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    21' invader cc

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 21' invader cc - 21' invader cc Learn more about this listing...
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    inflatable dock reviews?

    hello all, was at avalon a few weeks ago, saw some different inflatable docks tied up to boats. i'm interested in buying one for my stays over there as it adds alot of real estate on the water. BOTE brand seems to be the high end, (freaking expensive) wondering if anyone has tried any of the...
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    anyone familiar with invader 21' center consoles?

    hello, today i brought home a stray boat that needed a home. 1984 invader CC. looks like 21'. has an older 2 stroke on it, 110 hp. i have a deal i can get on a newer honda 90hp 4 stroke. is that enough to get'er going? any other comments about the boat in general are welcome. good or bad. thank's!
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    freshwater tuna boat

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: freshwater tuna boat - freshwater tuna boat Learn more about this listing...
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    rebar fabrication tools (big machines)

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: rebar fabrication tools (big machines) - rebar fabrication tools (big machines) Learn more about this listing...
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    machinery for rebar fabrication

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: machinery for rebar fabrication - machinery for rebar fabrication Learn more about this listing...
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    sonar recommendations

    hello all, i have a older raymarine system plotter, dsm300, b744v ducer, radar, and autopilot. fishfinder has always been hit and miss so im thinking about getting a new display and sonar. i can't afford to buy a complete replacement system, but want something i can expand on in the future as...
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    flashlight recommendations please

    hello, i'm wanting a couple flashlights for the truck, boat, camper, etc. looking for something bright, sturdy, and rechargeable, but not only rechargable, but something i can just plug in and leave til i need it. dont want to have to worry about overcharging it. does this exist?
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    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 10G. MEAT CUTTING SHEAR - 10G. MEAT CUTTING SHEAR Learn more about this listing...
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    50 ton ironworker

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 50 ton ironworker - 50 ton ironworker Learn more about this listing...
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    1995 GMC TOPKICK

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 1995 GMC TOPKICK - 1995 GMC TOPKICK Learn more about this listing...
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    metal brake

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: metal brake - metal brake Learn more about this listing...
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    24" disc sander

    kindafishy submitted a new listing: 24" disc sander - 24" disc sander Learn more about this listing...
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    kindafishy submitted a new listing: BOAT FOR FRESHWATER TUNA!!! - BOAT FOR FRESHWATER TUNA!!! Learn more about this listing...
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    kindafishy submitted a new listing: VOLVO PENTA TWINS - VOLVO PENTA TWINS Learn more about this listing...
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    removed from a fire station that closed. banks of 3 lockers and banks of 4. $25 bucks per locker so $75 for a bank of 3 (you get the point) they make great rod storage. i cut the tops out, store rods inside. can be locked and keeps hem outta harms way.
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    power metal shears (machines)

    machine #1....peck stowe and wilcox power shear. 14g, gap frame so its got open sides that allow infinite length of cut (within limits of throat depth about 18") blades are 72"....$3000 machine #2.... unknown manufacturer, 11g. capacity, blades are 36", gap frame so its got open sides that...
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    pair of volvo's

    not mine, don't know anything about them, just saw it on craigslist, thought someone here could benifit.....
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    power hammer for forging

    i'm looking for a power hammer like blacksmiths use. if anyone knows of any, closing shop, or barn find let me know please. thank's!
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    wan t to buy dillon 750

    if you know of anyone thats selling, let me know please. thank's!
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    mercruiser intake manifold and carb

    i just put a edelbrock manifold and carb on my new to me boat. so i have the MERCARB 2 barrel carb, spark arrestor, and mercriuser intake manifold. came off a 1999 vortec 5.7L. $400 obo
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    what are they worth???

    i've got a pair of volvo 280's out of a 76 skipjack open. the engines need rebuilding, so we are pulling it all, selling it, and adding a bracket/ outboard. any idea of value for the outdrives, transom plates, and aq170's that need rebuilding? thank's!
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    cost to put a bracket/ outboard on a skip jack 24 open

    what size engine, how much to rig the engine? im thinking of building the bracket and doing transom fill in myself. thank's!
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    anyone have a skipjack 24 open with a bracket and outboard (s)?

    i may need to build a bracket for a 24' open. if i can see/ take measurements would be great.
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    large spot welder

    i bought this probably 20 years ago, used it a few times, been sitting in my shop unused for way too long. its 220v. single phase (regular house power) 10 kva, has the ability to be water cooled which is best for heavy use. could be as complex as a cooler, or as simple as hooking up a garden...
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    backhoe attachment

    its a bobcat brand, i welded the round bar acrosst the bottom so i could attach it to my 3 point tractor that has one of these.... removed if needed. well this thing is to heavy, and way to powerfull for my little tractor. cylinders...
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    neoprene waders, boots

    hodgeman waders (never used), size xxl, viking boots size 11, cabellas nylon bag. $75.....waders were never used. dirty from sitting in storage. what yopu see is dust and dirt sorry if this is the wrong forum, seemed most approriate.
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    mercruiser trim pump

    new sierra brand is 600. how about 200......
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    mercruiser engine harness

    came off a 5.7l mercruiser engine harness, alternator, starter, distibutor with ignition module. $200 tired of hoarding spares.
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    mercruiser trim rams

    before they go into the scrap pile, 1 pair mercruiser trim rams.
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    toilet, marine head

    this was in my boat years ago. when it qiut pumping my dad replaced it. i've been storing it as a spare, i'm tired of hoarding stuff. needs to be resealed rebuilt whatwver you want to call it. if i rememer right it didn't pump water the way it should and water was leaking while pumping in the...
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    vintage makita work stands

    if you like makita, and like vintage this is for you. a paIR OF FOLDING WORK STANDS. very heavy duty, way better that anything being sold today. $150.00
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    mercruiser steering

    mercruiser power steering ram, also have the pump, just havent uncuvered it yet from storage. cable length is 12.5' . good working parts, i converted to hyd. ateering a while, don't need it, tired of hoarding. hows about $150 pump and ram/ cable
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    2 marine transmissions

    i have 2 marine trans. the velvet drive tag is hard to read, i need to get better eyes on it. the other one is clear. i know nothing of thier condition. i got them from a property cleanup i did from the guy that started vessel assist. i would guess they are good. everything else mechanical we...
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    one weber of a mercruiser 5.7l one holley off a mercruiser 7.4l. you know what to do. some douche nozzle is complaining i dont have a price. so here it go ahead and make a offer.
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    volvo penta 5.7l stuff

    ask questions, make offers.....this is volvo 5.7 stuff. distributor, intake with fuel injection, wiring harness for same, fuel pump/ filter for same. also have all the bracketry for alternator, power steering, etc. its for a serpintine belt system. some dipstick is complaining i didn't post a...
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    more mercruiser stuff

    ask questions,make a offer. someone is mad i didn't put a you go. now that thats covered, make a offer.
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    peninsular diesel and transmission

    got this from a property clean up i did a while back. turbo, aftercooler, manifolds, etc, looks complete. has a trans. on it too. parts look expensive, don't its value, so make a offer....some douche is complaining i don't have a it that thats outta the way, make a offer.
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    mercruiser alpha 1 parts

    i inhierited a bunch of my buddys stuff when he boat a livaboard and moved to catalina. we was going to reseal, paint, etc for his trailer boat project. he said it should all be there. got busted for no price, still waiting for spelling, grammar, and punctuation critics to step in. anyway...
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    5.7 vortec heads

    looking for a 5.7 vortec head. new boat project has a cracked one from freeze damage in big bear. let me know what you got.
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    need a 5.7l block (good one)

    need a good used 5.7 block. bought a lake/ ski boat for the family that came from big bear, very low hours but they didn't winterize it and the block is dust. (freeze, blown out on both sides) need one with a one piece rear seal. thank's!
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    whaler frontier 25

    not mine, no affiliation, i've just been shopping for lake boat for the family and keep stumbling on stuff that may be of interest. salesman told me he thinks its 23 or 25k he wasnt sure and i couldn't wait around. whaler, deisel. was definitly a work boat and rough cosmeticly. huge deck.
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    good deal??

    not mine, not affiliated, just wanted to share....
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    seems like a decent deal

    not mine, not affiliated in any way. i have been looking for a river/ lake boat for the family and saw this, thought i'd share. seems like alot of boat in a 21' package.
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    tips on towing PWC'S

    looking to tow my SEADOO'S to cat for a multi-day stay. i've never done this before. my plan is to tow them in line, one behind the other. and drag a peice of chain or something behind the last one. am i on the right track?
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    on board charger wiring

    my old charger was hardwired to my shore power panel. new one has a regular 120v plug. any want better than the other? put a cord end on my existing boat wiring, or cut the plug off the charger and hard wire it. im leaning towards putting a plug end on my boats wiring, my thinking is if i ever...
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    reloading for dummies like me?

    i'm seriously considering getting into reloading. never done it, i don't have a clue. i don't mind spending the money for good equipment, but don't even know where to start. dillon seems to be a big name. i want it as simple as it can be. looking mostly for NATO calibers, and eventually large...
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    very big anchor

    100 bucks big ass anchor.
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    Offshore a little birdie told me......

    a little birdie told me...... BFT 6 miles off backside of SCI. second hand info, take it as you like.
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    sharing what seems like a decent deal.

    not mine, not affiliated in any way. just thought there may be someone here that would like this.
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    empty store shelves

    saw a report on the news about people buying up lysol, toilet paper, and bottled water. i couldn't believe it, so i went to walmart to check it out. sure enough, all disinfectants.....GONE! ALMOST ALL THE TOILET PAPER........GONE! WITH NOTHING TO RESTOCK THE SHELVES WITH. you all may want to...
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    no trespassing!

    i spent way too much time on my ass today, driving to and fro on the 91, rubbing elbows with customers, etc. i didn't produce anything today. feeling useless, restless, and unproductive, i headed out to the shop after dinner to work on my no trespassing sign. i'd mentioned it before, thought i'd...
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    any early bronco owners here?

    my son and i started working on his 71 bronco my dad left for him. been sitting behind my shop for over 10 years now. he's into it, and doing almost everything himself with my direction. he's starting to realize that they don't actually restore a car in a hour long tv show. dropped one tank...
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    capsized whaler in newport harbor??

    i've been working on balboa island lately, saw a little whaler center console capsized on its mooring. im guessing maybe sealions climbed aboard? sea tow worked for a few hours to get it righted and pumped out. anyone we know on BD?
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    green boat?

    became invisible thread. did it become uncivil?
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    deuce & half

    ok, picked this up a few months ago, worked on it with my son, got it running, drove around a bit, and now we want to do another project. we steam cleaned out the fuel tank, changed all the fluids except coolant. and worked on the lights, installed 2 new batteries. starts, runs, and drives. has...
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    anyone know the owner of the "LADY A " in dana point??

    bought a couple seadoos and took them to DP for a shake down. cruised the harbor and see a boat, the LADY A, with sea lions taking up residence on the swim deck. big ones, shitting everywhere. wont be long before real damage is done. if you know the owner let them know.
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    offroad event this weekend

    just putting it out there....great event, good people, some great prizes, and fun for the whole family.
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    any other Deuce owners here?

    picked up a 1967 kaiser m35a2 (deuce and a half) from a storage yard lien sale. happened upon it by chance, my son (13) saw one parked in someones yard and got excited about it. so when this one was literally dropped in my lap, had to get it. a deal was struck, truck was not running, had...
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    camping stuff

    going through some of my dads stuff he bought for his retirement adventures that never really came to be. stuff is used, but barely. the storage bags are rough, but the actual items are in good shape. camp stove, folds out, has the side tables and windscreen. 2 propane 60k btu burners.$100.00...
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    recommendations on spinning gear

    hello, im thinking of getting a few spinning set ups for inexperienced guests on my boat. backlashes suck!! any thoughts on a decent set up? both rod and reel? thank's!
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    anybody seen the tranny playmate ???

    just wondering what the peanut gallery thinks. not for me personally,( i like my women to be female) but one of the guys i work with says he'd hit it, even knowing whats up.
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    cheap running car/ truck

    my son wants to build a demo-cross car with me. so we are looking for a cheap car or truck that runs, but maybe it looks like shit, has back dmv fees, or maybe won't pass smog. we just need it running and cheap. anyone got anything????
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    fun night out tonight

    i know alot of you guys are not in my area, but thought i'd put it up anyway. going to the races at perris speedway tonight. its fun, kids dig it too. figure 8, figure 8 with trailers, double deckers (a car on top of another car, one guy steers, the other has the gas/ brake. and demo-cross, they...
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    talica for sale

    not mine, just saw it on craigslist. if anyones interested.
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    question about ski's???

    hello i've been tossing around the idea of buying watercraft for the family. a pair. curious about which brand, model is the most dependable, the least amount of scheduled maintenance, and the most stable. wife really wants stability. im not wanting a hot rod, supercharged or stuff like that. i...
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    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    AS TITLE seems like im running rich. i found a bunch of info on tuning cars, but curious how it translates into a boat? i've got a mercruiser bravo 2, custom built 383. carb is a edelbrock 1409, and i have the tuning kit for it, springs, rods etc. exhaust smells very rich, and fuel...
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    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    i've asked a few other questions for a buddy that was looking at a boat lately, well he took delivery of it this last week. a 46" POST. its got twin detroit 6v12 (i think). we took it out for a quick run outside the harbor saturday. i noticed a bit of vibration and noise on the starboard side. i...
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    water heater and satellite tv??? recommendations please

    i have a buddy thats in process of buying a 46' sportfisher. its used and needs just a bit of love. would love anyone with experience that could recommend a satellite system for tv, and a water heater. current water heater is below deck and looks like a typical household unit. also we are...
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    Offshore second hand dope

    just call a call from a buddy, in a nutshell, if your DESPERATE to catch tuna you'll know where they are.
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    surveyor recommendations???

    i have a buddy that shopping around for a 45-50' boat. i think he's close to making an offer on one, can anyone recommend a good surveyor?? are they area specific or will they travel a bit? thank's!!
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    camping recommendations please.

    been wanting to get the kids out for some camping. looking for ideas of unique outdoor experiences. not interested in man made tourist stuff, like the natural stuff thats off the beaten path. wanna plant some memories in my kids minds. as a example if going to the grand canyon, i'd choose...
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    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    does anyone remember the details of the boat that rolled i think in misson bay while driving from the tower and tried to turn to hard?
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    liveaboard slip for a 50'

    hey guy's, im asking for a friend..... he's shopping for a boat in the 45'-50' range and wants to live aboard. seems like the boats he's looked at arent live aboard, or are not transferable. any ideas on a marina with live aboard slips available, or short waitlist for a boat in that class? thank's!!
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    I'VE DONE THIS BEFORE, AND NOW TRYING AGAIN. a friends nephew is a little person that is in need of alot of medical attention. i dont know the specifics, but as i understand it, this we be his 28th surgery. he's a real neat kid, with a great attitude and just fun to be around. the family has...
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    any good attorneys? might need help.

    hello, i'll be 12 yr. old son is required to use a google chrome book for school. the school has assured me they make every effort to filter content. well the kids have found away around it, and using these school provided laptops to create independent google accounts that are...
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    HONDA XR250

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    raystar 125

    looking for a raystar 125 gps antenea. let me know what you got.
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    anyone have a working raystar 125 antenea for sale?

    just as the title states need a raystar 125 for my raymarine system. thank's!
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    fish dope coupon code???

    time for me to sign up again, i see at the bottom of the page theres a coupon code box. anybody know what it is, or how i get one? thank's!!!
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    anyone have a mercruiser transom cutout jig???

    i have a buddy thats been working on his boat project for a while know, got delayed almost 2 years due to back injury. well he's ready to get back to it, transom has been repaired and volvo hole plugged. he will be installing a bravo outdrive but needs help on locating the hole. i heard there is...
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    battery upgrade time.

    i currently have a 2 battery system, a starting battery and a house battery. i want to upgrade to a starting battery, and 2, 6 volts. anybody have any wiring diagrams and parts needed. i think i need some kind of isolator, charge controller, etc? im not sure whats the best way and need advice.
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    something i made for my daughter

    my girl has done very well on the horse show circuit this year, lots of ribbons and prizes. but best of all watching her grow, learn, and the confidence she now has is amazing. last show she won against professional trainers and show people. AMAZING!! so with tomorrow being her final show of the...
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    my rod storage idea

    got these lockers at auction a while back, pressure was and paint them, cut out the ceiling of each for rods to pass through. i can now lock them up, and they wont get stepped on or bicycles crashed into them. i think i paid 5 or 10 each set of 3.
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    did anybody see this? deerfield il. extreme gun control measures.
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    took the crew out for a little rappelling today

    last month i took them skydiving, this month, rappelling, next month i think diving. a bit of trust building and bonding on the bridge today. here's one guys video. had fun, adrenaline, rush's all around! hope i linked it right, im new to the facebook thing.
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    star wars fireball!!!

    made one of these for a friend, came out pretty nice.
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    CAME ACROSs THIS SYSTEM IN ANOTHER THREAD. ordered it from amazon and installed it today. quick and easy install, works like a champ. i never wore the tether before cause it was a PITA. this should change all that. the latest model not only supports the driver "kill" switch, but also 3 other...
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    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    i've got a large head and dwarf most typical sunglasses. any suggestions on brand/ styles the work with a large head? also interested in thoughts on which ones are best and why? thank's! edit..... also any thoughts on lenses, color/ types???? who knew this was going to be such a mission???
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    not exactly a fishing boat.....

    eliminator , 454, berkley jet, jetavator, not perfect but pretty damn clean. not quite ready to sell but thought i'd try and generate some interest. still needs a shift cable, a detailing , and tune. just had the engine aluminum polished, had the basset headers ceramic coated. should be turnkey...
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    misc. boating "stuff"

    if theres anything you need make an offer. not looking to get rich here, just re coop some cash. no reasonable offer refused. the garmin, radio, and comunications reciever are free with purchase of something else. i cant test therm thats why. ITEMS BELOW SPOKEN FOR, HOWEVER NOT YET PICKED UP...
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    learned something today, thought i'd share.

    well yesterday i did filters and oil change on the boat. i had some TORCO OIL left over from my engine rebuild (383) that my builder recommended. i did the usual, pump it out the dipstick tube, after putting 4 bottles in i checked the was halfway up on the stick indicating wayyyyy...
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    art project

    cut these out a long time ago, they caught my eye today so they went under the hammer for shape, and tacked together. thinking about making a school and suspending from the ceiling in my shop. i didnt look at the pics first, kinda hard to see the detail. its 2 halves shaped and welded together...
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    high capacity mags??

    just a question. i know high capcity mags are illegal for sale here, but what if you already owned them prior? are you allowed to posses them? can you take them shooting on public lands? dont want to go to jail......
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    misc. metal working tools

    sell separately or as a lot. make an offer, havent had time to price them. heres a bunch of metalworking tools nibbler 8 gauge shear 14g. shear 12g. drills large die grinders, polishers with straight nose. all working, some may need new cords....but these are good old school tools.
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    2 polishing machines

    ever thought about starting up a polishing business??? these machines would be a great start,and they are both heavy professional machines, not china junk. these are both for sale, will separate or together. both are..... 5hp 220 3 phase run great! price 1500.obo for both. will separate if...
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    1 PECK, STOW, AND WILCOX POST WAR MACHINE. 6' BLADES ARE GREAT, PLUS COMES WITH EXTRA BLADES. pic is the one still on the trailer... runs great, came out of a maintenance shop at a local college.(both of them did) so never used in a heavy production environment. smaller one is a 36" blades...
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    local LEO's doing their job

    so the wife got a mass text this morning from my sons school (middle school BTW) to advise that a "threat" had been made on social media, not sure of the details, but apparently the kid has been arrested. hopefully expelled from school and not allowed back into the public school system. good...
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    anyone have a msd box?

    hello! i just did some trading and ended up with a jet boat.....454, berkley pump. can get it to fire dont know running condition. im not getting spark, went thru test procedure and have figured out the "box" is no good. anyone have one i can use to test run the engine? or a used one i can buy...
  104. K

    anyone know how to run a jet boat on the hose?

    just did some horse trading and ended up with a eliminator jet boat. anyone know how to run it on a hose to check it out and tune, etc? i see no hose fittings anywhere. i can see where it gets water on the berkley pump, but no hose fitting. do i need to add one with a valve, or is there another way?
  105. K

    metal cutting bandsaw

    i have a 36" DOALL vertical bandsaw with blade welder. its been in storage for years, was running great when stored, but i've decided if i havent used something in the last 2 years its time to move it. (basically a clean up phase) at 3000.00 its the cheapest 36" on craigslist, so we'll start...
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    misc boatstuff

    any interest i'll seperate out parts and get good pics of each item. all items condition unknown so make offers accordingly. its a couple transmissond for boats, a volvo transom plate, and volvo 4 cylinder.
  107. K

    peninsular diesel

    looks to ber complete but i dont know these things, first one i've ever seen. looks like itsgot some expensive parts haning on it, manifolds, FWC system, turbo, cooler transmisson, etc. condition unknown, make offers accordingly.
  108. K

    14 bolt floating axle and a turbo 400 non slip yoke trans.

    14 bolt floating axle and a turbo 400 non slip yoke trans. ready for your project(s). diff....750 obo trans 300 obo in hemet pick up at my place, i have a forklift to load onto your truck/ trailer.
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    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    scored a bunch of "barn finds" at a property clean up. this is one of them. we where told it was a fresh rebuild that was to be installed in a "tow boat" but never was. the property we cleaned up was one that belonged to the former owner of TOW BOAT U.S. from what we were told. while we have no...
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    sheena was a man!!

    this "person" has been hanging around my house alot lately, mostly early mornings, disappears by 9 or so. i've never said anything about "it" but this morning as i pulled out of my driveway to take the kids to school ages 12 and 8, "it" was going through my trash cans, not a big deal. then it...
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    i need a artist that can draw.

    looking to have a logo made for t-shirts, business cards etc. looking for someone that can draw a RAT FINK inspired rabbit, maybe hammer in one hand, welding torch in the other. i have the image in my head, just no skill to put it on paper. thank's!!
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    skipjack 24 open pilot house?

    hello all! just wanted to put the feelers out there to see if theres a market for aluminum pilot houses for 24 open skippy? if so whats the average guy willing to pay for something like that? thank's, scott
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    beverly shear b3

    i have a beverly shear i've had for years and just dont use. if your familar with these you know how bad ass they are. my cnc plasma now does alot of my cutting so it just sits in the corner feeling no love. its in great shape, blades have no nicks or cracks or anything like that. can be seen...
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    free junk camper shell

    hello all!! this is a free camper shell that needs complete restoration. the top half is on a hydraulic pump to raise it. for use, lower when not in use...pretty cool idea. a great project if your into that sorta thing. free, i can help you load it on your trailer. camper only, truck or bed...
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    metal graining machine, conveyor fed

    this is a RAMCO conveyor fed graining machine. 24" wide belt, made specifically for metal, could be used for wood, but this is not a converted woodworking machine. designed and built for metalwork. i used to do alot of signage so i bought this machine, used it for one run of parts, and my sign...
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    rebuilt cummins 6bt value?

    anyone know what a rebuilt cummins 6bt is worth?was told it was rebuilt and never installed still on wood skid and wrapped in plastic. wood skid is full of termites though. let me know. thank's. it will be up for sale once we figure out its value.
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    welding table cast iron

    cast iron welding/ fabrication, table, platen. weight approx. 3500-4000 lb. top is about 60" x 60". i can load on your trailer. i had the top blanchard ground and have never used it. i just pile stuff on it. it needs to be used. 3500.00 these old school platens are rare now, there ssome around...
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    skippy bow rail for sale.

    missing 2 "legs" on one side, like 12" long straight pieces. dont know much else about it.
  121. K

    barn find id it?

    dont know about skippy's to know what model it is. just picked it up today, towed to a friends house til we can confirm that trailer is road worthy,then off to my house. partnered with a buddy on it, not sure if we'll go through it or just sell it. so if you know what model and approx value it...
  122. K

    tip for removing 5200

    well i replaced my thru hull transducer earlier in the week and thought i'd share something i learned. GOOF OFF PRO will remove wet and dry (cured) 5200. easy cleanup of hands with fresh 5200, the cured stuff we scraped as much as we could first, then a rag soaked in goof off and it came off...
  123. K

    gift ideas

    my main gig is metal fabrication, but i enjoy doing art projects when time allows. i'll post some pics up of different stuff i've done. maybe somebody in need of a gift for a hard to buy for person, or a special person that would enjoy a custom piece. let me know if theres any interest. will...
  124. K

    attorney needed

    had a incident with my neighbors dogs came onto my property and killed one of our horses. they are refusing to pay for anything. should be a slam dunk sheriff and animal control agree dog owners are responsible. anyway if anybody knows someone, let me know.
  125. K

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    i know this is probably covered here a bunch but i know things seem to change alot. so what do i need currently to go to the 60 mile bank? i will stay clear of the coronados islands for sure. but would probably cut across "the corner" any help is appreciated.
  126. K

    great deal on ace line hauler ends today!!!

    ive already called ace themselves to confirm this is a real legit deal and the seller is authorized distributor. heres the link to how i found it. offer ends today!!!! killer deal with free shipping. ENDS...
  127. K

    part of a tower

    i changed up my tower this year, ended up cutting off the top section. aluminum tubing, fiberglass top. hows about $50.00. would probably be good for a center console top.
  128. K

    my daughters question

    so im in my shop with my kids, helping my daughter with a school project....diorama of a california landform, and out of the blue she asks..... "hey dad, you know that bloody decks thing you go that like facebook for men?" i almost started laughing, but held it in and simply...
  129. K

    12' brand new ladder

    local hardware store is closing. i went a little crazy and bought more than i need. i have a brand new ladder same as in the link. just brought them home today. 300.00 pick up in hemet.
  130. K

    FREE old dodge van conversion motor home.

    first off... i have no paperwork. it was given to me by a neighbor that was storing it for a friend, who died, the family didnt want it, so she gave it to me. i towed to my house, cleaned out the carb, put fresh gas in and off she went. i drove it around town a bit, seemed to run fine. i was...
  131. K

    left handed golf clubs

    well dad's been gone a while now, going through his stuff and hoping to find a home for the stuff friends and family didn't "claim". dont know what this stuff is worth, money is going straight to my mom so please be fair. make a offer and i'll pass it along. if you know what is fair value...
  132. K

    anyone have experience with auto leveler trim tabs?

    a friend just showed me these, he has ordered the lenco auto leveler system. you tube videos look pretty good...
  133. K

    cutting hole in transom for bravo outdrive help

    hello all! i have a good friend that has done a transom repair and now needs to cut the hole for a bravo type outdrive. i have a few questions any help is appreciated... anyone have one of those hole cutting jigs or templates for this that may be borrowed or rented? anyone know how to locate...
  134. K

    real world feedback on ruger precision rifle in 6.5 creed?

    any body spend any time behind one of these? i'd love to hear about it.
  135. K

    spill containment pallets

    i have 2 of these, both in good shape, no leaks, i'll pressure wash and degrease before sale. sized for one drum each. 200 each or 350 for both. i looked them up found a site that sells them for 700 each.
  136. K

    old coca cola cooler (steel) antique, complete

    thinning the herd of projects around here. leave it as is or restore it. i used to restore this kind of stuff for big $$$, but my main gig has taken off and i don't have time for it. $200.00 has all the original hardware, drain cap and chain, bottle opener, and sandwich tray. (these are...
  137. K

    diacro turret punch press

    selling off some stuff i dont use enough to be worth keeping. this is a..... diacro vt 19 s model turret punch press has been converted to single phase 220volt. 18 station fully tooled except missing 1 punch holder. parts are readily available from several suppliers extra tooling shown in...
  138. K

    offroad forklift

    i've got too many forklifts, time to thin the herd. offroad with air tires. propane powered, runs great, everything works, comes with extra set of forks and a extra tank $3500.00
  139. K

    homeless tweeker thief gets a dose of reality

    not going to elaborate too much here but...... today i was able to identify and locate the no good tweeker homeless pile crap that has stolen from me. the wife and i confronted him, of course he told lies that contradicted his previous lies. denying it then saying his girlfriend was going to...
  140. K

    yeti hopper review (no stake in it)

    on the way out to watch fireworks on the 4th picked up a yeti hopper for snacks and drinks. filled it with ice and goodies and off we went. we where in and out of all day, and got home late, so trip clean up was next morning. so i empitied the hopper of food and zipped it up with the ice that...
  141. K

    heads up...orca cooler on sale this weekend.

    true value hardware has a 26 qt. orca cooler on sale for 199.00 and you get a $ true value gift card.40.00 pretty good deal if you need one.
  142. K

    best places to watch fireworks from your boat??

    just curious if anybody goes out on their boat to watch fireworks? if yes where? i took the wife and kids out a few years ago to the queen mary, they want to do it again this year. if know of a good spot please share. thank's and happy fourth!!
  143. K

    Offshore 6/23 OFFSHORE FOR NADA!

    LAUNCHED FROM DANA POINT, got a scoop of the worst bait ive ever seen 75% of it was dead before we cleared the breakwall. set a course for the 279 lots of life, beautiful water smooth and glassy, should have been real easy to find paddies, the few we found were empty. trolled feathers, x-raps...
  144. K

    tower mods completed (almost)

    built the tower about 4 years ago. never finished it just a long shakedown. well turns out there was things i wanted to change. it had more structure above the seat with a hard top. it was just too heavy to fold up and down, especially by myself. so i cut the top off, relocated the radar ant. to...
  145. K

    new to kite fishing, any tips?

    hello, i've never fished a kite before but dove in head first and geared up. (i think) penn kite rod daiwa tanacom 1000 with 100# spectra aftco kite aftco kite rigging kit. any tips would be appreciated. troll or drift? if troll what speed? is a balloon needed, or make it easier to fly...
  146. K

    floscan instal tips?

    i just ordered a floscan for my boat. its a mercruiser small block, carbureted, bravo II. I ALSO ORDERED THE PULSATION DAMPNER. any tips on installation, and calibration, or is it pretty straight forward? thank's!
  147. K

    are there any electrical engineers? circuit design etc.

    i have a invention idea and need help with making a working prototype so it can be patented. if you know about ac/dc and circuit design and are interested let me know. i can pay outright for services rendered, or can give you a percentage if it goes to market. we can discuss $$ when the time...
  148. K

    kite to?

    ok, i've never fished the kite before, so which kite is the best/ easiest to use, and how do you rig them? all help appreciated!!
  149. K

    slip in dana point anyone?

    im thinking of trying to slip my boat in dana point this summer. waiting list is long but i might work out. any input from anyone thats done it before would be appreciated. good or bad i'd like to hear it all. thank's! open to suggestions on other locations also. but prefer to stay close enough...
  150. K

    one of our own attacked by pitbulls in avalon????

    a fisherman and his dog attacked by pits in avalon. maybe he's someone we know??? video is pretty graphic. hope he and his dog make a full recovery, and the offenders put down...
  151. K

    mercruiser 5.0 with alpha drive

    i have a friend that has a good low hour complete take out mercruiser 5.0 with alpha drive and everything in between. its a 2001 with the vortec heads, and fuel injection. has fuel pump, p.s. pump, alt., exhaust manifolds and risers. he wants to sell to fund another project. any interest? he...
  152. K

    having trouble with fish dope

    not sure if its on my end or the site, but i cant view "charts" at all. is it me, or is it the site? thanks!
  153. K

    any homemade gatlin guns?

    just came across this on the net, homemade gatlin gun. anyone ever built one or know someone that has? quick search shows its legal here, cause its not a handgun, nor is it fired from the shoulder. very interesting....
  154. K

    ?thread about diesel conversion???

    i cant find it and was wondering what the outcome was. i think it was a skippy that blew the gasser and did a diesel volvo conversion. he was upset about the timeline. just wondering what happened, if its done, how is it? not trying to stir up crap, if it was deleted just let me know, i will not...
  155. K

    feedback on standard manufacturing DP-12??

  156. K

    any millwrights or machinery guru's?

    i just bought a shear and im trying to identify it so i know its capacity. anyone know this machine? there are no tags other than a nameplate that reads..."COLUMBIA MACHINE TOOL" I WAS TOLD IT IS RATED AT 1/4" BY THE GUY I BOUGHT IT FROM. but the size of everything on it is huge. it is a gap...
  157. K

    mercruiser exhaust manifold and risers

    came of my merc 5.7 fresh water cooled engine. only 118 hours on them. look at the outlets on the ELBOWS, they look brand new!! i converted to aluminum, but i kept my 3" spacer blocks. 450.00 for all. i may even have gaskets for them if i do they are included. dont be affraid to make a offer...
  158. K

    mercruiser intake manifold

    like new condition. was on engine for 118 hours, engine has a closed cooling system so it never had saltwater in it. this is a PRE- VORTEC manifold i replaced it during my rebuild to convert to vortec, as my engine builder reccomened for the type of build we did. 250.00 dont be affraid to make...
  159. K

    is it me, or is the el cajon shooting thread gone?

    definitely not trying to restart it, if the powers that be got rid of it no problem, i just want to make sure its not something on my end with my computer.
  160. K

    22lr bucket o bullets

    saw a guy selling these here a bit back for 120.00 each, so i thought if they are worth that i'd cull the heard here a bit. american flag... sold separately :D 1400 rounds per bucket, new, never opened. if there's any interest i'll go by order of PM's
  161. K

    electric boat for sale

    this is a electrocraft electric boat. it is a pontoon style hull all fiberglass. it would be a nice project for someone. batteries dont hold a charge, (4 , six volts) built in on board charger. it can be tested, it runs off the charger. needs steering cable (its seized) maybe just lube i don't...
  162. K


    IT WAS RUNNING WHEN IT WAS PARKED. tried to start it no go, took apart carb and it was plugged up, and floats are bad (they dont float anymore!) that was a year or two ago, been sitting ever since. no paperwork but its not hot or anything. you can get paperwork with a lien sale, about 50 bucks...
  163. K

    for sale cheap!!! larson!

    i have this little ski boat. upholstery is beat, missing the outdrive, trim rams, trim pump, helm,and misc other stuff. has a 4 cylinder engine volvo penta with the transom parts, just NO OUTDRIVE. boat and trailer 750 obo. putting here first, if it doesn't move i'll craigs list it. PLEASE...
  164. K

    just killing some time, todays project

    didn't measure it, over 6' tall. still need to weld it up, just holding together now by keyed slots. my little girl wants a triceratops next.
  165. K

    anybody know about electracraft boats?

    just picked up a little pontoon boat today, its a electracraft. its electric like a duffy. anyone know about these things, good, bad, or otherwise? how about the value. it needs batteries, a good cleaning, and some TLC. CANT WAIT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!!
  166. K

    is it me, or BD?

  167. K

    looks like a helluva deal!!

    not mine, no affiliation. just passing on what looks like a killer deal!!!
  168. K

    Offshore 8/2/16 alot of miles for nada

    launched from dana point, got a scoop and out of the harbor 4:30. head out to the 267 for nada, make a turn towards the 209. still no birds, no kelps, no life! finally see a paddy with a small skiff on it, get close and see theres divers in the water, no flag up but no big deal, we moved on...
  169. K

    line reccomendation

    i have a terez TZS78H rod and a saragosa SW25000. for fishingh poppers what line would you use. topshot? thank's!!!
  170. K

    night fishing tuna?

    is it worth while to be on the grounds at night to fish? if yes whats the best way? run lights to get bait around the boat or drift shut down with minimum lights? would be be more or less effective during a full moon vs. new moon? cant wait to hear what the pros have to say....
  171. K

    your welcome

    if you fished out of oceanside on friday and drive a grey toyota p/u with a aluminum single axle trailer that parked in the camping lot, your welcome!! your trailer was hanging out into the road and parking enforcement was on you. when i noticed them and they were taking pictures getting ready...
  172. K

    if you need your engine rebuilt

    finally got to test my "new" rebuilt engine, ran awesome!!!! its a vortec 383 quench build. steel crank , 4 bolt block. killer power, boat just jumped up on plane. if anyone needs a rebuild i would highly recommend DON AT MCBRIDE PERFORMANCE IN ELSINORE. super job!!! cant wait to put some hours...
  173. K

    swith panel reccomendations

    im starting to have trouble with some switches and im thinking of getting new panels that are sealed up. im sure water intrusion is the cause of current failures as existing rocker switches are not sealed. heres what im thinking about... i know there are less expensive ones out there but i...
  174. K

    DIY pressurized bait tank

    happy fourth everyone!!!! today i've declared my independence from premature bait death!! i started to convert my bait tank into a pressure bait tank. easy enough..... added a thru hull with a bait sentry pump added a additional fitting to the tank to hook up second pump to. made a gasketed...
  175. K

    oceanside harbor camping

    anyone have any experence with it? when does the lot fill up? anything i should know? thanks!!!
  176. K

    any yamaha dealers?

    possible waverunner purchase in my future. let me know.
  177. K

    any thoughts on vinyl wraps for boats?

    came across this on the net, pretty bitch'n. anyone have experence with wraps? pros cons. thanks!
  178. K

    boat sinking at west end cat today??

    anyone here about a cc overturning and sinking at cat on the west end today? just heard from a friend that they witnessed it but others were already helping the people so he stayed back in case more help was needed. lust wondering if anyone knows what happened, if everyone was ok?
  179. K

    i learned something today!

    hello all, just putting this out there so others may learn from my mistake.... installing my new 383 stoker in my boat over the weekend, pretty much new everything, including brand new aluminum exhaust manifolds. i was able to fire the engine get it up to temperature and adjust timing and...
  180. K

    mercruiser manifolds for sale

    hello, i've got a pair of mercruiser exhaust manifolds and risers (not dry joint type) for sale. they have 118 hours on them, its a trailer boat that has a full closed cooling system, so mani's had coolant ion them. also have risers, and a mercruiser iron intake manifold. 350 (5.7) pre vortec...
  181. K

    mercruiser manifolds for sale

    hello, i've got a pair of mercruiser exhaust manifolds and risers (not dry joint type) for sale. they have 118 hours on them, its a trailer boat that has a full closed cooling system, so mani's had coolant ion them. also have risers, and a mercruiser iron intake manifold. 350 (5.7) pre vortec...
  182. K

    mercruiser manifolds for sale

    hello, i've got a pair of mercruiser exhaust manifolds and risers (not dry joint type) for sale. they have 118 hours on them, its a trailer boat that has a full closed cooling system, so mani's had coolant ion them. also have risers, and a mercruiser iron intake manifold. 350 (5.7) pre vortec...
  183. K

    removing broken bolts or taps

    hello! just added to my tool arsenal. i got a MDM metal disintegrator machine. its like a edm uses electric arc and consumables to bore a bolt out. need to tool it up as needed, but if anybody needs this let me know. i'd love to put it to work asap. heres the type of machine i got...
  184. K

    todays project

    worked on a spherical fire pit today. needs grinding, sanding and stand welded on. should get it done tomorrow if no paying jobs come in. its about 29" tall, i may make a huge one next time.
  185. K


  186. K

    WTB small diesel engine running condition

    hello, i just bought a small skid steer (like a bobcat) it has a small 3 cylinder isuzu diesel engine in it that is no good, rod went thru the block. anybody know of a source for these? i understand it was a common engine in small equipment, generators, and refer trailers. would like to find a...
  187. K

    setting up a trailer to

    we just got a 28' toy hauler (used) it has a/c, on board generator, on board fueling station, the usual stuff. but otherwise its empty. what are some "items" that you guys have found useful or required for trips? i want to get it stocked up and ready so all we have to do it get food, hook it up...
  188. K

    day at the docks??

    never been whats going there? is it worth the trip? is it good for the kids?
  189. K

    SCI closure schedule???

    help!!! tried on the web and throuigh fishdope, can't find the closure schedule for SCI. TRYING TO PLAN A TRIP FOR NEXT WEEKEND. THANK'S
  190. K

    any fish in Oceanside???

    took the kids to Oceanside today for some fun in the sand, and sun. i could see off on the horizon ALOT of birds working and what looked like boils under them. anyone know what it was? i saw at least a dozen boats heading that way.
  191. K

    1 for the good guys!

    in case you didn't hear, man uses gun for self defense.
  192. K


    anyone know about the metalize process and related equipment? i'm thinking of getting into it but have never done it and don't know which type of equipment is best. thank's!!!
  193. K

    cop car lights

    a real light bar from a cop car. red and blue lenses are original (have a bit of patina) and also included are a brand new never mounted clear set. 300. obo.
  194. K

    vintage cocal cola cooler

    not rotted out, in decent shape for its age, but most would restore it with replating and a bitch'n paint job. 250.00 obo drain cap, sandwich tray and all original hardware still on it.
  195. K

    if you have kids in the public school system MUST READ

    DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THIS SO I HOPE THIS IS OK. if you have any family in the public school system all of thier personal information is at risk. if you want to protect it you have to fill out a form to prevent the disclosure. we did it last night and are mailing it out today. we had no...
  196. K

    skippy for sale

    not mine, and don't know the boat,. just found on craigslist thought i'd share.. and another....
  197. K

    some metalworking machinery for sale

    16" lathe with taper attachment, all feeds work, runs great! surface grinder, nice machine so smooth you almost can't hear it running. horizontal mill, all feeds and speeds work as...
  198. K

    some christmas projects

    some homemade gifts for christmas. more pics to follow..this one is about 48" tall x 36" wide.
  199. K

    check this out

    the wife might like it too
  200. K

    left handed golf clubs

    my dad passed a couple of years ago, he has left behind several sets of left handed golf clubs, not sure what they are, but wasn't afraid to spend money. i can look and post pics if there's any interest generated. let me know.
  201. K

    skippy for sale

    not mine, don't know who's it is (no affiliation) but saw it on cl thought i'd pass it along, seems like a decent deal.
  202. K

    need a electronics genius

    hello, i need a electronics genius for a invention idea i have. it is not boating or fishing related. i have what i think is a killer idea but need someone that understands circuits, electrical components, design and build circuit boards, knowledge of converting ac to dc power. this person...
  203. K

    powermatic drill press

    its a model 1200 variable speed with a 1.5 horsepower motor, 3 phase 220 or 440, currently wired for 220. can test under power at my shop in hemet. runs great, table has a couple drill marks....also included but not in pics is a sacrificial aluminum table top. cut to the chase for BD...
  204. K

    anyone build a 383?

    hello, lost the motor in the boat a couple weeks ago. haven,t disassembled yet but sure i've got cracked pistons. my boat is big and heavy and i think could use a bit more umph. thinking of building a 383 for it. anyone have experence with a marine build 383? i'm freshwater cooled, with a bravo...
  205. K

    auto pilot

    brand new in unopened boxes. raymarine ev100 kit for hyd. steer. comes with.. ecu 100 p70r controller ev100 sensor core hyd. steering pump can be used as a stand alone unit, or interface it with chart plotter. if you have hyd. steering all you need is to "t" into existing hoses, bleed system...
  206. K

    trouble on fish dope

    i can access chatrs and reports, but cant view "forums" i keep getting this message.... The requested group does not exist or you do not have permission to view it i am logged in. is it the site or me? help please
  207. K

    auto pilot

    this is a brand new in unopened box auto pilot. its a raymarine ev 100 with pump for hydraulic steering. is a complete kit and ready for instal. comes with ev 100 sensor core, eu 100 course control computer,p70r control/ display, and hyd. pump. with all cables and instructions. can be used as a...
  208. K

    mercruiser help

    i'm 99% i know the answer to this, but i'm hoping that i'm overlooking something simple. went out last week, got 4 miles out of the harbor everything running and sounds great. 3500rpm, all gauges normal. BTW its 96 MERCRUISER 5.7L 260 HP CARBURETED WITH A BRAVO 2. THEN AN ALARM SOUNDS, i...
  209. K

    going out 10/01 work together??

    launching out of davies 10/01 thrus. anyone interested in working together and sharing info let me know. most likely going to cat.
  210. K

    auto pilot install help

    installed a raymarine ev 100 with hydraulic pump. its in but in the commissioning set up it asks for rudder travel in degrees, i put a protractor on the drive and measured about 30 degrees EACH SIDE OF CENTER. so do i enter 30 degrees or 60 degrees. any other tips would be great! does 60...
  211. K

    edelbrock 1409 tuning help

    just installed my new edelbrock 1409 carb. looking for help on tuning it, is it ready out of the box? i had someone else tell me both screws 3 turns out is it. anyone here in the know? i'm just being cautious as i lost a motor a few years ago to a lean condition....don't want that again. in...
  212. K

    need a boat??

    not mine, just came across it on craigs list. seems like a good deal
  213. K


  214. K


  215. K


  216. K

    deal on a skippy

    not mine saw it on cl and thought i'd share.
  217. K

    project boat?? not mine, just saw it on CL. wonder how much it would take make it seaworthy? any guesses?
  218. K

    nice boat ride

    launched at davies at 4:30 straight to nacho. bait looked good, but wasn't.....1/2 dead 20 minutes. not a great way to start the day. made our way out to the 150 area, found birds, paddies, no fish. 68 to 70 water temps everywhere we went. found a large pod of dolphin, with birds working. we...
  219. K

    if you were fishing tomorrow, where would you go?

    i'm going out tomorrow thrus. the 25 either out of davies or dana point. which would you choose and why? what areas would you fish? i kinda already have a plan, but my friends are not so supportive of it. so i'm just looking for some unbiased opinions on the subject. thank's!!
  220. K

    anyone here of UTAS shotgun?

    bull pup design, 2 tube magazines with a switch to feed from left, right, or alternate left to right. i think they said it holds 14+ 1 2 3/4 shells.
  221. K

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    ok, so i've got a bravo 2 drive gas motor with power steering and a cable helm. parts are on the way for a hydraulic steering conversion (already got ram and hoses) helm on the way. also just ordered a raymarine ev100 auto pilot. any pitfalls or tips from anybody thats done the install? thank's...
  222. K

    anyone do seamless gutters?

    hello all, i'm thinking of getting into seamless gutter biz. (already bought the machine, just not sure if i want to use it or sell it) looking for info on what the going rate is for 5" k style. mitres and downspouts. thank's!!
  223. K

    anyone use these binos? please any feedback good or bad is appreciated. thank's!!
  224. K


  225. K

    putting a truck motor in the boat?

    my friend has a boat with a mercruiser 5.7 260hp alpa 1 drive. hasc had oil in water and we took it apart and found a cracked block in several spots (looks like freeze damage) he has a offroad project blazer with a 5.7 l motor. he wants to use that motor, i think it better to do a short block if...
  226. K

    mako magnet as fish attractant?

    if a mako magnet simulates bait fish being fed on, would it work to attract other gamefish? any thoughts?
  227. K

    need a new vhf, what would you buy?

    washed to boat today, hoping to take the kids to cat this week (spring break). turned on radio and stuck on WX won't scan, change channels or anything. new radio time. what would you buy?
  228. K

    hydraulic steering conversion???

    i have a mercruiser 250hp (5.7l) mated to a bravo 2. my current steering is a cable helm, cable back to inside transom where it hook to a hyd assist ram. i have a belt driven power steering pump. so my question is this....if i do a hyd. steering conversion, do i remove the power steering pump...
  229. K

    fox shocks with reservoirs

    hey guys, got fox shocks with res. don't know what they fit. fully extended about 16" long bolt hole to bolt hole. seem to be in good shape and ready to go. on CL for 500.00 for bd guys 400. thank's!! don't be affraid to shoot a offer.
  230. K

    teaching my son to shoot

    hello all, took my nine year old son out shooting yesterday, he's been before but just shooting at nothing in particular just to get a feel for handling a firearm and safety. yesterday we had targets and he struggled. after watching him a bit i tested him and discovered he's right handed (i knew...
  231. K

    any feedback on raymarine autopilot??

    this is the system i'm considering. the "helm pilot" or "sport pilot" its called. the drive motor between steering wheel and rack gear. i have cable helm with what i think is called power assist. mercruiser 5.7 bravo II drive. anybody with any experience with these?
  232. K

    looks like a killer deal!!

    not mine , nor am i affiliated. came across it thought i should share.
  233. K

    looks like a good deal?? not mine, nor am i affiliated just passing on what seems like a killer deal
  234. K

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    thinking about doing a 10/22 project. anyone have any experience on what products are good. thank's all!
  235. K

    skippy for sale

    not mine, just thought i'd share.
  236. K

    what the ????

    not affiliated, just thought i'd share. people are nuts!
  237. K

    recent plasma cut projects

    goofing off with the machine, thought i'd share.
  238. K

    testing a transducer?

    hey guys, anyone know if a transducer can be tested? thank's!!
  239. K

    food chain in action

    came across this, just wanted to share
  240. K

    food chain in action

    came across this, just wanted to share
  241. K

    where to buy mercruiser 5.7 exhaust mani's

    i've got a freind just got a boat and needs risers and mani's. seems like i've heard bad about some companies. can anyome chime in on where to get a good deal on some good parts. thank's !!
  242. K

    stolen tailgate

    hey guys, my wifes new truck 2013 f250 tuxedo black she got her tailgate stolen while at work today in temecula. if anyone hears of one for sale please forward the info. i'd love to find the scumbag that got it and deal with them myself. police are completely impotent and have little interest in...
  243. K

    diy rocket launchers

    with the threat of large swell keeping me off the water, decided to put together some rocket launchers. just wanted to share.
  244. K

    downriggers for offshore pelagics???

    can downriggers be effective for offshore pelagics? anyone doing it?
  245. K

    launching at oceanside

    hello, been many years since i've launched out of oceanside. is there a dock next to ramp so i can launch solo? thanks
  246. K

    anyone use this thing? real or gimmic anyone know about this thing? ^^^saltwater. the guy at bass pro said they now have anchoivie sardine and others.
  247. K

    whats wrong with fishdope???

    when i try to look at forums page i get a message "the requested group; does not exist, or you do not have permission to view it" WTF?? I CAN VIEW CHARTS, AND REPORTS. I'D ASK ON FD IF I COULD, BUT I CAN'T ACCESS FORUMS.
  248. K

    santa cruz island

    hey all, just watched a huel howser show of kayaking through sea caves at santa cruz. has anyone done it? is it worth doing? if yes were's the best place to launch from (my boat) and hows the ride out, and back?thank's!!
  249. K

    not my skippy, just passing info along
  250. K

    cliff jump at the quarry???

    any one ever do this this jump? did it last week and what a rush!!! rock quarry at catalina. i should of had the go pro with me, oh well next time.
  251. K

    check it out could this be the next generation of fishing platforms? be you own spotter with this rig.
  252. K

    pelican coolers

    just a heads up, PELICAN coolers at my local wal-mart. 65 qt. for 299.00 they look real nice.
  253. K

    floatation swim step???

    may be i'm an innovator or an idiot, you decide. i'm thinking of fabricating a new swim step out of aluminum for my boat. the stock one is smaller than i'd like, i have my bait tank and cooler on it and am very stern heavy. my 4 blade prop from hill marine with its "stern lift" feature has...
  254. K


  255. K

    targeting crabs??

    anyone target crabs when its not lobster season?
  256. K

    downrigger fishing??

    hello all, just bought 2 new cannon mag 10 hs down riggers and want to get them set up. looking for recommendations on weight to use, type and #'s. and best way to fish them (never used them before at all) i have no experience. thank's
  257. K

    not mine just passing the info along
  258. K

    buccaneer days at the isthmus

    anybody ever go to buccaneer days at two harbors. i seen it and looks mostly like a adult thing, is their stuff for the kids? mine are 7 and 4 and both have a thing for pirates. any input is appreciated. i don't mind the crowds if i can keep the kids busy.
  259. K

    a tuff little boat

    anybody seen these boats? SJX Jet Boats Unleashed "You gotta see this!" Vol. 1 - YouTube
  260. K


    any good place to put the boat in to watch fireworks? never done it thought the kids would like it.
  261. K

    i love to fish

    a newlywed couple arrives at their honeymoon location, little cabins on the shore of a beautiful mountain lake. the caretaker greets them and shows them them to their cabin, the" honeymoon cabin" and asks if they have any questions, the man says yes i have one, do you have any boats for rent...
  262. K

    full or empty?

    when storing a boat used to be store it full to keep condensation down, but now modern fuels have problems with phase separation and the ethanol with gathers water. so i don't know if i should store the boat empty or full (with "additive" ). whats the norm???
  263. K

    3 blade or 4?

    since my prop damage i'm going to get a new one and have mine repaired for spare or to sell. i'm going with stainless and i'm thinking about going to a four blade. i'm told it will be better out of the hole, plane at lower speed, handle better, lift the stern, and be more fuel effient at cruise...
  264. K


  265. K

    what happened?

    i miss the shark thread....
  266. K

    suggestions for smoker

    i want to buy a smoker, heres where it gets tricky. i'm lazy and don't want to have to tend a fire, watch temps. ect. i i've tried and my A.D.D. will not allow me to commit to that whole process, either fire goes out, or the meat gets burned all to hell. so i'm looking at something like the...
  267. K

    austrailan prime minister says get out

    has anyone seen this? this woman has a huge pair of brass ones on her. never happen here, not PC. SORRY IF ITS IN THE WRONG PLACE I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THIS Like It or Leave It
  268. K

    50# jerry brown to flouro/mono

    new to this, always used big game mono, bought new rod and reel today with 50# jerry brown. any tips...leader types, connections /splices. thanks guys
  269. K

    take boat into mex waters

    i've never taken my boat into mex waters before. please don't refer me to threads of the past cause i do know it seems to change alot, and i'd like current info. also i don't have a passport so am i screwed?
  270. K

    nice you tube video

    just wanted to share, if its a repost i'm sorry
  271. K

    ar upper complete

    if anyone sees ar uppers for sale anywhere let me know. thank,s all
  272. K


  273. K

    need a job?

    i heard this place is looking for some help
  274. K

    boat 4 sale

    no affiliation seems like a deal, wanted to pass it on
  275. K

    9mm ammo

    looking to sell off my surplus 9mm ammo, it's PPU 115GR.fmj SERBIAN MADE. boxes of 50. I have 4000-5000 rounds. $20.00 per box you come to me in hemet. If you have a cheaper/ easier source please use them, if your like many and want it now and don't want to be limited to 3 boxes i'm your guy...
  276. K

    not fishing related

    if you pay taxes in california this will make you angry. at first i was laughing, but after i listened good to the words it made me mad. what do you think?
  277. K

    80% lower??

    anyone here do a 80% lower build? i just came across this today, i never knew this was a option.thanks
  278. K

    clamming help?

    i made a seafood stew tonight for dinner, both my kids loved it! clams,dungoness crab,shrimp, and rock crab. now both kids are wanting to go on the hunt. hoopnetting i have a handle on (but always willing to hear any tips), but clamming i know nothing about. anybody able to offer some advice...
  279. K

    high end coolers?

    anybody have any experence with the yeti or yukon coolers, or similar? are they worth the 5x the money? thank's!
  280. K

    maybe already posted

    :finger: walmart! someone probably already posted (its a year old) worth looking at.
  281. K

    maybe i'm paranoid?

    it just crossed my mind that if i were a nutjob enviro maybe my best source of info could be found by spying on sportsmen where they are comfortable and safe, like here on BD. perhaps we should avoid all the bitch'n and crying about how some douche dove on a paddy or parked on it and turned off...
  282. K

    shark eating seal boatside

    might have already been posted, i came across this on you tube thought i'd share.
  283. K

    skip jack for sale

    its not mine but thought i'd post it looks real clean.
  284. K

    timing 96 merc 5.7

    i have a bayliner cierra express 2452 with a mercruiser 5.7 4 barrel weber carb., ing. is thunder bolt V . last year i had 2 pistons crack, so motor has been re-built and sounds great in the driveway. launched a couple of weeks ago for test run and had no power wouldn't get on plane and was...
  285. K

    identifing early johnson outboard

    cant find any numbers anywhere except on a "freeze" plug on the motor. number is....j3681947 anyone know how to id this thing? its on a little 72' kona ski boat that my freind got, we think its over 100hp, but thats a guess based on its size. thanks in advance guys
  286. K

    targeting threshers?

    hello, i've never caught or targeted threshers before and would like some help. water color, depth, troll speed ect. i'm willing to put time in but i'd like to at least have some basic info to get started. thank's in advance.
  287. K

    bravo 2 engine alignment tool?

    does anybody know the dimensions of the bravo 2 alingment tool? i hate to buy one when i can make it myself. thank's
  288. K

    .338 lapua???

    looking into doing some long distance shooting. i'd like any advice/ opinions on the .338 lapua. i have no experence with this type of shooting but am eager to learn the skills. i saw the savage 110 b/a in the 338 and liked but i need advice from others that are more experenced in these matters...
  289. K

    to floscan or not to floscan??

    looking for help from those who are familar with floscan. is it worth it on my 25' bayliner cabin cruiser? how long before fuel savings will pay for the unit? any info is a great help. thank's
  290. K


    i need to replace my coupler before i put the motor back in my boat, and want to know if its worth the extra $$225.00 to get the heavy duty one with steel splines, or just stick with the oem style with aluminum splines. is there any drawbacks to the HD unit. i heard they build more heat but...
  291. K

    freshwater cooling?

    hello, i've got the motor out for re-biuld and thought about installing a freshwater cooling system. any suggestions on what company is good and and has best prices. and if you've done it any pros/ cons you have experenced? thanks!
  292. K

    underwater light

    this is a brand new never installed perko underwater light. i got it for my boat but i now need to buy a new engine for my boat so i'm selling off extras to raise $$$for the new motor. this is the thru hull type heres a link to see what it sells for. 300.obo sells at west marine for 375+tax...
  293. K

    need help! merc. 5.7 needs replacing

    i have a merc 5.7 in my boat with bravo outdrive. motor is spewwing up oil from both valve cover vent hoses and also shooting out the dipstick tube, all this and i lost alot of power. i wanht to either purchase a new or reman longblock or rebiuld mine. so what i'm looking for is help with...
  294. K

    sorry no report..just a question

    i tought since theres not much to report those of you with experence could make some suggestions..never taken my own boat into mexican waters. what do i need if i'm launching in san diego and returning to san diego? any tips as far as saftey and how not to get myself in trouble? thank's guys
  295. K

    good weekend at catalina

    left long beach fri. at midnight, got a scoop of dines and headed for the island.moored and got a nap. went to west end in the gray and anchoered up. couple calicos, bunch of short ones at johnson rocks area. went around to west cove more calicos 4 guitar fish (released) 2 leopard sharks (1...