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  1. FVSerenity

    Alaska guides

    Ok, I don’t fish Alaska but I’m sure many of you do so I thought I’d get some input:). I have a friend that is looking to take his 80 yo father on his first Alaskan fishing trip and would like some recommendations. anyone ever go on that trip of a lifetime and want to spread the word on an...
  2. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Tuna Saturday

    Well, that left a mark….. went out in the am no live bait, crossed the bar heading NW, what the hell! It’s frikin rough! Worked our way out to the spot, 64 deg water, started trolling, took like a half hour and we hooked up a double, tried dead bait in the windy rough water. Nope! Trolled...
  3. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Almost WFO tuna school

    Ran wnw 60 miles till I hit a sharp temp break, trolled wnw till we found them. 20 fish mostly with bait, all from one school. bite dropped at 1ish and we had lunch and ran home:). a beautiful sunny smooth day on the pond, although we took a little beating rolling out of here at 0500. No...
  4. FVSerenity

    Wednesday Tuna trip

    The ocean is calling, Wednesday is one of those “Gotta Go” days I’ll be heading sw as usual, starting more north and workin south:) let’s hope I hit em closer than last trip!
  5. FVSerenity

    Nice day on the pond (tuna)

    Ran south to 00/00 fond some nice tuna:) 15 fish 10 on the troll and 5 on a dead bait stop Long day with great fish and great times
  6. FVSerenity

    Uh oh Westport

    No live anchovies at WP for us sporties, they are not catching enough for general sales
  7. FVSerenity

    HappyHours getting new enclosure

    Took her up to InCanvas in Everett for hard plastic sides with a removable drop curtain across the back. I got the first picture showing the process of making the templates:) ill keep updating as i get pics from Christiane:)
  8. FVSerenity

    Installing a VHF with AIS

    The new radio is a B&G. Currently I have a gen 3 HDS 12 connected directly to a sea talk buss that my raymarine autopilot is on. Disconnecting that cable, creating a small NEMA 2000 buss for the new radio and HDS, then connecting that small buss to the seatalk buss. I ran a test by creating a...
  9. FVSerenity

    Gas tax 2020

    Just filed my gas tax claims for 2020 It’s a pain but I figure I get a free tank of tuna gas out of it Thanks Jay!
  10. FVSerenity

    HappyHours has left the building

    For anyone that cares:) I didn’t sink, my slip is empty because my time at WP for 2020 is over. She went home today:) see y’all next year:). We had an awesome time!
  11. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Tuna a tuna, Tuna Everywhere

    The ocean is full of tuna close in, pulled in another 20 today, big fish that stuffed the boat 42miles sw. Now here is the shocking part, we saw jumpers on the way back in, slammed the brakes threw iron and hooked up. 33 miles straight out. What a day!
  12. FVSerenity

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Anyone got any specific info that would be great, I suppose I’ll run SW till I get tired then start trolling. I’ll post the results. PM me if you don’t want to share here. if you want to join in and cover a slightly different area I’m in for that as well. peace:)
  13. FVSerenity

    Tuna Safari

    Heading out Sunday for my annual tuna Expedition, putting my best RipCharts skills to work I’ll let you know how it turns out:). I’ll be running HappyHours southwest :). Let’s all keep our fingers crossed:) Rod:)
  14. FVSerenity

    Evinrude oops

    Gone but not forgotten
  15. FVSerenity

    Deep water lings area 3

    Just to make sure: deepwater ling is open right not that I don’t trust the fishwashington app
  16. FVSerenity

    2020 halibut

    I am so fucking tired of this fucking state!! When you go in and buy your 2020 license the catch record card does not include halibut! It says you have to go in at a later date and buy a halibut catch record card! What kind of fuckin bullshit is that! You just want to have it to be ready...
  17. FVSerenity

    I want to trust the government, really

    It then I see crap like this in the middle of a national crisis they are off pushing their socialist agenda
  18. FVSerenity

    Gotta love this place Yes. It’s for real, lol
  19. FVSerenity

    Whomp there it is

    Wa shutdown anyone!
  20. FVSerenity

    Bottom paint ish

    Fiberglass boat, I have seen a few peeps paint their own bottom paint, how does that work out? How much is a pro job for a 25’ hull, generally speaking. Will it keep the crud from growing?
  21. FVSerenity

    some things just suck

    I doubt you know Kenny but he is one of my few friends in the world, a kind and caring sportsman and a great human being. so I just thought I’d leave this here.
  22. FVSerenity

    Is there hope?

  23. FVSerenity

    Just fun

    you have to wonder where they are going, is that a water taxi? They have their bikes in the boat? what a wonderful life
  24. FVSerenity

    Too Soon? :)

    I was at the store and the next isle over from the Halloween candy was Christmas candy!! Wtf!!
  25. FVSerenity

    Tuna Thursday

    I’d post coords but it doesn’t really matter.:) A hell of a day!
  26. FVSerenity

    The pinks are running

  27. FVSerenity

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Ok, just one last trip I rearranged my deep freeze See you at the bait dock!
  28. FVSerenity

    Yellow surface spots on tuna

    anyone else notice these either under the skin or in the gills? Maybe 1/4” or less in diameter? I have seen a few this year and don’t know what it is, I just scrape them off when cleaning the fish.
  29. FVSerenity

    Roof rod rack

    id like to replace my roof mount rod rack with a 6 or 8 position rack. I’m pretty sure there are some fabricators on BD, anyone interested?
  30. FVSerenity

    Tuna Tuesday

    530 at the bait dock:) SSW
  31. FVSerenity

    Saltwater One word

    Hog Stuffed the boat on two bait stops and headed home at!
  32. FVSerenity

    Taking some vets for wtc

    filling in at the last min due to others breakdowns. Anyone got some good intel to help me get these guys some fish would be greatly appreciated. I don’t mind running a hundred miles for zip if it just me but I kinda want these guys to have fun:) Pm me if you have info to share:) I’ll return...
  33. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Tuna Tuesday

    it was good to us, not wide open but we managed 4 or 5 fair bait stops In keeping with our name:)
  34. FVSerenity


    is it just me or is it warm as hell out there! Are the commies hitting them?
  35. FVSerenity

    Salmon fishing technique

    I saw a special on TV about Scotland, they bless the river the start of the season by sharing a shot of scotch whiskey with the river! Maybe that’s where you guys are as screwing up!!
  36. FVSerenity


    Who sells them???
  37. FVSerenity

    2 legit 2 quit

    could not pass this up without sharing
  38. FVSerenity

    Predators eating adult salmon Not the ones you think
  39. FVSerenity

    First time!

    well I retired, we booked a spot in WP rv park July 23 to aug 23, so yes we are going to be in town for the WTC, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. I usually stay home that weekend:) I’ll be checking out the events that I can go watch:). Any recommendations? Maybe I should...
  40. FVSerenity

    SRKW in SoCal

    ill just leave this here
  41. FVSerenity

    Again boat crash Driving drunk at night
  42. FVSerenity

    Salmon Expedition

    interesting read Genetic testing of salmon tissues at sea showed a mixture of species coming from streams as far north as Alaska and as far south as the Columbia River. On the other hand, coho salmon were in far better shape. They...
  43. FVSerenity

    Coasties get paid

    Just heard on the radio that Washington federal bank will give you a no interest payday loan:)
  44. FVSerenity

    Peninsula Poetry

    Merry Christmas:)
  45. FVSerenity

    Wohoo salmon lovers!

    finally some action! S.3119, known as the Endangered Salmon and Fisheries Predation Act, does need to be reconciled with a nearly identical version that was passed by the US House and be signed into law before the end of...
  46. FVSerenity

    Happy Halloween!!

    Figured I’d get the jump on the elf on a shelf:)
  47. FVSerenity

    Medical ins question

    I know, this is bloody decks why am I bothering you. Anyone here that is on Medicare and tricare? I have a question if you would PM me, thanks!
  48. FVSerenity

    Lookey what I found Pacific Balance Pinniped Society is made up of a directorship which is majority British Columbia First Nations. We also have other members and all of us share the same vision of ensuring our salmon stocks continue to grow and be sustainable...
  49. FVSerenity

    Live Bait ilwaco?

    seems like it might not be open this Sunday and you might be able to get some Saturday afternoon? Any suggestions?
  50. FVSerenity

    LED light issue -info

    From another thread but thought it was interesting enough to post here:)
  51. FVSerenity

    Sunday Sunday Sunday

    im smelling Tuna! I can feel a trip perculating Ice machine churning Happyhours is locked and loaded Got lots of fun stuff to try!!
  52. FVSerenity

    Saltwater WP albies thursday

    went out east to 125.40 South to 46.20- picked up 1 nice one Back over to 125 +- a couple miles Worked north up the line, picked up 2 tiny ones chasing boils and jumpers ended up chasing a jumper at about 45 sw from WP on the 125 line The ocean was a beautiful deep blue out close to the 126...
  53. FVSerenity

    Speaking of Tuna

    headed out Saturday Anyone else in the game this weekend!
  54. FVSerenity

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    anyone that wants to share info post or PM See you all out there:)
  55. FVSerenity

    Area 2 salmon

    Closed on fri and sat? I must admit I have not fished salmon there but is that right? Closed fri and saturdays?? I guess I should be surprised any more...
  56. FVSerenity

    Saltwater It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    ot all started off like this: The outter wheel bearing went out and the tire all but fell off on the freeway. On the way to WP wednesday night, 60 miles from WP this happenes. Called all the towing companies, none of the wanted anything to do with it. We are stuck!! So I looked at the...
  57. FVSerenity

    Post WTC tuna reports

    Anyone care to spill? :). Thanks to all in advance:)
  58. FVSerenity

    25th tuna day!

    looks like Neptune may be asleep next Wednesday! They are out there! If my crew can get off so will we!
  59. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Killing time doesn’t suck

    waiting for the ocean to calm down enough for those long tuna runs:)
  60. FVSerenity

    Washington I-1639

    Another gun grabbing attempt by Washington activist, if you live in Washington state you better vote no on 1639, it will give them access to your medical records to be able to take your guns away if you’re seeking counseling taking any kind of medication they don’t like, etc. It also creates a...
  61. FVSerenity

    Was that you?

    someone yelled hey Rod out at the spot today:) Was that you? Like a 30 aluminum walk around?
  62. FVSerenity

    Wind and waves

    so I play it safe fishing offshore as my basic rule it that it’s supposed to be fun not an episode of deadliest catch:) I use the general rules 1 if the sum of the wind wave and swell is more than the duration-don’t go 2 if the height of the combined sea is greater than 1/3 of your boat length...
  63. FVSerenity

    Area 1 open all week for hali

    f them a holes!
  64. FVSerenity

    Good luck to all y’all!

    everybody have a safe and sane halibut season!!
  65. FVSerenity

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    So couple years back I was so proud recipient of a ticket, for using Barb hooks fishing for halibut. Looking for everyone’s thoughts on this subject Do you agree? Know what the reference is?
  66. FVSerenity

    West side of Vancouver Island

    you guys ever drive your boats up there? Like For a week? It’s not far from say neah What do you do about CBP clearance?
  67. FVSerenity

    Orcas kill their own!

    turns out that orcas kill calf orcas. They reported It as an anomaly, but a quick search of the internet show that it’s not.
  68. FVSerenity

    westport tuna charters

    so a work acquaintance wanted to do a tuna charter with a group of his friends so I sent him a link to ARSC, guess what, the front page works but nothing else ? then I thought well ill just look up some others online, they were a bunch of people I never heard of? WTF?
  69. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Ma9 sun 25th

    hit the water in Everett at 0700, cruise on down to double bluff, trolled the loop a few times, we didn’t get a single bite and didn’t see anyone of the 8 or so boats get a bite either, pulled up and ran up to middle bank, there was a floatilla of boats up and down the whole bank, didn’t count...
  70. FVSerenity

    Misssing person at Ocean Shores Seems pretty suspicious, ocean shores alone?
  71. FVSerenity

    Who makes the rods

    i can’t find the link
  72. FVSerenity

    Saltwater A7 mar 11

    went out fairly early, beautiful seas, beautiful weather. Hooked into several, too small, too small, too small, 21.5 dam! Then it happened! Boom, a big boy is on! Caress him in, closer, closer, the net readies, brining him in and boom! Out of nowhere a big ass seal grabs him and swims away...
  73. FVSerenity

    Shop recommendations

    I want to get my twins lowered on the 2502 but I don’t want to have my boat held hostage for weeks waiting for them to get around to it. You guys have a recommended shop that does good work and has the capability to schedule work and deliver on time? I mean it’s like a 3 hour job why do you...
  74. FVSerenity

    Too soon? Heh

    Ha ha haaaaa!!!!
  75. FVSerenity

    Twin Suzuki 200’s

    Friend of mine is buying boat with twin Suzuki 200, 26 foot aluminum. To be built:) Anybody with a similar set up? What props do you use?
  76. FVSerenity

    2nd amendment issues: I’ll just leave this here..

    If your feeling the need to speak up
  77. FVSerenity

    PSA Ocean Anglers know this

    No words
  78. FVSerenity

    Autopilot stupidity

    Didn’t want to post a fb link but this has to be seen to be believed
  79. FVSerenity

    Christmas Project!!!

    I’m in like flint!
  80. FVSerenity

    I'm mad as hell and im not going to take it anymore!!!

    Pick a subject! lol
  81. FVSerenity

    Jx G2 drag

    the drag is linearly applied all the way up to the stop at the strike? Position. When you depress the bottom and push it past the stop it just adds like 10lb of drag at the bump? Is that per design? What was the thought there? It seems like you are just asking for a line break or a pulled...
  82. FVSerenity

    Braid under mono?

    how many folks are running braid under mono? Plus- more line Minus - a knot in the line If you do, how much mono do you run? I would run straight braid however, it nicks really easy and has no elasticity. Good for halibut but I’m thinking not so much for tuna :-) Looking for options/opinions:)
  83. FVSerenity

  84. FVSerenity

    Cloro service

    i have been using fishtrack and while it is cheap ($15 a month). It is also highly suspect. Therefore I am looking for another service. One that will allow something like temp lines on the cloro chart. I also like to download the chart and use it for a navaid:). So my vessel shows up on the...
  85. FVSerenity

    Volunteers? October 4, 2017 Contact: Ryan Lothrop, (360) 902-2808 WDFW seeks volunteers for Puget Sound sportfishing advisory group OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is seeking volunteers to serve on its Puget Sound sportfishing advisory group. People...
  86. FVSerenity


    i don't want to get everyone all worked up but I'm having a difficult time trying to understand the legal authority of the wdfw offshore. It does not run forever. How many miles out? I can't find any reference anywhere for anything past 25 miles? Every time I come in and the fish counter...
  87. FVSerenity

    Saltwater WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    another crazy hot tuna trip, probably the last this year, I think my wife will divorce me if I bring home any more tuna! 15 today, hogs that stuffed the tanks prematurely! We caught 5 on the troll and 10 in one bait stop, went home exhausted! They hit live bait and blue/silver flutter jigs...
  88. FVSerenity

    Oregon Tuna?

    I watch from time to time but never see anyone talking about albacore in Oregon? Do you hippies fish for albacore? Hah I was curious if it is a great fishery down there? Where are you going? How far out do you go? Etc? Do you see many other species? :)
  89. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Westport 4 sept

    More later 66 degree water 30/22 We just stopped at 20 fish cause the box was full Headed home
  90. FVSerenity

    Say no to ethanol!

    A BoatUS link to mail your senators.
  91. FVSerenity

    Look what lorance did while no-one was watching - Heat Map

    I updated my HDS-12 gen3 software and WHAT! what is this new feature heat map? essentially it plots a wide swath behind the boat that reflects the water temps you just drove over. so the more you troll the better picture you get. plus you can look back and see exactly where the break started...
  92. FVSerenity

    Saltwater WP tuna 7/29-- in a word -- nooope

    went sw 240 ish for 50 miles, beautiful flat deep blue clear water. Beautiful sunny day with no wind. No tuna Anywhere Wen out to 125,30 nope Saw a bunch of boats up around 46,33 125,18 trIed that area for a While Nothing Heard one guy talking about turning his macerator pump into a...
  93. FVSerenity

    Captain Chat

    driving a boat with very deep v, heavy chines and a lot of stability, in a following sea... So I have noticed the handling of a recent acquisition boat that it seems to get pushed by following seas more than my other boat. Which has a rounder less stable hull with a moderate v. When you are...
  94. FVSerenity

    Ladner Shrimp pots

    Anyone used these much? it looks pretty efficient, I am using the big square ones now and they are a pain. my concern here is that my pots come back pretty beat up looking I'm afraid the mesh on these might tear and poof there go your shrimp? anyone got experience with these in the strait? my...
  95. FVSerenity

    BC border crossing by boat (fishing)

    I need to call in and get a registration number Anyone do this?
  96. FVSerenity

    Herring teaser

    Is that legal in BC tidal water? Or anchovies for that matter I saw something that made me curious in the BC regs. It said something about fish fit for human consumption? Course I guess if you buy hearing frozen from a bait shop it's hardly fit for human consumption Ha ha It's in the...
  97. FVSerenity

    Mola Mola

    We saw a school of what I would call pacific sunfish, but there were only about 1-2ft across. there were about 20 of them just swimming alongside the boat? I came back and looked them up only to find nothing in WDFW about sunfish? I assume they are protected or something? yup, should have...
  98. FVSerenity

    Liferaft inspections

    In the Seattle/ tacoma area, is there anyone you trust to do your liferaft inspection? Mine is due:( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  99. FVSerenity

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    So. This happened: Then I ent back and saw in old Pictures that it has been cracked for a while So I went and bought a new one, after inspection it is cracked like this on both sides: Went back to the trailer store, they are all cracked. I guess I'm going to my local welder to see if he...
  100. FVSerenity

    Is the chlorophyll line gone out to sea?

    Looking at the charts and sst looks reasonable? But the chlorophyll drop line is gone or way waaaay out? Is that what you see? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  101. FVSerenity

    I'm starting to worry

    Another weekend with a crappy wave forecast:( Come on, for tuna! pLEASE! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  102. FVSerenity

    Winterizing outboards

    I have never done anything to my 4stroke and never had any issues. What's the deal with 2 strokes? Same thing? Do nothing? And then there's oil injected 2 strokes, same thing ? Do nothing? Well other than tilting it up and down try to get rid of any water inside? I now have a bigger fancy...
  103. FVSerenity

    Saltwater WP tuna 9/25

    Finally! Us Hali hunters found some tuna. 5 on the troll, purple cedar plugs and plastic green/red squid. 46/01 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  104. FVSerenity

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    I have seen a catamaran around so I wonder how they work our offshore? Stability! Speed? Gas mileage compared to a regular boat? Who better to ask than you all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  105. FVSerenity

    Rain? Good or bad for tuna?

    Do they come to the top or disappear? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  106. FVSerenity

    Sat 9-17 Tuna

    Heading out like 0630-7 Heading towards Guide canyon Trying to catch our first fish -our first year on our boat for tuna:) Got a box full of tackle and bait and a tank full of gas! Anyone heading out that cares to share info? We will keep at it till we figure it out, all I have learned so far...
  107. FVSerenity

    Saltwater WP tuna?

    Anyone finding tuna within 50 miles of WP? There are 0 reports? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  108. FVSerenity

    WP Tuna boats

    Thoughts on safe size boats for tuna in good weather :) Going out this year for the first time, been out on charters a few times I know that mostly it's 40 miles out, but following seas on the return trip I think? Seems doable in my 22/24 ft aluminum, got a good v on it. As long as the...
  109. FVSerenity

    2014 Hali season

    So what's the buzz, I am locked and loaded for another great year!
  110. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Shipwreck crazy

    Just kept looping out to the middle and back, standard whit flasher, pink squid at 45 ft. 12 salmon in 3 hours and its limit out, back to the dock. 9 pink and 3 coho. And the sun! Go fill your freezers!
  111. FVSerenity

    Crossing the bar at westport

    I wanted to hear from other people with small boats, mine is a 22ft with an offshore engine mount so 24 overall. I'd the only time to cross slack tide? So what? You hang around all day waiting for a tide change? Please reply if you have a good amount of personal experience there. I mean is...
  112. FVSerenity

    Saltwater Sequim 2013 halibut

    We launch out of Sequim, and run everywhere we have gas and weather for. Sequim is a beautiful little town and the John Wayne Marina is really scenic. The thing is that fishing is probably better elsewhere but we have what we consider to be great luck and sequim is a great place. its not...
  113. FVSerenity

    What happened to the salish sea halibut?

    so we have been fishing these banks for a lot of years and i have never seen a worse year? anything i have seen caught have been small, less than 30 lb. i am wondering what everyone else thinks about it. we have fished every bank in the salish sea, including the canadian side. one...