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  1. fishgrappler

    Inshore LB 7/24 mixed bag

    Wanted to try some new areas, so we started at the edge of the shelf in about 250-300'. Got one grumpy on a live 'dine. Moved inshore a bit to 200' and got 3 rockfish (one on live 'dine, two on cut squid) and a sand dab on cut squid. Move in again to about 100' and got another rockfish and a...
  2. fishgrappler

    Islands 7/16 west end rockfish... because I can't catch bft or yt even if I tried

    I wasn't gonna bother posting because of all the other amazing reports flooding BD recently. I'm just a noob that was lucky enough to have a boat fall into my hands a few years ago. So if you're a Joe Schmoe, weekend warrior "fisherman" like me, and couldn't catch a pelagic if your life depended...
  3. fishgrappler

    Cops at advanced marine services 7/13

    My daughter just drove by and said the place is caution taped off with a bunch of patrol cars and a police trailer. Anyone know anything?
  4. fishgrappler

    Inshore LB 6/20 bassin' with the dogs

    Late start due to an awesome father's day but got a couple bass before the wind got nasty around noon.
  5. fishgrappler

    Inshore 6/11 LB/105 report

    Late start - got out of the harbor around 8. Tried drifting for threshers outside the breakwater, but no luck. Moved out to the 105 and got a couple whitefish and a nice grumpy - all on cut squid. Wind started to pick up around 10 or 11. Got to try out my new drift sock. Was blowing pretty...
  6. fishgrappler

    Inshore LB 5/31 1st time with the dogs

    Been wanting to take the dogs out for awhile, and finally pulled the trigger after see so many posts of the lab "bass inspectors" and all the other members that post their canine fishing partners. Originally was going to be just a test run, like a harbor cruise to see how they reacted to being...
  7. fishgrappler

    SnapOn air tools - like new in OC

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: SnapOn air tools - like new in OC - SnapOn air tools - like new in OC Learn more about this listing...
  8. fishgrappler

    Some old Penn combos

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Some old Penn combos - Some old Penn combos Learn more about this listing...
  9. fishgrappler

    Wheel bearing grease that doesn't separate?

    Does such a thing even exist? I've been using WD-40 Specialist Marine grease because that's what I happen to have. Before/after every trip I pull the bearing covers and I get a syrup-like consistency dripping out. I'll keep using it until it's all gone because I'm a cheap ass, but will try...
  10. fishgrappler

    20# live bait rod/reel setup?

    Looking to get a new 20# live bait setup. What are your thoughts on the gear below? Also open to anything else in similar price range. Private boating about 90% of the time, if that matters. And I'm pretty short, so 8' is probably max length for me. Californian tri-helix 12-30# 7'6" or 8'...
  11. fishgrappler

    Free handle for TLD star

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Free handle for TLD star - Free handle for TLD star Learn more about this listing...
  12. fishgrappler

    Free boat repair books

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Free boat repair books - Free boat repair books Learn more about this listing...
  13. fishgrappler

    Rub rail insert - 5.5' & 8' pieces

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Rub rail insert - 5.5' & 8' pieces - Rub rail insert - 5.5' & 8' pieces Learn more about this listing...
  14. fishgrappler

    Float tubes and rod holders

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Float tubes and rod holders - Float tubes and rod holders Learn more about this listing...
  15. fishgrappler

    Pelican 1260 roller case - $50 pickup in Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Pelican 1260 roller case - $50 pickup in Costa Mesa - Pelican 1260 roller case - $50 pickup in Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  16. fishgrappler

    Calcutta 250 for SW bass?

    Found an older Calcutta 250 in my stash and thought it would make for a good bass setup. Are Calcuttas designed for saltwater use? What would be a good rod to match it with? Not looking for specific brands. Just want to know what length, action, and weight ratings would work for this application.
  17. fishgrappler

    Inshore LB bass - SPJ 12/4

    Late start, launched around 10:00. Worked a local wreck for a couple hours. The wife fished cut squid, while I decided to fish artificials. No love on the squid, hookup baits, inkvader, or bucktail jig. Switched to SPJ, which is new to me, and landed 2 sand bass on a 100g Dagerman. My first fish...
  18. fishgrappler

    Local fog conditions?

    For anybody that's been out last couple days, how bad is the fog? Does it burn off? Looking to hit 150, 'shoe, breakwater areas but I like to be able to see where I'm going, and whatever is coming towards me.
  19. fishgrappler

    Homemade molds for plastics - RTV silicon or resin/epoxy?

    For anyone that makes their own molds. What are the pros and cons of RTV vs resin/epoxy?
  20. fishgrappler

    Inshore 150 mixed bag 10/31

    Late start - got out of the harbor around 9:00, but they didn't start biting till 10:30ish. 1 sheephead 3 calico bass 6 whitefish 1 (micro) halibut 1 (micro) rockfish All on cut squid. Called it a day around 1:30. Saw 1 sportboat and maybe 3-4 private boaters all morning. Overcast in the...
  21. fishgrappler

    Anyone buy from "Reel Power handles"? I've purchased just the knobs from them and attached them to my stock reel handles. I recently purchased a knob/handle combo, like this: But it arrived in two pieces with no hardware, like this: I contacted them and all I will say is that they were very...
  22. fishgrappler

    DIY ceramic insert replacement?

    The ceramic insert popped out of the tip of my Phenix Abyss. No big deal, I've replaced tips before. While searching online for a replacement tip, I found that you could purchase just the ceramic inserts. I ordered a "kit" without fully reading the description. It came with an insert that fits...
  23. fishgrappler

    Inshore 10/10 LB mixed bag

    Late start today, got out of the harbor around 08:30. Fished a wreck for a few hours. Got 3 sheephead, 2 sand bass, a calico, and a sculpin - all on fresh dead squid. Moved to the breakwater around noon and got another sculpin, also on squid. Called it a day around 13:00 as the wind started...
  24. fishgrappler

    Looking to add 3 sided enclosure to my Skipjack open

    I'd like to add an enclosure that snaps to my windshield and bimini. Something like the pic below. I'm guessing this is a custom built kinda thing? Prefer a shop in the OC area.
  25. fishgrappler

    New Fathom 2 (FTHII8XSD) - good to go out of the box?

    I've read that some manufacturers skimp on grease. How are the Fathoms, from your experience? Pic for attention:
  26. fishgrappler

    SPJ rod recommendation - Daiwa Harrier or Okuma Hawaiian

    Looking to get into SPJ so I need a rod to pair with my Penn FTHII8XNSD reel. I fish mostly in the 80-150' range (Izors, Horseshoe, 150 areas). Would like to keep it under $300. Charkbait has a couple rods that seem legit: Daiwa Harrier HSP66MB, and Okuma Hawaiian HCSJ-C 63M Conventional. Please...
  27. fishgrappler

    Islands West end 8/14 SLOW

    Still not interested in chasing bft so we headed straight to the backside. Line at Nacho's was was at least a dozen boats, and another 8 or so filled in behind us. They moved quickly and we got out in less than 20 minutes with some nice smaller sized dines. Water was about 70. Swell about 2'...
  28. fishgrappler

    AFTCO sale

    Free shipping over $100
  29. fishgrappler

    Islands West end 7/25 mixed bag

    Good conditions to make a run to the island. Swell was probably less than 2, wind less than 10 at it's peak. Water about 68. Nacho must've had a big die off - floaters all around the barge, and smelled like death. Half scoop of some beat up dines, but only a few rolled throughout the day...
  30. fishgrappler

    Inshore Mixed bag in LB 7/18 - slow

    Drifted the Horseshoe early and managed one fat ass sculpin on a live 'dine. Moved up to PV and worked a couple spots but came up empty. Wind was blowing pretty good around noon so we anchored over a wreck. Got another sculpin on a 'dine, a whitefish, and 2 micro rockfish on cut squid. Still had...
  31. fishgrappler

    Anchor rope - free in OC

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Anchor rope - free in OC - Anchor rope - free in OC Learn more about this listing...
  32. fishgrappler

    Anchor locker drain

    My 1977 24 open does not have drain holes. No problem, I can drill a thru hull at the lowest point to have it drain outside and cover it with a clamshell vent, or something. Turns out that the lowest point is at the very front of the locker. Still not a problem, just haven't seen a clamshell...
  33. fishgrappler

    Islands West end 7/10 - sheephead & calicos

    Not interested in chasing tuna so we headed to the west end with a scoop of squid from Nachos. Bite was slow in the morning but picked up around 10:30. Lost count but got about 10 sheephead over the next 2 hours; 10-14 inchers. Around 12:30 the calicos joined the party. Almost every drop was a...
  34. fishgrappler

    Bomar inspection hatches 7X11 white

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Bomar inspection hatches 7X11 white - Bomar inspection hatches 7X11 white Learn more about this listing...
  35. fishgrappler

    Bomar inspection hatches 7X11 white

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Bomar inspection hatches 7X11 white - Bomar inspection hatches 7X11 white Learn more about this listing...
  36. fishgrappler

    Motor mount brackets - free in Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Motor mount brackets - free in Costa Mesa - Motor mount brackets - free in Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  37. fishgrappler

    Skipjack hardware - free in Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Skipjack hardware - free in Costa Mesa - Skipjack hardware - free in Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  38. fishgrappler

    Islands 6/27 west end am; LB pm mixed bag

    Got to the front side just after 08:00. Got 2 sheephead, 2 white fish, 1 sculpin, 1 calico. Moved to the backside - put in a good effort but wind and swell made it tough. Worked the frontside again for another sheephead and whitefish. Back to LB in the afternoon for a sand bass. All caught on...
  39. fishgrappler

    Islands West end 6/4 - mixed bag

    Good conditions (and new trim tabs) allowed us to get to the front side in just over an hour @ around 30 knots. Fished the front for a couple short sheephead and a white fish. Overall, the action was slow so we moved to the back. Around 13:00 they the start biting: 6 sheephead, 1 calico, 2...
  40. fishgrappler

    Inshore LB/PV bassin 5/30

    Action was slow in the morning - got 2 calicos on our wreck spot, then moved to PV for 1 more calico. Back to LB and they started biting around noon. Got 6 or 7 more calico/sand bass and a white fish. All released. Two of the calicos were on swim baits, everything else was either live 'dine or...
  41. fishgrappler

    Let's see your bow rollers...

    Or, your recommendations on self launching roller for a 16.5 claw anchor on a Skipjack 24 open. Got the setup pictured below but I don't think the roller will self launch, and I think the bail will catch the anchor as it's launched or retrieved. I'd rather not do a pulpit, but if that's the...
  42. fishgrappler

    Lewmar Profish 700 vs. Maxwell HRC6 windlass

    Looking to save time, and my back by adding a windlass to my skipjack 24 open. I've narrowed my search down to these models. Both have freefall. Profish has manual recovery and longer warranty. Looking for any input from real world use. Thanks!
  43. fishgrappler

    Islands West end, front 5/15 - windy

    Overcast and windy all morning. Got 6 sheephead and 2 calicos, all on Arctic clams (I think 1 calico was on live squid). Started to drizzle around noon so we headed home. Sun decides to come out as we are passing the shoe. Fished a wreck for 1 more calico on live squid and headed home. Sorry...
  44. fishgrappler

    Quicksilver fuel line, fittings, etc - Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Quicksilver fuel line, fittings, etc - Costa Mesa - Quicksilver fuel line, fittings, etc - Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  45. fishgrappler

    Quicksilver bellows adhesive - Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Quicksilver bellows adhesive - Costa Mesa - Quicksilver bellows adhesive - Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  46. fishgrappler

    Quicksilver Bravo gasket kit

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Quicksilver Bravo gasket kit - Quicksilver Bravo gasket kit Learn more about this listing...
  47. fishgrappler

    Carburetor - free

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Carburetor - free - Carburetor - free Learn more about this listing...
  48. fishgrappler

    AM/FM antenna - Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: AM/FM antenna - Costa Mesa - AM/FM antenna - Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  49. fishgrappler

    Drain tube flaring tool 1" Seadog - Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Drain tube flaring tool 1" Seadog - Costa Mesa - Drain tube flaring tool 1" Seadog - Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  50. fishgrappler

    Ancor 2/0 black cable w/ lugs & heat shrink - Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Ancor 2/0 black cable w/ lugs & heat shrink - Costa Mesa - Ancor 2/0 black cable w/ lugs & heat shrink - Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  51. fishgrappler

    Ancor lugs 2/0; 3/8 post - 13 pieces - Costa Mesa

    fishgrappler submitted a new listing: Ancor lugs 2/0; 3/8 post - 13 pieces - Costa Mesa - Ancor lugs 2/0; 3/8 post - 13 pieces - Costa Mesa Learn more about this listing...
  52. fishgrappler

    Newport abandoned vessel auction

    Anyone go to these? Score any deals? Happening tomorrow but I can't go. Would love to score a deal on a dinghy. Post up your auction experience, and any tips you have to share.
  53. fishgrappler

    Swimstep height on transom and hardware

    Picked up a swimstep from a member here and could use guidance on the (vertical) placement on the transom. I'm guessing it should go a certain height above the waterline? Also, the seller told me that only the top bracket hole went through the transom with nut/washer on the other side. Bottom 2...
  54. fishgrappler

    Islands Cat front 4/30 sunny am; windy pm

    Conditions were nice so we made a run for the west end. Cruised comfortably around 20-23 knots. Fished around 09:30 to noon. Got a sheephead and 3 calicos on live dines and clams (Arctic/Canadian I think). Beautiful sunny conditions, very light breeze, only a couple other boaters around. We...
  55. fishgrappler

    Inshore LB 4/24

    After an almost 5 year hiatus from the reports section due to some issues with my rig, I'm happy to post my first report from my rebuilt skippy. Fished some wrecks early and caught 9 sand bass on dines between 07:30-08:30. mostly shorts. Moved north and caught 1 sheephead on a squid strip...
  56. fishgrappler

    Fuel sender and gasket kit. Costa Mesa

    17" WEMA fuel sender that I got from Minneys. Probably used. New Moeller gasket kit. Opened package to check fit, but never installed. $10 for both.
  57. fishgrappler

    New trailer keel rollers and shafts. Costa Mesa

    3 keel rollers 12", 5/8" ID - $old each. 2 packaged roller shafts 12", 5/8" ID (measures out to 13-1/2") - $old each 1 unpackaged roller shaft 5/8" ID (measures out to 15-1/4"). Does not have cap nuts -$old Take it all for $old and I'll include 4 cap nuts. The ones included with the packaged...
  58. fishgrappler

    Bilge pump hose, old thru hulls & drain plug, transom plate, selector switch, motor mount brackets. Costa Mesa

    5' of 1-1/8" bilge pump hose - new. Thru hulls & drain plug from my 1977 Skipjack. Mercruiser inner transom plate - has a crack. Perko selector switch. Motor mount brackets. Got these from another member. Said they were from a Skipjack - don't remember the year, model, or motor.
  59. fishgrappler

    Bait tank plumbing (Shurflo Bait Sentry)

    I'll be installing the Shurflo Bait Sentry in my Skipjack 24 open. I have to mount it horizontally due to clearance issues with the vertical mount. How would you guys secure the pump to a stringer? Maybe a couple band clamps around the pump that can be screwed into the stringer? If you're not...
  60. fishgrappler

    Harbor Freight load leveler and tow chain - Costa Mesa

    3/4 ton load leveler. Unboxed but never used. Misplaced the box bottom. $20 3/8" x 14' grade 43 tow chain. Used once to support engine for a few hours. $20
  61. fishgrappler

    Harbor Freight engine stand and cherry picker - Costa Mesa

    1 ton foldable engine stand. Used "once" - held my engine for about 3 years. $old 1 ton foldable cherry picker. Used once to support engine for a couple hours. Used a few times to jack my trailer tongue. $old Take both for $old. Can deliver a reasonable distance AFTER payment is recieved.
  62. fishgrappler

    Hellwig 550 helper springs - Costa Mesa

    Had these on my Tacoma for a couple years. Removed them to have the leaf spring recall done. Upgraded to a Tundra, so don't need anymore. Current Amazon price is more than what I paid - don't remember, but somewhere around 40-50 bucks back then, $20
  63. fishgrappler

    Shop recommendation in OC for Mercruiser work

    Got my motor back in! Looking for recommendations for an OC shop to do the alignment and other general work. Specifically looking for a shop that specializes in Mercruiser, or sterndrives in general. A couple that I know of are Outdrive Exchange in Costa Mesa, and Warner Boats in Orange...
  64. fishgrappler

    CURT trailer safety chains 27" 7k lb break strength

    Got these from Amazon but don't need them anymore. $10 for both in Costa Mesa area or pay for shipping. Will also consider trades: 6 pack of IPA, tackle, boat/trailer gear. Make an offer!!
  65. fishgrappler

    Let's roll!! 2 BJJ gis - Fuji A1

    Need to cull the herd. 2 lightly used Fuji A1 gis. A few years old. Black used around 30-40 times. Blue used about half that. Still a lot of life left. Washed in cold and hung dry after every use. I have furry pets that shed - deal with it. Take both off my hands for $10, a 6 pack of IPA, or...
  66. fishgrappler

    School me on livewell ball valves

    The ball valve on my 1977 Skipjack works perfectly fine but since I have easy access to it right now, I'm thinking about replacing it. Not positive, but I think this was installed as original equipment. I resealed the thru-hull threaded fitting, so I'm thinking about just threading on a new ball...
  67. fishgrappler

    Replacing Mercruiser Bravo trim senders

    One of the wires on my starboard trim sender is completely ripped out. Has anyone ever had success replacing these without separating the gimbal ring from the housing? I looked online and saw that people have made/modified tools to do this, but it still does not look like an easy task. It's...
  68. fishgrappler

    Wiring trailers w/ surge brakes

    My trailer came with a 4 pin connector and a backup lockout actuator with a single wire - I'm assuming the PO had the mating connector tapped into his tow vehicle's reverse lights. I'm replacing all the trailer wiring, lights, connector. My new tow vehicle has the 4 pin, and 7 pin flat hookups...
  69. fishgrappler

    Zincs and thru-hull fitting on skipjack transom

    Anybody know why they put zincs on skipjack transoms? Took them off to refinish the gelcoat, but if I don't need them they're not going back on. Also, what is the thru-hull fitting for? The bilge pump had a different hole with the hose clamp type of fitting.
  70. fishgrappler

    Trailer safety chain

    My chains are way overdue for replacement. Not sure what the weight is on my skippy 24 open fully loaded, including trailer, but I think 2 of these should cover it. Any other thoughts or opinions out there?
  71. fishgrappler

    Hose clamps

    Need some new hose clamps for my fuel fill & vent. Where are you guys getting them from, and what type? 316 stainless? Minney's is closed til 2021, fyi :(
  72. fishgrappler

    F150 Ecoboost

    Looking to get a new (used) tow vehicle that will also be my daily driver. On paper, the ecoboost seems like a perfect fit, but some real world input would be great. Budget is around $30k, so it'd most likely be the first gen ecoboost. I've read about issues with the intercooler and timing...
  73. fishgrappler

    Skipjack stringer height

    ...or any boat, where the deck is not directly supported by the stringers. Does the height of the stringers matter much? I'm talking quarter to half an inch, plus or minus. My skipjack stringers are made from dimensional lumber, but some of them have a strip of plywood nailed on top, and some...
  74. fishgrappler

    Boat covers and weather warning (vid)

    This is a little old - sorry if it's been posted before. I had been following this guy's Searay restoration, getting ideas for my Skipjack project. Was excited to see "final episode" in his title... until I watched the vid. I seriously wanted to cry for him. I hope nobody experienced this...
  75. fishgrappler

    Image test

  76. fishgrappler

    Shimano bike parts

    All brand new or barely used but manufacturered probably 20 years ago. I believe it’s all Shimano but definitely NOT their high end stuff. Pick only in Costa Mesa area. Going in the trash on Friday. Thanks for looking.
  77. fishgrappler

    Gauging interest - Snapon metric socket sets

    I have some Snapon socket sets that I may put up for sale to help fund my rebuild project. 1/4” & 3/8” shallow and deep chrome and 1/2” deep impact. A few swivel and universal joint sockets as well. All metric. Just want to see if there was any interest here before I go through with it. Thanks...
  78. fishgrappler

    Lahaina 6 pack charter recommendation

    Visiting Lahaina in July and would like to charter a 6 pack for the family. Through my own research I found Diehard and Start me up sportfishing. Both seem to have very good reviews. Unfortunately the infamous captain Charlie appears to have moved to a different area. So any other...
  79. fishgrappler

    WTB boat cover for skipjack 24 open

    Or, looking for recommendations on off the shelf brands. Been looking at Taylor Made and Covermate.
  80. fishgrappler

    Thoughts on purchasing new, but not certified fuel tank?

    I found a new fuel tank for sale from a private seller for my skipjack project. Seller bought it from a boat yard but neither parties know who built it or if was USCG certified. I contacted two local tank builders. One said he would test it but could not certify it. The other said he wouldn’t...
  81. fishgrappler

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Decided to start a thread that might help others in the same situation and to help me keep track of what I’ve done. Problem: original foamed in gas tank on a 1977 skipjack has been leaking. Diagnosed by my smell-ometer. Also noticed that the starboard stringer had some delam. Drilled some...
  82. fishgrappler

    Selling VHF with my MMSI

    I just upgraded my VHF and entered the same MMSI, before I knew that it could not be changed without sending back to manufacturer. I want to sell the old unit, but could there be an issue with another person using my MMSI (assuming he doesn't change it)?
  83. fishgrappler

    DP mixed bag 8/28/16

    Stayed local because of the forecasted wind. Got a scoop of 4-6" sardines from Newport - I'd say less than 10% died throughout the day. We tried drifting around a couple spots in Crystal Cove and Salt Creek for nada. Wind started to pick up late in the am, so we anchored in about 60' near DP...
  84. fishgrappler

    Weather report for 8/27?

    To anyone that went out today, how was the wind/swell? Trying to decide whether or not to go tomorrow.
  85. fishgrappler

    Cabin headliner - Skipjack 24 open (1977)

    Is there a way to remove (partially or completely) the cabin headliner? I can peel it down a bit if I remove some screws, at the door/dash area, but it's attached to the underside of the deck around the hatch area and forward from there. The reason for this is to access the wiring for the...
  86. fishgrappler

    East end 7/31

    Summary: Got to the east end around 0900 and drifted around between Seal Rocks and Church Rock, metering a lot of fish, but more so in the shallows. Ended up anchoring in about 16' and it was a WFO calico bite immediately, and for most of the day. Mostly legals with a few toads - we released the...
  87. fishgrappler

    East end 7/17/16 mixed bag

    Fished the front and backside of the east end for a mix bag of bonito, calico, sheephead, and whitefish. Bonito on flylined sardines, everything else on cut squid and shrimp. Mostly shorts with a few keepers. Saw some short cudas chase my mint Tady. Water was about 72, swell was about 1-3', wind...
  88. fishgrappler

    DP 6/19/16 windy!!

    Left NPH around 0630 and tried to make the crossing to the east end of Cat. Lots of birds, dolphins, and even a few whales just a few miles out. We still don't really know how to use the fishfinder, and didn't see boils or any other signs of fish, so we just blindly threw jigs in the vicinity of...
  89. fishgrappler

    Mechanic for impeller replacement

    Can anybody recommend a mechanic for impeller replacement on my Mercruiser 5.7L/Bravo 2 sterndrive? It has the heat exchange cooling system, if that matters. Costa Mesa area would be preferred. Thanks!
  90. fishgrappler

    A simple scratch, or something serious?

    I've had this scratch in my hull since I've owned the boat. Never thought much of it until today, I was in the cabin, looking into the storage area under the bench and noticed daylight shining through the scratch. Didn't feel soft or anything, but it's still very disconcerting. Don't know much...
  91. fishgrappler

    Are these termites?

    Found these on my Skippy. I'm sure they are termites, but I'm hoping otherwise. Didn't find any droppings, but I guess it doesn't matter if I see the actual insects themselves.
  92. fishgrappler

    Catalina 10/11/15 mixed bag

    Launched from NP with a scoop of anchovys around 0800. Fished a couple paddies on the way to the island - nothing but micro YT, like palm sized. Caught 2 on small jigs and moved on. Got to the island and anchored in about 80' somewhere between YT Point and Empire Landing. Dropped in our new...
  93. fishgrappler

    Stalling Mercruiser 5.7

    Was running great last trip, two weeks ago. But I did notice that towards the end of that day, it seemed to be running a bit rougher than usual. Yesterday at the launch ramp, it would start up and then stall within 2-3 seconds. After several trys, I sprayed carb cleaner down the barrels every...
  94. fishgrappler

    Catalina 9/19/15 YT and bonies (and a perch on a polespear)

    Launched from NP around 0730, and fish some paddies on the way to the island for nothing. Anchored near Arrow Point in about 50' and fished live chovies, cut squid and market shrimp for about an hour, with a few small nibbles. My son got bored and wanted to try his new pole spear. He jumped in...
  95. fishgrappler

    DP kelp 8/22/15 another mixed bag

    Tried trolling Rapalas about 5 miles offshore from Newport to DP with no luck. No birds, no baitfish, no marks on the fish finder (still don't really know if we are using it correctly). Anchored in about 45 feet, inside of the kelp bed. Water was about 73.5F. Lost count but between me, my wife...
  96. fishgrappler

    DP kelp beds 8/8/15 mixed bag

    Anchored just outside the kelp bed, about 60'. Water was about 70*. Cloudy in the am, burned off in the afternoon. Pretty slow until around 12 or 1. Lost count of everything but we caught sculpin, cuda, mackeral, bonita, a couple firecracker YT, calicos (up to ~3.5 lbs). Cut squid, cut dines...