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  1. tbev

    What subwoofers are you running?

    I'm running an old 500w, 12in sub in a box under the bed in my 24 flybridge. It used to sound great in my little car but it doesn't do shit in the boat. Even inside the cabin it's poor at best. It may be old and shot but it looks like it's working it's just isn't producing. I'm wondering what...
  2. tbev

    #4 curved bent butt

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  3. tbev

    Shotgun Rod Holders

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  4. tbev

    Seeker 4x vs United Composites

    What UC Rods are most similar to a seeker 3X and 4X? Are they available in 7-7.6ft versions? Does anyone run them with a bent butt for bf? What are the respective differences compared to the equivalent/similar seekers? Thanks
  5. tbev

    Spreader Bar 101 for SoCal Bluefin

    Since everyone has biting the spreader bar as of late I'm hoping we can put some information together regarding pros and cons of components, rigging, techniques, etc. A few questions I have as I'm considering which setup to buy are below, any more info would be greatly appreciated. Pros and...
  6. tbev

    Custom 10K Dual Axle Aluminum Trailer

    After a few years of rebuilding my 1970 Skipjack 24 Flybridge I had it pretty close to done... done enough to fish and the bluefin were getting close. I live in the desert and Silverwood lake is the closest place to shakedown a boat so that's where I was going when some blind cnut ran a stop...
  7. tbev

    Cleaning the Bilge?

    So there are only a couple things I don't like about my boat. One is the bilge. I painted the bilge white, it was black; so I could see any leaks, etc. This works great, but the second thing I don't like about my boat is that I have too much shit going on in the bilge. I have three bilge pumps...
  8. tbev

    Looking for new Helm Chairs

    Anyone know of a place I can sit in them before I buy them? A place I can drive to in SoCal possibly, or any place to order helm chairs at all? Looking for two white that have arms, preferably adjustable under $500\ea.
  9. tbev

    Slipstream Flying Fish Rigging

    Does anyone who has used this have any feedback or rigging info? I just got the 280, I was going to rig it like I would rig a dead flying fish with a big 9\0 j hook or a 9\0 circle in the front and big treb on the tail. I feel like the treb on the back is most important but if I use a long...
  10. tbev

    B175HW and Interference from Electronics

    I have ab175HW installed in the bilge, has been OK for the last two seasons. I'm installing a Bait Sentry 1100 mag drive livewell pump and I'm wondering how close is too close to mount the pump to the ducer. I'm running out of options on the boat, I've attached some pics, I want to mount the...
  11. tbev

    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    I'm looking for recommendations on a pump for 45-50gal tank. What size and how long has your pump lasted? I like the idea of the Bait Sentry so I can feed my washdown with the same thru hole but I dunno if that's too good to be true. I have one 1in thru hull w a scoop\grate. Thanks
  12. tbev

    Adding Speaker for Alarms EVO 3

    Is it possible to add an external speaker to the mfd so I can hear a anchor alarm in the cabin?
  13. tbev

    Sbc 350 manifolds

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  14. tbev

    Custom Deck Hatches, Pics

    If you've bought, made or had made some hatches in your deck post some pics please.
  15. tbev

    Mercruiser Alpha Y-Pipe

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  16. tbev

    Mercury Drive Lube Monitor Bottle

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  17. tbev

    Totalscan Transducer w Mounting Plate [Deleted]

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  18. tbev

    Skipjack Table Foot Mount

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  19. tbev

    Battery Maintainer / Charger

    What battery chargers are you guys using? How do you like them? I'm talking just to babysit the batteries while the boat is not in use. I have two 8D house batteries and a group 27 AGM starter battery. Looking to replace a dead NOCO three bank.
  20. tbev

    Offshore Tanner 11.7 ... Empty

    Been trying to get tech support from Simrad to get my fuel flow sensor working for about two weeks now and it hasn't happened. I thought we could make it there and back if we didn't do too much running around out there so we headed out Saturday from Dana Landing. Water was cold and ugly until...
  21. tbev

    AP requires rudder feedback or VRF (Simrad)?

    How do you know if you need a rudder feedback sensor? I was originally told I did not need one, I was told to use VFR. My setup is a sterndrive bravo one, small bock with a power steering pump; belt driven on the motor. I have a full hydraulic steering ram & helm, EVO3, Nac2, Precision 9 compass...
  22. tbev

    Lesson on Simrad's Support

    The system in my 1970 Skipjack Flybridge 24 consists of the following; NSS12 EVO3 NSS7 IS A EVO3 RS35 VHF Fuel Flow Sensor Plus A decentoamount of their other components but the fuel flow meter is what I'm looking for help with. So on October 18 I started emailing Simrad Tech support, I'm...
  23. tbev

    Hardtop Wanted

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  24. tbev

    Ipod to evo3 / fusion ra70nsx?

    I'm trying to connect my old school gen5 ipod to my evo3. I have a fusion ra70nsx connected (via nmea 2k). I have a USB plugged into the fusion head unit it has a female USB panel mount connector on the other end, it's mounted inside my glove box so I can plug in USB drives with mp3s OR what I...
  25. tbev

    WR10 wireless AP Remote question

    I'm getting ready to install the wr10 with my evo3 and the installation vid says to pair the wr10 with the bae you need to disconnect the cable to the base for 10 seconds then re-power it. Once it's setup and all is well and I park the boat for a month with the batteries turned off do I have to...
  26. tbev

    Tower Recommendations

    I'm starting to look into options for a tower on a 24 Skipjack Flybridge. I really like the idea of a soft top, maybe one I can crawl up through into the tower, like a cobia tower style maybe. If I can get away without a hardtop that would be great, I think. I'm wondering what is important, for...
  27. tbev

    FS 1970 Skipjack Outdrive, etc.

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  28. tbev

    Uploading Coordinates into EVO3

    Is there a way to enter a lot of cords\waypoints into an EVO3 without entering each one at a time on the machine? Can I build a spreadsheet and upload it or download an app and make up the list on a computer and save it to an sd card and upload it, something like that? What's the best app to...
  29. tbev

    Skipjack Factory Shots

    I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mike at the Skipjack facility in Oak Hills, CA. Everything Skipjack, from the originals to the new and upcoming, it was a blast. Starting out with the star of the show the new 26 footer on deck.
  30. tbev

    Skipjack Boat Covers

    Anyone recommend a place to get a cover for 24 Flybridge?
  31. tbev

    Colt Sniper Leaders

    What is everyone using for leaders on 80-100g coltsnipers for foamers? I'm setting up a smaller 50# spinning setup to throw at bf; smaller bf, early season and I'm wondering how big I can go without going too big. Anyone using a swivel ?
  32. tbev

    Bench Seat or upholstery

    Looking for a bench seat for my old skippy, or to have mine redone.
  33. tbev

    Bluefin Steaks in La Jolla?

    Anyone with a full freezer need to make some room? Looking for some bluefin meat. Boat problems kept me skunked the whole season. I'll be in La Jolla Saturday morning.
  34. tbev

    Black Hole 804S or OTI oceanxtreme 25-40

    Looking for either of these two spinning rods. thanks Tom
  35. tbev

    30# Spinning Options

    I'm looking for options on a 30# spinning setup. I'm leaning towards a slammer 3 4500, but I don't know what rod to pair it with. I'm leaning towards a popping rod, I want to use it for island \ patty fishing nothing big, poppers mostly maybe snipers and stickbaits too. 7-8ft.
  36. tbev

    Delete tyhudueu3uuhis thread please

    I'm considering buying a small number of new aluminum I-beam boat trailers from out of state. I need a trailer for my old skipjack (24 Flybridge) and I can get the following trailer delivered for about $7K-7500. I'm thinking that I can get a better price on quantity and save a lot on shipping as...
  37. tbev

    Delete dbdbxhhdbsj

    Looking for something in good shape.
  38. tbev

    BV2-400 Pairing

    What are you guys running your 400's on? Looking to throw small, 60-100g, jigs with it, 50lb braid to a long topshot. I was thinking 100yds of mono, or would you go with flouro? It's my first little Accurate.
  39. tbev

    please deletefwefe fqewfqerwfgqerg

    Looking for a good deal on a 400 or 500. Not new or mint, I've never owned one, I want to try one out if I can can swing it. thanks
  40. tbev

    deletewowndndv poenfvp

    Preferably black or silver mak or silver visx. Thanks
  41. tbev

    Delete hgfffg

    Looking for a 6463XXXXH preferably with a long bent butt or OSP4X. Thanks
  42. tbev

    Check my NMEA 2K Network Please

    If someone smarter than me could give me a confirmation that my plan works or tell me if I'm missing anything I'd appreciate it. Fancy diagram of my layout attached. I have a four T connector and one additional T on one end with a terminator cap on the end and a 12ft drop cable going to the...
  43. tbev

    delete sndvonpdofnqwq

    Where's the best place to buy a new one? Anyone have a nice used one for sale?
  44. tbev

    Fraser Optics Options

    I'm looking to buy a pair of fraser's but I'm not sure what the best option is for spotting bluefin. It seems to me that the s250's are the newer model but I can't tell if they are better than the 25's and what exactly is different about them. I would also love to hear if anyone is using the...
  45. tbev

    1970 Skipjack FB, OMC to Bravo Conversion & Restoration

    PREFACE: I've owned this boat for 25 years, it sat for ten because it needed a re-power, two years ago I dropped a crate 350 into her. I knew the old Electric shift outdrive wouldn't handle the power of the new motor (300hp) so we just took it really easy, never went over ten knots\hour. I went...
  46. tbev

    Outboard Mount (Garelick MFG)

    Mount for small outboard, used to hold the dinghy motor. $100.00 OBO
  47. tbev

    Bearing Buddy Stainless or Chrome?

    Bearing Buddy has two versions, Stainless Steel or Chrome (Chrome Plated Steel probably) Does everyone use the Stainless version for ocean boat trailers, or do the Chrome versions hold up? The Stainless version is twice as much that's why I'm wondering if I can get away with it, especially...
  48. tbev

    Instrument Switch Recommendations

    I'm looking to replace all the rocker switches in my dash. I recently replaced them with round black rockers that have blue LED's, they are starting to go out after one season, even tho they are "waterproof", they were about $5.00 each. Can anyone recommend a good switch? I am currently leaning...
  49. tbev

    Skipjack Ladder

    I replaced the rungs on my ladder with Powder Coated Aluminum rungs so I have the factory teak rungs left over. They are from my 1970 Skipjack Flybridge 24. You pay shipping and I'll send them.
  50. tbev

    Bait Bag Plumbing

    I've got a 30 gallon bait bag that hangs over the stern. I like it because I have a very limited amount of deck space on my 24ft Skipjack. I've already got a pump, I think it's 1000gph, I'll be timing it to see how long it takes to fill, hopefully 5-7 minutes, that's what I've read so far. The...
  51. tbev

    B175HW and... what head unit?

    I'm set on the ducer, I hear it's a beast, but I'm not sure about the head unit yet. I'm not looking to spend a ton, like to stay around a thousand - fourteen hundred on the head unit and the options I'm considering are Furuno GP1971F and a Garmin GPSMAP 942XS. I'm fishing for bluefin in my...
  52. tbev

    LOWRANCE Elite-5 Ti w Totalscan Transducer & Mounting Plate

    LOWRANCE Elite-5 Ti w Totalscan Transducer & Mounting Plate Unit was installed for one weekend. My dad wants a different brand, one he's used to operating. I'm not saying it's difficult to use he's just an old timer. I paid almost six hundred asking $465.00 [email protected]
  53. tbev

    Foamer Rig Options

    I'm looking to put together a rig that's specifically for chasing "run and gun" / chasing down foamers in my own boat. I prefer to fight standing up with a harness I really like the Macforce 2 harness, admittedly it's my first harness but I do really like it I've only used simple belts in the...
  54. tbev

    50lb Drag Mako Reel

    Looking for a good deal on big trolling reel, something for 500lb+ Mako. Good condition please. Thank you
  55. tbev

    Best sub $1K FF, Lowrance or not?

    I only make it offshore a few times a year, usually out of Dana Point. My main focus is on Mako and Thrashers but I'd like to have something useful for game fish as well, Ill be between Dana and San Clemente Island. I'm looking to spend around $500.00 on electronics for my old Skipjack. I just...
  56. tbev

    Mako Fishing Electronics - Fish Finder Etc.

    I'm rebuilding my old Skipjack and I'm about finished and I'm looking to replace my old Hummingbird. I don't really know what to expect to get from a fish finder or any electronics in regards to trolling for Mako, that's primarily what I want to do. Anyone with some experience with electronics...