are some...
  479. Ali

    Supercows off Cabo

    Just something to think about.... What do you guys think of all the BIG fish being caught off Cabo this year and so FEW in PV? I think we can officially say PV had a shitty year by PV standards for big tunas. I wonder if that early warm water pushed the fish up and out???? There's been...
  480. Ali

    Spanish Fly 2009 Season Starts Tomorrow, Special Guest BD'er BOLDWATER

    Spanish Fly's ( 2009 Season Starts tomorrow at 6:30 AM on ESPN2. The first show is all about the Banana River and BD'er Boldwater. Boldwater is Derek Redwine a marine artist from Florida. His company Boldwater ( specializes in branding and marketing for...
  481. Ali

    Outdoor News Service - Waterfowl Report Update 12/16/2008

    More migrants and 'fowl' weather could improve this week's waterfowl counts By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service Goose hunting continued to surge at the south end of the Salton Sea this past week, and an increasing number of newly-migrated ducks have kept duck averages pretty good at most of...
  482. Ali

    New World Cat 290 CC

    I admit to being a cat geek. Look at this sexy bitch. World Cat 290CC Center Console - Powered Catamarans Just released. I love Grady's and World Cats, but I think WC has REALLY outdone themselves with this new 29'. The 29' Express is the nicest boat in this size class I have ever been...
  483. Ali

    New Stuff from Fishworks

    Hey Guys, I just talked to Squig at Fishworks and all their new stuff is shipping. Check out the new gear from Fishworks. Vallarta Shorts: 2009 Camo 2009 Cruz 2009 International YFTuna Tee All in stock now at dealers or...
  484. Ali

    Wister 11/24/08 - Big Thanks to Kid Creole

    Marcus, Stephen and Billy were cool enough to invite me along on a Wister snow hunt. This was the first time meeting Stephen and Billy, Marcus being a long time bitch.... :D I gotta tell you, these two know how to kill fucking snow geese. These guys live for Snows like many of us do for...
  485. Ali

    Blood Drive Tomorrow - Saturday 11/22

    Fish Tacos, Gyros Samiches and free swag. 10am - Saturday 11/22 - Seaforth Marina Be there!
  486. Ali

    More Fish Mounts

    Just talked to Rocky at World Wide again. The fish mounts have been selling like hot cakes, but he still has plenty left. Take advantage of the offer while it lasts! Any Four mounts for $1000!!! Take a look. Assorted Fish Mounts - Incredible Prices! - Bloodydecks Classifieds
  487. Ali

    Fish Mount Blow Out!

    Hey Guys, Our Buddy Rocky at World Wide Fish Mounts just moved shops and needs to get rid of some inventory. He's blowing out some bad ass mounts at $1000 for 4! Check it out here: Assorted Fish Mounts - Incredible Prices! - Bloodydecks Classifieds
  488. Ali

    Official 2008 BD Tuna ShootOut Results

    Here are the final results of the 2008 BD Tuna Shootout We had 8 Boats Participate with 31 Anglers.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Day 1 - <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Team Aleta<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 128# Yellowfin...
  489. Ali

    BD will be at the Meltons Tackle Grand Opening this weekend!!!!

    Hey Guys, Melton's is holding the grand opening of their new 20,000 sq. ft. tackle mecca this Saturday. Check out the pics below, this place is SICK. We'll be there hanging on with a booth and passing out stickers. Come by and check it out. Details are below: Melton International...
  490. Ali

    Puerto Vallarta Tuna Report 9/19

    <FONT face=Arial><FONT size=3>Puerto Vallarta Tuna Report 9/19 9/22/08<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> Early last week we got a call from the boys that the bite was turning on after the full moon. After a couple of days of our boy Juan on Top Gun killing...
  491. Ali

    Berkley/Glenn's Tackle 10 Day aboard the Qualifier 105 12/8/2008 - 12/18/2008

    The Boys at Berkley are putting together an awesome charter with Glenns tackle. Take a look! Dates: Trip #38. Monday, December 8th through Thursday, December 18th (10 Day trip)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Max Load: 26...
  492. Ali

    CA Lobster Season is Coming Sat. 9/27

    Some important information from the DFG Below re: the new Report Card Law and more.... Spiny Lobster Q. When does the requirement for filling out and submitting spiny lobster report cards go into effect? A. Persons taking or trying to take lobster will be required to possess, fill out and...
  493. Ali

    How to catch a YFT

    One of the Fishdope members was having trouble getting the YFT to bite over the holiday weekend. We've been killing them on our boat and I wanted to pass some observations/info. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> Here&#8217;s what we have...
  494. Ali

    Dominator 2 Day Trip - $300 - 8/29-8/31

    Hey Guys, My buddy Pete has 6 spots open on his Dominator Charter this weekend. This is a F'n Steal at $300 for a TWO Day trip. This price INCLUDES Food and Surcharge. Give Pete a call at (619) 672-7089 have fun.
  495. Ali

    Anyone going to PV soon?

    I have a few small parts I need carried down to Juan on Top Gun. Please PM me or reply here.
  496. Ali


    To encourage as many last minute teams as possible we have WAIVED the late registration penalty ($100). The tourney is just one week away from Today and fishing is on FIRE!!! GET IN NOW!
  497. Ali

    Late Registration Deadline

    Hey Guys, Just a reminder that this FRIDAY at midnight will be the deadline for late registration. If you are planning on fishing the Offshore Shootout, please register as soon as you can. Thanks!
  498. Ali

    A Bloodydecks Management Meeting...

    On Parenting... misuse<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = AIM /><AIM:timestamp style="DISPLAY: inline; FONT-SIZE: 11px"> (2:19:18 PM)</AIM:timestamp>: FUCK. my kid just SHIT ON ME. GatoGordo<AIM:timestamp style="DISPLAY: inline; FONT-SIZE: 11px"> (2:27:53 PM)</AIM:timestamp>: HAHAHA...
  499. Ali

    Great Upholstery Work

    I just had my combing pads in my Grady replaced by: Resurrection Custom Upholstery 640 Garfield Ave El Cajon, CA 92020 619-319-0921 I was a little nervous as some of the pads are L shaped with nice radius. He matched the factory Grady lines PERFECTLY. He even suggested I wait a few days to...
  500. Ali

    Went to PV

    Caught some stuff. Saw some stuff. Laughed my ass off... Big thanks to the boys for another awesome trip.
  501. Ali

    The fish are biting this AM.

    Check out the report from THIS AM on . Private Fishing Reports
  502. Ali


    Hey Guys, I just wanted to take a second and thank EVERYONE who made the 2008 YTSO such a HUGE success. This event truly raised the bar for Socal Tourneys and we could not have done it without all of you. SO.... BIG THANKS TO: ANGLERS - We can't have a tourney without anglers! You guys...
  503. Ali

    YTSO Awards Banquet will be open to the public!

    Just want to make sure everyone knows that the Awards Banquet and Vendor Village IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is TOTALLY FREE. If you would like to have lunch, you will need a banquet ticket which will be available for $35 on site, but this is optional. If you would like to come down and check...
  504. Ali

    Slackers? Last minute sign ups

    How many of you guys plan on signing up at the captains meeting? We're forecasting t-shirts, etc. and a show of hands would be great. Please post here if you plan on signing up in the next few days or at the captains meeting. Let us know how many Anglers and shirt sizes you will need. Thanks!
  505. Ali

    Is BD Faster Today?

    Jason and the boys worked on it last night. Seems much faster here. What about you guys?
  506. Ali

    Great Deals from Avet and Graphtec at the YTSO banquet

    Avet will be offering reel cleaning and lube for $10 per reel ONSITE. If your reels needs a pre-season tune up, just let bring them on down with your. (Parts and other repairs extra). BD and Graphtec will be selling a full line of their rods at 25% off retail thru the BD Swag booth at the...
  507. Ali

    BD on the Radio???

    Capt. John Grabowski and Ed Zieralski have asked Wildcat (aka Jim Daniels) and myself to be their guests on All Outdoors Radio this Sunday afternoon. We'll be talking about the BD, upcoming tournaments and FishDope. Should be a good time. The show is available is on from 4-6pm in San Diego...
  508. Ali

    REMINDER: Late Registration Deadline is this FRIDAY 6/13/08 at 11:59PM.

    Just a reminder, the Late Registration Deadline is this Friday Night at 11:59pm. Any registrations received after the deadline will incure a $75 per team penalty and a $25 per angler penalty. PLEASE register as soon as possible. It really helps us with catering planning and t-shirt orders...
  509. Ali

    Team Changes - Additions, Subtractions, etc....

    We are getting a lot of emails from Team Captains wanting to make changes. If you need to make ANY changes to your original application, please email them to [email protected] . If you will be adding anglers to your team, we will send you a PayPal money request. Please keep an eye...
  510. Ali

    Sundance Marine / Dana Landing Fishing Seminar

    Hey Guys, Our friends at Sundance Marine and Dana Landing are hosting a FREE seminar next month. See the details below: ======================================================== WHERE: Sundance Marine Showroom WHEN: Thursday (June 5th) Meet & Greet @ 6:00 PM Seminar: 7:00-9:00 PM Sundance...
  511. Ali

    $5k Price reduction!

    On my Grady White! Please help me sell this awesome boat! Bloodydecks Classifieds - 1997 Grady White Voyager 248 with Suzuki 4-Stroke 140s - REDUCED!!! That is all...
  512. Ali

    Bass fishing is STILL gay....

    17 fish to 6.3#. At work by 9:30. :D
  513. Ali

    Raymarine E120 Multi Function Display - $2500 OBO

    Just reduced the price to $2500. Somebody please steal this f'n thing! Bloodydecks Classifieds - Brand New Raymarine E120 in the box
  514. Ali

    **** Widow of a Spearo needs BD help ****

    Hey Guys, I just got a call from a good buddy that had to lay one of his spearfishing partners to rest this week. They are doing a paddle out for the guy tomorrow and they need a small inflatable and outboard so the widow can get out for it. Does one of you guys have a tender you can loan...
  515. Ali

    Sponsors Wanted!!!

    Hey Guys, I'm getting PM's from people wanting to sponsor the BD tourneys. We still have some great opportunities available. Please feel free to PM me or Email me. [email protected] thanks. Ali
  516. Ali

    FINALLY a decent Sheath for Forschners

    Blade Tamer I order one of these the other day and just got it. All I can say is BAD ASS. It's a ballistic nylon shells with a hard plastic insert for fillet knives. The thing is really awesome. Check them out.
  517. Ali

    Don't tell anyone....

    But I went bass fishing..... 13 fish for two in 2 hrs. Avg 3#. Big fish 5#15oz. I got schooled.
  518. Ali

    Capitan Huggies

    Felicidades Cunado! Going to miss you this season. Animo! :D
  519. Ali

    Thresher Shark Seminars

    I'll be at the San Diego seminar for sure.
  520. Ali

    Brand New Raymarine E120 in the box

    I need to sell this thing ASAP and it's a great deal! Bloodydecks Classifieds - Brand New Raymarine E120 in the box West Marine $3899 I want $2750 OBO Email [email protected] with any questions.
  521. Ali

    Catch More Fish, Burn Less Fuel -

    What is FishDope? fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) fish·es, verb –noun <TABLE class=luna-Ent minmax_bound="true"><TBODY minmax_bound="true"><TR minmax_bound="true"><TD class=dn vAlign=top minmax_bound="true">1.</TD><TD vAlign=top minmax_bound="true">any of...
  522. Ali

    Fucking with my cousin....

    Not cool man.... QubeTV :D
  523. Ali

    Let's here it Oregon

    You now have your own forum. Enjoy. :D
  524. Ali

    ***Help!!!*** We need Albacore Pics

    From a HEAD on angle or Quartering. Here's a couple of samples of what we need. (Yes I know the first is not an albie!) Please post them here if you have them or email [email protected] thanks!
  525. Ali

    West meets East? Fishing from Fort Pierce to Port Canaveral

    On my fifth trip to Florida, I was finally able to get out and do some fishing. Every time I get back there, it seems like the wind starts blowing. Coincidence I'm sure... :D My patience finally paid off... Capt. Scott Goodwin from invited myself and Derek from...
  526. Ali

    BOTD IS BACK!!!!
  527. Ali

    !!!BD 2008 Tourney Dates!!!

    Here they are: Bloodydecks 2nd Annual Yellowtail ShootOut June 20 - 22, 2008 Sheraton Harbor Island Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout Tournament - Bloodydecks 1st Annual Offshore ShootOut Aug 22 - 24, 2008 Sheraton Harbor Island Bloodydecks Offshore Shootout...
  528. Ali

    Charter Captain Position - Seward AK

    Our friends at ProFish-n-Sea are hiring! See Below ========================================== Captain Position in Seward Alaska One of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st="on">Alaska</st1:place></st1:State>&#8217;s premier charter company&#8217;s is...
  529. Ali

    Spanish Fly TV - New Season Starts 12/30 on ESPN2

    Hey Guys, Just want to show my boy Jose some west coast love. He's a great dude and has an awesome show. Add it to the Tivo. I really think it's one of the best on TV. Check it out and feel free to post feedback here.
  530. Ali

    Temporary Help Needed - East County, San Diego

    I need some general labor help in my shop or the next 2-3 weeks. Anybody on Vacataion and need to earn a few $? Pay is $10 per hour. PM or email me at [email protected] Ali
  531. Ali

    BD JACKETS for XMAS Cut off Date

    If you order your BD jacket by 12/12 at Midnight we will GUARANTEE shipping by 12/18. This will get to anywhere on the Western half of the US in time for XMAS. Get you one! Bloodydecks SWAG
  532. Ali

    !!!All BD SWAG is on SALE - 25% off!!!

    The sale in on at Bloodydecks SWAG 25% off EVERYTHING in stock (Excluding only BD Jackets) !!! Supplies are limited and we are looking to clean our the inventory to prepare for the show season. Stock up now and save! Everything will ship NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Plenty of time to order for...
  533. Ali

    Epic Footage! From Spanish Fly / Capt. Jose Wejebe

    Take a minute and check out this sick footage from Jose Wejebe. He's the host of Spanish Fly on Espn. Great show and epic footage. Look around. Some good stuff! Costa Del Mar - Channel C
  534. Ali

    Help a Brother Out!!!!

    Hey Guys, Our good buddy Bill Boyce (the underwater photographer dude from the Fred Hall shows) needs our help. His new TV show ( is up for a few awards and we need to help stack the deck. Please click on the link below and vote for Bill...
  535. Ali

    BD Jackets for Xmas!!!

    A lot of people are asking me when the last day to order a jacket and still get it in time for Xmas. If you guys order by 12/5 we will guarantee it in time for Xmas, anywhere in the US. As always, sooner is better. Also, all orders over $150 will get free shipping! Bloodydecks SWAG...
  536. Ali

    BranMan getting it done....

    Nice work Dude.
  537. Ali


    Hey Guys, We still have a few holiday party seats available. If you'd like to go and haven't signed up, please click: Bloodydecks SWAG :: Events :: 2007 Bloodydecks Holiday Party We'll see you there!
  538. Ali


    As a Reminder... The holiday party cut off date is THIS Friday 11/2. We need to give a head count Saturday AM. If you are not on the list and PAID by then, we will be forced to bump you. The party is always a blast. If you want to get in, please hurry! thanks.
  539. Ali

    BD Jackets...

    Coming soon. :D Watch here and Bloodydecks SWAG That's all.
  540. Ali

    More Tuna Pics

  541. Ali

    Cool Pic

    I took this in PV last week. Looks like a hungry tuna. I've got a bunch more I'll upload when I get time.
  542. Ali

    Do you have a Pacific Yacht Tower top on your boat?

    Hey Guys, We're doing some co-marketing with Pacific Yacht Towers and we need some good photos of their work. If you have any pictures of their work on your boat, please take a minute to email them to me at [email protected] T-Tops, Leaners, Hardtops, Towers, Rocket Launchers...
  543. Ali


    Hey Guys, Just a heads up. I got a msg today from the third buddy in 2 weeks telling me his boat got stolen. It sounds like there is a rash of boat thefts in East County lately. The theives are stealing the boats, stripping them and then dumping the hulls. Please take a minute to chain...
  544. Ali

    BD Needs a Java PRO!

    We are looking for a PRO Java Programmer to help us with a couple of upcoming projects. Please email me @ [email protected] or PM if you have the skills. Thanks!
  545. Ali

    Spots Available on Indy 16 Day Trip 1/6-1/22/2008

    Our good friend Rick Ozaki with West Coast Marketing had a few spots come available on his annual 16 day trip. Being that Rick owns and or represents many tackle companies there will be a TON of giveaways. Check out the details: The boat is the Independence and the trip number is # 0836...
  546. Ali

    Bloodydecks / Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica - December 5-10, 2007

    The guys at the Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica have offered BD members a discounted trip for their all inclusive resort. I will be acting as Chartermaster on the trip. The Zancudo Lodge is located on Golfo Dulce Bay in the southern part of Costa Rica. The resort is surrounded by jungle...
  547. Ali

    Awesome Florida Grouper Fishing on Tribenwater

    Check out the awesome Florida Grouper fishing going on right now @ Tribenwater Bottom Fishing, Port Canaveral - TribeNwater
  548. Ali

    Hammering the Broadbills!

    My buddies in Port Canaveral are in the midst of an Epic Swordy bite right now. Check it out:
  549. Ali

    Palm Tree Mover?

    Can anyone reccomend someone to move a few large palm trees for me? I need them pulled, moved and re-planted. Thanks.
  550. Ali

    Labor Help Needed!

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a couple hard working guys to help out at my house. I need guys to rototill, trench and plant. During the week or weekends is fine. I'm in El Cajon. Anyone got any leeds? thanks. Ali
  551. Ali


    The boys from Defiance will be at Shelter Cove Marina (2240 Shelter Island Dr., Next to Bali Hi) all weekend demoing their new line of Pilothouse Boats. They will be there from 10 - 6 on both Saturday and Sunday. Go see Scott and crew and take a ride on these killer boats. [/font]
  552. Ali

    Seward (and other places in Alaska) Report - 6/2 - 6/11 - Caution: LOTSA PHOTOS!

    Our good friend Andy Mezirow from Crackerjack Sportfishing( had invited myself, Jason and Derek from Boldwater ( to come up this summer and check out Seward. Jason had to bow out because of the new baby so we invited Brant C along. We managed to...
  553. Ali

    Thanks to ALL Tourney Anglers

    Thanks for the awesome turn out! Dana was crawling with BD'ers all day long. Lotsa swag everywhere, VERY good to see. We have the banquet tomorrow at 10am where we will announce the winners. Some people are going to go home with a TON of $$$ and some great prizes. The raffle is looking...
  554. Ali

    Awards Banquet / Raffle

    Hey Guys, Just a reminder about the Awards Banquet... We will begin letting people in at 10am on Sunday Morning. The Banquet will be held in the Dana Landing North Parking lot in front of West Coast Power Cats and West Marine. The green wristband in your angler bag is your admission...
  555. Ali

    Harbor Island West Fuel Dock

    Hey Guys, Harbor Island Fuel dock in SD Bay will be offering their lowest fuel rates to Yellowtail Shootout Anglers. Just mention the tournament when you fuel up and they will hook you up. Enjoy!
  556. Ali

    Schwag A Plenty....

    We started stuffing the Angler bags tonight.... Holey CRAP! You guys have some nice stuff coming your way! Big thanks to Pelagic, Berkley, Reebs Lures, Fish Trap, West Coast Power Cats, PCS Magazine, Fish Trap Iron and more!!!! It's hard to give this stuff away.... And a big thanks to...
  557. Ali

    NEW FAX # is 619-443-3524

    We have just moved BD HQ and have a new fax # 619-443-3524. Please send all faxed correspondence to this new #. The old # should forward, but AT&T has been less than consistent.... thanks.
  558. Ali

    ***All Anglers MUST Sign the Application***

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to make sure everyone understands.... Every Tournament Angler MUST sign the tournament entry application. If you do not sign the form, you do not fish. Period. We have about 100 anglers that have NOT signed. We will need all these signed by the end of the captains...
  559. Ali

    I'm gone!

    I'm headed to Alaska for the next week and a half for a little R & R. Please post any tourney related questions here. You can also pm Jason with any issues you might have. See you guys in a few days...
  560. Ali

    Captains Meeting

    Will be held at the Dana Inn on Friday June 15 at 8PM. We have a ballroom reserved with No Host bar. The Dana Inn is located just west of the Dana Landing Launch Ramp. All the details can be found at San Diego Hotels on Mission Bay | The Dana on Mission Bay | San Diego Marinas &...
  561. Ali

    Sponsor Update - MORE PRIZES!!

    Hey Guys, I'm pleased to announce two huge new sponsors for the event. We have just signed on with Who's Your Daddy Energy Drink (Who's Your Daddy). They will be providing their awesome product in all the angler bags and at the Banquet. They will also be bringing out their display and the...
  562. Ali

    Tournament Update

    Hey Guys, Here's the latest update as promised. Due to the overwhelming response to the tourney, we are altering the pay schedule to pay out more spots. The pay schedule will now be: 1st Place - $5000 Cash + $5000 Prizes 2nd Place - $2500 Cash + $2500 Prizes 3rd Place - $1000 Cash + $1000...
  563. Ali

    Telephone/Data Wiring

    I'm looking for someone to come out and wire my brand new office. I have about 5 rooms and 12 jacks I would like wired. These are all inside a warehouse/office building. Please PM or email me at [email protected] thanks. Ali
  564. Ali

    75% FULL as of 5/22/07

    We're almost done. Get in now before you miss out.
  565. Ali

    If your on the fence about fishing the tournament....

    GET IN NOW! We are are 75% full! I know a lot of guys are waiting to enter. Get on it ASAP or get left at the dock!
  566. Ali

    Is there a lawyer in the house????

    I have a good buddy who needs a good divorce lawyer ASAP. (No it's not for me!) If you can help, please PM me. thanks very much.
  567. Ali

    Kaenon News

  568. Ali

    Must See!

    Enjoy. Bowfishing Asian Carp Vid
  569. Ali

    Cheap Repower....

    Shameless plug. Buy this motor please. Yamaha 225 4 stroke for $6500.
  570. Ali

    The New AVET HX5/2!!!!(formerly the Hoo-X)

    It's HERE..... It will ship early next week. Here are some pics of the final version. Go get you one!
  571. Ali

    New Sponsor - Fish Trap Iron!

    Our good buddy Rick Ozaki just called and told me he is going to donate one Fish Trap Iron 5/0 to EVERY angler that enters the tourney!!!! These are the same jigs as the old Fire Irons and UFOs. I love them. Big thanks to Rick for his generocity. We hope to have enough freebies in...
  572. Ali

    Official Entrants Lists

    Here's who's in so far. Team # - Team Name - # of Anglers ===================================== 1. - Old School - 2 2. - Muerte - 3 3. - Yankee Blade - 3 4. - Finlander - 1 5. - Mattanza II - 2 6. - Double Z - 3 7. - Fish Trap - 4 8. - Jericho - 4 9. - Super Crue - 3 10. - Par...
  573. Ali

    Side Jackpot Payments

    Just to make it clear. You guys can make your jackpot payments any time before the END of the Captains meeting on June 15. You don't have to shell out all that cash now if you don't want to. Thanks. Ali
  574. Ali

    More updates.... Read me.

    There's one thing we are adding to the rules regarding registration. If you have a boat and are working on rounding up crew, you can submit your entry form and payment now. Just list the crew as TBA and make sure you PAY FOR THEM to hold the spot. All spots are first come, first serve. If...
  575. Ali

    a couple of clarifications....

    The correct Fax # is 858-505-0759 . If you downloaded the Entry Form this AM, you have the wrong # on there. Kayaks - Will not be allowed. We really wanted to do a kayak division, but this being our first year, we decided to keep it simple. Next year we will add Kayaks. Divisons - Just one...
  576. Ali

    O-Side Hali Tourney This weekend.

    In case you guys missed it: Oceanside Anglers Club - Home I'll be fishing aboard the Highly Bendable (28' Parker) with Gary. See you guys there.
  577. Ali

    Anyone Driving to Fred Hall from SD on Thursday?

    Hey Guys, We have a few t-shirt and hat boxes that we need to have driven from my shop in Kearny Mesa to the show up here in Long Beach. Is there anyone coming up on Thursday AM that could bring them? I would need them here by 1pm. If you can do it, we'll give you a free pass to the show, a...
  578. Ali

    New BD Swordfish Tee

    Here's the new Swordfish Tee we'll be selling at the show. The image on the right is the front art work. Like?
  579. Ali

    Hot off the Press for Fred Hall....

    What do you guys think?
  580. Ali

    Still need a few more pics for the BD Booth at Fred Hall

    Hey Guys, We still need a few pics for the booth at the Fred Hall show. Please post small size pics here. I'll look at the them tomorrow and notify winners by PM. If you win, you get 2 free BD shirts. Make sure to check out the show this year. We have a bunch of new t-shirt's...
  581. Ali

    What is a TribeNwater?

    TribeNwater (TrI-ben-Water) -Noun 1. a gathering of all things fishing, inshore, offshore, structure, flats, saltwater, and freshwater. 2. a marine biology course on sport fish by real sport fishermen. 3. a fishing class taught by professionals covering the subjects of fishing tackle, bait...
  582. Ali

    Berkley/Pure Fishing Seminars at the LA Boat Show

    Just thought I'd pass this on: Pure Fishing will have 4 saltwater fishing seminars at the Los Angeles boat show featuring members of the Berkley Strike Team, Bob Hoose and Jimmy Decker. Tentative schedule as follows Saturday, February 3 1PM Thursday, February 8 7PM Saturday, February 10...
  583. Ali

    Want to catch one of these????

    Hey Guys, Our friends in Alaska need our help! The commercial fishing lobby is trying to squash the limits for sport caught halibut using a legal loop hole. Please take 10 minutes out of your day and do the following. 1. Download the attached doccuments. 2. Add your name and address to...
  584. Ali

    Intrepid 10 Day BD Charter - 12/4/2007 thru 12/14/2007?

    Hey Guys, I just got off the phone with Carol at the Intrepid office. I asked earlier if there would be any interest in a 10 day on the boat and a few guys were into it. We can have the dates of 12/4/2007 - 12/14/2007 if we have enough interest. Cost would be $3000 +/- a couple of bucks...
  585. Ali

    Intrepid Splashes!

    The biggest and baddest new sporty is wet! Check out the pics! mapcombo
  586. Ali

    Lobster - San Diego Bay - mmmmm

    Is this good? MUCHOS THANKS TO BOTTOMLINE/STEVE for all the knowledge!!!
  587. Ali

    Cool Pics From Capt. Manny

    Manny on Pacifico shot me these to share. Awesome pics for sure.
  588. Ali

    My new Avatar

    You like? You can right click on the image below (THE SMALL ONE) and save it to your desk top. Click on User CP above and change it to your avatar. Please feel free to use it too. I think it's neat. :nutkick:
  589. Ali


    Just wanted to welcome all our new FL member to the FL Forum. PLEASE post some fish reports and pics from your awesome fishery! Ali
  590. Ali

    Welcome Floridians!

    Hey Guys, We have had about 60 NEW members join from all over Florida. We are going to start a new Florida board ASAP just for you guys. I just got back from there and they have some INSANE fishing that I'd like to learn more about. They catch Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado ALL YEAR Long...
  591. Ali

    Dhamar Sportfishing Pics PV

    No details, but I just got these pics from my buddy Danny with Dhamar sportfishing. I'm sure he'll chime in with details. Sounds like the bite is the best it's been all year down there right now. Danny runs a bad ass little panga and can be reached at: DHAMAR SPORTFISHING Capt. Danny...
  592. Ali

    $ Thread...

    <TABLE class=tborder id=threadslist cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY id=threadbits_forum_102><TR><TD class=alt1> HUNT 4 GIANTS OR HUNT 4 NADA? NOTORIOUS Capt. </TD><TD class=alt2 align=middle colSpan=3>Thread deleted by NOTORIOUS Capt...
  593. Ali

    Hoop Net Headlights Cheap!

    I just ordered a pair. Looks like they are worth a shot. LED's will sip batteries. Deal: 12 LED Headlight $11 at Click Here Discuss (0) : History : Posted 11:28 AM PDT 10/15/06 by Ben Take your spelunking to the next level with this 12 LED Headlight, priced at $9 + $2...
  594. Ali

    What is the Sheepshead world record?

    Does anyone have access to the IGFA website? Cuda thinks he may have a contender at 22#+ today. Anyone?
  595. Ali

    Top Gun Tuna Pics

    Juan on Top Gun has been the hot stick lately around PV. He sent me these pics of his recent fish. The first pic. the tuna weight 248 Lbs. caught by James Holman from Portland, Oregon also 2 marlin released. The second pic. tuna weight 220 Lbs. caught by Andy Anderson from Minnesota...
  596. Ali

    Does anyone have a RAYTHEON RL9 Radar???

    Does anyone here have a Raytheon RL9 Radar on their boat? I was given one, but it needs to some parts (Power Cable & Mouting Bracket) and I'd like to test this before I order the parts I need. I just want to connect it to your dome and power cable to test the head unit. If you're out of...
  597. Ali

    Mex Flag Tees

    Hey Guys, For all the people that PM'd us looking for the new Mex Flag tee's, come out and see us at AIM Marine on Saturday. They are in Lakeside and we'll be there form 10-6 with the new shirts and a bunch of the old stuff. Ali
  598. Ali

    Offshore Still out there. 8/27

    I just lost a decent report when windows crashed... Anyway. We fished Redneck yesterday starting 5 miles east of the 390 and working NW of the 390 to the 302. We caught about 15 Yellows and Dodo's and shot another 6 or so. Fish averaged 15# dodo and YT from 6-20#. Weather sucked...
  599. Ali

    1st Annual BD Cow Town Tuna Jackpot Report

    Short Version: No tuna's and a LOT of big Marlin and a great time for all. Long Version: The tourney kicked off on Thursday night with the Captains Meeting at one of the Paradise Village Bars. Paradise Village was cool enough to give us our own bar that held the entire crowd of 60+ people...
  600. Ali

    Fridge died. Anyone here sell them or know anything about them?

    I need some BD help here. Came home last night and the refridgerator took a shit while I was in PV. Where should I get a new one? What's a good brand? Does anyone here have a connection? Help a brother out...
  601. Ali

    Looking for an Office Manager

    We are looking for an experienced and reliable office manager to help run our growning promotional products business. Responsibilities include answering phones, ordering product from suppliers, shipping, helping customers pick up orders, paying bills and general clerical work. Pay is very...
  602. Ali

    Happy BDay Zomees!

    Happy Bday to our favorite ambulance chaser. GO FISHING!
  603. Ali


    Now's the time boyz. I got calls from 3 different friends last night saying there were HUNGRY Dodo's on every kelp from 5 miles out yesterday. Also, BIG freeswimming schools of Dodo's all up and down the coast. GO GET SOME!
  604. Ali

    Tuna Jackpot Help

    I'm going to need help taking down some product, t-shirts, banners, etc... Would 3-4 of you mind checking on an extra bag filled with tourney crap? I'm leaving this Sat and I'm not sure all the shirts, etc will be ready. Please PM me if you can help out. thanks. Ali
  605. Ali

    *** Tuna Jackpot Entry Fees ***

    Hey Guys, I'm hoping that those of you coming down can do me a favor. Can you please send me a check for your entry fee before you leave? I don't want to deal with 20k in cash while I'm down there. If you want to enter the side Pots, please bring CASH down with you. I'll write a check...
  606. Ali

    Help Wanted! Graphic Artist and Graphics Tech

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a couple of employees here at En Fuego. (check us out Graphic Artist - We need a production designer to handle basic layout and proofing for our screenprinting opperation. Must be fluent in Photoshop and Illustrator. Pay depends on experience...
  607. Ali

    Cow Town Tuna Jackpot - Who's in?

    Hey Guys, We'd like to get an idea of who's in for the tourney. If you plan on fishing it, please reply here with boat name and # of anglers. We're working on the banquet and prizes right now. thanks. Ali
  608. Ali


    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=thead colSpan=2> Statistics </TD></TR></TBODY><TBODY id=collapseobj_forumhome_stats><TR><TD class=alt2></TD><TD class=alt1 width="100%">Threads: 40,854, Posts: 393,238...
  609. Ali


    Pics from this weekend.... LOL
  610. Ali

    From my stormtrooper homies...

    I'm sure you real geek like me have seen this, but it's timeless.... Enjoy:
  611. Ali

    Stupid Boner fishing

    Me and my biatch Clint went out of the bay for a little shakedown and to put the boat in the slip. We packed a couple of bass rods and not much else. We heard good boner fishing at 40 over 20 so we bounced outside about 6 miles. We dragged the fishtraps around until we found them. We...
  612. Ali

    PV Tuna Jackpot Site is now LIVE!

    Check it out and let us know what you think: Bloodydecks Tuna Jackpot
  613. Ali

    Non-Thresher Report - The Curse Lives

    We fished the area off La Jolla today in the same neighborhood that everyone else has been fishing. From Graylight to 10AM we had one knockdown right off the bad and nothing else. Worked with Anello on El Toro out there. Only heard of 2 fish boated. I think it's just an off day. There...
  614. Ali

    Need to borrow a Harness, Buttpad and Flying Gaff

    I'm going for Threshers tomorrow or Friday and all my big stuff is down in Mex. Does anyone in Kearny Mesa or East County area have some stuff I can borrow? Please PM me or email me [email protected] thanks.
  615. Ali

    PV Report for Saturday 4/22

    Brant C invited me and Jewey down to hang out and help move the Redneck over to La Paz from PV. We of course jumped at the opportunity. We took my Grady out yesterday looking for the elusive tuna right now. We worked an area north of the banco where some of the locals scored tuna up to 100#...
  616. Ali

    Tady/Candy Bar Lures Merger

    Just received this press release: TADY LURES PRESS RELEASE By Steve Carson April 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION Tady Lures acquires Candybar Jigs Two of the most legendary names in California's jig-making history came together in April, when the Tady Lure Corporation acquired all...
  617. Ali

    Bloody Decks Cow Town Tuna Jackpot Aug 4 and 5!!!!!

    Hey Guys, We are really stoked to announce our first tourney. Details below: For Immediate Release April 17, 2006 First Annual &#8220; Cow Town Tuna Jackpot&#8221; the worlds leading online fishing community is pleased to announce the First Annual...
  618. Ali

    SMoking Computer Deal

    If you are thinking about a new PC, here's a hell of a deal. Great for a Family PC and comes with a HUGE 19" LCD monitor. Dell Business has this Entry Level Dimension 1100 Desktop $349 system. Your total is then $349 + $29 shipping = $378 shipped. Celeron 2.53 GHz, 256MB DDR, 80GB Drive...
  619. Ali

    HELP WANTED! Graphic Artist!!!

    Hey Guys, I need to hire a PRODUCTION artist here at my shop. I would prefer some one part time, but I can probably swing full time if need be. They MUST be proficient in Illustrator for doing basic layouts and prepairing art for print. Design skills really aren't that important. If you...
  620. Ali

    Copier Repair?

    Does any here repair photocopiers? I have a Ricoh Aticio that's giving me some shit after changing the toner. Can anyone reccomend someone that's not going to ass rape me? Email or pm. [email protected]
  621. Ali


    funny chit.
  622. Ali

    New Swag available now!

    The new Reaper Tee's, Hoodies, Hat's and Beanies are available online now!!!