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    Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 and p066 transducer. No cables or brackets $425.00

    bitesomthing submitted a new listing: Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 and p066 transducer. No cables or brackets $425.00 - Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 and p066 transducer. No cables or brackets $425.00 Learn more about this listing...
  2. Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 and p066 transducer.  No cables or brackets $425.00

    Southern California Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 and p066 transducer. No cables or brackets $425.00

    Lowrance hds 8 gen2, works perfectly and p66 transducer ( only used on 1 trip) Head unit and transducer only. $425.00. will ship if buyer pays shipping.
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    PENN Carnage III West Coast Inshore Rods

    if you could just tell me the name of the cargo ship they are sitting on, maybe i could just take my boat up to that ship and put my order in like a drive thru!!!
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    Raymarine A128 to Standard Horizon VHF w/ AIS NMEA2000 connection

    LOL, no i wasnt, but i was expecting when the AIS receiver was connected to the A128 MFD that it would show it was connected. and after i got home yesterday with boat sitting in its storage location the A128 MFD it now says "AIS is connected", even when it cant see any vessels..
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    Raymarine A128 to Standard Horizon VHF w/ AIS NMEA2000 connection

    STATUS UPDATE. So i went fishing Saturday and Sunday this weekend, When i got down to the water and the GS6000 received AIS signals from other ships, my system seemed to wake up and now is showing its connected and all is working properly..
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    Raymarine A128 to Standard Horizon VHF w/ AIS NMEA2000 connection

    the Gps configuration is correct. i am using the internal gps antenna on the raymarine A128. Yes i am getting the "2K" symbol on my GX6000 VHF. So the VHF is talking to the A128, and the A128 shows that it recongnizes the vhf radio. When i check in the Diagnostics on the Raymarine A128 i can...
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    Raymarine A128 to Standard Horizon VHF w/ AIS NMEA2000 connection

    No The VHF has to have a stand alone gps antenna or the Raymarine MFD in order to use the gps options such as DSC..
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    Raymarine A128 to Standard Horizon VHF w/ AIS NMEA2000 connection

    i just connected my Raymarine A128 MFD is connected to my Standard Horizon Gx6000 VHF w/ ais. The Standard Horizon will show the GPS coordinates that are sent over from the A128. The Raymarine shows "AIS IS NOT ON OR NOT CONNECTED", yet when i go to the Diagnostics of the Raymarine A128 it...
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    2016 Parker 2320 like new, low hours $132k

    nice ride, i would be all over it if i didnt just buy a boat.. GLWS
  10. bitesomthing

    No wonder I can never find my reel!! Its always in your hands!!!

    No wonder I can never find my reel!! Its always in your hands!!!
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    Islands Santa Rosa Tacos

    Channel Islands is in Oxnard not Ventura.
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    Cowcod Photos repsonse from DFG.

    We had the same issue back in Dec. it took almost 4 lbs to get our fish back down...
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    Cowcod Photos repsonse from DFG.

    Last Decemeber (2020) we caught a Cowcod in 180ft of water. it was a big one maybe 15lbs we wanted to photo it and i wasnt sure about the laws. I asked the DFG about the same time my son had asked the DFG and here is the Joint response we got. Name: Logan Flaxington County: Los Angeles...
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    Boccaccio Worms

    Caught many yellow tail with these on them!!!
  15. bitesomthing

    Maretron Backbone kit. $100.00

    i had to switch over my NMEA Backbone on my boat. I removed this backbone starter kit from boat and do not need at this time. Will ship if you want to handle the cost, or you can pick up from me either near Whittier or Anaheim... Maretron Connectors $100.00 Thanks Chris
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    ONE SPOT LEFT! "Slow Pitch Jigging Special" Northern California August 16, 2021

    Or the fact we are on the Searcher August 18,19,20. Might have something to do with it.
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    For sell, Solas 3 blade 14 3/4d × 17p right hand ss prop, came off a yamaha motor in excellent condition. Needed a different prop size on my boat so I removed this one. Prop only had approximately 150 hours on it. 175.00 pick up if you want. Or ill ship if you want to cover the cost...
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    need autopilot hydraulic hose help

    yes the type 1
  19. bitesomthing

    need autopilot hydraulic hose help

    yes i have lots of room. Should i just remove the 90 degree elbows i have in there now and insert those ORB Tees and attach a hose to each outlet of the Tee.. Like i said i feel like im over thinking this simple project..
  20. bitesomthing

    need autopilot hydraulic hose help

    im installing a Raymarine ev150 in the boat. i have the Seastar 1.7 RM helm and it has the ORB 90 degree fitting that connect to the hydraulic hoses. i need to get the hydraulic Tees into the equation. I have bought the hydraulic hose kit and it seems as though i still need a ORB Female to...
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    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want to see under the tree!

    Santa is fresh out of stock!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mackeral at channel islands

    Anyone familiar with channel islands areas enough to know if and where you can catch mackeral??
  23. bitesomthing

    Need Raymarine autopilot install..

    anyone know anyone up in the north OC area that is either mobile or has a shop that will install a Raymarine ev150 autopilot system into my boat??
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  25. bitesomthing

    New Hustler On the Big reds

    There is no 10 inch size standard on rockcod. They don't want to see 1000's of sub 10 inch fish floating around. So you catch one your supposed to keep it, even at 5 inches.
  26. bitesomthing

    Boat seat (good condition)

    Just curious for my knowledge. i am planning ongetting new seats in my Defiance. what seats did you go with? any chance you have a pic??
  27. bitesomthing

    Vhf radio ruined my day..

    i normally fish out of Long Beach and on most days i can use the VHf from Long Beach and talk with guys down in Oceanside and further. this weekend i was on the west end of Clemente and had a friend fishing the center of Island. I could hear him but he could not hear me??? this really cost me...
  28. bitesomthing

    Raymarine A series- draw lines???

    i have a Raymarine A series and would like to place some straight lines ( or even a box) on the chart and have them stay there like a waypoint would. has anyone done this? is t possible to do this? if it possible can you tell me where i can find out how to do it???? Thanks CHris
  29. bitesomthing

    Question for you defiance owners

    yes switch lights up, i lose the orange wire when it enters the wire harness cluster and there is no sound or light or clicking when button is pressed. like sated before, its a momentary switch.( must be held down to stay active..
  30. bitesomthing

    Question for you defiance owners

    Yes factory installed
  31. bitesomthing

    Question for you defiance owners

    there is no sounds or lights when button is pressed, it is also a momentary switch ( must be held down to stay hot) so it cant be a power on/off for the outlet. tried to trace it back but it gets into the heart of the wiring and i really didnt want to cut all the ties.. guess thats what ill do...
  32. bitesomthing

    registering boat in AZ

    i am wonder if any of you guys register your boat in AZ, even though you spend more time on the ocean then any where else? thanks Chris
  33. bitesomthing

    im sure im beating a dead horse but would like new opinions on Defiance 220 or 250 adrmiral?

    Can you guys tell me your thoughts on the defiance line of boats? never been in one except at the FH show? range? handling? integrity? thanks chris
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    2018 Parker 2320

    Sent you a Message....
  35. bitesomthing

    2000 Davis Rock Harbor Long Cabin for Sale w/ Trailer

    can you let me know , fuel tanks size and range?
  36. bitesomthing

    Velvet Transmission

    make me an offer
  37. bitesomthing

    2018 Parker 2320

    in process of selling my boat, hope this is still available when i get mine sold.. DARN IT!!! should have read the previous post before i posted this!
  38. bitesomthing

    20 Gallon transom mount bait bag 175.00

    i have a 20 gallon bait bag for sale i have used it twice and decided i just need a bait tank. bag has class b brackets for 45 degree transom. Will let go for $175.00. will ship if you want to pay shipping. message or text me 714-904-6038 live in whittier area.
  39. bitesomthing

    What Penn reel would you recommend for Throwing surface iron?

    i am using a Calstar GFDH-850M 30-60lb and would like to match it up with a PENN reel for throwing Irons/Jigs. Is there a reel you would recommend? or is this a complete disaster of a set up for Irons application? Thanks CHris
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    I want a parker BUT?????

    LOL. the key is Airflow!!!!!!!!! that is when i make the Kid Drive!!!
  41. bitesomthing

    I want a parker BUT?????

    Thanks Thats what i needed
  42. bitesomthing

    Outboard advancements

    Yes it Helps. i have always been Leary when a motor has 1000 hours on it. This will open upa new level of boats for me to look at.
  43. bitesomthing

    Outboard advancements

    Here is a question i have been pondering for a while. With the advancement of outboards and how well they run and last things have changed that i have been used to. When you guys are looking to purchase a new Used boat with an outboard for propulsion what amount of running hours cause you to...
  44. bitesomthing

    I want a parker BUT?????

    I have been using a CC for years, just time to up the boat some. besides being a little warm at times the PH works fine at Mead.
  45. bitesomthing

    I want a parker BUT?????

    You are correct, im just over thinking this shit!!
  46. bitesomthing

    I want a parker BUT?????

    i would pull the trigger on a Parker today but, 12 days a year is stopping me. I fish an average of 60 days a year but for 12 days ( 3, 4 day weekends) a year the family and i go to Lake mead, these 12 days are the best of the year since i have the family captive on the lake and we actually...
  47. bitesomthing

    He learned a good lesson!! Mom says no to the Tattoo

    His Knott tying is A+++ Steve Carson from Penn taught him well on a trip we were on with him. And the fact the kid has fished non-stop since he was 3 years old. He is a true addict!
  48. bitesomthing

    He learned a good lesson!! Mom says no to the Tattoo

    My Kid saved his money and bought himself a Makaira 20ii Phenx setup. He was in the front yard playing with his new toy. While i was in the house, he put a zip tie around a parking sign and hook his swivel onto it. he then buttoned down the drag and wanted to see how hard he could pull. The...
  49. bitesomthing

    How rare is this

    Maybe it's the "Donny Osmond of the Lobster world"
  50. bitesomthing

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    You cant be more correct about the Weather predictors! The reports have been very untrustworthy.
  51. bitesomthing

    Lovin the week nights

    you can use Non leathal or non lacerating but you must be fishing when you do it! i dont know if hooping counts??
  52. bitesomthing

    PENN "2020" 8-day aboard Shogun, June 19-27, 2020

    Not spoiled much is he... lol. Not only Is he expensive on trips. He now is looking for a torque 15 star drag. Steve do you know of they're sell the star drag trq15 in silver?
  53. bitesomthing

    Phenix Black Diamond PHDX2H 40-100

    i know it was a long time ago but, was wondering if you had the 700x2h still avalible???
  54. bitesomthing

    Searcher 3-day report; 9/12 to 9/15, 2019

    Ive got Pic!! its true. (but i cant show the secret stuff) What a great trip. Fishing was not wide open but Capt Mike Kept us on a steady pick of fish for 3 straight days, He did an awesome Job. On this trip my son and i had the pleasure of fishing with Steve Carson from Penn and what a...
  55. bitesomthing

    Velvet Transmission

    i have a Velvet transmission that i was told has never been used. it has been in my garage for the last 5 years and i need to get rid of it. If interested will part with it for 750.00... will ship out if you want to pay shipping. Croc shoe in photo not included......
  56. bitesomthing

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    .... never mind not worth it
  57. bitesomthing

    Lowrance lss2 transducer

    Lowrance lss2 structure transducer with bracket for sale $125.00. Works perfect. Took it off boat so I could get 3d scan. Pick up near Whittier or i will ship if you cover shipping.
  58. bitesomthing

    Lowrance lss2 transducer

    ............sorry screwed up
  59. bitesomthing

    Lowrance 3d structure scan

  60. bitesomthing

    Velvet transmission

    i have a Velvet transmission that i was told has never been used. it has been in my garage for the last 5 years and i need to get rid of it. If interested will part with it for 750.00... will ship out if you want to pay shipping. Thanks Chris
  61. bitesomthing

    Anyone know any electricians might have a transducer tester N. oc

    Is there any boat electricians that have a Transducer tester in the N. Orange county area?? Thanks
  62. bitesomthing

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    the chine is about 6 inchs to the uphill right of the Thru-hull
  63. bitesomthing

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    The thru hull tilted ducer is the one giving me issues.
  64. bitesomthing

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    thru-hull transducer about 18" north of the transom.. no impediment in front of it.....i have checked every connection.. and when i plug a second unit into the transducer it does the same thing...each transducer runs on a frequency as so not to cause interference
  65. bitesomthing

    Halibut fishing for White Sea Bass, SMB, 6/22/2019.

    You are so the Bay King its ridicules!! for a man who loves his Lobster and Halibut fishing you have many skills you never talk about.
  66. bitesomthing

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    My lowrance Gen 3 hds9 started getting lots of interference and i cant fix it. anyone know a business that deals with these issues??? The unit works great until i hit about 2k rpm. then it just shits on me and i can barely read screen and cant see bottom. i have 1000kw chrip transducer. i...
  67. bitesomthing

    No Cat Yellows for me but, Big Vermillions and Lings out of long beach saved the day 6/22/19

    Saturday 6-22 Headed to Cat this morning into sloppy seas. Got to back side and nothing but sea lions and calico wanted to play. Was going to sit and wait it out but, after a known 6 pack charter set up 20 yards off my port I decided to run around to front side. Stuck 2 cuda close to legal...
  68. bitesomthing

    how does the VHF radio do that????

    guarantee it was turned off. has happened few time....
  69. bitesomthing

    How does the VHF rado do it???

    while im under power and traveling along, my VHF RADIO while TURNED OFF emits Static sounds. How does a unit that is turned off get static sounds out of speaker??? im sure this new issue may be causing my lowrance hds 9 to get intereference i did not have before.....
  70. bitesomthing

    how does the VHF radio do that????

    .. wrong forum sorry
  71. bitesomthing

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    i bought them for him for Lobstering and he has just continued to use them, hes been wearing bibs since he was 5yr old i tell him to not even get near me after a day of fishing until he showers................... Its got to be gross!!!! lol
  72. bitesomthing

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    Had to block out scenery for Stealth purposes. the big reds are far and few between anymore locally.
  73. bitesomthing

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    Headed over Sunday Morning in slick glass sea to the back side of Catalina. The Kid wanted to try for YT or W. Seabass. We pull up on a area i like and within Minutes The Kid gets his wish of a Tanker fish... Unfortunately after about a 5 minute battle the Line Pops and comes back looking like...
  74. bitesomthing

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    Launched out of Davies at 5:30 Saturday morning. Knowing the water would be dirty and green all over from last weeks weather and with wind being so unstable, i decided to scrap the plan on heading to Santa Barbra or San Clemente Islands and stick closer to home. We decided to hit up my Long...
  75. bitesomthing

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    i have been able to find the Mac's inside the Harbor about a 1/4 mile west of where the dredge has been sitting near San Pedro. They have been deep and seem to come up after i fish them a few minutes..
  76. bitesomthing

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    Some days it feels like it is easy and other days i feel like im a first timer and can barely find water!!!! i have 25 years of fishing our coast and its taken all of that just to start to learn it......... Sometimes its better to be lucky than good!!
  77. bitesomthing

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    Wouldnt know never thought of eating one....i guess if you like eel they probably are ok.
  78. bitesomthing

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    Corey. You dont know how close you have been i have seen you and Ruber ducky pass by me many times..Not too recently but in the past....
  79. bitesomthing

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    Sunday 4/28/19 left Davies Launch ramp was hoping Nacho might have squid, He didnt. Sat around and bullshitted with Nacho for about 15 minutes then headed over to make some macs for bait. Decided to go try for some ling cod i had been catching the week before, made about 20 pc and headed off to...
  80. bitesomthing

    want to mirror my Gen3 sonar screen..,

    i have a Hds 9 gen 3 and want to Mirror my sonar screen onto a larger screen. do i need to find a monitor that has wifi or blue tooth? thanks in advance.
  81. bitesomthing

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    Logan, you cant have a big one if you farm it everytime you get it to the surface.......
  82. bitesomthing

    12/30/18 Newbies and taco meat out of LB

    That Darn dog wants to eat nonstop... he doesn't care if its tacos or not, crap he doesnt care if its dead or not...
  83. bitesomthing

    12/30/18 Newbies and taco meat out of LB

    Took my uncle and cousin out for their first ever private boat ocean trip. Decided to hit up my local LB rocks in search of some reds before season ended. I like my own rocks and avoid the normal haunts, since the fish tend to be bigger on my small spots. We fished squid strips on pretty calm...
  84. bitesomthing

    Long Beach rock fish and need FISH ID PLEASE

    found out, its a longspine Combfish.........................relative of Ling cod
  85. bitesomthing

    Long Beach rock fish and need FISH ID PLEASE

    Headed out to the normal rock cod area in long beach Sunday 12/23 for some end of season taco meat. Ended day with 10 reds, 2 boccaccio, 3 sheep head and 2 giant octipi. Weather was great and fishing good. All on frozen squid.This poor guy was a innocent victim, anyone have an Idea what it...
  86. bitesomthing

    LB spots with a new lure

    they are pretty soft, i wish they were a more durable then they are...
  87. bitesomthing

    LB spots with a new lure

    i have been using them for about a month now. they seem to attract every type of fish in our local waters.. I wish they were a little more tough. for the money they shred really quickly.. Small fish love to eat the tentacles. i have caught= BSB, Sculpin, reds,copper,brown rock fish...
  88. bitesomthing

    Channel island Mac's

    I know its not a fishing report but, it will be when i get back. heading out to fish Channel islands and was wondering if any of you locals wouldn't mind pointing me in the direction where i might be able to catch some bait up there. thanks chris
  89. bitesomthing

    Need reccomendations for charter boat, fishing Cabo Dec 10th

    Hello all, i could use your advice on finding a nice boat to charter Dec 10th down in Cabo. any help works Thanks Chris
  90. bitesomthing

    Hooping LB (10/28) - thiefing

    sounds like this season would be a good time to insert a few razor blades in the rope of a few of your hoops. just remember what ropes you booby trapped..
  91. bitesomthing

    need to rent or barrow a tranducer wrench for B175c Transducer.

    Thanks in advance. anyone in the Anaheim/ NOrth orange county area have Tranducer wrench that Works for a B175c thru hull transducer they could lend/ rent /sell to me. thanks Chris
  92. bitesomthing

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    call santa monica sea food and ask them????????
  93. bitesomthing

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    Just keep the Bones cold and bled out and they are great eating... When they sit around in a Burlap sack for hours they are better as fertilizer...
  94. bitesomthing

    *Lobster Thieves*

    this is why Commercial guys used to put Nails and Razor blades in the rope of the cages.
  95. bitesomthing

    Purse Seiners Suck

    Do the Purse seiners actually have rules to follow? i was always under the understanding that Purse seining wasnt allowed off the CA coast? i think there should be a law that the Seiners cant use air support to find fish. it just seems like anytime a good bite comes along they end up wrapping...
  96. bitesomthing

    Spiny lobster boats

    hopefully none
  97. bitesomthing

    Boat friendly Motel/Hotel near sea world?

    any of you guys down in S.D. able to recommend a motel/hotel near Sea World that is boat trailer friendly and relatively safe? if so please let me know.. Thanks Chris
  98. bitesomthing

    Hotel near sea world?

  99. bitesomthing

    Rapala cordless fillet knife

    any out there own a Rapala codless fillet knife, if so could you please go lookat the charger and tell me what output it uses. i mixed mine in with a few others and dont know which one it is. i used wrong charger before and it cost me new battery. So if you happen to have one can you please...
  100. bitesomthing

    Ok im stupid. So here is the same question been asked about 1. million times

    Ok so im launching out of San Diego and want to head out to the 390 area Im sure you are tired of these questions. Well here is another. if i am not going near shore in Mexican water, and want to fish the 390 area. The way i understand it is all i need to have is Mexican Fishing licenses...
  101. bitesomthing

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    Fished the area from izors to horseshoe. today and could not by a bite more than a perch. Very slopy water to start with, swells from all directions, 5 mph wind, 64\65 degree water, found decent meter marks but no Takers. used Sardine, cut squid, iron. i could barelt find a bird. was off...
  102. bitesomthing

    pilothouse or walkaround

    have you checked out the Shamrock Pilot house at Boat House of Anaheim?
  103. bitesomthing

    4-14 Long Beach

    PHEEWWWW!!! a least im not the only one, went out to my normal Hali spots and couldn't even get bit. though it was just me. Wonder where they are hiding..
  104. bitesomthing

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/14

    Wow thats crazy, i was out Saturday and fished from Newport to PV and showed 56-58 everywhere i went. Not questioning your reading, the way the water has been the water may water may have rolled, or i need to check my equipment..
  105. bitesomthing

    need alittle help with giant fish location!!

    Thanks all, Found one at the a few miles out just off the Shelf in long beach. Added bonus for the Main Landers, was when i was able to get a Baby sea Lion to sit on the swim step for them....
  106. bitesomthing

    need alittle help with giant fish location!!

    Have in laws in town from the Middle of Nowhere Illinois, they want me to take them out Whale watching, has one one seen any whales the last few days out of the Long beach area?? Sorry didnt know where to place this post.. thanks Chris
  107. bitesomthing

    Catalina report 9th-11th

    shit i was home by midnight...... good job on those bugs, you worked hard..
  108. bitesomthing

    Catalina report 9th-11th

    Glad to see you got a few the second night. was a pleasure talking with you Saturday evening near your hoop spot. We ended up doing really shitty. 1- 5lb bug and more shorts then we could count. called it an early night and was home by 12:30am.
  109. bitesomthing

    Saturday 1/13/18 Palos Verdes area good day for boys and Fish ID please.

    i'm with you. As long as fish are being caught on my boat i have a blast and call it a success.
  110. bitesomthing

    Saturday 1/13/18 Palos Verdes area good day for boys and Fish ID please.

    I didnt get any photos of the Ling Cod. I told him we cant keep it and he released it along with my better pair of fish grippers (Fish gripper is somewhere in ocean now.) before i could get a photo... the boys caught , Browns, Treefish, Mackeral, sand Bass , calico, and Coppers. Im sure there...
  111. bitesomthing

    Saturday 1/13/18 Palos Verdes area good day for boys and Fish ID please.

    Fished Long Beach area, about 65 ft of water, some Live and mostly dead squid used for bait. water showed about 60.5 degrees, no wind, slight current, 20lb test line, slding sinker and hook. since my son invited some friends on the boat (i didnt know this until friday afternoon) great boys...
  112. bitesomthing

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    MDR you pay extra for water.. .25/minute. in Long beach You get free water at the moment until they get off their butts and fix the machines. then we will pay again......i dont mind paying for water, but the ocean access should be free with a low parking fee like 5 bucks a day...
  113. bitesomthing

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    Not done yet, hopefully i should get another 10 trips in by the new year. Its really easy just marry a girl who doesn't want you around like i did.
  114. bitesomthing

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    I'm tired of paying 12.00 bucks to park and use launch ramp in Long beach every weekend? cant they offer a annual Pass at a discounted rate? i have spent around $700.00 this years to use launch ramps. So we all pay 12.00 a day to use Long Beach area- Huntington, Davies and MDR, and nearby...
  115. bitesomthing

    12-4-17 Sunday nice weather and big assortment of rock fish 20+ lb Sheephead from Horseshoe.

    Headed out Sunday morning 6am picked up some squid at nachos aND started searching the horseshoe for off the beaten trail rocks. Ended up fishing a single stone in 95 feet of water for all you want 14+ inch sculpin(all released) tree fish to 4 lbs, sheephead to 24 lbs, and many sandbass that...
  116. bitesomthing

    Just a few rants that have been bothering me.

    recently i had a few fish caught on my boat that may have gone for Ca State size records. My problem is,and correct me please if im wrong. The way i read it on the DFG website is the fish must be certified by an Authorized Official. My problem with this is that it reads like the fish will...
  117. bitesomthing

    11-19-17 What size is the record Tree fish? This big?

    Fished local longe beach area Sunday, headed over to one of my rocks that produces larger rock fish for me and it didn't disappoint me again. Caught many out of season Sculpin all about 2 lbs. A few bigger. And caught a few giant Tree fish including this Monster tree fish. He went 4 lbs even...
  118. bitesomthing

    Lowrance hds9 with airmar b175 cm transducer acting bad

    i was stationary with these photos. i also have the Stucture scan transducer LS2. it worked great at 30 mph just a few days ago.
  119. bitesomthing

    Lowrance hds9 with airmar b175 cm transducer acting bad

    I installed a brand new hds8 with b175cm transducer and for the first 3 weeks it worked beautifully. Went out today and it had so much interference I couldn't even find the bottom. Unit seemed to work OK while fishing I n 70 feet of water while anchored,. Once I got into 100 or so it would just...
  120. bitesomthing

    Hoopnet bait cages 30 for all 7

    i have 7 bait cages i bought because i had to one night.( forgot mine at home) they have been used one time(night) selling for $4.50 each ahh screw it 30 bucks for all 7. much less then i paid for when i was in a bind...You can pick up or we can meet up or i will ship if you want to cover the...
  121. bitesomthing

    Laguna Swordfish 10/23

    ok here comes the question.. What differences tell you that its a Sword fish and not a Marlin?? i would love to know??
  122. bitesomthing

    Horse Shoe Sunday morning 10/22/17, Calico and Cuda

    Headed out Sunday 10/22/17 morning nothing serious planned for the day, just enjoy time on the water. About 5 mph wind, Tee shirt weather by 8am, not much slop, slow boat traffic and used sardines for feed. We worked the HorseShoe area and started making a few halibut drifts and wasn't getting...
  123. bitesomthing

    98 20' Shamrock PH, transducer location.

    I have purchased a B175 thru hull Chirp transducer and just noticed that it says do not mount in engine compartment because heat may damage the ducer. my old transducer was mounted right next to the Starboard side nearest the stern motor mount. i had planned on placing the new one there until i...
  124. bitesomthing

    Same question you have seen before. What FF and tranducer to purchase

    im in the market to purchase a new Fish finder and transducer. My Boat: 20' PH Shamrock Current Sonar: Lowrance HDS 8 first Gen i have been looking at the Lowrance HDS 7" -9". and looking at trandsucer such as B175. i am open to all brands around the 7-9" size. please give me your opinion...
  125. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    Need boat electrician. Please refer one. This issue is beyond my knowledge and icould use a experts help..
  126. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    got new alternator and placed it on motor. Same issue SEEING 17-19 volts on dash gauge and also on my high end voltmeter. Took both old and new alternator to a alternator shop and had both bench tested just to make sure they were both ok. both alternators checked out great at the shop. Put...
  127. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    with out motor running, voltage is 13.5 to 14 right where it should be..
  128. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    Regulator is built into alternator, i guess there is a chance i got a bad apple!!
  129. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    yes your assumption is correct
  130. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    2 Brand new batteries that i also checked with a load tester. tested fine.
  131. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    readings are coming from my dash gage and from a hand held multimeter..
  132. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    its a start will try thanks..
  133. bitesomthing

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    i have a shamrock pilot house with a 351 Windsor in it. i was getting a high voltage reading on my dash gauge around 16.5 volts. I checked the voltage on directly at the batteries and it was showing 16 volts, i then checked the voltage directly on the back of the alternator and it shows a...
  134. bitesomthing

    Cat Sunday 5/21/17 east front and home..

    Fished East end of Cat Sunday 5/21 arrived at island at 630am fished east end for 1 Cuda and 2-17 inch Calico, other than that it was very slow, lots of bait, cloudy mixed up water. Decided to head around to the front side and ended up stopping near Ripper cove and fished in 120 ft of water...
  135. bitesomthing

    4/23/17 Fished local LB Area and caught a few calicos.

    Went out Sunday morning, weather wasnt bad but you could tell it had blown the night before.... Water was just Fricken dirty. FIshed from &am to about 11am for about 20 calicos to about 3 lbs. Not a great day but we did manage to get a few fish. All fish were caught on BH swim baits...
  136. bitesomthing

    fighting RFI/EMI interference on LOwrance HDS8.

    I have no idea whats going on but, i havent been able to solve my issue on my own and need help. I am getting a lot if interference on my screen. I cant track down the culprit. i have gone as far as putting on Magnetic core ferrites, tried to shield the Transducer cable with Copper tape...
  137. bitesomthing

    Sunday 4 2 17. Long beach slow with big goat

    i was hoping they would have found a whale and i could have gone over and helped the whale sound on them while they were watching..
  138. bitesomthing

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    i'm a big tipper but when it becomes expected it makes me not want to tip as much.. i want to decide how i approve of the service i received and then decide how to share a tip. I don't want you or the crew telling what or how much i should tip..It's the winners choice and is none of your...
  139. bitesomthing

    Sunday 4 2 17. Long beach slow with big goat

    No chance I wasn't near my Rocks when he came he's is looking for fish about 60970 lbs bigger.
  140. bitesomthing

    Sunday 4 2 17. Long beach slow with big goat

    Fished sunday for rock cod In the Long Beach area. Fishing was really slow for me on the Taco Meat fish. So I decided to try one of my Shrephead goto spots that seems to produce giant shephead for me Well we didn't get much except for 5 sheephead there, but one of the sheep head was a new...
  141. bitesomthing

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    id like to here what equipment you are using to take video with. Man those submersibles are not Cheap...
  142. bitesomthing

    Same old stroy Weekend rock fish

    Headed out Sunday 3/19/17 Morning just to pass some time. Stayed local in the Long Beach Area. Took Neighbor and friend who have never fished the Ocean before out to get some Taco meat. found some decent sized Reds willing to play. Fished them in 150' of water and left after an hour so we...
  143. bitesomthing

    Dawn Patrol

    thanks, for info. Nice to get a good one in winter....
  144. bitesomthing

    Dawn Patrol

    Any info with this report, or just a chest pound video????? Nice catch by the way. Was it recent?? Were you in San diego? L.A.? Ventura?
  145. bitesomthing

    Long Beach SWBA Tournament 2/18

    Watch the schedule. Event has been canceled due to weather
  146. bitesomthing

    Long Beach SWBA Tournament 2/18

    CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. bitesomthing


    IS this FAKE or Alternative NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  148. bitesomthing

    For winter bassing was OK. Sunday 2/12/17

    Yep, not much backbone below the top 8 inches.........
  149. bitesomthing

    For winter bassing was OK. Sunday 2/12/17

    Headed out Sunday morning with my Kid and Uncle, fished out of MDR. Got out of the Harbor and headed south east towards Redondo area fish a mixed bag of spots that usually hold good fish for me. Calico and sand bass bite wasnt wide open but we did end up with 20 bass all keepers( all...
  150. bitesomthing

    It's slow winter time out of Long Beach 1/29/17

    Did the easy trip yesterday out of Long Beach. hit all the same old spots Izors for a few small sheep head and a half dozen Sand and calico bass. then headed over to a few rock piles and same story small sheep head and a few bass. windy in the morning and calmed down as the day went on, water...
  151. bitesomthing

    Will the Albies come

    i agree, its time for them to make a showing......... and will that mean the giant squid will be here again also???( i hope not)... Albi's love the 302, 182,181 spots so they like the inner banks....... you will be trolling back and forth in the same area for a whole trip..
  152. bitesomthing

    What you weapon of choice.

    EXCUSE THE TITLE ERRORS, its early.... Ok here it is. when your on your smaller private boat and don have a large bait tank what do you use to chum to keep fish around boat and or attract them. What is your chum of choice? Chum buckets, chunked bait? Partner throwing up into water? just...
  153. bitesomthing

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Ok all you old timers on this board. Anyone know of or heard from Jim Paul...AKA Shinerunner. Where did he disapear to....
  154. bitesomthing

    Engine performance upgrades?

    Ill take reliability over HP any day of the week. When you modify a motor you usually sacrifice dependability. Its one thing to break down on a road,but the ocean. (it sucks)
  155. bitesomthing

    legal or short?

    i always Open my gauges up an extra 1/16" to avoid any chance of being short and if its still a squeeze fit i throw it back. $1000 fine can buy a lot of lobster dinners
  156. bitesomthing

    Hooped the coast last night 1/4/16. More sealions then bugs

    i was almost going to call you from the water,but i didnt want to bother you so much. looking forward to talking later today...
  157. bitesomthing

    Hooped the coast last night 1/4/16. More sealions then bugs

    Headed out for a very quick trip and hooped last night. water was beautiful with a slight drizzle. Hooped in 28 ft of water last night and it was really slow for me, 5 shorts and 3 keeper between 5pm and 9:30. it was a slow night with no current!!! none!! not much wind 3 mph maybe. It was a...
  158. bitesomthing

    1/1/17 Marina del Rey. Short trip with a few Triggers, and lost big fish

    Of course it was. We all know we never lose the unwanted fish we
  159. bitesomthing

    1/1/17 Marina del Rey. Short trip with a few Triggers, and lost big fish

    Well i guess it wasn't fresh dead, it was previous frozen. sorry just im used to saying fresh dead since it was fresh when i froze it.......Lets put it this way, it was still safe for human consumption if you wanted to eat it.. Does that make it Fresh??
  160. bitesomthing

    1/1/17 Marina del Rey. Short trip with a few Triggers, and lost big fish

    Never kept a Trigger so i have never looked into there even DFG rules for catching non indigenous fish????? Some one else would need to speak up on this..
  161. bitesomthing

    1/1/17 Marina del Rey. Short trip with a few Triggers, and lost big fish

    1/12/17 MDR Fishing: Headed out Sunday Morning just to get a little time on the water. Decided to mix it up a little and head up to MDR and see what i can muster up for the Kid to be able catch so he break in his new Rod and reel set up.. Started with Bass on a reef. Caught a few shorts...
  162. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Never Checked , i just wanted to use the photo................
  163. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    That Pic was actually a pic i got off the Net. It was supposedly a guy who was reading reading the Bible in Saudi Arabia.... ( you know the civilized poeple).i dont know if it s true but man that must hurt.... Here was the article: "This is a new form of punishment in one of the Saudi...
  164. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Ill let you know how that So i take it this was a Ling???
  165. bitesomthing

    Need reliable Wind forecast web sites.

    Hello all, it seems that every website i go to, to check out the weather has a different report. I may read that the wind is forecast for 20mph winds and when i go out that day or hear from others becuase i stayed home due to forecast. The ocean seemed be glass that day. Question is this...
  166. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    I just let mine live in bait tank until the moment they need to be cleaned....
  167. bitesomthing

    Sunday 12/18/16 Long beach local, Sheephead and sandies are the norm

    My Uncle loves to throw Jigs, he was using a glow in the dark 4 oz diamond jig tipped with squid. My son uses just Hook and bait or a Sumo White with glow in dark back iron...
  168. bitesomthing

    Sunday 12/18/16 Long beach local, Sheephead and sandies are the norm

    Headed out of Long Beach 12/18/16 Sunday morning. When i left my house the Temp was 32° Little chilly. Launched and found that there was about 10mph wind blowing that made it really cold on the water as the Day went on the weather just got better and better, took off jackets by 10:30am, just...
  169. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    OH HE's HOOKED AND ITS EXPENSIVE..... i have been taking photos from the start.He has been hooked since he was about 3 yrs old. This kid has quit a bit of fishing knowledge already. He can already launch,load the boat on trailer and could take any boat to and from Catalina and any fishing spot...
  170. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    When i fish for halibut i thread whole squid onto my hook, thats when i dont buy live bait. While using whole dead squid for halibut i kept getting Sheephead. so we decided to just target the Sheephead and went to cut dead squid..... i Halibut fish in an area that has rocks near a sand flat...
  171. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    i would have kept it ALSO but, iM not new to fishIng but rock cod never excited me until a year or so ago. My FISH Id CAN BE SKETCHY AT TIMES...So i wasn't sure if it was a small ling or Cabbie. If i dont know exactly what im dealing with i never touch them or keep them... plus i had enough...
  172. bitesomthing

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Went out this weekend launched from Davies about 530am and headed over to my rock cod spots... Well that idea didn't pan out to well. The larger size rock fish just didn't want to play, and i'm not into keeping 6 inch fish. So we decided to go to one of my halibut spots and see if any Butt's...
  173. bitesomthing

    Shop needed. Shamrock with 351Windsor direct drive tranny service

    Hey all, looking for a good shop in the north of oc area that can and knows how to service and repair direct drive tranny. I have a 351 Windsor w/ direct drive. I live in whittier la mirada area.. Input please Thanks in advance Chris
  174. bitesomthing

    11/10/16 Cat Bugs not good for me.

    took the kid out last night and ran to cat on a beautiful ride over to the island. Second guessed my plan and Stopped at a old spot i used to hoop a lot and had much success in the past. Well its been a while since last time i was hooping.. Well after last night i realized i suck at this...
  175. bitesomthing

    LA harbor lobster report

    Hello John, been a long time. Nice to see you on the boards again.....Maybe you have been around and i just havnt seen you...
  176. bitesomthing

    Lorance to Yamaha cable 50.00

    Lowrance#LOW120-37 i have a Lowrance to Yamaha connector cable only (No "T" conector). No longer have a Yamaha motor. $50.00 plus shipping takes it.... Not A Red connector.. if you want to pick up i work in anaheim area and live on Whittier area.. thanks Chris
  177. bitesomthing

    lowrance hds8 repair? Facility....

    do any of you guys out there, know of anywhere that will repair Lowrance Hds unit? Since lowrance (Great service, NOT)will not repair anything over 5 years old. I guess i will make all future electronic purchases not Lowrance since they only have a 5 year life span..... i live in the North...
  178. bitesomthing

    Lowrance HDs 8 with Fuel flow sensor issue

    I have a Hds8 and hooked up the lowrance fuel flow sensor. the problem is when i run the motor i may see a number on the fuel flow rate like 3.2 gph, but when i increase the rpm on the motor the unit will show the flow rate dropping down 2.4gph and be kind of unstable. any one out there...
  179. bitesomthing

    inboard direct drive mechanic

    hello all, i live in the whittier/ la mirada area and am looking for a mechanic who works on direct drive boats. i want someone who can go thru my boat and just check things out and service as needed. things like drive Shaft and rudder seals and bearings? anyone out there have any good...
  180. bitesomthing

    PV area Calicos 6/5/16

    Headed out early Sunday morning, fished the kelp up and down PV area. Only had fish all morning on the swim bait. Both fish were nice 19 inch fish and the followers that were with them while hooked were huge, from the boat they appeared to be in the 7/9 pound range(why cant i hook those fish)...
  181. bitesomthing

    Long beach area Non Halibut trip 1/10/16

    Headed out sunday morning, going straight to my goto spots for halibut. Well we were there, the bait was there the wheather was nice there, but the halibut weren't there. Even tried inside the harbor for a while and came up blank on the day. Only had 2 bites all day, and with the big sardines...
  182. bitesomthing

    nmea 2000 to yamaha connection.

    here is some info: Here it is on amazon: Lowrance Yamaha Engine Interface Cable Item model number: 3004.6865 For use with a red NMEA network Works with NMEA 2000-compliant units
  183. bitesomthing

    nmea 2000 to yamaha connection.

    Nmea to yamaha connection I used this cable for about 6 months. It connected my 2007 yamha 115 to my lowrance. do not need any more.for sale $60 plus shipping if needed. Thanks chris
  184. bitesomthing

    Catalina lobster 12-5

    Nice job, Way to go in the catching what you need and not greed...... Wish all guys thought like that................
  185. bitesomthing

    Did you turn in your lobster card last season.......? $$$

    the DFG and all goverment agencies always have their shit together when it comes to raping the masses for money..
  186. bitesomthing

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Yes nice talking to you, see me out there again dont forget to say hello.....
  187. bitesomthing

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Was caught on a Lucanus Jig tiped with squid in 85' of water.. YES it was truly a lucanus jig..........
  188. bitesomthing

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Yes he is now on the "Do Not Boat List",
  189. bitesomthing

    Shop for Trailer axel replacement near Whittier??

    i would like to replace my axels on my trailer. i am looking for a Shop that does this. can any of you recommend a shop near the Whittier/santa fe springs/La Habra area??? thanks in advance Chris
  190. bitesomthing

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Took my uncle out for some rock fish Sunday morning. When we first got out in the morning 6am it seemed like it was going to be a windy day, but by 9 am the weather really got nice..water was 66 degrees. Headed out to get a few fish for tacos but my uncle decide taco meat wasn't enough this...
  191. bitesomthing

    ok im a little clueless.. Direct drive.

    "BINGO" i have had many boats but never a Direct im just trying to get the basics on direct drive characteristics..
  192. bitesomthing

    ok im a little clueless.. Direct drive.

    Ok guy, educate me a little. What are the pro's and con's of a direct drive boat. Im really concerned with the Pro's. i know nothing about them and would like to know a little? Reliability? Whats are thing i would have to look out for? Maintenance? Do they enhance efficiency? any info would...
  193. bitesomthing

    I/O or outboard

    ok your guys are confirming my STICK WITH OUTBOARDs.... i just thought maybe i wasnt giving I/O's a chance
  194. bitesomthing

    I/O or outboard

    i am in the process of finding a new boat. I consider myself a outboard guy. I have owned 1 I/O in my life and it was a nightmare. Im sure a I/O is more reliable than the one i had. I have no confidence in them. i know many of the boats out there run I/O's and have no issues. Can you tell...
  195. bitesomthing

    2010 26fs Energy Toy Hauler

    Kids Sports taking all my time and i don't have time to Fish and camp. Fishing wins, trailer goes. selling 2010 26fs Energy Toy Hauler. trailer has been used maybe 15 times since i bought it new. Appx 250 hours on Generator, all tires less than a year old. everything works great on this...
  196. bitesomthing

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    Just Call Donald Trump, he can clear this whole thing up.........................
  197. bitesomthing

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    I think we should treat half the Teen age kids out there this way also..........
  198. bitesomthing

    I hear the fat lady singing. ..

    Fished from long beach to cat today, I suck because I couldn't catch a fish, even tried bass and I got skunked. .oh well. .been a great season. .fished Sunday 10/25/15
  199. bitesomthing

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    Gonna need GPS numbers so i can verify accuracy of this video.. great job
  200. bitesomthing

    Sunday 10/11/15 Long beach area....

    It was Clear water, not a sealion all day and the best part of the day was there wasnt a bout within 3 miles of me all day. it really felt wierd not to have to brace ourselves for baot wakes every few minutes...
  201. bitesomthing

    Sunday 10/11/15 Long beach area....

    Headed out with my son, and my uncle yesterday, bitch-en weather for my whole day, smooth and calm and great fishing... We headed out a 5 am, i figured since crowd was gone and i didn't want to go far. I would stay in the long beach area today, hit up the 105 area nothing, 150 area nothing then...
  202. bitesomthing

    slow trolling deans

    I think I do it wrong. can you please explain how you slow troll your baits? Speed,line out etc..
  203. bitesomthing

    Boston Whaler revenge 21

    How does this hull handle the ruff stuff? Hows the ride in a up swell condition? Seems like not much free board. ..but I am very interested.
  204. bitesomthing

    Calico Bass Fishing & Rescue - VIDEO

    at least the water was warm...........
  205. bitesomthing

    Crawl Prediction

    Great i had most people going on my last post. you had to go and tell them the they will all be out there...
  206. bitesomthing

    Crawl Prediction

    I may not be a Marine biologist, but i did stay at a holiday in last night.. Warm water is not their first choice so they may have headed really deep for cooler water.....................only time will tell
  207. bitesomthing

    2004 trophy 1903 cc 2013 yahmaha 150

    i'd jump all over this. If i knew what it was??????
  208. bitesomthing

    Swaping Motors..

    if i wanted to swap out a Yamaha 115 two stroke with a Yamaha 115 four stroke what would the ball park price be to have it done?? i know there are a few other variables, but im just looking for a estimate?? Thanks Chris
  209. bitesomthing

    9/20/15 Front of Cat, same story= Micro YT Kid loved it.

    Probably, but looking at that face while hes in the water looks more like he may be taking a crap...
  210. bitesomthing

    9/20/15 Front of Cat, same story= Micro YT Kid loved it.

    Instead of taking the easy route and stopping at the Horse shoe area, i planned to take the kid to Cat hoping to let him have a day of many fish. Left Davies at 4am got some perfect size deans from Nacho 4 to 7 inch, put a scoop in my 40 gallon tank and was surprised when i got to Cat the 95%...
  211. bitesomthing

    imagine the fishing back then.

    Good times with tar everywhere.... and yes i remember the gasoline treatment myself
  212. bitesomthing

    imagine the fishing back then.

    "actually glad they are gone they used to leak crude all over the place."= the black tar balls we used to get on our feet and everywhere else..
  213. bitesomthing

    imagine the fishing back then.

    if only we could turn back clocks.( and take our modern gear with us)
  214. bitesomthing

    22' Glacier Bay Catamaran Reduced to $17.500 obo

    Crap that sucks. i only have 27 FT of parking with no room to squeeze anymore out of it. Even if i put a swing away tongue on it couldn't save 5 ft. Thank you for your time. GLWS
  215. bitesomthing

    22' Glacier Bay Catamaran Reduced to $17.500 obo

    Very interested, any way you can tell me total length, Tip of tongue to end of Prop? if i can fit it in my parking area ill take it off your hands..
  216. bitesomthing


    33 38.400 x 118 11.790
  217. bitesomthing

    1997 22' hydrasports ocean cc

    Just wondering if boat is gone????? if not i would like to come check it out. I'm in La mirada also. Thanks Chris
  218. bitesomthing

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    You put yourself in harms way and want to blame someone else........ A simple $20 bucks could validate your whole story and give you the right to rip the boater. As i see it you have no right to be mad at this guy. $20 could save your life............
  219. bitesomthing

    Another successful day!

    cant do much except not pack them in.... i have had the issue and it sucks, but i think you are correct. Bait too big and not cured......
  220. bitesomthing

    2003 21' seafox center console

    Can you please let me know what the Overall length of boat when on trailer is? im very interested but have limited park. Thanks Chris
  221. bitesomthing

    Dana Pt Thursday

    Cool how you saw the sporty and stayed way off and were still able to hook fish.... Can you teach other people this courtesy technique and show them how you still catch fish.. Great Job
  222. bitesomthing

    Oil Burners Enjoying Their Day in The Sun

    2014 ram 2500 6.2l -------------17.5 around town and 12+ while towing....Got to love it
  223. bitesomthing


    What Circle hook brand/style/size do you prefer for our local Yellow Tail/ Tuna????
  224. bitesomthing

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    And I can speak from experience. THEY HAVE SARDINES SO HOT THEY FLY.......... OK LET'S ALL JUST GO FISH. ...............
  225. bitesomthing

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    I also agree with you. I just mean the Boat should have informed him and not assisted in pulling it out of water.........
  226. bitesomthing

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    Forget The Angler Guys, The Sportboat, (Not just this boat)any boat should know way better than any Fisherman they have onboard, the regs for this kind of stuff. If you are on your private boat and a (Newbie)Friend of yours catches a Illegal fish. You as as the owner/Captain Tell your...
  227. bitesomthing

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    Thank God the Deckie didnt throw that fish at me and my Kid........That might have left a mark.. Carma is a biatch......
  228. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    I like the hit them in the wallet idea. ...
  229. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    That's cool of the sport king. I would have invited him in,unless it would of shut fish down. What really sucks is my kid wanted to stop fishing for the day after that. I'm the guy who sees a sport boat or private boat and goes the other way. I will find my own fish. That's why I was at a...
  230. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    That's cool of the sport king. I would have invited him in,unless it would of shut fish down. What really sucks is my kid wanted to stop fishing for the day after that. I'm the guy who sees a sport boat or private boat and goes the other way. I will find my own fish. That's why I was at a...
  231. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    That's cool of the sport king. I would have invited him in,unless it would of shut fish down. What really sucks is my kid wanted to stop fishing for the day after that. I'm the guy who sees a sport boat or private boat and goes the other way. I will find my own fish. That's why I was at a...
  232. bitesomthing

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    That's just cool
  233. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    Just to set record straight, deckie was throwing bait on purpose at us, he did it several times. The whole time with a smug look on his face that kinda looked like he was thinking "I'm going to make my captain love me by doing this". And you are right, he was throwing at us on purpose so he...
  234. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    Just to set record straight, deckie was throwing bait on purpose at us, he did it several times. The whole time with a smug look on his face that kinda looked like he was thinking "I'm going to make my captain love me by doing this".
  235. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    When he threw the bait they were 15 ft or less from us..
  236. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    I would have drifted back also,but the boat was still yards away from me,my son hooked a Bonita and i was helping him. I looked up and the Gail was about on top of me.
  237. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    Just so happens my video camera battery died before it happened. I really wish it hadnt
  238. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    I'm in a small boat also and with the way the wind was picking up I didn't have time to sit and wait for any calls. .Thought I should cross channel before it got to bad.
  239. bitesomthing

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    We arrived at Catalina Island at 7 a.m. this morning.fished between the East end Cans and Pebbly Beach. It was wide open bass and Bonita with anything you throw at them.No yellow tail for me today. It was a good day until around 11 a.m. When the Gail Force decided it was going to fish where I...
  240. bitesomthing


    trying to sell my boat, if sold in time, i will call you i am interested very much.................................
  241. bitesomthing


    5 years? Go buy all 3 new. If you want allot of reserve power spend a little extra and get 2 6 volts for you house and a nice new cranking 12 volt
  242. bitesomthing

    Bait issues.

    Wow these slow flow times seem like next to no water is being brought into the tank..........i have a ball valve so ill try the slow down method........... Man it seems like this would just be a trickle into the tank
  243. bitesomthing

    Bait issues.

    It's a 17 ft boat. It's all the wrong end of the boat..
  244. bitesomthing

    2010 Energy toy Hauler

    SELL PENDING.........................
  245. bitesomthing

    Bait issues.

    Went to Catalina from Long beach on Sunday. got to the island and half of the scoop of bait was dead. seas were fairly calm was able to do 23 mph in my 17ft pro-line center console.i am well aware and tried not to beat up bait on way over to island. I try to justify my dead bait by thinking that...
  246. bitesomthing

    just a stupid observation??

    Not one specific, just seems that every (a Lot of) post that says it has a rebuilt/repowered motor usually only has a few ours on it.. So you rebuild your vessel and than never run it after??? HMMMMMMMMMMM makes you think.
  247. bitesomthing

    just a stupid observation??

    i agree, it raises a red flag with me also. i have been on that side where you put a new motor in a boat and it never seems the same. i just cant imagine that many repowers suck....
  248. bitesomthing

    just a stupid observation??

    Why is it on a lot of boats being sold. The owners state "Motor has been rebuilt" (inboard or outboard) and it only has 4 hours, 6 hours or very low hours... why would you rebuild a motor than dish off the boat??? does this mean the rebuilds are not that great and owners want to get out of the...
  249. bitesomthing

    2010 Energy toy Hauler

    Yes i can get pics. Im out of town right now but as soon as i get back i can send you some pics.I do have this one picture of the inside but it makes the trailer look messy. The trailer is much cleaner than the pic shows. The entertainment package is just a upgraded stereo with subs, DVD...
  250. bitesomthing

    Sand bass???? on the Flats in OC

    i often wondered where the Cuda went not near us..................
  251. bitesomthing

    Sand bass???? on the Flats in OC

    Well this is the same as the last couple years. Has all the damage of overfishing Sand Bass during the spawn on the Huntington flats finally caught up to us?? Whats your opinion. I think all the years of taking thousands of bass a day have finally caught up to the species.Can it rebound in time...
  252. bitesomthing

    i know this is not

    i know this isn't a report so don't point out the obvious.... i know a few of you have been around here a long time and even longer than some, i've been here a while and have made several friends on this board. Have any of you long time members seen or heard anything from Jim P. a.k.a...
  253. bitesomthing

    Help with info on triumph boats

    i go to cat all the time in my 17' proline, you just need to be careful on the weather watch and not to proud to say "We are not going" i know the 17ft triumph you talk about and i would take it to cat on any day that seems like nice weather. Just remember on a boat that size and with mine...
  254. bitesomthing

    Triumph boats...need a owners opinion

    Been looking for a new boat and have been eyeballing the Triumph boat line. any owners out there with the 21ft center console have any opinions they can give me.Good Bad etc.... How do you like the Hull Material? how do they handle in sloppy sea's? how is fuel range? overall build any good...
  255. bitesomthing

    2010 Energy toy Hauler

    selling my 2010 26' toy hauler, Fully self contained in great condition, front bed,new tires all around, generator, ac , entertainment package and much more.large storage area for bikes. 17k obo. Kids are now in sports and dont have time to use it anymore....More Photos to follow..... Thanks Chris
  256. bitesomthing

    6/5/15 Los Alamitos

    Was out in my cc proline and made it out towards the 150 about 3 miles pulled the plug. Was to rough to want to fight it. .. was a very stiff 15th wind
  257. bitesomthing

    Aerator in bait tank? yes or No

    Do you guys use a Aerator in conjunction with your bait pump. If so what type aerator do you use in your tanks? Do you see a difference when using one? Thanks Chris
  258. bitesomthing

    Cant see MLPA zones on Nautic west hd v14 (lowrance hds 8)

    Hey guys, i have a Lowrance HDS 8 and just purchased the Nautic insight, hoping i could see the MLPA zones on it. It say it has them programed on the sd card but i can not see any on the Lowrance chart screen. i think i have turned them all on in the Chart set up where i went into categories...
  259. bitesomthing

    Reading GPX files

    Can anyone out there point me towards a decent (Free) GPX reader program for windows???
  260. bitesomthing

    which is which Lowrance nautic vs pro insight

    ok im in the proccess of purchasing a new Insight card for my lowrance hds 8. im trying to figure out what is the difference between the: Lowrance Nautic Insight HD West V14 and Lowrance Nautic Insight Pro V14 can someone help explain the difference in these two card options...
  261. bitesomthing

    Sea Lion Morons

    i agree, i made alot of money on the Allergan takeover.......
  262. bitesomthing

    Sea Lion Morons

    this is bloody decks. almost non would pass that up. Even without make up.I dont think she has too much make up on anyway. i guessing the majority here would tap her fur bag...
  263. bitesomthing

    Sea Lion Morons

    I'd feed her a Sardine.......................
  264. bitesomthing

    Sea Lion Morons

    “When I got there, I saw a kid about 10 years old kicking a sea lion pup in the head."<------- he must of been on a half day boat and lost a yellowtail
  265. bitesomthing

    should be a easy one. What fish is this?

    What fish is this?????????
  266. bitesomthing

    pv area 3 29 15

    Headed to PV area today looking for some bass that would like to play. Not much current meant not much bass. Weather wasnt to nice early, but by 10am it was a great weather day. Did see some deep water marks, droped down and caught this guy. Me not being a rock fish guy and not knowing exactly...
  267. bitesomthing

    Fish finder/gps to many choices

    I'm sure you have all been asked this question before. The more i look the more i am undecided. I'm looking to purchase a new sonar/gps unit. Looking to spend 1500.00 bucks or less. what would you guys out there recommend. currently i have a Lowrance hds5 (nautic Insight)..... Do i get Down...
  268. bitesomthing

    Fishing and boating license question

    just dont let Mom handle the fishing pole. all is good. My wife heads out with me all the time and just reads......
  269. bitesomthing

    Long Beach Rock fish 3/8/15

    launched out of Long beach yesterday with beautiful weather until the fog rolled in at 11am.Headed out to the Deep trench area and did well on the Taco meat fish. Hooked into 1 yellow tail or at least i think it was a yellow tail until it came unbuttoned( bummer ). Best part of the trip was...
  270. bitesomthing

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    MIddle of channel was the worst... There is a Dredge out there.............
  271. bitesomthing

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    I know its not a fish report but i hope this helps someone. This May be old news to some.... Hey guys was out last night 2/15/15 and launched out of South Shore launch ramp. after going under bridge i realized the water was 1 foot deep in the middle of channel. I sanded and dinged my...
  272. bitesomthing

    Lucky Craft 190mm

    Anglers Marine anaheim????????????????
  273. bitesomthing

    Map chip for Lowrance HDS5

    I have a Lowrance Hds5 and am looking for a map card, can anyone out there point me in the right direction to purchase one for the Los Angeles/ Sandiego areas. i dont know which one to purchase? Also, do they make a card that has all the MLPA areas on them, if so thats what im looking for...
  274. bitesomthing

    Long Beach Bait ???

    i was out at catalina from Sunday until TUESDAY and didnt see any light boats on front side. i wasn't calling out on radio looking though..
  275. bitesomthing

    Long Beach Bait ???

    Just wondering if anyone out there can give me a bait update in the Long beach/La Harbor area?? was pretty bad my last trip out and am wondering if its changed at all. thanks Chris
  276. bitesomthing

    LA Launch ramps suck.

    how could i with a clean conscience, stay down in San Diego and let you foot the bill for all the non work done to our local launch areas by yourself. That just wouldn't be fare. we all need to help keep money flowing into LA....................
  277. bitesomthing

    LA Launch ramps suck.

    Why is is i can go down to San Diego and fish out of Beautiful launch ramps with clean atmosphere, clean bathrooms and we don't have to pay the 12 buck SHIT. You can park up here in LA pay your sticking 12.00 to park in a run down, dirty, smelly location with bathrooms that i have seen...
  278. bitesomthing

    Wheel of Butter game show # 2!

    I though if you let Bugs die with the blood in them it's not good and makes the meat bad and fast. I see your bugs dont seem to be living in your photos, can you tell if it affects the meat?????
  279. bitesomthing

    Newport Harbor

    SLOW.should sum it up
  280. bitesomthing

    King Harbor bones

    was gonna head there sunday morning. did you happen to get any bait? thanks chris
  281. bitesomthing

    LB hoopin 12/30 report- plus questions on hoops

    Seems to me the Harbor Area has been picked to death the last few season so it slow for most people,(just my opinion) your bait is probably fine. need to just feel out what depth is working best for that night. On 45--50 is about what i usually hoop.
  282. bitesomthing

    hooping no bug report....

    Hooped long beach area tuesday night, it was too calm, talked with 3 different guys out on the water and nobody saw a thing this night except sea lions. I did manage 2 bugs for a half nights work.... Could have been worse... i think long beach bugs have been way thinned out, time to head...
  283. bitesomthing


    I have had 2 prolines one was w 96 20 ft walk around and now i own a 18 ft center counsol, very dry ride and they cut threw the water nicely. i like these boats and wouldnt hesitate it the hull is in good shape.... good luck chris
  284. bitesomthing

    bugging tips for LB?

    dont get disappointed if its slow, keep trying. it's been a slow year for lots of Folks..
  285. bitesomthing

    new to spotties

    good morning, i went out for spotties this weekend, didn't get much, i was wondering what you guys throw to attract them? so i am asking you this. If you had one go to bait for spotted bay bass what would you use??? Chris
  286. bitesomthing

    Any lobster reports this weekend?

    went out Friday night and had a friend out there same night, we hooped the local areas and so did he. i pulled one lobster and he had none on his boat. This has been a slow year in the areas i go. SLOW SLOW SLOW....
  287. bitesomthing

    2014 SBS / SWBA schedule conflicts

    if this is the worst thing in your life you have to worry about, Be happy and just got it good..
  288. bitesomthing

    electric confushion.

    ok heres the scenario. put in a new radio on the boat. everything works fine until i use something else in the boat that has a large amp draw, ( cigarette lighter, deck lights, trim tabs etc.) when any one of these items is activated the power draw causes the radio to shut off and lose all...
  289. bitesomthing

    Boat Shipping?

  290. bitesomthing

    Long beach bait quality????

    I completly agree with you, i only question it because i just changed out pump in bait tank and wanted to make sure it wasn't my system. After checking bait that morning, after it was in my tank. I did change my plans on going to CAT and stayed at my local Butt haunts.
  291. bitesomthing

    Avet sx mc control

    i have a Avet SX with mc i bought for my son. He's not ready for Lever drag yet. Great condition. Blue Avet SX 5.3 MC Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel, with 50 braid (never fished) and reel has been serviced from Avet 3 weeks ago and hasn't been used since. Reel has cover. 165.00 takes...
  292. bitesomthing

    Long beach bait quality????

    ok im just wondering if its my tank or did many people have the same experience with their Dines from Nacho??? Fished Sunday 10/20/13: i got a half scoop and fished locally for Butts and whatever?? My Sardines seemed to all pretty much die off very fast. Is everyone have the same issue with...
  293. bitesomthing

    Long beach bait?????

    Don't know where to ask this here it is, Does anyone know the bait situation in long beach, last week there wasn't much.
  294. bitesomthing

    Catalina 10-11-2013 Lobsters

    Was out last night. Tried several spots in harbor for nothing but a bunch of crabs. Tough for sure - - - Updated - - - Was out last night. Tried several spots in harbor for nothing but a bunch of crabs. Tough for sure
  295. bitesomthing

    bugs bugs bugs

    you baked him at 3:50. was he ready to eat at 4:00
  296. bitesomthing

    Carlsbad Report

    like it, hope to catch some this weekend
  297. bitesomthing

    carlsbad surf fishing help

    i was hoping you may be able to help me out a little bit. My son is 8 and a Fishing addict. We cant go anywhere without him dragging several rods with him.Even when i dont feel the urge to fish he still manages to get me on or near the water. My question for you is this: we are heading down to...
  298. bitesomthing

    Offshore 1.5 day on the Islander 8/12/13

    Trying my darndest.. The fishing bug has helped make it easy so far.
  299. bitesomthing

    Offshore 1.5 day on the Islander 8/12/13

    Short version: Weather snotty/ very snotty Fishing tough but with the right luck can be ok. BOAT AND CREW were assume!!!!!! Just got off a 1.5 day trip on this bitchen boat. The crew has to be one of the best if not the best crews ive ever had on a boat.these Guys know how to work and have...
  300. bitesomthing

    Reel for a 9 year old part 2

    Ok guys i ended up getting my 9 year old; Avet SX MC reel. Now the new question is what size rod would you use for this reel and size of child?? Not gonna spend a lot on rod though. that way if it goes overboard we are not out a fortune. 5', 6', 7', i know this is prob...
  301. bitesomthing

    Reel for 9 year old.

    Thanks greaT idea. Will be doing it asP
  302. bitesomthing

    Reel for 9 year old.

    I agree with you. He has been on the boat with me since he was 3, i just haven't pushed him on bait casters much, Due to my selfishness of not wanting to clear out bird nest will fishing
  303. bitesomthing

    Reel for 9 year old.

    ok Guys, I'm Sure this question may have been asked before, but here is goes again. I am taking my 9 year old on his first 1.5 day trip on the ISLANDER in early august. He is just ok at best, with a baitcaster. I want to buy him a spinning reel that will handle the fish we should be...
  304. bitesomthing

    Lake mead striper,information needed

    Taking the Kids Tubing and fishing to lake mead this coming weekend. was wondering if anyone out there can give me some pointers on where to find stripers at mead, and we plan on dropping boat in water at willow beach one of the days. if you can point me to stripers in the Willow Beach area...
  305. bitesomthing

    GARELICK Side Gunwale Utility Seat (2) BRAND NEW

    Sorry guys. i completely forgot to get back to you. Yes to large for my area on boat. Thanks though.
  306. bitesomthing

    Original Bayrunner Bait Tank/Leaning Post

    interested if i could see what it looks like
  307. bitesomthing

    Swivl-Eze Pedestal helm seats and bow seat

    if want to outright sell them let me know, i do have a Kodiac 32 gallon tank sitting around. I f you want to work something out??
  308. bitesomthing

    GARELICK Side Gunwale Utility Seat (2) BRAND NEW

    i want to take these off your hands but i need to measure how much room i have for them. ill PM you later.
  309. bitesomthing

    Lone Pine/ Bishop Bass

    ^^^^^ Longrod........... SHHHHHHH!!! that's the Double top secret public fishing area secret.. If you reveal anymore Double top secret spots your gonna make it hard for me to fish in the area....................... JK
  310. bitesomthing

    bait pump issues

    Thanks for heads up's. i think i found issue, I took out pump and ran it from a battery i had in garage. When i did this the pump started and sounded bad then the pump proceeded to drip water out of it.(When i shake pump it sound like a snow glob on the inside). The sealed magnetic pump has...
  311. bitesomthing

    bait pump issues

    ok so if i understand this correct. with a meter on batteries, the high the amp draw the more restriction that is on the pump????
  312. bitesomthing

    bait pump issues

    i also put in a new Scoop and 3/4" inch valve when i put pump in.
  313. bitesomthing

    bait pump issues

  314. bitesomthing

    bait pump issues

    Yes, 13 amps at lead wires to pump. At pump
  315. bitesomthing

    bait pump issues

    1994 proline 17ft cc. Bait tank is in front of console and pump is in bildge area. I just got the boat 2 weeks ago, the 800 gallons per hour pump that was in it seem to be working not well.(low volume and pressure). So I replace the pump with a 1100 gallon per hour shurflo piranha. From the...
  316. bitesomthing

    Lone Pine/ Bishop Bass

    there are lotd of bass in the river just need to know what to target them with... go with a yamamoto grub. with 1/4 once head on it. i have found if you dont get bit in a few minutes it means its usually a dry hole. As for size in the river, heres one i caught and released not to long...
  317. bitesomthing

    1994 17' Proline center console

    I have been trying to find out some information on a 1994 17ft Proline with a 2007 yamaha 115 4 stroke on back. i figured some out here would know. Questions are these: 1. Does anyone know what size fuel tank these boats had installed in them???? 2. i know there are a lot of variables (...
  318. bitesomthing

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    i am interested but need a trailer. what the price w trailer????
  319. bitesomthing

    1.5 dayer in august

    Enjoy the ride
  320. bitesomthing

    1.5 dayer in august

    Am looking for a little input or your opinions. In august i am taking my 9 year old son on his first 1.5 day trip on the Islander.( so basically i will be assisting him while fishing instead of myself fishing.) He is great at casting spinning reels and he is not the best at using bait...
  321. bitesomthing

    2003 Pro-line 20' center console

    Do you have all paper work in order and in hand???
  322. bitesomthing

    WTB My first boat

    check out the Seapro on OC Craigslist for $6500. the biggest down flaw i can see on that boat is just the Force motor........
  323. bitesomthing

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    was it from a MLPA zone?????????????????????????
  324. bitesomthing

    20 seacraft

    Now thats how you post a add,
  325. bitesomthing

    Posting Danger off Zuniga Jetty San Diego Harbor

    The officials are to busy monitoring MLPA's to take time out of the busy schedule to handle safety issues..
  326. bitesomthing

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Great thing. Should have been done years ago.
  327. bitesomthing

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    just wanted to get mine in...... " i wonder what honey hole im going to hit up this morning"
  328. bitesomthing

    boston whaler over turned in channel isle area

    "also heard no life jackets and one person could not swim" Sorry for the loss of life but, i would say Stupidity is a good cause for all that you stated here. At least the gene pool is getting stronger
  329. bitesomthing


    Just wondering, most of you know the ocean pretty well and are smart enough to know when to and when not to head to Catalina. The question is What size is the smallest boat you have used to go back and forth to Catalina? ( on a regular basis/ Weekly) not just that once in a while perfect day...
  330. bitesomthing

    non skid deck gelcoat repair

  331. bitesomthing

    Any input on Enterprise Open for offshore use?

    Being that far forward while heading out could be very rough ride, and seems to me older boats like that are very wet rides. also it looks to be kinda a semi V which makes it even more rough. Just my 2 cents... i could be wrong also... good luck
  332. bitesomthing

    Tracker 175v multi species

    been looking to buy new boat and want something i can run in local lakes and something i could run to catalina in. Been looking at the tracker multi species boats either 17.5' or 19'wt and i am kinda interested in them. I was wondering if anyone out there has run one to catalina or out...
  333. bitesomthing


    Dave, if you wanted to take a kid out this time of year just to get him as much as possible to pull on,( 8 yr old) where and what would you target in the Local Long beach area?
  334. bitesomthing

    1983 17.5 crestliner

  335. bitesomthing

    Overfishing by Chip Cone

    Ask and you shall receive.......
  336. bitesomthing

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    way to much tipping in this world.......... i've seen the bills they mail out for the service, they get tipped plenty.
  337. bitesomthing

    need a little help with area

    This is for all you Los Angeles/ Oc guys, planning on taking my kid fishing the Palas Verde/ Point fermin area this weekend to target some bass, 1st problem is i dont know much about the area. 2nd problem is, i Suck at fishing. can any of you guys out there give me a little information on...
  338. bitesomthing

    How to Sashimi?

    i have always been told to make sure you freeze fish for about 24 hours, in order to kill all or any parasites the fish may be hosting. i wont even let my wife see any halibut i catch until i have froze it and all Worms have been killed,( one reason i would never eat Halibut Sushi ) She saw one...
  339. bitesomthing

    Bartolo suspended

    Bartolo Colon suspended for fifty games. Taking the funny stuff. Baseball needs to just start with permanent bans on all these guys caught, or just ipen the doors and let them all do it.
  340. bitesomthing

    Garmin BlueChart G2 Vision VUS021R

    im sure it will work on my garmin 431s, so ill take it off your hands if you still have it. ill send PM
  341. bitesomthing

    Offshore NOAA bumps ENSO status to: El Nino Watch!!!

    I think every year for the last ten years has been or has been predicted to be a El Nino year. Im glad they are keeping their predictions consistant.......... EL Nino=====BLAH BLAH BLAH, their lips are moving but they aint saying anything
  342. bitesomthing

    Offshore Fishermans landing no warranty on custom rods,,,

    F the Rod!!!!!! i just want to learn the tricks this Kitten knows....
  343. bitesomthing

    farmers v.s joey trouters

    I thinking the way he waste my/your time trying to read this stupid shit,( I must be very bored trying to read it) that he deserves to have his time wasted with rock fish, Karma is a bitch......
  344. bitesomthing

    boat pulls to right

    was just wondering? my boat under power is pulling to the right, so which way do i have to adjust the trim skag on the outboard to help correct this? So if im on ground at back of boat looking at motor i turn it which way? thanks chris
  345. bitesomthing

    Last chance Butt

    Sunday 7/1/12 Long beach Area, water temp 63 is what i showed/ Dirty water( red tide?) not very busy out air was about 67degrees and over cast/Slight breeze bait large sardines Fleet was spread out all over. Fished sun up til around 11:30 am. Took my son out on the skiff to Long...
  346. bitesomthing

    used cuddy suggestions

    I second that, The omc outdrive almost made me stop boating, it was such a pain in the ass.
  347. bitesomthing


    Is this the Borchard from La Serna.
  348. bitesomthing

    looking for Merc 115 prop

    Thank you for your offer, but im afraid that 15p will allow me to get to high of Rpm. thanks Again Chris
  349. bitesomthing

    looking for Merc 115 prop

  350. bitesomthing

    LB/HB Report 6-3-12

    I was out there, I stayed away from the crowd about half mile. Watched the cattle boats search and move,search and move. My partner and i had bites approx every ten minutes on the cuda. Lots and lots of Short PIck up and drop the bait bites, they fish seemed like they were just killing for fun...
  351. bitesomthing

    WFO! Radioactive Bluefin!

    BLAH BLAH BLAH.........................
  352. bitesomthing


    Seals sound like they could have dried up.
  353. bitesomthing

    Hammerhead flatworm video

    I have a bunch here in CA. that appear every now and then.
  354. bitesomthing

    5/8 LB Halibut Report

    Nice gaff job, no wasted meat............ i'm clicking the like button
  355. bitesomthing

    Whats your favorite????

    just curious as to what color Big Hammer/swim baits is your favorite "go to" color when fishing calico and or sand bass is So Cal.???? with enough answers can we figure what color is overall best???: Do like heavy or light weight?????
  356. bitesomthing

    Kate Upton "Cat Daddy" dance.......

    Im thinking at the end, when they roll the credits. The credit that says "Camera man" should have his title changed to " Man jerking off in corner".
  357. bitesomthing

    Tackle alert need tackle!!

    Why would you even let something this simple bother you???? "Oh no it's in the wrong forum, Kill the F'cker......."
  358. bitesomthing

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    Six knots would only knock you out of bed. Hard to explain all the deaths.....
  359. bitesomthing

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    No you didn't i was out in stealth Mode, i was invisible.................
  360. bitesomthing

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    Went out on Gloomy weather Sunday, Fished 4.5 hours but did manage to land first Halibut on newly gone through skiff. i always avoid the normal halibut areas in the harbor and fish some spots that through the years have produced many large butts for me. had bad luck with the first 2 butts...
  361. bitesomthing

    looking for Vhf

    Either way it does not matter. i dont go to far offshore in my little boat, so i can work with anything.. thanks chris
  362. bitesomthing

    looking for Vhf

    Problem solved. Thanks to all who went out of way to offer. Thanks Chris
  363. bitesomthing

    48" Ski pylon

    Removed this from boat and its just sitting around. has slight rust spots but other then that very solid. I know i could scrap it out and make money but would rather sell to someone who could use it. Ill listen to all reasonable offers.. To heavy to ship, must pick up...
  364. bitesomthing

    81 crestliner

    1981 crestliner 17ft Started off with this and ended like this. All work done at home including new gel coated floor. A lot more has been done then can be shown on here, new fuel rank installation. hole in bow repaired, All plumbing of new bait pumps and 2 bildge pumps. new wiring new...
  365. bitesomthing

    Offshore Santa Monica Bay Anchovies

    i second that...............
  366. bitesomthing

    DFG Measuring sticker

    i live close to you if you really have one, it would save me a drive.
  367. bitesomthing

    DFG Measuring sticker

    Hey guys was planning on going to the Fred Hall show to pick up a couple of the DFG measuring stickers. My son was in hospital the whole time show was running, so i never got down there. Does anyone know where i can get one or two of these stickers?? thanks CHris
  368. bitesomthing


    Do you still have it??? Ill send PM
  369. bitesomthing

    LOwer unit leaking

    Hello, well my 1983 merc 115 is leaking oil out of the lower end seals, i am pretty good with mechanical repairs and was wondering if this is something i can do myself at home? i have heard this job requires a special tool. do you know if this is true and where might a person get this tool...
  370. bitesomthing

    Looking for an inline fuel pump

    sorry i guess i threw it away. FYI i bought it at autozone( whatever it's called now a days) it was pretty cheap... ..
  371. bitesomthing

    lowarnce Elite -5 dsi combo down look

    Just wondering, before i spend the money on this unit. Has anyone around here used this unit and have a opinion on it?? thanks
  372. bitesomthing

    Offshore Blue Fin in Channel Islands?

    SSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!:banned::banned::banned:dont talk to much the enviro's will end up shutting that area down also..................
  373. bitesomthing

    Looking for an inline fuel pump

    i used one a few years ago for the same thing. if i havent thrown it out already you can have it, ill check my garage today after work. i live in whittier is that to far for you??? i will call or text you this afternoon. and it will be free, Chris
  374. bitesomthing

    2001 YZ 250 runs great

    Selling my 2001 YZ 250 that runs great, New front fork seals, motor rebuilt top and bottom last year. carb just went through last week, green sticker, paper work in hand. this bike is ready to ride. 1500.00
  375. bitesomthing

    Oversized Sturgeon on the Longfin

    God I love the fishing boards........................ MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.
  376. bitesomthing

    Do these panties make my ass look big?

    Im Gonna need a bigger D*#$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  377. bitesomthing

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    According to the DFG handbook and warnings----- If you eat that much bass you'll be dead or filled with so much mercury your friends can use you as a thermometer..... way to stick it to em......
  378. bitesomthing

    Bass Boat needs new cover

    savon tackle in Santa Fe springs used to carry them, Give them a call
  379. bitesomthing

    Boat Donations

    Im Looking for a 17'ft fixer upper, ill message you
  380. bitesomthing

    Young Republicans Naked Pool Party video......

    That one has some serious junk in her trunk.........:shakin: . . . . . . ..
  381. bitesomthing


    I agree, you had to drop in on all those guys nets, the term courtesy seems to go wayward with Lobster season.
  382. bitesomthing

    12" power sub woofer

    Hello all i have a 12" power subwoffer for home stereo that i took in for repair because it kept blowing the fuse. i took it in for repair and it worked for about 2 months. Now its blowing fuses again and of course the place i went to in Anaheim is now out of business. anyone know anybody...
  383. bitesomthing

    FAT Stripers!

    x3.............. make sure when you put it on your wall you rotate it 90 degrees..
  384. bitesomthing

    FAT Stripers!

  385. bitesomthing

    Striper Time

    Was at Skinner on 9/18/11 sunday and all i can say is it's not the right time for there yet.. i was skunked on Strip's but a few LMB.
  386. bitesomthing

    Actual VJ Day, Video... Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945

    Wow!! they were so peaceful back then, now a days that would have been a reason to loot and riot.... Man how times change.
  387. bitesomthing

    need lake skinner help

    Been fishing Lake skinner alot and still suck at it. i was wondering if any of you guys know of a Fishing guide that works lake skinner for striper. I have no problem with LMB and shallow water striper but need a little help when it comes to the deep water fishing on the lake. So if you...
  388. bitesomthing

    Offshore What's up with all the seiners?

  389. bitesomthing

    Love those twin white outboards

    Whats their EPA Rating? can you use them on Diamond valley??
  390. bitesomthing

    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    Dont know about the fish, i cant get past your avatar Photo.
  391. bitesomthing

    2011 Medium Range Tuna Season

    fishing should be good, with fish being easy to spot as they glow in the dark from all the radioactive water they are exposed to. Tuna going to look like lightning trout in Santa Ana lake.
  392. bitesomthing

    Punta Cana Dominican Republic Fishing

    Well ill be there for my first time,starting May 12th this year. i will fill you in when i get back
  393. bitesomthing

    Millions of dead Anchovy and Sardines

    Great!!!! now if bait the company's are like oil company's they will use this as a way to raise the prices.
  394. bitesomthing

    4+ Gas this summer

    How would you know Mike, your boat is just like a hybrid---extreme gas saver....................LOL
  395. bitesomthing

    4+ Gas this summer

    Be thankful if it stays near or at $4 in guessing well over... Hope im wrong
  396. bitesomthing


    Funny how this guy can catch 18 sand bass and the world shits on him, but you can read a post from a more well known poster that goes out to islands several times a year and comes back with more rock fish then can fit in a cooler and all that is said is " congrats on nice day", "Can i have your...
  397. bitesomthing

    check this !!!!!!

    DERBY? Seminar? Start Time????????????? Did i miss this stuff?
  398. bitesomthing

    red riser hoop puller, 2 kodiak tanks

    Kodiak pro flow 32 gal. 17 ¾" x 26" x26¼"
  399. bitesomthing

    red riser hoop puller, 2 kodiak tanks

    Live in the Whittier/ la mirada area.
  400. bitesomthing

    red riser hoop puller, 2 kodiak tanks

    2 kodiak bait tanks used and need a little cleaning, but i great working order. one has L brackets and other dosent. puller-----------SOLD bait tank---------$85.00-----32 gallon tank bait tank---------$85.00-----32 gallon tank
  401. bitesomthing

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    OHHHHH So wrong but feels so right................
  402. bitesomthing

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    I should have put the Tequila away just one hour sooner.
  403. bitesomthing

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    A bait Tank even Sara Palin would pass on.
  404. bitesomthing

    Skinner 10/31/10

    ya i would rather be fishing LMB but i had A 6yr old and a new guy who dont have the patience and desire to slow down and fish.
  405. bitesomthing

    two bass one cast!! vidoe

    nice. what lake you at.
  406. bitesomthing

    Skinner 10/31/10

    Head out to Skinner on Sunday only to find i should have stayed home. Threw a mixed bag at em Top water, swim baits, shinney baits... for about 4 hours for the end result being 1 half pound striped bass. dont know how the rest of people out there did, but would like to know. As a few...
  407. bitesomthing

    State warns of poisoned lobster, crab

    Who the hell wants the guts anyway. If you eat guts it might not be a bad thing you get sick......................... It's kinda like fire Ants. they have a warning they could kill you. Well if you get killed by fire ants, maybe thats a good thing for society. Weed out gene pool?????
  408. bitesomthing

    MB WAR - 10/23/10

    now we know spotties like to eat bait with mohawks. Nice report
  409. bitesomthing

    outrigger poles 300.00 obo

  410. bitesomthing

    trying to learn skinner better

    Been trying to learn striper fishing in the local lakes lately. i have been doing ok. I am just kinda curious of what kind of top water lures you guys are throwing to attract these fish on lakes such as Skinner? and when top water is not working what method are you using? Trolling?, Bait...
  411. bitesomthing

    Lake skinner 10/10/10 Sunday

    Headed out to skinner Sunday got there first thing in morning. Out on lake just as sun started to break. Nice weather lousy fishing. Talked to 5 guys and they all said the same. No Good. I ended the day with 9 large mouth largest was 6 inch's and 1 stripper about 1/2 lb.
  412. bitesomthing

    Hooping MDR

    dont know whats thicker the bugs or the boats on the wall there??
  413. bitesomthing

    Lake Hemet, Family camping?

    Cant lose with either one, much cooler weather at hemet and with kids that age its easier for them to fish by trolling for trout, also if you want to rent a boat Hemet to me has cheaper rates at 55 dollars for the whole day. its nice to get on and off the water with young ones during the...
  414. bitesomthing

    10/1/10 thru 10/3/10 at lake skinner

    Spent the weekend out at lake skinner with family and friends family. besides a few lightning storms weather was great. Fishing was great on top water in the morning for Large mouth and stripper. as long as the sun was not on the water the bite was great, once the sun hit the water the...
  415. bitesomthing

    Fishtrap swimbait= triple limits at Lake Skinner 9-30

    nice report, Nice day, Did the wind ever come up on you?? Im taking the kids camping there this weekend so i hope we can have the same luck.
  416. bitesomthing

    Lake skinner Help

    Thanks guys sounds like a plan
  417. bitesomthing

    Lake skinner Help

    Any pros on lake skinner out there, havent fished the lake but once or twice. Taking my kids and hoping to be able to hook them up on some stripers. going to be there on OCt 2 and 3rd,can anyone point me to a decent area to be able to do this. Plan on using castmasters or cut chovie. thanks...
  418. bitesomthing

    Lake skinner Help

    Deleted wrong area
  419. bitesomthing

    el dorado park

    Im thinking that may be Just For Salmon????? never heard of that before. Have looked over and over for something printed on this subject and cant find it
  420. bitesomthing

    Any report off the cortez bank?

    Was there last weekend and only got 2 larger model Bonita. great bottom fishing though.
  421. bitesomthing

    Ten reasons fishing sucks this year

    i heard the fish are getting free hot oil massage's, so they are extending their stay in the gulf
  422. bitesomthing

    Bluefin pics

    BABY KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn That looks fun
  423. bitesomthing

    fairly local camping [email protected]

    Lake skinner is also nice, plus they just opened up a water park in the campground.
  424. bitesomthing

    Could use any help possible

    Thanks to all who have stepped up to help kodey get closer to the equippment that will allow him to live with a little less pain. We are getting close to the buying price. He is $5000 dollars short at this time. Please help me spread the word on Kodey's website. Post a link to his website...
  425. bitesomthing

    Offshore 43 to 182 to 181

    Thanks for the invite there pal. Well one is better then none.
  426. bitesomthing

    WTB: Pak Rat Toy Hauler

    Saw one on craiglist the other day
  427. bitesomthing

    is this the work of a bder?

    Wondering if she has a Landing Strip, al natural, or clean shaven????
  428. bitesomthing


    Do you have any pics without the Hali in the way????
  429. bitesomthing

    7/25 SE FL, Big Dolphin (late report)

    am i the only one who can't see pic?????
  430. bitesomthing

    Fishing In Gale Force Winds

    Man the guy post a simple report and you guys f-n roast him. nice replies. Who the f cares if he even said Hurricane winds and so what if its spelled wrong. Is this a spelling bee or fishing site?????
  431. bitesomthing

    just wondering what you think of this photo

    this says it all Just for the record, guess i should have stated earlier, this is not me or anyone i know. Was just a photo i found while net surfing. So please no more hurting my feelings, i'm sensitive ..
  432. bitesomthing

    Unknown type of Bass

    im always amazed how guys will grap something when they don't even know what it is. Maybe im just to cautious.
  433. bitesomthing


    does the school book teach that in brail???
  434. bitesomthing

    michael jackson change

    Might have, wait i think he did. Did you have a good time at the memorial??
  435. bitesomthing

    michael jackson change

    Elvis Presily and Bruce lee are sitting in a bar in heaven discussing their past lives and pondering what they could have done in the past to have made their lives more complete,exciting and more fun. Then, new to the area, Michael Jackson walks in and joins in on the conversation...
  436. bitesomthing

    Help passports

    Doesn't cost you anything to take it with you.
  437. bitesomthing

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    I agree if the dfg was proactive on these fish and not reactive it might change a whole bunch of things. a 5 fish limit is plenty.
  438. bitesomthing


    i use two thee inch Orange slow blink stobe lights that have been modified with L.E.D. lights from a fork lift with suction cup attachments when anchoring up at island at nite. Thinking of trying to change them to the police vehicle blue strobes though. Chris
  439. bitesomthing

    Tournament fishing tax deduction

    Well wouldn't the logical thing be to ask your son-in-law, since he does it???
  440. bitesomthing

    Found floating outside Long Beach 1 mile from Angels Gate while fishing....

    You know its a good day of fishing when you bring wood home for the wife!
  441. bitesomthing

    Anyone Fish La Jolla Today and See the Illegal imigrant boat?

    Did they have their American boat permit? and did they know they can fillet fish on their boat while here?
  442. bitesomthing

    Is There a way to w/MLPA's

    Is there not a way for a Legal Eagle Lawyer to manipulate these words to our Fishing advantage: CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 1 DECLARATION OF RIGHTS Section 25. The people shall have the right to fish upon and from the public lands of the State and in the waters thereof...
  443. bitesomthing

    Newport Harbor 3/8/09

    "I ended up buying my friend a nice small Abu Garcia rod for harbor fishing as thanks for being a friend." Sure we believe you.
  444. bitesomthing


    Must be non-lethal/ non lacerating and bio degradable and you must have fishing lines in the water. If i were you i would check DFG regs before trying anything.
  445. bitesomthing

    Caught net thief,tough bug night,12-23

    Dirty Harry would be nervous after reading these replies to this post.
  446. bitesomthing

    Not so great at BIG BEAR.... great piks

    i second that, and if they eat it WHY?????????????? I thought carp were just for feeding the birds?
  447. bitesomthing

    Cat DODO

    This retard has caught plenty of Dodo's in the past weeks, So i would not call it jealousy. :imdumb: I just would rather see a report then see some kid laying out on his boat. Which maybe you Prefer :gay::supergay:
  448. bitesomthing

    Cat DODO

    WOW, report of the year material here!!!!!
  449. bitesomthing

    Late report 6-28-08, big butt outa Long Beach

    Headed out on the 28 of June, Fished some slow Cuda's then decided To hit my halibut spot Since the last few weeks i have had a good String of 20 lb plus fish. Well the wind was kinda stiff so i threw on a 4 ounce sinker and still wasn't able to reach the bottom. Told my partner Lets head home...
  450. bitesomthing

    fathers day butts

    Did you pull a muscle stretching your arm out so far???? Nice fish though!!
  451. bitesomthing

    With Gas prices Crazy - Boat Ho?

    Don't know if it's been said but being the boat owner cost a lot more then most Boat ho's can imagine. So if you are ho'ing you may think of throwing in a few extra bucks to the owner. It's the little cost that really add up, 2 stroke oil cost, Vessal Assist, All the little repairs on stuff...
  452. bitesomthing

    I need a bigger boat

    Looks like someone was exceeding the coast guard weight plaque in the boat..
  453. bitesomthing

    Big Halibut

    Thats what i was thinking. Wouldn't put my hand in their mouth even if they were dead for a week. One Muscle spasm of the jaw and it could hurt bad.
  454. bitesomthing

    Fish of a lifetime Lilly Call Bay Tournament

    nice fish, if you stretch out your arms any longer i think the fish will be 3D.
  455. bitesomthing

    Fed Up with LOW Offers!!!!

    Half the problem is people with used boats are to proud and think it's worth what they paid for it. If someone buys a boat and expects to get out what he has invested in it, hes going to be in for a rude awakening. If you need to sell you need to price it to sell. in this market i wouldn't be...
  456. bitesomthing

    3/19/08 New Seaforth 1/2 PM w/ Pics

    never been much of a rockfish person so heres a dumb question, Can someone identify these fish for me??? maybe i can learn a little so in case i catch a few i wont have to sweat haveing wrong type.
  457. bitesomthing

    Boat Grounded

    If the driver was as old as most of the auxiliary guys i see at the launch ramp, i can see how it happened then.
  458. bitesomthing

    Sara Silverman

    YouTube - Sarah Silverman "I'm F*cking Matt Damon" on Jimmy Kimmel I thought this is funny, oh well repost i guess
  459. bitesomthing

    Palos Verdes Shmorgishborg1\19

    I second that, big balls holding that thing so close
  460. bitesomthing

    Iron Man

    Looks like Robocop on Roids.
  461. bitesomthing

    2 Ducks 1 Cup

    i'd hit it
  462. bitesomthing

    Tree woman

    you see the size of that bush
  463. bitesomthing

    Thats gotta hurt!!

    Love to see these idiots get hurt!!!!
  464. bitesomthing

    Hanging with comedian Brian Regan

  465. bitesomthing

    caption this picture

    this is Why "your mother told you not to take candy from strangers"
  466. bitesomthing

    Base Jumpers Are Pussies

    cant believe they can fly so low to the ground without their big balls hitting.
  467. bitesomthing

    "Are You A Real Man???"

    Big ones are like Moped's--- their fun to ride but you don't want to be seen on one.
  468. bitesomthing

    Local limits 11-13 / 11-14

    12 hrs seven bug??? im going to Vons...... Must give you a A+ for hanging in there
  469. bitesomthing

    Second and final Bug Report(s) on BD for now

    you think he is really in th harbor????????????????
  470. bitesomthing

    Second and final Bug Report(s) on BD for now

    im surprised you haven't been stopped for hooping in the harbor areas. I thought they were off limits to hooping and diving??? If you can get away with it good for you.
  471. bitesomthing

    Offshore 10/29 Tuna, or not tuna?

    Forget the size of the fish, If he can hold that 40+ lb'er out like that i sure wouldn't want to mess with him. Anyone want to arm wrestle him???
  472. bitesomthing

    "Boat limit" on undersized Bonito?

    All i know is i have been on cattle boats that way more then five small bonita onboard.
  473. bitesomthing

    Offshore Dana to san clemente for albies anyone else headed that way?

    Leaving Sat morning at 4am, from Alamitos see you out there. Someone give me a shout and we can pull a little tag team on them. Chris
  474. bitesomthing

    WTB used Sport Pilot Plus

    Why would they discontinue that item??? it was so simple and easy. I wanted to buy another and then found the same bad news.
  475. bitesomthing

    Fish 8/22

    i don't know how i will process all the info you gave us. nice fish though.
  476. bitesomthing

    Offshore Tuna Sandwich Anyone? PHANTOM REPORT w/ PICS

    Dam who had to clean all them! MAkes for a long day. but ill take it and thanks for the info Chris
  477. bitesomthing

    Offshore Tuna Sandwich Anyone? PHANTOM REPORT w/ PICS

    no info but i guess i can go to 976--- to find it. Is this called a leader post.
  478. bitesomthing

    Offshore 13 albies in the box. 7/21/07

    Short story i'm sure you have heard before. Fished 2 miles West of the 302 and 371 for 13 albies. 11 came on a Black/purple Squid looking daisey chain and 2 on bait. Had 4 different types of lures and all they wanted was the daisey chain for us. Good luck all
  479. bitesomthing

    Cat. Isl.......6/21/07....YT time

    Where's the info??????
  480. bitesomthing

    First Blue Fin of The Year For Tunaman

    Tunaman, if you happen to get on a wide open paddy this year, please don';t call me in on it. Keep it all to yourself.
  481. bitesomthing

    New girl wants to go fishing

    Did i read the word HO............ I'm Calling AL Sharpton and you'll be sitting next to Imas.
  482. bitesomthing

    Cross country boat transport?

    Try they have the best rates, you can pay 50&#37; less there.
  483. bitesomthing

    my new to me boat

    yes it is Aluminum....
  484. bitesomthing

    my new to me boat

    Here is my new boat i took possesion of last month. I got a great deal at $30,000.00 and had a trailer built @ apprx 3500.00 and shipped out here from MASS. for $3000.00 grand total $ 36500.00. Been out in her once on a hoop trip and ran great. The first owner told me it has less then...
  485. bitesomthing

    Help a few guys out??

    hope everyone can help a little and do these guys a favor, everyone counts - Real Impact Online.
  486. bitesomthing

    need help on a important decision

    No Really get the TV, that way there can be one less person on that paddy next time i find it.
  487. bitesomthing

    need help on a important decision

    Why even ask this stupid question???????
  488. bitesomthing

    Boat Seizures in Loreto

    why would you let him get your goat like that, He wins........
  489. bitesomthing

    Yahmaha Overheating

    You are under warranty, Dont f' with it, take it in
  490. bitesomthing


    isn't doing her close enough to a horse, why f' with the stallion???
  491. bitesomthing

    bigg bay halibutt report:)

    i have heard that the hammers/ slicers spring out with the force of a .22 calibur bullet. They come in two types Slicers and hammers
  492. bitesomthing

    Yellowtail: Best Time of year

    Late spring and summer, it always seems good
  493. bitesomthing

    Catalina 11/19/06

    Pacific Wilderness?????????
  494. bitesomthing

    Boat towing

    Anyone out there know much about towing larger boats? at what point in width does a boat become to wide to tow without permits, is a 9.6 beam in need of permits when towing? or do you need permits for just interstate towing???
  495. bitesomthing

    US Customs

    i got stopped last time out, it only added 2.5 hours to my trip home. God knows you could unload any contraband before the guys get back from wherever they come from to check you. It was a waste of time especially when all they do is ask your name and home location when they get there, i could...
  496. bitesomthing

    ok i know its in the wrong place but,

    Dont know where to post this but i am wondering what happened to the Boat Archieve Forum? i Can't find it anymore. That forum is kinda like my Christmas wish list.
  497. bitesomthing

    Bugging Sun night Long Beach

    Bass-ski boat/ try lake perris theres lots of bugs there.
  498. bitesomthing

    Offshore Snotty Weather 9/27.... Golden Kelp

    Thanks for the call in, it was me that pulled up when you left. We ended up with a four nice sized yt and 4 Doo doo's off the paddy before it seemed to just shut down completly. thanks again Chris
  499. bitesomthing


    WHO CARES LET HIM YELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  500. bitesomthing

    Where they at???? YF

    Anyone know about where the overnight boats are getting the YF???
  501. bitesomthing

    Offshore Gallilean Marlin

    Great, are the PETA members joining this board???? if the guy wants the fish let him, who are we to bitch about it??? Funny how we all come unglued about one Marlin when the commercial fleet is wipeing out most of the pacific. Compared to the commercial fleet that one marlin is nothing...
  502. bitesomthing

    Offshore 302/371 7-21-06 NOt Today

    headed out today entered Windchop around 530 am , made finding and fishng paddy's pretty difficult, I think i found that same large paddy that was near the 302 on tuesday, but this time several boats were on it. Well long story short, Ended up with the old bonita to keep the skunk off the...
  503. bitesomthing

    Offshore tAIL AND dodo's from the 302 7/18/06

    hit the water about 530am, the weather was just perfect, Swells were perfect great day so far. First paddy at 9 mile bank==15 pound yellow and lots of lockjaw. Second paddy 3 miles later = 1 rat tail. then i stumble across the mother load of a paddy which held tons of Boiling/ foaming tails...
  504. bitesomthing

    My old boss gets a DUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like above, didnt know you could get drunk on coors????? who would have thunk it.
  505. bitesomthing

    Newport/HB Report:

    Well at least a post like that lets you know who is going to watch you back and who is going to throw you to the wolves when you have a little screw up. " i'm Telling the teacher!"
  506. bitesomthing

    Offshore 6-6-06 lots of yellows

    headed out today between the 302 and 371, stopped on two paddys for limits for 3 people by 7:30am . saw several other paddy's but didnt even bother to stop on them. Water conditions were just a little bumpy but still able to do 26 mph on the way back in. bottom line is there still lots of...
  507. bitesomthing

    arm wrestling!!!!

    thats gonna leave a mark!!!!!!!!!
  508. bitesomthing

    Some Eye Candy

    How well would a circle hook stay in the wing??????????
  509. bitesomthing

    How Low Will CA Lawyers Stoop?

    I can see it now, A mojor league ball player sueing head coach for calling him a name, WHY Does this dam world have so be so Politically Correct. Fuck all the whinners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  510. bitesomthing

    Sick mofo

    Shit, dads on the Juice again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  511. bitesomthing

    some more darwin nominee's

    deserve every ounce of pian they get!!!!!
  512. bitesomthing

    Mother of the year finalist

    its a class for advanced students, Drivers ed and Sex ed all in one simple class room.
  513. bitesomthing

    Any Tax guys????Simple question.

    I have a Child care lady that comes into my home everyday.I pay her cash but am giving her a 1099 misc form this year. I did not deduct any taxes or such from her. My question is when i file a 1099 MISC form and the 1096 form to go with it do i just simply fill the two forms out and mail to the...
  514. bitesomthing

    Best Use Of Fising Line 2005

    thats that new line with stinky fish attractant already added. called P-LINE??
  515. bitesomthing

    German Cigar Commercial (not work safe)

    Just wish the fish'n was as good as the sausage business, if it was i would spend more time on the water then at work. How you doing Jim, I sure didn't make it down much this year, i think i had a toal of 3 trips. It really sucked. Hopefully i will see you down there soon.
  516. bitesomthing

    German Cigar Commercial (not work safe)

    i think that might be called a TITSEE ROLL!!!!!!!!
  517. bitesomthing

    Toe of the year

    Landlocked thats not a toe, That thing must put out more yeast then Webber Bread could use in a year. So i say its a yeast factory.. You are just wrong to put that thing on the screen. What even scares me more is that you either had that picture or you had to find it????????
  518. bitesomthing

    Angels vs. CWS. Bullshit call.

    there was no doubt thats why he didnt tag. Im guessing, even the batter knew it.
  519. bitesomthing

    So, crack is bad & that's good ?

    no F-n way, you would have to be stupid to have your crack moved south.
  520. bitesomthing

    More of Annieo's Avatar Dont get to excited it just takes you to her website.
  521. bitesomthing

    for you guys that think you got big balls.

    If you slapp your woman with those your going to knocker into the next zip code
  522. bitesomthing

    for you guys that think you got big balls.
  523. bitesomthing

    Offshore SCI 8/5-8/7

    he doesnt get it do heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
  524. bitesomthing

    close a post????

    was not a direct comparison to Ac as it was a comparison to the fact that the world has led us to have to Edit life just to avoid legal action. so dont start a flamer on this one. Hense the statment " What the world is heading to."
  525. bitesomthing

    close a post????

    close a post............. i thought i was on BD, not Ac but i guess thats the way the world is heading.....
  526. bitesomthing


    got the same thing here
  527. bitesomthing

    Offshore SCI 7-30-05

    Can you say rough ride???????????? headed over to San Clemente today due to my lack of range for the Albies. 3 of us caught and released over 75 calico mostly in the 4 pound range, Some bigger and some smaller. Did get one 8 pound yellow on a squid also. Other then that nada. The ride home...
  528. bitesomthing

    need help fishing SCI on Saturday 7-30-05

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- am palnning on fishing Sci on saturday the 30 of july. I checked the navy scheadule and noticed that the island is closed on the east end at 12:45 pm. Question is ? Will one or two if you guys please double check...
  529. bitesomthing

    Offshore need help fishing SCI on Saturday

    am palnning on fishing Sci on saturday the 30 of july. I checked the navy scheadule and noticed that the island is closed on the east end at 12:45 pm. Question is ? Will one or two if you guys please double check me and let me know if you see the same thing about the island being closed.. This...
  530. bitesomthing

    LIon eats man

    i can think of a few more stupid people that should try that
  531. bitesomthing

    Channel 72

    so why dont all of us BD'ers start monitoring a differnet channel, it would be nice if Bd's had its own channel. Something odd that most people would never get to.
  532. bitesomthing


    17......Now go get a FN job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  533. bitesomthing

    fired off

    i second that Spanishmack ????????????????????????????????????????? maybe he needs another beer.
  534. bitesomthing

    Offshore 7-17 ALBIES ( JUST A FEW)

    Started at the 1010 and worked my way north from there to the 390. At 8:00 5 miles north of 1010 got one jig fish at 32 lbs on mex flag feather. Head to the reports i heard from the 390 , fished the area til 12:30 for one more albie that went 41lbs on the hand held scale, nailed him on the...
  535. bitesomthing

    Hey's some friendly advice

    and the reason i am missing the bite this weekend is i have no babysitter for a 10 month old....
  536. bitesomthing

    $1200.00 Ticket

    Next time face the side of the Road not toward the middle of lanes....
  537. bitesomthing

    looking for a used Fluxgate compass

    am in need of a Raymarine sportpilot fluxgate compass, anyone know where i can find one Cheap that works.???
  538. bitesomthing

    New bait tank

    Forget the bait tank, just wish i had a boat big enough for the tank!!!!!!! Nicw tank.
  539. bitesomthing


  540. bitesomthing


    glad it happened on this site, other sites might........would have made you pay for the report as it was happening.
  541. bitesomthing

    three inches short from glory

  542. bitesomthing

    Bumper Stickers

    maybe you could drive better with that cell phone up your ass!!!!!
  543. bitesomthing


    qwuiff or fart?????????? that is the question
  544. bitesomthing

    Drunk Man Walking

    84 here
  545. bitesomthing

    big but outa long beach 2-25-05

    Went out of long beach friday night to go do some hoop netting, but before we did we wanted to drift a few sardines for a little while, while waiting for the bugs to get moving. well it paid off in the form of this nice butt.just shy of 39lbs and as for the bugs it was a really slow night...
  546. bitesomthing

    big ol lobster

    He was in fridge, but i am not a expert, but have been told keeping them there slows them down and keeps them alive for a much longer period.So i put him in there. And YES i did initially plan on a great big tail for dinner but after the hype of catching him died down and calmer heads prevailed...
  547. bitesomthing

    big ol lobster

    I agree with put back immediatly is much better, but i have a son with cerebral palsy and cant make it to the ocean to often so i took it home so he could see it and if it would have died in the proccess my post would have been a little different, and my belly a litle fuller.I dont know if it...
  548. bitesomthing

    big ol lobster

    its kinda like this, i put him back in the boat a gave him a nice ride to a good area and put him back in the water..........Then i proceeded to catch a few more of his little brothers and eat them instead.You see i have a more then one day a week fishing/hooping pass.
  549. bitesomthing

    big ol lobster

  550. bitesomthing

    big ol lobster

    hooping ,it ws almost overflowing in the net
  551. bitesomthing

    big ol lobster

    went out hooping friday night and nailed this big pig outa longbeach, it went 10.9 pounds and was safetly released in a non-hooping area after a few phone unsuccesful calls to the aquarium of the pacific.
  552. bitesomthing

    dumb question about sushi/sashimi

    im sure this has been asked many times before but i have not utilized the food forum to full extent, i am really getting in to the sushi/ sashimi and want to start prepearing for myself, not to sure how to do it properly though, thought maybe you guys could give me a few pointers, Do i freeze...
  553. bitesomthing

    Offshore mex limits toad stupid durado 9-11

    jim with one of the bull dodo's, he even had to weight them