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    Rainshadow Trollers

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    Avet MXL 4.5 silver

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    Drag Bag

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    Glock holsters

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    Don't you hate it when V.2022

    I'll go first... 3 in two months, unlucky.
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    Tools of the trade V.2022

    So what are you rod smiths using these days to get the job done. For most projects I've got my trusty modded bobbin, tweezers, razor blade, scissors, ruler, dental pick, and laundry detergent cup to help stay tidy.
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    Mako Kayak Fish Bag unboxing

    Before we unbox, let's have some fun. Check the comments left by yours truly. Gotta admire the effort they put into this. I actually witnessed the delivery guy pull up and saw my box from far away. At first glance I thought it was a printed logo. It wasn't until I went to open it that I saw it...
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    Metal Lip Rapala + others

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    Rainshadow trollers

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    Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows

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    School me on these Pac Bay reel seats

    Squidco has been very interesting lately. I noticed they've been digging out stuff and quietly placing them in the close-out sections in the shop. Was there today and saw these. New old stock. I assume this is the first time they've been taken out of their plastic bags. Exactly how they were...
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    8 Danielson hoop nets

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    Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows

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    Merry Christmas Rod 2021

    Here's a quick one to send you off into the Holidays. Enjoy.
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    Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows

    skrilla submitted a new listing: Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows - Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB Daiwa Lexa 300HD frame sideplate

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    Halloween Marbled Rainshadow RCJB84H

    Tis the season. Halloween marbled Rainshadow RCJB84H with Alps components. Enjoy.
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    Rainshadow RCJB86H Halloween Special

    skrilla submitted a new listing: Rainshadow RCJB86H Halloween Special - Rainshadow RCJB86H Halloween Special Learn more about this listing...
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    Looking for Fuji

    *Updated list 9/24 Looking for these Fuji guides and tops to finish current repairs/builds. If you've got them let me know. Thanks. LNSG size 8 BNOG size 25 BMGOT 8 ring
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    New Danco Pliers 2021 ICAST

    Made in USA, lifetime warranty... what else can you ask for!
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    Rasta Accurate Tern 400

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    School me on DIY assist hook rigging

    I want to tie my own and would like your input on which line, hardware, and other components to use. This is for everything from local rockfish to bluefin. Kevlar: what do use and why? What pound test to choose for certain jig sizes and when do you go up in size? Hardware: a friend gave me...
  23. skrilla

    Yellowtail Tuna Ulua

    Off and on build. Wrapped a guide here, wrapped a guide there. Got it done this weekend. Here's the progress pictures. It's in my infamous signature narration style. But read it anyway... 100% legit 93H. It says so in marker. This corktape feels funny. Looks funny too. Organized tangle...
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    Looking for Fuji LNSG08 & BSVLG12

    Looking for Fuji LNSG08 & BSVLG12. Let me know if I can snag these off you. Thanks.
  25. skrilla

    Marble Manipulation

    Drag, pull, scratch... just don't mix it! Manipulated vs Applied To keep colors from bleeding or mixing together I wait awhile for the epoxy to thicken. Here it is after a quick sweep with the heat gun. I do this to release bubbles. Too much heat can loosen up the viscosity level of the...
  26. skrilla

    Pedal Upgrade...

    Out with the old... In with the new... Good riddance!
  27. skrilla

    Alps + Rainshadow

    Anyone else feel dirty wrapping non Alps/Forecast components on a Rainshadow? You know me I got love for other brands but all my Rainshadows just have to rock Alps/Forecast guides. Match made in heaven... But I have NO problem wrapping these on some good ole made in USA GUSA's. Hell these are...
  28. skrilla

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any way nor affiliated in any way with Fuji. Just a satisfied customer. But if Fuji is reading throw a brotha a bone :D "Fuji Rod Building Components & Supplies Fuji rod building products are professional grade and used by serious rod builders. Fuji develops...
  29. skrilla

    New sportboats coming soon?

    Move over Malihini... "The U.S. Navy is looking to divest its nearly-new Mk VI patrol boats, the oldest of which are just six years old..." Preinstalled port and starboard tuna doors...
  30. skrilla

    A Public Reminder...

    Rubber cement in HIGHLY flammable :D . Carry on.
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    Lexa 100HS combo

    Daiwa Lexa 100HS. Good condition. Comes with braid. Varmac GLC2-7'. 7' Graphite construction. Fuji components. Acid wrapped. $125 takes it. Located in San Diego. First come first served. Message me if interested.
  32. skrilla

    Tres Lexas HD

    Reels not cake. All HD XS-P models with 8.1:1 gear ratio. Braid less than a year old. Opened spool bearings. Just serviced last week. All boxes included. LEXA HD 300XS-P. Comes with paddle handle and 30LB braid. 7/10 cosmetics, 9/10 mechanical. Lexa HD 300XS-P. Comes with Power handle and...
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    Sabre Jigstick 10ft

  34. skrilla

    Rainshadow Rods RCLB79L and RCLB79ML

    SOLD THANK YOU BLOODYDECKS Selling a pair of Rainshadow RCLB79's. Graphite composite construction. Alps aluminum Reel seats and guides in black. Dragon Scale done in gold leaf. Wrapped in black and gold. Grips covered in non flock shrink tube. 7/10 cosmetic, 9/10 mechanical. Specs are as...
  35. skrilla

    Nylon Deal Alert...

    Squidco has a couple boxes of PB nylon thread on clearance. A buck for the 1oz spools. 2 for a buck on the smaller spools. Also someone please buy the Seeker WTS and Creamsicle Uluas on the rack before I do. I need a new jigstick like I need another hole in my head.
  36. skrilla

    Rockfish Tag Report

    Some info I just received back from the CCFRP that you guys might find interesting. Caught a red a week or 3 ago. Found a tag in it's back covered in moss. Fish was a healthy 16" specimen with no effects from the tag. Decent fight for it's size. Sent the size, weight, GPS#'s, date... etc to the...
  37. skrilla

    Lexa 300 paddle handle

    Thank You Bloodydecks!
  38. skrilla

    Rosecrans Roadblock

    On my way to patronize the local tackle shops and this bitch stops her car in the middle of traffic creating a makeshift roadblock. Gets out in her orange vest and directs a convoy she's apart of. Fuck You blm way to win the hearts of many, NOT! Yes, that's our tax dollars at work right in...
  39. skrilla

    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    First of all thank you Voodoo for the note pad you threw in on my order. Got to put it to good use. I broke my pedal again. Usually it's a break in the power wire from running it over with my rolling chair but the last few times it's the solid wire on this white thing. Tried soldering it but...
  40. skrilla

    Anyone have these guides?

    amtac titanium I believe. I need 2 size 8's. No "close enoughs" dude wants to match exactly. You know how it is LOL. Hit me up, thanks.
  41. skrilla

    Bobbin Mod

    Stop licking your thread or trying to suck it through the hole. Stop it, now. Get your bobbin. Grab a size 8 tube tip top of your choice. I went with Pac Bay gold tips because it matches. Also Squidco has a million in stock and they're cheap. Grab the most American lighter you can find...
  42. skrilla

    Thread Tag End Management for Fade Wraps

    "cut as you go..." -skrilla also -machete wielding man This subject was brought up recently by a member on here wanting to improve on their fade wrap skills. The following sample could also be applied to other types of thread work for a cleaner execution. Judging by the lack of pictures showing...
  43. skrilla

    Law enforcement down at the docks

    See you on the water bitches! 🖕:D
  44. skrilla

    Gotta love GetBit

    Because they WILL love you back. Random order. Got a surprise early Father's Day gift in the package. The funny part is that I'm currently in the market for a new optic :eek: . I'll take this as a sign. OK back to work.
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    Rainshadow RCJB106H another shade of rasta

  46. skrilla

    Nikon Prostaff 3s 10x42 binoculars

  47. skrilla

    Looking: Car Tint San Diego Area

    Looking for a shop to get a 03-07 Honda Accord sedan tinted. Front, rear, and back windows. Non ceramic. Quality brand tint with great warranty. Let me know if you got a guy, thanks in advance.
  48. skrilla

    Rainshadow RCJB96H Red Orange Gold

  49. skrilla

    Rainshadow MB844 Patriotic colors

  50. skrilla

    Shimano shipping personal best

    I've always enjoyed throwing jabs at Shimano's marketing but their customer service has always treated me well in the past. Today they just broke a personal best. Ordered parts yesterday. Free shipping right off their website didn't have to sweet talk the counter guy for a freebie. 23 hours...
  51. skrilla

    combos sold

  52. skrilla

    Super Seeker Ulua 93H rolled in LB

    SOLD THANK YOU BLOODYDECKS Used Super Seeker Ulua 93H. Rolled in LB. Built in SD. New corktape. Fuji guides. Black on black wraps. Yellowtail decal with matching inlays. Minor scuffs. Plenty fishable.
  53. skrilla

    Blue Marble United Composites CE1000's

  54. skrilla

    Fishing to open The Trump administration announced plans on Wednesday to open up 2.3 million acres of land to hunting and fishing on more than 100 national wildlife refuges and fish...
  55. skrilla

    So I'm watching the latest Local Knowledge...

    and during the commercial break this comes on. :rofl:
  56. skrilla

    Is Mitch's open?

    I need a contigency plan for when the white sea bass elude me again this weekend. :D
  57. skrilla

    Igloo cooler and party buckets

    Sold. Thank you Bloodydecks!
  58. skrilla

    Purple Progression

    Sometimes things get ugly before they can end up pretty. Inlay management Cut and flattened out Colored coded pull-thrus Pulled thru Rolled, tucked, burnished, squared up If you've been here then "like" this post Much better Thanks for looking.
  59. skrilla

    2 for Mile's and Ken's Fall Classic

    Sticking to tradition these are fresh off the dryer the morning of departure. LOL Rods are just 2 of many other gorgeous customs that will be raffled off aboard the Intrepid during their 8 days of ribbing and debauchery. 1st rod features a Throop wrap in metallic green, gunmetal, and black...
  60. skrilla

    UV fl*shlight

    It's been a few years since the UV flashight craze and I'm suddenly in the market. Which one you got? How has it held up? AA or triple AAA preferred unless there's a better alternative. Waterproof/submersible is a huge plus. Shoot!
  61. skrilla

    Kayak Gaffs... and they're gone!

  62. skrilla

    Lamiglas Honey MB963M

    SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING! For Sale: used honey colored Lamiglas MB963M... 8ft, 15-30lb, 1-3oz. Cord weave handle with turksheads. Lamiglas reel seat. Silver Alps XN guides. Old school wraps in burgundy/white with a hint of gold and black trim. Moderate bend. It was my go to for chucking chovies...
  63. skrilla

    Rasta Rainshadow RCLB810L

    BOTH SOLD. THANK YOU BLOODYDECKS! Rod 1: Rainshadow RCLB810L 8'10 15-30lb SOLD Rod 2: Rainshadow RCLB810ML 8'10 20-40lb SOLD Higher end Batson builds. Batson no flock heatshrink over EVA handles. 14" rear, 8 1/2" fore. Alps Titanium Chrome aluminum single trigger reel seats. Rubber bulb butt...
  64. skrilla

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    UPDATE 2/22: Final pics in post #24 & #25. Go, look, now! TEASER shot. Been busy lately but I promise I'll keep you updated. So enjoy this mess for now. Something only inlay junkies can understand...
  65. skrilla

    Rainshadow SW1088 rasta

    SOLD! THANKS FOR LOOKING. Custom Rasta Rainshadow SW1088 8'10 20-30LB 1-4oz medium heavy. Graphite blank wrapped conventional. Cord deckhand grip with turksheads. Alps guides. Ideal for throwing smaller Megabait or similar type jigs.
  66. skrilla

    Dreaming of a rasta Christmas...

    Tis the season of red and green right? :smoking33: Rainshadow SW1088 wrapped in ARM rope. Black layer done first before adding colors. Both layers done in one sitting. Makes for a cool shadow effect. Alps MXN guides and a JTOB variation. The intricates of a tip wrap only rod builders...
  67. skrilla

    Rainshadow ISWB Trio

    Wrapped myself some new tools. Started these awhile ago but just now completed. Formerly Rainshadow ISWB 945, 946, 947... now found in the current Revelation family. Black on black w/ no flock. Double trigger on the 947. 7ft 10in of function. 1cm of form. 8 Week Wonder Dragon Skin. Black...
  68. skrilla

    Batson Rainshadow RCLB70M

    Custom Rainshadow RCLB70M. 7' 20-50LB graphite composite. Alps aluminum reel seat. Alps XN guides. 10.5" hypalon foregrip, 13.5" hypalon rear grip. Marbled and triple wrapped. Only used a handful of times. Freshwater rinsed, towel dried, and stored vertically indoors after each use. 9.85/10...
  69. skrilla

    ...with flying colors

    I've always been a fan of this one. Randy aka zombie did this awhile back. Just now did I attempt my own rendition. Old Glory base wrap. White over gold open Throop wrap ( both layers 2 sacrificials each ). Air Force One color scheme for the guides. Missing an Eagle but there's always next...
  70. skrilla

    white hot g-urushi

    Hammer shell to bits, epoxy, add color, block sand like you mean it. Admire abalone dust all over workbench. Reminded myself again why I don't do these. :rofl:
  71. skrilla

    scratch, twist, repeat...

    Another day another Rainshadow. Yama marble and JTOB2018 variation. Thank you fellas for the inspiration and guidance.
  72. skrilla

    Rainshadow RCLB80M flaming centipede

    This one's a giveaway for the Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 2018 Fall Classic. Variegated gold metallic dragon scale wrapped with some of the latest JTOB styling. Alps XN guides. 1/16th Atwood rope handle in black, fireball, black, and a discountinued burgundy/red/yellow mix. Good luck if...
  73. skrilla

    Not sure how to title this but...

    Is it just me or are all of the bunks on today's sportboats a serious bummer. I'm all for having a place to sleep. I love fishing, but WTF? All of these boats should be required to have staterooms with double wides, 42" screens minimum, and climate control. So dumb. The quality of sleep is...
  74. skrilla

    Daiwa SL-X20SHA Socal Fishing Hunting frame

    WTB Daiwa SL-X20SHA Socal Fishing Hunting frame I'm looking for a NEW frame, NO clamp model. Complete kit only. I already have the reel to convert. Cash ready in hand. Or I can offer my rod building service in trade. Just search my previous posts in the Rod Building forum for reference. Let me...
  75. skrilla

    sold SOLD S O L D

  76. skrilla

    Immortal Irie

    Wrapped up some rasta. Rainshadow Immortal IMMP76M complimented with Batson components. Finished it off with some tribal band as well.
  77. skrilla

    New Salmon Queen advice

    I'm booked on the NSQ next weekend. First time combo trip so plenty of questions. From pics and vids looks like anglers camp at one spot on the rail and your gunny sack hangs there with you. Are these spots first come first serve? Is there a galley or am I packing food and drinks? Should I...
  78. skrilla

    Varmacs and Rainshadows for me

    Finally found some time to wrap me a few goodies. First 3 are a set of Varmac 8 footers. Models GC1-8, GC2-8, and GC3-8... aka poorman's grafighters. Cord weave, gold leaf dragon scale, blah blah blah. Bass rod is a Varmac GLC3-7. Replaces one that fell overboard awhile back. Royal and Cobalt...
  79. skrilla

    An Epoxy Exposure Experiment

    An experiment was held to compare how epoxy would hold up indoors vs outdoors. A small batch was mixed and then poured onto foil. Half of the batch was placed indoors and the other half was placed outdoors. Total exposure time for both was 30 days. The epoxy used was Envirotex Lite. The results...
  80. skrilla

    FS: Calstar Grafighter 700ML custom

    SOLD *Price lowered. **New pics added. Brand new never used custom Calstar Grafighter 700ML. 7ft rated 20-40lb. 30" cord deckhand style handle with turkshead. Fuji heavy duty guides. Black, blue, teal, and silver wraps with matching marble. $350 $325 $300 FIRM. Located in San Diego. PM me if...
  81. skrilla

    FS: Rainshadow SW967 bass rod

    SOLD Selling my used Rainshadow SW967. RX7 graphite blank with ORIGINAL GLOSS finish ( now only come in matte finish ). 8ft, 15-25#, 3/4-4oz. Fuji graphite trigger seat, guides, and hook keeper. Custom cork/burl split grip with "Oreo" inlay. Black, white, and silver wraps with tiger wrap in the...
  82. skrilla

    Canon MP160 printer

    Used Canon MP160 printer. Comes with power cord and a cartridge of black ink. Works fine. Drivers can be downloaded through Canon's website. Asking $1000 or trade for a pack of hooks. Located in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  83. skrilla

    WTB: Newell 338 clamp

    Looking for a Newell 338 metal clamp. Screws too if you got em but if not no big deal. Located in San Diego. Shoot me a PM if you got it.
  84. skrilla

    H.O.W. tournament top prize Rainshadow Revelation 72H

    This one's for the Heroes On The Water fundraising tournament this weekend in Mission Bay. It will be awarded as top prize for the bass division. Big props to Batson Enterprises as they've generously donated this rod kit in support for this great event. I'm stoked to be a part of this project...
  85. skrilla

    FS: 5ft calcutta bamboo gaff

    SOLD Brand new custom calcutta bamboo gaff. 5' shaft. 2 1/2" Mustad stainless steel gaff hook. Cord wrapped with turkshead. Satin finish. $40 firm. Located in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  86. skrilla

    WTB: Newell 220 parts

    More project reels to finish. Looking for another Newell 220/322 graphite clamp. Also need a Newell 200 series outer sideplate ring, handle side with the 3 holes. Located in San Diego. Shoot me a PM if you got it.
  87. skrilla

    WTB: reel clamps Newell ProGear

    Looking for a Newell 220/322 reel clamp, preferrably graphite but will take a metal one. Also need a factory Pro Gear 255 clamp, hardware too if you got it. Let me know if you have either or both that you're willing to part with. Thanks.
  88. skrilla

    pink eva

    Anyone have any? Need a foot or so 3/8" ID or smaller. Can't seem to find any online and the stores I searched are backordered. Let me know, thanks.
  89. skrilla

    FS: Pac Bay custom bass rods

    Lightly used custom wrapped matching Pac Bay rods from my personal arsenal. Burgundy blanks, all PB components, black EVA grip, black and silver wraps with tiger wrap in the split. Less than a dozen trips. Great rods for fresh water and bay fishing. Built for smaller "100" size baitcasters...
  90. skrilla

    she likes red... that's what she gets. Forcast/Pac Bay build. Black, metallic gunmetal, and red on the base of the Throop wrap. Open wrap over the marble. Red stained burl and EVA split grip with craft foam sandwiched in to form the inlays. Black painted reel seat. Apologies for the bad lighting.
  91. skrilla

    GUSA UR704 HOW benefit rod

    Built this one for the Heroes On The Water tournament this weekend in Mission Bay. Great event for a great cause. Big props to those organizing the event and a salute to who this is all about. GUSA UR704, Fuji components, cork split grip, metallic burgundy and gold tiger wrap, and a touch of...
  92. skrilla

    Penn rod, Daiwa rod, Shimano TLD15

    Re-wrapped Penn Sabre Stroker. SOLD Brand new Team Daiwa rod. SOLD Used Shimano TLD15 with a few mods. New Carbontex drag, Shimano TT0040A preload springs, custom brass bearing sleeve, spool bearing shields removed. $100 Located in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  93. skrilla

    Newell S332-5

  94. skrilla

    Team Daiwa bass rod

    Team Daiwa TDT701MHXB brand new with tags. 7'0 mh, 1/4-1oz lure, 10-20# line. Fuji guides and trigger seat. Retails for $74.95. I'm asking $50. Located in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  95. skrilla

    gold rush

    A couple nuggets for me. Black one is rockin' the variegated gold flake dragon scale. Also mimicked the variegated gold flake with a metallic gold, orange, and aqua tigerwrap. No flake under the tiger that's all thread, pics don't do it justice. White one is rockin' the all white open tiger with...
  96. skrilla

    Shimano Citica D handles

    Looking for a gold handle for a Citica D I'm resurrecting. On the Shimano site I see 3 different part numbers that may work. Wanted to ask what the differences are between BNT3155 from a CI-100 DSV, BNT3471 from a CI-200D, and BNT3512 from a CI-200DPV. Also any other gold handled assemblys that...
  97. skrilla

    Shimano TLD15 hot rodded

    Used Shimano TLD15 with a few mods. New Carbontex drag, Shimano TT0040A preload springs, custom brass bearing sleeve, spool bearing shields removed. $100 firm. Located in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  98. skrilla

    Shimano Shimano handle compatibilty

    If there is already a database for this please share. If not let's start one. I know a lot of the 100-200 size baitcaster handles are direct swaps. I also know TLD Star 15/30 and 20/40 reels can accept Torium 16, 20, and 30 handles no modification neccessary. Anyone else who has swapped or...
  99. skrilla

    WTB: Newell threaded inserts

    I'm looking for a set of these for a Newell 300 series reel. They are the stainless steel threaded inserts that go on the inner frame rings... part# 3-202 and 3-205. Just need the inserts but will buy the rings/frame if neccessary. PM me if you got em.
  100. skrilla

    bass rods

    Out with the old... All rods are in great condition. Located in San Diego. PM me if interested. Advanced Tubular Composites unknown blank. 7 1/2ft rated in the 12-20# range. Built to match an Abu Ambassadeur. Fuji seat and guides. X wrap over EVA. Black and silver wraps with silver dragon...
  101. skrilla

    Danielson Hoop Nets

    Sold, thank you bloodydecks! I've got 5 extra Danielson conicals I wont be needing this season. Brand new with bridles. These retailed for $36.99. I let these go for $25 each or $100 for all five. Located in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  102. skrilla

    Fisherman's Landing trip pass

    Won this Fisherman's Landing trip pass earlier this year. Wanted to use it on the recent bite so I went to the office to book a trip. Low and behold they put a $170 value on it. Anyway, doesn't look like I can swing the difference towards any of the upcoming trips so I'm putting this COUPON up...
  103. skrilla

    FS: Lamiglas & custom bass rod

    Brand new still in wrapper Lamiglas Competitor CS 663 spinning rod. One piece 6'6 graphite rod. Burgundy colored blank. Cork handle. Fuji guides. Rated for 6-12# line, 1/4-3/4oz lure rating, fast action. Retails for $89... selling for $sold$ Brand new custom Utmost ICMB785 casting rod ( Pac...
  104. skrilla

    FS: Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

    SOLD! Selling my yellow Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11. 2nd owner, bought it bone stock last year from the original owner who used it a whopping 4 times. Since then I've added 2 Crack of Dawn flushmounts in the rear, Scotty base and rod holder up front, and the forward hatch cover. No hull leaks...
  105. skrilla

    saltwater bass rod

    Custom wrapped Varmac GLC3-7... 7' 15-30# moderate fast action graphite rod. Blue eva/cork split grip with 10 3/4" rear. Fuji graphite reel seat. Alps polished guides. Wraps are blue with silver metallic trim. Pearl finish. Used but in excellent condition. Always rinsed and hand dried after use...
  106. skrilla

    kayak gaffs

    2 custom kayak gaffs. Both are made from calcutta bamboo and equipped with a 2 1/4 inch hook and leash loop. Black one is wrapped in seine cord with camo paracord on the turksheads. The other one is cord weaved in red and black. Both were made from the beefy ( bottom ) part of the stalk and too...
  107. skrilla

    bamboo gaff

    New calcutta bamboo gaff. Great for the yak or skiff. 44.5" long, 2.25" stainless gaff hook, seine cord grip, rubber buttcap w/ lanyard. $25 picked up in San Diego. Shipping on your dime. PM me if interested.
  108. skrilla

    baby lobster costume

    *GONE! Thank you Bloodydecks!* Baby lobster costume size 0-9 months. Scored this one on here last year and enjoyed our kid's first Halloween. Time to pass on the torch. First come first serve, located in Mira Mesa. PM me if interested.
  109. skrilla

    FS: Rapala 60lb lock n weigh

    Got a used Rapala 60lb lock n weigh. Very minor surface corrosion in places. Just gave it a Corrosion-X treatment. Works like new. It's an awesome tool but doesn't get much use on my kayak. I'm selling it for $30. Located in SD. PM me if interested.
  110. skrilla

    Avet MXL 6 brake bearing

    I'm working on an early model Avet MXL 6. It's the double dog version with the metal knob and no serial number. Upon inspection it turns out the brake bearing needs replacing. On the Avet website the MXL 6 isn't listed so I went off the discontinued MXL 6.3 schematic assuming it was the same...
  111. skrilla

    custom inshore rod

    Sold, thanks for looking!
  112. skrilla

    Avet SX | Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Located in San Diego. Shipping on your dime. PM me if interested. -Avet SX 5.3 in silver. Minor scuffage but works great. Just serviced. $115 firm SOLD -Daiwa Saltist 30T 4.9 silver model. Brand new never used. Just pre-serviced. Comes with box, papers, clamp, extra brakes, and tool. The tip...
  113. skrilla

    Accuframe and a couple rods

    Thank you BD!
  114. skrilla

    Variegated Dragon

    A little experiment I did using a dragon scale layout wrapped in gold variegated leaf. Enjoy.
  115. skrilla

    pair of St. Croix ultralights

    Thank you BD!
  116. skrilla

    Some of my best work by far

    Started this one sometime over the winter. Was testing out my own special sap concoction, skrilla skeet if you will. Turned out to be a success. Sorry no video will be available. The applying technique ain't no big secret anyway. So here it is my latest project to date. . . . . . . . . . . . . ...
  117. skrilla

    Newell 338 bars base spool

    Thank you BD!
  118. skrilla

    Dell Canon Asus computer monitor printer

    Thank you BD!
  119. skrilla

    New Daiwa Seagate

    Anyone who went to ICAST or any Daiwa reps here have any additional info on this reel? From the Daiwa site it looks like a graphite version of the Saltist and possibly a replacement to the Sealine line. Might also explain the recent liquidation of Sealines from stores. Not affiliated in any way...
  120. skrilla

    Shimano Corvalus NEW

    Sold, thank you Bloodydecks!
  121. skrilla

    old school look with a new school feel

    This one was a fun one. Old Lamiglas blank and reel seat. New Alps guides. Some old Holland with some new Bullard. A classic look with a fresh attitude. Who says you can't teach a new dog old tricks. :picknose:
  122. skrilla

    Penn 500 Jigmasters

    Sold. Thank you BD!
  123. skrilla

    blue marble bass stick

    A few weeks ago I decided to take a stab at marbling only to find out I needed to sharpen my technique. Well a few trial and error sessions later I finally found a method and style I'm comfortable with. It's all progression and refinement from here. Paint is Testors blue, metallic gold, and...
  124. skrilla

    Aqua Dragon

    Like the title says. Just finished a JT DS in Gudebrod HT9270 Aqua Metallic. Complimented it with a "fishnet" cross wrap using Bullard black. 3x3 cord weave with turksheads top and bottom for the grip. Blank is a Varmac D6-8 inspected by Jose, at least that's what the label says... I like the...
  125. skrilla

    Gold Leaf and Cord Weave project

    Varmac D4-7... make that 6 foot 11. I was just about finished weaving the handle when I noticed I was running out of cord fast! I ended up being about an inch short off target. Easy fix, just chop a little from the bottom. Problem solved. Moving forward... I glued on some variegated green gold...
  126. skrilla

    you rat bastard...

    ...was what I was repeating to myself when working this stuff. This was my first attempt at a rattan grip for a lite spin rod. I must of cracked, splintered, and split about 10ft of this stuff before I figured it out. That's why they box you a pound of it I guess. Glued on some red variegated...
  127. skrilla

    Kencor 9ft jigstick

    Thank you BD!
  128. skrilla

    Plano KVD 4880 tackle bag

    sold, thanks for shopping!
  129. skrilla

    a purple experiment

    First try utilizing a popular new wrapping technique. Small variation in design but same concept... I think?
  130. skrilla

    My first cord weave handle

    First of all, thanks to Orca and the rest of the Tuesday night S.D. rod class ( you know who you are ;) ) for all the inspiration and guidance. After seeing one cord weave after another being completed I decided to take a stab at it. Here's the results after a couple blisters and countless hand...
  131. skrilla

    Turksheads are fun

    Some progress of my first attempts at tying these by myself. They get pretty fun once you understand how they work. Seine cord is very unforgiving when it comes time to tighten them up, learned that one the hard way. LOL
  132. skrilla

    Twin size bed

  133. skrilla

    Newell 220

    found it thanks!
  134. skrilla

    Tiburon 500 frame for 501 narrow

    Thank you BD!
  135. skrilla

    Jigmaster 500 sideplates

    ***Got it. Thank you fellow BD'ers!*** I'm looking for a right side Jigmaster 500 sideplate to replace my old brittle cracked one. Dark red is a plus but any color will do as long as it's in good condition. I'll also consider both plates if the price is right. Show me what you got.
  136. skrilla

    Poway 12/20 AM

    Hit up Poway on this ICE COLD BREEZY morning. Walked along the shore and spotted a good number of trout cruising the shallows. Chucked a firetiger thomas bouyant for one 4lb rainbow. Had a handful of missed hits and unbuttoned a few of similar size. Even had one unbend my hook. Fishing was...
  137. skrilla

    TP 12/4 AM

    Woke up late and hit Torrey Pines at peak high tide. Clear water, clear skies, small offshore winds, small schools of baitfish, and no tourists! Tried a gold kastmaster for about 30 min with no luck. Eventually switched to some gulp camo sandworms and game on! All you can get perch for about an...
  138. skrilla

    Poway 11/22 AM

    Hit up Poway this morning to try out a couple lures I bought from Noahs. Set up on the fishing float to join about a half dozen fisherman. Tied on a gold kastmaster and started chuckin' away for a few missed bites. I landed 2 trout by 11 and thats all she wrote. Not much action happening...
  139. skrilla

    Torrey Pines AM 11/6

    Long story short... clean water, clear skies, small surf, and not another fisherman around. :eek:
  140. skrilla

    8/13 MB jetty monsters

    Blah blah blah... early sunday morning next to the jetty. Caught a few personal records. personal best smallest BSP personal best smallest bean (about 4") and then big mama showed up :rofl:
  141. skrilla

    need ambassadeur 5500 c3 part

    Anyone know where you can buy parts for an Ambassadeur 5500 C3? Preferrably looking for a shop in San Diego or a reputable online place. I need the part circled in red, its a white, plastic casting brake. Also need a "live bait" handle that will fit. Thanks in advance.
  142. skrilla

    f'ing new guy

    Hi Im new. SD fisherman represent! fu3