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  1. sgwill122

    8/7 tuna run…anybody running

    How was the water? I stayed home and nursed a bad case of vagisillis.
  2. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 7/27 tuna

    Excellent report and great trip, 9 fish for two guys is a lot of fish.
  3. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport 7-23/24

    super Nice fish! Did you get your dates wrong or was salmon open last Saturday?
  4. sgwill122

    Saltwater MA6 Chinook

    Thanks for the posting the video it was very entertaining. Playing then netting that big fish with the kelp was pretty intense to watch, I can only imagine your stress level.
  5. sgwill122

    Saltwater Anyone else getting stoked for MA10?

    A buddy of mine pulled out of the Everett boat launch around 4:00pm and the checkers had 90 fish for 200 boats.
  6. sgwill122

    Free scotty spool parts

    Have you checked if Englunds has one?
  7. sgwill122

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    Nice work Brian! Freshest albacore in Washington.
  8. sgwill122

    Saltwater Reels

    I also like the Tekota. I used to fish the knuckle busters but switched to level winds to keep it simple for anyone onboard. I have used my avet MX’s with 50lb braid and don’t recall getting low on line but the avets quick retrieve gets a salmon in too quick. Need the knuckle buster to slow...
  9. sgwill122

    Fishing and Crabbing at Jones Island

    I think your best bet is greenlings in the kelp beds, small darts or bait will work. Not sure on the crabbing at Jones, you will likely be able to pickup rock crabs. Make sure you know the difference between a Lingcod and a greenling as you may catch a smaller ling chasing greenlings.
  10. sgwill122

    NB Roll Call???

    Neah is going to a 1 chinook limit starting Friday. It just seems opposite of the way things should work, if there are no fish to catch we get a long season but if there are a lot of fish we get shutdown early.
  11. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport butts, 16 June

    Congrats! Not a lot of butt pictures so far this year, find any lings to go with them?
  12. sgwill122

    Trailer shop/Welder recommendations

    Shops are very busy right now so I ended up sandwiching each side of the cross member with 5/16” 4”x6” angle iron and thru bolting. I used short sections of 4x4 to take the weight off the the trailer before the failure point and 4 ratchet straps to suck everything back together before bolting...
  13. sgwill122

    Neah Bay

    Were you fishing the corner or somewhere else in 4? Definitely the slowest I have seen it in years. I heard the long liners have been hitting them hard but I assume they do every year so not sure what’s goiing on this year.
  14. sgwill122

    License issue

    I swear I ordered one online this year but when it came no hali punch. Probably just me forgetting to click it but blaming the state feels better. I did have a guy that fished with me one year that went to punch his hali after killing our last fish and found he did not have a hali tag. He...
  15. sgwill122

    Trailer shop/Welder recommendations

    The front cross member on my boat trailer broke at the welds. I am waiting for the manufacturer to provide a recommendation for a fix. I assume I just need to get it re-welded. Looking for a recommendation for a local trailer shop/welder folks have been happy with. The trailer manufacturer...
  16. sgwill122

    Saltwater 5/22 Westport action

    Would love to hear some reviews on the bocaccio. I have heard from a few folks that did not enjoy them so we descended ours on Sunday.
  17. sgwill122

    Excellent work by WhoDat Towers

    Looks great, it is crazy how many rods we need/want for tuna fishing.
  18. sgwill122

    Saltwater Neah Butt opener

    The wind does not look bad tomorrow but it's gonna be a slow bumpy run out. I am gonna sit it out but interested to hear who's running.
  19. sgwill122

    "Help Needed" side of cabin rod holder dimensions

    I am with Ryan, make them as vertical as possible. I cut mine off and had them re-attached vertically. Having a rod, gaff or net overhang the Gunnel made them a pain when playing a fish.
  20. sgwill122

    Yamaha 9.9 snorkel?

    Just checked out the the old thread and that snorkel is just what I am looking for. I am gonna PM Rod and see if he can print another or provide guidance. Hopefully the 8 and 9.9 have the same air intake. Raising the motor would help but my issue could also be taking saltwater in the air...
  21. sgwill122

    Yamaha 9.9 snorkel?

    My 9.9 Yamaha starter seized up this last weekend. I pulled it apart and it had lots of corrosion. Got it cleaned up and put back together and it’s running well. I would like to avoid getting saltwater in the starter in the future. I use it like most guys to back the boat into some pretty...
  22. sgwill122

    Dab bait

    Anything fishy. I use salmon skin as it does not come off your hook but it is also hard to get on there.
  23. sgwill122

    2022 Ocean Options

    Done, can't wait for Westport salmon weekend opportunities again.
  24. sgwill122

    Which Autopilot

    Good luck with the pump Gregg. I have had a lot of problems with my mine, I am on pump #6. After a couple months of use the steel pin wears out the aluminum bore and fluid is able to backflow through the pump. The first signs of this happening is your helm no longer locks out while turning...
  25. sgwill122

    Scotty 2106s down riggers

    If you had the 1106's already I do not think they are worth upgrading. If you are buying new I would do the 2106's unless you found a great deal on the 1106's. I have regretted my 2106's a few times but I am not going back. I had the original digital line counter that had sealed batteries...
  26. sgwill122

    Oyster rule question

    My family had a similar experience our first trip oystering. Everyone got the biggest they could find and nobody was a fan of chewing through a giant chewy oyster. Next time we did it everyone got the smallest oysters and were much happier.
  27. sgwill122

    Campbell River Advice

    I visited CR one day while on a Desolation Sound family trip the first week of August 5 years ago and went past a ton of boats fishing the bank outside CR. We saw a lot of fish being caught. I had a Canadian license so stopped and gave it a try but the current quickly picked up and all the...
  28. sgwill122

    Puget Sound Pilothouse

    Sweet deal for sure. Tim- will you leave the humpy coords on the chart plotter?
  29. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 10 Blackmouth opener

    Had a nice boat ride on Saturday. Fish and game officers at the dock said it was very slow for most boats. It was strange as we saw lots of fish marks and bait on the finder but had almost no action which is the opposite of my experience when it first opened in January. The good news is the...
  30. sgwill122

    Westport Moorage Sublet

    I ran into the same thing last year, I paid to launch and while Fishing decided to fish a second day so called and paid for guest morage. When I got to the truck on the second day I had a ticket. I called the office to ask and heard the same explanation.
  31. sgwill122

    Saltwater Steelhead/king salmon shore fishing

    Rivers are your best bet for kings or steelhead from shore. Pier fishermen do manage a few kings In the summer. I know nothing about catching steelhead especially in the salt.
  32. sgwill122

    What’s doing at the boat show?

    I agree with the others, the show seemed underwhelming but I was not shopping for a boat, so that may have made it less exciting. Boat prices seem to have risen by $100K in the last few years.
  33. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 10 Blackmouth opener

    they talked to us as well, they were most interested in which ramp we had launched from. We had checkers at Shilshole. The creel had almost a half a fish for every boat both Saturday and Sunday while not red hot but still pretty good. I would prefer a longer summer season to catch bigger fish...
  34. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 10 Blackmouth opener

    With a name like 'polar bill' all of them.
  35. sgwill122

    Welders for small boat projects in south sound (Tacoma/Gig Harbor/Bremerton)

    X2 on Nick, you can also easily trailer your boat to his place, definitely worth the drive.
  36. sgwill122

    Post your boat's fillet / bait table setup

    How does the storage area not fill with water while cleaning a fish or washing the table?
  37. sgwill122

    Whats Your Salmon Smoker?

    Big Chief. I have tried and do not like my traeger for fish.
  38. sgwill122

    Gaff question/recomendations

    I like my 6’ aluminum aftco gaff. I also have a fiberglass version that I do not like as much, feels like someone could break it. Whichever gaff you get make sure it floats, if I remember correctly the shorter aluminum aftco’s do not float.
  39. sgwill122

    Winter Boat Mods

    I have not heard anything negative about the smart pump. It is a couple grand more but I have spent that much repairing and replacing the 1.2L.
  40. sgwill122

    Winter Boat Mods

    I want to see the crane and davits installed. My current dinghy lifters are off to college next year so need to figure out a mechanical solution.
  41. sgwill122

    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    You might want to check your weight distribution between your trailer axels. Hard to tell from pictures but looks like your rear tire is much more loaded which would make sense having moved so much weight to the back of the boat. If you plan to keep her moored then likely not a big deal.
  42. sgwill122

    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Wow, that’s a lot of ponies. I imagine you get up on plane pretty quick.
  43. sgwill122

    Area 11 blackmouth

    Totally agree on gear restrictions, plug only would be the way to go. Does anyone know if it has ever been considered by WDFW?
  44. sgwill122

    Stay tuned...

    Pics look great. What are the dimensions on the fish box? It looks huge.
  45. sgwill122


    9' wind waves on top of 24' swell tomorrow according to pinpoint. I am sure you would get very wet watching from the tower. Sunday Night SSE wind 41 to 43 kt, with gusts as high as 55 kt. Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. W swell 24 ft at 15 seconds. Wind waves around 9 ft.
  46. sgwill122

    Sooke / Port Renfrew

    You have to clear customs at a port of entry. Closest spot would be Victoria which screws up motoring across from CQ. I had heard that once upon a time you could clear in Ucluelet but I cannot find anything online about that being the case.
  47. sgwill122

    Winter Boat Mods

    Stay away from the Garmin 1.2 or 2.0L pumps. I have a thread on here detailing my pains. Internet also has plenty of others problems. I like all my other Garmin components.
  48. sgwill122

    Saltwater Two weeks left in ma10

    Creel shows the few boats that are going are finding some fish. I got maybe my last one today but will try again tomorrow.
  49. sgwill122

    Saltwater MA10

    Nicely done especially nice haul of crab. I have not heard of anyone fishing coho that deep.
  50. sgwill122

    Neah bay/Sekiu anchorage/moorage

    It's ok to anchor inside Neah Bay with the res closed? I had no idea so have anchored several nights at CQ. Most nights are pretty good but did have one that was pretty lumpy. I would much prefer Neah if it is an option.
  51. sgwill122

    Saltwater Lonely WP

    Pretty good results for this year especially for an October trip.
  52. sgwill122

    Will I Be alone?

    Wish you were closer, I have 20lbs of prime frozen anchovy I could donate to your cause.
  53. sgwill122

    Suicide Run

    Anybody know if the westport overnight charters still running? I would love to get one more run in. I have a block of frozen chovies that I hope to put to use.
  54. sgwill122

    Crossing Westport Bar

    Why don't you join me on a fishing trip and show me how easy it is to float my boat onto the trailer but there is one rule you cannot back my truck exhaust and wheels down into the salt to make it happen.
  55. sgwill122

    Saltwater MA 10 - What a season!!

    Kai is the coho master, I tried copying him yesterday and still skunked.
  56. sgwill122

    Crossing Westport Bar

    I had the same problem powering on initially so I started cranking it on. That created two problems I had to get a new beefier winch and then went through 3 winch posts as the welds kept breaking. I solved the winch post problem by adding a 1000lb ratchet strap, if it wears out I will replace...
  57. sgwill122

    Crossing Westport Bar

    Why not power on?
  58. sgwill122

    Crossing Westport Bar

    You will be fine on Friday. I always cut the bar if heading South or even West if the Bar is rough. I don't know anything about your draft but I have marked 8ft under me a couple times. Best place to cut is just right after the rocks end as you normally get a bunch of short current waves a...
  59. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 Kings, damnit

    I have always wanted to but never tried. Only use saltwater to pressure flush, fresh water will turn the meat to mush.
  60. sgwill122

    Saltwater Another kick ass Sekiu fishing report

    sounds like a great trip. Lots of action to be had in the sound right now and if you stay 10 or south you get to keep the wilds.
  61. sgwill122

    Can’t fix stupid!

    Fairly sure that is fake. The tires are under the trailer tongue to keep from smashing the backend of the car. If the suspension could take the weight I am sure the rear end would get ripped off if it could actually tow it.
  62. sgwill122

    Saltwater where the tuna are not - Quinault Canyon 9/16

    Best news we have heard in a while, well done Patrick! @Walker Inc.
  63. sgwill122

    Anyone else interested in a run to/beyond the 126 line?

    I have done the 126 line once out of Westport. Best water ever but no fish were harmed or seen. The 126 looked a lot like the 125 line. Have you heard any commercial reports from out there?
  64. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuesday TUNA Trip

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a successful trip, blood was spilled and all got back home safely. Looks like there also may have been a nap or two in the mix.
  65. sgwill122

    Take the time to tie good knots

    Cool story, I would give up a flasher to see a salmon shark.
  66. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna Report

    Thanks for the report. Hope to get another run this year. On the fence on running to Ilwaco. What did you do for ice?
  67. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 Kings, damnit

    You outperformed everyone today!!! Fishchecker had 40 fish for 60 boats. I did get skunked.
  68. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 Kings, damnit

    we avoided possession today as I was not up for combat fishing. We fished just south of Mukilteo. We got 4 hatchery fish by 10. Lots of big nates in the mix. We enjoyed the space and not dealing with the BM. Lots of coho around so no need to join the crowds.
  69. sgwill122

    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    Thanks for the report.
  70. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 Kings, damnit

    Fished possession and got fish but we worked for them. It was combat fishing and I am sure will be worse tomorrow. I talked to guys at the launch that did well at shipwreck and the oil docks.
  71. sgwill122

    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    I think your 40 would make you one of if not the top rec boat out of Westport. 15 for us in two trips.
  72. sgwill122

    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    When was your trip? Westport or Ilwaco?
  73. sgwill122

    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    I think the lack of reports speaks volumes. Not as much motivation to post scratchy reports. Shake N Bake is pretty good about posting reports if you want to make your way over to his website. Hope you guys find them this week!
  74. sgwill122

    Found Monstrocity

    I thought it was a bear trap, never would have guessed anchor.
  75. sgwill122

    For the Goat

    So sorry to hear John, God bless.
  76. sgwill122

    Saltwater Salmon/tuna combo trip 9/3

    tuna cords from today where we had the most luck 38/04. If tomorrow was like today I would not bother with dead bait or irons just stick to the troll. Get your coho as it will be the best action of the day.
  77. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna tomorrow 9-2

    We will be hitting coho on the way out so may be a little late to Tuna.
  78. sgwill122

    Westport live bait

    I called and asked about live herring today but no love, only the blocks of frozen mush. I at least have a bunch of pristine frozen anchovies from my trip to Ilwaco which have racked up some pretty good miles.
  79. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna tomorrow 9-2

    Headed out for my first Westport tuna trip tomorrow. Anybody else out tomorrow? As always willing to network on the water.
  80. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 Kings, damnit

    Sounds like a great problem. I would much rather play a couple nice kings than keep a coho. We should be able to keep any hatchery fish, it makes no sense that we get shut down for encounters while there are still hundreds of guys fishing for humpies and coho. I went to the ballard locks this...
  81. sgwill122

    Saltwater Screw yesterdays!!!!

    Thanks for the detailed report. The alberts are making it tough this year. I had to go humpy fishing out of mukilteo on saturday to find a wide open bite. I need a good albacore trip soon as I am running out of friends to give humpies to.
  82. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna Saturday

    your day sounded like my only trip so far, lumpy water and few fish but I stayed later and had live bait.
  83. sgwill122

    Boat Project Finally Worth a Share

    Nice job getting the kids out on some fish. Looks like your daughter really got into the pink theme.
  84. sgwill122

    Saltwater Almost WFO tuna school

    20 fish on dead bait by 1:00 is pretty hot fishing. Well done!!!
  85. sgwill122

    Saltwater Almost WFO tuna school

    Were you using dead bait or is there live bait in Westport?
  86. sgwill122

    Voter Voice: we want A7 Sept opportunity!

    I sent off a mail. Hope it does something for you guys. Area 7 has been getting especially crappy treatment this year.
  87. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ilwaco Tuna 8-22

    We hit the bar within an hour of slack coming and going so not bad. The most challenging part was coming back in on my own, the channel is pretty well marked but still easy to make a wrong term trying to go the most direct route. Fortunately I had my morning track to follow back in.
  88. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 unicorn

    Thanks for the critique. I did not read a mention of releasing a fish but apparently you assumed he did, maybe you could highlight the sentences that I missed or the original poster could clarify.
  89. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 unicorn

    You should probably check the regs before fishing or at least before posting, Chinook retention in A10 closed Sunday(last legal day was Saturday).
  90. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ilwaco Tuna 8-22

    Ran tuna out of Ilwaco yesterday. We had a lot of reasons to try it, I have never launched there so was interested in seeing a new port and the bouy 10 madness, live bait and really good reports from last week. The forecast was not awesome but doable. We launched at 7:00am wanting to avoid...
  91. sgwill122

    Eastside bulk ice?

    Planning my first tuna trip out of ilwaco and was looking for a place to Ice up on the east side before driving down as I do not think I can get there by 4:00 for local ice.
  92. sgwill122

    Saltwater No pix but it happened at WP

    Cool story! Weird how a fish could get wrapped in a rigger. I had a buddy report both his riggers mysteriously getting hung up and tangled out there which he assumed was a derelict crab line floating midwater in the current. You find any salmon or did that end the day?
  93. sgwill122

    Red Canadian duckworth on float 10

    Agree the plugs should be out at the dock but need plugged underway or you can fill your fish hold with water, I melted a bunch of ice once when I left mine out on a tuna trip.
  94. sgwill122

    Aluminum welder Maple Valley area?

    Sorry John. Anything you need?
  95. sgwill122

    Westport crab bouys help

    Thanks for the help guys! We got two pots in action today and caught more than enough for our limits wish I could say the same for salmon today.
  96. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP 8-3 Salmon

    We went back today same spot(out in front of Willapa 220-240' water). A lot of the commies had moved out but sporties were around. Very hard finding keepers today, we tried all depths through the day. Lost a 15lber at the boat when a new netter caught the leading hootchie hook instead of the...
  97. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP 8-3 Salmon

    Decent fishing out in front of willapa today. All depths produced fish. Lost a nice one at the boat. Back at it tomorrow.
  98. sgwill122

    Westport crab bouys help

    Have a bit of a Hail Mary ask. Anybody in Westport have crab bouys they are willing to let me borrow tonight and will return tomorrow. Just got into town and realized I forgot to pack the crab bouys and englunds does not open on sundays. Give me a call if you can help. 425-786-6194 Steve
  99. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP 8-3 Salmon

    Not good. We will be in the mix Saturday and Sunday. The big charters must have been running bottomfish trips. Hopefully somebody found fish today.
  100. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP (no) tuna report 8/5

    That MPG is amazing. How big is the boat? 2 MGP is really good for me and never seen on a heavy tuna trip.
  101. sgwill122

    Not in the know

    I thought you are not supposed to be fishing with barbed hooks with salmon on board. I really doubt you are going to get boarded 50 miles offshore so it really does not matter. I have tried it a couple times but I have found I have little patience to grind on salmon after a day of tuna action.
  102. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 unicorn

    Yes, if you want to go barbarian style just rip them out with your hand. Then put them in a bucket of water or fishwell and let them bleed for 10 minutes before putting them on ice in the cooler. The more blood you get out the better quality of meat especially when frozen. If you wanted to go...
  103. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 unicorn

    He was asking if you cut your fishes gills after catching? The side we see is not cut. I think most everyone does it so would be very curious to hear why someone did not do it. I also clean my fish after bleeding but I have no interest in the eggs.
  104. sgwill122

    Shortraker rock fish off Washington?

    I am glad you enjoy them, I just have not heard a positive review before. We filleted one last year and the meat looked great but did not get a positive review from the crew after cooking and eating.
  105. sgwill122

    Shortraker rock fish off Washington?

    You are the first guy that I have heard give Bocaccio a positive review. Anybody else like it?
  106. sgwill122

    Gel Coat Repair??

    I agree, get the gel coat kit and fix yourself. If your not happy with the result pay someone to fix it in the off season. Color matching will be the hardest part.
  107. sgwill122

    Saltwater WDFW-Compliant way to have more than a day's fish on board?

    Sounds like you were well within the regs.
  108. sgwill122

    Feedback on using the Ballard Lochs

    Thinking of launching the boat in Lake Washington and going through the Ballard locks for a family trip just to experience it. Looking for feedback from someone that has done it. Is it fun/interesting or just a necessary evil that you would not undertake if you did not need to? Any tips?
  109. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP Tuna

    Thanks for the report.
  110. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP sucks

    I heard most of the charters were fishing South in front of Willapa today. I have no idea how they did. How was the water?
  111. sgwill122

    Anybody fishing Westport salmon tomorrow

    No stacking here, skunked this morning in 10.
  112. sgwill122

    Anybody fishing Westport salmon tomorrow

    I agree John. We bailed, gonna fish local while we can and wait for better weather. I am sure it will be fishable for those that go.
  113. sgwill122

    Anybody fishing Westport salmon tomorrow

    The forecast tomorrow has me on the fence for fishing salmon out of westport tomorrow. Pinpoint shows 2ft swell with 2-3ft wind waves with 14-17knt winds. It's one of those forecasts that could be not bad to super crappy. Who's planning on fishing it?
  114. sgwill122

    Saltwater Got lucky

    Cleaned and bled it was 22lbs on my bathroom scale. I am calling it 25lbs, it will probably be 30 by next year. It bit a Coho Killer but the hootchie got more action although none of them made it into the net.
  115. sgwill122

    Saltwater Halibut Open Aug 19

    What about the following line: with the exception of landing halibut in a closed area
  116. sgwill122

    Saltwater Got lucky

    My wife went fishing with me today and caught the biggest local hatchery fish landed on my boat. I had assumed they were all 6-10lbs.
  117. sgwill122

    A7 closes

    Why cant we fish all season if we are only keeping hatchery fish? The easy dumb answer is we are limited by encounters as it is assumed each encounter is a fatality. Has WDFW ever done a study on mortality of released fish? I have not seen one. I posted a link to a youtube explaining a study...
  118. sgwill122

    Sekiu motel room/moorage up for grabs

    Pretty sweet hookup for someone.
  119. sgwill122

    Aluminum Boxes

    Recycle them, probably the highest scrap prices you will see for a while.
  120. sgwill122

    Saltwater Hey look what we found!!!

    As always nice work Mark!
  121. sgwill122

    A7 closes

    The main source of data WDFW uses is their test boat that is out fishing during the week. Fishermen are probably the least reliable source of truth. We could all report zero and we will still get an encounter applied to every boat based on the test boat results. Enforcing a gear restriction...
  122. sgwill122

    A7 closes

    Yes it was good, not that I contributed. Creel reports showed .5 fish per angler. If you assume a low average of 2 anglers per boat, then that is 1 fish per. 200 boats a day at 7 days gets you 1400 fish. The quota should never have been that low especially considering how many months fishing...
  123. sgwill122

    A7 closes

    I wish there was a way to get hundreds of volunteers willing to pay for a license to selectively remove the hatchery fish to keep them off the spawning grounds. We should probably bring in the gillnetters to clean them up.
  124. sgwill122

    Saltwater Fishing Cypress

    It seems counter intuitive, if the fishing is hot(lots of fish around) then the season gets closed early. If the fishing is bad(few fish around) the season can go the distance. We the fisherman are doing a service, keeping hatchery fish off of the spawning grounds which is supposingly the...
  125. sgwill122

    Coast Guard Question

    I had a buddy have the same thing happen. He had to wait till the hardware store to open to replace the bulb.
  126. sgwill122

    Coast Guard Question

    I know they started checking on boats leaving the bar end of last year as I got the call on my very last tuna run in October 2020. There were only two boats running and the water was nice. I assume they do it when it is slow. I am pretty sure you don't have to respond as I have heard several...
  127. sgwill122

    Boats went down in westport today?

    I like the hood idea instead of carrying the whole suit. If you put on a 7mm wetsuit you would also need a weightbelt or you are not getting under the water. I tried a dive once without my hood because I had forgotten it. I made it down thirty feet and came back up within minutes and vowed...
  128. sgwill122

    Cell service in Westport

    Nice to have wife tech support. Verizon outperforms at&t offshore.
  129. sgwill122

    Awesome Halibut day today!

    That super sucks! Sorry Mike. I am sure you will kill it Sunday. What time did you run into the cluster? There were plenty of boats launching but seemed a bit lighter than I expected for a hali opener with a decent weather forecast(which actually was prettty lumpy for the run out).
  130. sgwill122

    WP Bottomfish

    Westport is similar to SWC for hali, there are one or two spots most the fleet ends up at. Crappy part of Westport is there is no protected water to fish if the weather is crap and inshore ling opportunities are 15-20 miles North and gets pretty picked over late in the season. Not sure of...
  131. sgwill122

    Not really stainless

    I noticed a bunch of rust stains in my bilge and on my fuel tank which obviously is not expected on a aluminum boat. Quickly found the “stainless’ steel hose clamps were the culprit. All of the screws had some rust and some were heavily rusted, they all stuck hard to a magnet. I searched...
  132. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    I don't know if I am any wiser but I know I am a hell of a lot lazier.
  133. sgwill122

    Stay tuned...

    Put a gopro on and put this on youtube, I am sure Swede would love to edit the vid's for you. Would love to watch the conversion although the demo would have been one of the better episodes.
  134. sgwill122

    New Trailer

    If you master making a clicking sound with your tongue then you can leave the torque wrench at home.
  135. sgwill122

    New Trailer

    Hopefully the Vortex are better. I had a Vault fail on me after two years into my supposed 5 year no maintenance.
  136. sgwill122

    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    Did anyone shrimp in the straits today? Would love to hear how the water was.
  137. sgwill122

    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    Cool fish, nothing wrong with netting, measuring and taking a pic of a big ling before sending her on her way. Salmon is different story. I would however recommend avoid giving out locations of your honey hole.
  138. sgwill122

    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Agreed, I will use my kicker to keep me moving when the current goes slack. You back troll to keep your line strait, if it is too much of an angle you have a tough time staying near the bottom and snag a lot more. The commercials troll their jigs.
  139. sgwill122

    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Live bait is your best shot, fishing with hundreds of neighbors is a pretty low odds ling fishery unless you are 40 miles offshore. There are guides that pull fish out of Possession but they have hundreds of tiny spots marked they have found over the years. If your highest priority is close to...
  140. sgwill122

    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    9.9 on my 28 duck, it does fine salmon trolling and back trolling for hali. The HP is not as much a problem as is the corner mount for getting the boat turned against a strong cross wind. I do wish I had more amps out of the alternator. When I am running all the electronics, heater and bait...
  141. sgwill122

    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    You sure sound whiny demanding people on this board answer a question that doesn't help anyone other than to somehow let you assign the appropriate amount of blame. If you really cared you would spend 30 seconds on google and get the answer yourself.
  142. sgwill122

    Saltwater 150# Butt; landed, measured, released

    Pretty awesome. It’s too bad that they will likely end up on a tribal line. I would be ok with an upper slot limit mostly because I never catch monsters on the ocean. Slot limits would need to apply to commercials as well to make any sense.
  143. sgwill122

    Fuel issues last week and towed in

    I had a similar problem 10 years ago on a tuna run after a new engine was installed and new larger fuel line run to the tank. The difference in my scenario was my pickup tube was a half inch too long so had pressure from hitting the bottom of the tank which caused the pickup tube to deform a...
  144. sgwill122

    Stay tuned...

    That’s gonna be a big girl. Are your trailer days over?
  145. sgwill122

    Which forecast do you rely on?

    I heard today was not terrible. Anybody see a forecast that made today look decent? Unfortunately driving three hours is too far for me to take a look. The last two weeks of forecasts have been pretty off.
  146. sgwill122

    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    I agree but I am sure the captain and crew feel terrible right now and last thing they are thinking about doing is posting what went wrong. I had one of my crew sneak out to the back deck to smoke on the run in on Thursday. That won't happen again for this reason and it still stinks up the...
  147. sgwill122

    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Yes the CG was on the radio asking for vessels in the area to help in the search. @Salmon King can probably give more details as he volunteered to supervise the cabin for some of the day and picked up a few transmissions.
  148. sgwill122

    Saltwater Saltwater fishing report

    Not sure if anyone else Is interested in seeing fish pics anymore but thought I would try and revive the practice. We fished out of Westport on Thursday after sitting out last weeks crappy forecasts. The forecast did not look awesome but there was no way we were gonna miss out like we did on...
  149. sgwill122

    Westport boat storage options?

    Any recommendations for secure boat storage in Westport? I have a 28 Duckworth that is a trailer queen. Looking for somewhere I could leave her a couple days to a week at a time in Westport. I have conflicting requirements in that I was hoping for somewhere secure but yet be able to pick up...
  150. sgwill122

    Saltwater Open Seats Week 3 WP

    Sweet offer. How do you fish surf perch from the boat or are you going after piling perch in the marina?
  151. sgwill122

    Freshwater Golden Delicious

    When I lived in Utah they used to have fish traps for the carp to try and control their numbers. I was at Utah lake one day and passed a dump truck pulling out loaded with dead giant carp. I am pretty sure they were headed to the landfill.
  152. sgwill122

    Auto Pilot install Woes

    Small airports or online, much cheaper than Seastar branded. I get mine at Harvey field in Snohomish. It comes in cans.
  153. sgwill122

    Weather May 6th Westport

    Looks like you upgraded your motor.
  154. sgwill122

    Auto Pilot install Woes

    I am very unhappy with the 1.2l pump design. I would not buy again. It has a steel pin spinning inside an aluminum housing, once it starts to wear the hydraulic fluid can flow back through the pump making for soft steering. Garmin’s solution is to sell you a $300 external check valve. If you...
  155. sgwill122

    Boat ideas - help me spend money

    An 18ft Tiderunner is a very versatile machine @Kettel O' Fish and @bdrlgion. Nice ride for a small boat. Something aluminum would be lighter but you will feel any chop unless you get an offshore model. Is a cabin a requirement? By the way I hate the Mukilteo launch, you almost always have...
  156. sgwill122

    Anyone need downrigger braid?

    Why do you need 1500yds of downrigger line?
  157. sgwill122

    Saltwater Couple questions. 1 electrical, the other bait tank.

    I would not thru bolt on the bait tank both for the love of your chovies and I like to keep holes to minimum in tanks. I thought about doing the same on my half tote but decided I did not want to risk a potential mishap which may tear out the thru bolt. I attached 3-way white rod holder to a...
  158. sgwill122

    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    I have found fishing Hali in the straits is a great opportunity for a nap. My dad managed to get one on the opener.
  159. sgwill122

    Open Seat Tomorrow a.m. hali

    Pretty cool that you tried. Not sure I would report on here if I hit a honey hole 500ft deep in A9. Maybe you would not either :)
  160. sgwill122

    Garmin Rep? Electronics build

    I have the TM275LHW ducer. It is perfect on the drift or salmon trolling speed but while on plane I pickup interference. I can read bottom till 400-500ft on plane. If I were to do it again I would do a thru hull. If you are set on the transom mount I can make you a deal on a used unit.
  161. sgwill122

    Garmin Rep? Electronics build

    Smart pump is the only way to go with Garmin, it is crazy they make you pay the premium for it but you will pay a lot more replacing their 1.2 and 2.0 liter pumps. I have Garmin VHF and also ICOM VHF which was half the price and as good if not better with AIS. I have no complaint on the MFD...
  162. sgwill122

    Still Boatless

    Tough one...interest rates are probably the lowest we are gonna see them for a long time. Good time to invest in debt as inflation will help pay off the boat. Inboards maintenance sucks but you know what you are in for. Trailering a 33ft boat does not sound fun but Patrick makes it look easy.
  163. sgwill122

    Spot Shrimp Season

    Aren't all the areas shorter than ever?
  164. sgwill122

    2022 Blackmouth

    I am not sure it helps much unless this hatchery production is on the Stilly. We already have healthy hatchery runs we are getting shut out of because of the limited encounters from the 'endangered' runs like the stilly.
  165. sgwill122

    Westport snorkelers?

    How did you find a phone 35 feet deep in 20 minutes? Were you on a dive trip?
  166. sgwill122

    Topshot - Mono vs. Fluoro

    Most of the benefits have been covered already. Braid lasts forever(or at least much longer than mono), thinner diameter making for less blow back trolling and more line on the reel, and more responsive to hooksets(this can be a disadvantage for the more aggressive hook setters). You need the...
  167. sgwill122

    Offshore energy

    Wind Mills are great if they are economically feasible and might make for fish habitat, killing winged rats that feed on fish would be a side benefit. But I don't think they are cost effective off our coast. I don't have any info on sea based installation costs but since the Washington and...
  168. sgwill122

    Westport snorkelers?

    Sounds like your daughters phone was toast after the saltwater soak?
  169. sgwill122

    Westport snorkelers?

    Went fishing out of Westport yesterday. One of my buddies lost his iPhone11 when it fell out of his jacket pocket into the water when he was getting out of the boat. It is probably a lost cause at this point but I did find a test done by CNET where they put an iPhone11 down 30 feet in Monterey...
  170. sgwill122

    Topshot - Mono vs. Fluoro

    I don't think there are significant advantages in salmon trolling with Flouro to the flasher. Great for tuna where vis and abrasion resistance is a big deal. There are a couple disadvantages I can think of for your application. You gotta be good on your knots mono is much more forgiving...
  171. sgwill122

    WA Classifieds

    I am amazed you were able to decipher that sentence.
  172. sgwill122


    Pencil out the costs you can think of and then double it and you should be in the ballpark.
  173. sgwill122

    Westport Halibut Redux

    Cool video, the only thing you were missing was a few albacore.
  174. sgwill122

    Leash Law

    How would enforcement tell if you had it on or not inside a pilot house. Seems like an unenforceable law unless they are gonna start polygraphing you.
  175. sgwill122

    New Boat! No Bait Tank ☹️

    I like your paddle, you can probably bail water with it if you need to. Love that your going all in on the Huckfin thing, just make sure and invest in a decent PFD and maybe some flippers in case the shovel doesn't work out.
  176. sgwill122

    New Boat! No Bait Tank ☹️

    Looks like you are also gonna need some paddles. Sweet retro look, how heavy is it?
  177. sgwill122

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    I would settle for Weekend fishing.
  178. sgwill122

    Bait Utility Knife

    +2 on the Stainless Moraknives. I rarely fish bait and never cut plug, it has a thick backbone so definitely not a filet knife but is a great all around deck knife that holds an edge. I usually remember to hit it with freshwater after a trip, even though it it stainless it does pick up an...
  179. sgwill122

    T9.9 tilt assembly

    I also buggered my fill cap getting it out but just needed to replace the cap and motor. Is your hydraulic ram also seized? I replaced the motor with after market from DBelectrical for $90. The motor fits just like OEM but is black. I had Yamaha paint on hand so put a few coats on it before...
  180. sgwill122

    Sekiu tomorrow/Saturday?

    2.5 can get the job done, just don’t plan to fish more than a few miles from the launch.
  181. sgwill122

    The New "Big Kahuna"

    I like the idea, will be great to hear your report. I have the 1kw transom mount and wish I had gone with a thru hull. I am having a tough time finding clean water on the small area i have to mount it. I have raw water intakes on both sides of the hull, one with a scoop.
  182. sgwill122

    The New "Big Kahuna"

    Looking sweet! What is the bracket next to the drain?
  183. sgwill122

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    Thanks for posting. How long has it been since the chinook quota has been hit in Area2? My preference would be 2 chinook limit, with only 1 coho allowed to extend the season.
  184. sgwill122

    Salmon Lures

    Very impressive collection, how did you ever decide which to fish?
  185. sgwill122

    albacore trolling gear

    What's going on? Are you ok? First you start selling your irons and now you are bulking up on trolling gear. The captains chair on your new boat must be awful comfortable to get you excited about trolling.
  186. sgwill122

    Transducer interference help

    This is the question you should answer first, does the interference happen with the kicker running but not in gear(throttle the kicker up while out of gear to get voltage up). If it only happens when the kicker is in gear your only solution is to move the Transducer or kicker to the other side...
  187. sgwill122

    Another joining the 30' club

    I like the anchor line spool, I would have gone that route in hind sight. Please post pics of your dinghy crane. My two teenage deckhands will be leaving for college next year so I need figure out a mechanical solution. Here is pic of the side rod holder modification I did on both sides. I...
  188. sgwill122

    Another joining the 30' club

    She looks good, I have some late advice from my own experience with my duck. The anchor light gets in the way of storing things on the roof. If I was on the ball I would have recommended you had them install it in front of or on the radar mount. If you just remember to put it up before...
  189. sgwill122

    Saltwater Fishing San Juan Island - Mid-March

    Dogfish are a great idea for kids. Having a kid unhook one from a kayak might be challenging. I have even cooked one before when I took my boys scout troop out. The boys claimed it was not bad. I cleaned it immediately and rinsed in saltwater for a few minutes before frying in a lot of butter.
  190. sgwill122

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    Took the boat out to the lake and run the engines today and snapped a pic while doing 27mph with split frequency.
  191. sgwill122

    Hope for salmon & Steelhead

    This should be front page news, 'WA state dramatically reduces salmon hatchery production over the last 20 years starving local Orca populations'. Then run pics of the dead calf getting pushed around by its mom and every person in Seattle would be pushing for increased hatchery production.
  192. sgwill122

    Best Boat Wash Moss/Mildew

    I use 30 second outdoor cleaner on the patio and gutters which does a pretty good job on moss and mold. To clean the bottom dis-coloration and rust stains on my glass boat I used Behr Wood Cleaner from home depot which is oxalic acid and is cheaper and more readily available than the boat acid...
  193. sgwill122

    Sharkhide, where to find local ?

    The HF acid is in the sharkhide aluminum cleaner, the actual sharkhide is a laquer. Not sure whats in it but I would be interested if you get a lead on a generic version. HF Acid is nasty stuff as it easily absorbs through your skin and will cause you some serious problems. It's what Walter...
  194. sgwill122

    The New "Big Kahuna"

    I want to see pics of your coho.
  195. sgwill122

    The Goat Arsenal

    Just send them to me, I will make sure he gets most of them back.
  196. sgwill122

    The New "Big Kahuna"

    I like the 9.9 on my 28 duck, the only reason I wish I had the 25 is for the larger alternator but I have never had my batteries get drawn down while trolling so not really a problem. I have been squidding though where the lights, live well, heater and electronics sucked my battery banks down...
  197. sgwill122

    How are these numbers??

    Only thing left to do is plug her with tuna, ice and a few fat friends and see what she can do. Looks like she is gonna be a lot of fun and light on the wallet.
  198. sgwill122

    How are these numbers??

    Pretty sweet fuel economy, you gotta be happy with those numbers. How heavy do you think your boat is?
  199. sgwill122

    How to stop boat leak.

    I was worried about the hole being too small. Probably need to keep a hammer handy to make bigger in a pinch.
  200. sgwill122

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    Late reply, it comes with bare wires. It is currently wired into a garmin wire block which I am not sure if I will need for the thru hull.
  201. sgwill122

    Recommendations for roof mounted life rafts

    Been a thread or two on this topic. Roof is the most convenient location but the boat has to sink to get the hydrostatic release activated but getting it out of the cabin likely a challenge when upside down. I assume you mostly fish where there are many other boats around so rescue is likely a...
  202. sgwill122

    Need a Volvo diesel/drive

    Hope the camera was rolling for the lift and log placement, would make for an epic first episode. Get the kids rolling the camera and you can do the editing. Not like the kids are learning much on zoom.
  203. sgwill122

    Need a Volvo diesel/drive

    You ought to video the process and put it up on youtube, would be fun to watch it.
  204. sgwill122

    Kitchen Aid Double Oven

    Interested in the cooktop if it goes.
  205. sgwill122

    Folding rear fishfinder screen recommendations?

    I have been using an iPad for the last 5 years. Put it in a lifeproof case held in a ram mount. Its waterproof and goes with you when you leave plus dinner and a movie is always an option. The iPad Pro is brighter and higher resolution than the normal iPad but also twice the money. All you...
  206. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    They are California whales pretending to be locals for the handouts. The southern residents have been seen off the coast of California, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Historic sightings and more recent data from satellite-tagged individuals show frequent use of...
  207. sgwill122

    Anchor and rode needed

    I got 400ft of 8-strand at and was happy with it. You will probably rethink the windlass if you end up on the hook much. Retrieving with a bouy can work great. Long ago thats all we did for shrimping till the grounds got too crowded, most of the island anchorages are snug...
  208. sgwill122

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    I just checked my photos, I do not have anything while running. I only found a shot from tuna fishing. The soonest I will have the boat out again is March. I generally cruise at 24 knts and have no problem holding bottom on HW. I lose bottom at around 600ft while cruising but no problem...
  209. sgwill122

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    Thinking about going thru hull so looking to see if anyone is interested in my Airmar TM275C-LHW. It is in great condition and works perfectly. I am looking to make the change to get a cleaner picture when running on plane in rough water. My boat is a trailer queen and is kept in a boat shed...
  210. sgwill122

    Another joining the 30' club

    Looks great. Is Duckworth only going with one rub rail now or is that custom?
  211. sgwill122

    WTB XXL Yamaha T9.9

    Your brother is sure picky about gifts especially after being pulled in by an Evinrude :)
  212. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    Even if nobody said a thing we would still be screwed by the WDFW test fishery boat. If they just had me as one of their test fishers the seasons would go all year.
  213. sgwill122

    Build It !

    The black looks cool but is probably gonna get hot in the summer. Is there an option to do white on the roof since you won't see it?
  214. sgwill122

    Ever wondered what sunfish meat looks like

    It looks like they are made out of tofu but apparently tastes like flavorless gelatin. Sounds very appetizing.
  215. sgwill122

    Compass Rose go away

    You need to brush up on your google or manual reading skillz.
  216. sgwill122

    Rope, chain, props, bbq, timbren suspension kit

    New Year bump on the two props. Thought I had them sold a couple times last year but still have them. Somebody needs cheap backup props.
  217. sgwill122

    A10 open

    Thanks for the report. You see many boats out?
  218. sgwill122

    Happy Tanacom Tuesday!

    I agree on the drag washers. I got a few seasons out of mine on the original drags then this year they just sucked, they were constantly slipping. I had to lock down the drag and it still sucked.
  219. sgwill122

    Anyone have a garmin autopilot 1.2 or 2.0L pump

    I called Garmin and they do make a different ECU(electronic control unit) that can work with a third party pump. It's $600 plus they then require you to add a rudder feedback unit another $200 and then the extension and adapter cables, so it would be another grand plus the cost of the pump. I...
  220. sgwill122

    Winter boat projects...

    Added a downrigger and fish finder to my dinghy to uplevel my Edmonds coho game for next year, probably end up adding a autopilot, heater and maybe spinning radar array if they keep us off the water much longer :)
  221. sgwill122

    Anyone have a garmin autopilot 1.2 or 2.0L pump

    I have been thru a few of these pumps now. I had a couple replaced under warranty, once the warranty ran out I started opening them up and rebuilding them. It is a steel pin spinning inside an aluminum bore, each time I notice the steering going soft I pull apart the pump and can wobble the...
  222. sgwill122

    Saltwater Everett Crab Report

    We went crabbing out of Everett a week ago. It was very nice as there were no commie or tribal pots. It was weird though as there were two tribal boats out cruising back and forth on the bouy lines. I have no idea what they were up to, I assumed they were watching how we were doing but I am...
  223. sgwill122

    Anyone have a garmin autopilot 1.2 or 2.0L pump

    Thanks but definitely not the helm, I am sure you missed the part in my original post where I explained I can eliminate the soft stops by removing the pump from the system using the lockout screws on the pump manifold. Right now everything works as it should since I just rebuilt the pump.
  224. sgwill122

    Anyone have a garmin autopilot 1.2 or 2.0L pump

    Air is not my problem. My cylinder is balanced. Thanks for the secondary check valve suggestion it maybe the answer to my problem. I just rebuilt the pump with a new manifold and piston. If/when the leakage comes back I am gonna put in the secondary check valve. I am guessing that three...
  225. sgwill122

    Anyone have a garmin autopilot 1.2 or 2.0L pump

    Who has a garmin 1.2 or 2.0L autopilot pump and been running it for more than a year? If you do, does your helm lock out hard when you reach the end of your steering range? I have been through several pumps in the last two years and am wondering if what I am seeing is normal. When the pump is...
  226. sgwill122

    Speaking of Transducers

    Install another one on the other side and no need for side bunks, they will slide you strait on the trailer every time.
  227. sgwill122

    Lookin for weight set

    Weights have been tough to come back by last 9 months, great time to sell. Good luck.
  228. sgwill122

    Aluminum Fuel Tank Builders?

    Another endorsement here for Rudnick Mfg, very easy to work with and great quality.
  229. sgwill122

    Saltwater My last ocean 2020 boat ride

    I know Integrity caught more fish than we did. Nick just posted about his last tuna trip from Thursday and it is not encouraging.
  230. sgwill122

    WTB: Scotty 1050 and mounting clamp

    Very nice offer, I just bought a scotty clamp-on mount and will try and fit the Penn to it. If it fails I will give you a shout.
  231. sgwill122

    WTB: Scotty 1050 and mounting clamp

    Thanks for the offer, I may hit you up later. A friend just offered a free Penn I am gonna try and make work.
  232. sgwill122

    Octo Tuna

    It was epic, I am eating the freshest tuna in Washington tonight. Epic means five fish right LOL
  233. sgwill122

    Saltwater My last ocean 2020 boat ride

    Decided to tempt fate and try for one more tuna run for 2020 since we had a decent weather window Tuesday and saw the great reports from last week. We ended up being the only sport boat out of Westport but had great company as @MarkColeman was running his Cadillac the Integrity. The run out...
  234. sgwill122

    Octo Tuna

    We will be out there. Not sure where we are headed yet, no decent satellite shots in the last few days.
  235. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP 10/8 tuna

    Still planning for Tuesday.
  236. sgwill122

    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    Thanks for posting the pics Patrick. I run auto everything but depth. I do have a GSD25 and have the transducer mounted in the center as well. When I see fish marks on the troll they are like first and last pic. I never see noodles like second and third pic while trolling. I will have to...
  237. sgwill122

    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    Wanted to know what guys are seeing when they think they are marking tuna while trolling ~7knts? I have a garmin 8212 and airmar TM275LHW and I set my finder to watch the top 100ft of water and use HW chirp. Sometimes I can definitely tell I mark a fish but most of the time the marks are so...
  238. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP 10/8 tuna

    Tuesday looks like the better day acording to windy. For some reason NOAA thinks they are the same, I bet NOAA’s forecast will worsen for Monday.
  239. sgwill122

    Saltwater WP 10/8 tuna

    Yes, hoping to get one more tuna fix before going cold turkey for 8-9 months.
  240. sgwill122

    Saltwater 10/15/2020 Westport Albacore Report

    Awesome job Mark! Halloween tuna would be pretty cool.
  241. sgwill122

    Brazilian Seafood Stew

    I made this tonight with lingcod and it was very good, definitely going to do it again. Would love to see Patricks recipe but had to find one off the interweb in the meantime.
  242. sgwill122

    Free self inflating camp pads

    I have two self inflating camp pads. They both have a small leak somewhere that I can not find.
  243. sgwill122

    Fresh tuna carcs for crab bait - free

    Can you post pics? Will you deliver to Blaine? If not can you hold them till the end of the month?
  244. sgwill122


    It was cool and a surprise seeing the Shake N Bake out of Westport. First time we have trolled the same water. Funny thing was we were planning to run out Ilwaco and looked forward to finally seeing her. Then we changed plans on the drive down I-5 when we heard Mark was killing it out of WP...
  245. sgwill122

    WTB: Scotty 1050 and mounting clamp

    Anybody got a Scotty 1050 downrigger and/or portable clamp-on bracket(1021) they want to sell. No rush but thought I would ask before I buy new.
  246. sgwill122

    Garmin Time Zone Glitch ??

    Mine used to do the same thing, I fixed mine by going under settings>preference>unit>time and setting the time zone.
  247. sgwill122

    Saltwater Last run of season for kelli ann

    Well done! We crossed paths several times yesterday but found very little love in our troll spread. How bout a pic of your micro baits?
  248. sgwill122

    Saltwater Scratchy tuna and bar crossings

    Let me tell you about scratchy fishing, we caught 6 out of Westport, fished around 42/05. Heard plenty of folks got into the teens but we sucked at getting hit on the troll. Started with the standard clone array but changed at 2:00 to swim baits and sand eels after we heard success of others...
  249. sgwill122

    Tuna 10/3?

    I usually get there about 5:00am and am always a few boats back.
  250. sgwill122

    Saltwater No Anchovies @ Westport

    What were you trolling? Clones, cedar and X-raps or was it a swim bait show?
  251. sgwill122

    Tuna 10/3?

  252. sgwill122

    Ryder’s Big Westport salmon

    Nice job getting them out fishing!
  253. sgwill122

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Windy does get it wrong sometimes in the sound but it is the best and easiest site I have found. I use the ECMWF forecast and only look at their wind forecast. If it calls for 6-7+ knots I know its going to be lumpy which was the case today.
  254. sgwill122

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    I hit Edmonds this morning, water was bit lumpy for the dinghy but was fishable. I stayed till 10 and trolled in front of Edmonds to just past the oil docks a couple times and did not have a keeper size fish on. I saw two netted in my time out there so a few were caught but it definitely was...
  255. sgwill122

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Anybody fish Edmonds today?
  256. sgwill122

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Anybody get out today and find a fish?
  257. sgwill122

    Glowing tuna carcass...

    Read the link below and report back.
  258. sgwill122

    Wide open squid bite

    Been fishing Edmonds early and late and noticed the squid guys are doing well. I am not a squid fan but if you are It is time to go get them.
  259. sgwill122

    Saltwater SlapShot tuna 20 Sept 20

    Awesome trip, thanks for posting.
  260. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tried something different

    I am hard to miss assuming you are looking near the water line :) I will be out again tomorrow.
  261. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport tuna reports

    Thanks for the numbers, you willing to share more details?
  262. sgwill122

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    You're wiping your ass with herring? Never thought about it but maybe I will give it a try :)
  263. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tried something different

    Got skunked today, even stayed out an extra hour and tried letting out 300ft of line to try and get my diver deeper. I am sure it went wide open after I left.
  264. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tough day of Westport

    Did you get the xrap back? If so must have been pretty messed up. Damn cool pictures. Guess they need renamed tuna sharks.
  265. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tried something different

    I have never been excited to fish puget sound coho but doing so from a small boat solo has made it quite exciting. I do miss having a bilge especially this morning when I accidentally tore a gill when it flopped before I got it on my bleed line. The fog rolled in thick today and a nice guy...
  266. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tried something different

    I used to fish Edmonds a bit in the fall using the sling but when I upgraded to a 28ft boat the sling was no longer an option. Running up from Everett takes some time and driving through the concrete jungle to get to shilshole towing a big boat sucks. I decided to try fishing coho from my...
  267. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tough day of Westport

    You have any luck using jigs on Saturday? First trip we could not get production out of the jigs.
  268. sgwill122

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Amen, I remember a couple compass trips in thick fog where my dad had me up on the bow watching for rocks as he hugged the shoreline.
  269. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Saturday 9/12

    Love your outboard conversion and the transom mount bait tank. Can you convert the old engine well to a fish hold?
  270. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    I rinse on one side of the sink and stack on the other side to drain off then put on racks and immediately pepper. I then put in the smoker racks and put in front of a fan in the garage for 90 minutes before smoking. Sounds like you just needed more smoke time.
  271. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    The 'liquid' is congealed fat and protein that gets trapped in the scores, if it is thick I remove it before eating. I would have done more thinner scores in your fish and make sure you don't skimp on the dry brine. Assuming you are using the pink salt from costco, it is not as dense as the...
  272. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    Not sure what you are describing. Was this after smoking? Do you have pics? How long did you smoke in the little chief and how packed in was the fish?
  273. sgwill122

    Saltwater SlapShot tuna 12 Sept

    What time did you roll into port? We ran past Slapshot about 5:45 and saw you guys gaffing a fish and thought that is gonna be tough to leave, hope the FLIR worked in the smoke. We had a 20 minute run in pretty much total darkness.
  274. sgwill122

    Saltwater My son’s first tuna (well, sort of...)

    First fish is always the hardest, easy sledding from here. Love the picture, thanks for posting. We were out today as well. We ended up 75 miles west. We could not buy a bite till 3:30 when the fish finally decided to play. We tried everything from clones, xraps and cedar plugs to swapping...
  275. sgwill122

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    I love this line. It quickly devolved into a "wife weekend" full of long hikes and bullshit I'd rather not re-live.
  276. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tough day of Westport

    Thanks for the report. We had a big Thresher shark once tail wacking our cedar plug for 30 seconds. Fortunately it did not hook up but if it had I am sure we would have had problems.
  277. sgwill122

    Anyone else running tomorrow

    3 is a great start. How far sw did you run?
  278. sgwill122

    Anyone else running tomorrow

    Let us know if you find em. We are headed out Saturday.
  279. sgwill122

    WTB Suzuki prop

    Man that stinks and is a boring story. Must have sucked sitting in the luxury cabin cruising in at 10knts. Maybe juice it up a bit for the next retelling, something like a salmon shark chasing a 30lb king hit the prop while giving chase.
  280. sgwill122

    Custom glass work?

    G you replied to my post so I assume you read it? Look at my second sentence. What I have found so far is 1/4” glass is not common and tint is even less so.
  281. sgwill122

    Custom glass work?

    I have started calling car glass companies. My glass is not tempered it is laminated. I called Speedy Glass, they said their supplier was running a few weeks behind so I gave Car-tech a call and am now waiting for their tech to give me a call back. I also just emailed AJR to see if they would...
  282. sgwill122

    WTB Suzuki prop

    Is there a story to go with the picture?
  283. sgwill122

    Custom glass work?

    Anybody know of a glass shop that cuts glass in house? My AJR tinted glass slider got cracked this weekend. I contacted AJR to ask about a replacement pane and they told me most glass shops should be able make a replacement. I have been calling around but so far have only found shops that...
  284. sgwill122

    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    You run out West ~65 miles and there were no biters or it was just slow? Saturday it seemed like the good times were here to stay for a while.
  285. sgwill122

    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    Were the fish still hungry on Sunday?
  286. sgwill122

    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    We got 2 scoops of bait out of westport on Saturday around 5:45am. Most the bait looked like they had red noses to start. Half of it had died by the time we hit the tuna grounds. I heard others complaining of crappy bait. Wanted to know if it was everyone or if some folks thought they had...
  287. sgwill122

    Saltwater Another quick Saturday Westport report.

    Nice job Curt! Your daughter kicked butt.
  288. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Tomorrow

    thanks for the report Patrick! Were the fish there and just not hungry? Don’t get me wrong, 14 is a success story for most of us but I know it’s on the lower end of your typical trips.
  289. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Tomorrow

    You have created a bit of mystery with your numbers. Can you clarify where you ran? Thanks!
  290. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Tomorrow

    I too am hoping he went West so I can assume South was better, but if that 24 was 46.24/125 and he ran SW from there then that does not a leave a lot of places to go that is anywhere close. It is weird he used a / to divide the numbers so I am guessing he did mean 46.24/125.
  291. sgwill122

    WP Labor Day weekend

    Chasing Albe's on Saturday.
  292. sgwill122

    Going Full Tote

    I have the smak half tote, is is very well made and I really like it but two of them wont fit nearly as many fish as a full tote. But then again do you really want more than 25 fish for 3 guys? The versatility piece is big so two half totes is probably the way to go plus if you ever decide to...
  293. sgwill122

    Boat window hard water spots

    What the secret sauce, I need to do the same?
  294. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna 8/29

    That was us on the radio. It seems like most of the Westport sporties were north of us. we saw a bunch of tuna boats as we made the run north for Hali.
  295. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna 8/29

    Big thanks to @xtshawytscha for lending us a spare bait net, my 3 bait nets were safely at home where I put them after tuna last year :( Even though we did not see each other all day on the water we ran into each other when they were headed in so we were able to return the net. Also thanks to...
  296. sgwill122

    Electrical Panel Help

    Looks like a pretty good start. I put a cover over mine and it looks great.
  297. sgwill122

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    We will be there ready to share reports on 68.
  298. sgwill122

    Saltwater 8/19 CR/WP tuna. WFO.

    As always thanks for the report!
  299. sgwill122

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Perseverance paid off, speaking of which you have a lot of carking ahead of you.
  300. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport tuna report 8-18-20

    Well done, I think that is more fish than all the sportie reports all season and not to mention a lot closer.
  301. sgwill122

    Saltwater 8-18 Tuna

    Holy smokes thats a long run, thats over 100 miles from Westport. Did you launch out of Ilwaco or even farther south?
  302. sgwill122

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Rod- You are a determined man. Good luck tomorrow.
  303. sgwill122

    Saltwater Kodak Hali 8 16

    Too bad the ladies got the windy day but congrats on the fish.
  304. sgwill122

    Well, T run Wednesday

    run till you see garibaldi due East of you and deploy gear, looks like a great day for running.
  305. sgwill122

    Saltwater WTC weekend Hali

    Thanks, hali seems to be the only consistent fish this year and you got a sweet one.
  306. sgwill122

    Saltwater WTC weekend Hali

    Where did you fish salmon? We blanked up North last Thursday.
  307. sgwill122

    Primo SST & Chloro Charts 8/15/2020

    Tuna town is gonna need a new name soon...
  308. sgwill122

    Saltwater SlapShot butt stuff, 13 Aug

    Looks like a fun day. Next time give a call out on the VHF, I think a lot of guys carry spares including myself although I am sure the cords will never get forgotten again.
  309. sgwill122

    Saltwater Family Bottomfish MA2

    Nicely done, you are the first guy I have heard that found a surplus of lings.
  310. sgwill122

    WTS Complete Scuba Setup

    Prices and sizes might help.
  311. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 2 Hali pics

    Fished area 2 Hali for the first time yesterday. Weather could not have been better. Amazing how much area 2 looks like the SW corner :) -big ocean with 100’s of boats packed into small area. There was a good Hali bite, we sorted through a few fish to get the 5 we wanted. The crew...
  312. sgwill122

    Last minute salmon open seat

    Let us know if you find any fish, hoping to get a line wet tomorrow.
  313. sgwill122

    Another joining the 30' club

    I have run a 28 duck for the last 4 years with not many complaints, I would buy again. The water channels on the side can fill up with water if you're not moving but it does not come onto the deck. They added forward drain plugs on the 2016 and newer models on both sides of the deck you can...
  314. sgwill122

    Another joining the 30' club

    Of course you want it, you just don't need it. It's a rounding error once you are over $200K anyways.
  315. sgwill122

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Looking sweet, good luck this week. Where you fishing?
  316. sgwill122

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    We saw them go by as well and wondered why they would get a CG escort? Anybody know?
  317. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport hali 2020

    How many boats made the run? I assume a lot fewer than usual for a opener.
  318. sgwill122

    ‘Butt Stuff Thursday?

    Should be plenty of chummers tomorrow. I will be sitting this one out and hoping we get a long season to pick better days. Its ridiculous that we have a tag limit and we are still restricted on days. It should be one or the other.
  319. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ilwaco tuna 8/1-8/3. Great to decent fishing.

    Well done, keep the reports coming!
  320. sgwill122

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    The iPad Pro is brighter than the base models. I just upgraded to it. I have been running an iPad in the rear for last 3 years. Really like how easy it is to remove from a RAM mount when I leave the boat, just pull the USB charging cable and go. Also really like that I get to use it for...
  321. sgwill122

    Saltwater First Tuna run of the seaon

    Well done, it seems you were the top boat in the fleet this weekend and probably ran the fewest miles.
  322. sgwill122

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    My problem appears to be fixed, only time will tell but I have made 7 trips without a random shutdown. I originally assumed the controls at the helm had their own power feed separate from the engines but that was wrong, they are powered off of the engines battery connection. I pulled the...
  323. sgwill122

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Been grinding to get fish until today, we had our 3 fish by 7:00am hope it means more fish are showing up.
  324. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    I have joined the Saturday fleet.
  325. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Been an awful shortage of tuna reports this year. I have been part of the problem as this is my latest first trip ever but hope to fix that this Thursday. Anybody else running?
  326. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna updates for Westport -2020

    Certainly has been a scarcity of reports, fish must have been on lockdown. Shake N Bake just started posting reports and All Rivers has been posting pics on their facebook page so there must be a few fish around. I hope to get out next week which will be my latest first run ever.
  327. sgwill122

    Saltwater MA6 Report(s) + The Straits?

    I think I am missing something, you want to leave fish to find fish?
  328. sgwill122

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Baby 3lb coho for dinner. People are starting to give up, Everett launch was less than half full at 7:00am this morning and lots of room at Possession. PNP still looked pretty crowded. The checker I talked to today had seen 3 kings when we came out at 3:00.
  329. sgwill122

    Yamaha temp

    I never really paid much attention to the temp sensors till recently so I have no idea if it is a recent development or always been there. My port starboard tilt sensor is starting to lie to me. My speedo tube often had to be cleaned out but last year I connected the gauges to my MFD GPS feed...
  330. sgwill122

    Yamaha temp

    I have twin yamaha 200's. I have had them almost four years and never really paid attention to the temp gauge until a month ago. I noticed one of the motors temp raises to the third bar when running over 4200 RPM's for a while. The other motor stays at 2 bars. I do not know if 3 bars is...
  331. sgwill122

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Was it windy today? Forecast did not look terrible or were you running to MCB or the straits? How was fishing?
  332. sgwill122

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Mid channel had a decent bite in the morning for an hour. We had three take downs that did not stick and one hatchery that made it into the boat. We stuck it out till 4, a lot of boat had zero's still late into the day. At 3:30 we hooked into a nice fish, had to be in the 20's that peeled out...
  333. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Coho

    The encounters are a bigger impact than the fish folks are keeping. Guys might as well keep small fish if they shut us down anyway. It makes no sense to have a selective fishery, mandate barbless hooks and then count encounters the same as a retained fish. We get screwed all the way around.
  334. sgwill122

    Saltwater Sekiu fishing sloooow

    Thanks for the report, hope it picks up. Sounds like the kings are finally showing in Westport if your willing to relocate.
  335. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Coho

    Damn that sucks. I agree it made no sense to open coho as early as they did. I bet it gets shutdown by this time next week.
  336. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Coho

    Is that A4 or A5?
  337. sgwill122

    Canadian border closure extended

    Probably not a surprise to most but the border closure has been extended to August 21.
  338. sgwill122

    WTB 8 or 9.9 kicker

    Have a friend looking for a 8 or 9.9 long shaft kicker with manual start. PM me if you have anything.
  339. sgwill122

    It’s a beautiful morning

    Very nice fish, well done.
  340. sgwill122

    Sekiu slump

    Damn fish and their fins. Wish they would stay put for more than a week. Hope you get into them tomorrow.
  341. sgwill122

    Saltwater No complaints

    Well done! Nice to see pics of multiple decent kings out of Westport.
  342. sgwill122

    Crabbing area 9 & 12

    I had a buddy tell me he caught a crab pot in his outboard last weekend and it took him a couple hundred yards before figuring it out. Unfortunately not a uncommon occurrence. I watched a commercial crabber do the same to one of my pots last year, he untangled it out deep but fortunately I...
  343. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    Yes, besides adding black pepper.
  344. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    Bill your setup sounds sweet, I am jealous. Good point on the temp recommendations.
  345. sgwill122

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    I have been asked by a few folks about how I smoke my salmon so thought I would post here to make it easier with pics. I have done it a lot of different ways but found the easiest and most consistent is dry brining it. Step 1: Catch some fish, chinook being the best but coho will do. Give the...
  346. sgwill122

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    Which ground wire was loose?
  347. sgwill122

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    I have twin 2016 Yamaha 200's with fly by wire. In the last couple months the motors will randomly shut down. I have had it happen idling out of the marina but mostly while running on plane. It does not happen often, probably once every five trips. Luckily it has never happened in rough water...
  348. sgwill122

    26' Duckworth Offshore

    Sweet setup and price, it should go quick especially with tuna and hali right around the corner.
  349. sgwill122

    Saltwater MA4 Salmon Opener!

    Agree, excellent report and great pics!
  350. sgwill122

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Fishy boat for sure! Montana sounds nice.
  351. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 4 Report

    Pretty damn cool. Hope to do the same in a couple weeks, except I burn a couple gallons of water a day.
  352. sgwill122

    Saltwater Area 4 Report

    Looks like some hot fishing compared to Area 2. Did you overnight on the hook or stay in Seiku.
  353. sgwill122

    6/22 & 6/23/2020 SST & Chloro Charts

    Whats the new boat? Did you downsize? :)
  354. sgwill122

    Westport 6-20

    They are waiting for salmon to show up.
  355. sgwill122

    Westport 6-20

    Nick thanks for sharing info. Go bottom fishing :(
  356. sgwill122

    Saltwater A10 - Week of 6/15

    How big are these?
  357. sgwill122

    Westport 6-20

    Just got back from fishing today and I can attest there are no salmon in Westport, Paul caught the last one. Fished strait out at 200FOW. There was bait and birds around most the day. Fished 3 riggers at 80, 125 and 180(plus or minus 20ft). We never touched a salmon but the sand dab bite went...
  358. sgwill122

    Weather Thread

    Any fish getting caught?
  359. sgwill122

    Westport 6-20

    Who's gonna fish the salmon opener out of Westport? Weather looks less than ideal but I have nothing else going on.
  360. sgwill122

    Saltwater Deepwater piggies

    Man your haul this trip could have eaten your last trips fish, nicely done.
  361. sgwill122

    Saltwater best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    I use my canned tuna if I have not eaten it all, if I am low or out of it canned mackerel is My backup. Mix it with dried dog or cat food to absorb the juices then freeze in chunks That fit in your bait container. Freezing it makes for less mess plus you don’t lose a lot of scent on the drop...
  362. sgwill122

    2 - Ugly Sticks w/ Okuma CV 30

    I will take your right hand setup but not sure when I will be in Tacoma. Feel free to sell them to somebody that will take both or can pickup sooner. Sent you a PM with my number.
  363. sgwill122

    Seattle on fire

    Protesters were allowed to organize this event with the governments blessing with plenty of warning from other states and our history that this was a riot waiting to happen, mean while every other law abiding citizen of this state has been denied the ability to attend life mile stones such as...
  364. sgwill122

    Free cooler and prop

    free old cooler that is going to the land fill unless somebody wants it. I used it as my swim step fish box/carcass receptacle and occasional ice overflow on tuna trips. The plastic is cracked on the outside but looks good inside. Hinges and handles are good but latches are long gone...
  365. sgwill122

    Rope, chain, props, bbq, timbren suspension kit

    BBQ and Timbrens are sold. Somebody still needs a couple of spare props and a anchor line...
  366. sgwill122

    Rope, chain, props, bbq, timbren suspension kit

    They came off a 2016 GMC sierra 2500HD. I thought all I needed to do was swap the bottom of my factory bump stops with the timbren. I have no idea on what you need for your F350. Let me know if you want them.
  367. sgwill122

    Rope, chain, props, bbq, timbren suspension kit

    $75 for 2 New Solas 17P props with hubs(standard and counter rotation). I had these as my backups and never used them. I upgraded to stainless props so now have my old aluminum props as spares. Fits a variety of Yamaha outboards, see specs at the link below...
  368. sgwill122

    Two Scotty 1106

    Sweet deal!
  369. sgwill122

    2020 Shrimp season

    What's wrong with tin foil hats?
  370. sgwill122

    Sekiu halibut opening

    You make it out to a bank or stay inside? How was the Wind/water?
  371. sgwill122

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Sweet boat especially for tuna and Hali. Looks like you upgraded trailers. How much does she weigh?
  372. sgwill122

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Pretty descent deal for new reels, I would have bought a few last year...
  373. sgwill122

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Mxl single speed.
  374. sgwill122

    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Hey Chad thanks for the swimmers! I put them to use today and they worked great. @Master Chief
  375. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    I really don’t understand the point here. Maybe 50 trucks with trailers parked on the side of the road all out fishing. A guy may pass 5 people outdoors at a distance on their way to and from the launch. Pretty much the lowest risk thing a guy can do. Go take a pic of the full parking lots...
  376. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Inslee is the problem, hopefully folks will remember this fishing season when voting this year. Ocean fishing is shutdown out of concern for people driving to smaller communities, meanwhile the Stilliguamish tribe just opened their casino today and which was packed with people driving across...
  377. sgwill122

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Just reporting back, went by my brothers in Mt. Vernon who has a quite a mechanics shop in the back of his house. He got the trailer jacked up with the boat still on it and pulled the front trailing arms using a variety of impact tools in no time. It likely would have taken me all week banging...
  378. sgwill122

    Twin Tank 4 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

    I will take it, I am heading out the door for a weekend in the islands, I can grab it next week.
  379. sgwill122

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Raising the trailer tongue was the first thing I tried, it is now 8" higher and has not made a major change in weight distribution. I installed a raised hitch, replaced the factory tongue with a strait one to raise it by 3” and installed airbags. The trailer tongue cannot go any higher. I am...
  380. sgwill122

    Boat overhang on trailer

    I think I may have an option. My trailer has torsion arms. Can I loosen the nuts on the arm attachment on the front axels and move them up so they are taking less weight? Torsion arms are new to me but seems like it should work? Anybody have experience and suggestions on how to make the...
  381. sgwill122

    Boat overhang on trailer

    I weighed my boat at a weigh station yesterday and found I had almost 1500 more pounds on my front tires than the back. I am just under my tire/axel rated capacity for the front and obviously well under for the back. It is strange that my lighter rear hubs always feel slightly warmer than the...
  382. sgwill122

    To everyone getting on the water today...

    We put in the hours yesterday. We wasted the first couple hours failing to catch green ling. Was definitely great to be on the water. The wdfw boat stopped by and chatted with us. He thought shrimp should open middle of the month and was unsure on halibut. We saw the commercial shrimpers...
  383. sgwill122

    2020 halibut

    I was just thinking about our missed Ocean hali opportunity tomorrow. I checked the forecast and looks like we are not missing much tomorrow. Patrick would have probably been the only boat out there, assuming he was able to sneak past the CG.
  384. sgwill122

    2020 halibut

    where did you get yours?
  385. sgwill122

    Lake Washington Troll

    I have never trolled for trout there but have taken the kids for perch/crappie. If your kid is anything like mine they much prefer the constant action of casting and retrieving working a worm. Pretty easy to get on fish which are generally small but the kids love it. Right next to the Seahawks...
  386. sgwill122

    Getting the boat set up...

    Replace the bolsters with white pvc trim boards from a hardware store(smooth side). I was happy I replaced mine on my last boat as they always get punctured and the foam fills with water when they get splashed or it rains and get your legs wet whenever you lean into them. If they are like mine...
  387. sgwill122

    Saltwater Little underwater action

    Great pics! Are the dive shops still filling tanks? You ever eat one of the Puget Sound King Crabs while in Canada? Not sure why you can harvest them there and not here. I am not a fan of the rock scallops but do really like the pectin scallops.
  388. sgwill122

    Getting the boat set up...

    I like Whisky ginger, sounds cool. Not sure how important making the wife happy is since you already bought the boat :) One of the names I liked for my boat was 6-pack which is the size of our family but my wife also did not like the booze angle. My boat is still nameless... On the storage...
  389. sgwill122

    No holds barred opinion

    Nobody questions everyone can get the virus, the point is the only ones dying at rates higher than normal flu are those above the age of 65 and/or in high risk groups. These are the people who should be isolating which can be done without shutting down the whole economy. I would suggest if you...
  390. sgwill122

    No holds barred opinion

    You probably want to check your sources or reading skills. I just went to the Arizona department of health and saw they have had 275 deaths so far, 9 of those were 20-44 year olds, which is 3%. 65 and older accounts for 75% of deaths...
  391. sgwill122

    No holds barred opinion

    I was never onboard with the shutdown but think the first three weeks could be justified to ramp hospital capacity. Sweden seems to have gotten it right, they never shutdown and are not blowing up. They may be out of the woods in a month while we are still paralyzed by fear. The dumbest part...
  392. sgwill122

    Winter boat projects...

    Congrats! Your kids look like the perfect age to get out fishing and camping on the boat before they turn into teenagers. I am sure you and they are gonna love it.
  393. sgwill122

    But yet we cant fish....

    I was thinking the same thing today as I sat in line at Home Depot and Costco. I am not complaining that people are out and about but having fishing closed which is an activity that actually meets the social distancing objective is soooo dumb. Inslee may have had the bottom polling numbers for...
  394. sgwill122

    Screw it...I went fishing

    How do you transition to recreational fishing? Must be frustrating not having 20 screens.
  395. sgwill122

    Send emails to the state Reps to open fishing.

    The link is a petition for a business to be included as essential. I said my business was recreational fishing. I will keep filling out any and all forms till we are fishing again.
  396. sgwill122

    Let the games begin

    Nice mirror finish, definitely pro work.
  397. sgwill122

    Send emails to the state Reps to open fishing.

    I just sent the following message to Jay using the link you got. I am sure he will read it and open hali next week :) Please re-open fishing. We are the only state that has completely closed it down. Fishermen naturally social distance and even more so now. You cannot get more isolated than...
  398. sgwill122

    Pop ups....

    I agree, it is variable. Somedays I get several full page popups and then other days just once. Same variability on my iPhone or PC.
  399. sgwill122

    Freezer organizing?

    Where is your bin of pink salmon? :) You got the freezer protocol dialed in.
  400. sgwill122

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    That is funny, I have seen the forgotten snack face before @bdrlgion @Kettel O' Fish
  401. sgwill122

    Washington is the only state

    I created a petition to re-open fishing, I am sure it will go no where but who knows maybe someone will notice.
  402. sgwill122

    Washington is the only state

    Washington is the only state to have entirely closed its fishing season. Jay Inslee stands alone in his unscientific fear based closure. The hardest hit states like New York are encouraging people to get outdoors and fish. I knew Oregon was open but was surprised today talking to a co-worker...
  403. sgwill122

    Pop ups....

    not running in privacy mode here. Some days are worse than others. I just got the pop up twice on my phone getting here.
  404. sgwill122

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Only open to residents. You can give it a try and hope they have sheriff's like our guy in Snohomish County.
  405. sgwill122

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    I get so sick of politicians saying they will use 'data' but never once mention a single metric. First we were told flatten the curve so we can build hospital capacity which most of us were onboard with. The curve is not only flat but in serious decline, Jay meanwhile decided to tear down the...
  406. sgwill122

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    Is being able to print your salmon catch card a new thing? I thought you always had to have catch cards mailed or picked up.
  407. sgwill122

    Ran outta Fish today...

    Out of fish here, had to call a buddy and reclaim some frozen tuna to can. Seems weird to say but the quality of freshly canned versus fozen to can is noticeable.
  408. sgwill122

    Winter boat projects...

    I was making a joke that your passengers will now be in for an extra rough ride since you can now throttle down and not feel the pain.
  409. sgwill122

    Winter boat projects...

    I bet your passengers will regret the upgrade.
  410. sgwill122

    Cheapest fuel?

    I am driving to Cle Elum to fill up, only problem is the only gas I am burning would be driving to Cle Elum.
  411. sgwill122

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Beef just delivered via @Salmon King and looks great. Thanks @kenzmad for the long haul pickup. PM me your venmo and what I owe or I can do the math if you prefer. Very nice to have a bunch of cool guys help fill a freezer and hopefully keep a little business rolling.
  412. sgwill122

    Pop ups....

    I just cleared my cookies and cache and am still getting it every time.
  413. sgwill122

    Pop ups....

    It closes when I X out but comes back everytime I visit BD which is a lot these days. I probably need to delete my cache.
  414. sgwill122

    Pop ups....

    I am getting it every time I hit BD on a PC.
  415. sgwill122

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Probably true but extra dumb.
  416. sgwill122

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    I see no problem here unless you need to hug every guy on your way to or from the dock. I pass tons of people on the sidewalk every day I am out for a walk. I still bump into people in the produce section in Costco after waiting in a long line to get in using a cart someone else just used...
  417. sgwill122

    Simrad TM275LHW

    I agree, I never run mine in low. I can read bottom in all hali depths in High. I have played with low a bit but really have not found any value in my fishing. Would love to hear how guys fishing here are using low. It would probably be pretty useful if your fishing swords or other suspended...
  418. sgwill122

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    I will take a case of Choice T-bone if not available the Sirloin steaks and a brisket. I can send Venmo or Paypal when you have a number I owe. @Salmon King- I can meet you in Mulkiteo on your way back, just let me know when and where.
  419. sgwill122

    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    Sounds like a fun trip with an adventure in the middle. Having the border shutdown probably did not help anything.
  420. sgwill122

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Encounters are the problem. I agree mandating the use of 6" plugs would be the solution. WDFW does not care how many encounters we report, they come up with their own number and apply it to every fisher based on their test fishers. There is no way big charters would be on board and I...
  421. sgwill122

    Boat Leather Care

    Bleach is the cheapest and best.
  422. sgwill122

    Where’s the beef?

    If you are looking for a full to partial cow, my dad raises beef in the summer on his place in Mt. Vernon and butchers them in the fall. It wont help you now but if your looking to fill a freezer in the future let me know and I will send you his info.
  423. sgwill122

    Newport Meat PNW Inventory blowout Part II

    +1 on looking for a north ender making the drive.
  424. sgwill122

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Dave appreciate your involvement. I have a question as I see salmon opens June 20th with no Coho retention till the 29th. With only 10K Coho quota in Westport and 12K Chinook why wasn't the coho exclusion extended till the middle to end of July to hopefully keep the season open into August...
  425. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    Since I have time, the general death rate for 65+ is around 4.5%, see chart below from the CDC. Not a single death in Washington under the age of 40 from Covid19. Right now we are all locked down and destroying the economy. We could issue a lockdown order to those 60 and older and eliminate...
  426. sgwill122

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Thanks for sharing. The Westport charters will eat up the coho quota fairly quickly. Will salmon get shutdown once the coho quota is gone?
  427. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    Must be nice, wish WDFW was capable of independent thought, I am pretty sure Jay put the pressure on them to shutdown. I just talked to my father-in-law who was in the Navy and is in his 70's. He made the comment that our country let him sign up to risk his life when he was 18 to protect our...
  428. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    A great read.
  429. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    Maybe somebody should start a name calling thread and leave this one for sharing opinions on fishing. I did see an interesting story today. Washington state is sending 400 ventilators back to the Fed for use in other states as we believe we have ample capacity. This is the first time I have...
  430. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    The green line in the graph above represents the 'curve', which is not only flattened but decreased in the last two days. The blue lines are a cumaltive number of Covid 19 cases which will continue to increase until the green line goes to zero. Do you agree? if not then debating a flattening...
  431. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    I would definitely go. I am even willing to take it out for you and let you know how it goes. Just let me know where the keys are.
  432. sgwill122

    I want to trust the government, really

    That is crazy. My buddy in Seattle just told me the same story. He is getting asked for advice on buying a gun by his Uber liberal gun control friends. Hoarding toilet paper is pointless if you don’t have a gun to protect it.
  433. sgwill122

    Premium Beef Sale

    You have a gift for words.
  434. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    I started to give Jay Inslee some credit when he initially resisted issuing a stay at home order. He loves to talk about using science and data when discussing global warming but is using hyperbole and fearmongering for his initial closure and its extension. Washington's case count and death...
  435. sgwill122

    New wiring on TJ - diagram

    I have a hydraulic crimper if you want to borrow it. Patrick is right it is a must have for heavy gauge crimps. It is a tool you don't use very often after you finished wiring, mine has not moved in a couple years.
  436. sgwill122


    That is awesome, how long did it take for you to figure it out?
  437. sgwill122

    Garmin 1040xs and Garmin 840xs

    I will take them if they are still available.
  438. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    I would agree the current measures and more are worth it if I thought we had any chance of eliminating this new coronavirus strain. But I think some basic facts would probably help folks shape their opinions. What we call the common cold is caused by a variety of viruses, the two major families...
  439. sgwill122

    Westport crab pot setup

    I have always done well crabbing in Westport the few times I tried. I always set South of the South Jetty in 40-60ft using weighted Danielson pots and 100ft leaded line. I rarely lose a pot but if I do its cheap to replace. As you know commercial pots are everywhere so assume crab are too...
  440. sgwill122

    Paint stripping recommendation

    I am not planning to repaint. I just want to strip it off and let it oxidize. I will have to check out the paint remover.
  441. sgwill122

    Paint stripping recommendation

    My paint keeps peeling off my sliding door. I want to strip it all off. Looking for a recommendation on stripping the paint without gouging the aluminum door.
  442. sgwill122

    Essential Travel...

    Looks pretty essential to me, sweet work!
  443. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    The objective of flatten the curve is not to stop the disease. It is to slow the transmission rate so hospitals can keep up with the critically sick. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle. Every epidemiologists I have seen quoted claims 70% of the population is gonna catch this...
  444. sgwill122

    Covid19 TUNA

    Why do you cut it up into small pieces before canning? I cut the loins into big hunks that fill most the jar but always interested in new tricks.
  445. sgwill122

    Pursuit Refit

    That is a pretty weak stream, I can relate. Have you already pulled the hose and looked for obstructions. I have had several outboards that get buildup in the pee hose.
  446. sgwill122

    TV Antenna ?

    I cut the cord four years ago but missed NFL games so added an antennae. I originally had it installed in my attic and got 20 channels, probably 5 of which had content I sometimes watched but most importantly I was picking up the NFL games. My problem though was some of the channels were SD...
  447. sgwill122

    Fish stories

    Four kids in diapers was not fun but got a lot easier since potty training. This year it is about to get scary as they turn 16 in the summer.
  448. sgwill122

    Fish stories

    My wifes best fishing story is when I convinced her to take our 4 kids(3 3 year olds and 1 5 year old) fishing on Big Lake. As one might imagine it was a bit stressful keeping worms on and kids untangled. As I turned I saw one of my 3 year old sons casting a line with out a baited hook under...
  449. sgwill122

    Saltwater Blackmouth really?

    We already have a couple pretty busy complaint threads on the general page if you would like to join in. Not much gonna be happening in the reports section for a while.
  450. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    Voting will be suspended to support stay home and stay healthy.
  451. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    What do you think will happen in two weeks?
  452. sgwill122

    Fishing closure statewide

    Beyond dumb... Pot shops are all open... Our keepers obviously have thought this thru and know what is best for us.
  453. sgwill122

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    I called them today and was told you can fish anywhere that is open.
  454. sgwill122

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    The buses that are still running are probably the easiest transmission between total strangers then grocery stores, then take out restaurants. I am sure everyone on here is still getting gas in their cars when they goto Costco to get another pack of toilet paper.
  455. sgwill122

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    A lot of people are not thinking just reacting. Public bus service is still operational, Costco is a zoo, I can go for a walk or bike ride and pass within 6 feet of my neighbors. We decided last night to start buying takeout regularly to try and help the local businesses stay afloat so will be...
  456. sgwill122

    Whomp there it is

    Best article/opinion piece on dealing with Covid19.
  457. sgwill122

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Quarantine is official starting March 26th. Good luck if you still go. "People under quarantine may only leave their homes for medical emergencies or to seek medical care, the governor's office said. They cannot visit public spaces such as pools, fitness centers or restaurants. Failure to...
  458. sgwill122

    New set of rod holders

    They look fantastic. Definitely great guys to work with.
  459. sgwill122

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    We just cancelled our spring break trip to Hawaii. Their Governor just asked tourists to stay away and they are talking about enforcing a 14 day quarantine on all new arrivals. I also would rather practice social distancing somewhere tropical but not willing to risk being quarantined away from...
  460. sgwill122

    Holy crap.

    The death rate numbers are all inflated as many people never show symptoms and are never tested. South Korea has done the most testing and has recorded a 1% mortality which is high but also inflated as they are only testing people with symptoms or those who have come in contact with someone...
  461. sgwill122

    Holy crap.

    San Francisco just announced a residential lockdown punishable by a misdemeanor. Not sure how they would enforce it but we are probably are not far behind.
  462. sgwill122

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    If your worried about killing animals based on intelligence you better stop eating pork or octopus. Seals and sea lions are also near the top of animal intelligence but I would guess you like the rest of us wish the state would reduce their numbers. French and Canadians eat horse and we think...
  463. sgwill122

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Just a random statement by Trump.
  464. sgwill122

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Check, looks like the cheap flights are through the first week of June so far.
  465. sgwill122

    Bottom paint ish

    Agreed, it totally depends on folks situation. I believe Kim and Rod are both going to be retired and living in Westport. We all know we get plenty of crappy weather days which would be perfect times to pull the boat and clean her off.
  466. sgwill122

    Bottom paint ish

    If you are only mooring it a couple months a year why not pull it out every couple weeks and hit it with a powerwasher and put her back in.
  467. sgwill122

    Saltwater SJI tour

    Nice job! That has to be a record number of miles chasing blackmouth in one day.
  468. sgwill122

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    That shamrock is kinda cool if you are ok with a diesel. The doghouse moved forward is nice leaving the fishing deck open. The gunnels look a bit low especially for 6+ footers. If you get anything in the prop you are screwed since it is a fixed drive.
  469. sgwill122

    Aluminum tower/rod holder repair recommendations

    Lots of guys including myself have used Nick Rudnick and have been very happy with quality and price. @Nick Rudnick
  470. sgwill122

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    I also keep my raft in the cabin and always assumed I could get it out the door with me if the boat was upside down. It sounds like you could not. Was it just the chaos of being upside down or was there some physical reason you could not get it out of the cabin?
  471. sgwill122

    Saltwater Chillin in PV!

    Looks like a great time with some monster fish. Is it illegal to fish Mexican waters? I assume you don't ask questions when a gun boat tells you to leave.
  472. sgwill122

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Don’t overthink this one, scotty’s are the way to go. Lifetime warranty, parts are easy to come by and the majority of guys around here fish em. If you want fast go 2106 if you want cheap then go used 1106’s both are great riggers.
  473. sgwill122

    Saltwater Over a Week Without a Fishing Report???

    Just checked the creel report for 9 & 10. Since Feb 1st there has been 112 fishermen checked for 5 fish in Area 10. A bit more action in area 9 with 70 fish for 247 fishermen also since Feb 1. I have made it out to 9 twice and found a couple fish but spent a lot of time looking. Definitely...
  474. sgwill122

    Fish death

    Gonna try this method on my salmon this year.
  475. sgwill122

    Do you top shot?

    you did not mention the fishing you are doing but I run braid on all my reels and use top shot for most everything. Downrigger clip works much better on mono. 30-40lb mono topshot resists getting twisted up by the flasher. Mono much easier to untangle if something gets jacked up and I would not...
  476. sgwill122


    I hate riddles, makes my head hurt.
  477. sgwill122

    Forecast accuracy

    I think I fixed it.
  478. sgwill122

    Forecast accuracy

    Wanted to hit area 9 for the opener. The forecast looked like crap through the week but Friday Windy and SailFlow showed the wind shutting down by noon on Possession. I checked again Saturday morning and the wind forecast looked even better so we agreed to meet in Everett and launch at...
  479. sgwill122

    Last Winter Project completed

    Seriously sweet workmanship! Unfortunately for me the limit of my skills are cutting PVC to raise my Costco folding table.
  480. sgwill122

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    This is a sweet ride. Having a family I especially love the bunk bed.
  481. sgwill122

    Plastic Anyone...

    The US used to do the same thing in most of our lifetimes, the only saving grace for us back then is we did not have as much plastic as we do now. We need a marketing campaign to get people excited about 'sea plastic', we have spent hours as family collecting sea glass over the years. For the...
  482. sgwill122

    Only turn 40 once…

    Tropical for sure.
  483. sgwill122

    Shimano trevala’s now breakable

    Thought I would share a Discovery I made at the boat show. I bought a couple Trevala’s and noticed one had the guides off center from the reel seat. I was not happy but quickly saw I could rotate them back in line. I checked both rods and saw they were both the same and that the blank could...
  484. sgwill122

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    If you are trying to fish Hali on the ocean we generally get 3 weekends in May if the weather is good before they shut down the season due to high participation. If the first or second weekend gets blown out because of weather the season goes much longer as most don’t plan past those first 3...
  485. sgwill122

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    I am making a lot of assumptions as I don’t know any details but guess it is a lot lighter compared to an equivalent glass boat Which would help fuel economy. The four outboards would make it a lot faster boat than any of its diesel peers. This would appeal to guys with deep pockets that wants...
  486. sgwill122


    Hey Greg do you notice any wear on your Zinc's? You might want to replace them with aluminum anodes as your outboard anodes will probably burn up a lot faster. From what I understand all outboards come with Aluminum anodes and being more reactive than zinc will go first. I did not know...
  487. sgwill122

    Ice-fish capacity

    The answer depends on who you ask. You should not have a shortage to choose from.
  488. sgwill122

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Boys you gotta keep up with the thread, I admit this is a tough one to stay on top of. To recap: Team Icemelter won the pelagic pot Merino's stepped up and volunteered to process donated fish 6 months later..... Team Icemelter is growing impatient on payout payout is clarified, no one gets...
  489. sgwill122

    Saltwater Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Last year area 10 was shut down already because the fishing was so hot. The irony is when fishing sucks you get lots of opportunity, seems backwards.
  490. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    Mission accomplished,, I picked up a 3-1 had truck at Costco today for $75. It will fit on the side of the truck bed plus I have needed a dolly several times and now have one.
  491. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    Thanks John, I thought you would post a pic of your sweet custom dock cart. I gotta go with something low profile or I lose cooler space in the bed. I am leaning towards a convertible hand truck.
  492. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    Thanks guys this has given me more options to consider.
  493. sgwill122

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I don't know anything but seems the most likely reason they have not been paid is the money is not there or they can't get access to it. Sad situation for sure, hope this has a happy ending!
  494. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    My days of carrying loaded coolers of fish up the dock are numbered. Looking for recommendation on a cart. I am a trailer queen so looking for something compact to keep in the back of the truck bed. The foldable carts look nice and compact and I was hoping someone here had one they recommended.
  495. sgwill122

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Boat show is end of the month, perfect time to go compare them all. Any dealer worth working with will let you sea trial with a refundable deposit, some even arrange trials during the show. I have never ridden in a kingfisher but the narrow bottom seems like a poor design. Take your time...
  496. sgwill122

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    The adds are way more annoying in this format and I still don’t like country music.
  497. sgwill122

    Downrigger weight styles

    I like running three as well but my biggest problem is putting the middle-ish rigger back down when the same side rigger is already at depth. The flasher sometimes rotates far enough over while descending and the trailing lure hooks the already deployed side downrigger line. My middle rigger...
  498. sgwill122

    Saltwater Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Just checked the creel report for A10 and 22 boats interviewed from the 1st-5th and no fish reported.
  499. sgwill122

    Trailer brakes?

    7 years is impressive. I would stick with what you are doing. I have had Kodiaks SS brakes and had no problems for several years before selling the boat.
  500. sgwill122


    I agree with everyone else on the 275LHW. I have the TM275LHW(paired with Garmin 8212/GSD25) and really like it but I rarely if ever change to the low frequency. Maybe the other guys use the low frequency to pick the hali they want before dropping but I just use it to mark bottom deep...
  501. sgwill122

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Hey G, I will just leave a couple links below and let this thread resume its intended topic. If you would like to debate whether blue-green algae is a scientific misnomer feel free to send me a PM as I am sure no one else cares...
  502. sgwill122

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Just in case other folks like me are confused how algae(an aquatic plant requiring light for photosynthesis) grows in a below deck fuel tank. Apparently 'algae' is used by boaters to refer to fungus, mold and bacteria.
  503. sgwill122

    It is done

    Congrats on the beautiful ride. Just need to upgrade your tow rig.
  504. sgwill122

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Wow, that was a pretty quick education. The good news is it was not on the Ocean. Hope it’s all smooth sailing from here on out.
  505. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Moorage

    My comment was in regards to getting Lapush moorage in May now.
  506. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Moorage

    No moorage either.
  507. sgwill122

    Smoked Salmon Prep

    I leave the skin on and slice the filets to the skin but not cutting through it every 3/4 inch. I dry brine for 48 hours. This has been the easiest and best results of any method I have tried. Lots of flavor and moist. 8-1 brown sugar to granulated Costco salt, heavily coat both sides of the...
  508. sgwill122

    Saltwater Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    I went crabbing Saturday. I set in a popular summer hotspot which had very few buoys around. We got 0 keepers for the first hour set. I picked up the pots and moved north a few miles and set amongst the wall to wall tribal pots, the second hour yielded 8 keepers. All the keepers were barely...
  509. sgwill122

    black friday shoppers

    Thanks for checking.
  510. sgwill122

    black friday shoppers

    Anyone shopping fishing gear today? Let me know if anyone see's the shimano trevalla 6'6"MH for under $100.
  511. sgwill122

    Paddle Boards (inflatable)

    We bought two inflatable Costco boards for $399 each. We like them but would be nice to have a removeable fin. They are very stable and lightweight.
  512. sgwill122

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Everyone I have seen fish them(including myself) lets the reel do the work. Like everyone else has said catching hali is not sporty unless hooking them shallow with light gear.
  513. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    Yes, they gave me a call telling me the same thing this year.
  514. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    I filled out a request online and then filled out the form they sent and mailed it in with my receipts. They mail a rebate check and a new form for next year so I don't need to create another online request.
  515. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    Just got my roadtax refund. It was 8.6% of my fuel bill. 8.6% seems low since Washington levies a .49 cent per gallon gas tax, which is about 14% at $3.50 a gallon. We have the third highest gas tax rate in the Nation. Would be nice to get all the 14% back but I will take what I can get.
  516. sgwill122

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    I am sure the perch won’t live long term in salt but they stay lively in the 10-30 minutes it takes to become ling lunch. I keep them in 20 gallons of fresh water in the boat on the trip out. You need an aerator or agitate the water regularly. people should keep them for fertilizer if...
  517. sgwill122

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    Cool event! What do you do with all the perch? I know there is an overabundance of them in the lake and have always been told not to throw them back. They are good eating but a pain to filet especially the smaller they are. I have kept them alive in a 50 gallon barrel and used them for live...
  518. sgwill122


    Agree on the 15ft mono topshot. You can run mono or braid but everyone needs to be running the same thing. Braid will saw off mono in no time. I prefer braid on all reels as I never have to replace it, no memory issues, and it is smaller diameter which equals less drag on swimmers.
  519. sgwill122

    Fishing the San Juan islands

    San Juan’s are awesome for saltwater boating. Fishing can be good when you are allowed to fish which is less and less recently. All rockfish are off limits, but we do have excellent sand dab fishery and a 6 week ling season but is restricted to a max of 120ft. Salmon season is unpredictable...
  520. sgwill122


    X3- yes on gentle thumbing when letting the bait run, no on thumbing a fish while playing. Sounds like you are talking about casting. If you are using new 30-40# mono then you have a birdsnest booby trap until the line has time to conform to the new reel spool. Thicker braid is the easier to...
  521. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    They are sweet!
  522. sgwill122

    Too Soon? :)

    I thought you were gonna post a SST shot.
  523. sgwill122

    Kicker wouldn't start

    I agree sitting is the worst thing. I did some googling today and see there is a neutral sensor/switch in the remote shifter which I think is my culprit. I found several threads with similar descriptions today. I did not hear the motor making any noise when turning the key so I do not think...
  524. sgwill122

    Kicker wouldn't start

    I dropped by the lake on the way home from Seattle yesterday to run the motors. I had not run my kicker for a couple of months as the last few trips had been for tuna. My 9.9 Yamaha kicker is key start with remote throttle/shifter. The kicker would not turn over when I turned the key. I...
  525. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    Trailered the boat to Seattle today and got the side holders welded on. I worked from the laptop while I waited and it was done by noon. I ended up replacing the originals with larger diameter flared holders. The net handle was a tight fit in the original holders but easily comes in and out...
  526. sgwill122


    I would melt them down as well but pretty sweet offer.
  527. sgwill122

    Best information I could ever pass on

    I just called Pete and switched. He got me slightly better coverage and saved me over 10% on my last policy. Thanks Pete!
  528. sgwill122

    Halibut 2020

    Email sent. 6-fish would be great!
  529. sgwill122


    Yes, I spent a few weeks playing with it. It is just too unreliable.
  530. sgwill122


    I bought the small traeger and have had terrible luck on low temp smoking, the flame goes out or smoker gets too hot. Maybe the bigger models are better. I only smoke with my big chief, had it for almost ten years now.
  531. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    Update on my holders, I got both sides cut off and sanded down. I gave Nick a call since so many folks had great things to say about him. Very nice guy to talk to and he even offered to trailer my boat to his shop if I left at his place in Edmonds. He is booked through the first week of...
  532. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    Hey Nick where are you located and whats your number?
  533. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    What is Nick's business name/number? I am going to call 3Rivers first just because they are 10 minutes down the road.
  534. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    I got antsy tonight and took a laser to the welds but it did not do a damn thing(never listen to Nineball). So I took a grinder to it and then sanded down to 220 and hit it with scotch brite. I nicked it twice but not too bad. I want to have the side holders welded with one inch standoffs on...
  535. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    I want to cut off my side rod holders and wanted to know what is the best tool to cut the welds? A grinder with a cutting disc or hack saw or other? Once cut what is the best method to clean up the remaining welds(sanding disc on grinder?) I never use the angle rod holders and find them a...
  536. sgwill122

    Charter recommendation - Seattle in November

    Eric is being far too harsh. We have a world famous sand dab fishery, green ling, pile perch, bullhead, squid and in some areas crab. The great news is most of it can be caught from the dock. Unfortunately our weather and saltwater fishing opportunities suck November-December.
  537. sgwill122

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    I imagine it went something like this... guy1 ‘Hey what happens when I push this button’ guy2 ‘nooooooooo!’
  538. sgwill122

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    I often keep my fish alive. Only downside is they recuperate and can be a challenge to dispatch at the end of the day.
  539. sgwill122

    Reels, Reels and more Reels

    Hey Mike I will take two of your blue Avet MXL's. Sent you a PM.
  540. sgwill122

    Saltwater Final 2019 WP tuna report

    It is gonna be tough staying home especially hearing the hurt you continue to put on em. Thanks for all the help this year.
  541. sgwill122

    Saltwater Final 2019 WP tuna report

    We saw the bright half moon driving into Westport and said pretty much the same thing.
  542. sgwill122

    Saltwater Final 2019 WP tuna report

    45 miles from the end of the Jetty. We saw jumpers for several miles on the run in. Fish were all over just not biting aggressively till late in the day, weird that a tuna would pass up a free lunch midday.
  543. sgwill122

    Saltwater Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Made one more tuna trip yesterday as I heard there was bait still available and fish still on the chew. We were the only boat getting ice at 5:30am and there were only a couple boats at the launch. We thought it was a little weird seeing so few boats but we ran into several leaving the bait...
  544. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    See you out there John. Feel free to cozy up if you run across us and we are stopped.
  545. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    You running again Mike? It is crazy that it diverged this morning. Looks like it might be a bit choppy in the morning.
  546. sgwill122

    Tuna Thursday

    Pretty darn cool. Cedar plug right?
  547. sgwill122

    Saltwater Long hunt for the Albies

    I think Bob's suggestion on carrying bait (frozen bait if you can not do live) could have turned things on for you. Late season tuna are known for being a bait show. I have missed Mark from the Sea stories, seems like you are picking up where he left off.
  548. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Seems like a lot of guys have moved onto hunting. Planning my last tuna run this Saturday. Anybody else running?
  549. sgwill122

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Nicely done. When did you get most the fish(morning of afternoon)? Planning my last trip this Saturday, hope the bait holds out. My usual trip is a whole lot of nothing in the morning.
  550. sgwill122

    Awesome 9/30/2019 SST & Chloro Charts

    Looks like a great time! You hear anything on how much bait is left when you loaded up?
  551. sgwill122

    Ice Tote

    Check out Smak plastics, they are out of Vancouver, WA. I believe Englunds carries their totes. I just picked up the half tote and really like it.
  552. sgwill122


    Congrats on the repower, they look sweet!
  553. sgwill122

    WP live bait - the real scoop

    Sweet, wish I had known this a few days ago. Hoping the bait holds out till the next weather window.
  554. sgwill122

    Logging in

    I just fixed mine on my Windows PC. I opened the setting on my browser(Edge) and went to the 'Privacy & Security' tab, clicked on the 'Choose what to Clear' and saw someone had checked browsing history, usernames and password boxes. I unchecked the boxes and back to normal now. It has to be a...
  555. sgwill122

    Tuna Tuesday?

    You obviously have not met Patrick. He helps out sporties all the time. The charters are the guys getting sportsmen without experience, ocean boat, or who just want a pro experience on fish. Not sure why you are picking a internet brawl with a nice guy that has nothing to do with handing...
  556. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    David- The cleaner and wax are all yours. Gary- You can have both Zebco's and if the other two are not spoken for you can take two for spares. PM me for my address.
  557. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    I would like to think there is one more trip in the cards. Just depends on a nice weather window and bait availability. I will ping you if one comes together.
  558. sgwill122

    New 17” aluminum R and L rotation props

    Solas Mitas 17” R and L aluminum props. Never used still in the box. I bought them as backup props and never used them. $125 for both.
  559. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    Everything below free 4 kids poles with zebco reels 15p quicksilver prop, it has some paint missing but no damage to the aluminum Sea star piston for inboard. Misc boat cleaner/wax/steering fluid
  560. sgwill122

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna Report

    My insurance policy has a line in it that says I am not covered if towing another vessel. I have never towed out in the open ocean. Would love to hear more from folks that know what they are doing. Definitely weird response from the coasties, I assume they would have towed him in if he did...
  561. sgwill122

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna Report

    Sweet trip! There was definitely a metric crap ton of fish in the area. Very nice of the Finatic, hope the guy made it worth his efforts, probly tough to get a private boater compensated from your insurance tow coverage.
  562. sgwill122

    Saltwater 9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    Most folks I talked to today killed it. It was great weather and we had an awesome crew including my old man recently back in action from shoulder surgery @Salmon King @Kettel O' Fish @ttcustomz. We had 64 by 11:30. Definitely a mixed bag of fish at the end we were releasing the smalls...
  563. sgwill122

    Logging in

    Same here but on just one PC.
  564. sgwill122

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Hopefully they are just dumb not devious which is marginally better. I am leaning heavily towards dumb after seeing the fish they kept, only one chrome fish.
  565. sgwill122

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    This. Look at for Saturday and look 60NM off the coast through the entire day and you will see the wind picks up way out as the day progresses. I check NOAA pinpoint for the swell height and interval. See you guys out there, as always on 68 and willing to share reports.
  566. sgwill122

    Saltwater Sucia Island Report

    Great write up, I love your optimism. Bellingham bay as you saw can have some pretty gnarly water. Your girlfriend sounds like she is a keeper.
  567. sgwill122

    2014 26’ North River Offshore

    Nice well equipped boat barely broken in, only thing wrong is the time of year, hopefully somebody has been waiting for this and snaps it up.
  568. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9-13-19 Piggies

    Nice job. How was the water? The forecast was calling for a 7ft swell at 11 seconds but your pictures make it look pretty nice.
  569. sgwill122

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Thanks, I am taking the last four guys Sunday. Now gotta line up my deck hand.
  570. sgwill122

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Do they still need boats for Sunday? Send me contact info.
  571. sgwill122

    Pair of YAMAHA SDS Reliance Props

    I am interested. Sending PM.
  572. sgwill122

    Saltwater SoCal Newbie Seeks Advice

    This is a sweet offer, can't really get better intel if your running out of Ilwaco.
  573. sgwill122

    R.I.P. 007...

    Very how bout the story how it broke? Marlin, Mako or someone decided it was a jackpole?
  574. sgwill122

    2002 Rampage

    Looks like a great fishing machine!
  575. sgwill122

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Free and you call dibs on the catch

    Wow, great offer and I agree with Leif you are one of very few people that takes feedback to heart, hope you get lots of takers on your generous offer. I am sure most guys will insist on contributing to the costs.
  576. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna Run Friday

    Nice job getting the new boat bloody.
  577. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    To get to max cooling effect of -6F you need 23% salt by volume. Seawater is 3.2% salt and has a freezing point of 28F. You would need approximately 3.5 cups of salt per gallon of water to get it down to -6F. The temperature drop is linear as you add more salt. You need to figure out how...
  578. sgwill122

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    most of your post was fine, splitting costs is very common and letting folks know what to expect even better. Your policy of getting first dibs is what most of us find odd. Splitting 50/50 would be the way to go, it takes maybe two minutes to filet a salmon. As you probably picked up most of...
  579. sgwill122

    Salmon Rules and Regulations question?

    It's legal. Ron has good eyes. In Washington waters where a saltwater license is valid, each angler aboard a vessel may continue to deploy angling gear or shellfish gear until the daily limit of fish and shellfish for all anglers aboard has been achieved. Not sure if that was the answer you...
  580. sgwill122

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Your boat your rules, hopefully you get some takers. Maybe if you were less concerned about which fish you took home you would have more buddies lining up to fish.
  581. sgwill122

    looking for bent butt rod and old 50 or 80 series reel

    I have a extra heavy 5'8" ugly stick missing the top six inches(now 5'2") you are welcome to have, I actually have two to choose from or take both. I am in Redmond.
  582. sgwill122

    This year's tuna lures

    I obviously suck at the conversions so need as many at bats as possible. The sand eels have been the most popular last two trips.
  583. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    Tim was right, salt does not decrease the temperature of ice, it decreases the freezing point of water. Adding salt definitely cools your fish faster assuming you have ice that is significantly below 32 degrees. If your ice is at or very near 32 degrees salt will do almost nothing. If you use...
  584. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ice at west port

    This year I crossed at low tide when there was no swell and marked 4 feet. If there had been a 4 foot swell I would have had a problem in the trough. Next time I am out in flat water I want to do more mapping farther out. The 4 foot deep spot seems to be a bit of a pinnacle(in the pic below...
  585. sgwill122

    Saltwater Labor Day love

    Nicely done and great pics. You had better water South, our water was not bad just not flat. We ran north with a lot of other folks. Early in the morning we had a thresher shark in our troll spread trying to wack our cedar plug with his long tail. It was cool to watch his giant tail slapping...
  586. sgwill122

    Lowrance Network Cable needed in Westport

    John you looking for a NMEA2000 cable or Lowrance specific? If NMEA how long do you need, I have one on hand and will be leaving shortly.
  587. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    Thanks, hope to see you out there tomorrow John. Boat is finally named, Lady Karen. I will give you a call on 68 if we do not see you.
  588. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    A bunch of Oregon boats are out at 04/40, about 65miles SW. Hoping we get some decent reports today. I was thinking of heading to 25/45 and making my way SW. Give me a call on 68 if your within range, we should be pulling out of the harbor just after 6:00am.
  589. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ice at west port

    I would not sweat tomorrow, Westport seafood is open at 5:00am which is the only option for flake. Get your ice at at 5:00am, climb the jetty and look at the bar after you get ice and decide if you want to grab some breakfast while you wait. I bet it is going to be flat tororrow.
  590. sgwill122

    Saltwater Ice at west port

    I am confused by your question. You plan to run two hours in the dark instead of braving the bar with very little swell and no wind In the forecast? To answer your question you would probably need to find a gas station with ice or run to Walmart in Aberdeen.
  591. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    I can guarantee gas will be burned, ice melted and anchovies killed, anything more will be gravy.
  592. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    I pulled my deck and saw there is 1/2" foam stuck on the underside of fish box at least on my 2016 duck. I am sure your original guess was on target that water was washing in from your side drain melting your ice. My ice lasts more than 24 hours in the fish hold. I have to fill it with a...
  593. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    Does anyone know if ice and bait are open tomorrow(labor day)? I tried calling but got a machine.
  594. sgwill122

    Watch out - Carrie’s Bait Boy is behind the wheel

    Nicely done finding the elusive kings. The pic looks like 3 kings or a really nice coho.
  595. sgwill122

    Tuna Sunday:)

    I heard at least one of the the six packs cancelled today. Surprised they would have got it wrong.
  596. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    I generally ice up the morning of. Plugging your front drains will solve your ice problem. The lid of the fish box is pushed open slightly from air spring and then when you have waves hitting the side drains pushing water onto your deck and into your fishbox. I bet removing the fishbox...
  597. sgwill122

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    Looks like a good window. I am slightly tempted, it would be cool to fish till dark and first light. Looking forward to the report.
  598. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    I always plug my forward scuppers(drains). I only pull the plugs temporarily if I am washing the deck while not moving. I don't think you are going to be able to seal the fish box lid. I would have the same problem if I did not plug the forward drains. Do your back scuppers not work? I...
  599. sgwill122

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Windy is calling 10-12knt at 2:00 depending how far south you are. In my experience Windy has been pretty accurate but this will probably change by tomorrow.,45.947,-124.942,8,m:eV6acGO
  600. sgwill122

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    Did the whole overnight thing just fall a part ?
  601. sgwill122

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Till 2:00 and then the wind will pickup. I can’t hook a fish till after 2:00 :(
  602. sgwill122

    Sonar interference from another vessel?

    Good question, I run chirp and see interference with others near me, I need to try adjusting the frequency.
  603. sgwill122

    1106 or 2106 ???

    I swapped to the 2106's this year. I love the retrieve speed but have had a couple issues so far. Both my digital counters have failed but were replaced by Scotty, I have had a belt fail on me and had a intermittent issue with the retrieve button on one of them which I have not figured out...
  604. sgwill122

    Saltwater 8/25 Ilawco Tuna

    I had a trophy 2359 which I bet had a similar layout. I put 30 fish on it several times. I ran out with coolers on the back deck and then put them in the vberth and aisle of the cabin while fishing. You had to climb over them to get to the wheel while trolling but way better than a cluttered...
  605. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    The half tote would likely not fit in the back of a Subaru and the trip needs to happen on a weekday(a detail I left off). I think Ryan will probably be able to hook me up. Thanks for the offer.
  606. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    Sweet, I will text you.
  607. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    Anyone planning a trip in their truck near Vancouver, Wa with space in their bed. I won the sweet smack plastics 165 quart cooler from the WTC food drive John put together. Smack plastics is willing to upgrade me to a half tote for a fee but I obviously have to bring the fishbox down to them...
  608. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Those are some beautiful fish marks. I mistyped my ducer, it is a Airmar TM275 Wide Broadband CHIRP. I originally ordered the 265 before I heard about the wider cone option and cancelled for the 275.
  609. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Garmin TM265LH. The CH270 looks pretty dang cool.
  610. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    We ended up with a bunch of boats around 10:00am last Saturday. We saw there were three big charter boats in the mix. We noticed the big boats seemed to run up and stop and put lines out and repeat and were catching some fish as we saw waving nets. We were trolling in the area for a couple...
  611. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Salmon

    We ran in at noon, started at the windmills at 150ft of water and trolled south till we hit Willapa. We caught 4 coho one of which had an extra fin, all but one was near 10lbs. It was a nice troll South but the run back was bumpy. On our way back we cut the jetty and the first couple waves...
  612. sgwill122

    Saltwater SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    We missed the morning bite as we were late to the game but made up for it by staying late, we put on 24 after 2pm, we ended at 25/50.
  613. sgwill122

    Saltwater Any salmon reports for Westport this weekend?

    Thanks for the report, wish it were better. I am hoping to stick around to try salmon sunday but am not willing to run 30+ miles for coho.
  614. sgwill122

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    We will be on 68 planning to run SW unless I hear a better plan between now and then, I will respond to 'Lady Karen', 'Duckworth Steve', or 'Hey Asshole get off my baitstop'.
  615. sgwill122

    Best fish sealer

    I will gladly take them off your hands.
  616. sgwill122

    Saltwater Saturday 8-24 CR

    I am fishing tomorrow but I would not take my wife and daughters tomorrow as they would not enjoy it. There will be a decent swell with some wind waves. I only take the wife and daughters when the water is flat. We had a ton of pond water days over the last month hopefully there are more to...
  617. sgwill122

    Best fish sealer

    I am sure the VP is awesome but I don't see how it can be cheaper than my $50 Foodsaver which is going on six years. If retort is your goal then you gotta spend the $. Foodsaver bags are spendy. I switched to Amazon knockoffs and spend $30 a year for 200 precut 8X12 bags which makes life so...
  618. sgwill122

    New official world record Redbanded rockfish

    Congrats! Looks like it could be a big goldfish.
  619. sgwill122

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    Planning a trip for this Saturday. Anybody else running and willing to network.
  620. sgwill122

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    Agreed, that is a great price for a sweet ride.
  621. sgwill122

    Yellow surface spots on tuna
  622. sgwill122

    Area 7 salmon is hot today.

    I am sure they are just fishing area 11 fish that got lost.
  623. sgwill122

    OH FOR PETE'S SAKE............(keeping it family friendly)

    I agree with Ryan, get the factory manual. You have three options at this point, get rid of your inboard and convert to outboard, get used to writing checks or get used to dropping the outdrive(it is a annual maintenance item). Replacing the bellows is not fun but not terrible if you have the...
  624. sgwill122

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 8/11-12/19

    I agree with Eric, you guys are hard core overnighting in a 20 with 4 guys. Would you have run in if you caught 15 the first day? Great report.
  625. sgwill122

    Saltwater First family tuna run

    Took me a couple minutes to figure that one out.
  626. sgwill122

    Kill or no kill

    Are there any Washington regs on the subject? If legal I would keep the first one.
  627. sgwill122

    Saltwater First family tuna run

    We did have just enough ice but I did head the fish to make sure. As we were unloading fish after pulling the boat a random guy stopped by to talk fishing. He had a truck bed full of fresh flake ice and asked if we wanted any. He said he was driving by Westport seafood and was asked if he...
  628. sgwill122

    WTC results 2019

    Congrats on the Bluefin, that is awesome! We headed in the same time as you guys and we thought we were moving at a pretty quick clip but soon felt like a slow boat as you guys left us in the dust. How fast were you guys moving?
  629. sgwill122

    Saltwater First family tuna run

    Took my family for their first ever tuna run after promising to do so for the last three years. I had been waiting for decent fishing, weather reports and time off to line up which happened last Friday. My criteria for a successful trip was nice water, 1 albecore and a shark sightings...
  630. sgwill122

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    My wife was thrilled to learn she won the cooler. John did the detective work and notified me last night and even dropped off the cooler on his way home this morning. Thanks again for organizing the food drive!!!
  631. sgwill122

    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    We had a similar experience yesterday. We got called in to weigh our fish with another boat. We headed into the marina to offload at no-wake speeds and the other boat behind us passed us just as we were entering the marina blasting a huge wake. He went on to awkwardly pass two other...
  632. sgwill122

    Saltwater 2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    I think most of us were looking for something more like this.
  633. sgwill122

    Saltwater CR tuna fishing is pretty good.

    Sound like a lot of fun. Thanks for the report!
  634. sgwill122

    Saltwater 2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    Pretty cool, were you guys chasing the fish which made for the curly track or did someone think they were playing Pac-Man with the joystick? Gotta be some kind of record just playing one in Washington waters. Seems like the commercial guys would hook one once in a while.
  635. sgwill122

    Westport Kings

    Ten king limit would not change much, but gives a man hope. Thanks for posting.
  636. sgwill122

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    Best solution is to get sandbags to put ice in which then goes into the cooler. Then you can pull out bags to make room for fish and then drop the bags on the deck to break up before dumping on the fish. Also much easier to move ice around instead of having to chisel out the amount you need...
  637. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna Tuesday

    Beautiful bloody deck.
  638. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna WP 8/6

    Nice, catching tuna 35 miles out is pretty sweet.
  639. sgwill122

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    They are native and very prolific, copy and paste from Northern Pikeminnow eat millions of salmon and steelhead juveniles each year in the Columbia and Snake River systems. The goal of the program is not to eliminate Northern Pikeminnow, but rather to reduce the average size and...
  640. sgwill122

    Saltwater Tuna Saturday

    Thanks for the report. The albacore population still has not recovered from the hurt you put on them last week.
  641. sgwill122

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    Went out tonight, ended up with one fish. Fish checker congratulated us on the fish and said it was pretty slow today.
  642. sgwill122

    Saltwater Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    One of the most unique parts of this trip is we heard two sonic booms mid afternoon. Most of us had never heard one before and thought a engine exploded or North Korea was launching missiles but fortunately we had a pilot on board who identified it.
  643. sgwill122

    Saltwater Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    Adding a few more details although a little late. We decided to run to the corners (46/125) as we heard there was some decent reports the day before. We stopped about 10 miles short and continued to troll that way. Within a few minutes we hooked a fish and crackered it at the boat shaking...
  644. sgwill122

    Saltwater Where was this sumbitch...

    That’s what she said...
  645. sgwill122

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Paypal is a hell of a lot easier than making a costco run. Sent you a PM John, thanks for organizing this as usual.
  646. sgwill122

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    I pulled the floor on mine and saw the fish hold has thin foam stuck to the outside. Wish they would have gone thicker but maybe it would not have stayed on.
  647. sgwill122

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    I have a crew and will be running. Happy to network on the water. I am hoping we will need a full tote of ice. I sent you a PM with my number.
  648. sgwill122

    Saltwater Loaded the boat.

    Just awesome! Thanks for posting.
  649. sgwill122

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    Very nicely priced, gonna be a great deal for someone.
  650. sgwill122

    Westport reports

    Sounds like it would be closer to launch from Lapush.
  651. sgwill122

    Tuna are here!!

    How about number of tuna encountered? Did somebody find Nemo or the whole school?