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  1. Ali

    FishDope spotter planes

    The plane wasn't "broken" we were just addressing some maintenance issues while the weather sucked. June gloom has lasted well into July this year making it unsafe to fly. As soon as the weather clears we will be back up regularly. No one wants to fly more than us!
  2. Ali

    Team Miss Eliza

    Looks like you made it down this way? Nice work!
  3. Ali

    Offshore I'm still rocking.

    Lots of fish out there that haven't settled in yet. Thanks for the report. They all help!
  4. Ali

    Offshore Finally kelps 302

    Thanks for the report. It's about to pop!
  5. Ali

    New at ICAST 2022: PENN Authority spinning reel

    I caught a 100#'er on a 5500 size reel the other day. The gearing was so torquey and smooth and the drag was steady and consistant. I'm sold.
  6. Ali

    Chesapeake Charlie does Carolina 🙂

    He lives! Hope the east coast is treating you well brother. Long time no see.
  7. Ali

    BOLA 4/27

    Nice work boys. I need to get back down there.
  8. Ali

    Saltwater Ling and dragons

    Man those are some nice lings!
  9. Ali

    Anyone Trying the Kite Yet?

    yeah. A good handful have been caught on the kite by the better private boaters.
  10. Ali

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 vs 60LD2

    Senko is spot on. The only thing I would add is the 60's line capacity make it a solid choice for fish over 200#. We put the 40's away when they are over 150. Can the 40 do it, sure but not the best tool for the job.
  11. Ali

    Inshore 3-26 Redondo Speckle

    Thanks for the report. 🤙🏾
  12. Ali

    Islands Fu·ry | ˈfyo͝orē | 3/25/2022

    Great report. Thanks for taking the time.
  13. Ali

    San Diego Fish Processors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    You’ll hear pluses and minuses on all of them. Sportsmen’s Seafood has been cutting our fish forever. Easy to get to, good guys and great service. I also think they are the cheapest if I’m not mistaken.
  14. Ali

    California flyer rigging

    wow. That's a new one. That's a lot of hardware and drag for me but if it works for ya, awesome.
  15. Ali

    Blue Fin ... See colors?

    Great post. Interesting
  16. Ali

    Help Please!

    Hey Guys, If you could please do me a HUGE favor I'd appreciate it. Local Knowledge is in the Final round of the Waypoint March Madness event Can you please take a minute and go to @waypointfish on Instagram and click on the image above. Like the comment by Waypoint Fish that says "Like...
  17. Ali

    California flyer rigging

    Like this? If so, That's a new one. WE just use a heavy ball bearing snap swivel or pig tail swivel on all of our heavy rigs. Have not had one fail yet.
  18. Ali

    Outer Limits?

    They also do a ton of research work. They might not be fishing.
  19. Ali

    CARB decision proves Strength in numbers is real!!!

    Guys, This is a result of CCA CAL working to PROTECT your rights to fish. Please take a minute and consider...
  20. Ali

    Fishing Florida in October/November?

    Things just start heating up in Late Oct. November to March is primetime depending on where you are.
  21. Ali

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    Congrats Wyatt! Nice fish guys.
  22. Ali

    Best 80-100lb rail rod under $300?

    Hard to compete with the number of fish those guys see but we probably had 50 over #100 on them. Zero Complaints. We put the 50VISX on the heavy, 30VISX on the medium and a 20VISX on the light model. You can't ask for much more when it comes to killing big fish.
  23. Ali

    Favorite experience of 2021?

    Great post. I'm so grateful for the awesome life that fishing and this website have given me. It's hard to pick one moment, but these were highlights for sure and really summed up another great year. This pic sums up a crazy season for us. "Let's just go cod fishing". A box loaded with cod...
  24. Ali

    Best 80-100lb rail rod under $300?

    I've been fishing the PENN Carnage Rail rods and can't say enough good things about them. We put them through their paces last year and loved them. About $300 and will hit stores shortly.
  25. Ali

    Inshore Crab Picking Party Substitute 1/16

    I thought when you fried them the bones just melted away? I love eating them at the fish market, never tried preparing them at home.
  26. Ali

    BD Outdoors traffic took a big dive on December

    You girls are funny... haha
  27. Ali

    BD Outdoors traffic took a big dive on December

    Couple of things to consider. #1 It's impossible to guage a websites traffic without actually having the keys to the website servers. The cited source clearly does not. #2 Our traffic is and has always been VERY seasonal. We see a 30-40% drop off every winter. As soon as the yellowtail show...
  28. Ali

    When to upgrade plotter/transducer

    That was great gear back in the day but honestly, there are $1000 units when paired wiht a chirp transducer that will blow that thing away. Here's a screen shot from a basic modern system. Plus you will have the ability to network more screens easily, touchscreen ability, digital radar...
  29. Ali

    CA DEER Harvest Reporting Due

    Just a reminder. If you haven't already, log in and report your harvest/tag soup for CA.
  30. Ali

    Rip . Don Hansen

    RIP to a Legend. Most won't understand what he did to help protect our fishery.
  31. Ali

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    Almost NONE of the major manufacturers are going to the show this year including BD and Fishdope. I would be surprised if the show even happens to be honest.
  32. Ali

    How do I get BD to stop sending me SPAM daily

    People come here to learn and we are trying to support that. That's great that you can tie one, but there are tons of guys that don't know how. If a PM is too much burden for hours and hours of free entertainment, I apologize (not really).
  33. Ali

    Got my tower !!!

    You've seen the Frasier difference. I can spend hours and hours in mine without headaches or going cross eyed. I don't think leaning forward will work. Just find a way to wedge yourself in a corner and lock yourself in. You can always add an arm rest or footbar later.
  34. Ali

    Got my tower !!!

    If you are serious about glassing from your tower, you want to have your seat split up with an armrest in the middle and arm rests on the outsides. You also want to have a foot bar so you can lock yourself in to the tower and not be sliding around. The idea is to have the arm rests take the...
  35. Ali

    How do I get BD to stop sending me SPAM daily

    At the bottom of the email there's a link that says unsubscribe. Just click it and you're done.
  36. Ali

    Is Ali making commercials now?

    I wish I was getting Pepto checks. I'm not proud. haha
  37. Ali

    GW 228 Custom Pilothouse Attachment??

    One thing I'd add is to spend a bunch of time making sure the lines of your house match the lines of the boat and have a little style. Some of these homemade pilot houses are amazing. BUT, some look so bad I'd sink my own boat so I wouldn't have to look at them. :D The extra time in planning...
  38. Ali

    Parade of lights world record swordfish tribute

    That's awesome. Nice work boys.
  39. Ali

    Fishing in the Keys

    I taught him everything. haha Glad you had a good trip.
  40. Ali

    Classic Car Love

    My fine assortment of shitboxes. Also, have a few more in various stages of construction. I like restomods with modern power. All of these have or are getting LS engines in them. It's a lot of fun but a ton of headache and frustration to go with it.
  41. Ali

    Nevada Bighorn

    That is awesome!
  42. Ali

    Wind On's

    I like wind ons from 80# up. Below that a RP or Uni to Uni does the trick. Consider making your own. It’s relaxing and you know you can trust them.
  43. Ali

    Mo Betta Refurb

  44. Ali

    Inshore La Jolla 11/21

    Great mixed bag!
  45. Ali

    Offshore 11/20 Tanner Bluefin

    Nice work. Sounds like no sign of the big stuff eh? It's still around somewhere.
  46. Ali

    Fishing Vacation…

    Jonathan and Jilly are awesome and run a great program! I would stay at Costa Baja. It's the nicest hotel down there with 3 really good restaurants on the property. Tailhunter can book you there. If you're looking for something bigger/better than a panga, call Patrick and Baja Adventure...
  47. Ali

    Offshore Swordfish with Ali - Nine Mile Bank

    158# Never had it buddy. :-) Bonita strip bait on the bobber at 900'
  48. Ali

    Offshore Swordfish with Ali - Nine Mile Bank

    What an awesome day and great fish. Glad we could knock that off the bucket list for you. I can't beleive we didn't lose it after so many jumps.
  49. Ali

    Escatudo/Snowy Grouper in Cabo Deliciousness. The best to eat….

    Nice work on the slimers. Remember, they are super slow growing and just take what you can eat.
  50. Ali

    Lower Owens

    That's some good, clean living up there. Nice work.
  51. Ali

    Nomad DTX and Madmacs

    Lie to your wife and buy 10, duh.
  52. Ali

    contender 31 fisharound

    I've spent many days on one. Great layout, sexy boat, well built but doesn't ride great and that's putting it nice. It pounds like a parker in 2-3' chop.
  53. Ali

    PENN Carnage III West Coast Inshore Rods

    Don't sleep on these rods guys. They whole line up will ship this month and they are sick. They let us pick all the actions and styles and we now have a true west coast rod line up to go with some of the best reels you can get.
  54. Ali

    A22 the forest is finally open

    Good luck homie.
  55. Ali

    AZ Desert Mule Deer Success

    Nice desert buck!
  56. Ali

    Venice charter recommendations?

    Journey South or Mexican Gulf Fishing company are both awesome.
  57. Ali


    Nice bucks gents.
  58. Ali

    Fish report for a 1st timer at Cedros Island 10/26-10/30 (Pic Heavy)

    great report! Made me want to book!
  59. Ali

    Son's first deer

    Awesome work guys.
  60. Ali

    For those who’ve had both: spiny or Maine lobster

    A fresh Maine Lobster all day everyday. The maine lobsters we get here have been in warm tanks for days/weeks/months. If you eat a fresh lobster on the east coast it's hard to argue IMO.
  61. Ali

    How-To: Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig

    Continue reading...
  62. Ali

    Off with your head 10/16

    Nice work. Is that a striper?
  63. Ali

    Monster Pronghorn

    Just saw this. Awesome Goat.
  64. Ali

    Chance of catching a swordfish during a 12 hours trip out of San Diego?

    It is VERY possible to get one RIGHT NOW. They are biting. We had two bites on Friday and pulled the hook on the second bite after 15 min or so. Cameron had one on Thursday and another buddy got one on Sat. With the RIGHT charter, I'd expect to get a fish after 2-3 trips. Still pretty low...
  65. Ali

    A few more.... T Minus 3 weeks......

    Nice looking bulls. Good luck.
  66. Ali

    Offshore Old Glory 2 Day trip..10/13 departure 10/15 arrival

    Cool read. Buy a lottery ticket asap.
  67. Ali

    American Angler 8-day Oct. 1-9

    Great report. Glad you guys had an epic trip.
  68. Ali

    Offshore Offshore Slay Day - 10/8/21

    Nice work. This fishery is magical right now.
  69. Ali

    Offshore Sunday success at the Fingers

    So rad that you guys are getting a taste. Enjoy!
  70. Ali

    Baja Pirates of La Paz

    I'd stick with Baja Adventure Company, Tailhunter or Fishermens Fleet. All first class operations.
  71. Ali

    Bait tank pump/rigging

    With that much volume I'd put a 800 gal pump on either side. I'd also consider building a manifold with a third (and maybe fourth) pump. Then if a pump dies you cna just turn the plumbing off and fire up another pump. Jacuzzi pumps are great but not made for salt. Unless you have a super dry...
  72. Ali

    Canning Tuna

    I canned for the first time a couple years back. I used the Presto Canner from Amazon and retort bags. I have a Vacmaster VP215 and it worked awesome. I was able to get 36 - 4oz bags out of each batch. I'm going to just buy another Presto this year and do them two at a time. Really nice...
  73. Ali

    Offshore Flat Fall Frenzy on the Tribute 10/2

    I used to know a guy named Greg that liked to fish. Nice work old man!
  74. Ali

    Offshore My first bft and it was over 300lbs!

    Fish of a lifetime! Congrats.
  75. Ali

    ACI aka Armstrong Cats

    Thanks for the intel boys. We are looking at maybe something a little bigger than Tuna Can with Verado 600's. We'd also like to outfit with a SeaKeeper and a Sonar. Does anyone have any experience or insight on that? If we do this, it will be rigged to the 9's. The owner is a no expense...
  76. Ali

    ACI aka Armstrong Cats

    Hey Guys, I have a client who saw this ACI cat the other day and fell in love with it. Looks like a really solid, well laid out rig from the quick walk-through I did. I think there are a couple guys on here that have them or have ridden on them. What can you tell me? Specifically, I'd...
  77. Ali

    Offshore Long day at the Tanner

    NIce work brother.
  78. Ali

    ETEC G2 300 thoughts..

    I loved my G2 300s. I had 5 engines total. The power and economy were hard to beat. I did blow a powerhead earlier this summer and they fixed it in no time. Evinrude has to keep parts on hand for the length of the longest waranty out there by law so I think you'll be a good for several...
  79. Ali

    Weekly Ad 9/20 - 9/26

    Oooh. I need a wheel gun.
  80. Ali

    Offshore Week of Sept 13 - Tanner Bank - What's working lately.

    Hey Guys, I've been fortunate to make the LONG RUN to the Tanner several times in the last week. Fishing for the big bluefin has been off the charts! Rather than post several reports, here's what's been working for us. 1. Dead flyers. Still the go to bait for most out there. We can't...
  81. Ali

    BD acting STRANGE

    Refresh the page and it will let you go on to the next. I have the same problem and I have the guys looking in to it. thanks.
  82. Ali

    Trailer repair

    Henrys Trailer repair in El Cajon is my new go to. They do great work.
  83. Ali

    Offshore Small Boat Big Fish 9/17

    I wouldn't reccomend it, but nice work! Please be careful out there. The weather outside the island can change in minutes. Not good with an overloaded boat.
  84. Ali

    Has Fish Dope Gone Downhill?

    So you didn't see or catch fish the next day and fishdope is broken? As said above, reports are yesterday's info. The reports are supposed to be combined wiht the SST charts to help you figure out where the fish will be tomorrow. I don't know about you but I have had more "shoulda been here...
  85. Ali

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    Ford vs Chevy vs Ram We are blessed with the best mexican food in the world and a 1,000 places to get it. In Pt. Loma we get breakfast burritos from Tonys and it's pretty dang solid. You should see my Florida friends heads explode the first time they try a Carne Asada burrito! We really...
  86. Ali

    Offshore Cow BFT at Tanner

    Nice work. Brian is a good dude.
  87. Ali

    Fiberglass work

    Mark with Monsoon Marine 619.405.2176 He's a solid dude and delivers.
  88. Ali

    Offshore More cows on the Tanner.

    Nice work Gernsey. Love seeing the little boat out there.
  89. Ali

    Islands Seeing Red! - Coronados 8/30/21 - Rockfish tips too!

    Fathom Low Pro 400 They are leadmasters from Dana Langin. I got 4, 8 and 12 oz. The 8 worked perfect.
  90. Ali

    2018 Andros 32 Offshore

    This boat is still seriously for sale.
  91. Ali

    Islands Seeing Red! - Coronados 8/30/21 - Rockfish tips too!

    Decided to take a break from offshore fishing to chase yellows and cod with the boys. Plan was for an easy, beer laden Sunday at the islands and surrounding waters. Mission accomplished. Started off fishing for cod. Tried some shallow stuff a friend gave me in 100-150# for just a couple...
  92. Ali

    Double Uni Knot – Braid To Leader

    Those numbers above are a bit deceptive. "The 15-pound Spiderwire braid actually broke at 34.4 pounds, on average; the 50-pound Spiderwire broke at 62.8 pounds. That means knots would have had to break at 34.4 and 62.8 pounds to achieve 100 percent strength." This means they are using the...
  93. Ali

    Offshore 8/27 Oceanside Run

    GLad you got out dude. Been a while!
  94. Ali

    Offshore Mahi madness 8/20-8/22

    Nice grade boys.
  95. Ali

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 - on sale again

    Best bang for the buck anywhere.
  96. Ali

    Offshore Bluefin Foamer Fishing - Numbers, Lessons Learned and a Request for Cow-Fighting Tips

    Really good post. Lots of great tips here. Leave the bass gear at home is my suggestion. We have been messing them up with 5500 size spinners and 80 gram jigs. These can handle fish up to 100# or so. Over that size, get out the kite gear.
  97. Ali

    From Hogs and Teeth to Burgers

    Great pics my friend. Now I'm hungry.
  98. Ali

    Vacmaster ARY

    My VP215 has been going strong fror a decade. Great unit.
  99. Ali

    Very cool read about SoCal fishing history

    I found this in another thread. Figured it was worth a share.
  100. Ali

    Offshore 371 / 425 8/12

    Nice work sir.
  101. Ali

    Offshore South 9/302

    Not a bad deal for a PM run.
  102. Ali

    Offshore Bluefin Report

    Nice work!
  103. Ali

    Offshore Personal best Dorado

    Huge local bull. Congrats.
  104. Ali

    Offshore No rats for us

    Nice work dude.
  105. Ali

    Offshore 7/25 Bluefin Foamers

    Somedays it's more show than go. Nice try.
  106. Ali

    Offshore Late Report 7/25 - 182, 181, 312

    Thanks for the update.
  107. Ali

    Offshore Catalina to the 277

    Thanks for a solid report. Bummer they didn't want to eat.
  108. Ali

    Coffee grinder for 30# stick?

    PENN Slammer 3 4500 is hard to beat.
  109. Ali

    My First Bluefin EVER!!!

    Great post! The stoke is real.
  110. Ali

    Anyone install a B175 transducer in their Skipjack?

    Make sure you use the 175HW. The 175 doesn't work so well with our tuna.
  111. Ali

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 day Sat. 7/10

    Great report. Thank you. .
  112. Ali

    Offshore Offshore 7-10-2021

    Even a skunk report helps. You'll get them next time.
  113. Ali


    Escolar and oilfish are two similar but very different fish. Escolar aka white tuna is delicious and you can eat up to about 4oz without any digestive issues. Oil fish looks similar and will give you the worst case of the shites you coudl never imagine. They often get mixed up in fish...
  114. Ali

    Garmin 8612XSV and B-175HW install/review with pics

    Great screen shots. thanks.
  115. Ali

    Offshore Garmin GSD24

    Sounds like a location problem. You want the leading edge of your ducer to be about .75" below the hull and the back edge should be about level with the hull. IE the front of the ducer should be LOWER than the rear. When in doubt. Lower it a little more. Also compare results at drift and...
  116. Ali

    Huge deep water ARS, Gag, Mango catches

    Man that's some fine eating. Thanks.
  117. Ali

    Where would you launch Saturday? Shelter Island or Dana Landing

    Go to shelter and stay in the bay. Gonna be nasty for the next week.
  118. Ali

    How fast is she

  119. Ali

    It Begins ... Almost

    Shut up stupid. :)
  120. Ali

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    You boys are sick! I'm always blown away by the craftsmanship. Just insane. Keep it coming and you still owe me a ride! :)
  121. Ali

    Offshore 23 Balloon Salute & 2 YT

    Great report and thanks for grabbing those damned balloons!
  122. Ali


    He isn't joking when he says best equiped 21 on this coast. I've ridden this boat and it's immaculate. Pretty sure it's never even had blood on the deck. :)
  123. Ali

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    This is so sick. Nice work boys.
  124. Ali

    Easier way to browse BD - "Latest" Posts

    I've always used the "New Posts" button to keep track of all the latest in the forums. With the new software update we just did, New Posts contains threads I probably already read but someone else has since "liked". This sent me digging. You can go to and click on...
  125. Ali

    19' Twin Vee Bay Cat Channel Islands seaworthiness

    Not a ton of freeboard on those boats but it will definitely out perform an 18' Parker. The ride and stability will be soooo much better. Good luck.
  126. Ali

    Yellowtail Shootout in ON! June 25-27, 2021

    I think that's another deal. Check out to learn more about our event. It's private boat only.
  127. Ali

    Pacific edge bait tank

    Both are great tanks. I dug this up for another post this am. Might help ya on the install.
  128. Ali

    Offshore 9 mile BFT busting out!

    WE saw them in the canyon on the ride in. BIG fish busting under the terns. Next time.
  129. Ali

    Installing bait tank on deck

    It's all here. Use starboard or fiberglass angle.
  130. Ali

    Kite fishing

    Not a lot of kite fish just yet. Won't be long now.
  131. Ali

    Yellowtail shootout 2021 ??

    Registration is now open.
  132. Ali

    2021 Yellowtail Shootout Registration is now open!

    Hey Guys, If you plan on fishing the 2021 YTSO, please help us out by registering ASAP. We need to get head counts as soon as we can to ensure an awesome event. You can reg now at Thanks much! Ali
  133. Ali

    Inshore Pt Loma Ling 5/15

    Nice dragon.
  134. Ali

    Florida has so much to offer the angler

    Floridas fishing will blow the minds of most CA fishermen. It's hard to match the number of species, 365 day a year season and the ability to fish skinny water, inshore and offshore. I just don't want to be there in the summer. Otherwise, I love it. (and it's "character")
  135. Ali

    A couple days in La Paz

    Nice work guys! I sold a boat to an old "sucker" that looks like the dude in your pics. :)
  136. Ali

    Offshore Bluefin at the 43

    Great report./ Thanks
  137. Ali

    Offshore California Steigercraft 31

    Old, old post guys.
  138. Ali

    Inshore A dozen butts. Point Loma 5/16

    That's a lotta bites. Nice work.
  139. Ali

    I was born too late!

    There's still a few of them running around in South AZ from what I have read. Pretty sure I'd just fall over and shit myself if I saw one in the...
  140. Ali

    Offshore 5-16-21 43 area

    Sounds like they moved west. thanks for the intel. All the reports help.
  141. Ali

    Offshore The San Diego at San Clemente WTF

    So crazy seeing those guys way out past the 43. They hustle for sure. Glad you got a few.
  142. Ali

    Loreto 5/16

    Loreto is awesome. Get that rooster!
  143. Ali

    Offshore AA bottom of the ninth 5-15

    Awesome report. The AA is a hidden Gem.
  144. Ali

    Islands BFT limits for all on the Tomahawk 5/14-5/16

    Congrats on a killer trip. Thanks for the report.
  145. Ali

    Offshore Stuck to my gut

    Nice work! Thanks for the report.
  146. Ali

    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    Thanks for the report. They all help.
  147. Ali

    OG Stickers back in the BD Store

    Lots of new swag will be hitting the store in the next week or so and we'll run a big sale as soon as we are stocked up.
  148. Ali

    Islands Fish of a Lifetime on Fin Fetish

    Those are some sick fish man. Nice work. Brian is on them.
  149. Ali

    Yellowtail shootout 2021 ??

    Registration will open next week!
  150. Ali

    Yellowtail Shootout in ON! June 25-27, 2021

    Hey Guys, We just got clearance from the city and location to bring back the YTSO this year. We're super stoked to keep the tradition running. Registration will open next week.
  151. Ali

    Is the Madmac new?

    They work really good and are much easier to reel in on a stop than a DTX. That said, the DTX still outfished them 2 to 1 on Wahoo in Mag this year for me. The smaller madmac run waaaaaaaay back have been great for finicky small/medium local tuna. The BIG MAdscad (190) trolled WAAAAY back...
  152. Ali

    Offshore 9 mile, kelps & the corner

    You're the guy that tried to poach out paddy and got to watch us limit out! :) Next time, ASK before you roll up on someone's kelp. I would have dialed you in with bait and even chummed the fish up for you while you limited out. All you had to do was ask.
  153. Ali

    Sweet Italian Game Sausage

    That recipe sounds awesome. We also use JL Legg Seasonings. You can't beat the flavors or the price. Reminds me I need to make some more.
  154. Ali

    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    Maybe.... Maybe the first Yellowtail caught on one... :)
  155. Ali

    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    230. Sorry. My brain GPS isn't in offshore mode yet.
  156. Ali

    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    Quick report for the guys going this weekend. Jeremy, Brett and I ran the SeaVee out to the 302 looking for a kelp and maybe a tuna. The water was flat calm with zero wind and just a little leftover lump. Bait was good, smaller size sardine. Pushed SW of the bank about 5 miles (halfway to the...
  157. Ali

    San Diego wild turkey “ Again“

    That's quite a feat in San Diego! Nice work.
  158. Ali

    Inshore PL lings 4/28

    I think I saw ya coming back in. Nice dragons.
  159. Ali

    RIP Tunabelly

    We lost a great one this week. RIP George
  160. Ali

    Is this just an east Coast thing a twisty leader to hollow braid

    Not an east coast thing. Some of the Jig and Pop nerds do it. It's a super cool rig, but not easy to tie. Sammy is the king of Jig and Pop. When he fished with us I was impressed by the rig for sure. When he showed us how to tie it, I realized I'm not that smart. :)
  161. Ali

    Tuna Tower without controls worth it?

    Get a good set of binos with the money you saved and you will catch way more fish offshore.
  162. Ali

    Rod Rack, Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats, Precision Maximizers

    Ali submitted a new listing: Rod Rack, Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats, Precision Maximizers - Rod Rack, Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats, Precision Maximizers Learn more about this listing...
  163. Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats

    Southern California Rod Riggers, Cockpit Rocket Launcher, New Head, TACO Seats

    Hey Guys, I have a bunch of really high end boat stuff I need to get rid of. All stuff is in great shape. Zero Issues. Rod Riggers - These are bitchen for smaller boats. These allow you to troll one rod up in the rod holder and one rod up hanging from the clips up top. Great for tuna...
  164. Ali

    YETI Loadout Gobox 30 for tackle box?

    I love my go boxes. I use them for big gear storage on the boat. They hold big lures, hooks, extra leaders, etc. I do add a collapsable handle to the top of them to make them easier to get out of holds. That said, for tackle, I think you'd be better off with a soft bag. Much lighter, easier to...
  165. Ali

    Islands Saturday Coronados

    They are here, they just need to get with it.
  166. Ali

    Piney Point Gypsum Stack release Disaster!

    Man such a bummer what's going on with your Florida water quality.
  167. Ali

    Loreto 4/24

    Unfortunately that is the "old way" these guys used to fish. I would make it clear to the skipper before you book that you have your own gear and want to fish your way. It's your boat for the day, you should be able to fish how you want.
  168. Ali

    Freshwater Bloody docks 2021

    This is awesome.
  169. Ali

    Convict Lake opener - Monsters!

    Dayum. Very nice!
  170. Ali

    Islands Solid Coding and not so hungry yellows - South 9 and islands - Saturday 4/17/21

    Dude. Don't beleive the hype. EVERY fish you eat ESPECIALLY rockfish have worms. Big Boccaio do have more worms than most around the belly, but just cut that part out. If you are afraid of worms, dont ever eat a local halibut. They are loaded and will actually come crawling out of your fillets...
  171. Ali

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 4/14

    Thanks for the reports. Keep ‘em coming.
  172. Ali

    Islands Solid Coding and not so hungry yellows - South 9 and islands - Saturday 4/17/21

    Lost a drive shaft coupler I think. Was only able to make 30kts coming home. 🤣
  173. Ali

    Islands Solid Coding and not so hungry yellows - South 9 and islands - Saturday 4/17/21

    Needed to run the blue boat and had a rare wind window so we took a look. Checked The flats for yellowtail. Lotsa bait, no fish seen or metered. Bounced outside the islands to a couple cod spots. Fishing was slower but solid quality. Instead of puking up red crab, they are all full of...
  174. Ali

    Great job opportunity for someone in the LA area who loves boats and working outdoors.

    Blue Seas Fab is looking for a new field rep to help sell, service and install Seadek in the LA Area. Job Details Full-time Los Angeles, CA, United States Posted 6 days ago Job Description Love boats and looking for work? Blue Seas Fabrication, the West Coast SeaDek source is looking for...
  175. Ali

    Tuna Fishing Without Radar is Tough!!

    Nice work! Check out for some killer charts and it's free for 30 days.
  176. Ali

    Which chlorophyll service

    Give a try. It's free for 30 days. Would love to hear your feedback.
  177. Ali

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    Did you run out of things to complain about? Boat US is a great company. Why slam them over $40 after you didn't read the fine print? PS - We don't prorate Fishdope accounts either.
  178. Ali

    Daiwa Tanacom 750 Batteries
  179. Ali

    Anyone have an Airmar B175HW Ducer laying around?

    Hodges Marine has them coming back in stock today. I have one on BO and it says it will ship.
  180. Ali

    Texas hogs

    i see sausages in your future.
  181. Ali

    Islands Coronado yellows 4-10-21

    Nice work in crappy conditions.
  182. Ali

    Big Rattle Snake

    No Grassy Ass. I hate snakes.
  183. Ali

    Islands Easter fun on the San Diego

    Thanks for the report. It's still early and those counts have been ping ponging pretty hard.
  184. Ali

    Vaccine, easier than I thought...

    Damn Dude! That's crazy. Tetanus shots mess me up for a couple of days. My arm gets so swollen it feels like my skin is going to split and then I end up getting the "flu" really bad for one day. Just did it a month ago. Got Moderna round 1 last week. Zero issues. I did enough research to...
  185. Ali

    Easter Weekend on the Grounds

    Great report my friend!
  186. Ali

    Spring turkey San Diego County

    Not an easy feat! Congrats!
  187. Ali

    Islands San Diego 4/6

    Great report. Congrats!
  188. Ali

    Pacific Yacht Towers San Marcos

    Tom builds top quality stuff and runs a great business. Do not hesitate.
  189. Ali

    Key West Fishing for 5

    Look up Rush @ Odysea charters. That's right in his neighborhood.
  190. Ali

    Marching out of fishing madness

    I'm ready to go back.
  191. Ali

    Offshore 9 mile Rockfishinnnn 4/1

    Nice work. That spot lock has to be like cheating.
  192. Ali

    Saltwater Loreto YT Trip

    Damn fine work.
  193. Ali

    osuna brothers ntnc, march 18-22, 2021

    Looks like a hell of a trip! Great pics.
  194. Ali

    Crimp for 200# Flouro

    Here's how to crimp.,the%20jaws%20of%20the%20crimper. As stated, 1.5mm crimp. I ONLY use single barrel aluminum crimps for Mono/Flouro and we go through a ton of them each season with...
  195. Ali

    Daytime Swordfishing Locations in SoCal

    Good locations, but not many fish around right now. Not to say it isn't possible, but your chances are many times better from Sept - Dec. Good luck.
  196. Ali

    AZ CCs Hit for Big Game Draw

    Aaaaand I still can't draw sheet.
  197. Ali

    Where are the Boats for sale?
  198. Ali

    End of the line

    Bet you lost it.
  199. Ali

    Congrats to mikeylikesit and annetta

    And he's taking her to the desert this weekend for their honeymoon. That's a winner right there. Congrats kids!
  200. Ali

    Had a Trout net made... Turned out nice

    Wow! $150 for an heirloom like that doesn't seem back at all.
  201. Ali

    New Classifieds Section

    relax guys. We are still setting up and configuring the new software. Yes there will be changes. As always we welcome and listen to your feedback. You can put feedback here:
  202. Ali

    So, I Bought an iSUP.

    That looks like a blast.
  203. Ali

    The Man That Hunted Bluefin Tuna Before Wicked Tuna

    Great to see you on here George. Hope you're well. I'll give it a listen while working today.
  204. Ali

    BOLA mixed bag with Guillermos

    Is that second pic a rockfish? I dont' recall ever seeing one in La Bay. Cool!
  205. Ali

    Mikelson Yachts

    They are both great boats. You can't find a bigger boat under 50' than their 43. That said, I think the biggest detractors are look (I don't mind the look but they are certainly not a traditional sportfisher) and speed. These are not fast boats at all but what they are good at is everything...
  206. Ali

    Bay / Harbor Long Beach harbor 3/16

    The pooch seems to dig it. Nice just to catch anything with as cold as it's been.
  207. Ali

    Cell coverage around San Clemente Island

    Verizon is insane at Clemente. Don't think a contractvs. prepaid would matter. It's part of their regular network.
  208. Ali

    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    That's the only one I know of and it was like 6 years ago. Still pretty damn amazing.
  209. Ali

    Crew position available aboard large San Diego based yachtfisher

    Wrong boat guys. This is a 120' Sportfish. That's just a liiiiiiiitle bit bigger. haha
  210. Ali

    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    Anytime buddy, just get in my ear when the good fishign starts and we'll do it.
  211. Ali

    Crew position available aboard large San Diego based yachtfisher

    All I can say it this is an EPIC opportunity to work for a great family on a bad ass yacht. I hope the right person takes advantage.
  212. Ali

    Good Cod Fishing - Sunday 3/7/21

    250-325' That was the plan until Jake almost died. Cut the day short. It's pretty cold and greenish at the islands.
  213. Ali

    Good Cod Fishing - Sunday 3/7/21

    Yes sir. One and the same. I can't shake the old guy. Keep in touch and we'll make it happen.
  214. Ali

    Huge VERMILLION Catch and Cook Video

    Nice work on the reds and the videos boys. Love the stoke.
  215. Ali

    Good Cod Fishing - Sunday 3/7/21

    Come take a ride old man. Be great to catch up.
  216. Ali

    Good Cod Fishing - Sunday 3/7/21

    Haha. All good man. We typically fish from outside the rockpile to the border in 125-400' of water. So many awesome rocks and patches in there and very little pressure. You can fill your GPS with new spots in a day. That's what makes this so fun.
  217. Ali

    Good Cod Fishing - Sunday 3/7/21

    Took the boys down south around the nados to scratch the itch. We found REALLY good fishing for nice red in the 2-4# range and a really solid handful of stand outs over 5#. We have been LOVING the slow pitch technique for the last couple trips. We are using the PENN Battalion SPJ rods and...
  218. Ali

    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    So much hearsay and misinformation here that guys have picked up second hand. 1. Nobody consistently runs 50 kts. here or elsewhere except for in the Mississippi river and on the rare, sheet glass day. Most of these boats will run 30-40 kts depending on direction and conditions. The ride these...
  219. Ali

    Affordable slow pitch jigging rod

    I'm digging the PENN Batalion SPJ rods paired with either a 400 size low pro or the Fathom 10 lever. Makes rockfishing so much more fun.
  220. Ali

    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    Big Yellowfin.
  221. Ali

    Any chance for Sheepshead deep drop rockfishing?

    Whole shrimp or Squid heads fished at less that 250' and you'd be surprised where they live.
  222. Ali

    Weird new License Plate

    You owe Jason a $10 Licensing fee or you know what shows up in your inbox.
  223. Ali

    Offshore BFT 2/26

    Nice work boys. Great job using ALL the tools available to get it done.
  224. Ali

    60 ft-69 ft Pilothouse or Similar (Flybridge and Lower helm)

    I was going to suggest the Nomad. My favorite boat in that size. I also cleaned up the Skipjack post for ya. Good luck.
  225. Ali

    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    Damn! Nice work!
  226. Ali

    Steigercraft 28 or 31?

    I outfitted and ran a 31 for about 300 hours. I absolutely loved the boat. Can't say enough good things about it. Very well built, rides well, tons of room. Only thing I'd suggest if buying new is upgrade all the pumps, float switches and hose. For whatever reason, they build a very solid boat...
  227. Ali

    #BDLive Swordfish Webinar – In Case You Missed It!

    Hey John, You already owe me a 12 pack for reading all of that. :) Question 1. At the 54:50 mark, Duane starts talking about what he looks for when he gets to the area he has pre-planned. He mentions, rips, then signs of life, and then he starts looking for DSL's and chunky bait balls at...
  228. Ali

    California flyer company

    The one time I used it, speed was key. They do smell the bait and at drift I'm sure you'll get bites but also think you'll miss some. The lure "walks" amazing at 5 kts. I'd walk it around and cover a little ground. Good luck.
  229. Ali

    Tower Re-Install

    Scott and Wayne at Shelter Island boat yard are top notch. Tell them I sent ya.
  230. Ali

    SOLD: Fraser Volpe M25 Gyro Binoculars - 14x40 Fraser Optics

    Somebody better buy these or I'm going to have a 3rd pair. LMK if the deal falls through and I'll take them at asking.
  231. Ali

    Tower Re-Install

    Boatyard will probably be your best bet but not cheap unfortunately.
  232. Ali

    California flyer company

    Posted this on another thread and I'm too lazy to type it up again. I fished the Ca Flyer rubber flyer on one of our last trips last season. Right out of the package the thing smells like petroleum. I walked it around on the kite at 2 kts just like we do with a dead flyer. Result - short boil...
  233. Ali

    Etec on Parker 2320

    I'm no longer sponsored by them, but I loved the motors. Cal Kona in Oside still takes great care of mine and getting parts has not been a problem. Good luck.
  234. Ali

    Diesel Paddy Stop

    Fish definitely don't mind the noise. On long drifts I turn them off. Sometimes if the bite cools, I'll start them up again and it will get the fish fired up. Also, on long drifts, start them up and just bump them both forward for a three count then shut down. This will blow all the bait out...
  235. Ali

    Flying fish scent

    Seems silly, but after catching a few, I'm 100% convinced they are smelling that bait even when shooting up to crush a kite bait. Couple situations - Fishing macs under the kite when flyers weren't readily available. The fish would shoot up to the bait and at the last second turn away and...
  236. Ali

    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    I used to be in the vinyl biz for years and ran several cutters 12 hours a day plus. The Summa D60 is the best, most durable machine ever. Second would be a Roland. We tried using one of those "hobby" grade machines from a sign supply. It was absolute crap and a waste of time unless you...
  237. Ali

    Fathom 400 LPHS Problem

    Shrink tube on the reel seat should fix that up as well. Also rescue tape of electrical tape will do it, just not as clean. Good luck.
  238. Ali

    Last week of the regular season

    What a season. Congrats amigo.
  239. Ali

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    Tons of good info here. My .02 Claw anchor for sure 50 feet of chain No stern anchor - Other guys may swing into you. 3:1 scope ratio in normal conditions 4:1 or 5:1 if it's nasty. Good luck.
  240. Ali

    Kite reel? What are you using?

    36" These are killer and cheap af.
  241. Ali

    Arizona Deer/Javelina/MT Lion camp 2021

    Bummer the weather screwed ya but that’s how it goes. I know the pain all too well. Next year.
  242. Ali

    Arizona Deer/Javelina/MT Lion camp 2021

    That sounds fun. Send some pics.
  243. Ali

    Season Rolls Along

    On the X. Nice work!
  244. Ali

    Fiji - Malolo Island - Namotu Island Fishing Charter questions.

    I'd make that a game time decision and leave it up to Benny and the boys. They want to catch fish as bad as you do and they'll have all the latest dope.
  245. Ali

    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    YESSSSSS! I've been begging for these. Hopefully we can convince them to make it. Awesome to see that a lot of your requests are already in process. Going to be some RAD new PENN gear coming this year.
  246. Ali

    Quick strike to remove the stripe for 2021

    Nice work. Free tip to build your own catalog of stones. Lobster pots are almost always dropped on structure. Fish like structure. Get busy before they pull the traps for the season. Good luck.
  247. Ali

    .270 or 7mm Mag?

    I went down this road several years ago. Since I have no interest in shooting an animal at more than 300 yards, I went with the 30/06. It's truly the do all caliber, cheap to shoot, low on recoil/noise and you can buy ammo at walmart. It's tipped over everything I've pointed it at with no...
  248. Ali

    Offshore Here's a good read of Escaping earthly reality to enjoy the wet worlds harmony while a sucsseful Scouting mission 1/7

    Thanks for taking a look. Awesome to hear they are still out there. I always wonder this time of year. I don't understand why they don't want to bite well after december though. A few VERY UNSOLICITED tips. 1. Dont' trust AIS for collsion avoidance. 2. Get out on the boat in broad daylight...
  249. Ali

    More of Nor Cal geese

    Nice shoot buddy. I gotta get up there one of these days.
  250. Ali

    Christmas Morning 38 Degrees an 8-Point And Swimjigs - Central Texas

    Nice bass but that's an awesome young buck!
  251. Ali

    It's Time For A Change - Fathom Low Pro

    Sick edit boys!
  252. Ali

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Man that's sick boat. Congrats again.
  253. Ali

    Offshore New year bluefin

    So unreal. 100# tuna in january. Crazy.
  254. Ali

    4 person Switlik Rescue Pod

    Service is usually much, much more than $300. I just did three rafts.
  255. Ali

    Sentri processing time

    I submitted a vehicle a couple weeks back and was approved in a day. I couldn't beleive it. I already had global entry so that may have helped. Drove to TJ a couple days later and it worked like a charm.
  256. Ali

    Which SPJ Would You Start With?

    Yes sir. Would be nice if we had a geek step up and moderate it. Anyone who's in the SPJ know and interested, PM me.
  257. Ali


    You guys are the best bunch of Aholes I know! I love seeing stuff like this. I'd give anything to keep my stupid little dog happy and healthy. She's my side kick. Shot ya a few bucks.
  258. Ali

    Big Bay 1-1-21 I've been using...
  259. Ali

    Which SPJ Would You Start With?

    I'm just starting to mess with the Slow Pitch stuff. The Nomad Buffalo and Gypsies with the hook moved to the eye side have been doing well for us on the Rockfish. 130-200 gram. Definitely a lot of fun to target and fight the fish on this lighter gear.
  260. Ali

    Savage Gear 3D Octopus Questions...

    We have had really good luck with the Mustad Ink Vaders. I'm sure these will get them too. The Inkvaders are bigger and we fish the big ones to weed out all the small rockfish.
  261. Ali

    Sick Bluefin edit courtesy of YETI

    We just tie some "marking ribbon" to the loop in the windon.
  262. Ali

    There back

    How far down are these guys fishing?
  263. Ali

    Hog Hunt Paso Robles

    Nice work brother.
  264. Ali

    Billfish for Sale

    X2 in Mike. I have a killer rooster fish he did.
  265. Ali

    Tying Double Uni Knot for braid to leader knot

    Great video bud. I use the uni to uni for everything under 80#. It's not a 100% knot but you're realistically setting your drag at 30%. Plenty of margin for safety.
  266. Ali

    Sick Bluefin edit courtesy of YETI

    So Stoked with how this one came out. Catching a day like that on film is a special deal. Also, you can check out part 1 of the series here: Part 3 will be out soon.
  267. Ali

    Christmas in Florida

    Great looking bunch of bottom fish and congrats on that STUD hog! Happy holidays my friend.
  268. Ali

    Offshore Deep drop surprise

    The issue as I understand it is Escolar and Oilfish are super similar both whole and as fillets. Escolar is ok in small quantities (really 4 oz is a lot of sushi), but oil fish is no bueno in any quantity. I got some oil fish sold as escolar years ago. I ate MAYBE 2oz like I have many times...
  269. Ali

    Hoop net lights - What are you using?

    SAw those. These are what I'm leaning towards at this point. They seem the most robust by a good margin. Keep the ideas coming boys. I just ordered one of all of them to dick with and I'll report back.
  270. Ali

    Hoop net lights - What are you using?

    Hey Guys, I used hoop net a ton and back in the day we came up with this system using a Sylvania or Promar LED Glowstick. ' These lights work great when they work but they don't hold up really well. They also go out when they hit the deck or the water some times. I'm thinking there has to...
  271. Ali

    Wednesday PV report

    Nice work on the Covidcos....
  272. Ali

    Winter solstice variety pack

    Damn fine work boys.
  273. Ali

    Ebing- New Tuna Trick?

    Cool. WE were doing somehting similar when the big bft first showed up. WE were rigging a 3 or 4 oz torpedo sinker inline with a tiny swimbait on a 6/0 circle hook. It worked for the first couple seasons when nothing else would.
  274. Ali

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    Nice fish and great tips. Thanks for sharing bud.
  275. Ali

    Duck hunters

    Lots of duck hunters here. Good luck.
  276. Ali

    Winthrop conversion

    I wouldn't worry about 60# of drag unless you are putting an 80w on the rod. We fish our drags at 23# at strike and 30# on the button more or less. Any quality rod will handle that much drag in a rod holder, no problem. You'd probably be safe using double that drag and I wouldn't expect an...
  277. Ali

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Hey Guys, We're super stoked to bring this to you. We have partnered with Costa to host a live round table conversation with a couple of the best in the swording game, Duane Diego and Rush Maltz. It will be live on this coming Weds at 5pm and it's completely free. Click here to SIGN UP NOW!
  278. Ali

    RIP Chuck Yeager

    A true american bad ass. RIP
  279. Ali

    Failed Knots

    I'm sure I have but it wasn't because of the knot strength. I probably tied it in a hurry. I got super confident in the uni to uni when I hooked a 400# blue marlin on braid tied to 80# leader. I tried to stop or pop that fish for 3 hours and absolutely could not. If that reel had 40# of drag...
  280. Ali

    New Transducer Just Arrived

    Looks really good. We put a R509LHW in our Cabo and I'm super happy with the shallow performance. Haven't had time to play in deep water yet. I'm building a new Seavee this year and it's going to get the 599LHW. This should provide the stellar High freq we have in the 275LHW and give me...
  281. Ali

    Opah - How to?

    Like Brett Said above. The reason we aren't catching more opah is they like that 300-600' range. Deeper than most guys tuna fish and shallower than most guys swordfish. The Market fish we get is from waaaaaay offshore (read 300 miles all the way to Hawaii). When the deep long line for bigeye...
  282. Ali

    Converting East Coast livewell to West Coast bait tank

    Get one of these and replace your sprayer with it. Place it in the 7:30 position if you were looking at it like a click. It should spray counter clockwise. It will make a huge difference. Shoot for a 7 min fill time. Enjoy.
  283. Ali

    Smoking a pork shoulder

    Pretty much what I do at home. Pretty hard to mess up. Couple tips: After shredding mix in drippings after seperating fat. Go heavy on the rub and add some more to the finished produce when tossing with drippings.
  284. Ali

    Dogtooth Tuna

    I caught them on the gbr on a nomad trip. I have never seen a fish like them. The big models (200+) hit like nothing I can even explain. Imagine the strike of a 200# wahoo but with 35# of drag. Then you’d have to point the boat to deep water and gun it or they break you off. We would increase...
  285. Ali

    Best combo to cover heavy yo-yo and midsized bluefin up to 80lbs

    Another vote for the Fathom 40. It’s a monster.
  286. Ali

    Failed Knots

    I can tie the fg and the uni. The uni is the the go to for 90% of my applications. I run a 6’ top shot most of the time so hangin up in the guides isn’t and issue. Uni to uni is a 75% knot. Not the strongest but easy and fast to tie while being plenty strong. I tie hooks and lures with a uni...
  287. Ali

    PENN Fathom 200 & 300 Low Profile reel review from San Clemente Island

    Great video. We got ours a couple weeks back and put the wood to the small yft, dodos and yt. Too much fun!
  288. Ali

    33ft Diesel Sportfisher. - SOLD

    Great hulls. Lots of boat for 33' Good luck.
  289. Ali

    Newbie looking to build a 3 rod quiver

    Glad it helped. Some solid rod advice above as well, but the fathom line is hard to beat for value. PENN also has a bunch of new rods coming for 2021 that we've helped designed. Super stoked to show those off.
  290. Ali

    Advice transporting 8ft sailfish

    You can screw it to a sheet of plywood and strap that down or wrap in moving blankets. WE've moved them a bunch and never had an issue.
  291. Ali

    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Thank you guys for looking out for our boy. He loved it down there. Fuck Stan.
  292. Ali

    Moms gives in

    Awesome D16 buck! Congrats young man.
  293. Ali

    Loreto; Mag Bay; East Cape

    You got the whole baja sur experience in one trip. Looks like a blast.
  294. Ali

    Offshore 371 fishing Nov 1

    Nice work gents.
  295. Ali

    Offshore Upper hidden 10/31

    Nice work boys. Thanks for the report.
  296. Ali

    Need opinions on bow rail

    Some boats need them and some don't IMO. Really depends on the layout. If you have a tall platform or seat boxes up front you're probably going to want on. Fish it and get a feel for it before doing anything.
  297. Ali

    Offshore Tribute 10/29-10/31 - Big BFT

    Great report and congrats on the PB's. That's awesome.
  298. Ali

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Cool write up. Made me appreciate when they come easy on our boat.
  299. Ali

    Info for PV. regarding panga inshore or cruiser offshore?

    Lora at Or Danny Gomez at Both inshore killers. Have fun.
  300. Ali

    Wyoming Elk 2020

    Nice bull!
  301. Ali

    Mario's Fish Processing Help

    They are still awesome. Just picked up another load of awesome looking fish today!
  302. Ali

    I want to go to La Paz

    Go with Tailhunter or Fishermens fleet and they will handle all of that for you.
  303. Ali

    Right price for custom tower???

    I've done several of them in recent years. For a full tower with controls, I like Fishing Boats Unlimited. Tony and his crew can handle everything turn key. A lot of the other guys do GREAT work but don't do the controls and wiring. The big issue that affects price is your motors. If you have...
  304. Ali

    DP Bonito 10.24.20

    Looks like fun!
  305. Ali

    Crimping kits

    Here’s what I always put together for our boats. Takes a little time but totally worth it. Use a waterproof box that snaps tight like this one so the crimps done jump spaces. Good luck.
  306. Ali

    1 shot 1 kill

    Congrats. Can't wait to arrow one this season.
  307. Ali

    Saltwater Kelli ann on the kelli ann

    Nice work ladies. That's a pile o' tunas.
  308. Ali

    Bagged my first Baja Baqueta v.Loreto report

    Great report bud. Thanks mucho. Those baquetas are cool as hell. You'll also get estacuda (star studded grouper) as by catch. Estacudas get even bigger and they both taste amazing.
  309. Ali

    Time to support the guys that fight for your right to fish!

    thank you guys for stepping up! PLEASE encourage your fishing buddies to do the same. Next year will present many huge challenges with AB3030! We need to rally up and not sheet the bed like we did with the MLPA.
  310. Ali

    Time to support the guys that fight for your right to fish!

    Alright guys, time to support those who protect your right to fish in Califonia. The San Diego Chapter of the =AZWP3rKP3wBLB329uyz2InW8kksYPb82PiL0umeAHaeLSlL8eVe4HCzcq022CGFWdYD_QCd1JK8HF9q_s09sQ_pyWDXG242lobUt4wgwQ4-VwA&__tn__=kK-R']Coastal Conservation Association of California needs your...
  311. Ali

    LJ gives up a slug red

    Very nice local Cod!
  312. Ali

    Shakedown trip

    Nice reds dood.
  313. Ali

    Kite Fishing Help for Pacific Bluefin Tuna

    New video coming out this week from BD that covers all this.
  314. Ali

    Offshore SCI Bluefin Tuna Trip 8/30/2020

    Those fish on your meter are too small to eat a dead flyer. Those are 30-50# models. You want to fish the bait on the BIG long tailed marks you'll see on your meter. Best of luck.
  315. Ali

    Offshore BFT 8/31/20

    Nice work bud! Congrats.
  316. Ali

    Swordfish Rod Question

    Get yourself a true sword rod. Check out RJ Boyles website for option. Those factory rods won't cut it.
  317. Ali

    Offshore Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Hit the finger bank with my main hebrew Brett to try and catch a sword. Found tons of bait, good current and really nice conditions. We caught a few decent cod to start the day. Then we sword fished the tide and had no bites. Water was flat as a pancake, zero wind and scorching hot (especially...
  318. Ali

    Offshore Hidden bank Dorado

    Nice work Fellas.
  319. Ali

    Bitchin day at the Island

    Looks like fun boys.
  320. Ali

    Leaving tomorrow for Utah Elk

    Good luck homie. I leave in a few weeks for NM.
  321. Ali

    Rock pile n Coronado 8/21/20

    Nice work guys.
  322. Ali

    Spot Free Water Maker Set-up . reduced

    Please don't bump these posts every day or couple days. You just make a mess of the new posts lists.
  323. Ali

    A Florida Cracker and Fine Foods

    That softshell sammy had me trying to eat my keyboard. Looks so good. Hope you're well amigo.
  324. Ali

    Offshore East of Osborn Bank 8/20/20

    I just want to point out that I hate you for your MPG. :) Next time amigo.
  325. Ali

    43' Tiara Convertible! $160k!!!

    I droll over this thing everytime I walk buy. Huge rig for a 43'
  326. Ali

    Which transducer should i get or not. Is it overkill

    275LHW is the best "smaller" ducer for local fishing I've ever used.
  327. Ali

    BFT at SKR 8/18

    Looks fun. Nice work!
  328. Ali

    Poppers for Dorado?

    They are not picky eaters.... The madscad is the single best dorado lure I've used. Single hooks for safety and the action makes them nuts.
  329. Ali

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Her pain is finally over. Hang in there brother. You know where to find us.
  330. Ali

    Offshore 2020 Year of the Wahoo?

    Hot weather, hurricanes, etc. don't have any real impact on our waters. SST Maps are only looking at the top 2' of water, not the big picture. Currents are what drive our piece of ocean and in 2015 something completely different happened which delivered all those crazy fish from the WEST, not...
  331. Ali

    2017 EdgeWater 320CC $205,000

    man that's a pretty rig.
  332. Ali

    Big tuna explosion: Vagabond 6-day trip July 29-August 4 results

    Hard to believe this kind of fishing is right off the coast.
  333. Ali

    Offshore Anything on the 9?

    Water was cold, green and dead yesteryday.
  334. Ali

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Have you tried? I read all the stuff saying it won't do it. I sealed 38 retort bags with mine. Only 2 failed. I have put literally thousands of bags through my Vacmaster 215 without a problem.
  335. Ali

    Offshore Monday 8/2- 302/226 causalities

    Small hooks = pulled hooks. Try a light wire 1x mustad demon in 2/0 or 3/0. they get bit great. You just can't put a ton of heat to them. Works for us.
  336. Ali

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Nice work! No refunds on the Nomads!
  337. Ali

    Slow Pitch Podcast Interview

    Thanks for the dope brother.
  338. Ali

    Sea Alien ID!

    \ So we scooped this thing up offshore the other day. It appeared to be totally intact and only had one eye. It had suction cups like an octopus on its arms but they were all webbed together. It was basically a ball of goo contained in a membrane. Im guessing some kind of nautilus? Strange...
  339. Ali

    Baja bytes?

    We have had to pause some of our editorial while we sort this whole covid mess out. Gary will be back very soon.
  340. Ali

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    We have fallen in love with Bridgeport, CA. Just past Mammoth. Rad area and easy to get to.
  341. Ali

    Zooboys LA Bay Recap

    Good, clean, baja living right there. I'm jealous!
  342. Ali

    Offshore Personal Best Bluefin

    Congrats guys. That's a monster for sure.
  343. Ali

    2001 Kenner 24V- $19500 obo

    I've run this little boat a million times. You aren't gonna beat this deal anyway for 24' boat with a fourstroke and good electronics.
  344. Ali

    Underwater light 12 v recommendation

    I've put these on two boats and couldn't be happier. Really great bang for buck.
  345. Ali

    Offshore BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    Great parenting right there!
  346. Ali

    sport boat fishing closure Part 2???

    There has been no word on closing the sportboats and honestly I can't beleive it. I have zero fear of the 'rona, but you couldn't pay my ass to get in a bunk room with 25 other dirty dudes I don't know.
  347. Ali

    Offshore 302 / Coronado Canyon 7.21.20

    Nice work guys. Thanks for the prompt report.
  348. Ali

    Has anyone flown from California to Cabo recently?

    The airline will have all this info. I'd keep in close contact with them.
  349. Ali

    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    Like Hansen said, trust the terns. If they are bunched up there's probably something going on or about to. They are the real hunters out there an always looking. If you get in an area and there'a s bunch of them sitting on a kelp, go rouse them and get them back to work. Shearwaters rafts are...
  350. Ali

    Offshore 226 Monday

    Thanks for the report. Way to brave the weather!
  351. Ali

    Took nephew fishing for his first time. Killed it!

    This is awesome man. Nice work.
  352. Ali

    Coronado Island Sea Lions (what to do?)

    No party boats there makes it really hard these days. Congrats on getting a few.
  353. Ali

    Advice on ice chest ...s

    hve them freeze half your fish. No need for ice.
  354. Ali

    Offshore 371 7/16 triple

    Nice work. Thanks for the report bud!
  355. Ali

    Offshore SCI 07-12-2020

    Nice dragon.
  356. Ali

    You guys with twin outboards

    usually straight in front of where the rigging tube exits the motor while the motors are straight.
  357. Ali

    Offshore 07.14 SSK BFT

    We have had a couple of triple digit Bluefin this year on that lure. The new Nomad MadMac 6" has been a killer on the smaller fish as well.
  358. Ali

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    I've dreamed of building a cat pilothouse like that. Congrats! that's a sick rig.
  359. Ali

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

  360. Ali

    Erendira WSB 7/12/2020

    Coma caca cabron! :)
  361. Ali

    NEW NOMAD MADMACS!!!!!!!!!!

    The 6" have been killing the small, medium tunas here. Great lures.
  362. Ali

    Seadek OC

    They do OC and LA. Call Ken at Blue Seas (858) 232-4188 He'll get you hooked up.
  363. Ali

    Anyone moving a boat to PV from USA?

    Call Jesse at 619.51.3661 He's located in chula vista but can ship stuff into mexico at surprisingly low rates.
  364. Ali

    Offshore 7/12 fish everywhere

    All you can do is "slide" in up wind of the fish about 75 yards and throw at them while drifting towards them. Right now the fish are still settling in. They zoom around and pop up/down really fast. As we get closer to the next moon they will figure out where they want to be, what they want to...
  365. Ali

    Offshore Finally got a triple digit!

    Man that's crazy. Congrats! You haven't changed a bit. haha
  366. Ali

    RIP fishguidebrian Brian Oldfield

    So sorry to hear this. He always seemed like a good dude. If you're gonna go, that's the way to do it.
  367. Ali

    Need BOLA info, SHARKS?

    I'm sure you guys have seen some of the old OCEARCH shows that Chris Fischer and company produced. They found evidence of Whitey being caught in numbers by shark fishermen just south of punta san fransisquito about 50 miles south of the entrance to BOLA. There's a guy in the little bay of San...
  368. Ali

    Offshore 1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    Congrats! that's a huge accomplishment. It just gets easier now.
  369. Ali

    Can someone ID this fish?

  370. Ali

    Niland Fire

    Whoah! That's a hit that little town did not need.
  371. Ali

    Offshore BFT Foamers ???

    The Riptides are deadly for sure. My goto lures for these finicky tuna (bft or yft) on micro bait is: Riptide 95 Fast Sink - Long Cast 4" 1.4oz Casting/Jigging I like this one in sardine pattern or clear. Madscad 115 Sinking 4.5" 1.5oz Cast & Troll Also in clear or sardine. I...
  372. Ali

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    I added their retail pricing in the original post.
  373. Ali

    BRP discontinued G2 outboards.

    That's not gonna happen. They want to hold on to the ETEC technology for future projects. I'm just bummed that I'll have to get oil changes about once a month during the season. That's a big project on a bigger boat like we run.
  374. Ali

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    I keep two bottles just so I never run out. One in the boat and one in the garage at all times.
  375. Ali

    BRP discontinued G2 outboards.

    We will be building new SeaVees this fall and they won't have Etecs on them. We're all super bummed. We love the product and the people but unfortunately the powers that be shut it all down. RIP Evinrude.
  376. Ali

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    The guys from West Air Gasses ( reached out to us. They would like to offer ALL BD members 10% off their next helium fill up. All you have to do is go to ANY of their locations and just mention Bloodydecks. You can find their locations here...
  377. Ali

    Seadek install

    Very nice work! Like Jason said, easily the best self install I've seen.
  378. Ali

    Coronados on the Grande

    Great report. thank you!
  379. Ali

    BRP discontinued G2 outboards.

    Yeah. Kinda bummed over here too.... Sucks.
  380. Ali

    Starting a 2320 Build

    Congrats. That hole to the right of the wheel was where the Seakeeper controller screen was mounted.
  381. Ali

    BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Party Boats have the green light to run NOW!

    Hey Guys, Just hung up the phone with Ken Franke from SAC. He said he jsut got the green light from the County of San Diego just a minute ago. San Diego Party Boats are officially open and running as of today with some boats looking to leave tonight and tomorrow. Check with your favorite...
  382. Ali

    Blue Water Boats?

    Don't know that model but the brand is very solid. They make a really nice boat. Not over the top fancy or frills, just a good, solid rig.
  383. Ali

    Offshore Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

    Thanks for the awesome and detailed report!
  384. Ali

    Offshore 6/6/20 2 more BFT

    Great intel. Thanks for the report!
  385. Ali

    Helium balloons?

    I tried a bunch on amazon. These are the ticket. Very thick and strong, Be careful when inflating to insert the nozzle into the round part of the balloon and keep the tip away from the rubber. You can blow a hole in the neck of a balloon in an instant. Good luck.
  386. Ali

    Offshore 6/4 371 YFT and YT

    Nice work dood!
  387. Ali

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Man that sucks. We have laded a few in the 150# range this year on 40#. Not fun.
  388. Ali

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    No sir. We NEVER change the hooks out on the Nomad. That's the beauty of them. They hooks and rings are SUPER strong.
  389. Ali

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    We tied it a 30' shot of 80# Seaguar Fluoro. Good luck.
  390. Ali

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Not many guys doing it. I know fish have been caught doing it. Try it and report back. This year the live bait really fires them up. Never had much luck with it in years past. We've been throwing a few scoops to keep them around and fired up and also fishing live bait.
  391. Ali

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Nice work guys. I saw it in the cooler at sportsmens and almost shat myself. Well done.
  392. Ali

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    It was a 165 in Sardine pattern. I wouldn't hesitate to troll a bigger one just to get deeper either. Good luck.
  393. Ali

    Inverter setup

    I have used a Xantrex 3000 in one boat with no issue and a 2000 in another. They both ran a Keurig and a Microwave just fine but you need to have enough battery behind it. I always ran 2 - 6 golf cart batteries. If there's not enough juice behind the inverter it will pop. I'd want at least 2...
  394. Ali

    Circle hooks for Yellow fin tuna

    Sounds like a mustad Demon Circle hook. GREAT hook for YFT.
  395. Ali

    Saturday 5/30 Waianae

    Nice pair of bookends!
  396. Ali

    Captains Maiden Voyage channel islands– Covid Win (Long Post)

    Congrats man. Catching from your own rig is life changing!
  397. Ali

    Offshore Searching for tuna in a washing machine 5/31

    Nice work man. Keep an eye on that weather. It was downright dangerous on sunday.
  398. Ali

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    (I thought for this report I'd do a walk through of what I do to catch these things. Thought it might help some of you guys. ) Saw the bad weather coming on the weekend and had a pretty shitty week so I made the last minute call to go chase BFT nearby. Had a great crew of Nick, Dave, Shawn and...
  399. Ali

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    Live from the water! Thank you!
  400. Ali

    Offshore 5/26 bluefin

    Great report! thank you.
  401. Ali

    Coronados 5/26

    Thanks for the update. It's been so hit or miss thus far.
  402. Ali

    Offshore Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Crazy how nobody can read. Did anyone notice the 40' sportfisher at 25+ kts Unfortunately we don't have boats that fit the bill for speed. Most of our bigger boats leave the night before and go hull speed most of the day. If you don't mind going slower, look up Jake at Primetime...
  403. Ali

    Offshore Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    Great report. Thanks and keep them coming.
  404. Ali

    All E-TECS discontinued, RIP

    I'm bummed beyond belief. They have been great to us as a sponsor and partner. I have run 7 motors total for over 1500 hours with only a few minor issues. I really believe in the product. I talked to my person over there this am. They are done. They are not going to sell the tech and there's...
  405. Ali

    ETEC 300

    Huge bummer for us. We really love the product and the people.
  406. Ali

    Offshore Good grade BF & one Rat on TV

    Dude stole my cod spots. He had to go.
  407. Ali

    Offshore Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    100% bluefin. Not even a chance it's a big eye.
  408. Ali

    Coronados 5/27/20

    Nice work! Thanks for the report.
  409. Ali

    Offshore Memorial Day Yellowfin

    Nice size fish. Congrats.
  410. Ali

    Boat Trailer Repair San Diego

    FE trailers in Santee is very solid.
  411. Ali

    Memorial Day 5/25 Coronado Islands

    Great report. Thanks for the update.
  412. Ali

    Missionbay and LJ canyon 5-24

    Nice bag of tacos. As said above, sounds like a pelagic ray. We've hooked them offshore before.
  413. Ali

    SP limited out ... on mylar Balloons

    Nice work on the balloons. Thank you!
  414. Ali

    Fried Chirp Transducer

    Yikes! This sucks! Sorry Mark.
  415. Ali

    Offshore Hidden bank area - We sucked. 5.22.2020

    Fished SeaVee in the zone around 3/20 yesterday with about 30 of our closest friends. Good bit of fish still in the area but very scattered. We found scattered fish in about 8 miles in any direction of those numbers. We fished hard from 8am until 5pm for a handful of missed yummy blow ups...
  416. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Sweet! this is what we want to hear.
  417. Ali

    Watch out GrubHub

    Somebody get some BD stickers on that thing immediately!
  418. Ali

    43 Donelle

    So sick. Can't beleive I missed this post. I need to text Tim for a ride! So rad.
  419. Ali

    Grady 300, Whaler 305 conquest, pursuit 3370/3070

    Don't know what your budget is, but I had a Grady Marlin and I prefer this boat to it for our local waters.
  420. Ali

    Sharks... fast, fun to fish, and needed

    I don't bother them. They don't bother me. Awesome animals.
  421. Ali

    Coronado Islands Casino?

    Chuey's restaurant in Barrio Logan used to have a dozen or more awesome old pics of the casino in operation. The Chueys kid ran the biz into the ground. I hope the pics aren't lost.
  422. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Dammit. Just when I thought we were good. please provide a screenshot and a link to where it takes you if you see it again. I'm guessing things are better for everyone else now?
  423. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Any more issues guys? I think we finally got it squashed!
  424. Ali

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    if this was in Socal I'd be all over it.
  425. Ali


    The base looks the same as a 25NLD. I'd guess you'd be ok.
  426. Ali

    California lock down.

    Fishing is open. That is all.
  427. Ali

    Local Knowledge S05 E04 Castaways Pt. 2

    Haha. Even Florida boy can do it!
  428. Ali

    Pop ups....

    We have turned off all the full page stuff. We just couldn't reign them all in. Please clear your cookies and reboot and you should be GTG.
  429. Ali

    YTSO this year?

    We are holding out hope for few more days but it does not look good. We can't even get sponsor product right now. So bummed.
  430. Ali

    Baja 5-phase plan announced

    Wow. I can't beleive cabo is opening that slow. Maybe for the best but 2021 before tourism starts again? Crazy. That's going to hurt the many awesome people of BCS.
  431. Ali

    Complete kite set up tutorial

    It's on my list. We will get to it very shortly. We get asked about this a lot.
  432. Ali

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Second Area jim. The first spot to looks like soft bottom. A BIG tip I'll give you guys. Don't fish the spots that have the huge clouds on them. This is small baitfish and junk. If the bigger cod are on it, they have plenty to eat. Look for arches close to the bottom with a little bait around...
  433. Ali

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    Costa makes C-mates which are progressive bi-focals. Maybe give them a look.
  434. Ali

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    Honestly, who gives a flying F about the worst eating, worst fighting and smallest tuna? Seems so silly to me. These are the GOOD OL' DAYS. Go enjoy them! You can catch a 300# Tuna or a 200# Sword all summer and fall and guys are reminscing on albies? I hope to never catch or cut another...
  435. Ali

    Robby Gordon / Boating Dynamics

    Hey Guys, I know many of you have used Robby for Yamaha service over the years. If you haven't, he's one of the top Yami mechanics anywhere. The guy lives and breathes Yamaha. Robby reached out this AM because he wanted to let everyone know that he has closed his operation at Driscol's on...
  436. Ali

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    My numbers are admittedly NOT scientific at all. But, you are illustrating my point. There have been 350#'ers here for 4+ years and no fish over 400# weighed (to the best of my fish dork knowledge) They are getting to that 300-400# class and going back to Asian waters where the story usually...
  437. Ali

    Sunglasses for SD waters

    The Costa Amber lens make kelps glow and cuts through the haze really well for me. They are all I wear on the water. Grey lenses on the road or where ever else.
  438. Ali

    Fuel dock in Mission Bay

    Dana or Islandia are your only options.
  439. Ali

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    I think this requirement will be dropped or not enforced REALLY soon.
  440. Ali

    Microwave wattage ?

    a 2000 will run a 600watt no problem.
  441. Ali

    What size PVC

    I'd use the above. So much easier and cheap.
  442. Ali

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    Jesus what a gut punch. Sorry man. I'm guessing no insurance? That's one I'd rather not see again if insured. Months of labor reduced to rubble by some shit bag zombees.
  443. Ali

    Nomad Design Pandora Braid x8

    We fished a good bit over it over the last few years. Casts well and seems to be really abrasion-resistant. It doesn't get fuzzy like some lines.
  444. Ali

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    You will probably never see anything more than an anecdotal catch of Giants like the fish at Santa Rosa. The Sat Tag data tells us they usually stop the transpacific migration at 120# or so. They theorize the fish have stayed here for the last 5 years because water and bait conditions have...
  445. Ali

    120$ million worth of totoaba

    Too late for teh Vaquita. Barring a capture and rebuild scenario, theres too few left to ever rebound. So sad. I don't but I spend a lot of time down in La Paz and have many friends living there. When you come in the bay there are pens on the left before you hit the commercial docks. They are...
  446. Ali

    Surveyor recommendations in Orange County?

    I've used Mike at least 5 times. Good, no nonsense dude.
  447. Ali

    Chirp transducer question

    I've never used that model, but if you're just chasing tuna and only care about stuff down to 500' or so, you're probably fine where you're at. If you want to get into the sword game and really get serious about tuna fishing, it might be worth the upgrade. You won't be dissapointed. Post some...
  448. Ali

    Chirp transducer question

    Should be ok as long as you position it away from the bunks. They also make the same equivalent but split into two tilted element transducers. That's probably the way to go if you trailer. Plus the install is easy. Cut two holes and drop them in.
  449. Ali

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    I got a report this AM they are checking ID as you launch at South Shores.
  450. Ali

    120$ million worth of totoaba

    The good news is they are farming them in La Paz bay now for meat. I guess they are trying to figure out a way to flood the market with the farm raised bladders to drive the price down so they aren't worth fishign for. Will it ever happen, who knows?
  451. Ali

    Offshore First time offshore

    Either do it a few times on someone else's boat or bring an experienced guy(s) with you. Watch the weather and make sure all your safety gear is good.
  452. Ali

    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Well done boys. That's the way to kick it off. Those scales are crazy. Musta been a feast.
  453. Ali

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Just got a call from one of our insiders. Mayor, Fire and Lifeguard chiefs just walked out of a meeting. South Shores Launch on Mission Bay will open at 8am Also.
  454. Ali

    Won't be long now.

    Just got a call from one of our Insiders. Mayor, FD and Lifeguard chiefs just came out of a meeting. South Shores will also open tomorrow at 8am!
  455. Ali

    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    Just got a call from one of my insiders.... Mayor, Fire and Lifeguards just met. South Shores will also be open in the AM!
  456. Ali

    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    Old news. Jason and I did that years ago. Saved a bundle on underwear.
  457. Ali

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    I'm hearing South Shores is next, like soon. I'll keep you guys posted.
  458. Ali

    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    Good NEWS! SD Fishing and Boating is open again. You can once again go fish with members of your household or family only at this point. Better NEWS! Shelter Island and National City Launch Ramps open at Midnight! PLEASE, PLEASE observe these regs and keep a low profile while this shakes out...
  459. Ali

    Won't be long now.

    AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD...... WE have Launch Ramps back. Shelter Island and National City Open at midnight. PLEASE, PLEASE be respectful and don't F this up!
  460. Ali

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    I've been a simrad guy for over a decade and furuno before that. I got the full tour on the new TZ touch 3 at the Miami boat show. This system is no joke! If Simrad is and Iphone the Furuno is an Android phone. The Iphone is a little easier to use, but the Android has SO many cool...
  461. Ali

    Chirp transducer question

    265LHW is the best all around transducer I've ever used. It's ok for swords as well. AS far as a do it all, you can't beat it. Don't mess with single freq. If you go that route you'd go high chirp which wont show you jack sheet when you swordfish.
  462. Ali

    Deckhand/Pin Head Ready To Work

    Sounds like the kid is passionate and wants to hustle. Someone give him a shot. I'd give you a shot down here if you were closer.
  463. Ali

    Won't be long now.

    Alright boys. We have slip boats back. Must be family only and practice safe distancing when on and off the boat with Facemasks. Thanks to this whole mess, I've got a few great local connects. They tell me that the mayors office met just a few minutes ago regarding OPENING LAUNCH RAMPS...
  464. Ali

    Sad morning in Ensenada

    I bet that smells awesome. It only kills the stuff in really shallow water, fortunately
  465. Ali

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Listen to the above. I hate being told WTF to do as much as anyone but we need to play it cool until we get our ramps back. My sources tell me the mayors office is putting together a ramp plan as I type this. I'll keep you boys posted.
  466. Ali

    Fujinon Techno Stabi, more comfortable eye cups, recomendations

    Get some stabiscope eye cups, zip ties and electrical tape. Roll the cups backwards on to the eye pieces, tape them up and slide the eye cups over. Then secure the cups with one zip tie. Makes a huge difference. Keeps the light out of your eyes and acts like a cushion to keep the binos from...
  467. Ali

    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    Let's go ahead and ONCE AGAIN, politey and clearly email the Port President RANDA J. CONIGLIO - [email protected] and Head Council THOMAS A. RUSSELL - [email protected] . Let them know why you agree with the Port Tenants Association and why you don't understand why EVERY...
  468. Ali

    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    Just got this from the port tenants association. They are the governing body for all the marine based business' on the bay. They are on the same page as most of us. This is probably one of the most sensible and well crafted letters I've ever read. Makes 100% sense to me.
  469. Ali

    Offshore Offshore report - April 28

    Nice. Thanks for the report. We just need this water to clean up and it will be game on.
  470. Ali

    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    Please see below and take 2 minutes to VERY politely tell the city administrators why they should give us our access to the bays and ocean back ASAP. View this email in your browser Dear Ali: Thanks to you and your voices, many recreational activities are now...
  471. Ali

    Another Filet Knife thread

    I have full set of Foreschners in a block in the kitchen and love them. I loved them on the boat for years as well. I used Bubbas off and on over the years. They old ownership changed blade materials several times and it was hit or miss. Then a couple years ago Bubba was bought out by the...
  472. Ali


    Well done gents.
  473. Ali

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    You guys could argue about free BJ's and Beer. Pretty impressive actually. Carry on. Seems like time well spent.
  474. Ali

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    That kid is huge! Looks like fun.
  475. Ali

    Trailer Boat Rally, Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    dang. Wish this got out sooner for a bigger turn out. How did it go?
  476. Ali

    Techno Stabi w/o Tower - Worth It?

    They will help a ton. That said they are 3x more effective just by getting on the roof of a small boat. When you get up in a big tower, it's insane what you will see. For $1000 it's a hard to beat investment.
  477. Ali

    Offshore Isolation on the big blue pacific lake

    Nice cods. What areas did you fish?
  478. Ali

    Cat for the Bs

    Solid intel. Thank you.
  479. Ali

    Won't be long now.
  480. Ali

    Helium tank SD

    Just go to a welding supply and buy it there full of gas. Airgas in El Cajon had it available all last summer for me.
  481. Ali

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    Wow. I never knew fishing was so complicated. Small hooks, light flouro usually do the trick. The other trick we use is switch to chunk. For whatever reason when they blow up on live bait but won't eat a hook bait, they will eat a sardine chunk. Also, if you chum them and they blow up and...
  482. Ali

    Won't be long now.

    Another good sign: Status On Reopening Public Spaces - Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey Dear Ali: First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to submit your name on the petition to reopen parks, trails, beaches and bays for some activities that are inherently safe and...
  483. Ali

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    This dumpster fire is over.
  484. Ali

    Pop ups....

    I did another full sweep on Iphone and PC today and I got one add for Kamado Joe that popped up, That was it. We're still tweaking. Bear with us.....
  485. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Are you guys browsing in Private mode? That would explain the repeated pop up ads. Lemme know.
  486. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Working on it still. Stand by.
  487. Ali

    Let the games begin

    I think I have one of those pumps brand new if you need.
  488. Ali

    Won't be long now.

    Looks like our esteemed mayor is coming to his senses. Read the last line in particular.
  489. Ali

    Petition from the Mayor to open certain aspects of the city (San Diego) Won't be long now.
  490. Ali

    Offshore Got a good fix for my fishing addiction watching Ali’s local knowledge show from yesterday. Makes me home(ocean) sick.

    That was my favorite part! We smashed those claws before we got home. Thanks so much for watching guys. We can't do it without you. You can watch all the episodes anytime online or download our app for Apple Tv, Roku, Fire Tv, Samsung and more.
  491. Ali

    Helium setups and where to get Helium in Pedro/long beach area?

    \ Sounds like 80 cubic feet. That's the best bang for the buck with size and cost imo.
  492. Ali

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    Wrong guy. I was processing game all day yesterday. Caught some jalepeno cheddar sausage.
  493. Ali

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    With big schools of yellowfin showing this weekend and a handful being caught along with BFT, I wouldn't bet on an albie year at all. I can remember years with mixed YFT and Albies but I can't remember when the YFT were here BEFORE the albies. Get ready for some bluefin and yft...
  494. Ali

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    I fear for these guys as well. It's going to be VERY tough sledding for the fleet for the this season. Such a shame, but there will definitely be less party boats running next year. This is going to hurt some good people.
  495. Ali

    Helium for balloon

    You want to go to a welding supply but not all of them will sell helium to the public. You will have to buy/rent a tank from them but the helium is much more pure (floats the balloon WAY better). I use Air Gas in El Cajon and they have been great. Get yourself a balloon nozzle on amazon...
  496. Ali

    Pop ups....

    WTF. Ok. If it comes once per session it's excessive but normal. If you get it more than one time per session that's a bug. I can see where if you check back 10x a day that would get annoying fast. Let me see if theres' anything we can do about that. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  497. Ali

    Corvina in the Salton Sea?

    Early 2000's was the latest I can remember seeing/hearing one caught out there. I really wish I made the time when they were there. Such a bummer they are gone.
  498. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Does it go away after one X out? Screen shot please if it does not. i've surfed BD for the last 30 min on mobile and desktop and I'm not getting it.
  499. Ali

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    Let us know what you find.
  500. Ali

    Pop ups....

    You might get one when you come in, but you should be able to click or X it as you choose and it should go away. If not, please screenshot and post the link that the ad took you to when you click on it. That's the only way we can block them or investigate further.
  501. Ali

    Extended bottom fish closure

    Down here the cod fishing went from best of all time in Dec and Jan to absolute crap the last trip out a few weeks ago. Same spots I work all the time. One change between those trips - Massive waves of red crab. Every fish was puking them up. I think all that protein in the water is fattening...
  502. Ali

    Pair of cummins VTA 903 425 HP

    Sweet. Don't put too many hours on here before the hand off. 8-)
  503. Ali

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    This might help ya.
  504. Ali

    Wide Open Yellows at the Islands 4/15/2020

    Cold and green as of Sunday. Not missing much right now.
  505. Ali

    Southern Baja Virus / Shore Fishing Report - Todos Santos / Pescadero

    Man that's a giant Sierra. thanks for the report.
  506. Ali

    Is this Bad Luck?

    Your math really isn't that bad. Kona is the last place I'd go if I wanted to catch a fish reliably. While Kona kicks out a lot of big fish each year, it's certainly not a numbers location. If you want your best shot at catching a blue and you don't care about size, contact the guys at...
  507. Ali

    I tried but that name is taken. LMK if you want to try another.

    I tried but that name is taken. LMK if you want to try another.
  508. Ali

    Hooker Electric

    If you're looking to save money, get a 50W detachable. Much cheaper. Also, remember you're going to need $300+ in braid.
  509. Ali

    BGE, Kamado, or Costco knockoff?

    I mounted a Vision in my bbq island about 5 years ago and it's still in really good shape. Could use new seals but that's about it. That said, since I became a Traeger sheep, the Kamato might get used every couple months. My next bbq island will have a Traeger and a griddle. All you need IMO.
  510. Ali


    So rad watching them catch these. I hope they are getting released. Woudl be awesome to see that fishery creep north.
  511. Ali

    Hooker Electric

    I have a gold 80 level wind with autostop I'm going to sell. $4,000 firm loaded with 80# big game braid.
  512. Ali

    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    We are experiementing with a bunch of new ads and ad tech. Just bear with us. We'll get it dialed in and it will be biz as usual.
  513. Ali

    Monster 400 lb sawfish in the Everglades!

    Dream fish! I might have to come try that with you boys.
  514. Ali

    Scam Pop Ups on BD?

    I'm really not sure if it's a virus or a weird ad. I haven't been able to replication but I will keep an eye out.
  515. Ali

    Scam Pop Ups on BD?

    Also, please specify mobile or desktop when you had the issue.
  516. Ali

    Scam Pop Ups on BD?

    This is not good. Please screen shot and post here or send to me. WE'll run it down. We are making a bunch of ad changes right now and I want to this stuff nailed down.
  517. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    You are EXACTLY right. This whole situation is just a sample of the battles that are going on constantly in our state. In the states where CCA is HUGE (TX, LA, FL) this stuff rarely happens. They have such a strong constituency and lobby that State Gov has to respect them and include them in...
  518. Ali

    World of Fire Pop Up

    We F'n hate those little annoying video ads that you can't get rid of. We will kill those. WE do have some "eclipse" ads we are working on similar to what you see with movie promo's, etc. We just want to make sure we don't kill the user experience while we upgrade our ads capability...
  519. Ali

    Helium setups and where to get Helium in Pedro/long beach area?

    I went to 2 or 3 local shop and found some guys that are cool. I drop off a few packs of BFT fillets when I pick up and I get amazing service. I use West Air down here in El Cajon. They have had it every time I needed it where some of the other places wouldn't even sell it to me. I'd just...
  520. Ali

    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

  521. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    This makes it pretty clear IMO.
  522. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    You guys are silly. You get a win and you don't trust it... The governor echoed EXACTLY what I was telling you. I honestly can't believe he actually spoke directly about it. I was pretty impressed. For the 22nd time, the governor nor the DFG have anything to with the launch ramps. This is on...
  523. Ali

    Is slip fishing still an option?

    Mike - LMK if you want to hang out on my boat. You're always welcome and I'll have the boys let you in.
  524. Ali

    1982 Skipjack open for sale "UnReel"

    Good to see you are still alive brother. Best of luck in retirement.
  525. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    At least they know we are aware and will be heard. I’ll let you guys know what I hear from my end.
  526. Ali

    FFL holder needed

    It's really hard to find someone to do ammo ffl right now I guess. None of the shops want to mess with it. Wish I had more help to offer. Maybe try a reload place like LAX ammo?
  527. Ali

    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    Nothing has changed. I apologize. haha
  528. Ali

    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    They are not trying to close all fishing. Read below please:
  529. Ali

    Kite fishing question

    We run a 30' wind-on of 300# Seaguar flouro. Don't use a longer leader as it will be harder to keep aloft on low/medium wind days. I would lose the knot in your mainline. If you don't have hollow braid, have a good tackle splice (no knots) about 100 yards on top of your existing line and put a...
  530. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    Please still do! It will let them know how serious we are about our salt fishery and there's no good reason to deny us access. First off. You can't be a bigger dick than me. Not possible. 8-) Second, complaining to the DFG about opening launch ramps is like calling the power company because...
  531. Ali

    Recreational fishing closure??

    Discuss here please.
  532. Ali

    Facts from Professor Wittkowski.

    :hali_ruahahaha: If you can't believe a meme, who can you trust....
  533. Ali


    Wrong Forum. Please discuss this issue here:
  534. Ali

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    Guys, I see anglers here and on social media freaking out about the DFG meeting tomorrow regarding fishing closures. If you're a SALTWATER fisherman you will NOT be affected by this. If you attend the trout openers in the Sierras, you MAY be affected. The reason for the meeting is to explore...
  535. Ali

    Recreational fishing closure??

    Not true. I was calling people pussies for freaking out like little girls over not being able to long range fish. 8-) Still not sure what this has to do with some trout closures...
  536. Ali

    Pop ups....

    I just went through the entire new post list using my iphone and not one pop up, hiccup or bad ad. Keep the positive feedback coming.
  537. Ali

    Offshore Stolen Boat San Diego

    This blows! Sorry boys.
  538. Ali

    Fraser Optics Mariner binos with power cord and eye shield

    How have these not sold? I have a backup set already or I would buy the. Best gyros made
  539. Ali

    Oxidation Removed from Navy Hull

    Amazing transformation! Nice work.
  540. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Me either. We identified a few problem ads and squashed them. We are working on it as we speak. There's gonna be more weird stuff. Hang in there. We are listening and on it.
  541. Ali

    Recreational fishing closure??

    Read this! This is correct. It has nothing to do with ocean fishing. They are worried about trout/salmon areas that aren't ready for anglers and may attract a crowd. CCA is all over this to make sure the process is stewarded correctly.
  542. Ali

    Pop ups....

    Guys, We are trying some new ads and technologies as we continue to build out the new site. There was an error with that ad. It should have popped up once and then been gone. When you use ad blockers, you're essentially "taking" from the site without giving anything back. By encouraging...
  543. Ali

    Chandeleur Island Report

    Batter > Fry > Dip in Remolade > Stuff face. :)
  544. Ali

    Chandeleur Island Report

    I've always wanted to wade fish there. Nice score on the trout. Start the fat!
  545. Ali

    Helium setups and where to get Helium in Pedro/long beach area?

    Any gas supply will also sell you the tank. They also don't re-fill them, they just swap out so don't get too attached to a particular tank. Good luck.
  546. Ali

    World of Fire Pop Up

    this is good feedback. Please keep sending screen shots like this. We are experimenting and stuff is going to be a little weird for a bit. We can't control what ad get served when but we can block crappy ads. If there's an annoying or PITA ad, screenshot it here and click and paste the link...
  547. Ali

    Spring Turkey San Diego

    Nice work dood. Good social distancing.
  548. Ali

    Newest from fish & wildlife Sacramento, "close the entire state for the season"....

    Maybe the most deceiving title ever. They are considering closing several select rivers and river launches. ALL fishing is not being closed.
  549. Ali

    So I'm watching the latest Local Knowledge...

    I will take money from anyone. :) WTF? That's crazy.
  550. Ali

    Lyons & O'Haver closed????

    They are gone for good. Such a bummer. THe best in the biz.
  551. Ali

    Turkey hunt 3/30-4/1

    Great read and congrats on a nice bird!
  552. Ali

    World of Fire Pop Up

    Guys, We are trying some new ads and technologies as we continue to build out the new site. There was an error with that ad. It should have popped up once and then been gone. When you use ad blockers, you're essentially "taking" from the site without giving anything back. By encouraging...
  553. Ali

    C19 escape... 4/4/20

    Jealous! Nice work!
  554. Ali

    [email protected] POP-UPS....

    Guys, We are trying some new ads and technologies as we continue to build out the new site. There was an error with that ad. It should have popped up once and then been gone. When you use ad blockers, you're essentially "taking" from the site without giving anything back. By encouraging...
  555. Ali

    Has anyone had this sort of problem room mate on a trip ?

    This is what the "code red" was invented for. Bring a ski mask next time.
  556. Ali

    BET & Gorilla encounters

    That 2004 shot is a classic. That was such an insane bite. I thought we missed our opportunity to catch big local tuna after the big eye disappeared. How wrong I was. I've been told the BET will never be back due to the commerical FAD fishing south of the equator. They put out those giant...
  557. Ali

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    This is amazing! Awesome craftsmanship. I thought the fish were burned in with a laser. So cool
  558. Ali

    Local Knowledge Season 5 Starts This Sunday!

    Thanks for watching Tom!
  559. Ali

    I am bored this was 15 years ago

    That was a looooong time ago...
  560. Ali


    How are you people not exhausted yet? Absolutely blows my mind to watch guys with so much in common fight about shit they can't control with no possible "winning" outcome. You have to have something better to do than sit on a FISHING forum and argue about political shit that you can't affect...
  561. Ali

    My first year turkey hunting. Any tips?

    Lots of videos online to help with this but generally, we call and if we get a google. We go quiet, watch and wait. If the bird doesn't come, call again.. If the bird hangs up in sight learn to use a purr, cluck or kiki to sweet talk them. All of these calls can be made with a box or mouth...
  562. Ali

    SD Pipe 3/31

    Well done. I've heard nothing but good things about hose new trolling motors.
  563. Ali

    Mission Bay Closed?

    The Mayor said slip boats are fine to leave mission bay on Friday and it was NOT enforced on Sat or Sun.
  564. Ali

    My FIRST bird!

    Well done sir!
  565. Ali

    Steiger Craft - Not many here in So Cal

    A brick shithouse is a good thing. It's very heavy, stout and rattle free.
  566. Ali

    Steiger Craft - Not many here in So Cal

    I run the 31' footer about 200 per season. I can't say enough good things about it. Built like a brick shithouse GREAT ride. The helm is much farther back than most pilot houses. 28kt cruise 1.2 NPMG Huge cabin with galley and enclosed head Lots of storage 10' beam Cons: The windows suck...
  567. Ali

    3/28/2020 Local Report

    Looks like a baby Sand bass to me. In Mexico we haul up stringers of those things when we try to make bait.
  568. Ali

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Thanks for the first hand account and updates. Really helps cut throw the rhetoric and venom being spewed all over the place. Best wishes in your recovery!
  569. Ali


    Guys, Chill out on the politcs or we are going to have start killing these threads. We are all in this shit storm together. Let's act civil and drop the political ire.
  570. Ali

    2017 Yellowfin 26 Hybrid - SOLD

    Such a bad ass do it all skiff.
  571. Ali

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    I called MB Lifeguard yesterday. Talked to the Chief or whatever the boss is called. He told me no boats going to sea from Mission Bay. They are blocking it. I'm all but certain that's illegal. A channel is a federal water way. I just want to go out and test some boat work and maybe halibut...
  572. Ali

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    I called Mission Bay Lifeguards and they verified they are not letting any boats leave the harbor until further notice.
  573. Ali

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    The idiots that went to the beach over the weekend pissed off the mayor here in SD and that's why your launch ramps are closed. I'm hearing I can't even take my boat out from my slip in mission bay.
  574. Ali

    1st timer and a double

    Right on!
  575. Ali

    Turkey hunting or hunted?

    That is awesome. Grown man afraid of a couple 15# birds.
  576. Ali

    Offshore Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    This is one of my favorite things we have created over the years.... Also, if you're bored you can binge watch every episode of Local Knowledge on Youtube, Amazon Prime, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, IOS and Android. Stay safe boys.
  577. Ali

    Mex Insurance

    I got rid of it. Thanks for looking out. This guy wants to sell you insurance: Bloodydecks The following message has been sent from Chuck Lundy <[email protected]> (IP: via the contact form at Bloodydecks. mex insurance So you guys have this page for "mex...
  578. Ali

    Mex insurance

    Bloodydecks The following message has been sent from Chuck Lundy <[email protected]> (IP: via the contact form at Bloodydecks. mex insurance So you guys have this page for "mex insurance" and whenever I try to share our system as a resource the post is removed. Is there...
  579. Ali

    ETEC 300

    You gotta remember the math. 12 motors x 1000 hours each set. Could have been a bearing or a million other things. IF you liked HPDIs these motors will blow your mind. I and Rush had twin 300's on a 32 Andros. Now Rush is running twins on a 32 SeaVee and I'm running triples on a 34 SeaVee...
  580. Ali

    Cabo 216, 2017 Yamaha F150

    As opposed to low balling and paying in chicken feathers? Cash... haha
  581. Ali

    cover your ass

    Pete's a good dude. Helped me in a jam.
  582. Ali

    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    Sorry I can't hear you over the traffic increases we've enjoyed since the software upgrade. :) Your stats seem more than a little off. This ain't our first rodeo... That said, we do listen to all the whining, errrr..... feedback. You guys make this site what it is and we will never lose...
  583. Ali

    Daytime swordfish in CA

    PLease post some fish reports this season! I'd love to see how and what you guys are catching down there!
  584. Ali

    ETEC 300

    On the big new Yamis that is correct. On the 2018 300's I have to haul the boat. Evinrude says you don't have the change the lower unit fluid until 500 hours. I just did mine at 500. Too early for sure but the tech is proven. I wouldn't hesitate at all. Rush's experience has been similar...
  585. Ali

    Sword Fish Deep Drop

    DUDE those are BAD ASS. If you're looking for a swordy rod, I can't recommend this one enough. We use it for big BFT and Swords and the action is perfect. Hit the grumpy old f'er up!
  586. Ali

    That's one for the books.

    upload to youtube and just drop the link here.
  587. Ali

    ETEC 300

    Yep. The legs were a big weak spot in the old motors. The gear cases on the new motors are huge and very strong. I flat run the piss out of mine and have only had the one issue due to braid. The new 115 to 150hp motors are MONSTERS. Crazy torque and power with unreal mileage. We just demo'd a...
  588. Ali

    Don't vote ********.

    Looks like this one slipped through while we were at Fred hall. Way too political. I've closed it.
  589. Ali

    ETEC 300

    *** I AM SPONSORED BY EVINRUDE *** But I also won't push a shitty product for any amount of money. I love my Etecs for a few reasons: Power - The torque of these motors is insane. There's no 4 stroke with the hole shot or the ability to hold plane. This also translates to the boat not...
  590. Ali

    American Pride

    This is awesome sir.
  591. Ali

    Daytime swordfish in CA

    Great info! I'll give this a shot this season! Keep it coming!
  592. Ali

    Nomad reports?

    Great to hear all this feedback. I've passed it along to the Nomad boys. I have a good buddy that guides in Mag for the last decade. He fishes straight 200# fluoro leader and he convinced me to try it. 28/29 fish in two days was all it took to convince me. I even got Rush to change. More...
  593. Ali

    No bottom paint on slipped boat

    I've had my seavee and my andros scrubbed without bottom paint weekly. It does scratch the bottom up a little but I don't think anything I can't polish out. I tried bi-weekly and it just wasn't enough. Good luck.
  594. Ali

    I care about your health

    This has gotten waaaaaay too politcal for BD. I'm shutting it down. Come get the Corona Virus with the whole BD Crew at Fred Hall this week. Free Sticker if you wear a tinfoil hat or paper mask.
  595. Ali

    FS Furuno CH250 Searchlight Sonar - Sold

    Hey Bill, What are you thinking money wise? Feel free to PM Me.
  596. Ali

    Fiji - Malolo Island - Namotu Island Fishing Charter questions.

    Glad we were able to help. You'll love it. I'm sure the tunas and other fish will eat iron 100%. We were just filming and the Nomads are hard to beat. Also, I do like the big single hooks for some of the larger fish you'll find. I'd bring a box of iron but have some hard baits RTG...
  597. Ali

    Fiji - Malolo Island - Namotu Island Fishing Charter questions.

    I just got back from Namotu a couple weeks ago. All I can saw is EPIC. Our entire crew fell in love with the place. I would book them in a second. The Cobalt is nice if it's windy. Maybe keep that as on option if it's not booked. For lures, we used all nomad stuff. We caught tuna on...
  598. Ali

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    120V pumps aren't really made for the wet and humid engine compartment. They don't usually last more than about 3 years. Look into a shurflo Cyclone. I get 5 plus years out of them and they are cheaper than a 120 solution.
  599. Ali

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I used this this guy a few years back and he was awesome. Vlad 727-254-0245 He pulled my 30' Grady White out here. Good communication and everything went smooth.
  600. Ali

    39hrs - Best YouTube fishing series (My favorite fishing show ever!)

    No sir. Season 5 starts in April. Watch for free.
  601. Ali

    Best fisheries to target in March

    Of your list, PV is the best bet that time of year. Look up the Marla Fleet or book a trip on the voyager. Keys would be #2. March is the tail end of their prime season but still very good. Other options depending on budget- Casa Vieja - Epic sails with Dorado, marlin and tuna mixed in...
  602. Ali

    39hrs - Best YouTube fishing series (My favorite fishing show ever!)

    Both are better than Local Knowledge. Well done.
  603. Ali

    Euro mount done

    Nice mount and buck!
  604. Ali

    Anyone here a CFI?

    My guy was great but took a job with UPS flying the big stuff. Call your local FBO and ask them for a recommendation. If you're going to do it, the best advice I can give you is complete your ground school study using the books, videos, community college or an online course. Don't waste money...
  605. Ali

    BD Stickers/Merch

    Jason sucks. True story....
  606. Ali


    Guys, We are listening. To be honest, many of these issues are small features that didn't make it to the new software version or were changed. A lot of them won't be coming back. We normally upgrade to new software with everything set to default so we minimize compatibility issues. Then we...
  607. Ali

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Negatory ghost rider. I have gone back and forth and back again on this. Cheapest you can get ADSB in a non WAAS equipped aircraft is about $5k for a Stratus ESG system. This is $3k for the part and $2k for labor (remember you can't work on your own plane). The Garmin route bumps that up to...
  608. Ali


    You kids get off my damn lawn! :) The site HAD to be upgraded as we were 3 years behind in security updates. This is probably the 5th time in 17 years we have had to upgrade like this. This is the 5th time 50 people have lost their minds because they don't like change. There are about...
  609. Ali

    Anyone here a CFI?

    $7k for the Garmin ADSB upgrade... Don't ask me how I know...
  610. Ali

    Embarrassment of riches.....Broomtails in Cabo... 2/10 2020

    Thanks for limiting yourself. These are old, bad ass warriors and they take a beating down that way. At that size, they aren't the best eating anyway. Catch and release a few and keep the cabrilla and pargos for the grill IMO.
  611. Ali

    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    This is so rad. It will change private boating in baja forever.
  612. Ali

    1987 33 Crystaliner - Repowered and Fully Restored

    Awesome rig and priced to move. GLWS.
  613. Ali

    Scrombroid Food Poisoning?

    It sounds to me like what ever happened was after you gave the fish to your buddy. Couple points - > Fish isn't any more fragile than other meats for the most part. Keep it clean and cold and you'll be fine. A week in a cold fridge is fine. After that freeze. > Given the time, I'll keep ANY...
  614. Ali

    Boating Dynamics repair of Yamaha outboarf

    Robby is the man. He's been caring for my motors for ever.
  615. Ali

    Rockfish Release Success!!! | Raymarine Screen Shots

    That is rad buddy. We have been doing a lot of releases lately.
  616. Ali

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    Home depot and walmart have always had it .
  617. Ali

    Rock Fishing Set up??

    Caution, this dude is full of shit, but it might help ya.
  618. Ali

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    aaaaahhhh the BD Legal Team has emerged. haha
  619. Ali

    Upgrade or modification to Penn Fathom 40 2-speed?

    I never mess with my reels but I'm digging the improvements you guys are seeing. That 40 has become a workhorse for us on those medium size BFT. Solid af and tough as nails. They also double as my favorite cod reel.
  620. Ali

    Kona Fishing Charter Recommendation

    Had a blast fishing with Bomboy a couple summers back. Great dude:
  621. Ali

    CAPTAIN'S SUMMIT: Pre-Show seminar at Fred Hall Long Beach

    What an awesome line up. Nice work Carson.
  622. Ali

    2008 57' Bertram $825,000 and LLC Owned!

    I will be willing to drive this for you free of charge. :)
  623. Ali

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    See the judge, Own the mistake, ask for forgiveness. You'll probably get a $100 fine.
  624. Ali

    Marla's new vessel "NO TUNA- NO CHINGA"

    Congrats boys. That's a bad ass boat.
  625. Ali

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    NoSlack is giving you guys good dope!
  626. Ali

    Dead Flyer for kite??

    Here's the rig that works best for us.
  627. Ali

    Nomad Madmacs

    I'm here to report the DTX220 did NOT catch any Wahoo last week in Fiji. The by catch was ok thought.
  628. Ali

    Looking for help and advice on a deep drop swordfish build

    I have a couple that are made on salty dawg rail bla