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  1. Smartaxe

    Looking for 35 Cabo or 34 Radovich

    I agree on the Rado, but I thought I’d let you know someone just posted a Cabo 35 on yachtworld today. Looked pretty clean. For what it’s worth. Cheers
  2. Smartaxe

    '88 Boston Whaler Outrage 18 - Brand New Yamaha 115hp - UPDATE Trailer Fixed Up

    Very clean little skiff, Im sure that'll sell fast. Good luck
  3. Smartaxe

    Robalo R235 Walk Around with Yamaha 225 $34K

    2003 Robalo R235 Walkaround Just a little about the boats history. I bought this Robalo in Long Beach back in 12’. I am the third owner. When I bought the boat it only had 183 hours on it. The first two owners put about 90 a piece on it. It was a little dated but incredibly clean. I have spent...
  4. Smartaxe

    Wanted Robalo r245 or like fishing boat

    Getting ready to post my 2003 R235. Has a Yamaha 4 stroke. Turnkey. I can DM you some pics. It'll be at the bottom of your budget. Just hadn't posted because of all the Covid stuff.
  5. Smartaxe

    1976 Boston whaler 13

    I'm interested. Tried PM ing you.
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  7. Smartaxe

    Is Rockcod season opened in NorCal?

    Its finding an open launch ramp thats a problem.
  8. Smartaxe

    Half moon bay at Christmas

    Definitely bring some crab snares
  9. Smartaxe

    Tiger fish out of Emeryville with Daughter

    Awesome job dad. She'll remember that forever
  10. Smartaxe

    Wanted: 22-25 ft Pilothouse or walkaround fishing boat

    Hey Luke, for what it’s worth I also have a 2003 Robalo 235 with a yam 225 4 stroke with clean exhaust. 800 ish hours. It’s turn key. Hit me up if you want to hear or see more. If not, no worries. Good luck
  11. Smartaxe


    Bump for a super clean sled. My boat sits next to Glenn’s at the harbor. I will vouch for how clean it is as well as maintained. Someone is gonna be stoked. Koy
  12. Smartaxe

    Grundens Bibs and Jacket and XXL (Reduced)

    New or used ? Do you have photos? I’m interested
  13. Smartaxe

    Drift Control Drift Sock

    Will you ship to Santa Cruz?
  14. Smartaxe

    Scotty 1101 down riggers

    Costco has the 1108’s for like 460 a piece. If you don’t find any quality used ones.
  15. Smartaxe


    Sits next to mine at the Dock. The guys slay fish on this thing and treat it like a gem. Good luck boys. Look forward to seeing what’s next
  16. Smartaxe

    Last 3 Days out the Gate

    Slip it! So worth it. I fish ugly sticks instead of Seakers. Haha. But so nice to step on and untie. Especially on solo missions. I fish so much more because I don’t have to launch and retrieve alone. Well worth it.
  17. Smartaxe


    This thing is sweet. Docked next to mine. Well taken care of and catches fish. GLWS boys
  18. Smartaxe

    Monterey Salmon reports???

    Fished out of SC on Sat and Mon. Sat provided a skunk. Didnt see any fish, heard of a couple. Tried to fish Monday and it was nautical. Hopefully after this blow they'll school up again.
  19. Smartaxe

    Penn 30 Fathom 125.00

    Do you have the box and manuals , etc for it?
  20. Smartaxe

    Maritime Defiant

    Call Harbor Boat Rentals, in Dana Point. I believe they're running a bunch of them.
  21. Smartaxe

    Best boat for NorCal?

    If it helps you make a decision, I bought my boat with the plans of fishing both Santa Cruz and Tahoe. Too much of a pain in the ass for me. My boat fishes salt water mostly. Getting the bilges clean enough for the Tahoe inspectors is a real pain in the ass. I found a buddy with a boat up there...
  22. Smartaxe

    Best boat for NorCal?

    You looking to sell that for 50K?
  23. Smartaxe

    Maritime 20 Defiant

    Just saw one back east that had been totally redone. No power. Blank slate. Think the guy wanted 15
  24. Smartaxe

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Such an amazing rig. Im not a fan of I/O's, just personal pref. But every time I see a Davis with a bracket I'm hooked. Anybody got 70K I can borrow. That is the perfect trailered assault rig for the california coast, top to bottom.
  25. Smartaxe

    WTB 23 ft walk around cuddy with 4 stroke

    The baitwell creates the transom. There’s a splash well.
  26. Smartaxe

    WTB 23 ft walk around cuddy with 4 stroke

    I will be posting my 03’ Robalo R235 with a 04’ Yamaha 225 with 700 hours in January. I’m going to fish it through New Years then get it all cleaned up for sale. Around 30k. Pm me if you’re interested.
  27. Smartaxe

    I havent sat down to price it yet. I was thinking right at 30K. I've upgraded just about...

    I havent sat down to price it yet. I was thinking right at 30K. I've upgraded just about everything. I bought it 5 years ago with under 200 hours. My plan is to pull it out of the water after new years and go through it stem to stern. Then right up a ad. I plan on pricing it very fair to help...
  28. Smartaxe

    WTB Robalo R220 or R222 CC with F250

    I'm currently getting my 2003 R235 ready for sale. Very clean with 2004 Yamaha 225 with under 700 hours. PM me if youre interested.
  29. Smartaxe

    Headed north Wednesday

    Awesome thanks for the report. I missed the last week of deep fishing but I'm still hoping to score. Either way I'm going unless its just nasty which it shouldnt be.
  30. Smartaxe

    Headed north Wednesday

    Thanks Dave, appreciate the help. Im not worried about finding structure as much as I am looking to watch out for rookie pitfalls. I'm going unless its so snotty I get turned around. I need to get on the water bad. Ive been using sailflow, but I'll def give windy a try.
  31. Smartaxe

    Headed north Wednesday

    Well Ive been stuck in the valley at work way too much this fishing/fire season!. But I'm finally getting wed - fri off this week. I have never made the run past Davenport to Ano. Thinking of going Wed or Thurs. Any tips about fishing that area? I checked my weather sources and I thought it...
  32. Smartaxe

    24 ft fishing boat with pilothouse

  33. Smartaxe

    1997 Shamrock 20PH Pilothouse

    Love these rigs, would it be possible to see some pics of the pilothouse?
  34. Smartaxe

    1991 Cabo 226 cuddycon

    Timing sucks. Love that platform, but not ready to buy yet! UGH!!!
  35. Smartaxe

    Largest boat with davis Cortez style pilot house?

    Davis made them in a 25' also
  36. Smartaxe

    Looking for trailer help

    Already did. Their all loose now. Coke is a scary product!
  37. Smartaxe

    Looking for trailer help

    Huge help Shad, thanks so much
  38. Smartaxe

    Looking for trailer help

    Here's some pics
  39. Smartaxe

    Looking for trailer help

    I'd like to upgrade to stainless disc, but I don't know if it'll be in the budget this year. I'll know more when I pull off the wheels Tuesday.
  40. Smartaxe

    Looking for trailer help

    Alright gang, I'm going to be showing my trailer some love this month. I am looking for any tutorials/threads on clever ideas, upgrades etc. I already plan on new brakes, led lighting, new jackstand. But I am starting from scratch. So I need pointers on everything. I have a 2003 Sun Country 26'...
  41. Smartaxe

    HMB 3.0

    Thanks for the report. Koy
  42. Smartaxe

    Santa Cruz 7/13

    Hanahou7, welcome. If you are using downriggers, the most common ball weight that Ive seen on sport boats is 12 lb. Thats what I'm running with my Scottys. 15 if youre fishing deeper out in the hole. I try to keep the scope of my line around 45 degrees. Sounds like you were using the right...
  43. Smartaxe

    More Santa Cruz Salmon

    At least your grabbing a couple. More than a couple blanks this weekend. Nice job
  44. Smartaxe

    SC Salmon

    Took a Pal out this morning hoping to snag a few last Salmon before our season ends. Lines in at 7 in the pack up north. I was putting my first line in and was about to put the rod in the holder and off it went. Put this one in at 7:01. Pretty Rad. Trolled in the shallows with bait and hoochies...
  45. Smartaxe

    Recommendations for a "Fishing Day" late Nov-Early Dec

    I agree with Eric. Halibut will most likely be gone by then and Salmon will be out of season. Should still be some nice Ling around and crab should be open.
  46. Smartaxe

    Personal Best

    I knew I was going to be leaving town for a few weeks, and since our Salmon season ends on July 15 I thought this might be my last shot to get a couple more for the year (optimistic). Went out on the 27th in very nice weather. Wind wasn't suppose to come up till 11-12. Got a good tip from a in...
  47. Smartaxe

    Sold 1980 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk

    Any pics of the decks and how their set up?
  48. Smartaxe

    Monterey salmon try 6-8

    Better than I did. Worked hard on Thursday and Friday out towards the hole, never got a sniff.
  49. Smartaxe

    2 lings at once, crazy video.

    Thank your pal for a great net job. Congrats. Do you mind if I ask what depth you were in?
  50. Smartaxe

    WTB 18' or so CC

    Kind of thought the same thing. But I keep coming back to that Mako. Might be worth a look. Either way, good luck. Thought I'd try and help.
  51. Smartaxe

    WTB 18' or so CC Decent little Mako, and a little more for a Grady?
  52. Smartaxe

    Flying with fish

    You can use gel packs? I'm on the TSA site and shockingly it contradicts itself.
  53. Smartaxe

    Flying with fish

    Fellas, I'm flying from San Jose to Chicago on Southwest in a couple weeks. I was thinking of taking some firemen buddies some fresh Salmon. I read their website but I'm still foggy. Anyone tried this? I have an RTIC soft sided cooler I can take as a carry on or I could pack an ice chest as a...
  54. Smartaxe

    ***Sold***2007 Defiance Yellowtail $21,500

    Thats a sweet little pilot house.
  55. Smartaxe

    Thurs Vet Derby...

    I'm in for next year, missed this when you posted it.
  56. Smartaxe

    30th Annual Monterey Bay Disabled Veterans Wheelchair Salmon Derby

    Is there a mailing list I can get on for the next one? Sounds right up my alley.
  57. Smartaxe

    Thurs Vet Derby...

    I havent heard of the Vet Derby. Can you tell us more about it.
  58. Smartaxe

    Got one

    I heard the bite was wide open a few days back. I just got back in town yesterday and decided to see what was still biting. Yesterday sounded slow, but I went for Salmon over Lings. 10 min after I got my line in at the hole I got bit. 20 lb keeper. Cruised the same area for one more that got...
  59. Smartaxe

    Wed Salmon

    Nice Keith, thanks for the report. I'm traveling for the next couple weeks. Maybe it'll be firing when I get back...maybe not.
  60. Smartaxe

    While we're at it.

    Since I'm re-rigging my downriggers let me ask this. How do you set yours up? I want to make sure I'm not committing any crucial errors. I have Scotty 1106's with 175 lb braid. 300 ft I believe. I have the new big Scotty clips. But I don't know if I need to use a snubber and how to set the whole...
  61. Smartaxe

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Didn't get the hooks stuck in it. My braided downrigger line broke off after getting chaffed. Above the snap. Only thing I got back was my spoon. Was running a flasher off of my ball.
  62. Smartaxe

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Way better than I did. I got broke off on a crab trap. Lost $100 worth of tackle. Highs and Lows Brother. Had Tuesday's fish for dinner. Appreciated it even more.
  63. Smartaxe

    Finally, First Salmon

    Fuck Keith , that sucks. I sympathize with those expensive days.
  64. Smartaxe

    Finally, First Salmon

    Awesome advice Gregg, a buddy told me the same thing. Did it the other day. Started a book with different sections for every species.
  65. Smartaxe

    Finally, First Salmon

    Let me know how you do if you get a chance. I'll be out there again this weekend
  66. Smartaxe

    Finally, First Salmon

    I've seen your rig. I'll pop over if I see you around. Thanks
  67. Smartaxe

    Finally, First Salmon

    Just glad to know I'm not "special needs". I just have to keep paying my dues! I've got no issues with hard work to attain a goal. Dad made sure of that.
  68. Smartaxe

    Steiger Craft or Farallon?

    Talk about two great choices for NorCal waters. I'm looking at both boats in a 26' right now for my next boat. Leaning towards a 25-27 Farallon with direct drive diesel. But there is a badass new 26 Steiger with twins on it in Santa Cruz Harbor that caught my eye the other day. Also, more...
  69. Smartaxe

    First Boat...Help Please

    First of all congrats, buying your fist boat can be daunting. I did the same thing 5 years ago. I also came on here and sought advice from guys in the know. I echo the statements that you really should do your own sea trial. I did, and I learned alot about my boat from the previous owner. I also...
  70. Smartaxe

    Show me your blackman boat

    I remember when you sold that. I wanted it so bad, but didnt have the cash at the time.
  71. Smartaxe

    Finally, First Salmon

    So I got my boat a few years back and rather than trying to dive into fishing everything, I'd focus on one fishery at a time. Let me say that I don't really have anyone that helped teach me to fish Saltwater. I'm learning most of what I "know" from here, and a few local guys in Santa Cruz who...
  72. Smartaxe

    WTB 22-25 WA or Pilothouse with Outboard(s)

    I just started getting my Robalo 235 W/A ready for sale. was planning on pulling it out soon for some tlc and then posting it but its real clean. Yamaha 225 with 500 hours.If youre committed to a pilot house then good luck.
  73. Smartaxe

    Crab Report

    Meaning which harbor, sorry
  74. Smartaxe

    Crab Report

    Where were you fishing on the coast?
  75. Smartaxe

    Crab Report

    Yeah it drops off pretty fast in SC, always jealous of the guys who crab in HMB. Especially since I dont have a pot puller
  76. Smartaxe

    Crab Report

    Ive been starting deep (220) and coming in slowly. At 200 now. In the SC Area. Just a handful of rock crabs so far, nice size though.
  77. Smartaxe

    Crab Report

    What part of the coast were you fishing, M Bay, SF, North?
  78. Smartaxe

    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    Make sure you get your rotten cotton as well.
  79. Smartaxe

    Northern CA bluefin

    Bayside Marine put up a pic last night of a couple nice BlueFin.
  80. Smartaxe

    Saturday Trip

    Not running out tomorrow, but good luck Bill. Hopefully someone can find you a seat.
  81. Smartaxe

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    There are two cattle boats now. There are a ton of great six pack boats available also.
  82. Smartaxe

    Time to Refurb my trailer! Suggestions?

    Fellas, I have a 24 (approx) foot galvanized Sun Country trailer for my boat. I was going to upgrade to LED lights, but then thought I'd give the whole thing a big dose of love. I'm thinking of paint, lights, wheel painting and new bearing overhaul. Maybe a new jack and at least refurb the bunks...
  83. Smartaxe

    2004 Farallon 2300 on CL

    Just down from mine in the harbor. Super clean, beautiful boat.
  84. Smartaxe

    WTB: 21'-23' Walk Around

    It would save some people on here some time if you gave us a basic price range youre looking for? Or at least your top end?
  85. Smartaxe


    Still available? I'll take them. Im local.
  86. Smartaxe

    Rain Barrel bait hotel, or is there something better.

    Im up north, but I use a plastic trash can with a snap on lid. Big as you can get. Then I zip tied a pool fun noodle around the top just below the lid. Add a lot of holes and your set. I copied mine from all the commercial guys around my dock. Super easy and cheap.
  87. Smartaxe

    Crabbing Santa Cruz

    I'm headed out this Friday to drop pots for the first time this season. Any help on depth? I know its March but I wasn't sure how having the season closed changed their movement. Not looking for numbers, thanks for any help you can give me. Koy
  88. Smartaxe

    Salmon Season 2016 - Looks like may not happen

    Lots of good Captains out of Santa Cruz, but Brad on the "Irish" seems to bring back his share of Salmon.
  89. Smartaxe

    Salmon season looms!

    Yeah, Thats kind of what I have heard. Thought it was worth a shot if I could find a deal. Thanks for the input.
  90. Smartaxe

    Hopefully We'll see Salmon soon!

    Looking to continue buying more gear than I need for no reason whatsoever. Need some recommendations for a higher quality line counter reel that wont break the bank. Wanted to try out a couple out in the upcoming Salmon season. Any help would be great.
  91. Smartaxe

    Salmon season looms!

    Looking to continue buying more gear than I need for no reason whatsoever. Need some recommendations for a higher quality line counter reel that wont break the bank. Wanted to try out a couple out in the upcoming Salmon season. Any help would be great.
  92. Smartaxe

    What size Tuna Cord?

    Thanks for the info. Im gonna go with the 1/16 from Atwood. Appreciate the help. Im also looking for a bait well net without the handle. Doing it out of bamboo also. If you know where I might find one.
  93. Smartaxe

    What size Tuna Cord?

    Is that the same as #72 Seine? Should I be using tarred seine instead?
  94. Smartaxe

    What size Tuna Cord?

    Fellas, I have my Calcutta, Hooks and Spar Varnish. I'm taking my first shot at making some bamboo gaffs. I was on the Atwood rope sight and wasnt sure what size tuna cord to wrap it with. Any tips on which cord to wrap with or any other suggestions would help. Koy
  95. Smartaxe

    Davenport or Franklin Point?

    Yeah, Ive been watching it pretty close from work. But thats why I wanted to reach out to some seasoned guys.
  96. Smartaxe

    Davenport or Franklin Point?

    Thanks Rat, much appreciated. Maybe I'll see you up there.
  97. Smartaxe

    Davenport or Franklin Point?

    Since my ability to figure out marine forecasts still sucks, I wanted to post this question. I'm working like crazy over the holidays but wanted to squeeze in a couple last days of Ling fishing up north. My two open days are the 27th and 28th. The weather and swells have been big and crazy...
  98. Smartaxe

    Angerwest TV - 2015 Panama and California Delta Stripers Episode.

    Footage looked great. Panama looked unreal. Nice job
  99. Smartaxe

    1978 24 Radon with twin 200 yamahas on an armstrong bracket $35,000

    One of my dream boats! Like how youve set it up. A year from know I would have already sent you a check. Someone is going to be stoked. GLWS
  100. Smartaxe

    What would you have done?

    If you are fishing with a new guy and hes that big of a dipshit, you'd never see me again. If you mess with my life and think its funny....When we get to the dock and I know Im safe its game on. Send him home with dotted eyes. Period
  101. Smartaxe

    cord size and material

    Does anyone know the best place to learn the turks head? Is there a site or book that teaches you the different patterns and weaves that are possible.
  102. Smartaxe

    Which buffer to buy?

    Sorry....orbital compound polishing buffer.
  103. Smartaxe

    Gaff question

    I know there are some talented guys on here that make some incredible Calcutta bamboo gaffs. That being said, I'm trying my hand at making a couple for my boat. Not to Sell or anything. Just curious if someone has an epoxy or resin that they recommend for marine use to lightly coat the rope tie...
  104. Smartaxe

    Which buffer to buy?

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll check it out.
  105. Smartaxe

    Which buffer to buy?

    I don't have a ton of cash. But the buffer I'm using is a giant pain in the ass! Any recommendations?
  106. Smartaxe

    Bluefin Sat

    Got to 4 mile just at sunlight....a little rough. We were planning on Franklin. We decided on Natural Bridges instead. Monday is looking better for a warm water run.
  107. Smartaxe

    WTB TWO Pairs of Xtra Tuf boots size 9-10 and 13-14

    I'm looking for a 13 in the tall boot. Specifically in the USA. If you find them, will you let me know where?
  108. Smartaxe

    Bay Area Bamboo

    pM sent
  109. Smartaxe

    disposal of leftover fish

    I throw the carcassas in cheap tupoware that I buy at the dollar store. Then into the chest freezer until they can be used for crab trap bait this winter. No waste, crabs take everything.
  110. Smartaxe

    Bay Area Bamboo

    Thanks Fellas, I'm in Bayside all the time. I should have asked Todd, but i try not to bury him in questions every time I'm in there.
  111. Smartaxe

    Bay Area Bamboo

    Hey guys, Getting my Robalo dialed in. She's come along way from the generic boat it was when I bought it. Time to try my hand at gaff building. I wanna make a couple of custom Calcutta bamboo gaffs. A 6 and a 3. A buddy at work that keeps his boat up at Bragg wants to do the same. Where do I...
  112. Smartaxe

    32# king by 7 year old

    Nice job dad, you're kid rules!
  113. Smartaxe

    Monterey Advice

    Hey I looked for you a couple times on the way out. Beautiful boat Jim. Thanks for the info. Nice Cat you have there. Bare in mind I know shit about sailing vessels. Thanks, the Robalo is my first, trying to figure it all out.
  114. Smartaxe

    Monterey Advice

    Alright...everybody just calm down. Don't hijack my thread and fun. We're here now and having a blast. Made it over in about an hour. Cruised at 25 in pretty flats seas the whole way. Saw a bunch of life too. Got a quiet slip for the weekend. I'll post pics when we're back.
  115. Smartaxe

    Monterey Advice

    Thanks guys, we are gonna run over on Friday morning and try and grab a spot for the weekend. That's exactly the advice I was looking for.
  116. Smartaxe

    Monterey Advice

    Hey Guys, Quick question! After repeated requests I am gonna take my lady on a boat ride across the bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey. We are gonna stay a few nights on the boat. Fish. Walk town a little. Just have a little fun. Kinda like our version of Catalina. Any advice on Monterey harbor...
  117. Smartaxe

    Capitola skiff fishing7-26-15 great day on the water

    What was your set up for the Butts? I was out there last week doing everything I could think of and just got a bunch of short lings. Not looking for numbers or anything.
  118. Smartaxe

    105 miles one way for nada

    Thanks for putting in the time. Still hoping we get a chance at them.
  119. Smartaxe

    Meet Maverick.......

    Congrats! I've been watching that boat for a while. Nice ride
  120. Smartaxe

    Robalo WA winter projects

    Keep it coming. I've got the same Robalo and I'm stealing all of this. Maybe not the bait tank because I don't have those skills. Haha but lots of good ideas. If your happy with all your new compartment struts and hinges, could you pm me the sizes and where you got them? Nice job Koy
  121. Smartaxe

    Salmon Care 101

    Can I use my live well as a bleed barrel or will it mess it up.
  122. Smartaxe

    Salmon Care 101

    Thanks Capt, much appreciated. You and Rat are on the same page. Always good to get local knowledge. Maybe I'll see you around the harbor. Good luck this season
  123. Smartaxe

    Salmon Care 101

    Thanks Fellas, Thats what I was looking for. See ya out there.
  124. Smartaxe

    Looking for a good boat in Cabo

    Renegade Mike for me as well. We didnt do well when I went with him a few years ago, but it wasnt for lack of him and his crew trying everything. Got some little amberjacks, but he runs a class operation.
  125. Smartaxe

    Salmon Care 101

    Hey everyone, I'm very much a novice angler and need some tech advise. I'm hoping to put my first Salmon on the boat here shortly. I hear alot of guys talking about different ways to bleed fish and care for them to produce top notch quality. My understanding is this: 1. Whack them in the head...
  126. Smartaxe

    Looking for Santa Cruz connection

    Much appreciated, everything's back on the right track. That's why I'm pumped to get the boat dialed just in time. See ya out there
  127. Smartaxe

    Looking for Santa Cruz connection

    Thanks Jason, I've been looking for one of you pros down at the harbor to ask. Haven't really seen anyone lately. Was gonna ask Todd tomorrow when I pop in to look at some stuff. Getting ready for Salmon opener, pulling her out for a couple weeks of detailing and maint. My boat has been...
  128. Smartaxe

    Looking for Santa Cruz connection

    Hey All, I need some decals made for my boat and also a small section of my Isenglass (sp?) replaced. I'm not looking for a hook up, just some quality local companies that you've had a good experience with. Yes, I know I can get it cheaper online or maybe over the hill in the South Bay. But I...
  129. Smartaxe

    fishing with brother ed - 11/25/14

    Beautiful day, thanks for another great post. And way to be cool with a couple newbies, prob made their day. Happy Holidays and tight lines.
  130. Smartaxe

    Monterey crab fishing

    Daniel, Shoot me your contact info. My back has been a little screwy lately and I haven't been getting out as much. But I have a boat in Santa Cruz harbor. If you can get up here I'll give you a shot. Either way, tight lines!
  131. Smartaxe

    first trip of the year - 9/24/2014

    I was out at 4 mile yesterday with a Pal and his son. Most beautiful day on the water in a long time. 5 keeper lings and a bunch of nice sized Rockies. Could've water skied back to SC Harbor at 1:00. Nice first trip with family and friends congrats.
  132. Smartaxe

    Need help with Catalina!

    How hard is it to moor on a buoy there? Or is it beach camping
  133. Smartaxe

    Need help with Catalina!

    Alright everyone, I have a boat up in Santa Cruz harbor and I want to trailer it down and take my dad fishing/camping in Catalina for a few days to a week. Dive some, prob do some lobstering. He is getting older and I am finally in a position to do this while we can both enjoy it. This came...
  134. Smartaxe

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    Thanks, I've been using a 3-way set up and bottom bouncing fresh dead and live bait fish when I make them. Thinking of giving trolling a try. Just got some downriggers and got them up and running. So I need some flashers for Salmon anyway. YES ALEX, even I know there are other ways to fish...
  135. Smartaxe

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    While I'm on here.... Im a novice who has had my boat in SC harbor for a couple years. I wouldnt dare ask for anyones numbers, but I was wondering which websites you find useful for the SC area? you know, water, weather, swell conditions? Right now I pretty much have been using BD and bayside...
  136. Smartaxe

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    Channel 11, is what Bayside typically monitors, along with most of the sport guys. Im going out for the same combo trip Friday and Sunday this weekend. Ill let you know how we do. Not sure how the incoming swell will effect the fishing, still pretty new at this. May be wasting my gas, but you...
  137. Smartaxe

    Want to buy a boat

    I have a 2003 Robalo 235 w/a with a Yamaha 225 4 stroke with 380 hours. Lots of recent upgrades, with trailer. 32k obo
  138. Smartaxe

    donner lake

    If your just fishing from one of the piers, salmon eggs were doing the trick there for me the other day. Got some nice rainbows. The day before I was on a buddies boat and we getting Kokanee at 60, and I got a nice Mac at 150.
  139. Smartaxe

    Need 1 guy

    When is the trip, or did it already happen?
  140. Smartaxe

    Shea McIntee (Stoked On Fishing) and Dan Hernandez (TVDan)

    You felt your child was ignored so your instinct was to come on BD and shit talk him? Maybe he had a sixth sense for what kind of guy you are. Next time be more patient and bring your complaint to the man himself and Im sure it would get squashed. Dan's a good dude and gives a ton back.
  141. Smartaxe

    Any ideas?

    Hey everyone , I'm a newly ADDICTED saltwater angler. I'm late to the game but I'm all in. I bought a nice walk around a couple years ago and plopped it in Santa Cruz harbor. I've got a couple seasons under my belt, but I really don't have a seasoned guy to ask questions. So as I was making my...
  142. Smartaxe

    19' Albi

    Passed you the other day when you were pulling in. That's one sick boat, sorry to see you get rid of it. I'm still a novice at this game but you're welcome to jump on with me anytime. I've got the Robalo over at W dock. Koy
  143. Smartaxe

    Kids Rod and Reel

    Hello all, I'm looking for a couple of inexpensive set ups (rod and reel) for when I have kids on the boat. I'm up to buy a few or to hear any suggestions on what you guys use. Mostly just jigging for rock fishin a 100 feet of water. Thinking spinning reels since my last buddy that brought his...
  144. Smartaxe

    Hello! New Member From Santa Cruz

    Welcome Stu, I'm up at W dock in North Harbor. Stop by anytime. If your a novice like me, there is safety in numbers. If not, I'll buy you a beer for being the new guy. Koy
  145. Smartaxe

    Need Fishfinder and Downriggers

    Hey Bob, I appreciate that. I found a killer deal on some scottys, but thanks for reaching out. Thats a killer deal, im sure they'll be snatched up quick. Koy
  146. Smartaxe

    Need Fishfinder and Downriggers

    I just got my boat out of the water to get the bottom done before Salmon opens. I figured while its up on blocks I should finally upgrade my ff. I am looking for a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 1. Also looking for a pair of electric downriggers (Scotty or Canon, but I prefer Scottys') Let me know...
  147. Smartaxe

    Tady 45s, Kicker, Candybar, etc.

    Still Available? I'll take them.
  148. Smartaxe


    This guy must be a scam, a bunch of people asked him questions and got no answers or pics the last time he posted this. Bump this guy off the site.
  149. Smartaxe

    Bucket-O- Iron jigs Lot of 32 for $ 25

    Dont need the bucket, but if you want to throw them in a box and ship them to Santa Cruz I'll take them. Koy
  150. Smartaxe


    Check out the Mako 21 listed right under yours from Hemet. Motor looks a little dated, but those are nice 21' CC's.
  151. Smartaxe

    yamaha 9.9

    Still available, I sent you a PM
  152. Smartaxe

    Newbie needs advice

    Here is the link to the boat. Talked to the owner today, sea trial soon. Also having it surveyed this week. Thanks for the help fellas, keep it coming if you think of anything else. I wonder what I'll do with all my spare time now that I'm not boat shopping all day...maybe go fishing...
  153. Smartaxe

    Newbie needs advice

    I was actually referring to the buying process, not fishing. Thanks for the heads up about them not touching motors during survey.
  154. Smartaxe

    Newbie needs advice

    I finally found a boat! A Robalo 235 in Long Beach. It is loaded and a pretty fair deal. This is my first boat so I am looking for advice so that I dont f- up the process. What should I be doing and any tips would help. Also if anybody knows a good marine surveyor in Long Beach that would help...
  155. Smartaxe

    2004 24 ft Robalo W/A cuddy

    PM sent, very interested
  156. Smartaxe

    Need Direct drive help

    I feel like I can do more of the maint to an inboard direct drive myself. And outboards add length which means money in the harbor.
  157. Smartaxe

    Need Direct drive help

    I am buying my first boat soon. I am looking for something around 25' that is great for fishing but can also be used for overnights with the girlfriend. I have a harbor spot waiting for me in Santa Cruz. I have been told for ease of maint and because I am leaving it in the water that an inboard...
  158. Smartaxe

    Rare Parker 2520 XL MV DIESEL!

    I would love to see a lot more pics. I am very interested. My email is [email protected] Koy
  159. Smartaxe

    For Sale/Trade 2000 SportCraft 252 Express

    I know it is a 25' boat, but what is the true overall length? Not sure it will fit in my slip. Thanks.
  160. Smartaxe

    Shamrock LOA

    Thanks for the info
  161. Smartaxe

    Shamrock LOA

    I am looking at a Shamrock 260 Express with diesel. My 25' slip has a max of 28'6". The boat is in Fl so I was wondering if someone that has one could tell me the true length overall. Also, this will be my first saltwater boat. So any advice on Shamrocks or boats in general would be cool. My...