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  1. IronMikeAC

    Calstar 800M grftr with fathom 402ld for yoyo and knife jigs? Yays and nays welcomed.

    I have one. Its a 25 to 30lb stick. No good for jigs.
  2. IronMikeAC

    Build your own rail rod foregrip

    I agree on the cork tape. For rail rods I use the cold shrink. Has a thick rubber durable feel.
  3. IronMikeAC

    Shogun 8/20 - 8/24 Bloodydecks sponsored trip

    Your basic set ups should be 25 for yt on paddies 40/50 daytime bait 100 sinker rig and nitetime jigs
  4. IronMikeAC

    Small SKB, albakore bag, WFO bag

    How much for wfo?
  5. IronMikeAC

    Long Range 30# Rig

    I really like my Avet mxl Raptor. Casts great jig and bait. High drag (21/31 lb). Wide reel for long soaks on 30lb. The narrow reels gets aweful low real fast.
  6. IronMikeAC

    El Capitan

    Thats Alan. You hook it, you cook it.
  7. IronMikeAC

    El Capitan

    Lots of recent Youtube videos by one of their deckhands Vagabond Basser. They're quite good.
  8. IronMikeAC


    Theres alot being caught. In Washington and Canada.
  9. IronMikeAC

    No Lupe

    I will ask Capt Mike. His opinion is the best. Hes had some killer YT trips there.
  10. IronMikeAC

    Calstar Grafighter 760M Fuji guides or Aftco Rollers?

    I just re built my 760M with heavy duty boat (non roller) guides. Question were the ones you're buying heavy guides.
  11. IronMikeAC

    No Lupe

    Excel just posted no Lupe this year. Bummer.
  12. IronMikeAC

    Some freespool some dont

    I have over a dozen Avets. Raptor and original flavor. One things tgats always puzzling is some freespool great and some onlg for 5 sec. Even for newer ones. I take em apart, check bearings, add a drop of spees x and corrosion x. No diff. Is it just machining tollrances?
  13. IronMikeAC

    Avet reel

    So if drag knob it tight, and lever is forward, the handle should go forward when the spool also spins. Normal.
  14. IronMikeAC

    Avet reel

    Post video of it
  15. IronMikeAC

    Off Center Reel Seat on Trolling Rod?

    First is it safe to assume the reel seats are aftco metals? If so theres alot of sideways play in the seat when the real seat is inserted. I always have to line up my reel in these seats before I tighten the nuts. This kina sounds obscene when I read it.
  16. IronMikeAC

    Seeker BS 6470 gold braced guides

    I love those blanks. 6470h are the most versatile to have. Can fish 30 to 60. The issue for me is the old seeker 2 footed guides. Gold and chrome. They all broke. The new turbos from fuji or alps are great and not expensive.
  17. IronMikeAC

    Removing super seeker paint

    Spraypaint it
  18. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin on the RR3 tomorrow 6/22

    Whered ya see that
  19. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin on the RR3 tomorrow 6/22

    Remember when theyd advertise Full Moon Bluefin trip? Dont think they do that anymore.
  20. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin on the RR3 tomorrow 6/22

    I love you.
  21. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin on the RR3 tomorrow 6/22

    Heading out on the Rooster 3 day tomorrow witha bunch of freinds. Heres my thoughts on the trip.
  22. IronMikeAC

    Slow bluefin

    The BFTs do not currently have lock-jaw and there are tons of them actively feeding. Problems is they are voraciously feeding on small anchovies and microbaits that they gorge on. This makes them completely uninterested in anything we throw at 'em. This sucks cause in on a 3 day this week.
  23. IronMikeAC

    Spinning Rod Saragosa 10000

    What is the recommended stiffness for a popper rod for 3 to 4oz poppers for tuna?
  24. IronMikeAC

    Offshore NLA 1.5 Day 6/10 - 6/12

    Love the report. THANKS!
  25. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Vagabond 3 day - 5/31-6/2 OCT Trip

    Thanks Jeff. Snipers on the slide? Good tip.
  26. IronMikeAC

    16visx too much line?

    For the picture it LOOKS like its one too loose. If so a tackle store can pack it on tight and gain some capacity.
  27. IronMikeAC

    Clueless - BFT Gear

    I have the exact line so I fully concur. That said I got smoked on my HXR and Mak20 last trip. My buddyon his HXRW got lightining smoked. Im taking 130lb on Mak30 next trip.
  28. IronMikeAC

    BFT tackle recommendations

    So this fishing now is like Lupe with sharks. if you're in too long the sea lions will get em.
  29. IronMikeAC

    Old Calstar, maybe? ID help?

    Show pic of butt end
  30. IronMikeAC

    BFT tackle recommendations

    No. You really need legit 100 and 130lb rigs.
  31. IronMikeAC

    Sinker rig set up

    Was out last weekend. Afternoon sinker werd very effective. I use max 3 foot fluro so I can hook one the lowest guide and weight is at tip above knot. We needed up to 16oz due to weather and drift speed.
  32. IronMikeAC

    Can my gear handle a 100 pound tuna?

    You're joking right? I got wrecked on 80 and 100lb gear including my Mak20 on a 2x4.
  33. IronMikeAC

    Tips / Tricks for Fish vs. Sea Lions?

    I had a 150 taken by a sealion. Many on our trip. Never seen that with big bfts.
  34. IronMikeAC

    Heavy setup for a trip leaving in less than a week? 80lb or stack 100 or 130lb?

    I just got back from a 3 day. These fish are big and MEAN. I got spooled on 80 lb HX Raptor and 100lb Mak20. My bubby got lightning smoked on 100 HX Raptor W. I would use 100 and 130. Bring lotsa heavy weights for sinker. 8oz 12oz 16oz. And strong hooks. Many starightened hooks.
  35. IronMikeAC

    Legend 2.5, Poseidon 1.75 or SA80 1.5

    Nico. Legend. Nice boat. Perfect length trip.
  36. IronMikeAC

    TG80 friday 5/27

    Great info!!
  37. IronMikeAC

    TG80 friday 5/27

    Heading out on a a 2.5 day on the TG80 tomorrow. Looks like we get about 18 hours of fishable weather then things get real snotty for a few days. Heres hoping for some BFT and dry socks.
  38. IronMikeAC

    Marine weather this weekend?

    What app is that
  39. IronMikeAC

    Daiwa proteus (broken top of rod)

    $30 fix at local tackle shop
  40. IronMikeAC

    Seeker black steel graphite lb g6470h

    My favorite rod of all time
  41. IronMikeAC

    Pesca Panama May 1 to May 6

    I fished Panama same time but out of Bahia Honda just inside Coiba. What a beautiful place. The cubera snappers were great fishing and great eating. What was your trip $?
  42. IronMikeAC

    Rent/Borrow left handed 80# reel?

    Thanks Ron. I Will!
  43. IronMikeAC

    Rent/Borrow left handed 80# reel?

    Hey man. Really appreciate it. She broke her rt hand recently so no right hand reels.
  44. IronMikeAC

    Rent/Borrow left handed 80# reel?

    I heard from on memeber who might make it work.
  45. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Smoked em.

    Well done. Love the pics with the jigs..
  46. IronMikeAC

    Looking for a 2.5 day in August

    Condor has some trips
  47. IronMikeAC

    Pics from Panama, Bahia Honda, Coiba Island, Hannibal

    Great lifetime experience in the remote rainforest coast of Panama, tucked in Bahia Honda. The Cuberas are gnarly outrageous fun on live bonito. the shred most of em.
  48. IronMikeAC

    Pairings for 1.5 on Vagabond 6/6-6/8

    Your basic setup need to be 25lb (can also put 20# fluoro leader) 40lb - daytime bait and sinker 80lb - nite time sinker. 100lb - nite time jig. Looks like you need 80 and 100lb gear.
  49. IronMikeAC

    Rent/Borrow left handed 80# reel?

    A friend and his daughter are on an upcoming 3 day. She needs a left handed reel for an 80lb class set-up. Anyone have one to borrow or rent?
  50. IronMikeAC

    Trade 100 for 90

    Not to be a smarta$$ but you can have 12 in of butt end cut then extend the cork.
  51. IronMikeAC

    Rod to match avet Lx Raptor

    Seeker 6470xh
  52. IronMikeAC

    Off to Galapagos and Hannibal, Panama

    Theres active volcanoes on Isabella.
  53. IronMikeAC

    Off to Galapagos and Hannibal, Panama

    Boy I hope. Where did you sse report. Looking for some hookups and gopro vid or foamaing YFT schools.
  54. IronMikeAC

    Off to Galapagos and Hannibal, Panama

    Would love a huge Cubbie. Teeth and all. !
  55. IronMikeAC

    Off to Galapagos and Hannibal, Panama

    This should qualify as LR. I'm off for a week snorkeling at Galapagos, then 5 days at a fish camp in Bahia Honda Panam to fish Coiba Is., Hannibal and nearby spots. Should have a good report when I return. IM
  56. IronMikeAC

    Avet I have an Avet hxj raptor

    Perfect 60 to 80lb sinker rig. Heres one on same rig.
  57. IronMikeAC

    WHY flatfall at night?

    We had a nitime drift last year. 80-130# BFTs. Near limits on the RR3. 1:30 to sun up. All sinker fish.
  58. IronMikeAC

    Favorite reel for flat fall/ knife jigging for bft

    I have 2: For jigs 150g to 300g - 100Lb test on a HXW on a Seeker 1x3 For jigs 400,400,500g, 130 lb test, Mak20 on 2x4.
  59. IronMikeAC

    BFT at the 150?

    No way. I heard theyre jackpoling with siamese fighting fish as bait. You know how those things get.
  60. IronMikeAC

    Soldering solid rings - Iron vs Torch..? Flux needed?

    Silver solder melts and fuses at 1250 degrees. Which means heat of ring. Use staysilv back and wait till flux burns off the. Touch solder to ring.
  61. IronMikeAC

    Seeker Black Steel Fishing Rods

    Great rods!
  62. IronMikeAC

    Spots on the Relentless Sat April 2

    Ok so this is a self serving post. Relentless has spots on the 1.75 day trip Sat April 2. Im on it and would like to see it go. 2 nites for big BFTs. And it looks to be great weather!
  63. IronMikeAC


  64. IronMikeAC


    I booked the Relentless. Its extended 1.4 days. leaves 10am not 5pm.
  65. IronMikeAC


    I hesitated. Sold out. Looking at Relentless.
  66. IronMikeAC


    Does someone have recent experience on the Fortune after Bruce sold it?
  67. IronMikeAC

    Offshore BFT, I mean Whales within sight of PL. - Chasing AIS whoops

    When boats turn off their AIS like many of them now do FD is blind.
  68. IronMikeAC

    Wheres the beef? (BFT)

    Tribute got a couple a few weeks ago on a 1.5 day.
  69. IronMikeAC

    Rod repair

    Ask your local tackle store. Theyre always backlogged.
  70. IronMikeAC

    How to clamp a reel onto a deckhand without crushing the blank?

    What he said. Cork puppy. One thing.Test is at home cause you might need new screw lengths.
  71. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin Jig Rigging Without Welding

    Agreed. Except "welding" is easy. Its just 4 things. jump rings, silver solder, black flux and MAPP gas bottle with torch from Home depot. you'll ruin a bunch to begin with, but its very rewarding.
  72. IronMikeAC

    Best Time/Place To Buy Reels

    So the vast majority of my arsenal was bought from BD, FB or sometimes OfferUp. Its high quality gear and no taxes. Usually its someone "upgrading" their gear to the "hot" reels (avet to maks) or someone getting out of the sports. You'll save alot of $ doing this. Yes theres some risk, but It...
  73. IronMikeAC

    New 30 or 50w

    The 20 and 30 in Avet or Make, and Maybe Penn VISX are the same reel except for width. The 50s are way heavier to drag around deck for 8 hours and not needed when using these newer reels. The 20s and 30 get about 50lb drag already.
  74. IronMikeAC

    Rigged Flat Fall and Knife Jig Storage

    Plano boxes in square bucket that doubles as deck seat.
  75. IronMikeAC

    Blue fin boat options

    Yeah Islander hands down.
  76. IronMikeAC

    I found the problem with FlexWrap!

    Its a Far Side
  77. IronMikeAC

    I found the problem with FlexWrap!

  78. IronMikeAC

    Yee haw cowboy.

    Yee haw cowboy.
  79. IronMikeAC

    Knot to use on hook to 60lb mono line?

    Uni. Always.
  80. IronMikeAC

    Seeker 6480 for a USMC

    Where do you get the Seeker decal.
  81. IronMikeAC

    83# Yellowtail on the Star

    Report said dropper loop.
  82. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin-Destroyed Jig

    Its your own fault. Didnt you catch a few big ones with the same jig? It was worn out.
  83. IronMikeAC

    Largest YFT at the Lupe?

    Outside the Clarion buffer on the Indie many years ago we had a 340. One guy got spooled on His 50w, connected backup, it got spooled, second backup went on. After 3 hours , came unbuttoned, hook had part of fish jaw. Big fish there and shallow rocks. With YFt biologists say they one live 6-7...
  84. IronMikeAC

    Largest YFT at the Lupe?

    Yes they do, over 100lb, not sure its the exact same as California YT.
  85. IronMikeAC

    Largest YFT at the Lupe?

    The world record is 92 lb from Guadalupe caught by a deck hand on on the Q105 fishing flylined 30lb when everyone went in for lunch . A few years before the world record was caught by Rone Fuji on the Shogun, 87lbs He dropped dead of a heart attack fishing albacore 2 days later, never knew.
  86. IronMikeAC

    What Happened To The BFT Bite at Tanner/Cortez?

    New program: Deadliest Tuna. Taking waves over the bow.
  87. IronMikeAC

    ACID WRAP a spinning rod?

    Rod rests on the rail around the second guide. I will prob do cork and shrink wrap just past the second guide.
  88. IronMikeAC

    ACID WRAP a spinning rod?

    Im playing with geometry by taping guides. The answer is the first guide is a bit more than 90 degrees from the bottom, say 100 degrees. Also the first guides is much closer to the reel than the standard first guide. The foregrip extends past the first guide at 100 degrees to the second guide...
  89. IronMikeAC

    ACID WRAP a spinning rod?

    you fished the spinner on top?
  90. IronMikeAC


    I always like to take a backup in case something happens to the other reels. You never know. I always remind people that the world record YFT was caught on a Penn30SW back up reel because MikeL's accurate 50 broke on the previous fish.
  91. IronMikeAC

    Avet HX Clamp Screw

    If I recall correctly, these are 1/4 inch stainless standard thread screws. You can buy them at local hardware and cut off the screw head. I've done it before with JXs.
  92. IronMikeAC

    ACID WRAP a spinning rod?

    I have plenty of rail rods. This will be expiremental.
  93. IronMikeAC

    ACID WRAP a spinning rod?

    The obvious disadvantage to spinning rods is not being able to use the rail, particularly for bigger fish. I have a stiff spinning rod I was thinking of rebuilding acid wrapped so it can be set on the rail. Anyone tried that?
  94. IronMikeAC

    2x4 and uluas

    Do you have a template to print the Seeker Labels?
  95. IronMikeAC

    Guadalupe Wind

    Agreed. There are places to hide from wind at Lupe. The ride back north however puts the bow into the weather for 20 hours. Can be rock and roll. Oh, and enjoy probably the best sportsfishing place in the world.
  96. IronMikeAC

    Freaky Flyers Now in Stock!

    Do the actually float?
  97. IronMikeAC

    Overflow Parking Cost?

    Several trucks have been stolen, many break ins. They know you won't be back for a day or more.
  98. IronMikeAC

    Overflow Parking Cost?

    DONT NOT PARK IN THE OVERFLOW. Bad shit happens there. I go to the Ramada and pay. I think $15 a day?
  99. IronMikeAC

    QUICK REPORT, PENN Fishing University: Searcher 3-day trip September 17-20, 2021

    Great report, but please stop posting all the great food pics. Makes me want to chow down.
  100. IronMikeAC

    QUICK REPORT, PENN Fishing University: Searcher 3-day trip September 17-20, 2021

    Steve. Wish I had been there. My buddy got the JP fish on a jig I gave him. Made by Its their "Katy Perry" version. They said your loaner gear was great. Was it VISX for the bigger reels? Heard about the interesting story of a private boater that got away with a Searched cow.
  101. IronMikeAC


    The Penn and Vagabond guys like the Fathom or a torque 40. Matched to a legit 60lb rod.
  102. IronMikeAC

    Power Wrappers

    I like the Alps.
  103. IronMikeAC


    I always crimp wire, though a haywire twist works also.
  104. IronMikeAC


    Crimpedvwith the right sized small crimps. Maybe 0.8 mm?
  105. IronMikeAC

    Roll Call, Penn 3 day 9/17-9/20

    Almost a 400lb er caught today by the tanner. Get stoked.
  106. IronMikeAC

    Roll Call, Penn 3 day 9/17-9/20

    Good luck. A few of my freinds on the trip. I had to cancel.
  107. IronMikeAC

    670H guide sizing

    I rebuilt mine with nothing smaller than a 10 because the 8s had up some knots.
  108. IronMikeAC

    1 Spot - Searcher 3-day - Sept 17-20 PENN Sponsored, Big Bluefin

    There is one spot open on the Penn 3 Day, Sept 17-20 on the Searcher. Its a great shot a cow bluefin at night, and quality during the day, not to mention big YT at one of the banks. Call the office at (619) 226-2403 ASAP. This will go fast.
  109. IronMikeAC

    Budget Rail Rods/Modifications

    You make it into a 6.5 or 7' if you want. If your in the torrance area let me know ill see what I can do with it.
  110. IronMikeAC

    Budget Rail Rods/Modifications

    Your question is a great one. The answer is yes, they can be modified. I just added 14" to an old 6' rod to make it into a rail rod. Takes some experience and some materials like waste rod blanks, cork and shrink wrap but it absolutely can be done. What rod do you have?
  111. IronMikeAC

    Condor Bunks

    I remember there are some double wides port and stern against the hull
  112. IronMikeAC

    HX Raptor spooling help

    The issue with HX raptor is high drag. It gets 50lbs. I wouldn't use anything less than 80. I have both the HXR and HXWR. I like the extra margin on the W with 100 lb.
  113. IronMikeAC

    Video - Father and son graduation trip to Panama!!!

    Please post details. Hotel, charter, captain. Great video.
  114. IronMikeAC

    AVET Parts ordering

    This their customer service email. though she is not longer there, they still answer the emails. Its not fast. [email protected]
  115. IronMikeAC

    Mak30iisea braid

    Yes, get a spring scale and check your self. I haven't tested anything over 50lb. Generally the reason spectra doesn't break is that the drag load is distributed by stretch thru the mono and spectra.
  116. IronMikeAC

    Penn 30sw - whats wrong

    Thanks. I didn't take the gear shaft apart, but that still sounds like the prob.
  117. IronMikeAC


    Can't the boat sell it, assuming there's waitlist?
  118. IronMikeAC

    Mak30iisea braid

    Same results on 40lb spectra. About 40 to 50% of rating.
  119. IronMikeAC

    Penn 30sw - whats wrong

    Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  120. IronMikeAC

    Penn 30sw - whats wrong

    I recently did maintenence on my old 30sw. Lubed bearings and gears, installed new drag, added shaft sleeve like AlanTani, just the right length. Didnt remove handle assembly or gears. Reassembled. Freespools great, and fine in low gear. But when I pop handle back up to high gear, nothing. Wont...
  121. IronMikeAC

    Trade - 16VSX/Graftech

    Sent pm
  122. IronMikeAC

    Check out my listing for a rod wrapping bench

    What in the photo are you selling.,?
  123. IronMikeAC

    Mak30iisea braid

    I know there's a big difference between manufacturers.
  124. IronMikeAC

    Mak30iisea braid

    I have tested alot of 40, 50, 60lb spectra using a calibrated scale. Failure is not at the knot. I confirmed with a local tackle shop that the result is the dirty secret of spectra.
  125. IronMikeAC

    Mak30iisea braid

    I have tested many brands of braid. Most break about 50% of rated strength. Really.
  126. IronMikeAC

    Late (3 day) report....BRIDLE WORKS..."dont fish 80"..and other stories

    Congrats Mark. Nice haul. And yes Lackey is the best.
  127. IronMikeAC

    Pac Queen 3 day prep

    You need 300g and 400g knife jig.
  128. IronMikeAC

    Rod Guide Rings keep breaking off

    I call them deck guides. Cause I always would find them on the deck. I rewrap all in turbos now. If you really want then resolder will 56% silver solder.
  129. IronMikeAC

    YT on the paddys?

    Just got back. Many 15 to 25 lbs. All flyline bait.
  130. IronMikeAC

    Trip report-independence 7 day. July 17-24

    I'm curious if Matt or anyone brought up going to Lupe. I'd be bummed if I didnt go there on a 7 day.
  131. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall set up

    I use a forged stinger hook on the bottom not top .
  132. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall set up

    Not a bad question.. 130lb fluror leader, crimped to jig ans swivel. This year using all 130 and 200lb 7strand stainless wire.
  133. IronMikeAC

    Is it over????

    The issue this year as last year, big schools of anchovies showed up. Whe they get keyed in On that bait, they don't bite anything else.
  134. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall set up

    I got a 260 last year on that exact jig and rigging.
  135. IronMikeAC

    Shit, now how many set-ups for a 3 day?

    Agreed. never caught one in the garage. For everyone's info, Thunderbird caught 6 cows off Clemente last nite.
  136. IronMikeAC

    Shit, now how many set-ups for a 3 day?

    I'll hide a few till we get to American waters.
  137. IronMikeAC

    Shit, now how many set-ups for a 3 day?

    So I'm out on my annual 3 day on the Vagabond on Thursday , 7/22. I love that boat for a 3 day. I was at 6 or 7 set-ups. Now there's great YT fishing south, surface iron paddies, popper BFT schools and cows on the loose around Clemente. I'm at 11 set-ups from 25 to 130, including now...
  138. IronMikeAC

    Calstar Rail Rod 770XH

    Nice BFT rod
  139. IronMikeAC

    Mak 20-30

    Mak30 is not a popular because is bigger than the 20, but same drag. Granted more line capacity, but no real advantages, just a disadvantage of a wider reel. Both get about about 50lb drag full.
  140. IronMikeAC

    Upgrading Penn30sw drags

  141. IronMikeAC

    Upgrading Penn30sw drags

    So can I buy a duradrag washing in the 30sw size?
  142. IronMikeAC

    Upgrading Penn30sw drags

    I'm doing maintenence on an old Penn30sw. Drag is mostly gone but I dont want to but the drag and drag cover assembly. I've removed the drag from the plate where it was glued. Im buying a sheet of Carbontex and will cut to suit. So here's my question. The drag is basically a donut and only...
  143. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Big Local Bluefin on the Popper - 7/9

    Dude. Well done! I was just wondering when someone was going to hang one on a popper.
  144. IronMikeAC

    Makaira 16sea questions

    Sorry but I always chuckle at these questions. How do you know you'll "only" get bit by a 175 pounder.
  145. IronMikeAC

    Re-shaping rod grips without rebuilding?

    Easiest thing is remove all foam, then cork tape to your liking, then xshrink or cold shrink. I spiral wrap the cork for finger grooves before shrink tube
  146. IronMikeAC

    Avet HXJ Raptor gunmetal 9 of 10

    She's a beautiful. I definitely don't need another Raptor, well, except I don't have THAT model.
  147. IronMikeAC

    Stubby screwdriver for tightening reel clamps avet reels

    I ground down the teeth of one of the avet little steel drivers, then mounted in a slot in a wood dowel. The perfect device.
  148. IronMikeAC

    Royal Star 7 day report (6/26-7/3)

    I hate to repeat the sacrilege, but the RP knot SUCKS! Nice report and always love the almost-got-spooled stories. I don't care what anyone says, the RP knot sucks. Same happened to me on a 50lb or so bluefin. All Tony Pena from then.
  149. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall/ SK retrieve?

    I have caught many bluefin and have caught big ones, but have never seen that many big ones bite like that.
  150. IronMikeAC

    Full day offshore advice

    You need an 80lb setup
  151. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall/ SK retrieve?

    This our all nite sinker rig bite last week and 120lb daytime flyline.
  152. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall/ SK retrieve?

    Sinker rig fishing is slow fishing. Lets the bait sink slowly, about the same rate as they swim.when you get to about 200 feet. Stop and hold it for maybe 30 seconds. Then slowly wind it back and change bait. All my bites were on slow fall and stop.
  153. IronMikeAC

    Need adivce on a bigger setup 80#+

    I'll third vote that, but it aint cheap. Bottom line, you need a legit 100lb set-up for cows, not a 60lb set-up you put 100 on. RedRooster3 got a bunch of cows on their 1.75 dayer last week.
  154. IronMikeAC

    Bft and squid

    Last weeks I fished a glow squid jig down deep by No bites.
  155. IronMikeAC

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    Good point about maybe a swordfish. Intriguing
  156. IronMikeAC

    Current supply of tackle

    I've had good luck on Ebay. Ordered some 250g SK jigs today. And weights.
  157. IronMikeAC

    Excalibur over night Won tournament

    Chuck Taft, sounds exactly like.....Bob Taft. Hard working old salt.
  158. IronMikeAC


    As someone said park at the Ramada. $15 per day and not so obvious your fishing for a few days.NEVER park at extended parking. Bad shit happens there.
  159. IronMikeAC

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    Not a private.
  160. IronMikeAC

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    Open party one day.
  161. IronMikeAC

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    They didn't say, but obviously under gunned.
  162. IronMikeAC

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    Heard a report from the Old Glory they pulled on a big fish for 7.5 hours, then broke the rod, broke the line. Maybe heartbreak of the year?
  163. IronMikeAC

    Marking spectra

    I stopped marking line and just determine fall rate of the jigs. Usually between 4 feet (200g) and 6 feet (300g) a second.
  164. IronMikeAC

    Offshore 6/22 Report BFT Limits

    Im sure you had 3 anglers on the boat..........
  165. IronMikeAC

    sinker rig hook set

    I just caught 6 up to 120 lbs on sinker. Here's my take. When you're fishing deep, bluefin are casually foraging, not aggressively predatory bites. As a result, they open mouth, inhale bait, close mouth. The first tug you feel is teeth on the line slow tug, bait is 3 feet inside tuna. At that...
  166. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Redrooster3 Fatherday 3 day

    Drop slow. Similar speed to a sardine swimming. When you get to about 200 feet, stop and hold for a few minutes, then wind back slow. All my bites on drop, and stop.
  167. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Redrooster3 Fatherday 3 day

    Just got back from the Rooster Trip, Sonny Jones chartmaster. Best BFT fishing I've ever seen. First bite, first nite from 1:30 am to sunrise on 50 to 100lb BFTs. Nearly wide open. All on sinker rigs. Tried lots jigs for nothing. Got 80 in that drift and went thru almost all my lead They were...
  168. IronMikeAC

    Pacific Queen...what's the skinny?

    Sounds to me like you need 2 setups. 40lb for the school sized 40 to 60 lasers. 100lb for bigger fish at nite on jigs.
  169. IronMikeAC

    Slow Pitch Jigging Rod for 100lb+ Tuna

    As Shane said 25lb at strike, BUT don't fish at strike. Fish about 1/2 way to strike, then bump up after you set into the fight. Many fish lost for pushing drag up on first run.
  170. IronMikeAC

    Slow Pitch Jigging Rod for 100lb+ Tuna

    The ideal rod is 7 foot with a XXH tip and 4x butt. 2x4 or 770XXH for example.
  171. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Rooster Open Spots June 17 3day

    Me and 2 buddies are heading out on the rooster3 , 3 day. They just posted that they have 3 open spots June 17-20. 3 days chasing cow BFT, priceless.
  172. IronMikeAC

    Buckets on the Rooster?

    Got my pre-trip info for my upcoming Redrooster3 trip. Info says. No buckets? I have alot of my iron and lead in a bucket. Anyone have any recent experience with this? Stow on the top deck?
  173. IronMikeAC

    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    Kudos for great info report
  174. IronMikeAC

    What Ever Happened To Stand-up Rods?

    My short answer is no. The longer rod with a 2x tip allows some give and flex when the boat rocks or the fish turns up so you don't send a loose loop down the line.
  175. IronMikeAC

    Mono vs Fluoro Equivalence for BFT chew leaders

    So here is my new take on chafe leaders. I'm rigging my big nitghtime jugs with 200lb nylon coated wire. Smaller diam than 200 or 300lb mono or fluoro. My smaller jigs im using 125 black wire. Very small diameter and since there's nothing on a tuna that's harder than wire, they can never chew thru.
  176. IronMikeAC

    Thoughts on going old school on these BFT?

    The 30sw are fine, the question is what drag were they blusprinted to for freepool. As for the rods, they are not good with the current style of rail fishing. Believe it or not they can be lengthened from the butt end. Or buy some good 100lb class uses rods. As for the weight of the reel, put...
  177. IronMikeAC

    Redrooster3 June 17 to 20

    Heading out on the Rooster with 2 buddies June 17-20. Anyone else? I have so many jigs, Im going to distribute the weight so the boat doesn't list.
  178. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 1 1/2 day. SMASHING BFT 6/7-9

    That is one (bluefin) fishy boat!
  179. IronMikeAC

    New to Tuna/Big Fish: Want advice on rod/reel

    Which trips, boat, days?
  180. IronMikeAC

    Talica 16 ii for trolling and jigging

    Problem is, you don't know if you'll get bit by a 50lb, 150lb or 250lb tuna. Looks to be a good 50-60lb reel.
  181. IronMikeAC

    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    I do exactly what VooDoo says. Except sometime I get too aggressive with a butane flame after applying and it liquifies and drips. Buts it does even out the coats and removes bubble. Also, I seem to have the best luck with ProKote. I find FlexCoat temperamental, but maybe that's just me,
  182. IronMikeAC


    I used 3 turn double double surgeon for mono to fluoro, uni for all hooks.
  183. IronMikeAC


    Well, I stopped tying the improved JC a long time ago. near as I can tell, deckhands double the spectra before they insert into the mono loop. There surely is someone around here who knows.
  184. IronMikeAC


    So I used to tie the John Collins the way John taught me. Then I lost a medium size bluefin. Since then I have only used the Tony Pena and never had a failure. My opinion is the current version of the John Collins has been modified by deck hands on the RP, so you can consider it the Improved...
  185. IronMikeAC

    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    Interesting thing: if you read the Makaira site they say they are just like reel blueprinted by Cal Sheets. Your 50sw is perfectly fine for a heavy reel, as is your 30t. Your 16s is probably fine also as a 60lb reel,, but may not sure how much drag it gets.. Other issue is its hard to sell them...
  186. IronMikeAC

    Fish processors maxed out

    I think which boat you're on has something to do with your place in line.
  187. IronMikeAC

    200lb hollow vs 130lb for BFT on a Mak30

    Agreed on the 130 spectra to 130 mono. How much 130 spectra can the Mak30 hold, 800 yds? Plus, with stretch of mono and drag on the reel, hardest the spectra will get pulled is prob 40lb.
  188. IronMikeAC

    Is it just for Trolling? Tac 20ii

    That things is a piece of crap good only for trolling. I ll take it off you hands if you want. Seriously, perfect BFT reel.
  189. IronMikeAC


    I have all of those reels also. Your fine. All get nearly 50lb drag max. I would put 130 topshot (30 yards) on the Mak20 for fishing bigger jigs over 300g at nite, deep.
  190. IronMikeAC

    Reel Clamp Sizing Help

    Gotta measure distance between outside edges of lug screws.
  191. IronMikeAC

    Wtb calstar 7400xh

    Curious. Calstar doesn't list 7400 XXH. What are the specs.
  192. IronMikeAC

    Where can I buy this jig?

    someone who sells Japanese Knife jigs. Try Ebay.
  193. IronMikeAC

    Fish processors maxed out

    I processed some YT from my last trip. Cutting is easy. Getting rid of the carcass is a problem. I put it my compost bin, wife asked "What is that Smell?". Racoon dug it out and left it behind the garage. Getting rid of 150lb carcasses ? Maybe the morgue.
  194. IronMikeAC

    Help Me shorten my Learning Curve for recording on the GoPro

    Put it on your head, and go Live View on your phone. With image stabilization the shots are awesome. You'll also learn the best angle to point up and down to get the shots you want. Hint: you point it level and you get good coverage up and down, and get good down footage anyway when you look down.
  195. IronMikeAC

    Fish processors maxed out

    My buddy just got back on an Islander 2.5 day. They came back with an epic load of BFTs, as did Vagabond, Angler and others. They were last in order at the processors. His fish took 12 hours till they cut it for same day. Never heard them that busy before. Not criticizing the processors but...
  196. IronMikeAC

    Best month for bluefin

    It was May, then June, the July, Then August, then September, then October, then they never left.
  197. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Aint we friends no more.
  198. IronMikeAC

    Help Me shorten my Learning Curve for recording on the GoPro

    Here's what I've learned from my Gopro 7 last year. Head mount is best cause it points where you are looking, and you can purposefully look at certain things to get the shots you want Learn the beeps for instant record and off so you don't have to look. Remember to turn if OFF or you'll burn...
  199. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Go crush it.
  200. IronMikeAC

    Avet LX 2 speed for Bluefin

    Agreed. The LXR can get almost 40lb drag. So if its raptor, great. The regular LX is a wide JX. I wouldn't want to hook one of those 150s on a jx. You'll be smoked.
  201. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    3.5 Day = TG80?
  202. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Plus a few that don't report that loaded up, Vagabond to name one but we all know its a bluefin catching boat
  203. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Based on some guys I talked too from the past 3 days, almost all sinker and jig fish. Not many on the kite.
  204. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    What boat? One of the "quiet boats" came in yesterday with a massive catch. One of those?
  205. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Really? 5, 3-day trips and a few one days not enough. Whats my limit?
  206. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Ok guys, enough with the constant reports on BFT limits up to 200lbs. Its killing me. I have a RR3 trip father day weekend and am concerned there might not be any left. So enough already, leave a few please.
  207. IronMikeAC

    Hx for bluefin

    I have caught fish up to 150llb on my HX which is a good daytime sinker rig. For nite, you need at least 100lb, so HXW Rapt, AVET 30 or similar.
  208. IronMikeAC

    Top Gun 80 elixir of choice?

    Julio still there. Unfortunately not Nate. I always bring yellow Gatorade.
  209. IronMikeAC

    30Lb rob reel combo

  210. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    58? It was was 55 a few weeks ago!, I had the same albie thought also, but it passed.
  211. IronMikeAC

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

    See if you can find a 50sw that had been blueprinted. There's some older model Seeker 6463Xxxh out there also.
  212. IronMikeAC

    Live Bait Sinker Rig for Bluefin

    I do. 4/0
  213. IronMikeAC

    Paint a Blank

    Use Appliance or Epoxy spray paint.
  214. IronMikeAC

    Horizon goin to Guadalupe

    Guy on swimstep: I took my hat off, now what do I do?
  215. IronMikeAC

    San Diego offshore weather

    There's a silver lining for these weekend trips. Theres won't be any private boats out in that weather. Just us albacore fisherman.
  216. IronMikeAC

    San Diego offshore weather

    I'm on 2.5 day leaving Friday nite. We'll see what they say come Thursday.
  217. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    Mine leaves 5/21. great boat.
  218. IronMikeAC

    Quick Report: Searcher 2.5 Day 5/14-5/17

    Great info Steve. Thanks. I'm out on the Islander 5/21 2.5 day.
  219. IronMikeAC

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    I love the Shogun. Big wide heavy boat. But 25 knots and and 10 foot swells is nautical no matter which boat you're on. Forecasts are improving for Sat and Sunday looks awesome. We used to call it One Hand fishing, one hand for the rod, one hand for the rail. Bring your foul weather gear and...
  220. IronMikeAC

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    Thunderbird said 100 skiffs at the Island. Couldn't catch YT. Wonder why. . Curous at what point they stop reporting big catches and leaving ther AIS on.
  221. IronMikeAC

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    Easy guys, just supposed to an interesting, funny post. The screen capture cracked me up. Am out on a 2.5 day next weekend.. weather permttng. Effigy's a good guy.
  222. IronMikeAC

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    Word has it there's some boats off Ensenada too tying for big ones.
  223. IronMikeAC

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

  224. IronMikeAC

    Stinger hooks for Flatfalls.

    In out on Islander 5/21 , 2.5 day
  225. IronMikeAC

    Stinger hooks for Flatfalls.

    Past few years I had been using Owner Jobu hooks for the tail of my flatfalls. These hooks are now $4-5 a hook. I ordered some MagBay 7/0 and 8/0 from ebay. $1.5 a hook, $8 for pack of 5.Though the eye is bent but not welded, I really like their quality. Put it one some new 320g mustad jigs...
  226. IronMikeAC

    Overnight....Condor or Producer

    I like the Condor. Big long boat, lots of rod space, and some huge bunks if you get early enough to snag one.
  227. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    Strange its not booking. Topgun80 and Polaris Supreme also have trips posted same dates.
  228. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    Looks like still on 2 reserves. I think they'll go with 13 or 14 so a chance to fish the Islander half full
  229. IronMikeAC

    CRB Wireframe Boat Guides

    I've built rods with them before. By Fuji. They are indestructible and heavy. Will change the action of your stick. They don't make em.anymore. try ebay.
  230. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    Only 2 reserves right now. My and a buddy.
  231. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    Its posted on Fishermans Landing. Not their site.
  232. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    I see that the Islander put some last minute 2.5 day trips online next 2 weekends. Look very interesting given the bite seems to be improving.
  233. IronMikeAC

    What knot for 100lb mono/flouro to hook/jig?

    I tie single uni on all my fish up to 300lb thus far. 100lb breaks about 150lb, so the knot is not the reason you'll lose a fish. Knucklehead fishing all spectra next to you is.
  234. IronMikeAC

    Another Covid rod builder...

    Agreed about Sam and the guys at Island tackle. A 7 foot medium or medium heavy rod is probably the most versatile one to build. Good one to start with but I didn't see it in your list.
  235. IronMikeAC

    Another flat fall rigging thread

    I'll post a pic, but I just bend the hook prong, put a large swivel on the hook, then weld a ring thru the swivel and jig. Quick simple.
  236. IronMikeAC

    1.5 day rod/reel help

    Your set. have a range of hooks from #4 to 4/0. and of course flatfalls and snipers.
  237. IronMikeAC

    Mono vs Fluoro Equivalence for BFT chew leaders

    I use 130lb fluoro for 200g and smaller jigs.
  238. IronMikeAC

    Mono vs Fluoro Equivalence for BFT chew leaders

    I have successfully used 200lb mono which is inexpensive, and 130lb fluoro for 200lb BFT. I see them as equivalent.
  239. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme 4/23 - Nothing to report.

    Fishing had been quite good on BFTs a day or 2 before our trip which is probably the kiss of death for bluefin. Capt Aliyar's galley talk was to sleep on the way down, and be ready to fish all nite. There was one BFT caught about 2 am on a flat fall out of 3 bites. Only bft for the trip. Boat...
  240. IronMikeAC

    Equipment check up for Tuna/San Diego Newbie. 2.5 day Pacifica sep 4-7 Penn trip

    First, you won't really know until reports from August. Your HX is good for BFT up to about 150lb. For tuna that are 150 up to 350 or more, you need a legit 100 or 130lb rig. The SDS50, Mak20 or similar on a 2x4 type rod. They can be rented. You can also reach out to Steve Carson on BD and ask...
  241. IronMikeAC

    American Angler haul 4/22

    Fricking 120 AVERAGE. AVERAGE! Unbeleivable.
  242. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme 4/23 3 Day

    FK YEAH. Stoked on Bluefin.
  243. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme 4/23 3 Day

    Heading out tomorrow on this PS 3-day. Totally stoked about the recent catches of the RP and others. Debating between 9 or 10 set-ups. Do I even need 25 and 30lb? Maye just for YT. I can't resist briniging my 100j and surface irons.
  244. IronMikeAC

    Full moon Effects on Blue fin

    Most captains say there's no real affect, But they post "Full Moon Bluefin" trips because anglers think it matters. Still, if you don't get bit after the full moon, Captains often say it's because we are fishing after the full. In general, I try to book trips between dark and full. In the...
  245. IronMikeAC

    60# UC rod

    I have mine on a Calstar 875XXh. Got a 150lb bft on it last year. Performed great.
  246. IronMikeAC

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    Bronze is stronger but a much hotter welding temp. Closer to 1700 than 1200 for silver solder. To get the stainless that hot turns the rings black.
  247. IronMikeAC


    So it depends on how much spectra you want to add. I always want that connection to be buried in the spool, so I do a reel to reel removal or line stripper, then add the new spectra first. Then uni to uni, then the rest of the spectra. That way you'll probably never see that knot again.
  248. IronMikeAC

    Mak 30 sea capacity

    I think 700 yards ?
  249. IronMikeAC

    100# Rail and Back-up Kite Setup

    Perfect! Got a 270 on similar setup last year.
  250. IronMikeAC

    Mak 30 sea capacity

    130 spectra to 30 yards of 130 mono.
  251. IronMikeAC

    100# rigging advice

    For sure connection is important so you have to get good, or know someone who is good at spectra to mono connections. Doesn't matter if its hollow or solid. I used the Tony Pena and have fish up to 270 on it. For mono to fluro, I always use 3 turn double surgeon.
  252. IronMikeAC

    100# rigging advice

    My HXW raptor is spectra to 30 yds of 100lb mono. I like the stretch for big BFT.
  253. IronMikeAC

    Live Bait Sinker Rig for Bluefin

    Rig Above the knot. It doesn't slide up. But I dont want it sliding down during the fight. Same concept as a carolina keeper with the weight above the knot.
  254. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Polaris Supreme BFT Thursday 15 April

    I don't know about the BFT shown, but my experience from last 2 years is 60 fluro to 60 or 80 mono.
  255. IronMikeAC

    50-60# rod for sinker rig/ bait

    I've thought alot about your question. I think a strategy is to get a heavy daytime reel like an used Avet LX Raptor, Fathom60 or Speedmaster 25 on a 7 foot XH, 60 to 100lb rod. Fish it 100 mono, with 60lb Fluoro during the day. Then you can use the same reel at night with straight mono to jig...
  256. IronMikeAC

    Live Bait Sinker Rig for Bluefin

    Gary, awesome tutorial. Seems like just yesterday we only rigged the top ring of the sinker and heard it banging against the wheel house and got in a ton of helicopter tangles.
  257. IronMikeAC

    Another Rainshadow SWB70H Sparky the Sun Devil Arizona State University

    Thanks. I wrap rods but never had the patience to do the chevrons or diamonds. What guide/book do you follow, Clemmons?
  258. IronMikeAC

    Boarding the Polaris Supreme at Seaforth

    Wondering the boarding procedure and if it's anything like Fishermans. Big carts? Line up by order paid? First come, first in line? Help loading all my ton of shit? Crazy mad unorganized running-of-the-bulls rush to get the best tackle spots? Fish processors when you get back?
  259. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Polaris Supreme BFT Thursday 15 April

    Things to note, Big Fish, Daytime, (Sinker rig?), nice weather. Great job.
  260. IronMikeAC

    Another Rainshadow SWB70H Sparky the Sun Devil Arizona State University

    Nice, but wouldn't red and blue be a better choice with Bear Down slogan?!
  261. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Polaris Supreme BFT Thursday 15 April

    Heck yeah. I'm on their 3 day next weekend.
  262. IronMikeAC

    Flat Fall jigging set-up?

    Agreed, but I now calibrate the fall rAte of various jigs, and let them sink to a certain count. Its independent of the boat drift speed. I don't know much about the reel but 44lb drag is about enough. I prefer 50+ lbs and have used it. It also lists capacity of 470 yds of 100lb, but you may...
  263. IronMikeAC

    50-60# rod for sinker rig/ bait

    So your issue is you need a day time rig for sinker on 60, nitetime rig for flatfalll on 100. I saw so many people get smoked last year fishing 50 or 60 on flatfalls at nite.
  264. IronMikeAC

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    Took me a while to learn. For 56% silver solder it is considered low temperature and flows at 1200 deg F. For stainless rings, apply black flux liberally to the joint. Heat with pencil flame. A few seconds after the flux burns off, touch the joint quickly with the solder, should fill the joint...
  265. IronMikeAC

    7 feet a 12 sec - Fishable ?

    I have a trip coming up on the Polaris Supreme. Windy says 7-8 foot swells at 10 sec. I usually check wind and not sea state, but this seems challenging conditions. Your knowledgeable opinion?
  266. IronMikeAC

    A Little Sample: Shogun 4/12

    Great report. Im out on the Polaris Supreme 3 day next week.
  267. IronMikeAC

    Where is the first string Sport fishing boat ? It was spotted at Ensenada Mexico marina. Can Ask Sergio sport fishing in Ensenada for a update .

    I heard from a captain Steele Hull had a lot of corrosion which is difficult to fix.
  268. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme 4/23 3 Day

    Myself and my buddy Adrian.
  269. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme - April 23 to 26

    True that.
  270. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme - April 23 to 26

    Don't you just love typos. Another thread a guy said he's waiting to get his Avet Rapture fixed. Long wait for Rapture.
  271. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme - April 23 to 26

    Yeah, 3 days are my new 10 day trips. I have 4 booked this year.
  272. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme - April 23 to 26

    Just signed up for this trip with my buddy Adrian. Anyone else riding on this trip?
  273. IronMikeAC

    Casting Cannon?

    Thanks. Was thinking of trying one for surface iron on SD boats.
  274. IronMikeAC

    Casting Cannon?

    I was watching a guys on YouTube taking about long casting. He said he uses a casting cannon. Basically a release clip. First I ever heard of it. He also said he used a birthday candle to coat his guides. Sonething new to try..
  275. IronMikeAC

    Line Saver on Heavy Leaders

    Green plastic springs
  276. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    I can tell you that, bar none, the people I give fish to absolutely love Albacore over any other kind of tuna. I miss smoking em
  277. IronMikeAC

    Avet Reels manufacturing running months behind on orders?

    You'll wait forever if you're waiting for rapture. :).
  278. IronMikeAC

    Searched Accurate 4 day 7/18-22

    Young captain Mike runs most of the trips. Energetic and a great captain to fish with. Awesome boat and operation.
  279. IronMikeAC

    Starter Rod Combos For Multi Day Trips

    So this first question is you overall budget. Best options tend to be used tackle from BD or Facebook Marketplace that come with spectra. Just 3 rigs? You need 25 lb rig that go down to 20 or up to 30 50lb rig that can fish 40 to 60 100lb rig Basic gear would be AVET MX or Penn 25 Fathom on a...
  280. IronMikeAC

    Season anglers need apply

    You mean these guys? With lucky Dimitri? And, hey as far as getting help, what happens on the boat stays on the boat.
  281. IronMikeAC

    Season anglers need apply

    I recommend you beg, borrow or steal a 100lb rig in the Mak20 class. Big fish out there. This fish was caught on 100lb rig, prob 500 feet deep, TG80, 3.5 day last year. Almost 2 hrs to land.
  282. IronMikeAC

    My (proposed) 5 Setups for 3 Day Trips out of San Diego for 2021...

    I always take 3 heavier set-ups, 60lb for sinker rig during the day, 100lb for smaller flat falls (160,200g) and 130 for larger flat falls. My biggest fish last year, 270lb was on a small 200g flatfall.
  283. IronMikeAC

    Cold Water This Year

  284. IronMikeAC

    Another Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    Great looking build. How long does it take you to do the X wraps?
  285. IronMikeAC

    Taking ideas

    For me, I like colors I can easily spot on the rod racks. Seems like my rods wander around the boat when I'm not looking.
  286. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin Stocks in Baja

    They are already within 120 miles of SD. Angler and Old Glory both hooked 100+ lb fish. Anglers got ones About 100 and 160. Not sure about OG.
  287. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin Stocks in Baja

    I wouldn't be optimistic about Dorado this year. We are definitely in a cold water La Nina type year. That said, Jim Hughes reports commercial boats catching albacore a few hundred miles southwest of SD, az opposed to 500miles west in past years. Heres hopin.
  288. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin Stocks in Baja

    Reports from the spotter plane is the most hes ever seen and commercial fleet finished the earliest ever. He reports fish from 50 to 400lb.
  289. IronMikeAC

    Seeker Classic 6455XXH AR rod

    First, let me restate the procedure. You don't need to strip the old guides. Just remove the grips and loosen reel seat. You'll end up adding one lower guide after the rebuild. Now, your question. The rod action on most rods is defined by the top half flexure and taper. But the lower half will...
  290. IronMikeAC

    Seeker Classic 6455XXH AR rod

    No secret but you need a rod blank to cut up, or buy a slick butt to extend. The cut rod method is alot of work . I call them my Frankenstein rods. So you have to strip the guides, grips and reel seat that can be reused. The cut blank should be cut where the diameter is close to butt of the...
  291. IronMikeAC

    Glow in the dark lures.

    Yes. Every time though I honestly think it doest matter.
  292. IronMikeAC

    Flat fall jigging rod lengths for 250-320 gram lures

    So I'm fortunate with 3 YFT cows and 2 BFT cows,both on flatfall. Biggest BFT on my small 200g flatfall. How heavy is the Viper rated? Your Mak50 on the Viper or new 2x4 is your go-to. Your 30sw is marginal but the good thing is you don't need freespool to flatfall. Test the max drag on it...
  293. IronMikeAC

    Seeker Classic 6455XXH AR rod

    So there's another option. I been lengthening some old rods by adding 14" butt section. You'd have a 6'8" rod. Also, I think 150 is a bit much IMHO.
  294. IronMikeAC

    Glow in the dark lures.

    I use this one. Dries slow, needs 3 coats. I like it.
  295. IronMikeAC

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    I bought a PENN 70S many years ago for big YFT with a year end bonus. Impossible to fish with. Was gonna use it for kites but the boats all had kite gear. Took me forever to sell it.
  296. IronMikeAC

    UC GP80 Monster - Tip Size

    I just stripped off all my 8's and put on 10s. My TonyPena hang on the 8s.
  297. IronMikeAC

    Surface Iron - all spectra

  298. IronMikeAC

    Surface Iron - all spectra

    Thanks. I think that's the route Im going. My thumb will be happier. Set-up is Trin20 on a 90J. Convertible to a 100j.
  299. IronMikeAC

    Surface Iron - all spectra

    Every year I consider going to all spectra on my surface iron reels. I have never made the switch but I hate the feel of the spectra/mono knot spinning thru my thumb. How does all spectra work for those who do it.
  300. IronMikeAC

    3.5 day boat choice

    I dont know anything about the Excalibur but just watched the video on their site. Nice boat.
  301. IronMikeAC

    Preferred Reel choices for Long Range

    NEED? Maybe not. But last 2 years we were fishing school sized BFT and I almost got spooled on bigger models.
  302. IronMikeAC

    Preferred Reel choices for Long Range

    NEED? Maybe not. But last 2 years we were fishing school sized BFT and I almost got spooled on bigger models.
  303. IronMikeAC

    Preferred Reel choices for Long Range

    I basically have the same line up as you. The Tiagra20 is too heavy for what it does, and you don't need it. The blueprinted 16s and 30s are highly usable even if backups to the HXR and HXWR. Basically, any boat the leaves SD over 1 day you need to be able to fish from 25lb to 100lb+ line and...
  304. IronMikeAC

    3.5 day boat choice

    TG80 is a hard working boat with cabins. That's my choice. Bob doesn't brag on social media, so its a "quiet boat", but he works his ass off
  305. IronMikeAC

    Glow paint for tady

    No. It dries hard. Best result is bluefin teeth scrape it.
  306. IronMikeAC

    Glow paint for tady

    I use this stuff. A few thick coats. Glows bright.
  307. IronMikeAC

    Rod finish question

    I usually remove all old epoxy, sand smooth, spray paint my color of choice then Classic epoxy
  308. IronMikeAC

    Is 90J + 12" = 100J?

    Thanks. Ill toss some salas7xs and see how it feels.
  309. IronMikeAC

    LB 6480H question

    I assume it has those old 2-footed stainless rings. I hate those things, always pops in the middle of the trip. Get some basic turbos and rewrap it. I've done that with all my old seekers. Blank is still awesome.
  310. IronMikeAC

    New wrapping bench

    Looks like a surgical room. Mine has thread and epoxy everywhere.
  311. IronMikeAC

    Is 90J + 12" = 100J?

    So I had some extra blank, and it fit into the butt of the 90J and adds 12". added chord wrap to match the diameter. I actually didnt epoxy it to I can extend it any tine I want. Question is: is it now a 100J?
  312. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Old Glory 3/12 roll call. Anyone on this one?

    Curious if hey got their AC working in the bunk room? It was toasty last time I was on there.
  313. IronMikeAC


    Are you ready for big bluefin? GREAT condition inside and out Penn50sw includes TBar handle (worth$50) reel block (worth $30) spool shaft freespool sleeve (worth $40) and about 300 yds of 135 white spectra worth $50. Asking $429.
  314. IronMikeAC

    Mak 30 SEA as new

    Damned great reel and price with the Spectra
  315. IronMikeAC

    Built new rod, not sure its use?

    Thanks All. I guess it's my new popper stick. Too long for yoyo or dropper. I have a 3 day on the Rooster in June I'll try it out. Thanks again. Mike
  316. IronMikeAC

    Built new rod, not sure its use?

    So I was in Island Tackle and saw a cool rainshadow blank. 8'10" blue blank, 40 to 60 lb. I really like the way it turned out and took it out last year. I now realize I don't know when I can use it. Its too stiff for surface iron ( I tried), and too long for big tuna. Maybe island yellowtail...
  317. IronMikeAC

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    Curious what would happen if you contacted OfferUp?
  318. IronMikeAC

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    REALLY? Its on OfferUp. Search "macaira" though it now says sold.
  319. IronMikeAC

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Found some d holographic thread in the back of the box..
  320. IronMikeAC

    Tiburon or Baker 30sw frame?

    Does anyone know if Tiburon or Baker made topless frames for a 30sw? I've searched but cannot find .
  321. IronMikeAC

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    I like to meet at a local tackle store or police station.
  322. IronMikeAC

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    3 diff rods. Shimano Tallus Rainshadows-charkbait CALIFORNIAN
  323. IronMikeAC

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    Guy in Lahabra is advertising a Tac25 for 250 and Mak30 for 250. Plus matching rods for 100 each. Looks pretty sketchy to me.
  324. IronMikeAC

    WTB Used Makaira 30

    Thanks everyone. I got a good used one from Kos.
  325. IronMikeAC

    WTB Used Makaira 30

    Thanks. More likely I'll buy one in the LA area. Thanks.
  326. IronMikeAC

    WTB Used Makaira 30

    Looking for a Makaira 30 if anyone has one "laying around" they want to sell. Please send some pictures of the reel (not just the box). Used with a few scratches is fine with me. Thanks.
  327. IronMikeAC

    Good starter boat

    I've spent a few hundred days on SD sportfishing boats and thinking of getting my own. What would be a good starter boat that can fish and sleep 3 -4 and be able to fish Catalina, Clemente and maybe Tanner, Cortez, and point south in Mex. waters for tuna. It would need to be less than $100k...
  328. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Bluefin trip going this friday and weather is good

    My best guess is we were near the Lower 500 high spot (just an educated guess). Tuna were on the blue side of a green/blue transition over the high spot. The transition was not sharp as we normally see in summer because most of the water was pretty generic 59 degrees. One thing: where we saw...
  329. IronMikeAC

    Calstar GFGR 875xh - 50# or 60#

    I fish my 875xxh with 60. Got a 150lb bft on a sinker rig.
  330. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Bluefin trip going this friday and weather is good

    Nothing exact. We were west of Colonet trolling offshore banks looking for blue water edges. Sorry I didnt the get coordinates. I think Pacific Queen and Daiwa pacific made a run to where we were also.
  331. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Bluefin trip going this friday and weather is good

    Yeah. Paddie hopping in Feb, priceless.
  332. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Bluefin trip going this friday and weather is good

    So we went way south outside of Colonet. Drove over a few schools of BFTs and one came up off the bow but no biters. We did get 90+ YT TO 15 LBS on paddies believe it or not.
  333. IronMikeAC

    50 Penn sw 2 speed

    Good to know.
  334. IronMikeAC

    How do remove Alps aluminum reel seat?

    Are you also removing the guides? IFf not, you can grind the butt down to the seat diameter and heat it, then twist it with a reel in the seat to undscrew it from the butt end.
  335. IronMikeAC

    50 Penn sw 2 speed

    Scott. I have one myself, but they seem a tough sell around here.
  336. IronMikeAC

    **** Makaira 30IISEa ****

    Did the Mak30 ever sell?
  337. IronMikeAC

    30SW top bar removal?

    It's pretty boat worn. Port not worth more than 200. I have other 100, 130, and 150 lb rigs.
  338. IronMikeAC

    30SW top bar removal?

    Thanks! Looks pretty good.
  339. IronMikeAC

    30SW top bar removal?

    Can you send me a pic if you chopped 12T? Thanks.
  340. IronMikeAC

    30SW top bar removal?

    I have an old 30SW I don't use much anymore. I was thinking of making it topless by cutting/removing the top frame bar. Has anyone tried that before? Curious.
  341. IronMikeAC

    Makaira 20 - loose spool?

    It shifts side to side in freespool. Seems too loose to me.
  342. IronMikeAC

    Makaira 20 - loose spool?

    I picked aused Mak 20 from a private boater. The reel has a loose spool with noticeable side to side play. Is this typical for these reels?
  343. IronMikeAC

    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    So does anyone know if there will be good long range fish processing at Seaforth?
  344. IronMikeAC

    50 Penn sw 2 speed

    They guys in Texas and Florida use em for sharks. Find a way to advertise there. Prob Ebay.
  345. IronMikeAC

    Super Seeker 1x3 & 2x4 OSP

    What TAC is on the 2x4?
  346. IronMikeAC

    Avet HXW 2 raptor. max drag with free spool?

    You are correct. I have tested mine to 27 at strike. 50 full with freespool.
  347. IronMikeAC

    SS OC 3X5

    Great big BFT rod.
  348. IronMikeAC

    30 fixed/not fixed.

    No parts came back.
  349. IronMikeAC

    30 fixed/not fixed.

    Agreed but I just want to get it to factory specs without paying $175 plus shipping.
  350. IronMikeAC

    30 fixed/not fixed.

    I wrote the need to fix the drag on tape on the left side plate!
  351. IronMikeAC

    Lookin for Avet Pro EX30/2

    I have one. 1/2 spooled with 100lb spectra.
  352. IronMikeAC

    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    I have caught most of my fish with a 3 turn surgeon Fluro to Mono. As for Spectra to fluro or mono, no way. Not enough turns in the spectra for the total friction to be close the spectra breaking strength. There's a simple test; do the 3 turn and pull on it. should slip right out.
  353. IronMikeAC

    What are the specs on the Cofe Tiagra 20?

    What are the specs on the Cofe Tiagra 20?
  354. IronMikeAC

    Sad WON article

    Life is so short. Did I accomplish what I wanted? Hard to say. But I bet Jack did.
  355. IronMikeAC

    Avet EXW 30/2 or 50/2

    Any interest in. 30/2? Holds lots of 100lb spectra.
  356. IronMikeAC


    Problem is, you never know what you'll hook. Last year we had stops with fish between 90 and 300. Plus the TLDs have those crappy little handles. Don't do it!
  357. IronMikeAC


    All the above answers are great. I have 2 over 200 on flatfalls in the past 2 years, and another 5 between 100 and 200. The way I look at it, I need a reel that can easily have 28lb drag at strike, and 45 to 50 at full with about 600 yards total capacity. It reduces the effectiveness of the...
  358. IronMikeAC


    Look, Im saying this as an avid fisherman and avid dog owner, raiser and rescuer. I have rescued over 100 dogs and it is not uncommon to have 5 to 6 dogs at my house at a time, with as many as 10 if we recuse a litter. Putting down dogs dogs is the hardest part of ownership for sure and I have...
  359. IronMikeAC


    So, if you just show up to get a test, you pay, about $160. If you call and make an appointment because your have "symptoms" (fever, intestinal issues, loss of taste) usually your insurance pays. My last test I reported symptoms.
  360. IronMikeAC

    30 fixed/not fixed.

    I got a big 250 lb bft on my 30/2 but not great drag at full during the fight. Checked it on land and got max 22/27lb full with freespool. Contacted Avet they said send it in. I did. They sent right back a few days later. Same drag. It is supposed to get 40lb at full, still 27. Disappointed.
  361. IronMikeAC

    Deleted 1.1

    for some reason it takes forever to load your post with all the pics. Maybe edit a few out.
  362. IronMikeAC

    Diawa Saltist 40 2 spd and 8' Proteus 30-60 combo

    The Saltist 40/2 is an underappreciated reel. I hadn't used mine for a long time and got 2, 90lb BFTs on it. Good capacity, great drag. And by far the best freespool of any reel I know if.
  363. IronMikeAC

    Calstar 765L and Avet HXJ 5/2 MC

    I'll take the HXJ. PM sent.
  364. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Pac Queen 1.5 day trip

    I assume you meant to say that some guys bagged 5 on that stop, because I'm sure a knowledgeable fisherman like you would not be that far over limits.
  365. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    yes, open ended, 50% off. Flight look to be $1000-1500 to Fiji. Deal ends this Sunday. Plus Australian $ is 75% of US
  366. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    Oh hell yeah. Doggie?
  367. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    I emailed them. They have a 50%off sale on gift certificates till Sunday. Not an easy place to get to.
  368. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    Bucket list for me too. Seems like Fiji may be the best place.
  369. IronMikeAC

    Penn Torque 40N 2speed gold

    Nice reel. Inside an out.
  370. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    Do you have a Charter recommendation?
  371. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    Not sure where this belongs... Has anyone caught or targeted Dogtooth Tuna. Where should I go? Any info appreciated.
  372. IronMikeAC

    Rigging a 12 VISX

    Alan, one trick I use is to superglue two small strips of electrical tape at first stop, second stop before strike. That way I can feel them in the dark with my thumb
  373. IronMikeAC

    Blueprint a 30?

    I'm going to aks Avet and see if they'll fix it.
  374. IronMikeAC

    Rail Rod Flat Fall

    I got a 260 on a Seeker 1x3 OSB rail rod. Worked great but I wish I had a 2x4 OSB during the fight. 200g flaffall on 100lb.
  375. IronMikeAC

    SOLD - LB SS CJBF 70XH (6470XH) 50-80lb Melton custom

    Great rod. Great price. What happened to the grips? I get my cardboard rod shipping tubes free from my local carpet store.
  376. IronMikeAC

    30% Off Mak SEA 10, 15, 20, 50

    Tackle Anonymous Meeting. HI. My name is Mike. I've been sober for ...uh wait...Charkbait sale... no days.
  377. IronMikeAC


    Great reel. Great price. Most folks don't realize you can get 50lb+ of drag on the HXRs.
  378. IronMikeAC

    Pro EX 30/2Wide and Low Max Drags

    For some reason thats the way the 30s are. Mine is the same. Never got 40lb drag unless I wanted to lock up the reel. That's said, I just got a 260bft on my 30/2 but took longer than it shoulda.
  379. IronMikeAC

    MXL/MXJ (G2) or JX (G1) for 30-40# ?

    The thing with a JX is more capacity with 65lb braid. Comes in handy on long soaks and bigger fish on 40.
  380. IronMikeAC

    MXL/MXJ (G2) or JX (G1) for 30-40# ?

    I'v caught tuna up to 90lb on the JX/2. I really dont know much about the G2.
  381. IronMikeAC

    MXL/MXJ (G2) or JX (G1) for 30-40# ?

    Basic JX/2 will do all of that just fine.
  382. IronMikeAC

    2 speed Avet HXW Raptor 5/2

    This is an under appreciated reel. Gets smooth 35 lb drag at strike, 50+ at full without slowing freespool. Good cow reel.
  383. IronMikeAC

    Cow Reels

    Your Mak20 should be your heavy due to the drag. Put your heavier jig on it, 350g or higher to get DEEP. The other 30w reels can go 1 for 200-250g jig, and one for singer rig. I often use the next small size fluorocarbon on my sinker, 60 lb on 80 mono). The 30w are too small for kite rig IMO...
  384. IronMikeAC

    Cow Reels

    You need 2 or 3 heavy reels IMO. One for small flatfalls on 100lb, one for sinker rig on 80 ir 60 lb fluoro leader, and one for heavy flatfalls over 35og when fish are deep. So you're set. My 260lb I got was on a 200g flatfall on 100 lb.
  385. IronMikeAC

    Cow Reels

    I know every one loves the new high dollar reels like the VISXs and Maks, but I caught more cows over the last 15 years with my Avet 50SDS than any other of my reels. It worked great.
  386. IronMikeAC

    Gauging Interest - 3.5 day, Tomahawk, Oct 2021

    Good point. Keep forgetting about the virus thing.
  387. IronMikeAC

    Gauging Interest - 3.5 day, Tomahawk, Oct 2021

    Thinking for running a 3.5 day charter on the Tomahawk next October, 2021, probably 14 (Noon) -17 (am). (Full moon is on the 20th). Cost would be $1000 limited to 20, plus one added spot if sponsored. It is not finalized yet. Checking who would be interested in the trip which would require...
  388. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 10-day Report Part 2 and conclusion

    Great write-up. Still no more pics, even Shaun's? Is there anything more fun than BIG YT?
  389. IronMikeAC

    Condor 1.5 this Friday 11/13

    Better check Windy. Fishing BFT Saturday will be, um, challenging.
  390. IronMikeAC

    Fall Flats: Direct tie or Leader???

    My opinion is your are over-complicating it. Because: The crimps don't prevent bites I have 2 bft over 200 on jigs. 6 over 100. Never had a crimp fail. The heavy leader,crimps,swivel was not a hindrance since most are caught at night. Easy to rig all your jigs before your trip Then just tie...
  391. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 10-day Report

    Nice toad YT!
  392. IronMikeAC

    Fall Flats: Direct tie or Leader???

    You have to have heavy leader to keep the jig and the fish. Below are 3 jigs the each caught bluefin. The 2 on the bottom , 500g squid and 350g flatfall, have 200 lb crimped leader and got 90lb bft. The small one on the top is a 200g flatfall got a 270lb bft. The leader was 130lb fluoro that was...
  393. IronMikeAC

    Hot rodding a 30sw

    How much drag did it end up at strike?
  394. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin restrictions

    So herein lies the illogical problem with BFT limits. A 20lb tuna counts the same as a 320lb tuna. Really makes no sense. From what I've read, the BFT biomass has remained fairly constant, its just we have more in the eastern Pacific than normal. Many of the 300lb fish are getting ready to make...
  395. IronMikeAC

    Blueprint a 30?

    It freespools fine at lower drags. Just at the drags I want to fish it, it locks up.
  396. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Cow Tipping - Aztec 3 Day 11/1/20-11/4/20

    So your fillet bill = $1200? How does it work at Seaforth, 5Star and Fisherman there? Food pics are great for the boat honestly. I've had some terrible food this year and last on other boats.
  397. IronMikeAC

    Blueprint a 30?

    I have a 30/2 but it totally loses freespool above 30lb drag. Has anyone had theirs blueprinted?
  398. IronMikeAC

    Would a hx Mac raptor handle the big tuna we’re seeing rn

    It has the drag. Better than the 30.
  399. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Top gun 2.5 day. 28 - 31

    The kid is Nate. Was Bob bait fishing or flatfalls.
  400. IronMikeAC

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    So here's my issue with the 30. I got a 260 bft on one last week which is obviously awesome. Bu I was having a hard time up and down maxing out the drag. When I got back home I tested it and it maxed at 30 lb as I said, and that's with no Freespool. I've also caught cows on my avet50. So not...
  401. IronMikeAC

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    I checked my Avet 30/2 vs HXW raptor and it wasn't close. The max drag I got on the 30 was 35lb but no Freespool. On the HXWR, I got 50+ and still Freespool. Bottom line, HXWR with 100lb is way to go.
  402. IronMikeAC

    Offshore 10/29- Epic BFT trip on the Pacifica

    Do you have a picture of you flying fish balloon rigging?
  403. IronMikeAC

    Flouro or mono for flat fall leader

    I just got 260 on 200g FF with 130 fluorocarbon leader. Several places where it bit and lots of teeth scrapes but the fluorocarbon held up fine..2 years ago I got a 230 on a 500g FF with 200lb mono leader. No problem on that. For me I don't like to put the 200 mono on jigs 250g and under.
  404. IronMikeAC

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    Short answer, yes, you at least need an 100lb outfit with a max drag of at least 40lb.
  405. IronMikeAC

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    I just got a 250 on a flatfall deep, maybe 350 feet, while the jig was stopped, tangled with the guy next to me, bit during the untangling.. Got it on Avet 30 with 100 lb mono to 100lb braid and a 1x3 and pulled as hard as ever. Mean fish. I wouldn't fish anything less than HX-W Rapt. I think...
  406. IronMikeAC

    Lower banks long range

    The Royal Star started their The Royal Star started their current 11 day out west in the bft grounds. Cows and 100 lots of pounders are available locally. No need to go 600 miles south.
  407. IronMikeAC

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    To further your point, I got 3 bft on jjgs: first one a 500 gram knife jig with squid tenticles, second one on a anormal 250g Shimano glow/white flatfall (top fixed ring broke when it came on deck) lazt one on a shimmery green and chrome Shimano 200g flatfall that caught the 250lb bft. The they...
  408. IronMikeAC

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    They're out there. Like I said, the flatfalls need to be rigged and send em deep. This big one bit with the flatfall static while we were untangling the flatfall that snagged my line next to me. Could've been real serious but the guys let go as soon as he bit.
  409. IronMikeAC

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    So here's my answer. A shiny flatfall DEEP (400 feet) on 100lb mono to crimped 200lb mono leader. On our trip the all glows didn't get bit at night. The ones with something shiny did. Daytime the colt snipers were productive.
  410. IronMikeAC

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    Pacific yesterday reports great fishing on 100-200lb bft on flatfalls. He mentioned 250g. Does anyone know color, other sizes, etc from the Pacifica or other recent trips? I'm heading out on a 3.5 day TG80 trip tonite. Stoked to say the least. Weather looks to be great. Sorry, but these reports...
  411. IronMikeAC

    Potential BFT State Record

  412. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Sea adventure 80 Oct 13 1.5 day

    Great report but it doesn't sound SA80 I fished last year when Mikey was running the boat. Maybe only go when Scott is running?
  413. IronMikeAC

    Avet LX 6/3 2 speed Lever Drag

    Vert smart showing pics of inside.
  414. IronMikeAC

    Bigger tuna setups

    You need a 100lb setup for sinker rig and flatfall.
  415. IronMikeAC

    WTB Avet, Penn International or Makaira 50w reel

    A 50SW seems to big, until you hook into a 250lb BFT, then it seems just right. It happened to me 2 years ago (230 BFT on a 500g flatfall) and another on my last trip where a guy was undergunned and didn't have a 50 sized reel. Lost a color. Try this one...
  416. IronMikeAC

    Recent Islander Trip

    The Islander put up some 1.5 and 2.5 day trips last minute after they canceled their Guadalupe trips. I jumped on one of the 2.5 days. I hadn't been on the boat in a LONG time. It was in great condition. Nice big staterooms with sinks. Huge aluminum bait tank where they fill almost all of the...
  417. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

  418. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    OK Dave, weird question: Do they have an ice machine?
  419. IronMikeAC

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    double on the big jigs
  420. IronMikeAC

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    This is from 2 years ago. 500g flatfall Caught a 230lb BFT. The lower owner stinger hook was attached with a high quality split ring. I have since gone to a welded ring there.
  421. IronMikeAC

    Oct 10-18 RR3 trip:Need help!

    I would make sure to have all you BLUEFIN gear ready. RoyalStar on their current 7 day are up around Clemente. Cover all you bases. And less sleep.
  422. IronMikeAC

    364 on the Thunderbird

    Radio report from Jeff said handful over 100, 3 over 200, one about 364. Well done guys. Looking forward to the pictures. They ended with 12 over 100, 5 over 200, and the 364lb er. Sounds like a long range count?
  423. IronMikeAC

    Estimating depth while fishing

    This method of fall-rate is the only one that works consistently independent of boat drift rate. Have done many calculations, this is what I use: 500g flat fall and knife jig - 6 feet/sec 250-350g flatfall jig - 4 feet / sec 150-200 g jig - 3 feet/sec 80-150g jig - 1.5-2 feet/sec I check...
  424. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    Thanks. I'm signed up for the 2.5 dayer leaving Oct 1. They have 13 signed up so hopefully they'll run.
  425. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 4-day Sept 16

    ...never mind
  426. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    Any more details Dave?
  427. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    Question is will they leave the dock with 12 out of 27?
  428. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    The Oct 1, 2.5 day still needs a few more sign ups.
  429. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    Howd it go dave?
  430. IronMikeAC

    Shogun - Police

    I don't know all the circumstances but I feel bad for the new captains/owners. They just bought it from Frank. That said, the previous captains did not set a good standard for these substances.
  431. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    I booked 2.5 dayer next week. Hope they leave the dock with one booked.
  432. IronMikeAC

    Gun Collection For Sale or Trade

    does the person buying have to have a License?
  433. IronMikeAC

    Eureka Albacore Sunday 9/13/20

    Do you guys ever use live bait?
  434. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Pacific Voyager first timer 5 day!

    Sorry but this image cracks me up. CableTV on a boat.
  435. IronMikeAC

    3 day trip postponed to OD?
  436. IronMikeAC

    Are you a puker?

    Hmmm, has a certain ring to it..
  437. IronMikeAC

    Big Boat Lupe

    For whatever reason my best trips to Lupe have been on the Shogun.
  438. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    I see the Islander put up a bunch of 1.5 and 2.5 dayers. Not sure they published it cause no one is booking them. Weird.
  439. IronMikeAC

    Are you a puker?

    Uh, I think you asked for the wrong pills. Active ingredient in psychedelic peyote may or may not cure sea sickness but I sure the trip had alot of real and imagined fun. Next time I might try mushrooms.
  440. IronMikeAC


    Do you know why Mike Livingston caught the world records yellowfin (at the time) on a 30SW? Because his accurate blew up out of the box and this was his (or the boat's) back-up. 30sw at one caught both the YFT world record (Mike Livingston's 405) and YT (Ron Fuji's 87lb. Why did Mike Livingston...
  441. IronMikeAC

    Thinking of doing Overnight trip for first time

    The Islander just put up some 1.5 and 2.5 day trips. I booked one of the 2.5 day trip. Those should be a good chance a bfts.
  442. IronMikeAC

    Black Lab pup

    Condolences on putting you Lab down. One of the hardest things to do. As someone who does Lab rescue, I want to encourage you to adopt. That said, since covid stay-at-home, it is nearly impossible to find a rescue lab and even find one to buy. So good luck...
  443. IronMikeAC

    Calstar GF760 M for 80lb bait - guides?

    I just rebuild my old 760M. Since you can fish this rod as bait, dropper and trolling I went with heavy guides. I reconditioned my old BULG heavy guides. Looks great. 7 guides and a tip.
  444. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 4-day Sept 16

    Finished tomorrow. Its awesome.
  445. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 4-day Sept 16

    For the big BFT you'll need a big fish rail rod. Don't leave home without one.
  446. IronMikeAC

    Offshore New YFT schools

    I know the Dodos down south are mostly neckties, are the YFT mostly footballs that the 1-day boats have been catching.?
  447. IronMikeAC

    Pacific Islander 9-4 to 9-7 need spots to fill!!!!

    how many do you think before they'll go? 10?
  448. IronMikeAC

    2.5 Day Legend or Pacific Islander (Izorline Sponsored) ?

    So, would you do a 3 day on the Pacific Islander?
  449. IronMikeAC

    Electric cooler for fillets?

    Which one from the list?
  450. IronMikeAC

    Intrepid Bluefin report

    Hmm. Open spots?
  451. IronMikeAC

    Fishing on the Condor

    I live fishing the condor. Tons of rod space. Long boat. Most if any boat I know. Benches up the side.Some huge bunks it you can get one.
  452. IronMikeAC

    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    It was alot of fun. This has been such and up and down year. 2 previous 3 days I got 4 fish total. This one made up for it. My only one day I got a 140. Go figure.
  453. IronMikeAC

    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    Yeah. Waited for same day from 5 star. Here's a quick report. Day 1 looking for YFT close to SD on our way out west. 2 stops for nothing but some good whale watching. Late day 1 , anchored at a good spot. A few other boats in the area. Day2, up early. Nothing in the dark. After sun up a few...
  454. IronMikeAC

    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    You know i will.
  455. IronMikeAC

    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    Actually, I dont really like dodo fishing. It turns people into idiots.
  456. IronMikeAC

    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    Heading out on the Vagabond tomorrow on my annual friends and family trip. Fishing looks to be good, bad, good, bad..... Then there's the hurricane.
  457. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Condor 8-12 to 14 Good Bluefin Bite

    Thanks! Which FF did you use?
  458. IronMikeAC

    WFO tackle backpack good conditon dmnd bar

    Thats a darn nice bag. I might buy it on principal. I loved my old WFO LR box
  459. IronMikeAC


    are they blueprinted?
  460. IronMikeAC

    Two Rainshadow RX6 E-Glass RCJB 84 blanks.

    Awesome. Quick question: is the Rainshadow sticker a clear sticker or transfer decal where you remove the clear plastic?
  461. IronMikeAC

    Jx studs,

    Local hardware store. Stainless steel 1/4 bolts. You'll need to cut the heads off, I use a Dremel with reinforced cutoff wheel. Take your reel in the store to make sure. Buy extras to keep in tackle box. ... or do what Mullet said, except you'll need to take hex wrench with you.
  462. IronMikeAC

    Avet LX Raptor 6/3 Blue

    Do you still have it?
  463. IronMikeAC

    Tranx 500 hg for trinidad

    I have a trin 20 just got upgraded with carbontex drags, better freespool, friction dog, and AR bearings.
  464. IronMikeAC

    Saltist 20 2 speed

    Been thinking of buying the Saltist 2 speed. If you have one, how do you like it? Interested in selling?
  465. IronMikeAC

    Avet 30/2 line capacity.

    On the west coast we would out 400 yards (of there abouts) of 100 lbs spectra then mono to increase capacity. Send gopro video!
  466. IronMikeAC

    NEW AVET 50 SDS: Loss of Freespool at Low Drag setting? Which Bearing got Crushed?

    My last trip a guy had an HX that totally locked up. Low gear button was also froze. Wonder if its the same thing.
  467. IronMikeAC

    Avet Factory is back up and running!

    Stoked to hear you are back up and running. I need a Part for my JX that disappeared into my garage floor. I tried re-setting my password on the Avet site to order parts a few times to no avail. Suggestions?
  468. IronMikeAC

    NEW AVET 50 SDS: Loss of Freespool at Low Drag setting? Which Bearing got Crushed?

    not sure your handiness with the reel maintenance, but I would just take it apart, insect the drags, and swap out the bearings.
  469. IronMikeAC

    Avet 30/2 line capacity.

    Basic HX will work just fine. I fish 100lb on my 30.
  470. IronMikeAC

    New to Saltwater Fishing: Need rod advice for my reels!

    The basic starter rod is usually a 7 for medium. CS 700m, Seeker 6470, others. There's a ton of good entry gear for great prices. Penn Fathom 25, Shimano speed master 16 or 20 for example.
  471. IronMikeAC

    NIB Fathom 25nld2 --- Like New Fathom 60LD2 --- NIB Avet LX6/3 Raptor w/ MC

    I have to ask cause Im color blind: is the LX blue or black?
  472. IronMikeAC

    Searcher 3 day July 23, Foaming spot, Stupid Tunas

    Nicked. No. Swallowed whole. Yes. Was thinking heavy flouro leader would've helped.
  473. IronMikeAC

    Searcher 3 day July 23, Foaming spot, Stupid Tunas

    Quick report. Tuna put on an AMAZING show. But mostly no go. Few quality bites for the boat on small flatfalls. In Marciano New England Accent, "Stupid Tunas". One good paddy stop for quality YT. Kids bought me a GoPro for my birthday. Here's some good video of casting surface iron to foaming...
  474. IronMikeAC

    Avet MXL 6/4 2-Speed - Blue

    Great reel. Great price. I just bought one but it's tempting.
  475. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Great info from everyone. Thanks!
  476. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    But as I understand it, you don't need 4000 deg for those weld?
  477. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    ToTw In all seriousness, can you do a shortvideo showing how you do it. And, yeah, the 8100 is very hot, probably too hot but it melts the berzo brass/flux rod no prob.
  478. IronMikeAC


  479. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Awesome thanks. The Bernzo 8000 puts out a tons of heat. I'll tr your recommendations!. I checked for Smith Mini and only found Smith Little which is a 2 gas system, correct (oxygen/butane)?
  480. IronMikeAC


    I noticed there no place to sit outside near the tackle. Do they mind if you bring a bucket for tackle/chair?
  481. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Now that I have rod-building semi mastered, I'm trying to learn how to weld rings to jigs, etc. I was experimenting with my high temp brass brazing technique which I can do with Bernzomatic 8000 tip and butane (way cheaper the (MAPPro) and flux/brass combo welding rods. Problem is I melted my...
  482. IronMikeAC

    Colt Sniper rigging

    Since there are bigger fish around, you have to rig any iron with 2 feet of heavy (100+ fluoro) crimped leader.
  483. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rings The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

    Now that I have rod-building semi mastered, I'm trying to learn how to weld rings to jigs, etc. I was experimenting with my high temp brass brazing technique which I can do with Bernzomatic 8000 tip and butane (way cheaper the (MAPPro) and flux/brass combo welding rods. Problem is I melted my...
  484. IronMikeAC

    Calstar Grafighter 800M wanted

    I have one. Pm me email for pics. factory model plus reel seat. I'll be in SD thursday 7/23 boarding the Searcher.
  485. IronMikeAC

    Searcher July 23

    Sorry. Wrong forum
  486. IronMikeAC

    Saltiga’s for valiants

    I know this is last year but do have the 35?
  487. IronMikeAC

    Seeker Black Steel rod. Not sure if this is a LB rod or not.

    For sure LB, 3 owners ago when they were using crappy guides and seats. Maybe 15 years ago they blew these out 1/2 price at the show. I bought 3 and re-wrapped them. We call those old guides "deck guides" cause you'd find the rings on the deck in the middle of you trip.
  488. IronMikeAC

    2 Day Trip Gear questions?

    Right now definitely need an 60 or 80 sinker rig. BTW, this is not a 40 lb rig you put 80 on :). That said, the trip is a ways off, and it may all be school YFT by then, who knows?
  489. IronMikeAC

    Review of Ocean Odyssey boat

    Did this used to be the RedRooster I?
  490. IronMikeAC

    Electric cooler for fillets?

    After every trip when I bring back fillets, I tried to keep them as fresh as possible on ice for eating and to give away as sushi before I freeze them, As you guys know, this means changing ice every day , draining water etc. One real hot days, the ice might not last that long in my garage...
  491. IronMikeAC

    Super Seeker 1x3 vs. Seeker OSP 1x3 for 80#?

    same , same. Both are great 80 rods. SS somewhat stiffer. OsB a bit less expensive?
  492. IronMikeAC

    MXJ raptor question

  493. IronMikeAC

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    So I had a similar experience 2 years ago. The boat had gotten about 6 big ones in the dark and I got one of them. After daybreak, it switched to surface fishing and kite. After a few hours everyone was in the galley waiting for their kite turn. Kite was bit every 1-2 hours. I kept fishing...
  494. IronMikeAC

    Cedros For BFT

    The biggest tuna I have caught, 235 YFT was on an all glass 6' rod, 660xxh. Same rod/reel (Avet50) has caught 230 BFT and 300 YFT.
  495. IronMikeAC

    shimano speedmaster 16II

    I got it. Im all Avet but have been curious about the speedmasters. OfferUp seems to have guys selling Raptors all the time.
  496. IronMikeAC

    shimano speedmaster 16II

    Curious why. The 16II looks similar to LX raptor specs.
  497. IronMikeAC

    Big bluefin set-up

    What Ive learned from the past few years is to set a high drag at strike but only go half way when youre bit. On 60 I have no problem setting the drag at 20 lb at strike, 30 lb for 80lb test. If people thing Im crazy, I tied the mono or fluro to the rail and tell to pull till it breaks. They...
  498. IronMikeAC

    Big bluefin set-up

  499. IronMikeAC

    Big bluefin set-up

    I dont know all the specs of that reel, but I can tell you I caught a 140lber on an Avet HX(not raptor) with 60 lb fluoro, 60lb mono, 80lb spectra on a 7.5 xxh rod. It a worked well but I suspect it may have been challenging on a 180lb fish. One of the key things it to set the drag correctly for...
  500. IronMikeAC

    4th of July BFT

    The boat cut the fish into whole loins. I cut it down from there.
  501. IronMikeAC

    4th of July BFT

    Agreed SteveK about the boat gear, but no boat has 20, 80lb setups. Is big BFT local a new thing? Hell no. We're in year 4 or 5 of this fishery and they're still renting albacore gear. Honestly, it sucks for everyone: rental anglers, Captains who put you on fish, and fellow a anglers who have to...
  502. IronMikeAC

    4th of July BFT

    And here's the thing: Sinker Rig fishing is the EASIEST for newbies. Pin bait, drop over the side, let sink slowly. No casting. The landing could easily just send out 60 or 80 lb rigs already set with fluoro and rubber banded torpedo.
  503. IronMikeAC

    4th of July BFT

    We were near the Excel for most if July 4. Mak20? Or more? Pegasus got a 340! They're out there.
  504. IronMikeAC

    4th of July BFT

    Quick report from my 4th of July trip on the Old Glory. Booked last minute with my daughter and her husband after seeing recent BFT reports. Somewhat chaotic loading with 3 boats carts lined up at the top of the landing.Old Glory Is a pretty standard one day boat, but big and with some bunks...
  505. IronMikeAC

    Avet EX 30/2 verses Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    My vote if theres 200lbers around, 50SDS! But both the ones you mentioned have similar drags so the diff is minor IMO.
  506. IronMikeAC

    Beginning rod wrapping machine recommendation?

    It was fun for me to build my own. Sewing machine motor with small flywheel. Larger flywheel to a PVC cap with screws (eyeball the center) in a wood stand. I use the same for drying except I got a variable speed rotissary motor that I direct connect to the flywheel axel. Im sonewhat messy with...
  507. IronMikeAC


    How were the accommodations, tackle storage, capt and crew, food ect?
  508. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Talica 25 or 20 for BFT?

    Yesterdays report had a 300lb er 40 miles from Pt Loma and guys were breaking off 80 and 100 lb line. You need at least 100lb sinker rig and 130lb flatfall rig
  509. IronMikeAC

    Rod for Full-day to 1.5 day

    A 7 foot heavy , like a Seeker 6470H. I have 3 and they are versatile from 40 to 60lb.
  510. IronMikeAC

    HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor vs Trinidad 40N

    I have all of the above. Trin40, HX, HXRapt. I still like my old Trin40 for wahoo and yoyo because its so easy to crank over and over again. True it has only one speed, but its easier on my shoulder.
  511. IronMikeAC

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Just got off a 3 day. For the school sized BFT, the best set up was 25lb floro to spectra. No mono. Hook was the old standard Mustad 1/0. I tried mustad 3x circles but they all came unbuttoned. Of course on the big BFTs, 80lb sinker rig and 100lb iron rig is needed.
  512. IronMikeAC

    Good jig stick reel

    Was also considering the Daiwa 35. Looks narrow and casts great.
  513. IronMikeAC

    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    The issue right now is Ensenada is closed to foreign boats so the permits are worthless until they open again.
  514. IronMikeAC

    1.5 Day Tuna Gear

    I just got back from a 3 day. We saw fish between 10 lbs and 200 lbs.
  515. IronMikeAC

    "Just Fishing" by Pete

    Are you saying it will be clean and organized? Doesn't sound right...:)
  516. IronMikeAC

    In search of Avet MXL
  517. IronMikeAC

    Ulua Super Seeker 9'6"

    Its a custom Super Seeker I bought from a deckhand , $275. I'm in Torrance. Can Meet near here or in SD on Friday 6/19.
  518. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin reels for San Diego 2020 summer season

    Well Steve, the RP got a 200lber today, so they're out there. For these size fish I. Prefer at 30sw or 50.
  519. IronMikeAC

    Bluefin reels for San Diego 2020 summer season

    Good info Steve. Last few reports I heard the Captains said folks getting spooled, losing all their line. I assume that was on smaller reels. Norm F got a bigun today on an 80lb sinker rig, so fish heavy
  520. IronMikeAC

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    Thats sucks. Sorry. Used to happen at the ooverflow lot.Any footage from the Ramada?
  521. IronMikeAC

    Offshore SHOGUN 6/9 REPORT

    Small hooks for these fish, no?
  522. IronMikeAC

    Wind and Weather Have been Up No?

    And next week will be unfishable in many areas.
  523. IronMikeAC

    Offshore What’s going on? Any news/info/conditions/what’s biting. New Lo Ann 6/14

    Im on a 2.5 day on the TopGun80, June 12 to 15. I think well need 30 bait for YFTs, 40 bait, 50 bait, 80 sinker, 130 iron/flat fall.
  524. IronMikeAC

    Recent Outrider Info?

  525. IronMikeAC

    Gone gone gone gone

    Consider PayPal and ship?
  526. IronMikeAC

    Face Mask Options

    I just saw a post from a boat that you can use a buff? Not sure if that's the same thing as aftco makes.
  527. IronMikeAC

    Recent Outrider Info?

    Thanks. I dont really know anything about the boat. How is the Captain? Would you go 2.5 days on it. I'm big so was wondering about bunks for that reason..
  528. IronMikeAC

    Recent Outrider Info?

    Curious if anyone has recent info on the Outrider. Current Capt, crew? In general how are the bunks?
  529. IronMikeAC

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

  530. IronMikeAC

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    All of the LR boats are great at many things. Boat, crew, fishiness, food, accommodations etc. That said, there'[s nothing else like the Independence for all of the above. That would be my recommendation.
  531. IronMikeAC

    Looking for a 9ft rod

    I have a ULUA Super Seeker that about 9'3" if you're interested.
  532. IronMikeAC

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    A few things about this question: if you started in the last 5 years, your chance of catching a 100+ pounder has increased dramatically with local BFT to over 200 lbs, and 100 pounders at Lupe. I started in 1997, and no local fish that big. Had to go on a 10+ day trip. Caught my first 100+ in...
  533. IronMikeAC

    Novice builder

    My opinion: FlexCoat is hard to work with. Heats quickly. Use Classic.
  534. IronMikeAC

    Broken rod guide

    I hate those old deck rings. I call 'em that cause I find them on the deck after they break. With the "make it look the same" issue, you need the green undrwrap color.
  535. IronMikeAC

    Guadalupe Island reels

    Steve, this thread is funny, started in 2015 after some of those Shogun trips. I was on one. I think it would be instructive to talk about rod type / length. You mentioned in one of our discussions you have been using longer rods for casting distance due to seals or other nuisances.
  536. IronMikeAC

    YoYo jig best gear ratio ?

    Careful with how much spectra Careful with how much spectra to load. You want to make sure your yoyo range is all in the mono. Or you ll shred your thumb. Can be very painful.
  537. IronMikeAC

    Seeker EX/CEX

    I have an ULUA 93H SS.
  538. IronMikeAC

    SuperSeeker or Pinhead Lm9 or 36.

    I have an SS ULUA cut to 9'3" if anyone is interested.
  539. IronMikeAC

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    Congrats Steve!
  540. IronMikeAC

    Daiwa Saltist 35 2-speed

    Black frame, blue spool? Pics?
  541. IronMikeAC

    Teramar 80M for $80

    How much for the 35? Which reels casts surface iron better.
  542. IronMikeAC

    If you go to Peru take some fishing gear

    We were in Peru earlier this year but no fishing gear In the Sacred Valley, the Urubamba river goes for a long way and it all looked fishy. I understand the trout were planted to subsistence fishing.
  543. IronMikeAC


    I get you some pics. Thanks. I thinks it was an ULUA or 100J cut to 9'3".
  544. IronMikeAC


    I have a 9'3"
  545. IronMikeAC

    St. Nic?

    Dude, I know. FREEDOM says they dont have the gear and too mant newbies. Clemente was my vote.
  546. IronMikeAC

    St. Nic?

    Im helping a rent rod charter group on the Freedom. Sounds like there're doing rock fish at St. NIC. Anyone been there recently? Any YT?
  547. IronMikeAC

    What’s your Yo-yo set up?

    Seeker 6470H Trinidad 40 The Trin 40 is the best yoyo reel I have ever used. The smooth operation means I can yoyo for hours. Some of the inherent friction of a lever drag reel adds up over time and my shoulder get sore quicker.
  548. IronMikeAC

    Rod info wanted

    I have an old 765Ml I built. Is perfect to 50 to 60, so 12 to 18 lb drag perfect. Did you find someone to build it aldeady?
  549. IronMikeAC

    Long range 6 day trip to guad, next week.. setup rec

    Not wahoo, but.... Big YT. Remember the current world records was caught at Lupe. Bring a 100lb set up and 16oz weight with some big J hooks 10/0 for dropper looping at nite. On the tuna gear, I like to stealth rig them. Full spectra, no mono, 25 feet of fluoro. And no giant meat hooks (super...
  550. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Nuthin But FREEDOM- 1.5 Tuna 9/09/19

    Sherm - awesome report. I'm out on the Freedom next week. Question: were the bigger models on flylines also, jigs, 25lb or what?
  551. IronMikeAC

    Guadalupe sharks.

    Nice mako video in the beginning.
  552. IronMikeAC

    Full Day Tuna trip?

    I see these full day boats like the Liberty going off shore for tuna. How does that schedule work? Leave 5am, fish 9 to 1, back at 5pm?
  553. IronMikeAC

    Are older Avet’s generally smoother?

    Quick update: After thinking about this subject, I removed the magnet for an MX and LX Raptor. They free spool waaaaay better now. That might not answer the gear grinding question, but it does as far as free spool.
  554. IronMikeAC

    Sea Adventure 80

    Listened to his report yesterday. 8 big blue fin...GREAT! and 100 rockfish..what? Thats a first.
  555. IronMikeAC

    Success Sportfishing with 5 Super cow BFT's..

    I tried it last year with a bobber balloon. Looked great but no takers. And that was same time of year when they were biting.
  556. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 6-day trip report

    Did alot of folks use an 800H? I know you have one, but not many do.
  557. IronMikeAC

    Sea Adventure 80

    No. Thats Mike Lackey, not me. Lackey and the Vagabond are awesome, but my group wanted to try the SA80 this year. I'll keep an open mind. I'm out on the SA80 next week, and don't really want to catch rockfish for an extended period of time.
  558. IronMikeAC

    Sea Adventure 80

  559. IronMikeAC

    In's and out's for making custom rods

    Mudhole was where I got my supplies when I was buiding.
  560. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Pac Queen Cows

    I assume that will be an option. I dont want to chase 10lb YT for 3 days.
  561. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Pac Queen Cows

    Great info. I have a 3.5 day coming up next week. I assume these are kite fish?
  562. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Pac Queen Cows

    I saw a FB post that they got a handful of cows. Anyone have any trip info?
  563. IronMikeAC

    Are older Avet’s generally smoother?

    I noticed the same thing, and the first JX i bought casts better than thew newer ones, including the raptors.
  564. IronMikeAC

    AVET SX/LX Raptor Reels For Sale

    Im interested but in LA
  565. IronMikeAC

    AVET SX/LX Raptor Reels For Sale

    Current price on lx rapt?
  566. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Old Glory 7/20

    He specifically mentions old line, last trip they said no "bass gear" (he meant Tranx). Having hooked 4 of these things, including 1 clearly over 100, I can tell you that fishing with 40 lb and small hooks there's alot of losses. They just wouldn't bite anything over 40 or bigger than a small...
  567. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Old Glory 7/20

    You should listen to the 9$6Tuna site report for your trip. Classic.
  568. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Old Glory 7/20

    YES. We ran 80 miles. Lotsa boats and fish. Off day for fishin. Weather had something to do with it. Boat has a large flared bow that makes it tough to fight a fish. Bunks are clean, food is below par. Stairs below are Steep be careful.
  569. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Old Glory 7/20

    Short report. First time on the boat. Nice platform and good tackle storage. Huge overhang is annoying for rods longer than 6.5 feet. Junior was Captain. Have known him since he was 7. Did a great job. Day was windy but we found some big schools that wouldn't bite. Had to use small 2/0 hooks. I...
  570. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Tomahawk 7/17 Overnight Report

    Nice report . Thanks. Heading out on the Old Glory tomorrow for a 1 day.
  571. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 6/26-6/30

    Curious if Capt considered fishing SCI for YT?
  572. IronMikeAC

    Evergreen CO ?

    Heading to Evergreen for 4th weekend. And Fly reports or recommendations?
  573. IronMikeAC

    Need help seeker&calstar

    Honestly, these older style roller guide rods are a tough sell on the west coast. Ive sold several on ebay. They mostly go to Florida for about $160. . Shipping is a paid and costs about $40 including the tube.
  574. IronMikeAC

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question

    Theres also a way where you remove rear grip and install from the butt. I have done thus, but you need a seat big enough to fit over the butt.
  575. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    2 things I did with my jigs: Added a lower stinger hook Painted one side completely with glow paint.
  576. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Good idea. Thing is this year, your have to try all the tricks. I didnt see any one thing that was consistent.
  577. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    It works well when its windy and boat is drifting fast. I drop to specified depth. Hold there for a bit. Drop another 50 feet. Hold, wind up 100 feet, do again. This jig drops 6 feet a second so I do it by counts. I got a 100 lb last year on the stop, one this year on the wind.
  578. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Got it on EBay last year. Goes down fast and straight. I checked, 8 jigs for $60. They also make 750gms !
  579. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    No, Cameron is...Cameron, the best of next generation captains. Fluffy is running private 6 pack yacht trips. Crew is GoGo, Adam, Mike, Brandon with great galley fare, others.
  580. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Quick report - very slow. Total for trip was about 20 fish. 7 big 60-80 lb bfts, 2 or 3, 35 lb bfts, 2? YFTs, and 5 or 6 YTs, a few buckets of bonnies. First day windy off Ensenada. (The upper zone) A few stops for YT and YFTs. 25lb fluoro worked. 2 bigger BFTs hooked on 160g flatfall, purple...
  581. IronMikeAC

    2.5 day trip out of San Diego for bft,yft,yt

    You must have a set up that can fish 100 or 130 for big flatfalls or sinker rigs for cow BFT.
  582. IronMikeAC

    Going to do some 6 day trips. Need some tackle tips

    POP that's a tough one. Look at it this way. last year on a 3 day we fished 20lb yt and dorado then got 200lb bft on the last day. So i fished 20 lb to 130 lb. You ll need the same.
  583. IronMikeAC

    Offshore BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    I have and EXACT answer for you..... TODAY!! Freedom got and 80 lb der today.
  584. IronMikeAC

    Upcoming Vagabond June 13-16

    Looks like a last minute opening if you want it. I think he takes 24? I don't remember.
  585. IronMikeAC

    2 Sheds

    Why cant they be dis assembled, walls, roof, etc?
  586. IronMikeAC

    Upcoming Vagabond June 13-16

    Awesome smitty. Great present. See you on the boat.
  587. IronMikeAC

    Upcoming Vagabond June 13-16

    Have our annual Vagabond June 13-16, Fathers day trip upcoming with 2 buddies. Can't wait to get out on the water again chasing BFT with Captn Mike. Anyone else on this trip? IM
  588. IronMikeAC

    Wunderground weather

    I like
  589. IronMikeAC

    BFT line capacity recommendation

    I got 2 bft last month, 70 to 80lb. What worked for me was a reel loaded with 65lb spectra, and 15 feet 40lb fluro. Got me 4 bites, landed 2.
  590. IronMikeAC

    New Lo-An or Condor?

    I know you booked, but i just did my first trip on the Condor and was super impressed with the size, rod capacity, tackle room and crew. Really like the operation and they have some huge double wide bunks.
  591. IronMikeAC

    So, I’m going fishing

    Sounded like good reports from the rocks.
  592. IronMikeAC

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    Having been out recently, i have a certain opinion. I got 2, 70 to 80. Most of these fish are coming on bait. I was using a "wide" 40 lb reel loaded with 65 lb braid with 15 foot 40lb fluoro. Glad I had the wide reel cause i needed the extra capacity. I got freightrrained by one fish that never...
  593. IronMikeAC

    BFT tuna tackle

    Having just gotten back, i can tell you....DO NOT fish 30#! 40 during the day on nose hooked dines, and 100 to 130 # flatfalls at nite. Hooks, 2/0 Gamakatzu ringed circle, 200gm flat falls with crimped #200 lb leader. Your 40# set up should be 15 feet of 40# fluro to spectra and make sure your...
  594. IronMikeAC

    AA on the BFT

    Were the big fish on flatfalls?
  595. IronMikeAC

    Good BFT on the Condor

    A biologist told me red crabs are easy forrage but high in shells and low in protein so theyll still look for high protein feed like squid or sardines.
  596. IronMikeAC

    Good BFT on the Condor

    Didnt see any red crab or anything but our chum. Probably why they were so aggressive. In past years there was alot of microbaits in the water and they wouldnt bite the dines till later in the year. And no poppers. They bit straight nose hooked flylined. No belly hooked, no sinker rigs. No...
  597. IronMikeAC

    Good BFT on the Condor

    Guys hooked some on 8 foot rods, or skinny rods that are "rated 50 to 100" which is total bullshit, and couldn't get leverage on them and the 8 footers were a bitch to get out of tangles. I hooked both of mine on 40 lb test on 7 foot heavy rods rated 50 to 60 lb, and dam glad I did. I pulled...
  598. IronMikeAC

    Good BFT on the Condor

    I can tell you that these schools are way hungrier and more bait aggressive than last few years. Youll need that whole arsenal up to 130 lb for the flatfalls. Legend got a 200 pb,er today I assume on FF
  599. IronMikeAC

    AA on the BFT

    Yes. In March!
  600. IronMikeAC

    Good BFT on the Condor

    Quick report from 1.5 day trip that came back yesterday. Lotsa small yt on one paddie. Easy limits A few bft stops throughout the day. Stops for 1 or 2. All 50 to 80. One 30lb. Spotter plane found some huge schools if 60 to 80s that wanted to bite in the afternoon. We drifted on one for 5...
  601. 20190426_221208


    Condor april 2019
  602. IronMikeAC

    Roller guides, death knell to selling a rod?

    Steve Ive sold rod like this on Ebay all rollers. They go for about 160 to guys in Florida. Plus about 40 to ship including tube.
  603. IronMikeAC

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    Yes. 50sw. You ll need it if you get bit plus, you're not really jigging. Mostly dropping and popping
  604. IronMikeAC

    Cow tuna trips

    Buncha 300s from the lower banks this year. Mix a 12 dayer in with Clemente 3 dayers.
  605. IronMikeAC

    I have an old Sabre rod. Does it look worth re-wrapping? (Album of pics inside)

    One of the coolest things in rebuilding rods is an old.vintage rod, particularly one that your dad or granddad or someone you know fished with. Then catch a modern fish with it. My buddy found one he bought when he was 16 and had it rebuilt (hes 55) You should see the look on his face when he...
  606. IronMikeAC

    450lbs yellow fin landing on Marlasportfishig

    From what I read they didn't have a way to store it so they cut it up. NO SCALE.
  607. IronMikeAC

    Best organizing ideas?

    2 words for me ... Down Sizing.
  608. IronMikeAC

    Here we go again... El Nino prediction

    Maybe it doesn't matter much anymore. We've been in a warm water cycle for 10 years. Lots of BFT and YFT YT. No albies. So what.
  609. IronMikeAC

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    They were biting the jigs in Aug and sept this year. By Nov they switched over to bait. Who knows next year. Yes. There were 200 to 300+ lb bfts around. Me and everyone else that hooked one were glad they were 50s or 50w. One was on a 70s. Though jigging is somewhat a misnomer on 500g FFs...
  610. IronMikeAC

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    Flatfall nitetime bite. Had to post........ All 24 anglers on same side of boat drifting. FFs from 200 to 500 g. the heavier ones go down straighter and got bit. Make sure to depth mark the spectra. The 500g knife jigs work well also.
  611. IronMikeAC

    Intrepid 8 day gear

    I would TAKE one 100lb rig for big BFT.
  612. IronMikeAC

    Rod suggestions for large tuna

    How big is big? HX rap work up to about 150lb. Bigger you'll need a 30w or 50. For my cows I like a 2x4.
  613. IronMikeAC

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Married 32 years. That's 20 good years. Best advise: dont give up things you love and don't ask her to give up things she loves. Common interests and passion work real well. Try to understand where shes coming from and her, you. Women want sole mates, men want playmates. Try to be that for...
  614. IronMikeAC

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle Vagabond 5.5 to 7 (Late Report)

    John Nice report and great fishing with you. Yoyo fishing with those brass JRI jigs at Canoas was a blast. They sink so fast. BTW - I was sick also for the week after the trip. I think someone brought it on-board. And sorry to your family and all others that lost homes and lives in the fires.
  615. IronMikeAC

    SS 70XH 70H

    Free TTT but also, 2 or 3 blanks?
  616. IronMikeAC

    Opinions on choice of there any reason to use anything other than Fuji?

    I agree with you. My local tackle store carrys Alps because they are a good value, but I always find the inserts cracks or missing after trips, particularly the tip.
  617. IronMikeAC

    Lupe or the Ridge

    Been rigging today. Look forward to getting one tomorrow and hanging a hoo with it.
  618. IronMikeAC

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Are you guys fishing 40lb or 50lb on the bombs.